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Good Night Unnie

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Yoonji wasn't sure how they arrived at this situation.

She just wanted to finish a couple of songs for their next album. Shit, she was even thinking of working extra hard so that she could finally finish the latest season of her favorite lesbian prison drama.

Never did she expect to be on her knees pressing her favorite bullet vibrator against her unnie's bare clitoris.

A few days ago they celebrated Jina's 26th birthday. It was just a small feast in their dorm since their schedule sadly didn't allow anything else. Jina couldn't walk straight all the way back to their shared room and the younger (and significantly stronger) dongsaengs were too wasted to help. (This is why you don't play drinking games with Yoonji). She ended up dragging her unnie's heavy ass back to their room. She could practically feel the heat emit from Jina's body, as well as the stench of beer and soju.

"Consider this as my birthday gift, unnie," she said through gritted teeth.

Jina giggled, "Such a good dongsaeng."

Yoonji's heart swelled a bit at that. Jina was one of the few people who could call her dongsaeng. She wouldn't hear the same praise with the same tone from any other member. Even though Jina can act like the maknae of the group, this never stopped her from asserting her age on Yoonji and the rest. Yoonji couldn't understand why but she liked that sometimes, maybe more than she should.

After dropping Jina's boneless body on her bed, Yoonji proceeded to do her nightly routine. But before she could grab her change of clothes, she felt a tug at her wrist. She turned her gaze to see Jina looking at her. Her eyebrows were furrowed to the center and her mouth seemed to be looking for words to say. Her face was comically flushed, as if she got smacked in the face with blush.

"Yoonji-ah," she whined while shaking Yoonji's wrist.

She sighed. Guess her evening skincare will have to wait. "What?"

"Do unnie a favor."


Jina grimaced and she tried not to laugh. She would never admit it but Jina's facial expressions were the best. "Yah, it's my birthday."

"Mhm, tell me already what you want."

"Can you teach me how to use sex toys?"

She didn't freak out. She didn't make a lame excuse to leave the room, like saying she really needed to pee or her period came early. She didn't get mad and freak out either. Instead, Yoonji blinked slowly and went, "How did you know I use sex toys?"

Jina rolled her eyes. Wouldn't that make her even dizzier than she already was? "Your dildo was literally on the shelf in your studio."

She should really hide her vices better. It was bad enough that some fans spotted her ashtray from the pictures of her studio.

"Anyways, that's not the point," Jina continued. "I'm 26 and totally inexperienced, or at least less experienced than I want to be. Being an idol, it's not like I can have sex with anyone just like that either!" she exclaimed.

Suddenly, Yoonji thought of saying that she knew a way to fix that but that would make her a fucking creep. Plus, it sounded like it was pulled straight out of a bad lesbian porno.

"Maybe we should talk about this when you're less intoxicated," Yoonji replied coolly and continued to gather her things for her shower.

"Aw, c'mon Yoonji-ah," Jina pouted. "I'm being serious here! Be a good dongsaeng for your unnie."

Her chest tightened at that. Fuck, she had issues.

She took a deep breath and reluctantly agreed. Because Jina wouldn't stop pestering her. Because she's a good friend. Because she couldn't say no to her unnie.

The morning after wasn't awkward at all. Jina acted like nothing had happened last night. Their busy schedule didn't allow an opportunity for Jina to corner her either about her strange request. Yoonji was ready to be relieved but then someone knocked on her studio door at almost midnight. Once she opened the door, Jina barged right in with an eager smile on her face.

"Um," Yoonji said as Jina made herself comfortable on her leather couch.

"What? You said you'd teach me," she said nonchalantly. She patted her bag, "I also brought snacks and drinks." Of course she brought food.

The eldest of their group was in her studio at midnight to learn about sex toys. And she brought food. Yoonji thought she was having one of her too vivid dreams. But then she realized that there really wasn't stopping Jina. They were band mates and roommates. She could never escape Jina's constant pestering. And, well, they were also friends. Maybe somewhere out there, two good friends were learning about sex toys as well.

"Alright, let's start out with the basics," Yoonji started with barely any hesitation in her voice.

She talked about the different types of toys and erogenous areas, the different terms and different tools, and delved into some kinks as well.

"This is exactly what I needed!" she exclaimed mid-way through Yoonji's lecture. "The internet is too overwhelming when you search about this stuff. It's better when an actual person is explaining it to you, right?" she smiled at Yoonji. She merely chuckled in return and went on with her lecture.

