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Boku No Toddler Academia

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Bakugou doesn’t know if he should consider himself lucky. Is it better to be a crying shitting toddler, or is it better to take care of crying shitting toddlers? Especially when said toddlers are his classmates, teachers and villains. The Villain Alliance had found a way to attack the class again, this time bringing some experimental gas that regressed people into toddlers. It was intended to be a way for them to brainwash people onto their side. Except, there had been an accident and the gas was released before the villains could put on a mask.


So now, the whole of Class 1A, Aizawa, Present Mic and a bunch of Villain Alliance members have become toddlers.


Bakugou had been “safe” because he needed to take a dump and was hence late to class. But he begins to rethink the word "safe" as he hears the screaming children. Bakugou wants to regret agreeing to take care of the toddlers. UA’s reputation had taken a huge drop after his kidnap (my fault, Bakugou thinks), and letting this incident out could cause UA to be closed down. So when All Might asked him to take care of the toddlers until a cure could be found, Bakugou agreed. It wasn’t like he could leave it to All Might to care for the kids. Not with that thin frail body of his (also my fault, Bakugou thinks). And not to mention, it was difficult to reject the request of someone he respected so much.


“Kacchan! Are you okay?” Midoriya asks as he sees the stressed expression on Bakugou’s face.


Fucking Deku, Bakugou thinks. He always knows when Bakugou needs help. It was what used to make Bakugou so angry at the other. As a child, Bakugou had always thought that needing help was showing weakness but the number one hero is never weak. With that mindset, he had always rejected help and denied feelings that were considered “weak”. It worked for the most part. Except for when Midoriya and his uncanny ability to sense his weakness. It made Bakugou even more upset and he felt that he was being looked down on. He wasn’t weak, yet, it was as if Midoriya was insinuating that he was.


As he grew older, a nagging feeling at the back of his mind told him that his reaction to Midoriya was stupid and wrong. But he had always treated Midoriya that way, being mean to deny his weakness and to keep Midoriya away. Besides, changing how he acted would admitting that he had been wrong. But great heroes are never wrong and they never make mistakes. So Bakugou continued his mistreatment of the other, ignoring the guilt in his chest. Besides, Midoriya was strong, he would never give up or break just because Bakugou was mean to him and this was evident by the way he continued to follow him like a loyal puppy.


But recently, Bakugou had his whole world flipped and he’d realised how foolish he had been. He accepts the feelings of guilt and regret in his heart.


“Kacchan? If you’re tired, you can rest on my lap. I’ll protect you from the nightmares.” Midoriya’s voice breaks Bakugou out of his reverie. He remembers when they were young before they first saw All Might on TV. Bakugou had been a sickly child with night terrors, and he mostly stayed at home. Midoriya’s family had moved in next door and they had become fast friends. On most days, Bakugou would be too tired to play because of his night terrors, and Midoriya would let him sleep on his lap and “protect” him from the nightmares. When they first saw All Might on TV, Bakugou had resolved to get stronger, to fight the demons himself, and to never be weak again.


The Bakugou of a month ago would have probably brushed the child Midoriya off with a harsh remark, but the Bakugou who has matured only sighed and shook his head. He may have accepted that even the number one hero can be weak and accept help, but it is still strange and awkward and totally not part of his character. But he didn’t have to be cruel anymore, not for any dumb stubborn reasons.


“Sensei?” A soft voice comes from behind Bakugou. Turning around, he is met with a large orange flower. Behind it, the voice continues. “Sensei… You are so pretty... Like this flower.”


Bakugou’s cheeks flush as he splutters, “W-What?!”


The large flower moves and reveals a small boy with bright red eyes and shaggy grey hair. Shigaraki Tomura. “I like you, sensei.”


“Shut up!” Bakugou growls, flustered. What the actual fuck?


It’s the wrong thing to say because the red eyes dull as they fill with tears.


“Fuck! Uhm… It’s okay? I mean I… You… What?” Bakugou starts but he has no idea how to deal with feelings, much less crying children.


The flower turns to dust.  The tears stop falling as Shigaraki looks at his hands in shock. His eyes dart between his hands and Bakugou a few times before the boy starts crying hysterically. Bakugou realises that this is the “first time” the other’s quirk has shown. He remembers his own first time when he accidentally exploded his father’s favourite tie, the guilt, and the fear that his quirk was destructive.


“Hey. It’s all right. Your quirk is pretty impressive. If you set your mind to it, you can definitely do all kinds of good with or without your quirk. Your quirk is just another part of your body. How you choose to wield it is what matters,” Bakugou kneels before Shigaraki and repeats what his father had told him then. It had made him feel better and he hopes it will calm the crying child as well.


Shigaraki sniffs before throwing himself into Bakugou’s chest, nuzzling the latter. Bakugou sighs and pats the other’s back awkwardly.


“Hey! No fair! I want to hug the pretty teacher too!” Kirishima says as he runs towards them.


Todoroki, who was watching the scene, runs forward as well. Bakugou growls at the two approaching toddlers, warning them to stay away. Bakugou will never admit it but he’s weak against their combined puppy eyes. With a grimace, Bakugou opens his arms to accept the two. Todoroki’s smile is blinding and wow, Bakugou thinks he’s weak to it too.


Seeing the little group hug, Midoriya and the rest of the toddlers invite themselves to it. Bakugou groans as they fight with each other for a spot next to him, and there’s a small fist to his nose when Bakugou decides that it is enough.


“Stop! No more hugs!” Bakugou shouts. When Jirou sucks in a breath, ready to cry, Bakugou continues. “No crying either. Just sit the fuck down and be good or I’ll fucking kill you!”


The toddlers sulk as they turn to go and Bakugou prays that a cure is found soon.


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“Pony-tail, get the fuck out of the mud!” Bakugou barks as Yaoyorozu is practically swimming in the mud. He isn’t paid enough to deal with these kids. In fact, he isn’t paid at all.


Yaoyorozu tilts her head as she frowns at Bakugou, confused. “I’m Momo-chan?”


“Doesn’t matter. Just get the fuck out.” Yaoyorozu ignores him, even when Bakugou is glaring daggers at her. Bakugou doesn’t want to give in, but he’s learnt that being stubborn can cost a lot more pain. Apologising silently to himself, Bakugou gently says “Momo-chan, could you please get the fuck out of the mud?”


It comes out sounding like Bakugou is constipated. But Yaoyorozu listens, although not before she grabs a handful of mud and presents it to Bakugou with a smile. “A mud-cake!”


Bakugou doesn’t want to deal with more crying children if he rejects her gift, especially if she decides she wants a hug like Shigaraki, so he accepts it gingerly. He keeps the dripping mud away from his body, thinking of a way to dispose of it discreetly. If Bakugou thinks that accepting her gift would keep Yaoyorozu from wanting a hug, he’s going to learn that children are unpredictable as Yaoyorozu hugs him in joy. Bakugou sighs as he quickly throws the mud away, silver linings at the very least.


Bakugou is surprised nonetheless. He’s never cared to know his classmates personally, taking them at face value. He knows that Yaoyorozu is from a rich family and he had assumed that she was a pampered princess. Her love for playing in the mud is rather unexpected, but Bakugou guesses it isn’t that surprising. Because Yaoyorozu loves to create things, whether with her quirk or just mud.


“Hugs!” A voice calls and Bakugou is tackled to the ground by a horde of small children. Bakugou wonders if the gas had turned them into some toddler-dog hybrid because they all seem to be like little puppies with a penchant for puppy piles and excessive shows of affection. In fact, Bakugou thinks he feels someone licking his cheek, but he hopes he’s only imagining it.


“Argh… Off!” Bakugou tries to shoo them away but there’s somebody’s hair in his mouth. He glances down to see bicoloured hair. Fucking half-and-half bastard. There’s a soft gentle hand in his own hair and Bakugou sees Shigaraki petting his head. What the actual fuck?


Shigaraki catches Bakugou’s eyes and the former promises, “I won’t hurt you, sensei.”


Bakugou rolls his eyes but it’s not like he’s in any position to defend himself. Is this the end for him? Finished off and smouldered by kids?


“Stay away from Kacchan!” Midoriya’s voice calls and for once, Bakugou appreciates the help.


“Kacchan… The pretty sensei is… Mine…” Shigaraki says as he continues to stroke Bakugou’s hair.


The arms around Bakugou’s neck, Todoroki’s arms, gets tighter.


“Hugs! Hugs! Hugs!” Kirishima shouts excitedly as he clutches onto Bakugou’s legs.


Kids are fine. Of course only when they aren’t crying or screaming. Bakugou is rather fond of children. When his quirk had manifested and he had gotten stronger, he had been the leader of the kids his age. It was wonderful and empowering when they looked up to him for guidance and in childish delight. But these kids? They are starting to kill him.


Todoroki’s arm around his neck is really tight and Bakugou wonders if Todoroki is secretly trying to asphyxiate him.


“The dorm has been set up,” A voice calls as the door open just when black dots start to appear in Bakugou’s vision. Bakugou is saved by Midnight, and he wonders if he should change his favourite hero from All Might to Midnight. All Might had left him alone with these murderous bloodthirsty children after all.


Midnight takes in the sight before her and laughs. She would never have imagined the angry and aggressive Bakugou being defeated by tiny children. She wants to savour the moment a little bit more, but Bakugou looks close to exploding and that would be terrible so she discreetly takes a photo before helping the boy up.


“Oh my. You’re all so dirty. I’ll go clean the girls and you can take the boys. I’ll bring them to the dorm in about an hour.” Midnight says as she rounds up the girls. As they start to leave, Bakugou does a quick cursory glance at all the girls. There’s a nagging feeling at the back of his mind.


Bakugou look at them again, searching for something before saying, “where the fuck is invisible girl?”


Midnight is surprised as she looks at the toddlers, trying to find a floating pair of gloves. There are none.


“Fuck! Where the fuck are you?” Bakugou growls, the worry aggravating him.


There is no reply.

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While Bakugou can be kind of a jerk, he is still a decent man. As such, he cares about the safety of other people as much as a normal decent human being does. Besides, he holds respect for the invisible girl. Such a quirk would have been useless against those machine villains in their admissions, yet she had managed to earn her place in UA. She is always so bubbly and optimistic, but Bakugou wonders if her expression is also always happy. Being invisible meant nobody will know how you really feel. Nobody will know if you’re hurting and unconscious.


The feelings of worry and unease are strange to Bakugou. He’s never had to worry about anyone’s safety before. There was never any real danger to the people around him, nothing that they themselves or a hero couldn’t handle. But Bakugou didn’t know how to find an invisible girl who doesn’t respond.


Seeing the frantic looks of his two “teachers”, Todoroki quietly walks to Bakugou’s side and tugs his hand. Bakugou glances down, the hope that it is Hagakure finally responding written all over his face.


“I can help,” Todoroki says softly as he stretches out his free hand. Slowly, he freezes the whole arena. Bakugou looks at the other, surprised. Such great control over his quirk at such a young age commanded his respect. Bakugou remembers what he heard about how hard Endeavour had trained the boy as a child, and Bakugou decides that he’ll try to give the boy a better childhood this time round.


Running forward, Bakugou searches the ground of ice until he finds a human-shaped outline lying on the ice. Bakugou gently reaches down in fear, patting what he assumes is Hagakure’s shoulder.


“Invisible girl? Are you alright?” Bakugou says as he shakes her shoulders.


The invisible lump moves under Bakugou’s arms. There is a loud yawn from the lump before a bubbly yet sleepy voice says, “I’m Tooru-chan!”


Bakugou leans back and allows himself to sit on the floor, relieved. Todoroki is beside him immediately, looking at him in anticipation. Bakugou pats the other’s head softly as he praises him. Todoroki sends him a blinding smile before throwing small arms around Bakugou’s neck. Bakugou sighs and allows the embrace. He won’t admit it but he sort of needed the hug after such a scare.


“Hugs! Hugs!” Kirishima shouts as he runs forward.


Bakugou raises a palm at the other and says, “No hugs.”


“But no fair! Why he get hug?”


“That’s because halfie here did something that deserves a hug.”


The calculating look Kirishima gives him is unsettling.


“Fluffy!” Hagakure’s bubbly voice comes from behind his head and Bakugou feels excited hands tousling his hair.


“No! Mine!” Shigaraki cries as he attempts to grab the invisible hand.


“Okay! Enough! No more hugs, no more petting or playing with my hair. Just get the fuck ready for a bath.” Bakugou barks as he rises, ignoring the pouting faces.


As the girls leave with Midnight, Hagakure holding her hand, Bakugou gathers the boys. Bakugou catches Mineta trying to follow the girls and he resists the urge to blast the other. Even as a child, the boy is still a pervert. Mineta cries as Bakugou stops him, and Bakugou wonders if Mineta is really a regressed toddler. Mineta looks exactly the same, in height and everything, and even acts the same. This could be one of his plots to peek at the girls…


“Mineta-kun, stop crying. You are making things difficult for the teacher,” a stoic Iida says, gesticulating strangely and as serious as ever.


Mineta continues crying, and Bakugou’s pretty sure he really has regressed because even Mineta won’t go through such humiliation just to peep.


“You’re making things difficult for sensei… I’ll turn you to dust…” Shigaraki drawls as he stretches out a hand. Mineta immediately stops crying and instead starts to hiccup uncontrollably.


“Enough, you…” Bakugou starts but realises that he can’t just call the child Shigaraki a bastard.


“I’m Shimura Tenko. Call me Ten-chan!” Shigaraki says uncharacteristically brightly. The smile he flashes is kind of creepy, but also cute because of his bunny teeth.


Bakugou sighs. He sure as hell doesn’t want to call anyone with a “chan” but children are unpredictable and their untrained quirks can be dangerous so it’s best to keep them content.


“Alright, Ten-chan. Don’t use your quirk to threaten people like that. Just because your quirk is destructive doesn’t mean you should use it to destroy. From now on, ask me before you use your quirk.” Bakugou ignores how hypocritical he is being.


“If I listen to sensei, do I get a hug?” Shigaraki asks with sparkling hopeful eyes.


It’s a slippery slope, but Bakugou can only nod.


Shigaraki grins before barrelling into Bakugou’s chest like a bullet, rubbing his head against the other like some sort of puppy. His arms are stretched out to play with Bakugou’s hair.


“I also won’t use my quirk without your permission!” Kirishima says as he runs to join the hug.


“No! Sensei is mine! This is my hug!” Shigaraki cries as he tugs Bakugou's hair harshly.


Bakugou closes his eyes and slowly counts to five. “Okay. From now onwards, if you are good and listen to me, you get your own individual hug. But if you little shits dare to step out of line, no hugs at all and whatever punishment I deem fit.”


“Just one hug? For how long? If I do something additionally good, do I get an extra hug?”

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After the threat/incentive, it became much easier to round up the boys for a bath. He entrusted Midoriya and Iida to stay at the back to watch the rest of the kids as they are the least likely to cause trouble. The rest of them are all young and a menace. Bakugou himself leads the group with Todoroki and Shigaraki claiming each of his hands. Kirishima follows close behind, wanting to hold Bakugou’s hand as well but not wanting to cause trouble and lose his hugs.

It is when they reach the shower that Bakugou realises a potential problem. The principal had gotten them some baby shampoo and other child-safe items, but Tokoyami has feathers on his head. He wants to do a search on his phone but Todoroki and Shigaraki refuse to let go of his hands. He sends them a threatening glare, and they swiftly release him. After a quick search, Bakugou is relieved to find that you can indeed wash feathers with baby shampoo.

But even so, Tokoyami stares confused at the shampoo when the rest began showering.

“What’s wrong?” Bakugou asks, wanting to be done with the day already.

“My mama always washes my head cause I always get shampoo in my ears,” Tokoyami replies, expressionless.

“Mama? I miss mama…” Todoroki says with a shaky voice as tears start to fall. It’s like a domino effect and almost all of the kids are now crying for their parents.

“I don't need mama... I only need sensei..." Shigaraki says.

Bakugou sighs. It was already a pain taking care of a bunch of kids. But a bunch of naked crying kids? It’s madness. All Might is supposed to be helping him but there was no sign or sight of the hero after Bakugou agreed to take care of the toddlers.

“Stop crying or no hugs!” Bakugou warns. The kids sniffle and try to stop but the tears keep coming. “It’s not like you’re never going to see them again… Come on… I’m just going to be your temporary makeshift mama for awhile, okay? Or makeshift papa, whatever…”

“But you don’t look like my mama… You’re pretty but my mama is prettier…” Todoroki mumbles. Bakugou isn’t sure how to react.

“Sensei is the prettiest to me!” Shigaraki shouts as he attempts to give Bakugou a hug. Bakugou subtly sidesteps it.

The words seem to have an effect on the crying toddlers because they start arguing about whose mama is the prettiest. It’s incredibly childish but at least they aren’t crying anymore and Bakugou accepts the small mercy. Children are so easily distracted.

Tokoyami is still staring awkwardly at the shampoo and Bakugou sighs. This can’t be helped. Taking a small amount of shampoo and diluting it with some water, Bakugou gently massages Tokoyami’s head. His feathers are incredibly soft and silky, and surprisingly therapeutic. Tokoyami has his head bend down and his eyes closed, making a soft pleased sound. It reminds Bakugou of the time he petted an owl when his parents brought him to an owl café as a child. Bakugou had wanted to go back but he didn’t want to ask his parents to.

When Bakugou is done washing the other’s feathers, he takes a few moment to savour the softness of his feathers. It is then that Bakugou realises a queue has formed.

“Wash your own fucking hair. You guys have been doing just fine from the start.” Bakugou grumbles as he stares at the queue with narrowed eyes.

“But no fair! You washed Tokoyami’s hair!” Kaminari complains.

“Feathers. I washed his feathers. Do you guys have feathers? No, you don’t. So wash your own hair. I’ve got to wash my own too.” Bakugou replies.

“I’ll help sensei wash his!” Shigaraki says, hands reaching out.

“No. I don’t need help. Wash your own hair or no hugs.” Bakugou’s words cause most of the toddlers to contemplate a little before going off to wash themselves.

“But I don’t know how long a hug will last so how would I know which is a better choice?” Kirishima asks, weighing his options.

“You don’t have a choice,” Bakugou replies before quickly going to shower. They're probably already late for their meeting with Midnight and the girls.

But of course, they’re going to be much later because kids are oh so easily distracted. Kaminari and Kirishima had agreed to wash each other’s hair, and it then became a game to create all sorts of crazy hairstyles. Sero and Aoyama join them, the former spiking up his hair and attempting to impersonate Bakugou while the latter pretends to be a posh Frenchman. Midoriya is playing with bubbles, making a ring with his hands and blowing little soap bubbles. Iida attempts to tell them to stop playing around, but he is easily ignored.

“Okay. Listen up you little shits. Be clean, and I mean clean, and ready in 2 minutes or I am just going to leave you here to be a menace to someone else.” Bakugou barks as he dries himself. Just a few more hours to the freedom of sleep.

The toddlers quickly clean themselves, with Shigaraki finishing first and running straight to hold onto Bakugou’s hand. Seeing just one more free hand, Kirishima hurriedly and haphazardly rinses himself before rushing forward. This causes Bakugou to glare at him and force him to wash off properly. When Todoroki finishes immediately and claims Bakugou’s other hand, Kirishima pouts and regrets wasting his time playing in the shower.

When they arrive at their dorm, Bakugou sees an unbelievable sight. There, in the kitchen, is an All Might in a frilly pink apron.

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“The pretty teacher said he’s our mama until we go home!” Kirishima tells the girls excitedly the moment he sees them.


“Really?” Uraraka asks with equal enthusiasm, jumping up in joy.


“But when did I… Wait…” Midnight trails of as she thinks over Kirishima’s words.


“Mhmm! He also said he’d give us a hug every day!” Kaminari adds.


“Only if you’re good!” Bakugou shouts as the words finally snap him out of his shock of seeing the hero he looks up to dressing in a frilly pink apron.


Said hero looks back at Bakugou, face red with embarrassment. “Ah. Bakugou my boy. Sorry I wasn’t there even though I was the one who asked for your help. I was settling things with the principal and it took longer than expected so I wanted to make dinner to make it up to you all.”


“It’s fine. Nothing I can’t handle alone.” Bakugou replies, guilty for thinking the other had abandoned him and the kids. “How’s dinner coming along?”


“Well… Nothing’s burnt…” All Might answers sheepishly.


Bakugou narrows his eyes at the other, “Have you never cooked before?”


“I have, just not for so many people…” Bakugou sighs at All Might’s words, stepping forward to taste the dishes.


“Fuck. This needs more salt!” Bakugou grumbles as he washes the taste down with water.


“Salt? But I heard that the food should be blander when cooking for a large group!” All Might responds, uncertain.


“Yeah but that was just plain disgusting. I’ll take over here. You can go take care of the kids. And no, I definitely do not need that apron.” Bakugou says as he adds a pinch of salt into the dish.


Yaoyorozu who was lurking by the kitchen steps forward, curiously asking, “So salt makes everything taste better?”


“Mostly, yes. But every dish is different and requires different amounts of salt.” Bakugou replies as he tastes and fixes each prepared dish.


Yaoyorozu watches him intently, carefully examining the different ways he fixes each dish. “I see… It’s interesting to see how food is made and how specific compositions of things create certain things.”


“You didn’t know how the food on your table is made?”


“Nope. The maid would come to my room to bring me to the dining room where the butlers would bring out the already made food.”


Bakugou shakes his head in wonderment. The girl really is a rich kid.


Just as Bakugou finishes the last dish, a cry comes from the living room. Warning Yaoyorozu to stay and not touch anything, Bakugou rushes into the living room with fury in his eyes. He quickly scans the kids for injury when he sees Ashido on the floor with tears in her eyes. After discerning that she had a cut on her lips, Bakugou turns to throw murderous glares at his two adult teachers.


All Might raises his hands in surrender, stammering, “She… She crashed into the chair!”


“And you’re fucking supposed to be watching her! I looked after them the whole fucking afternoon and there were no injuries! But I leave them to you for less than ten fucking minutes and there’s fucking blood already!” Bakugou snarls as he scoops up the injured girl. “And fucking Recovery Girl has already gone home. Urgh!”


Shigaraki, who is watching the way Bakugou coddles the injured child, looks ready to fling himself into the nearest object. Bakugou senses the bullshit and immediately throws a warning glare at Shigaraki.


“With the exception of this first time for Raccoon Eyes, if you fucking shits dare to get injured, you don’t get hugs for a whole fucking week!” Bakugou growls.


“It’s Mina-chan…” Ashido slurs, wincing at the pain talking causes.


“Maybe you shouldn’t swear so much in front of the kids…” All Might says uncertainly. Bakugou replies with a sharp glare. If looks could kill, the symbol of peace would be dead.


Bakugou stomps to the kitchen with Ashido in his arms, muttering about useless adults who couldn’t even take care of a bunch of kids. Yaoyorozu immediately descends on them when they arrive.


“Mina-chan! Are you okay?” Yaoyorozu asks worriedly.


Ashido nods her head as Bakugou settles her into a chair. Taking a small cup, Bakugou mixes some salt with water and dabs the salt water on Ashido’s cut. The girl cries at the stinging pain and Bakugou shushes her gently, telling her that she’ll have her hug if she’s good.


Ashido bravely nods and sniffles.


“I thought salt is used to make food?” Yaoyorozu says curiously.


“Salt water can be used as an emergency disinfectant too. It kills certain germs to prevent an infection.” Bakugou replies.


“I see… That’s very interesting! So the same ingredient can have different uses!” Yaoyorozu says excitedly. It’s great that her quirk and interests line up, Bakugou thinks.


Dinner is a quiet affair, with Bakugou still angry at his adult teachers. If he promised the kids that he’d be their mama until the cure is found, then he’s going to be their mama and they’ll be his kids.


“Hehe… If young Bakugou is their mama, then who’s papa?” All Might asks as he attempts to lighten the mood.


“I’m their papa and their mama or whatever else they want to call me because they’re just words. But either way, I’m still the one taking care of these brats.” Bakugou grumbles. In the back of his mind, Bakugou knows he can’t really blame All Might and Midnight for Ashido’s injury because accidents happen. But Bakugou takes his role seriously. He’s going to be number one. And if that includes being the number one mama, then fuck yes he’s going to be.

