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I Took a Pill in Ibiza [fanvid]

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This vid is a S1 character study of Wynonna (spoilers through 1x13) which premiered at Vividcon 2017. Making this vid helped me process a lot of my Wynonna feels and I can’t wait to make more WE vids once S2 completes! Music: "I Took a Pill in Ibiza" (Seeb Remix) by Mike Posner.

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Most of you probably know that I fell super hard into Wynonna Earp fandom when it premiered last April and haven't gotten off the bus since.  This show now has the distinct honor of being the only fandom I've vidded, written fanfic for, and made a fanmix about, which is pretty cool.  It was really only a matter of time before I started vidding Wynonna Earp, both because I have A LOT of feelings about it to process through vidding and because I'd only seen one other WE fanvid that I really liked.

I certainly have plenty of Wynonna Earp vidbunnies, both for gen vids and shippy vids, and I think this is only the beginning of my journey vidding this show.  I had actually planned this as a potential Club Vivid premiere, hence the song choice, but that deadline just kicked my ass and passed before I'd even started this vid.  But I was committed to the idea, as I thought it would be a fun vid to watch and a good time for me to do a character study before getting into more subtext/shippy territory.  Hence, I ended up submitting it to Premieres instead and I'm really glad I did.  I will say that working with footage of Melanie Scrofano's face was an absolute joy and every frame of her is perfection and begs to be vidded.  I certainly gave myself The Feels during the editing process, but it also felt like a cathartic way to work with my love of the character and her journey in season one.

For technical notes, I once again used Magix Movie Edit Pro 2013 on my Windows 7 laptop.  I realized that almost all of my WE downloads were MKVs, so I converted them to MP4s using Avidemux.  There was a weird glitch with my editing software where the episode files would cut off the last minute or so of each episode.  And of course a lot of important shots are at the end, so when I wanted those I had to actually go back to Avidemux and make files of just those clips (otherwise I do all my clipping in my editor, just importing full episodes).  Also, even though it plays in the project file, the very beginning of the song is cut out in the export.  I have no idea what caused that and I didn't have the time or energy to attempt to figure it out.  I also realized too late that my downloads were 720x480p, not full 1080p, so I may try to redownload the season for future WE vidding projects and also try to find web DL logoless versions.  This show is gorgeous and the vids should be too!

In regards to the editing process, when I started this vid I only had the verses planned out in my head.  This is the most instrumental/lyrically repetitive song I've ever vidded, which was a new challenge for me as I am a very lyrically-driven vidder (not to say I always take them literally or anything).  I knew I wanted Wynonna's saddest moments for the "all I know are sad songs" lyric, which repeats often throughout the song, and finding those went OK.  Then, of course, for the instrumental bits I just had "action stuff!" planned in my head, which is easy to picture but much harder to edit when it's just a vague idea and not specific clips.  I spent a lot of time collecting action shots and stuffing them into the timeline until I chose the best ones and edited them down.  This was the biggest challenge of the vid for sure and I'm still not entirely happy with all of the sections.  I made this vid in a month to meet the VVC deadline, which was fairly stressful, and I think I would've revisited those sections if I'd had more time.  That said, I am happy that I got that editing to a speed I was pleased with, as I'm not used to a lot of super quick cuts.  On the flipside, the scenes with the flashbacks fell into place and worked immediately when I wasn't sure they would.  So that was a freebie.

Overall, this was a great vidding experience for me and I loved being able to bring a Premiere to VVC this year -- that was a great incentive to make a vid, especially for a show I'm so passionate about!  I was really pleased at how well it was received there, both by people who are familiar with the show and those who told me they are now going to watch it. :)  That is the best thing I could hear as a vidder, that my vid drew them in to the point of wanting to try the show.  I so appreciated feedback from the folks who understood the song choice, as I know it was not the most obvious or traditional one.  Also, this vid made [personal profile] hollywoodgrrl cry, so I think I've probably peaked.