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Yang, it was a bad idea to make a bet with Nora about who could do the most pushups. It was also a bad idea to say that the loser had to do anything the winner wanted for the next twelve hours. Don't you agree?

"I-" Yang was cut off with a shriek, as a paddle connected with her bare back side.

"It was a rhetorical question, Xiao Long!" Nora shouted, waving the pink, heart-shaped paddle around. "Maids only speak when asked a non-rhetorical question!"

Nora was lounging on a couch, sipping something pink and bubbly while eating grapes. It was a struggle doing both of those at once and disciplining her sexy maid, but stains were something for servants to clean up. Arousal was also something for servants to clean up, and she tossed a mental coin on whether to have Yang get between her legs again. Deciding not to, not just yet, Nora instead leered at Yang's sexy, near-naked form.

Yang wasn't wearing much, and what she was did nothing to conceal what Nora thought were her best features. High heels with fishnet stockings presented her long legs, and made her rear sway nicely whenever Nora ordered her to get something. The tight black corset and white, frilly apron, supported her breasts, but didn't actually hide them. That was almost it for what she was allowed to wear, except for the headband and sleeves that covered her weak, inferior arms. Her pussy, wet and dripping, was on full display and easy access. Or at least, it had been. Now it was stuffed with Little Mjolnir, Nora's favorite toy. It was buzzing up a storm, and Nora watched with interest as it finally drove Yang to her knees. She tsk'ed in fake disappointment as Yang spilled the tray, juice running across the tile floor.

"Yang, Yang, Yang. You know that's a paddling, right?" Nora asked, eyes bright and spanking hand raised.

Yang submissively presented herself, turning around so her already bright-red bottom was facing the couch. Nora ran a hand over her fat, jiggling rear, before raising her other hand, the one with the spanking paddle.

Yang let out a sweet, sweet cry as it fell on her ass, and made another one, just as sweet and a bit breathier as Nora played with the toy buried inside her. Nora fell into the swing of things, making Yang alternate cries as she considered what else the two of them should do over the next eight hours.


Perhaps you should have gotten details on the alternative punishment before volunteering for it, Emerald.

"You ank?" Emerald bit out. "If Ah'd nown-"

The dark-skinned girl was cut off as a stranger entered her mouth, his cock easily sliding inside the circle of the ring gag keeping Emerald's mouth open. The former minion was tied up, hanging from the ceiling, all her holes ready for instant access. A collection of sex toys were on a tray next to her, for the use of female visitors, or to insert into Emerald until the next person came along. But she was mostly entertaining people with dicks. Her mouth, pussy, ass, tits and hands had all seen a lot of use, less than halfway through her pleasure shift. Her skin was covered with white cum, and both her eyes were glued shut by semen. Reduced to only her ears to tell how many people were waiting to use her, Emerald strained to hear anything over the sounds of her getting fucked, or of the students comparing her features to Cinder's or Neo's, in the rooms next to her.

From the many voices bouncing off the walls, it seemed Emerald still had a long day ahead of her, of getting fucked in every hole she had for hours on end, of getting pumped full of stranger's cum, of orgasming again and again around cock's or dildos, until finally she was cleaned off and left to sleep, to dream of even more perverse things being done to her. She'd come to enjoy it, with her first visitors each day being some skilled eroticicans, who would leave her panting and needy, ready for the Beacon students to come by and help her work off her crimes.

Emerald's hips bucked against the man fucking her pussy, while she used her tongue on the man in her mouth. Behind her, she could feel a third man grabbing her ass, his lube-slick fingers sliding over her cheeks. She couldn't wait for them to cum, to fill her up and cover her with their seed, before leaving. Because they wouldn't be back for hours, of course, not because their place would immediately be taken by another set of virile studs.

Only another 137 shifts left to go.


Could do something like this, but have Yang offer Ruby a taste of her foot-long instead. ;)

“Sis! I’m hungry. Don’t we have anything to eat?” Ruby whined, clutching her stomach like she was about to starve to death.

Yang put her hands on her hips, amused at her sister’s theatrics, before an idea almost visibly struck her. She pulled her sister to her and down, driving Ruby to her knees. Ruby ended up with her face pressed against Yang’s bulge, still hidden in her black shorts, but already half-hard.

“Sure thing, Rubes! I’ve got a sausage for you right here.”

Ew! Yang!” Ruby squealed, half-heartedly trying to get away. “Don’t be nasty.”

“Oh? That’s not what you were saying last night.” Yang started humping her hips forward, driving her dick against Ruby’s face.

What? No, no I didn’t,” Ruby said, lying badly.

Yang scoffed and rolled her eyes. Tugging at her crotch, she got her dick out, and let the rapidly hardening member slap across Ruby’s face. Ruby moaned, and her hands twitched at her side.

“Come on, Ruby, open up. I’ve got a nice, tasty treat for you. Just work your way down to the cream filling,” Yang said with a wink.

“Ya-“ Yang cut Ruby off when her sister made the mistake of opening her mouth.

The blonde sighed in satisfaction as her cock was enveloped by Ruby’s warm mouth. Ruby stared up at her sister, a mixture of poutiness, lust and betrayal in her eyes. Yang smiled down at her, working her fingers through Ruby’s scalp. Getting a good grasp with her short black hair, Yang used her grip to start facefucking her adorable little sister, just the way the two of them liked it.

Ruby squirmed underneath Yang, her hands quickly disappearing underneath her own clothing, seeking out her breasts and crotch. She started jilling herself as her beloved older sister used her mouth as a masturbation aid, slamming her up and down her cock.

“Oh God. Ru- Ruby, you ready for your treat?” Yang’s voice was tight as Ruby’s mouth worked it’s magic.

“Mmmhhmmh!” Ruby pinched a nipple as she hummed loudly around the cock filling her mouth and throat.

Yang pulled Ruby’s head as far forward as she could, burying her dick down Ruby’s throat. She moaned deeply as she came, shooting a thick tide of cum into her little sister. It felt like she came for five straight minutes, unloading herself into her sister as Ruby thrashed underneath her in her own orgasm.

Finally Yang pulled out of Ruby, letting the smaller girl catch her breath. While she recovered, Yang amused herself by rubbing her messy, cum-covered dick against Ruby’s face, smearing it with leftover cum.

“Yang! I wanted a snack. I didn’t get to taste that at all,” Ruby complained.

“Oh yeah? Well, here’s the solution to your problem!” Yang slapped her cock against Ruby’s cheek.

As Ruby started licking Yang’s cock clean, the older girl put her hands behind her head and smiled. There were advantages to living with an always hungry younger sister.


Lucky-38 asked:How about Ruby getting impregnated by Velvet or Kali?

Blake and Velvet pressed in against Ruby, quickly undressing the younger girl. Ruby epped as she was finally stripped bare, her body fully revealed to the hungry gaze of her two girlfriends.

They were both already naked, their erect cocks swaying from side to side as they pushed her onto the bed.

“What the heck? Are you two in heat or something?”

Blake crossed her arms, scowling down at her girlfriend.

“Heat is a false stereotype, made up by humans to slander faunus with.” She spread Ruby’s legs, looking at the dew forming around her slit. “Velvet and I just want to see which one of us can knock you up.”

“Wait, what? I- oohh.” Ruby cut herself off as Velvet flicked her nipple.

Ruby didn’t resist as Blake and Velvet arranged her to their satisfaction, ending with her head in Velvet’s lap as Blake fucked her pussy. Her eyes were closed as she concentrated on the feelings racing through her body. Blake’s cock filling her up, and rubbing against her clit, and Velvet’s hand wandering over her upper body.

“Come on, Blake, fill that bitch up. Dump your cum in her and let me have a shot,” Velvet urged, her sweet accent contrasting with her words.

“Velvet! That’s not the kind of language I appreciate!” Blake scolded.

Velvet pouted, rabbit ears flat against her scalp before she apologized.

“I’m sorry. Come on, Blake, fill that slutty cunt up. Dump your cum in her and let me have a shot.”

“That’s better,” Blake said with a smirk, leaning in for a kiss.

Underneath them, Ruby cried out in her first orgasm. Blake kept up her punishing pace, slamming in and out of Ruby. The little reaper would be stuffed with her girlfriend’s cocks for hours yet.

Ruby was left with a veritable flood of cum pouring out of her pussy, red finger and bite marks decorating her blissed out body. She made a wordless sound of contentment as Blake and Velvet snuggled up next to her, their hands running over her belly.

“I can’t wait to see which one of us bred her, Blake,” Velvet said, smiling.

“I know. Which one of us is going to be responsible for that baby bump, those swelling tits, all of that.”

An unspoken thought flashed between them. And when Ruby recovered enough, it would be time for them to have Round Two, and see if they could get twins out of little Red.



 Corruptedperv asked: P:prompt: Sailor Moon, Michiru while attending a high class party with Haruka at some mansion. She daydreams while Haruka is off somewhere in the party, that Haruka is bent over and being fucked on the sexist hosts desk in his private study. Haruka with her pants around her legs and her having given up on trying to deny feeling pleasure, meets each thrust and moans loudly even with the other men waiting their turn. When meeting up with Haruka with a kiss, Michiru imagines her lips taste salty.


Michiru stood in a corner, sipping her wine and watching the rest of the gala. Setsuna and Hotaru were dancing in the middle of the floor, but she couldn’t see Haruka anywhere. She wondered where her girlfriend had gone to. The thought triggered a fantasy that had been developing in her mind for the past several days.

Haruka was bent over a table, surrounded by a crowd of laughing, jeering men. Her pants were down around her ankles and Michiru decided that Haruka had worn a binder today, so her breasts were pushed together to form some deep cleavage.

A hand came swinging down on Haruka’s ass as the host of the party stepped up behind her. He massaged Haruka’s muscular ass as he looked around the room.

“Gentlemen… to life!”

The crowd hooted and cheered as their leader fished his cock out of his pants. Without any foreplay, he slid right into Haruka, making her moan around the gag in her mouth.

“Ah, so very wet. But what else would you expect from such a whore? The kind of woman who dresses up as a man obviously wants to be surrounded by men. And a wet slut like you,” He spanked Haruka’s ass, her yelp swiftly following, “A slut like you needs a good dicking, to remind her of her place.”

Michiru paused, wondering if she should rewrite the man’s lines to be less self-contradictory. Deciding to leave it, she continued developing her fantasy, her long legs rubbing together under her dress.

“Ah, this bitch’s cunt is fine, my friends. Don’t be shy! Her mouth is available as well.”

Some of the crowd stepped forward. Soon Haruka was being forced to suck off three cocks in turn, while two other men wrapped her fingers around their dicks. The rest of the men were masturbating, aiming their cocks at her back.

Haruka was moaning in ashamed pleasure as she switched from cock to cock, all while she kept on getting pounded from behind. The party guests discussed a wide range of topics, moving from their business’s to politics to how much of a needy slut the whore in front of them was.

Finally, their host tightened his grip on Haruka’s thighs and-


Michiru opened her eyes. Haruka was standing in front of her, looking curious as she sipped from a wineglass.

“Is everything all right?”

Michiru closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and opened them again.

“Of course, Haruka. I was just thinking of you, and of how beautiful you can look.”

Haruka blushed faintly. She leaned in for a kiss, her lips firm against Michiru’s. For an instant, Michiru thought she could taste salt.

“Would you care to dance?” Haruka asked, giving her glass to a passing waiter.

“I would love to,” Michiru replied, stepping closer to her lover. “And later,” she whispered, just loud enough for Haruka to hear, “I have something I want you to do.”


Mami was happy to be in a relationship with both Sayaka and Kyouko, but she didn't foresee how difficult it would be for her or her body to service the two of them at once, and is about to find out how much her holes can take one way or the other.

Mami was sandwiched in between her two lovers, Kyouko and Sayaka pressing against her. The only clothing any of them wore was the set of ribbons keeping Mami’s hands secured behind her back.

Sayaka was kissing her as Kyouko gave her a shoulder massage. Breaking the kiss, Sayaka sat back with a smile, staring at the older girl. Her cock swayed with the movement, fully erect and dripping precum.

“Kyouko and I are going to fuck you so hard tonight, Mami.”

“Sayaka!” Kyouko scolded, her voice sharp. “That’s not how you talk to your sempai.”

Mami said nothing, just shifting back and forth, rubbing against the two cocks pressed against her skin.

“Mami, I’m gonna leave a load of cum in every one of your holes tonight, and an extra big one between your tits. I’m gonna make that fat ass of yours bounce as I rail you on all fours like a bitch in heat. You’re gonna go to sleep with the taste of my cum in your mouth, and wake up to me fucking your ass.”

Kyouko paused, craning her head forward to look at Mami’s face. The blond girl’s mouth was open, and her eyes were cloudy with lust. Smirking, Kyouko looked at Sayaka.

“See? That’s how you talk to your sempai.”


Can you please have aged up!Kyouko making a baby with an aged up!Sayaka? (And by aged up, I mean they're both 18)

For years, Kyouko hadn’t thought she’d live to see eighteen, and, if she had, she would still be on the streets, alone, friendless and telling herself she wanted it that way. But now, she was making out with her girlfriend, celebrating graduating from high school. She was flushed from the party with Madoka and Homura, where a bottle of sake had made the rounds.

A lot more than her cheeks were flushed, and Sayaka giggled as she felt something large and hard press against her lower belly. Both of their shirts were gone, bare skin pressing and rubbing against each other as they explored each other’s bodies.

Kyouko growled in impatience as she fiddled with the tabs keeping Sayaka’s skirt up, finally undoing them and tossing the piece of clothing aside. She sat back to run an appreciate eye over her girlfriend, taking in every inch of her lingerie-clad form. The sight made her cock throb in arousal.

“I’m gonna put a baby in your belly, Sayaka,” Kyouko said, the words coming out in between kisses as she worked her way down her girlfriend’s stomach.

Sayaka rolled her eyes and laughed, running her fingers through Kyouko’s hair.

“Yeah, and I’m going to leave you a panting wreck, so sore you can’t close your legs.”

Kyouko smiled sharply at that, one fang poking out of her mouth. She slid her panties and skirt down, letting her cock free.

“Let’s see who’s right tonight."


Maybe a little story of Taylor punishing Glory Girl after losing a fight?

I panted as I stood over Glory Girl. The planning had been tough, the fight had been long, and vice versa, but it was all worth it. I stood triumphant over the most famous superheroine my age in the city. Now, it was time for the sweet, sweet rewards of victory.

Kneeling down, I hauled Glory Girl to her knees, her aching, disheveled form unresistant beneath my hands. Her clothing had been torn in the fighting, and I added to it with a few strategically placed rips. Soon, her large, bouncy breasts were hanging out of her top, and the lower half of her skirt dangled from my hand.

Looking at her like this was already enough to make me wet, but I still had more planned. It was a stroke of luck to find that she hadn’t been wearing panties today, and I could only imagine the exhibitionistic thrill she got from flying over Brockton Bay like that.

“Now, Glory Girl… That’s right, I’m calling you Glory Girl, not Glory Hole. After all, it’s not as if someone as sexy and slutty as you would ever want to hide herself behind a wall. No, you fly around the city, face uncovered, wearing that costume, knowing what it does to every other teenager in the city.”

I’d masturbated several times to the thought of Glory Girl, along with her cousins, male and female. So many tight suits on hot bodies, far better looking than my own. And now, here was the perfect chance to give every other horndog teen in the Bay a perfect entry for their masturbation folders. Glory Girl would be flying a long, circuitous route home, her tits hanging out for everyone to see, and her skirt so short that the slightest gust of wind would expose her to a legion of cameras.

The thought of it alone made this entire fight worth it.

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Mami in full Puella Magi regalia losing to a bunch of tentacles?

Mami squealed as she was swept off the floor by the witch’s tentacles. Another tentacle threw her musket away, leaving her defenseless. Mami thrashed in the unyielding grip of the tentacles as they hosted her up in the air.

She gasped as a tentacle ran its slimy tip along her cheek. That was a mistake, as a second tentacle took advantage of her mouth opening to slid in. Mami yelled, her voice muffled around the tentacle sliding in and out of her mouth. It was slimy too, an off-white fluid dripping from its end and flooding her mouth.

More tentacles slid up under her skirt, brushing past her leggings and then her bare skin. Mami bucked, trying to stop them, but it was hopeless. They ripped her panties away while the tentacles supporting her body lifted her legs up and apart, meaning that if anyone was there, they would have seen up Mami’s skirt to her bare pussy.

Mami felt like she was going to die of embarrassment, even as a new feeling grew inside her. It spread from where the tentacle’s slime had been rubbed against her skin, and from her stomach, where she had been forced to swallow the fluid the tentacle in her mouth made.

The lust that was starting to burn inside her was so much sharper than any of the times she’d thought about her juniors, masturbating to her fantasies of them in the privacy of her bedroom. Now, her nipples were two hard points, rubbing against her costume, as she felt, to her lustful shame, arousal start to spill from her lower lips.

As tentacles played with her lower entrances, touching her in ways she would never have thought possible, another one ripped her blouse open over her chest, pulling her breasts out. Mami shuddered at the thought of how every part of her was now exposed, and smeared with the witch’s sticky fluid. Then she shuddered again as two tentacles pressed her breasts together, their arousing fluid covering her ample chest. A third tentacle used the cleavage to start fucking her tits, sliding in and out of them just as fast as the tentacles in her mouth, ass, and pussy.

Mami shook in the grip of the tentacles, no longer trying to escape. Instead, she was cumming, again and again and again. Every spot on her body felt as sensitive as her clit normally did, and the tentacles plugging her up were a far better lover than her fingers had ever managed. She was still aware enough to feel the shame for letting herself be despoiled like this, even as her spine arched as she came again. She knew she was unworthy to call herself a meguca after this, for being defeated by a witch, and then loving what it did to her.

The tentacles pounding into her, and several more that were just pointed at her body, came, covering her with even more of their arousing seed. Mami screamed around the one in her mouth, eyes rolling up in their sockets as her insides were instantly covered with hot, sticky, thick cum. She could feel the torrent of seed pouring down her throat and settling in her stomach, filling her up as the ones in her ass and pussy did the same. The tentacle fucking her tits snaked up until its head was pointed right at Mami’s face. She could see the slit in the end dilate, and closed her eyes, knowing and welcoming what was about to happen.

Mami’s face was covered, and her eyes instantly glued shut by more of the witch’s cum. She could feel at least five separate spurts from the tentacle landing on her face, and tried to stick her tongue out, around the one filling her mouth. She could feel the cum rolling off her face, running down her neck and into her hair.

Mami’s beautiful, beautiful uniform was defiled as spare tentacles came on it, covering the cloth and leather with their seed. Some of it soaked through, and was smeared against her skin. Mami knew she would never again be able to look at her outfit without thinking of this, about how a witch showed her how easily she could be defeated, and what would happen to her if she was.


Kasumi decides that Ranma needs to get closer in touch with his feminine side and takes him to a club to enjoy the attentions of all of the partygoers, male and female.


Feminine Skills I

Ranma groaned into the pussy of the woman squatting over her. There was a strange man thrusting into her pussy, and she could feel the seed of at least two others drying on her tits. How had Kasumi talked her into this?

Yes, saving money was a vital skill for housewives, even though Ranma both already knew that and would have said it was a vital skill for martial artists as well. But for Kasumi to then say she got a discount on groceries, clothes and construction supplies by being the center of a gangbang for all the local shopkeepers, male and female? She’d been so shocked when Kasumi led her into the meeting room, she hadn’t thought to resist or struggle until she was completely naked and surrounded on all sides.

“Good job, Ranma!” Kasumi cheered from the sidelines. “I’m very pleased at how fast you’re learning these skills!”

Anything Ranma could have said in return was cut off as the woman on top of her clamped down, her thighs squeezing against the sides of Ranma’s head. Ranma spluttered as her mouth was filled with grool, more of it splashing against her face as she brought yet another shopkeeper to orgasm. The older woman stood up slowly, patting Ranma’s hair and saying something about what a good girl she was.

Ranma opened her mouth to say she wasn’t any kind of girl, but one of the men waiting his turn saw it as an opportunity. Sliding in, he plugged Ranma up, along with the men filling her ass and pussy, and helped by the storeowners playing with her tits.

Ranma screamed out in orgasm as older men and women trained her body in ways the martial artist never expected. It seemed like there was a never-ending stream of people intent on using her, making her give them pleasure and giving her pleasure in return. Ranma’s hands beat against the thighs of the man filling her mouth as she struggled to deal with pleasure overwhelming her.

It went on for hours, men and women using her, spreading her holes with cocks and fingers and toys, cumming on her face, tits or pussy, and driving her from orgasm to orgasm. Ranma’s mind started growing hazy, flashing from sharing a mouthful of cum with a woman, to taking care of six cocks at once, to screaming as a vibrator was pressed against her clit. Finally she felt herself lose consciousness, washed out on a dark sea of pleasure.

Kasumi offered a towel to Ranma, who was lying on the floor and twitching. The redhead was covered with cum, semen flowing out of all three of her holes. One eye was glued shut by cum, and most of the rest of her body was similarly covered. The cum on her face was mixed with feminine arousal from the many women who’d trained her tongue in the ways of love. Ranma’s pussy was fluttering, expelling more cum each time. She was even more of a mess than Kasumi most weeks.

The older girl decided it must be because Ranma was new and added a touch of variety. Some of the shopkeepers had already told her that she’d earned a bigger discount than usual for bringing Ranma along. Kasumi smiled to herself. It was good that Ranma took so quickly to such a vital feminine skill.


prostitution then running into the various male characters in the show

Feminine Skills II

Ranma moaned into the bedsheets as Ryoga pounded into her pussy. His gigantic cock was stretching her in ways she couldn’t believe. How had Nabiki talked her into this?

Yes, learning how to make money was an important female skill. But when Nabiki had told her how she was going to make money, Ranma’s brain had shut down. The middle Tendo sister had grabbed Ranma as soon as she stepped out of the bathroom, finally getting clean after Kasumi’s lesson.

When Ranma had recovered, she was wearing a bunnygirl costume with fishnet stockings and sitting in front of Ryoga as he undid his pants. Nabiki was behind him, counting some money. Unsure as to what the hell was going on, Ranma fell back on her first instinct.

Calling Ryoga a limp-dicked loser who would never see a girl naked, and if he did, not know what to do with her, may not have been the best idea, Ranma was starting to realize. Ryoga had thrown her onto the bed and climbed on after her. He’d torn the bottom off her costume, baring her pussy, still flushed from the twenty or so shopkeepers that had used her earlier today.

Ranma had tried to run away, but the feeling of Ryoga’s massive cock entering her blew her thoughts out of the water. He was much bigger than any of the men from before, or even some of the strap-ons the women had used on her.

Ryoga had tugged her up onto all fours, and Nabiki scurried around to the front of the bed, camera swinging in her grasp. Soon, shutter flashes filled the room with light as Nabiki took shot after shot of Ranma’s swinging breasts, and fucked silly face.

Ranma didn’t care, all that mattered right now was that the huge dick between her legs kept on fucking her. She’d already come three times, her walls trying to clamp down around the cock that was splitting her in two. The strength in her arms gave out and she collapsed forward, breasts smushing against the bed as Ryoga kept up his punishing pace. She had just enough strength left to hump her torso forward and back, dragging her stiff nipples against the sheets.

Ranma, heir to the Anything Goes Martial Arts School moaned in a voice of liquid sex as her wet, needy pussy was filled with her best rival’s cum. It drove her to two separate orgasms as she was flooded with it, her eyes rolling up in her head as she tried to stay sane.

Left alone on the bed, limbs askew, Ranma moaned, feeling the hot cum inside her gradually come trickling out. Her pussy gaped, welcoming, no, needing, something to fill it. Her mouth and ass felt pretty empty too, and Ranma would have welcomed anything that could have filled them too.

Now it was time to get her share of the money from Nabiki. This would be a tougher battle than any she had fought before.


Female Ranma attending her Mistress Akane, including licking up male Ranma's seed.

Feminine Skills III

Ranma moaned into Akane’s thigh as her fiancée closed her legs together, trapping Ranma in between them. How had she let Akane talk her into this?

Yes, cleanliness was an important feminine skill, though Ranma had never had much time for it. But for Akane to insist that only girl-Ranma could lick out the seed male-Ranma had left in her pussy was just bizarre.

Male for the first time today, Ranma had bumped into Akane as she was going to bed. He’d been too tired to insult her, worn out from the shopkeepers and Ryoga. One thing had led to another, and soon he was in bed with Akane, discovering why everyone else today had been so eager to have a go at her pussy.

Just fucking Akane’s pussy had felt amazing, the warmth and the tightness and the wetness had all been better than Ranma could have imagined. And cumming in her felt even better, especially the way Akane squirmed and cried out beneath him. She’d actually looked cute for once, though Ranma didn’t encourage her by telling her so.

Then, just as he was sitting back on his heels, watching his cum run out of Akane, she’d picked up a glass of water that had been on her nightstand. A splash later, and a wet Ranma-chan was sitting on the bed, trying to get the water out of her eyes.

By the time she opened them, the view in front of her was Akane’s pussy, still red and aroused. Or at least, what wasn’t covered with Ranma’s cum was flushed. She’d opened her mouth to ask what the hell was going on, and got a tongueful of her own cum as Akane pushed her head forward.

Spluttering, she tried to pull back, but Akane was relentless, grinding her hips against Ranma’s face. Soon, cum was smeared all over Ranma’s lips and chin and she discovered that she actually liked the taste of her own seed. Even Akane’s imperious demands that she keep licking, and leave her spotlessly clean felt good.

Ranma had gotten a lot of cum, and was experimenting with Akane’s clit, when the youngest Tendo girl cried out in orgasm. Instantly, more cum came out of her, running into Ranma’s open mouth. It was a struggle to swallow it all, but she managed. Then Akane announced that Ranma had just made her dirty again from the orgasm, and she had to clean her up again.

Ranma licked Akane to three orgasms before she was finally satisfied. Pushing Ranma back, Akane looked at her for a minute before telling the redhead that she could spend the night in Akane’s room. Ranma was made to thank her for the privilege, and wear a set of pajamas that Akane picked out, but the feeling when Akane hugged her made it worth it.

Finally, Ranma fell asleep, cuddling with Akane. What a day it had been. Who knew what would happen tomorrow?


I legit can't remember if I've sent this already so if so ignore me but could you write a smut of Ruby fucking Weiss with her monster futa dick so hard Weiss falls in love with her? Maybe on the initiation day when they first become teammates? Maybe even Ruby fucks her so hard there's an imprint of them in a tree they were up against?

Weiss had stopped squealing and moaning a while ago. Now she just clutched at Ruby’s back, grunting every time Ruby hilted herself inside the heiress. On a back thrust, Ruby checked Weiss’s eyes. Yep, they’d gone full-hearts.

It was obvious that Ruby was the first person to ever fuck Weiss. She could tell, not just from the way Weiss’s pussy clamped down around her dick, but by the special way she shook from side to side. That she kept on babbling about how good her first time was and how she never knew what she had been missing was a pretty good clue also.

Weiss’s limbs squeezed down around Ruby as the reaper came again, flooding her center with her cum. Weiss’s belly was starting to bulge from how many time Ruby had came in her, and the only reason Ruby didn’t press down and watch a flood of cum come gushing out was because she didn’t want to get her clothes dirty.

Ruby slowed down her hammering of Weiss’s pussy for a moment to catch her breath. Weiss whined, tightening her grip and pushed her hips down. Ruby could tell Weiss had come more times than Ruby had, but something about Ruby’s dick made all the girl extremely eager for it. It was a blessing and a curse, Ruby had always thought. On the one hand, sex felt really, amazingly, super-duper good, and the girls she had met were always eager. On the other hand, she’d lost track of how many times she had to fuck a girl into a drooling, cum-smeared mess just to get some study time. Yang had never thought that was much of a problem, but it also cut into Crescent Rose time.

Cum was pouring out of Weiss’s pussy, and Ruby was wondering if it was time to switch to her mouth or ass. On the one hand, it would feel really good. On the other hand, once Weiss got a taste of cum on her tongue, she’d want to give a blowjob every hour of the day. Ruby wasn’t strictly opposed to that, but it would get in the way of fighting Grimm.

Ruby heard someone, or something, tramping through the underbrush. Looking around, she reached for Crescent Rose, just in case. She relaxed as she saw Yang enter the clearing, the black-haired girl, Blake, behind her. Seeing the scene in front of her, Yang put her hands on her hips and sighed.

“Ruby, did you break another girl?”


Weiss, did you hear about Pyrrha burning out due to all the stress she put on herself?

“Hear about it?” Weiss said, rolling her eyes, “I was there for it.” She frowned, petting the cat on her lap. “She pushed herself too hard, demanded more than she was able to give. And in the end,” she shook her head sadly, “It was just too much. She had a breakdown, the poor girl, and left.”

Arete lifted her head and made a whining sound. Weiss cooed, and patted her hair, fingers brushing against her ears.
“Shh, go back to sleep dear. We were just talking about someone else.” Arete made a noise of contentment and laid back down on Weiss’s lap, her eyes closing. Weiss smiled down at her, and ran her hands down her pet’s back.

“Believe me, I can sympathize with Pyrrha. I would probably have done something similar if I’d stayed up north.” As she talked, Weiss’s hands ran down the long curve of Arete’s back to her rear. Her pet made the most adorable sounds when her tail(plug) was played with, but Weiss decided to let the red cat sleep for now.

“Everyone has been very understanding about the whole thing. Penny volunteered to join Team JNPR to take Pyrrha’s place so they’d keep the P. And Pyrrha comes back to visit every now and then. She’s looking better each time, and she’ll probably be back for good in a few weeks.”

Weiss didn’t say it, but, while she’d be glad to have her friend back, it would be sad to lose her pet. Arete was always so eager to please, and had won over all of Team RWBY. Weiss had bought a large collection of toys to her to play with, and the sight of Arete rolling around on the floor, trying to deepthroat a dildo, was unbelievably entertaining.

Everyone on the team enjoyed spending time with Arete. Yang especially. It turned out the blonde had a talent for massages, and she would work Arete over until she was nothing more than a boneless puddle of jello, ready to be picked up and slipped into Weiss’s bed. The sex they had those nights was especially good, with Weiss being able to bend Arete’s legs back over her head.

Blake had been a bit hesitant about picking up another pet, but had been won over when Arete demonstrated her skills at cunnilingus on her. She had been less appreciative of Yang’s joke about pussies eating pussies on pussies and had banished Yang back to her own bed, instead of letting her sleep down below with Blake.

Weiss sighed and smiled, running the memories over in her mind. Arete was a beautiful cat, and had fitted in nicely with Team RWBY. It would be a shame when it was time for her to, but until then, Weiss was more than happy to play with her, and coax as many meows and whines out of her as she could.

“We all just want what’s best for Pyrrha. And until she’s ready to come back and take her place on the team, I’m more than happy to take care of Arete.”

Chapter Text


Don't know if you're still taking prompts, but I have a few ideas for Sailor Moon if you like to hear them. While everyone's asleep, Usagi leaves the house in nothing but heels and walks the streets of Japan as a lady of the night. Usagi has one goal: to find a well hung man with enough money to fill her mouth and pussy with cum.

Night Walk

Usagi slipped out the front door of her house, quietly closing it behind her. She looked up and down the street, but there was no one there at this time of night. Squaring her shoulders, she set off deeper into Tokyo. That manga wasn’t going to buy itself.

Half an hour later, Usagi stopped in a park. The rain coat she was wearing was starting to feel heavy and itchy. She tossed it aside to land in the grass. Beneath it, she was completely naked except for a pair of high heels. The cool night air felt wonderful against her skin, and she shivered as the breeze blew against her achingly stiff nipples.

Looking around, Usagi pouted, seeing that there was nobody around to admire her. Shrugging, she started down the park path, hoping to meet someone soon.

She’d just gone around the curve when she felt someone grab her bare ass. Squeaking, she turned around to see a man. He was very happy to see her, both his smile and his erection threatening to split his face and his pants.

“Hello, Bun-head. Out for a walk?”

Usagi giggled, trying to be coy.

“Yeah, but I’m feeling kind of tired. Want to sit on the bench with me?”

Usagi turned towards the bench, her ass swaying widely as she walked towards it. She gasped happily as she felt a hand push her down, sending her sprawling across it. Almost instantly, she felt a presence loom behind her. She felt something hot and hard brush against her lower back, and pushed her ass out, needing a hot, hard cock inside her right now.

Usagi shouted as her wet pussy was split in two by the stranger’s dick. Out here, in the middle of the night, she could be as loud as she wanted, and moaned like a slut with every thrust. Usagi’s big boobs bounced wildly as she was fucked against the park bench. The man behind her tugged on one of her tails of her, making her softly squeal.

“You know, these would make excellent handlebars. I think I’ll use them to facefuck you with next time.”

Usagi whined in excitement. Getting a nice, thick, tasty cock to gobble on was almost as good as getting creampied. The couple of times she’d gotten both at once ranked as her favorite night escapades. She licked her lips at the thought, of being forced up and down the stranger’s cock, not being able to control the speed, just being a hole for his pleasure, and then, it would get even better. There would be a hot, sticky explosion of cum in her mouth and she’d have to swallow it all, feeling every ounce slide down into her stomach.

Usagi shuddered in orgasm as the man came inside her, his boiling hot cum flooding her unprotected pussy. She fell against the back of the park bench as her strength gave out, her eyes rolling up in her head as her mind went blank. After a few minutes, she recovered enough to feel something cool and papery pressed against her crotch, glued there by the stranger’s seed.

Walking back to where she left her coat, Usagi counted the cum-stained money she’d earned tonight. She definitely had the cash to buy that manga now, and probably hit the ice cream shop too. What a good night it had been.




Usagi can't remember how it happened, one minute she's at the park surrounded by sexy men, the next she's getting gangbanged by said sexy men for anyone to catch herm not that she's complaining.

Night Walk II

Usagi was walking through the park again. Like usual, she was naked except for a pair of high heels. She walked down the path, enjoying the feel of the cool night air flowing over her body. Hearing voices behind her, she turned, a smile forming on her face.

Half a dozen men in business suits came around the bend. She smiled and waved at them, inviting them closer. She met them halfway, skipping up to them. She knew what that did to her breasts, and it also showed off her legs.

Soon she was surrounded on all sides by surprisingly attractive businessmen. Hands were running over her, stroking her rear and pinching her nipples as she negotiated a group rate with the one man she recognized of the bunch. By the time she was finished, she was panting and squirming, arousal running down her thighs, and nipples begging for more attention.

Looking around, Usagi could see thick cocks tenting pants, and hungry expressions on faces. Her breath fogged in the night air, and she couldn’t stop her hips from slightly thrusting forward and back, needing something inside of her.

“So who’s first?” she asked, looking around the crowd. They’d sprung for the unlimited rate, which meant that just because one guy got to be first, that didn’t mean there wouldn’t be guy after guy using her, all at once and one after another, fucking her and filling her and spraying her with cum until she was covered in white and giving her so many orgasms she couldn’t think straight, let alone walk straight. Usagi really hoped they’d decide quickly, and not take forever bickering. Their leader clapped the shoulder of one of his friends.

“You’re the star of the show, man, you get first pick. Which hole do you want?”

The indicated man looked Usagi over, who smiled and twirled around, showing off what she had to offer. She got a good look at what he was packing, his thick cock straining against his pants, wanting to be freed she it could debauch Usagi. She licked her lips, wanting it right now.

“I haven’t had a good ass-fucking,” his friends burst into laughter, “Ah, fuck you all, I haven’t had a good ass fuck in years. Miss, if you would?”

Usagi grabbed her lower cheeks and held them apart, displaying her rosebud to the crowd. There were some appreciative hoots as she displayed her lubed-up asshole and dripping pussy. The sudden warmth of a hand on her cheek felt so good. She bounced up and down a bit to show off just how much jiggle she had back there.

“What’s the occasion? Ah!”

Usagi half-squeaked, half-moaned as a hand spanked her. The group found that reaction cute, and soon both her cheeks were bright red and stinging delightfully in the cold.

“This lucky dog’s got promoted to the Okinawa branch!”

“Oohh, I hear it’s lovely this time of year. Take me with you~?!” Usagi’s voice rose as the man slid in, his cock easily entering her lubed ass.

All the men laughed at that, hitting their thighs or clapping their hands. Except for the man fucking Usagi’s rear, he slapped her ass instead. He quickly fell into a rhythm of fucking her, sliding his cock in and out of her as Usagi moaned and cooed.

“Ah, I’d love to, but my family might have a thing or two to say about it.”

“Ahhh, I’ll miss you.” Usagi twisted her head around and planted a kiss on his cheek. “But I’ll miss this cock,” she started grinding against him, swaying her hips from side to side, “this big, fat cock even more.”

Any other playful banter she had would have to wait, as one the other men got tired of waiting. Soon Usagi was squealing around a cock filling her mouth while giving handjobs to two others. She could hear the rest of the crowd discussing how best to position her so as many men as possible could get access to her. As she listened to some of the suggestions, she came. Tonight was going to be a good night.


*The Next Day*

Usagi plopped down next to Ami. She was the last one to arrive, of course, and everyone else had already gotten the small talk over and done with. She grabbed a can of juice and popped it open before turning to Minako, who’d demanded this emergency Sailor Senshi meeting.

“What’s up, V?”

Mina looked serious, not a hint of a smile to be seen.

“We have a problem. My dad got promoted yesterday, and he’s taking the family to Okinawa.”

Juice sprayed everywhere.





After Sailor Moon saves a guy from a youma, he thanks her by bending her over and pounding her pussy until he empties his balls.

“Moon Healing Escalation!”

As the youma turned to dust, Sailor Moon helped up its victim. He was unhurt, Sailor Moon having arrived in time to stop the youma before it could drain his energy. Sailor Moon looked him up and down. He was a cutie. Well, maybe the youma had drained a bit of energy.

“Here, let me perk you up,” she said, brushing him off, accidently running her hands close to his groin.

Sailor Moon bent over, hands grabbing her knees ass he faced away from the man she rescued. She shook her rear from side to side, knowing how nice it looked. There was a gasp behind her, and then warm hands on her body, sliding under her skirt and onto her bottom.

Sailor Moon squirmed as the bottom of her leotard was pushed to the side. Nobody but her was supposed to know how easy it was to slip stuff into her pussy when she was in costume! But now a stranger’s fingers were there, spreading her damp center apart.

She moaned as the fingers left her now sopping-wet core, and cried out as they were replaced with a dick. It felt so good inside her, spreading her walls apart. Sailor Moon’s legs quivered, and she wanted to turn around and wrap them around the man, let him hold her up as he fucked her, but he didn’t looks strong enough to do that, not like Tuxedo Mask, with his muscular arms and flat chest, and…

A particularly deep thrust brought Sailor Moon back to the man she was currently fucking, instead of her fantasies about other men she liked to fuck. He seemed to be recovering his energy fine, both by the enthusiastic way he was thrusting into her, and that he had started slapping her ass, making her cheeks jiggle. They were both panting now, and Sailor Moon could feel drool starting to slip out of both sets of lips.

Sailor Moon whined as she felt her hard nipples dig into her uniform, pressing against the fabric. She thrust her hips back against the man, trying to get enough relief to take her mind off how much her needy nipples demanded attention. At least her pussy felt amazing, as she was spread apart with every thrust.

They both came at the same time, moaning and crying out as the Dark Kingdom victim shot his load of cum into Sailor Moon. She moaned at the feeling of getting filled, of having a complete stranger pump his cum into her. Her pussy tightened down around him, getting every last drop of cum and tingle of sensation that she could.

After the man had left, muttering his thanks in a dazed tone, Sailor Moon took a moment to adjust her clothing. Tugging her leotard back into position, she squirmed at the feeling of warm cum pooling inside it and rubbing against her crotch. She sighed in satisfaction, at a job well done of course. Another victim rescued, another youma defeated, all in a night’s work.

This was certainly a way to help monster victims recover their energy that Sailor Venus had found, and not an excuse to have sex that all the other sailors went along with because they were all just as horny as Mina. Sometimes, when there was only one civilian and several of them, they had to restore each other’s energy while whoever won the roll off got first go. Still, they were fighting evil and rescuing innocents, so obviously it was all good.


Sailor Moon confronts Queen Beryl and declares that the love she has for her friends will never let her lose to such an old, lonely woman! All familiar, except after the standard speech Usagi starts to ramble about how cute her friends are, just what parts and behaviors turn her on, and how much she appreciates the amount of leg their uniforms show off, completely losing track of her point while describing how much she wants to date Rei. That's not weird right? Rei's sooo pretty, and her lips make her want to bite them, but in a playful way- not a mean one.


Sailor Moon Appreciation

“Bah! What is your love? What is any emotion before the Primordial Annihilator?”

Yet another ancient evil from beyond the veils of space and time was boasting about nihilism and destruction to Sailor Moon. It was all so routine and tiresome that she didn’t focus on her response as much as she usually did, instead thinking about if Tuxedo Mask would be in good enough shape from his inevitable self-sacrifice move afterwards for post-victory makeouts.

“I love all my friends. I love Mercury’s intelligence, and Jupiter’s strength, and Mars’s passion! I love Venus’s light-heartedness and Chibi-Moon’s, Chibi-Moon’s, and I love Tuxedo Mask’s love for me! I love Sailor Neptune’s and Uranus’s elegance and grace, and I love Sailor Pluto’s maturity.”

Sailor Moon paused for breath.

“I love the way Sailor Mars looks when she wakes up in the morning! I love that Sailor Jupiter keeps my favorite foods around to have for breakfast when I spend the night! I love the way Mercury looks up at me when her face is between my legs! And I love the way Sailor Venus always knows where to find hot guys and girls to share with me!”

“I love the way Chibi-Moon and I share Sailor Saturn sometimes! And I love the way she squeaks when I slid a finger into her ass! I love the way Sailor Pluto has ten thousand years of love-making experience! I love the way Sailor Neptune ties me down and I love the way Sailor Uranus makes me earn my release!”

Sailor Moon had stopped thinking about whether just Tuxedo Mask would want victory sex, and if she could get everyone else in on it.

“I love the way Sailor Mars asks me to punish her! I love the way Sailor Jupiter’s breasts taste! I love the way Tuxedo Mask can make me melt when he’s inside of me!” She started moving her arms in her traditional battle pose. “And if you think I’ll let you take those feelings from me, or from anyone on Earth, you’re wrong! In the name of the Moon, I’ll punish you!”

After the battle was over, Sailor Moon sighed in relief. But almost before the dust of the former Primordial Annihilator settled, she was being yelled at.

“Idiot! How could you say that in front of everyone!” Sailor Mars was shrieking at her while everyone else looked on. “I told you never to let anyone know about how I look when I wake up!”

“He he he,” Sailor Moon chuckled, backing away. Now it was time for an even tougher fight.





I dunno if you'd accept a follow up after just getting that last one answered but think it'd be possible to have Blake after seeing Ruby fuck Weiss into complete submission she starts getting the itch to try out Ruby herself, and either has her ass super speed fucked into oblivion or Ruby finding her rough, cat like tongue so enjoyable she face fucks her at mach 2, either way till cum is pouring out of Blake like a waterfall? If not that's cool Xp and thank you for the first one i loved it <3

Ladybug Bedroom

Blake was bent over her bed, moaning into the sheets as Ruby filled her ass again and again. Ruby couldn’t believe how nice her new teammate’s ass felt. It wasn’t painfully tight like most girls, and Ruby figured she must have a lot of experience taking stuff back there for her cock to slide in and out so easily.

Blake was enjoying it too. Ruby knew how to tell when a woman came, and Blake had done so several times, even though Ruby hadn’t even brushed her clit. But her pussy was still sopping wet and she’d babbled a stream of nonsense like ‘ass so good so good cumming please’ several times.

Ruby had cum herself several times too. It certainly made using Blake’s ass a lot easier, with all the cum helping to lube things up. And Blake reacted in the most amazing way whenever Ruby dumped another hot, sticky load into her ass. The way her whole body shook whenever Ruby stopped her high-speed fucking to cum was awesome, if dangerous for any fragile objects in reach.

Since the Bellabooty (and Ruby was very pleased with herself for coming up with the idea) could take it, Ruby was going all out in her fucking of it, rose petals swirling around the room as she went as fast as she could. It was nice that Blake could handle her fastest pace, unlike Weiss (currently fucked into unconsciousness, semen dribbling out of her pussy), who could only handle a slower pace (a mere two strokes a second).

Blake clutched at the sheets, screaming through clenched teeth as she came again, her drooling pussy making a mess of the bed below her. Ruby could tell that she only had a few more orgasms left in her, so she picked up her pace, eager to get as much fun as she could out of Blake before she fainted from pleasure overload.

Groping Blake’s ass, Ruby sighed. She wondered if she’d ever have a rear that nice, so full and soft and gropable. Well, even if she didn’t get it, at least she could enjoy it. Giving it a hearty spank, Ruby thrust herself in as far as she could. She moaned as she came, her newest load forcing older cum out, dribbling down Blake’s skin and into and around her pussy.

Slowing down to catch her breath, Ruby heard a commotion outside the room, she looked around, just in time to see the door slam open. Yang was revealed, looking as hot as ever (in a totally platonic, sisterly kind of way, Ruby assured herself). She was dragging a drooling Pyrrha behind her, clothes disheveled. Yang looked upset, while Pyrrha looked fuck-drunk.

“Ruby did you fuck Pyrrha- Oh my god, are you fucking kidding me? Again?”

Chapter Text

If you're still taking of the reason's Haruka is so successful on the racetrack is because she has an extremely well-motivated pit crew taking care of her car and bike during and between races...and she makes sure to take every opportunity to 'motivate' them...


Rewarding Service

The roar of the engines and the screams of the crowds had died away, and ever the clatter of the other car’s mechanics. Now, all that was left was a pool of light, illuminating Haruka Tenoh’s racing machine. The blonde racer was sitting on its hood, staring into the darkness. One hand ran over the white racing suit covering her body. There was a noise from beyond the circle of light.

“Boys, I’d like to thank you for helping me get this far. Without you babying this fine machine,” Haruka ran a loving hand over the cool metal of the hood, “I’d just be some girl with a lot of dreams. Thank you for all your hard work.”

Haruka sat up straight, unzipping her racing suit. The separating halves revealed a lot of skin and very little clothing. Her top was two thin strings of blue, barely able to cover her nipples, and certain to snap if she took a deep breath. Her bottom was somehow even skimpier, a pair of microthong that rode up very high on her hips, and were pressed so tight that you could see her pussy outlined against it. Stepping out of the racing outfit, she kicked it too one side, facing her unseen audience.

“Let me say thank you the best way I know how.”

Minutes later, Haruka was on her back, draped across the powerful machine she’d been controlling just hours before. Her head was hanging off, bent downwards as a fat cock filled her mouth, making her gag as it traveled down her throat. Her head mechanic had climbed up onto the hood with her, and was straddling her chest. For now, he was just playing with her tits, abusing and pinching them. But she could feel his erection straining against his pants, and soon Haruka knew it would be wrapped in between her tits.

Her microthong had been pulled to one side, but so far nothing more. Her hips bucked in frustration as a group of men debated who’d get first go at her pussy. She didn’t care who went, so long as they did it soon! The night air blowing over her wet pussy needed to be blocked off by a fat, hard dick fucking her pussy. Why couldn’t they see it?
Finally someone entered her, and Haruka moaned in pleasure around the dick fucking her mouth. Getting spitroasted felt so good! Getting made airtight felt even better, but her position didn’t allow that. Haruka focused on the cock inside her, instead of the two cocks that could have been. An odd variant on ‘a bird in the hand’, but one she felt very appropriate to the situation.

The chief mechanic grunted, and pressed Haruka’s whorish tits even tighter around his dick. A jet of white shot out, landing on Haruka’s collar. She moaned at the hot liquid covering her skin, and shook underneath the men on top of her. The sound of her screaming around the man in her mouth set him off too, and soon Haruka was choking under the stream of cum pouring down her throat.

No sooner had they gotten off her, then two new men replaced them. Haruka grabbed at the ass of the new guy fucking her mouth, willing him to shove that fat cock as far inside her slutty mouth as he could, to make her choke and gag on it! She barely noticed her first orgasm, she was so absorbed in the thoughts of how she could be degraded.

Haruka was left on the hood of her car. She was naked and covered with cum. One eye was glued shut, and her crotch was solid white. She’d had so many orgasms, and been used for so many other people’s orgasms, she’d lost count long ago. It was hard to think of anything; her mind was so addled. Only one thing stood out. She needed to thank the team who took care of the helicopter too.


Toph groaned, throwing her head back. It landed on Suki’s chest as the small girl panted. Suki chuckled, running her hand over Toph’s sweat-slick forehead. She looked up at her boyfriend.

“Did I act like that the first time you entered me?”

Sokka laughed, eyes sparkling.

“You were a bit louder. Had a lot cuter expression, though.”

He stopped talking, focusing on sliding deeper into Toph. As inch after inch of his shaft disappeared, the earthbender started twisting around, limbs flying everywhere. Suki was surprised that Toph could take all of Sokka’s cock, but, in the end, their hips met, and all of Sokka’s length was buried inside Toph’s pussy.

The blind girl didn’t say anything, but made a series of guttural noises. Suki grabbed a flailing hand and pressed it against her stomach.

“Can you feel it, Toph?” The younger girl shuddered. “Can you feel my boyfriend’s cock splitting you in two?”

Suki glanced up to see Sokka smiling at her. She smiled back, feeling a warm glow inside. Turning back to Toph, the caressed one of her small, almost flat breasts.

“He fucks me with it every night. We don’t go to sleep until we cum, and he shoots his seed in or on me. And now the same’s going to happen to you, Toph.”

Normally, Toph would have responded, shooting back a fiery quip. But her higher brain functions seemed to have stopped working. She gaped up at Suki, mouth opening and closing as Sokka slowly drew himself back out of her.

Toph’s pussy was slowly molded around Sokka’s cock as he fucked her. He gradually picked up the pace, fucking her faster and faster. Suki helped out, sometimes playing with Toph’s face and chest, sometimes kissing Sokka, and sometimes playing with herself. She was feeling aroused, too, seeing her boyfriend taking Toph’s virginity.

Soon Toph was rendered totally mute, unable even to cry out. Her eyes rolled up in her head as she shook more and more. Suki could tell the exact moment she came. Her legs shot straight out and her tiny fists beat against Sokka’s chest. Suki looked at him eagerly.

“So, how is it? How does she feel?”

“If you’d told me how tight she was, I wouldn’t have believed you, babe,” Sokka said, wiping his brow. “Yours is better, though.”

“Ah, that’s sweet,” Suki said, teasingly.

After another orgasm by Toph, Sokka came, pulling out to decorate Toph’s belly with his seed. The blind girl sobbed in ecstasy as her skin was covered with white, hot, thick, delicious cum. Suki licked her lips as she stopped herself from descending on Toph and licking it all up.

Sokka sat back, his shoulders rising and falling as he recovered. Toph was recovering a lot slower, as after effects of her orgasms kept running through her. Suki shifted, rubbing her stiff nipples against Toph’s back.

She was horny now, damn it. Sokka wouldn’t be up for a while, and while he had a great finger and tongue game, there was someone else here who’d just took and took so far.

Suki laid Toph down on the futon, and quickly climbed on top. Her thighs descended around Toph’s head, and Suki sighed, feeling warm breath against her overheated core. It was time for Toph to contribute.

How about one where Madokami has an massive orgy with all the other Madokas?

All in One

Madokami looked down at the squirming girl below her. She was clutching at the bedsheets, her lithe body twisting and shaking in another orgasm. Madokami herself wasn’t ready to cum yet, though the tight passage clamped down around her dick was certainly helping her get there.

Shifting her hands from hips to tits, the goddess drew a squeal out of her lover as her nipples were played with. She twisted and writhed enough she almost slipped off Madokami’s dick. The goddess frowned as she looked down at the flushed, scrunched up face. She was very cute, but Madokami was starting to feel like something different. Sliding out of the girl’s wet, tight pussy, she flipped her over, putting the girl face down in the sheets. Madokami smiled. That was a welcome change in scenery. The girl had a very nice ass, tight and firm. And her legs were spread far enough apart for Madokami to see absolutely everything between them.

Lifting her head, Madokami looked around the room. Pajama Madoka and Student Madoka were making out in a love seat, their fingers running under their clothes as they frantically kissed each other. And Meguca Madoka was tormenting Kriemhild Gretchin in a corner, their costumes identical except for the colors. The witch was moaning around a gag made of her own panties as Meguca Madoka assaulted her sensitive spots. The goddess smiled seeing that. She would be next, Madokami decided. For now, she turned back to Naked Madoka, who was shaking her rear, trying to tempt her back.

Lifting her lover’s hips, Madokami ran her thumbs over her ass, feeling the skin and muscle and fat shift beneath her. It was time to drive her face into the sheets, turn her ass red, and fill her pussy with cum. After that, Madokami would have to decide whether to fill her other holes, or move on to another Madoka. Kriemhild Gretchin would probably welcome relief, whether she was let out of bondage or not.

Naked Madoka screamed into the sheets as Madokami came into her. The goddess sighed in bliss and relief as she felt her semen flood the girl’s pussy. Pulling out, she watched the white flood ooze out of the girl’s pussy, and stain her thighs as it slid downward. That had to be her 27th favorite sight, when it came to having sex with girls.

The goddess looked up into the camera’s recording everything in the room. There were hours of footage left to fill, but it was all for a very noble goal. Madokami tittered to herself as she thought of how Homura would react when she got her birthday present tonight, as soon as she fell asleep.


Raven's tribe is low on breeders, and she decides that it's time to make use of that daughter of hers.

Helping Mother Out

“Mmmh, mmmh, mmmh,” Yang shut her mouth, trying to keep quiet.

She shouldn’t like this, getting kidnapped by her mother to be used as her tribe’s breeding stock. It was degrading and humiliating and wrong and, and…

Yang’s train of thought was interrupted as a hand slapped her ass. She shook in the leather bonds that her kept her bent over, hands tied behind her back. The high heels she was locked in didn’t serve any purpose besides making her ass look better, but at least the shoes weren’t as humiliating as the marker and cord taped to her. She didn’t know what the people using her wrote, unless they told her, but the sheer humiliation of it always made her burn.

She could feel the jeweled plug in her asshole as the man entered again. It had Raven’s personal symbol on it, marking Yang as both her daughter and her property. As amazing awful as it felt, Yang didn’t want it removed, not after Raven had shown her what happened to the tribe’s communal breeders. There was always someone interested in Grimm hybrids, after all. Still the times when a man or fertile futa played with it, pressing it inside her, or wiggling it around as they fucked her pussy, always felt… special.

Not as special as the milkers attached to her breasts though. Yang could never decide whether it was better to have those on or off. If they were on, pumping milk from her engorged tits, they were always on, sucking away at her every hour of the day. If Yang could cum from breast stimulation alone, that would have been better, but since she couldn’t, it meant a constant, never-ending edging, stimulation that could only carry her into climax when a breeding stud came to use her.

On the other hand, the pumps being removed from her breasts had their own pros and cons. On the good side, it meant Yang could finally have some relief, the only sexual feeling being a low-level buzz from the plug in her ass. On the other hand, it meant that when somebody came to breed her, they had free access to her tits, and could be so, so much worse to her poor tits. They’d leave her boobs red and aching, and her pussy wet from the abuse inflicted on her.

“Ah!, ah, ah, ah, ah!” Yang couldn’t keep herself quiet anymore. The cock filling her up was just too good. It was splitting her walls in two, the wet, lewd sounds coming from her crotch echoing through the room as the man slammed into her.

As a reward for letting her voice out, the man started spanking Yang, one slap for every thrust. That drove Yang on more, until she was screaming in pleasure. Bursts of pain from her ass serving as a counterpoint to the raw fucking her cunt was receiving, the spreading of her rosebud by her mother’s plug, and the steady suction of the pumps on her tits. It was all too much for Yang, and she came for the… she couldn’t remember how many times she’d cum today, or even what day today was.

Yang’s pussy clamped down around the man’s dick, trying to milk every last drop of cum out of it that she could. The anonymous man obliged, burying himself in as deep as he could. He yanked her hair, sending her head snapping back as her eyes lost focus. The thick, white, hot, sticky load of semen squirting into her pussy felt oh so good. Yang’s body shook in orgasm as she felt the cum fill her.

Yang could feel the cum seeping out of her pussy and down her thighs, joining the cum already coated there from the half dozen other men and futa that had used her since her last cleaning. Drool ran out of her mouth as Yang imagined how many other loads would coat her before the day was done.

Why didn’t she like this again? It was getting hard to remember.

Hoodwitch Office

“… and I’m worried about how it will affect her grades here at Beacon.” I finished my speech and shut up, staring at Professor Goodwitch and trying not wring my hands together.

The headmistress sat, staring at me, with a blank, somehow disapproving look on her face. We were in her office after I’d requested a meeting. I didn’t want to do it, but there were some things a big sister had to do.

I hated tattling on my little sister, but Ruby was out of control! Ever since we’d been accepted to Beacon, it seemed like I was finding her with a girl every day, and she’d go for hours. There was no way Beacon’s academic expectations were designed for that sort of thing. And it wasn’t just her I was worried about. Blake and Weiss had come to Beacon to learn to be Huntresses, not Ruby’s sex friends.

And, of course, there was me to consider too. Not only was I stuck cleaning up after my little sister, I had been looking forward to sampling some of the goods an academy full of fit, active, attractive teens would have. But I hadn’t even had the chance to masturbate lately! Instead I was stuck dragging cute girl to the shower as they giggled about how good a lay my baby sister was. It was infuriating!

“Ms. Xiao Long.” Professor Goodwitch seemed to have guessed that my attention had wandered. “Your concerns are noted. While we expect a certain level of sex from our students, Ms. Rose’s actions do seem extreme. I’ll talk to her and see what her explanation is.”

I sighed in relief. This was the best I was going to get, I reckoned.

“Thank you, thank you so much.”

I stood and left the office. As I went back to Team RWBY’s dorm, I heard the intercom crackle to life and order Ruby to see Goodwitch. Stepping into the dorm, I looked around. Empty. And my homework was done, and there were no fires I needed to put out. Well, well, well, then.

I hopped up to my bunk, my mind already racing over possibilities. Pyrrha Nikos? No, too connected to Ruby. Goodwitch? No, if someone heard me blurting out that name, I could be in trouble. My gaze fell on the Achieve Men poster I had on the wall. Yeah, they’d do.

Tugging down my top, my boobs popped out. I cradled them in one hand as my other snaked down underneath my shorts. Mmmm, hot guys surrounding me, running their hands over my limbs…

I started masturbating, blowing off steam that had been building for almost a week now. Soon, my nipples were hard points, pressing against my palm, and my fingers soaked in arousal. I was imagining the lead singer in between my legs, skilled tongue flicking against my clit. I grunted at the thought.

The door opened, and I froze, hand still between my legs. Lifting my head, I could see Weiss enter. From her position, she couldn’t see any more of me than my head, thankfully.

“Hey, Weiss.”

“Hello, Yang.”

And that was that, thankfully. She sat down on her bed and pulled out a scroll. Could I keep masturbating with a teammate in the room and not have them find out about it? The insatiable burning in my core said I had to try.

Biting down on my tongue, I started back up again, one hand caressing my tits while the other played with my lower lips. So one of them would be licking my pussy and another one kissing me… I’d just gotten back in the groove, using long, slow strokes that didn’t make a lot of noise, when…


Die, Schnee.


“What kinds of gifts does Ruby like?”

Die slowly.

“Mmmm, sweets, weapon mods, that sort of thing. Why?”

Shut up. Shut up now and let me finish.

“Well, since Ruby’s been fucking me so hard lately, almost every day,” Thank Weiss, I needed that, “I was planning to get her something nice as thanks. And maybe she’ll be so grateful we can have sex right then and there.” A hungry tone entered her voice at that.

A mental image popped into my mind, of Weiss bare-ass naked, shivering and panting as, and this was the bad part, Ruby stood over her, her cock shooting out another load of cum to land on the heiress’s body. It would have been hot, if not for the fact that my baby sister was bound up in it. Since she was, it was like a bucket of ice water.

The thought of Ruby fucking another girl was the last straw. My arousal fled, leaving behind a chilly, crushing sensation of orgasm denied. I pulled my top up and hopped off the bed.

“I think she’ll go gaga over whatever. See ya later, Weiss.”

I stalked out of the dorm room, mad at myself and Weiss and Ruby. What did it take for a girl to find some peace and quiet huh? I decided to head to Goodwitch’s office. I cooled off a bit on the walk. It wasn’t really Ruby’s fault. She just needed some discipline and an authority figure telling her ‘no’, and she’d learn to settle down. She wouldn’t like it, and I’d always been weak to her sad face, but it had to be done.

I opened the door, dreading the look of betrayal and shame I’d see on Ruby’s face. But, it was something I had to do. Sometimes you’ve got to yank the chain to stop someone going off a cliff.

Ruby was sitting in Goodwitch’s chair, the professor in front of her. Glynda was on her knees, giving Ruby a titjob. From the cum dripping from her face and breasts, they’d obviously been doing it for a while. Goodwitch’s riding crop was held in the air with an invisible hand, and came down hard on her ass as I watched in stunned disbelief.

I felt my eyes go red and my hair light up.

Chapter Text

Miss Milita and Purity have a secret love nest, and one day, a certain shadowy Ward phases through the wrong wall at the wrong time….



Purity was finally getting into the groove, licking along Miss Militia’s clit, with one hand holding a warm, brown thigh, and the other sliding in between a wet set of lower lips. The second in command of the Brockton Bay Protectorate leaned back and sighed. It had taken months for Purity to get this good, but all those sessions of painfully slow learning, correction and punishment were finally paying off.


There was a clatter behind her, something being knocked to the floor. In one swift, sure motion, Miss Militia was on her feet and turning around, a shotgun tracking across the room. The fact that she was completely naked didn’t bother her at all.


Pressed against one wall was Shadow Stalker. It was hard to tell in the full face mask, but Miss Militia could see signs of shock in her body language. Her crossbows were aimed at the floor, though, so it wasn’t too bad.


“Hello, Shadow Stalker. Care to join us?”


Shadow Stalker jerked as if she’d been struck, and Purity made a whine of distress. Right, she couldn’t see anything through the blindfold, and the ropes kept her from moving above a kneeling position.


“What the fuck is going on?” Shadow Stalker said, before seeing Miss Militia’s unamused glare. “Ma’am.”


“Purity here wants to join us, and become a hero. She approached me, and, since I have a large amount of leeway in deciding if I’ll approve such an application, I decided on a test to see how sincere she was. If a former neo-Nazi could learn how to make love to a Kurdish woman, she really would want to reform.”

“And the leather and latex?”


“Partly for my own enjoyment, partly to make sure the flying artillery piece stays in line.”

Miss Militia looked back at Purity. Shoe couldn’t see through the blindfold, but Miss Militia had grown used to telling what someone was thinking even with part of their face covered. She smirked to herself. The only gamble here would be if Shadow Stalker would take her up on it.


“And if she showed the same devotion to a black girl, that would be an even more meaningful show of putting her past ideology behind her.” Miss Militia waved towards the bound woman in the center of the room. “Care to help her repent?”


Shadow Stalker didn’t respond, but did drift closer to the center of the room, where Purity waited. She stood in front of the former supervillianess for a long moment, looking back and forth between Purity and Miss Militia. Then her crossbows hit the floor.


Miss Militia put her hands on Shadow Stalker’s shoulders and gently pushed her down into the chair. Purity reacted as she heard the sounds of someone sitting down in front of her. The Ward had barely gotten settled when Purity was worrying at her clothing, trying to get her undressed.


As Miss Militia heard the first pleasured moans, she smiled. It looked like Purity’s rehabilitation effort would be getting two superheroes to vouch for her.


Damn, that was nice!

If you’re in the mood for another; during the Silver Millennium, one of Sailor Uranus and Neptune’s duties was keeping Pluto from going stir-crazy guarding the Gates of Time on her own…in the modern day, Pluto doesn’t need to spend nearly as much time guarding said gates, but she still gets a kick out of using a disguise pen to grow a big futa dick, and treating Haruka and Michiru like her own private sluts.

Eternal Duty


The three Outer Senshi had always worked together. Over the millenniums, Sailors Uranus, Neptune and Pluto had defended the solar system from an unending multitude of threats. It was hard, demanding, unyielding work, but by relying on each other, they managed again and again.


The duties weighed heaviest on Sailor Pluto. Alone of the Senshi, she had to tend to the Gates of Time, as well as the invasions and incursions from mundane space. Only the constant, loving attention from Sailors Uranus and Neptune helped keep her sane and functional. When the Silver Kingdom fell, she was forced to abandon the material defense of the solar system, and concentrate solely on the Gates of Time. But now that she was reunited with her comrades, they could return to the old way of doing things.


Sailor Pluto had been wondering how to tell the two new incarnations of how they did things in the old days, but she’d been surprised to learn they already knew. It seemed some memories could transcend even death. And now two of the Sailor Senshi were kneeling down in front of Pluto, waiting to be given permission.


Sailor Pluto snapped her fingers, and Neptune and Uranus dove in. Her cock was already out, and had gotten erect as she stared at their hungry, needing expressions. Somehow, their costumes always seemed to be skimpier when they were horny. Right now, their skirts were so short Pluto could see the bottoms of their leotards, which were also thing enough to act more like a g-string than anything else.


As for their chests? Pluto licked her lips at the sight of two pairs of nipples pressing against the fabric, and bouncing every time they breathed. Pluto idly wondered if she’d give them a release tonight, or just let them use their fingers.


All that flashed through Sailor Pluto’s mind in the few seconds it took for Uranus and Neptune to descend on her cock. Pluto shuddered as two warm mouths enveloped her. Uranus was seeing how far down her throat she could take Pluto’s cock, while Neptune handled whatever was left, licking the base of Pluto’s dick. Uranus bottomed out less than halfway down, and Pluto tsked. Obviously they’d have to work on her deep throat training, until Uranus could handle a cock halfway down her neck for minutes at a time.


As Uranus popped up, gasping for breath, Neptune took over. She set an easier goal for herself, taking no more than Pluto’s head inside her mouth, but really using her tongue. Uranus whined, seeing her girlfriend act with much more elegance and grace as she took Pluto’s fat futa cock. She didn’t wait long, though, before diving back in.


Uranus and Neptune kissed each other around Pluto’s cock. They looked each other in the eyes, and their hands were enmeshed together. Pluto ruffled the hair on both, smiling as they both kissed and gave her a blowjob.


Uranus and Neptune were much too refined to fight over who got Pluto’s cum. When she warned them, they withdrew, and pressed their faces against each other, cheek to cheek. A few strokes of white gloved hands, and Sailor Pluto was moaning as she orgasmed. Cum splattered across them both, white strands connecting them as they shuddered. Sailor Pluto smiled softly at the sight, her dark-skinned cock, made even darker by the blood flowing through it, twitching at the sight of the two of them connected so.


Pluto had forbidden Uranus and Neptune to clean the cum off their faces until she was satisfied. Now, several hours later, she was. The two of them were awash in white, cum covering every inch of their faces. Lines of white connected their lips as they opened their mouths to breath, and their eyes were shut by the cum. Pluto smiled softly as she saw them squirm, desperate for a finger or tongue or cock or anything to relieve the aching desire that was burning in their folds. Sailor Pluto was done for the night, and she waved them off. They could play with each other, fingerfucking themselves as they licked Pluto’s cum off each other’s face.


Pluto smiled as exactly that started to happen. It was good to be with her comrades again.


Usagi greets the pizza guy at her door in nothing but a white tank top. And though she has no money to pay him, her drenched pussy should be good enough.

Good Financial Sense


The sun was just above the horizon when Usagi stepped out of the shower. Her skin was flushed from the hot water as she stared out the second-story window, out at Tokyo. The house was quiet. Everyone else had left to do their own thing, leaving Usagi home alone over a long weekend.


There was a van coming up the street, and Usagi perked up. She’d ordered out for pizza, and it looked like it was here.


Usagi greeted the delivery boy at the front door with a smile. He had a pasted-on smile that was wiped off his face when his brain registered what was in front of him.


Some people would say that you shouldn’t wear your little brother’s white T-shirt, especially without a bra, and having just stepped out of the shower. Usagi said you should.


The skinny teenager, no older than her, gawked at the blonde girl. She smiled sunnily and shifted from side to side, making her boobs bounce. The delivery boy’s eyes followed every motion.


“Hello! Do you have the pizza I ordered?”


“Ye, yes!” He squeaked. His mouth was hanging open, and his eyes had yet to above Usagi’s neck. She preened at the attention


“Oh goodie! I have the money right over here.”

Usagi turned around to the side table by the door. Bending over at the waist, she made a show of looking for the clip of money her mother had left for emergencies. There was a gurgling sound behind her. Had she remembered to put on panties after leaving the shower? Well, too late now!


Usagi turned back around, pouting cutely. There was a huge bulge in the delivery boy’s pants by now. Usagi licked her lips. She did like her sausage.


“I don’t have enough money to pay you. Is there some other way I can pay~?”


The teen took an unthinking step forward, and Usagi knew she had him.


“Yuh, you could, uh, pay me with… with…,” the boy blushed the most adorable shade of red.


Usagi tapped her chin, pretending to think about it. As if there’d been the least bit of doubt once she’d seen how cute he was when she opened the door.


“Okay! Come on in. Just put the pizza down over there, alright?”


Usagi led him into the house, almost skipping. This was going to be so much fun, and then she was going to get food! What could be better?


Sinking down to her knees in front of the delivery boy, she worked at the button and zipper keeping his jeans closed. When his cock came out, it came out quickly, and smacked Usagi in the side of the face.


Usagi sighed in satisfaction, looking at the thick cock hovering in front of her. Normally, her head would already be bobbing up and down along it by now. But, with dinner so close, she didn’t want to spoil her appetite, or get a taste on her tongue that would clash with the pizza. Instead, she lifted her shirt up; up but not off, letting the fabric push her breasts together to form some cleavage.


As the teen gasped in realization, Usagi leaned forward and sank downwards a bit. His cock slid up and between her breasts, before a flushed head poked out up at the top.


Usagi smiled at the boy as she started moving up and down. The teen was squirming almost as much as she was. He couldn’t decide what to do with his hands. He was too afraid and unsure to grab on to the buns on top of her head, and use his grip to set the pace, but he was also unable to keep them still by his sides. Instead they went everywhere, distracting Usagi as she focused on the important job of getting a free pizza.


Getting a titjob felt a lot better than giving one, Usagi knew. But, while she knew she wouldn’t cum, the stimulation of her breasts would at least mean a pleasant buzz during dinner, and a wonderful masturbation session later. She stared down at the cockhead between her boobs, appearing and disappearing as she moved up and down. She wondered how much cum he would shoot, and if it would all end up on her tits, or if some would splatter on her face as well.


He didn’t last longer than a few minutes. His breathing got heavier and heavier, until it started becoming more of a groan than a gasp. Usagi sighed in pleasure as cum shot out of his dick, covering her boobs and collar. Some of it soaked into the T-shirt, making it stick even tighter to her skin. Usagi fought the temptation to scoop the cum up and eat it. Pizza first.


The delivery boy, whatever his name was, left the house, smiling like a loon. Usagi sat down for dinner, cum still sticking to her. She breathed in deep over the open box of pizza and smiled. The money her mom had left sat nearby, untouched. She was such a resourceful saver.


Alternate end- The sun was just below the horizon when Usagi stepped out of the shower. Her skin was flushed from the hot water as she stared out the second-story window, out at Tokyo. The house was quiet. Everyone else had left to do their own thing, leaving Usagi home alone over a long weekend.


There was a van coming up the street, and Usagi perked up. She’d ordered out for cake for dessert, and it looked like it was here.


Alternate alternate end- “I’m glad you didn’t waste the money I gave you, Usagi, but why are the same leftovers still in the fridge?” Ikuko Tsukino.

“Does my shirt smell funny to anyone else?” Shingo Tsukino.


Prompt: Neo's cum, despite being warm and thick, tastes as sweet as icecream for some reason. When Ruby finds out, she just can't stop herself from getting down on her knees and filling her mouth with the petite girl's surprisingly huge cock.



Ruby looked up at Neo, her eyes pleading. The villainess smiled and stroked her hair, gloved fingers running through the red and black stands.


Neo dragged her cock out of Ruby’s mouth, leaving the younger girl gasping and panting. Quickly recovering, Ruby looked up, her palms resting against Neo’s legs.


“How am I doing? Are you almost there?”

Neo cupped her chin and looked thoughtful. Finally, she waved her hand in a so-so gesture. Ruby’s disappointed whining was cut off as Neo slid her dick back in. Ruby quickly started bobbing up and down again, though her tongue game needed some work. For now, Neo was willing to let the little Huntress set the pace. Later, she might want a good, solid face-fucking, but not quite yet.


The way they’d ended up together was long and involved, but, suffice to say, when Ruby found out that Neo’s cum tasted like ice cream, they’d become bestest of buddies. Now, hardly a day went by without Ruby gagging on Neo’s cock, and getting a white, thick, creamy treat.


Some days Ruby got several treats, leaving her face coated with semen, and her fingers working overtime to scoop as much of it into her mouth as she could.


Neo was starting to think about restrictions, things Ruby would have to do to earn her treat. She’d already learned how to deepthroat, but Neo was looking into lingerie and buttplugs, that Ruby would have to show she was wearing before she’d get a chance to suck Neo’s cock.