Chapter Text

Most of the toddlers take to calling Bakugou “mama” immediately, except for Midoriya who still calls him “Kacchan” and Shigaraki who still calls him “sensei”.


Shigaraki had pulled Bakugou down to his eye level and whispered, “Sensei is not my mama. Because when I grow up, I want to marry sensei.”


Inwardly, Bakugou had gesticulated wildly in bewilderment. But outwardly, Bakugou did not react. Shigaraki seemed to have taken silence as consent and happily walked off.


Shaking his head to forget the sort-of proposal, Bakugou rounds the kids to the living room so that All Might and Midnight can take care of the dishes. And like boundless balls of endless energy, the toddlers begin jumping around. Bakugou glares at them and shouts, “Sit the fuck down! No excessive movements after you just finished eating. I’m not going to take care of you if you get sick!”


The toddlers sit down instantly like an off switch has been clicked. Bakugou puts in a children’s movie for them before setting on the couch. The kids descend on him like a moth to a flame, fighting for a place next to him. Kirishima manages to snag a spot, with Midoriya on the other side. Shigaraki begrudging sits next to Midoriya while Todoroki sits beside Kirishima. The rest settle around the television, watching as the opening credits come to a close.


As the movie begins in proper, Bakugou’s vision is suddenly blocked as a blanket wrapped toddler deposits himself onto Bakugou’s lap. It’s Aizawa, his teacher. Present Mic is right next to Aizawa, settling on the floor in front of Bakugou. Bakugou is surprised, yet not exactly. Aizawa was always snuggling in that sleeping bag of his and he had seemed pretty close to Present Mic. Perhaps they knew each other as kids?


All Might may be his favourite hero, a hero that always wins with a charismatic smile, but as a teacher… All Might isn’t quite there. Aizawa may seem like a lazy and harsh teacher, but he knew his students well and taught them well. And because Aizawa is his favourite teacher, Bakugou allows him to rest on his lap. Well… Parents always seem to play favouritism so this doesn’t affect his number one mama-ness!


The movie is pretty childish and boring, so Bakugou doesn’t bother with it. Instead, he watches the kids with Aizawa’s sleeping head tucked under his chin. Shigaraki is glaring at Aizawa in envy. Todoroki is also sleeping, head leaning on Kirishima’s shoulders. The latter himself is staring transfixed at the television. Uraraka and Asui are whispering softly with each other, while Ashido, Sero and Kaminari are whispering loudly together. Yaoyorozu and Toga are playing with each other’s hair, Aoyama asking to join them. Floating gloves, Hagakure, are gesticulating animatedly to a bored looking Jirou.


Most of the rest are watching the movie with reasonable interest, but Bakugou sees Kouda, Kurogiri and Tokoyami fleeting glances around the room awkwardly. The three seemed to be the shy types, and as their temporary mama, Bakugou will see to it that they will make friends soon.


When the movie ends, everyone is expected to prepare their own futons. Aizawa continues sleeping on the couch without stirring but Present Mic helps to prepare his. Tokoyami finds a dark corner while the rest of the toddlers wait to see where Bakugou is going to sleep. Looking at the kids and considering who is the least likely to smoulder him in his sleep, Bakugou picks Kouda and Kurogiri, the quiet ones. The other toddlers sulk but do not protest for fear of losing their hugs.


When all the futons are prepared, Bakugou tells them to line up properly for their hugs. Kirishima rushes forward to be first, burrowing his head into Bakugou’s chest. Shigaraki takes his time, opting to go last. Going last would mean that he can monopolise the rest of Bakugou’s time. All Might watches with a grin, proposing to help Bakugou in his “job”.


“Eh… No… I don’t want the weird zombie teacher…” Jirou says as All Might attempts to hug her. Bakugou snorts. If they only knew that this is the number one hero All Might. Kirishima did not discriminate against hugs though, running to hug the rejected All Might and asking Midnight for a hug too. In the end, most of the kids hug all three teachers. With the exception of Kirishima that gives all three equally long hugs, the rest cling to Bakugou but give brief hugs to the other two.


“With how much they like you, maybe your hero name can be Mama,” Midnight jokes. Bakugou flushes in embarrassment, palms sparkling upwards and safely away from the toddlers.


Shigaraki immediately rushes to Bakugou. Thinking that Bakugou is upset about his quirk, Shigaraki attempts to comfort him by saying, “It’s okay! Sensei’s quirk is so cool! Sensei can definitely do whatever he wants with it!”


“My father also as a fire-related quirk and he’s a hero!” Todoroki adds, eyes large and worried.


“Aww… A loved mama indeed.” Midnight teases.


“Whatever. Shut up!” Bakugou growls at Midnight before saying to the kids in a marginally gentler voice, “Okay, bedtime. Go to your futons and go to sleep.”


The toddlers settle into their futons restlessly, unable to fall asleep. Meanwhile, Bakugou is already halfway to dreamland.


“My mama at home always sings me a song before I sleep…” Jirou says quietly.


“Yes! Mama! Please sing us a song!” Kirishima gushes. The other toddlers agree excitedly, sitting up and looking at Bakugou in anticipation.


“Urgh… Okay! Lie the fuck down. I’ll sing you a song but you all have to promise to sleep after that!” Bakugou growls and the kids nod eagerly before snuggling into their futons.


Sighing, Bakugou begins to sing. His voice is soft and sweet, carrying gently across the room. Midnight and All Might are surprised. For such a brash and explosive teen, Bakugou has a surprisingly pleasant singing voice. They secretly take out their phones to record the song but the beautiful voice lulls them to sleep before they can stop recording.


As the song comes to a close, most of them are asleep, with Shigaraki and Todoroki straining to stay awake for the end of it. With a soft “good night little brats”, Bakugou settles into his futon to a peaceful sleep with his large warm family.

Chapter Text

When Bakugou wakes up at 6 am sharp, he finds Kouda and Kurogiri holding on to his arms. Above him, Shigaraki is curled up by his head like a cat. Slowly and without waking the kids up, Bakugou extricates himself. Just because he’s suddenly saddled with kids doesn’t mean he’s going to forget his daily morning routine.

Bakugou closes the door soundlessly behind him, taking a quick moment to wash up before settling near the front of the living room door. Bakugou has just finished the first set of his morning workout when it opens. Out comes a sleepy Todoroki that smiles at him shyly.

“Morning, mama…” Todoroki says quietly.

“Half-and-half,” Bakugou nods in acknowledgment.

“Can you call me Shou-chan?” Todoroki asks hesitantly.

Bakugou rolls his eyes but complies. What’s up with kids and that honorific? “You hungry, Shou-chan?”

Todoroki shakes his head, hair fluttering a little, as he joins Bakugou for his second set. The toddler has no trouble keeping up with the other. And even though Bakugou is taking it easy, he is impressed. It is clear to him how hard Endeavour trains the boy even from a young and tender age. Bakugou's own routine hadn't been that hardcore when he was that age.

They complete their exercise in companionable silence and after which, Todoroki yawns tiredly and lies on the floor. Bakugou shakes his head, tsking softly as he gently picks up the child and places him on a chair facing the kitchen. Todoroki slumps over, eyes slipping close. Soon, soft snores come from the sleeping child.

Bakugou has no idea how Endeavour could force so much burden on this child. Nor could he fathom how Todoroki’s mother could have poured hot water on that angelic face. But then again, Bakugou himself had been a dick to Midoriya when they were kids so… Bakugou shrugs. Human psychology is fucking weird.

Bakugou ruffles the bicoloured hair, thinking that the kids are rather cute when they’re unconscious. He then goes through the kitchen, wondering what he should make for breakfast. It is then that Satou enters the kitchen.

“Good morning, mama. Can we have cake for breakfast?” Satou asks, way too happy for a just awakened child, as he goes to stand beside Bakugou. Bakugou stares at the other, trying to recall his name.

“It’s Satou. Satou Rikidou.”

Internally, Bakugou sighs in relief. There’s no “chan” this time. Patting the toddler’s head in praise, Bakugou says, “Cake is for desserts. Not breakfast. But pancake is good.”

“We’re having cake for dessert? At home, we have creamed sponge cake for tea! Dessert is usually different every day but I absolutely love crepes! We have dessert after every meal and so I was so confused when we didn’t have any yesterday!” Yaoyorozu says excitedly as she bounces into the kitchen.

Wow. What kind of number one mom is he if he can’t even make dessert after every meal? Although Bakugou realises that Yaoyorozu’s meals are prepared by a variety of cooks, he is never one to back down from a challenge. Hence, Bakugou promises to make crepes for desserts. Besides, he only needed to tweak the pancake batter a bit to make crepes.

Yaoyorozu and Satou cheer excitedly, teeth gleaming as they smiled at him. It makes Bakugou’s chest feel warm and fuzzy and strange. But it isn’t a bad feeling and Bakugou rather likes it. Together, they begin to cook.

Bakugou allows the two toddlers to mix the ingredients as he measured them out, listening to their cheerful banter. It felt weird. Bakugou is never one for small talk, often finding it pointless. He doesn’t care about how many siblings another person has or what schools said siblings are at. Such information added no meaning to his life, and Bakugou would much rather save brain space for more important matters.

Bakugou doesn’t understand how the two could chatter so animatedly over their family history. It isn’t like anyone would care enough to remember. Yet, Bakugou feels somewhat jealous. He’s never had such carefree conversations with anyone, and even if it was his own fault, it’s hard not to feel bitter.

“What about you, mama?” Yaoyorozu asks, breaking Bakugou out of his reverie.

“I what?” Bakugou says, confused.

“Do you have any siblings?” Satou repeats the question.

“Nope. Only child. My old woman says it’s because dealing with me was enough trouble.” Bakugou replies, not knowing why he felt the need to elaborate.

“Are you not lonely?” Satou asks.

“Not really. There were plenty of kids my age in my neighbourhood. And for as long as I can remember, Deku was always beside me…” Bakugou’s voice softens at the end.

Way back in the past, they had been the best of friends, practically attached at the hip. Midoriya had been an equal. Someone he could count on and lean on. But when Bakugou became stronger as his quirk manifested, Midoriya had not advanced like he did. It had frustrated Bakugou to no end for he didn’t understand why his comrade started to fall behind him. Midoriya had stopped being his pillar of support, but rather a stepping stone. Looking back now, Bakugou feels apologetic. Even more so because he had realised how he had misunderstood the other. But even when he’d given the other hell, Midoriya still stayed by his side.

“So Deku is your best friend?” Yaoyorozu asks, eyes bright.

Bakugou chuckles. “I think Kirishima will fight for that title.”

“I want a best friend,” Yaoyorozu says, expression a little sad. “I hardly ever see any other children my age. I’m home-schooled so I don't have classmates. And there’s a playground in my backyard so I never go out to play. The only time I ever go out is for all these formal functions but there isn’t anyone to play with.”

“Hey, I can be your friend. If you want, I can play with you!” Satou says as he comforts the other toddler. Bakugou smiles. He doesn’t regret his childhood, but he acknowledges that it could have been better. But he hadn’t known better back then. And it wasn’t like he could see the future and know which choices to make.

“Really?” Yaoyorozu asks hopefully.

“Yeah. We can even lick the spoon as a promise.” Satou replies as he brings the spoon to his mouth.

“No licking the spoon!” Bakugou exclaims as he grabs the spoon.

“But why? My mama always lets me lick the spoon!” Satou says.

“What?! The egg is fucking uncooked! And even the uncooked flour can make you sick! Now remember this lesson. No eating uncooked batter. I don’t fucking care who told you what, but you listen to me.” Bakugou orders strictly.

Bowing their heads, the two toddlers nodded dejectedly. “Yes, mama.”

Looking at their deflated expressions, Bakugou sighs and says, “I’m giving you two a hug now for helping out. But no telling anyone else about this. Okay?”

Their pouts are immediately replaced with a blinding smile and they nod their heads excitedly.

As Bakugou squats and brings the two toddlers into a big hug, he hears a voice say, “Hug?”

Fuck. He’d forgotten about Todoroki sleeping in front of the kitchen.

Chapter Text

“Why me no hug?” Todoroki asks tiredly, eyelids still heavy with sleep but the betrayal clear in his voice.

Bakugou feels like a child caught stealing with a hand down the cookie jar. Except, Bakugou is the one making the cookies at home so that probably isn’t the most identifiable of expressions. But Bakugou still feels a strange sort of guilt at Todoroki’s dejected pout. These kids were making him weak. Even his own mother has never been this soft for him.

“It’s because they helped me make breakfast,” Bakugou explains, wondering why he feels like a cheating spouse trying to explain.

“Why didn’t anyone call me? I would have helped.” Todoroki says, crestfallen.

“Cause you were sleeping and you needed the rest. Now, stop complaining or no hugs tonight.” Bakugou warns, brandishing his ultimate weapon.

Todoroki frowns but remains silent. Yaoyorozu and Satou go forward to hug the toddler, telling him that there is always tomorrow. Sufficiently placated, Todoroki nods and helps the other two to set up the table.

The mouth-watering scent of freshly-made pancakes wafted through the air and into every crevice And like a siren, it called to those still asleep. It doesn’t take long for everyone to settle at the dining table, obediently waiting for the delicious breakfast. Bakugou’s three little helpers pride themselves in their role, pretending as if they are waiters.

“Good morning, ma’am, sir.” Yaoyorozu chirps as she gives a little bow, a hand placed on her chest while the other arm is crossed behind her back, just as she has seen waiters do. “Welcome to the Bomb Explosion Murder Pancake House! May I take your order?”

All Might’s eyebrows twitch in amusement at the name but he indulges in the toddler’s roleplay. “Well, what do you have here?”

“We have pancakes!” Yaoyorozu smiles brightly. Adapting what the waiters usually say to her parents, Yaoyorozu continues. “They are made by the proclaimed chef from France, Bomb Explosion Murder! They are absolute perfection like your beautiful wife and children!”

The teachers laugh heartily at that, thinking that the young girl is absolutely adorable. The other toddlers, however, are not as quite on board.

“They’re not my parents!” A few of the toddlers protest while others just furrowed their eyebrows in bewilderment.

Yaoyorozu blinks owlishly back at them, unsure about how to continue. But it appears that Bakugou isn’t the only one weak to the girl’s pout because the toddlers suddenly agreed that Midnight and All Might are their parents. Yaoyorozu returns them a joyful smile.

Just as All Might asks what kind of pancakes are available, Satou and Todoroki bring two stacks of pancakes, the former quoting, “Mama says you all eat what he makes.”

“Eh… Plain pancakes? I always have chocolate and bananas in mine…” Aoyama complains with a frown.

“Eat it before you judge it,” Bakugou growls as he glowers at the boy. Even if he is a bit of an overachiever, Bakugou knows his limits. There just isn’t enough time to make personally customised pancakes for everyone.

“As long as Kacchan is the one who made it, I’m sure it’s delicious!” Midoriya defends, heartily digging into a plain pancake. “It’s really good, Kacchan!”

“Can I have some whip cream in mine?” Asui asks, head tilted to the side.

“I want some maple syrup!” Toga adds.

“And butter!” Ashido chirps.

Bakugou sighs as he takes out the said condiments, personally giving everyone a specific portion of whichever condiment they want.

“May I have more syrup?” All Might asks.

“Taste it first, old man.” Bakugou chided. “Besides, you shouldn’t have too much syrup. It’s bad for you. Do you wanna get some kind of cardiovascular disease before your fifties? You should be setting a proper example for the kids.”

Feeling properly chastised, All Might lowers his head in shame.

Midnight chuckles at the scene in delight. Who would have thought that the angry explosive teen could be such a nagging mother? Between laughs, Midnight wheezes, “Can I have a cup of coffee?”

Bakugou narrows his eyes at her. “What am I, your maid? And don’t rely so much on caffeine. It’s not good for you.”

Ignoring the motherly nag, Midnight replies, “Well, isn’t this a pancake house?”

That’s a low blow, using the kid’s roleplay hopes like this. But Bakugou answers, “Yeah. With a self-service drink bar. Now hop to it.”

As if taking his words literally, Asui and Kirishima begin hopping to the fridge. Bakugou’s face meets his palm in exasperation while Midnight guffaws.

Sensing that Bakugou might be about to blow, All Might goes to help settle the drinks. Bakugou glares at Midnight, gesturing to her to make herself of use. Midnight grins but does as told.

And as everyone including Bakugou begins to eat, Midnight looks dreamily at the scene in front of her. Yaoyorozu and Satou were given the honour to sit beside Bakugou, much to the two toddlers’ delight. It’s extremely hearty and hilarious as Bakugou scolds and fusses over Todoroki and Shigaraki eating messily. The other toddlers look torn between following the two and the possibility of getting their hugs taken away. It’s such a shame she and All Might have to go back to the school ground for classes and miss out on such domesticity.

Despite the fact that this is the result of a villain attack, the same villains she is now eating breakfast with, Midnight feels that this is a gift. A hero’s work is difficult and taxing, and many heroes go for months without a warm homecooked meal and their family’s warmth. To be able to have both, even if it is for a short time, is truly a privilege.

Chapter Text

After ensuring that each and every one of the toddlers has “killed those fucking germs” in their mouth, Bakugou searches for something for them to do. They had the Unforeseen Simulation Joint Facility to play in the day before since it was in their class schedule. Today, however, they are stuck in the dorm.


And the problem with staying in a dorm full of teenagers is that there is no game suitable for kids below 10. Another problem is that Bakugou needs to review his notes. Even if classes have been suspended for their class, it hasn’t been suspended for the whole school. And even if their class may be excused for the exams, it isn’t an excuse for Bakugou to not study. He’s going to be number one fairly and properly and indisputably, and that required a well-scheduled revision timetable.


Pondering the best way to ensure that all the kids are safe and quiet whilst allowing time for himself to study, Bakugou gets an idea. The only time people are quiet is when they’re dead, sleeping, eating, or studying. Killing them is not an option and they only recently woke up for breakfast. So studying it is.


Doing a quick search on the Internet, Bakugou finds and prints out question papers used in kindergartens and elementary schools. The toddlers are obviously not amused.


“Eh… I don’t wanna do homework…” Uraraka whines as the toddlers are ushered into the study room.


“Why can’t we play like yesterday?” Kirishima asks.


“Because I need to study so y’all gotta study too. Now do your work quietly. For every question you get right, your hugs will be lengthened by a second. No talking or cheating or there’ll be no hugs at all.” Bakugou instructs as he settles the toddlers such that he has a clear view of all of them.


And like magic, the children give in to the bribe without another sound. Bakugou then begins to pour through his textbook, making small notes and summarise at the margins. Every time he turns a page, Bakugou makes sure to take a glance at the kids. After 25 minutes, Bakugou stops his work for a 5 minutes break.


Most of the toddlers look like they’re in pain. Midoriya, Iida, Todoroki, Yaoyorozu, and Mineta appear to be doing their bests while Kaminari, Ashido, Sero, and Aoyama look close to tears. Aizawa looks like he is falling asleep while Present Mic seems to be resisting the urge to talk. Shigaraki and Kirishima appear to have already finished their papers, taking the opportunity to gaze at Bakugou. Bakugou isn’t sure if they finished it fast because they knew everything or because they didn’t know anything.


But whichever it is, it’s good that they’re quiet. Even if it is a little creepy to be stared at by two pairs of little red eyes that are not unlike his own. Whenever Bakugou locked eyes with either of them, they would smile creepily at him. Giving them a little nod, Bakugou returns to his studies.


They are all studying quietly when All Might returns to the dorm at noon with lunch, having finished his classes for the day. Because Bakugou had to watch all of the toddlers alone, they had no choice but to have All Might pick up some food.


All Might is bewildered at the sight in front of him. He’s never seen kids study so quietly and obediently before, especially when it isn't exam period. But then again, it isn’t very surprising. All Might knows how well the children listen to Bakugou.


“Is this necessary? They’re not going to be kids forever, you know. Seems kinda sad to make them study when they could be playing.” All Might says.


“Well, maybe they’ll be smarter when they return to normal since their foundation is gonna be much stronger,” Bakugou replies, eyes quickly glancing through the paragraph.


“That’s not for sure. We don’t know if they’ll retain these memories or not.” All Might shrugs as he goes to see what exactly the toddlers are doing.


Bakugou frowns, not understanding why he feels a little upset at the possibility that the kids won’t remember. It is better if they don’t, Bakugou tries to reassure himself. Or it’s going to be pretty embarrassing.


“How’s it going?” All Might asks as he looks over Ojirou’s shoulder. The toddler turns back and blinks at the other, eyes then flickering towards Bakugou for instructions. The child isn’t going to risk his hugs by answering the teacher without explicit permission. Deciding that it is time to eat lunch, Bakugou closes his book and tells the class that their “test” is over.


There is a loud collective sigh of relief. Almost immediately, those sitting close together start to compare their answers, the volume of the room becoming much louder than before. Bakugou shushes them and tells them to pass him their papers before they follow All Might to the dining room. Bakugou places his textbook on top of the papers before joining them.


The toddlers wait around the table, waiting for Bakugou to choose a seat before pouncing like a predator to prey. Bakugou sighs and shakes his head before choosing All Might and Todoroki to seat beside him. The former just because and the latter because he did help for breakfast as well.


The rest of the toddlers pout, but they each start making plans to be given the privilege to sleep next to Bakugou that night.


“Ehhh… This isn’t as good as Mama’s cooking.” Jirou says as she takes a bit of her pizza. The other toddlers nod in agreement but seem to swallow the meal just as well.


“Well, you will get to have young Bakugou’s cooking for dinner tonight and all will be fine. Why? Because I’m here!” All Might says with his signature smile.


“Wow! He could be a really good All Might cosplayer if he wasn’t so thin!” Sero chirps, in awe.


“I am the real All Might!” All Might replies indignantly.


“Ehhh… Can a teacher lie?” Kaminari drawls, disbelieving.


“I… But… I am All Might…” Looking at how flustered his childhood hero is, Bakugou grins in amusement. But a little self-deprecating voice in his head reminds him that All Might’s current stature is partially his fault.


The grin falls as Bakugou warns, “Don’t talk with your mouth full or you’ll fucking choke!”

Chapter Text

After their meal, the toddlers are brought to the toilet to rinse their mouth. All Might is impressed at how hardcore Bakugou is about health and cleanliness. He’s never known someone who cleans their teeth after every meal.

When everyone is done, the toddlers are herded into the living room for an afternoon nap. All Might is given the task of watching over the kids whilst marking their papers as Bakugou goes out to buy groceries and begin preparation for dinner.

As Bakugou bids them a good rest, the toddlers are sleeping soundly like sweet angels. But the moment he is out of the dorm, Yaoyorozu and Satou slip out of their futons. All Might looks at them and tells them to sleep but the two whisper conspiratorially.

“What do we do about zombie-man?” Satou whispers to Yaoyorozu.

“We can’t do anything that’ll get us into trouble with mama,” Yaoyorozu replies. “Maybe I can make some kind of sleeping gas and knock him out.”

“Do you know how to?”

“Not really…”

“Maybe we should threaten him.”

“Or beg him?”

“Both. In case one doesn’t work.” Satou concludes and the two make their way towards the thinly-build teacher.

All Might feels oddly intimidated as the two toddlers approach him. He has known them as kind students but children are unpredictable.

“Don’t tell mama!” Satou glares at All Might, trying to look scary and it's oddly endearing.

On the other hand, Yaoyorozu smiles up at All Might and says, “Please?”

All Might can only nod his head hesitantly. The two toddlers give a silent cheer before going to another corner of the room to scheme.

“So… Deku is Midoriya-kun, right?” Yaoyorozu asks.

“Maybe we should try Kirishima-kun. Mama mentioned him too.” Satou replies.

“But mama says that Deku’s known him all his life. I think he’ll know more about mama.”

“That’s true. Okay then. Let’s go to Midoriya-kun!”

Silently, the two crept towards their prey, shaking the green-haired toddler awake. Midoriya startles as he is woken up, glancing between the two in apprehension.

“Midoriya-kun! I heard that you’ve known mama all his life?” Yaoyorozu murmurs as she helps the boy sit upright. Satou nods along on the other side of the futon.

