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A First Time

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"You ever done this before?"

"Yes!" A pause. "No."

"Didn't think so. Come here." A sigh, a few soft moans, a wince, a soft grunt. "Relax."

"Easy for you to say," breathless. A long breath. "All right, try it again."

A strong push, a heartfelt moan, a long, slow stroke, a high, keening whimper.

"You all right?"


A laugh, a tight squeeze around the waist. Another laugh. Another long, slow stroke.

"Oh, fuck, Ewan..."

A delighted smile. "You like it."

An incredulous laugh. "Yes, I like it."

An eternity of soft, whispering sounds; a distinct noise of flesh on flesh.

"Ewan, touch me."

A hoarse laugh. "Getting close?"

"Touch me!"

A kiss on the shoulder. A firm grip, a gasp, a shuddering, slow breath.

A whisper. "Come for me, Jonny."

A soft cry, followed by a few sharp thrusts and a louder one.

An impact: bodies falling hard on the mattress, one on the other.

"We'll do this again?" A hopeful invitation.

An audible smirk. "Yeah, Jonny. We'll do this again."