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Start Again

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Asami clenched her eyes shut and exhaled heavily. She dropped the dress that was in her hands and slowly sunk to the ground after it.

“I can’t do this,” she muttered softly.

“Hey. Don’t say that.” Opal knelt down beside her best friend and placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder. “I know this is stressful and it’s been a long time, but I promise this will be good for you.”

Asami opened her eyes and tilted her head to look at Opal. “You should have seen his face when I told him.”

“Hey, he’ll be okay. He’s just not used to his mom actually having some real fun,” Opal tried to tease.

“He looked so upset, Op.”

“Hiro’s a big boy. Really, he’ll be okay.”

“I feel like I’m betraying him. He looked at me as if I’d stopped loving him. As if I’d let go of Itachi.”

Opal frowned. “No one is replacing his father, Asami. It’s been five years since he passed and I really do think going out today will be good. No matter who you meet, they won’t be Itachi and we all know that. But you’re not betraying him by going out and trying to meet someone.” Opal sighed and pulled Asami into a hug. “It’s okay to actually take care of yourself. God knows you’ve been taking care of everyone, but yourself since Itachi passed.”

“I still can’t do this.”

“Nope. It’s happening.” Opal jumped up from the ground and stepped into the walk in closet. “There’s got to be something in here for you to wear.”

“I already looked.”

Opal gasped and shoved some of the clothes aside. “Not hard enough.” She pulled out a floral sundress that Asami hadn’t seen in years. The last time she’d worn it was the summer of her junior year in college. Just over ten years ago. She had no idea why she still had the dress, but she did.

“I don’t even know if that’d fit still.”

Opal looked her over and rolled her eyes. “You literally had Hiro and then looked as if you hadn’t been carrying a little shithead in your stomach for nine months. This will fit.”

“Hey! My son is only a shithead sometimes,” Asami joked.

“Wow, mother of the year award goes to Asami.”

“I’m just joking. Although he has been quite the pain since he turned thirteen.”

“Oh the teenage years.”

“I kind of miss when he didn’t sass me every other sentence and didn’t care about all the girls and getting their numbers.”

“Well by the way he looks, he’s probably gotten all of their numbers and the boys too.”

Asami rolled her eyes as she turned for Opal to zip the dress up. Surprisingly it did fit, just like it had those many years ago.

“He’s so much like his father.”

“And look who he ended up marrying. The best woman in the world… except for me that is. Hiro’s smart, he’ll find someone just as awesome as you.”

“In the very far future, I hope.” Asami pulled her hair into a high ponytail and worried her lower lip as she looked at herself in the full length mirror. “Heels or flats?”

“Flats, definitely. You’re already tall enough and um… Korra isn’t too tall herself.”

“Don’t tell me you’re setting me up with a midget.”

Opal laughed at this. “With the way she hates her height, she may as well be one. But no, she’s average height.”

“Is there anything else you can tell me about this mysterious woman you and Bolin think is a perfect match for me?”

Asami strutted out of the closet with her flats in hand. She settled at the end of her bed and slipped them on as Opal grabbed a necklace from her jewelry on the bureau.

“She’s smokin’ hot… very intelligent… funny… oh and she’s awesome at cooking.” Opal slipped the necklace on Asami and clasped it.

“Okay. Anything else?”

“Uh.” Opal rubbed her chin, thinking of what to share or not share. “She’s twenty-seven. Has a place of her own. Has a good job. Um… has a dog.”

“She’s twenty-seven?”

“Yeah, but she’s super mature and doesn’t act her age, I promise.”

“And when I tell her I’m thirty three and have a teenager… she’s going to actually stay and not book it out of there as fast as she possibly can?”

“She already knows. Bo and I filled her in,” Opal assured.

“And she’s still down with meeting me?”

“Asami, she is so fucking down. I swear it on my mother’s life.”

Asami let out a long sigh. She raised her gaze to look at her friend who was standing in front of her. “Does my makeup look okay?”

“Flawless as usual. You’re a fucking MILF, so act like one.”

Asami groaned. “Please never ever call me that again.”

“Well it’s true!”

“Opal,” Asami said sternly.

Opal held up her hands in mock surrender. “Okay okay. Please do not use your ‘mom’ voice with me. It’s weird!”

Asami stood and playfully swatted Opal’s shoulder. “Don’t be silly.” Asami started to leave her bedroom. “I’m going to go talk with Hiro. If Korra comes can you let me know?”

“Of course.”

Asami smiled softly at her best friend and walked down the narrow hallway. She took in a deep breath before knocking on her son’s door.


“WHAT?!” came a shout from the other side of the door.

Asami turned the knob and inched the door open to peek in. “I wanted to come talk to you before I left. Is that okay?”

“Sure, whatever.”

Asami pushed the door fully open and stepped in. Hiro was sitting at his desk, drawing in his sketch pad. Asami couldn’t help, but smile, the scene reminding her of Itachi. Itachi had always been amazing at art. Always had his pencils and sketchbook with him wherever they went. And Hiro was no different.

Asami walked further into the room and took a seat on Hiro’s bed.

“I know this is hard for you… It’s hard for me too.”

“Then why are you going on a date?”

“Hiro, I miss your father so much. Every. Single. Day. But we both need to continue on with our lives. He wouldn’t want us stopping just because he’s gone.”

“But,” Hiro’s voice cracked and he stopped talking. He clutched his pencil tighter and Asami watched a single tear fall from his cheek onto the sketchpad. The paper soaked it up, the lead seeping outward into a perfect circle.

“Just because I’m going to meet someone does not mean that I love your father any less. It doesn’t mean I love you any less,” Asami said softly as she stood up. She stepped forward and kneeled beside Hiro. He turned his head away from her, not wanting his mother to see his tears.

“I miss him,” Hiro whispered.

“I do too.” Asami placed her hand gently on Hiro’s cheek and turned his head so that she could look at his handsome face. The face that reminded her so much of the man they both missed so dearly. “If you really don’t want me to go tonight, I won’t. We can wait until we’re both ready.”

“No. It’s okay.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah.” Hiro forced a smile onto his face, his eyes still sad. “You look great, mom.”

Asami smiled at her son and stood up, kissing her son’s forehead.

“Thanks. That means a lot coming from you, my stylish little man.”

“Hey, someone’s gotta look good in this family.”

“And I don’t?”

“Mom, you have seen the jeans you wear right?”

“Yeah, what’s wrong with them?”

“They make your butt look flat,” he giggled.

Asami’s eyes widened and she ruffled his messy hair. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?! It must have been so embarrassing for you to have a mother with no style.”

“Actually, can I tell you the truth?”

“Of course.”

“My friends think you’re really pretty.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah. I think James has a crush on you… but don’t let him know you know.”

“I would never. Plus your friends are waaayyyyy too young for me. Tell them to find people their own age,” Asami teased.

“ASAMI!” Both of them jerked with surprise from Opal’s shout. “SHE’S HERE!”

“Oh crap,” Asami muttered to herself as she panicked and rushed to leave her son’s room.

“Mom,” Hiro started. Asami stopped dead in her tracks and turned to face him. “I hope you have fun,” his voice trailing off slightly.

Asami walked back to him, her mind not as flustered now. She cupped his face and forced him to look at her. “I’ll try to. But know that this is not to replace your father. No one will ever be able to do that. No matter what he’s always with us.” Asami poked her son’s chest where his heart is. “Right here.”

Hiro pulled Asami into his arms and nodded into her shoulder. “I love you, mom.”

“I love you more. Bunches and bunches more.”

Hiro let his mother go and rolled his eyes. “Go have fun,” he waved his hand nonchalantly and returned to sketching.

“I’ll try,” Asami said, leaving his room and walking down the hallway and then to the stairs.

She heard some soft laughter coming from her living room and her stomach felt so tight with nerves that she almost turned around and locked herself in her room. But she didn’t, forcing another and another step forward. By the time she reached the bottom of the stairs, she could see Opal sitting on one of the recliners and the back of someone’s head from the couch.

When Opal smiled at her, the person turned around to look back and instantly the biggest, brightest smile filed Asami’s vision. The person stood so quickly that Asami froze and just stood with her hand grasping the railing of the stairs.

“Took you long enough!” Opal teased as she stood as well and walked over, grabbing Korra’s arm to drag her with her. “Korra this is Asami. Asami, Korra.” Opal motioned to each person respectively.

“Hi, uh.” Korra’s hand shot to the back of her neck nervously. “It’s nice to finally meet you.”

“You too,” Asami said after she finally gathered her thoughts.

“Are you all set or…” Korra asked hesitantly.

“Oh, yeah. Sorry to keep you waiting. I’m all set to head out if you are.”

“Don’t worry about it. My car’s right outside if that’s cool with you.”


Even though they both said they were ready to leave, they stood there in silence. Asami was still taking in the woman in front of her and trying to get her mind to properly function. Sure Opal had said that she was smokin’ hot, but that was an understatement. Korra was gorgeous with her chestnut hair, flawless dark skin, bluest of blue eyes, and million dollar smile. Along with easily one of the best bodies that Asami had seen in a long time. Even though she was wearing a button up and long pants, it was clear that she worked out and took care of her body. What Asami could see from the sleeves being rolled up to her elbows, showed that she definitely had some amazing muscles hiding underneath other places.

“Okay well as much as I bet you two love just staring at one another… I think you should get going,” Opal said breaking the silence and ushering them out of the house. “Don’t worry about Hiro. We already plan to play some FIFA and other games on that godforsaken Xbox of his.”

“Thanks, Op!” Asami shouted just before her friend slammed the door shut, effectively leaving Asami alone with Korra.

“She’s such a handful at times,” Asami joked as they walked to Korra’s car parked at the end of the front yard.

“You’re telling me. Have you gone out with just her and Bolin?”

“Sadly, yes.”

They both laughed at this and Korra rushed to open the passenger side door for Asami.

“Thank you,” Asami thanked shyly as she ducked into the car.

Korra just smiled at her and shut the door after her. She then walked around and got into the driver’s side. She put in the key and the car roared to life.

