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Relationship Status

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Felicity, when they'd met in Starling City, had been pretty chill about it when he'd explained that he was in a relationship. He'd still been happy to go to the 'work function' as her plus one, and he'd danced with her – as much as he could, at least – mostly because it was the polite thing to do. (And, also, it seemed kinda lame that no one was dancing, given they had a pretty good orchestra. Or, well, he assumed they were pretty good; his music tastes tend more towards musical numbers and oldies rock than orchestral dance music.)

While they were waiting for Oliver's blood sample to come back and hopefully explain his hallucinations, Barry re-broached the subject of Felicity's feelings in regard to Oliver, because he'd spent most of his high school career with a massive crush on Iris, and he had a pretty good idea what it looked like: "The other night," he started a little cautiously, "I asked if you liked Oliver."

"I told you, I don't," Felicity insisted.

"I remember." He cleared his throat. "But, if you did... I can sort of see why? I mean, it's Oliver Queen. He's a billionaire and a vigilante and super hot."

Felicity let out a startled laugh. "What? No! I mean, okay, yes, he's...very easy on the eyes."

Barry snickered.

Felicity huffed. "Oh, do not make me call your girlfriend and tell her you're crushing on Oliver."

"I'm not crushing." At least, he was fairly certain he wasn't; Oliver was hot, yes, but also super terrifying in a 'put one toe out of line and I'll shoot you through the heart' sort of way. Which was an expression he'd seen on his boyfriends' faces a time or six, but never aimed at him. "And it's–" He stopped, took a deep breath, then caught her eye. "It's boyfriend."

Felicity blinked, then huffed again. "Of course my adorable new science buddy would be gay."

"Bi," Barry was quick to correct her.

"Bi, then. And taken. Is he hot?"

Barry couldn't help but laugh and tried not to grimace at how relieved it sounded. "He's..." He took a moment to think about Mick and Len, smiling. "Maybe not Oliver Queen hot, but I wouldn't trade them." Wait, shit. "Him! I meant–"

"Whoa, Barry! Hey!" Felicity caught his shoulders, her eyes wide and concerned. "Breathe. It's okay."

Barry gasped in a breath and covered his face with his hands. "Oh my god," he whispered, because he hadn't been comfortable enough with someone to accidentally mention he had two boyfriends in... Jesus, not since Richard and Andrea in college, and they'd been cool about it in the moment, but then they'd both started pulling away over the next couple of weeks. Would Felicity–?

Felicity was quiet while he got his breathing back under control and tried not to mourn another lost friendship; why was it that Iris (and Lisa, who doesn't count because she's related to Len) seemed to be the only person in his life who didn't freak out the moment she found out he was in a polyamorous relationship with two other guys.

"Sorry," he finally said, unable to meet her eyes. "I didn't–"

"When I was in college," Felicity interrupted him as she squeezed his shoulders, "my boyfriend, Cooper, him and his best friend, Myron, had a friends with benefits arrangement from before we met. Which I knew they kept up with while Coop and I were dating. I was okay with it. Angry I had to walk in on them to find out, but..." She shrugged, offering Barry a sad sort of smile when he chanced looking up at her. "So, two boyfriends?"

Barry swallowed and licked his lips. "Yeah. But not like– I mean, all three of us, we're together."

"Way better arrangement than we had," Felicity offered.

Barry couldn't quite stop a quiet laugh at that, wasn't sure if it came out more strained or relieved. "Sounds like. My–" He stopped, considered the consequences of dropping their names; Felicity worked with the Arrow, who went after criminals, but he didn't think any of them had their fingers in the wanted criminals database. And, anyway, Len and Mick had decided to start avoiding Starling ever since the news broke that there was a guy in a hood going around shooting people committing crimes. So it...should be okay, right? At least if he stuck with the names he used around Joe and Iris. "Lenny and Micky, they were together before I met them, I guess like your boyfriend – ex-boyfriend?"

"Dead boyfriend," Felicity corrected, her mouth twisting with old grief. "He hanged himself."

"I'm sorry," Barry whispered, because shit; he thought he had relationship troubles. "That's–"

"Rough, yeah," Felicity agreed, shrugging and glancing away for a moment, before turning back to him with a smile that only looked a little strained. "But, your boyfriends, they were like Coop and Myron?"

