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Half-Cold, Half-Warm Bodies

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Todoroki Shouto: 7:40 am

Shouto ran. He wasn’t stupid, he’d heard the news, he understood the dangers of going to the hospital when a crisis of this degree was going on. Still, he was dead set on finding his mother and getting her the hell out of there.

The reports had said that the illness passed through re-animated dead bodies, a hospital would be the absolute worst place to be in at a time like this. He may have been putting off visiting her for the past decade, but he wasn’t about to let her get mauled by whatever managed to get through her door.

He ran through the near-abandoned streets, heart throbbing in his chest as he drew closer to the hospital. Images of his mother being hurt filled his head and he felt sick at the realization that he had yet to apologize to her.

The road leading up the hospital was a borderline war-zone, the whines of ambulances drowned out the groans of the undead. Vague nausea filling him, he vaulted over two bodies lying face down on the ground. His mother was his first priority, he had to ensure her safety and then he could help with the crisis management. Grimacing, his thoughts were pulled back to his father and how mad he’d be when he learned of Shouto’s disobedience.

Worrying about that could come later.

The glass doors of the hospital were already half broken, bleeding bodies writhing on the floor as they tried to reach out to him while he sprinted past. A trembling breath escaped him, frost swirling into the air in front of him. ‘They can’t be helped, they’re already dead,’ he convinced himself, suppressing the urge to reach out to them. ‘Mother is the priority, she’s the only one who matters right now.’

He ignored the elevator, the flickering lights in the hallway told him that relying on anything that depended on electricity wasn’t a good idea. The stairs were his best bet.

Turning sharply, he started up the stairs, taking them two or three at a time as he made his way to the floor she was on. He knew the slamming noises his feet were making were definitely attracting some unwanted attention, the groans from behind the second floor door were definitely a cause for concern.

The reality of the situation didn’t really hit him until he got to the third floor landing though, the upwards path was blocked by a pair of undead who immediately turned to face him. One’s mouth was absolutely covered in blood and viscera, the second one had a large hole in its neck. It was fairly obvious to see what happened amongst the pair, keen observation skills wasn’t really required. He grimaced again, face contorting into an even deeper frown as he heard banging from behind the door on the second floor. Ice pluming out from his hand, he launched himself overtop the two bodies’ heads, making a quick ice wall behind him as an afterthought as he continued up the flights.

He steadily ignored the faint sound of the second floor door slamming open, the sounds of more groans joining the pair on the stairs, and the faint crackling noises as they presumably threw themselves against the ice wall.

Luckily, he didn’t have to wait that much longer to see his mother, as she was staying on the fourth floor. He let out a small breath of relief as he left the stairwell, pushing the door to the hallway open. Instead of seeing a pristine pathway leading straight towards his mother's’ room, first thing he saw was what looked to be a half-dozen of the undead. Distantly, he realized he should have paid more attention to the noises that the hallway contained before running straight into it.

Aizawa-sensei always told them that an awareness of your surroundings was required in the hero business.

Ice coiling around his hand, he shot a blast at the feet of the crowding undead. ‘That should stop them from moving for now,’ he thought frantically, whipping around when the door behind him burst back open.

“They got in?!” He called out in alarm, mind brought back to the wall of ice he’d used to stop them before. It was a rushed job, definitely, but they’d have to almost hurt themselves with the intensity it’d take for them to break the ice wall with just their bodies.

He threw up another blast of ice to try and stop them from reaching him, turning again when he heard the crackling of the ice he’d just used to trap the other undead. Paling, he realized that the bodies just wrenched their feet from the ice, no aversion to pain at all. That explained a lot, but it also meant that he was at the distinct disadvantage here. He took a step back, away from the escaped beings. Eyes twitching from person to person as he tried to figure out his next step, his heart sank when he realized he was surrounded by them in every direction.

Even the ones he’d just frozen staggered their way towards him, half of them crawling because the weight of the ice had brought them to the floor.

