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Boku No Toddler Academia

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After breakfast, the toddlers decide to watch Christmas movies as they need ideas for their surprise party.  While the toddlers watch the television intently, Bakugou watches the toddlers in hopes of discovering what they may like as a present.


As ideas are planted in the toddler’s heads, they seek to do a little test run first. Hence, upon seeing the characters in the movie build a pillow fort, Kirishima is quick to suggest doing the same. Bakugou does not need any extra convincing by the toddlers. When his relationship with Midoriya had still been amicable, they had also built a pillow fort with their neighbourhood friends.


And in the pillow fort, they role played for hours and hours. Bakugou had been the king of the dragons and the pillow fort was his fortress. Midoriya had been a wandering adventurer who stumbled into the dragon fortress. And upon receiving Bakugou’s approval for the pillow fort, Midoriya suggests the little role-playing. The other toddlers happily agree.


“Mama, will you play with us?” Sero asks.


“Kacchan is the dragon king! And I am a passing adventurer!” Midoriya announces without waiting for Bakugou’s response.


“If that’s the case, I am a dragon!” Kirishima exclaims, tugging onto the hood of his dragon onesie happily.


“Y’all behave alright? I’m going to go grab some stuff real quick.” Bakugou interrupts the other toddlers who are discussing what roles they should play. When Bakugou goes to pick up some blankets, pillows and laundry poles, Sero quickly slips to the kitchen and returns before anyone notices he even left.


When Bakugou returns with his items, they all begin building the fort together. The toddlers gather into smaller groups, pushing the couches and tables to position them such that they form a circle around the television. Bakugou places the laundry poles between the furniture, zip-tying the pole to the legs and ensuring that they are being held upright by the flanking furniture. Bakugou then ties the corner of a large blanket to one of the poles and the other toddlers help to spread out the blanket. Slowly but surely, the pillow fort begins to come together.


As Bakugou works to ensure the strength of the foundation and outside of the pillow fort, the toddlers work on its “interior design”. As if they are able to read each other’s mind, the toddlers begin building a throne for their mama. They make the seat out of the seat cushions from the sofa and drape a fluffy blanket over the “throne”. The other pillows and blankets are then scattered around the pillow fort carelessly, the toddlers not really caring.


When the pillow fort is finally finished, Kirishima has the honour of inviting Bakugou into the fort since he is King Bakugou’s dragon. As Bakugou is “forced” onto the throne by the toddlers, Shouji and Kouda begin to “fan” him using their hands. The toddlers have immediately slipped into their role once Bakugou entered the fort while Bakugou himself is confused for a moment before remembering.


Gently, because he is a gentle soul, Kirishima “drags” a completely compliant Midoriya before Bakugou.


“My King,” Kirishima begins with a deep bow and an innocent smile unbefitting of the role he is playing. “I caught this… this outsider? Yes! I caught this outsider, my king!”


Much unlike the scared and cowering look Midoriya will usually show when they roleplayed this as children, he is strangely confident. With a wide grin, Midoriya exclaims, “I am Midoriya Izuku! An adventurer! I am here to ask for the king’s hand in marriage!”


Upon hearing Midoriya’s words, a few of the toddlers charge forward.


“I am Prince Todoroki Shouto! And the king is mine!” Todoroki claims in response.


“Sensei… No… The king… The king is mine…” Shigaraki drawls.


“I asked first so he’s mine!” Midoriya argues.


“No! No! No!” Kirishima protests. “He’s the king of dragons and I am a dragon so he’s mine!”


“But this is my kingdom, and this land is part of my kingdom. So everything here is mine, including the king of dragons!” Todoroki reasons.


“Well, the king is my mama so mama is mine already!” Toga’s words silenced the arguments for a moment.


“But you cannot marry the king if he’s your mama. So I can still marry him!” Midoriya says after breaking down Toga’s argument.


“Mama is my mama so you have to get my approval before anyone can marry mama. And I don’t approve of any of you. So mama is mine!” Toga replies haughtily.


While it was 10% amusing and 90% weird to have the toddlers fight for his hand in marriage, Bakugou did not break up the argument. The toddlers are only lightly bickering, knowing that there is punishment for going overboard.