The thought of how she could dominate and control her rival’s adored and adorable little sister drove Neo closer and closer to the edge of climax. Putting a hand behind Ruby’s head, she pushed forward, making Ruby take more and more of her cock. Neo smiled as she saw the bulge travel deeper and deeper down Ruby’s throat. Ruby squealed, and gagged, and moaned, and took inch after inch of Neo’s cock until her lips were pressing against Neo’s crotch. Neo enjoyed all the delightful noises Ruby made when she was getting face-fucked.


Neo was loudest when she came, and a thin whistle escaped her lips as she came, filling Ruby’s mouth with cum. Ruby couldn’t handle all of it, and some escaped, spurting out of her mouth, dribbling down her chin as she desperately swallowed, trying to get as much cum in her belly as she could.


Neo slipped out of Ruby’s mouth, smiling as she watched the larger girl debase herself trying to eat as much of Neo’s cum as possible. She felt her cock twitch at the sight of Ruby’s pink tongue cleaning her cum-covered fingers. It seemed Ruby would be getting a second dessert tonight.


Taylor isn't sure how she ended up here, but last week she certainly didn't think she would be "entertaining" her mother's friends from when she ran with Lustrum...She certainly didnt expect Lustrum herself..And she DEFINITELY didnt see half of them having cocks the size of her arm!
Even though.she didnt get a choice in the matter, as her mother "volunteered" her...With how hard and rough it is...
She might just enjoy this..
Basically, Annette lives and offers herself and Taylor up as "entertainment" for a Lustrum reunion orgy.



Taylor gagged on the cock filling her mouth. She spluttered and choked and made all kinds of exciting noises as her head was pulled up and down the cock facefucking her. Finally, the hands holding her head pulled back, and she popped off the cock. Her mouth was hanging open, and drool was running down her chin. Taylor looked up into the eyes of her mother as she fought for breath.


Annette spared a hand to stroke Taylor’s hair as she masturbated, her cock pointed straight at her daughter’s face. She smiled at Taylor’s fucked-silly expression, eyes cloudy with lust and flushed cheeks.


“You’re such a good girl, Taylor. Mommy has a special treat for you,” she said, speeding up her pumping.


Taylor came back to reality at that, just in time for Annette to orgasm, cumming onto Taylor’s face. Most of it landed in her open mouth, pooling on her tongue. The rest landed around her mouth, the warm salty fluid covering her lips and chin. Taylor, just like she’d been taught, opened her mouth even wider to display the thick, white treat Annette had given her. Getting a smile of approval, Taylor closed her mouth and swallowed.


Annette looked around the room. The First Lustrum’s Daughters Reunion was in full swing. Loads of women her age were eating, chatting, and admiring each other’s daughters. Taylor wasn’t the only girl on her knees here, though she was one of the most dressed. She’d only lost her shirt; Annette was looking at a girl wearing only high heels, a collar, and a healthy coating of cum down her thighs.


“Annette!” Annette turned around.


There was a woman bearing down on her, a smile on her face. It took a minute before the memory clicked. It was Debbie, one of Lustrum’s bottom-tier minions. Annette waved and smiled, welcoming the woman over. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Taylor scoop the cum off her face and lick her fingers clean.


Annette and Debbie chatted for a while, filling each other on what had happened in their lives after Lustrum. Eventually the topic turned to Taylor, who was still waiting patiently on her knees.


“And this is your daughter? Oh, what a cutie,” Debbie said, ruffling Taylor’s hair. “She looks a lot like you in college.”


Annette chuckled at the compliment, and even Taylor smiled a bit.


“Do you mind if I-?” Debbie gestured at her crotch.


“Oh no, feel free. Taylor’s been preparing all week, so she’s loose and lubed up.”

“Why thank you Annette,” the other woman said, fiddling with her skirt. “I’ve always had a thing for skinny black-haired girls getting their asses filled. The look on their face-ah,” Debbie said, laughing.


“You’re in luck. Taylor has some of the most adorable expressions when she gets fucked.” Taylor blushed as her mother and a stranger discussed the best way to despoil her.


This event may be an annual affair, but, as Annette looked over the room, that didn’t mean she and Taylor would only have to see the other women here once a year. As Taylor started moaning, Annette pulled together a list of playdates she should set up for her and Taylor. It was good for a mother to help her daughter with her social life.


Haruka sometimes visits a 24 hour gym in the dead of night, when there's almost nobody around, stripping down to just a pair of running shoes and socks, and working out naked, getting a bit of a narcissistic thrill from watching herself work up a sweat in the mirrored walls. And if a fellow late-night gym nut (or more likely, a cleaner giving the gym a once-over in the quiet hours) has the balls to stop ogling her and proposition her, she's more than happy to take them over to one of the padded mats and fuck their brains out.

Full Body Workout


Haruka grunted with effort as she did chin-ups. Her naked body shone with sweat, and her pussy gleamed with arousal. After hours in the gym, she was all alone and could exercise the way she liked. A multitude of Haruka’s moved with her, reflected by the four mirrored walls.


Haruka dropped down from the bar, body shaking and muscles burning. Moving to the mat in the center of the gym, she started her stretches, long toned limbs rising and falling. As wonderful as the sight of her body twisting around was in the mirrors, Haruka closed her eyes to better concentrate. She rose to her knees, and walked forward on her hands, before lowering herself in a pose of supplication.


Suddenly a pair of hands landed on her bare ass. Haruka’s eyes shot open as she stared at her reflection. It had been joined by another, a large, muscular man kneeling behind her upraised rear.


“Well, well, well, what have we hear,” he said, groping Haruka’s ample ass. “I come for a cooldown stretch, but I find something so much better.”


Haruka could see his dick bulging in his shorts. She could also see her own expression, a look of shock and need. She shuddered in- she shuddered, but she was too weak and tired to fight back. She gasped as two thick finger spread her pussy apart.


“Please…” Haruka didn’t say anything more, but the stranger chose the interpretation he liked best.


In seconds, his cock was inside Haruka. Her pink pussy was wet and willing, excited by the exhibitionistic thrill she got from exercising naked. Haruka whined as the stranger started to fuck her, his thick cock slamming into her pussy. He complimented it with his hand, swinging it down onto a fat ass cheek and making her clench down around his dick.


All the while, Haruka was forced to watch her reflection, to see the slut in the mirror getting railed by a fat cock. She didn’t see Sailor Uranus, or the star racer; all she was a needy, desperate whore getting driven into the floor by a complete stranger.


Haruka’s breasts were pushed back and forth against the mats, her nipples pressing into the semi-soft fabric. Haruka could see her ass jiggle as it got spanked, the rolls as each hit landed. The mirrored walls displayed every second and every detail of her getting fucked. She looked like a slut, like a bitch in heat who was getting the rutting she deserved.


Her cunt clamped down around the man. Cumming with something or someone inside her felt so good, and her eyes lost focus as pleasure racked her brain. To her shame, her hips pushed back against the man fucking her, needing every centimeter of cock inside her that she could get. As the pleasure kept on coming, Haruka felt herself loose her grip on reality, her mind focused on the wanton whore in front of her, sinking deeper and deeper into the bliss she was feeling


Left alone, cum drooling out of her pussy, Haruka shakily stood up. She slowly and gingerly walked towards the showers. The stranger had left a huge amount of cum inside her, and it would take a while to clean it all out. About half an hour, if the previous five times this had happened were any indicator.

Chapter Text

No Wardrobe, New Friends


“Come on guys, there’s still a spot- guhk!”


Yang’s encouragement was cut off as a cock slid into her mouth. The blonde Huntress closed her eyes and luxuriated in the sheer slutty bliss of half a dozen men using her body at once. One guy below her, thrusting into her ass, one guy inside her pussy, one guy using her tits to masturbate with, a guy’s cock in each hand, and now her mouth was stuffed as well. And, to give it an even sharper thrill, they were all Faunus.


It had been a strange road that led Yang here. It had started out with her going clubbing. That had been fun, even if nothing unexpected happened. She got a few drinks, danced to some loud music, groped some cute people and got groped in turn. Things had turned odd when she headed home. Through three different improbable accidents, Yang had ended up naked, her already skimpy clothing left behind on a fence, in a cop’s hand, or torn in two.


Yang’s face had been as red as Ruby’s cape when the air bus had come to take her back to Beacon. Her face had been red, but her thighs were wet. There was just something so arousing about people seeing her hot, naked body as she ran past them. She’d been planning an epic masturbation session once she got back to the safety of the dorm showers their detachable shower head.


All those plans had gone out the window when she stepped on to the air bus, and found it packed solid with Faunus men. She’d stared at them. They’d stared at her. And, roughly half a second later, Yang was surrounded by men very keen on making her acquaintance.


Now the dog dick in her ass had knotted, spreading her rear in a way she never would have thought possible. She’d already made a resolution to find a dildo that could do the same, so she could go around all day with her ass spread.


The horse cock in her mouth was inching down her throat, its owner helpfully tracing its passage with his fingers, letting Yang feel just how much of it he was stuffing inside her. And given the size of the balls pressed against her face, she was wondering how much her belly would bulge when he came.


And as for the men in between her tits and fucking her pussy? Well, it had been orgasm after orgasm thanks to those two. She couldn’t remember if they were the first ones to have a go at her boobs and cunt, and remembering anything at all was getting hard, her brain was so fogged by orgasms.


Yang knew someone had already come on her, her skin was sticky with white from her jaw to her collarbone. And with, uh, um, many Faunus left to go, she would probably end up a lot stickier before they arrived back at school. She felt one of the guy’s she was giving a handjob to grunt, and shoot his load across her stomach. She moaned around the thick cock inside her mouth, feeling the splash of the hot, thick cum against her. Sometimes she thought she could almost cum from getting bukkaked. Not that Yang would have to find out today, not with all of her holes intent on milking every last drop of cum and pleasure out of the men inside her as possible.


Yang was left on the landing pad at Beacon, her legs spread, pussy and ass gaping, and covered head to toe with cum. She wondered if she’d get the strength to move before someone found her, and took her current state as an invitation. She hoped they’d at least have a big cock.

Inspired by @Indie Cent recent non-con commission New Wardrobe, New Friends


 Shampoo initially wasn’t interested in riding public transport; she can usually get places fast enough by riding her bike across the rooftops.  But the groping hands fondling her big tits and plump arse, and the occasional bold salaryman hiking up her tiny dress to stuff her pussy, have made her a big fan of Japans often-cramped trains.

Public Transportation


Everyone in the compartment swayed as the train went around a bend. Shampoo went with them. It gave her a nice excuse to press against the man in front of her. Even through a few layers of clothing, Shampoo felt the well-defined muscles on his torso. And to think, she hadn’t liked Japan’s train system at first! So many people, so close together, and so slow.


Shampoo herself could move much faster on her bike, not hindered by things like train stations or concrete walls getting in the way. But trains did have one major advantage over her bike.


She purred as she felt a hand grab her ass. She didn’t look back to see who it was, but did push back, letting the stranger get a better feel. Shampoo moaned in the back of her throat as she felt thick fingers knead her rear, sinking into her perfect bubble butt.


A hand pressed against her chin, and Shampoo looked up into the eyes of the man in front of her. They were warm and friendly, and there was a smile on his face. She blushed and smiled back at him. She felt the usual effect of a pretty girl smiling at a man, pressing against her stomach. It was hot and hard and big.


Shampoo squirmed, her braless breasts swaying underneath her qipao. She was getting horny, surrounded on all sides by handsome men, handsome men who were interested in her. The one in front showed how interested he was by grabbing her breasts. Shampoo moaned, feeling his strong, sure hands molesting her big boobs.


She could feel her pussy getting wet, arousal starting to form from her treatment. She wanted to jump up and wrap her arms and legs around someone while they fucked her, filling her up with a delicious cock again and again, but that wouldn’t be a good idea in public. People would talk, and her grandmother would find out about eventually. And then, she might look into the Super-Special Service Shampoo offered customers who ordered deliveries from the Cat Café.


Instead, Shampoo ground against both sets of hands, closing her eyes and reveling in the feelings, her hard nipples getting pinched, and her expansive rear getting mauled. She had to bit down on a finger as the man behind her slid forward, his hand leaving her ass and finding her pussy. Shampoo could barely keep from whimpering as a finger started sliding in and out of her flower, the digit parting her plump lower lips.


Both of Shampoo’s hands were drawn away from her body, and pressed against two large cocks. She panted, imagining and wanting them inside her. Her hands, sure moving even without sight, undid the zippers and pulled them out. She only got a few strokes in before the men decided they weren’t going to wait. Shampoo’s mouth formed an ‘O’ as the man behind her stepped forward, pinning her in between two hot guys and their hard cocks.


Not even a moment later, Shampoo’s face was buried against the second’s man jacket, trying to muffle her moans. Once they’d lifted the very short hem of the qipao she was wearing, there’d been nothing stopping them from sliding in, and now their big dicks were pounding in and out of her pussy and ass.


Shampoo squeezed down around the cocks inside her, rocking back and forth against them. Getting fucked in public felt so good, especially when both her partners were handsome and skilled.


And the best part would be that there would be another group of partners on the way home. Every train trip she took, Shampoo found more and more men (and some women) interested in sampling her charms. Soon, there’d be enough to fill an entire train car with them, all of them desperately wanting Shampoo’s body. Shampoo enjoyed that thought, feeling herself get even more aroused. It would have to be an express, heading to another city, leaving her and the dozens of fans with hours to really have some fun. Shampoo wondered if her clothes would survive the trip, and if she should bother wearing any to the train station. That would be something to think about tonight, when she was alone and horny (as opposed to when she was with someone and horny).


Later, though. For now, Shampoo was content to get double-teamed on a crowded city train as people watched in shock, horror, and lust.




PMMM: Sayaka decides to get over Kamijou by walking the streets at night in her Puella Magi outfit and seducing random men into spitroasting her.


Forgetting your Crush


Sayaka moaned around the cock inside her mouth. It was so thick, and hot and tasty, and the guy made such wonderful sounds while she did sucked him off. She wondered why more girls didn’t do this. You’d think that Kyouko would be all over an activity that put something in her mouth and made someone else groan.


Sayaka was bent over, guys at both ends of her. The one behind her had been delighted to discover her meguca outfit didn’t come with panties. He’d been just as delighted to discover that Sayaka was already wet and ready. His cock had slipped in without any problems, even as his friend used Sayaka’s mouth.


Who needed Kamijou, Sayaka thought. He’d only have one cock. Walking the streets, Sayaka often found a dozen, two or three at a time to fill her! And in her meguca guise, she had the endurance to satisfy all of them, though she had occasionally wondered what it would be like to be a normal girl, and get fucked into a blacked-out oblivion.


The man in front of her had his hands on her head, and was using his grip to set the pace, pounding her head up and down along his cock. Sayaka’s palms were pressed against his thighs as she willingly, eagerly took everything he had to offer. The one behind her was no gentler, his fingers digging into her thighs as he impaled Sayaka on his cock again and again. With every thrust, she could feel his balls slap against her.


Cock felt so good! Inside her, with her tits, in her hands, she loved it all, and couldn’t imagine how she used to do without it. As thanks to the two strangers who were giving her such a great gift, she pressed her tongue against the man in her mouth, and squeezed her pussy around the one behind her.


All three of them came at the same time. Sayaka’s eyes rolled up in her head, as she was overwhelmed by her orgasm, cum pouring down her throat, and semen filling up her pussy. It was like an explosion of taste on her tongue, as some cum hit the back of her throat, and landed on her tongue. And her pussy felt even better. Sayaka felt her knees weaken a bit as her orgasm tore through her, and as a stranger’s cum filled her cunt.


The man behind her used her cape to clean his cock with. He finished up by giving her an appreciative slap on the ass, and dropping a few yen on the ground. As the duo walked away, laughing and making plan to find Sayaka tomorrow night, the magical girl clutched her knees and panted for breath. She’d already killed a witch tonight, which meant, according to the system she’d drawn up, she could find at least half a dozen more men before she had to go to bed.


Picking up the yen, she jumped up to the rooftop. But first, to find a beggar to give the money too. After all, an ally of love and justice didn’t need such things.


That last one hit me Right in my fetishes. Glorious.

and it gave me an idea!

Danny needs to get jobs for his guys to keep the union afloat. He’s got a major contract lined up with Fortress Construction, but the guy in charge is waffling on terms. Lucky Danny has Taylor to help sweeten the deal for this Calvert guy and his associates. Taylor won’t mind, it’s for the good of the Union!

Negotiation Favors


Taylor could only see out of one eye now. Cum had glued the other one shut half an hour ago, and she was surprised her other eye had been spared for so long. It felt like the only part of her face that wasn’t covered with cum. For that matter, most of her body had been a target too, especially her chest and crotch.


Taylor had had doubts when her dad asked her to come along to some negotiations, but she decided it couldn’t be that bad. And it hadn’t! She’d been set upon almost before they’d walked in the door, but, a dozen earth-shattering orgasm later, she couldn’t remember why she’d been upset. She just hoped her taking care of these guys from Fortress Construction would help Dad get the contract for the Dockworker’s Union.


Her musings were cut off as a cock pushed itself inside her mouth. Taylor obediently started sucking on it. She wondered, when the guy came, if it would be on her face or down her throat. They both had advantages and drawbacks. Cum did taste good, if the guy had been eating properly, but her stomach was starting to feel full from all the cum she’d already swallowed. On the other hand, getting a large, hot, sticky load dumped on her face felt good. But, it would either land on her eye, making her blind, or the guy would cum on a spot already covered with semen, and she wouldn’t get the full feeling of it. It was a tough call, but one Taylor was willing to let the guy make.


After all, even if she could talk through the cock facefucking her, she wouldn’t have been able to get the words out, due to the men filling her pussy and ass. They’d been able to slid in no problem, since Taylor was already both loose and lubed up from all the men who’d come before them. She was lying on her back, the man below her fucking her ass. His hands were playing with her proudly displayed tits. Taylor had specially chosen the bra she would wear today, and had been satisfied with how easily it ripped, leaving her small breasts displayed to the dozens of men watching her.


And the man fucking her pussy had a firm grip on her hips, with Taylor’s legs draped over his shoulders. The fishnet stockings she had on were the only piece of clothing she had left, but they did do wonders to show off her long, toned legs.


All in all, Taylor had been brought to an exhausted nirvana, feeling guy after guy use her mouth, pussy, or ass, and usually bring her to at least one orgasm per cock. And she could tell that there were even more waiting their turn, wanting to give their signoff on the contract approval.


Taylor giggled to herself around the cock plunging into her throat. She was picking up all kinds of useful business skills and lingo here. She wondered if her dad would need to bring her to more negotiations. If they could all fuck like these guys, she hoped so.




Ranma prompt: Akane gets hit with spring of drowned man water. He then shows Ranma-chan how to be a real man by knocking her up


Ranma’s Epilogue-Akane


After Ranma was form-locked into his girl side, she ended up with Akane. This presented a few problems, since they were supposed to marry and have a child. In the end, there was nothing for it. Akane found a keg of the Spring of Drowned Man. It didn’t work on Ranma, but on Akane…


Ranma blushed, her hair standing up as she stared at her fiancée. Akane was big now, his muscular frame almost bursting out of his gi. He looked… really, really hot. Ranma knew she shouldn’t think that, since she was still a man among men, but Akane’s boy form was probably the most attractive guy she’d ever seen. And she could see a lot, since the gi rode up quite a bit higher on a tall guy than a short girl. It seemed Akane hadn’t been wearing underwear either. And as he shifted around, the cloth parted to give a glimpse of-


Ranma squeaked, covering her hands. It was so big! How could that fit inside her? She got the chance to find out almost instantly. Akane scooped her up, easily man-handling her. He pressed a kiss against her lips, while something else pressed against her waist. Pulling her head back, Ranma squeaked as she was carried to the bed.


“Akane? Wh-what are doiiinnngg!” Her voice rose in a shriek as Akane ripped her shirt and pants off, leaving her naked and squirming underneath Akane’s gaze.


“Oh, wow, you look so beautiful, Ranma, why didn’t I appreciate your breasts before?”


And with that, Akane lowered his head to properly appreciate Ranma’s breasts, licking and teasing them. Ranma thrashed around underneath him, hands clutching the sheets as she inadvertently ground her naked crotch against his bare cock.


“Oh? Oh, oh!


It didn’t take long at all for Ranma to get seriously aroused, lustily moaning underneath Akane. She didn’t know when it had happened, but she found herself with her arms and legs wrapped around Akane, holding him against her. That position could only lead to one thing, and soon Ranma’s virginity was taken.


Akane slid into Ranma’s pussy, neither caring that he wasn’t wearing a condom, and that she wasn’t on birth control. Ranma’s wet pussy enthusiastically clamped down around Akane’s cock, and they both groaned. Years of exercise had left Ranma with the muscle strength to really squeeze down, and Akane found that Ranma’s box was like a silk vice. The tightness felt good, squeezing around him like that, and as for Ranma, well, the pleasure quickly overwhelmed her ability to make coherent words.


Ranma’s eyes had long since gone cloudy with lust, and her mouth was hanging open. Akane was discovering just how fun it was to play with someone’s ass as Ranma bounced up and down along his cock. Finally, he couldn’t hold out any longer. He groaned, and held Ranma as far down on his cock as he could.


Ranma moaned, her voice low and sultry, as she felt cum pour into her. Her pussy was flooded with hot, thick, sticky semen, and it felt better than she could have imagined. She babbled out something about wanting more, wanting more forever. Akane eagerly obliged, after a quick experiment with a cup of hot water and a cup of cold water showed that he could be ready to go in less than a minute. Ranma spent the next hour getting bred, load after load of cum getting dumped into her tight, wet, fertile pussy.


As neither of them could read Chinese, they had not accurately translated the label on the keg of water sent. If they had, they would have realized it said Spring of Drowned Lusty Young Man. Over the next few days, though, Ranma would begin to guess as much, given whatever happened when Akane was splashed with cold water.

Chapter Text

Poor Ukyo. In the manga she's not included in many major story arcs. In porn she doesn't even get sex in stories where her name's in the title.

Date Night

Konatsu giggled as he and Miss Ukyo climbed out of the taxi. It had been a great night already, and the evening was still young.

Konatsu had worn his best dress, and Ukyo had pulled a devastatingly handsome suit, and they’d gone out to see a play and go dancing. They’d giggled and flirted with each other, and had both blushed when another dancer complimented Ukyo on ‘his’ girlfriend.

Now Ukyo was fumbling with the keys to Ucchan’s, while Konatsu pressed his body against her back. His wandering hands were allowed to roam all over her body, and he found something large and hard tucked away at her crotch, pressing against her pants. Konatsu licked his lips. They hadn’t had anything to eat yet, and he was looking forward to changing that.

Finally, Ukyo got her front door unlocked, and they stumbled through it, laughing and pawing at each other. Konatsu squealed as his rear was pinched. He blushed, but didn’t pull away, as Ukyo turned the pinch into more of a grope.

“Take a seat, babe. I’ll whip up a meal for us,” Ukyo whispered into his ear.

Konatsu shivered, and smiled and sat down at the counter. Ukyo stepped behind the bar, tugging an apron on over her black suit. She fired up the griddle and soon had two okonomiyaki’s sizzling. While they cooked, she smiled at Konatsu, who blushed.

“Miss Ukyo, is there anything I can do to help?”

“Sure thing. Did you do what I told you?” Ukyo asked, a smile playing on her features.

Konatsu blushed even deeper and nodded. He leaned forward, displaying such feminine charms as he had. Ukyo came back around the counter, putting the folded apron down, and fiddling with her pants. She pulled out a dark blue dildo, the sex toy proudly jutting out from her hips. Konatsu lifted his dress, the white, frilly clothing revealing his stockinged thighs. He could feel Ukyo’s appreciative eyes on him as he pulled the dress higher and higher. He stopped when the lower half of his body had been revealed, the white stockings and panties shimmering in the dim light.

Ukyo’s warm hand pressed against his back, and Konatsu pushed back against it. Ukyo moved her hands in circles, fingers tracing patterns along his soft skin. Konatsu closed his eyes and sighed, warm feelings running through him. He squirmed as his panties were pulled down, letting his small, stiff cock flop out, and revealing the glittering jewel set in his backside.

“I’m impressed you danced as well as you did, Konatsu.” Ukyo whispered into his ear as she played with the butt plug. “It must have been tough, feeling this inside you, stretching your ass out.”

Konatsu whimpered, feeling the toy inside him shift from side to side.

“Anything for you, Miss Ukyo.” His words had a hint of a plea to them.

Ukyo laughed, her breath warm against Konatsu’s neck.

“Anything? Well, I want a special ingredient for your meal, and you’re going to give it to me.”

Konatsu shuddered in anticipation. He moaned as the buttplug was pulled out, leaving his ass empty and needing a replacement. Then, he felt something new press against his rear. Konatsu pushed back, feeling Uyko’s strapon part his rosebud. Then Ukyo grabbed his waist and pushed.

Stars blossomed in Konatsu’s gaze as Ukyo slid in, going deeper and deeper into Konatsu’s ass. He moaned, turning his head for a kiss as his boss bottomed out inside him. One hand was clutching the countertop, while the other was furiously masturbating, pumping his tiny cock as Ukyo fucked and kissed him.

With every thrust, she pressed against something that made Konatsu’s knees go weak. He moaned into Ukyo’s mouth, the flood of pleasure from so many sources making him feel like he was losing his mind.

He could feel Ukyo’s breasts pressed against his back, bound tight in her suit. He could feel her hands roaming over his body, pinching his nipples and rubbing his shoulders. He could feel her plastic cock, pounding in and out of his ass, every thrust better than the last. And he could feel his own hand around his cock, desperately pumping it, the silk gloves rubbing against his sensitive shaft.

It was all too much. Konatsu came, crying his orgasm out to the heavens as he thrashed around in Ukyo’s grip. His ass clenched down around the intruder, trying to milk semen out of the lifeless toy. His own cock did spurt, thing shots of semen landing in the plate in front of him. Konatsu shuddered and cried and thanked Ukyo as she held him close, whispering compliments as his orgasm ravaged him.

Finally, Konatsu recovered enough to gingerly sit down, pulling his dress back down and looking like a proper, beautiful lady. Ukyo ruffled his hair before grabbing the cum-filled plate and walking back behind the counter.

“That’s just what I needed, Konatsu. Your special okonomiyaki is almost ready,” she said, winking at him.

Konatsu blushed, and licked his lips. He hoped Miss Ukyo would let him repay her after the meal. After all, what kind of waitress and loyal kunoichi would he be if he didn’t thank the boss for feeding him?


Speaking of...the icecream parlours around Nerima have gotten wise to Ranko's antics, and now it takes more than batting her eyelashes and pouting to score free icecream...nowadays, she strips naked in the back room, while the vendors take turns ducking back there to fuck her.

(It wouldn't surprise me at all if Usagi had a similar deal going.)

Group Discount

Ranma entered the ice cream parlor, a skip in her step. It was hot out, and she was looking forward to a thick, creamy treat. She caught the eye of the clerk behind the counter, who smirked and nodded towards the back room.

Ranma winked at him and pranced back there, shaking her hips as she went. In one way, it was a pity that the store clerks wouldn’t give her free food just because she flirted with them now. On the other hand, the new arraignment still left everybody happy.

Ranma slipped into the storeroom, intending to go lounge on her favorite spot while she waited for the clerk to come back and ‘check his inventory’. Halfway there, she stopped. There was already someone back there. It was another teenage girl, with long blonde hair done up in two twintails. Her shirt was off and her bra was held in one hand. She froze, before smiling and waving. Ranma hesitantly waved back.

Ranma had seen a lot of naked and half-naked women in the past while, but only Shampoo had acted this unconcerned about being topless in front of a stranger.

“Hi! Are you an employee here? Hiro’s never mentioned a girl working here. Oh, do you have a deal with him too? Nice to meet you, my name’s Usagi. What’s your name?”

Ranma blinked, a bit off-balance by the rapid-fire questions.

“I’m Ranma. And, uh, yeah, I have a deal with him.” Ranma hadn’t even known the clerk’s name until a moment ago.

“I thought so, a cutie like you back here,” Usagi tossed her bra into a corner, and leaned back, her full breasts swaying as she moved. “What do you do for him? I give him a titfuck for parfaits. And there’s this store by the school that gives me sundaes if I give the guy a blowjob.” She traced the outline of her lips with a finger. Ranma stared at her in shock. And here she’d thought she’d been clever for coming up with the idea of selling her body for food.

“And there’s this bakery, but the skinflint there only lets me have a cake if she can use my ass.” Usagi’s hand had disappeared down her skirt, and Ranma could the back of her fingers pressing against it as she started to masturbate. “And there’s this okonomiyaki shop nearby, where the owner has me blow the waitress- oh, hi, Hiro!”

Usagi waved with the hand she’d been masturbating with as the door behind Ranma opened. Ranma realized she’d been ripped off, having to get fucked while Usagi just gave out a titty fucking and got the same dessert. Turning around, she gave her very best angry glare at the cashier, who was leering at both her and Usagi. It washed off him like water off Mousse’s back.

“I’ve always dreamed of a threesome, ladies. Who wants to be first?” Prince Charming, he wasn’t. Usagi still almost fell over herself as she jumped up.

Ranma slowly undressed as she watched Usagi kneel down in front of the clerk, cupping her breasts and giggling. Ranma played with her own breasts as Usagi flirted and teased her way through the titjob. By the time the cashier came, covering Usagi’s breasts with white cum, Ranma was ready. Her pussy was flushed, her nipples hard, and her thighs rubbing against each other. Turning around, she leaned forward and shook her ass at the clerk, enticing him with her heart-shaped ass and parted pussy lips.

“Ah ha ha, I know I’m too much man for just one woman, but I still need a minute. Why don’t you help your friend get cleaned up?”

Ranma pouted again. But she wouldn’t get her ice cream until she got fucked, and the cashier wouldn’t be ready for at least another twenty minutes.

Kneeling down in front of Usagi, Ranma lowered her head to her breast. Her tongue traced a line down the blonde’s boob, before circling a nipple and making Usagi giggle. As they both worked to clean Usagi up, the blonde ran her hands down her new friend’s sides.

“Hey, want to go get cupcakes after this? I know a great place, and the owner and I have a special arrangement.”

Ranma nodded, mouth full of cum. She’d never pass the chance for food up.

Maybe...Summer Rose taking her daughter out on a nice, relaxing hike before her first year at Signal starts! A nice long walk in nature, full of beautiful flowers, amazing scenery, and hordes upon hordes of horny Grimm. You see, Summer's decided that it's time for Ruby to get a good idea of the sort of 'trials' she'll face as a Huntress, and it's never too early to get started! And it's her job to help her daughter enjoy it, right?

How to be an Huntress 101

Ruby had to walk fast to keep up with her mother. Summer Rose’s cape swept behind her as she took long strides, deeper and deeper into the forests of Patch. Ruby consoled herself that this was necessary training. She was going to Signal in a few weeks, and was eager to pick up every bit of knowledge and skill that her parents would give her.

Finally, Summer came to a halt in a clearing. She turned around to face Ruby, her cloak wrapped around her. Ruby came to a stop in front of her. She wanted to bend over and pant for breath, but she also wanted to show that a fast five-mile stroll was nothing for her. She compromised by only panting for breath when her mom wasn’t looking.

“Ruby, do you know why we’re out here today?”

As if Ruby had thought about anything else since she’d been told yesterday.

“Yep! You’re going to teach me more about Grimm.”

Summer smiled, her one eye crinkling.

“Exactly. Now,” she said, fiddling with her cloak clasp, “Do you know what happens if a Huntress is defeated by a Grimm?”

Ruby blushed, but nodded. She didn’t have the courage to actually say what happened, so she nodded again. Summer laughed, and ruffled her hair.

“Obviously you do. I’m going to help you through that today, alright?” Finishing her question, Summer undid her clasp.

As Summer’s cloak fell to the grass, Ruby looked over the naked body of her mother. It was everything she wanted to be like when she grew up. Corded muscle and well-shaped breasts, defined abs and smooth skin, a real woman’s body. Ruby hoped she’d be half as attractive when she grew up.

Ruby undid her own cloak, showing that she was wearing no more than her mother. Her body had barely started its development, breasts still small, and hints of baby fat still hanging around. Summer ran a hand down her arm, smiling softly.

“It won’t be long now, Ruby. Grimm will always be near, this deep in the wilderness.”

Ruby nodded, squaring her jaw. She was ready for this. It was part of being a Huntress, and Ruby was determined to be the best Huntress she could be. Soon, there was a rustling in the bushes. Ruby’s breath caught in her throat as she black fur and white bone.

An Alpha Beowolf appeared. No more followed it, which Ruby was kind of thankful for. This would be tough enough with just one. She didn’t think she could handle a full pack.

The Beowolf turned its head from side to side, looking between mother and daughter. Deciding, it leapt, knocking Ruby to the ground. She squealed, staring up at the Grimm. Her gaze was drawn farther along its body, to where a large, pointed, red cock was already standing out from the fur. Knocking Ruby’s legs apart, it entered her, with no fanfare or foreplay.

Ruby moaned into the thick, black fur. The cock pounding into her felt so good. How had she’d not known what she was missing out on? As amazing as the cock filling her up felt, she could also feel something prodding at her pussy lips, growing bigger with every thrust. The Beowolf’s knot. She knew that when that popped into her, splitting her walls apart, she’d be stuck on the Grimm’s cock for at least half an hour, as it pumped an endless stream of seed into her.

Ruby turned her head. Summer was a few feet away from her, on all fours. An Ursa was looming over her, its bulk driving her into the ground. Ruby could see it’s thick dick slamming into her mother’s pussy. Summer looked blissed out, drooling into the grass as she thrust back against the Grimm.

Encouraged by what her mom was doing, Ruby dug her hands into the Beowolf’s fur, and started moving her hips. She’d take that knot, and prove that she had what it took to be a Huntress!

Ranma Epilogue-Ukyo

After Ranma was mode-locked into his girl for, she ended up with Ukyo. She helped her run Ukyo’s restaurant, running dishes out to customers. And another service.

“Hey, Ran-chan! One pork and one green tea to Table Five. And an off-menu special,” Ukyo shouted, expertly tossing the food onto the plate while managing half a dozen other dishes.

Ranma gulped, but nodded. Grabbing the meal, she went over to Table Five. She had to take small, mincing steps, since the high heels she was wearing had such high heels. As for the rest of the outfit, well, a French maid brought in customers, even if it didn’t really fit in an okonomiyaki restaurant.

For that matter, the brevity of the costume would have made it out of place almost anywhere. The skirt was short enough that anyone could see how high the lacy stockings went up Ranma’s legs. And the top was cut low enough that Ranma had to be careful how far she bent over when pouring drinks, unless she wanted to give everybody more a show than they were already getting.

As Ranma put the meal down in front of the customer, she restrained a start as she felt a warm hand on her upper thigh. As she arranged the cutlery and drink, the hand slipped up even farther, underneath her skirt and onto her ass. The customer gave Ranma’s rear a healthy squeeze. It was a struggle not to push back against him. Ranma wouldn’t have thought it a few months ago, but she’d come to love the world of earthly pleasure after Ukyo had introduced her to it. Finally, she straightened up. The meal was ready to eat, which meant it was time for the second part of the order.

Ranma crawled underneath the table. The customer had already spread his knees, letting her slip between them. His cock was straining against his pants, the sign of a man who knew exactly what the off-menu special was. Ranma rubbed her hand against his crotch, feeling the heat even through two layers of cloth. She licked her lips in anticipation, wondering how tasty it would be.

Undoing the zipper, she pulled the customer’s dick out. It was large and red and pulsing, the perfect treat for a hungry waitress. Ranma kissed her way up and down the shaft, getting an appreciative moan from the customer.

Opening her mouth, Ranma started sliding down the dick, not stopping until her nose was pressed against the man’s belly. It wasn’t easy deepthroating someone, especially when they had such a large cock, but the feeling of something thick and meaty in her mouth was worth it. Also, she had had a lot of practice ever since coming to live with Ukyo. Somedays the only other food Ranma had was breakfast, the customers giving her all her other meals of the day.

The customer was either a quick shot, or had been looking forward to his lunch all day. Only a minute after Ranma put her lips around his cock, he was grunting in orgasm, his hands holding her face pressed against his crotch. Ranma moaned, feeling the warm seed shoot down her throat and into her stomach. She squirmed, humping the empty air, wishing he was cumming inside her pussy. Her won fingers just couldn’t compare to what a cock inside her felt like, or even one of Ukyo’s toys.

Finally, the customer pushed his last drop of cum into Ranma. He let go, and Ranma drew her head back, coughing as she swallowed what little amount of cum had gotten into her mouth. That was always the dilemma. It felt nice to have her throat stretched by a huge dick, but then the customers usually insisted on cumming down her throat, instead of filling her mouth up with their creamy seed.

Ranma crawled back out from under the table, licking her lips as she moved. She could feel arousal building inside her, and staining her panties. The panties that turned see-through when they got wet. Ranma smiled at the thought, wondering how many customers today would notice. As she picked up her tray and turned to leave, the man behind her cleared his throat.

“Oh, before you go, miss,” Ranma paused, looking back at the customer. “My friends and I rented the back room here for tomorrow night. We’d like you to be our personal waitress. Okay?” He winked at Ranma.


With Taylor prancing around the house in short shorts, Danny has found it near impossible to tear his eyes away from his daughter's long legs and taut ass. After one butt-wiggle too many, Danny can't help but bend Taylor over a table and pound her ass. All according to her plan.

Tempting Target

Taylor walked into the kitchen. The summer heat had turned the house into an oven, and the lanky teen had stripped down in response. She wasn’t wearing much more than a pair of bootyshorts and a white tank top, and even that felt like too much clothing.

She opened the fridge, sighing in relief as the cool air washed over her. Looking it over, she didn’t see anything interesting. And she couldn’t look too long, or else-

“Don’t let all the cool air out, Taylor,” her dad called from behind his newspaper.

“Sorry,” Taylor said, letting the door slam shut.

Turning away from the fridge, she walked out of the kitchen, putting some extra shake into her steps as she did so. She could feel her dad’s eyes peering over the top of the newspaper, watching her tight little ass sway from side to side. Come on, do it, Dad. You know you want to.

“Taylor? Could you come here please?”

“Sure thing, Dad!” Taylor kept the smile off her face and out of her voice as she twirled around, hair swinging around her.

She pranced up next to her dad, standing by his side. As she got there, he pushed his chair back and stood up. Taylor licked her lips as she furtively glanced at his crotch. She could see a bulge there, and it looked decently sized too.

Suddenly, Danny pushed Taylor down to the kitchen table. She squealed, catching herself with her hands. She looked back, her eyes smoky with lust. She shook her rear, swaying her ass from side to side. When her dad grabbed the waistline of her shorts, Taylor kicked back, pretending to fight it.

Taylor’s kicking didn’t help her shorts stay on, and they slid down over her long, tanned, toned legs before hitting the floor. Taylor bit her lip as she felt her dad’s hands on her rear, kneading and massaging her ass.

“Please, Daddy…” She thrust her hips backwards, hoping to feel that wonderful dick prodding against her wet pussy lips. She quickly got her wish.

Taylor groaned as her pussy was filled with her dad’s big, thick, hot cock. It pounded in and out of her snatch, making her small rear shake with each thrust. Getting filled with cock felt so good, her pussy being split in two with every thrust. And then it got even better.

Danny spanked his daughter’s ass, making them ripple. Taylor squealed, her mouth falling open at the red-hot crack of pain. She clamped down around the cock, trying to encourage her dad to do it again. He obliged, letting a hand fall with every stroke, as Taylor grunted and drooled on the tabletop. She pushed back against him, which also meant her stiff nipples were dragged against the cool surface, sending flashes of pleasure through her.

This was how every hot summer evening should be spent, in her opinion.

Ranma’s Epilogue-Shampoo

After Ranma was permanently locked in her girl form, she ended up with Shampoo. The Chinese Amazon was surprisingly accepting of the fact that her husband was going to be a girl forever. She’d laughed in a disconcerting manner, before saying something to Cologne in Chinese. Then she’d dragged Ranma upstairs, the smaller girl protesting but not really fighting.

Shampoo’s bedroom door slammed behind them. Ranma was pushed to the bed, and turned around to see Shampoo, hands on her hips, and a hungry light in her eyes. She kicked off her slippers while running her gaze up and down Ranma’s body.

“Now, husband, time to make love!” And with that, Shampoo’s clothes hit the floor.

Ranma goggled as Shampoo pounced on her, straddling her body. It was hard to concentrate as Shampoo ran her hands over Ranma’s body, but she did manage to stutter something out.

“Ah, but, but, Shampoo, I’m not a-oh.” Ranma cut herself off as Shampoo’s hand disappeared down her pants.

“So? Amazons learn many many things. Know how to have fun with both men and women.”

Ranma had trouble thinking of a reply, as Shampoo pressed her boobs into her face, and spread her lower lips with a finger. Ranma was surprised when her hips pushed back against Shampoo’s finger. And when she opened her mouth to gasp, Shampoo’s breast slipped in. Ranma sucked in air in surprise, which made Shampoo moan. Leaning back, the purple-haired girl leered at her new husband. Her hands ran up and down Ranma’s body, tugging at straps and tie.

It didn’t take long before Ranma was naked. Shampoo towered above her, looking like a cat with a mouse. As Shampoo shifted her hips back and forth along Ranma’s stomach, she could feel a wetness being smeared around on her skin. When Shampoo lifted herself up a bit, Ranma saw glistening dew in between Shampoo’s legs. She swallowed, mouth dry.

“Now, Ranma, we have too too much fun. Spread legs!” Ranma unthinkingly obeyed, letting Shampoo slip between them.

Ranma stared with interest and shock as Shampoo positioned herself, adjusting her legs until her and Ranma’s flowers were only separated by a finger width. Then Shampoo closed the gap. Ranma moaned at the feelings coming out of her crotch. She instinctively moved her hips, and moaned again as the feelings intensified.

Soon Ranma and Shampoo were enthusiastically scissoring, their pussies kissing as they threw their heads against the sheets, moaning and sobbing in pleasure. Ranma got a dazed glimpse of Shampoo’s breasts bouncing around, her hard nipples swaying from side to side and up and down.

Ranma’s first orgasm came very quickly. The burning feelings inside her boiled over, and her entire body shook as she came. Her hips ground against Shampoo, before she collapsed on the bed, eyes closed and chest heaving. She didn’t even react when she heard Shampoo get up, and crawl towards her.

“Husband, clean me up.”

Ranma opened her eyes to see Shampoo above her again. This time, she was above her head, purple muff hovering just above Ranma’s lips. Swallowing, Ranma stuck her tongue out. Shampoo sank down, running her hands through Ranma’s hair.

“Have many many things to teach you, husband. You learn them all, Shampoo promise!”

Chapter Text


Frustrated with her father, Weiss decided the perfect revenge is to get knocked up so she mounts Blake and fucks herself on her dick until Blake cums inside of her.

Fuck You, Dad

Weiss raised her hips, trying to push back against Blake. But all her strength seemed to have fled her body. She was sprawled on the bed, mewling with every thrust as Blake’s fat, futa, Faunus cock slammed into her unprotected pussy.

The Schnee heiress found it difficult to hold onto her thoughts, as every thrust flooded her mind with pink bliss. She could barely keep her gaze on the camera that was recording her, making an hour long tape of her getting bred by her team mate.

“Can you see this, Daddy? Do you see what I think of the Schnee family legacy? I’m nothing more than a filthy animal, getting knocked up by the leader of the White Fang.”

Blake chose that moment to spank Weiss, her hand cracking off the small girl’s small rear. Weiss closed her eyes and moaned, savoring the pain. Her bottom was already burning, hand prints marked in red from all the times Blake had already spanked her.

Blake was completely naked, and all Weiss had on was a fox ear head band, a white tailplug, and a leather collar. The leash that was attached to the collar was held by Blake, who now pulled it back.

Weiss made a whimpering sound as her head was tugged back. She stared at Blake’s upside down face, eyes full of lust and hunger and love. The sight of the woman who was going to impregnate her made Weiss just that more wet, and she squeezed down hard on Blake’s shaft. She got a growl of approval and an appreciative slap on the ass.

The degradation, humiliation and pain had made Weiss cum several times already, two of them before Blake even got her pants off. This time was different, though. This time, Blake came with her.

Weiss screamed as her fertile pussy was filled with hot, thick cum, semen flooding her. She collapsed on to the bed, her body twitching as Blake weakly thrust into her, pumping a seemingly endless flow of semen into her. Weiss’s hands curled into fists, balling the bedsheets in between them. She could barely remember her name as she shook in climax, feeling that thick shaft and warm cum inside her.

Finally, she felt Blake pull out, leaving her pussy gaping and oozing cum. She could barely concentrate on Blake talking, most of her mind focused on the cum filling her and the shifting of her tailplug as Blake toyed with it.

“And now, Mr. Schnee, your daughter belongs to me and the White Fang, forever. We’ll be sure to send pictures of your grandchildren.”

Weiss smiled, a near brainless expression of pleasure. Grandchildren? She could hardly wait.

Usagi heads to a nightclub turning heads with her dress barely covering her tits and panty less ass. While everyone else is busy partying and dancing, Usagi finds a guy to get her naked and fuck her.

Out Clubbing

Usagi could tell it was going to be a good club by how loud the music was playing. It was like a slap in the face as she and the others stepped through the door into the dance floor. She quickly split off from her friends, and went looking for some fun as they went looking for the bar.

Usagi could feel a lot of eyes on her. And why not? A blonde with long legs, big tits, and a nice ass always attracted attention. Especially when that blonde was wearing as little as she was. Besides her high heels, all she was wearing was a white dress, with a lot of cutouts in it. If she took too deep a breath, Usagi knew her boobs would be exposed to everyone in the club. Even if she didn’t, her nipples were obviously pressing against the thin fabric, showing just how aroused and ready for fun she was. And her rear wasn’t so much concealed by the dress as a strip of white fabric ran around it. It was kind of hard to walk in, but it was worth it to have two sets of cleavage; one up top and one down below.

Dressed like that, it took Usagi no time at all to find a guy. She waved at the disappointed crowd of would-be suitors. Maybe she’d make it up to them later tonight. Blowjobs were an universally accepted form of apology, after all.

Usagi plopped herself down on the lucky man’s lap. She scooted back, until her back was pressed against his front. And a lot more than his torso was pressed against her. Usagi smiled to herself. She’d made a good choice, feeling that cock rubbing against her ass.

Looking out over the bar, she could see that her friends were having just a good time as she was. Ami had a half-filled glass in her, and was grinding against Mako, who’s expression was a mix of embarrassment and hunger. Mina was flirting with two guys at once, leaning forward to let them look down her cleavage. Rei was slapping someone for talking to her. Usagi smiled, seeing all her friends enjoying themselves.

Usagi gasped as the man she was rubbing against put his hands on her body. Then she moaned as they slid right to her boobs and pussy. Soon her dress wasn’t concealing anything at all she threw her head from side to side and groaned. Somebody else’s hands always felt so much better than her own, when they were fondling her body. Some spectators whistled and applauded as Usagi displayed her tits and pussy for them, swaying and making her breasts shake.

By the time the man, whoever he was, pulled his cock out of his pants, Usagi was in no mood to wait. She lifted her hips up and sank down on it, filling her wet, needy pussy. Some of the crowd were openly stroking themselves at the sight, as Usagi plunged up and down, legs spread wide as she tried to kiss the man behind.

Through the haze of lust, only one coherent thought was in Usagi’s brain. She loved clubbing.

Raven has simple desires. For example, she wants to fuck Summer with her sizable cock. And Raven always gets what she wants.

Simple Desires

Raven dropped her bag on the couch. She looked around the living room, but couldn’t see Summer around, or anyone else. She considered yelling for Summer, but if Yang was sleeping, she really didn’t want to wake her up. Poking through the rooms of the cabin they called home, Raven found Summer in the office, hunched over the writing desk.

The first clue Summer had that Raven was there was when her hand was grabbed and placed against Raven’s crotch. She was already hard, having though about what she’d like to do to her teammate on the way back home. Raven thrust her hips forward, grinding her dick against Summer’s palm.

“Raven, come on,” Summer whined, without any heat in her tone. “I’m trying to work here.”

“Yes, but,” Raven had a devilish grin on her face, “I don’t want you to write a letter. I want you to plant your ass on my cock.”

Summer shivered at Raven’s words. She was never able to really refuse her lover’s demands. Even when it could have ended badly, like when Raven told her to give her her panties before going out. And now, when the alternative to having sex was finishing a boring letter? There was no way she could refuse Raven now. Summer stood up and leaned back against Raven.

“Okay sweetheart, you win. Let’s take this to the bedroom.”

“The bedroom?” Raven asked, smiling. “Fuck that. I’m going to bend you over that desk, hike up your skirt, and fuck your cunt raw.”

Summer bit her lip and shivered. Looking down, she turned around and put her hands on the desk, leaning forward. Raven smirked, and stroked her hair.

“Good girl. Now let’s see what I’m dealing with.”

She hooked up Summer’s dress, revealing creamy thighs. Unfortunately, when she let go of it, it fell back down. She growled, and pulled it back up. It fell down again. Snarling, Raven ripped it off Summer and tossed it into the corner.

“Just plain gray panties, Summer? We need to find something to keep you entertained during the day.” Raven ran a finger along Summer’s smooth skin. “Maybe a dildo for you to keep inside yourself. That should make doing the laundry interesting, at least.”

Raven pulled Summer’s panties down and smiled at what she saw. Summer still kept herself shaved and looked after. She could already see little beads of arousal forming in between Summer’s folds. Raven lowered her head, closed her eyes and sniffed. She loved Summer’s scent, especially when she was aroused. She fished her cock out of her skirt and gave it a few pumps as she enjoyed Summer’s scent and taste.

Raven stood back up, her mouth full of Summer’s arousal. She grabbed her hips, feeling the other woman shiver. Lining up her dick, she pushed forward. They both moaned as Raven entered Summer’s pussy, filling the smaller woman up.

“Oh, you like that, huh? You little slut, how many cocks do you take in a week, huh?” Raven followed every other word with a slap to Summer’s ass.

“Oh, oh God, Raven, please, you’re, you’re-!” Summer’s voice was strangled in her throat as Raven picked up the pace.

Summer was pushed forward with every thrust, biting her lip as Raven continued her assault on her ass and pussy. Raven groaned as Summer clenched down around her dick, years of practice making her cunt as tight as a velvet glove. Raven had fucked quite a few woman, but Summer had the pussy she kept coming back to. It was just – so – good!

Raven had been thinking about Summer’s pussy the entire way back to the cabin, so it didn’t take her nearly as long to come as it normally did. All too soon, she was bent almost double, groaning, as she came into Summer’s pussy. She could feel jet after jet shooting out of her and filling her lover, who was thrashing and clutching the desktop.

Pulling out, Raven plopped down on the chair. She smiled as she saw her cum start to ooze out of Summer’s pussy. Her lover shifted her head so she could smile at Raven. Raven met her one good eye and smiled back. Sex was best when she could dominate Summer and boss her around, but there was room for tenderness afterwards. Opening her arms up for a hug, she motioned towards herself. Summer smiled and slid back, landing in Raven’s lap. They kissed, and relaxed in each other’s arms, enjoying the moment.

loved, lovedC’set la Vie! Now I'm just imaging Usagi shocking all her senshi with that hot, throbbing cock and giving Chibi-Usa loads of siblings. fucking haruka in her fancy sports car, shocking Michi-chan at the poool. Oh the ideas are endless!

Two Beauty’s

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune were big on elegance and beauty. It was how they introduced themselves. But, right now, Usagi couldn’t see a trace of either in Haruka and Michiru. Well, that wasn’t fair. They both had a certain disheveled beauty. But there wasn’t a trace of elegance.

And how could there be, since they were both sucking on Usagi’s cock? They were competing to see who could take the most of her dick in their mouth. So far, Haruka was winning handily, able to take Usagi all the way, until Usagi could see her dick bulging out halfway down Haruka’s neck. She couldn’t keep it there for long, having to pull back and gasp for breath, but it was still impressive. Michiru, in contrast, couldn’t suppress her gag reflex enough to take Usagi beyond her mouth. Usagi found it in her heart to forgive her, though, especially since the mascara running down her cheeks looked so hot.

Both of the Outer Senshi had their hands down each other’s skirts, masturbating each other. The sound of them jilling each other off was lost underneath the sound Usagi fucking their mouths. She thought the ghhck, ghhck, ghcck sound of her cock filling them up was the most wonderful sound she’d ever heard.

They’d been at it for a while now, and Usagi wasn’t sure how much longer she could hold it. For a pair that seemed to find fulfillment in each other, both Haruka and Michiru seemed to have a talent for sucking dick.

Usagi wasn’t able to hold out for long. Soon, her fingers were tightening in Haruka’s hair, as her eyes closed. She wasn’t able to form a warning, but Haruka guessed what was about to happen. She pulled back, not so far that Usagi slipped out of her mouth, but enough that her cock head was resting in Haruka’s mouth, and not her throat.

She was just in time too. Usagi came, head thrashing from side to side as her hips jerked forward and back. She could feel her penis and balls pulsing, cum boiling up and out of them. Her eyes opened enough to see Haruka looking straight at her, a look of worry and excitement on her face.

Haruka gurgled as her mouth was filled with Usagi’s seed. Her eyes went wide Usagi groaned, her balls pumping more and more cum into the older woman. Haruka’s eyes were just starting to flutter when Usagi pulled back, a trickle of white following her cock.

“Haruka!” In an instant, Michiru had her face pressed against Haruka’s. Craning her head, Usagi could see them sharing her cum, strands of white passing between them as they made out. Usagi could hear them swallowing, and see their throats moving, as the two lovers split her hot seed between them.

We all know how Raven treats Yang but how does she treat Ruby her niece?

A Nice Niece

Ruby was flat on her back and naked. Her legs were propped up on Raven’s shoulders, and the only reason she wasn’t squealing like a baby was because Raven had her fingers in her mouth, tugging at her tongue.

Ruby had thought it unusual but not weird when she got a message from her aunt. Yang saw a lot more of her than Ruby did, but she always came back from her meetups with Raven happy, if a little out of it. And now Ruby had discovered why Yang was always so distracted afterwards.

It had taken approximately thirty seconds from Ruby seeing Raven to her being in her current position. The older woman wasted no time getting Ruby naked and spread. Ruby would have protested, if she had time to, but something about Raven seemed to reach down her spine and press the button marked LUST. Even in the twenty seconds it took for her panties to get torn in two, she’d soaked them.

Ruby really hadn’t expected her virginity to be taken by her aunt, but she had no objections right now. She wanted to wrap her arms and legs around Raven in a great big hug, getting as much skin on skin contact as she could. However, every time she tried, Raven stopped her, adding a delicious counterpoint of pain and shock to the pleasure running through her.

Ruby found herself enjoying all of this. Not just the pleasure that was racing through her, making her nipples crinkle and her pussy wet, but the feedback from all her senses. The taste of Raven’s fingers as her tongue was tugged around, the smell of her perfume trying to mask Raven’s real, earthier scent, the sound their bodies made every time Raven thrust into her, and, of course, the sight Raven’s stern, proud face, and her fit body.

“It’s a pity. My daughter has much better boobs than you do. It’s always fun to watch them bounce around when I fuck her.” Despite her words, Raven still found a free hand to play with Ruby’s breasts, tugging nipples and groping soft flesh.

There was nothing Ruby could say to that, especially with the fingers tugging on her tongue. Sure, her body wasn’t as developed as Yang’s, but she was two years younger! Give her time, and she’d grow. Of course, just half an hour before, Ruby really wouldn’t have cared about that, but right now the thought of bigger breasts that offered more skin for Raven or anyone else to play with sounded amazing.

In fact, almost anything involving people touching her body sounded amazing right now. A fire like she’d never known was storming through Ruby, making her thoughts hazy and her gaze unfocused. As Raven kept thrusting into her, Ruby felt herself drawing closer and closer to some unknowable point. As Raven buried herself inside Ruby’s pussy, she reached it.

Ruby gripped the table so hard it splintered under her grasp as she came. Her previous, masturbation driven orgasms were like a candle to the forest fire of the one she was experiencing. She whited out in pleasure, the world fleeing far away as she thrashed around, moaning and shaking as the orgasm scoured her clean of thought.

When she finally came to, Ruby was lying on her side, small chest heaving for breath. She dazedly looked around, and saw Raven standing in front of her, slowly stroking her still erect cock. Ruby could feel a lot more wetness in between her thighs than she thought there should be for just her grool. A shaking finger came back smeared in white, and Ruby stared at it, almost uncomprehending. Her thoughts were cut off as something nudged against her cheek. Looking at it, she saw Raven’s dick, smearing cum against her skin.

“And now we’ll see if you or your sister has a better mouth,” her aunt said, chuckling.

Ruby obediently opened, thoughts too hazy and pleasant to think of disobeying. She hoped she could have more family nights with Raven real soon.

Chapter Text






Going to try to make them smaller since my last prompt was too long, or possibly not seen having been posted minutes before CptTagon posted a compilation post. Hoping for the second.

Prompt: Taylor lays in bed as Lisa’s Big Spoon, trying to chain together the events that led to now. There was the celebration of the completely successful Bank Job, any major problems having been avoided by Lisa spotting Panacea in the crowd early on and shoving her out the front door ASAP, then Lisa’s whispered request into Taylor’s ear to come into her room and help her with a little something she was having a problem with. Said something turned out to be in Lisa’s pants and was in no way little.

As her fingers gently trace the sticky length that Lisa’s continued whispers convinced her to do all sorts of new and interesting things with, Taylor can’t help but wonder exact how Lisa manages to hide this thing in that spandex suit. It’s more than large enough that it should be obvious and yet until her new (girl?)friend began seducing her, Taylor simply did not notice and she’s not sure how. She does however notice that her gentle fondling is beginning to reawaken the girthy appendage that took nearly two hours to satisfy the first time, and Taylor just knows that if the blonde’s lust is reignited that it would only be a short time before she is once again drooling from both set of lips.

Taylor knows this but her hand has seemed to mutiny against her, ignoring her desires to stop stoking the fire that will almost certainly leave her panting and quivering in exhausted pleasure until well after the sun comes up.

Click to expand...


It was quite the paradox. One on hand, Taylor had had a long, exhausting day, and she could feel sleep tugging at her; not at all helped by her being in bed, under the covers. On the other hand, she felt like a live wire was jammed into her, keeping her wide awake.

There were a couple of reasons for that. One was that she and her new friends had just robbed a bank. That alone would be enough to keep someone awake, wondering if a hero was about to kick down your front door. But another reason was that Taylor had just lost her virginity to Lisa. And that had been really unexpected. Both that she was going to lose it, and that Lisa had the equipment to do so in the first place.

Even now, with Lisa’s slumbering form next to her, Taylor couldn’t repress a shiver. She’d experienced both the thrill of battle and the thrill of sex today, and she couldn’t say which one was better. Admittedly, one had led to another. Riding one of Bitch’s dogs away from the bank, Skitter had noticed Tattletale seemed to have a gun stuffed down the front of her costume.

Once they were safely away, Taylor had mentioned that to Lisa. One thing led to another, and soon Taylor was flat on her back on her bed, Lisa smiling down at her. Taylor shivered again, remembering that first moment of penetration. Lisa had known exactly what buttons to press- or, more accurately, what strokes to use- and Taylor had been a wet, shaking mess before she even saw Lisa’s dick.

And now here she was, curled up around Lisa, head pressed against her long, blonde hair. She could still feel tingles of pleasure shooting out from her core, and Taylor wondered if Lisa would be up for another round, or if this would be something they’d only do after a major felony.



Futa!Winter sitting on the edge of Weiss's bed while Weiss is on her kness in between her legs deepthroating her. Winter finishes down her throat. The rest of Weiss's team are out for the day.

Sisterly Critique

“Weiss, I’m concerned that you’re letting yourself slip.” Winter sounded harsh and disapproving, but she always did. Weiss looked up at her, putting an apologetic expression on her face.

“While your grades are… satisfactory, I’m much less pleased with your activities outside of the classroom. Your teammates described you as reluctant to join in group activities, and frankly, your blowjob skills have drastically decreased.”

Weiss flushed at that, but there was no easy answer. For two reasons, really. One was that it was true, she hadn’t been giving out blowjobs like she used to. The other reason was that Winter’s cock was in her mouth at that very moment. She resigned herself to sucking Winter’s dick while her beloved older sister helped her face her shortcomings.

Winter shifted position on Weiss’s bed, spreading her legs a bit. She smiled as she looked down. It was pretty much white. White hair, white clothes, pale skin for both of them. And soon she’d be adding her own bit of white to it. Maybe on Weiss’s face, or maybe in her mouth, she hadn’t decided yet.

“Now then, Weiss, I’ve drawn up a plan to help you. I’m sure you can guess most of it, interact more with your teammates, offer them or any other friends sexual relief, but there are some new steps to the traditional plan.”

Weiss looked up at her, mouth still wrapped around her sister’s cock. An eyebrow rose, and Winter expanded on her plan.

“To make sure you become comfortable with a wider array of cocks and vaginas than the Schnee Manor’s serving staff provided, the plan will have you offering oral sex to at least one new person each day, for two months. Furthermore, you should perform at least five acts of oral sex each day, to make sure your mouth retains its current level of skill.” Weiss was looking panicked now, but kept her mouth sealed around Winter’s dick.

“Finally, I will be talking to the rest of your team when they return. The details of how they fit into the plan will be revealed in time, but not now. You’ll have to discover them on your own.”

Winter’s scroll beeped. She looked at the alert and sighed. So soon? She never had enough time to spend with her sister. She forwarded a censored copy of the plan to Weiss’s scroll, and grabbed her little sister’s ponytail.

“I have to leave in half an hour. If I’m to talk to your friends, we’re going to have to speed this up.”

Getting a firm grip in Weiss’s hair, Winter stepped up the pace. Using her sister’s ponytail as a handle, Winter started pulling Weiss’s head up and down along her cock. The small Schnee started gagging, as Winter’s cock shot past her mouth and down her throat.

Weiss’s throat was as nice feeling as ever, like a velvet glove wrapped around Winter’s cock. Her tongue knew what to do as well, though Winter noted that the strokes and pressure weren’t as firm and sure as they could have been. Winter tsked in disappointment. She had thought being surrounded by fit, attractive teenagers would have sharpened Weiss’s oral skills even further, instead of this.

Even if Weiss had been letting her blowjob skills grow rusty, Winter had always had a weak spot for her sister’s mouth. Soon, the older woman closed her eyes and groaned. Weiss groaned as well, as she felt hot, sticky cum fill up her mouth, and slide down her throat and between her lips. They both sat there for a minute, recovering from Winter’s orgasm.

Winter looked down at her panting, cum-covered sister. She patted her cheek as she stood up.

“I’m sorry I have to go so soon. I’ll be back as quickly as work lets me.” She strode to the door, adjusting her clothing. “Oh, and Weiss? Good luck with the plan.”

Rosecream Café

“Hey, Ruby!”

Ruby Rose looked up from her bowl of ice cream. She smiled at Yang, who was carrying a bowl of her own. Her older sister sat down opposite her.

“Hi, Yang! Didn’t think you were coming into town today.”

Ruby couldn’t help but notice how Yang jiggled as she sat down. Ruby barely managed to keep her eyes moving on down to Yang’s batch of ice cream.

“Oh, I had some stuff to pick up for Bumblebee. Thought I’d get a snack while I was out. Wasn’t expecting to run into you here.” Yang scooped up a spoonful of purple ice cream. Popping into her mouth, she closed her eyes and sighed. “Man, that’s some good ice cream. Did you get the huckle- Seriously, Ruby?”

“What?” Ruby protested, knowing exactly what.

“You know what. Can you even taste anything in that?” Yang pointed her empty spoon at Ruby’s heaping bowl.

Ruby pouted. It wasn’t as if there was a law that you couldn’t have gummy worms, hot fudge sauce, sugared strawberries, peanut butter bits and sprinkles on top of a mix of peach, cake batter and triple chocolate ice cream, but Yang always acted like she was committing an abomination whenever they had ice cream together.

“Come on, Yang, I like lots of stuff! Strawberry and vanilla and chocolate,” Neo gave her cock an appreciative lick at that, “All kinds of flavors. Just because you don’t-“

“Yeesh, yeesh, alright, alright,” Yang held her hands up in surrender. “So what are you up to after this?”

Ruby settled back down and started talking about her plans for the day. All the while, unknown to Yang, Ruby’s special sex friend Neo gave the little reaper a blowjob.

Ruby had been surprised to find Neo already at the ice cream parlor. She’d been less surprised when Neo forwent ice cream and crawled underneath the table to some warm cream. Neo had just gotten Ruby’s hard cock in her mouth when Yang arrived, and saw no reason to stop just for that. Ruby was very proud of how she managed to act normal and kept up the conversation while a short, stacked, mute girl gave her a clandestine blowjob.

Neo was a lot more skilled than most girls Ruby had gotten oral sex from, and managed to bring Ruby right to the edge of orgasm, and then keep her there for the rest of Ruby and Yang’s chat. Finally, Yang finished her ice cream and stood up. She ruffled Ruby’s hair, smiling at the pout she got in return.

“It was nice talking with you, sis. And I’m glad you’re doing something that doesn’t involve screwing other girls.” Yang walked away, not noticing Ruby’s grim turning waxen.

As soon as the blonde was out the door, Neo was sitting next to Ruby. Her hands were still under the table, jacking Ruby off. She gave Ruby an amused, sardonic smile.

“Yeah, yeah, you don’t need to say anything.,” Ruby said, giving in to the urge to squirm.

Neo’s gloved hands didn’t feel as good as her warm mouth, but Ruby was still enjoying herself quite a bit. As she got a handjob, she fed Neo scraps from the ruin of her ice cream. The smaller woman (and Ruby loved that, even in heels, Neo was a grown woman shorter than her) snapped up every sliced strawberry and chocolate chip she was offered, licking her lips and swallowing exaggeratedly with every one.

The feelings of Neo’s sure hands, and those amused, mismatched eyes, made Ruby cum in short order. She grunted, clutched the table edge, and her cum arced up and splattered on the underside of the table.

She sat back, catching her breath, and watched Neo lick her hands clean. That had felt good, and the ice cream had felt good, but it would take more than one round to satisfy Ruby Rose’s cravings for both.

“I’m going to go get another bowl, Neo. And then, you’re going to go back under the table and take my cock down your throat, alright?”

Ruby left her silent fuck friend to think about it as she slid out from behind the table. This time she wanted blackberry, cookie dough and cherry pie ice cream, and for Neo to pull out her tits as well. Ruby set off towards the dispensers with a spring in her step.

What a lovely day.




Prompt: Emerald gets picked up by Winter instead of Cinder. To show her thanks for getting her off the streets, Emerald becomes Winter’s personal assistant, which includes eating out Winter’s pussy while she’s at her desk, though any interruptions, including Weiss calling her big sister

Video Call

“Hello Weiss.”

“Hello Winter.”

The signal from beacon was unusually strong today, and Weiss’s voice came through with crystal clarity. Emerald couldn’t tell how good the video was, but she was betting it was just as crisp. All Emerald could see right now was the neatly trimmed diamond of Winter’s pubic hair. Winter’s hand was pressing against the back of her head, grinding her face against the specialist’s pussy.

Winter’s lower lips were rapidly moistening as Emerald’s warm breath tickled her. The reformed thief’s tongue was poking out, licking Winter’s folds. Winter was naked from the waist down, though the top of her uniform was immaculate. Emerald, however, was completely naked, except for the collar and tag which told the reader that she was undergoing criminal rehabilitation with the Atlas military.

As the two Schnees talked, Emerald obediently licked and fingered Winter’s pussy. The older woman didn’t give a hint of what was happening beneath her desk, keeping her voice calm and steady as the two of them talked about Beacon and the upcoming tournament. Emerald listened with half an ear, but mostly she focused on giving Winter the best orgasm she could.

Even as Winter continued talking in a level tone, Emerald could taste her growing arousal. As grool gathered on her tongue, she put her palms against Winter’s thighs, feeling the trembling there. She smirked to herself as she swallowed; it was nice to make someone show they wanted her, even if Winter held all the power in this relationship.

Emerald concentrated on Winter’s pussy, licking her clit and sliding a finger in and out of her folds. Winter liked it enough to push Emerald’s head back when she broke for air. That was the largest sign she gave, though. The largest voluntary sign. Her orgasm was a lot more noticeable.

Emerald was impressed that Winter’s voice didn’t change a bit as she came, continuing the sentence as normal, even as her bare thighs wrapped around Emerald’s head. Her finger was slowly withdrawn, as Winter’s pussy clamped down hard around it. Licking her lips, Emerald sat back, waiting for Winter to recover before diving back in.

Two orgasms later, the call ended. Emerald sat back, massaging her cramped hand. Winter pushed her chair back and smiled down at Emerald. The thief knew that the Specialist saw her own sister there, naked and kneeling in between her legs. Weiss/Emerald smiled shyly back, hips shifting back and forth. She wasn’t allowed to touch herself without permission, and desperately needed to cum.

“Alright Emerald, get my pants and underwear together. While I go to see the general, you can amuse yourself with the toys,’ she said dismissively, waving a hand towards the box that held an assortment of vibrators, clamps, plugs and dildoes.

Emerald almost fell over herself, scrambling out from underneath the desk. She hurried to dress Winter, her mind running through the various options on which toy to use on herself. She was so distracted, she let her Weiss illusion slip, and was reprimanded with a swift slap to her bottom. Yelping, she apologized before pulling it back up.

A fully clothed Winter left behind a naked, lust-flushed Weiss as she exited her quarters. Emerald sighed in relief as she let the illusion dissipate. Now she had at least an hour before Winter came back, a whole hour to wring as many orgasms as she could out of herself. Then, Winter would return and tell her which face she wanted Emerald to wear next.

She wondered who it was going to be.



Futa!Yang carefully thrusting her dick into a sleeping Weiss's mouth until she fills it with her cum. Weiss doesn't wake up.

Late Night Relief

Yang tossed and turned, sheets tangling around her. Three sets of soft snores echoed in the room, and Yang desperately wished there four sets. She kept on closing her eyes and trying to go to sleep, but it never worked. Finally, she had to face the truth. She was horny, and she wouldn’t be going to sleep until she wasn’t. Still, at least the problem had a solution.

Yang dropped out of her bed, and landed on the dorm room floor. She was quiet enough no one else woke up, and she quickly and quietly padded across the row to where Weiss slept. The small Schnee was demurely tucked underneath her covers, lying on her back as she slept. Yang knew that if the covers were removed she would look less demure. She didn’t know where Blake had gotten the money to buy that lingerie, but Ruby had officially decreed as team leader that Weiss had to wear it at all times. Yang shook her head. She didn’t care about what Weiss was wearing right now.

Climbing up onto the bed, Yang straddled Weiss’s head. Just a simple brush of Weiss’s lips with her thumb was enough to get her to open her mouth. Yang fished her cock out, and quickly brought it to full erectness with a few strokes as she stared down at Weiss’s face.

Leaning forward, Yang’s cock nudged against Weiss’s lips. The heiress had been so well trained by Ruby, Blake and Yang that she instinctively opened her mouth wider, letting Yang slide in. Yang sighed in pleasure as Weiss started giving her a blowjob. Even asleep, she knew what to do, how to use her tongue and lips and throat to satisfy her teammates.

Yang’s hands balled into fists at her side as she fought the urge to grab Weiss’s ponytail and start fucking her face. There was no way she could sleep through that, and then Yang would get a chewing out about disturbing her beauty sleep. And then another chewing out from Ruby for not sharing with her little sister. No, it would be best to just get a nice, simple blowjob, and leave Weiss with a stomach full of cum.

As Yang thrust her cock in and out of Weiss, she sighed in relief. She needed this. The chance to burn off some stress, get some sleep, and spend time with her teammate. Really, Weiss should be thankful she was helping so much. Yang’s mind ran off on a fantasy of just how Weiss could show her thankfulness, involving Beacon’s courtyard, a vibrator and a camera.

The thought of that, and Weiss’s excellent mouth, was enough to make Yang cum. Biting down on her tongue, she held her cock inside Weiss’s mouth. Her dick pulsed as she shot strands of semen down Weiss’s throat and into her stomach. Weiss shifted around a bit, making a muffled moan around Yang’s cock as she was unknowingly filled with cum.

Drained, Yang climbed off Weiss, patting her cheek as she did so. She could already feel sleep tugging at her, and welcomed it. Climbing back up to bed, she smiled down at Weiss, who was still sleeping calmly and quietly. That was so good of Weiss, she may have to repeat it soon. Yang thought about that as she fell asleep.

*The Next Night*

Blake tossed and turned, sheets tangling around her. Three sets of soft snores echoed in the room, and Blake desperately wished there four sets. She kept on closing her eyes and trying to go to sleep, but it never worked. Finally, she had to face the truth. She was horny, and she wouldn’t be going to sleep until she wasn’t. Still, at least the problem had a solution.


Chapter Text







Every traffic cop in Juuban knows Haruka’s car by sight, and knows that if they pull her over for any reason, even just for a ‘random check’, she’ll eagerly suck them off, at the least.




