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G/T One Shots? (Platonic "Ships" and More)

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Now a quick note, I'm not up for the whole first person POV or the "*insert your name here*" thing, I stick to the good old fashioned third person perspective... but I am not a professional writer, I suck dick at writing, so you've been warned...

I guess for now you guys can throw prompts at me, but again, expect them randomly or out of the blue... sorry lol.


Main Characters List




Tyler Scheid

Amy aka. Peebles I think

Signe aka. Wiishu

maybe Pewdiepie and Marzia




My Conditions

As you guys should know from my username, I am not an actual shipper. All of my shipping is platonic, or in other words, "not romantic." I believe in friendship (and Steve), but I do not support romance, especially if it's not a real ship that actually exists in the real world... Yes, for example, like septiplier, sorry fangirls. Friendship only. If you're thirsty for stuff like that, then just pretend it's a subtle driving-in-the-background force, idk. To each their own. But even if there is a couple that is legitimately together, even then romance will be very subtle if even existent in the first place. If this isn't for you, I'm sure there's plenty of other authors out there to satisfy your needs-- heck, write your own stuff if you want, whatever you feel like, because that's the purpose of the internet.

You guys can choose who's the giant and who's the tiny, and you can offer an idea of what happens. For example, "do tiny jack who gets stranded on an island and comes across giant mark!"

I am also never doing sexual content, that stuff can stay away from me thank you very much. (Again, plenty of fanfictions out there, Google is your best friend.)


Again: I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL I AM A LAZY BUMBUM WITH HOPELESS DREAMS XD So don't expect good writing or accurate updates!



I might edit this later