“Nice car,” Asami muttered softly, more to herself than to Korra.

“Oh, thanks. Audi A4. To be honest it’s just the car the rental employees gave me.”

Asami smiled at Korra’s honesty. “Well they have good taste in cars then.”

“So you’re an Audi fan?”

“Oh yeah. The cars are dependable and well worth the cost.”

“Uh, sure.”

“Not into cars, are you?”

Korra turned her head and smirked at Asami. “Not really. Is that an interest of yours?”

“They are. My dad and I used to repair engines and work on cars for fun when I was younger.”

“Wow, that’s cool.”

“I guess.”

“You guess? I literally just drive and if the car makes a weird noise I panic and bring it to someone to fix it immediately.”

Asami giggled at this. “Well that’s responsible of you.”

“Hey, the last thing I need is my car breaking down in the middle of nowhere.”

“That is true.” Asami paused. “So, uh, where are we headed anyway?”

“Oh shit. I totally forgot to tell you.” She smiled over at Asami when they reached a stoplight. “I kinda got distracted by how pretty you are. But Opal said that you like art and so I have tickets to The Institute of Contemporary Art. They have a special exhibition this week, Dustin Yellin. He’s got some really cool stuff and I thought maybe that’d be a cool first date. I’m down to do something else though if you’re not interested,” Korra rambled.

“No that’s sounds great.”

“Oh co-”

Korra was interrupted by a loud honk from behind them and her eyes jerked away from Asami and to the road. She chuckled awkwardly as she mumbled that the light was green to herself.

Once they were on the move again, Asami couldn’t help but take quick glances at Korra. She just couldn’t get over how attracted she was to this woman. Sure she had seen people where she thought they were attractive, but not to this extent. Suddenly Korra glanced over at her too. Asami felt her cheeks burn as they blushed and she looked out the window instead.

“Do you have a favorite artist?” Korra asked, breaking the silence.

“There’s a painter, Robert Fry, who I really like.”

“Never heard of him.”

“I can look up some of his works for you sometime and show you.”

“That’d be awesome.”

“Do you have a favorite?”

“To be honest… I don’t know much about art. Kinda like cars.” Korra glanced over at Asami, a slightly worried look on her face.

“Oh, that’s okay. What are some things that you’re in to?”

“Uh, sports.”

“Any specific ones?”

“Soccer mainly.”

“That’s awesome. I actually played when I was in high school.”

Korra seemed to perk up at this. “Really?”

“Yeah. I played sweeper.”

“Damn, nice. I play striker.”

“You must be really fast then. Do you just play for fun? I’d actually be interested in playing for a local adult league or something.”

Korra worried her lower lip and then shook her head. “I actually play professionally.”

Asami’s brow quirked and she leaned forward slightly in interest. “Wait. Like you get paid to play soccer?”

“Yeah. I play for Portland Thorns and am in Boston for a game. That’s why I was so rigid with times that I could meet up.”

“That makes so much sense now.”

Opal had been trying to get them to meet up for almost six months now, but whenever Asami felt even a slight urge that she was ready, Korra was never available to meet. 

“Yeah. I also play for the National Team.”

“Holy shit. Hiro’s going to go nuts when I tell him this. He’s a huge fan, but mainly men’s soccer. Like English Premiere League.”

“Okay, what’s his favorite team then?”


“Oh come on. What’s your favorite team?”


“Nooooooo. Dude, my favorite is Arsenal.”


“Yeah oh. I can’t believe you support their rival team. And to think I actually liked you so far,” Korra teased with a smirk.

“Who knew soccer would be my greatest downfall.”

Korra laughed as she pulled into a parking spot and turned off the car. “I think I can give you a pass, just this once.”

“Oh, thanks,” Asami said sarcastically as she stepped out of the car and walked towards the entrance with Korra.

“No problem,” Korra said with a wink. She opened the door and let Asami step in first. “So where to first?”

“Well I don’t know which artists are on display, so we can just walk around and stop at the ones that interest us.”

“That’s good with me.” Korra placed her hand on the small of Asami’s back and guided her towards one of the paintings. “We the people,” Korra read.

In front of them was a huge piece made of shoelaces put onto the wall to spell out ‘We the people.’ Asami stepped forward to read more about the piece and the artist. “The artist was born in Jamaica and his pieces revolve around contemporary issues,” Asami explained to Korra, who was standing behind her still looking at the piece. “Mainly issues around citizenship, cultural consumption, discrimination, and poverty.”

“Hmm, Trump must love him,” Korra stated sarcastically.

“Oh, I bet.”

The two of them moved on in silence, looking at the other pieces by Nari Ward.

“Hey, Asami?”


“You’re Japanese, right? I mean I’m just guessing from your name and your son’s name.”

“I am. My parents moved here when I was one.”

“Cool. I’ve always been in the US. Was born in Brooklyn actually. My parents and I moved to LA when I was a teenager though,” Korra explained.

“I’ve always wanted to visit California.”


“Yeah. It’s just so different from the east coast and I’d like to experience it.”

“That is true. I really like it over there. Portland is awesome, but I do miss New York at times.”

“I have to go there for work at times.”

Korra laughed slightly as she realized that she had no idea what Asami did for work. “What is work for you?”

“Oh right. I’m an architect. I mainly work in this area, but I’ve gotten some big jobs in New York and other areas of the east coast.”

“Architect… wow. And now I see why you like art. You must be very creative.”

“Not really. My hus- um Hiro’s father was the creative one and passed it onto him.”

Korra just nodded as they walked into a large exhibition room with Dustin Yellin’s work displayed.

“What happened to his father, if you don’t mind me asking,” Korra asked as they looked at the life-sized humanoids.

“He passed from cancer five years ago.”

Korra frowned and looked softly at Asami. “I’m so sorry.”

“Yeah. He was a really great man,” Asami admitted, her thoughts distant now.

“If you loved him, then surely he was.” Korra inhaled deeply and built up her courage to take Asami’s hand into her own. She let out a sigh of relief when Asami just looked down at where they were linked, but didn’t pull away.

“So do you like Dustin Yellin’s stuff?”

Asami giggled, thankful for Korra pulling her out of her thoughts. “Yeah. I wonder how he did this?”

“Uh, they’re collages between glass panels. He layers them to create these pieces. He used to use poisonous resin, but due to it being so dangerous he turned to the panels instead,” Korra explained.

“And how do you know this?”

“I may have done a little bit of research before our date,” Korra confessed.

Asami squeezed Korra’s hand, flattered that Korra had taken the time to prepare for tonight. Even though Korra could have lied about why she knew and could have tried to impress Asami, she didn’t, which Asami really appreciated.

They spent the rest of the time laughing and getting to know one another. They weaved their way through the pieces and stopped when Asami wanted to look for a moment longer. It surprised both of them when the intercom came to life and an employee stated that the museum was closing in ten minutes. Neither had realized that so much time had already passed. They didn’t realize that the sun had set and now the streets were dark until they walked out to the parking lot.

“When do you have to be back?” Korra asked Asami once they were seated in the car.

“I, um.”

“It’s cool if you have to be back. I just was hoping we could spend some more time together, but I totally understand if you have to get back to Hiro.”

“Uh, no. I have time.”

Korra grinned at Asami as she put the care into drive and left the parking lot. “How does getting a few drinks sound? We can grab some food as well.”

“I’d really like that.” In all honesty Asami hadn’t been out drinking ever since Hiro was born. Sure she went out with Itachi and her friends, but she had always opted to not drink. So she was surprised that she agreed so easily, but there was just something about Korra that made it easy.

“Do you like Mexican? I know this place that makes some killer margaritas and the food isn’t too bad either.”

“I do.”


As Korra drove, she continued to glance over at Asami and Asami her. They would catch each other’s gazes, flash shy smiles and then look away. It was something Asami wasn’t used to. It reminded her of how she had acted around crushes in high school. Something she had never expected to happen again, especially not after having a child and now being in her thirties.

Asami glanced down at Korra’s arm that was resting on the center console. All she had to do was reach out and take her hand into hers. Just thinking about it sent Asami’s stomach fluttering. Asami knew that Korra wouldn’t mind holding hands, considering that they held hands in the museum, but Asami just couldn’t bring herself to make the move on her own. While she struggled in her own thoughts, Korra had noticed Asami’s gaze on her hand. She smiled to herself as she reached out towards Asami’s lap, where her hands were, and took a pale hand into her own. She then pulled it back to the center console and rested their hands there.

Asami lifted her gaze, staring at Korra in awe almost. Korra had already returned her attention to driving, as if she hadn’t just read Asami’s mind and made the move for her. Asami smiled softly and relaxed into the comforting feeling of someone else’s warmth. A connection she hadn’t experienced in so long.

Asami held back a frown when Korra let go of her hand to turn off the car when they arrived. But she didn’t have to be disappointed for long because Korra took her hand once more as they walked into the restaurant.

“Two please,” Korra stated to the hostess.

The woman nodded and led them to a table for two in the back. She placed the menus in front of them and then left the two of them to make their choices.

“So how long are you in Boston for?” Asami asked as she put down the menu, already ready.

“A week. Then I’m back to Portland.”

“A week,” Asami repeated softly.

“Sadly, yes. I re-”

“Are you two ready to order or would you like another minute?”

Korra glanced at Asami who nodded that she was ready.

“We’re all set. I’ll have an original margarita and the fish tacos please.”

“And for you miss?”

“A strawberry margarita and chicken quesadilla please.”

“I’ll put that right in for you two.”

“Thank you,” said Korra as she handed back the menus to the waiter.

“So back to what you were saying. You’re only here for a week. I assume you’ll be practicing and preparing for the game most of the time,” Asami said, returning to the topic.

“Eh, not really. Our game is in two days, but then we have some time off before needing to be back in Portland for training and our upcoming games,” Korra explained.

“Do you have plans for those days off?”

Korra gave Asami her crooked grin and leaned forward on her elbows. “And if I did would that disappoint you?”

“Uh… I, I don’t know,” Asami replied flustered.