“Erm… Yes?” Midoriya replies uncertain of how to assess this situation.

“Can you tell us about mama?” Satou asks.

Midoriya is hesitant. Kacchan is his best friend, and it didn’t seem right to tell others about him. Midoriya feels proud about knowing the most about their makeshift mama, and he wants to possess that information alone. Besides, he didn’t know the two toddlers that well, and his mother had taught him not to talk to strangers.

One thing her parents taught her was that nothing is free in this world. With that in mind, Yaoyorozu creates a matryoshka doll of Bakugou in his hero costume and offers it to her potential informant. Midoriya readily accepts.

“I want one too!” Satou says as he sees the doll.

And because all of Class 1A are weak for each other, Yaoyorozu creates another two. One for herself and one for Satou.

“So… What do you want to know?” Midoriya asks. It’s not a betrayal if he doesn’t divulge any secrets.



“Okay… Well, Kacchan’s name is Bakugou Katsuki and he’s birthday is on the 20th of April. His blood type is A and he loves spicy food and mountain climbing. He also… …” Midoriya continues on about Bakugou. “He showers starting from his left armpit before taking a bath and uses non-silicone shampoo. He also likes to read horror stories before sleeping even though he gets night terrors sometimes!”

And being kids, Yaoyorozu and Satou do not realise how creepy it is that Midoriya knows so much. But All Might who can hear them is rather frightened and concerned. He knows that Midoriya knows a lot of information but the boy really takes fanboying to a whole new level.

“Kacchan is so strong and smart and brave and awesome! There was once he led us through the haunted forest behind the playground and he fought all the ghosts there! And when he fell and scraped his knee, he didn’t even cry! Oh! But when Kacchan cries, he’s so cute! His eyes get all big and watery but he refuses to blink but the tears still fall and Kacchan will be so angry that he’s been betrayed by his own eyes! And it’s just so cute!

“And Kacchan’s cheeks are so chubby and soft! I like to poke it when he’s asleep since he gets angry whenever someone tries to pinch his cheeks. A lot of the neighbourhood aunties still do so but I didn’t want Kacchan to be angry at me. Kacchan is also so good at sewing! When I tore my shirt on a branch and cried because I was afraid my mama would be disappointed, Kacchan helped me to patch it back up!

“When I fall and hurt myself and start crying, Kacchan would scold me for being careless but he will still help me clean off the blood and put on a plaster! And –“ Midoriya’s story-telling is cut off when a yelp cuts through the air.

The three toddlers turn towards the source, seeing a freaked out All Might. All Might was starting to draw a cross on a paper when his hand is suddenly stopped. A tight invisible grip moves his hand to form a tick.

“Young Hagakure, I don’t think young Bakugou will like it if you cheat.” All Might says.

The pressure is released and there’s a rustle as Hagakure rushes back into her futon.

“What cheat? What do you mean cheat? Me? You didn’t see me do anything! You don’t have any evidence!” Hagakure replies frantically. “I… I’m sleeping!”

A snore comes from the girl and All Might can only shake his head. He’s not going to tell on her though. He can tell how much the hugs mean to the kids, and it won’t do him any good to be made an enemy to an invisible toddler.

Chapter Text

As much as Midoriya, Yaoyorozu, and Satou struggle to stay awake so that they can talk and hear more about Bakugou, they soon fall asleep snuggled together, each hugging their own Bakugou doll despite its hardness.


The dorm is quiet when Bakugou returns with the groceries, strangely unsettling. Logically, Bakugou knows that the toddlers are sleeping. But it is still strange. Peaceful quiet mornings are the norm and commonplace. But peaceful quite afternoons in the dorms are practically non-existent. Class 1A is by no means a quiet class, the students always chatting and playing together. And even though Bakugou claims to find them all noisy and annoying, the cheerful sounds of his classmates put him at ease.


After all that has happened to their class, their upbeat and animated voices keeps Bakugou grounded.


So despite knowing that they are all safe and asleep, Bakugou carelessly dumps the groceries on the countertop and hurries to the living room. With as much speed as he possibly could while keeping silent so as to not wake the toddlers, Bakugou opens the door to check on his kids. With his mind set at ease, Bakugou sighs in relief. As he turns, Bakugou sees All Might giving him a knowing look. A heavy blush paints his cheeks and Bakugou lowers his head immediately. He leaves without looking up.


It is strange cooking at first. Bakugou is used to his classmates coming up to him as he cooks, attempting all sorts of ways to convince Bakugou to cook for them. Kirishima would always try to use Bakugou’s ego against him, telling him how it is manly to cook for one’s friends. Or how Yaoyorozu would make things for the class happily and easily. Sero and Kaminari would tease him and suggest that Bakugou just isn’t capable of cooking for more than one person. Ashido would just talk and plead until Bakugou just gave in to shut her up.


Slowly, the rest of his classmates followed their example. Satou would offer his family recipes, like his great-great-great grandmother’s triple chocolate and vanilla cookies recipe or his grandaunt’s super spicy curry chicken recipe. Aoyama would talk about some famous French chef who cooked for anyone that entered their restaurant whether or not they had money. Todoroki would mention some dish his mother used to cook, looking sad. Uraraka would pout and whine about being homesick. Tokoyami would spew some kind of dramatic speech that Bakugou couldn’t even understand. Jirou would throw some sarcastic remarks to rile him up. Hagakure would just steal his food as he cooks and claim that he didn’t have proof when he accused her of stealing.


And then Bakugou just started cooking for everyone. Because it’s almost impossible to reject Asui who felt like an older sister even though Bakugou is the oldest in their class. It’s even harder to stomach the upset look on Yaoyorozu’s face that causes some sort of domino effect that causes everyone around her to feel down as well. Bakugou hates how Ojiro looks as if he doesn’t deserve to be cooked for, how Kouda always looks afraid to ask Bakugou for anything, and how Iida and Midoriya would just stare at him unsure about how to ask.


And Bakugou doesn’t miss the quiet and subtle ways Shouji would care for him. There is always a popsicle labeled with his name in the fridge and some curry spices in the kitchen the day after Bakugou wakes up from a nightmare. At first, it had been a little creepy and strange. Bakugou had done a little subtle research, looking at his classmates’ handwritings in class. When he found out that it was Shouji, Bakugou realised that the other could probably hear him with his enhanced hearing. Bakugou had felt embarrassed, but Shouji had a big brother feel to him that made Bakugou feel grateful nonetheless.


And so, Bakugou had decided to just cook for everyone. However, that didn’t stop his classmates from visiting him in the kitchen as he cooks. Instead, they tried all sorts of ways to persuade Bakugou into cooking their favourite dishes. Before, Bakugou had thought that they were just being annoying. But now, Bakugou realises that they were all probably trying to include him even though he keeps trying to separate himself from the rest. With how his classmates, his friends, kept him company, Bakugou never had the time to stew in his negative emotions.


And now, as he stands alone in the silent dorm, Bakugou feels lonely and unsettled. It’s difficult to focus on cooking because he worries. His classmates and teachers are vulnerable in the state they’re in. What if Bakugou doesn’t realise if something goes wrong because he’s too focused on cooking?


Shaking his head, Bakugou attempts to clear his mind. He wonders how this is any different from the morning. He had been all fine and good even before Todoroki joined him, so why is now any different? But Bakugou knows the answer. Because he didn’t have a good view of the living room for here. And unlike in the morning where he could focus his ears on the living room, he cannot hear much from the kitchen, and even less through the sounds of cooking.


Sighing, Bakugou returns his attention to the cutting board. He has to cook. His kids are expecting it. And dessert too. Besides, they are safe here. Even though their “enemy” is under the same roof, at this point in time, they are all Bakugou’s children, sleeping peacefully. Probably dreaming about a good dinner and dessert too. And with renewed conviction, Bakugou allows himself to be pulled into the lull of cooking.


Later, when the living room door opens, Bakugou instantly stops his movements, ears perking up to listen for any sounds of danger. Out comes the toddlers with All Might rounding them up like sheep.


“Mama! You’re back!” Kirishima and Kaminari quip before launching themselves at the said boy.


“Don’t fucking run in the hallway like that. You little shits want to hurt yourself like Raccoon Eyes did yesterday?” Bakugou scolds.


“It’s Mina-chan!” Ashido pouts.


Bakugou rolls his eyes and sighs heavily. But it’s mostly just for show. With his kids surrounding him, Bakugou finally feels at ease.

Chapter Text

When the toddlers start to crowd the kitchen wanting to be close to Bakugou, the latter chases them out. While it is nice to have them around, it is also very dangerous. And annoying. Thus, the kids are settled around the dining table, watching Bakugou cook as they chat.


Their happy chatting is like white-noise to Bakugou, until he hears something that stops him in his tracks.


“So this really cute boy proposed to me at the playground the other day and we got married!” Ashido proclaims with a large grin.


What. For a moment, Bakugou is extremely confused. Until he remembers that as a child, there were many strange “weddings”. He vaguely remembers a couple get “married” after they just met before the “wife” wanted a “divorce” and threw the “wedding ring” (which was actually just a really ugly plastic bracelet) onto the ground. Bakugou briefly wonders where the bracelet even came from. It was really ugly…


Well, fuck it. Bakugou thinks. That doesn’t matter. What matters is that somebody tried (a decade ago) to marry his daughter! Well, classmate. (Friend).


“What do you mean you got married?” Bakugou narrows his eyes at the girl.


“Well, he gave me the ring thing from a plastic bottle then gave me a little peck on the cheek!” Ashido exclaims proudly.


“What. Just a filthy bottle ring? That’s even worse than a fucking ugly-ass bracelet! I object to this marriage.” Bakugou says with disgust. That little bastard actually dared to propose to his child with trash?!


“No! Mama! You can’t object! We’re already married! We’re going to my parents soon too! What about the babies!” Ashido cries out indignantly.


“You’re what?!” Bakugou asks bewilderedly. What the actual ever-loving fuck?


“We’re gonna be parents! Mama is going to be a grandmama!”


“How the fuck are you going to be parents?”


“Well, he’s perog… pareg… paroganant!” Ashido struggles to say.


“How the fuck is he pregnant?!” Bakugou isn’t sure he wants to continue this conversation.


“A birdie pooped on him! My mommy at home told me that birdies carry the babies to parents!”


“How does a bird taking a shit on him gotta do with that? The bird probably isn’t even a stork!”


“Tsk… Tsk… Mama! Don’t you know anything about where babies come from? Cupid comes in the form of birdies and they choose two people to be together! Then, one becomes perognarant and then a baby comes out!”


Bakugou just stares as Ashido, mindblown. He never actually had the sex talk with his parents before, but this could possibly be the most ridiculous explanation of where babies come from ever.


“I thought that when two people get married and sleep on the same bed, then the girl will become perognant.” Uraraka says with a tilt of her head.


Wow. Does she think that the sperm swims across the bed? Well… Okay. Bakugou isn’t one to talk. He had thought that people got pregnant through kissing on the lips. Bakugou had seen his aunt and uncle kiss each other on the lips once. And a few weeks later, his aunt was pregnant. It had made sense to Bakugou as a child. After all, he’d never seen his own parents kiss (thus being an only child), and his parents never kissed him on the lips.


“What is porognorant? I thought parents just went to a baby shop and just buys a baby? That’s how I got my baby puppy…” Kirishima furrows his eyebrows in confusion.


Okay. Bakugou decides. No child of his is going to be this ignorant and naïve.


“All Might. Explain.” Bakugou orders as he shakes his head and resumes cooking.


“What?” All Might opens his eyes wide, startled.


“Basic birds and the bees shit. Duh.” Bakugou replies as he rolls his eyes.




“I never had the talk. Plus, you’re the teacher. And, I’m cooking.” Bakugou replies.


“Well, when two people are really in love with each other, they go to a quirk user who makes them pregnant!” All Might says confidently.


“What the actual fuck?” Bakugou growls in annoyance.


“Is that not right? I’m not too sure myself… I’ve never been interested in those kinds of things…” All Might says sheepishly, scratching the back of his neck.


“Urgh. Basically, when a sperm in a biological male fertilises an egg in a biological female, the female becomes pregnant. There are no birds or quirks involved.” Bakugou briefly explains.


“Bah. That’s boring. I like my mommy’s version better.” Ashido says as she wrinkles her nose.


Well, fuck it. Bakugou thinks. It doesn’t matter.


“Whatever version you like, that boy isn’t pregnant and you guys aren’t getting married,” Bakugou says.


“But mama!”


“Do you even know him? What even is his fucking name?”


“Erm… I didn’t ask but it doesn’t matter. He’s an Ashido now.” Ashido answers, unabashed.


Deciding that this conversation is going nowhere, Bakugou merely shakes his head and warns the rest not to get married without his permission. They’re his babies, even if just for awhile.


Bakugou resumes cooking, no longer paying attention to the toddler’s conversation. When he’s done, the toddlers rush to help him set the table. They look at him expectantly, hoping to get to sit with Bakugou. Looking at the kids, Bakugou decides to sit between All Might and Aizawa.


“Not fair! Why does zombie man get to sit with mama again?” Kaminari protests.


“Because I say so. Now eat.” Bakugou says, thinking to himself that he’s starting to sound like his old hag.


The kids sulk at that, but only momentarily as they sink their teeth into the most delicious meal they’ve ever eaten. They eat happily, gladly swallowing even the peas that they hate. After dinner, they are even more excited for dessert.


“Oh my! This is even better than the one I got for my birthday!” Yaoyorozu exclaims with a bright smile as she digs into the crepe. Bakugou smirks with pride. Hell yeah. He’s the fucking best.


The toddlers eat cheerfully and messily and although Bakugou wants to scold them for being dirty, the sight of their grins makes him feel warm and fuzzy.


“Mama. I’m going to get a divorce. It’s too much competition. He might try to steal you from us.” Ashido says.


Bakugou rolls his eyes but does not say that no random guy out there is competition for someone as badass as Ashido. Hell, no one out there has anything on his kids.

Chapter Text

After dinner and showering, everyone is assembled in the living room, watching as Bakugou checks through their tests. Bakugou isn’t too interested in the scores, for the test was merely a tool to keep the children quiet after all. Bakugou flips through the tests carelessly, keeping up the appearance of strictness, until he reaches Uraraka’s paper.


On the blank page at the end of the test are two drawings. The first is of Uraraka helping her parents with their work, each with a heart beside their heads. The next one is of Bakugou hugging Uraraka, “THE NUMBER ONE MAMA!” written at the top in caps. Hiding a satisfied grin, Bakugou decides to grant her extra points.


Going through the other papers with some expectations, Bakugou comes across Kirishima’s paper. Kirishima’s paper is littered with little doodles of angry Pomeranians, each with an uncanny resemblance to Bakugou. In the large blank space of the last page, there’s a drawing of what appears to be Kirishima hugging a disgruntled Pomeranian. Shigaraki has drawn a picture of Bakugou in a wedding dress, flowers decorating the entire page. Bakugou isn’t sure how he feels about them, so no changes are made to these scores.


Midoriya has a detailed essay about how Bakugou studies, the way he would furrow his eyebrows when confused, and how he gave a small fist pump when he understood a difficult concept. It also detailed how Bakugou colour coded different parts of his notes, and how Bakugou wrote with the paper tilted at a 30 degrees angle. Bakugou knows that Midoriya loves taking notes about everyone, but he had no idea how the latter could notice so much from so far away. Bakugou feels one part strangely respectful of Midoriya’s analytic skills, and nine parts weirded out. No changes to this score either.


Satou’s paper has a list of pastries at the back, and Bakugou makes a mental note to make them if possible. Tokoyami’s has drawings of a large variety of skulls. Bakugou briefly thinks that the designs would look good on a shirt and complement his wardrobe of skull shirts. Kaminari and Ashido had written pleas, begging “the number one mama” to give them higher scores. Bakugou concedes.


But the paper that gives him the most surprise is Present Mic’s. In a sort of a “chain-mail” style, Present Mic had detailed about how teachers who received this message and ignored it instead of granting full marks had died tragic deaths or received years of bad luck. It describes the story of a teacher named Jack that ignored the message and was cursed to always lose his red pens. Rolling his eyes, Bakugou ignores it. He’s not an actual teacher anyway. Although it would suck if he keeps losing his red pens. He would have to change his colour coding method.


With that, Bakugou begins the “hugging session”. When it is finished, Midoriya asks, “Can we get our papers back?”


“No,” Bakugou says. He can’t let them know that he didn’t really keep his threat about the scores being proportionate to the length of the hug after all.


“But Kacchan! I need the last page!” Midoriya exclaims anxiously. He needed to transfer the information to his notebook. While he could remember it more or less, Midoriya did not want to risk missing out some details.


“What for?” Bakugou asks despite knowing why.


“For… I… Nevermind.” Midoriya says, resolving to find the paper in the dustbin, sure that Bakugou would throw them away. Because why would he keep them, right? Except, Midoriya never finds it.


As the night draws to a close, Bakugou chooses Yaoyorozu and Satou to sleep next to him since they had been helpful that day. As everyone settles into their futons, Bakugou sees the dolls in Satou’s and Yaoyorozu’s hands. Bakugou’s eyes narrow at them. While he understands that he had All Might plushies as a child, this is still strange. In the end, they are still classmates. Nonetheless, Bakugou feels flattered. Hence, he decides not to react to the dolls. They are really detailed and well done though. As expected of his kid.


Once Bakugou’s head hits his pillow, he’s out like a light. Raising kids is never easy, especially not a bunch of lively and rambunctious kids like his. When All Might and Midnight, who returned awhile before, also fall asleep, the kids are up and ready. Kaminari is quick to ask Yaoyorozu, Satou, and Midoriya how they got their dolls. Ashido has to shush him, telling him to keep his volume down. The other toddlers quietly echo Kaminari’s sentiments. And because Yaoyorozu is nice and kind-hearted, she promises to make everyone one. Satisfied, the children go to sleep.


All except for Yaoyorozu, Satou, and Midoriya. When they are certain that everyone else is asleep, they slip out of their futons. Midoriya gently presses a finger against Bakugou’s cheeks, before looking up at the other two as if to say that it’s safe. Satou cautiously does the same, gasping at the softness of Bakugou’s cheeks.


“They’re so soft! Like the inside of my nana’s fluffy sponge cake!” Satou whispers in awe.


Yaoyorozu follows the actions of the preceding two and agrees. “They’re like pudding! I wonder if his hair is the same…”


Hearing that, Midoriya is quick to comb his fingers through soft blond locks. His eyes widen in amazement. The other two quickly follow his example, both reacting the same way. That night, the three of them took turns playing with Bakugou’s hair and cheeks.


Bakugou wakes up disoriented the next morning. There are hands on his face. Gently getting out of his barricades, Bakugou sees Midoriya, Satou and Yaoyorozy cuddled together, hands stretched out to where Bakugou’s head was. Around Yaoyorozu are a dozen copies of the dolls of himself. Bakugou narrows his eyes. Such weird behaviour, Bakugou expects from Midoriya. He remembers all the times he woke up with Midoriya’s hands on his face back in nursery school. But for someone as refined as Yaoyorozu? He expected more subtilty and dignity. Sighing, Bakugou shakes his head and goes off to start his day.


It’s not like he doesn’t know that all of them are weird fucks anyway.

Chapter Text

Bakugou is preparing to cook when he hears little patters of footsteps and muted arguments behind him. Turning to look, Bakugou sees Todoroki, Kirishima and Shigaraki speed walking towards the kitchen. It is obvious that they each want to be the first to reach Bakugou, but all fearing his wrath if they’re caught running.


“Mama!” Kirishima calls out as he sees Bakugou looking at them. It is almost comical how Shigaraki and Todoroki both snap their heads up at that, soft smiles stretching across their faces.


Fucking adorable shits, Bakugou thinks to himself before extinguishing that thought.


“Sensei… We’ve come to help you…” Shigaraki says as he grins up at Bakugou.


“I’m not going to be left out this time…” Todoroki adds quietly.


“Alright, you little shits. In this kitchen, and outside this kitchen as well, you listen to me. Don’t do anything I tell you not to do, and don’t do anything I didn’t tell you to do either. Understood?” Bakugou asks. Satou and Yaoyorozu? Bakugou can trust to be obedient. Todoroki? To an extent. Kirishima? Not so much. And Shigaraki? No way in hell.


“Yes!” The trio chorus, Kirishima even raising his arm up to salute.


And let’s just say, Bakugou called it.


One moment, everything is fine and good. The trio listen to Bakugou attentively, nodding their heads enthusiastically and following instructions perfectly down to a T. In the next moment, it’s fucking disaster with a capital D. Bakugou doesn’t even know how it even happened, but suddenly, there’s flour and broken eggs everywhere.


“Fuck!” Bakugou growls as he notices the mess in his hair. It is going to be a bitch to wash out. Narrowing his eyes at the trio, Bakugou orders them to stand still so as to not make an even bigger mess. Grabbing a washcloth, Bakugou wipes down the kids as they keep their heads low, looking properly chastised even though Bakugou has yet to scold them. Sighing, Bakugou cleans up as best as he can before leading the trio off for a bath.


Bakugou doesn’t know why he’s the one feeling guilty. In any other circumstances, Bakugou is sure that the three of them would be over the moon to have Bakugou personally wash them. Yet, they continue to look down at the floor quietly as Bakugou washes the flour and eggs out of their hair. Unlike the usual bubbly energy, Kirishima is uncharacteristically down. It reminds Bakugou of the time Aizawa had scolded them. Todoroki emanates sadness even with his face impassive as ever. Even Shigaraki’s expression makes Bakugou feel like he kicked a puppy. And Bakugou does not ever kick puppies. People, usually. But never puppies, or animals as a matter of fact. Hence, Bakugou feels like there’s a knife twisting in his gut.


Fuck. How did he get so fucking weak for these kids?


When they return to the living room and explain the situation, Midnight quickly offers to buy breakfast. But despite countless reassurance from Midnight, All Might and Bakugou himself, the trio are still crestfallen. And like some kind of strange domino effect, the other toddlers begin to look upset too.


Fucking hell, Bakugou thinks.  It’s not like he can repeat what he did to bring up the mood last time. Searching the back of his mind, Bakugou thinks back on what his parents’ used to do to placate him. Or rather what his father did because his mother doesn’t take his shit. Briefly, Bakugou recalls tickle fights. He remembers being angry and upset at accidentally exploding his favourite All Might plushie due to a nightmare when he was six. He’d been even more grouchy than usual, and even his mother couldn’t handle it. His father had promised to buy him a new plushie but Bakugou was adamant in his fury. Because what kind of hero explodes things by accident? His parents had been at their wit’s ends. His mother running out of threats and his father having no other bribes. In the end, his father had initiated a tickle fight and the young and angry Bakugou stood no chance.


Tickles seem like something that would work. But initiating one is difficult for someone like Bakugou. He’s torn between his pride and the guilt. Fuck. It just seemed so out-of-character for him to do something like tickle fights. How even does one initiate such things? He can imagine Ashido or Kaminari shouting “Tickle fights!” before pouncing on their victim but it just isn’t Bakugou. But someone like All Might… Grinning to himself, Bakugou stalks over to All Might.


After Bakugou whispers his idea to All Might, he feels a second of pride for solving the problem before regret fills him. Because All Might smiles at him with some sort of mischievous grin. All Might is shouting “Everybody! Tickle fights!” before attacking the person closest to him. Which is, obviously, Bakugou.


Bakugou cannot stop giggling as fingers start ticking his tummy. He tries to shield his midsection, but to no avail. Bakugou laughs and laughs and realises that it has been a long time since he’s laughed this hard. After he grew up and started getting serious about his training, tickle fights had seemed so childish and lame. Having fun had just seemed like something that would slow him down. But in hindsight, Bakugou feels like probably ruined his own childhood.


As Bakugou is busy laughing, he fails to notice the adoring eyes on him.


“Marry me,” Todoroki says seriously as he pulls on Bakugou’s sleeve.


“Wha… What?” Bakugou gasps between giggles.


“No! Sensei is mine. I’m going to marry sensei! I asked him first!” Shigaraki growls.


“Eh… Eh? No?! Kacchan already agreed to marry me when we were three!” Midoriya insists.


“What the fuck?” Bakugou exclaims as he escapes the tickling fingers.