Speeding Tickets

“This is the third time I’ve found you going over the speed limit, Tenoh. What do you have to say for yourself?”

“I’m sorry officer. Forgive me?”

Haruka’s apology was made more meaningful by the way she was kneeling in front of the officer, her naked body exposed to the world. The cop’s cock was in between her fat breasts, pumping in and out of the cleavage she was offering him.

Haruka had to use her hands to push her breasts together for the titfuck. A good bra would have made enough cleavage for the officer to use while she masturbated, but it would look ridiculous to wear a bra and nothing else. Ah, the price she paid to speed down the nighttime highways stark naked, feeling the vibration of the motorcycle between her legs.

Letting a cop cum between her tits (or in her mouth, her pussy, or ass…) was a small price for that thrill. Not just the lure of speed, but also the way the bike acted like the world’s biggest vibrator when she got above 80 kph. Haruka had long since stopped trying to count the orgasms she got each night from having that beast in between her legs.

And then there were the times she left the highways. Driving through the city streets was its own kind of fun. Stopping at red lights and letting people see a hot, stacked, naked blonde riding a motorcycle scratched Haruka’s exhibitionistic itch. And, sometimes when she went through the red-light district, a lot more than that got scratched. Once, Haruka, fuck-drunk and covered in cum, had staggered back to her motorcycle to find a cop writing her a ticket for her illegally parked bike. The only way out of that had been another fuck, this time bent over her motorcycle. Haruka sighed in remembrance. Good times, good times.

The cop, whoever he was, seemed to be getting closer to cumming. Haruka picked up her pace, bobbing her body up and down, trying to give him the most stimulation she could with each thrust. In the harsh lamp light, she could see his hands tighten on his belt.

Haruka moaned as the cop came. His hot, sticky, thick, warm cum shot out from his dick and landed on her tits. The semen covered her breasts, slowly dripping down them and running over her erect nipples. Haruka whimpered at the counterpoint of hot cum and the cool night air playing over her body. Damn it, she was horny again. She whined as she watched the cop button his pants back up. The way he ruffled her hair just added insult to injury. As the cop climbed back into his car, he called out to the naked, cum-covered, panting woman kneeling on the asphalt.

“Next time I catch you, I’m bringing you to the station for the night, Tenoh.”

Haruka shivered in anticipation. That was no threat, that was a promise.




Neo-Queen Serenity takes the day to show her appreciation to the people of Crystal Tokyo by letting them gangbang her.

Subject Appreciation Day

Queen Neo Serenity was the undisputed mistress of the solar system. Over twenty billion people spread across a dozen spheres lived their lives under her rule. Her magical power was unmatched, and the long centuries had melded wisdom and courage, empathy and skill. Under her guidance, the system was in a golden age.

She was on her knees in a plaza, stuffed with cock. A man wearing a banker’s tabard was fucking her mouth, using her elaborate hairstyle as handholds to better shove his cock inside her. Some man, she hadn’t gotten a good look at him, was stuffing her ass, entertaining himself between strokes by spanking her. Neo Serenity was surrounded on all sides by more men, women and others, all of them eager to get their once a year chance to fuck their ruler.

Founding Day was always a special time for Neo Serenity. There were speeches to make, ceremonies to attend, and rituals to perform. But one of her favorites was when she went out to the square in front of the palace, and ‘got in touch’ with the city’s masses. She’d stride out of the front gates, wearing a lewd, easily tearable version of one of her usual dresses. And then the crowd would descend on her, and she’d have to be dragged back home by Sailor Venus hours later, covered in cum, ass and breasts red and throbbing. It was her favorite time of the year.

The crowd was actually much more restrained this year than some years previous. Neo Serenity still had her high heels and white stockings on, and some torn fragments fluttering around her shoulders. Of course, there was already cum sticking to her back and dribbling out of her pussy, and one of her hands was wrapped around a woman’s fat, throbbing cock.

The Queen of the Solar System was rocked back and forth, sandwiched in between the two men who were claiming her ass and her mouth. As the banker came, she gurgled around the mouthful of cum, trying to swallow as much of the thick, tasty treat as she could.

“Open wide, your highness!” Another man stepped up, pumping his hard dick as he leered down at her.

Neo Serenity obediently opened her mouth, showing that she’d managed to get all of the banker’s cum down into her stomach. As she took the new man’s cock down to the root, she felt another load of hot, sticky semen splattering across her back. She winked at the woman she was giving a handjob to, who blushed and muttered something indistinct.

Hours later, Neo Serenity was still surrounded by a lustful crowd, intent on sampling her body. She honestly couldn’t tell if she still had her stockings on, or if they’d been covered by so much cum she couldn’t see them. In fact, every part of her body was covered with cum, especially her face, tits, ass and pussy. She’d been forced to shut her eyes hours ago, just before cum landed on them, sealing them shut. Now, she had to rely on touch, her semen-slick fingers wrapped around hard cocks, or pushed into wet pussies.

And there were still people fucking her. She could taste a cock in her mouth, and feel two more in her cunt and ass, all three easily sliding in and out thanks to all the cum filling her. She could tell a fourth person was straddling her stomach and using her tits to masturbate with. Neo Serenity hadn’t even bothered to count how many times she had cum, but she knew the answer was lots.

All in all, it seemed like another excellent Founding Day.





Or maybe Michiru and Ami have a little competition to see whose girlfriend is the better whore, by having Haruka and Makoto prostitute themselves in the red light district one weekend.

Group Endeavor

Makoto was underneath Haruka, licking the cum of several strangers out of her pussy. She could taste several different flavors in it, a mix of sweet and salty as her tongue explored every inch of Haruka’s interior.

Even as Mako ate out Haruka, there was another man thrusting into her ass, fucking her into the tiled floor. Her legs were propped up on his shoulders, giving him as much access as she could. Maki had always thought her tits were what men would go after the most, but she’d been counting, and more man had wanted to fuck her ass and leave a hot load of cum inside it, then wanted her to wrap her boobs around their dicks. She distantly wondered why.

They were both naked, except for the collars they wore, in slightly different shades of blue. It showed that, while they might currently be whoring themselves out to the entirety of the red light district, they belonged to their girlfriends, Ami and Michiru. Their bodies, and also all the money they’d made over the weekend.

Another man stepped up, unbuckling his pants. Haruka opened her mouth, wordlessly begging for another cock to suck. As the businessman started facefucking her, Mako drew her head back. She’d finally gotten every drop of cum out from Haruka’s cunt. There was still some splattered along her lips and chin, but that was easy enough to fix.

As Mako cleaned herself up, she squealed as the man fucking her grabbed her breasts. Her customers may like her ass more than her tits, but that didn’t mean her rear was as sensitive as her boobs. Makoto shivered as her erect nipples were toyed with, even as her ass was repeatedly filled up.

As her head flopped to the side, Mako saw two feminine figures approaching. Ami and Michiru stepped into the light, both holding a lot of money. They stepped up to their respective girlfriends and petted them, ruffling hair and stroking bare skin.

“Well, Haruka? Have you proved that you’re the bigger whore yet?”

“I’m so proud of you, Mako. No one could look at you and think that you’re not the sluttiest girl in Tokyo right now.”

They kept on talking, encouraging their girlfriends and the men to do more, to fuck harder or come up with new positions. At least a dozen men had followed them in, and every single one of them sampled both Haruka and Mako. Cum was shot into their holes, or onto their skin. It went on for hours and hours, until finally the last man pulled up his pants and left, giving Ami a big tip as he exited.

Mako and Haruka were sprawled on the floor, tiredly licking cum off each other’s bodies. More semen drooled from their crotches, and, where it was visible, their asses burned a bright red from all the punishment they’d received.

Ami and Michiru were both immaculate as they stood over their lovers. Not a hair was out of place, and not a drop of cum had landed on them. As they counted the money, Ami turned to Michiru.

“What do you think, Michiru? Were you able to decide which girlfriend is a better whore?”

Michiru looked off in the distance, tapping her chin in thought. Finally, she came to a decision and met Ami’s gaze.

“If I put aside my basis for Haruka, then no, I can’t tell. Perhaps we need to do this again.”

Ami nodded eagerly, pulling out a pen and paper.

“I was thinking the same thing. Now, one of the clients asked if we did formal escorts, and another one wanted to rent one of them for a party. I was thinking…”

Mako could barely concentrate enough to listen to her girlfriend discuss a point based system on how to whore her out. She was tired, and the cum around Haruka’s jaw was tasty. She focused on what she could do, licking up strands of semen and sharing them with the girl beneath her.

She wondered what next weekend was going to be like.




Neat. When Sophia joins the Wards and starts blowing all the boys, Vista feels her position is threatened and challenges Sophia to a slut-off to put her in her place.

Experience Matters

Vista’s jaw was stretched wide around the cock inside her mouth. She had no idea who it belonged to, all the PRT agents looked alike when they were in uniform with their full face helmets. Still, their identity didn’t matter. All that mattered was that this was her fourth blowjob while Shadow Stalker was only on her third.

As Vista plunged her head up and down, she smiled to herself. The new girl shouldn’t have come around, acting all smug and superior just because she was a few years older than Vista. Vista had been a superhero for years, and she’d been doing all the aspects of a superhero. Everything from cuffing criminals to fucking her teammates. She’d done it all before she turned ten, let alone her current age.

And how it showed. She was comfortably taking her current dick to the root, her nose pressed against the fabric of the uniform. Shadow Stalker, on the other hand, wasn’t getting more than half way down before she had to come back up for air.

Vista was extremely satisfied with how their little contest was going. Shadow Stalker thought she could get the guys on the team wrapped around her finger by giving out free blowjobs? Vista had been doing that for years, and a whole lot more. Sometimes she didn’t time to sleep in between school, work, and fucking. Not that she was complaining, fucking was the most fun out of all four options.

The cock in her mouth twitched, and Vista prepared herself for another thick, salty treat. She reached up to massage that agent’s balls, giving just that much more stimulation. The man grunted, and he held Vista’s head in place, cumming down her throat.

Vista gave a whole-body wiggle. The one downside of have somebody’s cock down her throat was that she didn’t get a nice mouthful of semen to roll around in her mouth. She got a little, as the agent pulled out, but not nearly as much as she liked.

At least there was enough cum to keep her tongue busy as Vista motioned over the next agent. There were still half a dozen left to go, and she wanted a decisive victory over Shadow Stalker, not a mere one cumshot lead.




Yang and Mami have a competition to see who’s the biggest, bustiest, blonde slut.

Crossover Comparison

It was an epic showdown, one whose outcome would echo throughout the century. The stakes were incalculable, and the prize commensurate with the effort produced. Already the sounds of competition filled the room.

“Like hell you’re the bigger slut,” Yang said, flipping her hair. “It’s obvious to anyone that I’m the better blonde bimbo.”

“I hardly think you’re being objective, Ms. Xiao Long,” Mami said, folding her arms under her chest. “An unbiased look would show that the title belongs to me.”

“You? Please,” Yang replied dismissively, flapping her hand in a negating gesture. “You don’t even have a sister. How can you slut it up without one of those, huh?”

“I fail to see how familial relations determine how easy one is. After all, I take my juniors home, and then,” a dozen yellow ribbons sprang out from Mami in demonstration, “I tie them up and explore their bodies all night long. Sometimes I take Sayaka and Kyouko, or Madoka and Homura together, so they can see their girlfriends getting despoiled and loving it.”

“That’s kind of kinky, I’ll grant you, but what I do with Ruby? That easily takes the cake. I make my little sister bend me over and spank me until my ass and eyes are red, and then I make her do it again, but harder. That’s way better than a bondage threesome.”

“Sadistic incest is so yesteryear, I’m surprised you even bring it up,” Mami said, folding her hands in front of her. “Whereas I enjoy getting fucked on a daily basis by creatures outside the natural order. What-“

“Oh yeah, nobody’s ever tried that before,” Yang shot back, making a wanking gesture. “I do the exact same. There’s pleasure you can’t buy under a Grimm cock.”

“Please don’t interrupt me in the future, Ms. Xiao Long. As I was saying, the unique nature of each Witch means I never know what will happen. Sometimes it’s tentacles, sometimes I’m injected with drugs that make lactate and I’m treated like a cow in a dairy for hours and hours. I never know what’s going to happen, beyond that I’ll enjoy it.”

Yang frowned. It might be time to change tactics. Getting gangbanged by strangers in the middle of the street didn’t compare with that.

“I have a lot better outfit than you,” Yang leaned forward, cupping her breasts. “Nobody can go by without watching me bounce. And I’ve got legs for days.”

“I’ll admit that you display your chest more,” Mami said, twirling around, making her skirt rise. “But those bike shorts do you no favors at all. Anybody can tell that they’ll stay in place. But me? I know tons of boys and girls who keep on hoping my skirt will fly up just a bit too high one day. And they masturbate, wondering what would be revealed. Will I be wearing a lacy thong? Will I not have any underwear at all? Maybe the only thing they’ll see besides warm flesh is a hint of light from the jewel in my ass. I know it keeps them up at night.”

“Yeah, but do they come up to you and ask if you’ll pull off your shirt?” Yang bounced up and down, smiling sharply as Mami’s gaze flicked down to her bobbing breasts. “I’ve lost count of how many topless selfies I’ve taken with strangers.”

Mami frowned, tapping her chin. She seemed to come to a decision, and a smile blossomed on her face.

“I think there’s only one way to decide this. I’m sure we’ll both enjoy it.”

Yang put her hands on her hips, biting her lip.

“Yeah? What are you thinking?”



“Come on, Mads, let’s try again.”

“M-Ms. Xiao Long, I really don’t-“

“Yeah, yeah, your boobs aren’t as good as mine. But if you work it hard enough, cute guys and girls will be on you like grumpy in your girlfriend.”

“Isn’t this a much more enjoyable way to spar, Ms. Nikos?”


“I understand you’re upset, but I did tell you what would happen in you lost. And don’t worry about the gag. It’s quite bite proof. Now, shall we begin the post-spar celebration?”




Chapter Text

  How about Usagi playing with one of the others while Mamoru watches with what I assume to be the boner? Not cuckqueaning and him watching from a tree or whatever, but like, Usagi and whoever are showing off for him

Putting on a Show


Usagi moaned into Rei’s mouth as they kissed. She could feel Rei’s warm body pressed against her. She slid her hands down Rei’s smooth back, and grabbed her full ass.


They broke the kiss, both panting. Usagi glanced over at Mamoru and smiled. He was masturbating, watching his girlfriend and her best friend make out on his behalf. She winked at him and turned back to Rei.


Usagi shivered as Rei kissed her nipple, sending a pleasurable shock through her. She returned the favor, kneading Rei’s ass. Usagi let herself get pushed down onto to the bed, a smile of anticipation forming at the look in Rei’s eyes.


She and Rei had had sex with Mamoru, and without Mamoru, but this would be the first time they had sex with Mamoru watching, but not participating. It added a certain spice of excitement to the affair. Usagi had thought about who else they could invite to with, but had come up dry for names she wouldn’t rather fuck instead.


Usagi shivered as Rei ran her hands down her torso and in between her legs. She outright quaked when her clit was brushed against. Raising her arms from where they lay, she took an active part, playing with Rei’s large, firm breasts.


Usagi could feel a dampness where Rei was straddling her thigh, and licked her lips at the thought of getting to sample Rei’s wet peach. For now, she concentrated on finding that certain tone in Rei’s voice when her nipples were toyed with. Soon, Rei was bent over, shuddering as Usagi played her like a violin.


Soon Usagi and Rei ended up in their favorite position, sixty-nining each other. Usagi loved playing with Rei’s soft, damp petals, and Rei loved being on top. From her position, Usagi could see Mamoru and shared a smile with him. He was still masturbating, a gleeful smile on his face.


Usagi turned her gaze from him, and started paying attention to Rei’s perfect pussy. A finger slid in easily, but most of her attention was on that uncovered nub of flesh. Rei moaned into Usagi as her clit was played with. She ground her hips into Usagi’s face even as she started in on her best friend’s pussy.


Soon, the two of them were working hard to make the other cum. They both know each other’s weak spots from long experience. Usagi moaned as her pussy tightened down around Rei’s wandering fingers, feeling her first orgasm wash over her. After a minute to recover, she returned to Rei with an even greater fervor, not wanting to be selfish and only take.


Usagi heard Mamoru’s breathing deepen, and tried to speed up her own pace. It would be so hot if both Rei and Mamoru came at the same time. As her mind flited over what other things her best friend and her boyfriend could also do in sync (her), Usagi leaned up to kiss Rei’s entrance.


This had been such a good idea.

So I've heard that Yang has been training Ruby to be her pet for years in order to take care of some of her 'desires'. How has that been going?


Training Time


“It’s going pretty well, actually,” Yang said, kicking back on Blake’s bed. “I already had experience training Zwei, and the same general approach worked for Ruby too. You know, belly rubs and scolding, that sort of thing.”


The dorm room door opened, and Ruby stepped through. She froze as she saw Yang there, smiling serenely at her. Ruby sighed, but she knew the rules. If both she and Yang were in the dorm, there were certain rules she had to obey.


Ruby started stripping, neatly folding and putting her clothes away. In their place, she added… not much. The jeweled plug was replaced with a black tail, hanging down in between her legs. She slid on a hair band with two wolf ears poking up on it. The only accessory that stayed on was the plain black collar around her neck, though she did clip on a tag saying ‘Wolfie. If found, please return to Yang Xiao Long at Beacon Academy’.


Soon, Ruby was kneeling in front of Yang, a blush on her pale cheeks. She was staring at the floor, and shivering. Yang knew it was partly humiliation and partly arousal. Snapping her fingers, she got Ruby’s attention.


“Roll over, girl.”


Ruby obediently rolled over on her back, holding her limbs like a dog would, hands cocked in front of her. Yang got off Blake’s bed and knelt down by Ruby. She stroked her sister’s stomach, feeling her sister squirm. Her other hand was up at Ruby’s head, stroking her hair and playing with her ears. Finally, she sat back, satisfied.


“Wolfie, beg.”


Ruby crawled up to her knees, her hands still in the same curled position. She looked at Yang, though not in the eyes. Taking a breath, she started begging.


“Please, mistress, please let me cum. You haven’t let me for a whole day, and I’m so wet and you’re my own sister-“


“Stop!” Yang was scowling. She wagged her finger at Ruby, who had already realized her mistake and looked crestfallen. “I am not your sister. I am a human, and you are an animal. The difference is obvious.” Neither of them examined the question of how the supposed animal was talking.


“I’m sorry, mistress. It won’t happen again.” Ruby was looking at the floor again.


“Wolfie, present.” Yang’s frown had lessened, but it was still there.


Ruby submissively shifted position, getting on all fours and spreading her legs. She then turned away from Yang, letting her sister stare at her small, cute backside. Ruby squeaked as she was patted on the ass, to Yang’s murmuring of ‘Good girl.’


Yang grabbed Ruby’s nipples, ignoring the startled yelp. She ran them in between her fingers, feeling how stiff the little nubs were. An exploratory probe down below left wetness on Yang’s fingers, which she cleaned off on Ruby’s skin. Yang frowned in thought. It certainly seemed that Ruby desperately needed an orgasm, and that Yang was the only one allowed to give one to her. But should she let Ruby cum right now? Yang needed to think on that.


But while she thought…


Yang stood up, and grabbed a chair. Falling down onto it, she raised the school uniform’s skirt. Racy yellow panties were revealed to Ruby’s hungering eyes.


“Dinner time, Wolfie. While you eat, I’ll consider if you should get a snack of your own.”


Ruby crawled forward, making her tail swish back and forth. She poked her head into Yang’s skirt, and soon lapping and sucking sounds could be heard. Yang leaned back and smiled, enjoying Ruby’s skilled, trained tongue.


“I’d say the training has been going better than I thought. Wolfie’s a perfect little pet, who’s so eager to please. I’ve even been talking to Winter Schnee about how she could get a pet just like my little Wolfie.”




Hmmn…Prompts, eh?

Taylor, deciding to be rebellious, sneaks into a bar.

What she doesnt know is that she snuck into a bar that, every friday, has a futa-orgy after 10pm.

As drunk as she is, she doesn’t resist the first kiss..or the rope…or the first cock…or the second one..

By the end of the night, she finally passes out, tied up to a stripper pole, her clothes drenched, cum pouring from every orifice she has after being used as a sex toy by every woman that entered the bar that night, and about 20k richer with the bills scattered about her body and the stage.

Next week, she sneaks back in.

New Tastes


Taylor liked cocks. It wasn’t a complex realization, one that would shake the foundations of society, but it was still a surprising one. Before today, hell, before two hours ago, she wouldn’t have thought so, and would have been outraged if someone suggested it. That had all changed now.


Taylor giggled, and opened her mouth wide. The woman standing above her grunted and shot a load of cum into her waiting mouth. Taylor giggled around the thick, creamy load. And to think she’d just come here for a drink!


Taylor hadn’t know this was a futa bar when she’d come in, She hadn’t even known what a futa was. But one thing had led to another, and here she was. Naked and handcuffed to a stripper pole, as two dozen women talked amongst themselves, had something to drink, or used her body. She was a real fan of the last part.


It had started with buff, mature women pressing against Taylor as they all drank; her water, and them, beer. They’d smelled good, a sort of musk that reached down through Taylor, ignoring her brain and punching some unfamiliar buttons. One thing had led to another, and soon Taylor was giving handjobs to the women on either side of her. She’d never even touched a cock before, but they seemed to fit perfectly in her hands. She’d been so caught up in the strange new feelings, that she hadn’t paid attention to the mutterings around her.


It had come as a shock when she was pushed up onto the bar. She’d squealed, both from the shock, and from the feel of the cold air and the hungry gazes on her suddenly bare ass. She had no idea how they’d gotten her pants off so quickly, but any questions about that had been waylaid as she felt fingers start to explore her bottom half.


It was so much better than masturbation. Feeling strange hands exploring her body, teasing her and arousing her, was a new, wonderful sensation. Taylor had been so happy and horny that she welcomed the first cock as it slid in, taking her virginity. It had been followed by another, and another, as Taylor was picked up and positioned from place to place.


She’d finally ended up on the empty stage, leaking cum. She wished she could scoop that delicious white treat up and eat it, but her hands were above her head, secured to the dancing pole by a pair of fuzzy pink handcuffs. Taylor shivered, as she felt a warm load of semen trickle down her chest and onto her stomach.


Taylor stared up at one of the women masturbating above her. She was a real beauty, with brown skin, muscular limbs, and shiny black hair. Taylor felt herself get wet staring up at her, watching her hand pump up and down her cock, that delicious dick that was aimed right at her face. She licked her lips, waiting and wanting that thick, hot load to be blasted all over her face.


Taylor couldn’t see who was currently fucking her ass, the Middle Eastern woman was blocking her view, but they were obviously enjoying themselves. Her ass had been well stretched and lubricated by the many women who’d already fucked her. Whoever was doing so now was putting up quite a pace, slamming in and out of Taylor like a machine. She hoped that, when they came, someone else would take their place quickly.


The woman masturbating in front of her face came, shots of white shooting out. Taylor moaned, feeling the thick, hot, sticky semen being added to the many facials she’d already gotten so far. She kept her mouth open, hoping for a strand of cum to land there. Around her, Taylor could see more women stepping up, pumping their thick, meaty cocks as they stared at her.


Taylor shivered. She was going to have to come back here tomorrow.

  Ooh, Enabler! Ruby has feelings for Yang, and persuades Yang (if you know what I mean) to admit that Yang has feelings for her too, despite their sisterly relationship. 

Ruby Rose, A+ Seductress


Ruby looked around the dorm room. No sign of Blake and Weiss, and Yang was sitting at the desk, looking bored as she flipped through a book. Perfect. It was time to start her fool-proof plan of getting into Yang’s pants.


“Yang?” Ruby sidled up next to Yang, and got a good sniff of the lilac perfume her sister was using.


“What’s up, Rubes?” Yang looked up from her book, looking happy for the chance to be distracted.


Ruby took a deep breath and turned around. Then she leaned forward a bit, and pushed her ass back. Then she flipped up her skirt, mooning Yang.


“I can’t remember if I put on panties today, Yang. Can you check for me?”


“Ruby Rose!’ Ruby shivered at the beautiful sound of her sister’s voice. “What do you think you’re doing?”


“I’m sorry Yang. Can you teach me what to do?” Ruby closed her eyes, imagining all the different ways Yang could teach her all kinds of things. She wasn’t expecting what actually happened, though.


Ruby barely had the time to blink as she felt Yang’s hands descend on her. In seconds, she was bent over Yang’s lap, her bare ass poking up. She belatedly squeaked, feeling the air blow over her damp cleft. She tried to push herself up, but Yang’s strong, sure grip kept her in place.


“What am I going to do with you, Ruby? How many people have you flashed today, walking around? As team leader, aren’t you supposed to set an example?”


Ruby actually wouldn’t mind if everyone, or at least all the girl, followed her example. She didn’t think Yang would appreciate a comment like that, though.


“Ah, no, Yang, it was an honest mistake!” Ruby knew she wasn’t a good liar. She thought it was part of her charm.


“Ruby, you’re making me punish you for lying. You understand that, right?”


Whatever Ruby was about to say next was driven out of her thoughts by the crack of Yang’s hand on her rear. It was like a starburst of mixed pleasure and pain. Ruby gasped, and then Yang spanked her again. Her sister quickly fell into a rhythm, alternating strikes between Ruby’s cheeks.


Ruby groaned with every spank. She was so wet right now. She pushed back against Yang’s hand every time, which also meant her wet pussy was humping Yang’s bare thigh. More importantly, her clit was rubbing against Yang’s warm skin. It was so hot, her sister teaching her, and punishing her, and touching her, and, and, and.


If Yang noticed how turned on her sister was by her punishment, she didn’t mention it. She just kept on paddling Ruby, turning her sister’s skin as red as her namesake. Ruby sneaked her hands down to her chest, squeezing her boobs. She wished she could get better access to them, but her top and bra were just too thick for her to devote as much attention to her nipples and boobs as she wanted.


Finally, Ruby managed to cum. She screamed into her palm as her arousal ran down her sister’s leg. Her eyes were unfocused, and she barely noticed that Yang had stopped spanking her. She flopped around bonelessly as her sister rolled over. She smiled up at Yang, noting that her sister’s eyes were purple and her hair normal.


“Have you learned your lesson, Ruby?” Yang was massaging her hand as she looked down at Ruby’s spread legs and the moisture in between them.


“Yes, Yang. I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.”


That was quite correct. Next time, Ruby would come up with an even better plan! This time to seduce, um, Pyrrha. She’d need a sweater and a pitcher of ice water.

  Okay. You need to write about Jaune and Phyraa having sex in that AU. Please? In the outfits?

Magical Girls Arkos


Jaune smoothed down the fabric of his skirt, the blue fabric smooth beneath his gloved fingers. Feminine clothing had never really been him, but at least it looked good. His gaze swung over to his right. But it looked a whole lot better on Pyrrha.


Pyrrha Nikos absolutely stunning in her uniform. She was the very picture of feminine perfection, from her tastefully presented cleavage, to her long, bare legs. It even hid her bulge from view, and Jaune knew from past experience just how big Pyrrha could get when she saw something she liked.


Something like her boyfriend dressed up in a magical girl uniform. Jaune shivered in anticipation as Pyrrha turned to look at him. There was a hungry light in her eyes, and Jaune licked his lips.


“Honey?” Pyrrha asked, running her hands down Jaune’s chest, to his exposed midriff.


Jaune swallowed. When Pyrrha called him honey, while they were wearing these outfits, that could only mean one thing.


Five minutes later, Jaune was bent over the back of the couch. He was holding his skirt up in his hands, and blushing like a tomato. Pyrrha was behind him, and he shivered as she withdrew her fingers, leaving his rear feeling cool and slick from the lube. His cock was already hard from nothing more than the thought, but he didn’t want to start jacking off until Pyrrha was inside him.


Jaune felt something press against his rear. He groaned, and willed himself to be as open as he could. It still wasn’t easy, but, inch by inch, Pyrrha slid inside him. His skirt fell from his nerveless hands as Jaune’s world filled with the feeling of what was going inside him. His cock was still rock hard, forming a tent in the skirt.


Jaune craned his head back, trying to get a kiss from Pyrrha. She leaned forward, and locked lips with him. He moaned, and Pyrrha took the opportunity to slid her tongue into his mouth. One of her arms snaked around his chest. Jaune clung to it like a drowning man to a life preserver.


Pyrrha’s other hand was pumping his cock, her grip sure as she went up and down his length. Jaune could barely keep from crying out. Pyrrha was so amazing in every way, from her breathtaking kisses to her skilled hands to her big cock. He always felt like he was going to melt when she fucked him, and their very best sessions came when the two of them were dressed up like this.


Jaune cried out as Pyrrha came, her hips thrusting forward, burying her dick inside him. The feel of hot cum filling his tunnel was enough for him to cum as well, semen shooting out and landing on the couch. Pyrrha buried her head against his back, muttering about how much she loved him even as her hips jerked forward and back.


Neither of them found the strength to keep on standing. They both fell to the carpet, entangled in each other’s limbs. Jaune took as much initiative as he wanted to, and kissed Pyrrha again. She looked absolutely perfect like this, cheeks flushed and eyes bright.


Jaune realized all over again how much he loved Pyrrha.


Jaune is a crossdresser, and Pyrrha’s a transwoman.

Chapter Text







Prompt: Kali teaches Blake how to properly suck Yang’s cock.



Motherly Training

“Now watch me closely, Blake.”

Blake’s cheeks were red but her eyes were bright as she watched her mother. Kali licked the erect cock in front of her, her tongue tracing patterns on the hot dick. Despite what her mother said, Blake’s gaze kept on creeping back up to Yang. Her girlfriend had a nervous, delighted look on her face.

Then Kali took Yang’s cock in her mouth. Blake watched in awe as her mom slid her mouth further and further down the shaft, until her lips were finally pressed against Yang’s crotch. Kali stayed there for a half a minute, eyes half-closed as she concentrated. Yang was gasping and squirming her hands buried in Kali’s hair, thumbs rubbing along her cat ears. Blake would have given anything to be the one to make her girlfriend react like that. Finally, Kali raised her head. Inch after inch of spit-slick cock was revealed, until finally Kali’s lips popped off.

“Now you try.”

Kali scooted over far enough to let Blake lean in. Blake shivered as she looked at Yang’s cock (no amount of money or threats would get her to call it ‘The Little Dragon’ like Yang did). It looked delicious, a tasty treat for Blake to suck on. And it was so very frustrating that she couldn’t take it all in her mouth. No matter what Blake tired, her gag reflex kept her from going more than halfway down Yang’s dick.

She’d made an oblique reference to her problem one time with her mother, and Kali had lit up with a scary glee. She’d insisted on seeing the problem for herself, and Blake hadn’t been able to resist for long. The look in Yang’s eyes when she’d been told that a mother-daughter pair of catgirls wanted to practice blowjobs on her had also been scary, but still didn’t have as much unholy glee as Kali’s look had had.

Now here Blake was, topless and kneeling in between her girlfriend’s legs, right next to her mother, who was also topless. Could it get weirder? Blake remembered a passage from Ninja’s of Love, the one that had introduced her to the fetish of snowballing. Yes, yes it could.

Blake did her best. She opened her mouth as far as it could go, and sank down as far as she could go. But it wasn’t enough. When Yang’s cock hit the back of her throat, that was that. Blake couldn’t push it any farther, not without choking and gagging. After a spot of futile struggle, she pulled out, almost gnashing her teeth in frustration.

Blake buried her head in her hand, snarling out a curse. Why was this so difficult? She could do things a thousand times more demanding in a fight, so why was something any porn star could do beyond her?

“Don’t give up now, Blake!” Blake turned to look at her mother, who laid a comforting hand on her shoulder. “It took months for me before I could deepthroat your father, and his White Fang isn’t much bigger than Yang’s Little Dragon.”

Blake didn’t need to know that.

“Come on, Blakey, one more try? For me?” Yang’s puppy dog eyes were a lot less effective than Ruby’s.

Blake rolled her eyes and sighed, unconsciously imitating Weiss. But she did want to do this. Not just for Yang, and not just because her mom could. But also because it sounded really hot to have a dick buried down her throat.

“Okay, okay. Mom, do you have any tips?”

Kali smiled and ruffled Blake’s hair, something only she was allowed to do.

“Yes, and I’ll draw up a list. For now, just take it slow and easy…”

Blake slid back down Yang’s cock once again. Yang’s dick slowly disappeared inside her mouth as she tired once more to deepthroat her girlfriend. Oh, the things she did because they were sexy.



Isn't a team leaders job to handle their teams stress? I wonder what it's like for Ruby to handle her teams 'stress' especially when they are not exactly gentle.

Team Bonding

“A leader’s got to do what a leader’s got to- uhk!”

Blake cut Ruby off, shoving her cock back inside Ruby’s mouth. That had been a long enough speech, she felt.

Blake, Yang and Weiss were all fucking Ruby, and treating her none too gently. They slapped her ass, pinched her tits, pulled her hair and more. The small girl could barely be seen, sandwiched in between her larger teammates (and Weiss).

This sort of thing happened every night. After a long day, the three of them needed to blow off steam, and Ruby was a convenient cumdump and cocksleeve. They’d tear off Ruby’s clothes, shove her to the floor, and start fucking. Singly, in pairs, or in a gangbang, not a night went by without Ruby taking cock. By the time they were done, Ruby was usually incoherent, dripping cum and left on the floor.

Ruby loved it. No matter how bad her day had been, the thought that in just a few more hours, her team would turn her into a sex toy gave her the motivation to get her through it. On really tough days, she’d drag Weiss into a closet and get her ass just for that thrill of pain.

It was an odd twist of fate that put three sadists under the nominal leadership of a machoist. Nobody in Team RWBY complained that much, though, especially since Ruby provided such excellent ‘support’ and ‘leadership’ to Weiss, Blake and Yang.

Right now, Yang was plowing Ruby’s ass, spanking her sister as she did so. Yang approved of Ruby’s cookie diet, since it made her rear so nice and jiggly. She’d been fucking Ruby for years, and had been overjoyed to find kindred spirits in Blake and Weiss. Now she had friends to share her pain slut of a sister with, instead of having to hide their relationship at Signal. No more hiding in the bushes for this girl! Now she could fuck Ruby right out in the open, tanning her ass and letting Ruby scream to her heart’s content, and nobody cared. Correction, the people who knew didn’t care. Still, having two friends, both hot girls, who loved helping Yang punish her little sister all they wanted, was a real comfort to Yang.

Weiss was fucking Ruby’s pussy. Therefore, according to the deal they’d hammered out, she got to play with Ruby’s breasts. Ruby’s constant sweet snacking hadn’t done much here, and her tits were still pretty small (thought very sensitive). Of course, they were still larger than Weiss’s. Ruby had pointed that out once, which had directly led to her experiencing nipple chains for the first time/

Ruby had learned her lesson since then, and only made flattering remarks about Weiss’s body, except for the numerous occasions she wanted to be punished. In fact, Weiss dealt out Ruby’s favorite punishments, with her access to Dust-enhanced devices. A Fire Dust enhanced plug inside Ruby’s ass felt like heaven and hell mixed together.

Blake preferred Ruby’s mouth. The way her leader looked when getting facefucked was better than anything. Those wide, soulful eyes, that pale skin, the hair sticking to her forehead… Blake loved every part of it. She especially loved the end, when she hid all those features under a coating of her thick cum. Seeing the little reaper’s face get covered in her semen was usually enough to get Blake ready for another round.

Ruby loved getting the facials just as much as Blake loved giving them. She didn’t give the cum long to settle on her face, quickly scooping it up and eating it. If she was allowed to talk, she’d beg for more, using every filthy phrase she could think of. If she wasn’t she simply rubbed Blake’s cock against her face, silently imploring. Either way usually worked.

Yes, it could be tough for Ruby to properly help her teammates relieve their stress, but that was one of the challenges of leadership. And the rewards were so worth it, everyone on the team agreed.



The Super Soba did more than just give Akane super atrength. It also gave her a massive dick, as Shampoo is very happy to learn after losing to her.

Super Soba Surprise


Shampoo squawked as she was pushed to the ground. Her thin qipao flew up, revealing that she wasn’t wearing panties. The Chinese girl scrambled forward, going for her Marital Arts Badminton racket, but Akane put a stop to that.

She straddled Shampoo, keeping her rival pinned in the dirt where she belonged. The thrill of victory, and other urges, ran through Akane. She’d beaten Shampoo, and soon she’d do the same to all the other irritants in her life. Kodachi, Kuno, Uyko, even Ranma. She’d see them all bowing before her! But first, Akane had to deal with this Amazon.

Her Super Soba noodle had given her more than just super-strength. It had also given her a girl cock; a real bitch breaker. Akane was planning to use it on her rivals as the final humiliation. And since Shampoo had already disrobed herself…

Akane reached down and finished the job. Shampoo squealed as she was stripper, her qipao tearing in two. Still, she wasn’t out of the fight yet.

When Akane stood up to adjust her position, Shampoo took her chance. She crawled forward, trying to get away. It didn’t work, of course. All that happened was that Akane went back down, ending up in the position she wanted anyway.

Akane’s cock was poking out of her gi, rock hard from watching the hot, naked girl underneath her. She kicked Shampoo’s legs apart, and got a good look at her rival’s folds. They were already glistening with arousal.

“What kind of slut doesn’t wear underwear and gets wet from being pushed around?” Akane hissed in Shampoo’s ear.

Any response was cut off Akane entered her, her cock finding no resistance what so ever. Shampoo’s pussy was loose and welcoming, easily taking even as cock as big as Akane’s. Akane groaned. This was, obviously, her first time, and Shampoo’s pussy felt amazing. Hot and wet, a perfect combination.

Shampoo moaned, her face pressed into the dirt. Akane didn’t bother with finding Shampoo’s limits or setting a gentle pace. She fucked her hard, hips slamming against Shampoo as Akane viciously fucked her rival.

Soon, Shampoo was drooling from both ends, saliva and grool splattering into the dust. She was pushing back against Akane and grinding her hips from side to side. This wasn’t even the most submissive or humiliating time she’d been fucked, and she’d enjoyed that occasion too. There was no way she wouldn’t cum from getting pounded by an angry futa. Then it got even better for Shampoo.

Akane had had enough of Shampoo’s full, heart-shaped ass swaying around in front of her. Raising a hand, she swung down hard. The ripples that went through Shampoo’s rear at that were a delight to behold, and Akane decided to do it again.

Soon, every thrust from her cock was matched by a slap to Shampoo’s ass. Both girls were moaning at the feelings. Shampoo’s breasts, and her hard nipples, were being pressed into the dirt. Her body was a kaleidoscope of sensation, pleasure surging and sloshing through her. She shuddered as she came, clamping down around Akane’s cock.

A few minutes later, Akane came as well. Her grip tightened on Shampoo’s hips as she flooded her pussy with cum. Sticky semen dripped out of Shampoo and ran down her legs, mixing with the arousal already coating her thighs. Akane watched Shampoo scrabble in the dirt beneath her, trying to deal with the cum filling her.

This was just what she needed, Akane realized. A good fight, followed by a hard fuck. And in a minute or two, she’d be ready to go after her next rival.

I debated making a joke about limp noodles, but I’m better than that.



Usagi finds a couple of youma waiting for her not wanting her normal energy but her sexual energy, so she let's them spitroast her for fun.

Terrible Danger!

Usagi moaned. Getting spitroasted was pretty much as good as it got. The only thing better would having a third cock in her ass, or in between her tits. Or them talking sweetly to her, telling her what a good girl she was. Or tentacles. Usagi had always wanted to try out getting fucked by tentacles. Okay, so there were a lot more things better than getting spitroasted. But that didn’t mean Usagi disliked it!

On the contrary, Usagi had already come once, sandwiched between the two youma that had grabbed her. The way their cocks kept on plunging into her, their hands on her body, and the general excitement of getting fucked by nonhumans meant that Usagi’s first orgasm had come pretty quickly.

She could feel her next one coming, too. She kept on sucking the cock in her mouth, using her tongue and lips and pressure and all the other tricks she knew to make it as good for the youma as she could. Sure, they were enemies, but that didn’t mean Usagi had to give a bad blowjob! That would be, like, breaking the rules of hospitality or something.

Usagi could feel the two youma magically tugging at her, trying to drain her energy. She didn’t care, though. It would take a lot more than two low-grade youma to drain this girl of her sex drive! She stared up at the youma fucking her mouth. This one was built on a hairdryer theme, while the one pounding her ass looked like a sexy elf wearing a lipstick costume. They’d both jumped her fifteen minutes earlier while she’d been walking down an alley.

Usagi had been glad to see them. She’d been walking down dark back alleys for an hour and half already, waiting for somebody to notice her. That two somebodies, both with inhuman endurance had grabbed her, made it even better.

Now her full tits were swaying beneath her, her fat ass was getting spanked and Usagi was as happy as a pig in muck. She squeezed down on the cocks inside her, trying to get them to cum as soon as possible. She loved the feeling of cum inside her, that hot, thick stuff swirling around inside her.

An hour later, and Usagi was still having fun. The youma had switched places once or twice, but there was still a cock forcing its way down her throat and a dick splitting her pussy in two. As numbers had never been Usagi’s strong suit, she hadn’t bothered counting how many orgasms they’d all had, but she did know that cum was splattered on the concrete below her, and that she was only just getting started.

The youma, on the other hand, didn’t seem to be doing so good. They were shaking, and not in the fun way where the pleasure was overwhelming. No, they seemed exhausted and tired, which didn’t seem fair to Usagi. After all, they were the ones draining her energy, not vice versa! Was it too much to ask for her to find someone that could keep up with her?

Usagi pouted as the youma inside her cried out “Lovely!” and disintegrated. If even two monsters couldn’t handle her sex drive, who could?



If there's one undeniable law throughout all of both Beacon and the Grimm, is that Jaune is the one man who can fuck any girl in lust. Let's see who were his cocksleeves this month.

Jaune the Ladies’ Man

“I often think of Jaune as a cocksleeve, yes.” Pyrrha said.

She was wearing a tight corset, that pushed up her boobs. Jaune was stretched out below her, wearing a nightie. Pyrrha was hammering into his ass like a woman possessed, her cock appearing and disappearing about three times every two seconds.

Jaune was too busy biting his finger to keep from moaning to respond, so Pyrrha continued talking. As she did so, she moved one hand from his hip over to Jaune’s crotch. She massaged Jaune’s cock, gently rubbing the four inches that were tenting his panties.

“The way his ass grips down around me is something else. And of course, all the adorable sounds he makes when he’s getting fucked. And it’s not just me! All the ladies at Beacon like him.”

“Yeah!” Nora chimed in. She was slowly stroking her own dick, waiting for her turn. “Even if I don’t end up actually fucking Jaune, I still tease his ass, just to hear the noises he makes. Speaking of, Pyrrha, hurry up!” Nora smiled predatorily. “I’ve been horny all day, and I need somewhere to dump my cum.”

Pyrrha raised an eyebrow, not slowing her pace.

“Jaune does have two hands and a mouth as well, Nora. Why not use one of them?”

“Duhhhh,” Nora said, rolling her eyes. “Jaune needs his mouth to make all those whimpers and squeals as I fuck him.”

Pyrrha nodded. She had a point. Jaune made the most wonderful sounds when something was filling him. And it was good manners to share with her teammate.

“Alright, I’ll speed up. Now, where was I?” Pyrrha asked, turning back. “Ah yes, Jaune as a fucktoy.” She picked up the pace, hips slamming against Jaune as she fucked him into the bed.

“As I said, the ladies love him. And of course, he helps us out with Grimm too. Not fighting of course, he’s no good at that.” Pyrrha smiled down at Jaune, who blushed and looked away. “But he goes straight for the biggest Grimm on the field while we handle the rest. The Deathstalker or Nevermore or what have you barely even notices us, it’s so busy fucking Jaune. We clear the field and shoot it. Jaune won’t admit it,” she smiled tenderly down at him, as he covered his face with his hands, “but he likes the three of us to wait until it cums in him before that. The boy is just so addicted to feeling cocks cum in his ass.”

Pyrrha felt Jaune’s cock twitch underneath her hand. She looked down, smiling, as he came. A few thin spurts of cum turned the front of his panties into a sodden mess, the material turning transparent as Jaune’s cum soaked into them.

Pyrrha felt satisfied at the sight. Talking about his Grimm adventures never failed to excite Jaune, no matter how much he blushed and whimpered. Over the year they’d spent together, Pyrrha had learned all of Jaune’s weak spots, and used them relentlessly in bed. And he always kept on coming back for more.

“I do hope that answers your question. Jaune plays an important part with many women and Grimm.”



Trans Arkos: Jaune with a pussy, being fucked on his girlfriend Pyrrha's cock.

Tender Arkos

Pyrrha and Jaune both moaned as she slid into him. Every time they had sex, Pyrrha was reminded of just how wonderful her boyfriend felt. His pussy was warm and wet and tight, and the feeling of it wrapped around her cock was the best thing in the world. The second-best thing, actually. Looking into his eyes while they did it was really the best.

Pyrrha ran her hands up Jaune’s body. His abs were coming in, slowly but surely. Her fingers traced the faint outlines there, before moving on up. Her fingertips ghosted over Jaune’s binder, and she admired how well it kept his breasts contained. He could wear fairly tight shirts now, and there wasn’t any sign that he wasn’t as flat as any other boy.

Jaune returned the favor, moving his hands from Pyrrha’s hips. He loved playing with Pyrrha’s breasts, and insisted on taking weekly photos of them. They weren’t growing nearly quickly enough for Pyrrha’s satisfaction, but she had to admit, when she looked at the pictures, the growth was noticeable.

Pyrrha leaned down for a kiss. Jaune met her halfway, their lips joining together. Pyrrha thought Jaune was the best kisser on the planet, not that she had anything to compare him too. They had both given their virginities to each other, one night under the stars. It, of course, hadn’t been that physically satisfying for either of them, since neither know what they should be doing. But time, and practice, and some advice from Ren and Nora, had made Jaune and Pyrrha’s activities more and more enjoyable for both of them.

Jaune moaned as they broke their kiss, his head falling back to the pillow. He looked up at Pyrrha as if she was the most important thing in the world to him. It made Pyrrha warm inside in a way that mere sex never did. That someone as wonderful as Jaune looked at her like that, almost made Pyrrha want to start crying in happiness.

She buried her face in Jaune’s shoulder as she picked up her pace, fucking Jaune’s pussy faster and faster. Jaune clung to her, moaning as she filled him up again and again. His hands were warm against her back as he voiced his pleasure.

Pyrrha was pacing herself. She didn’t want to cum too soon, and have to wait to get hard again. Instead, she’d found that a good hard minute or two of fucking, then withdrawing for an equal amount of time worked best. In between, she and Jaune could explore each other’s bodies, or kiss, or play with each other, or any of the fun things that didn’t involve straight penetration.

As Pyrrha slowed down again, she looked back down at Jaune. She loved him, she really did. That they’d ended up partners was one of the best things to happen to her at Beacon.



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Ranma brings his slave Nabiki to a BDSM Ball for an evening of food, dancing and showing off the skills of well trained pets.

On Display

“Come on, don’t dawdle!”

Ranma tugged the leash in his hand. Nabiki stumbled after him, almost tripping in the eight inch heels she was wearing. They honestly weren’t the most extreme part of her outfit. That would probably be the leather hood that fully covered her face. Or perhaps the corset that pushed her boobs up. It was certainly more extreme than the leather thigh highs that covered her long legs. That those made up the entirety of her outfit wasn’t even worthy of comment.

In most places, someone wearing Nabiki’s outfit would have gotten a second, third and fourth glance, followed by a call to the police about indecent exposure. Here, the most attention it got was a bored glance. But, at a convention like this, a certain amount of acceptance towards nudity and leather was a basic requirement.

Case in point, Ranma and Nabiki passed a woman wearing a latex suit, with another woman on all fours crawling after her. It was a gathering of dominants and submissives, for the masters and mistresses to show off their subs. Ranma was taking Nabiki to the showroom, where she’d pose and demonstrate for the watching crowds.

Ranma threw a backwards glance at his fiancé. Nabiki was slowly walking down the hallway, carefully putting each foot in front of the other. With her eyes and ears covered, she was utterly dependent on Ranma guiding her through a safe path. Without him, she’d hurt herself, running into benches or tripping over her own feet. And that was the way both of them liked it.

It had taken a while for Ranma to understand Nabiki. It had all clicked when he figured out why she was always running a string of petty cons and blackmail. She was acting out, hoping that someone would punish her. It wasn’t even at the level of surface thought, but Ranma had watched her, and thought about, and talked with Doctor Tofu and Cologne, and finally pieced it together. Now, several months later, Ranma provided Nabiki with a firm, guiding hand and discipline. And it worked. Nabiki wasn’t selling risqué photos of her sister, or selling secrets, or any of the many things she did beforehand. It was like she was a new, better, woman.

Ranma led Nabiki through the double doors into the main room of the convention. There were already a dozen men and women up on the display stands, doing whatever it was they and their masters thought best showed them off. One woman, naked except for body paint, was impaled on a pair of dildoes, that were rapidly fucking her mouth and pussy. Another was wearing a pair of heels even higher than Nabiki’s and doing a dance around a stripper pole.

Were Ranma a different person, he would feel doubt on whether people would think Nabiki was the most interesting sub here. He knew she was, but would others? But that wasn’t the proper attitude for the heir of the Combined Schools of Anything Goes Martial Arts. He led Nabiki over to an empty stand.

Helping her climb up onto it, he whispered some instructions to her. Then he stepped back, giving her the space she’d need. Nabiki stood there for a minute, slightly swaying back and forth. Then, she did the only demonstration possible for a daughter of a martial artist who was engaged to another martial artist. She started doing katas.

Nobody in the room had ever seen a woman dressed like that going through martial art forms. One by one, people trickled over to watch Nabiki run through some basic Tai Chi moves. Ranma, swelling with pride, was happy to talk to them, and explain the exact details of what Nabiki was doing.

Nabiki wasn’t able to see or hear the small crowd gathered in front of her, but, somehow, she could sense it. Ranma could tell by the way dew was starting to gather along her folds. He had the perfect spot to look at her crotch, in front of the stand. She always did enjoy showing her body off. Ranma remembered that orange spandex outfit she wore to exercise. A pity it had gotten torn one time when he was feeling impatient.

As Nabiki slowly raised one leg over her head, showing her pussy off to the entire room, Ranma smiled. He’d made the right choice, getting engaged to her.

I got a prompt for a fic lit. A sequel to New Tastes that you posted in the Worm thread. Skitter joins the Wards and MM recognizes her as the slut from the Futa bar. Taylor then teaches Vista the joys of fucking girl-day with Hannah's help.

Newer Tastes


Missy grip tightened on Taylor’s hand as she groaned. Taylor was watching her new, young teammate with great interest. It wasn’t every day you saw a veteran three years younger than you take a futa’s cock, after all.

Both Taylor and Missy were on the bar inside Taylor’s new favorite watering hole. Missy was bent over it, her legs hanging down. Taylor was on her back, legs spread apart. They were both completely naked, except for some cum splattered on their bodies.

The women in the bar had been most interested in Taylor, some of them grabbing her as soon as she had come in. Taylor had welcomed their attention, had welcomed being stripped and pressed between mature, muscular bodies. Missy had been a lot more hesitant, but had come around once one of the women had knelt down in front of her. Apparently, she’d never been eaten out before. Taylor wished she could have seen the look on her new friend’s face when she was made to cum for the first time by someone else, but she’d been busy giving blowjobs to two blonde twins.

At least she’d gotten some orgasms out of it. The twins had waited until their cocks were rock hard, and then picked Taylor up and slammed her down on their dicks. She’d screamed out in pleasure, feeling her ass and pussy get railed. She’d lost sight of Missy after that, only finding her again after they were both tossed on the bar, cum leaking out of their holes and semen spreading on their skin.

They’d gotten a whole two minutes to breath before someone stepped up to start fucking them again. Taylor’s bedroom eyes, or at least her attempt at them, hadn’t worked, and the woman concentrated on Missy. Taylor could see the attraction, admittedly. A small frame, tits that were even smaller than her own, and an innocent face that begged for defilement.

Taylor watched in rapt fascination as the woman in front of her pushed into Missy. It was the same Middle Eastern lady that had been so taken with Taylor her first time at the bar. Taylor figured she had a thing for younger girls. She squeezed Missy’s hand as the woman pushed herself in, her fat cock separating Missy’s tight pussy.

Missy turned her head around to get a look at the woman fucking her. Taylor was happy to see a look of unexpected pleasure on her teammate’s face as she peered backwards.


Taylor raised an eyebrow as Missy started to say something, but cut herself off. Why had she done that? And the woman fucking her, had that twitch been her shaking her head, or just a random movement? Taylor ran it over in her mind, even as her head was pulled back and a thick cock slapped against her face.

Absentmindedly sucking on it, Taylor thought the situation over. Then it came to her, like a lightning bolt out of the blue. That woman was Miss Militia. Taylor had never seen her out of costume, she hadn’t been part of the Wards long enough. But Missy, Vista, had. She must know Miss Militia by sight, and was shocked to see her in a futa bar, pounding the hell out of two girls. That… was really hot, Taylor decided. The thought of the second most important superhero in Brockton Bay, fucking her underage subordinate.

Taylor gurgled as the cock in her mouth became the cock down her throat. And then she felt something brushing against her other set of lips. It was thick, and hard, and warm, and Taylor welcomed it. Lifting her head, she could just barely make out Miss Militia standing in front of her. Then her cock entered Taylor’s pussy, and an explosion went off in Taylor’s mind.

Miss Militia set up a pattern, switching between Taylor and Missy every dozen or so strokes. Soon both girls were whining in frustration, neither able to get a really good groove going in such a short amount of time. Taylor at least could concentrate on giving the best blowjob possible to the stranger in her mouth, but poor Missy had nothing to distract her, just the building pleasure abruptly yanked away as her partner switched to another pussy.

Who could have thought a superheroine could be so cruel?

Futa!Yang and Weiss unknowingly fucking through a glory hole

Schnee Glory

Yang bit her lip as soft lips enveloped her cock. She felt the warm mouth slide down her shaft, until they couldn’t go any further. There was a pause of a few seconds as a skilled tongue worked over Yang’s dick, and then the mouth started going back up.

Yang didn’t know who was on the other side of the graffiti covered wall, but they knew what they were doing. Yang didn’t even bother masturbating anymore, since she could just pop over to this quiet corner of Beacon, and get a world class blowjob. The Angel of Glory, as they called themselves on a number of discreet signs around campus, was there more afternoons, and more than ready to service any cock that came through the holes surrounding their cubicle.

Yang did wish there was something to besides just stand there facing the wall, though. Maybe a poster, or something, of some girl getting fucked hard. Anything besides a formerly white wall now covered with misspelled graffiti.

Yang stood still, letting her personal angel work her cock. Yang enjoyed blowjobs, though their ass and hands were also pretty sweet. Her hands curled into fists as the stranger bobbed up and down, their tongue wrapping around Yang’s cock. She didn’t know how much more of this she could take. They were very skilled, which made sense.

Every one with a dick seemed to know about this place, students, teachers, and staff. Yang had once shared a session with Professor Goowitch, the two of them standing side by side as the Angel of Glory alternated between their cocks. Yang had thought about asking the professor for some ‘private studytime’ afterwards, but an ice cold glance from Goodwitch had put that idea down. Yang still liked the idea though, sometimes imagining that Glynda was the one in the gloryhole, sucking her cock dry. Those boobs, and those legs, and that ass… It was a hot image.

Yang groaned, her forehead knocking against the wall as she came. Her dick pulsed inside that warm mouth, shooting load after load of cum. Whoever was on the other side didn’t budge an inch, keeping their mouth locked in place. Yang could tell they were swallowing her cum, and the thought of it was so hot.

Weiss sat back, licking her lips. She had no way to figure out what cocks belonged to which people, but she did have her favorite dicks. And that one was one of the best. Big, clean, and with lots of tasty cum to play with.

Sometimes Weiss got a facial from it, or made sure it shot down her throat, or gave her a creampie. There were tons of things to do with a load of cum, and Weiss enjoyed them all. She sat back on her heels, waiting for the next patron to arrive. She mused over what she would do with their cum. She was thinking she would give a blowjob and then, right as they started to cum, pulling out and having them unload onto her tits. Weiss loved the feeling of hot, sticky cum, running over her skin.

Weiss had learned a lot of things at Beacon. She’d learned how to become a Huntress, she’d learned that she didn’t really want to be the heiress to the SDC… And she’d learned that she loved dicks and cum.

School taught her all kinds of things.

Enabler Shower

Ruby closed her eyes and lifted her head, letting the hot water wash over her. She was alone in the shower cubicle. It had been a long day, and the hot water running over her body felt good. It would have been even better if she’d been sharing it with a cute girl, but, honestly, that wasn’t much more than a idle daydream.

Classes and sparring and fucking Weiss, Pyrrha, Velvet and Nora took it out of a girl. Ruby was wondering if she should turn in early tonight, go to sleep with Blake giving her a soft blowjob.

Ruby looked up as she heard the door to the shower room open. She could hear footsteps echoing on the tile, and wondered what to do. If it was a guy coming in to perv on the women’s shower, she’d be sending him through the wall head first. But If it was a girl, maybe Ruby had time for a quickie before bed.

Ruby’s thoughts switched to Other when the source of the footsteps was revealed. Yang poked her head through the shower curtains. She was scowling, but Yang usually looked like that if there was a chance of her hair getting wet.

“Hey Yang. What’s up?”

Ruby didn’t really care about being naked in front of her sister. They’d taken baths together as kids, and seen every inch of each other then. That had stopped in recent years, but Ruby held out hope that, if she was naked, then Yang might be also, and give Ruby a good long look at a hot, hot body.

“Ruby, do you know what I’ve been doing all day?”

“Uh, class?” Ruby had no idea where this was going.

“I’ve been cleaning up after you! I had to drag Weiss to the showers, get Pyrrha to class and call Coco to come pick up her girlfriend. I haven’t had a moment to myself since I woke up, and it’s all because of you! I’m tired of it Ruby. You need to learn some control, or else.”

Ruby scowled and crossed her arms. This wasn’t the kind of naked conversation she wanted to have with Yang.

“You’re not my mom, Yang. If it’s wrong of me to do this, Professor Goodwitch would have said something.”

Yang’s eyes narrowed at the obvious logical error, and she opened her mouth. Then she closed it again, and drew her head back out, disappearing behind the curtains. Ruby felt the how water pounding against her back as she stared in puzzlement. Then Yang stepped back through the curtains.

She was just as naked as Ruby, and the reaper couldn’t stop herself from gawking. Her sister was even more beautiful then she’d thought. Long, muscular limbs, full lips, large breasts, big hips, she was a perfect example of feminine beauty. Ruby felt her cock come to life, but she couldn’t bring herself to hide her appreciation from Yang.

“Ruby, I’m going to have to teach you a lesson.”

She didn’t seem to notice Ruby’s growing hard-on, and in a few swift motions, had Ruby bent over her lap and staring at the shower floor.

“I’ve never thought I’d have to do this to you, but you aren’t giving me a choice, Ruby.”

Ruby yelped as a burst of pain exploded in her rear. Yang was spanking her! The indignity of it made her squirm, trying to slip out of her sister’s grip. It was all for naught, though. Yang was much too strong, and in too good of a position.

Ruby writhed around as she was spanked, Yang’s hand alternating between her cheeks. This had the side effect of grinding her crotch against the soft skin of Yang’s thighs.

Ruby wouldn’t have thought she could get hard in a situation like this, but soon her hard cock was pressed between her stomach and Yang’s leg, even as her sister spanked her. Ruby could distantly see what Pyrrha loved about being bent across Ruby’s lap and spanked, but, for her, the only appealing part was getting to grind against Yang.

Finally, Ruby decided she’d had enough. She belonged on top, darn it! Just because she was small and petite and cute didn’t mean she wasn’t a dom at heart. She just needed a chance.

Ruby got it when Yang stopped spanking her. Yang must have finally started to wonder about what that hard, hot, big thing pressed against her thigh was. When Yang flipped her over to check, Ruby took her chance.

Ruby rolled out of Yang’s lap, landing on the shower tiles. Yang wasted time gawking at the thick rob jutting out of Ruby’s crotch. She only came back to reality when Ruby wrapped her hands around it. Yang tried to jerk back, but just hit the shower wall.

“Ruby, what are you doing?”

“I’m not doing anything!” Ruby said in an outrageous lie. “You’re just giving your little sister a handjob.”

Yang stared down in shock as Ruby used her hands to masturbate. Ruby knew how she liked her handjobs, and was making sure Yang used just the right mix of speed and firmness to make Ruby feel really good. It also heled that Yang’s body was a treat for the eyes. She was more than just a treat, really, she was an outright feast.

Ruby’s hungry gaze ran over her sister’s body. Those full, heavy breasts, that wet, glistening skin, those soft lips, that bouncy blonde hair… Her sister was perfect.

Ruby let go of Yang’s hands. She was thrilled when Yang kept on moving for a few seconds, before gliding to a halt. Yang blinked, her lilac eyes, shifting from side to side.

“Ruby, no, this, this is wrong.” She sounded confused and unsure, and Ruby pushed her advantage.

“Come on, Yanggg,” Ruby whined. “Don’t you want to know why everyone else likes me?” Like was an unusual word to describe her harem of cock-addicted girls, but Ruby didn’t care to quibble over semantics.

“Come on,” Ruby repeated, thrusting her hips forward.

Yang was still staring at her little sister’s big cock as it hovered a few inches in front of her face. She hesitantly raised a hand back up, but paused before she actually touched Ruby. She looked up, eyebrows furrowing.

“We’re, we’re not actually having sex, understand? I’m just helping my sister out.”

Ruby nodded, smiling on the outside and cheering on the inside. She could accept that phrasing. And really, was a titjob actually sex? Glynda didn’t think so and she was an adult.

“Sure thing, Yang!” Ruby chirped, pushing herself forward.

Yang took a deep breath and grabbed Ruby. Ruby moaned, feeling her sister’s fingers wrap around her. Yang obviously had some experience giving handjobs, since she moved her hands quickly, but without letting her grip go slack.

Hot water beat down on the two of them as Yang kneeled in front of Ruby. Getting a handjob was about as vanilla as you could get, but the fact that it was Ruby’s beloved older (hot) sister doing it made it just as sweet as a blowjob from Coco.

Ruby closed her eyes, concentrating on the sensations coming from her dick. The warm water helped Yang’s hands glide over her, those strong fingers going from head to base, the sure grip covering every inch of her cock… Ruby loved it, though not half as much as she loved her sister.

Ruby opened her eyes, and looked down. Yang was flushed from the more than just the heat of the shower. The tip of her tongue poked out from between her lips as she stared at Ruby’s dick.

The sight of Yang’s intent look was enough to push Ruby over the edge. She groaned, and grabbed Yang’s head, fingers curling in her hair. Her dick pulsed in Yang’s hands before it came.

Thick jets of cum shot out and landed on Yang. The blonde gasped and jerked back as semen splattered on her breasts. Ruby had a lot more cum stored up than that, though, and more and more was pumped out. Soon most of Yang’s chest was covered in semen. Yang traced a shaking finger through the cum, leaving a line that was soon obscured by water flowing over it.

Ruby, panting for breath, thought her sister looked hotter than ever. And it wasn’t as if only one orgasm had ever been enough to satisfy Ruby Rose. Her dick was still hard, and she intended to use it.

“Hey, Yang. Want to find out what it tastes like?”

Prompt: Mami, pregnant with Kyoko's child, and constantly horny since Kyoko left her, goes up to the roof to masturbate but gets it erupted by Homura, who happens to have exactly what Mami needs: a nice big futa cock.

Expectant Cravings

Mami moaned, feeling the cool night air moving her naked body. She was horny, and desperately needed relief.

Mami hadn’t expected this heightened arousal to be a side effect of pregnancy, but here she was. It was a kind of torture, really, feeling that fire in her belly that she was unable to quench. Unable to quench alone, at least. Kyouko could work wonder using her dick; she could leave Mami a panting, mewling mess of pink and happiness. But Kyouko was gone. She’d left for three days to try and reconcile with her grandparents, leaving Mami all alone except for the baby she’d put in Mami’s belly.

That, and a needy desire that had been growing inside Mami since she waved goodbye to Kyouko at the train station. It was a desire Mami couldn’t take care of herself. Fingers did nothing to help get her relief. The only thing that could satisfy Mami was a big hard cock fucking her.

It had been two long, tortuous days since Kyouko left, and Mami felt like she was going to explode. She was consonantly rubbing her legs together, feeling the damp heat building in her core. Her fat nipples, sitting on top of swollen breasts, were always hard. And Mami found it hard to think about anything other than relief. Sweet, sweet relief, with a giant dick plunging into her depths again and again as Mami shook and moaned…

Mami gasped at the thought, her hand useless rubbing her pussy, fingers slipping into her sodden folds. She knew she couldn’t cum from this, but she still kept on trying.

Mami jerked forward, her bulging belly pressing against the balcony railing. This was what she was reduced to. Standing outside, naked, and hoping the cool air would calm her down, even as she kept on masturbating. She could feel the arousal running down her thighs, and knew it would take a lot more than a cold shower for her.

Suddenly, a warm hand pressed against Mami’s back. She squeaked in surprise as she stumbled forward. Turning around, she Homura Akemi standing there. The younger girl dispassionately looked over Mami’s naked figure.

Her gaze was dispassionate, but the rest of her body wasn’t. Mami’s breath caught in her throat as she saw the tent forming in Homura’s skirt. Licking her lips, Mami swallowed nervously. Was this the relief she was looking for?

“A-Akemi-san. Can I help you?”

It was important to Mami to still be the cool sempai, even when she was naked, flustered and dripping wet.

Homura ran her eyes up and down Mami’s pregnant figure.

“It seems you need my help,” she said in a cool tone.

Mami flushed, but couldn’t bring herself to deny it. She had amazing memories of Homura’s cock from the last time her juniors had ganged up on her, fucking her again and again with four huge cocks. She shuddered at the memory. She needed that amazing, wonderful dick back inside her, right now.

“Would you like to come inside?” Mami asked, gesturing to the balcony door behind Homura. The innuendo flew over the heads of both of them.

Homura nodded silently, and stepped aside. After a moment of hesitation, Mami went inside, Homura close behind her. As soon as the patio doors shut behind them, Homura was on Mami.

Mami gasped, feeling something warm and hard pressing against her ass. Even better, Homura’s hands were on her breasts, squeezing and groping them. Mami staggered forward, leaning over a chair as Homura molested her.

This was what Mami needed. Warm hands playing with her, and a hard cock to follow it up with. Mami pushed back, grinding her ass against Homura. The dour girl hissed between her teeth as she played with Mami’s nipples.

Milk trickled out, and Mami gasped in mingled relief and surprise. At times, when Kyouko had been feeling particularly mouthy, she’d compared Mami’s breasts to udders. And now, that was truer than ever. Mami would have to buy some cow print lingerie before Kyouko came home.

Later, though. Right now, all Mami needed was that hard dick prodding against her butt.

Chapter Text





I wouldn't mind seeing a spin off of that prompt fill, where Jaune 'tackles' the largest Grimm on the field and everyone waits until he's done :)

Jaune Contributing to the Fight

Jaune drooled into the grass. His ass felt so good! The Ursa crouched over him kept on hammering into him, its huge cock pressing against his prostate with every thrust. Around him, the rest of the team was fighting, clearing out Grimm by the handful.

Jaune saw half of a Beowolf fly by, before hitting a tree trunk hard enough to leave a dent. He saw it, but didn’t much care. That wasn’t his fight. Pyrrha, Nora and Ren would handle those lesser Grimm with ease, but he had to focus on keeping the Ursa Major contained.

He was certainly doing a good job of it. The Ursa had been fucking him for what seemed like hours now. Jaune’s cock had gotten hard, came in his panties, gotten soft, and gotten hard again. And still the Ursa hadn’t cum. It hadn’t flooded his ass with a wave of hot, sticky cum, filling him up and driving him into the mother of all orgasms…

Jaune shuddered, his dick forming a small tent in his panties at the thought. Grimm fucked him in a way his team just couldn’t. A raw, brutal way that left him ass up and wanting more. It had long since stopped being hard for him to help in the fights.

It was rare for Grimm to be interested in fucking guys. Usually they liked girls, knocking them to the ground and tearing off their clothes and fucking them with their animal dicks until they looked pregnant from the cum pumped into them. But there were ways to change that.

Pyrrha had put Jaune on a training regimen to make him the best huntsman he could be. It was an unorthodox method, with an unusual end goal, but Jaune knew he was benefitting from it. His hair was getting long and silky, his body was filling out in all the right ways. He looked more feminine every week, and people and Grimm noticed.

Today, in fact, it had really payed off. The Ursa had made a beeline for him as soon it saw him. Jaune had welcomed it, turning around and bending over. His clothes had been stripped off with a single swipe of that massive paw, and he’d been mounted in moments.

While the rest of JNPR killed the lesser Grimm, Jaune got to do the fun part. His sensitive chest was dragged against the ground as he got fucked. His hands formed fists in the grass as he fought to keep from moaning in pleasure. His four inch long cock seemed unbearably sensitive against his silk panties. Jaune was having the time of his life, and would be taken to heaven as soon as the Ursa came inside him.

To Jaune’s horror, he saw Pyrrha walking towards him and the Ursa. She stood right in front of them, but the Ursa didn’t even snarl at her. It was too absorbed fucking Jaune’s girly rear to notice. It didn’t even react when Pyrrha placed her rifle to its head and pulled the trigger.

The Ursa slumped over, pinning Jaune beneath its rapidly dissolving corpse. After a minute, it was light enough for Jaune to get out from under it. He turned to Pyrrha, pouting. He knew he had a good pout, the makeup he used every day made him look very cute.

“Why did you do that, Pyrrha? It was about to cum in me!”

Just like that, a successful mission turned to ashes in Jaune’s mouth. It was an example of how fast success could turn to failure.




Out of team RWBY, who lasted the longest while naked in Emerald Forest surrounded by Grimm?


“This girl, right here!” Yang said, smirking and pointing both fingers at herself.

She hurriedly returned her hands back to the Grimm cocks she was jacking off. Frankly, it would be nicer if they were in her mouth, but she couldn’t talk and give blowjobs at the same time.

“Yeah, Rubes and Weiss do their best, but they just aren’t up to my level. They’re so tiny, you know? A single Ursa or Alpha Beowolf is enough to leave them out of it. They just can’t take anything bigger.”

Yang bit off a moan as a Creep knocked her forward. With her rear now invitingly presented, it lifted itself up. The Grimm’s bulbous cock had no trouble piercing Yang’s wet folds. It quickly set up a rhythm, rocking back and forth, sliding in and out. Yang closed her eyes and pushed back against it, grinning.

“Oh, yeah, baby.” Her eyes opened up and she shook her head. “And Blake, she’s good. Not as good as me, but – ah!” A shiver ran through her entire body as the Creep’s balls brushed against her clit. “She’s good. But, at the end of the day, there’s girls who were born to be a Grimm slut, and girls who weren’t.”

Yang was momentarily cut off as one of the Beowolves she was giving a handjob to came. Its cum splattered across her cheek and some landed in her open mouth. Yang closed her mouth and swallowed, a grin tugging her lips upward. She smacked her lips together and provocatively stuck her tongue out to lick up a strand across her lips.

“Where was I? Oh yeah, I’m a natural slut for Grimm. I can take them on for hour after hour. Beowolves, Nevermores, Ursas, whatever. I’ll open my legs for any of them. Blake, though?” Yang shook her head in sadness. “She just can’t hack it. She gives her damndest, but she just can’t find the balance where you’re loving the dicks, but not completely cock drunk.”

Yang’s eyes crossed as a plume of white blossomed in her rear. The Creep was a quickshot, and had already cum. Yang’s legs pushed against the ground as she dealt with the hot cum flooding her ass. Arousal ran down her legs and onto the grass as she had a small orgasm. After a few minutes of panting, she started talking again.

“See? I can keep on getting cumshots all day long. You’ve just got to have the knack for Grimm fucking.” Yang scooped a line of cum off her cheek and licked it up. “I’ve left Grimm lying on the ground quivering, while I try to get them up just one more time.

Further insights on Yang’s ideas of how to fuck Grimm were cut off. A Minotaur had grabbed her, and was seeing how far down her throat it could fit her cock. Yang gave a thumbs up and winked as her neck bulged.

The rest of Team RWBY was scattered across the clearing. Blake was pinned under a Ursa Major, obviously trying to not enjoy the cock spearing her pussy. Weiss and Ruby were sloppily making out with each other as they were fucked by two Beowolves. It was obvious Yang was right. She was the only member left who still had higher thought processes going on.




Promot: Rachel uses Taylor as a bitch for her dogs.

Dominance Display

Taylor’s hands and knees were pressed against the cold concrete. That wasn’t the most uncomfortable part of her situation, though. That had to be the weight of the dog on top of her. The German Shepard had to weigh close to a hundred pounds, and almost all of that was resting on her back.

Taylor stifled a moan as the dog shifted position. The change drove his cock even deeper into her. It started fucking her again, its furry belly smacking against her ass as its front paws straddled her head. With every thrust, she could feel the dog’s knot pressing against her lower lips.