“Well it doesn’t matter because I don’t anyway. The only things I have planned was my game, practices, and this,” Korra said referring to the date they were on. “But I also wouldn’t mind planning something else… that is if you’re going to be there.”

Asami rested her chin on her hand and leaned forward as well. “That would depend on what the plans are.”

“Okay. Then how about this, if you’re free on Monday, how bout you and your son stop by my game?”


Both of there drinks were then placed in front of them. While Asami took a long sip of hers, Korra spoke again.

“Don’t worry about paying, the tickets would be free. I can get you food too and even some merch if you’re interested.” Korra paused and then added. “I’d really like it if you’d come.”

“Okay. I’ll ask Hiro and if he wants to, we’ll be there.”

Korra smiled and leaned back in the booth. “Awesome. He better say yes,” Korra joked.

“I’m pretty sure he will.”

“I hope so.”

By the time their food came out, Asami was already halfway done with her drink and felt her face warming up. She knew that her face was flushed, but she hoped the lighting was dim enough for Korra not to notice. It was almost embarrassing how easily she was being affected by the alcohol and by so little.

When Asami and Korra had finished their drinks, Asami ordered another, but Korra didn’t. She opted not to since she was the one driving and insisted that Asami not hold back. By the time Asami was midway through her second one, she had really started to loosen up and was much more brave in her actions. She purposefully moved her foot to touch Korra’s or lifted her leg just so so that her foot ran over Korra’s very toned calves. When their empty plates were taken, she was also brave enough to reach out and hold Korra’s hand, instead of Korra making the first move. She even ordered a third drink without a care.

Korra worried her lower lip as she reached up and placed a soft hand on Asami’s cheek.

“You don’t drink often, do you?”

“Is it that obvious?” Asami giggled.

“Well you’ve only had three drinks and your cheeks are super red right now,” Korra pointed out as her thumb smoothed over her soft skin.

“Fuck, really?”

“And you swear when you’ve had some drinks,” Korra chuckled.

Asami pouted at Korra’s teasing. “I haven’t had a drink in years.”




“Know what’s even worse?”


“I haven’t had sex in years either.”

Korra coughed awkwardly, not expecting Asami to share that so openly.

“God,” Asami said as she leaned back and stared up at the ceiling. “Five years is a long time.”

“Uh, yeah,” Korra agreed.

As if something just clicked for Asami, she gasped at the realization of what she had confessed to Korra. Her cheeks flushed more and she shoved her face into her hands.

“I can’t believe I just told you that,” she groaned.

“No it’s cool. I mean I didn’t expect it. Like… I’m trying to wrap my head around a woman that looks like you not having sex in that long. Like I can’t really fathom it.”

Asami peeked through her fingers at Korra. “What do you mean?”

“I mean that you’re attractive, Asami. And I have no idea how people have not been throwing themselves at you to sleep with you.”

“Happens when you have a teenage boy. Kinda like bug repellent.”

“Well people are crazy not to be interested.” Korra worried her lower lip, realizing that she pretty much just told Asami that she would totally sleep with her, but in a roundabout way.

Asami finally lowered her hands and stared at Korra. Pondering everything that had been said in the last few minutes.

“We should go. It’s getting late,” Asami finally muttered.

“Yeah. Let me just pay and then we can head out.”

“We can split it,” Asami said as she reached into her purse.

“No way.” Korra grabbed the check from the table and walked up to the register to pay.

Asami slid out of the booth and stood behind Korra, waiting for her to be done. In her mind, all she could think about was wanting to wrap her arms around that toned body and to place soft kisses all over the back of her neck. She wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol or if she’d be thinking those thoughts sober too.

“All set.” Korra placed her hand on Asami’s elbow and guided them outside.

The cool air was refreshing and seemed to sober Asami just a little bit. Korra opened the car door for her again and then drove Asami back to her place in silence. Asami berated herself for ruining the date. She hadn’t meant to slip like that, to admit something so personal. It had been going so well too.

Korra played with the collar of her shirt once she put the car into park in front of Asami’s house. She wasn’t sure what to do to alleviate the awkwardness.

“I-” Asami cut herself off and began again. “Thank you for tonight.” She grabbed her purse from the floor and pushed her door open. But when she stepped out, so did Korra. Korra walked around the car and took Asami’s hand into her own.

“Let me walk you to your door,” she said softly.

Asami just nodded and held her breath as they walked the short distance.

When they reached the door, neither of them let go of the other’s hand.

“That offer still stands.”


“You and Hiro coming to my game.”

“Oh, right.”

“I had a really good time today.”

“Me too,” Asami admitted, her gaze flitting down and back up from Korra’s lips.

Korra scratched the back of her neck with her free hand. “I guess, good night then.”

“Night, Korra.”


Asami swallowed the lump in her throat, not allowing herself to let go of Korra’s hand yet. She leaned forward and quickly gave Korra’s cheek a light peck.

Korra huffed a slight laugh and then shook her head. She then looked up and steadied her gaze on Asami's eyes.

“Can I just kiss you?”

The edges of Asami’s mouth twitched upward, but then she held back her smile and nodded. Of course Korra could kiss her.

Korra placed her hand on Asami’s cheek and leaned upward as Asami leaned downward. Their lips touched ever so slightly and Asami’s hand squeezed Korra’s tightly. Their noses brushed as Korra tilted her head ever so slightly and brought their lips fully together. Asami held back her gasp. Korra’s lips were so gentle, so soft. They were patient, waiting for Asami to apply more pressure or to pull back. She was giving the reigns to Asami. And Asami took them. She pushed forward, kissing Korra properly.

Korra’s hand left Asami’s cheek and slid to the back of her neck, holding her close as the kiss deepened. Asami let go of Korra’s hand and placed her hands on Korra’s hips. She had missed this kind of connection with someone. She had missed it so much.

Korra’s tongue teased over her lower lip and Asami moaned without realizing. She parted her lips, allowing Korra to explore her mouth and deepen the kiss. Asami’s head felt light and she gripped Korra’s hips tighter as Korra wrapped her arms around Asami’s neck. Korra’s hand slipped to the back of Asami’s head and pulled out the elastic band, allowing Asami’s hair to flow over her shoulders and back. Korra’s fingers threaded through the soft waves, her fingertips scraping her scalp softly. Asami groaned at the sensation and pulled Korra’s hips towards hers. Their bodies now flush.

Asami felt her heart pounding and the throbbing of her pulse rung in her ears. She couldn’t get enough of this woman.

Asami’s not sure how much time passed with them just kissing, but it had to have been a good amount. Because when she pulled back, they were both breathless and their lips were swollen.

“Wow,” Asami whispered breathlessly.

Korra chuckled at this and gave Asami another quick kiss.

“Let me know if you’re coming Monday.”


“Night, Asami.” At that Korra kissed Asami’s cheek one last time and left her standing in front of her house. Asami didn’t move until Korra’s car was out of sight and it dawned on her that she really liked this woman. She hadn’t expected the date to go so well, sure it had some ups and downs, but it was definitely a success.

“I take it you had a good time?” Opal asked once Asami stepped inside.

“What?” Asami asked still dazed.

“You’ve been gone for seven hours. You know that right?”

“What?!” Asami asked a bit panicked this time. She hadn’t realized it was that late.

“I knew you’d like her.”

Asami rolled her eyes and flopped onto the couch. “Hiro in his room?”

“He already went to bed.”


“Soooooo,” Opal pressed with a huge smirk.

“She’s amazing.”

“I knew you’d like her! So the museum was a good idea?”


“Were you there this whole time?”

“Oh, no. It closed at eight. We went out to get some food and drinks.”

“Wait, you drank?”

“A bit too much to be honest.”

“Oh. My. God. You actually drank. How long has it been?” Opal asked with surprise.

“A long time. I may have said some stupid stuff while buzzed too.”

“Like what?”

“I, I told her that I haven’t had sex in five years.”

Opal burst into laughter and grasped at her stomach. “You didn’t!”

“I did,” Asami groaned.

“What’d she say?”

“She was surprised.”

“Well no shit. I bet she was.”


“Are you meeting up again?”

“I might go to her game, but I need to ask Hiro. She invited him too.”

“Awwwweeeee. I knew this would be perfect!”

“You did good, Opal.”

“Ahhhh!” Opal jumped up from her seat and rushed over to Asami. She wrapped her arms around her, hugging her for dear life. “I’m so proud of you!”

“Morning, Mom.”

Asami turned her head and smiled at her son. His hair was all over the place and he was rubbing his eyes with the heels of his hands.

“Morning, sleepyhead.”

“Mmmm,” he hummed as he took a seat at the breakfast bar. He grabbed the orange juice that Asami had already put out and poured himself a glass. “So how was the date?”

Asami sighed. She slipped the eggs and bacon out of the pan onto a plate. She turned and handed it to Hiro as she took a seat.

“I actually wanted to talk to you about that,” she said as she buttered the blueberry muffin for her breakfast.

He quirked his brow as he chewed. “Okay?”

“So she plays for Portland Thorns and they have a game Monday. She, um, asked if you’d like to come with me to watch.”

He furrowed his brow and stared at her, his fork frozen halfway to his mouth. “What’s her name, Mom?”

“Korra Varney.”

“Holy shit!”


“Sorry. But, Mom… she’s like really famous.”


Hiro rolled his eyes and pulled his phone out from his pocket. He typed a few things and then shoved it towards Asami. Asami began reading, her eyes slowly getting wider and wider the more she read.

“She’s a gold medalist.”

“Yeah, Olympics and World Cup.”

“The way she talked about soccer… I would have never guessed.”

“What do you mean?” Hiro asked, now back to eating his food.

“She was just so… nonchalant about it all.”

“Nah, she’s big, Mom. And yeah I’ll definitely go Monday.”

“Wait, you have practice.”

“So what, just email my coach and tell him that I won’t be there. It’s not like I miss practiced, like ever.”

“That’s true,” Asami muttered. Sometimes she thought Hiro was too smart for his own good. “Okay, so Monday we’ll go then.”