“Yes, Kacchan! We were having a sleepover and I asked you.” Midoriya replies.


“That’s not fair! I want to marry mama too!” Uraraka injects.


The other toddlers nod their heads in agreement. As they begin arguing about who gets to marry him, Bakugou merely rolls his eyes and sighs. At least their moods are all up again.

Chapter Text

When Bakugou goes off to prepare lunch, he strictly tells the toddlers to stay out of the kitchen. And no matter how pitiful they look as they sulk, Bakugou remains steadfast in his decision. Instead, the pouting children are rounded in front of the television as All Might fishes out a movie he had specially brought for the kids.


“The Nightmare Before Christmas…” Jirou says as she looks at the cover of the movie.


“Is it scary?” Toga asks, peering over Jirou’s shoulder to read the synopsis.


At the mention of “nightmare” and “scary”, Kouda grips tightly to the Bakugou doll Yaoyorozu made and hides his face. On the other hand, Tokoyami looks mildly interested and shuffles forward.


“You’ll love it!” All Might says as he slips in the disc.


And indeed, they do. Although some of them were wary of Jack Skellington at first, they quickly warmed up the king of the pumpkin patch. When Bakugou calls them for lunch, they have finished the movie and are happily listening to All Might talk about Halloween celebrations.


Excitedly, Kaminari, Kirishima, Ashido, Sero and Present Mic bounce out of the room singing. Pointing to the dishes Bakugou made, they fall easily into a harmony.


“What’s this?”


“What’s this?!”


“There’s colour everywhere!”


“What’s this?”


“There’s white things in the air!”


Bakugou is impressed at how coordinated they are. Of course, the amusement only lasts for a short while. It starts becoming painful when they continue singing the song on repeat as they pop around from behind chairs and under tables, and point at things randomly.


With his head in his hands, Bakugou wonders how he could get them to shut up. It’s cute. It really is. For the first hour. And then it starts giving Bakugou a headache as they approach two hours. Don’t they ever get tired? Need a drink? Or like, need to pee? Just then, there’s a soft pat on his shoulder.


Looking up, Bakugou sees Tokoyami, Kurogiri and Aizawa in front of him, very much an unexpected trio.


“Halloween…” They say quietly.


Bakugou blinks at them, confused. He is also rather surprised that Aizawa wasn’t sleeping.


“Halloween!” The trio repeat, louder this time.


Taking it as if it is a song request, the singing quintet seamlessly changes the song to ‘This Is Halloween’. At least it’s a different song now, Bakugou thinks.


The relief lasts only a second as they slowly creep up to Bakugou, singing in low voices.


“This is Halloween.”


“This is Halloween!”


“Halloween, Halloween!”


“Can we? Have Halloween?” Kurogiri asks.


“Halloween is already over…” Bakugou says but his words are drowned by excited shrieks of agreement by the approaching singing quintet.


“Yes! Let’s celebrate Halloween!” Ashido shouts in approval.


“I wanna be a demon!” Kaminari exclaims. “With wings!”


“I want all the candy!” Toga adds with a grin.


“I would like to make acquaintances with the shadows and whispers of the dark.” Tokoyami murmurs quietly.


With a sorry smile, All Might cuts short their excitement. “I’m sorry kids. But-”


“But it would be quite different from what you expect,” Bakugou interrupts. He would have loved to let All Might kill off their hopes for Halloween but the expectant look of the toddlers’ faces was hard to ignore.


“It’s okay, mama! We just want candy!” Kirishima chirps.


“And dress up!” Aoyama adds.


“Alright, alright. But you kids better be good. If not, you can kiss Halloween goodbye.” Bakugou warns.


“We’re always good, mama,” Sero says cheekily.


“Talking back isn’t good, soy sauce face,” Bakugou replies.


“Soy sauce face?” Uraraka questions.


Ignoring the question, Bakugou turns to All Might and says with a smirk, “All Might here is going to get you all clothes and candy.”


The kids immediately turn to All Might, eyes bright with joy.


Sighing, All Might nods.


In the end, due to budget issues, All Might ends up buying what he can from 100yen stores. 24 toddlers are a lot of toddlers, okay?


Shaking his head at the quality, Bakugou raises his eyebrows at All Might. “I think my kids deserve better than this.”


All Might rubs the back of his head sheepishly. “I got good candy?”


Rolling his eyes, Bakugou calls the toddlers up to him one by one to take their measurements. When he’s done, Bakugou tells All Might to watch the kids closely before grabbing the 100yen costumes and leaving to his room.


Hours later, Midnight returns with dinner. The children pick at their food, sulking as they miss their mama.


“Where’s mama?” Asui asks.


“Making preparations for Halloween,” Midnight says as she returns to the dinner table after delivering Bakugou’s food to his room.


“I want mama… I don’t need Halloween…” Todoroki says sadly. The other toddlers nod in agreement.


“Don’t worry. Bakugou will be down for your daily hugs later.” All Might replies, trying to placate the kids. “We can have ice cream after this!”


“I don’t care about ice cream. I miss Kacchan…” Midoriya pouts.


Despite their claims of not caring about ice cream, the toddlers eat it greedily and happily. But after that, they are sad again. They have no interest in All Might’s stories about Halloween, nor the movie playing. Wrecking their brains desperately, All Might and Midnight remember the recording of the sports festival and immediately play it.


Once their makeshift mama appears on the screen, wide smiles appear on their faces as they cheer loudly for their mama. They giggle happily when Bakugou soars past the robots, huff when Bakugou loses the race, and positively growl when Monoma steals Bakugou’s headband during the cavalry battle. And if Midnight and All Might think that growling was fierce, they are terribly wrong. The toddlers almost start a riot when Bakugou is booed at by the crowd during his battle with Uraraka. As the teachers remember how Bakugou was chained up at the end, they decide to end the recording before the children really started a riot but were met with protests.


“No! We wanna watch more!” The toddlers shout as Midnight makes a move to stop the recording.


“We can continue another time, alright? You have to get ready for bed when Bakugou comes down to hug you all.” Midnight says, the warning clear in the statement.


Grumbling, the kids give in. When Bakugou comes down that night, the children are more clingy than usual, all refusing to let go until Bakugou threatens their future hugs.


As they are falling asleep, Ashido starts to sing “Do you wanna build a snowman…”


Turns out they were only pretending not to be interested in the movie after all.

Chapter Text

When Bakugou wakes up the next day, he finds himself being suffocated. There’s an elbow at his jaw, a head on his chest with fluffy feathers up his nose, a group of hands entwined in his hair, and weights all over his arms and legs. He literally cannot move. Bakugou would sigh and shake his head, except he doesn’t want a mouthful of feathers and an elbow in his face. These little rascals, Bakugou thinks fondly.


Just then, Tokoyami snuggles closer into Bakugou’s chest, feathers tickling the latter’s nose. Bakugou is unable to stop the ensuing sneeze. Almost instantly, the children jump awake and fuss over him.


“Mama! Are you alright?”


“Did you catch a cold?”


“Where are the blankets?”


“I’ll keep you warm!”


And within seconds, Todoroki is pressed to Bakugou’s side with his quirk activated while the rest of the toddlers pile their blankets on top of them. From the side of the room, All Might is laughing. How helpful.


“Zombie sensei! This is no laughing matter! Mama could die of ammonia!” Iida scolds.


It only serves to make All Might laugh even harder. “Hahaha! Ammonia? You mean pneumonia?! Ahahahahaha…”


The toddlers frown and glare at All Might when he suddenly yelps and clutches his leg.


“Oww… Hagakure?” All Might groans in pain.


“You still don’t have proof!” Hagakure replies. Yaoyorozu raises her palm and feels the invisible high-five.


“Hagakure! You should not resort to violence against a teacher!” Iida chides. “And Yaoyorozu, you should not encourage her.”


Together, Hagukure and Yaoyorozu defend, “We didn’t do anything! You don’t have any proof!”


Sighing, Bakugou attempts to extricate himself from the burning furnace of blankets but is hindered by Todoroki and the other toddlers when they notice what he’s trying to do.


“I’m fine, guys. Really. I’m not sick. There was just something tickling my nose, alright? Now off before I die of heat.” Bakugou says.


The children immediately help to remove the blankets, expressions sheepish. “Sorry, mama…”


“It’s alright but let’s be nicer to All Might, yeah? He’s all skin and bones.” Bakugou tells them as he rounds them up to the toilet. The toddlers nod in understanding.


After learning how half a day apart can make the children ten times more clingy, Bakugou brings his things down to the living room with a warning that the kids should not touch anything unless they want him to return to his room. The children are completely obedient. For the rest of the day, Bakugou continues to fix the kid’s Halloween costumes, occasionally calling them up one by one for some fitting and adjustments. Some of the toddlers watch Bakugou as he sews with rapt attention while the others have their eyes fixed on the superhero movie All Might has put on the screen.


Bakugou is done with the costumes when night falls and they no longer looked like they came from 100yen stores. In fact, they look like they belong to a popular fashion line.


“Wow! Bakugou, my boy, these are really good!” All Might says as he looks through the clothes. “I didn’t know you could sew!”


“My old man’s a fashion designer,” Bakugou offers with a shrug before changing the conversation. “So have you figured out where they’re gonna trick or treat?”


“Of course! You can trust me!” All Might grins. Bakugou merely raises an eyebrow in response.


On the other hand, the toddlers are excitedly trying on their costumes, and it quickly turns into a fashion show.


“First up! We have Kaminari Denki, a demon from the pits of hell… With his velvety black wings and blood-red dress shirt, he’s someone you should definitely watch out for.” Present Mic begins to host the impromptu fashion show.


Kaminari gives a little pose, showing off his wings before ending with a flourish.


“Next up is Uraraka Ochako! Be wary of the little witch for she’ll turn you into ingredients!”


Uraraka smiles as she twirls and curtseys.


“Next, Midoriya Izuku, your neighbourhood friendly ghost!”


Midoriya hesitantly gives a shy wave.


One by one, Present Mic calls out the toddlers to show off their outfits. When they’re done, the children realise that their mama doesn’t have his own costume.


“Aren’t you gonna dress up too, mama?” Asui asks.


In all honesty, Bakugou would rather not. But he isn’t about to crush the children’s hopes. If asked, Bakugou would claim that he didn’t want to deal with twenty-four crying toddlers. But really, he’s just whipped. And so, Bakugou promises to wear a costume. He’s sure he kept the one his father sent him for this year’s Halloween in his cupboard.


All Might and Midnight also agree to wear a costume. And as the children prepare for bed, the “adults” run through the plan for the “Halloween celebrations”. Once Bakugou is satisfied with the level of security for his kids, they too turn in for the night.


When the weekends finally arrive, the toddlers are positively buzzing with excitement. They happily help each other into their costumes and even convinced Midnight to put some makeup on them. And when Bakugou changes into a werewolf costumes, the kids are instantly clambering towards him.


“Mama is a werewolf… It matches with me…” Todoroki says with awe.


“No, mama is the wolf in the little red riding hood. He matches with me!” Kirishima protests.


“Sensei matches with me… We’re both wolves…” Shigaraki drawls.


“You know, I think he looks more like a Pomeranian,” Midnight says. When she notices Bakugou’s glare, she continues, “An angry little Pomeranian.”


Todoroki, Kirishima and Shigaraki cannot help but nod in agreement.


“Fluffy!” Uraraka shouts as she catches sight of Bakugou’s tail and dives towards it. It sets the other toddlers off onto his tail as they each want a turn to stroke the tail.


“The ears are soft too!” All Might says as he fiddles with Bakugou’s ears, having just joined them after changing. Bakugou lets out a long-suffering sigh and is ready to throw out some threats.


Just then, Sero sees what All Might is wearing and asks, “Are you cosplaying as Jack Skellington from now on?”


This catches the attention of the other toddlers that eye All Might’s costume while the man himself hides a proud smile. He thought that the outfit would help him win the children’s favour.


“So are you gonna stop cosplaying as All Might?” Toga questions with a tilt of her head. “I liked the All Might cosplay…”


“I think he’s cosplaying as All Might cosplaying as Jack Skellington,” Jirou muses.


All Might isn’t sure if he’s won or not.

Chapter Text

“So what’s the story?” Bakugou asks as they make their way to the school. Almost all the students have returned home for the weekends, and there is no doubt that the Class 1A’s parents will wonder where their children are.


“A special training camp for the class. No phones allowed either. They’ll call me or Midnight if they want an update.” All Might replies.


That’s a lot of faith in the school, Bakugou thinks. If it where him, he would probably have demanded to keep in touch with his kids.


As they enter the school, Bakugou tells them to stand in pairs. For every four pairs, there’s a teacher “in-charge”. All Might is at the front and in charge of the first four pairs, Midnight is at the centre with the next four pairs, and Bakugou stays at the back with the last four pairs.


All Might brings the first group to the first classroom as the rest stay further back and wait their turn. Once they receive Bakugou’s nod of approval, the first group knock excitedly at the door. It opens to reveal Thirteen who has decorated the classroom with a space theme and is dressed as R2-D2.


“Trick or treat?!” The group shout excitedly. Thirteen giggles at how adorable the kids are before giving them Reese’s. Thirteen gives every one of the kids a hug before waving them off. As the first group goes to the next door, Midnight leads the second group to the first door where they knock and greet Thirteen.


At the second door is Cementoss who has generic Halloween decorations on. He awkwardly pats the toddlers’ heads, tells them to work hard, before giving them marshmallows.


When the first group goes to the third door, and the second group to the second, Bakugou brings his group to the first. One by one, each group takes turns to go to each door, with everyone in each group having the chance to knock at the door.


The third room houses Principal Nezu who is ironically dressed as the Cheshire cat with a psychedelic-themed room. He laughs almost maniacally as he hands out Kit Kats. Needless to say, he freaked Kouda out.


And so did Ectoplasm. The fourth room is decorated like a haunted house and while Kouda is afraid and clinging to Bakugou, Tokoyami is utterly in love with the room. He likes the room so much that he didn’t want to leave. And so, in addition to the spider gummy, Ectoplasm gives Tokoyami some of the décors.


The fifth room is racing themed with Power Loader giving them car-shaped chocolates. The sixth has Snipe with a cowboy themed room and nougat. And the seventh room is police themed with All Might’s police friend Tsukauchi giving them Hi-Chew.


The eight and last room is by far the most decorated. There are little bats hanging above the doorframe, and when the kids knock the door, it slowly creeks open as Vlad King rises from the coffin in the middle of the room. Again, Kouda is terrified and clinging to Bakugou, with Todoroki learning from the other and pretending to be afraid too. Not that Todoroki wasn’t already clinging onto Bakugou from the start. That kid is seriously a koala.


On the other hand, Tokoyami is enraptured. With a deep bow, Tokoyami exclaims, “My Lord! From the dark ashes you have risen once again! As ruler of the night, would you take me as part of your clan?”


Unfazed, Vlad King replies, “Should you come to me with proof of your competence when you are of age, I will gladly initiate you into my clan.”


Bakugou narrows his eyes at Vlad King in annoyance. How dare he try to poach his son! And right in front of him!


As if sensing Bakugou’s irritation, Vlad King adds, “But perhaps for now you should enjoy the fading lights of your childhood with your protector.”


“Hmmm….” Tokoyami ponders over Vlad King’s words before saying, “It is my greatest wish to remain with mama. My great Lord, would you initiate mama as well?”


“Mama?” Vlad King questions before he realises who Tokoyami is referring to. Frowning at Bakugou with disdain, Vlad King continues, “Well, I’m afraid he doesn’t meet the requirements for our clan.”


“Oh… Well then, I shall retract my request to join your clan.” Tokoyami says, a little disappointed. Bakugou gives him a little pat on the head whilst glaring holes in the teacher’s head.


“So it shall be,” Vlad King concludes before giving the toddlers monster lollies. When he gets to Kirishima and sees what he’s wearing, Vlad King says, “Little red riding hood, huh.”


“Yes!” Kirishima chirps. “She’s real manly! Just like mama!”


“Well, you do realise that little red riding hood is a girl and your mama is a boy, right?” Vlad King says with disapproval clear in his voice.


“And you do realise that gender is a social construct, right?” Bakugou retorts. “Bitch.”


“That is no way to speak to your teacher!” Vlad King scolds but Bakugou merely ignores him as he herds his group off to join the others. All Might quickly intervenes to stop Vlad King from pursuing the argument.


“Mama? What’s a social constra?” Kirishima asks.


“A social construct is an idea or concept created by society but it isn’t actually true. Like the idea that women are weak and men are strong is a social construct.” Bakugou explains as they reach the others. And a little softer and guiltier, Bakugou adds, “Or the idea that those that are quirkless are useless and those with strong quirks are better than everyone else.”


Recalling the sports festival match, Uraraka asks, “Like when you were fighting with big me, the angry people were angry because of the social constra?”


“Yeah. You definitely aren’t weak, round face. But it’s probably stereotypical of me to expect them not to be so stereotypical just because they are adults and should know better.” Bakugou replies.


“So that man just now is bad?” Shigaraki asks. “I shall kill him…”


As much as Bakugou would love to blast Vlad King’s face off, he stops the toddler. “People aren’t necessarily bad just because they subscribe to certain social constructs. Sometimes, it’s just the way people are brought up and they don’t know any better. That guy’s a bitch, but he ain’t a villain. But even villains we don’t kill. Alright?”


“That’s funny, coming from the King of Explodokills,” a voice suddenly calls out from behind.


Chapter Text

“Tech-Creep,” Bakugou says as he turns to see the source of the voice.


“Grumpy cat!” Hatsume replies with glee. Grinning widely, she jumps in front of the toddlers and peers down at them. “And who are these little munchkins? They look pretty familiar… They look pretty cute in these little costumes, but they’ll be even cuter if they are to wear my super cute gadgets.”


“Mama?” Uraraka asks uncertainly as she hides behind Bakugou’s legs. Those predatory yellow eyes reminded the girl of the werewolf from the movie that gave her nightmares for days.


“Mama?! Wow, grumpy cat! I always thought you would end up a crazy cat lady. Single and alone, with only equally grumpy cats for company. To think you’d have so many kids! Where’d you kidnap them from?” Hatsume laughs.


“Fuck off and die!” Bakugou replies with no real anger as he rolls his eyes.


“Oh my! I thought we didn’t kill in the house of Bakumama?” Hatsume says in mock surprise.


“Young Hatsume,” All Might interrupts, thinking that things may escalate further. “We would like to ask for your silence on this matter…”


“Hmm... Sure! I’m not supposed to be in school today anyway.” Hatsume says to All Might before turning to Bakugou. “But perhaps I can borrow a few of these babies? I’m thinking of starting a new line for children.”


“No way!” Bakugou growls, fiercely protective as he stands in front of the kids. “Keep your filthy creeper paws off my children!”


Before the two can get into a fight, All Might intercepts by asking, “So… It seems that you two know each other?”


“Oh yes! I’ve seen this grumpy cat at Akihabara a couple of times. Tried to pretend to be getting some electronics like me. But then I caught him queueing for the teacher-edition All Might Nendoroid in the rain.” Hatsume replies with a shrug.


“Fuck you!” Bakugou says as his cheeks colour with embarrassment. At the same time, All Might is rather surprised and marvels at how different Bakugou and Midoriya are at showing their admiration. He would never have thought that Bakugou is such a fan of him.


“Eww… No… How many times a girl’s gotta tell you she ain’t interested?” Hatsume replies with a teasing lilt. Glancing at the time, she continues, “Well, as much as it is fun to catch-up with you, grumpy cat, I’ve got my own super cute babies to get back to. Consider lending me some of your babies, yeah? Bye bye!”


And without waiting for a response, Hatsume disappears off to the workroom.


“She’s scary…” Uraraka says as most of the other toddlers nod along.


“Was she bothering you, mama? Is she a villain?” Kirishima asks, furrowing his eyebrows in concern.


Bakugou merely shakes his head. Hatsume may be a menace, but Bakugou is begrudgingly respectful of her abilities and drive. To the kids, he replies, “She’s… Well… She’s kind of my friend.”


Bakugou would have called her an acquaintance but she did help him improve his hero costume for free and he did sort of respect her.


“Come on,” Bakugou says as he beckons to the kids. “Let’s go back.”


When they return to the dorms, the toddlers refuse to change out of their costumes, insisting to be allowed to wear them until bath time. Unsurprisingly, Bakugou gives in easily to their pouts and puppy eyes.


The rest of the day is spent by the kids exchanging sweets and ghost stories. Bakugou warns them not to have too much of either. When it is finally time for bed, it is clear that none of the kids listened to him. The toddlers are still bouncing up and down with their systems pumped full of sugar from the sweets and adrenaline from the stories. On the other hand, Bakugou is dead tired. Kaminari always teased him and called him a grandpa for going to sleep early, but really, teenagers are the ones that need more sleep.


And so, Bakugou is already nodding off, slouched in the corner of the room where he is supposed to have a good vantage point to watch the children. Noticing Bakugou’s state of consciousness or lack thereof, All Might carries the sleeping boy and puts him in his futon.


“Come on, let’s go to bed now,” All Might whispers, not wanting to wake Bakugou up, but the children are reluctant. They are still very much awake, and would rather stay up. Whether to exchange more stories or to creepily stare at the sleeping Bakugou, All Might does not know.


“Go to sleep now. Your mama wouldn’t be happy if you didn’t have enough sleep.” Midnight adds. And that was more than enough to convince the children that they need to go to bed even though they cannot sleep.


Grumbling, the kids settle into their futons, expecting to stare off into the darkness and wait for the adults to sleep so they can continue. But as their heads hit their pillows, they suddenly feel sleepy, easily drifting off to dreamland. Midnight smiles at a job well done when a dull thunk reminds her that she should have made sure All Might was also in his futon before using her quirk.

Chapter Text

Bakugou knows that something is off the next morning before he even has to open his eyes. The distinct lack of weight against his limbs and fingers in his hair is startling, especially since he’s gotten used to them. At that realisation, Bakugou shoots up in shock as fear seizes his heart. Looking around, Bakugou quickly counts his children, only relaxing when he accounts for all of them. Thinking back on the night before, Bakugou is sure that he had fallen asleep while watching the kids. He didn’t remember getting into the futon, nor choosing who got to sleep beside him.


It’s a wonder how the children even managed to fall asleep last night, considering how hyper they were. But seeing how all the kids are in their own futons without sneaking into his, Bakugou concludes that Midnight may have had a hand in putting them to sleep. Taking advantage of the free space around him, Bakugou stretches out the kinks in his back, blinking tiredly before getting up.


It is going to be another long day ahead of them. Taking advantage of the school being empty for the weekends, they are going to the school’s training field for a change of pace. After washing the sleep from his face, Bakugou begins preparing food for their “picnic”. As he is cutting the sausages, Bakugou hears the soft pitter-patter of quiet footsteps approaching the kitchen.


“Good morning, mama,” Iida greets as he enters.


“Morning,” Bakugou replies, keeping a watchful eye as Iida peers over to see what he is doing.


“Are you going to make octopus sausages?” Iida asks hopefully.


While presenting food nicely is important to a certain extent, Bakugou thought that things like octopus sausages and bunny apples were an overkill. Regardless, he replies, “Alright.”


Iida smiles brightly before slipping onto the chair overlooking the kitchen. “My older brother always used to make octopus sausages in my lunchbox!”


“Yeah?” Bakugou says.


“Mhmm!” Iida makes a sound of confirmation. “My whole family are heroes! And so their rather busy. My older brother would always make me a lunchbox along with his own. Until he got busy when he became a pro-hero… I miss him…”


Bakugou pauses cutting at that, looking unsurely at the sad child at the table. While Bakugou would love to excel at everything, cheering up sad people is not his forte. Just as he is thinking about what he could do, a loud cheerful voice interrupts.


“Morningggg~” Toga calls out happily as she skips into the area.


Bakugou and Iida greet her in response.


Plopping down on the chair next to Iida, Toga settles her elbows on the table and rests her head in her palms. “Isn’t mama so dreamy? When I grow up, I wanna be juuuust like mama! Good at everything and everyone will loooove meeeee!”


“Mama is amazing, but I’d rather be like my older brother. He’s a real cool hero!” Iida replies with pride in his eyes.


