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Boku No Toddler Academia

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The next morning, the first toddler awake is Jirou. She too, asks for the computer, settling happily in front at the dining table. Turns out, Jirou has awesome taste in music, and Bakugou tells her to turn up the volume a little more without disturbing the still-sleeping toddlers.


A great way to start the day, Bakugou thinks. It’s been awhile since he listened to music after waking up. Bakugou is feeling energised and hyped after singing with Jirou when the forbidden note plays.


Fuck, Bakugou thinks as he scrunches his eyes shut and stops what he’s doing. Taking a deep breath, Bakugou readies himself before belting out the lyrics as Jirou sings along obliviously. Bakugou hopes for both of their sakes that Jirou does not read the comments. Unfortunately for them both, Jirou does. In the middle of the chorus, Jirou suddenly stops singing, eyes furrowing as she inches closer to the computer screen.


“Mama… What do they mean by disbanded?” Jirou asks, frowning.


“Well… It means they’re not together anymore…” Bakugou replies although he does not want to be the bearer of bad news. “No more music from them as a group…”


“What?! No way…” Jirou cries out, eyes filling with tears.


“There, there…” Bakugou comforts, having abandoned his preparations for breakfast to give the crying child a hug. “They are happy now, doing their own thing. We should be happy for them instead of crying.”


Jirou sniffles in response, clutching onto the front of Bakugou’s shirt and crying as the song continues in the background.


“Come on, now. Stop crying and I’ll show you some other good bands.” Bakugou says, stretching out a hand to click on another song.


“It’s good! What’s this called?” Jirou asks, tear stopping as she turns to look at the screen.


“Right?” Bakugou replies. Pointing at the other videos on recommended, he continues, “These are also good.”


With Jirou appeased, Bakugou returns to the kitchen. Children really did move on quite quickly, Bakugou notes as Jirou claims to have found a new favourite band. For Jirou, it is like finding a new treasure trove, and she wanted to hear all the songs. As such, when breakfast is over and they resumed their game-playing, Jirou opts to listen to a song during her turn instead of playing a game. This made the other toddlers also want to listen to songs. In the end, Present Mic suggested singing karaoke.


Looking around, they manage to find two microphones (which Bakugou suspects belong to Jirou) in their shared recreation drawers and an online karaoke website.


“So who’s up first?” Bakugou asks, holding out the microphones.


“I want to hear mama sing!” Jirou says.


“Yes!”  The other toddlers chorus in agreement. “Sing for us, mama!”


“Alright,” Bakugou says indulgently.


“Mama sings so well! If only it can be recorded somehow and I can play it on repeat.” Jirou says wistfully.


“I agree!” Present Mic and a few other toddlers echo the sentiment.


And so, when Bakugou sees the option to record, he presses it on a whim. Christmas is coming… Maybe… Bakugou thinks as he prepares to sing. He should get them all presents. Given how excited the toddlers were over Halloween, there is no doubt that they would like to celebrate Christmas as well. With that, a half-formed idea comes to Bakugou, and he ends up recording all the other toddlers during their turns as well.


Midoriya chooses the All Might cartoon theme song, to which the other toddlers also happily sing along to in the background. Kirishima, Ashido, Kaminari, Sero, Present Mic and Tokoyami chose different songs from the “Nightmare Before Christmas” soundtrack, singing all the songs together. Yaoyorozu sings “The Phantom of the Opera”, reaching all the high notes perfectly. Kurogiri ends up singing a duet with Yaoyorozu from “The Phantom of the Opera” soundtrack. Uraraka and Hagakure sing “Candy Candy” and “PONPONPON” together while Asui chooses a song about baby sharks and losing limbs. Aoyama sings “Twinkle Twinkle”, adding his name to the lyrics. Shouji sings ONE OK ROCK’s “Dreamer”, which is surprising although not completely unexpected. And to nobody’s surprise, Ojiro sings a song that Bakugou assumes to be from a martial arts movie soundtrack, Kouda chooses a song about fluffy bunnies and Satou somehow manages to find “Pat-a-cake”. Iida then chooses the Japanese National Anthem which made things a little awkward, but Toga sings Hatsune Miku’s “World is Mine” which recovered the atmosphere. And unfortunately, Aizawa brings the mood down with a lullaby.


The other toddlers get awkwardly silent as Todoroki dedicates “My Heart Will Go On” to Bakugou while holding his hand throughout the song. This causes a jealous Shigaraki to sing “Every Breath You Take” while hugging Bakugou’s right arm. But thankfully, Jirou saves the day as she sings Bohemian Rhapsody with Bakugou, although this made Todoroki and Shigaraki pout as they didn’t think to sing a duet with Bakugou.


With the excitement and happiness after their karaoke session, the children do not complain about the food Midnight drops off for lunch. After promising another karaoke session after their nap, the toddlers drift off to sleep after their lunch. Making use of his free time, Bakugou goes off to do the laundry. After dumping the clothes into the washing machine, Bakugou returns to his dorm room as he thinks about Christmas plans. Buying something for 24 toddlers seems way to expensive, and he probably won’t be able to go out to buy anything. Handmade presents would have to suffice, Bakugou decides after looking through the materials he has. Bakugou knows a few of the toddlers will appreciate a CD, and he could probably sew some of them a plushie. But the rest… Well, there is still time for Bakugou to think, and he can always consult the teachers. With that thought, Bakugou nods to himself before returning to the sleeping toddlers.


Bakugou promises that he will definitely ensure that they have the best Christmas ever.