And all is well until a cry comes from the other side of the pillow fort. While a few of the toddlers were debating over who is going to marry Bakugou, the rest of the toddlers were scattered around the pillow fort roleplaying in their own groups. When the cry comes from one of the scattered groups, Bakugou curses. He had relaxed his guard since the pillow fort is made of harmless pillows and he trusted the toddlers not to do anything stupid even if only to avoid disappointing their mama.


Quickly, Bakugou gets up from his pillow throne and moves toward the source of the cry. Upon seeing red smeared on Sero’s hands and clothes, Bakugou quickens his movements, heart beating faster. When Bakugou gets closer to Sero, eyes quickly scanning for injuries, Bakugou realises that he is extremely familiar with the red substance.


That red colour, that consistency, that smell. It can only be Bakugou’s favourite chilli sauce. With a deep sigh, Bakugou gestures for the little prankster to follow him. After giving a stern warning for the other toddlers to behave, Bakugou brings Sero to the bathroom to clean up the mess.


“What’s wrong?” Bakugou asks, counting down from ten to contain his emotions.


“I… I… Erm… I got a cut…” Sero replies, uncertain of what to say.


“A real cut?” Bakugou checks with the other. This made Sero raise his eyebrows in surprise. He had thought that he had successfully tricked his mama.


“No…” Sero can only reply truthfully in the face of Bakugou’s seriousness.


“I’m very disappointed in you, soy sauce face,” Bakugou says with a frown. “Little harmless jokes are alright. But you should know better than to fake an injury and get all messy. Do you know how worried I was when you cried out? I thought I failed to protect you.”


“Sorry, mama…” Sero whispers sadly. “But mama is always surrounded by Shouto and Tenko and like… I was jealous of the attention you paid to them but I didn’t know how to get mama to pay attention to me. I just remembered how much you cared when Shouji was hurt when his quirk came and I just…”


Hearing this, Bakugou can only sigh and give the other a grim smile. It seems like he has failed to be a good “mother” to his “children”. With so many toddlers, it is difficult to watch all of them and pay attention to all of them. As such, Bakugou mainly watched the more troublesome ones – the overtly quiet or rowdy ones. For those that were well integrated to the group but less assertive like Sero, Bakugou did not think that he had to fuss over them. But children are children, and they all need love and attention to grow up happily and healthily. While this may seem obvious, Bakugou is an only child with parents who loved and cherished him, and hence he only just realised this.


As Sero’s eyes begin to fill with tears at Bakugou’s silence, the latter begins to feel an inexplicable sadness. With determination not to fail his children a second time, Bakugou opens his arms to comfort the crying toddler.


“I’m sorry, mama,” Sero sobs out into the crook of Bakugou’s shoulders.


Patting the toddler’s back soothingly, Bakugou replies, “Mama is sorry too. I will do better. I will be the number one mama for all of you and you will cooperate with me, yeah? Come on now. Don’t cry…”


Sero sniffles in response, nodding his in agreement. When the tears finally subside and Sero gets cleaned up, Bakugou brings him back to the pillow fort. While the rest of the toddlers are still playing, it is obvious that they are overly cautious and quiet. They are worried, unsure of what had transpired, but not knowing what else to do. And when Bakugou and Sero settle back into the pillow fort, the atmosphere is still awkward. This made Bakugou feel uncomfortable, but he himself did not know how to soothe over the atmosphere.


The toddlers usually in charge of livening up the atmosphere – Kirishima, Kaminari, Ashido, Sero and Present Mic are also at a loss for what to do. At this moment, Bakugou is saved by his new favourite teacher, Aizawa. In the heavy air of awkwardness and silence, Aizawa slowly comes up to Bakugou and resolutely deposits his head onto the other’s thigh.


“It’s cold… Cuddles…” Aizawa’s soft voice carries through the air loud and clear. Ever the avid supporter of hugs and cuddles, Kirishima voices his loud and enthusiastic approval before claiming Bakugou’s other thigh. The spell of awkwardness is quickly dissolved as the toddlers clamber over each other for space next to Bakugou. And as they quietly snuggle together, Bakugou’s heart felt incredibly warm.