Taylor hated that arousal was dripping from her. It was so disgusting and degrading that she liked being fucked by dogs. But how could she control her body? It liked being a dog’s cumdump. Her virginal walls being forced apart, the hairy balls slapping against her clit, even the submissive act of being underneath something. Her body was the body of an animal-fucking slut, and it loved it.

Looking up, Taylor could see Rachel watching her, a cold sneer on her face. The stocky woman had her arms folded as she watched one of her pack fuck Taylor. Other dogs surrounded her; some lying down, some watching Taylor, some sniffing at their pack leader. Taylor moaned as she saw red, hard cocks poking out from the bellies of at least three more dogs.

“I call myself Bitch, but I’d never let my dogs fuck me.” She nudged Taylor with a boot. “I’m a bitch in name, but you’re a bitch in body.” The first smile Taylor had ever seen on Rachel’s face made a brief, fleeting appearance. “I guess there’s a Bitch on top and a bitch on the bottom.”

Taylor screamed in orgasm as the dog’s knot finally entered her. Nothing could have prepared her for this. Her pussy was being split in two as the dog forced himself inside. She sobbed in ecstasy as another orgasm washed over her. The way her pussy felt was indescribable.

Then he started to cum. Taylor scrabbled at the concrete floor, trying to cope with the semen flooding her pussy. It was her first ever creampie, and it was coming from a dog. The hot semen filled up what little of her pussy wasn’t crammed with the dog’s cock. Taylor’s body quivered as she shamefully enjoyed the feeling.

Taylor moaned, feeling the dog turn away. His cock was still buried in her pussy, and the knot didn’t feel like it was deflating. How long would it stay inside her, she wondered? And how many times would she have to do it? There were still a lot more dogs in Bitch’s pack.

“Brutus, mount!”

Taylor looked up as Rachel pointed to her. Brutus walked forward, his big cock hanging down as he padded over. He stopped right next to Taylor, and sniffed her. He could obviously smell that she was a bitch in heat, and his doggy dick waggled in excitement.

“Taylor, open!”

Taylor flushed at Rachel commanding her like one of her dogs, but couldn’t refuse. She opened her mouth, tongue hanging out. Brutus reared up on his back two legs, and took a few unsteady steps forward. He quickly fell down, but it had been enough. His cock was in Taylor’s mouth. She started sucking, doing her best attempt at a blowjob.

Already Taylor could feel Brutus’s knot swelling. She knew that soon she’d be tied to doggy dick at both ends. Her pussy gushed a bit at the thought.




Usagi heads to party at Mardi Gras, basically getting gangbanged in public the entire time.

Party Time

Usagi didn’t know the name of the girl she was making out with. But she also didn’t care. The girl was hot and Usagi was horny, and that was enough for her. The girl was also a pretty good kisser. Their lips and tongues met, pressing against each other as they kissed.

Finally, Usagi broke the kiss, needing some air in her lungs. The nighttime air rejuvenated her as it played across her body. Usagi didn’t know where her shirt had gone, and her skirt was so skimpy it was more like a belt. She still had more clothes on than most of the women around her.

For that matter, most of the women around her were taking more cock than her. She could see one girl, only a few years older than Usagi, taking care of five cocks at once. It kind of made Usagi feel inadequate, since she was only getting fucked by one dick right now.

Usagi’s incipient pout was washed away as the hot chick she was making out with leaned in for another kiss. Usagi moaned into her mouth, feeling the man behind her pick up the pace as he watched two cute girls make out in front of him.

He showed his appreciation by slapping Usagi’s ass. Her fat rear jiggled under the impact, rippling most appealingly. There was another guy behind the girl Usagi was kissing. He was fucking her, too. Usagi, giggling as she was fucked, kissed and spanked, reached out to grab her new friend’s boobs. She pouted as she found the second guy was already there, making the girl squeak and squeal as her breasts and nipples were played with.

Some guy, buck naked except for a pair of tennis shoes, came wandering up. His very large cock looked like it was as hard as rock, and jutted out from his crotch like an iron bar. Usagi licked her lips at the thought of her getting to play with it.

The man stuck his cock right in between Usagi and her girlfriend’s faces. He obviously wanted a blowjob, and Usagi couldn’t think of a reason to say no. Then he sweetened the offer by pouring half a bottle of champagne over his dick. Usagi quickly leaned in, eager to see if she could get drunk off sucking cock.

After five minutes of caressing the stranger’s cock and balls, Usagi was reluctantly forced to admit that, no, you couldn’t get drunk like that. You might get a light buzz, but Usagi had no idea if her giddiness had come from the champagne or any of the other sources available.

Like the guy fucking her pussy. He was speeding up, and his spanking was keeping time. Usagi was moaning around the heavy ball in her mouth as she felt her own orgasm approaching. She ground her hips against him, eager for just that much more stimulation. A hand flew from in between her girlfriend’s thighs to her own breasts, pinching a nipple.

Usagi came hard, squeezing down around the cock inside her. She heard a muffled curse, as that did the trick for him. Usagi moaned, low and sultry as his dick erupted inside her. She could feel hot cum flooding her, filling up her unprotected cunt. Even before the last tremors of orgasm had died down, Usagi was stepping up he blowjob game. She wanted a facial to match the creampie.

Her new friend moaned, and Usagi could tell she was cumming too. Usagi smiled at her, as the two of them ran their tongue’s down the cock of the man in between them. Usagi eagerly eyed his large, heavy balls. It would be great when he came on them, she could tell.

Usagi thought every night should be a party night.




I'm terrible at coming up with prompts, but I figure that previous anon needs more Homura content. So, Sayaka notices that Homura (futa for this) is trying and failing at hiding how horny she is. Being the hero of justice that she is, she decides to help out.

A Hero of Justice

“It’s not like I like you or anything! Jeez,” Sayaka said, looking away. “It’s just that as an ally of justice, it’s my job to take care of people. Even people like you, transfer student.”

Homura narrowed her eyes. She could do without the commentary. If Sayaka would just shut up and concentrate on the handjob, it would be so much better. In fact, if Sayaka went away and was replaced by Madoka that would be good.

Homura’s tights had been pulled down, exposing a expanse of creamy white skin. From in between them, her smooth cock jutted out. Sayaka had one hand pumping up and down along it, as she stared down, biting her lip in concentration.

“Geez, do how did you even get this hard? I know Kyosuke doesn’t act like this, and he’s a gentleman.”

Homura stopped herself from saying why she thought Kyosuke wouldn’t get aroused by Sayaka, and contented herself with the first half of Sayaka’s complaint.

“I’m surrounded by fit, attractive girls every day, all of whom wear clothes that bare skin. Of course I’m aroused.”

Homura was proud of herself that she kept a level tone as she talked, even as Sayaka’s handjob started to feel really good.

“Humph. At least you can recognize talent and beauty when you see it,” Sayaka said, running a hand through her hair.

“Was I talking about you?” Homura demonstrated how to do a real hair flip, far better than the weak one Sayaka had just done.

Sayaka glared at Homura, her pumping stopping. She applied a bit more pressure than felt good as she stared at Homura.

“Listen, I’m doing this as a favor for you, understand? I just can’t stand to see you going around with your thing all hard and poking out. It’s indecent.”

Homura didn’t apologize, but she also didn’t say anything else. After a minute spent glaring at each other, Sayaka started her handjob back up. Homura had no idea where she learned how to give handjobs, especially if Kyosuke was as uninterested in her as she implied. Homura also didn’t really care. So long as Sayaka kept on doing what she was doing, that was good enough for her.

In fact, Sayaka’s handjob was feeling better and better. Homura started to squirm, and her composure crack as Sayaka continued. If Sayaka noticed, she didn’t comment. Instead, she just kept up her one handed assault on Homura’s dick.


Homura grunted out a warning as the pleasure inside her peaked. Sayaka looked up, confusion on her face.

“Now what? If-!”

She made a wordless sound as Homura came. Several white jets shot up into the air, before coming down to land on Sayaka’s hand and Homura’s skirt. Homura threw her head back, panting as her feet kicked against the floor.

Sayaka was staring down at her cum-stained hand in shock. Homura watched her, wondering what she would. She wouldn’t mind if Sayaka ate her cum, though it would look hotter on Kyouko. To her disappointment, Sayaka just wiped it off on a tissue. She turned back to Homura, looking unnecessarily superior.

“There! Now do you see how an ally of justice is superior, transfer student?”

Chapter Text




RWBY Prompt; Nora explains why pancakes are in fact better than sex. In lurid (and amusing) detail at the cafeteria table with teams JNPR and RWBY.

Correct Priorities

“Oh yeah, pancakes are way better than sex!”

Nora’s voice filled the crowded cafeteria. She didn’t seem to notice, or care at the sea of faces turned her way as she expounded on her point. Team RWBY as well as Jaune and Pyrrha, though, were intently aware of the attention being directed to them. Jaune tried to make shushing motions with his hands, but Nora kept on talking.

“First of all, people don’t get mad when you talk about pancakes in public. One time, Ren and I were riding a bus, and I was telling him all about what I was going to do to him that night. I’d just started describing the lotion I was going to use when we were kicked off! If I’d been talking about pancakes, that wouldn’t have happened.”

Six sets of eyes flicked over to Ren. He was bent over his soup bowl, seemingly not hearing a word.

“Also, it’s better at the end of a long day. If I’m tired and try to have sex, either two things happen.” Nora was illustrating her points with wild motions of her hands, almost hitting Pyrrha as she tried to stop her teammate from talking. “Either I have a good session, and I’m sleepy and want to go to bed, or I have a bad session, and get all grumpy.” She nodded to Jaune, who couldn’t bring himself to meet her gaze. “Hey, Jaune, remember when I threw that vibrator at you? That was because you ruined my orgasm.”

“You gave me a black eye! You said it was a back massager!” Jaune looked down at his hands like they were covered in filth.

“And I said I was sorry,” Nora said, waving it off. “Anyways, if I have pancakes instead, then I have a bunch more energy. Then, maybe, I’ll have sex with Ren, or go lift some weights, or something.”

All four members of Team RWBY were trying to decide whether it would attract less attention to stand up and walk away, or slide beneath the table. They were all as red as Ruby’s cloak, and Yang was wondering if she could take the cloak off her sister and hide underneath it.

“Point three.” Nora said, raising three fingers. “I can eat a lot of pancakes in the same time it would take Ren to cum from a blowjob.” That finally got a reaction from Ren. He looked up from his meal, his eyes wild and desperate.

“Rennie can make about two dozen pancakes in about as long as it takes for me to get him off, which would leave me really full. But even if he’s been saving up for days, his semen just wouldn’t fill me up.”

Ren was frantically shaking his head, but Nora didn’t notice or didn’t care. Their friends were glancing between the two of them, Blake with a faintly considering look. All the while, Nora kept on talking.

“I mean, we’ve tried to combine the two, but the maple syrup just stuck to my breasts and felt awful once it dried. And the batter even got on all the ceiling. And when-”

Most of Team RWBY and JNPR had never been so relieved to see Professor Goodwitch as they were when she swept down the aisle, coming for Nora. She didn’t notice even when Goodwitch was standing right in front of her, tapping her riding crop against her arm. She only stopped talking when, after several requests for quiet went unnoticed and unheeded, Goodwitch slapped a glowing purple gag on Nora.

As Professor Goodwitch escorted the struggling Nora out, six pairs of eyes swung back to Ren. His gaze flicked around rapidly before he stood up.

“Please excuse me, I need to go help Nora.”

He ran away from the cafeteria with indecent haste.





Prompt: Fuck it, something with tentacles.

Rexheller’s Request

Korra gasped as she was swept up into the air. She shot off some fire lances, but couldn’t connect with the green vines that had grabbed her legs. She thrashed about, trying to get out of the tentacles winding up her legs.

The searching vines tore away at her clothes, scraps of green fluttering to the ground below Korra. She opened her mouth to both scream and breath fire, but was rudely interrupted. A vine slid in from above, plugging her nicely.

Korra’s eyes went wide around the intrusion, as the vine forced its way deeper inside her mouth. It traveled a good way down her throat, before coming back up. Korra’s hopes were dashed when it didn’t actually leave her mouth. Instead, it just plunged right back down, making her neck bulge with its passing.

Two of the many, many tentacles surrounding her started spanking her rear, making Korra’s muscular ass bounce. She squealed around the tentacle fucking her mouth at the blooming pain, and futilely tried to keep away from the swinging vines.

No part of Korra’s naked, buff body was safe from the vines. They circled around her, though they seemed most interested in her feminine attributes. Two vines pushed her large, heavy breasts together, forming some excellent cleavage for a third to start fucking Korra’s tits.

Korra bucked and heaved, but all her fury and strength was useless. The vines wrapped around her legs pulled them apart, revealing her lower two holes to the multitudes of vines that still remained. Korra yelled around the vine in her throat as the first two vines penetrated her pussy and ass.

The two set up a quick pace, enjoying Korra’s tight, warm holes. Try as she might, the Avatar couldn’t deny the pleasure she was feeling. Even her tits felt good, as they were stimulated by the three vines paying attention to her there.

The relentless fucking soon drove Korra’s higher thought processes away. All she could focus on now was the physical, the feeling of the vines rubbing against her skin, or stimulation of her breasts and clit. Even the vine relentlessly pounding in and out of her ass felt good.

To her shame, Korra found that she was pushing back against the vines. Not to get them away, but to make herself feel as good as she could. She groaned around the vine buried in her throat as shuddered in the realization that she, the Avatar, was enjoying being fucked in mid-air by a collection of dumb vines.

The shock of humiliation made Korra cum. She tightened down around the vines plundering her pussy and ass as her arousal ran down the vine and her thighs. Her pleasure didn’t die down much from the orgasmic high, as a smaller tentacle started circling around her clit. The pressure and pleasure wasn’t that much, but Korra didn’t need much to drive herself crazy right now. And what else did the vines have planned for her?

Korra gasped for air as the vine in her mouth finally pulled out. Her relief was short-lived, as the tentacle started spraying cum onto her face. Korra gasped and spluttered, but her features were soon obscured under a thick load of hot, thick cum.

Another vine quickly entered, and Korra could see many more waiting to use her body. As the vine in her ass pulsed, Korra realized she wasn’t going anywhere for a while.





Madoka Prompt: Mami is using her ribbons as consentacles on the quintet.

Holy Quintet

Mami was surrounded by groans and moans. She smiled at the sounds, appreciating them like some people appreciated classical music. This was a symphony of her own devising, though. She looked around the room and smiled at what she saw.

All her juniors, Madoka, Homura, Sayaka and Kyouko were there with her. They were wearing their meguca uniforms, just like she was. Unlike her, they were not cool, calm and collected. Instead, they were clutching at the floor, or mouthing obscenities, or doing a number of other things.

Also, they were all getting fucked by Mami’s ribbons.

Mami took a sip from the cup of tea she was carrying. She knelt down next to Kyouko. The redhead was face down, ass up as Mami’s yellow tentacles went in and out of her pussy and ass. Her face was as red as her hair, and she was pushing back against them.

“How are you doing, Kyouko?” Mami asked, stroking her hair. Kyouko looked up at her, eyes dazed with lust.

“Mami! Mami, Mami, Mami, Mami…” Kyouko kept on repeating, as grool ran down her legs and dropped onto the towel Mami had placed below her.

“Good girl,” Mami replied, patting her cheek.

Standing up, she took three steps over to Sayaka. The blue clad girl was suspended up in the air, ribbons holding her up. She was taking the fucking as a challenge, bucking and writhing against the ribbons as they filled all three of her holes. Mami would have been concerned about whether Sayaka was enjoying this, if she couldn’t see how hard her nipples were.

Mami traced an outline around one, keeping her finger steady even as Sayaka twisted underneath her. It was always fun to toy with Sayaka’s breasts; they were nearly as good as Mami’s. But, right now wasn’t the time for Mami to lavish praise and attention on Sayaka’s naked form. That would come later, if she still had the energy for it. Right now…

Mami’s brow furrowed as she met Sayaka’s defiant gaze. Her circling fingers pinched Sayaka’s nipple, making the bluenette give a muffled yelp.

“Still so willful, Miki? Perhaps you need a lesson.”

With a simple, nonverbal command, Sayaka was flipped around by the ribbons, so she was facing the floor. Two more ribbons sprouted from the ceiling, and snaked down. They immediately started spanking Sayaka, making her scream around the tentacle plugging her mouth. The crack of magical cloth against flesh soon filled the room, making a sweet counterpoint to the sounds already there.

Sayaka came almost immediately. Mami smiled at the sight of her shaking in her restraints. But she still had other girls to attend to.

Taking another sip of tea, she went over to Madoka and Homura. Those two always insisted on being together, holding hands whenever possible. They also liked to look each other in the eyes, though that wasn’t possible right now.

After all, Madoka’s eyes were glued shut by the cum substitute Mami had developed. The small girl loved getting a cumshot after a hard ribbon fuck, and Mami was happy to oblige. Already, Madoka’s face and crotch were streaked with white, and she was still taking three ribbons while fondling a fourth.

Out of all the girls, Madoka was the one who most reveled in the sluttiness of it, though Mami would never insult her by saying so. She kept on wanting to get fucked long after all the other girls had called it quits. She was rarely satisfied if she could still close her legs after a session.

Mami ran a finger through the mess on Madoka’s cheek. The semen substitute was still nice and gooey, and was slowly spreading over Madoka’s body. Madoka made a questioning noise, and pushed against Mami’s hand.

“I’m here, Madoka.” Mami said, wiping her hand clean on Madoka’s stomach.

Homura was on Mami’s other side. She was much cleaner than her girlfriend, spotless except for the arousal leaking from her. She was staring up at Mami, her eyes deep, soulful, and needy. Unlike the other three girls, there were no ribbons plunging in and out of her. Instead, a few smaller, more delicate ribbons were wandering over Homura’s body. They might flick a nipple, or tease her clit, and then withdraw.

Homura hadn’t cum once so far, even as her girlfriend, lying right next to her, had shaken in orgasm again and again. And she wouldn’t cum for a while yet. The ribbons would keep on playing with her, making her arousal grow and grow, until she right on the edge. Then they would withdraw, and let Homura’s lust die down. And then they would start back up again.

Homura’s small chest shook as she fought for breath. She was far too proud to beg for relief, and Mami wouldn’t have it any other way. She knew what Homura needed, and how to give it to her. In an hour, maybe, Homura would have an orgasm. But certainly not before then.

Mami was surrounded by groans and moans. She smiled at the sounds, appreciating them like some people appreciated classical music. This was a symphony of her own devising, though. She looked around the room and smiled at what she saw.




Bitch commanding Taylor to wait, maybe beg, before she allows Taylor to get mounted by Bastard.

Dominance Display 2

“Taylor, stay.”

Taylor stayed. She didn’t want to. She wanted to go forward. But if Bitch had told her to stay, then Taylor had to stay.

She held still as Rachel circled around her, inspecting her naked body. Taylor closed her eyes, feeling Rachel’s gaze on her. She could feel arousal beading along her lower lip. The cool air washed over her hard nipples and slender body. Taylor needed this.

“Bastard, come.”

The wolf got up from the blanket he was lying on, and padded over to Rachel. Both of them looked at Taylor, but she only had eyes for one of them. She wanted Bastard. She wanted him to pin her to the floor and fuck her. She wanted to be trapped under his weight as he knotted inside her. Taylor’s body trembled as she forced herself to stay there, and not crawl forward.

With a snap of her fingers, Rachel walked behind Taylor. Bastard obediently followed. Taylor wanted to look behind her, but knew she couldn’t. Taylor could feel both of them staring at her, seeing her wet cunt. She was panting in needy arousal, waiting for Rachel’s command.

“Bastard, lick.”

Taylor squealed in joy as she heard the order. Then she squealed again. Bastard’s large, wet tongue slapped against her. He quickly found his mark, and started licking Taylor’s pussy. Taylor moaned and shoved her hips back against the wolf.

Bastard kept on obediently licking, lapping up Taylor’s arousal. Her head started to sink down, but a warning noise from Rachel brought her back into position.

Taylor whined as Bastard pulled away. Her head twitched, trying to look back behind her, but she brought herself back under control. She bit her lips as Rachel spread her pussy with two fingers. Her wet core ached with need as Bitch examined what her favorite dog had done to her only pet. Taylor shivered as a glob of damp coolness appeared on her back.

“Dog fucker,” Rachel growled, wiping her mouth.

Taylor didn’t reply. Even if she was allowed to say anything, what could she say? It was true after all.

“Bastard, mount!”

Taylor gasped in joy. A heavy, warm, furry weight landed on her back. Bastard immediately started humping her, his cock sliding against her crotch. After a few tires, he got it in.

Taylor moaned, feeling doggy dick fill her pussy. Bastard’s front paws were draped over her shoulders, and his head was level with hers. He was in control, and she loved it.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you,” Taylor repeated over and over. She wasn’t sure if she was thanking Bastard or Bitch, and she didn’t care.

“Taylor, silent!” Rachel snapped.

Taylor shut up, letting the wolf on top of her keep fucking her teenage cunt. Already she could feel his knot pressing against her. She looked up into Rachel’s flat face as the stocky girl looked down at her.

Taylor got just that much wetter as Bitch stared, witnessing her debasement. She’d been wanting to cum for a long time now, and it didn’t take long before she was shaking underneath Bastard, biting her lip to not cry out in orgasm. The wolf didn’t care, and just kept on fucking her, intent on his own pleasure. His balls swung against her clit, an equal mix of pleasure and pain jolting through her body. Her breath was raspy as with every thrust, Bastard drove the air out of her lungs.

Underneath a wolf, a pet to another girl. Taylor needed this, she knew. For the first time in far too long, she felt content.





Ranma Idea: After someone sabotaged the hot water pipes leading to the guy's changing rooms, every gym class ends with a gang-bang of Ranko.

After Exercise

After a tiring workout, it was time to get clean and cool down. And the male students at Furinkan High had their preferred way of doing both. Steam filled the shower room as a few dozen boys cleaned away the sweat and grime from P.E. As soon as they were clean, they immediately started on the cool down portion.

Ranko was currently hanging in midair, suspended by two weightlifters. The two of them had gotten to her first, and were sharing her, as friends do. Their firm grips kept her up, her limbs dangling down towards the tiled floor. One of them was fucking her mouth, and the other using her pussy. Hot water beat down on all three of them, but no change happened. Some technically minded student had installed a temperature limiter in the pipes months ago. The water just couldn’t get hot enough.

So, every day, the students would come into the showers, and Ranko would be waiting for them. It was a good thing lunch came after gym, or they would all be late every single day, as every guy there wanted at least one round with her. There was already a cluster around the threesome. Boys were gossiping with each other, or drooling over Ranko’s body, or just masturbating to the sight of Ranko’s wet, naked form.

Two of them got tired of waiting. They both grabbed Ranko’s hands and wrapped them around their cocks. Ranko immediately started stroking them. She’d been trained in what to do if dicks were placed in her hands.

The bodybuilder using her pussy groaned, and his grip tightened, forming white circles on Ranko’s skin. Ranko squirmed as he came inside her, thick white cum filling her sensitive pussy. She fell to her knees as he let go, his softening cock slipping out of her, along with some cum. But more stayed inside her, warming her up.

It wasn’t long before Ranko was being fucked again, this time in both her lower holes. She moaned in pleasure around the thick cock in her mouth as her ass and pussy were spread by fat dicks. She ground her hips from side to side against the boy below her, feeling the cock inside her shift.

Ranko closed her eyes, feeling the pleasure wash over her, and the first cumshots landing on her. Her positioning meant that most of cum from the crowd around her landed on her back, which was a waste. She liked to see the semen, and spread it around her body as horny boy after horny boy unloaded on her.

Ranko squealed as her boobs were pinched. The guy fucking her ass had her nipples in between his fingers. Ranko straightened her spine, pressing her back against his front. He alternated between pinching her nipples, and molesting her tits, which was making her so wet.

The guy in her mouth grunted, his thrusts speeding up. Ranko prepared herself for the mouthful of hot, tasty cum she was about to get. She pressed her tongue against his pulsing shaft, urging him on.

Ranko spluttered as her mouth was filled with cum. Some of it ran out between her lips, and dribbled down her chin. The rest of stayed in her, though, and she ran it around her mouth, savoring the flavor as every bit of her mouth was washed in it. She had to swallow soon, as another dick was already pressing against her lips.

Ranko didn’t join the class in P.E., as she was too good a martial artist to be challenged by it. But she did love her post P.E. workout.

Chapter Text




Sailor Moon Idea: If you don't want to cause massive devastation to the surrounding neighbourhood, Sailor Moon's attacks are the only way to destroy youma...and if she's not around, the rest of the senshi have to resort to fucking the youma to distract them until she gets there. When Haruka's motorcycle gets turned into a futa youma, she's more than happy to fuck it...and probably tries to find some way to keep it like that.

Bike Ride

Haruka leaned down as her motorcycle rounded the corner. She opened the throttle even further, and the bike shot forward like an arrow from the string. She loved this. The sensation of speed was one of the best feelings in the world.

And Haruka could enjoy one of the other best feelings in the world at the same time. She shuddered as the cunningly hidden slit in the crotch of her riding outfit was parted. A lot had changed since the youma attack, including modifying every piece of clothing she had. Nobody else had found out about the changes yet, and half of Haruka didn’t want them to. The other half had her masturbating over the thought of the other Sailor Senshi’s contemptuous gazes as they forced her to demonstrate again and again.

As a fat dick slid up into Haruka, projecting from the motorcycle, she heard the roar of the engine change subtly. She could hear the chanting of the youma bound inside it, laughing as it took advantage of her. Haruka didn’t fight it. She just ground her hips down against the leather seat, feeling the cock filling her up.

It had been an act of desperation to seal the monster away inside Haruka’s 27th favorite motorcycle, but they really hadn’t had a choice. Neither Sailors Uranus or Neptune could destroy it, and they couldn’t leave it be. Uranus had expected side effects, but she hadn’t thought the main one would be the youma wanting to fuck her whenever she went over a certain speed.

Haruka had been shocked the first time it had happened, but had quickly found herself enjoying it. Nowadays she rode her motorcycle almost every day, and felt that fat cock pound into her as she sped down the highway. It was usually good for at least two orgasms, and they were real mindblowers too.

Haruka squeezed down around the cock inside her as she sped up. The world passed by in a blur, and her world narrowed down to what was right in front of her and what was in her cunt. Arousal trickled out of her and was swallowed up by the youma. Haruka’s nipples rubbed against her bra, the erect nubs pressing against the silk. Her breathing was growing harsher, and her legs were tightening around the steel beast below her.

On the freeway, no one can hear you scream. And nobody noticed Haruka cumming, her entire body shaking as the dick inside her thrust in and out and vibrated. Haruka didn’t slow down at all, trusting in her reflexes and the youma’s self-preservation to keep them safe as she rode down the road, her eyes rolling in brain-melting pleasure.

Seeing a turnoff, Haruka switched over to the right lane. It was time to go for a city ride. Ride through block after block. Wait at stoplights as the youma fucked her. Have a dozen people within a few yards of her as it came and flooded her wet pussy with its seed.

Haruka was already making plans for her next ride. Maybe Michiru would like to go with her.





PMMM Prompt: Madoka and Sayaka show Hitomi that girls can love girls. (Either full Yuri or Futa spitroast, Tagon's choice.)

Girls Can Love Girls!

“See, Hitomi? This is natural love!”

All Hitomi could see was white clouds and the blue sky. Her head was turned skywards, and she couldn’t bring herself to lower her gaze. If she did, then she would see Madoka in between her, head buried underneath her skirt. Her friend was exploring her crotch, occasionally making appreciative moans.

And Sayaka was behind her, hugging her and holding her close. With Hitomi’s shirt off, she could feel Sayaka’s stiff nipples pressing against her back. Hitomi fitfully squirmed in Sayaka’s grasp. Her legs felt tense, like she should be running or jumping, or something, anything besides fighting the urge to wrap them around Madoka.

Resisting the urge to do that grew harder every minute, as Madoka displayed an extreme level of familiarity with how to pleasure other women. Every stroke of her fingers and flick of her tongue brought unexpected pleasure to Hitomi. She was shamefully aware of how wet she was. And just in case she forgot, Madoka kept on reminding her, with cherry reminders of how good she tasted.

Half of Hitomi wanted to die from shame. The other half never wanted the pleasure to stop. The second half was growing, and Hitomi squeaked as she realized she was grinding her hips back and forth, rubbing her pussy against Madoka’s face.

Sayaka’s hands were under her bra, gently fondling her breasts, making her gasp as her hard nipples were lightly teased. Hitomi closed her eyes as Sayaka whispered into her ear, complimenting her breasts and talking about how nice they felt.

Hitomi slapped a hand over her mouth to muffle her cries. She was bucking in Sayaka’s arms, and she couldn’t control herself. Her body just felt too good, with so many different things stimulating her. Her gaze fell downwards for a second before Hitomi forced it back up, her cheeks burning as the image of Madoka’s naked back and cute rear was seared into her mind.

Her traitorous mind wondered what it would be like to grab it, before Hitomi banished the thought. She like guys, darn it! Hot guys, with their muscular bodies and deep eyes and soft skin and sweet perfume- No! Hitomi just couldn’t stop thinking of her friends, and what she would see if she turned around.

Sayaka’s blouse was on the grass next to her, along with her bra. What would she look like topless? Hitomi knew Sayaka had a good set of breasts, but what would they feel like? Would they be bouncy, or nice and firm, or what?

As Hitomi contemplated groping her friend, Sayaka and Madoka’s ministrations finally bore fruit. Hitomi screamed into her forearm as she came, her body almost falling out of Sayaka’s grip. Her legs beat a tattoo against the grass as she gasped, air filling her burning lungs.

As she lay panting in Sayaka’s lap, Hitomi felt cool hands running over her stomach and arms. She couldn’t bring herself to open her eyes, but she heard Madoka and Sayaka talking.

“Do you think we convinced her, Madoka?”

“I don’t know, Sayaka. Hitomi? Do you believe that girls can love girls yet? Or do we need to do it again?”





PMMM Prompt: Madoka and Sayaka show Hitomi that girls can love girls. (Either full Yuri or Futa spitroast, Tagon's choice.)

Futas Can Love Girls!

“See, Hitomi! This is natural love.”

Hitomi didn’t respond. It would have been hard for her to, since Sayaka’s cock was buried down her throat. Her friend had a firm grip on the back of her head, and was using it to pull her up and down. Hitomi’s eyes were closed, which just meant she could feel every thrust reach halfway to her stomach.

Madoka was behind her, and was fucking Hitomi’s pussy. She had to stand on a concrete block to reach, but the small girl was showing just as much enthusiasm as Sayaka was in fucking their friend. Her hands were digging into Hitomi’s hips, and the green-haired girl could feel her friend’s gaze on her naked rear.

Hitomi’s knees were weak, and she knew she shouldn’t be enjoying this as much as she was. Stripped half naked and fucked by her friends in the park, where anybody could come by and see them? It was so humiliating. And yet, it felt so good. Her pussy was loathe to let Madoka go, her wet folds clamping down around Madoka’s dick as she went in and out. Hitomi wanted to play with her breasts, and feel her stiff nipples dig into her palms. Only the knowledge of how undignified that would be stopped her from slipping her hand under her loose shirt.

“Hitomi, you have such a pretty pussy,” Madoka said. “You must take such good care of it. Sayaka, would you like to see it?”

“Nah, I’m good,” Sayaka grunted. Her eyes were closed too, as she concentrated on shoving as much of her cock down Hitomi’s throat as she could. “But does her ass feel as nice as it looks?”

Hitomi turned red as her friends talked about her body. The embarrassment was mixed with pride as they congratulated her. Madoka’s hand running over her rear did feel nice as she gently massaged it, before her hand returned to Hitomi’s hips.

Hitomi’s whole body shuddered as she came, her pussy squeezing down around Madoka. Her friend gasped, and her hands dug into Hitomi’s hips. Hitomi moaned around Sayaka’s cock, feeling the pleasure rush through her. It was good! It was so good! She never wanted it to stop! Hitomi would have fallen to the ground if Sayaka and Madoka hadn’t held her up.

They still pulled their cocks out of her. Hitomi faintly whined at the loss, but accepted them moving her to the concrete wall that Madoka had been sitting on. She sat down on it, feeling the rough surface press against the back of her legs.

Hitomi blearily looked up at Madoka and Sayaka. They were standing side by side, furiously masturbating as they faced her. Hitomi gasped, realizing what was about to happen. She decided to let it happen. After all, hadn’t they been nice to her? This was just repaying the favor.

Madoka came quickly, and Sayaka was right behind her. Cum spurted out from their cocks and landed on Hitomi. Her bare breasts were quickly covered, semen spreading across them and running down her flat stomach. Hitomi jumped as the hot, thick cum landed on her, some of splattering against the shirt that hung loosely from her shoulders. She kept her hands at her sides, despite the temptation to touch the cum, and maybe see it. She kept on staring down at the mess on her chest, even as Madoka and Sayaka panted.

“Se- See, Hitomi? Girls can love girls after all.”

Hitomi nodded, half listening as she stared at the white flowing off her breasts and down her torso. She was going to have a lot to think about tonight.




Prompt: Danny finally did it. Through blood, sweat, and no small amount of violence, he's finally managed to clear the mess of legal issues and begin clearing out the Boat Graveyard. He's managed to hire on every old hand in Brockton, and plenty of new kids in need of work. There's a massive celebration at the Union house, and no small amount of drinks. A few of the guys decide Danny deserves an extra special reward. They take him to a local ABB brothel that's currently doing a Ton of business with all the happy, horny dockworkers. The guy in charge lets Danny have free reign with a new catch they pulled in only an hour ago, as thanks for all the business. The issues? Danny only gets her lower half, since the girl is still being trained by the guys. Her body is halfway through a wall. And Danny hasn't seen his daughter in a while...

A Hole in the Wall

Cheers filled the bar. A good half of the Dockworkers Union was there. They were all celebrating the latest news, that a large, multi-year contract had just been signed that would put most of them in work for almost a decade. They were marking the occasion by getting drunk, among other things.

Danny stepped up to face the wall, fiddling with his pants. The man in front of him stepped back, buckling his belt. Danny pulled out his cock as he got his first good look at tonight’s special entertainment.

A girl was stuck in the wall. Her lower half faced the room. It was obvious Danny hadn’t been the first visitor she’d had, as a thick drop of cum fell from her pussy and landed on the tile. All her important bits were bare, except for the cum. While she was wearing high heels and fishnet stockings, those only added to her allure. The same went for the rabbit tail sitting high on her ass. Danny idly wondered how it was stuck on there. Glue, maybe, or tape?

It didn’t really matter, he supposed, as he pushed in. The wall was too thick for him to hear any squeals, but he could feel his dick slide in easily. Even as lubed up with cum as her pussy was, it couldn’t have been this easy if she wasn’t wet over the thought.

He wondered who it was, what whore the bar had gotten as he massaged one ass cheek. Whoever it was, she certainly had a tight pussy. And he was willing to bet her ass was just as fine. Danny did wish he could hear her squeals as she got fucked though. At least he could give her something to squeal about.

Taylor was busy drooling. Cocks! So many cocks inside her! Her arms hung limply at her sides as yet another stranger fucked her. She’d lost count of how many guys had fucked her tonight. She could feel cum filling both her holes and running down her legs. She loved it.

The constant stream of orgasms had almost eroded her ability to think clearly, but Taylor didn’t care. So long as the pleasure kept coming, so long as the thick, hard dicks and the hot, sticky cum kept cumming, she was happy.

Taylor moaned as whoever was fucking her started to spank her. She jolted at the crack of skin against skin, pain and pleasure running through her. She pushed back against whoever was inside her, grinding her hips from side to side. She wished she had the strength to play with her breasts and give herself even more pleasure, but her arms were just too weak.

Instead, Taylor just hanged there, letting the stranger on the other side of the wall spank her and fuck her and use her as a cumdump. She hoped there were a lot more dockworkers behind him, so she could get good and used. She wouldn’t be satisfied until her lower half was completely white, her holes full of strangers cum as she was treated like a sextoy.

And then, once the party was over, the staff would let her out of the wall, maybe fuck her a few more times, and send her home, cum covered and exhausted. Taylor couldn’t think of anything hotter.




Junior takes Yang like the slutty bimbo she is, what better way to repair damages to the club? How many times is another matter.

Paying back the House

Yang gurgled as another cock slid into her. She’d lost count of how many times she’d been fucked tonight, of how many different men and women had used her. The constant stream of orgasms had helped with that. In fact, she could feel another one coming as her boob were played with.

Maybe Yang shouldn’t have gone to Junior’s club looking for a fight. And if she had done that, maybe she shouldn’t have busted up so much stuff while she was there. And she certainly shouldn’t have lost and been captured by Junior and his gang of wannabes.

Now here she was, on an increasingly stained mattress, getting fucked by gangers and customers. Yang could feel cum all over her body, the semen slowly sliding around to cover more and more of her. At least once, she’d been cleaned off by a bucketful of water being tossed on her, followed by the tosser straddling her and treating himself to a titjob.

She’d been put on a variety of different positions. Sandwiched between two big, burly guys, forced to eat out one of the twins as the other slapped her tits, her ass taken doggy style, and a lot more Yang was blanking out on. Now, though she was lying on her back, dazed eyes staring up at the pulsing ceiling as her legs wrapped around whoever was inside her.

Yang moaned as she got another creampie. She could feel the warm, thick cum spreading around inside her cunt. She ground her hips against the quickshot, trying to get a bit more stimulation before he left. But, she didn’t manage it. He left her, naked and dripping as Yang fought to get enough strength to look around.

She hadn’t recovered by the time the next guy came over. The guy was actually a girl, some hot woman in a red dress that showed off her legs. She didn’t dignify Yang with speaking to her, just picked her up and put her in her desired position. Doggy style again.

Yang tried her best, but her many, many orgasms had robbed her of her strength. She slumped down, her head knocking against the floor. Growling, the woman found a way to keep Yang upright. Her long, strong fingers grabbed Yang’s hair and pulled back, at the same instant her cock entered Yang’s pussy.

The pleasure and the pain went straight to Yang’s brain, and let off a firework inside it. She howled, her cunt clamping down in pleasure. Her beloved hair was being used as a handle bar, as the woman behind her fucked her hard. Yang kept on gasping, feeling the thick cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy.

Then the spanking started.

Yang was quickly reduced to a submissive, drooling mess under the expert attentions of the woman. Pain-edged lust filled her brain as she shook in orgasm after orgasm, welcoming whatever the woman would do next to her. After longer than Yang could keep track of, the stranger finally came, dumping a large, boiling hot load of cum into Yang. Yang wasn’t sure how much more pleasure she could take.

And Junior had put the price of each one of her holes at one Lien per use. Yang would be here a while, paying off her damages.

Chapter Text

Training Sophia

How about something with a slutty Sophia?

Nobody was in the house, I had finished my homework, and I was feeling horny. All that meant one thing. It was time to look up porn on the Internet.

There was a new video up. Fifteen minutes long, called ‘Introducing a new Superhero’. From the thumbnail, I could see, barely, a woman dressed funnily. Mouth dry, I clicked the link, opening the page.

It was so wrong to be so aroused by watching this happen to my friend, but it was so hot.

Mistress’s (and I really wished she’d come up with a better name for herself) digitized voice came from off screen as Sophia twirled in place.

“I’d like to introduce Brockton Bay’s newest superhero, Slutty Sucker.”

My hand was buried in my panties as I stared at the picture of my friend. Mistress had done a lot of kinky things to Sophia ever since she’d started the video series, but this one was the hottest yet. A parody of Shadow Stalker, for whatever reason, it was more arousing than I could have thought possible.

Sophia was dressed in something a street walker would have found demeaning. High, shiny, platform heels, with fishnet leggings that ran up her beautifully muscled legs to a pair of very short shorts. There was no way she could be wearing panties underneath something that skimpy. Her tight black top squeezed her breasts together, and was so low cut I paused the video, trying to decide if I saw a nipple or not. Sophia wasn’t the most well-endowed of girls, but if she moved any faster than a slow walk (not that she could in those heels), her boobs would be swinging all over the place. And, almost as good, it bared her shoulder, showing off those yummy upper arms, still muscular even after all this time as Mistress’s sub.

She had three accessories I could see. The first, and most expected, was the leather collar around her neck, with small spikes and a nametag. I couldn’t see what it said, but would have bet money on it being ‘Mistress’ ‘Sophia’ or something similar. The second accessory was the mask. Chalk white, it looked like a woman orgasming. The mouth was formed in an O, and I could see Sophia’s lips behind it. Oh God. The thought ran through me. That meant anybody could force her to her knees and
make her suck their cock, without even having to remove the mask.

The final accessory was really three accessories, a string of bright purple dildoes resting on her thigh. Sophia fingered them before speaking up.

“So, like, these are my tools of justice. I’ll use them to teach a lesson to any female supervillains I find out there!” As she spoke, she held one up for display. There were little feathers drawn on the shaft, near the base.

“Let’s just hope none of them end up using those on you,” Mistress said dryly.

“Mmm, three at once…” Sophia stared off into the distance for a minute before shaking her head. “I’ll be starting patrols soon, so if any of you watching this see me out on the streets, be sure to give me a big, warm welcome, okay!?”

My breathing was rapid as I fingered myself. An orgasm tore through me as I watched Sophia demonstrate what she meant by a welcome with Mistress. Panting and shaking in the aftershocks, one thing was clear. I was going to have find excuses to go out at nights soon.

Glynda punishing Ruby for not paying attention in class by making her into her personal cock sleeve.

Paying Attention

“Ms. Rose! Pay attention!”

Ruby jolted out of her reverie and flushed. Professor Goodwitch was looming above her, a thundercloud forming on her face

It wasn’t Ruby’s fault, though! There was no way she couldn’t end up getting distracted. Professor Goodwitch’s cock tasted so good and it was such a natural fit in Ruby’s mouth that she started paying more attention to the blowjob than her teacher.

“Orrew,” Ruby muttered around the fat dick in her mouth.

Professor Goodwitch sighed, before picking up her riding crop. Ruby squirmed in nervousness as she watched the teacher tap it against her hand.

“Ms. Rose, these remedial lessons are a privilege, not a right. If you can’t concentrate on me lessons, I’ll have no choice but to take another approach. Do I make myself clear?”

Ruby nodded, as much as she could. Her butt was still tender from the last ‘approach’ the professor had tried.

“Get back to it.”

Ruby scrambled to obey Professor Goodwitch’s dismissal, and started sucking on her teacher’s cock. Professor Goodwitch cleared her throat, and resumed speaking, going over the anatomy lesson Ruby was making up.

Ruby paid as much attention as she could, but it was so hard to concentrate on anything besides the thick, meaty, wonderful dick in her mouth. Ruby tried to remember what was being said about the weak points of the human form and how to use Aura to compensate for them. But most of her mind was devoted to giving the best blowjob she could.

Ruby had a lot of experience giving head, and she was an expert in using her tongue, lips and the mouth itself to bring the most pleasure possible to her partner(s). And people noticed her skill too. She still took pride in the way Pyrrha had complimented her for taking the champion’s horse-sized cock all the down her throat.

Ruby pressed her tongue against the shaft in her mouth, willing it to cum. It wouldn’t happen for a while, she knew. Professor Goodwitch had an enviable amount of stamina, and Ruby would have to work at it to get her treat. But it would be so worth it~.

Oh, how she would cum in Ruby’s mouth. The little reaper would find her mouth filled with cum and she wouldn’t be able to swallow it fast enough to keep up with the stream. Hot, thick semen would come flooding out of her mouth and down onto her breasts. She’d be tasting Professor Goodwitch’s orgasm for the rest of the day.

Ruby couldn’t wait. She bobbed up and down the length, willing the cum stored in the balls slapping against her chin to come out. She looked up pleadingly at Professor Goodwitch, but the older woman ignored her and went on explaining the lesson to the rest of the class.

Finally, after half an hour of oral sex, Professor Goodwitch finally came. Ruby’s squeal of happiness was cut off as the long anticipated cum filled her mouth. It was just as thick and salty as Ruby had been hoping for, and she felt her folds get wet as her fantasies of cumplay turned out to be true.

Even as the warmth settled in her stomach, Ruby could feel more cum running down her chin. She scooped it up with her fingers, planning to lick them clean later.

Ruby loved school.

Always wanted to know if Miss Militia can use her power for private purposes.
I guess what is a “weapon” is a matter of definition?

A Matter of Restraint

Miss Militia looked down at Shadow Stalker’s bare, muscled back. She ran a gloved hand down it, feeling the muscles tense under her fingertips. As she got closer to Shadow Stalker’s hips, she moved her hand to the side, running down Shadow Stalker’s flank.

The naked black girl moaned around the ring gag in her mouth. Miss Militia ran her other hand through her dark hair, making sure the blindfold was securely in place. Satisfied that all was in order, Miss Militia stepped back. Taking a moment to visually enjoy your treat was just as important in sex as it was in fine dining, after all.

Shadow Stalker was kneeling on the floor of Miss Militia’s quarters. Some skilled ropework held her upper body parallel to the carpet, the red ropes an excellent contrast with her black skin. The same ropes held her sightless, voiceless head upright, at the perfect height for Miss Militia to do as she saw fit.

Shadow Stalker’s nipples were quite hard, and standing out from her full breasts. That was partly due to her arousal, and partly due to the ice cube that was even now perched on her left ass cheek, slowly melting. And if she knew what was good for her, Shadow Stalker would keep it right where Miss Militia had placed it.

Walking behind Shadow Stalker, Miss Militia examined her rear. Faint traces of dew were already appearing in her folds, and the red prints from the flogger hanging at Miss Militia’s side were still quite visible on Shadow Stalker’s rear. Miss Militia imagined that the feel of ice water running over the tender flesh must be exquisite. The rope keeping Shadow Stalker posed ran down arms and legs, forming an intricate pattern.

Miss Militia was satisfied with what Shadow Stalker looked like so far. Now for the next step. That would be to reduce her to a sweating, shaking, panting mess, blissed out on pleasure and pain.

The flogger on Miss Militia’s belt shimmered and changed shape. In its place was a large dildo, with the Protectorate symbol prominently displayed on its side. Miss Militia picked it up and knelt down by Shadow Stalker’s head.

“Do you know what this is?” she asked, rubbing the tip of the dildo against the ring gag that dominated Shadow Stalker’s face.

“Eth,” the black teen said.

Drool was running down her chin and there was a tinge of red to her cheeks from the humiliation she was undergoing.

“Good. Now, if you’ve been doing the daily exercises I’ve given you, then this shouldn’t be a problem.”

Miss Militia slid the fake phallus into Shadow Stalker’s mouth. The toy fit the diameter of the ring gag precisely, and plugged the Ward’s mouth. She nodded in approval as Shadow Stalker started sucking on it, the muffled sounds sweet to her ears.

Walking over to a dresser, Miss Militia pulled out a case from the bottom of a drawer. Opening it, she removed a white, jeweled buttplug and some lube. She thought Shadow Stalker would look very pretty with that glistening between her cheeks. And if Shadow Stalker stayed still enough while Miss Militia inserted it, so that the slowly melting ice cube stayed in place, then Miss Militia might even reward her.

Miss Militia took good care of all her toys, especially the ones that breathed and shivered.

Usagi works as a stripper doing a private striptease before getting mouth and pussy filled with cum.

Private Party

Usagi giggled as she felt a hard cock pressing against her rear. She stepped her efforts up a notch, grinding backwards and shaking her hips for all she was worth. She was hoping that soon the big, hot cock would be sliding between her cheeks. Ass job or ass duck, she was ready for either.

Some kind of electronic music played as Usagi did her lap dance. She wasn’t wearing very much, just some high heeled boots, a top she was almost falling out of, and a skirt the size of a large belt. Underwear didn’t enter the picture.

Usagi squealed in delight as she felt warm, strong hands land on her hips. The guy behind her used his grip to set the pace, making Usagi grind really hard against his cock. Her mouth watered, and she hoped she’d get the chance to suck on it tonight. Sex just wasn’t complete for Usagi if she didn’t get something in her mouth. Dick, fingers, pussy, she didn’t much care, so long as she had some kind of treat to enjoy.

Usagi moaned as she was pushed away from the man’s crotch. Then she moaned again, in a sultry tone, as she was pulled back. He’d undone the buttons on his slacks, and his dick was standing out free and proud. Usagi rubbed her ass against it, feeling the heat as the thick cylinder pressed against her.

He didn’t make any motions to pull her onto it, so Usagi decided to keep doing her lap dance. She also started to play with her breasts, running over them with her hands, and feeling her hard nipples underneath her palms. Someone else’s hands would have felt even better, but Usagi knew from experience that if she leaned back far enough to let him play with her breasts, then three seconds later they’d be fucking. And Usagi wasn’t quite ready for that yet.

Of course, there were ways for Usagi to get there. She was doing one of them now, as a matter of fact. As she pushed her ass back, enveloping that big cock in her cheeks, she ground her crotch against the leg she was straddling.

Usagi gasped as her clit was pressed against the man’s leg, feeling jolts of pleasure shoot through her. She closed her eyes, the better to feel the cock behind her and the pleasure below her.

Usagi had never been noted for her self-control, but she managed to keep herself from humping the man’s leg until she came. She wanted her first orgasm to come when that dick was inside her. And that was going to happen very soon.

As she kept up the grind behind her, Usagi heard a gasp and the fingers on her hips tightened. She knew that meant he was right on the verge of cumming. She pulled forward, feeling a pang of loss as the warm shaft pressing against her disappeared.

She counted to twenty, giving them both time to cool down. Then she turned her head, looking back.


“Yes, Usagi?” her boyfriend answered. He was panting and sweating and looked hot.

“I’m ready. Fuck me now, please.”

“With pleasure.”

Usagi giggled as she was lifted up in the air and pulled backwards. As she felt Mamoru’s cock separate her walls, she sighed in bliss.

This was the life.

Cinder and Winter both adore teasing and toying with Ruby, especially when she's tied up and at their mercy. With Winter using ice and a colder touch, while Cinder uses hot wax and her own warmer techniques, Ruby is always taken to the limits of sensory stimulation.

Fire and Ice

Ruby squirmed as a drop of hot wax landed on her back. The cloth bindings around her arms and legs kept her in place, and there was nothing she could to avoid the next drop either, or the hot fingers that ran along her back.

The blindfold cut off her vision, but Ruby could sense Cinder leaning over her, some movement of the air. She could imagine the candle the older woman was holding, the red wax pooling before dropping onto Ruby’s pale, unmarked flesh and forming a crimson circle.

Ruby’s fevered imagination was cut off as something small and oh so cold was pressed against her wet entrance. She bit down on her lip. She wanted to squeal, but knew that, if she did, she would be punished for disturbing her mistress’ enjoyment.

The ice cube was pushed further into Roby, and the young girl writhed as another drop of wax fell onto her rear, the coldness and heat mingling together, the pain turning into pleasure. As she gasped for breath, she heard amused laughter above her.

“Look, Cinder, our pet seems uncomfortable,” Winter said. Her ice-cold fingers traced a pattern on Ruby’s back.

“And?” Cinder asked in response, her boiling hot fingers moving in a matching pattern.

“Oh, nothing. She just looks so… hot like that.”

Cinder chuckled, and then Ruby heard some smacking noises. They were kissing! They were kissing each other, making out over Ruby’s tied-up body, leaving her to suffer as they kissed and fondled each other. Ruby bucked her hips, trying to shake her ass enough to get them to pay attention to her.

All she got was a slap to her ass as the older women found enjoyment in each other instead of her. Ruby felt tears pricking at her eyes, even as her stiff nipples dug into the sheets. She couldn’t tell if the liquid dripping down her thighs was from the ice cube still melting inside her, or from her own arousal.

Finally, Ruby heard Cinder and Winter break their kiss. One of them smacked her lips in satisfaction. Ruby unconsciously pursed her lips, wanting a kiss of her own. What she got was another drop of hot wax landing on her back.

As Ruby fought to keep from moaning (in bliss and pain), she felt Winter’s fingers trace her folds. For an instant, she dared to hope that they would enter, and drive her to an orgasm. Then she felt another cube pressing against her lips, and her hopes were dashed.

Ruby twisted as she felt Winter’s long fingers press the cube deeper and deeper inside her, until it was entirely enveloped by her warm, wet walls. The sensations coming from that cold little thing were exquisite, and Ruby found herself drooling onto the bed.

Even as Ruby squeezed down on the ice cube inside her, she felt Cinder press both hands against the back of her shoulders. Her ass was raised in response, and Ruby knew what was about to happen next. Cinder was about to fuck her ass with her special, fire Dust infused strap-on.

Ruby hoped Winter put more ice cubes inside her as it happened.

Chapter Text




EDIT: And why's it gotta be some older guy, huh? What if some older tanned lady with improbably green-black hair is bankrolling them in exchange for sexual favors?

Patron Problems

The cold night air blew in through the shattered window. Sailor Moon stared out of it, to the city beyond. The whole apartment was wrecked, and she nervously glanced at Sailors Uranus and Neptune.

“Won’t it be expensive to replace all this?” she asked, gesturing to the torn carpets, shattered furniture and cratered walls.

“We have patrons, so Michiru and I don't have to worry about money,” Sailor Uranus said, waving her hand around.

“Haruka!” Sailor Neptune snapped, bringing an embarrassed flush to her lover’s face.

“What? A patron?” Sailor Moon asked. She’d never considered getting paid to save the world.

“You know, someone who pays us for my racing and Michiru’s music, that sort of thing,” Sailor Uranus said.

Sailor Moon nodded. She wondered if she could get patrons who’d pay her to do her own specialties, eating and napping.

“Why are we both in tuxedos?” Michiru asked. She was fiddling with the tie on her outfit, frowning as she tried to adjust to the unusual press of fabric against her skin.

“Because I find both men and women intriguing,” her patron said.

The dark-skinned, green-haired woman smiled as she looked at the two Outer Sailors. Haruka was wearing her tuxedo with elegance and grace that far outstripped her lover’s. They both looked stunning in the tailored clothes, the shirts and pants complimenting their curves wonderfully. Their patron, a Ms. Smith (they’d never been told her real name), sighed in happiness.

“Now, Haruka dear, I want you behind me. Michiru, to my front.”

The two women obediently took up their positions, sandwiching Ms. Smith in between them. She purred as she felt warm bodies pressed against her. She leaned in for a kiss, holding Michiru’s head against her.

Haruka knew what was expected of her, and lightly nipped at their benefactor’s neck, making small red marks against her dark skin. Her hands wandered over Ms. Smith’s body, slipping underneath the maroon dress to the warm, flawless skin underneath.

As Haruka concentrated on the front, Michiru handled the back. Even as she kissed back, her hands grabbed Ms. Smith’s ass, gently kneading the full cheeks in the manner she’d been taught to do. Ms. Smith moaned into her mouth, her grip on the back of Michiru’s head tightening.

Finally, they broke the kiss. Michiru was panting for breath, while Ms. Smith remained composed and hungry. Effortlessly slipping out of Michiru’s and Haruka’s grasps, she took two steps over to the bed and sat down. She smiled at the two, though there was a glint in her eye like a cat with a mouse.

“Now, I would like you two to undress each other,” Ms. Smith said, sitting back on the bed. “You did wear the lingerie I provided, correct?”

Both Sailors knew how Ms. Smith wanted them to undress each other. And, to be fair, they occasionally undressed each other like that, with soft, slow strokes, and kissing each stretch of revealed skin. But doing it in front of another person added a perverse thrill to the affair.

Soon, both Haruka and Michiru were standing there, naked save for their color-coded, lacy, racy, underwear. While they had been undressing and fondling each other, Ms. Smith had pulled her dress to one side, revealing long, dark legs leading up to her bare crotch. The two Sailor Senshi fell to their knees, and begin to worship Ms. Smith’s legs, working their way up to her damp core.

They did a lot to keep their patron paying.




Since in the past, the scouts were older than the Princess, How about the girls being the one with dicks, spending hours ravishing their young princess? The first one to pop the dear Princes's cherry is dear, dear Uranus. on the day of her 12th birthday, the Princess is taken to the public square and taken by first in command of the outer Senshi.



Coming of Age

Sailor Uranus led Princess Serenity out into the main square in front of the royal palace. Neither of them looked around, or even up, even though Earth was unusually beautiful and large today. Sailor Uranus looked stunning in her full regalia, though Princess Serenity had only a thin white shift to cover her frame.

As they reached the center of the square, Sailor Uranus came to a halt. She turned to face the princess, who looked down and blushed. She couldn’t bear to say anything, but just gave a short nod. That was all the permission Sailor Uranus needed.

In one swift, sure motion, she tore the white cloth off Serenity’s body. The twelve year old (by a matter of hours) girl was bared to the entire square, and the two dozen people in it who’d been going about their business. Now they all stopped to watch their future ruler shiver, naked, in front of them.

Serenity squealed as she was picked up in one arm by Sailor Uranus. The Sailor Senshi easily held her aloft while her other hand fiddled with her skirt. Soon, a large, hard cock was poking out from above the skirt.

Sailor Uranus moved her future liege into position, hovering the pre-teen just above her penis. But before she could enter Serenity, there was some formal business to take care of first. Taking a deep breath, Sailor Uranus started talking. It was a very formal, ritualized speech, explaining the bonds between the Sailor Senshi and the Moon Kingdom in the person of the heir to the throne.

Once that was done, it was time. More citizens had gathered during the speech, looking with interest at Princess Serenity. She shuddered, feeling their gazes run over her chest, just beginning to develop. She felt them look hungrily at her smooth limbs and hairless crotch. She could feel Sailor Uranus’s huge dick prodding against her virginal pussy, and found that it was getting wet. She wasn’t sure why. The arousing shame of dozens of people leering at her naked body? The feel of the air on her skin?

Further thoughts were driven from Serenity’s mind as Sailor Uranus lowered her down onto her cock. She moaned as her walls were easily split apart by the older woman’s penis. It seemed like it was splitting her in two as she sank farther and farther down. By the time Serenity reached the bottom, she was gurgling, all rational thought driven from her head by Sailor Uranus.

And then she was drawn back up. Princess Serenity was drooling, and her stiff nipples were standing out from her chest, before Sailor Uranus had fully drawn her cock in and out of her. Her very first orgasm came by the third stroke. And Sailor Uranus’s pace was only picking up. Her grip tightened on Serenity’s hips as she hauled the princess up and down her penis. Serenity was out of her mind with pleasure already, not noticing the growing crowds watching her young body get impaled on a fat dick.

And she would still have a long time to go. The ceremony wouldn’t be completed until Sailor Uranus came. And the Sailor Senshi’s endurance and stamina was literally inhuman. She could have sex for hours at a time, hours filled with her filling a hole without rest or pause.

This ritual would be repeated several times over the next year, as each Sailor Senshi fucked Princess Serenity in public, to mark various important dates. It would cumulate this time next year, as Queen Serenity had sex with her daughter on her thirteenth birthday.




During a close call with the ABB, Bitch gets a Second Trigger that allows her to refine her alteration of her dogs. Taylor is more than happy to allow Bitch the chance to "experiment".

Dominance Display 3

Rachel was staring at Bastard, not noticing the trickle of sweat running down her face. In front of her, the wolf started to swell, growing bigger and bigger, muscle, bone and bare, scaled skin erupting out from underneath the fur.

Finally, Bastard stopped growing. He looked like a nightmare, though more symmetrical and streamlined than most of the dogs Bitch used her power on. Also, unlike the other dogs, his hard, red cock was poking out from underneath his stomach. Rachel turned her head to look at Taylor.

Her pet was kneeling on the tile floor, staring at Bastard. Her face was red, and her hands were in between her legs. She gasped as she stared at the huge cock. It looked, to Taylor’s feverish, lust-filled eyes, to be bigger than her entire body. And she knew Rachel was going to make her take every inch of it.

“Taylor, present.”

Bitch’s harsh, sure voice snapped out an order, and Taylor quickly complied. She turned around, and got on her hands and knees. Her ass was up and her head was down. Taylor closed her eyes as she heard the clack of Rachel’s boots against the floor as the stocky girl moved to examine her. Her face was red with shame and her pussy was wet with arousal.

“Fucking slut.” Taylor shivered at Bitch’s words. “Dog fucker, ripe for breeding.”

Taylor stifled a squeal as Rachel spanked her, hard. Soon her flat cheeks were as red as the cheeks on her face, and her arousal was dripping onto the floor. Her breath came in ragged gasps and she jerked her hips backwards, trying to get just that much more stimulation. She couldn’t stop from whining as Rachel stepped away, leaving her naked and exposed in the middle of the room

“Bastard, mount.”

Those were the words Taylor had been waiting for. She heard Bastard’s heavy footsteps coming up behind her. Unlike before, when Taylor had been fucked by Bastard in his normal, wolf body, this time Bastard didn’t need to throw his fore body over Taylor. He could just take a few steps and bracket her with his clawed, scaled paws.

“Ohff!” The breath was driven from Taylor’s lungs as Bastard’s weight pressed down on her. She was knocked to the floor, the furry, hot, heavy weight above her driving her down to the tiles. She felt something huge and hot press against her crotch. It seemed like it was the size of a power pole as it prodded against her wet entrance. There was no way it could-!

Taylor screamed as the tip of Bastard’s cock entered her. It felt like she was being split apart, and it felt so good.

“Big! It’s big, it’s too big, I, please, don’t-“
Any further comments were cut off in a long howl of lust as Bastard slid in deeper. He wasn’t going to be satisfied with just the tip of his dick going into his bitch, after all. Taylor clawed at the tiles beneath her, feeling her rational mind spiraling away into nothingness.

She’d never imagined something so big could fit inside her, or feel so good. Her first, brain-shattering orgasm raced through her as Bastard filled her up. Drool was running from her mouth onto the floor and her limbs shook wildly.

Finally, Taylor felt Bastard’s big, heavy balls slapping against her. She’d done it. She’d taken the wolf’s entire, monstrous cock. As Bastard started to withdraw, she smiled. If she could take it one time, she could take it a lot more times. Bastard started pounding into her, and Taylor smiled, near-brainlessly. She was going to get a lot of orgasms out of this.

Then Taylor remembered something. She hadn’t taken the knot yet.




I don't even watch Madoka Magica, but after that anon, I need to post this request... alright, anything with Makoda and Homura, maybe *reads wiki* after Madoka becomes a goddess? God, I need to watch that series.


Homura was floating through space. There was nothing around her, just the cold, hard light of distant stars. She was wearing a white shift that came down to the middle of her thighs. From the way it pressed against her, Homura could tell she was wearing nothing underneath it.

How had she gotten here? There had been light and- her mind went blank after that.

Homura started as a pair of white gloved arms hugged her from behind. She felt someone’s breath against the back of her neck.


Madoka. It was Madoka. Homura twisted around, trying to look at her. Madoka looked more beautiful than ever before, her eyes a bright, shining gold. She seemed taller, even in this void, looking Homura in the eyes. She was wearing a beautiful long white dress, the skirt billowing out in an unfelt wind. Homura looked up at the sight, staring at the girl she loved with all her heart.

“Madoka…” Homura’s voice slowed into stillness as Madoka pressed a hand against her cheek. It felt so soft and warm. Homura put her own hand on top of it, wanting it to never go away. Madoka smiled at her, softly and full of warmth.

“Oh Homura, you’ve been fighting so hard for me, haven’t you?”

Homura nodded, not trusting herself to speak. After all this time, had she finally done it? Had she kept Madoka safe, safe from Kyuubey and Walpurgisnatch, and all the other horrors of the world?

“And now it’s time for me to save you, Homura. You and every other magical girl who’s suffering.”

Homura stared at her, an icicle of fear and jealousy forming in her heart. What did she mean? Madoka couldn’t even save herself. Homura had seen that again and again. And Homura had always been too weak and stupid to save the most important person in her life as well.

Homura’s self-loathing was cut off by Madoka lifting her chin upwards. She looked into golden eyes, soft with sadness and understanding.

“Homura, you’ve been so strong for me. And now I need you to be strong for just a while longer, okay?”

Homura nodded, unsure of what Madoka meant. But she would do anything for her.

“You need to go back into the world.”

Homura’s heart sank. She had to go back? She had to leave Madoka and go back into the cold, dead world the two of them had left behind?

“Live your life, Homura. Rediscover the good in it. See how Mami and Sayaka will learn to love you without me dividing you all. Form that friendship with Kyouko you never allowed yourself to. Live.”

Homura nodded, but the icy grip around her heart didn’t relax. There were those three, yes. And there was also Kyuubey and witches and the aunt and uncle who had exiled their broken niece to another city and there was nothing else Homura knew.

“When your heart can no longer bear the weight of the world’s cruelties, I’ll be there for you Homura.” Madoka hugged her, letting Homura press her face into her shoulder. “I can’t take you yet, but when your life on Earth comes to an end, I’ll be there for you. You and I will be together forever, and nothing will ever come between us.”

Homura choked back a sob, an ugly mix of emotions swirling in her breast. She wanted to be with Madoka now not in some distant future. But how could she say no to Madoka? All her life had been spent doing what was best for her. How could Homura stop now?

Madoka smiled, full of shared pain and understanding. She reached up to her hair and tugged at the golden ribbons. They came undone and before Homura’s eyes turned into the red ribbons she’d seen in Madoka’s hair every day.

Madoka pressed them into her hands, and kissed her on the forehead. Pulling back, she smiled at Homura.

“…Okay,” Homura managed to choke out. She didn’t want this, but if Madoka did, and if Madoka was as safe from witches and incubators as she seemed, then Homura didn’t have a choice.

“Okay, Madoka. I’ll go.” She tried to say more, but nothing came out.

Homura closed her eyes and wrapped her hands around the ribbons in her palms. She didn’t see the look of sadness and loss in Madoka’s eyes, or see both her and the stars start to fade.

The last thing she heard was a whisper, coming from inside her mind.

Don’t forget.
Always, somewhere,
Someone is fighting for you.
As long as you remember her,
You are not alone.

This was supposed to be about Godaka fingering Homura to orgasm among the stars.




Winter blowing off some steam from her job by fucking Weiss's pussy without any form of protection. Weiss is more than happy to help because she loves the feeling of being filled by Winter's seed, the risk of pregnancy only making it hotter for both of them.


Winter looked down at her sister. Weiss was bent over her bed, face buried in her pillow. She was using it muffle her moans as Winter fucked her.

Winter ran a hand down Weiss’s bare back, feeling the muscle and bone under her cool skin. Her other hand was wrapped in Weiss’s ponytail, pulling it. Not hard enough to bring Weiss’s head up from the pillows, but enough for Weiss to feel it.

The fronts of Winter’s thighs met the back of Weiss’s several times a second. Winter fucked fast when she was stressed, and today had been a particularly hard day. All that had gotten her through those endless hours was the thought of her little sister, wet, willing and waiting for her.

Winter’s cock plunged in and out of Weiss’s hot core. Winter closed her eyes, the better to feel the wonderful sensation of her sister wrapped around her. Almost as sweet were the muffled sounds she could hear Weiss making.

Winter felt the stress flowing out of her as she used her sister as a cocksleeve. The ache in her shoulders died, the acid ball in her stomach stopped burning, and she could properly enjoy the feeling of Weiss’s pussy wrapped around her cock.

Winter considered spanking Weiss, but, as usual, decided not to. Her sister just didn’t have enough there to make it worthwhile. There was no satisfying jiggle when palm met flesh, even if Weiss’s yelps did sound as sweet as silk. Besides, if Winter wanted to hear those private sounds, she could play with Weiss’s nipples. Those were very sensitive, and Winter could use them to reduce Weiss to a sweaty, moaning mess very quickly.

Winter pulled back on Weiss’s ponytail, pulling her sister’s head up from the pillow. Weiss moaned in pain and pleasure, her sounds filling the room. Winter kept her head pulled back so Weiss was looking at the camera in front of her.

Winters wasn’t going to be at Beacon forever, and she wanted something to remember her sister by. Several hours of her and Weiss fucking would be just the ticket.

Weiss came as she was forced to confront the fact that she was being recorded getting fucked by her own sister. Winter hissed as Weiss clenched down around her, so tight she almost couldn’t move.

After a minute, Weiss relaxed enough that Winter could start thrusting again. She was tempted to lean forward and see the expression on her sister’s face, but restrained herself. The camera would get it, and it would be a nice treat to enjoy back in Atlas. The pleasure would be sweeter for the wait.

Winter could feel her own orgasm approaching, brought on by Weiss’s wonderful pussy and beautiful body. She sped up, flesh meeting flesh as both Schnee’s started to moan.

Winter came hard, her vision blurring for a moment as her orgasm wracked her. She could feel herself pumping cum into Weiss’s unprotected pussy and watched as her sister twitched underneath her.

Winter felt empty, free of both lust and stress as her orgasm drained out of her. She looked down, and saw her cum starting to seep out of Weiss’s pussy and down her pale skin, mixing with her own arousal. Winter sighed, and patted Weiss’s ass.

“Good girl, Weiss. You did good. I feel a lot better now.”

Weiss made a wordless sound of happiness as her head collapsed back onto the pillows. Winter reached over and turned off the scroll. She had needed this, and the recording would help in the future when she needed it again.

Chapter Text




Dog faunus Ruby lovingly getting knot deep in weiss? Papa Schnee is going to have a conniption over the grandkid





“Oh Weiss, you look so beautiful and soft and perfect and,”

Weiss flushed under Ruby’s constant stream of compliments, but accepted them as her due. She flipped her hair back, and looked to the side.

“Of course I am! I’m a Schnee, and that means-!”

Ruby never found out what that meant. As Weiss talked, she had ducked her head and kissed one of Weiss’s nipples. Weiss gasped, Ruby’s lips warm against her bare flesh. Her fingers clutched at Ruby’s back, tightening and relaxing.

Ruby’s pair of wolf ears were standing straight up, she was so excited and happy. She leaned up to kiss Weiss, her tongue eagerly probing at her girlfriend’s lips. Weiss accepted the kiss, and was almost pushed down with how enthusiastically Ruby kissed her.

Weiss could feel another sign of Ruby’s excitement prodding at her crotch. She’d gotten some glimpses of it earlier, but most of her experience with it had been through the medium of touch. Feeling it pressed against the small of her back, feeling Ruby wrap her hand around it… and soon, she was about to feel it in a whole new way.

Ruby’s dick entered Weiss, easily parting her wet folds. Weiss bit down on her finger, feeling herself getting filled in a way that had never happened before. Schnee brand dildos with Schnee brand Dust infusions just couldn’t compare.

Weiss knew that if she peered over Ruby’s shoulder, she could see her girlfriend’s tail wagging. She didn’t like to admit it, but that was one of the reasons she was attracted to Ruby. The thought of being with a Faunus held a certain forbidden excitement, though she loved Ruby for a lot more than her tails and ears.

And as Ruby’s cock plunged into Weiss, she was finding one more reason to love her. Weiss felt amazing, like a warm bath was filling her insides, spreading out from her pussy. She panted, grinding her hips back and forth against Ruby, yearning for just one more touch or tender stroke.

Weiss was so aroused it didn’t take long for her to cum. She screamed into her hand as she came, tightening down around Ruby. Ruby groaned, feeling the increased pressure on her dick. That, and the sight of Weiss’s beautiful, naked body, and the long hours beforehand filled with thoughts of what she and Weiss were going to do, pushed Ruby over the edge.

Weiss screamed into Ruby’s shoulder as she was knotted. Ruby’s cock seemed to be splitting in her two, stretching her pussy beyond what it could take. There was pleasure, yes, but it was so intense it almost wrapped around to pain again. She clutched at Ruby as her girlfriend screamed in pleasure, feeling tight, hot, wet walls clamping down around her.

Ruby didn’t cum all at once. Once she was knotted inside her lover, her body was going to take its time. There was a slow, steady stream of cum coming from Ruby, and it would continue for almost a quarter of an hour. Weiss would feel herself getting pumped full of more and more cum, ensuring she would get pregnant. She shuddered in delight at the thought.

It would be nice to show her dad his grandchildren.




Sailor Moon finds some youma controlling random men, she moon dusts them but the men won't recover from the mind control for some time, and they're big cocks aren't going down thanks to Sailor Moon's outfit. Time for her to get down and dirty!


Sailor Moon moaned around the huge cock fucking her throat. The reason she was moaning was because of the equally large dick that was fucking her pussy. The Pretty Soldier of Love and Justice was bent over in an alleyway, getting spitroasted by two strangers.

How had this happened?

Well, after Sailor Moon killed a monster that had been mind controlling a group of victims, she’d thought her job was done, and she could go celebrate with ice cream. But then she noticed that the crowd (all fit, attractive men) were still interested in her. Then she’d noticed their interest poking out of their pants. What other choice did she have?

Even as the men surrounded her, Sailor Moon bent over and flipped up her skirt. Her only regret was that the magical uniform came with a leotard to protect her virtue, and not a pair of panties. It was so much harder to pull the leotard aside. Luckily, that was the only worry Sailor Moon had.


The man throatfucking her was relentless, shoving his cock deeper and deeper inside her with every thrust. Sailor Moon loved his taste, so strong and masculine. And she was sure she would love the taste of his cum even more. And she’d have plenty of cum to eat if it wasn’t. She was surrounded by over a dozen men, all of them hard and all of them looking at her with undisguised lust.