“Cool. So I take it your date went well,” Hiro pushed again.

“It did. She’s obviously not Itachi, but I like her. I like her a lot.”

“That’s good, Mom.”

“I think you’ll like her too.”

He chuckled at this. “If she’s what the tabloids say about her, then I’m not so sure.”

“Wait what do you mean?”

“They say she’s a big partier and sleeps around with other famous people.”

“Uh.” Asami didn’t know what to say to that. Korra hadn’t come off that way at all when they’d met.

“It’s probably not true, the media makes up everything nowadays.”

“Hiro, how are you only thirteen?”

“What do you mean?”

Asami shook her head. “Nothing,” she said as she picked up his empty plate and glass to go wash it.

“Crap,” Asami said to herself. She hadn’t gotten Korra’s number when they had met yesterday.

Asami [11:46am]
Hey, Op. What’s Korra’s number?”

Opal [12:03pm]
U didn’t get her #?!

Asami [12:05pm]
No :P

Opal [12:09pm]
XXX-XXX-XXXX There, now u can txt ur gf ;)

Asami [12:14pm]
She’s not my girlfriend, but thanks.

Opal [12:15pm]
NP bestie!

Asami rolled her eyes. Even through text Opal could be so annoying. She added Korra’s number into her contacts and then shot her a message.

Asami [12:34pm]
Hey, this is Asami. I got your number from Opal. I hope that’s okay.

Korra [12:36pm]
Holy shit. I totally forgot to give that to you! I kinda got distracted ;D

Asami smirked and giggled to herself as she typed out a reply.

Asami [12:39pm]
A good distraction I hope

Korra [12:41pm]
Oh, the best

Asami [12:47pm]
So I asked Hiro about Monday

Korra [12:47pm]

Asami [12:50pm]
He’s in. But he also showed me your wikipedia page

Korra [12:55pm]
Shit… um not all that stuff is accurate

Asami [12:56pm]
Like what?

Korra [1:18pm]
I do like to have fun… but not like what the articles and stuff say. Like I don’t just sleep with anyone and everyone. I have a lot of friends and for some reason the media always thinks I’m sleeping with them all. I guess it comes with the stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding bisexuality

Asami [1:20pm]
Okay. That makes sense.

Korra [1:22pm]
Thanks for being understanding. So Monday is definitely a go?

Asami [1:25pm]
No prob. And yeah

Korra [1:26pm]
Can’t wait to see you :)

Korra [1:27pm]
And to meet Hiro!

Asami [1:30pm]
He’s excited to meet you too :)

Korra [1:31pm]
I gtg, but I’ll message you later about details and stuff

“Do you know most of the team?” Asami asked facing her son.

“Only the ones on the National Team.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Like Heath, Horan, Klingenberg, Long, and Sonnett all have had minutes for the National Team. Oh and of course, Korra.”

“Korra said we could meet them after the game.”

“No way! Really?” Hiro looked hopefully at his mom.

“Yeah, really.”

“That’s awesome. Heath is one of my favorite players. She’s got amazing footwork and makes some of the dopest plays.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah. Her girlfriend is hot too.”


“Christen Press, Mom.” He pulled up a photo on his phone and showed Asami.

“Oh, she is really pretty.”


Asami ruffled his hair and leaned back in her seat. “You’re so cute.”

“Moooommm,” he groaned.

Asami ignored him as she watched Korra and her teammates jog out onto the field to begin the game. Korra hopped up and down, letting out her nerves as she waited for kickoff. As soon as the whistle blew, she took off, sprinting towards Boston’s backline where the ball had been passed.

“She’s fast,” Asami said in awe.

“Fastest on the National Team. O’Hara’s a pretty close second.”

“I’m glad you’re here to give me all these stats. It’ll probably win me some brownie points with Korra,” Asami teased.



“Woah! Did you see that?! Heath is so good!” Hiro said in awe.

“Ye-” Asami stopped talking and jumped up from her seat. “YEAHHHH!” she shouted along with Hiro. Heath had nutmegged a defender, easily bypassing her and making a perfect cross right to Korra’s foot. Korra just had to give the ball a little nudge and redirect it into the back of the net.

“Go Korra!” Asami shouted as she threw an arm of Hiro’s shoulders.

Hiro smiled up at his mom and then wiggled his way out of her arms. He sat back down, watching his mom look at Korra in awe. Something he had only seen when his dad had been around.

Portland ended up winning the game three to one. Heath had scored the other two goals, with an assist from Long. Lavelle was the one to score for Boston late in the game.

But none of that really mattered to Asami. Her eyes had practically been glued on Korra. She wasn’t just impressed with her speed, but also her general skills and her intuition when it came to the game. It was as if she always knew where the ball was going to go before anyone else. Her passes were crisp and accurate. Her footwork playful and free, similar to Heath’s, but not as clean overall.

On top of her skills, Korra also looked amazing in that uniform. Asami had never been into athletes when growing up, but dang was she into one now. But Korra wasn’t just athletic, no, Asami liked her for so many more reasons than just that.

“Mom, where are we supposed to go now?”

“Oh. Um, Korra said something about having to go inside and finding an usher to bring us to the locker rooms.”

“Okay.” Hiro stood and led the way as if he were the adult in the situation. Again Asami couldn’t believe how mature he had gotten in a short amount of time.

They found someone in a staff shirt and told them who they were. The person greeted them warmly and led them down a flight of stairs and through some corridors. Finally they told them to wait there for the team, which they did.

“You excited?” Asami asked Hiro.

“I just really want to meet, Heath.”

Asami laughed at this and leaned against the wall with her arms crossed over her chest. “You don’t want to meet, Korra?”

“I mean yeah, but Heath is better, no offense.”

“She is a very good player.”


Asami looked up to see Korra jogging down the corridor, her hand raised waving at them. Once she got close enough she smiled at her and Hiro.

“I’m glad you two could make it. I’m Korra.” She held out her hand to Hiro, who shook it.

“Hiro. It’s nice to meet you.”

“You too. I hope you enjoyed the game.”

“Oh yeah. It was awesome! You and Heath had a great game.”

“Thanks man.” Korra then turned her attention to Asami. “You have fun?”

“I did. Thanks again, Korra.”

“No problem. I’m just happy you’re here.”

Korra’s body jerked forward as a teammate slapped her hand onto her shoulder.

“This must be, Asami.” She held out her hand to Asami with a broad smile on her face. “Tobin,” she introduced.

“I know. My son can’t stop raving about you and Christen Press,” Asami stated with a smirk as she shook her hand. She knew Hiro was glaring at her, but she just couldn’t not tease him.

Tobin smiled and then turned her attention to Hiro. “I can’t stop raving about Press either,” she joked. “What’s your name, bud?”


“How bout you come with me and grab the merch Korra got for you?”

“Wait, what?!”

“Yeah, man. Go right ahead,” Korra said as she motioned with her head. She then mouthed ‘thank you’ to Tobin as she guided the boy down the corridor.

“Hey,” Asami greeted again.

Korra smiled and pulled her into her arms, giving her a big hug. “Hey,” she said into Asami’s neck.

“You had a great game.”


Asami pulled away and held Korra at arms length. “Thanks again for everything. Hiro had a really good time. Like really good time.”

“I’m glad he had fun.”

“Yeah. It’s good to see you again.”

“Right back atcha,” Korra winked and took Asami’s hand into her own. “So some of the team is planning to go out tonight. Would you like to join us?”

“Hiro has school tomorrow and I-”

Korra held up her hand and Asami stopped talking.

“I may or may not have gotten Opal to agree to play some Xbox with him again tonight.”



“I still don’t know. I mean I still need to get up and take him to school and…” Asami’s voice trailed off as she looked at Korra who was pouting now.

“I’m only here for five more days.”

Asami’s eyes widened and her mouth fell open slightly. “Are you trying to guilt trip me?”


“Oh my god.”

“Is it working?”

“Yes. Yes it is.”

“Yeeeesss. Okay tonight at nine we’re meeting up. So I’ll pick you up just before then. Sound good?”

“I guess.”

Korra smiled and leaned up to give Asami a quick peck on the cheek. “It’s also some young hip ass dance club, so dress appropriately… or well not appropriately. If you get what I mean.”

Asami punched Korra’s shoulder softly. “I get what you mean, but don’t be expecting much.”

Korra shrugged. “You’d look good in whatever you wear so it doesn’t even matter.”

“You’re going out in that?” Opal whispered to Asami. “You couldn’t look more like a mom.”

“Shhh, I feel like I’m a teenager again. I’m wearing a dress under this, but I didn’t want Hiro to see me. So back off.”

“Ooooooohhhh, you sly one! What’d you decide on?”

“Remember that cocktail dress I wore to the party in Orlando when I did the project down there?”

Opal looked at Asami deviously. “That’s perfect. You’re so getting laid tonight.”

“That’s not the plan, Op.”

“Sure, sure.” Opal held up her hands and walked away to return to Hiro. “Have fun.”

“Bye, Hiro. Be good!”

“Yeah sure. You be good tonight!” he sassed back.

Asami’s nose scrunched up, not sure how to reply to her son. Instead she opted not to and just exited her home.

“Hey,” Korra greeted as Asami got in the car. Asami didn’t miss how Korra did a once over of what she was wearing.

Asami held up her hand. “Don’t start. Just drive.”

“Uh, okay.”

As Korra drove, Asami grabbed the hem of her t-shirt and pulled it over her head.

Korra had seen the movement and glanced over at Asami. “What are you doing?!” she asked hastily.

“Just drive.”

Korra didn’t dare look over at Asami. If she was stripping in her car, she would at least try and respect her by not looking, even if it was hard. She even went so far as to hold her hand up to the side of her face to block her from view.

Korra swallowed heavily when she heard Asami unzip her jeans and shimmy out of them.

“You are wearing clothes, right?”

“Yes. I didn’t want Hiro to see me in this so I put clothes over it.”

