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Brain Dead

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Mission Execution

"Batou, collect the Tachikoma's for a Level 72A Load out and set up the area sweet with an image curtain and a press blackout" the voice spoke through the squads internal communications as they began to jump up from their seats in Japan's Public Security Section 9's head quarters.

The squad were all loaded out and the Tachikoma's were deployed into the Osprey command helicopter. Standing on the ramp; Major Motoko Kusanagi, the commander of the squad was stood silently as she stared out at the building they left; she was on internal comms with their Chief, Aramaki. The job was to take out a group of terrorists whom had taken hostages in the Ministry of Home Affairs luxury apartment, no one knew yet but the net was starting to pick up a buzz; she could feel it.

Saito, the squads ace sniper ran forward off the ramp and jumped, his body disappearing into nothing as his Optic camouflage hid him from any prying eyes. He rolled and began to set up his sniper rifle as Ishikawa finished with the comms blackout they had set up on the apartment, he was their tech; along with Boma, whom was preparing a bunch of explosives to add to walls for a breach.

Batou and Togusa were in their Tachikoma's and launched themselves out the hatch. Fifteen minutes passed and a click was sent over their internal comms, the window smashed with a single shot; killing the terrorist leader, then an explosion in the lift killed two more and Togusa and Batou assaulted into the luxury floor. They picked off every terrorist with ease thanks to their camo, but one was left, he had a hostage and a dummy switch on his cybernetic hand, if he died, the hostage was dead too.

A single shot came from the window as the Major uncloaked, swinging in from the roof and picking the man with a single shot to the hand, detonating his pistol into shards before the woman fell to the ground; the poor terrorist didn't even know what hit him as 30 rounds shredded him into nothing.

"Operation success, time from start, twenty seconds" she spoke out loud, but over all the comms. It would be a clean-up op now for the SDF, the Self Defence force.

Fifteen minutes later they were on their way home and it would be time to relax, "Batou, you finish the paperwork today" she spoke, her eyes closed. Batou let out a groan and leaned back, petting his Tachikoma as if it was a real pet. He sure loved that single one; just like the ones that had saved his life one year before, their lives in fact; if it wasn't for the Previous models, there would be another nuclear world war with The Imperial Americans, China and Japan.

That was when they got the call from the old ape. Stopping and turning and looking out the window, she sighed.

"Really? a baby sitting job?" she asked but the old ape replied with a stern warning not to call it that and to remind her whom had supplied a lot of their technology they used. Agreeing with a sigh, she had the plane land at the base before preparing herself to be 'on show'. Dressing in her formal police uniform of a brown jacket with all her rank pips and medals on, she wore a long skirt which reached her knee's and black stockings with high heel shoes... Yea.. she actually had a pair.

Within half an hour they were driven up to the great skyscraper in a formal black limo. Stepping out and upstairs without even stopping at the desk; that being handled by Togusa, she knocked on the door and entered. Instantly getting her eyes on the nervous man and reading all his tells. This man was terrified.

"Major Motoko Kusanagi, Section 9." she introduced herself, holding out her hand for him to shake; which he would find to be stern and hard. She was a full cyborg so knew people would not expect it from such a pretty woman as herself.

"Your vehicle is waiting downstairs, I have two men with me, one is here right now in stealth and will accompany us where ever we go. I will be with you all the way and my other man will be close by. I also have my people securing the location and we will have our Tachikoma's there to cover you too, don't worry; we're discrete" she smiled softly before motioning to the door.

"After you"

She knew this person she was escorting was a member of the groups they had been investigating over the past few weeks. She only needed to get into his head, and his worrying of the press conference would mean she would be able to slip in his back door and peek around his head, unofficially of course.

"The target has entered the podium" Motoko spoke softly in her internal communications system. They walked around the place, several people in stealth making sure the area was secure; they even had Saito on watch for snipers outside. And then it happened. The shot.

When the shot happened, Motoko dashed forward to the target and with her inhuman mind, calculated the shot angle and looked directly at the assassin, high in the streets outside, through a solitary window, her aim zooming in on him and giving weapon statistics for her pistol.

The pistol raised up in a flash, as if teleported and she fired three shots. One would tear through the barrel of the rifle, destroying the firing mechanism, the second into the scope and shattering it while the third would be just enough to wing Shade in the shoulder, but not hit him.

"Sniper on the roof" she pinged his position to everyone and soon enough he'd be getting a laser sight on him from Saito.

Running up the wall with several jumps and climbs, she began to chase him down, running and firing a pistol with enough skill to hit a target but with the vents and the buildings in the way, it would be a hard shot. She fired and missed, it happened; she wasn't perfect. The assassin got away and the target was dead, his head detonated in a shower of brain matter and cybernetic parts.

"God damn it. Ishikawa, get surveillance on that target and track him down. I don't like having an assassin get away" she sighed as she caught into the Tachikoma's trying to track down where the assassin went, however he was already gone. This was a professional job.