Sailor Moon’s pussy got even wetter at the thought, and she squeezed down around the man inside her. He wasn’t fucking her as fast as the stranger in her mouth, but it felt even better, as his cock speared apart her walls with every thrust. Sailor Moon could feel his heavy balls slap against her.

Sailor Moon wondered how long it would take before the crowd around her got tired of these two hogging her to themselves. She had two hands, her tits and her ass still available, after all. She hoped they’d snap soon, and leave her plugged, and getting covered with more and more cum.

Sailor Moon spared a sorrowful thought for her friends. They should be here too, Sailor Mars red high heels locked behind the back of a man, Sailor Mercury eating the cum out of her girlfriend’s pussy as Sailor Jupiter used her talent to bring more guys to cum all over her breasts. And Sailor Venus, of course, would be helping Sailor Moon give some lucky guy the best blowjob he’d ever get.

Sailor Moon was brought back to her own pleasure as the man behind her started to spank her. She squealed in pleasure around the dick plundering her throat. Yes. She needed that extra bit of pleasure. She wiggled her ass, making it look as inviting as possible.

And when Sailor Moon felt a dozen strong hands grab her, she almost cheered. Finally, she was about to get fucked as hard as possible in as many ways as possible. As she was pulled off the two cocks she was enjoying, Sailor Moon looked around. There was a veritable forest of dicks surrounding her, and she knew every single one of them was going to use her and leave a large, sticky, hot, delicious load of cum in or on her.

Sailor Moon licked her lips. She couldn’t wait.




Madoka is made to play a fun birthday game, on her knees and blindfolded, asked to suck her 4 fellow magical girl's dicks and guess whose is whose.

Party Games

Madoka giggled and reflexively smoothed down the front of her pink skirt. She could hear her friends around her, though the yellow blindfold cut off her vision completely. There was some muffled whispering, and then something pressed against her lips.

Madoka opened her mouth and let the cock slide in. Her eyes widened under the blindfold. It was coated with chocolate, and the flavor filled her mouth as the dick’s owner thrust back and forth in her mouth for half a minute. Then it withdrew, sans half of the chocolate.

That had to have been Kyouko, Madoka decided. She was the only one who would put food on her cock. Three more to figure out.

The second penis slid in just as easily as the first. Whoever had it didn’t wait around. Madoka felt strong hands grab her head, and start pulling her up and down. Madoka went along with it easily, her mouth and throat used to sucking off her friends. This time, her session lasted most of a minute before it withdrew, Madoka’s tongue following it out of her mouth. The birthday girl pulled it back in, stifling a whine. She liked sucking cock, and it was always a shame when she didn’t get a proper reward at the end. A rich, thick, sticky reward.

She thought this one had been Sayaka’s. Her oldest friend was always so energetic and forceful, and was usually the one to give Madoka a facefucking.

The third dick slid into Madoka’s open mouth. Unlike the previous two, this one didn’t last long at all. Barely ten seconds had gone by before Madoka felt it pulsing against her tongue. Her eyes opened wide beneath the blindfold, as cum started to fill her mouth. As she frantically swallowed, she heard the unmistakable sounds of Homura orgasming. Everyone else heard them too.

“Geez, transfer student, you came already?” That was Sayaka, making a point in her characteristically soft, gentle manner.

“Sayaka, you’re not supposed to say who it is!” Kyouko hissed, and Madoka could picture the redhead punching Sayaka’s shoulder.

“Oh, like it would be some big mystery. I wonder who else would be so excited over getting Madoka’s mouth she cums right away?”

“Now, girls,” Mami said, in a sweet tone that still spelled the end of the argument, “let’s remember who we’re all here for. Madoka, would you like to get cleaned up before the final round?”

Madoka shook her head. She’d already swallowed all the cum in her mouth, and was just finishing licking up the strands on her lips. She opened her mouth, inviting Mami to finish.

Madoka sighed in happiness as the fourth in four minutes entered her mouth. Even if she hadn’t figured out the other three already, she still could have guessed this was Mami’s dick. It was so much larger than the others, and it was always a challenge for Madoka to take it down to the root. She wasn’t going to this time, since there was more to do at her party than a proper deepthroating session.

After a few gentle strokes, the cock withdrew, and it was time for Madoka to announce her guesses. She reached up and pulled off the blindfold, blinking in the bright light. She looked up at her friends who were surrounding her.

“Who do you think is who, Mads?” Kyouko asked, idly chewing on a piece of pocky.

“Well,” Madoka giggled, “Kyouko, you were the one who gave me that pocky.”

Everyone laughed, and Kyouko held up the jar of chocolate frosting she’d used and smiled.

“And then it was Sayaka, Homura,” she patted her hand, “and then Mami. Am I right?”

Mami smiled and nodded, and Madoka’s smile grew bigger. It was an unusual skill, to be able to identify your friends by their dicks, but it was a skill she was proud of.

“What will we play next?”





Just give me a big fat Madokahalla orgy.

Party in Paradise

Madoka laid a comforting hand on Bahati’s shoulder. The magical girl had a deep red blush on her dark cheeks as she stared out over the room. It was a good-sized room, with plenty of pillows and cushions and beds. And almost every one of them had at least one magical girl on it. Kissing, and fondling and exploring each other’s naked or semi naked bodies.

Bahati looked up at Madoka, hands twisting together. She swallowed nervously as her lips moved soundlessly.

“Is… is this really alright, ma’am? I can really-?” She cut herself off, too embarrassed to continue.

“Yes, it’s alright, Bahati,” Madoka said, smiling softly. “But if you’re not ready for this, I can take you someplace else. Have you been to the boutiques yet?” Madoka knew the answer already, of course. She knew about everything that happened here, and knew that Bahati had already spent several days trying on the beautiful things she’d never had the chance to in life.

“No. No, I asked for this, so,” Bahati swallowed nervously, “I’m going to do it.” She looked around the room. “Uh, maybe you could…”

Madoka laughed softly. She and Bahati had already had sex, several times in fact. But, the African magical girl had nervously asked about what the other girls did, and so Madoka had led her here. And the goddess had a feeling… Ah, yes, here she came.


Bahati jumped as a blonde girl, bare from the waist up, appeared.

“Hello, Jeanne.” Madoka said, smiling at one of the older inhabitants of her realm. She’d brought Bahati to this room in particular because she knew Jeanne was here.

Madoka gracefully stepped aside as Jeanne started talking to Bahati. Jeanne loved girls with dark skin, and could always be relied on to be friends and lovers with any that Madoka introduced her to. Now that Bahati was with someone who would help ease her into the ongoing orgy here, Madoka went on her way.

She walked through the room, pausing to say hello or to compliment many of the girls in the room. She gracefully turned down the invitations to join the pairs, threesome, or moresomes she received. Madoka stepped through the far door, turning back just before it closed. She smiled to see Bahati nervously kissing a smiling Jeanne, as the French girl hugged her.

Madoka continued on her way, heading down the white marble halls. She passed by many girls, and always had something kind to say to those who wanted to talk to her. At last she ended up outside a door in one of the residential areas of her home. The runes on it spelled out a name, but one of the perks of being a goddess in her own domain was not needing maps to know where she was.

Madoka entered the room, stepping into blue. Every time Madoka entered, she expected to see fish swimming along the walls. Her footsteps muffled by the thick blue carpeting and the small bubbling fountain, Madoka went deeper into the room. As she reached the couch (also blue), the door on the fall wall opened.

“Ah, Madoka!” Sayaka said. “I’ve been waiting for you.”

“Not too long, I hope,” Madoka said. She knew it hadn’t been. If you had to wait here, it was because you wanted to wait.

“Nah, not too long,” Sayaka said, joining Madoka on the couch. They kissed, briefly.

As they continued talking, both Madoka and Sayaka gently explored each other’s bodies. Soon, Madoka was off the couch and on her knees, head underneath Sayaka’s skirt.

Madoka could tell Sayaka was enjoying herself, and soon she’d have something else to enjoy too.

An unofficial prequel to Have Your Death and Eat Cake Too, which was a major influence on how I think of Madolhalla





PMMM Prompt: It's Madoka's birthday, and she and her friends all celebrate with a Lesbian Orgy, with Madoka being pleasured by everyone else.

Birthday Treat

There were warm hands and mouths all over Madoka. Homura was kissing her, Sayaka was between her legs, Mami was playing with her breasts, and Kyouko was rubbing her back. She was the only one completely naked, though the rest of the girls had taken off this or that.

There had been some presents and Mami had baked a cake, but this was what Madoka had been looking forward to. Her big birthday present was getting all of her dear friends to show their love for her. And how they were showing it.

Madoka had no idea how Sayaka was so good at oral sex, but her tongue, lips and fingers felt amazing between Madoka’s drenched folds. There was some light pressure against her clit, and she was running her fingers along Madoka’s aroused lower lips. Madoka could feel her orgasm approaching as Sayaka ate her out just as eagerly as she had been eating the cake half an hour ago.

Homura and Madoka had kissed many, many times before, but Madoka thought every time was still just as exciting. Her arms were wrapped behind Homura’s head, holding her close as the two lovebirds passionately kissed. Their tongues pressed against each other as they made out, Homura embracing Madoka like a drowning woman embraces a life raft.

Mami was doing an excellent job with Madoka’s breasts. Her long, sure fingers expertly played with Madoka’s petite chest, stroking her small swells and pinching her stiff nipples. Her attentions were one of the many reasons Madoka was moaning into Homura’s mouth. Madoka shivered as a warm mouth was fastened over one of her nipples. The feeling of Mami’s tongue licking it was divine, and her pussy got even wetter as Mami tended to her.

Kyouko was contenting herself with a surprisingly nonsexual back massage. She seemed to have a preternatural talent for finding any knots or stiff areas, and working them out of Madoka’s back. Her fingers brushed against the birthday girl’s spine as Kyouko slowly worked her way from Madoka’s shoulders to her rear, and then back up again. Madoka had had a Kyouko massage once before, and could have sworn after it was over that she was capable of beating an Olympic gymnast in flexibility.

Madoka squeaked as she came, flooding Sayaka’s mouth her arousal. Her pussy quivered and tightened around the finger inside it, and Madoka moaned, low and sultry, into Homura’s mouth. Her friends didn’t let up. They’d talked it over, and wanted to see if they could give Madoka an orgasm for every year she was.

Best. Birthday. Ever.

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Yang getting fucked? Whatever scenario you like, just gimme some Yang :) pls and ty


“Come and get it! Grade A Yang for sale!”

Yang flushed in humiliation and arousal as Emerald’s voice carried, loud and clear. The blonde brawler could do nothing to hide her nakedness, since her hands and her head were held firm in a set of stocks. She’d tried to resist, oh ho she’d (though she’d) tried, but Yang had been as weak as a baby as Emerald locked her in place. And now here she was, buck naked and listening to Emerald describe in lurid detail how hot she’d be to fuck.

A man stopped to talk to her, negotiating a price. Yang watched, her mouth dry, as money changed hands. The stranger started unbuckling his pants before he even got behind Yang. She bit her lip to keep from moaning as he slid into her. There was no foreplay, but, then again, there wasn’t any needed. Yang was wet enough that his cock entered her easily, parting her folds.

Emerald laughed at the look on Yang’s face. She patted the blonde’s head, cooing in sympathy.

“Ah, is the big bad Huntress getting her rocks off as she’s fucked by a stranger in public? You’d better enjoy it, slut, you’ll be here for a long time.”

Any further kindly words were cut off as another man came up to them. Within a minute, Yang was gagging on a thick cock as it was shoved deeper and deeper down her throat. She closed her eyes and tried to deny that it was happening. After all, if it wasn’t happening, then there she wasn’t feeling so damn good from it, right?

Yang gasped, the sound muffled around the dick she was sucking, as the man behind her started to spank her. She heard him exclaim in joy at how nicely her ass shook as he beat it. She wished he’d stop. The pleasure she was feeling was threatening to overwhelm her, and what would people think if they saw Yang Xiao Long, Huntress extraordinaire, naked and cumming in the street?

Yang didn’t know how much later it was. The constant flood of pleasure had battered down her mind enough that all she liked to think about was how good cock would feel inside her. She listened too, but did not really understand, Emerald talking to her.

“I’m just not bringing in the money like I should Yang. Obviously the problem’s with the merchandise,” Emerald said, pulling one of Yang’s nipples down. Yang moaned, drool and cum running out of her mouth.

“There’s no cure for ugly, but at least I can paper over it. I’ll use my Semblance to make people think they’re fucking someone hot, instead of you. Maybe your sister. Lots of people would be interested in fucking a tight set of holes like that, instead of you.”

Yang shook her hips, hoping that Emerald would plug her leaking hole with her finger. She didn’t care. Emerald could make her look like Ruby, like Raven, like Neo, like anybody, if it meant Yang could continue to cum her brains out here in the stocks.

This was a much better career than being a Huntress.

Madoka prompt: MadoHomu honeymoon sex (with Madokami fucking Akumura with a strapon)

Heaven and Hell

Homura practically melted when Madoka kissed her. The self-proclaimed embodiment of evil was like putty under Madoka’s hands, letting the goddess do whatever she wanted. The two of them walked to the bed behind Homura, neither of them letting go of the other or stopping their kissing.

Only when they collapsed on the bed did they break their kiss. Madoka was on top, her golden eyes staring down at Homura with lust and love. Homura swallowed nervously, but couldn’t hide how excited she was or how much she was longing for more of Madoka’s touch.

Homura placed her hands on Madoka’s shoulders, trying to draw her down for another kiss. Madoka giggled and shook her head. Homura opened her mouth to protest, but Madoka put a finger against her lips. Homura sighed, but accepted it.

Madoka placed her hands on Homura’s breasts. The black feathers there were so thin that there was practically no barrier to stop Madoka’s curious, warm hands from exploring every inch of Homura’s chest. Homura gasped, feeling her nipples pinched and her breasts caressed. She could feel herself getting wet, arousal forming as Madoka played with her body.

Homura twitched aside her barely there devil outfit, giving Madoka perfect access to her center. Madoka ran two gloved fingers along Homura, her digits slipping through Homura’s damp curls. Homura whined and her hips bucked, wanting to Madoka’s fingers to slip a bit lower and then inside her. She knew that wouldn’t happen, though. Madoka had something a lot more impressive than just a pair of fingers to use on her.

Madoka pulled her skirts up, revealing long legs enclosed in perfectly white stockings. Normally, those would have held all of Homura’s attention. Now, though, her gaze was fixed on the strap-on jutting out from Madoka’s crotch. To Homura’s eyes, it seemed the size of a telephone pole. She reached out a trembling hand to stroke it, and was surprised that she could easily fit her fingers around the pure white, slightly curved shaft.

They kissed again, as Madoka lowered her hips. Homura jumped as she felt the warm, hard toy press against her lower stomach. She could feel Madoka’s hand running down her side to grab it. Homura spread her legs as far as she could, wanting and waiting for it.

Madoka deepened the kiss as she slid in, the strap-on easily entering Homura’s wet folds. Homura moaned into Madoka’s mouth, feeling herself getting filled up. Her hands clutched at Madoka’s back, feeling her dress bunch up between her hands. She felt good, she felt so good as Madoka filled her up and then emptied her out.

“Madoka… Oh, Madoka,” Homura wasn’t able to really voice what she was feeling as Madoka fucked her. Just calling out her name wasn’t enough and yet was all she could do.

“Homura,” Madoka said, kissing her on the lips. “Homura, you look so pretty like this. You’re so beautiful and I, and I…”

Madoka couldn’t think of how to complete the sentence, and just kissed Homura again. The two lovers embraced as they made love.

This was going to be a wonderful honeymoon.

Love your work. A second part or a prequel to Training Sophia would be awesome.

Brilliant work
Prompt: Sophia's training under Mistress

Training Sophia 2

My legs felt like jelly as I saw down in front of my computer. My mom had called me away just as I was about to watch the latest video, and I’d spent almost an hour helping her while stewing in my own juices, waiting for the chance to get back to my room.

But, Mom didn’t need me anymore, the bedroom door was locked and my body was ready. I pulled up the video, lips dry with anticipation. I hit the play button and slid my hand under my skirt.

The video started like usual, a few brief bars of music followed by Mistress sitting on her chair. My mouth watered as I looked at her. That beautiful long hair, that haughty porcelain-white mask, and that tall, slender body, encased in leather. Oh, what I would do to feel those gloved fingers resting against my skin.

And next to her, was my friend Sophia. She was kneeling next to Mistress, her gaze downcast and her hands on her bare thighs. Today she was wearing a bright pink corset, the vivid color clashing with her dark skin; it pushed her breasts up and together without actually concealing them. Around her waist, I could see the glint of the chastity belt that she had been wearing for the past two weeks and three videos. I shuddered in sympathy, wondering how long it would take Sophia’s body to learn to orgasm from ways other then her clit and pussy.

Mistress hadn’t even spoken yet, and my panties were drenched. I stared at the pair hungrily. I wanted to be under Mistress, and to use Sophia. Hardly the attitude of a friend bent on rescuing her friend from sexual imprisonment and training, but I didn’t care. It was just too hot.

“Hello viewers,” Mistress’s digitized voice had a cold, electronic cast to it. “Recently, I’ve been getting questions about my future training of Sophia. There has been concern that my last several videos have focused exclusively on lesbian sex, and that I’m not devoting enough care to turning Sophia into a properly bisexual sextoy.”

I thought I could see Sophia’s black cheeks darken as blood raced to them. I already had a finger inside me, and my other hand cupping a breast.

“Rest assured, your financial support is being used properly. In fact, I will be teaching Sophia an essential skill in her career of sexually pleasing men and women today.”

The video cut to a new location. Now, the two of them were in the Toy Room, where Mistress kept all her toys except for Sophia. The camera showed her, shackled to a post and kneeling on the concrete floor. My finger pumped in and out faster as I imagined what I could do to my friend in that position. She was at the perfect height to eat me out, for one thing. Or maybe I could play with those ebony tits, or…

The camera panned up and over to Mistress. She was standing behind a pedestal, a number of items in front of her. I gasped in anticipation as I saw a dildo among them.

“Today I will be training Sophia in how to give blowjobs. The difference between this session and previous ones,” links appeared to direct me to them, “will be for how long she will be doing this.”

“To assist in this, I have prepared some tools. The dildo,” Mistress said, holding it up, “is self-explanatory.” I bit my lip, imagining how that rod of blue plastic would feel inside my snatch.

“The head harness,” she said, holding up a collection of leather straps and metal buckles, “which I adapted from a ponygirl set, will keep her head secured during the training.”

I was furiously masturbating, imagining what the training would be, and sure the truth would be even better than my fantasies.

“An electric motor,” Mistress held up a box in both hands. “Any hobby store will carry something similar. This will push and pull Sophia’s head back and forth along the dildo, and will do so until I’m satisfied with her progress.”

“And finally,” she said, holding up a large, thick plastic ring with straps dangling down, “an old friend. When I last used the ring gag, it was because Sophia was so wild and undisciplined that she even tried to bite the training dildo. Silly girl.” Mistress chuckled, sending shivers down my spine. “Her domestication has improved since then, and I will be using this merely as a guide to make sure the dildo stays in her mouth.”

“Now,” she clapped her hands together, “let’s get her set up.”

The video went to fast forward, Mistress bustling around Sophia, assembling the equipment. My breath was coming in ragged pants as I masturbated to the sight of my friend and her anonymous owner.

The video resumed its normal speed, and Sophia was all set up and ready to go. Her mouth was forced open wide by the ring gag, drool running from her lips to drip down to her pert black breasts. The head harness covered most of the rest of her face, her eyes hidden behind a blindfold. The dildo was in front of her, the tip of the business end already inside her mouth and the rear anchored to a post.

The camera circled around Sophia, showing her amazing body and the motor behind her, a moveable rod attached to a hook on the back of the head harness. There was an inferno burning in my belly, and the machine hadn’t even been turned on yet.

Mistress stood next to Sophia, fingering a switch. A leather clad hand ruffled Sophia’s dark hair as Mistress stared into the camera.

“The purpose of this exercise is to accustom Sophia to long hours spent sucking cock. In a gloryhole, perhaps, though it would be a shame not to let people know who was servicing them.”

“At any rate, Sophia will be here for several hours, as the machine guides her head back and forth along the dildo. It will only stop when I’m convinced she’s learned an important skill for her future career.”

With that, Mistress flicked the machine on. There was a soft hum, and Sophia’s head started moving back and forth along the fake cock, regardless of whether or not she wanted it to.

I was furiously masturbating. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to be Sophia, or have the cock that was fucking her face. They both sounded so tempting.

My orgasm tore through me before thirty seconds had passed. It wiped me out, leaving me shaking and panting, trying to focus my eyes on the screen. An accidental jiggle of the mouse showed that there was still half an hour of video left to watch. I paused it while I recovered. But there was no way I would be going to sleep tonight without watching the entire show.

I wanted to dream about the sound of Sophia gagging on that dick.

RWBY prompt: Jaune single handedly 'tackling' and entire Grimm horde by himself.
(idk why but I love those prompts of Jaune getting done in the most the most)

Training Time

Jaune gasped, again and again, as he was fucked. He was face down and ass up in the forest clearing, hands squeezing tufts of grass as the Beowolf above him used him.

The ground between Jaune’s legs was splattered with cum, both from his own cock and the Grimm semen running from his ass. It had even splattered against the pale pink leggings Nora had given him. It would be a pain to clean those, but that would be a problem for future Jaune. Present Jaune just cared about taking the knot he could feel pressing against him.

It could be tough, training like this, but Jaune was determined to do it. He could already take Creep cock and most Beowolves. Today’s training was to help him work his way up to taking the knot of a Beowolf Alpha. That was still beyond him, but the more Jaune got buttfucked by Grimm, the better his body would be able to handle it. The better his body would take those long, thick, hard cocks, pounding in and out of him for hours on end…

Jaune shook his head, dispelling the daydreams. There was no need to think about that now, not when the real thing was happening. Later, tonight, when he was in the dorm with his collection of dildos and plugs, that would be the right time. As he sank down deeper and deeper, his full ass swallowing a fake cock, that would the perfect time.

Jaune’s smooth, unmuscled limbs trembled as the Beowolf pounded its body against him. He could feel another orgasm coming as its cock pressed against his prostrate. He’d cum twice already, both times without touching his cock. And there was still a lot of training left to do before he could call it a day, so Jaune was looking forward to having his small cock erupt at least twice more.

Jaune had had his doubts about the training regimen Pyrrha had drawn up for him. Special pills, special exercises, new clothes to get him in the right frame of mind… She had gone all out, with an almost disturbing fervor. But Jaune couldn’t deny the results. He could keep a Grimm occupied for a while, or even a whole pack, if they saw him before the rest of his team. It would be a while before Jaune could take on an Ursa Major or a Minotaur, but at least he could handle any number of regular Beowolves.

The Grimm fucking Jaune’s rear howled, its claws digging into his plump ass. Jaune moaned, feeling its knot pop into him. His legs went weak, and only the Grimm’s iron grip kept him from falling to the grass.

His walls being forced apart made Jaune cum. He moaned whorishly, as his hips jerked back and forth. Drool was running out of his mouth. His dick twitched and a thin stream of cum shot out to splatter on the grass. It was mixed with the much larger puddle of Grimm cum that was being forced out by the Beowolf. The Grimm hadn’t cum yet, but its cock was displacing the cum left behind by several previous Beowolves.

Jaune was blissed out on pleasure, barely registering the Beowolf starting to cum inside him. His body instinctively pushed back against it, but his mind was elsewhere, wandering among pink clouds of lustful pleasure.

It took a while for him to come back. When Jaune did, he noticed another Beowolf standing in front of him. Since the one in his ass showed no signs of getting soft, or of its knot deflating, there was obviously only one way for Jaune to deal with the hot, red cock pressed against his forehead.

As Jaune opened his mouth, he sighed in happiness. He loved being a Huntsman.

Ranma Prompt: In the first city Ranma and Genma visit after getting their curses, Ranma gets separated from her father and tricked into her first female sexual experience buy a group of older men.

First Time

Ranma didn’t resist as her hands were wrapped around two cocks. And why would she? These strangers, all of them men in her thirties or later, were making her feel oh so good. The least she could do was to return the favor.

Both Ranma’s mouth and her pussy were stuffed with dicks, and the men using her were pulling her back and forth between them, using her for their own pleasure. Of course, that still gave Ranma quite a bit of pleasure too, as her breasts and ass were played with, and her clit was stimulated with every thrust that filled up her wet pussy.

If Ranma had a concern, it was how long she would be here for. There were at least fifteen men in the room with her, and more were trickling in. She’d heard them discussing things, like ‘anal’, ‘titfuck’ and ‘bukkake’. She didn’t know what those meant, but Ranma had a feeling she’d learn soon.

The man using her mouth groaned. He pulled her forward, burying his cock down her throat. Ranma coughed and gagged, and then her eyes widened. There was a ton of something going down her throat into her stomach. It was hot and thick and sticky and the redhead desperately swallowed, trying to keep up with it. As the man, whoever he was, pulled back, Ranma got her first taste of cum. It was salty, and she wasn’t really sure how much she liked it.

The man behind her had been using her ponytail as leverage. As the guy in front of her exited, he pulled back, causing Ranma to yelp in pain as her head was pulled back. She was impressed with how strong he was, to keep a good-sized woman up in the air with only one arm and his dick (which did feel like it was the size of his arm).

Ranma whined, the pain from her hair and the pleasure of her pussy being filled blending together. The pleasure was starting to win, especially as her fat tits were groped. She’d never imagined her nipples could get so stiff, or feel so good. Someone’s fingers entered her mouth, and probed around. They found her tongue, and dragged it out of her mouth. Ranma looked up at the man doing it, trying to glare, though she looked too fuckdrunk for it to be intimidating.

Ranma jerked around as she experienced her first orgasm. Her whole body shook and she babbled out a stream of nonsense as overwhelming pleasure filled her. She was so busy cumming, she didn’t notice that she was being picked up and rearranged.

When Ranma came back to herself, she found that she was squatting over the man fucking her pussy, with another man behind her and something hot and hard poking at her bottom. As Ranma opened her mouth to ask what was happening, she was plugged up by a third man entering her mouth.

She wondered what was going to happen next.

Also, I published In(side) and Out over on Patreon. It will still be roughly a week before it gets here, so head over there if you want to see Joy and Riley both having sex for the first time.

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If you wouldn't mind. I'd like to see a fic where Ruby fucks Yang intensely in the shower.

Fun in the Shower

“Yang, Yang, Yang, Yang,” Ruby kept on repeating, over and over.

She and her sister were alone in the Beacon showers, hot water beating down on the two of them. Ruby had her limbs wrapped around her big sister, holding on in a full body hug. Yang had her hands underneath Ruby’s body, squeezing Ruby’s tight, firm ass. She was lifting Ruby up and down, fucking Ruby with her cock.

The two sisters were frantically kissing, lips locked against each other. It was so rare for them to get the chance to properly enjoy each other’s bodies. Their chests were pressed against together, though Ruby, with a bad case of breast envy, didn’t like to pay too much attention to how easily her small her own chest was compared to Yang’s.

Ruby did like to pay attention to how Yang’s cock was filling her up. Their position meant that Ruby could go all the way down and take as much of Yang’s dick as she could. It was one of Ruby’s favorite positions, exceeded only by doggy-style anal. Her grip around Yang’s torso was as tight as she could managed, wanting to soak up as much heat and contact as she could.

“Ruby, Ruby, I’m cumming,” Yang groaned, picking up the pace. Her strong arms slammed Ruby down on her cock again and again, her little sister’s wet, tight pussy reluctant to let go.

“Really? Inside, do it inside me, Yang,” Ruby begged.

Ruby loved cumshots. She supposed she’d even love cumshots from other people, if she’d ever had sex with anybody besides her sister. The amazing feeling of Yang’s cock swelling and pulsing and then erupting, covering her insides or skin with tons of thick, creamy semen, was always a delight to Ruby.

Ruby squealed as Yang came. Her insides were instantly flooded with hot, white cum. She came too, feeling Yang’s semen roil around inside her. She pressed herself against Yang, biting down on her sister’s shoulder as she tried to deal with the orgasm that was hollowing out. Ruby didn’t listen to Yang’s hiss of pleasure at the pain, absorbed in her own world.

It was always like this. If Yang gave Ruby a good creampie, Ruby would be out of it for a while, usually alternating between scooping Yang’s cum out of her pussy to eat, or covering her slit with her hand to keep the hot cum inside her.

Give Futa!Madoka an orgy with the remaining Holy Quintet

Sadistic Choice

Madoka was in the middle of a conundrum. There were too many girls to fuck and not enough time to do it all in. All four of her other meguca friends were here, in Mami’s apartment, and they all wanted her to fuck them.

Sayaka and Kyouko were passing the time with each other, bodies pressed against each other as they kissed. Madoka’s gaze was continually drawn in their direction, and the skirts that had been pulled up just enough to let her glimpse their panties. She thought it could be pretty fun to alternate between the two of them, fucking a different pussy with every stroke. And they’d still be kissing and groping each other even as Madoka filled them up with cock. Just the thought made Madoka’s erect dick twitch.

But there was also Mami to consider. She had such a wonderful body, those wide hips and those huge, gorgeous breasts that Madoka just wanted to bury her face in. And, even better, she had a bondage fetish. Madoka glanced over at her sempai. Mami was buck naked, with her yellow ribbons winding around her, pressing her breasts together and immobilizing her limbs. The things Madoka could do to her make the small girl’s mouth water. If she wanted to titfuck Mami? Mami would be fine with that. If she wanted to spank Mami? Mami would love that.

And of course, there was Homura. Madoka couldn’t get enough of the air of vulnerability her new friend had. Those glasses and those braids and those legs… Madoka had been all over Homura for her body, and then she’d discovered that her personality was just as enjoyable. If Madoka suggested anything even as tame as kissing, Homura would blush and stammer, and then say yes. She’d say yes, eventually, to anything Madoka suggested. It was so cute, Madoka couldn’t put it in words. Right now, Homura was sitting on the couch, knees together, hands in lap, and blushing like a tomato as she looked around.

Madoka stroked her cock idly. The kinky Mami, the duo Sayaka and Kyouko or the virginal Homura? All three were such amazing choices. How could she choose just one choice? There were some things no woman should have to face, and choosing between her friends was one of them.

Madoka was caught in the grip of her daily dilemma. There was never enough time to have as much sex with her friends as she needed. She took a few tottering steps this way and that, before finally going over to Homura. Homura, or Moemura as Kyouko called her, squeaked as Madoka sat down next to her and laid her head on her shoulder.

“Homura-channnn, do you want to put on a strap-on and fuck Sayaka and Kyouko with me?”

Madoka thought this was the perfect solution. She and Homura could split those two, and then Homura could watch as Madoka used Mami. And then, maybe, there would still be enough time to introduce Homura to anal sex.

Madoka smiled at her own cleverness. She’d found the perfect solution.

Worm prompt:

Taylors days at school aren’t so bad these days. Not since she became the cocksleeves for the Trios massive Futa Dick’s.

The Not So Terrible Trio

Taylor’s vision, already ruined by the removal of her glasses, was cut off completely as cum covered her face. She flinched as heavy load of white, thick cum landed on her. She could feel it running over her closed eyes and down her cheeks.

There was already cum all over her face, and dripping down to her flat chest. Emma, Sophia and Madison all stood around her naked, kneeling body, masturbating to whatever piece of porn Madison had produced. As they constantly reminded Taylor, she wasn’t nearly attractive enough to get them off on her own, especially since she hadn’t earned the right to touch them yet. Instead, before and after school every day, the three of them would pull Taylor into an empty room, make her strip and then use her body as a cumdump.

Taylor hated it. The unbearable shame and humiliation of how she was treated, made even worse by the way they didn’t even think she was hot enough to masturbate to. She hated it so much, in fact, her hands were almost always between her thighs, fingers pumping in and out of her wet pussy.

“Look, Sophia, the slut’s masturbating again.” Emma’s voice was filled with a cruel delight, and Taylor could imagine the look on her face as she looked down at her. She whimpered, feeling her pussy tighten around her finger.

“I bet fingerbanging herself is the most exercise this slut gets in a day,” Madison chimed in.

Taylor opened her mouth to moan, and thick strands of the cum covering her face fell in. She instantly closed her mouth, but she could still feel the semen on her tongue, sticky and warm. She knew what she had to do. The Trio didn’t care if she cleaned her face off with towels, her hands, or her own tongue, but they did care, very much so, if she spat out any cum that got in her mouth.

Taylor obediently swallowed, wondering which girl’s cum was sliding down her throat. She’d never been able to taste any difference between the three, despite having the opportunity to sample them time and time again. She wished she didn’t like the taste so much, but the thick, salty taste always made her insides churn with twisted excitement.

Taylor felt more semen running over her chest, trickling around her stiff nipples as it ran down her bare body to splash against the tile floor. The tiles beneath her were already splattered with moisture, flicked down there by her own hands as she masturbated. She hoped, she really did, that she could get an orgasm before the other girls were done with her. It was horrible to admit, but her climaxes under their disdainful gazes were so much better than the ones she eked out in the privacy of her own bedroom.

Taylor shuddered as she heard the whir of phone cameras. They always took pictures of her, though she didn’t know why they bothered. Just one would have been enough blackmail material to make her do anything they wanted. Yet all three of them, especially Emma, insisted on gathering more evidence of her debasement every time.

Taylor wished she didn’t like this so much.

KyoSaya, with a lot of banter, dirty talk, and teasing. Thank you!

Baby Bites Back

Sayaka hissed as Kyouko bit her shoulder. Her girlfriend was on top of her, wearing only her black tank top and white panties. Sayaka, in comparison, was modestly dressed, with all her clothes but her panties in place. Her pale blue underwear had been torn in two by Kyouko’s skirt diving, earning the redhead a slap upside the head for doing it in a public place.

Kyouko had just laughed it off and dragged Sayaka away, looking for someplace a bit more private to molest her girlfriend. Sayaka hadn’t fought too much, going along and exchanging snipes with Kyouko. Now they were back at Sayaka’s apartment, with no one else expected for hours.

Kyouko finally got Sayaka’s shirt off. She stared down at Sayaka’s blue bra and toned stomach. She put her head in her hands and sighed.


Sayaka’s face looked like she’d just bitten into a lemon. Not even Kyouko playing with the breasts in question improved her mood.

“Nothing, it’s just that your chest is so… unimpressive, compared to Mami’s.”

“What?! That’s rich, coming from the girl who’s so flat she doesn’t even wear a bra! Look at these tiny titties.”

Sayaka punctuated her sentence by grabbing Kyouko’s chest. Kyouko’s tank top was thin enough that it didn’t even begin to present an obstacle to Sayaka. She squirmed, arcing her back and pressing her chest against Sayaka.

“But, hm, on me it looks sleek. On you?” Kyouko shook her head, faking sadness. “It just makes people think of how much better Mami’s chest is.”

“Oh, I’m going to get you for this, Kyouko,” Sayaka vowed, shaking her head. “I don’t know how, and I don’t know when, but I’m going to make you regret this.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Kyouko said dismissively, wiggling out of her shirt. “I’ve heard that before. Now why don’t you come over here and suck on my boobs.”

Kyouko yelped as Sayaka instead pinched her nipples, fingers squeezing down on a pair of erect nipples. Her glare was robbed of its fire by the way her hips twitched.

Even as Kyouko closed her eyes to better enjoy the feeling of Sayaka playing with her chest, she slipped her hands underneath Sayaka’s skirt, heading to her wet folds. But almost before she even brushed them, Sayaka stopped her.

“No! Not while I have my skirt on!” Kyouko pouted and waited while Sayaka slipped out of her school skirt.

“Finally. You know, last week, you didn’t complain even when I made you soak your panties.”

As she talked, Kyouko ran her hand down Sayaka’s bare stomach, returning to her shaved flower.

“Well, duh. I was wearing panties. They could soak up my arousal. Just because you don’t go to school doesn’t mean I can afford to get my uniform dirty.”

Kyouko grumbled something about school, but leaned in for a kiss. As soon as the two of them broke their embrace, Sayaka rolled Kyouko over. Now it was time to get serious. And while the two of them enjoyed themselves, she could think up her revenge on her girlfriend.

Haruka goes skydiving and finds herself landing in the middle of a horny crowd

I Can’t Believe I Actually Filled This Prompt

Haruka moaned as a stranger came in her asshole. She had to moan around the cock filling her mouth, but she still moaned. She could feel the white hot stream moving deeper into her body, and heard voices urging the man to pull out so they could have their turn.

There had to be at least fifty men in the crowd Haruka had ended up in. Fifty fit, hung, horny men, all of whom were interested in the naked woman in their midst. How Haruka had ended up there was the end result of a story too long and improbable to be believed, even by Haruka. But the end result was that Haruka hadn’t even managed to clear her head before she felt the first hard dick nudging against her bare skin.

Now Haruka had what felt like fifty liters of semen in her stomach already, and plenty more men intent on adding to that. Her hands were wrapped around two cocks, and all three of her holes were being fucked by strangers. The rest of the crowd was masturbating, and discussing how best to position her so that someone could fuck her tits without dislodging the man plugging her mouth. Haruka hoped they would figure out a solution soon. Her nipples were hard and aching, and someone’s hands on them would feel divine.

Even without her breasts being played with, Haruka was still well on her way to orgasm. Her legs were twitching, wanting to wrap themselves around somebody. Her brain was starting to feel fuzzy, in that wonderful way which meant she was close to a world-shaking orgasm.

So were many of the men around her. Haruka jerked forward as cum landed on her back. One of the many masturbating men surrounding her hadn’t been able to wait long enough to fuck her and had already cum. His load splattered across her upper back, covering her in a sticky warmth. Oh well, there were still plenty of other men around to fill Haruka’s welcoming pussy, mouth and ass.

One of them was doing so right now. Haruka shuddered in pleasure as some stranger slipped into her ass, his thick rod stretching her rear. It was easy enough for him to enter, she had enough lube and cum back there to allow him to easily slide in. Even better, his hands slid around Haruka’s body to her breasts. She closed her eyes to better enjoy the feeling of some random man teasing her tits as he plowed her ass.

It didn’t take long for the pleasure to completely overwhelm Haruka. She screamed in orgasm, her mouth popping off the dick she was blowing to better express her pleasure. She clamped down hard on the man in her pussy, trying to milk another creampie out of him, and trying to do the same to the man in her ass. Haruka could feel her eyes rolling up in the back of her head as her body shook in orgasm. She finally collapsed, held up only by the thick cocks inside her and the strong hands on her.

The sight of a blonde slut moaning like that pushed the man in front of her over his own edge as well. Any further orgasmic cries Haruka would have made were cut off as her mouth was filled with cum. She spluttered, trying to swallow her latest load. Some of it still escaped her mouth and trickled down her lips and chin, but most of the man’s load ended up in Haruka’s stomach.

The man stepped aside and let another take his place. Haruka glanced around in the split second she had before she had to start sucking again. There was still a huge crowd around her, all of them stroking their meaty cocks as they looked at her. Haruka was willing to bet she’d be pure white before this was over.

Chapter Text

I'd love to see blake bred by weiss and winter

Breeding Program

Blake shivered as she felt cool hands run down her body. The white blindfold cut off her vision, but she thought that Weiss was the pair of hands stroking her cat ears and Winter was the pair running up and down her legs.

Blake was already dripping with arousal and the Schnee’s weren’t even playing with her breasts or pussy. She pressed her tongue against Weiss’s fingers as the digits slipped into Blake’s mouth. She grabbed Blake’s tongue and gently pulled it out. Blake moaned as she was toyed with but didn’t try to break out of the ribbons keeping her hands tied behind her back.

“Are you ready, Weiss?” There was a hungry tone to Winter’s voice.

“Yes, I am.” Weiss said in reply, letting go of Blake’s tongue.

“As her teammate, you should of course have the first round.”

“Why thank you Winter. Are you ready, Blake?”

Blake shivered and nodded. She’d been ready for the past half hour, driven into a frenzy by Weiss’s and Winter’s searching, skilled hands. They’d gone back and forth, teasing her nipples and brushing against her clit, only to withdraw to her ears or her legs. After the first two cycles, Blake had started pleading for relief, more than ready for them to impregnate her. But both Schnees had just ignored her, acting like they couldn’t hear her.

Blake had eventually shut up and accepted that Winter and Weiss would satisfy her in their own time and not before. And that time had finally arrived. Blake spread her legs exposing her wet, flushed core and hoping Weiss wouldn’t torment her any longer.

Blake almost shouted with joy as she felt something hot and hard press against her flower. She gasped as a pair of lips met hers. She kissed back, tasting the lipstick Weiss was wearing. Her hands twitched, aching to wrap themselves around Weiss in a hug. Then Blake got something even better than a kiss.

Weiss’s cock slowly slid into Blake, spreading her tight walls as the small heiress sank deeper and deeper inside her teammate. It felt so good. Blake’s wet walls squeezed down tight on Weiss’s penis, trying to wring every out every bit of pleasure she could.

Blake could feel the hard cock pressing against her back. Even when Weiss was done, when she’d cum in Blake’s fertile pussy, it wouldn’t be over. Winter would take her turn, trying to breed her. The two Schnees would be taking turns with Blake, not stopping until they were sure she was pregnant.

And while they waited for each other to finish, they would play with Blake’s body. She gasped as Winter grabbed her breasts. Her fat, stiff nipples pressed against Winter’s palm and Blake moaned at the feeling.

Weiss was speeding up, finding the right pace to best plunder Blake’s pussy. The Faunus was almost crying in pleasure as the sisters brought her body to higher and higher heights of bliss.

Blake had been so turned on by Weiss and Winter’s foreplay that it took almost no time at all for her to cum. She shouted her orgasm, thrashing around in her bonds and Winter’s grip. Her pussy tightened down around Weiss’s cock, trying to get her to cum and give Blake a wonderful cumshot. It didn’t work though Weiss did gasp in appreciation.

Blake knew she would be here for a very long time, and not be allowed to leave until there was a flood of two sets of cum flowing out of her pussy. She thought that sounded lovely.

Prompt:The beginings of the Mistress and Sophia's capture

Prompt: Sophia's capture and first training

Training Sophia 0

I was in quite the dilemma. I was masturbating, but nothing I was finding online was hot enough to keep me going. The old cable TV joke ‘Five hundred channels and nothing to watch’ flashed through my mind. This was the Internet. I should be able to find something to get the juices flowing!

I halfheartedly browsed a video site, while also considering if I should just give up and start texting Emma. Then a thumbnail caught my eye. I glanced at the title, ‘First Steps of Training’, but mostly I looked at the small picture of the hot girl. Black, tight leather on some lean dome girl? Sign me the fuck up!

I clicked it, and let my hand wander back down underneath my skirt. Maybe this would be the stuff I needed to masturbate to. There were a few bars of some generic music, and then the real video started. I listened with half an ear to the dom talking about herself, instead just drinking in that hot mama. The white mask was kind of creepy, but the way that leather clung to her frame, oh that got me wet. Small breasts, long legs, dark hair… Yeah, I’d just found material for my net few masturbation sessions.

“…And the focus of my efforts will be on this girl.”

The camera swung down to reveal a second girl. For an instant all I could make out was black skin and dark hair. Then the face, features contorted in a fearsome scowl at the camera, clicked.

I felt my jaw drop down as I recognized the black girl kneeling next to the one speaking. That was Sophia! How the hell had my friend ended up starring in a porn video? She was completely naked, revealing the body I’d fantasized about and masturbated to several times. She was just as hot as I’d always thought. The camera angles weren’t the best, but I could see her breasts, and, really that was enough.

“This is Sophia. A rather unpleasant girl, but that will just make the final transformation more notable.” Sophia snarled around the red ball gag in her mouth. “It will take a long time, but,” the woman ran her hand down Sophia’s cheek, “I am confident in my ability to turn even a defiant bitch like this into a proper bisexual fucktoy.”

She knelt behind Sophia and the camera swooped down to follow her. I was feeling conflicted. On the one hand, this was hot. So hot I didn’t even really have the words to describe how hot it was. On the other, I wasn’t sure Sophia wanted to be here. But what could I do about that? I didn’t know where she was. I didn’t know of any superheroes to be to rescue her. All I could do was keep watching and see if there was a hint to help her. Yeah. That was why I was watching this.

My pussy was wet enough for me to slide two fingers inside while the dom discussed Sophia’s body and how it would change during training.

“Look at these muscles along the legs.” The camera obligingly showed them off. I bit my lip at the sight of strong curves under dark skin. “All well and good for a runner, but quite unappealing for a sextoy. Luckily, nothing more than a lack of exercise and the right diet will get rid of those, and just leave behind sleek, weak limbs.”

The dom’s hands rose to Sophia’s ass. It was a great ass, nice and round.

“The diet will also help fatten her ass and tits up. It won’t be enough to take Sophia all the way to a true bimbo level, but at least they’ll be fat and jiggly, and a delight to spank.”

As the video went on, I masturbated harder and harder to this stranger describing how she was going to train and modify my friend, as Sophia thrashed around in her restraints. There was no question about me subscribing to the channel.

I was never going to need new masturbation fodder again.

Now I have to decide if the next snippet of Training Sophia will be Sophia posting a video of her own, Mistress taking Sophia on a walk outside, or Mistress filming Sophia’s mind disintegrating as she watches hypnosis porn. Also, decide at what point I just spin this off into a full commission, like with Dominance Display.


Ranma prompt: Girl-Ranma deals with a tentacle monster that isn't Pantyhose-Taro, with the expected results of such an encounter.

Ranma-chan vs Tentacles!


Ranma knew that wasn’t the battle shout of a hardened martial artist, but rather the scream of a girl who’d just seen a mouse. But she couldn’t help it. To have her shirt ripped off by a green, slimy tentacle would make anyone shriek.

And the tentacles were doing a lot more than just tearing off Ranma’s clothes. She swung her hips from side to side, trying to avoid the bulbous tentacle heads that were poking up towards her exposed crotch. More were keeping her hanging in the air, and Ranma knew she had lost track of at least one of them behind her.

Ranma had seen enough porn (not that she was a pervert or anything) to know where this was going. But she wasn’t going to be some screaming virgin who couldn’t handle a bit of roughness by god! At the very least, she wouldn’t embarrass herself by crying about her first kiss and all that.

Ranma’s eyes crossed when the first tentacle entered her. It slid in so easily, and her squeezing down to stop it didn’t seem to push it out. Ranma kept on trying, even as other tentacles started to slap her breasts, making those fat jugs sway from side to side and bounce up and down.

Soon enough the tentacles settled down to fucking her tits. Two of them pressed them together, while a third started sliding between them, pumping up and down. Ranma was forced to stare at its head, some ominous thoughts about the slit at the end entering her mind.

The tentacle monster (monsters?) fucking her kindly took her mind off that by entering her ass. Ranma opened her mouth wide to squeal as a tentacle forced its way inside her rear. She felt stuffed, more stuffed than ever before. Not even gorging on an entire banquet had left Ranma feeling fuller than she did right at this moment.

Ranma wished it didn’t feel so good. But there was no way to deny that something about the tentacles made her feel really, really aroused. Her pussy was wet with arousal, and the tentacle fucking her there was getting her grool smeared on its surface as it pounded in and out of her.

Finally, Ranma’s last hole was claimed. As she started to swear at the tentacles fucking her, yet another of the seemingly inexhaustible horde surrounding her entered her mouth. She tried to shout around it, but didn’t do much of anything as it started to fuck her mouth.

Now all three of Ranma’s holes were filled, her tits were being fucked and her ass was being spanked. Ranma was trying to think of a way out of the situation, preferably before the orgasm she could feel approaching washed over her. She was trying not to think about how much cum these tentacles would produce when they came, and how long it would take for the hordes of them surrounding her to get tired of her body.

As more tentacles were pressed into Ranma’s hands, she realized she didn’t like the answers to either of those questions.

Though their shared affection for Usagi makes them naturally makes them rivals and they should conflict over who will win her hand, when Mamoru Chiba and Seiya Kou meet sparks fly and, despite some momentary reservation from Mask, the Sailor Star Fighter takes the condom off while he has her underneath him so she can feel all of him.

The Earth and Stars

Seiya hadn’t realized just how good hate sex could be. But the pleasure ripping through her was out of this world (hah), and she knew she could get even more. She raked her fingernails down Tuxedo Mask’s back, feeling him flinch.

Seiya didn’t believe in sex without pain. It was only the counterpoint of pain to pleasure that made it worth doing. Tuxedo Mask wasn’t the best partner she’d ever had in that regard, but at least the mutual enmity they had for each other over Usagi helped to make up for that.

He’d refused to slap Seiya around a bit, another sign of him being annoyingly moralistic, but at least his cock felt good inside her. Seiya bet it would feel even better if he took off that condom he had insisted on putting on. But how to get it off of him?

“Come on, don’t you have the guts to go bareback, you wuss?”

That should just about do it, Seiya reflected.

Tuxedo Mask (and could he really be called that when he was wearing neither a tuxedo or a mask, Seiya wondered) frowned down at her, and visibly considered several different retorts.

“Really? You’re sure your okay with that?”

“Stop being such a wuss and take that off!” Seiya’s eyes narrowed. “I said I wanted to go bareback when we started, didn’t I?”

Tuxedo Mask bit his lip, but pulled out of her. Seiya missed the loss of him inside her, but knew that even better things were just around the corner. Her momentary patience was rewarded when Tuxedo Mask slipped back inside her. His penis did feel a lot better naked instead of wrapped up in a condom.

It didn’t take long after that for Tuxedo Mask to cum. Seiya smirked. Her body was just that good, especially when felt without that useless plastic getting in the way.

Seiya clawed at Tuxedo Mask’s back as he came inside her. The white-hot explosion in her core was amazingly satisfying and she felt a wave of satisfaction shoot through her. She bit down on her tongue, flavoring the pleasure of orgasm with a bit of pain. She could feel his cum filling her up, flooding her pussy.

Finally, Tuxedo Mask pulled out, making Seiya grunt at the loss of sensation. Then she felt his cum start to trickle out of her. A probing finger came back stained with white and Seiya examined it before wiping it clean.

Making him go bareback had definitely been the right option, Seiya reflected.

Hopefully we see Taylor get taken by the Trio next chapter.

Great up date, please continúe The not so terrible trio

The Not So Terrible Trio 2

Taylor squeaked as she was shoved forward. She stumbled into the empty classroom, Madison right behind her. Emma and Sophia filed in after her. They all had identical, hungry expressions on their faces, and all three of them were looking at Taylor.

Taylor shivered. She knew why they were looking at her like that, and how they were planning to fill themselves. Or rather, how they were planning to fill Taylor. They’d had the entire school day to whet their appetites, and now they had Taylor all to themselves. Taylor could see Emma’s cock getting hard already, outlined in the tight pants she was wearing.

Taylor was wearing some tight clothes too. Not her skirt, that wasn’t tight at all. Instead, it was short. It was so short it was no problem at all for one of the trio to slip their hand underneath it and play with Taylor’s pussy or ass. Taylor lived in dread of the day the rest of the student population would discover that she, on orders, went pantieless to school. Which wasn’t to say she had a bare pussy or ass. At least one of her lower holes, and often both, were filled with toys Madison had gotten from somewhere. Every morning, before she left the house, Taylor had to insert a butt plug or a dildo inside her; a text from Madison telling her what to do.

As bad as feeling her holes get stretched by the toys were, the spot inspections were so much worse. A grope if she and one of the trio were in public was bad enough. But being forced to hold her miniskirt up so they could properly check in private? That was so much worse. Especially if they tugged the dildo out of her pussy, and made Taylor lick her own arousal off it before it was inserted again.

Compared to the torments of her lower half, Taylor got off easy for her top. Yes, it was shoulderless and backless, and displayed a chest that Taylor did not, in fact, have, but at least Emma and Sophia had shot down Madison’s idea for two vibrators to be taped to her nipples during school. They thought it was too noticeable, especially since Taylor was so sensitive there. She’d been demonstrating that sensitivity even as they discussed it, writhing in orgasm as they teased her chest.

Taylor walked over to the teacher’s chair. She knew what was expected of her, and knew that there would be no use whining about it. She stood by it, eyes submissively downcast as Emma, Sophia and Madison lightly argued about who would be the one sitting in it. That would be the girl to fuck her ass. The second girl would take her pussy, lubed up and stretched out by the dildo that had been inside her for half the day, and Taylor’s final tormentor would take her mouth.

Taylor knew that in less than a minute, she would be a plugged bitch, stuffed as full of cock as she could be. The trio would dump loads of cum in her body and then leave, with only a warning about what would happen if she stained the clothes they’d generously bought her with her grool.

Taylor was wet from more than just the dildo inside her.

Chapter Text


Hitting the Strip

The chilly night air of the Strip was like a slap to my face. Still felt nice, though, as I let the door to Vault 21 swing shut behind me. I supposed a cigarette was traditional after what I’d just done, but one thing the Brotherhood had been good about was beating the horrors of lung cancer into you. So I just stared up at the Strip, looking at the bright, dancing lights.

Damn, what had I just done? Okay, yes, I was a sucker for a cute face, and Sarah Weintraub had a lot more that was cute than just her face, but still. My road buddy, May, had some kind of sex friend relationship with her, and, well, one thing had led to another when those two started flirting with each other at the front desk.

May had noticed how my face was getting red and how closely I was paying to them. When she’d glanced at Sarah and then invited me to join them, how could I say no? Drunk (I was stone-cold sober) orgies were just part of the New Vegas lifestyle, weren’t they?

Boy had I learned. Sarah was a nice enough girl, cute, kind of ditzy, but boy, was there another side to her. I suppose my first clue should have been when she talked about how nice leather felt and how good it was to be safe and secure inside her Vault. But I was too busy contemplating my first threesome to really pat attention, until we arrived at her room.

I realized what I was getting into when Sarah started stripping down and May opened up a drawer and pulled out a lot of leather. I mean, damn, that was a lot of leather. I already knew how bossy May could be from the road, but I wouldn’t have guessed that Sarah had a submissive streak a mile wide.

My mind was skipping over the exact details of most of what we’d done, out of sheer self-preservation. The mental wall wasn’t that strong though, and I shuddered as I flashbacked to May instructing my on just how to curl my fingers inside Sarah.

I heard the door open and turned around to see May stepping out. I felt my eyebrows crawl up my forehead. She looked like she was off to go kick in some teeth. Rifle across her back, plasma pistol on her left hip, three grenades on her right, armored up, with her helmet hiding the top half of the poker-chip shaped scar on her forehead.

“We’re not heading out again, are we? In the middle of the night?”

We’d only gotten into town maybe four hours ago, and I was looking forward to a warm bed, air conditioning and snack cakes, not necessarily in that order.

“No, no, I just wanted to come up and check on you.”

I snorted involuntarily. I knew May had some civvie clothes stashed in her pack. Clothes that didn’t take five minutes to put on, moreover.

“So you put on all your gear and guns? Just to pop up top?”

May shrugged, the motion exaggerated by the shoulder pads of her armor.

“Who knows who else is on the street. I’m not going to trust my life to the cans,” she jerked a thumb towards a Securitron looming nearby, “not with the Legion’s price on my head.”

“Anyway, if you’re good, come back down. It’s going to be another long day tomorrow, and there’s still stuff to do before we can sleep.” A smiled tugged her lips up. “After all, I need help putting all the toys away.”

I crossed my arms and frowned, though my disapproval had the same effect as spitting at a rock.

“If you think I’m going to clean the spit off your girlfriend’s ball gag-“

The door was already swinging shut behind her. I rolled my eyes as I started after her. Couriers.




do you think you could do one where jaune gets spitroasted by nora and pyrrha?

In Between

Who wouldn’t love to be sandwiched in between two beautiful girls? Especially ones as hot, sexy and friendly as Nora Valkyrie and Pyrrha Nikos. Certainly not Jaune.

Jaune tried to make clear just how much he loved his teammates. But, since their cocks were filling up his mouth and ass, it was quite hard for him to say anything. The best he could do was moan appreciatively and squeeze his ass down tight.

Jaune’s cock, much less than half the size of the two girl’s fucking him, was achingly hard and pointed downwards, at the sheets of the bed he was kneeling on. He hadn’t touched it for quite some time. Pyrrha was talking about a chastity cage if he kept on masturbating with his dick instead of his ass when he was training with replica Grimm dildoes. Tonight, he wanted to prove that his girlfriend didn’t need to do that, and that Jaune could cum from anal stimulation alone, without playing with his cock.

Nora sighed in frustration. Her fingers ran through Jaune’s long, silky hair, but didn’t grab hold. Jaune was actually surprised. From past experience, if Nora was fucking him doggy-style, then that almost certainly meant that she would be pulling on his hair, yanking his head back.

“Hey, Pyrrha. Are, are you almost done? Because I really, I mean really want to make his head snap back.”

Pyrhha chuckled, and stroked Jaune’s cheek. He pressed against her palm, as much as he could with her cock in his mouth.

“I’m sorry, Nora, but I’m still a ways away from my climax. Have you tried spanking him? Jaune’s rear is very good for spanking.”

Jaune had to agree with that. Just like Nora liked hair pulling, Pyrrha loved spanking. She especially liked spanking him if he was wearing the yellow and orange panties she had picked out for him, and that he was currently wearing, tugged aside at the back to let Nora take him, and tenting in the front, from his small cock.

“Are you sure? Oh what the heck. What could it hurt?” Nora said that so quickly Jaune barely had time to understand it.

He certainly understood Nora spanking him, though. He jolted forward, shoving Pyrrha’s dick down his throat, further than he thought possible. And Nora wasn’t satisfied with just one strike, either. She quickly fell into a routine, where she spanked Jaune in sync with her thrusts.

Jaune felt his arms going weak, but knew that, even if he fell, Pyrrha would hold him up. Admittedly, that loving gesture of support would be followed up by some endurance exercises involving Jaune’s rear, a dildo and a piston, but it was still sweet.

Jaune felt Pyrrha twitch inside his mouth, and his eyes shot wide open. Not only did that mean he was about to get several mouthfuls of cum that he would have to swallow, but it also meant that Nora would be free to start pulling on his long, loose hair as she spanked and fucked him.

It was going to great.




A sequel to Heaven and Hell where Akumura gives loving strap-on revenge to Madokami in the shower.

Honeymoon Shower

Madoka hummed to herself as the hot water washed the soap lather off of her. Her and Homura’s honeymoon had been amazing so far. Playing in the ocean outside, skiing in the mountains an eyeblink away, forming constellations in the alien stars above them… And, of course, lots of sex in between all that.

Madoka’s blush was lost in the flush the hot water had already summoned. The goddess and the devil were having sex almost every hour and expanding their horizons as they did so. Madoka wearing a white version of Homura’s devil outfit, Homura handcuffing herself to the bed, both of them inserting vibrators and giving the control pad to the other… They’d done a lot, and Madoka still had a very long list of things to try.

Madoka’s smile grew from a small smirk into a large grin as she heard the shower curtain rustle behind her. And it looked like she was about to cross one more thing off that list. She sighed in happiness as Homura hugged her.

“Hello, Homura,” she said, giggling.

“Oh Madoka. You wouldn’t believe how hot you look like this.”

Homura’s voice tickled Madoka’s ear as she pressed against her wife. Madoka could feel something else, something long, hard and cool pressing against her rear. Homura must have brought her strap-on along, she decided. Madoka spread her legs slightly, giving Homura easier access.

Homura’s long fingers slid down Madoka’s stomach. They quickly slid in between her legs and found her flower. One of them slid in as Homura’s palm pressed against Madoka’s clit.

“Look at you. Wet already. You’re such a naughty girl.”

Madoka rolled her eyes at the thought of not being wet in the shower, but didn’t feel more of a response was worth it. All that really mattered was her wife (and Madoka still internally squealed over that word) filling her up. Madoka gasped as she felt the fake phallus slid in between her pale thighs, and looked down to see the dark purple tip jutting out from her crotch.

After a few minutes, Homura withdrew her index finger out of Madoka, getting a whine as Madoka’s pussy clamped down, trying to keep it inside her. Then Madoka got something a lot better (or bigger, at least) than a finger. Homura’s grip tightened on her hips as she slid inside Madoka, the plastic dick spreading Madoka’s walls. Madoka rested her forehead against the shower wall, softly gasping as Homura slid deeper and deeper inside her.

Madoka’s hands were playing with her own modest mounds, cupping and gently squeezing her breasts. Madoka closed her eyes so she could better feel the pleasure inside her body. Homura’s lips on the back of her neck, the plastic length inside her, the finger rubbing against her button, her own hands playing with her breasts. It all felt so fantastic.

Madoka knew she was going to cum soon, and she was already thinking about how to return the favor. Right now she was leaning towards getting that toy out of the way, kneeling down and having a late morning snack in between Homura’s soft thighs. But maybe another, even better idea would come to her.

Madoka moaned out her orgasm as she came, clenching down around the strap-on. There were so many more things she and Homura were going to do together.





Love your work, please continue the not so terrible trio

The Not So Terrible Trio 3

Taylor started as the permanent marker fell in front of her. Her eyes had been fixed on it ever since Emma had described what she would be doing with it, and her gaze hadn’t wavered even when the bottle blonde had let go of the marker.

Taylor’s grip tightened, her fingers digging into her bare thighs. Her throat seemed to be as dry as a desert, and she could feel her stomach churning. She slowly moved a shaking hand to grab the marker.

“We don’t have all day here. Get a move on, Hebert,” Sophia snapped.

Taylor flinched, but pulled the cap off. Taking a deep breath, she brought it up to her face. She paused for a minute, but started again as storm clouds started to gather on Sophia’s face.

Taylor brought the marker down in an angled along her cheek, before bringing it back up as a connecting line. Repeating both motions, she stopped. There was a bright red ‘W’ on her cheek, almost the same shade as the lipstick Madison had applied to her face.

Madison, Emma and Sophia all had their phones out, capturing Taylor in digital clarity. None of them said anything, content to let Taylor stew in her own humiliation and arousal.

Taylor continued her task, drawing two vertical lines next to the ‘W’ and then connecting them. No need to do the third letter, Madison had already taken care of that. The next one would be a bit tricky, though.

The straight vertical line was easy enough to make, but connecting the half circle to the top and middle of it without over- or undershooting was a lot harder. Taylor didn’t think she could have done it if she hadn’t pressed down so hard drawing the first line. As it was, the fading pressure on her cheek served as a rough guide.

And now that the difficult ‘R’ had been completed, only one letter was left. A single long stroke, followed by three shorter perpendicular ones and Taylor was done. For now.

Taylor’s tormentors had watched her draw on herself with hungry eyes, and Taylor gulped as she saw the growing bulges in their crotches. Emma spoke first, her voice filled with unholy glee.

“What did you just write, Tay Tay?”

“Whore, Mistress Emma.” As soon as the last syllable left, Taylor puffed her lips, trying to make them take an ‘O’ shape.

“Louder girl.”

“Whore, Mistress Emma.” Taylor’s cheeks were almost as red as the marker’s ink, and she could feel the short shorts she was wearing starting to stick to her pussy.

“And why did you write that?” Sophia chimed in. One hand was holding her phone while the other was massaging her crotch.

“Because I am one, Mistress Sophia.” Taylor spoke loud and clear, her fingers whitening as she clamped down on her thighs.

“And why are you a whore?” Madison’s turn. The small girl looked like she was even closer to the end of her self-control than Taylor.

“Because I take cock in all my slutty holes in exchange for nice clothes like the ones I’m wearing, Mistress Madison.”

Taylor wouldn’t have described her outfit as nice. In fact, it was even more humiliating than the WHORE on her face.

The shorts didn’t cover even Taylor’s upper thighs, for one. Hell, they barely even covered her crotch. Taylor had seen bikini bottoms that were more modest that the denim she was wearing. To top it off, there was a zipper running down the front, underneath her body and back up her ass. If someone wanted to (and all three of her owners had wanted to in the past), they could unzip Taylor and take her ass and pussy without removing her shorts.

Taylor’s shirt (and that was all the clothing she was wearing) wasn’t any better. Taylor didn’t know what it was made out of, just that it was thin and white, and if it got even a little wet it became sticky and translucent. In fact, Taylor had already sweated enough to make the shoulderless, backless, midriff baring shirt stick to her, perfectly outlining her stiff nipples.

Taylor didn’t need the word on her face to feel like a whore. She knew she already looked like one, some easy tart on a street corner who’d bend over and let a stranger fuck her pussy for a few dollars. And she was being recorded by not one, not two, but three phones. All of them capturing video and pictures, undeniable proof of her degradement and humiliation.

Taylor needed to masturbate so badly.

“Well, whore, if you do a good enough job sucking our cocks, maybe we’ll buy you some underwear to go with the outfit.” Emma sneered, one hand fiddling with her skirt.

Taylor couldn’t imagine what kind of underwear would go with this outfit, but she was sure Madison could find something even more humiliating that what she was wearing to with it. Maybe a thong with an explicit invitation to fuck her or something.

As she considered that, Taylor murmured a thank you. Then she opened her mouth and raised her hands. The three girls would all want to use her mouth, and Taylor would have to provide handjobs to whichever two girls she wasn’t blowing. Maybe, if she was lucky, they’d cum on her cheeks and hide the WHORE.

How, Taylor wondered, as she got her first taste of cock, had her life gotten to the point where cum on her face was the better option?




Sailor Moon - Mars and Venus are horny for attention and decide to have very public makeouts and groping with each other in their Senshi outfits while a crowd watches

Public Play

Sailor Mars groaned deeply into Sailor Venus’s mouth as they kissed. Kissing her was like taking a deep drink from a glass of ice water on a hot day. It was so refreshing to kiss her, to show how much they loved each other. Not that their love was exclusive…

Sailor Mars broke the kiss with a gasp, pulling her head back with a deep blush on her cheeks. She stole a glance at the crowds surrounding the two sailors. The crowd was mostly smiling men although there were a few intrigued women as well. The sight of so many people, so many strangers, watching the two of them sent a shiver down Sailor Mars’s spine. She imagined it did something similar to Sailor Venus.

The reason Sailor Mars thought that was partly because of Sailor Venus’s confession about how much public sex excited her, and partly because her girlfriend was groping her rear, a gloved hand sliding underneath her skirt to play with Sailor Mars’s bare ass.

Sailor Mars growled in the back of her throat and pushed her hips forward, grinding her crotch against Sailor Venus’s leg. She pulled her skirt up so that she could rub her bare, wet pussy on her girlfriend’s thigh, and heard some cheers as she also flashed her butt at the people behind her.

The bright light of camera flashes were bathing the area as the two sailor Senshi made out in front of a crowd. There were calls of encouragement and Sailor Mars wondered if somebody was actually going to grab at the two of them. If they did, this makeout session was going to become a gangbang, given the number of horny men in the audience.

But none of them were acting yet, so Sailor Mars kept her attention on Sailor Venus. She kissed her way down the Senshi of Love’s neck, shifting from warm flesh to cool magical fabric. She pulled back a bit, regretting the loss of warmth from body pressed against body, but it had to be done. It was the only way to get to Sailor Venus’s breasts.

Sailor Mars tore away the blue ribbon covering Sailor Venus’s breasts. She didn’t know how her girlfriend had done it, but the white fabric underneath the ribbon was so thin it was almost translucent. Sailor Mars was glad of it. It meant she could take one of Sailor Venus’s fat, stiff nipples in between her lips and play with it.

When Sailor Mars let go of Sailor Venus’s nipple, her saliva had soaked into the fabric, turning in clear. Sailor Mars intended to do the same thing to her girlfriend’s other nipple as well. Then she and Sailor Venus could walk home, her perky little nips on clear display to the world, the pink unmistakably obvious against the white of her suit.

Sailor Mars thought that sounded amazing, and wondered what Sailor Venus would make her do in turn. Her red skirt could be pulled up a few dozen centimeters, couldn’t it?




Prompt for a variant of this, kinda: When Sophia became Emma's friend, she really should have known better than to get between her and Taylor... Or maybe doing so, and being filled with their dicks, was totally the right thing to do

Making/Breaking Friendships

Sophia felt drool running down chin. She’d never felt so helpless before. She’d never even given a handjob to somebody, and now two cocks were fucking her pussy and ass.

The day had not gone as Sophia had expected. She thought that she could over to Emma’s house and try to get her to see how predators like the two of them could take anything they wanted, and the prey of the world would just let them because they were too weak to do anything else.

But Emma had already been talking with another girl, some skinny, tanned bitch. And when Sophia tried to get the new girl, Taylor, to go fuck off, both Emma and Taylor had fought back.

And now here Sophia was, in the back yard of Emma’s home, straddling Emma’s lap as the redhead fucked her cunt and her best friend (something both of them were tiresomely insistent on) was filling her ass. There had been a bit of pain at first, but soon Sophia found pleasure overtaking her body, even as she tried to deny to herself that she was enjoying it.

And that was hard to do, when Taylor was tugging her nipples and making her melt as the pain and pleasure mixed inside her. Emma was groping her ass as she pushed Sophia up and down her cock. Occasionally one of them would let go of her tits or ass and slap her across the face, or pull her tongue out of her mouth and make her pant.

It was degrading, humiliating, and painful, and Sophia had already cum twice. And Sophia knew it was going to happen again. Emma had dug through her wallet and pulled out some identification and found her address. She and Taylor had discussed how best to further break their new bitch, and if they should do it on Sophia’s childhood bed.

Sophia squealed as she felt something hot and sticky blossom inside her pussy. Her eyes went wide as she realized Emma was cumming inside her. Taylor laughed and cheered her friend on, slapping Sophia’s black boobs in celebration.

Sophia shifted from side to side, trying to escape the hot, thick semen that was filling her up. It seemed that Emma just kept on cumming, pumping more and more cum into Sophia’s pussy. It felt wonderful horrible, and Sophia was uncomfortably aware that Taylor was in her ass, and she would want to cum too.

“Hey, Emma. Since we’re white, and Sophia’s black, does that make us a reverse Oreo?”

Taylor interspersed her question with thrusts into Sophia, stretching her virginal ass around her fat cock. Sophia could barely understand what was being said, as she tried to come to terms with the cum filling her belly. Emma had pumped in so much, it felt like she was going to explode, even if her toned stomach didn’t show any signs of bloating.

“Ha! I think you’re right, Taylor. A black bitch of our own. Oh, the things we can do with her.” Emma looked at Sophia’s pleading expression, and then twitched, a new thought visibly striking her. “Oh, after we’re done, she had something to tell you, Taylor. Ever wanted to meet a superhero?”

Chapter Text




I got another for ya. Now that they have been fucking bareback and his morality is degrading, how about a scene of Mamoru pinning Seiya against the wall on his balcony, relentlessly pounding her from behind while Usagi waits inside, unaware her suitors are (hateful) lovers?




On the Balcony

Seiya hissed as she felt the concrete wall digging into her palms. But she could deal with the minor pain so long as Mamoru kept on fucking her pussy. She craned her head, to stare past his shoulder at the bright lights of Tokyo, and wondered how many telescopes and binoculars were pointed at the two of them right now.

Seiya’s legs were spread wide, giving Mamoru easy access as he hammered Seiya against the wall. One of his hands was wrapped around her long black hair, and was intermittently tugging at it, making her head snap back with a hiss of pain. Seiya was feeling humiliated like this, fucked where anyone could see her, obviously letting a man use her body however he wanted without a care to her own pleasure.

Arousal was running down her legs onto the floor of the balcony.

Seiya was wondering if more than her arousal would be running down her legs soon. Mamoru, the last time they’d fucked, hat taken her panties with him as he left, leaving Seiya to go to her home, hoping that nobody would see the white cream falling out of her pussy as she walked down the street.

Her thoughts were cut off as Mamoru spanked her, making her fat ass jiggle as his hand cracked off it. She whimpered, feeling her pussy squeeze down around his cock as he went in and out of her. Seiya felt a shameful orgasm creeping up on her as her body was abused and used for the pleasure of someone she didn’t like, someone who was trying to steal her Usagi from her.

And soon, after Mamoru dumped a load of hot, thick cum inside her, Seiya would have to back inside with him to greet Usagi, who was waiting for them. Seiya felt her nipples grow achingly hard at the thought of having to talk to Usagi while her boyfriend’s cum cooled inside Seiya’s wet snatch. What would a beautiful, innocent girl like Usagi think of that if she knew what was happening?

Inside Mamoru’s apartment, Usagi was sitting on the couch. Her hand was underneath her skirt, and she was slowly masturbating. Usagi masturbated a lot, to a lot of different scenarios and fetishes, but this one was chosen because of where she was. As she waited for Mamoru and Seiya to come back in from their fight, Usagi touched herself, imagining the two of them having sex in front of her.

Usagi slipped a finger inside her as she imagined the two of them rolling around on the floor, strong bodies fighting against each other to keep the other pinned as she got to watch and jill herself, seeing Mamoru’s cock plunge in and out of Seiya’s wet pussy- or maybe her ass? Yes, Usagi liked that idea a lot more. Mamoru’s big, fat cock, that Usagi loved to lick and suck on, slamming in and out of Seiya’s rear as she struggled to get out from underneath, even as her arousal stained the carpet…

It was a nice idea, but Usagi knew something like that could never happen.




Summer Rose getting spitroasted by Ruby and Yang. As the two have had a rough day at combat school and she wants to help them.


Summer Rose was a slut. She knew she was, and she didn’t have any problem with identifying herself as one. After all, what other word was there for someone who had sex repeatedly with the other members of her team, or Grimm, or her neighbors? Or, like today, her children?