Korra lowered her hand and glanced over. All she really saw was lots of bare skin and black lace, she then returned her attention to driving. She wouldn’t get a good look at her until they were at a red light, and oh what a good look she got.

Asami was in a sleeveless black cocktail dress that hugged her curves. The top was a sweetheart cut, with lace over her chest up to her neck and onto her back. And it was short, very short.

“Holy shit,” Korra said in awe. “You look stunning.”

“And this is why I had to wear clothes over it.”

“Yeah, Hiro definitely doesn’t need to see his mom like this,” Korra said with a smirk.

Asami placed her hand on Korra’s bicep and squeezed. “You look really great too.”


Korra was dressed in black slacks, a black button up, and a grey blazer that had leather trim. This look was something that Asami could definitely get used to seeing.

“So my teammates seem to like you so far.”

“They didn’t even meet me.”

“They met, Hiro. They said he’s very polite and very mature for his age. And assume that that would be because his mother is fantastic.”

“Oh. I can’t take credit for that. Hiro’s just always been that way.”

“So humble,” Korra chuckled as she parked her car.

Asami unbuckled and went to open her door, but stopped when Korra placed a hand on her bare thigh.

“Wait one sec.”

At that Korra closed the gap between them, kissing her deeply. Asami gasped at first, not expecting Korra’s actions at all, but quickly adjusted and kissed her back. Korra didn’t hesitate this time in deepening the kiss and her hand slowly slid upward on Asami’s thigh. Asami pulled back breathless, her heart racing.

Korra eyes were focused on her lips, but then flicked up to meet her gaze. “I’ve wanted to do that since the game.”

Asami smiled and placed her hand on Korra’s cheek. “We better go before we’re too late.” She glanced at her phone to check the time. “It’s already nine forty.”

“Eh, we’re not that late.”

“We’re forty minutes late,” Asami gasped. Being late was not something she liked to be.

“It’s really not a big deal. But I guess you’re right and we should get going.”

Korra hopped out of the car and grabbed Asami’s arm and guided it to link around her own as they walked. “Just let me know when you want to leave. It can be overwhelming at times.”

“Okay,” Asami said as they walked into the club. And Korra was right, it did seem overwhelming already. There were so many bodies in the club and the music was so loud that she could barely hear her own thoughts.

Korra led Asami through the crowd, finally reaching the VIP area where is was much less crowded. Asami took in a deep breath as she was led to the table with Korra’s teammates.

“Hey everyone. This is Asami,” Korra introduced. She then motioned to all of her friends. ”Tobin, who you’ve already met. Kling, Allie, and Emily.”

Korra slid into the booth and motioned for Asami to slide in next to her, which she did. Korra’s arm slipped around her waist, keeping her close.

“It’s nice to meet you all.”

“So you’re Hiro’s mom?” Allie asked.

Asami nodded.

“He’s such a cool kid! He was telling us about the robotics team and how he almost burned down your garage tinkering,” Allie explained.

“He told you that?! That was one of the worst days ever. I swear I smelled like smoke and oil for days! Although he did win the competition, so I couldn’t be mad at him for long.”

“He also mentioned that he’s on the school soccer team. If they ever want tickets for a game, we can probably work something out with Boston for them,” Kling added.

“That would be amazing.”

“I’ll get your number from Korra sometime and we can work it out.”

“Thank you so much!”

Asami turned and smiled at Korra, who was watching her closely. Korra leaned in close to her and whispered, “I told you they already like you.”

Asami nodded slightly and then paused when she watched a waitress place down a tray of shots.

“Since you two are finally here, we can begin!” Emily shouted as she picked up a shot. The other women picked one up, but Korra looked at Asami hesitantly. She already knew that Asami was a lightweight and shots were not going to help that.

“You don’t have to,” Korra whispered.

Asami reached for one and waited for Korra to do the same. “It’s okay,” she assured.


The group downed the shots and had another round and another right after. The waitress brought a fourth, which Korra frowned at. Before her friends could get Asami or her to drink more, she nudged Asami softly out of the booth.

“We’re gunna go dance.”

Korra didn’t wait for the other’s to reply, she just grabbed Asami’s hand and pulled her towards the dance floor. Asami stood there awkwardly, her buzz definitely not strong enough for this.

Korra gripped her wrists and guided them around her neck. Korra’s hands then found their place on Asami’s hips.

“You okay?” Korra asked with concern.


“That didn’t sound very convincing.”

“I just haven’t done something like this in a long time.”

“Right. I’m sorry I thought it would be fun. If you want we can head out,” Korra offered.

“No, really it’s okay.”

Korra nodded and began to sway her hips in rhythm to the music. She then used her hands to guide Asami’s hips along with her.

“You know it’s okay to let loose sometimes?” Korra said with that award winning smile of hers.

“It’s harder than it seems.”

“I don’t know about that.” Korra slipped her hand to the small of Asami’s back and pulled her even closer. Their bodies were flush together as they danced, causing Asami’s breath to hitch. She could feel her already short dress riding up a bit, but Korra’s words echoed in her ears. She really did need to let loose. She needed to have some fun and that’s what she planned to do with Korra tonight.

They continued to dance until Korra nuzzled into Asami’s neck, kissing her softly. Asami’s hips wavered, but eventually kept swaying under Korra’s guidance. Korra nipped and sucked her way up to Asami’s ear. She sucked softly on Asami’s earlobe, and then let it go with a little pop.

“You’re so fucking sexy,” Korra panted as her hands began to slide up and down Asami’s sides.

Asami leaned her head back as Korra kept kissing and sucking her neck. Her head was starting to go blank, aided by the alcohol in her system and Korra’s lips on her. Asami’s arms held Korra close. She gasped when Korra’s hands made it down to her ass, squeezing softly, but then sliding back up to her hips.

“Korra,” Asami said breathlessly. Her skin felt as if it were on fire. Her senses were on overdrive as she pushed Korra away slightly. She looked down at her. No matter what this was too much, too fast and Asami needed to stop it.

“Fuck,” Korra muttered. She ran a hand through her short brown hair. “I’m sorry,” Korra said, reading Asami’s expression.

“It’s okay.”

“No it’s not.” Korra took Asami’s hand and led her back to their table, now empty due to the other women dancing as well.

Korra sat down, making sure to leave a respectable distance between the two of them.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that. Fuck. You tell me about how you haven’t done anything in so long and then I push you like that. I am so sorry, Asami.”

“Hey, just because I haven’t been with someone in five years, doesn’t mean I don’t want this,” Asami said motioning between the two of them.

“You definitely didn’t look like you wanted me to continue out there.”

“Yeah, I was panicking. To be honest I have not been this turned on in fucking years, Korra. And in such a public space was not where I wanted that to happen.” Asami was sure that the alcohol was bringing out her honesty and boldness. “I haven’t liked someone in years. And I like you. I like you more than I could ever imagine and I’ve only known you for a couple of days. So yeah, I panicked. Yeah, I am panicking... because this is new for me.”

Korra just sat there, taking in everything that Asami had said. Her eyes were focused on Asami’s expression, trying to figure out what to say.

“And I’ve ruined tonight too,” Asami groaned as she turned her body away from Korra.

“Woah. Hold on.” Korra snapped out of her little trance and wrapped her arms around Asami’s waist. She rested her chin on her shoulder and sighed. “I just was processing everything you said. But okay, I get it. This is new for me too.” She kissed the back of Asami’s neck softly. “I haven’t really been interested in a true relationship for a long time, but with you I’d like to try. Even if that means going slower than I have in the past. We can do this on your timeline, Asami.”

Asami let out a long sigh and leaned back into Korra’s touch, reassured after her words. She closed her eyes, composing herself before turning in her arms and looking at Korra seriously.

“Thank you for understanding.”

Korra smiled at her and placed a hand on her cheek. “You’re so beautiful.”

“I know I am, thank you!” Kling interrupted as she slid into the booth with Tobin following after her. Both were sweaty from dancing and flushed from the alcohol.

Tobin rolled her eyes. “Sorry about her,” she said as she slung an arm over Kling’s shoulders. “She’s a goofball at times.”

“It’s okay,” reassured Korra as she leaned back in the seat, guiding Asami to cuddle up to her side.

“So I have a question for you, Asami,” Tobin started. “The Women’s World Cup is this year and Hiro’s a huge fan. Would you be interested in tickets for the games? It’s being held in France this year, so I’m not sure about your ability to fly over there and stuff. But if you’re interested I could totally get you tickets.”

“I’m not really sure we’d be able to do that.”

Tobin nodded. “Give it some thought. No rush really. We still have many months before it.”

“Thanks, Tobin.”

“Although he would get to meet Christen… which I assume would be like winning the lottery for that kid.”

“He does like her a lot. He is a thirteen year old boy and she is very pretty and good at soccer.”

Tobin nodded in agreement. “Yeah, she’s awesome.”

“I feel like you and her would hit it off,” added Korra.

“Really?” asked Asami.

“Yeah.” Korra kissed the top of Asami’s head and tightened her hold around her.

Suddenly Asami’s phone lit up from where it was set on the table. She reached out, reading the text.

Opal [11:48pm]
Yo, it’s almost midnight and I just wanted to check in w/ u. U good?

Asami [11:49pm]
Yeah. I’ll head back home soon

Opal [11:50pm]
Oooorrr u could stay out with Korrrrraaaaa for the whole night!

Asami [11:51pm]
No, I’m heading home

Opal [11:53pm]
Everything ok?

Asami [11:54pm]
Yeah, just definitely not ready to take that step yet.

Opal [11:56pm]
Ok. But remember she’s only here for a few more days

Asami [11:57pm]
I know. I’ll be home soon

“Everything good?” Korra asked once Asami put down her phone.

“Yeah. But I should be getting home soon.”

“Alright. Let me just say goodbye to everyone and then I can drive you.”

“I can get a taxi or something.”

Korra furrowed her brow and shook her head. “No way. Just hold on.”

Korra hopped over Asami and out of the booth to go find Allie and Emily to say goodbye to them, leaving Asami with Tobin and Kling.

Kling was the one to break the tension. “So what are you intentions with our little Korra?”