“I think mama can be a cool hero too! The most awesome hero, Mama! I can already imagine it!” Toga says with glee.


“Most awesome hero, Mama…” Iida repeats, sounding it out.


“No no no no!” Bakugou vehemently protests. “I’m gonna be King of Explodokills!”


“I already told you that name is a no go,” Midnight says as she saunters into the room. “But hero name Mama may work.”


“Die!!” Bakugou growls as he returns to his work.


“I can see it! The villains shouting “Oh no! Mama is here!” as they hide like naughty little children. And you will swoop right in and declare, “No hugs for you tonight!” as they cower in fear.” Midnight teases with a grin.


“And mama would do it all while knitting a little sweater!” Toga adds as she giggles excitedly.


Bakugou rolls his eyes and tunes out their conversation as the other three begin exchanging ideas.


“I guess mama would be a great hero just like my older brother,” Iida concludes. “But… I wonder if I can ever compare to either of them…”


“Awww… Don’t worry! You’ll do fine!” Toga encourages as she happily pats Iida’s head. “After all, we have mama!”


“But they’re both so…” Iida begins, unconvinced.


“Hey. Rather than worrying about that, why don’t you just work hard and succeed in your own way? We are all different, and only you can do what you can do.” Bakugou says softly, pausing in his work to look at the other.


“That’s right, Iida,” Midnight reassures.


Nodding, Iida gives a thankful smile. “Okay.”


“Alright. Enough with all these cheesy stuff. Go call the others to get up and clean up.” Bakugou orders, causing the other three to laugh and nod in agreement.


As Midnight and Iida went ahead and did as they were told, Toga lingered behind.


“Mama… Do you think I can be a hero too?” Toga asks solemnly, eyes suddenly older, looking hesitant and uncertain.


Bakugou wants to say that she definitely can. But he stops himself. It would be a lie. The girl was, or will be, a villain. But what good would it be to tell her the truth? Determinedly, Bakugou cleans his hands before squatting in front of the girl.


“Be something you’ll be proud to be, yeah?” Bakugou says as he ruffles her hair. “Mama believes in you. Now go help wake the others up!”


“Yes, mama!” Toga chirps with a wide grin before bouncing down the hallway.


“No running in the hallways!” Bakugou shouts behind her.


“Oops! Sorry, mama!” Toga turns and gives an apologetic smile before making a show of walking carefully.


Bakugou sighs and shakes his head. He had wanted the cure to be found quickly. But now, Bakugou doesn’t want to let these children go.

Chapter Text

The toddlers cheer excitedly when they hear that they are returning to the school grounds, happy to have a new place to explore. And whilst most of the group rush forward as per usual, Kaminari hangs around the back, strangely quiet.


“Hey, Pikachu! You okay?” Bakugou asks, concerned by the odd behaviour.


Kaminari merely grunts in reply. Bakugou raises an eyebrow at that, unsure of what to make of it. Ultimately, he decides to let it go. The kid is probably going through his rebellious phase or something. Either that, or he had used too much energy the day before.


When they reach the training field, free to go forth and explore, the toddlers quickly went off on their own adventure. Surprisingly, Shigaraki also runs forward with the rest instead of hanging around Bakugou. And unsurprisingly, Todoroki stays. Bakugou almost regrets how baggy his pants are because it allows Todoroki to have such a strong grip on them.


“Go on, half-and-half, go socialise or whatever,” Bakugou encourages, patting the toddler’s back.


The said toddler merely shakes his head and replies, “But I want to stay with mama.”


Being in the training field always gears Bakugou up for battle, all the memories associated with training at the forefront of his mind. Ideally, Bakugou would love to go off and train. He feels his muscles growing lazy from the lack of use. But of course, the world is not ideal. He didn’t exactly trust the teachers to take care of them well, and he could potentially hurt one of the kids if he wasn’t careful. Besides, it isn’t like Todoroki would let go of him anytime soon.


So instead, Bakugou trudges off to sit on one of the large rocks, Todoroki following closely.


From his viewpoint, Bakugou sees Asui and Uraraka attempting to braid Kirishima’s hair, while the latter sings happily with Ashido, Sero and Jirou. As the singing group sways to their song, Asui places a hand on Kirishima’s shoulder, asking the other to hold still. Kirishima smiles sheepishly in response, trying to sit still but he continues to move to the beat subconsciously.


A few feet away, Yaoyorozu, Midoriya and Aoyama are discussing seriously about something. After a while, Yaoyorozu creates a small but shiny ring. Aoyama accepts the ring happily as Yaoyorozu gives it to him, slipping it only his finger and admiring it. Midoriya stares at it in awe too, mumbling excitedly. Hearing Midoriya’s thoughts, Yaoyorozu begins to make a plushie that highly resembles their makeshift mama. Midoriya squeals at the plushie, mumbling praises to Yaoyorozu who flushes with pride. This catches the attention of Hagakure and Toga who join them.

Under the biggest tree in the training field, Aizawa settles onto the grass, head nestled on Present Mic’s legs as the latter sings him a lullaby. Strangely, Kaminari is with them, leaning against the tree trunk as he rests.


Meanwhile, Tokoyami, Iida, Mineta, Shouji, Ojiro and Satou are playing a weird combination of hide-and-seek and catch. Iida is the catcher, chasing Shouji and Ojiro across the field. On the other hand, Tokoyami takes advantage of the shadows and hides behind of a bush that is sheltered by a tree. Inspired by Tokoyami, Satou runs off to hide beside Kaminari.


Uninterested in the rest, Shigaraki goes forth on a quest to look for flowers. Kurogiri is relegated as his porter, holding all the flowers that Shigaraki picks.


Looking at the kids, Bakugou can see that they have gotten closer after all the sugar and Halloween fun. However, there is still one who wants to approach but is still too shy to. Kouda is playing with some of the birds and small critters. Yet, he is easily distracted, attention drifting to his classmates. Kouda’s eyes shine with the desire to join the rest but also the fear of rejection. The sad smile on his face hardens Bakugou’s resolve, and the latter begins to walk towards him with Todoroki trailing behind.


Seeing his wonderful but also extremely intimidating mama walk towards him, Kouda is immediately afraid but he does not move away. Bakugou crouches down to meet the other’s eyes, sighing as he sees the effect he has on the other.


“Come on,” Bakugou says as he opens his arms to Kouda when he checks that none of the toddlers other than Todoroki is looking at them. The tension in Kouda’s muscles relaxes a little and he inches cautiously into Bakugou’s embrace. At Todoroki’s soft “Mama?”, Bakugou’s arms move to accommodate the other child as well. It is only when Kouda has clearly relaxed that Bakugou ends the hug.


Taking a step back, Bakugou assesses Kouda’s expression before suggesting, “Let’s go play with the others, yeah?”


The carefree look on Kouda’s face is instantly replaced with horror and he begins gesturing wildly. It takes Bakugou a moment to realise that the other is signing. While Bakugou has learned sign language back when his doctor told him that his quirk could harm his hearing, he did not have much practice and couldn’t keep up with what Kouda is trying to say.


“Hey, hey. Slowly, yeah? Slowly.” Bakugou says gently.


Kouda is startled by the softness, snapping out of his little panic. Nodding, Kouda signs again.


“You don’t have to worry,” Bakugou reassures the other. “Those kids are gentle as fucking snowflakes. They won’t turn you away.”


Kouda takes a moment to think. He agrees, but he doesn’t know how to approach them.


“Why don’t you interact with them like you do with animals? I mean, look at half-and-half here. He’s like a fucking koala with how much he enjoys clinging to me.” Bakugou says. And as if to prove a point, Todoroki clutches Bakugou’s arm. “And despite his shitty hair, Kirishima’s like a puppy. Deku is also pretty much a sheep.”


“And mama’s a kitty!” Todoroki suddenly adds.


“Hey! I’m a fucking lion, okay? The king of the jungle!” Bakugou protests.


“A lion’s a kitty…” Kouda whispers softly.


Well… Kouda has a point. Relenting, Bakugou asks him if he would like to play with the others now. Kouda gives a determined nod and Bakugou grins in return. Looking at the different play groups, Bakugou decides to bring them to Midoriya’s. It is the least likely to scare Kouda off. Contented with his success at bringing his kids to socialise, Bakugou is ready to return to his perch to watch over all of them when Kouda tugs at his hand.


“Thank you, mama…” Kouda says quietly with a pleased smile. It makes Bakugou feel warm and fuzzy but the gentle moment passes when Kouda goes “baa” at Midoriya. The group’s confused expression makes Bakugou grin.


“Sensei… Your smile is more beautiful than all the flowers in the world… I could not find one that could even compare…” A voice drawls out. Bakugou looks down to see Shigaraki who presents him with a bunch of flowers.


Bakugou did not know how to respond. But thankfully, Hagakure quips, “Let’s make flower crowns!”


The suggestion is met with immediate and enthusiastic support. The others are called to join them and even Aizawa who was sleeping became more awake at the idea. Suddenly, Aoyama suggests that they compete to make the best flower crown with Bakugou as the judge. Shigaraki promptly begins to make his while the others go forth to look for flowers. And although Bakugou has absolutely no interest in what they are doing, he watches his kids with pride.


To nobody’s surprise, Shigaraki is the first to finish. Staring at his completed flower crown and the other’s incomplete ones, Shigaraki frowns. His flower crown looks strange and warped. Sensing Shigaraki’s unhappiness, Uraraka skips to his side and offers her help. Shigaraki is hesitant at first, but after seeing Uraraka’s unfinished yet beautiful flower crown, he accepts the help. Uraraka beams and cheerfully explains to Shigaraki how to fix his flower crown. Shouji, who has difficulty with his, joins them and soon, everyone began helping one another.


“So beautiful and heart-warming, isn’t it?” Midnight asks as she takes a seat next to Bakugou. The latter agrees but doesn’t reply. The satisfied grin is more than clear about how Bakugou feels. They sit quietly, content with watching the toddlers. But the joyful moment is interrupted when Asui sticks her tongue out and swallows a butterfly.


The chaos is immediate, Hagakure giving a scandalised gasp as Todoroki glares accusingly at Asui. Kirishima can only stare questioningly, bewildered at what just transpired. Bakugou is also horrified. While Asui has some frog-like characteristics, could she eat a butterfly like that without getting sick?


“Tsuyu-chan! How could you?” Uraraka asks, voice full of anguish at the betrayal.


“Sorry…” Asui apologises. “I was hungry…”


“Still! A butterfly!” Uraraka replies.


But before anymore arguments can happen, Bakugou tells them that it is time to eat. He had forgotten to keep track of the time as he watched the toddlers play. His words immediately bring the children’s attention to their own hungry stomachs and they easily forgive Asui for her transgression. How did they not realise that they are so hungry?


As everyone begins to dig in, Bakugou realises that Kaminari is reluctant to eat despite the way his stomach growls in hunger.


“Come on, Pikachu. Why aren’t you eating?” Bakugou asks. Kaminari merely shakes his head and avoids the other’s eyes.


Narrowing his eyes, Bakugou assesses the child in front of him. It suddenly hits him that Kaminari might have a toothache. When he was younger, Bakugou had been extremely irritable because of a toothache. From then on, he had sworn to never show mercy to those “bacteria fucks” in his mouth.


“Is it your teeth? Does it hurt?” Bakugou asks.


“Yes… Sorry for not telling you, mama.” Kaminari replies guiltily. Bakugou ruffles his hair indulgently, then he turns to Midnight who nods in understanding.


“Alright, then. I’ll bring this little one to the dentist.” Midnight says and Kaminari follows her obediently. The other kids wave goodbye, promising to leave some food for them.


Bakugou, on the other hand, vows to ensure that his kids will never get a toothache again.

Chapter Text

The following morning is uneventful. Well, mostly, not counting Bakugou ordering each and every toddler to open their mouths so he can check their teeth after brushing to ensure that “all the fucking bacteria are dead”. The toddlers spend the morning watching a movie with Midnight while Bakugou did his revision. Or at least tried to. The toddlers are restless, tired of being cooped up in the dorm, especially having had the taste of freedom for the past two days. Now that his toothache has been taken care of, Kaminari is back to his hyper old self, joining Kirishima, Ashido and Sero in distracting Bakugou from his work.


“What are you doing, mama?” Kaminari asks as he leans over to look at Bakugou’s notes.


“Homework,” Bakugou replies.


“That’s boring!” Ashido says, scrunching her face in disgust.


“Play with us, mama!” Kirishima adds as he slips his head under Bakugou’s arm. The rest of their cohort would be having their exams soon, but because of the circumstances, their class would be taking a separate one at a later date. But even so, Bakugou does not want to fall behind the rest of the school.


“Please, mama?” Kouda pops out of nowhere and asks softly. And wow, who could deny shy and sweet Kouda? And not to mention the combined puppy eyes of the other toddlers. Everyone is clearly tired of staying indoors with nothing to do but watch TV


“Alright, alright,” Bakugou sighs and puts his notes away. “What do y’all wanna do?”


“I want to go outside!” Toga chirps and the other toddlers voice their agreement.


“Sorry, kids. But we’re all stuck in here.” Midnight says apologetically. While Midnight and All Might take turns staying with the kids because lessons in school had to continue, Bakugou is stuck 24/7 with the toddlers within these four walls.


“Let’s play catch!” Sero suggests.


“No running around indoors,” Bakugou turns down the idea. He still remembers Ashido crashing into a chair.


The other toddlers begin coming up with other ideas and are discussing what they can do when Shouji shouts and doubles over in pain. Bumps appear by his shoulders, growing larger and moving along his arms. Shouji’s eyes are screwed shut, face contorted in pain.


It takes a heartbeat for Bakugou to react. Quickly, he scoops Shouji up into his arms. “I think he’s quirk’s coming in. I’ll bring him to Recovery Girl. Watch over the rest, please, Midnight. All you kids better be good or you can kiss your hugs goodbye. And don’t you dare do anything funny. Especially you, half-and-half and…”


The other recipient of Bakugou’s warning glare, Shigaraki, reminds, “It’s Ten-chan…”


“Right. Now be good, all of you.” Bakugou orders before taking off to the school grounds. It is a good thing that classes are currently on-going, and nobody sees a student of the class that is supposed to be elsewhere for a special trip carrying a toddler. Without any knocking or forewarning whatsoever, Bakugou forces his way into the infirmary.


“Oh my! Bakugou. Surely you know how to knock.” Recovery Girl scolds.


“Well, fuck knocking. Tentacle’s quirk is coming in and he’s in fucking pain.” Bakugou says, passing the toddler to the other.


Tsking at Bakugou’s colourful language, Recovery Girl takes the child and looks over him. Protrusions have begun to grow, areas on his arm swelling and the boy’s temperature rising.


“He’s having an inflammatory response,” Recovery Girl informs. “His quirk must be causing some trauma and necrosis of his cells. I’ll give him some painkillers but we will have to leave the rest to his immune system.”


“You’re not going to give him any anti-inflammatory meds?” Bakugou asks, feeding the toddler his medicine.


“No. The inflammation serves a purpose here.” Recovery Girl replies. “Now let him rest here so I can check his progress.”


Wordlessly, Bakugou tucks Shouji into one of the beds in the infirmary. Settling on the seat next to the bed, Bakugou lets the child clutch his hand.


Not a second later, the door swings open again. And in comes Hatsume. Bakugou heaves a sigh of relief. It wouldn’t be good if any more students know about the toddler-turning incident.


“My, my. What’s with all of you kids who do not knock?” Recover Girl chides.


“Sorry,” Hatsume says with a cheeky grin. “Had a little accident with my new baby. They’re flying boots!”


“Shut the fuck up, Tech-Creep,” Bakugou says as Shouji tightens his grip on his hand at the noise.


“Grumpy Cat! What are you doing here?” Hatsume asks happily. Looking at the bed Bakugou is beside, Hatsume gets the idea and whispers, “One of your kids got sick?”


“Bad reaction to his quirk coming in,” Bakugou replies.


“Come here, Hatsume. Let me check your wound.” Recovery Girl interrupts before Hatsume can continue.


Going over to Recovery Girl, Hatsume then continues, “So how’s your little holiday from school?”


“Boring as fuck. Even the kids are sick of getting cooped up in the dorms.” Bakugou sighs. “There’s like nothing to even do. What do kids even like to do anyway?”


“My five-year-old nephew loves playing on his phone. It’s all he ever does when I have to go babysit him.” Hatsume recalls.


“A five-year-old owns a phone?” Bakugou asks, incredulous.


“Yup. It’s been childproofed but definitely still a phone. They have these apps for kids apparently.”


“Still. A five-year-old. Owns. A. Fucking. Phone?! I didn’t own a phone until I was thirteen and I even had to pay for it myself.”


“Kids nowadays, man.” Hatsume can only say in response.


“There you go, Hatsume. Now enough slacking and go back to class.” Recovery Girl says as Hatsume is healed.


“Yes, ma’am!’ Hatsume says to Recovery Girl with a mock salute. And then to Bakugou, “Gotta go now, Grumpy Cat. Hit me up if you need help with the kids!”


“Yeah. The only thing I’m gonna do is hit you.” Bakugou says with no real malice.


“You missed the word ‘up’!” Hatsume says, disappearing before Bakugou can come up with a retort.


With nothing else to do, Bakugou returns to watching over his unconscious child. Although there is no blood, it still looks rather gruesome as Shouji’s tentacles sprouted out. Patting the child’s head, Bakugou attempts to comfort the boy through his quirk manifestation.


Lessons are over by the time Shouji’s quirk fully manifested and he regains consciousness.


“Mama?” Shouji asks quietly as he opens his eyes.


“Hey, Tentacles. Your quirk came in.” Bakugou says with a smile.


“It was painful…”


“Yeah? And you were really brave getting through all that.” Bakugou says. When Shouji continues to look unhappy, Bakugou opens his arms, “Come here. And don’t tell the others, okay?”


With a quick nod, Shouji cuddles into Bakugou’s embrace.


Busy comforting the child in his arms, Bakugou does not hear Recovery Girl snapping a picture.


By the time they return to the dorms, it is late. All the other toddlers come to greet them at the door, talking over one another.


“Are you okay?” Kirishima asks.


“Show us your quirk!” Ashido chirps.


“Sensei… I missed you…” Shigaraki drawls as Todoroki nods in agreement.


“One at a time!” Bakugou warns and the toddlers are immediately silent.


“May I know what is your quirk?” Midoriya asks, pen and paper ready in his hands.


“Mama said I can make copies of my body using my tentacles! Mama also said I’m going to make a strong hero!” Shouji says excitedly as he spreads his tentacles to show them off, smiling widely and revealing rows of razor-sharp teeth.


“Sharp!” Toga shrieks as she points to Shouji’s teeth.


Immediately, Shouji closes his mouth and covers them with his arms. “Sorry…”


It occurs to Bakugou that Shouji’s teeth and his insecurity over them are not anything new. Shouji was a man of few words as a teen, and when he was quiet as a toddler, it did not seem strange. But Bakugou realises that other than that morning where he checked every toddler’s teeth, he had never seen Shouji’s teeth before that. And Shouji had been very hesitant to show Bakugou his teeth. Unlike the other children that smiled widely with their teeth showing, Shouji never showed his. And with the excitement and happiness over his quirk after all the pain had passed, Shouji had forgot about his teeth.


With the comment reminding Shouji about his teeth, the toddler’s mood drops and he quietly slips past to get his clothes for a shower.


“I see the teachers have taken care of your showers. Now make sure you all brushed your teeth well and get ready for bed.” With that, Bakugou goes off to get ready for his own shower.


The trip to the showers with Shouji is quiet. When they reach the bathroom, Shouji asks, “Is my teeth really scary?”


“Maybe to some, but that’s their problem. Not yours.” Bakugou replies.


“All the kids at the park at home don’t want to play with me because of my teeth. They say it’s scary and different. What if the rest of them don’t want to play with me now? Maybe I should get a mask…” Shouji says quietly, looking at his teeth in the mirror.


“Hey… Look at me.” Bakugou tells the other who turns to him. “Of course you look different. You’re a different person after all. Sure, your teeth are sharp. Maybe even scary. But you know, roses have sharp thorns too. And yet, a rose is probably the most loved flower. And like… How do I say this... You are like a rose? Well not really. Because you are strong and protective and… And even if you have sharp teeth, there are people who love and appreciate you nonetheless. You know what I mean?”


“Not really…?”


“Okay. Forget the rose analogy. Cats. Yes. They have viciously sharp claws but they are still loveable. Wait. This is the same as the rose analogy. Well…” Thinking for a moment, Bakugou collects his thoughts and continues. “You are not defined by your teeth. Yes, your teeth are a part of you. But they are not all of you. Anyone who only sees your teeth are fucking idiots. Okay? You are so much more than your teeth. If people think you have a scary smile, then just fuck that. Smile all the fuck you want. You ain’t hurting anyone like that. Just be yourself and be happy and people deserving of you will stick around. Yeah? Your teeth are great as they are. And anyone who has anything to say about your teeth will have to go through me.”


“I didn’t really get all the ‘fark’ thing but… I think I understand. If mama says my teeth are great, then they are great.”


“That’s right. Whatever I say is right. And as long as you brush your teeth well and kill those fucking bacteria, your teeth will stay great.”


Feeling better, Shouji nods and they finally begin to shower.


When they return to the living room, the toddlers are patiently waiting in line for their hugs.


Tokoyami leaves his place in the queue, going to Shouji. “I think your quirk is very cool. And your teeth are like the edges of the stars of the night sky.”


With her head down, Toga approaches Shouji as well. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you sad. I like sharp. It’s nice!”


“You like sharp?” Shouji asks, confused.


“Mhmm! Can I see again?” Toga pleads.


Hesitantly, Shouji shows his teeth. Toga smiles widely in response.


“My teeth are sharp too!” Kirishima calls out, showing them off as well. “Although maybe not as sharp, we’re sharp teeth bros now!”


And like this, Shouji’s insecurity about his teeth is resolved. Although Bakugou has to add a mental note to do something about Toga’s love for sharp objects.

Chapter Text

Bakugou wakes up early the next morning, slipping out of the room. Yawning tiredly, he searches the internet for what he can do with the kids. Unsurprisingly, and unfortunately, the vast majority of suggestions are about playing outside. However, they are all home-bound, and there isn’t much else to do. Sighing, Bakugou decides to take a break from his “research” to do his morning routine. Bakugou is preparing breakfast when the first of the toddlers wake.


“Morning, mama,” Ojiro says as he settles onto the chair facing Bakugou.


“Morning, Tail,” Bakugou replies after looking up at the toddler briefly.


“I was thinking, mama. Maybe we can do some martial arts training?” Ojiro suggests, somewhat hesitant.


“Martial arts?” Bakugou asks. It is an interesting suggestion.


“Yes. My family owns a dojo… And since we can only stay indoors and martial arts is indoors…”


“Hmm…” Bakugou thinks through the suggestion. After clearing the living room, there would probably be enough space for some martial arts training, and learning martial arts can be very useful. Except, there is one problem. “I don’t know martial arts though… Unless you do?”


“Ah… I’ve only watched…” Ojiro replies, disappointed.


Thinking about how to realise Ojiro’s idea, it occurs to Bakugou that there are probably tutorials on the internet. “Okay, I’ve got an idea. But we can’t do much exercise just after breakfast though.”


“Okay! Then we should eat earlier so we can train earlier!” Ojiro says excitedly. “I should go wake them up!”


With that, Ojiro dashes off. Before Bakugou can chide him for running in the hallways, Ojiro stops, turning to apologise quickly before walking rapidly to the sleeping toddlers. Bakugou watches the sight with a small smile. Looks like he should hurry with making breakfast.


The toddlers are excited when they hear what they would be doing that day, happy to be doing something fun. They would have practically swallowed all their food if not for Bakugou ordering them to chew properly.


After finishing, the toddlers wait impatiently for the food to be digested while Bakugou grabs his laptop to searched up martial arts tutorials online. For once, the children are less interested in what Bakugou is doing, listening to Ojiro with rapt attention as he tells them about his family’s dojo.


“So are you going to take over the dojo when you grow up?” Asui asks.


“Nope. I’m going to be a hero!” Ojiro replies joyfully. “Just like All Might!”


“Really? You like All Might too?” Midoriya asks excitedly, always happy to find fellow All Might fans.