Yang, Summer’s adopted daughter, was fucking Summer’s mouth, while her birth daughter, Ruby, was claiming the pussy she had come out of. Summer was clutching Yang’s thighs, moaning around her cock like a bitch in heat. (And since Summer had passed one winter break with a family of Faunus, she knew exactly how that sounded).

It seemed that it had been a bad day at school for Summer’s daughters. Apparently Ruby had been forced to accept that she didn’t have the slightest skill with any of the spears, bows or swords the school had, and had almost given herself a black eye swinging one of practice weapons around. She had come home looking like she was about to start crying, and Yang was obviously spent from spending the day trying to cheer her up.

Once she had seen the problem, it was obvious what Summer had to do. The situation was a bit beyond milk and cookies, so she’d gone to the next level of her ‘comforting parent’ skill set. She’d stripped off her clothes, motioning for her children to do the same. As they stripped, she decided to take them over the kitchen counter, and popped out of the room for Ruby to get a box to stand on so she could fuck her mother’s pussy.

And now here they were, a perfect family scene. Summer’s breasts were squashed underneath her, hard nipples digging into the countertop. Yang’s hands were around the back of her head, displaying a dominant attitude as she pulled her mother up and down her cock. Ruby was going just as fast and, while her underage cock couldn’t compare to some of the dicks Summer had taken in her life (she gave a while body shudder as she remembered Taiyang’s Little Dragon, or the Minotaur she’d been impaled on), Summer had never been one to shun a cock just because it wasn’t a foot long and half as wide.

Summer ground her hips against Ruby, rubbing her large ass against her daughter. With most of her other partners, that would be a crystal-clear invitation to spank her, and send her fat cheeks jiggling. But Summer knew that Ruby was no more likely to hurt her mother than fly, even if Summer liked being hurt.

Summer heard Yang’s breaths grow ragged, and knew her little blond brawler was about to cum. She stared up at Yang, eyes wide and soft as her mouth was stretched by Yang’s cock. Summer welcomed Yang’s orgasm. It had been hours since she got some cum inside her, when she gave her husband the usual morning blowjob before he left for work. And Yang tasted so much like her father, it would be just like him cumming inside Summer all over again. And soon after that, she’d get a lovely fresh creampie from her adorable little reaper.

Summer was a slut, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.



My world was full of cum. Cum was gluing my eyes shut, cum was filling my mouth, the scent of cum was all I could smell, and I could feel cum running over my back and down my chin and thighs. And there was constantly more cum being added, as Kuvira’s soldiers came up and added to the cum covering me.

I couldn’t believe they were doing this to the Avatar. Yes, I had lost to Kuvira outside the walls of Zaofu and was captured, but I hadn’t expected her to do this! They’d even started before I had recovered consciousness. My first clue of what was happening was the cumshot to the face that had woken me up.

I was positioned like a bitch in heat, or a sex toy. I was on all fours, my hands and feet encased in metal. There was no way I could get enough range of motion to bend myself free, even if my concentration wasn’t constantly being interrupted by solders fucking me. And there were a lot of soldiers with Kuvira, and they all wanted a shot at the Avatar. I thought there was a betting pool nearby about how long it would take to turn me white from all the cum that was being slathered on me.

One good thing about all the cum in my pussy was that it made the soldiers think their comrade’s semen was the reason they were sliding in and out so easily, and not because of how wet I was. And who wouldn’t be? Taken time and again, by an endless line of strangers, all of whom only thought of me as a cumdump… Who wouldn’t find that to be the hottest thing on the planet?

I groaned as another cock slid into my ass. I’d never had much back there before, but now my rear was being stretched by dick after dick. It already felt so full, from all the cum that had been left in there. I could feel the soldier’s cock pushing warm cum out of me to run down my body and mix with the cum leaking out of my pussy.

“Alright, Whorra, open your mouth. It’s time for you to help the Earth Empire.”

I obeyed. I knew I should be fighting back, at least enough that they wouldn’t realize how much I loved being used like this. But I just couldn’t. An endless parade of cocks and cum, all day and all night, regardless of whether I wanted them or not… There were some things no woman should have to deny, and this was one of them.

I sucked on the dick in my mouth, running my tongue over it as my ass was filled. In a few minutes, they’d be cumming, leaving me with a salty, sticky, tasty treat. And then another group would come visit me. And another, and another. And then, who knows? Maybe Kuvira would demand a personal audience with me, and I would be forced to lick my captor to orgasm as some lucky guard got to breed me.

Okay, maybe not the last. They weren’t wearing condoms, and they were fucking my pussy. I was sure that I, the Avatar, was already pregnant with some unknown soldier’s child. Soon my belly would be growing, and my breasts would be full of milk. And I would still be getting fucked by the entire army.

My pussy wept clear arousal as I thought about it.




Mami is the domme for the four others in the Quintet, but she doesn't actually like receiving sexual attention. It's the control that does it for her. Making the others focus their sexual energies on each other is like crack for her, and making Kyouko (who is a futa) and Sayaka in particular release their dumb sexual tension upon each other is probably one of her favorite things to do (even if they get snippy and whine about it even during the act).

Watching Her Juniors

Mami had a complex interest in sex. Herself having sex? People touching her, or shoving things inside her? She didn’t care for that it all. It sounded disgusting, and the few times she’d tried it had been as horrible as watching Kyouko eat soup. But other people having sex? Sternly but lovingly guiding her juniors to their climaxes? Mami loved that.

Getting Kyouko to cum all over her own bidy, or inserting a gang in Sayaka’s mouth… Mami loved controlling her friends pleasure like that. And today she had access to both of them, to do whatever she wanted with them. It sent a tingle down her spine.

“Come on Mami, let me cum already,” Kyouko bit out.

Mami supposed it had to be hard on the redhead. Hands tied being her back and glistening lines of yellow wrapped around her body. That was all rather standard, but Mami had introduced a new element today. She had wound a ribbon around the base of Kyouko’s cock, the tight band cutting off her ability to cum. Mami had also put Sayaka just in front of her, her glistening petals a finger width away from Kyouko’s engorged cock. So close, and yet so far. Both girls were held immobile in Mami’s restraints, and Mami had been relentlessly teasing Kyouko’s body. But that was still no reason for the redhead to be rude to her host.

It sent a thrill through Mami, knowing that any pleasure her juniors felt was utterly dependent on her whims. And of course, her gaze fell to Kyouko, any pan was also completely dependent on her mood. Mami mentally debated having a nice cup of tea while watching a candle burn down on Kyouko’s back, but decided against it. That would be just too cruel, to Sayaka at least. Which wasn’t the same thing as letting either of them have an unearned orgasm.

Mami reached down. One hand played with Kyouko’s balls. She ran her fingers over them, feeling them. They were full and heavy. If Kyouko was a good girl, and obeyed, then at least one Mami’s girls would be getting quite a large load of semen. Mami would just have to decide which one, and where.

Mami’s other hand was busy with Sayaka. The blue-haired girl had been much more obedient and submissive today, and Mami rewarded her for that by letting her fingers play with Sayaka’s pearl. Sayaka gasped and moaned, and tried to jerk her hips forward, wanting more stimulation against her clit. But Mami’s ribbons held her firmly in place.

“Please, Mami-san, don’t tease me.” Sayaka’s eyes were closed and her cheeks were flushed. The sight sent a lightning bolt to Mami’s heart. “Please let me cum. Your fingers, Kyouko’s cock, anything. I don’t care what. Please.”

Mami smiled. She loved hearing them beg. Both Sayaka and Kyouko would fight so hard not to, biting their tongues and looking away as Mami played with their bodies, coaxing their nipples to erectness and making their pussies weep arousal. But they would always end up begging in the end.

“What? You want Mami?” Kyouko’s shriek of betrayal filled the room. “You said you couldn’t live with my cock inside you, and now you’ll settle just for some finger play? I oughta-“

Mami sighed as she listened to Kyouko rant. Her oldest junior had exactly two modes. She was either spitting fire and defiance at anything she could see, or she was submissively mewling, taking anything Mami gave her. It took a lot of effort to get her into the second state, and usually Kyouko’s bottom was as red as her hair by the time Mami managed it.

Mami put her hand against Kyouko’s forehead and pushed back. Kyouko gasped in horror as she was moved away from Sayaka’s warm, wet entrance.

“Kyouko, is that anyway to talk to your girlfriend?”

As Kyouko’s brow furrowed and her mouth opened, Mami ran two ribbons along her bottom in a silent warning. To her shock, Kyouko actually took the warning, closing her mouth.

“No,” she muttered. It was barely audible, but it was still acceptance that she had done wrong.

Mami felt her eyebrows climb up her forehead. Kyouko must need an orgasm more than she had realized, if she was willing to swallow her pride like that. Mami had been expecting (and looking forward to) a nice long spanking session as Sayaka watched her girlfriend’s rear get punished in front of her, Kyouko slowly turning her voice from threats, to moans, to pleas. Still, Kyouko had acted properly, and that meant Mami had to act in kind.

Mami reached down and wrapped her hand around Kyouko’s dick. Her fingertips pressed against the cool fabric of the ribbon around Kyouko’s base. Mami gently tugged forward, guiding Kyouko’s cock into Sayaka’s flower.

Both girls sobbed in relief as Kyouko sank into Sayaka. Mami withdrew her hand, letting them do the rest. As Kyouko hilted herself inside Sayaka, she whispered something about how much she loved her.

Mami watched the scene with a smile. It didn’t arouse her, not in the slightest, but the sight of her two beloved juniors sent a warm, warm glow through her. There was nothing else like it in the world, and when Kyouko discovered that the ribbon still on her meant climax wasn’t the same as orgasm, it would become even better.

Mami couldn’t think of a better way to spend the afternoon.





The Not so Terrible trio. I love it, it was my idea.

and I can Feel the tease you put into every snip. We haven’t seen Taylor get fucked Once.

i both hate and love you for it. It’s amazing. Especially her new outfit. All the way around zipper is something I never knew I wanted.

The Not So Terrible Trio 4

Taylor felt like she was burning up. For the past week, there had been a fire inside her that had been growing hotter and hotter, and today it had entirely consumed her.

Every day had been a torture since that chastity belt had been put on her. Taylor’s utter inability to get relief, combined with the trio’s usual twisted fames, had made her arousal grow and grow, getting higher and hotter with no relief in sight.

Now, a full week, almost to the hour, had passed since that devilish contraption of metal and leather had closed around her hips, and Taylor was almost out of her mind with lust. She almost pawed at Emma before sanity reasserted itself. Unauthorized touching would mean, at best, a spanking. At worst? Well, there were a lot of worsts, but at the top of the list was more time spent in the belt.

Taylor yelped as she felt a finger run up the inside of her thigh. That Sophia was behind her had completely slipped her lust-addled mind, and only now was she being reminded of that fact.

Taylor tried to remain still as Sophia ran her fingers up Taylor’s left thigh, along the chastity belt, and back down her right thigh. When they withdrew, Taylor took a shaky breath. Then a pair of black fingers, slick with her arousal were shoved in front of her face.

“It looks like our cunt is leaking again, Emma,” Sophia drawled.

It was true. Taylor had ruined more pairs of panties in the past week by soaking them clean through, then the trio had ripped off, covered in cum, or just made her hand over in the past month. But it wasn’t her fault!

It was Emma’s, Sophia’s and Madison’s fault. They were the ones who had brought her right to the brink of orgasm before the belt had clicked around her hips. And they were the ones who had kept on torturing her afterwards, making her suck cock or playing with her nipples, or fucking her ass, all while Taylor’s thighs became a sticky mess.

Taylor hadn’t planned on saying that, and she wasn’t going to get the chance either. Sophia slipped her fingers inside Taylor’s mouth, making her taste her own need. After the first instant of surprise, Taylor obediently started licking. If something was put in her mouth, it was her job to suck on it. That was the rule, and one of the easier ones to obey. As Taylor cleaned Sophia’s fingers off, swallowing her own arousal, Madison spoke up.

“What do you girls think? Time to run another train on the toy’s ass?”

Madison obviously like that idea. She was slowly masturbating, and had been since Taylor entered the room.

“Yeah, I’m up for that,” Emma said, running her eyes over Taylor’s body. “You, Sophia?”

“I don’t know.”

Taylor felt a shock of surprise at that. Sophia rarely needed any reason at all to despoil her body. Then Taylor felt a tendril of worry. If Sophia was willing to wait now, that meant she had something even worse planned. The black girl’s next words confirmed that thought.

“I think we should get Taylor’s opinion on it first.” There was a funny look on Emma’s face as she stared over Taylor’s shoulder at her friend. “After all, she’s the one who will be getting fucked by us. Fucked by this.”

At the final word, Sophia stepped forward, pressing her shaft against Taylor. Taylor was already taller than Sophia, and the heels she was wearing (those and the chastity belt were the only clothes she had on) meant that Sophia’s fat cock slid in between Taylor’s thighs.

Right at that moment, Taylor would have given or done anything for the belt to remove. She could picture herself sinking down onto the cock between her legs, filling her empty, aching, needy pussy. It was such a clear image that for a second, Taylor thought it was actually happening.

Madison’s delighted laugh brought her back to reality. The brunette clapped her hands in glee as she figured out Sophia’s game.

“I agree, I agree! Hey Taylor, you want cock in your ass?” Her masturbation grew faster as she talked. “You want to see if you’re a good enough buttslut to cum from being fucked in the ass?”

Taylor’s breath caught. She did want that. She wanted an orgasm of any kind, from any part of her body. And her owners her tormentors had been focusing on her ass for the past few days now.

As Emma had so kindly explained, “Your tits aren’t there, your hips are a joke, and your face only looks good covered in cum. You look more like a boy than a girl. And how do boys get fucked?” Emma had moved on to a hands-on demonstration after that.

The long and short of it was that Taylor had taken a lot more cock (and dildoes, beads and son on) in her butt over the past few days. And it was starting to feel better and better. Maybe cumming from her ass getting fucked wasn’t just a false hope dangled by the trio.

All three girls had seen Taylor’s body twitch as those thoughts ran through her mind. Emma and Madison had seen the thoughts play across her face, and Sophia had felt her arousal run down the sides of the dick between her legs. Identical smiled blossomed on their faces and Taylor knew she wouldn’t be leaving this room without at least three loads of cum running out of her rear. Still, she had been asked a question, and that meant she was allowed and required to speak.

“Yes, Mistress Sophia, Mistress Madison. Please fuck this whore’s ass to see if she can cum from it.”

Taylor felt a strong hand push her forward. She stumbled forward, going to the chair she knew they would want to bend her over. Taylor knew she would be getting fucked over that chair for the next hour at least. And she was sure she would have to lube up both herself and them every time. Forced to run her slick hands over their stiff rods before they plunged into her tight, tight ass.

Arousal splashed on the floor as Taylor prepared to push her limits.

Chapter Text

Worm prompt: Rachel is an extremely aggressive and sexually active futa. The only way for the all-female Undersiders to keep her pacified and on the team is to regularly allow her to fuck them absolutely senseless.

Joining the Pack

Taylor hadn’t expected to lose her virginity today. The thought of it had no more crossed her mind than the thought of her first-grade teacher. But now, an hour after going to the Undersider’s loft for the first time, she was now a woman.

If Taylor had to pick one good thing about her unexpected change in status, it was that it had felt good. If she had to pick one bad thing, it would that she had been fucked on the couch, with the rest of the team wandering in and out of the common area all the while. And if she had to pick one mixed thing, it was that Rachel had a normal human cock, instead of the knotted beast Taylor had imagined when what was about to happen was first explained to her.

Now her deflowering was over, and Rachel had gone off to a corner to tend with her dogs. Brianne was helping Taylor clean herself up and grab her clothes from where they had been scattered. The muscular black girl slapped Taylor’s back and grinned at her.

“You did pretty good for your first time, Taylor. A lot better than Alyx. After Rachel was done with her first time, she just lay there drooling for an hour.”

“Hey!” An upraised finger followed a thrown cushion, though Alyx didn’t look up from the TV.

“What about you?” Taylor asked. She was quite interested in Brianne, and welcomed the chance to talk to her some more. At least, Taylor’s body was interested in Brianne’s body. Hopefully her brain and Brianne’s brain would be a good match too.

“Me?” Brianne asked, laughing. “Well, these aren’t just for show,” she said, tapping her exposed six pack. “I’m tight because I know how to squeeze down, not because nothing has ever been in there.”

Taylor nodded, her face turning red. Even though she’d just been fucked by Rachel, to the stares and commentary of the other three girls there, that didn’t mean she was used to that kind of racy talk.

Bouncing off that thought, Taylor supposed it was a good thing she had only half-heard Rachel’s constant stream of ‘fucks’ and ‘such a tight slut’ while she was getting pounded. Most of her mind had been focusing on the strange, wonderful sensations coming from her lower body. Taylor supposed she would have died of embarrassment if she had really thought about what she was doing, but Rachel’s forceful fucking had kept that kind of thoughts from her.

Taylor shook her head, bringing herself back to the present. She turned back to Brianne, who was holding out Taylor’s shirt.

“Thank you. Have you had a lot of practice?” Say no. Say no. I want your delicious body all to myself.

“With Rachel? Yes. With other people? No, not really.” Brianne smiled, her white teeth gleaming. “But trust me, Rachel is quite enough all by herself. She fucks all of us once, maybe twice a day, every day.” She looked consideringly at Taylor as she struggled into her shirt. “Probably just once a day now that you’re here.

“Um.” That was about all Taylor could say to the prospect of having to take Rachel’s cock everyday. She still felt tingly and bit sore from her first time.

“It’s easier for me, of course.” Brianne continued. “Rachel loves my tits,” she bounced on the balls of her feet, making her chest jiggle under her shirt. “So I can usually just give her a titfuck, clean her cum off and get on with my day. Other girls…” she trailed off, pointing to the other side of the room.

Taylor looked over there and squeaked. Lisa was on her knees, blonde hair clenched in Rachel’s fists. The husky girl was driving Lisa’s head up and down her shaft. Now that Brianne was no longer talking, Taylor could hear the *ghck**ghck**ghck* of someone being facefucked. She found she couldn’t look away.

“Rachel’s one joke is that’s the best way for Lisa to use her mouth she’s ever found. I’m sure she’ll find something she likes about you soon,” Brianne said, craning her head.

Taylor blushed, realizing that her team leader was checking out her ass. How many more virginities was she going to be losing here?

Ever the competitive couple, Seiya and Haruka fuck numerous men, trying to outshine each other in how many points they can rack up (number of men brought to completion, how messy they become), much to the amusement of Michiru, Setsuna (not enough stories acknowledge Haru's poly relationship with them both) and Usagi.

Competitive Spirits

Haruka loved getting fucked by men. It rarely mattered the position or how many of them there were. Anal, doggy style, titjobs or bukkakes, Haruka was up for it. There was just something so thrillingly debased about turning her lesbian body over to the untender attentions of man after man. Today, there was a twinge of worry to her normal enjoyment of having a strange man making her choke on his dick.

After all, there was the possibility that Seiya was ahead of her. As big of a slut as Haruka was, what if Seiya had managed to take more cocks and get more cum than her? That would just be awful. Haruka was the biggest lesbo slut in all of Tokyo, and she wasn’t going to give that title up easily.

Haruka groped out with a hand, hoping to find a dick to wrap it around. She couldn’t just look for it, since her face was pressed against the stomach of the man throatfucking her. But there should still be plenty of horny, hung men around who hadn’t already cum in her mouth. Or her pussy, ass, between her tits, or just on her skin.

Haruka squealed in shock and delight as another stranger slid into her ass. She was loose enough the man could just go straight in until he hilted, deep inside her cum-filled ass. Haruka swung her hips from side to side, giving him a show as he started to assfuck her.

A sliver of fear entered Haruka’s heart as she heard Seiya cry out in orgasm. How many cocks was her rival taking right now? And how big of a load of cum were they going to leave on the black-haired tart? Haruka would have to do better.

She pulled her head off of the cock in her mouth. Lines of spit and cum connected it to her lips before she shook her head. Haruka looked around, glad to see that there were still plenty of other men watching her.

“Cmmvf,” she swallowed some of the cum in her mouth. “Come on guys, I’ve still got some empty holes and hands here.”

Some of the men grinned and started towards her, their erect cocks swaying from side to side. Haruka licked her lips, feeling the cum of half a dozen men on them. Hopefully she’d get half a dozen more before the day was out.

Usagi grimaced as she took a sip of the bitter tea Setsuna had given her. She watched with envious longing as Michiru and Setsuna both drank from their cups without the slightest hint of distaste. They were so graceful and refined she could just die.

“Is your girlfriend still doing that ridiculous contest with Haruka?” Michiru asked, putting her cup back down in its porcelain saucer.

“Which one? Oh, Seiya? Yeah, I heard her talking about a, uh, final round.” Usagi couldn’t say that Seiya called it a ‘slut-off’. “I hope they can get it out of their systems.”

“Haruka will certainly need to get a lot out of her before she can come to bed with us.” Setsuna’s tone was as calm as if she was discussing the weather. Usagi, the girl with half a dozen full time lovers, blushed as she realized what the older woman was talking about.

“Of course if Haruka still isn’t clean by tonight, we’ll have to find some other blonde to take her place,” Michiru said casually, resting her hand on top of Usagi’s.


Prompt: Taylor and Sophia DPing Vista with their futa dicks. With nice/redeemed/whatever!Sophia. Just... not her usual bitchy self.

Experienced Youth

If I had known how good preteen pussy was, I’d-. Well, probably end up in jail since most girls weren’t like Missy. She was, what, three, your years younger than me? And she was bouncing up and down on my cock like it was the easiest thing in the world.

She was being helped along by my hands grabbing her ass, and Sophia groping her chest. The two of us were moving her up and down our cocks, stretching her young holes with our rods. Sophia flashed me a smile from behind Missy’s head as she claimed her ass.

“Isn’t she the best little slut you’ve ever seen, Hebert?”

I had to agree. Not only was her pussy tight, wet and warm around me, but I could feel Sophia’s cock entering Missy’s body too. I could only imagine how she felt as two older girls claimed her holes. Then Missy’s head bounced back so I could get a view of her face.

Her eyes were dazed, and her tongue was poking out between her parted lips. If dick-drunk had a picture in the dictionary, Missy would have been it. She was making soft little noises in sync to us entering her.

“Put your fingers in her mouth,” Sophia suggested. “She loves having something to suck on.”

I gave Missy’s rear one last squeeze before bringing one hand up to her face. As soon as I poked her cheek, Missy turned her head and leaned forward. She started sucking on my fingers, her tongue licking them as her head gently moved back and forth. Damn, how much cock did she suck to get like this?

I only realized I’d spoken aloud when Sophia laughed. She momentarily stopped pinching Missy’s nipples to ruffle her blonde hair.

“Man, the stories I could tell you, Hebert. I’m pretty sure she’s sucked and fucked everyone in both the Protectorate and the PRT.” She pinched Missy’s nipples, tugging them out from her body. “I know that if she’s with a PRT squad on a ride-along, she spends the entire trip in between their knees.”

The only sign Missy gave that she could hear us was her getting tighter around my cock. She was feeling good, really good. My dick, obviously, but also my fingers as she lavished attention on them like they were a lollipop. Sophia, meanwhile, found pleasure in fucking Missy’s ass and playing with her chest.

I could actually feel Sophia cum. Our dicks weren’t separated by much, after all, and when she came, I could feel the outline of her cock pressing against mine bulge and get indistinct as she filled Missy’s ass with cum. And that was enough for both of us.

As Missy squeezed down on me in her own orgasm, I came, flooding her young pussy with my cum. I groaned, feeling pleasure rush over me as my dick twitched inside her tight cunt. It felt amazing, filling her up and feeling her shake on my dick.

It couldn’t last forever, and far too soon, my orgasm passed. Missy made little wordless sounds as I withdrew my fingers, her head against my chest. I grinned dopily, feeling great even as my cock started to shrink.

As Missy slumped in my arms, cum already trickling out from her stretched holes, Sophia looked up at me. A lightning quick smile flashed across her black face.

“Want to hear about what we do to Missy before rallies?”

RWBY prompt: A typical morning for Team JNPR.

Lazy Juniper Morning

It took a while for Jaune to wake up most days. (The day where Nora woke up before him and found a bucket of ice water was the exception). It usually took half an hour for him after losing the final tattered fragments of the night’s dream to be ready to actually get out of bed.

He slowly sat up, blinking his bleary eyes as he looked around the dorm. Everything looked the same as when he’d gone to bed, with Nora still snoring in her bed and Ren already dressed. His teammate nodded at him, before returning to his textbook. Jaune’s fingers ran through the long red hair above his lap as he yawned. Recovering, he looked down.

Pyrrha was looking back up at him, a smile in her eyes as she gave him a blowjob. Jaune smiled back at her, and enjoyed her attentions. Pyrrha really was skilled at this, and the love they shared came through with every lick. Jaune felt bad about never waking up early enough to return the favor, and, most days, he thought about how best to make it up to her. That Pyrrha said he didn’t have didn’t help that much.

As Pyrrha lavished attention on his penis, Jaune looked around the room again. The sun was shining through the windows, and was glinting off the metal on Nora’s bed. Jaune shook his head. He’d seen a lot of weird stuff at Beacon, and Nora was responsible for most of them.

Nora’s sleeping arrangements were… special. She had a problem with sleepwalking, and the only remedy she and Ren had found was, in Jaune’s opinion, inspired by their hormones as much as anything else. Every night, Ren would slip some cuffs around Nora’s ankles and wrists, snap them shut and leave her attached to the bedposts.

And then, most mornings, Ren would wake up a good hour before Nora, and start waking her up. He’d pull her shirt up and her shorts down, and get to work. Jaune was actually taking cunnilingus lessons from his teammate, since he wanted to make Pyrrha feel as good as Nora evidently did when Ren went to work on her. It was surprising that he wasn’t doing that today.

Then Jaune realized what the humming noise he’d been hearing was. Nora must have asked for Lil Mjolnir last night. If he craned his head, Jaune was sure he would be able to see the pink and white vibrator sticking out of Nora’s pussy, buzzing away. How she could sleep with that thing in her was beyond him.

Jaune’s musing on Nora were interrupted as he felt his orgasm coming. His hands tightened on Pyrrha’s scalp as her oral skills drove him over the edge. He gasped out a warning, even though he knew Pyrrha loved to swallow his cum.

Sure enough, Pyrrha went down as far as she could along his shaft, staring up at him with pleading, yearning eyes. Jaune groaned as he felt his dick pulse inside her mouth as he filled her with cum. By the time his orgasm ended, all traces of sleep had been driven away, and he was ready to start the day.

Just another morning in the JNPR dorm.

Weiss giving Blake a blowjob during a movie date. They're in the back row so people don't see them. Blake finishes inside Weiss's mouth.

Movie Theater

This was the last time Weiss was going to listen to Ruby’s recommendations for movies. She’d been bored stiff by the saccharine sweet, teeth rotting crap this movie was about since the first five minutes. She’d pulled out her scroll several times to see how much longer she had to wait, and was disappointed every time. There was only one redeeming feature about all this. She was in the back row, and Blake was horny.

Weiss slowly slid up and down her girlfriend’s shaft, feeling Blake stretch her mouth as she ran her tongue along the cock inside her mouth. Blake was making soft noises, too quiet for anyone else to hear but Weiss. Knowing that she was the one responsible for those sounds made Weiss feel nice and warm inside.

After a few minutes, in which the dialog Weiss could hear didn’t improve a bit, Weiss was ready. She’d gotten Blake’s cock nice and hard and it was stretching Weiss’s mouth in a pleasing way that made her suspect she had an oral fetish. But she still had, oh god, half an hour left, and that meant she could go a bit further than normal.

Weiss couldn’t see Blake’s face in the dim lighting, but maybe her Faunus girlfriend could see her. Just in case, Weiss winked upwards and prepared herself for the next step. She knew Blake would be content with just a blowjob, but Weiss wanted to push her limits. The first part was over, so now…

Now for the more difficult part. It had taken a lot of practice and preparation for Weiss to be able to do this, and the novelty still hadn’t worn off. Weiss slowly sank deeper and deeper down on Blake’s cock, her girlfriend’s rod moving past her mouth and down her throat. It had taken a long time before Weiss could deepthroat, but the sounds Blake made when she did so were reward enough.

Weiss started moving up and down again as her fingers traced the bulge that had formed in her neck. It always seemed bizarre that she could take something so big in a body so slender. Weiss closed her eyes so she could better feel the thick cock that was stretching her. It felt nice, as her body rose up and down, feeling Blake’s dick slide in and out of her. It shouldn’t take too long for her girlfriend to reach her limits, not with the first-class pleasure Weiss was giving her.

Blake hissed a warning as she felt her orgasm get closer. Weiss let her cock slip out of her throat, though not out of her mouth. She wanted to taste it, to feel the proof of Blake’s lust and/or love. Her tongue played up and down Blake’s penis, trying to get as much cum out of Blake as possible.

Weiss’s squeal was muffled by the cock and cum filling her mouth. She had to swallow it, and swallow the cum quickly, if she didn’t want it flowing out of her mouth and running down her chin. That was hardly an imposition, and Weiss felt Blake’s cum travel down the path her cock had just opened up.

Finally, Blake stopped cumming. Weiss was feeling nicely full, with a stomach full of semen. And she still had a mouthful to taste and swish around until it lost its warmth. Weiss slid back up onto her seat, a warm glow filling her.

Maybe the movie wasn’t quite as bad as all that.

Chapter Text

Damn, I wasn't planning to ask for more, but that last prompt got me. Usagi loves the power she has over Mamoru and Seiya, especially when they have her between them pounding her.


Usagi loved being the center point of a threesome with Mamoru and Seiya. She also loved being the center point of a threesome with Ami and Makoto, Rei and Minako, Haruka and Michiru, Chibi-Usa and Hotaru and Setsuna and another timeline version of Setsuna. Or any combination of the above. Usagi was a girl with a lot of love to share. Also, she was fine with Mama and Papa, or Shingo and Mika. And a few other people.

And right now, she was loving feeling Seiya and Mamoru filling her up. She pressed her chest against Mamoru’s body to kiss him as she felt Seiya’s hands grope her large rear. Usagi shook her hips, making her butt wiggle from side to side. She wasn’t averse to some spanking, if it came from someone she loved.

And it was so nice to listen to both of them complementing Usagi’s body and love-making skills, instead of fighting with each other. Usagi knew she was a sucker for attention and flattery, but that didn’t make it feel any less good. She could feel Seiya’s breath hit the back of her neck as she kissed Mamoru.

The knowledge that Seiya and Mamoru were only working together because of her fed something inside Usagi’s heart. Having control over other people was nice, and she occasionally wondered if she would be able to get the two of them to have sex with each other while she watched and masturbated (or, if she was going full fantasy power trip, having some of her other lovers attend to her body while she watched).

Usagi closed her eyes and shivered at the thought, and found that it had made her just that much more wet, which meant Mamoru could slide in and out of her even easier. Seiya couldn’t do the same, but at least the sight of Usagi’s bouncing rear should make a good enough consolation prize.

Usagi’s eyes shot open as Mamoru and Seiya both started sliding their hands over her body. Soon, Seiya was making Usagi squeak as her nipples were played with. And Mamoru was kneading Usagi’s rear, letting his fingers sink into her cheeks.

Usagi closed her eyes as she was assaulted on both ends. It felt so good, being filled up like this. Her rear and her flower were being filled again and again, and her breasts were being played with and her butt was being groped. Usagi shook in Mamoru’s and Seiya’s grip as she came.

Usagi moaned, loud and low as she came. She squeezed down on the rods inside her, feeling her core tremble as waves of pleasure washed over her. Her legs kicked against her lovers and her inner thighs felt so nice as they pressed against Mamoru’s muscular legs.

Usagi sagged in the arms of her lovers as the tidal wave of pleasure finally receded. Neither of them slowed down their thrusting even a bit as Usagi came on top of them, and that was just how she wanted it. They’d keep on filling her, moving in and out of her body, until they came too. And then Usagi would have a nice gooey treat inside her.

That sounded fantastic.

Raven captures Neo and orders Vernal to punish her and she takes it upon herself to see if she can make Neo scream in pleasure or beg to be fucked more, be creative with how Vernal decided to punish Neo

A Voice for the Voiceless

Vernal didn’t bother to hide her happiness. And why would she? The only people in the room were her and the captive, and she wasn’t going to be talking.

Vernal stood in front of Neo, staring down at the kneeling girl. Neo was glaring back at her. Raven had brought her back from somewhere, and had given her to Vernal. The Spring Maiden had been told to make Neo speak, to beg for mercy or for more, and Raven didn’t care how it happened.

Vernal had already removed Neo’s clothes and dressed her back up. The black leather that Vernal loved covered Neo’s frame, except for her bare breasts, crotch and butt. Raven’s orders meant that Vernal couldn’t include the red ball gag she thought was an essential piece of the ensemble, but Vernal took the blow stoically. After all, she could always take it out on Neo.

Vernal paced around Neo, admiring her small, stacked form. She had to admit that one of few benefits of city living was getting that kind of ass and tits. Vernal’s hand whipped out to whip one of Neo’s breasts. It jiggled pleasingly, and Vernal smiled. If she ran out of other ideas, at least she could see if spanking and slapping Neo would get her to speak.

Neo’s icy glare washed off Vernal without her even noticing. She’d been glared at by people who could actually hurt her. Neo didn’t even register. And soon, Neo couldn’t even see her to glare at. Vernal walked behind her, and knelt down. Neo’s legs were spread, giving Vernal a great view of her pussy. Vernal stretched out her hand, lightning sparks dancing around her fingers. It was time to get to work.

Vernal started by rubbing Neo’s clit and slit. It took a while for her to notice anything, but as Vernal kept on playing with Neo’s crotch, she noticed results. A tiny jerk of the hips, or the way Neo’s labia got the faintest flush to it. Vernal grinned, encouraged by the first signs of success.

“I’m sure you’re wondering what will happen to you after you break. And honestly? I’m not sure. Raven and I can always use a new bedtime toy, but she gets tired so easily of the studs and sluts we find.” As Vernal talked, she kept on stroking Neo, small sparks jumping from her fingertips to land on Neo’s sensitive flesh.

“Maybe you’ll end up in the stocks. We can always use another cumdump around the place. Or maybe the beastmaster. He’s always swearing he’s right on the verge of taming Grimm, and just needs some tight hole for them to fuck. How about it, Neo? Want to spend the next four years getting pounded by an Ursa every day?”

Neo didn’t respond, verbally at least. But Vernal’s fingers were sliding into her pussy even easier than before and the wonderful heat of her core was starting to be complimented with moisture. Vernal wondered if it was the lightning or the fantasies that Neo found more arousing.

With her free hand, Vernal reached around Neo’s body. She grabbed one of the mute’s fat breasts, her sparking fingers going straight to Neo’s nipple. She was disappointed when she didn’t get a gasp out of Neo, but not surprised. At least Neo’s boobs felt nice in her hand.

Vernal continued her two-pronged assault on Neo’s body, making her arousal slowly grow. She obviously didn’t want to be aroused, but her body betrayed her. All too soon, Vernal was toying with stiff nipples and sliding in and out of her wet pussy. A quick peek at Neo’s face showed red cheeks. As much as Vernal would have loved to make Neo’s lower cheeks match her upper ones, she wasn’t going to give up on a winning strategy now.

Neo held out for longer than Vernal had expected, but she finally gave in. The floor underneath her was sparkling in her arousal when Neo finally moaned. Vernal almost missed the soft sound as her fingers plunged in and out of Neo’s wet entrance. When she realized what had happened, a wide grin formed on her face. She redoubled her efforts, sparks jumping from her fingers as she assaulted Neo’s body.

Vernal reached out with her thumb to Neo’s rear entrance. She circled it, not sliding in, not yet, but with a clear promise to do so soon.

“Say it,” she whispered. “Say it and I’ll make your world come apart. Open your mouth and let me hear that sweet little voice.”

Neo took a deep breath, making her breasts wobble as she shoulders rose and fell. Vernal leaned forward, anticipation written on her face.

“Please,” Neo whispered, so quietly Vernal could barely hear her. “Please fuck me.”

Vernal’s smile grew and grew. She picked up the pace as the dam cracked, Neo’s voice growing louder and louder as she was fingerfucked.

Sweet, sweet success.

Please update the not so terrible trio

The Not So Terrible Trio 5

Taylor thought she was going to lose her mind. Her legs felt like jelly as she silently followed behind Emma, Madison and Sophia, the three girls brightly chattering with each other as they walked. It was a struggle for Taylor to concentrate enough to follow them, as all her mind was focused on her body.

Taylor had gone from a desert of pleasure with the chastity belt to an overabundance this week. There were two vibrators taped to her nipples, a dildo slipped inside her pussy and a butt plug in her rear. Each of the girls had the controls to one set of the toys, and they had been amusing themselves all day, fiddling with the buttons and watching Taylor’s reactions.

Taylor had been driven to her knees three times already, as orgasms tore through her body. After each one, it got harder and harder to think, especially since the toys weren’t removed. And each orgasm came quicker than the last, even if they weren’t boneshakers like the big three. Taylor thought that if the rate of increase kept up, within an hour there’d be nothing but orgasms, one after another surging through her.

Taylor knew she was red-faced, wide eyed and panting, but without a mirror, she didn’t realize just how much of a slut she looked like. Madison’s fashion expertise had helped with that, making her look even more degraded than she was.

The high stiletto heels Taylor wore didn’t match the rest of her outfit, but the way they presented her legs and made her rear swing from side to side was worth it in Madison’s opinion.

The tight black latex shorts around Taylor’s hips were, at most, four inches long. They clung tightly to her hips, and would have clung even tighter if not for the base of the humming dildo sticking out of Taylor’s pussy. The round base formed an obvious bulge, no matter how much Sophia tried to shove it all the way inside Taylor’s cunt.

The vibrators taped to Taylor’s nipples weren’t as obvious. It helped that Taylor’s nipples were already stiff and poking out from her nearly flat chest. They, and not much else, was hidden behind Taylor’s shirt. It just barely covered her breasts, with a wide V in the middle, less to show off her cleavage and more to let the trio laugh at its lack. Behind her back, there was a single thin band that Taylor could probably snap by breathing too hard. And then she’d get spanked for ruining Madison’s gift.

The only accessory Taylor had was a black choker around her neck. The disc on the front would remain blank until the girls could decide what emblem they wanted on it.

Taylor didn’t, couldn’t, think too hard about her costume. She was focusing on the toys on and in her, buzzing away. Sometimes they’d be roaring away, scattering her thoughts and making her drool. Other times, they’d be barely vibrating at all, moving just enough that there was no way for Taylor to forget about them.

Taylor resolutely kept her hands by her side. There was no way she could masturbate without removing the toys. And while she didn’t know what her punishment would be for getting rid of them, she was sure it would be both inventive and humiliating.

The three girls and the one toy arrived at their destination. Emma, Sophia and Madison all fell down onto the chairs, while Taylor fell to her knees. She crawled over the closest girl, Sophia, who had already spread her legs. Sophia did Taylor the favor of unzipping her jeans.

Taylor reached up and pulled out Sophia’s cock. It was huge and hard, the blood pumping through it making Sophia’s black skin shiny. Taylor started kissing her way down her cock, from top to bottom. As she serviced Sophia’s rod, Taylor listened to them talk about her.

“I think we should do something nice for Taylor,” Emma said.

“We are,” Sophia replied, sounding amused. Taylor looked up as her lips slid down Sophia’s shaft to see the athlete holding up a remote. Sophia turned a dial, and Taylor moaned, feeling the vibrations from the plug in her ass increase.

“See? She likes it. Don’t you slut?”

Taylor nodded, feeling her arousal creep out between the seal of her pussy lips and the dildo.

“Yeah, but she still looks so… Taylorish,” Emma said, not getting sidetracked. “Mads does wonders for her clothes-“

“Why thank you, Emma.”

“No problem, but the face and the body are still the same.”

“What are you thinking about?” Sophia sounded intrigued.

Taylor was listening closely as well. She had no idea what they were planning, but she was sure it would be something humiliating and depraved. Her nipples were aching points, pressed against the vibrators.

“You remember that Barbie the Bimbo video we saw?” Emma’s voice was full of wicked joy.

Yes.” Somehow, Madison had even more glee in her voice.

“I’m still mulling over the details, but…” Emma drew out the pause. “Goodbye Taylor, hello… someone else.”

Taylor was shaking as she listened to them. They were going to doll her up, make her look like even more of a vacuous slut than normal? They weren’t even going to refer to her as Taylor anymore, but as some cutesy, ditzy made up name. Would she even recognize herself in the mirror when they were done?

Taylor moaned again and again and again around Sophia’s cock as she came. Her pussy tightened around the buzzing dildo inside her as images of her near future filled her lust-addled brain. She could barely hear Sophia and Madison agreeing as she came, caught in her own over-pleasured hell.

Taylor didn’t have the chance to catch her breath as Sophia’s cock slid further and further down her throat. She knew she couldn’t pull it out unless Sophia wanted to cum on her face. Since Taylor enjoyed breathing, she started bobbing up and down Sophia’s cock faster and faster, trying to get her to cum as soon as possible.

Her job wasn’t helped as the trio fiddled with their controllers, making Taylor buck and writhe as the toys started and stopped at random. Her shorts were sticking to her crotch as arousal ran out of her and Taylor was subconsciously wiggling her hips.

When Sophia finally came, Taylor was recovering from her third orgasm in six minutes. The black girl pushed Taylor’s head far down her dick, letting her pump cum almost directly into Taylor’s stomach. Taylor closed her eyes and whimpered as Sophia’s cock pulsed in her mouth.

Taylor took a great gasp of air as she was released, falling back on her heels. Sophia wasn’t kind enough to wait for Taylor to catch her breath before demanding the final part. She snapped her fingers and pointed at her slowly shrinking dick.

“Thank you for feeding me, Mistress Sophia,” Taylor wheezed. She could taste Sophia’s cum on her tongue.

“Yeah, yeah,” Sophia said, waving her off. “Go do the others.”

Taylor crawled over to Emma, ass plug buzzing loudly inside her. Halfway there, she froze as she heard a tearing sound. As she took another deep breath, it happened again. Then Taylor’s shirt fell off. It actually had snapped from her breathing too deeply. Taylor was frozen in place, staring up at Emma’s face.

She knew she was about to be punished.

She knew she was going to enjoy it.

That Mars/Venus yuri exhibitionism ficlet was amazing, so could we get one for another magical girl set? I'm thinking Mami/Sayaka/Kyouko right now

Playing on the Streets

Mami had her juniors in front of her, both of them straddling one leg. She turned from one to another kissing them in turn. Both Sayaka and Kyouko were red faced and gasping, their hands clutching at Mami’s blouse. Lust and embarrassment was written across their faces.

And for good reason. The three of them were out in public, wearing their magical girl costumes. Most of their costumes, at any rate. Mami was lavishing attention on her two partners, but they seemed embarrassed for some reason. Mami wasn’t, and couldn’t really understand why they were embarrassed. After all, what was so bad about letting dozens of strangers see you and your girlfriend kissing and making out with your other girlfriend? Mami knew Homura and Madoka had no problem doing something similar.

Mami had collected their panties before they left her apartment, and the girls underwear was currently sitting in a discrete box, waiting for them to get back. That meant she could feel Sayaka and Kyouko’s shameful arousal seeping through her tights as they ground against her thigh. It felt nice, although exploring those leaking slits with her fingers and tongue would be even better. Possibly even here and now.

Mami slid her hand down Sayaka’s back, under her cape. Her blue-haired lover had such a nice ass, and it was so hard to see when she was wearing her magical girl outfit. At least her delightful chest, not that much smaller than Mami’s was hinted at. Mami was curious how the costume would change as Sayaka kept on growing. Would it expand with her, keeping her modest? Or would it stay the same size, revealing more and more cleavage over the years? Mami hoped she’d get the chance to find out.

And Kyouko. O Kyouko. Mami had seen her oldest friend and newest lover blossom over the years. Her chest, admittedly, was still very small, but it was so very sensitive. Mami demonstrated that, rubbing her thumb over Kyouko’s nipple. She could feel the hard nub underneath the cloth, and smiled as Kyouko squeaked.

“You sound so lovely, Sakura-san.” Kyouko blushed a deeper shade and muttered a thank you. “Have you or Miki-san ever considered letting others find out the noises you make?”

They both made a strangled squeak, drowned out by the cheers of the crowd around them. Kyouko frantically shook her head, while Sayaka vehemently protested. But Mami could still feel their arousal soaking into her legs.

As intriguingly delightful as the thought of strange hands running over her lovers’ body was, Mami didn’t have any plans to do that today. In the future, once she’d talked them into it? Maybe. But for now, Mami was quite content to just kiss and caress Sayaka and Kyouko, letting the crowd watch as she played with her junior’s body.

And when they got back to her home, they could put on a fashion show for her, previewing the skimpy versions of their magical girl costumes Mami had spent the past month working on. Mami would get the first look at Sayaka and Kyouko, of course. And then, the rest of the city could see the thin fabric, short hemlines and large cutouts Mami had come up with.

She could hardly wait.

Direct continuation to The Complete Ruby Rose and the Ladies of Beacon with Ruby where Ruby actually fucks Yang.


The sheets of Yang’s bed were crumpled in her hands. Her large breasts were swinging back and forth as she was fucked. She was moaning with every thrust, and was about three seconds from falling forward to bury her face in her pillow.

Yang had never expected that sex with her sister could feel so good. Ruby was filling her up and seemed to be going deeper with every thrust. Her small hands had a firm grip on Yang’s large ass, and Yang wondered if her little sister would start spanking her. Oh God, the thought of her ass being beaten by her Ruby was so kinky and depraved, it made Yang clench down even tighter on Ruby’s cock.

“Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby,” Yang wasn’t even aware she was babbling her sister’s name as they fucked.

“Wow, Yang, you’re so tight! And so hot. I thought Pyrrha had a warm pussy, but you’re so much hotter around me.” Ruby sounded chipper and happy as her thighs met Yang’s again and again.

Yang couldn’t respond. She barely even understood what Ruby was saying. More and more, her mind was focused on the amazing, wonderful feelings in her pussy. She was pushing back against Ruby, feeling her sister drive deep inside her with every thrust.

Why had Yang waited so long before fucking her sister? She honestly couldn’t remember. Something about incest and Ruby not paying attention. But even as she tried to grasp the details, they were driven out of Yang’s mind like smoke on the wind as Ruby split her pussy apart.

The strength Yang was so proud of gave out, and she collapsed forward, her head hitting her pillow. Her breasts were pressed against the sheets, and her stiff nipples dug into her bed. All the while, Ruby kept on fucking her, her huge dick molding Yang’s pussy around it.

Yang had lost count of how many times she had cum from getting fucked by her little sister, and she knew she would never be able to find a better lover than Ruby. She almost felt like crying as the pleasure inside her built and built as Ruby kept on going in and out her wet pussy.

When Ruby came, it wiped Yang’s mind clean. She groaned as she felt Ruby’s cock twitch inside her, and then she squealed as Ruby started cumming inside her unprotected pussy. Her mind went white as her pussy was flooded with cum, every inch of it painted white as Ruby’s hot, sticky load was emptied inside her. Yang’s legs kicked against the bed as she tried to cope with it.

Ruby stayed rock hard and buried inside Yang’s pussy, but she stopped. She knew her sister would need a bit of time to adjust to having her core filled with her little sister’s cum before she’d be ready to have sex again. And again. And again. Maybe using her mouth, or her breasts too. Yang deserved the full Ruby experience after all.

As Yang slowly recovered, she heard clapping. She slowly dragged herself to the edge of the bed, so she could see what was happening. Blake and Weiss were there. They had been watching her and Ruby the entire time

“Congratulations on finally joining the club, Yang,” Blake said.

“We’d throw you a party, but if we did that for every girl Ruby fucked, we’d never stop,” Weiss added with a sly smile.

Yang just stared at them, utterly unable to come back with a proper retort. This was going to be her life now, wasn’t it?

Chapter Text




Prompt. Taylor has had an embarrassing problem her whole life. Dogs love her too much. She smells like a bitch in heat to such a degree it overwhelms even the most well trained dogs. As such she's humped (not fucked) by the giant mutant hounds after the lung fight. Armsmaster finds her exhaustedly laying in a viscous puddle completely covered in it.





I was driven to my knees by the weight of the blow. I grunted, catching myself with my hands. Behind me, I could hear the padding of one of Rachel’s dogs. Brutus? Judas? Bentley? I couldn’t tell.

I thought about running, but I knew the idea was insane even before it entered my mind. There was no way I could outpace one of Bitch’s dogs after she’d enhanced it. And I needed to be here.

I stayed on all fours, the dark greys of my costume blending in with the concrete underneath me. I shifted position slightly, wondering. I knew what was about to happen to me, but not when. How had I ended up like this? Okay, I knew how, but that didn’t make it seem any less improbable.

I head a whistle, and tensed. The weight of the enhanced dog on top of me almost drove me to the ground. I gasped, the sound muffled by my mask. The musk of an aroused male dog filled my nostrils. Even against the general heat of the weight pressing against me, I could feel a hot rod pressed against my back. I knew the dog was going to start thrusting soon, and not stop until he had cum all over the back of my costume.

This was humiliating and degrading, but I couldn’t stop it. All my life, dogs had been interested in me. And once I hit puberty, the problem had only worsened. I had planned my jogging routes to avoid streets with big dogs on them. Otherwise, I was afraid dozens of people would be woken by my cries and come out of their houses to see a teenager in tight clothes pinned underneath an excited dog.

That had all worked well enough, but now I was with the Undersiders. With Rachel Lindt. Whose superpower completely revolved around dogs. It had been humiliating, accepting what I was going to have to do, but there was no way around it. That had been made clear to me when I first met the pack.

I’d been left in the middle of the street, covered with canine cum as each of Bitch’s dogs humped me until they came. The semen had soaked through my costume, making my skin sticky as it covered me, above and beneath my clothes.

Since then, and since I was working with the Undersiders, obviously I needed a way to make sure the dogs weren’t distracted by me on an outing. And this was the only way I’d found. Letting whatever dogs Rachel would be using to cum on me, to slather me with their semen and make me smell like their seed.

People online thought I was using a blotchy white dye in my costume.

The dog (and I knew it was only the first one, with two more behind it) started to hump me. I could feel its cock sliding back and forth along my back. The silk underlining of my costume felt nice against my skin, and I supposed it would feel nice against a dog’s dick. That still didn’t mean it wasn’t mortifying to be on all fours and humped like a bitch in heat.

I stared at the concrete floor, trying to memorize the pattern of bumps in it, and trying not to think about Rachel’s training program. I didn’t succeed at either.

Rachel, with some misguided sense of compassion, had been trying to make me enjoy getting humped by her dogs as much as they enjoyed me. And since it was Rachel, she used the same techniques on me as she did on her pack. I shivered, remembering having dog cum smeared on my face and tongue, the thick, pungent, white semen filling my world. And as one hand covered my face in dog cum, Rachel’s other was between my legs, fingers rubbing my clit and pumping in and out of my pussy. Her plan was to get me to associate sexual release with her dogs. The worst part? It worked.

As the dog humped me, I could feel myself slowly growing moist. I wasn’t very wet, and my nipples weren’t very hard, but that was still more arousal than I knew I should be feeling. I bit my tongue to keep myself quiet.

The dog picked up the pace, making me rock back and forth as its cock slid along my back. It, he, whined and I could feel his knot forming. It was a hard ring near the base of the rod. I mentally urged him on, wanting to be done.

When the dog came, it came a lot. My muffled cry was drowned out by his bark. I could feel his warm, sticky seed landing in my hair. My back felt like it was covered in cum, the hot mess running over every inch of me. Already, I could feel it soaking through the silk and running down my sides. It was good my bodysuit was thick enough to hide how stiff my nipples were.

The dog got off me, dick dragging against my ass. I sighed in relief, though it was tempered by the knowledge that there were still more dogs to go.

I waited for the next dog to mount me, but it didn’t happen. Rachel whistled a series of notes I recognized as ‘stop’. The she addressed me.

“On your back. Legs up.”

I flushed as I understood what she meant. The next dog would get a thighjob, his hot cock thrusting in between my legs and against my pussy. And when he came, my front and crotch would get covered in cum. I’d probably end up tasting it.

And the third dog? Who knows.




Yang thought it would be a normal lunch at the Belladonna house, but she thought wrong as Blake's mother Kali was currently under the dining room table giving her a blowjob. Now she had to keep her cool as Blake was in kitchen.

Actual Cougar

Yang was clutching her silverware so tightly she was leaving fingerprints in it. She was biting her tongue hard enough to draw blood. It wasn’t enough. All she could think of was the world class blowjob her girlfriend’s mother was giving her.

Kali had slipped underneath the table as soon as Blake left for the kitchen. Yang had opened her mouth to ask what was happening, but that had become obvious as soon as a set of warm lips slipped around her cock. Yang had tried to hiss at her to stop, but she just couldn’t get the words to come out. And now it was much too late.

Kali had to be the best cocksucker in the world, given how she was taking care of Yang’s dick. She was lavishing attention on it, with lips, tongue and fingers. She was wringing every scrap of pleasure out of Yang’s dick that she could, and the blonde brawler could barely keep herself quiet.

Yang was sure that if she pushed her chair back, she’d see Kali staring up at her, eyes wide and full of lust. She didn’t think she’d be able to handle that. She was barely able to handle what was happening to her. She wondered if she should reach down and pat Kali’s head. Blake liked ear scratches when she was giving Yang blowjobs, but would Kali? Best not to risk it.

Yang kept on shifting in her seat, a display that would have raised question in anyone who saw it. But she couldn’t help it. Kali was just so good at oral sex. Yang felt like she was going to explode if she didn’t get relief, as Kali slid up and down her cock, Yang’s shaft gradually sliding from her mouth into her throat.

The fork and knife in Yang’s hand snapped in two as she came. Yang didn’t even pay attention to the silverware falling to the table as her cock pulsed inside Kali’s mouth. The cat Faunus hummed, adding a wonderful vibration, not that Yang needed it.

Kali must have swallowed a lot of cum in her time. Yang felt the older woman’s throat working rhythmically, squeezing every drop of semen out of her, and swallowing all of it. Yang panted, feeling her cum draining into Kali.

Kali climbed out from underneath the table and took her seat just as Blake reappeared. Yang stared at her girlfriend, first in guilt and then in puzzlement. Blake had changed into a long robe, tied around her waist with a black ribbon.

Blake hopped up onto the table, and lay down, facing away from Yang. She raised her head to smile at Yang. Yang didn’t notice, since she was staring in between Blake’s legs. She wasn’t wearing underwear.

“Mom, can you help me prepare the meal?”

As Kali undid the ribbon holding Blake’s robe closed, Yang realized that maybe she hadn’t needed to keep the blowjob from Blake.




Usagi and Ikuko have a gangbang at their house.

A Family Affair

Usagi pulled her mouth up off the dick she was sucking. Leaning over, she kissed her mom. Ikuko kissed back, tongue pressing against Usagi’s lips. Usagi opened her mouth wide enough to let her mom slip in. Some of the men fucking the two of them cheered at the incestual makeout.

Usagi pressed back against the dicks filling her two lower holes. It felt so good, having them stretch her out like this, filling her up as they slammed into her again and again. There was already cum on her body, remnants of the men who had used her before. Still, her young nubile body wasn’t half as disheveled as her mothers.

Ikuko’s mature, womanly form acted like a light to moths, as the numerous men with the two women flocked to her. This was the first chance in over half an hour Usagi had to kiss her mom. She could taste the cum of at least three different men on Ikuko’s tongue, and the semen of just as many men was splattered on her face.

Usagi had only had one facial so far, and nobody had made her swallow their cum. Instead, they’d been focusing on her pussy. And even then, her mother was still getting more action there. The lead was narrower, but it still rankled Usagi. She was sued to being the biggest slut during the Sailor Senshi’s gangbangs, and she didn’t like being upstaged by her mother.

Even if it did look hot to see her like that, flushed and panting as man after man, cock after cock, used her full body. Usagi hoped she’d look just as beautiful in twenty years, still gorgeous even after several men had cum in and on her.

Usagi’s incestual fangirling was cut off as a stranger came inside her. She groaned, letting her head fall against the chest of the man inside her pussy as her ass was flooded with hot, sticky cum. The man fucking her ass tightened his grip on her hips as he thrust forward, burying his cock I as far as he could, so he could paint as much of Usagi’s rear entrance white as he could.

Usagi reached out, groping for her mother’s hand. She always needed some kind of emotional support when someone was cumming inside her. The physical feelings were just too overwhelming otherwise. Ikuko took her hand and held it, smiling at her daughter as they were both filled with stranger’s cock.

Usagi panted, her shoulders heaving as the man behind her finally stopped cumming inside her. There was still the man inside her pussy, and many more besides, of course. But, for the moment, her ass was empty.

And it stayed empty, since the next man interested in her rather than her mother took her mouth. There was no way left for Usagi to moan, and cry out and kiss and do all the other things she liked to do with her mouth while getting fucked. But a fat, meaty cock sliding down her throat still felt good.

Usagi loved getting gangbanged and she loved her mother. It surprised her that she hadn’t combined the two before now.





Loved the snippets. Can you update Training Sophia?

Training Sophia 4

I’d been putting this off for hours, like saying no to a sweet treat. But the porn I was watching was no longer interesting, which meant it was finally time. I opened up my favorites tab, and clicked the link to Mistress’s channel.

There was a tight, roiling sensation in my stomach as I looked for the newest video. I couldn’t open it fast enough. I slid my hand under my skirt as it started.

There were the expected few bars of music, and then the screen went black. I could hear the sounds of a metronome ticking. Then an image appeared. It was Sophia, her head taking up most of the screen. Her face was slack and drool was running down her chin and dripping onto her black breasts. She was staring into the camera, her eyes blank. The steady ticking continued, and I thought I could hear some faint whispers around it.

Then the video cut away. Mistress appeared now, standing tall in her trademark black leather outfit and white mask. She had her hand on Sophia’s head.

Sophia was kneeling on the concrete floor. She wore a white t-shirt a size too small. The thread count for the shirt was low enough that her black skin was obvious through it. And it was cut low enough that most of her breasts were displayed. There were shiny spots on her breasts from the drool dripping down onto it. Her shorts were just as tight as her shirt

The oddest thing about her, though, were the headphones. They were shaped like a pair of cat ears, black triangles pointing up above her head. I took a second look and saw the collar around her neck. There was a small brass bell attached to it.

“Good evening, subscribers. It is a pleasure to once again welcome you into a training session with Sophia and I. Today, I will be displaying the hypnotism training.”

The camera swung around the two of them as Mistress turned. Now Sophia was facing away from the camera, still staring into the screen in front of her. From this angle, I could see two things.

The first was that there was a hole cut in the back of Sophia’s shorts. Well, I couldn’t actually see the hole, but I knew it had to be there because of the cat tail sticking out from Sophia. From where it was positioned, I knew it had to be part of a tail plug. It was long and skinny, the fur on it the same color as Sophia’s hair, just a few shades darker than her skin.

I bit my lip, imagining how Sophia must have squirmed as Mistress lubed her up and then slid the plug in. Did she moan, soft sounds of pleasure escaping her lips? I bet she did. I cupped a breast as I imagined her shifting from side to side, trying to get used to the intrusion.

The second thing I noticed was what Sophia was watching. It was a pink and white spiral, slowly turning. Occasionally words or images would flash on the screen, too quickly for me to read.

“As most of you have guessed, I am using hypnosis to train Sophia.” The camera swung back around to focus on Sophia’s slack, empty face. “This isn’t the first time we’ve done this, but it is the first time I’m satisfied with the results. Both her response, and the video used.”

Sophia’s face was replaced with what she was watching. I circled a finger around my nub as I watched the hypotonic spiral. I barely listened to Mistress talking about the download link for the full file. I was too busy trying to imitate Sophia. The thought of being like her, thoughtless and empty, watching but not understanding, was hot. A lot hotter than I thought it would be. I slowly masturbated as I watched the spiral and listened to the whispered words.

They were urging me to let go, to let others think for me. The messages were reinforced by pictures of vacant bimbos servicing others. I tried to sink in to Sophia’s level, as my fingers slid in and out of my core. But I just couldn’t manage it. My brain was still too active.

Gradually I resurfaced. Mistress was explaining her setup. The camera had gone in between Sophia’s thighs, displaying the vibrator she was sitting on. It was one of the long wands, with a thick head. I could hear it softly buzzing. That had to be awful. There was no way the vibrations would be enough to let Sophia cum, not with her shorts in the way. How long had Sophia been sitting there, watching the instructions to think less and obey more, while the vibrator made her feel weak, distracted pleasure?

That was what I needed, I was sure. If I dug out my vibrator, I could rub it against me and watch the spiral and join Sophia as an empty-eyed brainless bimbo.

The picture jumped and Mistress began speaking again.

“It’s been two hours since we last spoke, and I believe Sofie is ready to play. Let’s find out.”

The screen Sophia, Sofie, was watching turned off. She stared blankly at the dark screen before slowly looking around. Mistress snapped her fingers, drawing her attention. My mouth was dry as I slowly masturbated. This was it.

“Sofie? Come.”

Sofie hesitated for a few seconds before crawling over to Mistress on her hands and knees. Her hips swung, making her tail sway from side to side. She put her head in Mistress’s lap and stared up at her, making a choked purring sound. God, that was hot and I was wet.

“Well done, Sofie,” Mistress said, a note of warmth in her digitized voice. She turned to the camera. “Later on, we’ll be demonstrating how Sofie has a cat’s natural love for cream. Any subscribers who line in Brockton Bay should visit any gloryholes they know in hopes of helping us out.” I never wished I had a dick more than at this moment. “But for now,” she held up an intimidatingly large dildo. “We’ll be seeing if a cat can learn to beg.”

As she lowered Sofie onto her back, I came. My pussy clenched down around my fingers and I fell backwards onto my chair. Almost before I was done shaking, I was clicking the download button to get the full hypotonic loop. I may not have a cat tailplug, but I did have a vibrator. I was planning to spend the rest of the day seeing how deep I could go.

I wondered if I could convince Mistress to train a second slave too.




PMMM - Mami, Sayaka, and Kyouko all have an urge to get dommed so they go out in their Puella outfits and tempt with their short skirts until they find men who jump them and fuck them senseless

Looking for Fun

Mami and her juniors were attracting a lot of attention as they walked down the street. She knew it, and loved it. She glanced behind her, and tugged.

Kyouko and Sayaka stumbled forward. Mami had bright yellow ribbons tied around their wrists, running from them to her hands. The yellow didn’t go well the red and blue of their outfits, but the lack of color coordination as a sacrifice Mami was willing to make.

Satisfied that her lovers were keeping pace with her, Mami looked around. Many of the people staring at the three of them looked away instead of meeting her gaze, and Mami instantly dismissed them from consideration. Someone who couldn’t even bring themselves to look her in the eye was no good.

As Mami led her juniors down the nighttime street, she felt the cool breeze blow against her. It wasn’t too bad for her, but she imagined the girls behind her must be suffering.

Sayaka’s cape had lost the bottom third of it, the result of a touch of magical tinkering. It no longer covered her shoulders or rear. Her behind was protected solely by her skirt, which had also been raised several inches. And of course, her top had been reduced, exposing more of her belly and cleavage.

Mami had less to work with for Kyouko’s costume, but she’d given it her best anyways. She’d raised the hemline of the front of her dress, exposing more of the redhead’s pale, creamy thighs. She had also raised Kyouko’s heels slightly, though the effect was lost with her billowing skirts that were an essential part of her costume.

Mami had left herself alone either. Like Sayaka, she had raised her skirt, showing off almost all of her thighs. She had also tightened the brown line running down the center of her blouse. It pressed against her skin now, highlighting her large breasts. And she had removed the bra that came with the outfit.

After walking several blocks, Mami finally found someone willing to meet her gaze. Three someones, in fact. A group of young men, standing outside a bar. She liked the look of them, and, if they had any hidden nastiness, well, she and her girlfriends were still magical girls.

Mami tugged Sayaka and Kyouko over to them, crossing the street. She smiled at them, looking them over. Fit, clean and handsome. They’d do.

“Hello gentlemen. I was wondering if you would like to spend the rest of the night having sex with us?”

They stared at Mami in shock, before looking at each other, back at her and then at Sayaka and Kyouko. Two of them got goofy smiles on their faces while the third spoke.

“Uh, yeah, sure thing lady.”

“Excellent,” Mami said, smiling. She yanked Kyouko and Sayaka forward.

As they stumbled forward, she pressed the ribbons holding them into the hands of the men opposite them. With a sparkle of magic, another ribbon appeared around her own wrists, tying them together. She tossed the end of the leash to the man in the center. He caught it and stared at it before a smile formed on his face.

He gave an experimental tug on it, and Mami took several quick steps forward, ending up pressed against him. She leaned up for a kiss. His lips were warm and firm against hers. Breaking it, she smiled contentedly.

“Now, before we begin, there are some things I should tell you.”
“Sayaka here is a pleasure princess. Sayaka?” Sayaka blushed, but turned around. She leaned forward, pulling up her skirt. There were three whistles of appreciation as the men caught sight of the blue plug glistening in between her cheeks. The man holding her leash reached out to touch the fake jewel glinting at him. Sayaka groaned as it shifted inside her.

“She’ll be quite happy to just lay there and take and take the pleasure. Make sure she returns the favor.”

Mami turned to Kyouko, who was shifting from side to side and looking at the asphalt, the street lamps, or anything else.

“Now, Kyouko here can be very bratty. If she doesn’t listen to you, don’t be afraid to bend her over your lap and spank her, understand?”

“And what about you?” asked Mami’s man.

“Me?” Mami licked her lips gazing at the man’s crotch. He was already hard. “Just give me all the thick, creamy treats you can tonight, and I’ll be your perfect little toy.”

The man smiled and nodded. As the men debated which apartment they would be taking the girls to, Mami caught the eyes of Kyouko and Sayaka. They smiled back at her.

Tonight was going to be good.

Chapter Text

While out running some errands, Haruka gets a text message from Michiru asking what she's up to, followed by another telling her that if she sends a selfie of herself riding some guy's cock in the next two minutes, she'll get a reward when she gets home.

Texting, Sexting

Haruka stepped out of the auto parts store, eyes narrowing as the bright sun hit her. She slung the bag over her shoulder. Her phone buzzed, and she pulled it out. There was a text message from Michiru.

How are you, Haruka?

Haruka texted a reply back. She’d gotten maybe two steps before Michiru texted her again.

I want a picture from you in the next two minutes. You need to be riding someone’s cock. Special reward for you when you get back

Haruka stared at her phone, a blush spreading across her cheeks. Well. Um. Well. She hadn’t been expecting that today. Usually Haruka was better at picking up clues that Michiru was going to order her to do something degrading involving strangers.

There was no way Haruka could refuse. Even if she didn’t get a perverse thrill out of these texts (and she did. Oh, how she did.) Michiru had her wrapped around her finger, and they both knew it.

Turning around, Haruka stepped back inside the store. The clerk had been attractive enough. She was sure he’d be willing.

Haruka made the deadline with a few seconds to spare. It had taken that long for her to blurt out a request while pawing at the cashier’s crotch, for him to pull it out, for Haruka to get it hard, and for her to sink down on it. She was suddenly glad Setsuna had made her hand over her panties before leaving the house today.
Haruka snapped a picture of her crotch, impaled on a stranger’s cock. She didn’t get either of their faces, but she knew Michiru had gotten up close and personal with her pussy often enough to recognize it. She sent the text just in time. Good thing too. Both her lovers could get so… physical if she didn’t complete the challenges. Cumming from being spanked was just as humiliating as cumming from getting fucked by a stranger.

Of course, now that she had completed her girlfriend’s request, Haruka supposed that meant she didn’t have to have sex with the clerk anymore. But he was inside her, and her pussy did feel nice, getting filled by his cock. Her stiff, aching clit brushed against his skin, sending jolts of bliss through her.

Haruka started slowly shifting back and forth, grinding her hips against him. Her wet pussy was clamping down on his dick. It felt so good. She closed her eyes, ignoring the clerk’s questions about who she was and what was going on. What mattered was that hard, thick, hot rod filling her up.

The man’s hands came up to grab her breasts. They, at least, were still in a bra. At least Setsuna hadn’t confiscated that. They were still sensitive, and Haruka groaned as his calloused hands played with them. She knew they were just getting started here. Hopefully no new customers would come in before Haruka was finished getting fucked on the store counter.

Haruka stepped out of the auto parts store, eyes narrowing as the bright sun hit her. She slung the bag over her shoulder. Her phone buzzed, and she pulled it out. There was a text message from Michiru.

Or maybe that idea's from Michiru's point of view, while futa!Setsuna is fucking her, and the two idly discuss whether or not they think Haruka will manage it.

Texting/Sexting 2

Michiru was lying on her stomach on her bed, playing with her phone. She felt the bed dip as Setsuna climbed up with her. She was sure she knew what was about to happen, and welcomed it. Michiru spread her legs apart as far apart as they could go and glanced behind her.

Setsuna smiled at her. The dark-skinned woman tugged at her bathrobe, letting it fall off of her. Her penis was already erect, as she stared at Michiru’s body, clad only in a thin, short robe. It was short enough, and Michiru had spread her legs wide enough, that she could see straight up into her crotch.

Setsuna crawled forward, hovering over Michiru. She lowered her body on top of Michiru’s, kissing the back of her neck.

“What are you up to?” She asked, running a hand down the side of Michiru’s face. Michiru pressed against it, enjoying the warmth.

“Not much. Why, do you have an idea?”

Setsuna nodded and quickly outlined her plan. Michiru’s smile grew and grew as Setsuna described it. She liked it. Setsuna did too, given the hot, hard rod pressing against her back.

Michiru tapped out a text to Haruka as Setsuna slid into her. She let her head fall forward as her walls were pushed apart by her lover’s cock. Setsuna always felt so good inside of her. Tongue, fingers, penis, it didn’t matter. It felt amazing.

It took a few seconds after Haruka texted back for Michiru to recover her composure enough to respond. Michiru tapped out an instruction for her girlfriend to go impale herself on a stranger’s cock as Setsuna started sliding in and out of her.

Michiru pushed back against Setsuna, swaying her hips from side to side. Setsuna’s hands slid under her body, finding Michiru’s firm breasts. Michiru made a small sound at the back of her throat as Setsuna toyed with her breasts, running her thumbs over her nipples.

When the phone buzzed again, Michiru quickly opened the picture that came with the text. She smiled in satisfaction. She held the phone up for Setsuna to see as well. They could both recognize Haruka’s lower body, her wet pussy getting split in two by whatever cock she had found. Michiru wished her girlfriend had included her face as well. Haruka had the most lovely expressions when she got fucked by a stranger’s dick.

“What reward should we give her, Setsuna?” Michiru was finding it hard to concentrate on anything but the dick that was filling her up so wonderfully.

“Hhmm. How about Sailor Pluto and Sailor Neptune making out with her? You take the high road and I’ll take the low road?”

Michiru nodded. That sounded like fun. Haruka was such a good kisser. But that could wait until Haruka got home. For now, she was interested on getting stuffed by Setsuna’s cock for the next hour or so.

They’d continue like this for a while, and it would be easy enough for Michiru to rise up so they were having sex doggy style. Then, Setsuna could sit on the side of the bed and Michiru would bounce on her lap. Then, any other positions Setsuna wanted to try, and by then she’d be ready to cum. Haruka should be arriving home right around then, just in time to either lick the cum out of Michiru’s pussy, or get facialed along side her.

Either one would work. After all, Michiru loved being with both her girlfriends.

How exactly does Roman reward Neo for every mission done correctly?

Proper Reward

Neo smiled happily as she slid a spoonful of ice cream into her mouth. The blend of blackberry and vanilla was oh so sweet in her mouth, and she let it sit there until it started melting. Then she swallowed it, feeling it run down her throat. Then she did it again.

Every time Neo helped with a job, she had a special request afterwards. Not just her share of the money, Dust, or whatever was acquired, but something a bit more unique. There was a creamery in Vale that sold the most wonderful, amazing flavors of ice cream Neo had ever tasted. And if Roman wanted her help on a job, there’d better be a pint of ice cream waiting in the freezer for Neo when she got back.

The silent woman loved her treat so much she usually didn’t even boxer to clean the blood off her knives and skin before sitting down to eat. It also had the welcome side effect of creeping out any of the thugs hanging around the place. Seeing a cute girl happily eating ice cream was all well and good, but not so much when there were still blood splatters along her face and a collection of red knives sitting next to the container.

And, all the ice cream Neo ate had another side effect. It made her nice and plush, giving her a certain thickness to her rear and chest that she loved. She exercised enough that it didn’t spread, but Neo often looked at herself in the mirror and smiled, satisfied that she still had the proper amount of fat in the proper places.

Neo frowned in disappointment as her spoon hit the bottom of the container. She’d eaten it all already. The ice cream never seemed to last long enough. And while she could probably get Roman to buy gallon tubs for her, Neo knew the limits of her self-restraint. If she had a whole gallon of strawberry and chocolate ice cream, or triple fudge bomb, or any of the other flavors the creamery offered, she’d still eat it all in a single sitting.