“Oh, um,” Asami stuttered.

“You don’t have to answer that,” Tobin interjected. “Whatever happens between you two is between you two. Don’t meddle, Kling.”

“Oh come on. We gotta do that whole protective talk and don’t hurt our baby or we’ll getcha.”

“To be honest I don’t know where this is going. I like, Korra. But she obviously travels a lot and I haven’t actually dated in a long time. But my intention is definitely not to hurt her.”

“Okay!” Kling said, seemingly happy with the answer.

“She likes you too. A lot,” Tobin pointed out.


“Oh yeah. She can’t stop talking about you and it’s obvious in the way she looks and acts around you,” Tobin explained.

“That’s good to know. Because I really do like her.”

“Good.” Tobin caught a glimpse of Korra coming back from the dance floor and made to change the subject. “Let us know about those tickets for the soccer team as well as the World Cup, okay?”

“Yeah I’ll let Korra know. Thanks for everything,” Asami thanked as she stood from the booth as Korra approached.

Korra automatically slipped her arm around Asami’s waist and pulled her into her side. “Ready to go?”

Asami nodded.

“I’ll see you guys later.” Korra waved to her friends as they walked away towards the exit.

Asami took in a deep breath of fresh air once they were finally outside. It was refreshing and very much needed. They walked in silence to Korra’s car, but once in it, Korra spoke up.

“Do you have plans for tomorrow?”

“Well I need to get Hiro to school. Then I have work.”

“When are you done with work?”

“Around five.”

“Want to meet up for dinner?”

Asami swallowed the lump in her throat. “Hiro and I have game night on Tuesdays. Any chance we could try to do it another night?”

“Of course. I’m here until Saturday morning. So anytime you’re free we can do it.”


“Hey, Asami?” Korra slowly pulled up to Asami’s house and parked the car.


“I just wanted to apologize again for tonight. I didn’t really think it through and that was my fault.”

Asami placed her hand on Korra’s. “I really did have fun. You’re fine, Korra.”

Korra nodded and leaned across the median of the car to kiss Asami’s cheek. She then sat back in her seat with a sigh.

“Text me when you’re free,” Korra reminded.

“I will.” Asami let go of Korra’s hand and brought it up to her cheek. She turned her head gently and kissed her softly on the lips. “I promise,” she whispered, her lips brushing against Korra’s with each word. Asami pulled back and stepped out of the car, hovering for a moment. “Drive safely.”

Korra nodded and waved goodbye as Asami shut the door and went up the walkway towards her front door.

Opal [2:34pm]
Bo can’t come for game night.

Asami [2:52pm]
What? The numbers will be uneven then!

Opal [2:55pm]
His bro’s in town so he’s spending the night w/ him

Asami [2:56pm]
Hiro’s going to be sad :(

Opal [2:57pm]
I know Bo and him always crush it in partner charades

Opal [3:00pm]
Couldn’t you invite someone else ;)

Asami [3:02pm]

Opal [3:05pm]
:\ come on, u kno who I mean

Asami [3:06pm]
Uh… not really

Opal [3:07pm]

Asami [3:07pm]

Opal [3:08pm]
It could be fun

Asami [3:12pm]

Opal [3:14pm]
Plus it’d be good bonding for her and Hiro :)

Opal [3:15pm]
AND u kno she’s not busy tonight since she asked u out to dinner last night

Asami [3:19pm]
Dinner is very different from game night with my son

Opal [3:20pm]
I’m gunna txt her now

Asami [3:20pm]

Asami [3:21pm]

Asami [3:23pm]
Are you serious right now?!

Asami [3:24pm]

Asami [3:26pm]
You better not have asked her…

Korra [3:26pm]

Asami [3:27pm]
Hi :)

Korra [3:28pm]
Heard you might need a charades partner

Opal [3:29pm]
I txtd her ;) ur welcome

Asami [3:30pm]
I know, Op. I’m talking to her now -_-

Opal [3:30pm]
Good. cya tonight!

Asami [3:33pm]
Bo is busy, so yeah we’re down a charades player :P

Korra [3:34pm]
I just so happen to be very good at charades ;]

Asami [3:35pm]
Oh really?

Korra [3:42pm]
Yeah totally. We need to pass the time when we travel somehow

Asami [3:43pm]
I bet. So would you like to join us tonight?

Korra [3:45pm]
I’ve kinda been hinting at it this whole conversation :P

Asami [3:46pm]
I’m going to take that as a yes. We start at seven.

Korra [3:50pm]
Awesome. Can’t wait to see you :]

“If Bo isn’t coming and Korra is, then I want her as a partner!” Hiro shouted as he walked down the stairs into the living room. They had just finished eating dinner and were bringing down the games from the closet upstairs.

“Really? You don’t even know if she’s good or not,” Opal pointed out as she pushed Monopoly aside. They would not be playing that game tonight, not after Asami had destroyed everyone last week.

Hiro shrugged. “Doesn’t matter.”

“Wooooaahhh. A ‘doesn’t matter’ coming from the most competitive person I know!” Opal teased.

“She’s probably good at games anyway.”

“She did mention that earlier,” Asami chimed in, placing a pitcher of lemonade onto the coffee table and some glasses.

“Whatever. We’ll figure out teams later. What should we play first?” Opal hummed.

“We haven’t played Scrabble in a while,” Asami pointed out. “It’s one of my favorites.”

“And that’s why we don’t play,” Hiro muttered. “It’s not even a game cause you get all the triple word spaces!”

“I’m just good at it,” Asami responded.

“So no Scrabble tonight,” Opal said pushing that to the side with Monopoly. “How about we start off light with a fun round of Uno?” Opal suggested waving the pack of cards.

“I’m down,” Hiro said as he poured himself a glass of lemonade and settled into the couch.


“Perfect. We’ll start when Korra gets here.”

Asami glanced at her watch, realizing that it was already fifteen minutes past seven and Korra hadn’t texted her. She did recall Korra not seeming to be flustered by being late though.

“I’ll call t-”

As if on cue, the doorbell rang. Asami got up and opened the door, a flustered looking Korra in front of her.

“Sorry I’m late. There was an accident on the main road.”

“No need to apologize.” Asami pulled Korra into a hug. “I’m just glad you could make it.”

“Would it be mean to say I’m glad Bo couldn’t make it?”

Asami giggled and let go of Korra. “Not at all.”

They walked into the living room, both Opal and Hiro greeting Korra.

“Hey guys,” she said as she took a seat on the couch that Asami motioned for her to take. Asami joined Hiro and Korra on the couch, sitting between them.

“We have lemonade here, but let me know if you’d like anything else to drink or eat.”

“Will do. So what game am I beating you all in first?” Korra asking jokingly, but also slightly serious.

Hiro leaned forward with his brow quirked. “Uno, but let me tell you… I’ll be winning the games tonight.”

Opal and Asami gave each other a knowing look.

“No way man. I’m pro at all games,” Korra challenged.

“We’ll see about that.” Hiro shuffled the cards and then dealt. “So oldest first?” Hiro asked, teasing his mother.

“Wooowww, really? This is how we’re starting the night?” Asami asked as she put down a card.

“Hey, thought you’d need a little handicap,” Hiro trash talked.

Asami pursed her lips and shook her head. Trash talking was a staple of Tuesday game nights.

Korra chuckled beside her as she put down a reverse direction card.

“Thought I’d help you out too,” she said with her nose scrunched up playfully.

“Not you too,” Asami whined. She placed down a card and Hiro laughed as he put down a draw two.

“Hiro!” Opal yelped. “Not nice.”

Hiro shrugged and waited for Korra and his mom to play. He laughed when his mother changed the color to blue, allowing him to put down another draw two.

“NOOoooooooo,” Opal whined. “I haven’t even put down a single card. I thought we were ganging up on Asami tonight, not me.”

“Not my fault Korra reversed the direction,” Hiro said as if it were the most obvious thing.

“Whatever kid,” Opal pouted.

“Don’t worry Opal.” Korra placed down a wild draw four, not having any more blue cards. “Green please,” she said smugly as Asami drew cards. Hiro laughed next to her as he put down a skip card.

“I can’t believe this.” Opal looked at Asami for moral support, both of them getting the brunt of the two competitive people in the room.

It didn’t take long for Asami and Opal to have large hands and Hiro and Korra to be down to a few. Finally Hiro shouted Uno as he placed down his second to last card. The three women looked at one another, trying to figure out how to stop the teenager from beating them all.

“Asami you better have this,” Opal said as she placed down a skip card, since the direction was now going towards her.

“Oh don’t worry. I do.” Asami put down a skip card and then Opal put down another. They did this twice more, thanks to their large hands. Opal was the one to run out of them first and put down a blue five.

Korra shrugged as she placed a red five over that, probably out of blue cards since she only had two cards left now.

Asami looked at her deck. She could either try to change the color to yellow with a yellow five or keep it as red. She looked at Hiro’s expression, trying to read if he were happy or not with the red card on the table right now. Asami sighed and she put down the yellow card, hoping that she had made the right choice.

Hiro laughed as he threw down a wild card. “Winnnnneeeeerrrrrr,” he shouted with his arms thrown up into the air. He did a little victory dance as the women groaned around him.

“Alright Hiro takes game number one,” Opal said as she gathered up the cards. "What next?"

“How about Sorry next? I haven’t played that in years,” asked Korra seeing the board game on the floor.

“You would pick a game that Hiro also dominates in. I swear he has the best luck with the cards,” Asami said as she nudged Korra’s side.

“Well my ego is already bruised slightly, no harm in losing another game,” Korra joked.

“Sorry it is then!” Opal grabbed the box and took out the pieces. “Anyone prefer a color?”

“Yellow, please,” Hiro said.

“Red for you, Asami?” Opal asked her best friend who always seemed to go for red in games.


“Korra do you have a preference?”

“Either is fine with me.”

“Okay take blue since it’s next to red. Hiro, come sit next to me.” Hiro did as he was asked, sitting on the floor next to Opal and across from Korra and Asami.