“Yes! He is so cool!” Ojiro says in response and the other toddlers nod in agreement. Overhearing them from the side, Bakugou grins. He wonders how the toddlers will react when they realise that the “zombie All Might cosplayer” staying with them is the real All Might, or if they will ever believe that he is the real deal.


“I want to be just like All Might when I grow up! I’ve even practised his “I am here!” grin!” Midoriya announced before showing the other toddlers.


“Wahhh! It’s just like All Might!” Yaoyorozu says as she claps excitedly.


“I like All Might… But my father wants me to surpass All Might…” Todoroki adds quietly. This causes the toddlers to become silent, unsure of what to say in response.


Noticing the situation, Bakugou declares, “I am going to surpass All Might, and be the number one hero!”


“If it’s mama then you definitely can!” Toga cheers and the other toddlers agree.


“Sensei… I can… Turn All Might into dust for you…” Shigaraki drawls, stretching out his fingers in explanation.


“No turning anybody into dust, Ten-chan.” Bakugou scolds. “I will defeat All Might with my own power.”


“Sensei! You called me Ten-chan!” Shigaraki says brightly and smiling widely for the first time. Bakugou can only blink rapidly in response, taken aback.


“That’s not fair, mama! You still call me Raccoon Eyes instead of Mina-chan!” Ashido complains.


“Mama calls me half-and-half instead of Shou-chan…” Todoroki pouts. The rest of the toddlers also begin whining about how Bakugou won’t call them by their name.


To be fair, it is not like Bakugou can call the toddler Shigaraki “Hand Bastard”. And he is used to calling the rest of them by their nicknames.


“Mama calls me Aizawa sensei…” Aizawa suddenly adds oil to the fire. Again, Bakugou is used to calling him Aizawa sensei. Besides, Aizawa is his teacher even if he’s a toddler at the moment.


“Alright, alright. I give you all nicknames with meaning, okay?” Bakugou says, trying to quell the complaints, and the meaning being that it is easier for Bakugou to remember but that’s beside the point. “Now are we going to do some martial arts or no?”


Instantly, the toddlers quieten. They know not to test Bakugou’s patience, or their hugs and martial arts training are at stake. That is, they are quiet until Kaminari takes notice of what is in Bakugou’s hands.


“Is that a computer, mama? I want to play computer games!” Kaminari says.


“Yes! Yes! Computer games!” Sero voices his agreement. Bakugou is rather surprised at the support. The only computer games he knows of is solitaire and minesweeper, and they don’t seem to be games that toddlers would like.


“I always see my older brother on that computer thing. What exactly is a computer?” Iida asks.


“It’s the best thing ever!” Kaminari replies happily.


As the toddlers get distracted by talks of computers, Bakugou sees how Ojiro looks disappointed that they still aren’t starting their martial arts training.


“Okay, enough about computers. We’re going to start our martial arts training now, okay?” Bakugou says.


“Yes, mama!” The toddlers chorus in reply as Bakugou projects the martial arts tutorial he found onto the television screen.


“But after martial art training, can we play computer games?” Sero asks.


“No,” Bakugou responds. There is no way he would surrender his laptop to a bunch of toddlers. What if they found his folder of videos of All Might? Bakugou has a whole stash of fancams, interviews, guides and shows of All Might. If anyone ever finds out just how much of an All Might nerd he is, his life would be over.


“Why not, mama?” Kaminari asks. Bakugou sighs. This is going to be a long day.

Chapter Text

The toddler’s martial arts training ends as lunch is ready, the tired children ravenous after the workout. They readily devour their lunch, filling their hungry bellies so that they can rest up with their afternoon nap. The toddlers fall asleep as soon as they settle into their futons, while Bakugou continues his search for things to do. All of a sudden, there’s a knock on the door.


That’s strange, Bakugou thinks. Who would be knocking at their dorm doors at this time? The teachers have the access code… Could it be… Villains? No, Bakugou thinks as he shakes his head to himself. Villains don’t knock. Besides, the school’s security has been increased since the previous incident. Except… There have been many incidents where the villains broke in despite the “increase in security”. It is possible that the villains may have slipped through the security and are knocking to throw him off? Perhaps they couldn’t get into the dorms since Kurogiri has been toddlerised, and are hoping to catch them off-guard?


Bakugou is thinking through the different possibilities and what course of action he should take when he hears, “Aren’t you going to open the door, Grumpy Cat? I’ve gotta go back to my own super cute babies, ya know?”


With Toga also toddlerised, the chances of it being a villain pretending to be Hatsume is slim. Nonetheless, Bakugou is still wary.


“Come on, Grumpy Cat! If you don’t open the door, I’m going to tell All Might about what you did in order to get his –” Hatsume shouts through the door.


“Shut up!” Bakugou interrupts, opening the door with more force than necessary.


“Ah. There he is.” Hatsume teases. “Aren’t you a shy little grumps?”


“Shut the fuck up, Tech-Creep!” Bakugou flushes in embarrassment. “The kids are sleeping!”


“Oh my, but aren’t you being noisier than me?” Hatsume replies cheekily.


Glaring at the other, Bakugou whispers back angrily, “The fuck do you want?”


“No need to be so hostile now, Grumpy Cat. Here. This is for the toddlers.” Hatsume says as she dumps a laptop case into Bakugou’s hands. “You said they were bored, right? This is my old laptop. It’s USB ports are dead and so’s the earphone jack but other than that, it’s still working. But I’m not using it anymore so I thought maybe the kids can have it. I’ve still got a lot of games installed on it and its got the internet so I’m sure it’ll amuse them. No worries though, I’ve childproof the internet. Aren’t you thankful?”


Bakugou is indeed touched, “Thanks…”


“Well if you’re thankful, then lend me one of your babies for a photoshoot with my own super cute babies, yeah? I’ve gotta go now, bye bye!” With that, Hatsume disappears before Bakugou can protest.


Fuck, Bakugou thinks as he trudges back in with the laptop in hand. He couldn’t believe he actually thought that Hatsume didn’t have a hidden agenda. He’d have to find a way to blow her off later. Once he is back with the toddlers, Bakugou opens the laptop Hatsume gave them. He is curious as to what computer games there are that got the toddlers so excited. Bakugou had heard that pinball is fun, but he never had it on his computer. Browsing through the games on the laptop, Bakugou is surprised to see so many games. He was never one for games, eyes fixed on being the number one hero. Bakugou didn’t really see the appeal. Nonetheless, he randomly picks a game, wondering what’s so fun about computer games.


It ends up being a game about feeding fishes while fighting invading aliens. Bakugou didn’t understand how or why an alien would invade a fish tank, lazily feeding the fishes and zapping the aliens. There is no way the kids would be amused by this, Bakugou thinks. Even solitaire is better than this. Sighing, Bakugou put the laptop aside and continues his research.


The children yawn tiredly, rubbing the sleep from their eyes when they wake from their afternoon nap. They are still a little sleepy, until Kaminari sees the computer.


“Can we play computer games now?” Kaminari asks excitedly. Hearing this, the other toddlers immediately perked up.


“I guess?” Bakugou replies. He still hasn’t found an alternative yet, so he can only hope the toddlers would be distracted by the games even if for a while.


“Let’s play Flipside!” Kaminari says making grabby hands at the computer.


“Keep your futons properly first,” Bakugou replies and the toddlers get straight to work. On the other hand, Bakugou searches for the game on the computer. “This comp doesn’t have that game.”


“It’s on the internet!” Kaminari says, running up to Bakugou after putting his futon away. Bakugou turns the laptop to the other, watching as Kaminari finds the game online with ease.


“Let me play with you!” Sero chirps and the two begin to play. Once they are done with the own futons, the other toddlers come over to watch them play.


“I can’t see the screen,” Satou says and the other toddlers agree.


“Hold on,” Bakugou says, waiting for the two to finish the round before projecting the screen to the television.


“I want to play too!”


“Alright. Everyone gets a turn, yeah?” Bakugou tells the toddlers who nod in response.


“Can I go next?” Asui asks. “I want to play Club Penguin!”


“Tsuyu-chan! You have a Club Penguin account too?” Yaoyorozu asks. “Oh right! I have to feed my Peach-san!”




“Peach-san is my Puffle! It’s a pink one and it is very cute!” Yaoyorozu replies. Bakugou is confused, to say the least. But he’s not the only one.


“Eh? It’s not there…” Asui says as she leans in closer to the screen, hoping that it will help her find the game.


“Not there?” Yaoyoruzu repeats worriedly. “Let me try!”


Asui turns the computer over to Yaoyorozu who types in ‘Club Penguin’ into the search engine. What the two girls find is tragic news.


“No… This can’t be true! Club Penguin has shut down? No way! My Peach-san… My friends… If it’s shut down… Does it mean they’re all dead?” Yaoyorozu asks, horror-stricken.


“Dead? No… My Kero-chan!” Asui says before she starts crying with Yaoyorozu.


“… Now, now… No crying, alright? It’s just a game. Crying children don’t get hugs, you know.” Bakugou tries to comfort the crying toddlers but to no avail. “There, there. Mama’s here. Surely I’m better than that game.”


“Mama!” The two girls cry before clinging to the front of Bakugou’s shirt. Sighing, Bakugou hugs the toddlers as they sniffle. Catching Todoroki and Shigaraki opening their mouths, ready to cry, Bakugou opens his arms and allows the other toddlers to come. There was no point trying to escape the inevitable.


“Yay! Group hug!” Kirishima shouts and the other toddlers cheer as they join the hug.


When Yaoyorozu and Asui stop crying, Bakugou ends the group hug. “Alright then, who’s going next?”


“Me!” Ashido says, searching for her game. “Eh? It’s not here… How is it not here?”


Great, Bakugou thinks. Hopefully, Ashido won’t cry as well.


“I can’t find anything! It doesn't say that it shut down…” Ashido pouts.


“Come here. Let someone else go first, yeah? I’ll see if I can find it.” Bakugou says, taking out his phone.


Satou goes next, playing a cooking game while Bakugou searches for information about Ashido’s game. From the comments section of an old tutorial of the game, Bakugou finally finds the game. Turn out it had a name change. Analysing the change in name, Bakugou wonders how the samurai became a ninja and why he lost his name. Shrugging, Bakugou returns his attention to the children.


The other toddlers and their turn at the computer continues without any more concern until Toga’s turn.


“Oriental flirting game?” Bakugou reads the name of the game as Toga types it into the search engine. Bakugou is rather concerned. It didn’t seem like a game appropriate for toddlers.


“Yup! I find servants!” Toga says and Bakugou can only raise an eyebrow in response. But watching Toga play the game, Bakugou begins to understand.


A really inappropriate game appears when its Mineta’s turn and Bakugou isn’t even surprised. Scolding the boy sternly, Bakugou wonders why such games even exist. Watching the toddlers play their games, Bakugou still doesn’t see the appeal. But nonetheless, he’s glad that the toddlers are enjoying them. Perhaps getting them a computer was the answer.

Chapter Text

Midnight and All Might return to the dorms by the time Bakugou has to go prepare dinner, passing off the job of watching over the kids to the two teachers.


“I see you little munchkins have a computer now,” Midnight says. “What nice timing! The principal has given us some money to get you kids some clothes since this situation is lasting for quite a while. And now we can do some online shopping! It’s a good thing that Christmas sales start early online. Come on, pass me the computer and you can all choose your own clothes!”


With their interest piqued, the toddlers relinquish their hold on the laptop. They watch the screen closely as Midnight scrolls through the online shop.


“Midnight sensei?” Midoriya whispers to the teacher conspiratorially. “If Christmas is coming, can we buy Kacchan a present online too?”


Kirishima, who is next to Midoriya, overhears the plan. “Yes! Yes! Buy mama a present!”


This catches the attention of the other toddlers who start shouting their support.


“Shh… It’s a secret from Kacchan!” Midoriya hushes the other toddlers who immediately quieten down.


“What would mama like?” Hagakure whispers loudly to the others.


“Midoriya, you know mama the best, right? What does mama like?” Iida asks.


“Yes,” Midoriya confirms. “Kacchan likes… All Might!”


“Really? But he said he will surpass All Might.” Jirou says and the other toddlers nod in agreement.


“But Kacchan does like All Might! He bought a lot of packs of Hero Chips just to get All Might’s card!” Midoriya discloses, much to Midnight's amusement and All Might’s joy. “But… Kacchan also likes skulls!”


As the toddlers continue discussing what to get Bakugou while choosing the clothes they want, Bakugou stays oblivious in the kitchen making dinner. Dinner itself is a rather noisy affair, the toddlers telling Bakugou about the clothes they bought while the latter tells them to chew with their mouths closed. After dinner, they end up watching random videos on Youtube. As they turn in for the night, Bakugou thinks that he is really indebted to Hatsume, for the kids had lots of fun.


The next morning, Bakugou is awake for less than a minute when another little head pops up.


“Mama! May I use the magical chest of wonders?” Tokoyami asks.


“Magical chest?” Bakugou repeats, bewildered. Since when did they have a magical chest?


“Yes. The tool of darkness with which I vanquished the evil sun!” Tokoyami adds, making reference to the game he played the day before.




“The thing we used yesterday…” Tokoyami finally says without any “flowery” language.


“Right,” Bakugou replies, finally understanding what Tokoyami wants. “You want the laptop. Well, you can use it after you clean up and brush your teeth.”


Nodding his head in affirmation, Tokoyami goes off to the toilet, quick in his motions as he cleans himself. Once he is done, he rushes back to Bakugou who checks his teeth before setting up the computer at the dining table for Tokoyami.


“Remember, an arm’s length away from the screen and sit up straight!” Bakugou reminds as he makes breakfast.


“Yes, mama,” Tokoyami responds and focuses his attention on the computer.


“The Nightmare Before Christmas? Haven’t you already watched it?” Bakugou asks as he overhears the song. It would take a while for Bakugou to forget the song, given how often Kirishima, Ashido, Kaminari, Sero and Present Mic sang the song.


“Yes, mama. I like how the skeleton king ventures into the brightness and instead rekindles his love for the dark shadows of all hallows eve.” Tokoyami replies dramatically, eyes never leaving the screen.




And as if they had a sensor for the song in The Nightmare Before Christmas, Jirou, Kirishima, Ashido, Kaminari, Sero and Present Mic enter the dining area.


“Play it again from the start!” Ashido pleads.


“Clean up and brush up,” Bakugou tells them and they do so immediately after telling Tokoyami to wait for them. Tokoyami does not wait, instead, he continues watching. But when the others return, Tokoyami gladly restarts the video.


When it is time for breakfast, the toddlers are reluctant to part with the computer. Nonetheless, they listen to their mama. The rest of the day is spent with the kids taking turns playing games on the computer again while Bakugou studies in the corner. Setting a timer for every 20 minutes, Bakugou also ensures that the toddlers abide by the 20-20-20 rule to keep their eyes healthy because he is a good mom like that.


When Midnight returns with their package after dinner, the toddlers excitedly run up to her.


“Oh my! This is the first time I’ve been so welcomed.” Midnight says in amusement.


“I think they’re welcoming the package,” Bakugou remarks. “It came really fast.”


“Yup, it’s an express delivery.” Midnight replies, opening the package for the toddlers who crowd around it.


“Settle down and wait for Midnight sensei,” Bakugou orders and the children obediently sit in a loose circle around Midnight and the package.


“Let’s see…” Midnight says as she reaches into the box to take out the first clothing. “Some sparkly clothes… This is Aoyama’s, right?”


“Yes!” Aoyama chirps, happily taking the set of clothes and showing it off to Bakugou. “Look, mama! It’s sparkly!”


“That doesn’t look like it would be comfortable,” Bakugou replies, seeing how the whole thing is covered in gold sequins.


“Look, mama. We are now enshrouded in the same darkness.” Tokoyami says, showing his skull shirt and black pants that are a copy of Bakugou’s own clothes. As Midnight passes the toddlers their clothes, they each come up to Bakugou to show them off.


Bakugou is not surprised to see Midoriya, Iida and Present Mic get onesies of All Might, Iida’s older brother Ingenium, and Present Mic himself respectively. Yaoyorozu and Jirou have matching shirts with butterfly and flower prints, while Satou gets clothes with prints of baked goods.


On the other hand, the rest of the toddlers banded together to get cute onesies. Uraraka’s onesie is a grey cat, Asui’s a frog, Kirishima’s a red dragon, Hagakure’s Totoro, Ashido’s a raccoon, Kaminari’s Pikachu, Sero’s a fox, Todoroki’s a koala, Ojiro’s a flying squirrel, Shouji’s an octopus, Kouda’s a bunny, Toga’s a unicorn, Kurogiri’s a skeleton, Shigaraki’s a lion, and Aizawa’s a panda.


“I want to wear it now!” Hagakure says and the other toddlers agree.


“Sorry, kids. It’s gotta be washed first.” Bakugou replies to which the toddlers pout but listen. They follow as Bakugou tells them to sort out the clothes to be washed accordingly. “I’ll wash them tomorrow so you can wear them tomorrow night.”


“Yay!” The toddlers cheer. With that, they get ready for bed, excited for tomorrow to come so that they can wear their new clothes.

Chapter Text

The next morning, the first toddler awake is Jirou. She too, asks for the computer, settling happily in front at the dining table. Turns out, Jirou has awesome taste in music, and Bakugou tells her to turn up the volume a little more without disturbing the still-sleeping toddlers.


A great way to start the day, Bakugou thinks. It’s been awhile since he listened to music after waking up. Bakugou is feeling energised and hyped after singing with Jirou when the forbidden note plays.


Fuck, Bakugou thinks as he scrunches his eyes shut and stops what he’s doing. Taking a deep breath, Bakugou readies himself before belting out the lyrics as Jirou sings along obliviously. Bakugou hopes for both of their sakes that Jirou does not read the comments. Unfortunately for them both, Jirou does. In the middle of the chorus, Jirou suddenly stops singing, eyes furrowing as she inches closer to the computer screen.


“Mama… What do they mean by disbanded?” Jirou asks, frowning.


“Well… It means they’re not together anymore…” Bakugou replies although he does not want to be the bearer of bad news. “No more music from them as a group…”


“What?! No way…” Jirou cries out, eyes filling with tears.


“There, there…” Bakugou comforts, having abandoned his preparations for breakfast to give the crying child a hug. “They are happy now, doing their own thing. We should be happy for them instead of crying.”


Jirou sniffles in response, clutching onto the front of Bakugou’s shirt and crying as the song continues in the background.


“Come on, now. Stop crying and I’ll show you some other good bands.” Bakugou says, stretching out a hand to click on another song.


“It’s good! What’s this called?” Jirou asks, tear stopping as she turns to look at the screen.


“Right?” Bakugou replies. Pointing at the other videos on recommended, he continues, “These are also good.”


With Jirou appeased, Bakugou returns to the kitchen. Children really did move on quite quickly, Bakugou notes as Jirou claims to have found a new favourite band. For Jirou, it is like finding a new treasure trove, and she wanted to hear all the songs. As such, when breakfast is over and they resumed their game-playing, Jirou opts to listen to a song during her turn instead of playing a game. This made the other toddlers also want to listen to songs. In the end, Present Mic suggested singing karaoke.


Looking around, they manage to find two microphones (which Bakugou suspects belong to Jirou) in their shared recreation drawers and an online karaoke website.


“So who’s up first?” Bakugou asks, holding out the microphones.


“I want to hear mama sing!” Jirou says.


“Yes!”  The other toddlers chorus in agreement. “Sing for us, mama!”


“Alright,” Bakugou says indulgently.


“Mama sings so well! If only it can be recorded somehow and I can play it on repeat.” Jirou says wistfully.


“I agree!” Present Mic and a few other toddlers echo the sentiment.


And so, when Bakugou sees the option to record, he presses it on a whim. Christmas is coming… Maybe… Bakugou thinks as he prepares to sing. He should get them all presents. Given how excited the toddlers were over Halloween, there is no doubt that they would like to celebrate Christmas as well. With that, a half-formed idea comes to Bakugou, and he ends up recording all the other toddlers during their turns as well.


Midoriya chooses the All Might cartoon theme song, to which the other toddlers also happily sing along to in the background. Kirishima, Ashido, Kaminari, Sero, Present Mic and Tokoyami chose different songs from the “Nightmare Before Christmas” soundtrack, singing all the songs together. Yaoyorozu sings “The Phantom of the Opera”, reaching all the high notes perfectly. Kurogiri ends up singing a duet with Yaoyorozu from “The Phantom of the Opera” soundtrack. Uraraka and Hagakure sing “Candy Candy” and “PONPONPON” together while Asui chooses a song about baby sharks and losing limbs. Aoyama sings “Twinkle Twinkle”, adding his name to the lyrics. Shouji sings ONE OK ROCK’s “Dreamer”, which is surprising although not completely unexpected. And to nobody’s surprise, Ojiro sings a song that Bakugou assumes to be from a martial arts movie soundtrack, Kouda chooses a song about fluffy bunnies and Satou somehow manages to find “Pat-a-cake”. Iida then chooses the Japanese National Anthem which made things a little awkward, but Toga sings Hatsune Miku’s “World is Mine” which recovered the atmosphere. And unfortunately, Aizawa brings the mood down with a lullaby.


The other toddlers get awkwardly silent as Todoroki dedicates “My Heart Will Go On” to Bakugou while holding his hand throughout the song. This causes a jealous Shigaraki to sing “Every Breath You Take” while hugging Bakugou’s right arm. But thankfully, Jirou saves the day as she sings Bohemian Rhapsody with Bakugou, although this made Todoroki and Shigaraki pout as they didn’t think to sing a duet with Bakugou.


With the excitement and happiness after their karaoke session, the children do not complain about the food Midnight drops off for lunch. After promising another karaoke session after their nap, the toddlers drift off to sleep after their lunch. Making use of his free time, Bakugou goes off to do the laundry. After dumping the clothes into the washing machine, Bakugou returns to his dorm room as he thinks about Christmas plans. Buying something for 24 toddlers seems way to expensive, and he probably won’t be able to go out to buy anything. Handmade presents would have to suffice, Bakugou decides after looking through the materials he has. Bakugou knows a few of the toddlers will appreciate a CD, and he could probably sew some of them a plushie. But the rest… Well, there is still time for Bakugou to think, and he can always consult the teachers. With that thought, Bakugou nods to himself before returning to the sleeping toddlers.


Bakugou promises that he will definitely ensure that they have the best Christmas ever.

Chapter Text

When All Might and Midnight return in the evening, Bakugou pulls Midnight to the side and tells her about his Christmas plans. She gives him a suspicious-looking grin before telling him that she will help him out. As Bakugou goes off to do his duties in the kitchen, the teachers and toddlers resume their little own secret Christmas surprise planning. And as they have dinner, Midnight suggests that Bakugou take a break.


“You know, Bakugou. You’ve been taking care of the kids all day every day. It must be tiring. Why don’t you take a break outside this Sunday? All Might and I and some of the other teachers can look after them. It’s the weekend just before their exams so it’s unlikely that you’ll meet the other students as long as you stay clear of the library.” Midnight suggests.


Bakugou and the toddlers put up a token protest at that, thinking that the day-off is for them to prepare their surprise Christmas party for the other, and not wanting to raise the other’s suspicions by agreeing easily. On Midnight’s insistence, Bakugou and the toddlers pretend to grudgingly agree. All Might really admires her ability to play double agent, sending her a thumbs-up to which she replies with a wink.


When it is time to finally bathe and change into their new clothes, the toddlers cheer excitedly. And the only one more excited than the toddlers is Midnight.


“Come on, look here, Aizawa! That’s right, give me a pose!” Midnight shouts happily as she begins taking photos of the confused toddler. Snickering, she says to All Might, “Man, I’ve got some quality blackmail material now!”


“You might want to be careful, Midnight. Aizawa would sooner kill you then get blackmailed by you.” All Might replies, concerned for his colleague’s safety for when Aizawa returns to normal.


“I want to take a photo with Shouta!” Present Mic says, bouncing up beside Aizawa and posing wildly while the other continues to look lost.


“Well now, it won’t be wrong if I said that Present Mic wanted me to take the photos,” Midnight cackles sinisterly as she collects her fill of “blackmail”.