Oh well. If her innocent fun was done, then it was time to go have some not so innocent fun. Neo slipped on an illusion as she went to go find one of the henchman Roman kept around. She still had some unused knives, after all.

Neo never lacked for ways to entertain herself.

Adjustments 2

Taylor knew what was expected of her. She had already stripped down and was wearing nothing but a nervous expression. She shifted from side to side, the concrete cold underneath her bare feet. She stared fixedly at a arbitrary point as she heard the shuffling behind her.

Taylor started when Rachel clapped a hand on her shoulder. She turned around to see her lover calmly looking at her. Taylor had gotten used to Rachel’s nonverbal communication, and could read the question on her face. The tall, skinny girl took a deep breath and nodded. Rachel nodded back, and pursed her lips.

A dog responded to her whistle. It was already enhanced, taller than either of them. Taylor could feel the wave of air it made as it padded over to them. It came to a stop next to Bitch, and nudged her its huge head pressing against her entire torso. Taylor recognized it as Judas. Rachel gently pushed it away and nodded at Taylor.

Taylor got to her knees and crawled underneath the dog. She turned herself around to orient her body with the dogs. The she laid down on her back, looking up at the dog’s underbelly. She could see his cock slowly growing erect. All the trained male dogs in Rachel’s pack knew her scent and knew what it meant when she was aroused.

Rachel knelt down next to Taylor, her face a frown of concentration. Taylor lifted up her arms and Rachel grabbed them, one by one. She slipped them into the straps and harnesses hanging underneath Judas. Once her arms were secured, Rachel moved down her body. Soon Taylor was pressed tightly against the dog’s belly, leather straps keeping her in place. She could barely see anything but the pebbled skin close to her face.

Judas’s cock was starting to swell, pressing its way further and further up Taylor’s body. She couldn’t lower her head enough to see it, but she could feel the thick, hot shaft growing and growing. Soon it was pressing against her chest. It was stretching from her lower stomach, heavy balls slapping against her wet pussy, to her upper body, where the hard shaft almost, but not quite, brushed against her stiff nipples.

Taylor was panting, short, sharp intakes of breath, feeling the heat and the scent of the beast she was pressed against. Her head was spinning, and she knew it would be so much worse if she was the other way around, her face pressed against the dog’s balls. When Rachel had done that before, she had lost coherency, she was so overwhelmed by the bestial, primal smell.

Taylor heard Rachel climb up on top of Judas, and spur him into motion. The dog lumbered out of the warehouse, onto the streets of Brockton Bay. In this part of the city, at this time of night, there’d be no one around. But the thrill of exhibitionism still sent a shiver down her spine.

But the purpose of this wasn’t to expose Taylor and her desires to the world. It was to give Judas some room to run. And when he ran, his knotted penis would slide back and forth against Taylor’s bare skin, rubbing against her as Rachel urged him on.

Taylor licked her lips, already anticipating what would happen at the end. When that thick knot would press against her lower belly, after hours of having her aching nipples rubbed against the fur, after hours of having her world be nothing but dog, then-. Then Judas would cum, shooting out thick streams if canine cum onto her, soaking her thin body with his seed. She would get covered by it, thick jets of it coating her face and in her mouth.

Taylor’s pussy clenched down at the thought of it. All the things that monstrous dick would do to her before the night was over, oh, it all sounded so good. And once Judas was done, once they were all back home, then it would be time for Taylor to thank Rachel for letting her do this.

Taylor could taste Rachel’s arousal on her lips already.

Weiss rewarding Yang for her improved grades by sucking her dick. Yang holds Weiss's head as far down on her dick as she can when she orgasms.

Reward Schneme

“Man, you were the one to come up with the idea, Weiss. Don’t tell me you’re backing out now.”

“What?” Weiss spluttered. “A Schnee never goes back on her word. I just need a few minutes to prepare myself.”

Yang rolled her eyes. One hand was cradling her chin, while the other slowly pumped up and down her shaft.

“Right. While you’re getting ready, mind taking some clothes off? I want something fun to look at while I wait.”

Weiss’s face twitched at that. Silently, she knelt down and crawled in between Yang’s spread legs. She couldn’t explain why giving a blowjob was less demeaning than stripping, but it was.

Yang let go of her shaft and Weiss wrapped her small, dainty fingers around it. Yang’s cock slowly hardened in her grasp as she stared at it. Weiss swallowed nervously. She’d given Yang blowjobs before, but the size of it was always so intimidating.

Weiss ran her tongue down Yang’s length, from head to base. Yang sighed in satisfaction as the Schnee heiress started to give her a blowjob. Weiss quickly coaxed Yang’s dick to full erectness, and stopped licking.

Opening her mouth as wide as she could, Weiss slowly slid down Yang’s cock. She could feel Yang filling her, going deeper and deeper into her mouth as she moved. Soon, Yang reached the back of her throat and kept on going, her dick filling Weiss’s throat.

Finally, Weiss came to a halt, her nose pressed against Yang’s stomach. Her lungs were burning as her fingers traced the outline of the bulge Yang was forming in her neck. Then she started going back up, Yang slowly sliding out of her.

In and out. Out and in. Weiss bobbed up and down along Yang’s cock, her body pushed to the limits by the tick rod filling her mouth and throat. Yang’s eyes were closed in pleasure, the better to enjoy the tight muscle wrapped around her.

Yang’s dick twitched inside Weiss. Eyes widening, she shoved her head forward, burying Yang’s cock as far inside her as she could. Once it was deep inside her throat, Weiss clamped down with her throat muscles, rhythmically squeezing down, trying to milk the fat rod inside her.

Yang moaned, her hands tightening on Weiss’s shoulders. She came, her thick load shooting down Weiss’s throat, straight into her stomach. Weiss gagged, filling her stomach getting filled by Yang’s hot semen. She stayed in place for a long time, until Yang finally stopped coming.

Then, and only then, Weiss drew her head back. The last trickles of Yang’s cum landed on her tongue, letting her savor that lovely, lovely taste. Finally, Yang’s cock slid out of her mouth. Weiss looked at it, then at Yang, and licked her lips.

“Well,” Yang said, smiling back at her, “I feel motivated to go get another A. What do I get if every grade at the end of the year is an A?”

“Oh, I suppose I could think of something,” Weiss said, wiggling her rear.

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Chapter Text

Worm Prompt: Vista is the most popular member of the Wards. Mostly because whenever she makes a public appearance, she lets herself be gangbanged by everyone around.

Pleasurable Service

Missy was flat on her back, legs spread wide. Dean was in between them, thrusting into her tight pussy. It hardly seemed possible for her small frame to handle the punishing thrusts, but her muffled moans showed how much she was enjoying it.

Her squeals were muffled because Victoria was sitting on her face. The busty blonde was smiling in enjoyment as she watched her boyfriend pound Missy into the table she was lying on. She leaned in for a kiss as Missy’s tongue parted her wet folds.

Victoria and Dean lovingly kissed as they shared Brockton Bay’s premier piece of stress relief. After all, Vista was too young to go out on patrol. But she had still wanted to help out somehow as a Ward. Therefore, the Protectorate had arrived at the obvious logical conclusion of having missy take care of the sexual needs for the city’s superheroes.

In fact, Missy was in such high demand, that her days were filled to the brim with Ward activities. She worked hard at it, for long hours, but she knew she was doing an important job.

Missy’s fingers dug into Victoria’s tanned thighs as the older girl’s arousal ran down her face. The nipples on her flat chest were hard, and Missy moaned again as Victoria drew her fingers over them.

Missy wrapped her legs around Dean’s waist as best she could. They still didn’t cross behind his back, but the added physical touch and sense of closeness was nice. Dean was really amazing at sex. Missy never felt more aroused than when she was with him and Victoria. His skill and her aura would drive Missy to heights of pleasure there was no other way for her to reach. She always came so, so hard with him.

And, as an added bonus, in the afterglow, Victoria was usually willing to teach Missy a thing or two about boys. Or girls. She was willing to teach Missy how best to attract, please and be pleased in turn. Usually that ended in another round of sex; with Victoria massaging Missy’s throat so she could deepthroat Dean, for example.

As Dean thrust into her, one of his hands was brushing against her clit, sending shocks of pleasure through her slight body. His other hand was toying with Victoria’s breast, rubbing her fat nipple. His pace was picking up, jolting Missy to orgasm. She squeezed down around him and licked Victoria’s button, trying to get them to feel as wonderful as she was.

Missy didn’t manage it before she came, screaming into Victoria’s core. The older girl moaned at the muffled vibrations. She thrashed under the two of them, limbs knocking against her lovers as the pleasure turned her brain into mush. Her pussy clamped down tight around Dean, leaking arousal.

Missy was left sobbing with pleasure as her orgasm drained away. She felt empty, even as Victoria’s lustful aura started working on her again. Both of the older superheroes stopped, letting Missy catch her breath. But she knew that, before long, they’d be starting back up again, filling her tight core and flooding her mouth.

And after that, a hands-on performance review with Miss Militia, helping Armsmaster test his Dragon Slayer dildo, and then the evening shift would start. It was going to be another full day for Missy. She didn’t mind, though. This kind of work was its own reward.

Emerald, after a failed escape attempt is punished by servicing a rather aggressive Beowulf


It wasn’t that Emerald had been trying to escape, not really. She’d just been going for a long walk, and she must have gone somewhere she wasn’t supposed to. One minute she’d just been strolling along and the next-

Now Emerald was on all fours, getting jolted forward as a very large, very aggressive Beowolf fucked her. One swipe from its paws had torn off most of her pants, and her breasts were jiggling enough she thought they were about to pop out of her shirt.

Emerald was trying to concentrate on irrelevant details like clothing. That way, she could avoid the fact that not only was she being fucked by a Beowolf’s knotted cock, she was enjoying it.

Something about that huge, hot, hard dick slamming into her tight pussy was making Emerald melt, as the Grimm filled her again and again. Her fingers clutched at the ground as she bit her lip to keep from moaning. Sweat was beading on Emerald’s brown skin as her body was pushed forward with every thrust. The Beowolf claws had a firm grasp on her hips, and Emerald could feel its fur brushing against her ass even on its outward strokes.

Emerald wished it didn’t feel so good to be a Beowolf’s bitch, to be under the control of such an overwhelming, primal power. But it did, and she couldn’t stifle a moan as her shirt ran over her achingly stiff nipples as her breasts popped out.

Now that they were free of the confines of Emerald’s abbreviated shirt, her boobs started swinging back and forth even more. They jiggled as the Beowolf fucked her. Emerald loved to play with her breasts, but right now her limbs were so weak she knew that if she raised a hand to cup one bouncing globe, she would surely fall face first into the dirt.

Emerald could feel a thick ring pressing against her pussy, even hotter than the rest of the cock splitting her in two. She felt a shiver run down her spine. Emerald had seen women get knotted by Beowolves before, and a series of fucked-stupid faces, emptied of everything except lustful pleasure flashed through her mind. Was that going to be her? Impaled on a Grimm’s cock, a wide vacant smile on her face as bone-shaking orgasms tore through her?

As a small orgasm filled her, Emerald decided that might not be so bad. And it wasn’t as if she had a choice. The Beowolf would keep fucking her until it was satisfied, and there was nothing Emerald could do to stop it. Only after the knot had deflated and the gallons of cum had stopped flowing into her, would Emerald be able to leave. And if she was lucky, she’d get back home before the smell of the Beowolf’s cum drew more Grimm to her.

At first, when the Beowolf increased the speed of its thrusts, Emerald thought it was about to cum. A minute later, she realized it was just going faster. The power of its thrusts pushed its cock deep inside Emerald and the teen groaned as her pussy was split in two by the Grimm’s thick dick.

Emerald didn’t have a choice but to cum again, even harder than the last time. Her strength gave out and she fell forward, face first into the dirt. Pleasure was running rampart through her body. Already she could feel a hazy pinkness eating at her mind, lust eroding her reason. And she couldn’t do anything to stop it.

By the time the Beowolf came, Emerald was a moaning, drooling mess. With a triumphant howl, it thrust forward, forcing its knot into Emerald. The thief’s eyes shot open as her pussy was forced to stretch around the ring of flesh. Her feet kicked against the ground as a final wave of pleasure washed over her, greater than all the other ones before.

Her groan was drowned out by the Beowolf’s howl as it came inside the teen’s tight, wet pussy. With the knot keeping her in place, there was no place for her to go, and no way to escape the thick, sticky cum that was beginning to fill her. Emerald felt her belly swelling as more and more cum was pumped into it. She couldn’t even think as she was filled.

Emerald would be in no shape to get back home quickly. And the Beowolf had cum enough to attract every other Grimm for miles around. It would be days before her teammates saw the dark-skinned thief again.

(I was going to write a smut scene of Kyoko x Kyoko, but I ran out of time.

Spirit Guide

Kyouko’s cheeks were as red as her hair. She could feel her clone moving behind her, studying her naked body. The clone had whipped up a spear from somewhere and had used the whip-chain segments to truss Kyouko up. Now Kyouko was kneeling on an indistinct floor, staring at a fixed point, wondering what was going to happen next.

She got her answer when the clone planted a foot on her back and pushed. Kyouko fell forward, onto her face, since her hands were shackled behind her back. She turned her head to try and glare at her clone. The clone smirked, using the same expression that Kyouko had spent months perfecting, the perfect mix of ‘fuck you, I’m awesome’.

“Come on, don’t act as if you don’t love this,” the clone said. “We already established you’re hot for bondage. And what’s hotter than getting tied up with your own weapon and being diddled by your clone?” It theatrically tapped its chin in thought. “Well, maybe if I had a dick it would be even better, but it’s still pretty hot.”

Kyouko thrashed around in the chains, trying to get out. She didn’t bother trying to deny her clone’s commentary. It was all completely true, but she still didn’t have to admit it. She thrashed even more when she felt something brush against her folds. But she couldn’t escape. Her own weapon was being used to keep her in place as her clone started to finger her.

Kyouko let out a curse using obscenities from three different languages. The clone just laughed and continued to stroke her, coaxing out her arousal. Kyouko’s diatribe was suddenly cut off as she felt a shock of pleasure coming from between her legs.

The clone did it again, and Kyouko was forced to moan, low and long as liquid bliss started to run through her. Kyouko had never managed to tie herself up and then masturbate before, and having both happen at once felt so, so much better than doing either separately.

“And just imagine how hot it would be if it was Mami doing this, with Sayaka tied up right next to you,” the clone said. “Maybe she’d sit you on her lap, and you’d get to feel those fat jugs against her back as she nibbled on your neck and stroked your pearl. Wouldn’t that be fun?”

“Fuck, fuck you,” Kyouko gasped, trying to stop her traitorous hips from shifting from side to side.

“No, I’m fucking you. I thought we established that already,” the clone said with mock impatience.

Kyouko’s disjointed rejoinder was cut off as the clone slid a finger into her. Kyouko’s wet core clamped down around it as she moaned. Kyouko knew she could stop resisting, and just let go and enjoy herself. Instead, she wiggled, trying to get away from that probing finger even as her squeezed down around it.

“Kyouko, we both know I’m going to keep doing this until you admit you like it,” the clone said soothingly, running its free hand through her hair. “Why don’t you just give in, and admit it?”

Kyouko gritted her teeth and shook her head. The clone might drive her to orgasm after orgasm, but she wouldn’t admit how much she loved it, even as her body betrayed her.


The chains had disappeared, and Kyouko was flat on the ground, panting. She didn’t have an ounce of strength left in her body, not even enough to glare at the clone she could see out of the corner of her eye. All she could do was lie there, and gather her strength, and feel the arousal from many, many orgasms dry on her thighs. After an undetermined amount of time, Kyouko found the inclination to turn her head to look at her clone. It, she, was lying back, hands behind her head and smoking a cigarette.

“Wait, where did you get that?” Kyouko asked suspiciously.

The clone sighed and blew out a smoke ring.

“This is a drug-fueled vision quest. I ain’t gotta explain shit.”

Seiya fully embraces her idol image in the Crystal future, dressing in provocative outfits and catering to the series of her libidinous fans, like one such occasion in which she bared her breasts and gave a lucky boy a messy titwank.

Fan Appreciation

Seiya smiled at the nervous young man in front of her. He had a t-shirt with herself smiling sultrily out from it. He had won the drawing to spend half an hour with her. She had a good idea what he would want to do with her. After all, the fan magazines were all buzzing with stories about how thoroughly affectionate she could be with fans.

“And what would you like, hmm?”

The fan kept on glancing at her chest. And that was the whole point, really. Seiya cultivated a very… unique image in the idol community. And part of that was wearing a dress that would conservatively dress a woman half her size. It showed off her cleavage so much so that if she took a deep breath, her breasts would bounce right out. Any resemblance to the uniform of the Sailor Starlights was completely coincidental.

Well, if he was too tongue-tied to give an answer, Seiya would just have to do some investigating herself. It would be a shame to let a fan go without giving him the full treatment. And if he was particularly good, Seiya could extend his visit. That had happened before, with Seiya meeting a group of fans and only letting them leave after they had all cum in at least one of her holes.

Seiya thrust a leg forward. That let her rub her thigh against the fan’s crotch. She nodded approvingly. He felt nice and hard already. There wasn’t bare skin to rub in between her thigh-high boot and her microskirt, but Seiya gave it a go. She quickly coaxed the fan to full erectness before withdrawing her leg.

Seiya knelt down in front of the fan, whoever he was. She had already forgotten his name. Not that it mattered. What was important was that he bought her records, and that he had a fat, hard dick. Seiya wrapped her tits around it, enveloping that hot rod in between her sensitive boobs.

Seiya knew how to give a titfuck, and she started bouncing up and down, letting the fan’s cock slide in and out of her tight tunnel of tit-flesh. He made a sound for the first time, a low moan. He was staring down at her, a happily dazed look in his eyes as Seiya gave him a titfuck.

Sadly, he wasn’t big enough for Seiya to lick his cock head while she gave him a titfuck. Some fans, not all of them men, were hung enough to let her do that. And as fun as it was to give a double blowjob and titjob to them, feeling them slide inside Seiya always felt so much better.
While that wouldn’t happen today, at least Seiya knew she was going to get a nice, thick, sticky load for her efforts. Maybe smear it across her boobs, or scoop it up and eat it. Really, the possibilities for semen were almost endless.

Seiya got her chance sooner than she thought. The fan couldn’t last long with his idol rubbing his cock against her boobs. He grunted, and reached out to grab Seiya before drawing back. Instead, his hands formed into fists as he came.

Seiya sighed in happiness as he came. Thick streams of cum shot out from him and landed on her. She shivered, feeling the sticky, hot seed landing on her. Letting go of her breasts, Seiya ran her fingers through the mess gathering on her breasts. Mmm, nice and spreadable.

Seiya stood up, tits swinging. Now it was time to talk to the fan and put him at ease as she slowly collected and swallowed his cum. And maybe give him a nice going away gift once his half hour was up.

Seiya was very dedicated to her fans.

The Not So Terrible Trio 6

It wasn’t Taylor who was walking across the room. After all, Taylor was skinny, had no chest or hips to speak of, and had long, curly dark hair. The toy taking small, hesitant steps was very busty and curvy, and had straight, bright hair. And, of course, there was the way the toy was completely covered in shiny, featureless latex.

It took small, mincing steps as it was led around on a leash by one of it’s owners. Madison was taking it through its paces, leading it around the room. The latex cut off sight and sound, so it was completely dependent on Madison to guide it around the furniture. The toys ankles were attached together with a chain with very little give. Even if the toy hadn’t been wearing high heels that made it step carefully, the chain would keep it from moving its legs more than a few inches apart.

And if the toy fell, it would need one of its owners to help it up. The toys hands were molded around a vibrator, holding it in place against its cunt. That way, the toy was forced to keep the other, smaller toy in place, and the thick latex kept it from moving its hands enough to let go of the vibrator. The jumping, buzzing toy had driven it to several shameful releases already.

The inside of the toy was stuffed with padding. As Mistress Emma had explained as the three of them prepared the toy, that way the toy would actually be nice to look out. The toy now had breasts, hips and an ass bigger than any of its three owners. With the shiny latex covering the padding, it looked just like the sextoy it was.

If any of the toy’s owners wanted to play with it, they had several options. The simplest, yet least satisfying, would be masturbate to the sight of it, until the person came, their white seed forming lines and puddles along the shiny black latex. Or, they could remove the gag from the toy’s mouth, pulling out the thick dildo that had been pushed down the toy’s throat. From there, they could use the toy’s mouth and throat, until they filled the toy’s belly with seed.

Or, they could spread the toy’s legs as far apart as they could go. After that, unfolding the seamless black latex from the toy’s crotch, revealing its wet, parted pussy. Then, they could fuck the toy’s cunt, with the buzzing vibrator a fun bonus. The toy liked this way most of all, since it felt as good as possible as its owners used its pussy for the only thing it was good for.

After the toy’s owners were done with it, they would reseal it, and haul it upright. Then the toy’s training would resume, walking the endless loop around the room with one of its owners leading it.

There was more to this than just Emma’s, Sophia’s, and Madison’s pleasure. They were training the toy to be something that was both beautiful and useful. They had already taken the first step by dyeing its hair bright bubblegum pink and straightening it. Then it had been time for a round of thank-you blowjobs from the toy, to show its gratitude for the humans choosing to make it look so eye-catching.

And now, it was time for training on multiple fronts. There was the thick dildo in the toy’s throat, of course. That way it could get even more used to sucking cock for hour after hour. There were the high heels and ankle chain, making it take the tiny steps a proper toy should. But most importantly of all, there was the vibrator between her legs and the headphones around her ears.

The toy heard a constant refrain of instruction and encouragement as the humming vibrator sapped its will. There was a constant stream of soft, unobtrusive music flowing into the toy’s ears. Interspersed with it were short phrases intended to properly mold the toy’s brain.

brainless barbie bimbo

cock goes in mind goes out

breathe in pink breathe out think

be a pretty princess

girls think toys sink

always giggle

An endless stream of words assaulted the toys mind, and had been for the past several hours. It wasn’t aware of how it’s mouth tried to form the words in time with the tape. It wasn’t aware of how it’s mind was unraveling, lost in a sea of pink. It wasn’t aware of how images of what it should look like were flashing before its eyes.

All it was aware of was the muted buzzing pressed against its pussy cumdump.

It also wasn’t aware of it’s owners talking about it. And even if it had heard them, it wouldn’t do anything about it. As a toy, its role was to let others use it when they felt like it, never to take the initiative.

“How much longer, you think?” Sophia asked, as she watched Madison circle around the room for at least the twentieth time.

“At least a few more hours,” Emma replied, bent over the table. She was running various clothes through her hands, trying to figure out which ones would be best for the toy.

“Hmph,” Sophia grunted. Abruptly, she stood up and walked over to where Madison was leading the toy.

She reached forward and bent the toy over. Its ass stuck out, and Sophia slapped it. There was some nice jiggle, even though she knew it was just padding. Still, the toy’s asshole should still be nice and tight, once Sophia removed the buttplug filling it.

As Sophia sank with a sigh into the toy’s ass, she caught Madison’s eye.

“Go take a break, Mads. I’m gonna be here a while.”

“Sure thing, Sophia,” Madsion chirped.

She sauntered off to a table, where a very large makeup kit was waiting. Her job would begin once the toy was stripped of the latex. Madison would be in charge of making sure the toy’s exterior looked just as shallow and vapid as the toy’s interior. She’d been studying (and masturbating to) bimbo porn for the past week, just for that.

Emma was in charge of the clothes, Madison was in charge of the makeup, and Sophia was in charge of the sextoys. They all had their own roles to play in making sure the toy was as pleasing as it could be. It was a lot of work, but the end product would be so rewarding, none of the girls thought to complain.

Sophia increased the speed of her thrusts, making the toy rock back and forth underneath her. The toy moaned around the fake dick filling its throat. Having any one of its holes felt good, and the audio stream reassured it that it was doing the only thing it was meant to do.

The toy enjoyed being a toy, and could barely remember that it hadn’t always been a toy. And it knew it was a good toy. What more could a toy want?

Chapter Text

what if pyrrha is helping jaune fuck grimm so much because she has a futa cock so huge he cant take it without training

No More Prep Time

Jaune lay on Pyrrha’s bed, his girlfriend looming over him. She drew a hand down his side, firm fingers pressing against his soft skin. She leaned down for a kiss, plump lips pressing against each other. When Pyrrha straightened up, there were smudges of lipstick around the corners of her mouth.

As she drew back, her hands slid underneath Jaune’s thighs. She lifted them up, putting the stocking-clad legs over her shoulders. She held onto a leg with one hand, as her other slowly pumped up and down her cock.

Jaune looked at it and swallowed nervously. Something that size was intimidating. It wasn’t fully hard yet, and it already looked like it was the size of his wrist. There was no comparison between Pyrrha’s tool and his own.

Jaune’s cock throbbed in its plastic cage. Pyrrha reached down to his crotch, fondling his balls as she slid in to him. It had been a long, long time since that cage had been removed, but it was for the best. After all, the desperation of not being able to stroke his cock had driven Jaune to train that much harder.

It had taken a lot of training before Jaune was ready to take Pyrrha’s cock. Long, long months of dildos and plugs, and all that was before she felt ready to move him onto Grimm. Even more months trapped beneath one of those beasts, feeling them rut him, knotted and barbed cocks filling Jaune’s ass up and making him dribble cum in orgasm after orgasm.

But, it had all been worth it. He was finally ready to take Pyrrha’s rod. Pyrrha lowered her hand, and Jaune closed his eyes. He could feel her dick pressing against his hole. They were both lubed up and now-

Jaune’s thoughts were cut off as Pyrrha entered him. Her cock felt even bigger than it looked, prying apart Jaune’s asshole. He clutched the bedsheets and moaned, feeling her slid oh so slowly in. He raised his head, looking past his lingerie-clad form. Not even the first inch was in yet. He wasn’t sure if even the head had entirely slipped in.

Jaune’s head fall back to the pillows as Pyrrha pushed her hips forward. In the most wonderful torture imaginable, her cock slid further and further into Jaune. He clutched at the bed, mewling and twisting, all while his body took more and more of Pyrrha’s cock.

When she hit his prostate, Jaune’s eyes shot wide open. The feelings were so intense he couldn’t even moan, as Pyrrha’s cock rubbed against it. As her dick slid in, it kept on rubbing against Jaune’s internal button, and he just couldn’t handle it. The overwhelming sensation raced through his body, making it rise up and thrash around.

When he came, it was the strongest orgasm he had had in a month. Several thin, watery jets of cum shot out from his dick. They splattered across the sheets as Pyrrha finally hilted herself inside her boyfriend.

She reached down to pat his cheek. Pyrrha gave Jaune her very best smile, full of love and happiness.

“I’m all the way inside you, Jaune. Can you believe it? I’m so, so proud of you.”

Jaune smiled back at her, feeling a mixture of emotional happiness and physical lust. His training had really paid off. And now it was time for Pyrrha to pull out of him before sliding back in.

Jaune was hoping for an orgasm with every stroke.

Prompt: Emerald and Neo are having a challenge to see who's the better thief. The goal? Be the first to steal Ruby's heart. (Up to you if this is soft and fluffy, or if it's Neo and Emerald both fucking Ruby at the same time to get her to fall in love with one of their cocks before the other.)

Friendly Competition

Emerald looked down to check on Ruby. The little reaper’s face was screwed up in a look of brainless pleasure. Emerald smiled, feeling a bit more confident. Yeah, there was no way she was going to lose the contest. Just look at how good she was doing!

Neo stood in front of them, tapping one foot. She was pouting, an expression that was far too cute to be intimidating. Emerald winked at her, and turned back to the mewling mess underneath her.

Ruby was pushing her hips back against Emerald, trying to get more cock inside her tight little pussy. And it was a good pussy. Emerald had sampled the flowers of a lot of girls (usually with them thinking she was their significant other), and Ruby had one of the best. Tight and wet and hot, and it even looked cute before Emerald had shoved her cock inside it. After that, aesthetic considerations had fallen to one side as Ruby wrapped herself down around Emerald.

The tapping sound increased, and Emerald rolled her eyes. If Neo thought a simple trick like that was going to put her off her game, the mute was sadly mistaken. And when Emerald was done with Ruby, there’d be no way Neo could compare. Who cared if she was carrying a bouquet of wild roses and a box of chocolate ice cream flavored chocolate? Ruby would have to admit that her heart (or other body parts, at least) belonged to Emerald. Even with half an hour to recover, there wouldn’t be any way for a few gifts to compare with a fucking so hard it was making Ruby drool.

In fact, Ruby was drooling quite a lot. Emerald was glad she was using Mercury’s bed instead of her own. It would be a nasty laundry job, after all. She clamped down harder on Ruby’s hips and picked up the pace, intent on getting Ruby to call out her name at least once.

Emerald knew that if she really wanted that to happen, she should slow down and let Ruby recover her wits enough to speak. But she felt and looked so good, there was no way for Emerald to restrain herself. She slammed into Ruby again and again, skin meeting skin almost two times a second. By God, she was going to win this contest!

Fifteen minutes later, there was a thick flood of white pouring out from Ruby’s pussy. The young girl had recovered enough to sit upright against the wall, and was slowly rubbing her rose with one hand. The other hand was in the middle of the box of chocolates. She was alternating between giving the candy to Neo and herself.

Emerald was feeling uneasy. Flowers and candy couldn’t compare to a good hard fucking, but Ruby was looking way too happy, and Neo still had almost an hour left before she and Emerald would switch off again.

It was then that Neo pulled out her trump card. From nowhere, she produced a beautiful red dress. Just from looking at it, Emerald was willing to bet it was perfectly sized for Ruby. Emerald swore to herself. That was a fancy, fancy dress, and Emerald had used her last good trick in the previous session. She didn’t have anything left to counter this. Unless…

Emerald thought furiously, not willing to concede victory just yet. The competition would go on.

Dominance Display 4

Taylor made a soft sound of contentment in the back of her throat. Rachel was running a comb through her hair, and it felt so nice.

Rachel was sitting on a stool, and Taylor was on the floor in front of her. The only clothing she wore was a collar around her neck, with a brass plate on the front. It simply said ‘Taylor’. Taylor traced the outline of it with her fingers as she closed her eyes. It felt better than words could describe, sitting here, letting Rachel, her owner, take care of her. If Taylor had been a cat, she would be purring. Since she wasn’t, she was fine with just sitting there and letting Rachel pay attention to her.

And Taylor was paying attention to a(nother) dog in turn. While Rachel had been shampooing Taylor’s hair, Angelica had wandered over. She’d dropped her head in Taylor’s lap and stared mournfully up at her with her one good eye until she started scratching behind her ears. Now her tail was beating a tattoo against the floor.

Taylor was kind of jealous about that. It was very, very hard for her to shake her tail. She had to really wiggle her hips to wag the black tailplug inside her. And, of course, there was no way she could move her ears, either the human pair or the fur and plastic set atop her head. They just stayed there, even though Angelica and all the other dogs were so communicative with theirs.

Despite those shortcomings, Taylor still had stuff she could do that she was proud of. Opposable thumbs, for one. She could help Rachel feed, clean and exercise the dogs, which left a lot more time for play. And Undersider’s business, of course.

But right now, all that mattered was that Rachel was brushing her hair, with long, even strokes. Taylor took a secret pride in how much attention and care Rachel gave her only pet. She got even more time with Rachel than Bastard, and Rachel loved that wolf like a son.

Taylor smiled as she petted Angelica. These moments with Rachel may not have the raw, primal satisfaction of being rutted by a dog, but they scratched an itch that went so much deeper than any of Taylor’s physical needs.

All good things had to end, though. All too soon, Rachel put the comb down. Taylor ran her hands through her hair, loving how nice it felt against her fingers. Ignoring Angelica’s whine as she pushed her head off her lap, Taylor got on all fours. She swung her hips from side to side, making her tail wag. That was how Rachel wanted her to show her happiness, and Taylor was eager to oblige.

She smiled in happiness as Rachel patted her had. The stocky teen didn’t say anything like ‘Good girl’, of course. Taylor would have to do a lot more than just sit still for a while to get a treat like that. But head pats still felt nice.

Taylor followed Rachel, moving on all fours as was proper. It felt more and more natural to be like this, to be on her hands and knees, next to or behind her owner. The only thing that would make it better would be if a leash was attached to Taylor’s collar, so she’d know exactly where Rachel wanted her to go. Maybe later, after they fed the dogs dinner.

Taylor sometimes thought she was the luckiest girl in the world.


Haruka and Michiru and an Inner (Rei and Minako seemed to value Michiru's good opinion; Makoto getting tips on how to be her best self from Haruka; Ami and Michiru after a swim meet; Minako was deeply in lust with boy-Haruka and girl-Haruka; Usagi and Michiru and the violin; Usagi and Haruka and the handcuffs, etc.)

I Feel Like a Woman

I looked at myself in the full-length mirror, and smiled. Michiru-san had done my hair, and Haruka-san had helped me select a dress in green and black. I couldn’t believe how beautiful I looked. I could see them smiling behind me in the mirror. I turned around to face them.

“Thank you. Both of you, thank you so much. I never thought I could look so-“ I choked up, not able to continue.

Michiru-san smiled as Haruka-san clapped me on the shoulder.

“Not a problem, Mako-chan. I love seeing cute girls realize they’re cute.” I blushed and looked away.

“And if you’d like, Michiru and I can make you feel even more feminine.”

I thought it over for maybe a second before nodding. I’d take anything they could give me.

I was too tall to bury my face in Michiru-san’s shoulder. Even worse, I was facing the mirror, and had a far too clear view of what I looked like. There was a bright red flush on my cheeks and my fingers were white as I held onto her back.

The two of them were relentless, using their strap-on’s to fill me up again and again. And It felt so, so good. A lot better than it should, really. I mean having something up your… rear was weird enough, but back there and in my flower? I knew I wasn’t supposed to enjoy something like that.

Haruka-san’s hands left my waist and traveled up my body. I hissed as her fingers ran over my breasts, and shivered as they grabbed my shoulders and pulled me back. I fell against her. Michiru-san descended on my exposed breasts, running her fingers and tongue over them.

I shivered and turned my face away. This was not what I was expecting when they asked me that question about becoming more feminine. Yes, I knew some women did this sort of thing (or more) and enjoyed it, but not all women did. Even if it did feel so good (and better and better all the time).I would still die of embarrassment if Usagi-chan and the others found out about this.

“You’re a fine example of feminine strength, Mako-chan,” Haruka-san said. “Long, muscled legs, and your rear,” she pinched it and I yelped, “shows off your strength. What do you think, Michiru?”

I was mortified as the two older teens discussed me. Normally, the compliments would be nice but embarrassing. Now? When I was impaled on their strap-ons? I thought I was going to die. And yet I was still squirming in arousal as they discussed and played with me. Where had they gotten so good at pleasing other women? Okay, that was a stupid question.

At first, I didn’t even recognize my arousal turning into an orgasm. It felt so different, cumming from others instead of my own fingers. It was sharper, I supposed, and not as in tune with my own breathing. It still felt good, though, making my legs kick against Michiru-san and Haruka-san, and my core clamp down on the toy inside me.

My orgasm was a lot more intense than any I had had before. I clutched Michiru-san’s back, gasping out a cry as I shook in their grip. I heard one of them chuckle as I thrashed around, but I didn’t care. It felt so good.

As I was recovering, they both pulled out of me. As strange as it had felt for those two rods to slide into me, it felt just as strange for them to slide back out. They held me, Haruka-san stroking my hair while Michiru-san whispered soft, sweet words to me. I sagged down, still sandwiched between them.

What a day, what a day. I wasn’t certain if I felt more feminine than I had before, but I certainly felt more relaxed. And I had gotten a new dress out of the deal.

Inspired by a conversation with Subrosian_Smithy

Straight As A Ruler

I knew I was straight. It was something so obvious I’d never even bothered to think that hard about it. After all, I liked guys and I liked the thought of kissing them and hugging them and all that stuff. QED, I was straight. What more was there to say?

I followed Rachel down the back alleys, rubbing my neck. I’d need to wear scarves or something until that bruise healed. I stared at my teammate’s back as we moved. For a moment there, I’d honestly thought she was about to kiss me. Holding my chin in her hand, running her eyes over me…

I could picture it already. Her tugging me close, holding me against her stocky, muscular body as her firm lips pressed against mine. I’d squeak as one strong arm kept me in place as the other grabbed at my ass. I’d wrap a leg around her waist as she picked me up and carried me over to the bed.

After she tossed me on the bed, she’d either start stripping me or leer at my naked form, I hadn’t decided which. And then…

I cursed as I stumbled over a broken piece of pipe. Rachel looked back, scowling. She snapped at me and I grunted in response. My neck was really starting to hurt, and I didn’t want to strain it talking. I sulked along after her, looking forward to some nice tea.

Aisha smirked at me before turning to leave, letting the apartment door swing shut behind. I exhaled, running a hand through my hair. I was glad that was over. She might be as beautiful as Brian was handsome, but her personality left something to be desired.

She was still hot. It was real easy to see the resemblance between those two. Mmmm, those two.

Stuck in between Aisha and Brian, his strong hands rubbing my shoulders, her soft breasts running between my fingers. I could already feel Brian’s erection prodding at me as a large, warm hand was planted on my bare back. He was pushing me forward and down, as Aisha spread her legs and smiled.

Her flower was just as stunning as the rest of her. There were already some drops of arousal forming as I looked at it. Those drops were mirrored by mine as I felt thick fingers stroking me. I stuck my tongue out as…

“Sorry about her,” Brian said.

I shook my head, clearing away the daydream about Brian and Brian only.

Tattletale was my best friend, and probably the most important cape in the group. But she annoyed even me sometimes. All those cutting comments and that arrogance, it could get to be too much. I knew I wasn’t the first one to think there were better uses for her mouth, but it was still an attractive idea.

Tangling my hands in her hair, and pressing her face against my crotch. I’d feel her warm breath puffing against my pussy before growling at her to start licking. She’d look up at me, eyes full of defiance, and I wouldn’t care. What was important was that her tart tongue started to run over my lips and button, coaxing out my arousal.

I’d start grinding against her face, going faster and faster as she kept on licking me. I’d finish all over her face, leaving her pretty, pretty lips and cheeks glistening with my femcum. She’d blink in shock, gingerly touching herself like she couldn’t believe what had happened.

Yeah, that was certainly one way to deal with Tattletale’s mouth. She was looking at me, a smile tugging at her lips and her eyebrows raised underneath her domino mask.

Really, looking over it, I couldn’t see how my sexual orientation was in question at all. It was so obvious to anyone.


And with this, I've written more than 100,000 words for these ficlets.

Chapter Text

Worm Prompt: Imp riding Regent in the hideout while everyone else is there, blissfully unaware until she comes.

Publicly Secret Fun

Imp ground her hips from side to side, biting her lip. She hadn’t thought that Regent’s dick could feel so good inside her. He’d fucked her before, of course, lots of times in lots of ways. But they hadn’t done it in front of everyone before now, and it felt. so. good.

Imp watched Skitter walk in front of them, glancing at them before moving on, talking into her phone. Imp grabbed her own breasts, kneading them as the team leader sat down next to them. She had no idea what Aisha and Alec were doing, and the thought of it was so, so hot.

Imp wondered when she should suppress her power. Wait until someone was right in front of them? Drop it for half a second so the rest of the team didn’t know what was happening? Wait until she or Regent came, and let the Undersider’s see her right at the moment of climax? There were so many options, and so little time to do them all in.

Imp honestly wasn’t sure if Regent quite knew what was happening to him. Her power could screw with someone even if they knew she was around and they’d planned it with her earlier. But he also wasn’t trying to get up. Obviously his dick was feeling good enough that he didn’t want to move. Maybe he’d even remembered enough to know that if he started feeling orgasmically good all of a sudden for no reason, Imp was around. That would be weirdly sweet, Aisha thought.

Imp was completely naked, except for a white devil mask. It wasn’t that she thought it would somehow protect her identity, but because she thought it was really fucking funny. That, and Alec had once teased her about the funny faces she made cumming, so now he didn’t get to see her face until he apologized. Some people might actually stop fucking someone three times a day if they were upset with them, but Aisha loved the feeling of Regent’s dick inside her too much to give it up. Toys and fingers just weren’t the same.

Aisha flicked one of her stiff nipples and hissed. She’d never been this wet, not even when Regent had body-jacked her and made her masturbate and call out his name. Being surrounded by so many people, none of whom suspected the slightest thing, was just hotter than Aisha could believe. She squeezed down around Alec’s cock, trying to go from top to bottom like she’d learned from her old friends at school.

Imp felt her orgasm approaching. It was tough, dragging herself away from her lustful pleasure long enough to cancel out her power, but it was going to be worth it. As she dropped down onto Regent, she suppressed it.

Four heads snapped towards the couch as a bucking, writhing, naked black girl appeared on top of Regent. After a few seconds of shocked silence, a storm of overlapping shouting erupted. Grue’s was the loudest, as he stared at his sister’s naked body. Underneath her mask, Imp smiled.

Worth it.

Usagi and Minako become sex dolls for men to fuck and get drenched in cum before making out.

Clean, Wholesome Fun

Usagi moaned into Mina’s mouth as she felt a load of hot, sticky cum land on her rear. It wasn’t the first load she’d taken today, and she sincerely hoped it wouldn’t be the last. And Mina was just as covered with cum, though the men seemed to be focusing more on her breasts than her rear.

Usagi was having the time of her life. Getting to kiss a cute girl was always, always worthwhile, and the same went for getting to see buff men. Those buff men covering her in their sticky, tasty seed while she and Minako made out? How could Usagi not enjoy that?

And after they’d gotten done kissing each other and playing with their tits and pussies, then Usagi could have a nice big snack. She was already looking forward to running her tongue over Mina’s nipple, collecting and swallowing every drop of cum on her friend’s beautiful, beautiful breasts.

Usagi’s pussy was leaking arousal, and she could feel her thighs growing all tingly and sticky as the sheer eroticism of the room penetrated her. Heh, penetrated. Usagi actually wouldn’t mind that happening. There were some nice looking dicks attached to some nice looking bodies here. If one of them decided to take her for a ride, Usagi wouldn’t be saying no.

It wouldn’t be fair to Mina, though, for Usagi to get fucked while she just had to masturbate. Usagi nodded, deciding on a new course of action. She and Mina would both get fucked at the same time, in a 69 position. That way they could lick at each other’s flowers while they got pounded. Everyone would win!

Usagi smiled. She was so smart. And so dedicated to her friend’s happiness. And so humble.

Usagi’s train of thought switched onto a new track as a man grunted right next to her. She turned her head and squealed in happiness as he came. The squeal became gooey and muffled halfway through as he came into her open mouth.

Usagi smiled, her mouth full of sticky, warm, semen. She leaned over to Mina, who had an excited light in her eyes. She was already opening her mouth, waiting for Usagi to share with her. Usagi did just that, pushing a stranger’s cum into Mina’s mouth as her hand slid between Mina’s thighs, seeking out her core.

Mina returned the favor, slipping a finger into Usagi’s core as Usagi did the same to her. They were still surrounded by a circle of men, all of them intently watching as the two hot, blonde teens made out with each other. Usagi was enjoying this even more than they were. After all, it was only with Mina and Haruka that she got to do this sort of thing. Rei never let anyone in on their ‘discipline’ sessions, and Ami, while she loved the idea of strangers staring at her naked body in public, hated the idea of getting dirty like that. All the rest of the Senshi had their own hangups, so it was only Usagi and Mina who really knew the joys of a make-out bukkake.

Usagi wiggled her cute rear as she heard someone behind her start to breathe harder. She might only do this with Mina, but that was still enough.

CptTagon, I've liked your stips of Usagi, but they clash pretty heavily with my conception of her. Any chance we could see a very innocent Usagi very willingly being seduced by Michiru and Haruka?

Willing Seduction

“Bun-head, should you be out so late?”

Usagi flushed as Haruka addressed her. She was stuck in between the two older teens as Haruka drove along the highway. The view was beautiful, with the summer sun setting over the water, but Usagi didn’t really notice it. She was too busy blushing as she was sandwiched in between two strong, refined, beautiful older women.

“Oh my, Haruka has quite the weakness for beautiful women,” Michiru said, laughing lightly. Then she turned to Usagi and smiled. “So do I.”

Usagi’s brain blew a fuse at that. She was certain she knew where this was going. But they were both so elegant and charismatic and everything Usagi wanted. Should she say no? It was hard for Usagi to decide, but she was leaning towards no.

Haruka swung off the highway onto a parking lot next to the beach. The red sun over the blue water looked amazing, and Usagi stared intently at it as she tried to catch her breath. Michiru grasped her jaw and turned her head to face Haruka.

Usagi stared into Haruka’s blue eyes. They were so deep and handsome. And they were getting closer. Haruka kissed Usagi, pressing her lips against hers.

Usagi panicked. She’d never even been kissed by another woman before! And already Haruka’s hands were on her hips, the warmth seeping through her skirt. Usagi broke the kiss, gasping for air. That, that had felt a lot better than she had thought it would. Usagi was feeling warm, a warmth that nothing to do with the sun, and everything to do with the hands on her hips and back.

Usagi only had the time to take a few breaths, before Michiru gently turned her head to face her. She kissed Usagi, the scent of her perfume filling Usagi’s nostrils as her tongue filled Usagi’s mouth. She was an even better kisser than Haruka, somehow.

Usagi fell back against her seat, panting. The electric tingles of arousal were shooting through her body, and she squirmed in her seat as Haruka and Michiru looked her over smiling. Then they looked at each other, and Usagi could tell they both came to the same idea at the same time.

Less than a minute later, all three of them were out of Haruka’s car. Haruka was sitting on the hood, Usagi in her lap. Michiru was pressed against them both, trapping Usagi in a double hug. Usagi felt like she was going to melt (and, though she’d never admit it, the process seemed to have already started between her legs). Her heart was beating quickly, and her arousal was actually outrunning her nervousness.

Michiru’s hands were wandering along the front of Usagi’s body while Haruka was doing the same to her back. Usagi squeaked into Haruka’s mouth as various sweet spots were found, and her hands tightened on Haruka’s shoulders.

Haruka broke the kiss and smiled down at Usagi, pressing her hand against Usagi’s cheek. Usagi looked up at her, feeling dazed.

“We’re not letting you go home tonight.”

Usagi was okay with that.

  • [Worm] Sequel to "Making/Breaking Friendships": Following that first time, Sophia has more or less become both Emma's and Taylor's official girlfriend, which has also made her home life better; she's not sure, though, how she feels about the fact that her Mom isn't bringing home any more assholes because Emma and Taylor have claimed her too.

Making/Breaking Friendships 2

The bed sheet was balled up in between Sophia’s fingers. Her face was buried in the pillow as strong thrusts drove her into the bed. She wasn’t sure if it was Emma or Taylor fucking her, and she couldn’t bring herself to look up to check. After all, who knew what she would see?

It wasn’t that Sophia disliked being the sex toy of two hung white girls. She got off regularly enough from them to enjoy it, and it wasn’t as if she was cheating on a boyfriend of girlfriend. She just really wished they didn’t insist on having sex at her house. Or, failing that, that Emma and Taylor wouldn’t insist on having sex with her mother. Or, failing that, that they didn’t insist on having sex with Sophia and her mother at the same time.

Sophia was praying for a bout of sudden deafness as her mother’s orgasmic cries filled the room. Too many nights stuck in the apartment had clued Sophia in to how slutty her mother was, but that didn’t mean she should be enjoying getting railed by a girl half her age. Even if she did have an amazing body that Taylor and Emma sometimes forced Sophia to worship. Or, even worse, making Sophia lick their cum out of her mother’s pussy.

If Sophia had to chose a saving grace about the whole sordid affair, it would be that at least her mom had broken up with that asshole Stephan. Not that Sophia was inclined to be charitable, since that just meant more free time for Emma and Taylor to stick their cocks into her mother’s holes.

Sophia shuddered as she was fucked harder and harder. The grip of whichever girl was fucking was tight on her hips, occasionally leaving to smack her black ass. Sophia tried to focus on the lust boiling inside her, and not Emma and Taylor discussing which of the black sluts they were fucking were better; the full-bodied mature one, or the tight athletic one.

Sophia’s pussy squeezed down around the dick inside her as her ass was spanked. The pain felt so good, and Sophia bit her lip, trying not to admit to it. She didn’t want a repeat of last week, where she’d been forced to pull out her Shadow Stalker costume.

Sophia’s cries of orgasm were drowned out by those of her mother. The older Hess was thrashing around, impaled on a teenager’s dick, her limbs brushing against Sophia’s as she came. Sophia felt arousal seeping past the seal formed by her pussy walls and the white dick plugging her. She screamed into the bedding, trying to keep herself at least a little more composed than her mother.

Even as her orgasm died down, Sophia felt the thrusts of the cock inside her speed up. She moaned. She was about to get another thick, sticky creampie. The third one today. Sophia had no idea how many more she would get today, or how many her mother would.

All she knew was that this was surely as bad as it could get.

Training Sophia 4

I was naked and sitting on a towel I had draped over my chair. Mom has asked me about a funny smell on my clothes as I helped with the laundry, and I wasn’t taking any chances. In the same way, I had waited until I was alone in the house before starting.

I pulled up the latest video from Mistress. I’d been thinking about this for hours, ever since I saw the thumbnail. Over forty minutes of content, and at least some of it involved Sophia and a ring gag. My mouth had gone dry and my pussy had gotten wet.

And now, finally, I could masturbate to whatever degradations my friend was going to undergo today. Did this make me a bad person? No, because I wasn’t the one doing it to her. That was as much self-reflection as I was interested in. I hit play.

Ten minutes later, and I was working on my second orgasm. It was rare for me to go for multiple orgasms in a single sitting, but I couldn’t help myself. Mistress and Sophia were just so hot together.

In today’s video, Mistress was getting Sophia accustomed to cocks inside her. Sophia’s black, muscular body was tied to a metal frame, leaving her vulnerable and exposed. I it my lip as I followed the camera’s loving view of her body. I had always thought Sophia was really hot, and I loved the chance to see more of her body.

Those toned limbs (thought they were losing definition, since she wasn’t getting enough exercise), those hanging breasts I just wanted to bite and massage, and that bubble butt. Mistress seemed to agree with me about Sophia’s ass, since her favorite discipline tactic was a spanking whenever Sophia disappointed her.

The only thing better than watching Sophia get despoiled like this would to be with her; either getting trained alongside her or wielding the whip, I could never decide which would be better.

Until that day came, I’d have to make do with masturbating myself raw to the videos. Hardly an imposition! Right now, the camera was focusing on Sophia’s face. Her eyes were alight with rage as she twisted in her bindings. Her anger was undercut by the way the ring gag kept her mouth open and made drool run down her chin.

Previously, whenever Sophia got mad, I got worried. But now, I just got aroused. There was something so hot about seeing that futile anger, that rage that she couldn’t act on as Mistress brought her to unwilling pleasure.

Behind Sophia, I could see Mistress’s white mask looking at the camera. Her arm was moving back and forth, and I knew she was plunging that dildo she had displayed earlier in and out of Sophia’s pussy. And after that, it would be time for her ass and then her mouth again, and then all of them at once. Sophia was going to get the shit trained out of her.

And with the vibes taped to Sophia’s nipples and clit, she was going to have to enjoy every minute of it. She had to be feeling good, even better than I was. And I was feeling pretty fucking good. My pussy was tight around my fingers and my nipples sent jolts through me every time I touched them. There was still half an hour left of the video, and I aimed to masturbate to every second of it.

I bit my lip as Sophia trembled. The counter on the lower right corner of the screen flipped up a digit, keeping track of her orgasms. Her eyes were still fiery, but her body couldn’t deny the pleasure she was feeling. It was so hot. The camera lifted and panned over her back, passing over the dark skin and lingering on those full, beautiful cheeks. There was still a hint of redness to them, from where Mistress had spanked Sophia earlier; for refusing to play with the dildo. And now Sophia was strapped down, her ass had to still be stinging, and she was getting played with anyway. I thought she could have saved herself a lot of time (but cost me some enjoyment) if she had just done as Mistress told her in the first place.

The camera sank down, focusing on Sophia’s pussy. The view wasn’t the best, with Mistress’s hand and dildo obscuring a lot of it. But I could still see pink folds drooling arousal. I let out a choked moan as Sophia’s lower lips clamped down on the toy.

Above her dripping pussy was a shining faux-gem, glittering in Sophia’s ass. It was keeping her stretched and ready for later. Once Sophia took a cock in her pussy to Mistress’s satisfaction, it would be time for her to adjust to a series of larger and larger dildoes in her rear.

There had already been a few timeskips, and I wondered how many hours Mistress had been working on Sophia for that I hadn’t seen. It would be something to ask her, if I ever saw her.

I moaned out my orgasm, and then squeaked in fear. Car headlights were pulling into the driveway. Shit. Time to get clean and get dressed before my family wondered where I was. I hit pause, taking one last look at the screen. Sophia’s perfect, perfect body was displayed there, her pussy clamped down around the dildo, shaking in orgasm.

God, I wished I was there with her.


All characters in sexual situations are over the age of consent. If the text says that they aren’t, this message takes precedence over the text. This is an unofficial fan work, and not endorsed by Wildbow in any way.

Chapter Text

Yang gets a little bit too drunk at the club and ends up dancing on a table, then getting pounded on it.

Hitting the Club

Yang smiled as the small crowd cheered her on. It was always fun being the center of attention. She shook her hips from side to side and leaned forward, so her butt was almost rubbing some guy’s face.

Yang didn’t know the names of anyone else in the club. Hell, she couldn’t even remember the name of the club. But she was feeling frisky, the drinks had been good, and the other clubbers loved her. All that meant Yang was up on a table, shaking and showing off her delicious body. She was wearing tight, skimpy clothing, and was starting to wonder if it was too tight and skimpy. The way her breasts were bouncing, it was pretty likely she’d effectively topless soon.

Yang didn’t think that was too bad, really. After all, she’d come to this club to get fucked, and showing off her tits sounded like a great way to do that. Yang didn’t know who’d she’d get fucked by, and she didn’t much care. So long as they had a thick dick or juicy pussy, she’d be fine. And, Yang thought, as she downed a glass handed up to her, she didn’t much care where, either. In fact, right here on the table sounded pretty good.

Other people agreed with her. Patrons at the table she was dancing on were starting to get grabby. Yang smiled as hands touched her thighs, crotch and ass. She smiled at the cutest guy there, shaking herself so her boobs and butt went every which way.

Yang hoped they ran out of patience soon and started the gangbang. She was horny, and the best cure she had found for that to get her leaking pussy plugged by a fat cock.

“Come on boys, can’t you show a girl a good time?” she purred, licking her lips.

That finally did it. Hands reached up to pull her down. Yang caught herself, and rolled over onto her back. She kicked her legs far apart, giving full access to whichever lucky guy went first.

As one of them crawled up onto the table, Yang rubbed her tits. Her top was thin enough for her nipples to poke out, and they felt so good as she ran her fingers over them.

Many, many hands grabbed at Yang’s booty shorts, tearing them into half a dozen different pieces. Yang shrugged internally. Guess that meant she’d be flashing people as she walked home tonight. And who knew. Maybe one of the gawpers would have the balls to do more than just look. Yang accepted that she was slutty enough to enjoy getting fucked in the middle of the street.

And right now, she was about to get fucked in the middle of the club. The guy in between her legs had pulled out his dick, and Yang knew she’d scored. She’d taken bigger dicks, even bigger human dicks, but it was still a nice size, that would feel great as it plugged her leaking pussy.

Yang looked around. The crowd had grown, more people interested in seeing a busty blonde slut get fucked on a table. Yang blew a kiss towards them; she would give them their money’s worth, alright.

As the guy rubbed his cock against her folds, someone else climbed onto the table near Yang’s head. She automatically opened her mouth, betting they wanted oral sex. Yang was proved right as a flushed pussy covered her mouth. Yang moaned into it as the cock slid into her.

Tonight was going to be a good night, Yang could tell.

Could we get something with Miss Militia masturbating while reliving memories of some previous sex acts?

Good Times

Miss Militia, or Hannah, since her costume was off, but her lip. The exact control she had over her power meant she knew exactly how much her body could take, but that just meant she wasn’t going to hurt herself. She was still going to get stretched right to the very limits by the dildo she had shoved inside herself.

Hannah wouldn’t have it any other way. Sex was supposed to push her to the edge, otherwise, where was the fun? And Hannah had so many edges. Partners, places, powers, she got right up to the edge on all of them. The dildo, with her own brand emblazoned on the bottom of it, was only one example.

For instance, there was the way she undertook her duties with the Wards. Everyone of them had fucked her, often the same day they joined. Very few of them were good lovers when they first joined the Protectorate, but Miss Militia trained them up in the way they should go.

That skilled, horny teenagers were excellent lovers was a nice side effect. Hannah closed her eyes, and remembered the time when Shadow Stalker had been making Miss Militia lick out her cunt while Clockblocker and Aegis filled up her lower holes. In fact, there was a performance review scheduled for Vista tomorrow. And Miss Militia intended to test just how much the young superheroine could take before she broke.

And then there was the villain Inferno. Currently doing twenty to life, but what a power. Miss Militia had never minded her losses to them, since the defeats invariably meant she got pinned underneath one of the hellhound constructs the villain had built. After the first few losses, Miss Militia barely put up a fight before getting knocked down and having her pussy get plugged by the hot, knotted dick of an overgrown dog.

Hannah wished she had more tangible mementoes of those fights beyond her memories. It would be so nice to get knotted by one of those dogs again. Her power could replicate a lot (it was currently imitating a horse’s cock), but it just couldn’t match the overall sensation of fur rubbing against her back as her face was driven into the asphalt by a rutting beast.

At least she could still get fucked atop her official bike (PRT-approved miniature, only $7.99 in the gift shop) while out on patrol. There was nothing quite like staring at the people recording her on their phones as some lucky man or woman fucked her.

…To be more exact, there were many things just as good as getting fucked in public. They just weren’t the exact same flavor of good. For instance, there was helping Armsmaster test out his Dragonslayer dildo. He didn’t say why he had developed it, not that Hannah had needed to ask, not with that name. But she had never seen so many features included in a sex toy. It was significantly more than her power could replicate, and she was considering paying him to make a second copy for her personal use.

Hannah never lacked for masturbation fodder.

Mamoru may have won the war with Seiya for Usagi's heart (effectively putting a ring on it and completing his role as ChibiUsa's father), but they gained something along the way neither can resist: sexual chemistry. No matter how in love with the famed Sailor Moon he may be, nothing can prevent him from stealing away to hatefuck a baby right into his Idol side bitch.


Mamoru had a good life, all things considered. A loving, sexually adventurous wife. A palace to live in. A daughter on the way. And, as a side note a stuck-up idol to fuck into the ground whenever he was feeling frustrated.

Seiya howled as she came, face pressed into the carpet while Mamoru filled her ass with his cock. Her rear was turning an uneven red shade as Mamoru spanked it. That asymmetry wouldn’t do. He’d just have to spank her until all of Seiya’s ass was the same deep red. Sure, it would take a while, but Mamoru had all night.

Well, not all night. He’d have to reserve at least enough time to fill Seiya’s fertile pussy with his seed after all. Maybe once she got a round belly and milky tits some of the bitch would leave her. And if it didn’t Mamoru would just have to keep on fucking it out of her.

Seiya looked like there was something she wanted so say. Mamoru knew from long experience that Seiya liked talked a lot more then he liked to listen, so he had taken the precaution of shoving her panties in her mouth as almost the very first thing he had done. She could moan all she wanted, but that was a nice counterpoint to Mamoru fucking her, unlike the constant stream of barbs he’d have to listen to otherwise.

Mamoru decided he’d fucked Seiya’s ass enough. He was ready for her pussy now. And it was ready for him. Seiya glistened with arousal, and her lower lips were parted, leaving no doubt about how aroused she got from being put in her place. Mamoru didn’t hesitate, and just slid straight in. Seiya squealed around her gag as he hilted himself inside.

Mamoru nodded in satisfaction. Seiya had her negative traits, but at least her body always responded so well to his dick. If there was a better way of burning stress off than by dumping loads of cum into a bitchy idol, he didn’t know what it was. And he was under enough pressure lately he thought Seiya would be getting the three load treatment tonight.

Mamoru spanked one of Seiya’s cheeks, and sharply smiled as he felt her clamp down around him. How often she came from this treatment wasn’t something he cared that much about. What mattered was how easily she drained his balls of every drop of cum in them. Honestly, it was a miracle he hadn’t already knocked her up.

Hopefully, that would change tonight. And who knew? Seiya may even be a bit more humbled if she had to deal with a constant reminder of who was in charge in their little relationship.

Mamoru picked up his pace, slamming his hips against Seiya’s again and again. Her cunt was exceptionally good tonight, and he could feel his first orgasm rapidly approaching. Even if Seiya didn’t end up bearing his child tonight, at least she would look good with his seed running down her thighs. At least until Mamoru made her clean herself up by eating all of his cum.

Mamoru smiled to himself. Yes, he certainly lived a great life.

Need more Grimm/rwby beastility

Black on Red

Pyrrha felt like screaming. She’d taken Grimm before, of course. How else could she have won all those tournaments? But this was so much more intense than any time before. It felt like the Grimm’s cock was about to pop out through her mouth as it fucked her pussy.

Normally, Pyrrha loved getting fucked by a Minotaur. Their cocks were so long, so thick, and so hard. It was an amazing, if exhausting, experience to get fucked by one of them. But this Minotaur’s dick was so much bigger than the other’s Pyrrha had taken. And the aggressive pace shared by all Grimm was letting her get used to it.

Pyrrha’s breasts bounced up and down, as the Minotaur fucked her. Its hands were holding her firmly on the hips, hauling her up and down its shaft. She was making a gurgling sound as extreme levels of pleasure were forced on her body.

It felt good, yes, but the pleasure was almost too much. Not that Pyrrha was in danger of losing her mind, as she was when caught by a pack of Beowolves. No, the danger here was just being overwhelmed by the physical sensation as she was hauled up and down along the dick piercing her pussy.

Pyrrha wished she had the breath to scream as the Minotaur came. It pulled her down hard, hilting itself inside her. Her hands twitched at the empty air, feeling the dick inside her pulse. She knew what was coming, and was just thankful that at least Minotaur’s didn’t knot inside their victims like Beowolves.

The first blast of cum shot into Pyrrha like a bullet. She moaned as jet after jet of cum followed, making her belly swell as the Minotaur emptied its balls inside her. She looked down, watching her stomach swell as more and more semen was pumped into her. She gurgled, trying to cradle it with her hands, but couldn’t muster the motor control necessary.

As soon as the Minotaur was done with her, it discarded her with a contemptuous snort. Pyrrha fell to the ground, landing on her stomach. Hot cum was driven out of her stretched cunt, but enough was left behind to still make her look nine months pregnant. Pyrrha rolled onto her back, wincing as her bloated belly pressed down on her.

Rubbing her stomach, Pyrrha ran over her options. She could try to walk back to Beacon, her cum-filled belly in front of her, swaying from side to side.

She could wait here, and let the cum either trickle out between her soaked lower lips, or be absorbed by her body. But she had already soaked up a lot of Grimm cum this month. Much more, and she’d be stripping naked and seeking out the nearest cave to become a full-time breeder.

Or she could try to push the cum out, and make enough noise in the process to attract every other Grimm around. While they’d ignore her pussy, that still left plenty of other options for them to use. Pyrrha shivered, remembering her mouth being forced open by a Beowolf knotting inside it.

Pyrrha sighed. She supposed she’d better get back to Beacon, and see if Nora would be willing to eat out the cum that would be coating her inner thighs by the time she got back. She unsteadily crawled to her feet.

Maybe next time she should kill the Minotaur instead of trying to drain its lustful energies.

The Not So Terrible Trio 7

TayTay pranced around the room, a tray of drinks in her hand. She set the requested drinks down in front of Emma, Madison and Sophia. And she even got all three of them right! She was so smart.

The boring maid stuff done with, it was time to have fun. TayTay dropped the tray and went over to Sophia. The black girl smirked up at her as the bimbo dropped to her knees.

TayTay was wearing some extremely fitting clothing. Bright pink predominated, though there really was too little material for any color to have too much room. Her tight, thin blouse barely kept her huge breasts in check (the work of inserts, sadly, though TayTay had heard her friends talking about something from Nuture that would solve that), and still showed off a lot cleavage.

Her white miniskirt went really well with TayTay’s bright pink top. It was a bit longer than TayTay really would have liked, but, again, it was needed to hold up the padding that made her hips and butt so big and spankable. TayTay giggled to herself. Not because what she just thought was funny, but because she knew good girls giggled.

TayTay wasn’t wearing panties. She rarely did, and only when she wanted to keep a toy or some nice warm cum inside her. When she did, it was, just like all her other clothes, provided by her friends, usually Emma. All of TayTay’s panties sent a clear message that she was a girl who liked to have fun; sometimes that message was literally spelled out, as ‘Party Girl’ or ‘Breeding Hole’, with an helpful arrow to remind TayTay.

TayTay swished her bright pink hair from side to side. Pink was her favorite color, and it was so nice of her friends to give her dye for it! She thanked them by giving them blowjobs whenever they finished redying her hair. She also gave them blowjobs when she first saw them in the morning, if they patted her ass in appreciation, or for no reason at all.

TayTay pressed her fat, bubblegum pink lips in a kiss on Sophia’s hard black cock. Her friends were so good to her! They always let her suck them off whenever she wanted to, and gave her lots of yummy cum too! All they asked in return was that TayTay kept on listening to those funny songs. TayTay never remembered what they were about, but she always felt so bubbly and pink inside afterwards! Honestly, she’d listen to them even without being told to do so.

TayTay kissed her way down Sophia’s cock, and stopped at the base. She pressed the hot, hard rod against her face, feeling it cover her cheek. She closed her eyes and giggled. As good as the cock felt on her face, the cum inside it would feel even better. It would smudge her makeup, but her friends told her she looked so good with her makeup runny and mixed with cum. And they were so right! TayTay loved getting all slathered with cum.

TayTay moved up to Sophia’s lower head. Opening her mouth wide, she sank down around the cock. It felt so good inside her mouth. Other places it would feel good would be inside her pussy or ass, or in her hands. Or just rubbing along her skin. And cum felt just as good in all the same places. And with three friends, TayTay got as many cocks and as much cum as she wanted.

TayTay did what her friends wanted. She knew she was a smart girl, but her friends were so much smarter than her. They were always telling her when she did something wrong, like forgetting to thank them after they fucked her. TayTay always accepted their rebuke with a smile and a giggle.

TayTay was giving Sophia a fast blowjob. It had been a while since her last load of cum, and she was ready for more. She bobbed up and down Sophia’s dick, feeling it slide deeper and deeper, past her mouth and into her throat.

Sophia decided to help TayTay out by wrapping her hands in the bimbo’s pink curls. Tightening her grip, she started to haul TayTay up and down her cock, really fucking her face. TayTay smiled as much as she could. She loved it when her friends got rough. And they were often rough.

Sophia’s dick pulsed inside TayTay’s throat. She squealed in happiness, as best she could. TayTay picked up the pace, moving as fast as she could, trying to get that tasty, tasty cum out of Sophia’s cock and into her belly. And she’d even get to taste that delicious cream when Sophia pulled out. After all, it would be unhygienic for Sophia to put a messy cock back in her panties. TayTay would have to lick her clean, there was no other choice.

Sophia gave TayTay a nice, thick load. It shot down straight to her stomach, filling TayTay’s torso with warmth. She shifted from side to side, her thighs rubbing together. TayTay loved the taste of cum, but blowjobs didn’t do much to help relieve the constant itch of arousal. Only a nice hard pussy or ass fucking did that.

As TayTay obediently swallowed Sophia’s cum, the athlete let go of her head. Sophia picked up her drink and smiled down at the airhead, who was masturbating as she sucked Sophia off. She turned to face Emma and Madison, both of whom were watching the duo, a hungry light in their eyes.

“Hey, Mads,” Sophia said, taking a sip from her coke. “You open Friday night?”

“Yeah, I think so,” Madison replied. “Why?”

“Emma and I were thinking of taking the bimbo out for a walk. Want to come along? We’d be taking her to the bars, seeing how much a bunch of strangers appreciate the dummy.”

TayTay wondered who they were talking about.

“Ha!” Madison laughed. “Will we let them touch, or is she just for show? And yeah, I’m in.”

“I’m not sure,” Emma said, rattling the ice cubes in her glass. “Seems a shame to let others get our toy, but wouldn’t she look good covered in cum from head to toe?”

TayTay pouted. It wasn’t fair that the toy, whatever that was, got a bunch of cum when TayTay didn’t.

“How about it, TayTay?” Emma asked. “Want to go get covered in cum by a bunch of strangers?”

Wait, they were talking about her? TayTay smiled. That was so nice of them! She took back all the mean things she thought about them. She was going to get so many sticky, salty treats!

Like, yay!

All characters in sexual situations are over the age of consent. If the text says that they aren’t, this message takes precedence over the text. This is an unofficial fan work, and not endorsed by Wildbow in any way.

Chapter Text


Futa!Winter throat fucking Weiss who is on her knees while Winter is in the shower.

Clean Inside and Out

Winter hummed gently to herself as she shampooed her hair. As amazing as white hair looked, it did need a lot of work to keep it looking this good. Back when she lived at the Schnee Manor that had been the job of a maid, but now Winter had to take care of it herself. As she maintained her hair, she looked down and smiled.

Weiss had a hand in between her thighs. It was obvious she was masturbating, even as Winter’s cock slid deeper and deeper down her throat. Winter felt a flicker of pride over how well she had trained Weiss. At first, Weiss hadn’t been aroused at all, and stayed as dry as a desert while Winter filled her mouth. But, over the years, as Winter managed to get more and more of her cock into Weiss’s mouth, her little sister also became more and more horny as she sucked off Winter.

All those sessions with a vibrator taped to her had probably helped, Winter imagined. But it had worked. And now dear little Weiss had confessed to Winter that she got wet just thinking about giving her older sister a blowjob.

And Weiss gave very good blowjobs. The way her throat squeezed down around Winter’s cock, and the way her tongue massaged Winter’s shaft… And, of course, the way her eyes looked up at Winter, soft and pleading. Winter rarely got harder than when she was in her sister’s mouth.

Which didn’t meant Winter didn’t enjoy the rest of Weiss’s holes, or her body in general. In fact, the hot water glistening on Weiss’s skin made her look very good right now. Winter debated whether or not she should pull out now, push her sister against the wall, and breed her, or just cum on her face. They were both good options.

As Winter considered her options, Weiss continued to throatfuck herself on her sister’s thick cock. A smile tugged at Winter’s lips at how enthusiastic Weiss was. If only she put this same enthusiasm towards training, she wouldn’t have to be fucked by Winter’s summons every other day when she inevitably lost.

A pulse of pleasure drew Winter away from those thoughts. Weiss had closed her eyes as she lavished care on Winter’s dick. Her little sister pace was picking up; both her masturbation and her blowjob. It wouldn’t be long now before both Schnees came.

Winter felt her orgasm approaching. Now she had to make a quick decision. Cum on Weiss’s face, or in her mouth. Both good choices, and Weiss had often commented on how much she liked either one. But the water from the shower would wash the cum off Weiss’s face too quickly. In her mouth it was then.

Winter pushed Weiss’s head back, almost off her cock. When just the head remained inside Weiss’s mouth, Winter gave her shaft a single swift stroke. And that was enough.

Both of them moaned as Winter filled Weiss’s mouth up with cum. Rivulets of it escaped Weiss’s mouth and ran down her chin. But most of it stayed inside her, making her cheeks bulge. Her hand picked up its pace, slamming in and out of her drenched pussy. And when Weiss’s orgasm hit, her mouth was still full of her big sister’s cum.

Weiss was forced to swallow it all before she could moan. Winter watched her throat move again and again, swallowing her seed. The sight was so erotic, her deflating cock twitched again. Winter predicted that, pretty soon, they’d be needing another shower.

And she was okay with that.

Yang waking up futa!Raven with a good morning blowjob. Raven cums in Yang's mouth.

Dutiful Daughter

Yang was crawling underneath the sheets. It was too dark to see, not that the bed was big enough to get lost in. She brushed her mother’s leg, and followed it on up. Soon, Yang was touching her mother’s cock. It was already half-hard, even in Raven’s sleep. Yang wondered what she was dreaming of. She hoped it was her.

Yang ran her hand up and down Raven’s shaft, coaxing it hard. It didn’t take long at all. Soon, Raven was fully erect, and so large Yang could barely wrap her hand around her. Like always, Yang wondered how she was able to take the bitch-breaker of a dick. No matter how many times her mother fucked her with it, it always stretched Yang’s holes just as much.

As she was about to demonstrate now. Opening her mouth wide, Yang sank down on the cock, feeling Raven slide into her. Yang closed her eyes to concentrate, slowly lowering her head further and further down. Before she had even reached the half-way point, Raven’s dick had moved past Yang’s mouth and down her throat.

Yang was proud that she had gotten rid of her gag reflex, even if she hadn’t enjoyed the training. Guy after guy, and futa after futa, forcefully facefucking her hadn’t been the most enjoyable time in Yang’s life. But it had paid off. Now she could deepthroat whatever cock Raven ordered her too, even Grimm!

As Yang bobbed up and down her mother’s shaft, she wondered what Raven would have her do today. Raven didn’t want her visiting the Grimm pens in her condition, so either spending the day as the camp cumdump, or giving her mother blowjobs all day. It depended if Raven was leaving the camp or not.