A hand grabbing his ankle managed to startle a few flames out of him, the heat and light only making the undead try harder to get to him. Wrenching his foot from the grasp of the body, he let loose a torrent of ice over it, freezing it to the floor.

A lurching groan from behind alerted him to the next one that was closing in, in the small window of time it took him to freeze the one who’d grabbed him to the floor, the next one made it’s move. A firm grip wrenched his right arm out from behind, he let out a startled noise as fingernails dug into his forearm. Frantically, he tore his arm from the hand, eyes widening when he felt the nails manage to tear his skin through his shirt.

The undead didn’t give him a chance to dwell on it though, almost immediately after the first one grabbed his arm, he had another two on him.

“Shit!” He swore quickly, freezing the first one right as the new two managed to bite at him, red teeth already wet from whoever they’d bitten before. A scream tore its way out of his mouth as ice exploded from one side of him in an attempt to make them flinch away. One arm dripping with the blood of his skin tearing, and the other dripping with the combined blood of two bites, he tried to control his ice. The pain making it difficult to do so.

They were relentless, he took frantic breaths when he realized that no matter what he tried to do, they would still come after him unless he managed to immobilize them.

He didn’t even know if killing them a second time would be enough to stop them.

Their wheezes and groans were so loud he struggled to think, combined with the pain from the bites and scratches it made it almost impossible to focus.

Taking another step back, he managed to freeze a few of them, but another hand wrenching his ankle out from underneath him made him lose his balance.

Back hitting the tile floor, he wheezed, blocking his face with his arms as he threw more ice up, hoping to at least buy himself some time.

He should’ve known better, one of the crawling bodies from his first attack grabbed for his legs, holding it down as a few more dropped down closer, leaning over his calves. Frantically trying to kick them off, another scream left him when fresh bites tore into his legs.

Vision going red, he tried the last ditch effort of using his flames, gagging when the smell of burnt flesh hit him. A pathetic sounding noise left him when he saw the charred faces of the undead, faces still moving and jaws still snapping despite the burns that would’ve killed any normal person.

The last thing that crossed his mind before the bodies completely overwhelmed him was that he hadn’t made it to his mother.




Uraraka Ochako: 7:45 am

Ochako had no idea why Aizawa wouldn’t let them out of the hotel meeting room. She pouted, turning to Tsuyu, who just looked confused.

They were supposed to participate in a hero seminar! Not wait around in a musty meeting room while their teacher ran errands. Tsuyu’s voice brought her out of her internal monologue. “Ochako, do you have any idea why Aizawa-sensei is making us stay in the meeting room? It’s a bit weird that he had to leave that fast.” The other girl ended her sentence with a small ribbit as an afterthought, and she nodded in agreement.

“No clue, it’s a little bit annoying, but I can guess that he had some important business.” She sighed, feeling put out.

Tsuyu opened her mouth to respond again, when Kaminari’s loud cry from the front of the room drew their attention. “You guys!” He yelled, shaking a little black rectangle in the air. “I found the T.V. remote!” She giggled despite herself, eyes shifting to Kirishima when he responded.

“Dude, Aizawa-sensei said that the only shows on this thing are news channels.” His amused voice rang out, the rest of her classmates attention shifting to the ongoing conversation as well.

“Better than nothing!” Was his easy response as he sat on the desk, clicking the T.V. on without a care. She smiled faintly, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear as she watched the channel switch to a recent news report.

Her smile quickly fell and was replaced with a look of dread when she realized what was being reported on. Voices rang up around her, demanding Kaminari to turn it up, as they all scanned the subtitles for information.

The unsteady voice of the news reporter filled the room. “At approximately seven am this morning, the first reports of reanimated corpses were called into the police department. It is unknown how this phenomenon started, but it’s said to be a disease. The illness this developed from is passed through bites, shared blood contact, or occasionally through spores. While no more methods of contamination are known, civilians are advised to watch out for other methods.” Ochako leaned against the table for support, swallowing thickly when videos of the event were flashed on screen.

“The effect that quirks have on the illness is unknown as of right now. It’s been discovered that the epicenter of the disease was in Musutafu, where it quickly spread to Hosu and ended up infecting thousands within the first few hours.”