On the other side of the room, Bakugou is also taking photos of the toddlers, but for less evil reasons. Rather, it is because he finds the toddlers too adorable in their new clothes. The toddlers pose cheerily, trying to show their mama and the camera the best of their clothes.


“Rawr!” Shigaraki imitates as he poses cutely for Bakugou. Once the photo is taken, he points to the lion mane on his onesie and then gestures at Bakugou’s hair. “Look, sensei… I match with you now!”


“Nah ah!” Tokoyami protests, tugging onto his shirt. “I have a skull shirt like mama so I match more!”


“I have a skull too!” Kurogiri adds, pulling onto the hood of his skeleton onesie.


“Kacchan likes All Might! And I’m dressed like All Might!” Midoriya calls out.


“You’re just cosplaying as All Might!” Ashido rebuts. “Whereas I’m dressed like how mama calls me!” 


“Me too!” Kaminari shouts.


“Mama said I was a koala,” Todoroki says as he proceeds to act like one, clinging onto Bakugou’s leg.


“I’m a dragon! I’m strong just like mama!” Kirishima argues.


“But the lion is the king of the jungle…” Shigaraki drawls in response. “And dragons aren’t even real…”


“I’m just happy that I have a head mama can see now,” Hagakure’s comment amidst the arguments about whose clothes Bakugou likes the most effectively silences the rest. Pulling the hood of her Totoro onesie completely over her head, she continues, “Mama, can you pat my head? My papa and mama at home never do because they can’t see it.”


Bakugou feels a pang of sadness for the toddler as pats the top of Hagakure’s hood. While he will never admit it, he always loved it when his parents tousled his hair. His family is a rather touch-prominent family, and it always comforts him. For an invisible girl like Hagakure, she probably did not receive much of any kind of physical contact. There are many things that the girl may have missed out on due to her lack of a visible body.


“Mama… Can I also?” Kurogiri asks shyly. While the toddler has a physical part, he is still mostly mist and touch-deprived. Bakugou remembers going right through the other the first time the Villain Alliance crashed their training. Bakugou is reminded that every quirk has its own drawback. His own quirk puts his hearing at risk, while Hagakure and Kurogiri’s quirk deprived them of the basic human need of touch. Determined, Bakugou promises not to let any of his kids get touch-starved.


“Come here, Bakugou replies, using his other hand to pat the other.


For once, the other toddlers do not demand equal attention, seeming to understand how important the moment is to the two toddlers. Instead, they wait patiently for the two toddlers to feel better and thank Bakugou for patting their heads before jumping in to hug them.


“Group hug?” Kirishima asks and Bakugou indulges, everyone coming in for a group hug with Hagakure and Kurogiri at the centre. Perhaps, Bakugou thinks to himself, he should hug his kids more often. After all, a little touch goes a long way.


Chapter Text

Bakugou wakes the next morning to an insistent tug on his sleeves. Tiredly, he opens his eyes and stares up blearily at a nervous looking Aoyama.


“What’s wrong?” Bakugou asks, attempting to sit up without awakening Hagakure and Kurogiri who got to sleep by his side for the night.


“I… Had a little accident…” Aoyama whispers out so quietly that Bakugou has to strain his ears to understand. It takes Bakugou a moment to understand, having just woke up. But when he does, he brings the child and his soiled futon to the laundry room, dumping the dirtied futon into an empty pail before they head to the toilet. Bakugou will have to search the internet for how to deal with the futon later.


Aoyama is silent as he cleans himself meticulously. Even after washing up and dressing in fresh clothing, Aoyama avoids making eye-contact with Bakugou, embarrassed at his “accident”.


“Hey, come on now. Look at me.” Bakugou says, noting the shame colouring the toddler’s cheek. He will have to fix that.


Aoyama tugs at the bottom of his shirt, hesitant. When Aoyama finally looks up at Bakugou, he murmurs, “I’m sorry, mama. I ruined my sparkly new clothes.”


“Hey… It’s okay. It’s not ruined. It just needs a little washing.” Bakugou comforts the other, ruffling the other’s hair.


“I couldn’t control it! Even though I’m already so old!” Aoyama cries out, frustrated with himself. “I can’t control anything!”


“That’s not true. There are some things that are under your control, but there are also things completely out of your control. Wetting your bed at this age is not your fault. I also had an accident when I was seven and it sure as fuck wasn’t my fault. My old hag even brought me to the doctor cause I was so angry at myself. And guess what? The doctor laughed and said that it happens and it ain’t our fault so you shouldn’t be ashamed of yourself. As for the other things in your control, learn to control them. It may be difficult at first, but whose to say you will always fail if you train your damn hardest? You know, a great person once said, ‘Efforts may lie, but it will never be in vain’. Even though you may have tried your best and you still failed to succeed, you are still closer to success than you were before. Sometimes, I still have trouble controlling my quirk when I’m distracted, but I’m still training hard at it and I know I’m closer to my goals. If you need to control it and you can control it even if not immediately, then train hard to control it. And if you need help, ask for it. So don’t give up and say you cannot control anything. Understood?”


“Yes, mama!” Aoyama replies, feeling inspired by Bakugou’s speech. There are things he believes he cannot control, like his quirk. But he will strive to make his mama proud.


“Good. Now let’s go make breakfast, yeah?”


“Yes! Can we make French Toast?” Aoyama asks, to which Bakugou agrees.


“You know, I used to be terrible at cracking eggs. There was always a lot of eggshells inside until I perfected the art of cracking them. But sometimes, I still fuck up and that’s perfectly valid.” Bakugou says, hoping to let Aoyama know that mistakes can happen even when you have succeeded, and to help him let go of the bed-wetting incident.


“Does mama cook a lot of eggs?” Aoyama asks. Contrary to Bakugou's beliefs, he is already over his little accident. Instead, Bakugou's comment reminded him of his task. Although Midoriya knows Bakugou the best, there are still things he didn’t know. As such, the toddlers had planned to get answers from Bakugou without raising his suspicion. Bakugou’s comment about cracking eggs has given Aoyama the perfect opportunity to do so.


“Well, eggs are quite a staple so yeah, I do,” Bakugou replies.


“Do you like eggs?”


“They’re okay, I guess.”


“Is there anything mama likes to eat then?” Aoyama edges on, trying to find out more.


“Anything spicy is good. I’m not picky.” Bakugou replies and Aoyama can only accept that this is as much information as he can get out of the other without raising the alarms.


Instead of waiting by the dining table, Aoyama decides to follow Bakugou into the kitchen, promising not to touch anything without permission. Aoyama listens attentively as Bakugou stresses the importance of washing hands before preparing food.


Everything is good and normal until Bakugou reaches for the eggs. For some reason or the other, there were faces drawn on the eggs, looking suspiciously like Bakugou with the inverted V-shapes representing his hair. So this is what happens when he leaves the kitchen and the toddlers unattended, Bakugou thinks to himself. Oh well.


Ignoring the faces on the eggs, Bakugou continues cooking, unaware that there is more than just one prank played in his absence. Slowly, the other toddlers trickle to the dining table waiting for breakfast to be served. When breakfast is ready, the toddlers hurriedly and happily dig in, unaware of what awaits them, save for the little prankster who cautiously takes a small bite of his French Toast.


For the first time, the toddlers scrunch up their faces in disgust at Bakugou’s food.


“Yuck!” Toga says as she sticks her tongue out in disgust.


Confused, Bakugou takes a bite of his toast, instantly realising what he overlooked. He should have known that only drawing faces of eggs was too mild and simple of a prank for such an opportune moment. Bakugou already has a feeling he knows who the culprit is, for Sero Hanta had been the class prankster.


“I don’t want to eat this,” Uraraka says, scrunching up her nose.


“Me neither,” the other toddlers chorus in agreement.


“Well, you have to eat it whether you want to or not. It’s just that the sugar got switch for salt so it’s still edible.” Bakugou replies. He is against needless wastage of resources after all. And hopefully, the culprit will understand the consequences of their actions. Harmless pranks like this didn’t seem to warrant any scolding, but Bakugou will confer with the internet later. For now, he’ll just let the perpetrator eat the fruits of their labour. 

Chapter Text

After breakfast, the toddlers decide to watch Christmas movies as they need ideas for their surprise party.  While the toddlers watch the television intently, Bakugou watches the toddlers in hopes of discovering what they may like as a present.


As ideas are planted in the toddler’s heads, they seek to do a little test run first. Hence, upon seeing the characters in the movie build a pillow fort, Kirishima is quick to suggest doing the same. Bakugou does not need any extra convincing by the toddlers. When his relationship with Midoriya had still been amicable, they had also built a pillow fort with their neighbourhood friends.


And in the pillow fort, they role played for hours and hours. Bakugou had been the king of the dragons and the pillow fort was his fortress. Midoriya had been a wandering adventurer who stumbled into the dragon fortress. And upon receiving Bakugou’s approval for the pillow fort, Midoriya suggests the little role-playing. The other toddlers happily agree.


“Mama, will you play with us?” Sero asks.


“Kacchan is the dragon king! And I am a passing adventurer!” Midoriya announces without waiting for Bakugou’s response.


“If that’s the case, I am a dragon!” Kirishima exclaims, tugging onto the hood of his dragon onesie happily.


“Y’all behave alright? I’m going to go grab some stuff real quick.” Bakugou interrupts the other toddlers who are discussing what roles they should play. When Bakugou goes to pick up some blankets, pillows and laundry poles, Sero quickly slips to the kitchen and returns before anyone notices he even left.


When Bakugou returns with his items, they all begin building the fort together. The toddlers gather into smaller groups, pushing the couches and tables to position them such that they form a circle around the television. Bakugou places the laundry poles between the furniture, zip-tying the pole to the legs and ensuring that they are being held upright by the flanking furniture. Bakugou then ties the corner of a large blanket to one of the poles and the other toddlers help to spread out the blanket. Slowly but surely, the pillow fort begins to come together.


As Bakugou works to ensure the strength of the foundation and outside of the pillow fort, the toddlers work on its “interior design”. As if they are able to read each other’s mind, the toddlers begin building a throne for their mama. They make the seat out of the seat cushions from the sofa and drape a fluffy blanket over the “throne”. The other pillows and blankets are then scattered around the pillow fort carelessly, the toddlers not really caring.


When the pillow fort is finally finished, Kirishima has the honour of inviting Bakugou into the fort since he is King Bakugou’s dragon. As Bakugou is “forced” onto the throne by the toddlers, Shouji and Kouda begin to “fan” him using their hands. The toddlers have immediately slipped into their role once Bakugou entered the fort while Bakugou himself is confused for a moment before remembering.


Gently, because he is a gentle soul, Kirishima “drags” a completely compliant Midoriya before Bakugou.


“My King,” Kirishima begins with a deep bow and an innocent smile unbefitting of the role he is playing. “I caught this… this outsider? Yes! I caught this outsider, my king!”


Much unlike the scared and cowering look Midoriya will usually show when they roleplayed this as children, he is strangely confident. With a wide grin, Midoriya exclaims, “I am Midoriya Izuku! An adventurer! I am here to ask for the king’s hand in marriage!”


Upon hearing Midoriya’s words, a few of the toddlers charge forward.


“I am Prince Todoroki Shouto! And the king is mine!” Todoroki claims in response.


“Sensei… No… The king… The king is mine…” Shigaraki drawls.


“I asked first so he’s mine!” Midoriya argues.


“No! No! No!” Kirishima protests. “He’s the king of dragons and I am a dragon so he’s mine!”


“But this is my kingdom, and this land is part of my kingdom. So everything here is mine, including the king of dragons!” Todoroki reasons.


“Well, the king is my mama so mama is mine already!” Toga’s words silenced the arguments for a moment.


“But you cannot marry the king if he’s your mama. So I can still marry him!” Midoriya says after breaking down Toga’s argument.


“Mama is my mama so you have to get my approval before anyone can marry mama. And I don’t approve of any of you. So mama is mine!” Toga replies haughtily.


While it was 10% amusing and 90% weird to have the toddlers fight for his hand in marriage, Bakugou did not break up the argument. The toddlers are only lightly bickering, knowing that there is punishment for going overboard.


And all is well until a cry comes from the other side of the pillow fort. While a few of the toddlers were debating over who is going to marry Bakugou, the rest of the toddlers were scattered around the pillow fort roleplaying in their own groups. When the cry comes from one of the scattered groups, Bakugou curses. He had relaxed his guard since the pillow fort is made of harmless pillows and he trusted the toddlers not to do anything stupid even if only to avoid disappointing their mama.


Quickly, Bakugou gets up from his pillow throne and moves toward the source of the cry. Upon seeing red smeared on Sero’s hands and clothes, Bakugou quickens his movements, heart beating faster. When Bakugou gets closer to Sero, eyes quickly scanning for injuries, Bakugou realises that he is extremely familiar with the red substance.


That red colour, that consistency, that smell. It can only be Bakugou’s favourite chilli sauce. With a deep sigh, Bakugou gestures for the little prankster to follow him. After giving a stern warning for the other toddlers to behave, Bakugou brings Sero to the bathroom to clean up the mess.


“What’s wrong?” Bakugou asks, counting down from ten to contain his emotions.


“I… I… Erm… I got a cut…” Sero replies, uncertain of what to say.


“A real cut?” Bakugou checks with the other. This made Sero raise his eyebrows in surprise. He had thought that he had successfully tricked his mama.


“No…” Sero can only reply truthfully in the face of Bakugou’s seriousness.


“I’m very disappointed in you, soy sauce face,” Bakugou says with a frown. “Little harmless jokes are alright. But you should know better than to fake an injury and get all messy. Do you know how worried I was when you cried out? I thought I failed to protect you.”


“Sorry, mama…” Sero whispers sadly. “But mama is always surrounded by Shouto and Tenko and like… I was jealous of the attention you paid to them but I didn’t know how to get mama to pay attention to me. I just remembered how much you cared when Shouji was hurt when his quirk came and I just…”


Hearing this, Bakugou can only sigh and give the other a grim smile. It seems like he has failed to be a good “mother” to his “children”. With so many toddlers, it is difficult to watch all of them and pay attention to all of them. As such, Bakugou mainly watched the more troublesome ones – the overtly quiet or rowdy ones. For those that were well integrated to the group but less assertive like Sero, Bakugou did not think that he had to fuss over them. But children are children, and they all need love and attention to grow up happily and healthily. While this may seem obvious, Bakugou is an only child with parents who loved and cherished him, and hence he only just realised this.


As Sero’s eyes begin to fill with tears at Bakugou’s silence, the latter begins to feel an inexplicable sadness. With determination not to fail his children a second time, Bakugou opens his arms to comfort the crying toddler.


“I’m sorry, mama,” Sero sobs out into the crook of Bakugou’s shoulders.


Patting the toddler’s back soothingly, Bakugou replies, “Mama is sorry too. I will do better. I will be the number one mama for all of you and you will cooperate with me, yeah? Come on now. Don’t cry…”


Sero sniffles in response, nodding his in agreement. When the tears finally subside and Sero gets cleaned up, Bakugou brings him back to the pillow fort. While the rest of the toddlers are still playing, it is obvious that they are overly cautious and quiet. They are worried, unsure of what had transpired, but not knowing what else to do. And when Bakugou and Sero settle back into the pillow fort, the atmosphere is still awkward. This made Bakugou feel uncomfortable, but he himself did not know how to soothe over the atmosphere.


The toddlers usually in charge of livening up the atmosphere – Kirishima, Kaminari, Ashido, Sero and Present Mic are also at a loss for what to do. At this moment, Bakugou is saved by his new favourite teacher, Aizawa. In the heavy air of awkwardness and silence, Aizawa slowly comes up to Bakugou and resolutely deposits his head onto the other’s thigh.


“It’s cold… Cuddles…” Aizawa’s soft voice carries through the air loud and clear. Ever the avid supporter of hugs and cuddles, Kirishima voices his loud and enthusiastic approval before claiming Bakugou’s other thigh. The spell of awkwardness is quickly dissolved as the toddlers clamber over each other for space next to Bakugou. And as they quietly snuggle together, Bakugou’s heart felt incredibly warm.

Chapter Text

The next few days pass by without any incidents, and it is finally Sunday. Although taking care of the kids is rather enjoyable, it is still extremely tiring. As such, Bakugou is thankful to finally be able to take a break. In order to ensure that this day passes without any problems, some of the teachers including All Might, Midnight, Ectoplasm, Thirteen and Power Loader came over to the dorms to help take care of the toddlers. And after some discussion with All Might and Midnight, Bakugou decided to go out using a disguise. While it is the day before the exams, there is no saying that Bakugou will not come across any of the other UA students or even the parents. Besides, Bakugou is already a well-known figure in public, due to the Sludge Villain incident, Sports Festival and his kidnapping incident. As such, going out with a disguise became an apparent thing.


Bakugou is no stranger to disguises, thanks to his parents. His parents are fashion designers, designing clothes for people of all ages, sizes and shapes. When they needed a child to model their clothes, they would much rather use their own child than to hire a child model. Bakugou had been adamantly against the idea as a child. He wanted to make his name known as a hero, not as a model. However, Bakugou Mitsuki adamantly wanted her own child to model her clothes. Although she would never tell her son, she believes that no child is as wonderful as her own. Only her own son can properly model her clothes. Bakugou Katsuki has a brilliant mind, and he is obviously his mother’s son.


Being a fan is an expensive job. Being an All Might fan is an even more expensive job. In order to purchase All Might’s merchandises as a child, Bakugou needed his parents to give him money and to bring him to the mall. Understanding how important All Might is to her son, Bakugou Mitsuki had promised to help Bakugou get his All Might merch in exchange for modelling for her. This had placed Bakugou on the edge of agreeing. As a final push to get Bakugou to agree, Bakugou Mitsuki promised to let him model using a disguise and had reminded him that heroes had to go undercover and maintain disguises. And as a result, Bakugou ended up modelling for her even up until now in his free time in all sorts of clothes. Since the clothes for modelling were tailored specially to fit him, Bakugou Mitsuki had given all those clothes to Bakugou. While Bakugou has no interest in the large majority of the clothes, he keeps them in case he ever needs a disguise.


After making a quick breakfast for the toddlers, Bakugou returns to his room to look for those clothes to prepare his disguise. He decides that the best disguise would be to wear what he would usually not wear. Rummaging through his box of modelling clothes, Bakugou finds a pair of skinny black jeans, a plain white shirt and a leather jacket. He also puts on a black wig. Bakugou frowns at the mirror, thinking that his face is still very recognisable. Determined, Bakugou finds the eyeliner he uses to cover up the skin under his hero mask and expertly puts it on. Once that is done, Bakugou gives himself a once over in the mirror before giving himself an approving nod.


Swinging his backpack onto his shoulders, Bakugou makes his way down to bid the teachers and toddlers goodbye. When the toddlers see him, they are taken aback, afraid of the stranger. All Might and Midnight are also surprised, wondering if someone had managed to break into the dorms. It is only when Bakugou talks that they realise who is in front of them.


“Wow, Bakugou! Your disguise is really good! I would never have recognised you if you didn’t speak!” Midnight compliments.


“Mama?” Uraraka questions unsurely while Shigaraki and Todoroki immediately fling themself at Bakugou.


“Even if you look different, I will still marry you!” Todoroki says determinedly.


Before they can have a repeat telecast of “I’m gonna marry mama”, Bakugou pats their little heads before waving goodbye.


Before leaving the dorm, Bakugou already made a little shopping list. Glancing at the said list, Bakugou heads into the mall. Strangely, there is a long queue in the bookstore. However, Bakugou does not have an interest in finding out why. Nonetheless, when he passes by the bookstore, he sees the cause for the queue. With the realisation, Bakugou has to resist the urge to smack his forehead. How could he have forgotten that today is when All Might’s autobiography would be released? He had bitched the whole day when the release date of the autobiography came out, complaining about how the release being on the day before the exams is discriminatory to the students. But things seem to have worked out. Now, he can freely queue for the autobiography without having to worry about studying for his exams. Furthermore, this solved the problem of what Bakugou should get Midoriya for Christmas.


After getting the autobiography for his childhood friend and himself, Bakugou thinks of getting All Might to sign the book for them when he returns to the dorms. Bakugou also briefly wonders if he should get the two teachers a present as well. Shrugging, Bakugou decides that he will get them a present if he can figure out what to get them. Getting out his shopping list again, Bakugou goes to the mall’s directory, identifying where to get what so that he can shop for the things systematically.


While Bakugou is busy shopping, the toddlers are also busy preparing for their secret Christmas party. Satou, Shouji and Ojiro are in the kitchen, attempting to make cinnamon cookies with Thirteen. Midoriya and Midnight are on the latter’s computer, choosing photos that Midnight took in secret and doing some light editing. Jirou and Present Mic are on the computer Hatsume gave them, being in charge of the music. Kouda and Ectoplasm are in the backyard of the dorm, the former asking the birds and other critters to pick flowers and other shiny stuff. Yaoyorozu then uses some of these materials to make custom photo frames, Tokoyami and Kurogiri helping to design while Power Loader supervises them. Some of the other materials are used by Uraraka, Asui, Hagakure, Aoyama, Toga and Aizawa to make a card that is more a booklet than a card. As part of the “main committee”, Todoroki, Shigaraki, Kirishima, Ashido, Kaminari, Sero and Iida plan the itinerary and brainstorm for more ideas. For all the unwanted waste products, Shigaraki is also in charge of turning them into ashes to avoid leaving evidence for their mama.


While Bakugou appreciated his freedom while out shopping, he quickly began feeling rather empty. It is strange being able to walk around freely without Todoroki and Shigaraki hanging off his legs. It is strange not having Aizawa or Kirishima randomly starting group snuggles or group hugs. It is strangely cold and lonely, being alone in this crowd of early Christmas shoppers. While Bakugou had planned to go about buying the things systematically and efficiently, he had also planned to do it leisurely. However, he soon gives up the idea of “leisurely”, hastening his pace and hoping to finish shopping quickly.


When Bakugou is finally done shopping, it is already five. He sends a quick text to the teachers, asking how they are going to settle dinner. With the text, the teachers are alerted of Bakugou’s imminent arrival, quickly getting rid of all evidence. When Bakugou gets off the subway, he immediately feels the drop in temperature even in his jacket. As he walks to the dorms, the sky suddenly begins to snow. Having snow so early is rare and completely unexpectedly. Hence, Bakugou is not dressed warm enough. Furthermore, his backpack is not waterproof and he begins to worry that the snow will seep in and wet the autobiographies. Thinking fast, Bakugou takes out his umbrella and moves his backpack to carry it from the front. This allows the umbrella to protect the backpack from the snow, but not Bakugou’s back. Hence, when Bakugou finally returns to the dorm, his back is wet from the snow and the boy is lightly shivering from the cold.


“Mama!” The toddlers shout when the door opens, immediately running forward to hug Bakugou’s legs. Bakugou’s lips automatically curve up into a smile, heart feeling inexplicable warmth and happiness. Man, he really missed these brats.

Chapter Text

Bakugou and the toddlers are happily watching a movie when the doors of the dorms are suddenly smashed open. Bakugou jumps up immediately, moving to a fighting stance and ordering the children to hide. When a large figure stomps pass the doorway, Bakugou freezes in fear. A Nomu. Before Bakugou can even blink, the Nomu rushes forward, grabbing one of the toddlers before moving back towards the doorway where a man in a wheelchair enters.


“Kacchan!” Midoriya calls, his small body grasped in the palms of the huge Nomu.


“Fuck!” Bakugou curses his inability to fight back, snapping out of his fear. This is not the time to be afraid. He has his children to protect. Growling at the Nomu and the man in the wheelchair, Bakugou shouts “Give him back!”


The man in the wheelchair laughs, coming closer towards Bakugou who cannot help but to take a step back. He knows this man. It is All For One.


“How?!” Bakugou begins, confused. This man should not be here. But before he can finish asking, the man lets out a deranged laughter.


“Give him back? My, my. I’m afraid that’s what I should be saying.” All For One replies before opening up his arms as if to hug someone. A small head of blue rushes forward from behind Bakugou, running straight into those arms happily. It is Shigaraki.


