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Deku + Blog = Total Mayhem

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The first time Aizawa noticed it, was when they were at the training field. He invited Shinsou along so the student can get used to working with the Hero Department class, and Izuku was overjoyed! The fluffy boy was way too close in the mental quirk’s face, squealing about learning his brainwashing quirk and the effects of it. While Izuku was being his usual heroic fanboy-self, Aizawa noticed a dark aura flowing from his students. They all had the same expression with disgusted sneers directed at the General Department boy. Now Aizawa know what that type of look meant, it defines a bunch of werecats protecting their small, cuddly bunny from outsiders that isn't in their pack. It seem that Class A has a crush on the oblivious Midoriya Izuku.

Now Aizawa can't just assume things, it is 2017 of course, so he decided to see if his hypothesis was correct. Every time they were training, invite Shinsou just for shits and giggles. Oh we’re going on a field trip? Let’s invite Hatsume Mei who had became great friends with Izuku just to fuck with his students’ lives. After all of his sneaky experiments, his hypothesis was proven correct, they indeed have a huge crush on the innocent boy.

So now here he is, staring blankly at the teenagers in groups calmly working on their work together. The past days has been boring, nothing exciting enough to entertain the teacher. The class was getting a little bit too chummy to his liking. His eyes slowly rolled to the table of five such as: Bakugou, Uraraka, Todoroki, Iida, and of course, their amazing classmate Midoriya. Bakugou’s arm was laid on the smaller’s shoulder, Izuku showing his legendary smile at his childhood friend for finally getting close to him. Of fucking course, everyone except the green haired boy saw the smug look on Bakugou’s face, shooting middle fingers to the other classmates. Uraraka and Todoroki are sending glares at the blonde and if it wasn't for Ilda’s usual screeching of being nice to other students, they would've totally double teamed the showoff. Aizawa’s half lidded eyes slightly widened at the realization of what can give him the excitement he has been craving for!

And that, my friend, is creating a Dekublog.



The most important step for this blog is taking the most finest pictures of Izuku to attract bloggers. Even though it's the most important step, it's also the easiest one to complete. It seem God was on everyone’s side lately. The principal decided it will be fun to allow a Spirit Week; Monday being listed as a famous actress or singer. Class A has been blessed with Izuku dressed as a Kpop singer while Aizawa been blessed with professional and perfect pictures of the boy. He seriously deserve a reward for taking these amazing photos! The entire week flew by with Class A being overprotective of their precious boy dressed in perfect fashion that made Yuga swoon in want. Aizawa been so busy that week that it was worth having an entire collection of Izuku doing innocent actions that would surely please the future audience.

The next step was creating the blog. Now that wasn't so hard since he know a guy that knows a guy that is super talented in web designs. All he had to do was pay the guy, direct them of how he wanted it to be (including the photos, videos, and descriptions), and the blog will be made in perfect shape! Not only will the blog consist of pictures and videos, the creator of the blog can assign certain people to be moderators that can help handle the website and future followers. Followers that are that thirsty can order pictures, request fanart and fanfictions at a certain price. He will have to ask the General Department if they would mind being included (not that it will be hard to persuade them, everyone admires Izuku so much that it's horrific). A sadistic smile appeared on his face when the blog launched and was now officially available or the public.

“Why are you even doing this?” The person who helped in his dirty work asked. Aizawa just patted the person on the shoulder, releasing a deep chortle from the back of his throat. The person now on edge, wondered if they made a grave mistake for creating this blog.

Aizawa’s eyes landed at the screen showcasing multiple photos and videos of a pure cinnamon roll. He can already imagine the look on his students’ faces. “I didn't know I needed this in my life!” He imagined a bloodthirsty, determined Uraraka clicking on the ‘Order’ button hundreds of times. Hell he won't be surprised if Mineta purchase or request something!

The person coughed to gain the man’s attention and Aizawa gave him a simple response that made the person even more concerned.

“You’ll see.”