"Yeah. They– I sort of...pissed off a member of the mob?" Barry explained, and Felicity choked out a sound that could have been either a moan or a laugh. "Yeah. It was terrifying. But they saved me, and we just sorta... Iris, my foster sister, she made me hunt them down to ask them out, after. I thought there was no way they'd say yes, certainly not both of them, but–"

"It worked out," Felicity finished for him, smiling wide and delighted.

"Yeah, it really did," Barry agreed, grinning himself for a moment, before glancing over at the equipment he was using to run the tests on Oliver's blood. "I– Could you...not tell Oliver. Or Diggle?"

"Sure," Felicity agreed without hesitation. "Though, really, Oliver is the last person who can get snarly about someone else sleeping with more than one person."

Barry snorted at that, because it was no secret that Oliver Queen was a playboy. Or, at least, he had been, before getting marooned on an island for five years. "Yeah, but it's..." He cleared his throat and grimaced. "They're not really the abiding citizens?"

"Oh." Felicity blinked, her eyes going wide. "Oh. Yeah, let's...never mention that part to Oliver. Like, ever."

Barry laughed, then told her, "Thanks."

She smiled back and leant forward to hug him, replying, "Of course."

And then they'd turned on the news and watched the prep for the particle accelerator being turned on.

And, somehow, even after nine months of him being in a coma, Felicity is still his friend. And, worse – or better? – one of the first things she says when she gets him alone is, "So, when am I going to meet your boyfriends?"

Barry sighs and rubs at his face. "That's...complicated. Like, a lot."

She raises her eyes at him and makes a 'go on' motion.

Barry sighs again, a little harder, and motions that they should keep on their walking tour of his city. "I told you they're..."

"Criminals?" Felicity offers.

Barry nods. "Yeah. Like, they're on the CCPD's wanted list."

Felicity whistles. "Wow. That's..."

"Messy? Dangerous if we're caught?"

"I mean, my night job involves hacking into government agencies and playing tech for a vigilante, so I can't really talk?"

Barry laughs and slouches towards her so they can bump shoulders, which she allows with a grin. "There is that. Okay, so, they couldn't really come see me while I was at S.T.A.R. Labs."


"Yeah. They ended up getting into a huge fight and Lenny's gone to ground. Like, way to ground. Which, I mean, Micky says he's done this before, and he'll be back eventually, but it's just me and Micky, right now."

Felicity sidles closer a step and slips her arm through his, giving it a quick squeeze. "That's pretty sucky," she admits with a sympathetic smile. "Are you planning to give him hell for missing you waking back up?"

Barry snorts. "Micky is, totally. And he says I should, too. I dunno. I mean, I'm kinda cross with him, because it's been months and he's a moron. But, too, I mean, I just... I miss him, you know? I just want him home."

Felicity's smile is crooked and a little sad as she agrees, "Yeah, I know that feeling. I–" She sighs and squeezes his arm once, then lets go, putting a bit of space between them again. "Coop, he used a program I created to hack into M.I.T.'s system, mess with their files. I angry with him. But it got him arrested by the FBI and he–he committed suicide while he was in custody. And, after, I was still angry with him, but I would have given...anything to have him back. Alive and free."

Barry reaches out and touches her shoulder to stop their forward momentum, then pulls her into a hug. "I'm sorry," he whispers into her hair as she hugs him back, sniffling against his jumper.

When she pulls away after a moment, Barry lets her go, but leaves one hand on her shoulder as she pulls off her glasses and wipes at her eyes. "Ugh, I am so sorry," she says with a strained little laugh. "It's been years, and I still–"

"Hey," Barry interrupts, squeezing her shoulder. "You're allowed to be upset about that. No matter how much time passes. I mean, you know about my mom; that still hurts."

Her smile is a little crooked, but it's honest. "Yeah," she agrees, then she slips her glasses back on and casts him a sharp smile. "So, when do I get to meet Micky?"

Barry groans and tugs her along to keep walking. "Please. If you meet him before Iris, she'll kill me."

"Your sister hasn't met him yet?!"

"We grew up with a cop!"

Felicity just starts laughing, knocking her shoulder into his arm, and Barry can't help laughing along with her because, okay, it is sort of ridiculous that Iris still hasn't met Len or Mick. She doesn't push it, though, for which Barry is supremely grateful.

(Incidentally, she will end up meeting Len a couple of days later, though Barry won't tell her as much at the time, far too pissed off at his missing boyfriend to admit to knowing him, let alone having ever been intimate with him.)