“Sensei…” Shigaraki drawls out, happiness clear in his voice as he hugs All For One. Following Shigaraki, Toga and Kurogiri also make their way towards All For One, the bounce in their steps announcing their joy at the villain’s arrival.


Bakugou feels his heart break at this scene, fear and anger coursing through his veins. This cannot be real. His mind ran a mile a minute, wordlessly asking a myriad of questions. Was this planned? Did they take the opportunity where all the teachers are busy invigilating for the exams to infiltrate the dorms? What do they want? Why did his children, the ever-clingy Shigaraki, the bright and cheerful Toga and the quiet Kurogiri, leave his side only to rush into the arms of a villain? How can he get them and Midoriya back? Could he possibly fight the Nomu, especially when it still has little Midoriya clutched in his hands?


In the end, the only thing Bakugou can say is, “Come back here! Come back to mama!”


All For One laughs, low and vicious. “You really think you are their mama? Hahahahaha. You’re a failure, inept. You’re nothing but a substitute. And now, I’m going to take them home. I’m going to take all of them home. How wonderful it will be to raise these promising children to be excellent villains.”


“No! Don’t you dare take them away!” Bakugou growls, hands outstretch with little sparks coming out of his palms. He wanted nothing more than to explode that faceless villain’s face but he could not bear to hurt the children in that man’s lap. Although he knew that Shigaraki, Toga and Kurogiri are/were/will be villains, they are still his dear children.


“Well then, maybe I shall take you with us. Your quirk will come in handy as we destroy the world.” Following All For One’s words, a crowd of Nomus appear, snatching up the rest of the toddlers. Bakugou rushes forward, furious but helpless, trying to stop them yet not knowing how. His heartbeat pounds loudly in his ears and he feels a heavy weight on his chest. He cannot breathe, and then the world goes black.


Gasping loudly for air, Bakugou’s eyes shoot open. His vision is blurry, but he could roughly identify the little face before him. As his senses return to him, Bakugou realises that he is still lying in his futon, the toddlers crowding around him with concern on their faces. It is then that Bakugou feels something cold in his palms. Glancing down, Bakugou finds that he had used his quirk in his sleep and Todoroki had used his own to counter it.


“What?” Bakugou wanted to ask what happened by his voice comes out hoarse and weak and he became overwhelmed with the insistent need to cough. Bakugou waves a hand as he coughs into the other arm, indicating to the toddlers to move away from him lest they catch his cold. After he finishes coughing, Bakugou tries to get up, only for his head to feel like it is being split open. Helpless, Bakugou can only lie in his futon and weakly warn the kids to stay away. Despite having just woken up, Bakugou feels lethargy creeping back up and he closes his eyes, falling into dreamless sleep.


“What’s wrong with mama?” Uraraka asks.


“Mama is sick!” Toga concludes.


“Ah? Then what should we do?” Kirishima asks. The teachers All Might and Midnight have already left early in the morning to prepare for the exam, not even staying for breakfast. As a result, nobody knew that there was something wrong with Bakugou until they were woken up by the loud bang of his quirk.


The toddlers look at each other, at a loss as to what to do. Then, Asui speaks up, “I have seen my mom take care of my younger siblings when they fall sick… I have some idea…”


The toddlers immediately perk up and listen to Asui as she lists a couple of things that they should do, doing what they could and searching the internet for some help as well. They need a thermometer to measure Bakugou’s temperature but they do not know if they even have a thermometer, much less where it is kept. As such, Yaoyorozu uses the computer to find out how to make one. While she does this, Todoroki is in charge of keeping Bakugou cool using a wet towel and his own quirk. On the other side of Bakugou is Kirishima who is sending the other well wishes as they previously saw a WikiHow article telling them to do so before Yaoyorozu commandeered the computer.


Satou, Shouji and Ojiro are in the kitchen, attempting to make a bowl of congee. Thanks to Thirteen’s guidance the day before, they know their way around the kitchen. However, none of them knows how to make congee, but they did not think that it would be that difficult. It is just rice and water after all, right? And so, they pour a cup of rice and two cups of water into a lined cake pan and baked it.


The other toddlers look for the blankets used in their forts the other day, wrapping Bakugou in these blankets to keep his body warm. When Yaoyorozu successfully makes a thermometer, the toddlers cheer happily, believing that they can nurse their mama back to health. However, when Asui takes Bakugou’s temperature, he is a shocking 39.7°C. The toddlers start to worry again, unsure of what to do. Just then, the oven dings and Satou goes to check on their congee. The rice turns out cooked, but it is just baked rice and not congee. Now that the computer is available again, Satou searches how to make congee, properly this time, but it turns out too complicated for the toddler. Other than the oven, he did not know how to use the other appliances.


Disappointed, the toddlers crowd around Bakugou. They do now know how to contact the teachers, and their mama made it extremely clear that they cannot leave the dorm. Hence, they are all stuck. Just then, an idea comes to Midoriya. Bakugou said they could not go out of the dorms, but he never said they could not get other people to enter the dorms. And the only person Midoriya knows to call is his mom. Midoriya Inko has always been a protective mom, drilling her phone number and email into her son. And so, Midoriya borrows the computer to write an email to his mother.


Seeing what Midoriya is doing, Uraraka asks, “Are you asking your mama to come over?”


Midoriya nods in response. Immediately, Yaoyorozu asks, “Midoriya-san, you knew mama since he was young. Then –”


“Do you have mama’s baby photos?” Toga interrupts.


“Yes…” Midoriya replies.


“Wah! Can you ask your mama to bring them when she comes?” Hagakure asks excitedly. Midoriya readily agrees and the toddlers cheer, already forgetting their worry over their sickly mama.


When Midoriya Inko receives the email from her son, she is surprised. The account used was her son’s old account that he no longer used, having chosen to use a more professional-looking email compared to the childish one. At first, Midoriya Inko thought that someone had hacked into her son’s account. After all, her son is supposed to be at a special training camp with no phones. The email is also strange, reminiscent of the way her son used to speak before he grew up. However, Midoriya Inko could not see why someone would hack into her son’s email account to email her such things. Hence, she decides to email back to gather confirmation. She asks in her email, who is Midoriya Izuku’s number one hero. Seeing this childish old email account name, Midoriya Inko somehow felt nostalgic. That question was a question she used to ask her son a lot when he was young, before he found out that he was “quirkless”. Back then, Midoriya Inko would feel slight jealousy when her son seemed to love All Might more that he loved her. That was when she would ask that question.


And just like back then, the reply states, “Mama, you’re my number one hero!”


Midoriya Inko smiles, tears filling her eyes for some reason. After Midoriya Izuku found out he was “quirkless”, she never dared ask the question ever again. And without this prompt, Midoriya Izuku never really expressed his love for his mom with words. Somehow, it is always nice to have spoken reassurance. Without any more doubt, Midoriya Inko quickly complies to her son’s first email. Honestly, she did not know what to expect. But seeing her son as he was when he was a toddler opening the dorm doors made her feel inexplicable feelings. That small young naïve face reminds her of the time where her son was happy, carefree, and most importantly, safe in her arms. She immediately bends down to hug her precious son.


Midoriya Inko wants to savour this feeling of being able to protect her son, but the other small faces popping up in front of her brought her back to reality. Taking in the toddlerised aspiring heroes, Midoriya Inko knew that something must have happened again and the school had chosen to keep it from the parents. While Midoriya Inko wants to get angry at that, she remembers that she has already chosen to entrust her son to All Might. If this was what the school believed was the best course of action, then as a supporting parent, Midoriya Inko can only accept it with a sigh.


“Mama! You have to come help Kacchan!” Little Midoriya shouts as he pulls his mother towards a pile of blankets? Midoriya Inko looks closely, finding Bakugou who was drowning in the mass of blankets. Seeing how flushed Bakugou’s face is and how much he is sweating, Midoriya Inko immediately gets to work. She passes her son his most prized photo album before moving to remove the blankets.


As Midoriya Inko goes to nurse the sick and unconscious Bakugou, the toddlers crowd around Midoriya Izuku, each wanting to look at the photos. However, there are way too many toddlers for the small photo album. Hence, under Iida’s command, the toddlers split into groups. As the first group looks at the photos the other toddlers help Midoriya Inko. Satou learns how to properly cook congee and Asui tries her hand at feeding a barely conscious Bakugou.


When Bakugou’s fever finally breaks, it is already evening. Midoriya Inko is in the kitchen preparing dinner while the other toddlers settle around Bakugou, waiting for him to wake. Despite Midoriya Inko’s persistent advice, the toddlers refused to stay away from their sick mama. So when Bakugou wakes the second time that day, he wakes to the same scene of tiny faces peering worriedly at him. Bakugou slowly rubs his eyes, sitting up. His head feels much clearer than in the morning, breath coming much easier. He glances tiredly at the clock, only to widen his eyes full of energy when he sees the time.


“Fuck! How… I… Did you all have breakfast? Lunch?” Bakugou asks worriedly.


“We had bread for breakfast while Aunt Inko made us lunch,” Todoroki replies.


“Aunt Inko?” Bakugou repeats, surprised.


“Yes, Katsuki kun.” Midoriya Inko says. She had just come over to check on the toddlers.


Bakugou immediately greeted the other, explaining the situation with the toddlers to her. Midoriya Inko nods in understanding, promising not to let this secret out and also asking if she could come over to help sometime. Bakugou promises to let the teachers know. Wanting to stay with her son longer, Midoriya Inko stays for dinner and ends up watching the way Bakugou interacts with the toddlers. It was rather surprising, for she did not think that Bakugou would do so well with kids. 


And when she leaves, she decides that it is probably best to leave him with a word of warning. For her, she had time to get used to the fact that her child was growing up and becoming independent from her. For Bakugou who has gotten so attached to his role as a parent for these toddlers, he would have to face them instantly turning from cuddly dependent children to mature independent teenagers. From a mama, he would turn back into just a classmate again.


“Don’t be too attached to them, Katsuki kun. Especially when you do not know if they will remember you as their mama when they turn back…”

Chapter Text

After the incident where Bakugou fell sick, the school provided some additional security and emergency measures. The exams quickly flew by and the holidays soon began. The days went by without accident, especially now that the UA teachers and Hatsume Mei were free to spend their days at the dorms with the toddlers and Midoriya Inko dropped by more often than not. This addition in persons at the dorm was to the benefit of both Bakugou and the toddlers in their planning of their surprise Christmas party for each other. Midoriya Inko graciously provided copies of Bakugou’s childhood photos, having also gone to her friend Bakugou Mitsuki’s house to borrow photo albums on the pretence of finding photos of little Izuku with little Katsuki because she was feeling nostalgic. On the other hand, Bakugou successfully managed to bribe Hatsume into making some equipment and electronics for the toddlers' presents.


But despite the large increase in caregivers, the toddlers did not stop clinging to their dear mama. Each took turns between sticking to their mama and making secret party preparations. This made Bakugou’s own preparations difficult, but he did not resent the toddler’s clinginess. In all honesty, Bakugou felt like he could not let the toddlers out of his sight. In the past few weeks with the toddlers, Bakugou had seemed to relax and let go of a lot of his own fears and worries. His nightmares of the time he got kidnapped had stopped. At first, it was from being too tired watching over so many energetic toddlers. And then, it was because the toddlers soothed away his nightmares. As if the toddlers sleeping next to him knew, whenever Bakugou’s dreams started turning dark, he would feel soft chubby hands wrapping tight around his arms, anchoring him. Over time, he had already forgotten about the kidnapping. Whenever he saw Shigaraki, Toga and Kurogiri, he only saw his kids, never remembering that they once attacked his class, causing him to get kidnapped and indirectly leading to All Might’s retirement.


But that day when he went out, he got caught in the snow and fell sick, leading to his terrible nightmare. It reminded him that the Villain Alliance are still out there. This entire situation with the toddlers was a result of the Villain Alliance. Shigaraki? Kurogiri? Toga? They are all part of the Villain Alliance. But what Bakugou is most concerned about is whether or not the Villain Alliance will come and take them or any of his other children away. As such, Bakugou was as clingy to the kids as they were to him. This made it difficult for Bakugou to make his own preparations for the secret Christmas party, having to make large sacrifices to bribe Hatsume to help him. He would have asked All Might to help if Bakugou had more confidence in the man. Honestly, it was difficult for Bakugou to trust All Might with helping him when the latter could not even figure out how to use a washing machine. On the other hand, Midoriya Inko could not keep a secret from her son so she was out of the question. Of course, there were some things that only Bakugou could do by himself, and he did them when the toddlers were asleep.


And finally, it is the morning of Christmas Eve. The first one awake is surprisingly Midnight, who quietly wakes the toddlers. She had woken them an hour before she expects Bakugou to wake. And considering how late Bakugou slept the night before to be able to meet his Christmas deadline, she is sure he would sleep for longer. As a double agent, Midnight made sure to coordinate both Bakugou and the toddler’s surprise parties. The toddler’s party was more extravagant, including more activities. Bakugou’s party was more like food and presents. And so, the secret party for the day is the toddler’s party for Bakugou. Bakugou’s own “party” would be on Christmas itself so that the children can wake up to the presents.


All the toddlers successfully slip out of the room without waking their mama, all except Asui and Uraraka who got to sleep by his sides. When they tried to move, Bakugou immediately hugged them, refusing to let them go. In the end, the two became in charge of making sure Bakugou did not leave the room before the rest were ready. The toddlers quickly got to work, not having the time to be jealous of the two girls. Those in charge of cooking cooked, those in charge of decorating decorated. Help from the other UA teachers, Hatsume and Midoriya Inko also arrived, allowing them to quickly and efficiently finish their party preparations before Bakugou woke up.


Seeing that they are all done, the toddlers decide to return to their futons, wanting to be with their mama. And so, when Bakugou wakes up, the toddlers are in their own futons pretending to sleep. Bakugou yawns tiredly, rubbing the sleep from his eyes as he gets up. He walks towards the door, oblivious to the toddlers secretly watching him and awaiting his reaction. When Bakugou opens the door, he is hit by the smell of cinnamon cookies. This immediately causes him to perk up, looking around the dorms to see upgrades to the decorations he and the toddlers did the day before. At the dining table sits the teachers, Midoriya Inko and Hatsume. Bakugou glances between them, the cookies on the table and the decorations, feeling extremely bewildered.


“You guys did this?” Bakugou asks.


“Nope,” Midnight replies.




“We did, mama!” The toddlers exclaim from behind Bakugou, having followed after him. Bakugou turns around to look at those bright beaming faces, chest feeling warm and fuzzy.


“Yeah?” Bakugou says, smiling back at the toddlers. He picks up one of the cookies, biting into it without hesitation. One bite becomes two and Bakugou quickly finishes that cookie and grabs another one. “This is good.”


Having been praised, Satou, Ojiro and Shouji grin even wider, proud of themselves. Seeing this, the other toddlers also begin presenting Bakugou with their own work.


As the leader of the photo frame group, Yaoyorozu gifts Bakugou with their finalised product. The photo it held was one Midnight secretly took of Bakugou watching over the toddlers during their nap. The photo frame itself was embellished with little figures that represented each of the toddlers. Bakugou admires the handiwork, smiling as he recognised which figure represented which toddler. It is surprisingly easy to identify them, each figure representing each toddler well. Uraraka then presents Bakugou with their booklet-like card. Bakugou laughs, reading the little messages from his children. He laughs so hard, that he almost feels like crying.


Following the presents, they have breakfast and then games, playing the entire day. After dinner, they settle into the pillow fort the toddlers assembled. Bakugou is again given a “throne” to sit on as Hatsume projects a video onto the television screen. The video starts with the toddlers peering into the camera curiously, asking if it has started recording. Upon getting confirmation from the person recording, the toddlers begin to talk all over one another.


“Mama! Mama! It’s me!”






“Hahahaha! Hi hi mama!”


“Okay, okay. One at a time, alright? One at a time. Let’s go with you.”


And one at a time, the toddlers stand in front of the camera, introducing themselves before doing something silly, whether it be an act, a dance or a song. When all the toddlers have a go and the video ends, another one starts. The next video is a compilation, including photos and videos taken from the past few weeks. It showed each of the toddlers hugging Bakugou, them singing together, as well as the toddlers clinging onto Bakugou in their sleep. The next video is also a compilation, but this time, of Bakugou as a child. The toddlers cheer happily as they got to see Bakugou’s childhood photos and videos while the person himself became very embarrassed.


“It’s okay, mama. You look very cute too when you were a baby.” Todoroki says very seriously. The other toddlers nod along, only to cause Bakugou to be more embarrassed, face turning red. This made the teachers and Hatsume laugh, finding this shy Bakugou extremely different from the usual angry Bakugou. The difference is startlingly adorable.


And as if he is a knight saving a damsel in distress, Midoriya steps up in between Bakugou and the teachers, arms spread open in a defensive position. “Don’t laugh at Kacchan!”


This made the teachers laugh even harder and Midoriya Inko smiles. Her son is always a hero.


And just like that, the day passes and it is time for bed. The toddlers wanted to refuse at first, not wanting the day to end. However, they also didn’t want to defy their mama, hence they went to bed obediently. But after having spent all their energy playing the whole day, the toddlers quickly fall asleep. And instead of staying up to place the toddlers’ presents under the tree, Bakugou goes to sleep early instead. It would probably be better for him to get up earlier to prepare. And so, Bakugou is already asleep when All Might and Midnight receive a call from the school.


The next morning, on Christmas day, Bakugou wakes up first. He quietly slips outside the room, going off to bake a chocolate cream pie. When the pie is in the oven, he goes to his dorm to take the presents hidden inside. As he is placing the presents under the tree, Midnight comes out and sees him.


“Merry Christmas,” Bakugou greets when he sees Midnight.


“Merry Christmas. We had some news from the school last night when you were asleep.” Midnight says excitedly. She thought that it is good news to Bakugou too, believing that the student is eager for the ordeal to be over so that he could return to training to be a hero. She isn’t exactly wrong. Bakugou did want to train to be a hero. But he also did not want the toddlers to stop being toddlers.


“What news?” Bakugou asks, not knowing what lay ahead is something he dreads deep in his heart.


Before he can reply, the dorm door opens and Recovery Girl enters. After a round of greetings, Recovery Girl announces, “We managed to find a cure and it was tested last night. It is now ready to be administered.”


“The cure?” Bakugou asks, a bit lost. His head is still filled with the holiday cheer.


“Yes. We have been working very hard to finally find it. The principal wanted everyone to be back at school when it reopens after the break. You all have already missed too many lessons so we will administer it today and starting from tomorrow, you all will have remedial lessons.”


Bakugou’s head begins to fill with questions. The cure? Today? They’re not going to be my children anymore? Will they remember? Do I want them to remember? There is an inexplicable feeling bubbling in his chest and Bakugou feels like the air is too thick to breathe properly.


“Mama?” Iida asks, having woken up and found his mama. Bakugou turns to look at him. After today, he won’t be his mama anymore, but rather just a problematic classmate. Bakugou suddenly realises he cannot stay here for a second longer, quickly making an excuse before going off to hide in his dorm room. He couldn’t be there to see his toddlers turn back into adults.


While Bakugou hides in his room, Midnight helps to remove the pie from the oven and sets up the table for breakfast. The other toddlers also begin to get up, wondering where their mama is. As they begin to settle around the dining table, Ashido sees the presents under the tree, immediately running towards it.


“Wah! Presents! Tsuyu chan! This has your name!” Ashido shouts, calling the other toddlers to crowd around the tree and open their presents.


“It’s from mama!” Asui exclaims as she opens her present and reads the attached note. This encourages the other toddlers to rip open their presents. Even Todoroki who was slowly opening his to preserve the gift wrap gave up and just tore into it. The toddlers cheer happily at their gifts, looking around to find their mama but to no avail.


“Where is mama?” Hagakure asks, tears filling her eyes. She had clipped on the bracelet Bakugou had given her, following the instructions given in the note. And after pressing the button, she suddenly had a silhouette. Under the instructions, it said: “Your mama asked me to make this for you, though he did the exterior design. It can only give you a silhouette, but I hope you like it. Your mama really wanted to be able to help you do a proper braid. Also, you can change the colour of the silhouette to match your mood! ~From Hatsume. PS. Let me know if you’re interested in being my model.”


Not being able to give the toddlers a satisfactory answer, Midnight can only direct their attention away by telling them to eat their breakfast. When the toddlers refused, more interested in their presents than the pie, Midnight says, “Your mama made this pie for you all. Are you not going to eat? Do you want your mama to scold you when he comes and sees you all haven’t eaten?”


This immediately got the toddler’s attention, going to the dining table with their presents in hand. They eat their pie and drink their milk happily, none the wiser. Recovery Girl had placed the antidote in their milk, knowing that the toddlers may reject it if given the cure just like that. The antidote is expected to require half an hour to take effect. As the toddlers finish their breakfast, the head off to the living room to play with their presents, joined by a group of other heroes. In order to capture the three from the Villain Alliance as soon as they turn, they separate them from the rest of the toddlers, Kamui Woods watching over them.


Kurogiri is the first to turn back. Although Kamui Woods reacts immediately he goes right through Kurogiri, allowing him to warp Toga and Shigaraki away. Nonetheless, the “mission” is considered a success. Their main mission had been to ensure the safety of the people within the dorm. As the students and two teachers successfully turn back into themselves, Bakugou stays hiding in his room. He spends the entire day in there.


The next day, everything returns to “normal”, or what was considered normal before the incident. Bakugou did not know what to expect. But when there’s a knock on his door and Kirishima’s voice calling “Bakugou! Let’s go for remedial!” comes through, Bakugou feels immense disappointment. He is now only Bakugou, no longer mama. He returns the call as he normally would, deciding to forget about his time with the toddlers. He has to act normal.


When Bakugou opens the door, Kirishima put his arm over his shoulder, saying, “Man this past few weeks have been wild, yeah? Midnight gave us a debrief and –”


Although he tried, in the end, Bakugou couldn’t listen anymore, ducking out of Kirishima’s hold and running off on his own. He had become so used to being their mama that it is strange to be treated as just a friend. He sees Ashido on the first floor, quickly avoiding her and escaping before she could react. Bakugou assumes that Kirishima and Ashido must have told the rest of the class, because everyone began to give him space, not daring nor knowing how to approach.


The next few days pass by with a stilted air of awkwardness. Bakugou spends most of his time in his room, hiding. And although he promised he would stop thinking about the toddlers, he could not help but to do so. He would look at the presents the toddlers gave him, glance at their photos, and flip through the drawings they made when he gave them a test paper. Some nights, he could not sleep, missing the tiny bodies curled up beside him. And tonight, is one of such nights. It is already past midnight, and everyone else is probably already asleep. They still have remedial lessons the next day after all.


Bakugou lies on his bed, staring off into space in a daze. Suddenly, there’s movement in his room and a large orange sunflower appears in his vision. 


“Sensei… Ah… You’re not my sensei anymore… Bakugou… Katsuki… Do you know? Sunflowers stand for adoration… Marry…” Shigaraki drawls out when he is interrupted by the intruder alarm. The alarm seems to pull Bakugou out of his trance.


“You… You remember?” Bakugou asks.


“How can we forget our mama?” Toga responds cheerily.


Overwhelmed with emotions, Bakugou jumps forward and pulls the three villains into his arms. Now that they are no longer toddlers, Bakugou’s arms could not properly wrap around all three of them. Having heard the alarm, the other students in the dorm are instantly jerked awake. For some reason, their instincts told them where to go, immediately going to Bakugou’s room. Being in the room right next to Bakugou, Kirishima is the first one to burst through Bakugou’s door, shouting, “Group hug!”


With Kirishima’s appearance, Bakugou feels as if he had been cheated. “You fuckers all remember? Then why the hell didn’t you all say anything?”


“Sorry… We just thought you were embarrassed and then we just –” Kirishima tries to explain.


“Ah fuck it! Come here you shitty hair!” Bakugou growls and Kirishima complies. The other students quickly squeeze into the hug, missing their mama.


The first teacher to arrive upon receiving the notice for an intruder at the dorms is Aizawa and Present Mic. Present Mic did not think twice about joining the group hug, pulling the hesitant Aizawa along. Bakugou didn’t know how they will deal with this in the future, especially when three of his kids are villains and two are his teachers. But for now, everything feels warm and right. They are his children, and he is their mama.