But never in her dreams did she imagine Jina to actually suggest to give her a hands on demonstration. Talk about bad porno scripts.

Yoonji initially lent her a toy from her collection (which she cleaned meticulously of course). They learned that Jina enjoyed clitoral stimulation more than vaginal so Yoonji lent her a bullet vibrator. It was only a small light blue thing and had two prongs to place the clitoris in between. But a day after Jina came barging into her studio she complained that it wasn't working.

"Can't you like show me how to use it?" she whined.

"You have to be fucking kidding me," Yoonji immediately spat.

"What, don't tell me you're shy!" she huffed. "We've lived with each other for six years. What's to hide?"

"I am not going to fucking demonstrate on myself on how to use a vibrator," she said with firmness.

Jina cocked an eyebrow, "Who said anything about demonstrating it on you?"

She couldn't believe she agreed. She couldn't pinpoint what made her agree. This was going to affect their friendship in ways Yoonji couldn't consider at the moment because holy shit Jina was already stripping. If Yoonji wasn't contemplating on self-imploding, she would've actually laughed on how funny Jina's puppy-like eagerness was. Jina was absolutely confident in her body. Yoonji couldn't blame her. Her hourglass figure had made headlines on online newsites. Everyone knew how her chest exceeded the average Korean bust size. Being roommates, there were times where she has seen her co-member naked. But this was the first time Yoonji had witnessed Jina's vagina in full view. Thank god she was only half-naked or else Yoonji would've gotten a stroke.

"You're bare," Yoonji noticed.

Jina hummed. "Hygiene purposes. You're bare too right?"

She didn't have a mirror but she could tell her face turned bright red. She let out a shaky "yeah" and got on her knees. In her hand was her vibrator. Inches from her face was Jina's vagina. For such a tall person, her pussy was quite small. It was actually kind of cute. The familiar deep musky smell immediately hit Yoonji's nose.

"This is actually happening," Yoonji mumbled.

"Shh," Jina smiled. She ran her fingers reassuringly through Yoonji's short black hair. "Don't overthink it."

"S-so," she started. Shit, she could barely talk. "What I'm, um, guessing was you didn't put enough pressure."

"I didn't want to hurt myself," Jina replied.

Holy fuck that's adorable. "Okay," she said slowly. "You're not going to hurt yourself with clitoral stimulation. Well, it's not easy to hurt yourself." With a hesitant hand, she hovered the two prongs over Jina's clit. "You really want this, unnie?"

Jina pouted, insulted maybe. "C'mon, Yoonji-ah, just do it."

Yoonji pressed her lips together and placed the rabbit vibrator in between Jina's clit. She pressed the button on the lowest setting and the toy hummed to life.

Jina grimanced. "See? This doesn't do anythi —oh shit."

Yoonji pushed down on Jina's mound. She moved the toy in slow circles first, anticipating more sounds from Jina. As expected, her breathing became heavier and small quiet moans started pouring out of her mouth. She wondered when those moans would become louder and thanked her company for making her studio soundproof.

She felt something in her own belly grow tighter and tighter. It seemed wrong but after years of pining for Jina's affection it only made sense for Yoonji. Jina's slickness gradually coated her cunt, mimicking Yoonji's own. Soon enough both her underwear and couch will be ruined.

Yoonji switched the setting up a bit, causing Jina's hips to buck upwards.

"What the fuck, what the fuck was that?" she exclaimed.

"Unnie,I told you the settings were here at the bottom," Yoonji scholded.

"I forgot, fuck, I'm sorry, Yoonji-ah," Jina panted.

Yoonji increased the speed of her circling and Jina was reduced to a moaning mess. Her moans reminded Yoonji of her mukbang show. Their fans never failed to point out how erotic the sounds she made whenever tasting good food. But the cries coming out of Jina's gorgeous pink lips were on a whole other level. Yoonji couldn't help but want to kiss her, let her moan into Yoonji's mouth instead. Jina's lips were always so plump and pretty. She wondered if they would even look better swollen and red.

"Do I keep going?" Yoonji asked, like that was a real question.

"I will lock you out of our room if you stop right now," Jina snapped. "This feels so amazing. You're doing so well Yoonji-ah."

Yoonji's chest felt warm. She continued working on Jina's clitoris, determined to get her to orgasm.

Jina grasped at couch for support right next to where Yoonji was placed. Any physical contact would set her off. The last thing Yoonji wanted was to cross some boundaries that she and Jina didn't agree to cross.

