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An Introduction to the Mess that is Stiles' Family

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"Damn it, Stiles! Answer me!"






"Why are you out here, Stiles? Why are you all out here?"


Stiles gulped and finally opened his eyes to look at the scene. His dad was heaving in anger. His face had gone partially red. Derek was next to him with his fists clenched, and he was surreptitiously easing himself slightly to the right in an attempt to block his father's view of him. Scott was stepping forward with his arms raised as though he wanted to interject something, but he clearly didn't know what he could possibly say to ease this situation. Lydia was standing still to behind him, her eyes darting around looking for a clean exit. Allison looked surprised, but at least, she managed to react enough when the sheriff announced his presence to slip her pocketknife away. Issac was standing furthest to the left and closest to the cliff. He was also darting his eyes too often to the cliff as though calculating the distance and whether anyone would notice if he just made a running jump for it. Boyd, obviously also noticing Issac's glances at the cliff and its steep drop, grabs a hold of Issac and pulls him away from the edge. He stays close enough that it's clear he'll grab Issac if he so much as flinches in the cliff's direction. Erica has gone a little pale, but she holds her ground behind Derek. Jackson, the bastard, had not been in the sheriff's sight at the time he arrived and had apperently decided to stay behind the tree he was hiding behind. The sheriff glanced at the tree briefly, but he didn't call Jackson out on it.

"This is a crime scene. You have all been found crawling around a crime scene. This looks really bad, Stiles. You could be contaminating the evidence. Explain yourself already. Why aren't you at home?"

Stiles breathed out slowly and licked his lips in an attempt to stall the inevitable blowout. Finally, he quietly mumbled, "It... I..." Okay, maybe he should stall a little longer.

The sheriff frowned deeply at the scene before he just sort of deflated. "Fortunately, the crime scene has already been processed, but damnit, Stiles, how many times have I told you to stay away from crime scenes?"

"More than 300 times?" Stiles tries to joke weakly. His father starts glaring again. Stiles winces. Not the reaction he was aiming for.

Stiles looked around helplessly hoping for some deity to look upon him for once and give him an exit strategy. He finally spots it on the tree Jackson is still hiding behind. Coward, Stiles thinks to himself before he sees the symbol. His face lights up and he straightens his shoulders as he realizes his prayers have been answered. Oh, thank god, Stiles thinks privately to himself.

"The Labyrinth!" Stiles shouts in giddy relief.

His father screws his face in confusion. Everybody else looks at him in disbelief as though he's finally decided to declare himself king of the insane. He starts flailing around with huge gestures as he tries to scramble an explanation together.

"Annabeth was going to meet us here. She said she would come by this week, and she told me about the delta symbol on that tree!" Here, he points out the tree and by extension gives away Jackson's position. "You found it, Jackson! Good job. We were looking around for the delta symbol so that we'd know where to expect her. We're sorry it's so close to the crime scene. We were honestly just looking for the symbol, and unfortunately when the other trees didn't hold the symbol, we had to look over here at these trees in case they held the symbol. Which they do! Tada! Delta! Labyrinth! Annabeth." He finishes with a grand flourish at the tree in question and an excited look (probably exaggerated) on his face.

"You didn't mention Annabeth was coming by. Did you set up the guest room, Stiles?" His father seems to have accepted his explanation and is looking relieved himself that his son apperently does have legitimate reason to be skulking around these parts of the woods.

"Yep! Of course I did!" His father's back to looking skeptical.

Stiles is now outraged. "I always set up the room for when she comes by! I would never leave her to fend for herself! Annabeth would kill me if she noticed I didn't set up her room up. She'd be exhausted when she arrives, and she will wish to lay down for an hour or two, and the bed better be set up for her to do so!"

"You didn't set up the bed, did you?"

"I forgot," Stiles admits sheepishly.

"Well, it's on you. Give her your bed if she is tired when she arrives, and set up the guestroom when you get home. Tell Annabeth I said hi, and I'll try to make it home for dinner."

"Of course," Stiles smiles and waves as his father backs away slowly with an assessing look on his face before accepting the situation, turning around, and climbing back into his cruiser.

They all stay frozen in their positions as they watch the cruiser fade out of sight before they all breathe out loud in relief.

"I was sure we were done for," Stiles exclaims 'quietly' to himself.

"Who's Annabeth?" Derek growls as he turns to Stiles demanding an explanation.

"Hmm?" Stiles looks up, now feeling exhausted after the run-in with his father. "Oh! Damnit! Annabeth! I have to contact her now and beg her to visit for a few days. This explanation won't hold up if she's not at home tonight."

"Stiles! Focus!" Scott shouts. "Who's Annabeth? And why haven't I heard of her?"

"Why would she be meeting us by a delta symbol on a tree in the woods?" Jackson scoffs in disbelief, "And why did your father accept that explanation? I'm sure that's the worst explanation I've ever heard for being out in the woods. Pathetic, Stilinski."

Stiles gasps. He's totally taking offense at that. "I didn't see you volunteering an explanation! In fact, you ducked behind a tree!"

