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Surprise & Pleading - A YangxBlake RWBY Fan Fiction

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Summer had died, Autumn had passed by and Winter had come and gone. It was now Spring, the time for renewable had arrived. Yang stood over the hob and turned the sausages and bacon in the pan with a set of tongs. She turned to her right to pick up the pan but swore to herself when she realized she couldn’t grab the pan. For a second her left hand tensed around the and let out a long sigh.

“What’s wrong?” her father asked as he appeared behind her, cutting bread with a bread knife.

“Nothing. I just… nothing.”

“I know it is hard but you just have to get used to it. If you’re not going to get a prosthetic then you’ll have to adapt. You were always the strongest one. Ruby had her speed and her….enthusiasm. You were always the strong and adaptable one.” Taiyang smiled and put his arm around his daughter.

“Thanks Dad” she nodded and laughed. “Ruby did always have… enthusiasm” She grinned and the pair laughed for a while before finishing up breakfast.

“I’m going to be going gone for a few days. I have to go pick up some more supplies from the city. I’ll only be a few days and I will be right back” He rested back in his chair as he explained.

“No problem. I can handle myself. Just because I don't have an arm doesn’t mean that I’m inept” Yang sighed.

And so Yang was left alone for a few days. She spent most of it just sat around and watched the network shows, well that was until she got a knock on the door.

“Coming!” she yelled and got up, pushing off the crisp packets and chocolate wrappers from her stomach and brushed down the crumbs. The door knocked again and she yelled once more.

“I said I’m coming! Wait a Grimm-damn minute!” Walking to the door, she fiddled with the lock, struggling with unlocking it now she only had one arm, having to lean up against the door, lift it and then turn the lock and the handle with a single hand had her struggling a little. When the door opened, she stood dumbstruck.

“H…Hello Yang” Blake mumbled quietly, looking down and bringing her gaze to look Yang directly in the eye.

In less time than it took for a blink of an eye, Blake was staring at the very interesting cloud formations above the house.

“What are YOU doing here.” Yang snarled, curling her fist in and out.

Getting up slowly, Blake knew she deserved it. “I… I came for you Yang, I… we need you back at Beacon. Team CFVY, Goodwitch, CRDL, everyone there are needing Huntsmen and Huntress’s to help fight Grimm and the Fang… I came to find Ruby too, but I ran into your father on the way here. He said she’d already gone with the rest of team JNPR. They haven’t gone back to Beacon so they must be going somewhere else. You’re my first stop. I was going to see Weiss after you…” she explained, looking around. “May I come in?”

“No…” Yang told her firmly. “You left without even a goodbye. You disappeared right after I…” she looked down, she felt both fists clenching and knew that it was a lie, only one of them were. “You should leave” Yang told her quietly.

“I… may I use your bathroom before I go?” Blake questioned, biting her lip at the rejection.

“Yes, its through there, third door on the left.” Standing aside, Yang let Blake in, watching her as she passed by and headed down the corridor. Wearing a white long coat with dark purple boots, trousers and a top with her stomach visible, Yang found it very attractive. Damn why did she have to love that damn cat.

Blake found the bathroom after passing the two bedrooms. She caught a glimpse of the difference between Yang and Ruby’s rooms; where Yang’s had training equipment and rather nice music posters like any teenage girl would, Ruby’s was like a little boys room. Large figures of Grimm, famous Huntsmen and Huntresses and even a giant Grimm pulshie, she laughed softly as she remembered that Ruby was younger than all three of them.

Leaving the bathroom, Blake looked to Yang who was sat on the sofa, clicking through her scroll to change the channels on the screen.

“I’m going to be in town for a few days. If you wish to talk” she bit her lip nervously then remembered something. “Oh. Your father told me to give you this.” She handed over a folded note, it was sealed in a letter so had clearly not been read.

‘Dear daughter, I am going to be delayed and have asked that, if you allow it, Blake to stay and help you while I am gone. At most, I will be gone a week. Something came up and Grimm have attacked a nearby settlement. They need Huntsmen to go deal with it. Sincerely, your Father Taiyang Xiao Long.’

Sighing to herself, Yang looked up. “Alright. Tomorrow, we… we can go to the town. Talk about what happened. Right now, I can’t” she shook her head and looked down.

“That’s fine. I’ll see you tomorrow then Yang, be safe” Blake turned and only took one look back before she shut the door, leaving Yang to herself.

For over ten minutes of silence, Yang sat staring at the floor, raising her stump of an arm up to look at, she began to cry.