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Min yoongi loved what he did for a living. Seeing the world through his camera and capturing the beauty of it was everything he had wanted to do since he was a child, and that's what he did. He majored in photography, worked as an intern and freelancer for years untill he could finally open his own studio with the help of his best friend, Hoseok. Yoongi earned a pretty good salary, thank you very much, and lived in one of the best areas in town, just him and his dog. Only in his late twentys, he already had everything he wanted to.

Today was a day like any other, Yoongi woke up, had breakfeast and walked holly for a few minutes, just like he did everyday. While waiting for his dog to do what he went out to do, Yoongi called Hoseok.

“You gonna love tonight's appointment.” The younger greeted when he picked up.

"Of all the times you said that, not one was a good thing,” Yoongi groaned “what is it going to be this time?”

“It's a kid's birthday, you have to go and take pics of him and his family, that kind of thing.” Yoongi hummed in understanding and started walking back to his apartment, holly hapily waving his tail behind him.

"Try not to scare the children this time, hyung.” Hoseok laughed on the phone.

"That was one time,” He smiled, tough. “I’ll try my best.”

"You’re such in a good mood today, what happened?”

"Dunno,” Yoongi shrugged, even though hoseok couldn’t see it. “I just woke up with a good feeling.”

"All right then,” The other sounded like he was smiling.” “I’ll send you the details about the party, its your only job for today.”

"Thanks, Hobi” He turned the corner, arriving at his biulding.

"Thats what you pay me for.” Hoseok just laughed a bit and then hung up.

Arriving at his apartment, he unlocked the door and steped in, letting holly jog freely to his favorite place on top of their sofa. Yoongi took a deep breath and went to his bathroom and started to get ready for work. The good feeling didn't go away.



"Taehyung is surprisingly photogenic for a one year old.” Yoongi said. He was now at the kid's, Taehyung, first birthday party, doing his job as a photographer and taking pics of the kid in all the cenarios he could.

The party wasnt huge, looking more like just family and close friends, but it was beautifuly decorated, with colorful baloons and toys everywhere. The kid seemed happy with it, for Yoongi it was easy taking pictures of him because he smiled all the time. Really, he never had seen such a happy kid before, usually they started crying as soon as the guests arrived, but not this one. His parents were lucky.

"Ah, thank you.” One of his fathers, Seokjin, thanked and shifted taehyung who rested in his arms, playing with his hair. “He got it from me.”

The other father, Namjoon, rolled his eyes smiling fondly at his husband. “I hope he doesnt get the cockiness from you too.”

Yoongi smiled at the interaction, they were such a cute family.

“Are we done with the pics?” The photographer asked. The party was nice and all, the family was very kind but a job is a job, and the more quickly finished, the best. “I think we got everything.”

"No, i wanted a pic with jimin,” Seokjin frowned “Where is he, anyway?”

“I don't know, but after how much you threatened him i can assure you he's coming.” Namjoon was about to grab his phone and call this Jimin guy.

“I'm here! Wait for me!”

Yoongi turned to see from who the new voice came from and damn, we was doomed.

Running in their direction was a boy, with pink hair and beautiful brown eyes that were the prettiest thing Yoongi had ever seen. He was about the same height as Yoongi and his skin was a shade darker, along with beautiful collarbones that showed trough his sleeveless shirt, and the photographer held his breath.

"I’m sorry,” The boy stoped beside yoongi and panted heavily. “got stuck in traffic.”

"It’s okay, jiminnie, relax.” Namjoon assured him. Still on Seokjin arms, Taehyung finally noticed Jimin’s arrival and started to make grabbing hands in his direction. “Ugh, sometimes i think our kid likes you more than us.”

Jimin happily grabbed taehyung and kissed his head. The child was making sounds that translated to what Yoongi though was ‘chim chim’.

Yoongi just stared at Jimin trough the whole scene, mesmerized, he was absolutely sure no one in this world could be that pretty. Jimin smiled at him then, noticing his presence.

"Oh, hi.” His eyes were closed in little half moons, Yoongi almost screamed. “You’re the photographer, right? Sorry for keeping you waiting.”

“I- its okay.” When was the last time yoongi stuttered because of someone? he didnt even know. “Just stand there so i can take a few pictures of you together.”

“Sure.” There was that smile again.
Jimin stood in front of the colorful cenario and posed with Taehyung, the baby smiling the whole time. After a couple of pics Seokjin left to talk with the guests.

“I think that’s enough.” Yoongi annouced. “Do you want anything more?”

“No, i think that's all.” Taehyung was starting to get a bit annoyed for being kept from playing with the other kids for so long, but he didn't throw a tantrum at any moment, yoongi was impressed. Jimin waved a bye and went to where a few other kids were playing, taehyung still in his arms. Yoongi followed him with his eyes. Seokjin and Namjoon seemed to trust him a lot. The later turned to him “You can go now if you want.

“Oh,” the photographer was just a bit dissapointed, but no one need to no that.

“Have you agreed on the payment with Hoseok?”

“Yeah, that's already taken care of.” Namjoon smiled at him with his deep dimples. “Thank you.”

“I’ll edit the pictures and email them to you, you’ll have them by the end of the month.” Yoongi left, looking one last time at Jimin, who was now with a flower crown in his head reading a story to Taehyung and his friends, who watched him with attention. Yoongi wondered if he would ever see him again.



A few weeks passed, and Yoongi had already finished editing all the pictures and sending them. Still, the boy was fresh in his mind, with his pretty eyes and stunning smile.

The photographer had just finished an appointment, an afternoon wedding at a park on the other side of the city. Noticing he had the rest of the day off, Yoongi decided to go grab coffee at a cute coffee shop he saw on his way. It was autumn, and with the weather a bit chilly a warm coffee would be nice.