She stared blankly at the screen, barely able to register the report. It seemed too outlandish. Reanimated corpses? Did that mean that there were just dead people walking around the city, biting others?! She was about to ask, but Yaoyorozu’s soft voice filled the room, the horror apparent in her voice, “Todoroki is still in Musutafu, he was supposed to tag along with his father in the next day or so.”

The room went silent, the information settling as the news report continued to drone on in the background. “Number of casualties is unknown, civilians are recommended to make their way to safe houses, if they are unable to do so, they are instructed to stay in their homes until further notice.”

Bakugou tore through the quiet with a sharp snort. “That half-and-half bastard better not fucking die, I’m not gonna get to the top of the class in some half-assed way like that. That fucking asshole better wait and watch the fuck out, because if he ends up being a little bitch, then dead things aren’t gonna be the only stuff he has to fucking worry about.” The blond looked confident, not even frazzled about the things they’d just heard.

She knew that his words were meant to be a challenge, but they were oddly comforting. Realistically, if any of them were to manage to make it out of Musutafu and be fine, it would be Todoroki.

She took a deep breath, clenching her fists in an attempt to ground herself. Todoroki was fine, he’d be okay.

Letting the air back out in a strong gust, she steadied herself. Well, at least now they knew why Aizawa had had to leave all of a sudden.




Midoriya Izuku: 8:05 am

Izuku panted heavily, running through the chaotic streets and into an alleyway, relief threatening to take him over when he saw a tall metal ladder leading to the roofs of one of the buildings.

He’d been on his way to class when everything just went bad.

Turning back to look at the entrance of the alleyway, he paled when he saw the two staggering women trailing after him. Initially when he first saw them he’d tried to offer help, but seeing that one of them was missing half her face and that the other one had a distinct lack of skin covering her torso, he’d been quick to take off in the other direction.

The fact that they’d decided to follow him was absolutely terrifying and if he wasn’t currently in a life threatening situation, he’d be curled up in a ball, crying.

Starting up the ladder, he took a moment to close his eyes and thank the deity that had to be watching over him that he decided to start working out.

He hadn’t been able to apply to Yuuei, the fact that he lacked a quirk had made that a bit obvious, but the workout routine he’d started in an attempt to distract himself from the disappointment was paying off. He didn’t know exactly how fast these things could go, but it was clear that they had a decent amount of stamina from how the women had been able to keep up.

Groans from beneath him drew his attention and he grimaced, feeling bad as the women pawed up at him. He couldn’t stop though, it was obvious that if they got to him that nothing good was going to happen.

With a short huff, he pulled himself up the final rung of the ladder, grabbing the side of the building and pulling himself the rest of the way up.

Finally reaching the roof of the building, he allowed himself a moment's pause. Breathing deeply, he looked around. The space was barren, which was good because it lacked dead people, but bad because that meant that it also lacked supplies of any sort. But it was close enough to the surrounding structures that if he wanted to, he could jump from rooftop to rooftop with no problem. So there was a relatively easy out if he couldn’t go back down the ladder.

Now that he was able to think clearly, he suppressed the tears that threatened to fall from his eyes. Sniffing loudly, he grabbed his own arms tightly, trying to steady himself as he thought of his situation. “Okay,” he started, quietly talking to himself. “Something bad is happening to the city,” several rounds of explosions from down the street punctuated the end of his thought and a full body flinch tore through him.

The tears dripped down from his eyes and he frantically wiped them away, he could cry when he managed to get to somewhere safer. He shook his head in an attempt to clear it, digging in his backpack for his phone.

He could at least check the news or something, hopefully his mom had called him earlier. She couldn’t text, only call on the home phone, because a few weeks ago she’d busted it on the concrete outside their apartment. If she was still at the house then they could actually talk, but if she wasn’t then he was out of luck.

A sigh of relief left him, shoulders slumping when he saw the small notification. Clicking on it, he teared up again when he heard her soft voice.

