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Dropping off the Face of the Earth

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The first of the year brought so many changes; resolutions were set, people were trying to become a better version of themselves, or were starting new carriers, marriages or new families. That’s why today was the day chosen for dedicating a new neighborhood. This was going to be a new beginning for so many families and families to be, as the Malfoy cooperation opened up a new suburb in London. The project had begun in early December, and like magic, was finished on December the 28th. The entire project caused buzz during the holiday month on the news. Then even more buzz was created with the low income tenants that had been chosen to get a place, as they had all received their key to their houses on the 24th as an early Christmas present.

Now was the day that everyone had been waiting for, January 1st, 2003. They gathered around the first house that had been finished, as the invitation had said. A blond man that they had only ever seen on the news, walked onto the small porch. He was dressed in a business suit with a long coat on over it. His hair was short except for his bangs which had been grown out and combed over so they covered his left eye. He was so young and yet so powerful, his company was a rising star with many people happy to support it. Of course a big part of that was the fact that Malfoy corp. had a mission statement they followed religiously, they were dedicated to helping make people’s lives better, over earning money. In fact, the ten neighborhoods they had created in the past five years were purely to help low income families. For the first year the houses were free. Than the rent would be be based on income alone. No interest. The money would go to pay workers and build new neighborhoods.

“Ladies and Gentleman!” The blond man stated. “We are here to open the new neighborhood of Dumbledore Drive. The house that stands behind me represents a future that is bountiful and where everyone can live in the dreams they deserve. Though it may be one house of many, it is also the first of thousands to be built. So welcome home to all of you. I hope you enjoy houses as you live here with your families.”

With that he opened the door behind him for the first family that had been accepted into the housing area. They thanked the man profusely before entering their new home. With many smiles and tears everyone started to disperse to their new addresses. The blond man watched happily. After everyone had left, he felt somewhat awkward so he walked a few blocks until he came to a small convenience store. In his lifetime he had only been to a few of these. Every time he walked into one it was like a new world with different Slurpees and snacks. HE wasn’t particularly sure he liked the things they sold but he always bought a few things. Today it was a weird cheesy crisp and a raspberry flavored Slurpee.

He was sipping on his drink and surveying the chocolate bars to see if he wanted to add them to his planned purchases, when a chill went up his spine.

“That’ll be $11.25 sir.” The cashier said.

$11.25, how weird that something so plain and ordinary should affect the blond man so violently. But he knew that voice, he would know that voice anywhere. It came from his dreams, from her memories unbidden to haunt him in the real world. He waited until everyone had left, a short fifteen minutes later, that seemed to stretch for eternity, until he could inspect the cashier. He rounded the corner of an aisle so he could look upon the person in question.

He had been hoping that it would not be true, but one look at the man confirmed without a doubt it was exactly who he thought it was. The dark black hair falling in every direction was enough to make his stomach turn. The glasses barely hiding the green eyes, made the bile rise in his throat. But the thing that nearly made him drop everything was that funny shaped scar on the cashiers forehead. Most people would assume they were seeing things, the scar was just a line but he knew better, that scar could be nothing else than a lightning bolt.

“Potter?” The blond asked in almost a whisper.