“You know i’m friends with Namjoon, right?” Hoseok was with him on the phone while he walked. They needed to see each other in person more frequently. “I could ask him Jimin's number or something.”

“He probably doesn't even remember me.” Yoongi sighed. He knew he had a total of zero chances with Jimin. Why would such a perfect boy want him?

“Have a bit more faith in yourself, hyung.”

“Whatever,” The older shook his head, entering the coffee shop. “I’ll go now, don't forget to fix that appointment on saturday.”

“Sure thing, boss.”

They hung up and Yoongi headed to the line, thinking about what to order.

“Hello, what can i get for you?” A happy voice greeted him at the cashier.

His eyes widened, Yoongi was probably going crazy, he could swear that voice belonged to-

“Hey, i know you!” Jimin said “You’re the cute photographer from Taehyungie’s birthday!”

It was really him, standing there with all his pink hair glory, smiling at Yoongi and doing that thing were his eyes looked like two tiny moons.

And did he just called him cute? Oh, shit, Yoongi didn’t know how to respond.

“I guess? Uh- are you the cute friend that arrived late?”

Jimin giggled at that. Giggled. It sounded like music to Yoongi. “That’s me.”

After a few second of silence, the older gathered the courage, it was now or never. He couldn’t believe in what he was about to do.

“So i’ll want a black coffee,” Yoongi smiled at him in the most confident way he could, given his nervousness “and a date, if you want. For Min Yoongi.” He felt his face blushing.

Only a moment passed.“Coming right up.” Jimin smiled at him and left to make his order.

When Yoongi got the cup he felt his cheeks blush even harder, he wondered if he could explode just from that. There was a message written besides his name.


The date is on the house. Call me ;) xxx-xxxx



It's been two years since that day at the coffee shop and Yoongi couldn’t be happier. After that, they went on their first date, and then on another, and another, untill they fell for each other beetween movie nights and soft kisses.

Yoongi proposed to Jimin under the stars in the middle of nowhere, when they went on a stargazing trip for their first aniversary, and Jimin said yes with all the costelations as their audience. They got married a few months later in the spring, surrounded by the most beautiful flowers they could afford (though none of them were as beautiful as Jimin, to Yoongi’s eyes), and Yoongi never thought he could cry from happines untill that day.

At some point they realised they wanted to make their family bigger, and thats when jungkook came into the picture. Some might say they were too rushed, that having a baby so young would be a mistake, but Yoongi was sure adopting jungkook was one of the best decisions they ever made.

“Babe, please stop doing that,” Yoongi tried to calm his husband down “even holly is getting antsy seeing you like this.” as in response, the dog barked at him.

Jimin was walking non stop, fidgeting between organizing the sweets around the cake and counting the party hats to see if there was enough for everyone.

“But is Jungkookie's first birthday,” He frowned, “everything have to be perfect.”

“Come here, sunshine” Jimin walked untill he was close enough for Yoongi to hug him, the younger putting his arms around Yoongi’s neck. “everything it’s already perfect, now we just wait for everyone to arrive.”

Jimin hummed, hugging his husband closer.

“Besides, he won’t even remember all this.”

“But we will,” Yoongi played with jimin's hair while he talked “What if everything goes wrong or-”

"Nothing will go wrong.” The older placed a soft kiss on Jimin's lips “If anything happens, at least we'll have a cool story to tell him when he's older”

The younger laughed, making Yoongi smile with him. “I guess so.”

They stood there for a few moments, breathing each other in and giggling when one of them placed kisses on the other’s face.

"Stop the grossness, for i have arrived!” Hoseok entered with a big smile on his face. He was holding two big bags of what Yoongi supposed was his and Seokjin and Namjoon’s presents.

"If you had a beautiful husband like me you would be gross too.” Yoongi said getting a little further from Jimin, but close enough so they were still hugging sideways, Jimin’s arm on his shoulder and his arm on Jimin’s waist.

“I can agree on that.” Namjoon said, entering the door hand in hand with Seokjin, who was holding a curious Jungkook in his free arm. As soon the baby saw his parents he started to mumble something, like he was trying to speak to them, but his little one year old tongue betrayed him.

"Thank you for taking care of him while we organized things, hyungs.” Jimin said while Yoongi was already making his way to grab Jungkook. When the baby was finaly in his arms, a running Taehyung came trough the door.

"Yoongi-hyung!” The boy almost jumped from excitement “Jimin-hyung!”

"Hi, Taehyungie.” Jimin smiled nd leaned down to talk to him.

"We saw a bunny on our way here,”Jungkook was paying attention to taehyung from Yoongi’s arms. He was very observant, you could say, with big eyes always searching for something. “He looked like Kookie!” He giggled.

The baby smiled, like he knew Taehyung was talking about him and he was so adorable Yoongi couldnt resist and placed a kiss on his head and right after one in his tummy, making the baby laugh.

Taehyung soon was distracted with something else, running out of the room followed by a exasperated Seokjin and a laughing Namjoon.

Jimin rose and smiled fondly at his family, his eyes sparkling with love. He kissed Jungkook’s forehead and then looked at Yoongi.

“I love you,” He touched his own forehead with Yoongi's “so much.”

“Love you more.” Yoongi kissed him sweetly.

“Why do i only have old, married friends?”

They heard Hoseok’s sigh from the other side of the room and started laughing, Jungkook laughing along even without understanding what was all about.

Holly went to Hoseok and licked his feet. “Thank you, Holly.”

While watching his husband and son laughing at Hoseok, and Seokjin and Namjoon running after an energetic Taehying, Yoongi thouhg he could have never asked for a better family.