“Izuku, I know you already left for school, but please don’t go there! Try to go to a safe house! The news says that it’s too dangerous to be out in other places right now, apparently some sort of illness is going around? Anyway, please try to go to the one next to the Yuuei building, it’s where I’m going to.” He winced, realizing for the upteenth time that he shouldn’t leave his ringer off. His mother continued, “if you call Bakugou, please tell him that his parents are with me! I know you two aren't on the best of terms, but I also know that you were probably already going to check up with him.”

Sheepishly, he realized that she was right about that. Him and Kacchan hadn’t had many interactions since high school began, and they’d left middle school on a sour note. That didn’t stop him from being worried about him though. “P-Please be okay sweetie, remember, go the safe house by the Yuuei building.” He felt tears drip down his cheeks as she drew a trembling breath. “I love you honey.” The message ended with a click, bringing his hand down from his ear, he gasped in an unsteady breath.

His house was closer than the safe house right now, going there should be the first thing he’d do. When he got there, he could check the news and find the quickest way to the Yuuei building.

“But,” he said to himself, hearing the moans and wails from the street beneath him. “That might be a little bit harder than I’m anticipating it to be.” Still, he steeled his resolve, “I’m not going to leave my mom alone unless I can’t help it.”




Midoriya Inko: 8:05 am

Inko sat next to Mitsuki and Masaru, smiling a bit as she saw Mitsuki give Masaru a lopsided grin. “Our boy is fine! If anything I’d worry about whatever fuckers try to go after him! Besides, Tokyo isn’t even overrun yet!”

She sat up straighter at that, face shifting into an expression of shock. “Really? Your son’s in Tokyo right now?” She didn’t miss the small smile of thanks that Masaru gave her, obviously overwhelmed by his wife’s boisterous presence.

Mitsuki turned to her, fierce smile on her face. “Yep! The little shit is on a field trip with Yuuei, something about a hero conference. At first I was happy to get him out of the house, the brat’s been blowing shit up like you wouldn’t believe it Inko. Now I’m just glad he’s out of town and safe.” She couldn’t help but smile at the other woman’s enthusiasm, but her grin melted off after a few seconds.

Reaching her hand up to the side of her face, she cupped her cheek in worry. “Izuku was going to school this morning, and when I called him to tell him where we were, he didn’t answer.” She got sympathetic looks at that, even a few sad noises from the surrounding people who were listening in. “He’s a persistent boy, but I can’t help but be worried. The news is just terrible, I can’t even imagine what I’d do if he gets caught up in all of that.”

Masaru gave her a soft look, “Izuku is a smart kid, I’m sure he’ll be fine. You’ve mentioned how he’s always on that phone of his, looking at news. He’s probably already seen the reports and is on his way here.”

Mitsuki nodded, clapping her on the shoulder. “He’ll be fine Inko! He is Hisashi’s son after all, if he doesn’t get into at least a few life threatening situations it wouldn’t make sense!”

She gave a soft laugh, nodding along with them as Mitsuki changed the topic and began another tirade on the “dumbass whores” at her job that she interacted with.

The happy mood stopped as soon as the announcement blared out, mechanical voice overtaking the loud speakers. “Everyone, please remain calm. This is just an update to the situation, we will be moving to another safe area within the hour. The area has been deemed unsafe, too many infected individuals within the area have forced us to choose the option of relocation. Gather your permitted items and be ready for the notification to leave for the exits.” Whatever small chatter had been going on in the room immediately stopped as the details of the update sunk in.

Her mind automatically went to Izuku, who she’d called and actually urged to come to the Yuuei safe house, and how he had no idea of the fact that they were being relocated. Her face must’ve pulled some sort of bad expression, because Mitsuki squeezed her shoulder in comfort. “Izuku is a smart kid, he’ll pull through.”

She just nodded blearily, vision swimming as tears welled in her eyes.

Her son was smart, but if he had no idea where she was, there was no way they could find each other. For all she knew, they were going into a completely different city.

Masaru rubbed her back as she broke down into tears, while Mitsuki whispered words of encouragement.