"I was already behind the tree!" Jackson responded defensively. "I just did not feel the need to add to the confrontation."

"Psssh. Yeah, and you were hoping to avoid being charged with anything. Such loyalty!"

"Shut up, Stilinski! Who's Annabeth?"

"And why is there even a delta on that tree? I mean, what are the chances?" Lydia looks assessingly at the delicately carved delta symbol on the tree.

"Small," Stiles admits, "but forunately, it's there."

"What's the Labyrinth?" Issac adds in. Boyd and Erica have evidently managed to put some more distance between Issac and the cliff.

"Annabeth is my twin sister," Stiles replies distractedly as he searches through his cell phone for Annabeth's number.

Stiles looks up at the complete quiet to meet varying looks of disbelief, shock, and outright horror at the idea of there being a second Stiles.

Issac gulps.

Erica leads the myriad of questions with her shout of, "You have a twin sister?!"

Scott looks hurt as he adds in his two cents. "Why didn't you ever mention her to me? I thought we were best friends! We tell each other everything!"

Stiles bites his lip as he looks at Scott a little guiltily. "I meant to tell you. There just never really was a good opening, and I only see her during the summers or when she spends a weekend out here when she wishes to get away from camp."

"Camp?" Allison questions with a sort of interested look on her face.

"Yeah, it's a year-around camp. I only go for a few weeks each summer to brush up on the latest gossip, learn a few new tricks, spend some time with the siblings, and try not to get pushed into an early grave. Quite frankly, I'm impressed I come out of that camp alive."

"What? Why would one go to a year-around camp?" Lydia questions.

Stiles decides it's about time they knew and says as much before he responds to Lydia's question. "It's a safe haven. For a lot of my siblings, it's the only place they're really safe."

"Hold on, that's the second time you've said the term 'siblings.' There's more than Annabeth?" Boyd questions quietly.

Stiles burst out laughing.

"What's so funny?"

"More than one sibling?" Stiles was obviously getting a kick out of whatever joke had been uttered by Boyd. "I have so many siblings I've lost tracked!"

Derek frowned. "The sheriff has more than two kids?"

Stiles frowns as he looks up. "Huh? Oh no, my dad only has me. I'm his only child."

Everybody blinks except for Derek who looks at him more intently as he asks his next question, "Does your mother have more than one child?"

"Yep." Stiles popped the word out as he rocked back and forth on his heels. He wasn't used to explaining his family. It was huge, and no one had ever really asked him.

"How many siblings do you have?" Erica jumps back in to the conversation.

"Errr.... well, there's five of us on my father's side, and at least 12 others last I checked on my mom's side... sooo, I would be willing to say at least 17 siblings."

Scott outright gaped at him.

"You just said you were your father's only son," Derek growled at him.

"I am," Stiles replies dumbly.

Now, everybody is scowling at him in disbelief and confusion.

"But, you also said there were 'five of us' on your father's side," Erica looks ready to hit something in her confusion.

"I meant the sheriff, my dad, only has me, but my biological father, whom I call father, has five kids, including me." Stiles holds his hand up in the universal sign of 'shut up' as he brings the phone up to his ear as it rings.

It rings five times before Annabeth picks up. He picks up on swords clanging in the background.

"Stiles? Is it urgent? I'm kind of in the middle of something here." Annabeth's voice sounds strained as more sword clanging noises are heard.

"Uh, yeah sort of. Can you talk?" Stiles asks.

"Give me a second to lose them." There are a few crashing sounds as bodies clearly hit the ground before Annabeth talks again.

"Okay, I've got a few seconds now. What do you need?"

"I don't suppose you can come by and visit? It's been forever! And, I kind of told my dad you were coming when he caught us skulking around the woods."

"What were you looking for? Another supernatural creature? Really, Stiles, you should stay away from all that, and just live a normal live. After all, you were actually born human unlike the rest of us."

Stiles scowls, "And I still ended up with the ADHD."

Annabeth scoffs, "At least you're not a monster magnet like the rest of us. You don't need to be at camp to be safe. On the contrary, you're safer outside of camp since everyone here still hates you for being close to Mom."

Stiles smiles a humourless smile as he responds, "Right, not a monster magnet like the rest of you guys with your nifty battles before the age of 10. And your super agility and grace. And really, how come I got all the creepy genes? I still stand that it's because you received all the good ones!"

Annabeth was clearly smiling as she respnded, "So, you wish to throw a pity party and are cordially inviting me? And you'll grow into your limbs, Stiles."

Stiles smiled too. "Yeah, that ship has sailed, but no pity party. Just a party! You in?"

"I'll be there in a few minutes. I just need to put my bag together. I'm leaving for a quest in a few days anyways. I'll just bring a few friends, and we'll plan from your house before we take off."

"Sweet! Party! But, admit it, you just want to take advantage of my mad research skills while I'm offering, right? After all, we all know I got the best research skills in the cabin. I can wipe the floor with all your asses." Stiles declares smugly.

Annabeth retorts quickly, "And we can wipe the field with your ass in battle!"