“Youngest first,” Asami quickly said when the board was completely set up.

“What don’t want to go first again?” Opal teased.

“If it was for a different reason than sure.”

Korra leaned in close to whisper to her. “You’d go first if it was sexiest first.”

Asami’s cheeks flushed and she looked at Korra with surprise, very glad that Hiro was already taking his turn and Opal was paying attention to that.

She composed herself and leaned in close, placing a hand on Korra’s thigh. “I’m pretty sure that’d be you.”

“In my sweats and a hoodie?” Korra asked, pointing out what she’d worn today.

“I think you look great. Effortlessly cool.”

Korra chuckled. “You look good all the time.” Korra’s eyes trailed over Asami’s body, taking her in.

Asami was just wearing a pair of red sweatshorts and a black tank top, nothing special in her opinion.

Opal cleared her throat, drawing the couple from their conversation. “It’s your turn, Asami.”


Surprisingly the one to win Sorry was Asami, although Hiro was a very close second. They were both in their safe zones, just trying to pick the right card with the right number to win. Unlike Hiro, Asami wasn’t boisterous about her win, but she did have a pretty smug smile on her face.

“Hey, Hiro. Want to play Battleship? Korra and your mom can find a different game to play.”

“Sure I’m down. Just don’t put all your ships in one corner again, that was so stupid last time.”

“I thought it was a good plan.”

“Opal, I sunk all your ships before you found a single one of mine.”

“Whatever, kid. Let’s set it up.”

Asami just laughed at the two of them and took Korra’s hand into hers. “Let’s grab some snacks for everyone.”

As soon as they were in the kitchen and out of view of the others, Asami slipped her arms around Korra’s neck and gave her a quick peck.

“Hiro really likes you.”

“He’s a really good kid, Asami. Like really good.”

“I know. I’m so lucky.” Asami played with the drawstrings of Korra’s hoodie absentmindedly as Korra’s hands ran up and down her sides. “I was so nervous about meeting you Saturday,” Asami confessed quietly.

“It’s normal to have first date jitters.”

“That wasn’t it though. Hiro and I talked about me starting to date and… well he thought I was trying to replace his father. So that kept lingering in my thoughts. Like should I have waited longer. I mean it has only been five years. B-but seeing how well you two are getting along… it doesn’t worry me as much now,” Asami’s voice slowly trailed off.

Silence filled the room and Korra let out a long sigh.

“I’m sorry,” muttered Asami.

“Don’t be. I appreciate your honesty.” Korra hugged Asami and then continued speaking. “Both of my parents are still alive and happily married, so I don’t know what you and Hiro are going through. But know that I’m willing to learn and be there for both of you. I know it’s early to say this, but I’m not here to replace his father and I will try my best to make you and Hiro happy. That is if that’s what you want.”

Asami held Korra closer as she felt a tear run down her cheek. “I’d really like to try this out, Korra.”

"Me too." Korra nuzzled into Asami’s neck and inhaled deeply. “We better get those snacks before Opal gets hangry.”

Asami giggled and let go of Korra. She pecked her on the cheek and then turned to her cabinets. She pulled out bags of chips and pretzels, handing some to Korra. “Hiro always has friends over,” Asami explained when Korra looked surprised at the array of snacks. “It’s a mom thing.”

Korra laughed. “Well I could get used to this,” she said as she left the kitchen.

“Me too,” Asami whispered to herself.

"Song?" Asami said after Korra acted like she was singing. Korra then counted to five and then held up her hand. "Five words?" Korra nodded vigorously as she pointed to herself. "You?" Korra shook her head and kept pointing at herself. "I?" She nodded once more and held her hands up in the shape of a heart. "Love?" Without missing a beat, Korra began rockin an air guitar and whipping her head up and down. "I LOVE ROCK N ROLL!" shouted Asami.

"Yes!" Korra shouted back as she pulled Asami into a hug. This was already their third correct answer, ahead of Hiro and Opal by one. 

Hiro stood up as Korra and Asami sat back down. "Oh," he said as he read the paper. "Ready?"

"Yeah, let's do this!"

Hiro once again did the motion for song and instantly Opal was able to pick up on that. He then held up four fingers.


Hiro shook his head adamantly and held up four fingers again.

"Four walls?"

He shook his head and looked frustrated at Opal. 

"Oh, four words."

He nodded and held up one finger. "First word." He pointed to his eye. "I?" He nodded and began to crawl on the ground, which Opal didn't seem to get at all. "Crawling on the floor... what are you doing, Hiro?!" Hiro pretended to roar, but then the buzzer went off indicating that they were out of time.

Korra sighed and leaned back on the couch. "Eye of the Tiger, Op."

"Oh my god. This is why I wanted Korra as my partner!" Hiro whined as he sat down.

"Hey we played rock paper scissors and you lost. So no complaining," pointed out Asami as she stood up for her turn.

"Oh we got this," Asami said to Korra after reading the card. She did the motion to act as if she were filming a movie.

"Movie?" Asami then held up her hand with three fingers held up. "Three words." She then held her fingers really close, just a small space between them. "Small. Tiny. Minute. Little." Asami showed Korra a thumbs up and then moved on to lie down on the ground. She held her legs close together and flopped on the floor similar to a fish out of water.

Korra burst into laughter, knowing what the answer was, but also enjoying Asami's acting. Hiro and Opal also laughed along.

"Dude, you're good at this," Korra said to Asami, who just glared at her as she kept flopping around. Korra glanced at the time and noticed it dwindling. "The Little Mermaid," she finally answered.

"You're awful," Asami said as she plopped down onto the couch.

"Mom, you looked like Magikarp."


"Magikarp, the Pokemon," Korra clarified for her.

"You like Pokemon?!" Hiro asked excitedly. 

"Yeah, played it when I was a kid."

"What's your favorite one?"

"Arcanine and Ninetails probably. Oh, or Dragonite."

"Mine's Lugia and Lucario."

"Cool." Korra stretched her arms out, resting her arm on the back of the couch. Not even realizing that she was closer to Asami now. "This is the real question, favorite starter Pokemon?"

"I like Litten. But Charmander all the way."

Asami and Opal looked at one another, smiling at the cute interaction between Korra and Hiro. Asami leaned into Korra's side, comforted that her son evidently liked the new woman she was interested in.

"Squirtle all the way man," Korra said with such conviction as she slid her arm down and over Asami's shoulders.

"What noooo. Blastoise looks so stupid. Charizard can freaking fly, a giant turtle can't do anything."

"Other than blast water from freaking cannons on his back."

"You two can just agree to disagree," mumbled Asami before yawning.

"Mom, you don't even know what we're talking about."

"That is true," Asami admitted. "But it's also getting late and we should all be heading to bed."

"Finneee." Hiro stood up from the floor and pointed at Korra. "We'll continue this debate at a later time."

"Sure, dude," chuckled Korra. Once Hiro was up the stairs and Asami heard his door shut, she cuddled in closer to Korra's side.

Opal finished putting the games in an organized pile and smiled at the two of them. "I'm going to head out. You two have a good rest of your night."

"You too, Opal," Korra said first.

"It was fun. Drive home safely," Asami added.

"I'll text when I get back. Bye you two."

Opal grabbed her keys and left the two once again on their own.

"That was fun," Asami said quietly.

"It really was."

"You weren't lying about being good at charades."

"It all depends on the partner. Gotta be on the same wavelength," Korra pointed out as she kissed the top of Asami's head. She then let out a long sigh. "I should probably get going."

"Mhmm," Asami hummed, but instead of letting Korra go, she buried her face in her shoulder and slipped an arm over her stomach.

"Asami, I can't leave if you don't let me go."

"Stay a little bit longer than," Asami said sleepily.

Korra put two fingers under Asami's chin and lifted her head. Her gaze dropped to her lips and she slowly leaned down to kiss her. Asami sighed into the kiss and her hand grasped onto Korra's hoodie. The kiss was lazy, slow. It was patient and caring. Asami nipped softly at Korra's lower lip, causing Korra to moan softly. She parted her lips, allowing Asami's tongue to slip into her mouth, moving gently, without haste. 

Korra adjusted and moved without causing their lips to part. Without realizing, Asami found herself lying atop Korra, kissing her deeply as Korra's hand tangled into her hair. Asami groaned as Korra gave a small tug, forcing their kiss to end.

"I really should go," she whispered even though that was the last thing she wanted to do.

"Okay," Asami said, her head dipped and she peppered Korra's neck with kisses. 

Korra closed her eyes and pulled Asami even closer with her arm that was wrapped around her back. She groaned when she felt Asami's leg slip between her own. 

"Fuck," she gasped as Asami kept kissing her jawline. "Asami, what if Hiro comes downstairs?"

"He won't. I heard the shower turn on," Asami said against Korra's skin. Asami's hand slid under the hem of Korra's hoodie and the shirt underneath. Her fingertips traced random patterns over Korra's abs, causing them to tense.

Korra's hand bravely slipped down to Asami's ass, squeezing it and pulling her close. Korra lifted her leg, causing Asami to gasp at the sensation. Korra used her hand on Asami's ass to guide her hips to start rolling. Asami left Korra's neck and kissed her, the kiss full of passion and want. Asami ground harder into Korra's leg, becoming more breathless with each movement. 

Asami's nails dug into Korra's abs, trailing downwards. Eliciting a not so quiet moan from the tan woman.

"Fuck, Asami," Korra panted against Asami's lips. Korra put both her hands on Asami's ass, moving her hips faster and faster. Asami left Korra's lips and her face fell into the crook of Korra's neck. Her panting filled Korra's ears as her body started to tense and her movements became more erratic. 

With one last shuddering breath, Asami came silently. Her body tensed and her hands clenched around Korra's hoodie. She bit into her lower lip as Korra kept guiding her hips slowly, her orgasm washing over her gradually. Small waves of pleasure kept flowing through her body as she collapsed completely atop Korra. Her breaths ragged.

"Holy shit that was hot," Korra panted, her voice throaty and deep. Korra rubbed comforting circles over Asami's back, letting her come down from her unexpected orgasm. "You okay?"