But it was so hard. It was so so hard not to kiss Jina's moaning mouth. The pain in her neglected pussy tempted her to rut on Jina's thick thighs. Her mouth felt empty. She wanted Jina's fingers to fill her up, her pussy to suck on, or —

Jina had lifted her shirt above her breasts. Her hand had moved to cup her breast and play with it. While writhing against the toy, shs groped and pulled at her own large breast, whimpering in pleasure. Envy overwhelmed Yoonji as she watched Jina press onto her nipple and rub the nub with her fingers.

Fuck it. Fuck boundaries.

"U-unnie, can I-I try something?"

"Sorry, w-what did you sa-ay, Yoonji?" Jina panted.

Yoonji gulped. Here goes six years of friendship and all the possibilities of maintaining a professional relationship. "I want to try something."

"What is it?"

"I, um..." She couldn't find the words. She couldn't focus on anything but Jina's body, how her beautiful hips were moving so fluidly against the toy or how her soft pillowy breast was being abused by her own hand.

"C'mon Yoonji-ah, tell unnie what you want," Jina coaxed.

That set her off. That was it.

"Can I play with unnie's breasts?" she whined. She voice was different. It was softer, smaller. She expected to feel Jina's body move away from her as she made her way to the door. She expected their silent but strong friendship of six years to come crashing down.

She didn't expect for Jina to reach out for her hand to place it on her breast.

"You know you could've just asked," Jina smiled.


"Come here," Jina's hands reached out for her. Yoonji let go of the vibrator, held her soft hands (care of BTS' hand lotion) and was pulled up to sit next to her, centimeters from her face. Fans have asked how could anyone function within a five feet radius of Jina's presence and honestly, Yoonji didn't know either.

Jina was the one that closed the distance between them. With her fingers entangling themselves in Yoonji's short hair, Jina's pillowy lips pressed up against hers and they were the softest things Yoonji has ever felt. Slowly they exchanged the role of kissing and being kissed. But Jina grew impatient and began licking and sucking and biting Yoonji's lower lip. A small moan escaped her lips, allowing Jina's tongue to finally enter her mouth. This was the closest thing Yoonji has ever gotten to sensory overload. Jina's wet tongue, her high-pitched moans mixed with her own, and the slight pain from her fingers pulling on her hair. She grasped Jina's waist to bring them even closer and there they were practically grinding against each others' torso.

Yoonji's hands crept up to cup the underside of Jina's breasts. Sensing her hesitation, Jina pulled away and whispered into her ear, "Go ahead, Yoonie. You deserve it for being such a good dongsaeng," God, she hasn't heard that nickname in years. That coupled with Jina's totally fucked out voice, Yoonji could feel her panties get wetter and wetter.

Her hands slipped up to hold her unnie's chest and began to tease her rosy buds in between her fingers. Jina let out a low moan that sent tingles all over her body. They filled her hands so well and they were just as soft as Yoonji imagined. Finally, fucking finally, she gave one nipple a kittenish lick. She heard Jina's breath hitch and Yoonji decided to give the nub longer licks instead.

"Shit!" Jina squealed. "More, Yoonji."

Jina was so sensitive with her breasts that her reactions made Yoonji never want to stop. Slow licks eventually turned into long indulgent sucking. Yoonji looked up to see Jina panting so hard as if she just ran a marathon. The pink flush that made her cheeks glow had now spread to her chest. She experimentally bit down on a nub just to see her unnie scream in pleasure.

"Oh my god, oh my god, that made me close," Jina muttered. But instead of continuing sucking, Yoonji pulled away. "Yah! Yoonji-ah! Come back-" but her voice died as she saw the sight before her. Yoonji had picked up the discarded vibrator, now coated in the her own slick. She gave a few tentative licks and even sucked on the two prongs.

"That's really hot," Jina mindlessly blurted out.

"Unnie, you said you wanted to play with sex toys," Yoonji said. "It's going to be a waste if you don't come with one."

Thus, Jina shut her mouth and let the younger continue. Yoonji placed once again the two prongs in between her clitoris at the lowest setting. Jina let out a whine of exasperation, "Stop being a tease, Yoonji-ah. And don't you dare smirk at me." She playfully smacked the other's arm, not realizing how much force she actually used. The sound was akin to bubblegum snapping in half and a pinkish glow bloomed on Yoonji's pale arm. With wide eyes, Jina looked at Yoonji, ready to apologize.

But Yoonji's lips were pressed into a tight line, trying to kill the moan that was forming in her throat. "Don't do that right now, unnie."

It was Jina's turn to smirk. "You actually liked that, didn't you?"