Stiles rolls his eyes. "Okay, okay, clearly being twins meant we each only got half of our mother. It's too bad you got the battle skills. Well, at least I got the wisdom."

Stiles hears several snorts that clearly don't come out from his phone. He scowls back at the Pack that has clearly been hanging on to every word uttered between himself and Annabeth. Annabeth too snorts, but at least she has the decency of immediately following that up with, "Well, we are Athena's children. What else can the world expect from us right? See you soon."


"Athena's children? I thought your mother's name was Claudia," Scott asks him as he puts away his phone.

"She did go by Claudia while she lived here, yes."

"Well," Lydia puts her on arms on her hips as she demands, "how did your mother have so many children? And how is your twin sister not related to your dad?"

Stiles opens his mouth a couple times trying to figure out a good way to phrase it without giving away his heritage from his mother's side. Finally, he decides to just be candid with his Pack. "I already knew about the supernatural world before Scott got bitten. In fact, I knew almost immediately that he was a werewolf because I recognized the signs he displayed form a book I read when I was younger."

Derek opens his mouth clearly about to ask how, but Stiles decides to just jump the gun and get this over with.

"My mother is Athena. You know, the Greek goddess of wisdom and battle. That makes me a demi-god, except I must be the worst demi-god in existence. I'm more human than god to be honest. In fact, I'm convinced that Annabeth received all the demi-god traits between us. The thing about my mother is she can take on a human form whenever she wishes, and she does choose to do so every few years. I suppose though that the year me and Annabeth were conceived my mother was enarmoured with more than one fellow -- more like 3 to be exact. She apperently didn't just pick. Instead, she must've chosen to roam the earth with several forms. The thing is though that apperently mom's a virgin, and she can only conceive through a joining of minds. So, she first conceived Annabeth with one form. It was like a joining of minds between Annabeth's father and mom, and then, she was pregnant with Annabeth."

Stiles took a deep breathe before continuing the explanation to get to the part about him. "Then, another form of hers also decided to join minds with my biological father, which I guess I can't blame her for. My biological father is a freaking genius after all; that must've attractive to her. Usually, she doesn't conceive more than one child at a time, but apperently she chose to make an exception for me and Annabeth. So, anyway, me and Annabeth were conceived in different forms. But hold on, so, mom's pregnant with me and she chose to leave my biological father, but then shortly thereafter, she fell in love. And I mean really in love. She must've really liked my dad, the sheriff, because she chose to marry him and let him raise me and she stuck around with us for ten years. That means alot nowadays. Everybody else at Camp Half-Blood were abandoned by their godly parent by the age of one, so they all have abandonment issues except for me. Mom liked me which is actually kind of weird since again, worst demi-god in existence."

"Demi-god?" Allison mouthed with no sound coming out.

Scott was looking at him as though he had grown a new personality that was attempting to bite him. Issac, Boyd, and Jackson were also looking as though they were in danger of getting bitten. Lydia looked like she had already processed the new information and had apperently decided to just take it all in stride. Erica wasn't as pale as she had been when the sheriff arrived, but she was still clearly coming around to all the information bombarding her.

Derek had an expressionless look on his face that was really giving nothing away to Stiles. Was Derek mad that Stiles had kept this from him? Was he going to be asked to leave the Pack? Stiles breath stuttered a little as he breathed in at that unnerving thought.

"Do you want to hear about my dad's side of the family?" Stiles asked even though he was a little concerned that Scott might break a muscle in his face if he doesn't stop straining it in his confusion.

Derek nods for him to continue, so he does.

"Okay, well, that was sort of the supernatural side of the family. Yay, mom! My biological father's also crazy, and he calls alot. I visit when I can, though I suppose I haven't been by the mansion as much this year. Anywho!" Stiles rushed on as everybody looked like they were about to start throwing questions again at the use of the word 'mansion.' "My biological father is Tony Stark!"

A pin dropping could have been heard in the silence that followed that declaration. Then, Scott cracked a smile, "You're joking right?"

His smile died a painful death when Stiles failed to smile back at his pal. Derek really looked constipated with the way his emotions were clearly struggling to flash across his face at that declaration.

Erica, also smiled, but she clearly smiled for a different reason. "That makes so much sense! I mean, you're both loud! And all over the place, and generally annoying right?" She smiled at Stiles sweetly as he glared half-heartedly at her for the jab at his personality.

"I'll have you know. I'm perfectly quiet and well-behaved," Stiles sniffed disdainfully in response.

Everybody did snort then, and everybody including Derek managed to crack a smile at that response.

"So, Tony Stark has five children? How has he kept you out of the media?" Jackson demands.

"Well, a lot of disguises and being shuffled into different cars. Plus, top notch security when we're home so no paparazzi watching our moves." Stiles responds easily to this question.

"Who are the others?"

"Well," Stiles begins, "there's Darcy. She's the oldest. Then, I'm the second-oldest. Then there's Peter who's a sophmore in high school right now. Then Harley and Emma were adopted by Tony a couple years ago."

Stiles was about to continue but then the tree shifted behind him. He grinned widely as he turned around to greet the new arrivals.

"About time!" He yells.