"No," Asami whined and mumbled something inaudible.


"I said that was embarrassing."


Asami nuzzled closer into Korra's neck and sighed.

"That was so quick."

Korra chuckled, finally figuring out why Asami was acting the way she was.

"And sexy as fuck. If I can get you to come with all our clothes on like this, I can't wait till we do more."


"Oh yeah." Korra pushed her body up, forcing Asami to sit in her lap. She guided Asami into a deep kiss and then pulled back. "You need to be honest with me though. Was that too much?"

Asami's gaze fell and she shook her head. 

"Okay." Korra placed her hand on Asami's cheek. "You need to let me know if we're going to fast though. I can't read your mind."

Asami nodded and then leaned forward, resting her forehead on Korra's chest.

"You're cute after you come."

"Please shut up," Asami asked still embarrassed.

Korra chuckled and lifted Asami's head so that their eyes met.

"It's true."

"And embarrassing."

"What's embarrassing about this?"

"One my son is right upstairs. Two I just came in the shortest amount of time I can ever remember. Three it wasn't even intended. Four I was the one who said we need to go slow then I did all that."

"Okay.I can still hear the shower running. Hiro doesn't even know what just happened. You haven't done anything like this in a while, so I'm not surprised that you came so quickly. And it doesn't even matter since again, it was fucking sexy. Does it matter if it was intended? Cause if you enjoyed it than I see nothing wrong. And finally, as I said tell me when we need to slow down. We're doing this on your timetable," Korra said trying to bring ease to Asami's mind.

"You're right. Sorry."

"Hey, there's nothing to apologize for. Okay?"


Korra gave Asami a soft peck and then pointed to Asami's phone. "That was also going off, but I assume you didn't hear it."

"Oh." Asami jumped off Korra's lap, an uncomfortable wetness now on her mind. She grabbed her phone and saw multiple texts from Opal. 

Opal [9:23pm]
Hey, just got home

Opal [9:23pm]
Korra and Hiro were soooo cute tonight

Opal [9:24pm]
And it's obvious u like her.... like a lot

Opal [9:27pm]

Opal [9:30pm]
Is she still there?! Asami!

Opal [9:31pm]
With ur son home! Come on Asami...

Opal [9:31pm]
Come, hehe

Opal [9:34pm]
Asami... really... 

Opal [9:35pm]

Opal [9:38pm]
I'm sorry that was mean. But please answer me!

Opal [9:40pm]
Fine u have fun with ur stud. gnite

Asami [9:50pm]
She's leaving now. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Night, Op

"Was it Opal?" Korra asked when Asami put down her phone.

"Yeah. Just letting me know she got home safely."

"Gotcha." Korra stood from the couch and stretched her back out as she yawned. "I better head out now."

"Yeah, it's getting late." Asami stepped forward, hugging Korra. "Get back safe," Asami whispered.

"Want me to text you when I get back?"

"Yeah, I'd like that."

Korra pulled back and kissed her one last time. "Okay. I'll text you later then."

"Bye, Korra."

"Bye, Sami," Korra said as she shut the front door and left.

"Sami?" Asami asked herself, not minding the sound of it coming from Korra's lips.

Korra [11:41pm]
Hey, just got back. I made a pit stop at a friend's place. I assume you're asleep, so night

Asami [11:45pm]
Nah, I'm still up. Glad you got back safe

Korra [11:46pm]
Whatcha doin' still up?

Asami [11:47pm]

Asami [11:47pm]
and can't really seem to sleep

Korra [11:48pm]
Why's that?

Asami [11:50pm]

Korra [11:51pm]
I'm still wide awake too. Can't stop thinking about you

Asami [11:52pm]
Oh really?

Korra [11:58pm]
Keep thinking about your smile. Your eyes. Your lips. Your voice.

Korra [11:58pm]
The way you cum

Asami's breath hitched and her eyes widened reading the text. Her heart raced just thinking about what had happened earlier that night. Luckily Hiro was oblivious to it, which was evident when she had stopped by his room to say goodnight. He had just raved and raved about Korra and how she was the coolest person ever. Asami tried typing out a replying, deleting multiple before settling on one.

Asami [12:01am]
I wish you didn't have to leave

Korra [12:02am]
Same. Fuck I can't get you out of my head. I'm still so fucking turned on

Asami [12:05am]
Then do something about it

Korra [12:06am]
I'd prefer it was you since you did cause it ;]

Asami [12:07am]
Actually I think it's all your fault. You just had to be awesome around my kid and then look the way you do

Korra [12:08am]
Me? This is definitely all your fault. So you should fix it

Asami [12:09am]
And how do you expect me to do that?

Korra [12:10am]

Korra [12:12am]
Well there's options... sext... send me some pics... call me... come to my hotel...

Korra [12:13am]
But not all of those seem to be viable options

Asami reread the text over and over. She had never sexted or done anything like that with Itachi or her past partners. Even when she was a horny teenager she had never dared. But for some odd reason she wanted to do this with Korra. She wanted to do something that forced her out of her comfort zone. She wanted to do something that brought pleasure to Korra like she had given her earlier. She shuffled in bed, trying to think of what to do. Her pajamas were in no way sexy, but could she bring herself to send something more extreme. She wasn't sure.

Korra [12:22am]
Uh, if I went too far let me know. It's cool if you're not into this kinda thing.

Korra [12:25am]

Asami [12:28am]
image attached

Asami held her breath as the image sent. It was definitely one of the most daring things she had ever done, easily the most daring thing she's done in the last five years. She had pushed up her tank top, revealing her breasts. With a free hand she grasped at one breast and the other held the phone above her to take the photo. She made sure not to show her full face, ending the photo to only show her pouting lips. It risky, but she didn't regret sending it.

Korra [12:29am]

Korra [12:29am]
You're so beautiful

Korra [12:29am]
I wish you were here right now so I could kiss you all over your body

Korra [12:30am]
To leave hickeys all over you, in only places we'd know about

Korra [12:30am]
God, I'm so wet right now

Korra [12:31am]
image attached

Asami opened the image, her cheeks already burning from the previous texts Korra had sent. Asami definitely did not regret sending the photo, especially since she got this type of reaction from Korra. 

The photo Korra sent her sent a rush of need through her body. Korra had pushed up her t-shirt, revealing her sculpted abs. She wore Calvin Kleins, her hand was under the waistband, obviously moving its way southward.

Asami [12:32am]
Are you touching yourself thinking of me?

Korra [12:33am]
yes... fuck

Korra [12:34am]
I'm so fucking wet and my clit's so hard 

Korra [12:34am]
I want to eat you out so badly. to taste you

Asami [12:35am]

Asami didn't expect her phone to ring, but that's what it did. At 12:39am in the middle of the night she was receiving a call from Korra. She swiped to answer and instantly was greeted by a breathy hello.

"Fuck. Sorry I couldn't keep texting," Korra said her voice raspy. "You're so fucking hot, Sami." Korra let out a long moan, sending a shiver down Asami's spine.

"Korra I have to be quiet," Asami whispered.

"I know."

"Tell me what you're doing," Asami brazenly commanded.

"Fuuuckkk. I'm two fingers deep, fucking myself wishing it was you," Korra gasped. "I'm already so close."

Asami slowly slipped her hand under the waistband of her pajama pants, sighing softly when her fingers teased her folds. Gathering up her own wetness and then sliding upward to her clit. She circled the bundle of nerves as she listened to Korra's panting on the other end of the phone.

"I want to make you come so badly. I want to make you scream my name and forget your own," Korra panted. "I want to suck on those perfect tits of yours till you push me down and make me eat you out. God I bet you taste so good." Korra moaned and let out a shuddering breath.

"I wish you were here right now," Asami whispered airily.

"Fuck, are you touching yourself?"

"Mhmmm," Asami hummed, not able to say much more.

"Shit. I'm g-"

"MOM!!!" Hiro's voice jolted Asami upward and she quickly hung up the phone. She fixed her pants and shirt and rushed out of her room towards Hiro's room.

She pushed the door open. "What's wrong, baby?"

"There's a spider over there." He pointed to the corner of the room and Asami let out a frustrated groan. 

"Hiro, it's midnight, why are you up still?" Asami grabbed a tissue and went over to the corner of the room. Effectively squashing the spider that had ruined her night. "Were you playing games again?"

Hiro frowned and didn't make eye contact with his mother.

"Give me the DS," she commanded with her hand held out. 

Hiro didn't even fight it. He just pulled the DS out from under his covers and handed it to her. 

"Wait, I need to save my game."

Asami rolled her eyes and gave it back to him to save his game. He then handed it back.

"Go to bed. You have school in the morning."

"Sorry, Mom."

"It's okay. It's important to get enough sleep, especially since you're so busy during the day."


"Night, Hiro," Asami said as she closed his door.

Asami rushed back to her room and grabbed her phone.

Korra [12:56am]
You okay?

Asami [1:03am]
Sorry I guess Hiro was still up playing his DS and a spider was in his room. Had to go kill it for him

Korra [1:04am]

Asami [1:04am]
Yeah oh. Officially ruined the mood

Korra [1:05am]
If it makes you feel any better... I did come ;P

Asami [1:06am]
That does make me feel a little better

Korra [1:08am]
We're kinda bad at the whole taking it slow thing... aren't we?

Asami [1:09am]
Seems so

Korra [1:14am]

Asami [1:15am]
Honestly I don't mind...

Korra [1:16am]
So if I asked you to spend the next four days with me until I leave... would you?

Asami [1:20am]
You know I can't

Korra [1:22am]
It was worth a try :]

Asami [1:25am]
How about we meet up Thursday?

Korra [1:28am]
I'm down. What time?

Asami [1:29am]
I need to drive to Portland for a meeting. So early, but it'd be nice to have a road trip buddy

Korra [1:30am]
Portland?? :O

Asami [1:32am]
Maine, not Oregon. You dummy

Korra [1:33am]
Right right. I knew that. And sure.

Asami [1:35am]