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The Pitter-Patter of Little Paws

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It was no surprise to anyone when within weeks of presenting, both Dean and Alfie were with pup. Their heats had both been somewhat abnormal, as the two Omega’s discovered when talking about it (they needed to talk to somebody, and neither of them were all that comfortable talking about it with their mothers. It made perfect sense, therefore, to talk with each other). Their Alphas had walked in on one such discussion and were immediately horrified to hear that their sex lives were a conversation piece.

That was, until they realized how it was being discussed.

“Well, yeah, Dean just couldn’t catch a break. I swear, if there hadn’t been two of us on hand, he’d have been in agony,” Jimmy said, biting his lip. It still freaked him out. Dean’s heat hadn’t acted anything like he’d heard it would in school sex ed classes. There were supposed to be lulls. Time enough for eating, sleeping – yet Dean had none. As soon as one knot eased out of him, Dean was crawling over them and begging for the next one.

Dean had been wrecked by the time it was over and it had fallen to Jimmy and Cas to take care of him.

“I’m okay, Jimmy, promise,” Dean said softly.

Jimmy looked at him, the concern still strong. It floated down their triple bond, it flooded their noses. “But what about your next heat? Dean, that wasn’t normal…Cassie and I are worried about you. Have you talked to your doctor yet?”

Dean shook his head. “Not yet. That was only my first heat. First heats aren’t always typical, right? Thought I’d go through at least one more before I complained to a doc that something was wrong. ‘sides, I wasn’t in any danger of dying.” He glanced over at Alfie and Benny, the couple looking somber at the reminder.

Alfie curled into Benny, his hand playing with the hem of Benny’s shirt. He shuddered and Benny closed an arm around him protectively, pulling Alfie in as close as possible.

“But…it won’t happen again, the doctor said it won’t,” Alfie insisted, looking up at Benny.

“Aye, the doc explained it all to me before I went to help Alfie. We’d scent bonded – I hadn’t even known that was a thing - and when I rejected him...leastways, pulled away when he needed me, I wasn’t actually rejecting him, I just didn’t want to – “ Benny was babbling, still affected by what had happened. The fear of losing Alfie causing his arms to tighten around his mate.

Alfie’s hand slipped under the shirt he’d been playing with, running his hand soothingly over Benny’s chest. “Shhh…Benny, I know you weren’t, love. It was just bad timing.”

Cas looked at his mates. Though his face was as calm as ever and his scent (seriously, how did Cas even control his scent?), Dean and Jimmy could feel the literal storm behind it, as it seeped around the edges of the bond, love and worry and relief all rolled into one. “I’m glad that in our case, we already knew what we wanted, talked about it. I think if we’d been held back from Dean any longer, if what we had done hadn’t worked, he might have wound up in the same situation as Alfie.”

Dean shuddered and Cas reached for him, pulled him against him. Jimmy lunged after, sandwiching Dean between himself and his twin. Dean inhaled with a smile, let their scent and love wash over him. He wouldn’t lie, that heat had been hard. Awesome, because he got Cas and Jimmy, but oh so hard. He wouldn’t mind if it scaled back some the next time around.

Suddenly, Cas stiffened, shoving his nose deeper into Dean’s neck and inhaled. His confusion was clear across the bond and Dean tried to pull away, to ask him what was wrong, but Cas wouldn’t let go. Dean managed to roll his eyes over at Jimmy and send a questioning look his way. Jimmy was frowning at him too, though, his eyes flicking from Dean to Cas uncertainly. Then he, too, buried his nose into Dean’s neck.

When the twins finally pulled back, they looked at Dean with dazed eyes, their emotions roiling so thickly that Dean couldn’t pick them out of the crowd.

“Guys, what’s wrong?”

“Dean, I think you need to see your doctor anyway,” Cas tried to say calmly, but his voice hitched and broke.

“Cas, you’re scaring me. What’s wrong?” he turned next to Jimmy, the most likely to break if Dean stared at him long enough. “Jimmy?”

“Well, I don’t wanna say. We could be wrong. What do we know about this sort of thing? We’re not even out of high school yet,” Jimmy hedged.

“Ji-mmy,” Dean growled out slowly, warningly.

