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Peter Parker was tired. 

The long nights of being the 'friendly neighborhood Spiderman', the one who 'looked out for the little guys', were taking a toll on him. And now that he was sixteen, it only got worse. With school being a pain, his social life going so far down the drain that it was only with Ned and MJ, and working two jobs and dealing with May constantly worrying that he was going to get hurt someday, it made his nights that much more unbearable. Besides, it too away from his sleep. And as a teenager, sleep was worth it's might in gold.

This was one of the nights that nothing happened and Peter contemplated simply going home and sleeping. New York City was quiet, and Peter watched over it all on a rooftop. A breeze went through his mask, and he shivered.

Yeah, he was going to go home.

He stood and began to raise his hand when there was a thud in the distance. Despite it usually meaning that there was trouble, he paused.

Someone was humming.

He began to take off in the direction of the song, curiosity overtaking him. Even with his spidey senses being able to hear the song, it was quiet and almost sad. Peter, despite knowing better, tilted his head.

He wanted to know who was singing. 

He landed on a rooftop, which, he noted, was near his own apartment. A girl in a pair of shorts and a [fandom] crop top sat on the roof, with a pair of flip flops and a fuzzy [colour] hoodie. Her hair was [messy/pulled back], and looked kinda cute.

Then she turned around, and his breath was taken away.

Despite having bags under her eyes and a glare written all over her face, she was beautiful. Her [h/c] hair framed her face, almost cupping her chin in bangs, and [e/c] eyes glittered under the hoodie. Her lips were pink and curved into a frown, and sharp eyebrows were slanted. Next to her was a golden retriever with long shaggy fur, who titled it's head and blinked it's honey eyes. Peter sucked in a breath.

"What's your name?" He asked.

"Fuck off," She answered.

It was love at first sight.