Yoonji didn't reply, not daring to meet her unnie's intrigued gaze.

Jina's hands slowly crawled to caress one of Yoonji's thighs. She couldn't help but notice how her outfit —an oversized hoodie and tiny shorts —accentuated her thighs. She didn't have thick thighs like their maknae but she had become fleshier in that area compared to their earlier days. It made Jina's heart swell with fondness to see Yoonji look healthier. She massaged the mound of flesh and said, "Did I ever tell you your thighs look so cute?"

"Fuck, I swear if you-"

And there it was again —the distinct sharp sound but this time much louder and coupled with Yoonji's squeal. Jina's hand stayed on Yoonji's thigh after the impact and it felt so warm, almost comforting even.

"That's for cursing."

"Unnie," Yoonji rasped, barely recognizing her own voice. "I wanted to make you come first."

Jina cooed. "You're such a thoughtful dongsaeng." And she immediately followed that with another smack on the other thigh.


"That's for teasing." Jina's eyes shifted from Yoonji's fucked out expression to her thighs. Jina made a mental note on how Yoonji's body easily reddened. She grazed her fingertips over the sensitive areas, eliciting a soft moan from her dongsaeng.

"Unnie," Yoonji murmured against Jina's chest.


Without a reply, Yoonji set vibrator at max and pushed onto Jina's clitoris. Jina jilted in surprise and instantly grasped at Yoonji's sides.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," Jina muttered.

"You were so mean, unnie," Yoonji said. "That wasn't fair."

"You were teasing me!"

"I didn't want to hurt you," Yoonji explained. "But I guess you don't mind huh?"

Jina's mind was too clouded to think of a smart reply. Yoonji was too amazed at the sight before her to press any further. As she slowly circled her unnie's clitoris with the toy, Jina's hips pushed forward and back against it. Her breathy moans grew louder and more frequent. Yoonji couldn't stand the throbbing in her neglected clitoris anymore. Her hand immediately plunged into her shorts and began rubbing her mound. The spanking and Jina's breasts left Yoonji absolutely soaked that she had two fingers in her instantly.

"Keep going, Yoonji-ah! I'm s-so..." and in a few seconds Jina's whole body tensed up as it was hit with one of the most powerful orgasms she had ever had. Yoonji could only marvel at her unnie for a few moments before her own orgasm overcame her as well.

After coming down from their highs, they stared at each other, still breathing heavily.

"So," Jina started.

"Wait" she immediately replied. Yoonji had a feeling this was going to be one long talk. A talk she had no intention of having with Jina practically naked over her cum stained couch and her pants soaked with her own cum. They both agreed to clean up first before going into details. It was definitely a battle to quiet her mind as Yoonji left her studio to get some towels and disinfectant. She also decided to change in the bathroom outside before going back. She knew she couldn't answer any of the thousand questions that formed in her mind. She returned to her studio and Jina offered to clean the couch. Something about being her mess anyway. A red-faced Yoonji quietly distracted herself as Jina wiped her leather couch down and herself after.

"We're going to have to burn these towels afterwards," Jina said, breaking the silence.

"Don't pollute the earth like that Jina-unnie," Yoonji replied.

"Alright, so."


"I didn't know you had a spanking kink."

Yoonji's whole face turned a bright shade of tomato red. "Hey, I think you should explain yourself first. Really? What was the whole 'I wanted to try sex toys' facade?"

"It wasn't a facade. I really wanted to try it." Jina said without hesitation. "It was the whole 'not knowing how to use sex toys' part that was a facade."

Yoonji was appalled on how casual she was being with this. "Then why—"

"I'm not dumb, Yoonji-ah," Jin smiled.

Could her face get any redder? Stay tuned.

"Jina-unnie," Yoonji started but honestly she had no idea what to say.

"We don't really have to get into details right now," she said calmly. "What matters is that I liked it, you liked it, and I want to do it again. Do you want to do it again?"

"Yes," she immediately replied.

Jina giggled and Yoonji slightly regretted how eager she sounded. "Alright, one less thing to worry about." Then she opened her arms, beckoning for Yoonji to lie down on her. "C'mere and cuddle. We deserve a few minutes of rest, don't we?"

Yoonji stared at her but lay in her arms anyway, her face facing her chest. "This is so fucking weird. This is supposed to be more complicated than it is."

"Don't overthink things or you'll end up like Namjoo. Now go the fuck to sleep Yoonji-ah."

Yoonji sighed in exasperation and nuzzled into Jina's chest. "Good night unnie."