Jimmy whimpered and looked at Cas. Dean’s head whipped around in time to see Cas do a half shrug. Still crowded against his body, the shrug bounced Dean a bit before settling down. Dean’s eyes narrowed at them and shoved hard so he could put himself at an angle to stare them down at the same time.

“Dean,” Jimmy sighed, “We just…we don’t know for sure…but maybe you could be…pregnant?”

Dean blinked. That wasn’t the answer he’d been expecting. “Pregnant?” he asked quietly, disbelief ran through him, but a little bit of scared hope too. He looked down only to find his hand had curled around his stomach. There were no visible signs that he could be pregnant, but his scent would change long before his belly would start to grow anyway.

Cas and Jimmy might very well be right.

And there was a quick and easy way to find out without having to resort to telling his doctor or freaking out his parents before they knew if they had cause to freak out his parents.

It didn’t take long for Dean to hit a store and come back. Honestly, it took longer to convince his Alphas that he didn’t need anybody going with him, but eventually Cas and Jimmy had settled back and let Dean go. It wasn’t like they could stop him anyway.

Now Dean sat on the floor of his room, three Alphas and an Omega sitting with him, and nearly a dozen -maybe more, he hadn’t counted - pregnancy tests spilled out on the floor between them.

“Why so many?” Benny asked.

Dean laughed, the sound slightly high pitched. Jimmy and Cas moved closer in concern. “Well, these things aren’t 100% right? So, gonna wanna use more than one. But then, if you use two and get different answers, then which one is right? And um…” He looked over at Alfie. “This might sound silly but, I think I’d feel less stupid if I wasn’t the only one?”

Alfie nearly jumped, looking down at his own stomach in surprise, his mouth dropping open. “I…I hadn’t even thought that…you know, I think you’re right. I should be doing this too. Just in case. I don’t remember us using anything, and…since I wasn’t supposed to present for another year, I most definitely wasn’t on anything.”

Before Dean could remind Alfie that neither of them were on anything because they’d still been unpresented and thus undetermined…Before he could remind him that first heats were always dangerous for that reason if you didn’t go through it alone, Benny blanched, looking down guiltily. “Sweetheart – “

Alfie turned before he could say another word and grabbed Benny’s face, cupping it gently between his hands. “No, Benny, I told you already, no regrets. As for being with pup, we either are, or we aren’t. I don’t think anyone was thinking clearly at that point. And it doesn’t matter. You saved my life and I love you – have loved you almost since the first time we met. And I’d be happy to raise a family alongside you.”

Dean smiled at the astonished look on Benny’s face, the adoration that covered it as Benny looked back up with wide eyes and slightly parted lips before lunging forward to pull Alfie into a heated kiss. The sickeningly sweet scent of happy Alpha permeated the room, that of a happy Omega twining about it.

Alfie finally pulled away, breathless, turning back to Dean. With a firm nod to each other, both Omega’s picked up the pregnancy tests and headed for the bathroom down the hall, leaving their mates with strict instructions not to interrupt them.

Five minutes later saw both Dean and Alfie waiting nervously. The bathroom door was closed and their tests were laid out before them. They’d both decided to just do all of them at the same time. Couldn’t hurt, right? Alfie sat on the closed lid of the toilet, his tests arrayed neatly on the counter on the sink. Dean sat on the edge of the tub, each of his sitting at odd angles to each other on the remaining ledge beside him.

Dean tried not to stare at the tests. His leg jittered nervously and he forced it back down, in case he knocked the tests off the edge of the tub. Not that it would do anything. Would it? They wouldn’t break if he did that, right? Better not to take chances.

“Dean,” Alfie whispered, his eyes glued to the counter, where each of his were lined up perfectly. He reached up, fiddled with one and dropped his hand again, biting his lip. “Dean, how long do we have to wait?”

“Um…well…the boxes said about two minutes. So…when’d we pee on the first one?” Dean asked. He frowned at his. He couldn’t even remember which one was the first one. Maybe Alfie was on to something, having his all organized and shit.

Alfie looked up with alarm. “I don’t remember!”

About to answer, to reassure the younger teen, Dean suddenly turned to face the door, sniffing the air. Alfie looked at him quizzically before he, too, turned and sniffed, a smile breaking over his face. Seconds later, there was a tentative knock.

“Dean? Alfie?” the muffled sound of Cas’s voice through the door ran soothingly through Dean, though he could feel his mates impatient worry through the bond. Jimmy’s feelings were more impatient excitement than worry and Dean briefly wondered how Benny felt.

He looked at Alfie and tilted his head at the door in question. Alfie shrugged, looked down, twiddled his fingers and bit his lip again before nodding, his bangs flopping down into his face. Alfie pushed them back even as Dean stood up and unlocked the door – honestly, he wasn’t even sure why he’d locked it in the first place. Habit, he supposed – and opened it.

Three forlorn looking Alphas stared at him.

“You know, we can’t all fit in here, right?” Dean asked with a raised brow.

“Yes, we can,” Jimmy stated confidently. He strode inside and stepped into the – thankfully dry -tub and immediately sat down, his twin following him. Dean huffed a laugh and rolled his eyes fondly, before returning to his place on the tub. Benny slipped inside and Alfie stood. Within seconds, the door was closed once more and Alfie sat on Benny’s lap as they waited.

Truly, Dean was glad they were all there. Jimmy and Cas distracted him from the waiting that stretched out before them. their mixed feelings bound to make the wait more interminable if they were left to focus on the tests.

Instead, Cas pulled out his phone and set a 2 minute timer. “That’s how long it takes, right? Well, by the time this goes off, then all of them will have well and truly marinated enough to give us our answer,” he said logically.

Jimmy wrinkled his nose at the idea of the tests marinating in pee and muttered a soft, “Eww…” None the less, their presence helped calm Dean and it was equally clear that Benny’s presence was doing the same for Alfie. By the time Cas’s timer buzzed, Dean had worked his way down into the tub to sit across his mates laps, taking comfort in their heat, their touches. He longed for more, but this was neither the time nor place.

At the first hint of the buzzer, both Dean and Alfie jerked up. Alfie would have fallen of Benny if the Alpha hadn’t reached out and steadied him. Dean flailed and only Cas and Jimmy’s quick thinking kept Dean’s arms from colliding with the tests and sending them flying.

With pounding heart, Dean swallowed and turned to look down at the edge of the tub where all six of his tests lay. He whined and ducked his head down into Jimmy’s collarbone. “I can’t look!”

Lifting his hand away from Dean, Castiel sighed and placed a gentle kiss on Dena’s cheek. “I’ll look. What am I looking for?’

“Plus for pregnant, minus for not pregnant,” Dean spoke into Jimmy’s shirt, muffling his own voice.

With a nod dean couldn’t even see, but with determination both dean and jimmy could feel, Cas reached out for the first test.

If Dean had thought looking for himself would have been impossible, he should have expected this. This as worse. For every test that Cas picked up, emotion flooded through him. Disappointment, hope, wonder – and Dean had no idea which were bad and which were good. He hadn’t considered the idea of being pregnant so soon - though after a heat like his and two mates, he probably should have expected this would happen sooner rather than later – and he wasn’t sure if his mates were on board or that or if they’d think it was too soon.

Whipping his head around, Dean grumbled, “Oh for fuck’s sake! Just tell me already, would ya? You’ve got me on an emotional see-saw here, Cas!”

Cas smiled apologetically and looked back down at the tests. He took a deep breath, “I hope you aren’t mad, Dean, but um, four out of five say that…we’re having pups.”

Dean’s jaw dropped and he stared down at the innocent looking pieces of plastic that had just changed his life so drastically, and a giddy feeling rose though him, bubbling quickly to the surface. Relief hit him strongly then as his mates relaxed tense shoulders, wrapping Dean up in their arms.

“Oh my god, pups!” Jimmy squealed.

“We’re gonna be dads…” Cas whispered.

Dean couldn’t say anything. He just clung tightly to Jimmy and Cas, his face covered with a giant, beaming grin.

Dazed, Dean thought he heard Alfie gasp and Benny laughing. He managed to crane his head around to find Benny lifting Alfie into the air, settle him so he stood on the toilet and then, lifting up his shirt, Benny placed soft, gentle kisses along Alfie’s stomach.

Grinning, Dean settled deeper into his mate’s arms.

Looked like they were both pregnant.