Whatever happened, Yang was sure she’d enjoy it. Or at least, she would if she did this job correctly. But if Yang didn’t get her mother to cum before Raven woke up, then it was off to the stockade for Yang, followed by a day under Vernal’s oh so tender care.

Luckily, that wasn’t going to be a problem today. Even as Raven moved around and muttered something, her dick pulsed in Yang’s mouth. Yang smiled around the cock, speeding up and pressing against the rod with her tongue. Her first cumshot of the day, and, like always, it was with her mother.

Raven always came a lot when she woke up, and today was no exception. Yang sputtered and gagged, desperately swallowing to try and stay ahead of the flow of cum. She didn’t quite manage it, and some semen trickled out of the corners of her mouth. But she got most of it, her throat working overtime as Raven’s cum flowed down Yang and into her belly. Who needed food when a mother’s cum was so readily available? And in such large amounts?

As Yang recovered, licking her lips clean, her hands slipped down her body. They slid underneath the swell of her belly, cradling her pregnant tummy. She only had a few months left before she gave birth. And she was looking forward to teaching her daughter to service her grand/mother just as well as Yang did when she was old enough.

Training Sophia 5

I drummed my fingers on the chair arm, glaring the bar slowly creeping across the laptop screen. It was taking forever for the video to buffer, and I was horny now. But the only thing worse than having to wait forever for the video to load would be to hit play, and have it jerk to a halt every five seconds.

After an eternity, the buffer had reached the halfway point, and I couldn’t wait anymore. I hit play and glanced at the bedroom door, double-checking that it was still closed. It was, of course, and nobody was going to interrupt me. I licked my lips, and turned my attention to the screen.

It opened on Mistress sitting on a chair and looking at the camera. Even close up, I couldn’t see her eyes behind the plastic lenses of the mask.

“Good evening, viewers and patrons. Welcome to the latest update on Sophia’s training. First of all, I’d like to say thank you to everyone who helped make The Black Cat Project a reality.”

As she spoke, the camera drew away, showing more of Mistress. There was the usual dark leather I’d expected. And then my breath caught in my throat. Sophia’s head was resting on Mistress’s lap. Her head was facing the camera, and her lips were turned upward in a contented smile. Her eyes were closed as Mistress scratched her hair. She wore nothing but a collar with a brass plate at the front.

I wanted her.

“Thanks to your generous donations, I acquired a set of cat ears and tailplug from the Toybox.” It was like she was speaking directly to me. Ten dollars wasn’t a lot, but Mistress had said every little bit helped.

Mistress bought a box up from her side. Holding it above Sophia’s head, she displayed it to the camera. I shivered, guessing what was inside. Even Sophia hap opened her eyes, and was staring at the bottom of the box. Mistress drew the moment out, letting the anticipation build. She finally snapped the latches and drew the top back. The camera hovered above it, looking into the velvet interior.

The tail and the ears rested in two insets. The fur looked very realistic, and I thought it would feel amazingly soft, running my finger through it. They were both black, the exact same shade as Sophia’s hair, even down to the glossiness.

Mistress nudged Sophia’s head off her lap and set the box down. Sophia whined, before scrambling around to rest her chin on Mistress’s knees. She was watching the unveiling just as intently as I was.

Mistress held up the earband. She turned it around, letting the camera get a good look at it. On te inside, I could see some shiny surfaces.

“This earband is the first part of The Black Cat Project. The men and women of the Toybox have provided this lovely accessory. As you can see,” she lowered it onto Sophia’s head. “It fits perfectly.”

It did more than that. As Sophia smiled, the cat ears twitched.

“And of course, it matches Sophia’s moods,” Mistress continued. “An invaluable tool to help Sophia get in touch with her inner feline.”

Sophia looked cute with a capital C with those ears, but I was more interested in the second part of the package. This was what I had donated for.

“And the tailplug does the exact same thing,” Mistress said, pulling the toy out. The plug alone looked like it would stretch Sophia delightfully. “It’s even self-lubricating.” Mistress tapped some dimples near the head of the plug.

I slowly masturbated as Mistress explained the advanced technology that made the tail as responsive and dexterous as a real cat tail. More to keep myself horny then because of how arousing the video was, I had to admit.

“And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Turning Sophia into the cutest cat anyone could want.”

Sophia sprang into action, and turned around, wiggling her rear at Mistress and the camera. God, I wanted to grab those black, jiggling cheeks.

Mistress chuckled, the synthizer in her mask badly handling the laughter. She picked up the tail and knelt down next to Sophia, possessively groping her ass. Getting a firm grip, she placed the bulb-like head against Sophia’s rear.

Even with the self-lube, it was obvious that Sophia took a lot of stuff back there. Her anus opened almost as soon as pressure was applied.

Sophia gasped as the tail slid in. The plug was perfectly sized, and slid in until only the faux-fur was showing. It hung limp for a moment before twitching, wrapping around one of Sophia’s legs. She looked over her shoulder at the camera.

“Mrrw?” Black said.

Oh god. Oh god. That was so hot. The way her tail and ears were twitching, and the look on her face was so hot. She looked like a living wet dream, the perfect black cat girl.

I could usually see the appeal of being on either side of Mistress’s and Sophia’s little games. But for petplay, there was only one option. I wanted to be a dog girl, who got to play with Blacky. I was so goddamnned wet.

I started masturbating harder as Blacky showed how eager to please Mistress she was. My flower parted around my finger as Blacky rolled around on the floor, playing with a buzzing vibrator. I wondered if Mistress would take me on if I came with my own earband and tailplug.

It was worth a shot.

Pmmm Promt: Madoka and Sayaka discover the secret ingredient that makes Mami’s Cakes taste so good: her cum. They then decide to just get it straight from the source.

Following the Recipe

Madoka’s cheeks were several shades redder than her hair. She was keeping her eyes closed, so she didn’t have to look around and see anything. But that just meant she was more aware of the sounds she and Sayaka were making.

Wet, slobbering sounds filled her ears as Madoka and Sayaka teamed up to suck Mami’s dick. The older teen was moaning and whispering words of encouragement to them, which wasn’t doing much to make Madoka less embarrassed. Only the thought of getting a pure, fresh sample of the ingredient that made Mami’s cakes so wonderful drove her on.

Neither Madoka or Sayaka had ever given a blowjob before. They were both licking Mami’s shaft, running their tongue’s up and down the length. Mami made the occasional soft sound of appreciation, but there was still a roiling ball of nervousness in Madoka’s stomach.

As much as she wanted to get more of that sweet, sweet taste, the taste that made Mami’s cakes so good, she, and her best friend, was still giving a blowjob. Even if no one else ever found out about this, it was still so embarrassing. She blamed Sayaka for talking her into this. Not that she had said no too loudly.

Madoka’s hands were clutching the hem of her skirt. Both she and Sayaka were still fully dressed, and Mami had only taken her top off. The older girl slowly played with her breasts as she murmured praise to the two teens.

Mami uttered a strangled cry, warning Sayaka and Madoka that she was about to cum. Madoka’s eye flew open as she panicked internally. What was she supposed to do? Should she speed up? Slow down? Put her mouth… there? Madoka had no idea what the proper protocol for blowjobs was.

Mami didn’t stop to instruct her. She grabbed her shaft with one hand. She started pumping it, aiming her slit at Sayaka and Madoka, and their outstretched tongues. The two of them looked very cute. Cute and nervous.

Madoka spluttered as her tongue was flooded with Mami’s cum. It was sweet, sweeter than sugar. Madoka heard Sayaka gagging next to her as her best friend also tried to deal with the cum. Madoka drew her tongue back into her mouth and swallowed, feeling the warm seed flow down her throat.

Madoka finally found the courage to open her eyes. She instantly looked up at Mami. Mami returned her gaze, adding a soft smile as well. Madoka felt a surge of warmth flood her body as the older teen softly stroked her hair. She glanced over at Sayaka. Her friend was grinning, and was actually using her fingers to collect the cum that had splattered on her face. Madoka couldn’t believe her daring.

The taste was excellent. Most of Madoka’s mind was focused on the wonderful sweetness, but part of her was already thinking ahead.

She wouldn’t say no to getting this straight from the source again.

Feeling bad for her former suitor, Usagi tries to set up a blind date for Seiya with another woman at a fancy restaurant. What neither expects is that some of the wait staff will recognize the Idol and take advantage of her solitude to get their rocks off. The fact that she attends the date without underwear shows them that she was clearly intending to get lucky - who cares if it wasn't them that she had in mind?

Blind Date

Seiya had been forced to shut her eyes. The waiter fucking her mouth had come in from the top of her head, so his ballsack was resting on top of her face. And while Seiya may have had her eyes closed, her ears were still open. And as long as she was stroking the cocks of the rest of the restaurant staff, there was no way to shut them up.

Seiya still hadn’t decided if this was what Usagi had meant when she said that she had set Seiya up on a blind date here. After all, the maître d’ had recognized her and had led her to what he said was her table. Seiya realized something was wrong as he pushed her through the swinging double doors into the kitchen, making her fall into the grasping hands of the entire shift.

The way they reacted when the staff saw that Seiya was wearing only her dress, her shoes, and her jewelry… Seiya shivered. But it wasn’t as if the dress had room for underwear, so of course she hadn’t worn any. But when they had ripped away her black dress and saw nothing but her naked body underneath- At that instant, Seiya knew she’d be taking at least two loads of cum from every man working here.

And so far, that predication was coming true. She couldn’t remember how many strangers had cum inside her mouth, ass and pussy so far. All Seiya knew for sure was that she was drooling cum from all three holes, and that she was still surrounded by dick.

Actually, she was only drooling cum on the rare occasion there wasn’t a cock plugging her up. That didn’t happen too often, since there was a very large staff at the restaurant, and they all wanted a turn with the famous idol. Seiya was gagging on a cock, or getting her walls split by a dick, every second for the past… however long it had been.

Seiya couldn’t remember, her mind going fuzzy as she was forced from one orgasm to another. Even as she tried to convince herself that this wasn’t happening, that she wasn’t currently taking three dicks in her holes, stroking off two more and having a sixth fuck her tits, she came again.

Seiya thrashed around under the men pinning her on the floor, her screams of climax muffled by the cock in her mouth. The man in her ass came at the same time, shooting a plume of cum deep inside her stomach. He pulled out, quickly replaced by another man, who easily slid into Seiya’s stretched, lubed hole.

Seiya was still holding out hope that she could get to meet whoever Usagi had set her up with. She just hoped that they didn’t mind her makeup running and her face streaked with cum. Or that her dress had been ripped into half a dozen pieces. Or, and this seemed pretty likely to her, the waiter forced her to give him a blowjob whenever he refilled their glasses.

Seiya hadn’t decided if she would be coming back to this restaurant again.



Chapter Text

Uhhh...Ruby? Is there any reason why Coco Adel keeps blowing kisses your way? Did something happen while you two were shopping together?

Red Chocolate

“No!” Ruby squeaked, turning as red as her namesake. “Nothing happened!”

Coco certainly hadn’t talked Ruby into visiting a boutique with her. While Ruby had idly enjoyed trying on new clothes, the real… ‘fun’ had started when Coco asked Ruby to come into a dressing room to help lace up a dress Coco was modeling.

One thing had led to another, and Ruby discovered that Coco kept a strap-on in her purse. It was bright orange, and Coco called it The Big Carrot, so Ruby had her suspicions about who Coco normally used it on.

Coco had picked Ruby up and slammed her against the door. Ruby found her limbs entwining around Coco’s body without her consciously telling them too. She hugged the older teen tight, pressing her body against Coco’s. And it all seemed to happen on autopilot, Ruby still too embarrassed to try and hold someone close.

The kiss, though, was all Ruby. A sudden impulse, wanting to find out what Coco tasted like, and the two of them were locking lips, Coco’s hand against the back of her head. Coco was a good, aggressive kisser, and soon Ruby was moaning into her mouth.

Ruby gasped when Coco brought her hips forward, rubbing the strap-on against her leg. She flushed as she looked down, seeing the brightly colored rod against her thigh. She also saw Coco’s hands sneaking up her leggings and passing underneath her skirt.

Coco didn’t remove much of Ruby’s clothing. Just her panties, which she tucked into her purse. Ruby caught a momentary glimpse of several other lacy things before Coco snapped it closed.

And now that her panties were removed, Ruby knew there was only one thing left to do. And Coco did it. She slid inside Ruby, the toy parting Ruby’s folds easily. Coco cut off Ruby’s moan with a kiss. Ruby’s fingers tightened around Coco’s back as her lover slid deeper and deeper inside her.

They tightened even further when Coco started to pull out. It felt good, having that… thing inside of her. Ruby was ready for more, not that she could bring herself to admit it. And Coco obliged.

The thrusts were harder and faster now, Coco’s hips pumping as she slammed the strap-on into Ruby again and again. Ruby made breathless little cries as she was filled up and emptied out. Her nipples were hard little points, pressing into her bra as arousal ran down her thighs and stained her leggings.

It went on for what felt like hours. When Ruby finally came, clenching down hard around the rod, she cried out so loud she was sure everyone in the store had heard. But when Coco led her out of the changing room, it was obvious no one had noticed. Ruby knew no one had noticed because of how they were all looking away from her and not talking.

Ruby had left the store with a bow-legged stance and several bags of clothes that Coco insisted looked ‘beautiful, absolutely beautiful on you, darling’. Coco had insisted on sitting next to her on the ride back to Beacon, and placing a bag on Ruby’s lap. That way, no-one could see Coco playing with Ruby’s still bare (and wet) crotch.

And Coco had finished the day by asking Ruby if she would like to go on another shopping trip with her and Velvet.

Aww I was hoping that Mami used breast milk instead of normal milk :(

Special Ingredient

“Now let’s see, the recipe calls for…” Madoka flipped through the notebook, looking for the proper entry, “two cups of milk. How much do we have?”

Madoka looked into the container, before shaking her head. She snapped the recipe book shut and reached out her hands.

“Sorry, Mami! It looks like we need a bit more milk for the cake.”

“Mmhh! Mh mmm.”

Madoka nodded, putting her own spin on the breathy, muffled moans.

“Thank you for helping me cook, Mami! I’m sure this will be done in a snap.”

Mami moaned around the ball gag as Madoka reached out and grabbed her chests. The younger girl’s hands moved over her breasts, before withdrawing. Mami shivered as she saw Madoka grab the two pumps and hold them up for inspection. Satisfied, Madoka reached out for Mami.

Mami closed her eyes as Madoka attached the pumps to her heavy, swaying breasts. Her breasts sagged a bit, pulled down by the weight of them. Then Madoka flipped a switch and the pump shuddered to life.

Mami moaned, her limbs twitching on the framework she was secured to as the pumps started sucking at her breasts. Even though her breasts had been feeling unpleasantly full, that didn’t mean Mami was supposed to enjoy the sensation of the pumps.

Mami did of course, her body betraying her. Her stiff nipples and wet pussy were displayed for Madoka, who was looking over her body as the pink-haired girl waited for the bottles to fill up. Mami wondered, with a repulsed longing, if Madoka was going to put her fingers in Mami’s pussy today. She often did, coaxing Mami into orgasm after orgasm; fingers plunging in and out of Mami’s flower as her milk was pumped out of her.

Today, though, Madoka returned to Mami’s front. She gave Mami a dazzling smile as she squatted down in front of her, idly running her fingers over Mami’s breasts. Mami made a long, muffled cry as she felt those soft fingers contrasting with the greedy suckling of the pumps.

Mami felt a trickle of arousal run down the inside of her thigh. Her hips were twitching back and forth, trying to get sensation that wasn’t coming. It was desperately unfair of Madoka to do this, Mami thought. There was no way for her to orgasm from the suckling pumps, just a constant, ever-growing lust inside her that Mami couldn’t satisfy, tied as she was to the framework.

Mami tried to ask Madoka for relief, willing to take two slender fingers in her soaked entrance, but Madoka didn’t understand her muffled moans and pleading eyes. She just patted Mami on the head, looking at the machine the older teen was strapped into.

Madoka hummed in satisfaction as she examined the bottles the pump was feeding into. The level of milk was rising higher and higher as Mami’s body met the insatiable demands of the machinery. There was already two cup’s worth, but Mami looked like she was enjoying herself so much, Madoka couldn’t bring herself to turn the pumps off yet.

“I know we both laughed about it, Mami, but I’m really glad my wish was about cake. Isn’t this so fun?”

Mami wasn’t quite as enthused as Madoka was.

Shampoo using a magical ancient amazon strap-on on Akane.

One Thousand Year Relic

“Aaiiee! This is too too good!”

Akane didn’t reply, her face a bright red as Shampoo fucked her like a dog. The stacked, sultry Amazon had her on her hands and knees and was kneeling behind her. The purple-haired girl was thrusting back and forth rapidly, making lewd sounds fill the room as the fake phallus slammed in and out of Akane’s wet flower.

Akane’s breasts (and they were a perfectly fine size, even if both Shampoo and Ranma both had a bigger set as they both constantly pointed out!) swung back and forth underneath her. Her face was screwed up as she tried not to scream out in pleasure.

Akane even succeeded. She managed to do no more than groan through closed lips as her orgasm rolled through her. Her box felt so… tingly, sparks of sensation leaping out from it and running through her body. And her breasts also ached for warm, soft hands to cover and caress them.

Shampoo was loving it. The strap-on was enchanted, so she could feel what it would feel it would be like to have a real cock. It was one of her most treasured possessions, and saw a lot of use. Pancake girl, her arien, money girl, even nice girl had all experienced it inside them, and had all grown to love it. (Some more so than others. Shampoo now only visited the Tendo dojo when she was sure Kasumi wasn’t around). And whenever Linlin and Ranran visited, Shampoo got to relieve that wonderful night when she first introduced them to the pleasures of the flesh. And when no one was around, Shampoo would fuck herself with it. It was quite the sensation, feeling ‘her’ cock sliding in and out of her pussy.

And now she was getting to complete the Tendo set. Shampoo was already wondering if she should borrow her grandmother’s amulet of endurance, and invite all three sisters over at once. That would be too too fun. For now, though, she still needed to claim two more of violent girl’s holes before the day was through.

Picking up the pace, Shampoo groped around, looking for a jade bottle. She would need the lube it had, and the aphrodisiac it had as a side effect would be sure to make violent girl not whine as much when Shampoo stuck it in her rear. They always thrashed around so much the first time Shampoo stuck it in there (except for pancake girl. Shampoo had her suspicions about that), but they always ended up loving it.

The only fly in the ointment was that the strap-on couldn’t cum. Shampoo occasionally wondered what it would feel like, to pump a great big load of sticky seed into a cute girl’s bowels or down her throat. Oh well, Shampoo would just have to be content with making hammer girl beg and plead for more.

Shampoo always took a bit of pride in doing this. After all, she was following in a long line of Amazons, so obviously what she was doing was right.

Lisa and Taylor celebrate a successful job by 69ing. Rachel walks in on them and decides to watch, unnoticed.


I ran my tongue along Lisa’s slit. I was tracing my name, and had gotten to the l. Lisa was obviously appreciating my efforts. She was moaning so much, she was forgetting to return the favor. My hand groped around, aiming for her head.

She laughed and, before I made contact, returned to eating me out. It felt nice, her tongue and fingers playing with my pussy. It should, given how much practice we had, playing with each other’s bodies.

I ran my hands up Lisa’s thighs, heading for an ass. It was a great ass, and I loved feeling it underneath my fingers. I especially loved it when Lisa was wearing her costume. The sight of those round cheeks, jiggling underneath the latex drove me wild. I often helped her get dressed, just so I could get a few good gropes in.

Lisa moaned, and I smiled, happy that I was making my girlfriend feel good. Then my brain caught up with current events. That wasn’t what Lisa sounded like. It was way too low and husky, even when I did that thing with my tongue.

I yanked my head out from between Lisa’s thighs, looking around the room. Leaning close to the door was Rachel. She was looking at the two of us and had her hand inside her skirt. She was obviously masturbating.

I shrieked and rolled off Lisa. I grabbed at the bedsheets as I stood up. That left nothing for Lisa, and I mentally winced.

“Rachel!” I sounded shriller than I would have liked. “What the hell are you doing here?” Thirty seconds ago my cheeks had been flushed with lust. Now they were red with rage.

Rachel shrugged, still masturbating. Her free hand reached up to cup a heavy breast.

“I was horny. Wanted something to masturbate too. You were around.” There wasn’t the slightest hint of guilt or shame in her voice.

“And you didn’t think to ask?” Not that I would have said yes.

I stumbled over to the door, slamming it shut. Lisa was sitting on the bed, legs drawn up to her chest and arms piled on top of them, hiding everything. She didn’t look any happier than I did. Worse, really, since I knew she had been on the verge of an orgasm.

“I wasn’t touching you,” Rachel said with a shrug. She had stopped masturbating and pulled her hand out her skirt. There was a translucent shimmer on her fingers. How long had she been watching us?

I boggled at the causal admissions, almost dropping the sheet. That was her red line? ‘Hey, is it alright if I grope you?’ three seconds before she does? Come to it, why even bother with us at all? Surely there were porn videos she could enjoy.

I rubbed my forehead and looked at Lisa for support. She held her hands up and shook her head. Great.

“Why did you choose us?”

“Like I said,” Rachel crossed her arms and frowned, “I was horny and you were hot. Now are you going to finish, or what? I haven’t cum yet.”

I gaped at her, trying to think of how to explain everything wrong and weird about that. I passingly noticed I wasn’t aroused anymore.

Lisa was shrugging into a yellow blouse. Normally, I’d appreciate how her braless breasts looked under that. Right now, I was just envious of her having clothes on.

Lisa started talking to Rachel, delivering smiling barbs as the husky girl frowned. I sighed, and realized I’d have to break up this fight before it became physical. Because, unlike me, both Lisa and Rachel responded so well to having to admit error.

I was starting to think it would have been better for Aisha to be here instead of Rachel. At least that way I wouldn’t know about it.

Making/Breaking Friendships 3

Taylor and Emma were talking with each other. More correctly, Emma was talking with Taylor occasionally chiming in. Kneeling in between them was Sophia, saying nothing. Which wasn’t the same as her mouth not being busy.

She was sucking Emma and Taylor cock’s head bobbing up and down their lengths. Whichever dick she wasn’t blowing, she was jacking off, her strong fingers wrapped around it. Beneath her active upper body, her pregnant belly was slowly swaying from side to side. And beneath that, her pussy faintly gleamed with a few drops of arousal.

“And Madison was wondering if she could borrow ‘the brood mare’,” Emma made air quotes. “I was thinking maybe this weekend.”

“Yeah maybe,” Taylor said, frowning. “Sophia always comes back so worn out from those visits, though.”

“Yeah,” Emma sighed, “I’ve gotten so used to having her around to drain my balls each night before bed. And she’s such a better fuck than the rest of them, even her mom.”

“Smaller boobs, though,” Taylor pointed out, without a hint of self-awareness.

“Tit’s aren’t everything. Oh!” Emma gasped as Sophia did something with her tongue. “Like that. She’s the best cocksucker in the family.”

Taylor snorted and patted Sophia’s hair. She stared down at the black girl, her own pet superhero. Sophia was currently taking Emma’s cock all the way down to the root. Taylor knew that if she wrapped her hand around Sophia’s neck, she’d feel the bulge from Emma’s cock. Her own cock twitched, wanting to bury itself in Sophia’s tight, warm body. She sighed in resignation, her better nature winning out.

“I guess Mads can have her,” Taylor said, trying not to sound too petulant.

Her dissatisfaction was eased as Sophia popped onto her cock. Taylor stared down at her, the lovely black skin, the breasts, slowly filling with milk; the swollen belly, fertilized by one of the three white girls. It was a vision of loveliness. Who had actually knocked Sophia up was a mystery so far, but Taylor was pretty sure she had been the one to put a third child in the belly of Sophia’s mother.

The memory of many, many nights fucking the black MILF helped bring Taylor over the edge. She grabbed Sophia’s head and pulled it back. She started cumming almost immediately, the first few shots landing in between Sophia’s parted lips. The rest of Taylor’s orgasm covered her face. White splashes appeared on black skin as Taylor unloaded onto Sophia. Sophia shut her eyes in self=preservation, and a brief smile appeared on her face before she regained control of herself.

Emma came soon after Taylor. She sighed in satisfaction, adding her own thick load to the mess already on Sophia’s face. Sophia squirmed as even more of her features were obscured by a thick coating of cum.

Sophia’s hands resolutely stayed by her sides instead of grabbing a breast, or going for her pussy, Like Taylor knew she wanted to do. Taylor rolled her eyes. She knew Sophia would have a lot more fun if she just admitted she was a kinky slut who got used by white girls and their thick dicks. Her mother freely admitted that about herself, and look how much fun she had getting pounded. Even Sophia’s brother had come around to enjoying it, even as his wardrobe was replaced and he learned to answer to a new name. Only sourpuss Sophia still refused to admit how much she was addicted to white cock. Maybe after a day or two of non-stop dicking from Madison, she be more relaxed, Taylor thought.

As Taylor mused, Emma grabbed Sophia’s phone. Swiping it open, she took a picture of Sophia, the flash filling the room. Emma showed it to Taylor. That was Sophia all right. Naked, kneeling, pregnant and covered in cum. She tossed it back to Sophia.

“There’s your new backdrop.”

Taylor stifled a giggle at the look on Sophia’s face. Emma always had the funniest ideas. Still, Taylor knew she better check the phone from time to time, to make sure Sophia was obeying.

Life was good, Taylor thought. A best friend, another friend, and a whole family of black sluts, ready to take her dick at any time of the day. What more could she want from life?

Chapter Text

Weiss and Ruby go out to dinner but they tease each other so much they just go into the bathroom and fuck instead.

Date Night

It wasn’t Ruby’s first date. It wasn’t even her first date with Weiss. But it was the first date where they’d ended up f-, fu-, making love before getting home.

Ruby had been having a great time with Weiss. She’d been eating good food, making her girlfriend laugh, and getting to look at a beautiful Weiss in a beautiful dress. Weiss had been looking at her too, with an expression that had only grown hungrier and hungrier as the night went.

Finally, Weiss had dragged Ruby into the ladies’ bathroom. There, surrounded by marble floors and marble counters and marble towels (okay, maybe not the last). Weiss had whispered something so lewd to Ruby that the little reaper had turned rose red. And then Weiss had done it.

Ruby was sitting on the sink counter, dress held up in both hands, and was about to die of embarrassment. Weiss was between her legs, eyes smiling up at Ruby. Her mouth was doing something pretty different from a smile, though it was making Ruby feel just as warm and gooey as an actual smile from Weiss would. Plus, it was sending electric tingles through Ruby’s body.

Ruby was squirming in her seat, and not just because the marble was cold against her rear. It was so embarrassing, and felt so good. Her cheeks were burning with the fire of a thousand suns, and Ruby would die of mortification if anyone came in here. But there was no way she could tell Weiss to stop. It felt too good.

Ruby gasped as Weiss’s tongue flicked against her button. That simple motion sent a shock of pleasure through Ruby from Ruby’s brain, straight to the base of her brain. She wanted so badly to grab Weiss’s head and grind her head against Ruby’s crotch. But Ruby knew that if she smeared Weiss’s makeup, she’d be in even worse trouble than the time she called Blake catty. Weiss smearing her makeup… making Ruby feel good (which was the most explicit way Ruby could bring herself to phrase it as, even in her own mind) was something different, apparently.

Ruby knew that some people were into stuff where they liked being punished. Ruby couldn’t see it, not unless the punishment was a platter of cookies and a massage. Until that hopeful day arrived, therefore, she’d be keeping her hands to herself.

Having Weiss’s tongue inside her was an excellent reward for her patience. Ruby was squeaking and eeping, as Weiss played her like a fiddle. Ruby was vibrating with excitement, so much so that she almost fell off the counter and onto Weiss. Her fingers were white with pressure as she held up dress up so Weiss had easier access.

Ruby’s breath came in short, light gasps as the pleasure inside her built and built. Finally, Ruby came, making short little moans as she tightened up. She could feel Weiss’s laughter coming up through her core. She didn’t care. Ruby was too busy enjoying the raw pleasure coursing through her body. It felt good, it felt so good, filling her up in a sea of pink.

Finally, it receded, letting Ruby slump down onto the counter. Her dress fell out of nerveless hands as she panted. Weiss appeared, dabbing at her lips. She was smiling like the cat that had eaten the canary (another metaphor to avoid around Blake). She leaned up for a kiss, planting her lips against Ruby’s. Ruby squeaked, and kissed back. Weiss smiled, softer this time, and ran a hand along Ruby’s chin.

“Love you.”

“Love you too.”

The Not So Terrible Trio ½

I was kneeling on the floor of Emma’s bedroom. I was staring at the rug, desperate to avoid thinking about where I was, or what I was doing. The air prickled against my skin, and my hands rubbed my arms, trying to fight the emotional chill.

A perfectly manicured finger slid underneath my chin and I was forced to look at Emma. She was sitting on her bed, a smile on her face. It wasn’t a normal smile of happiness and good cheer, but one of sinister satisfaction. I shivered, dreading learning the answer of her enjoyment.

“Taylor,” Emma said brightly, “You want to be my friend again, right?”

Did I? Did I want the bullying to stop? Yes, certainly. And having Emma as my friend again would increase my friend count from zero to one. But could I trust Emma to be my friend? She had already betrayed me once. What was to stop her from doing so again? On the other hand, I wasn’t seeing any other way to stop the bullying. Nothing else had worked, and this was my last chance. I sighed in resignation. I’d do it.

Emma read my face with ease. Her smile got even sharper as she clucked approvingly. She didn’t say anything, though, and I realized that it would be up to me.

“Emma, I would like to be your friend again.”

Emma chuckled, a low soft sound that sent a shiver down my spine.

“There, that wasn’t so hard, was it? And I’m willing to be your friend too. There’s just a few small things to take care of first.” She held the fingers of her hands a few inches apart.

“First of all, take off your clothes.”

I flinched back, eyes widening. Embarrassment and anger were warring for primacy.

“What? What the hell are you talking about?” I spluttered. Strip? Naked? Nobody had seen me with all my clothes since I was old enough to bathe myself.

“You hear me,” Emma’s smile was so big and self-satisfied it threatened to fall off her face. “You want to be my friend, you have to take your clothes off. Now strip.”

I hesitated, but finally obeyed. My slow-moving fingers tugged felt like lead as I tugged at my clothes. I had to stand up to take off me jeans, bile bubbling in my throat. I folded my clothes and set them aside. All the while, I could feel Emma’s eyes burning a hole in my skin.

Finally, I was left standing in the middle of Emma’s bedroom, wearing nothing more than my bra and panties. I was ready for the ground to open and swallow me up.

“Tch,” Emma made a contemptuous sound. “Underwear too.”

That was even harder than removing my blouse and jeans. Fingers trembling, I slid out of my underwear. The temperature of the room seemed to drop twenty degrees as I was left naked in the center of the room. My breath came in halting gasps and my cheeks were on fire. One hand was covering my crotch, and the other arm was pressed against my chest.

Emma sighed and snapped her fingers.

“Down on all fours. I want a good look at you. And anyways, it’s where you belong.”

I was ready to cry as I sank down. There was no way to hide myself like this. Was this all being Emma’s ‘friend’ would get me? Just another round of humiliation? But I had already gone so far, maybe if I did just a little bit more, it would all work out.

“Disappointing. I mean, look at you,” Emma said, walking around me. “No boobs, no hips, no ass, no nothing. You’re lucky I’m nice enough to let someone like you be my friend.”

I felt air brush past me as she knelt down behind me. I quivered, wondering if she was going to touch my private parts. But she didn’t. Soon enough, a pair of stylish, expensive shoes appeared in my view. Emma was in front of me once again.

Using her shoe, Emma nudged me up so I was kneeling in front of her once again. I looked up at her before quickly looking back down. That smile on her face couldn’t mean anything good. It was so awful being like this, naked as someone coolly looked down on me. There was a horrible heat in my lower stomach, like nothing I’d ever felt before. I had felt the cold sweat breaking out all along my body, though.

“Now, repeat after me.” The same sinister note of enjoyment was still in Emma’s voice.

I shivered, wondering what she would have me say. It couldn’t be any worse than what I had already done, surely. Surely.

Even with my legs pressed together, I still had a hand in front of my crotch, concealing it from view. Emma had already seen it all, but that didn’t mean I wanted to show off or anything. My other hand was still concealing my breasts, small as they were.

“I, Taylor Hebert, swear friendship to Emma Barnes.” She looked at me expectantly.

“I… Taylor Hebert,” I repeated, almost mangling the words as they stuck in my throat, “swear friendship to Emma Barnes.”

There was a churning in my stomach, as I mouthed the words. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. There was humiliation and embarrassment, yes, but there was also something else, making up most of the mass.

“No, no, that’s no good.” There was a note of contempt in Emma’s face. She grabbed my face and turned it upward. “You have to look me in the eyes when you do it. Try again.”

I felt like I was burning up inside, as I tried to get the words out. The palm of my hand was pressed against my crotch, making small motions as I gathered my strength. I felt like I was passing the rapids of shame and coming out into still pools on the other side, where nothing mattered anymore.

“I, Taylor Hebert, swear friendship to Emma Barnes.”

Emma laughed and slapped her thigh as she smiled down at me. She condescendingly patted my cheek.

“I will do what she says, because she is my good friend.”

Was I making a friend or becoming a slave? Or did Emma not see any distinction between the two?

My shoulders were heaving, like I had run a marathon. My entire body felt jittery. Even the hand I had covering my crotch was rubbing against my skin, going up and down. I was ashamed and shocked to realize I was somehow feeling pleasure from all this. I never had before, so what changed now? Was it because I was naked? Was I some kind of pervert?

“I will do what she says, because she is my good friend.”
My head spun. Underneath me, my legs clenched and I couldn’t get them to relax. What else was she going to make me say? I felt like I was going to faint, even as tendrils of arousal started to spread out from my center.

“Good girl. And I’m willing to be your friend too, Taylor. Now-“

A finger slipped inside me. I couldn’t believe how wet I was. I had never been this aroused before. I realized that even my nipples were hard points, pressing against my arm. My shoulders caved inward, trying to hide it from Emma. It didn’t work. Even as I shuddered in a shameful orgasm, Emma’s crystal-clear laughter cut me to the bone.

“My god, are you masturbating to this, you disgusting slut?”

My hand flew out from between my legs as I covered my face. I couldn’t speak, my throat closing up as waves of shame ran through me, overtaking the pleasure instantly. What had I just done? How had I just done that? Surely there was no way I could enjoy submitting to Emma. Right?

“You were. Oh ho ho,” Emma laughed. “I think we’re going to be such good friends. You and me and Madison and Sophia. Oh, what fun we’re going to have.”

I felt her words cut through the clouds of shame, even as I felt something else press between my hands covering my face. I withdrew my hands so I could see. Emma took that opportunity to slide two fingers into my mouth. I made a noise of surprise, and barely managed to avoid biting down.

“That’s a good look for you,” Emma said. “It’s like you need something to suck on. I’m sure- no, keep them there.” I had tried to pull away, but Emma’s firm tone brought me up short. “Ahem. I’m sure that Madison and Sophia can find something else to pop into your mouth.”

It was horrible to admit, but there was something about her fingers inside me. I never thought I liked suckers or lollipops more than was normal, but I wanted to slide along Emma’s fingers, licking at them with my tongue.

Then Emma pulled out her phone. I moaned around her intruding digits as the camera flash filled the room once, twice, three times. My cheeks were red, and I was ready to cry. Now my shame was recorded forever.

“Attach and send,” Emma muttered before looking up from her phone. “That was a nice picture, Taylor. Thanks for being such a good model.” I didn’t believe her syrup-sweet tone. “I’m sure my friends, my other friends will like them just as much as I do. And they’ll be over right away, so they can compliment you in person.”

The thought of even more people, people I hated, seeing me naked and debased like this, was horrible. Horrible was a warm feeling spreading out from your crotch, right? I squirmed in place. I didn’t think I was going to enjoy being Emma’s friend that much.

How about a sequel to One Thousand Year Relic and Shampoo using the magical ancient amazon strap-on on Ranma-chan

Two Thousand Year Relic

“This is also too too good!”

Airen was a much better fuck than Hammer Girl, Shampoo thought. Certainly as a girl, and maybe as a guy, if Shampoo was ever lucky enough to actually get him. It was a constant annoyance to Shampoo that, while Ranma was eager enough as a girl to have sex with Shampoo, he never once had done the deed as a guy. Shampoo had needs, and those needs included hot, sweat sex with a muscular guy her age with a huge dick. And who wasn’t too too stupid Mousse. And could show up on time. And who didn’t constantly talk about himself.

Ranma-chan was bouncing up and down on Shampoo’s strap-on. Shampoo had a smile across most of her face as she enjoyed the feeling. And not just the feeling from the strap-on, of Ranma-chan’s tight folds getting pushed apart and Shampoo getting to feel it through the strap-on just like it was her own penis. But also because Shampoo’s hands were buried in her airen’s ass.

Shampoo was squeezing and kneading Ranma-chan’s rear. Her fingers sank into the redhead’s fat, gropeable ass. And Ranma-chan was making such wonderful noises of encouragement. Shampoo knew she had made the right choice in leaving her village to go after her airen.

Shampoo had chased her airen all the way from China. Part of it was because Shampoo wanted the busty redhead around for longer, and partly because of what Ranma had done. Eating Shampoo’s victory feast was a big no-no, and she had escaped before Shampoo could completely go through her punishment. And after that, Shampoo didn’t have a choice. She had to chase down that sexy piece of ass and make her show her sorrow.

The punishment hadn’t been completed yet. Ranma-chan always managed to escape before Shampoo could get around to anal, and, for some reason, didn’t trust Shampoo enough with ropes. So Shampoo shrugged her shoulders and kept on trying, always attempting to get something into Ranma-chan’s rear entrance. The fact that she always failed, and always after a long session of fucking, was completely unrelated.

Shampoo kissed the smaller girl. Ranma-chan kissed back, her hands circling up behind Shampoo’s head. They held each other close, hands exploring and groping each other’s bodies. Ranma-chan was pretty enthusiastic today, slamming up and down on Shampoo’s strap-on. It did wonderful things to her breasts. And, even better, they were breasts she didn’t mind showing off. Shampoo could always get a nice long grope in without her airen complaining.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!”

Ranma-chan came in the cutest way. Her eyes crossed and she squeezed down around the shaft and her cheeks turned as red as her hair. The only way it could be better would be if she called out Shampoo’s name. Shampoo decided to try to get her to do that soon. And by soon, she meant in the next fifteen minutes. They were both martial artists. They could both go for hours, in any position they cared to try.

For the next round, Shampoo was thinking cowgirl. And then doggy style. And then…

Can you write up the first time Pyrrha gets caught and captured by a Beowolf and "Used" during it's mating season? (Possibly a prequel to your previous Pyrrha and Grimm related fanfiction.)

Pyrrha’s First Time

Doggy style was so much more humiliating than Pyrrha had thought it would be. Forced onto all fours, unable to hide her body, and feeling waves of humiliation course through her. And all that was before the Beowolf had even torn off her skirt and underwear.

Now Pyrrha shivered, feeling it sniff at her exposed crotch. She felt a rush of hot air wash over her sensitive flower. Her face was as red as her skirt, and grew a shade deeper as she felt something a lot more tangible than a breath press against her lower lips.

It was Pyrrha’s first time in one sense. After all, nobody and nothing else had ever had sex with her, not even other women. On the other hand, for the past few months, she’d been preparing herself with training dildoes, knowing that this day would come sooner or later. Her hymen was gone, her walls were somewhat stretched, and she had masturbated enough for her body to associate something thick pressing against her lower lips with imminent pleasure.

Thick black claws grabbed Pyrrha’s sides. She yipped in shock, feeling the firm, unbreakable grip. Now her fate was sealed, she knew. She’d only be getting out of this when the Beowolf let her out of it. And it would only let her out it when the thick, hot rod she could feel had been cum in at least one of her holes.

Pyrrha screamed as the Beowolf’s cock slid in her. To her shame, the scream wasn’t purely one of sorrow and fear. She had done a better job that she had thought, getting her body used to penises. Already, there was a faint red ache in the lower half of her body.

Pyrrha’s muscular arms were up to the task of keeping her face out of the dirt. She still swayed back and forth with every thrust, feeling the Beowolf pound into her. It fucked her in silence, a gap Pyrrha more than filled. Her whines and cries filled the clearing as one of the lowest Grimm types took her virginity.

At least it was a solitary Beowolf. While it was humiliating to lost to a single Beowolf, Pyrrha didn’t want to think about what would happen to her if an entire pack caught her. She wouldn’t be let go until the sun, just peeking above the treetops in the early morning, had once again hidden itself.

Pyrrha closed her eyes, and tried to deny the rising arousal she could feel in herself. How could getting fucked by a Grimm dick possibly feel good, she wondered in direct defiance of years of stories from older Huntress’s. How could her nipples be getting hard, or femcum forming to let the Beowolf slide in and out of her even easier?

Pyrrha had a mortifying orgasm. She couldn’t stifle her lustful cries as they filled the clearing. Her limbs quivered as pure pleasure swept through her, filling her up and emptying her out. She was left sweaty and panting, the Beowolf still fucking her rapidly. Its knot hadn’t even started to swell, Pyrrha realized. Was she really that receptive to Grimm dicks?

That wasn’t what she wanted to be known for.

Usagi with papa and mama? That sounds too damn hot! Please write it!

Family Bonding

“Oh Mama! Oh Papa!”

Usagi was having the time of her life. Her mother and father were showing and doing such wonderful things to and for her. Youthful lust was already boiling up inside her, and she thought it would find a release soon. Usagi hadn’t had many orgasms before, but even with her inexperience, she could tell this was going to be amazing.

Usagi’s head was in between her mother’s thighs. Usagi was enjoying this chance to get a up close and personal look at another woman. The charts in her text books were just so boring, Usagi couldn’t learn anything from them. But like this, with the chance to touch and examine and taste? Usagi was learning a lot. Especially in regards to what made her mother make the best noises.

And Usagi’s father was in between her legs. And he also was teaching Usagi a thing or two. Namely, that a penis inside her could feel really good. He was going in slow, gentle strokes, that were still making Usagi melt.

Usagi’s mother reached forward and grabbed her breasts. She used a nice, smooth motion grabbing Usagi. She squirmed around underneath her mother, the older woman’s touch so, so much better than her youthful fumbling ever had been.

Usagi’s mouth was flooded with her mother’s taste. It tasted… strange was the only word. Usagi didn’t like it or dislike it, but just accepted it as a byproduct of making her mother happy. And that was a price she was willing to pay. Usagi knew she was making the same slightly translucent liquid. She could feel it gathering inside her pussy and seeping out, running down her body as her daddy entered her again and again.

Usagi felt kind of funny. She knew what lust felt, but this lust felt sharper somehow, with some electric tingles that were making Usagi squirm around on the bed. Her back arched and her legs beat against the bed as she tried to cope with the strange, wonderful sensations coursing through her.

In the end, Usagi couldn’t. It was all just too much for her, the electric pleasure building and building inside her. Finally, it couldn’t go any higher and Usagi had to let it out.

Usagi grabbed onto her mother’s thighs and screamed into her core. Her orgasm felt so, so good. It felt better than good it felt… Usagi didn’t have the words to describe how good it felt. But she liked it. Like it a lot.

Usagi’s father slowed down his thrusting, slowly coming to a halt. His rock-hard dick was still buried inside Usagi’s tight teen pussy. But as good as it felt, the purpose of today was to make Usagi feel good and learn some new tricks, not for him to reach completion.

For the same reason, Usagi’s mother lifted her self up, letting Usagi get some air. Usagi squirmed around, feeling her parent’s warm hands (and an addition in her father’s case) on her. She felt safe and warm and loved and happy.

Usagi thought she was going to enjoy sex.

Chapter Text

Mami loses to tentacles again. This time they go all the way through.

Tentacular Troubles

There was no way for Mami to shout for help. The slimy tentacle in her mouth was huge, stretching her jaw to its limits. She turned her head, trying to shake it out, but there was just too much tentacle for that to work.

And even as Mami focused on getting her mouth clear, the Witch was busy with the rest of her body. More tentacles, dripping with an off-white fluid, were winding their way up her body. Mami squealed, the sound muffled by the tentacle blocking her, as she felt two cross from her stockings onto her bare skin.

Mami bucked and kicked, and didn’t slow the tentacles down in the slightest. They kept on circling up her limbs and she shuddered, feeling the warm, boneless appendages creep over her.

And they weren’t just around her limbs, either. One tentacle, its head a mass of other, smaller tentacles, was fiddling with the brown and yellow ties of her corset and blouse. Another was tugging at her skirt, trying to find the catch or release. Mami twisted, trying to throw them off, to no avail.

Mami’s eyes widened in hope as the tentacles withdrew, foiled. Then the light in her eyes changed as they came back, no longer gently probing. They ripped Mami’s clothing off of her, leaving her in nothing but her underwear and leggings. Mami screamed, and redoubled her efforts. But the Witch had her in an unescapable nest of sticky, slimy tendrils.

Looking down, Mami saw one tentacle sliding across her bare belly. It felt like nothing Mami had ever felt before, and she shuddered at the touch. It left an off-white smear behind, staining her skin. Mami moaned in terror as she felt a heat rising from it. The heat seemed to enter her body and sink deeper inside her, joining the other traces already on her body.

Then Mami realized the burning wasn’t physical. It was much worse. It was lust. The fluid was making her aroused.

Mami realized that her nipples were hardening inside her bra, and her damp panties were sticking to her skin. She couldn’t even take refuge knowing that no one could see the signs of her shameful arousal, since she was sure the Witch would strip her of her protections soon enough.

Mami’s prediction was proven correct. Tentacles slid underneath her underwear, slimy, sticky surfaces rubbing against her skin. And then they pulled away, making Mami’s underwear fall off of her in half a dozen pieces.

Mami was left in nothing but her thigh highs. Her full, well-developed body was completely exposed, even the tentacles withdrawing to bare her to the barrier. Mami wanted to scream, but the tentacle plugging her mouth swallowed the sound.

And it wasn’t just sitting there. It had started pumping something into her mouth. Mami shuddered, tasting the warm, thick fluid burn a path down to her belly. As more and more of the sap or whatever it was pumped into Mami’s mouth, she felt her arousal grow to match it. She shut her eyes, trying to deny the lust growing inside her.

Mami was horribly aware of how aroused she was. The air moving her hard nipples was a horrible torture, and the only thing stopping her liquid lust from running down her thighs was that the tentacles had pulled her legs apart. To her shame, her hips were even twitching back and forth, trying to get some more stimulation.

Mami felt like crying, both from shame and from unanswered lust. It wasn’t even as if she masturbated very often! She had no real frame of reference for what was happening to her. She’d never had anything bigger than a finger inside her flower, and now, not only was a big, girthy tentacle about to ram her, her body was going to enjoy it. Mami couldn’t think of anything more shameful.

Then she felt something prodding against her rear. Mami’s eyes widened and she whimpered around the tentacle in her mouth. She’d heard of anal, but had never dreamed or desired that there was a place in there for her. The looming horror of it so distracted Mami that she barely paid attention to the two tentacles pushing her breasts together for the benefit of a third.

Mami squirmed, trying to get away from the slimy tentacle that was smearing something sticky and warm over her rosebud. But her gyrations did nothing more than smear some of the sap over her lower cheeks. And the gluey liquid felt good there, too.

Mami was so aroused the Witch didn’t need to coat her flower in anything. Dew had already made it soft and partible. It just slid a tentacle straight in between her lower lips. Mami’s eyes widened as her virginity was taken. The tentacle slid deep inside Mami, stopping only when it could go no further. And there, coiled up inside Mami’s core, it finally started to release its own stream.

It was like a starburst inside Mami’s body. She shook, feeling a pleasure deeper and rawer than any she had ever experienced before. Her first orgasm came near instantly, with the second close on its heels. Mami’s hips ground against the tentacle as her eyes shot wide open.

As if that was the signal, the other tentacles started as well. Mami’s mouth, her breasts, her rear, even her hands. They were all claimed, and Mami could see a half dozen more lined up, waiting their turn. She shivered, seeing their drooling slits pointed at her body. The tentacle inside her core started thrusting as well, matching the pace of the others. Mami was jolted around, the inexhaustible power of the Witch making her entire body shake.

Mami was ashamed to realize it all felt so good. The tentacle battering against the back of her mouth felt good, and so did the goopy liquid running down her throat to pool in her stomach. The tentacle inside her bum felt good as it split apart walls Mami had never thought would be touched by another. Her core felt oh so good, as the thrusting, pounding tentacle painted every inch of her private place off white. Her breasts felt good as two tentacles groped them while a third pumped through them. Even her hands felt good as they were covered in sap as she was forced to masturbate (a word that would normally bring a bright red blush to Mami’s cheeks. Right now, it was impossible to make her cheek’s brighter without a can of paint.) the two thick tentacles.

Mami didn’t know how this could get anymore humiliating, but she was afraid she’d find out.

The Witch started to spank Mami. New tentacles, flat and leaf-shaped, sprang out of nowhere. They homed in on Mami’s jiggling rear, one for each cheek.

Mami’s booty danced under the slaps. Her soft, pale, flawless skin turned red as the tentacles took turns spanking her. Tears leaked from Mami’s eyes as the pain washed over her, mixing with the pleasure. The heat from the spanking mingled with the heat from all the other tentacles, and the result was better than either.

Mami tightened down around the tentacles as she came, stimulated from many, many sources. The cheeks on her face were as red as the cheeks on her bottom. Her resistance, her mind telling her body not to love this, was slipping.

Soon, Mami was afraid, she’d be left as nothing more than a pervert, someone who enjoyed having a Witch do these things to her.

Mami’s worried were confirmed when the tentacles slithering over her breasts touched her nipples. Mami’s back straightened, as a bolt tore through her. They had never been this sensitive before. Large, and attracting constant stares, even in the girls changing room. But they had never felt like this. Not even her button felt this good.

And then Mami wondered how sensitive her nub was right now. She tried to concentrate on her crotch, attempting to tease a single line of pleasure out from the tapestry inside her. It was hard to concentrate, but Mami eventually managed to focus on her clitoris.

And it felt so good. There wasn’t a tentacle rubbing against it, but there was a steady, sluggish flow of seed running over it. The thick, sticky, arousing juice, running right over Mami’s most sensitive spot. It would be horrible if it didn’t feel so good.

Mami twisted around, trying to deny the overwhelming pleasure. But she could no more escape it than she could escape the tentacles. Mami was stuck fast, a victim of unwilling orgasmic pleasure.

And the orgasms were coming quickly. Mami barely had time to draw breath in between climaxes. Her body was a seething cauldron of lust, one that the Witch was intent on stoking higher and higher. The slimy substance of the tentacles flowing out of Mami’s flower was mixed with her own arousal, both falling to the indistinct floor as Mami writhed.

Though the tentacles seemed infinite in number, their stamina wasn’t. The first one to cum was the one buried inside Mami’s rear. Mami barely registered the tentacle back there twitching and swelling. After all, she was already so awash on a sea of pleasure, it would take something major to rise from the surrounding lust. She noticed what happened next.

Mami squeaked around her full mouth gag as a hot plume appeared in her rear. The tentacle was already buried so far up in her she thought its tip had to be poking out of her mouth. And its cum reached even further in. Mami’s hands tightened around the tentacles she was stroking as, for the very first time, something or someone came inside her.

Mami had thought that the earlier liquid had been – thick, sticky, slimy, arousing and more. It was nothing compared to the Witch’s actual cum. Even in her rear, not nearly as sensitive as her mouth or her core, it felt divine. Mami could barely believe it as her rear was painted with a thick coating of the Witch’s cum.

The tentacle withdrew quickly, coming out of Mami with a pop and a fountain of seed. Before Mami even had the chance to really feel empty, another tentacle had replaced it. And Mami could see more waiting, waiting for her mouth or hands or beasts or anything to become available.

Mami swallowed, sending another load of arousing seed to her stomach. How many tentacles was the Witch going to use on her? And she knew that she would have no choice in whether or not she’d take them.

The tentacle in Mami’s mouth swelled and she knew what would happen next…

There were the sounds of footsteps in the dark, dingy alley. The dim light was momentarily cut off as someone stepped in front of it. The footsteps got closer to the white, quivering mound lying on the concrete.

Homura Akemi stared down at Mami Tomoe. She was barely able to identify the other magical girl. She was so covered in cum the only way Homura could tell it was her was by the shredded remnants of clothing sticking to her. Her face, her tits, her stretched cunt and ass, her entire body, was all painted in seed, seed so potent that Homura felt a flicker of arousal just smelling it.

No emotions showed on Homura’s face as she knelt down next to Mami’s prone form. She extended a hand, but didn’t actually touch her. For one, there wasn’t enough untouched skin to put even a fingertip.

Mami wasn’t aware of Homura. She wasn’t even aware she wasn’t even being fucked anymore. Orgasms from the cum coating her body were still racing through her, making her occasionally twitch. With her eyes glued shut by the sticky cum, she didn’t even know that her lower holes were still so parted a steady flow of semen was escaping them and painting the ground off-white.

Mami had been fucked hard and mercilessly. She’d been fucked so hard she had snapped, and just wanted more. If Homura hadn’t defeated the Witch, Mami would still be inside the barrier, happily having her holes plundered by an inexhaustible supply of tentacles.

Homura sighed in exasperation. Now it would be up to her to bring Mami back to her apartment, clean her off and wait for her mind to reassemble itself. Homura was sure she’d end up covered in almost as much cum as Mami was. There were only two silver linings. One was that she could just detransform when she was done, and not have to wash her clothes.

The other was that she could use Mami’s mouth to work off the lust caused by the Witch’s aphrodisiacal seed.

I do love me a slutty Usagi, what if she was a groupie for the Starlights and while they performed she let the roadies gangbang her.

Musical Appreciation

Usagi wished the Three Lights would play louder. She could barely hear them over the sounds of the men fucking her. The grunts, the wet slap of flesh meeting flesh, the cries as they came in her, all drowned out the wonderful tunes of Usagi’s favorite band.

Usagi wanted more than anything to meet the Three Lights in person. Seiya, with his delightfully androgynous figure, Taiki’s deep brown eyes, and Yaten’s beautiful white hair. It would be so amazing to see them, Usagi thought. And she hoped they’d like her just as much.

But fucking a bunch of roadies was like meeting the Three Lights. After all, they had to see and speak to the singers, right? So it was almost like Usagi was having sex with them as she was getting gangbanged by a group of loaders, lifters and techies. And even if it wasn’t, Usagi still enjoyed it.

Case in point, she clamped down tight around one man as he tried to pull out of her. Usagi craned her head to look around the body of the man fucking her tits to look soulfully at the man pulling out of her. She gave him her best ‘kicked puppy’ look.

“Please mister, won’t you put it back in?”

The man wavered, seeing her large eyes, tears just starting to glimmer in them. But he firmed up and shook his head.

“Sorry miss, but I’ve got some work to do before this song ends. Don’t worry, though,” he said, patting her thigh. “I’ll be back before the concert’s over. Save a hole for me!” He ended on a cheery note as he turned to leave.

“Okay, mistumph!” Usagi’s promise was cut off as a woman sat on her face, her bare pussy rubbing against Usagi’s lips.

Usagi started licking, raising her hands to get a better grip on the woman’s thighs. She hummed to herself as she went to work. She also shook her hips, hoping to get someone new in to plug up the aching void in her center. She needed someone to fuck her pussy, someone with a nice thick cock or fingers for her to clamp down around and squeeze and make both of them feel great.

Usagi didn’t think that was too much to ask for. After all, she found someone willing to oblige her in that regard almost every day. Maybe she’d get lucky, and the roadies would tell the Three Lights how amazingly wonderful she was at sex and they’d invite her to the dressing room after the concert and…

Usagi trailed off into a stream of mushy pink lust at the thought. But even if somehow they didn’t, at least she should be able to get a cock right now. In fact, one was pressing at her wet, parted folds. Usagi happily squealed into the woman’s crotch as she was once against stuffed with cock.

One of Usagi’s hands was pulled off the woman’s thigh and wrapped around a cock. Usagi couldn’t look up and see who she was giving a handjob too, but she didn’t care. The important thing was that she was keeping him nice and hard until a spot had opened up for him along Usagi’s body.

Good fun and good music. What more was there to life, Usagi thought?

It’s time for art class, and Emma volunteers Taylor to be the nude model for this weeks painting. But Emma thinks that the boys should help paint Taylor, all covered and leaking white. The teacher and guys think it’s a great idea.

Art Class

Taylor thought that if you were naked and covered in cum, then you were still naked. Most of the class seemed to agree, with the way they were leering at her. Some of them were even masturbating. Sure, they said the semen of all these boys covered everything important, but Taylor didn’t believe them for a second.

Taylor thought Emma had bought the entire class in on this beforehand. It was the only explanation for how thirty-odd people had all taken part in her humiliation. They wouldn’t agree to do this just straight out of the blue, right? Not even to the girl lowest on Winslow’s social totem pole.

It had started when the teacher, Mr. Brent announced they would be painting nudes today. Taylor didn’t think that sort of thing was allowed in high school, but no one else had batted an eye. He had kept on going, and had asked for volunteers to be the model. Taylor hadn’t believed her ears when Emma volunteered her to be the first and only model. The teacher hadn’t even batted an eye, ordering Taylor to come up to the front of the room and strip.

Taylor had been frozen in her seat, unable to believe this was happening. Only a harsh command, and a threat of detention, had gotten her moving, mind racing to discover a way out. None came as Taylor slowly plodded to the front of the room, hearing her classmates whisper about her.

Taylor had stumbled to the front of the room, ears and cheeks burning under the weight of the stares and gossip. Her fingers felt like lead bars as she undid her clothing, piling on Mr. Brent’s desk. Taylor thought she was going to faint as she held her panties in front of her like a shield, knowing everyone behind her was looking at her pale, boney ass. She had begged the teacher not to do this, or to at least let her have some kinds of clothes.

Mr. Brent had considered this (or acted like he was) before agreeing. Taylor had just enough time to smile and start to put her panties back on when her hopes were dashed. He asked the male students to come up and join them.

Taylor had been surrounded on all sides by boys. Boys who took advantage of the closeness to grope her, hands squeezing her rear or running along her legs. The teacher ignored this as he talked, explaining how Taylor was getting cold feet, and what he was going to do about that.

Mr. Brent’s idea of preserving her modesty was to have every body in the class cum on her. He acted like this was completely reasonable and that Taylor was out of line for getting upset over it. Taylor had tried to fight back, but when he had threatened to send her to the principal’s office, still naked, she had caved in.

Taylor had barely been able to fight back tears as she sat on the provided stool. She felt the gazes of everyone in the class burning a hole in her skin as the first boy stepped up beside her. Worst of all had been Emma’s victorious smile. She had already started sketching as the boy started to grunt.

Getting cummed on was so much worse than Taylor had thought, and she didn’t think it would be good. The warm splatters of seed landing on her, the smell, it was like nothing Taylor had ever known before, and, worst of all, was having to look down and see her body get defiled as guy after guy came up, pumped his cock, and covered her with more cum.

By the time the last boy had finished, Taylor’s body was a mess. Her chest, flat as it was, was almost untouched, but her lower body down to her thighs, was an utter ruin. Taylor could feel cum dripping down in between her spread legs, covering her pussy with a thick, sticky film.

The rest of the class was busy sketching away, the sounds of pencil on paper filling the room. Every scratch was a nightmare for Taylor as her shame was immortalized. She hoped she wouldn’t be asked to review the pictures once class was over.

Taylor didn’t think much of art.

Would you possibly do cross over prompts? Say, Haruka meeting Weiss at the Beacon ball and deciding to steal away the cute freshman for a romp in a closet?

Crossover Dance

Everyone who knew Haruka knew that cute girls were her weakness. Watching them, flirting with them, seducing them, Haruka loved all of it. And they tended to love her in return. They also tended to live Michiru, if Haruka brought her girlfriend in with her. Haruka thought it was all a very fair and equitable arrangement.

Haruka usually preferred her girls to be a bit taller, so there was enough there to actually hold onto. But the pale skin of… Wine, she thought, was driving her absolutely wild. And so were the noises she was trying to bite back. As Haruka spread her fingers apart inside her lover, the white-haired girl couldn’t hold her cry in. Her sounds of lust filled the small, cramped room.

Haruka preferred for her sessions to be in a more romantic location than the janitor’s closet, but needs must. She wasn’t too worried about someone opening the door and finding them. That didn’t mean Haruka didn’t expect that to happen, especially if Write kept making these sounds. She simply didn’t care.

The girl clutched at Haruka’s jacket, clinging to her as her hips ground against Haruka’s hand. Her fingers were soaked, and if White wasn’t careful, that wouldn’t be the only thing. Haruka didn’t know what her dress was made out of, but arousal didn’t come out easily of most fabrics.

Haruka leaned in for a kiss. The girl kissed back, lips pressing firmly against Haruka. She moaned into Haruka’s mouth, hands coming up to clutch at Haruka’s shoulders. Haruka stayed pressed up against her, even when she broke the kiss. She could recognize the signs, and wanted to be close for this.

Haruka ran her hand from the back of Winter’s head, down her neck and over her shoulder. She ended up at her breast. It wasn’t a very big breast, but, as Haruka quickly discovered, it was still very sensitive. Her lover’s back arced and her moan was barely cut off with another kiss as Haruka played with her nipples. Her body was quaking, and Haruka thought she was just about there.

Haruka loved watching cute girls cum. The look on their faces at that transcendent moment of pleasure was almost as good as her own orgasm. And… Weiss, it was Weiss, was no different. When the wave of lust inside her finally peaked, she reacted wonderfully. She closed her eyes and shook her head from side to side, her flower clamping down hard around Haruka’s fingers. Her entire body shook, arms knocking against the shelving as she came.

The door opened, and light fell on Weiss’s flushed face. They both looked up, and saw a petite girl in red staring at them. Weiss buried her head in her hands and took a deep breath. Haruka just smiled.

“Weiss? What the heck are you doing? Who’s she?”

Haruka smiled to herself and wiped her fingers off. The two of them knew each other, did they? Haruka was in the mood to try for a threesome, and an existing bind would make it that much easier. She stepped forward, smiling easily.

“What’s a cutie like you doing just standing there? Come on in. And shut the door.”

Haruka never could resist a cute girl.

Emma and Taylor have made a new friend! Madison was a rather lonely girl starved for affection and personal friends. Taylor and Emma liked this. Then they discovered she was a sex starved Futa who had had sex all of once before her parents pulled her from school and freaked out and moved her to Winslow. She is a Futa dying of Thirst. Luckily, Taylor and Emma have Just the girl to help Madison! Sophia will never know what hit her.

Making/Breaking Friendships 3

Sophia woke with a start. Her entire body jolted, though it was difficult to tell with how it was already bouncing around. Sophia looked around dazedly. For a moment she couldn’t remember where she was or what was happening.

“Oh hey, you’re awake.”

Sophia hated that chipper tone. Chipper-ness in general was something she despised in general, and she had a specific hatred for the girl this particular voice belonged to.

Sophia glared up at Madison, who totally missed that there was any hostile intent in the look. She kept on humming, clutching the black leg she had hoisted over her shoulder. Her hips were moving back and forth, pushing her cock in and out of Sophia.

Sophia still wasn’t exactly keen on having sex with Emma and Taylor. Especially not with her mother getting involved. But at least it had only been a small circle of people who knew that Sophia had taken white cock every way there was to take cock. And then Madison had gotten involved.

Madison’s sob story about her dick being about to explode from blue balls hadn’t won any sympathy with Sophia, but Emma and Taylor had been quite taken in with it. They acted like it was some horrible thing that Madison had only had sex once and her parents had overreacted. As far as Sophia was concerned, that was entirely Madison’s problem. And she had said so. In hindsight, Emma had a funny tone in her voice right after that.

The next day, Madison had showed up at Emma’s door. Sophia had been told to leave off the blowjob and go answer it. Madison had been very happy to see a naked black girl answer the door. Very. Happy. Her dick had instantly tented in her skirt, and Sophia half expected a wet spot to follow.

She had followed Sophia in like a puppy, and had almost clapped when Emma told her that Sophia was hers for the day. Sophia had stiffened, but the ring gag kept her from saying anything. Emma had laughingly waved goodbye as she and Taylor went to visit the older Ms. Hess.

Sophia had barely turned around when she had been tackled by a flying Madison. In two seconds at most, Madison had gotten rid of her clothing, and was angling her dick towards Sophia’s pussy. And the two of them had started fucking on the floor of Emma’s house. Not even in a bedroom, right out in the hall. And Madison didn’t even seem to care. After the third orgasm, neither had Sophia.

Sophia didn’t get just three orgasms. She had gotten half a dozen before it had gotten too hard to count, and several more before everything went back. Sophia couldn’t believe it.

She had actually passed out while being fucked, and had been woken up by being fucked. And Madison hadn’t taken a break in between the two events. Sophia wasn’t sure how her pussy was still intact after all this. All the lubrication probably helped. And there was a lot of lubrication available. Madison came a lot, and came often. Sophia’s pussy was flooded with cum, so much so that she was amazed Madison got anything at all from it. Sophia sure didn’t. She just felt the cum inside her getting stirred up by Madison’s fat cock.

“Okay, time for your ass! Emma said you keep that nice and clean, so there shouldn’t be a problem.”

Sophia hated Madison for sounding so chipper about anal. And she hated that not only was Emma right, but her ass was even more sensitive than her pussy. She was about to cum several times in a row.

Sophia knew better then to say, or even think ‘At least it can’t get any worse.’ But she felt it pretty hard.

Chapter Text

Just assume it's one of the many, many asks I've gotten for this

Milk and Cereal Classroom

Ruby had never had sex with a champion before. And it felt good. Ruby wasn’t sure if Pyrrha’s tightness was because she had never had sex before (awesome) or because she did enough exercises she would always be that tight (even more awesome). Either way, she felt amazing wrapped around Ruby’s dick.

And Pyrrha was enjoying herself too, given the way she was clutching at the desk she was lying on. Ruby could tell that she was drooling. Correction, she could see that Pyrrha was drooling from her mouth. She could feel that Pyrrha was drooling from her core. And, all things considered, Ruby preferred feeling over seeing.

And she felt wonderful. Pyrrha was practically milking her cock, pushing back against Ruby in a lustful daze. And Ruby was more than willing to scratch Pyrrha’s itch. She grabbed Pyrrha’s (big, muscular, wonderful) booty and picked up the pace, slamming in and out of Pyrrha’s tight core with a smile on her face.

Ruby had thought that Pyrrha, being a three-time champion, would have handled a good dicking a lot better. But, just like every other girl Ruby had ever met, the red head had been turned into a drooling mess after just two orgasms (two orgasms for Ruby. She wasn’t sure how many Pyrrha had had, but it was a lot more.) Ruby shrugged mentally. Oh well, Pyrrha still felt just as nice cock-drunk as she did sober. And she looked even better.

There was a lovely red shade to her cheeks, for one. And her hair was becoming undone, loose strands worming their way out. And the expression of her face, what Ruby could see of it was soooo cute. A dazed, happy look as Pyrrha pushed back against Ruby’s penis.

Ruby groaned, feeling another orgasm coming on. Her fingers dug into Pyrrha’s rear as she shoved her rod as far into her lover’s core as she could. Pyrrha joined her, calling out in orgasm as her center was flooded with yet another wave of hot, sticky cum.

Pyrrha was already awash in Ruby’s seed. It filled her up and was spilling out, running out of her and onto the tabletop. And still, Pyrrha was pushing her hips back against Ruby, grinding form side to side, wanting more.

Ruby was quite happy to give Pyrrha all her body could take, but then what? It was rude to just leave your lover lying there, unconscious and full of cum. Maybe… Or…

Ruby thought about what to do with Pyrrha. Then an idea came to her. She owed Yang a favor, and Ruby knew that Pyrrha (tall, buff, beautiful) was Yang’s type. She could just leave Pyrrha here, and send Yang a message, telling her to come to the classroom. Ruby was sure Yang would enjoy her gift, and that Pyrrha wouldn’t have any objections. And while Yang and Pyrrha enjoyed themselves, Ruby thought she would go and have some fun with Blake. The Bellabooty (Ruby cracked herself up) needed some loving.

What else was family for?

It seems Yang is getting jealous from all the time that Ruby has been spending with Weiss instead of her. So how is Yang going to punish Ruby for neglecting to spend time with her dear sweet sister?

A Loving Sister

Yang was in the process of turning Ruby’s ass red as roses. Her little sister thrashed and squealed and tried to cover her rear. She didn’t try to escape though. Family time was important for both of them. That, and Yang’s arm was like an iron bar across her body.

Finally, Yang stopped swinging. There were half a dozen overlapping handprints on each of Ruby’s cheeks. The respite was only temporary. Yang switched hands, bringing her fresh palm into play, and resting her stinging hand on the small of Ruby’s back.

“Now,” Yang said, in between grunts of effort, “are you going to start spending more time with me, or keep on chasing after Weiss?”

“I’m sorry, Yang,” Ruby pleaded. “But Weiss is so fun! She has this strap-on, and there’s a holding chamber inside where she can put Dust rounds-!”

Ruby cut herself off. She could feel Yang flare up, the heat radiating off her sister’s body.

“So that’s it huh? My darling” a stinging slap across Ruby’s rear, “little sister was wowed by some cheap toys? She forgot,” Another blow, “what a close bond,” another spank, “we share.” The last few blows had been hard enough to make Yang’s hand hurt. Also, Ruby was leaking tears, but they were from both ends, so she was fine. “Who was it who helped you all those nights?”

Ruby squirmed, barely holding back tears as pain shot out from her bottom. She was also leaving a damp spot on Yang’s leg from where arousal was dribbling out of her pussy. Another swat to her rear made her realize Yang hadn’t intended the question to be rhetorical.

“You, Yang,” she muttered.

“Me. You’d sneak into my room, completely unable to deal with what you were feeling, and needing me to take care of you. Remember how you’d clutch the sheets, crying out your orgasm as I pumped my finger in and out of you?”

Yang’s hand ran over Ruby’s wet slit, and for a second, Ruby thought she was about to get a reenactment. But then Yang kept on moving.

“Yes, Yang.”

“I was the one who rubbed that breast growth cream on you every night-“

“Uh yeah, I don’t think that worked.”

“And,” Yang continued, ignoring the interruption, “I was the one who used that dildo to help break you in. And after all that, you ignore our sisterly bonding times just to bounce up and down on Weissy’s rod for a bit. I am very disappointed, Ruby.”

Ruby knew she was probably going to get punished some more for this, but she had to do it.

“Yeah, but when Weiss shoves it inside me, I can feel the Lightning Dust going off inside my ass and!” Ruby cut herself off, realzing she had said more than she meant to.

“So,” Yang’s voice was momentarily calm, but promising an eruption in the near future. “My slut of a little sister lets a near stranger stick stuff up her ass? Didn’t you say that you were much too tight back there for the Little Dragon to ever fit?”

Ruby tried desperately to think of a way out of the situation her big mouth had put her in. Nothing came to mind, and her concentration wasn’t helped by how nice Yang’s fingers felt, brushing against her core.

“Well, if Weiss stretched you out already, then I guess you won’t have any problems at all taking my own dildo, will you Ruby?” Yang ended her threat by pressing down hard on Ruby’s tender rear.

Ruby yelped at the sudden burst of pain, and started wiggling again as Yang dug through her ‘Private Time’ box. Ruby thought this bit of family bonding was about to get even more painfully pleasurable than most.

A follow up prompt to this. Emma volunteers Taylor to partner up with the boys during PE for some heavy physical exertion.

Taylor’s Education: P.E.

Taylor didn’t think much of PE either.

Now, partly that was because Sophia took the class as an excuse to kick and slam into her. And another part was because of the hell of the changing room. But the newest, largest reason, made both those complaints seem small and petty.

Taylor hated PE because she got fucked in PE. Right now, she was wearing a cum-stained, fetishistic PE uniform. The red bloomers hugged her hips so tight, and were so short they had more in common with a bikini bottom. And the white t-shirt was both very thin, and very tight. Even if cum hadn’t been plastering it to Taylor’s torso, it would have been almost as tight.

Currently, the gym teacher was having Taylor work on her abs. Most of the boys in the class had volunteered to help, in their own special way. With the gym teacher’s blessing, they had pulled Taylor’s bloomers to one side. The first guy had looked at Taylor’s wet slit (curtesy of Emma and her vibrator five minutes ago) and had taken that as consent. He had plunged in, impaling Taylor on his dick.

Taylor had thrashed around, but the rest of the boys soon put a stop to that. She couldn’t do anything but watch a guy she barely knew fuck her. The worst bit was that as his dick slammed into her, it continued the work Emma’s vibrator had started.

Taylor’s arousal wasn’t growing quickly, but it was growing. With every thrust, the fire in Taylor grew just that much hotter. She wanted this to be over with as soon as possible, so she didn’t have to humiliate herself by having an orgasm as the entire gym class took turns fucking her pussy.

Some of the boys had been more interested in playing basketball than fucking her (and Taylor couldn’t decide if she should be relieved or insulted) and had just masturbated over her, resulting in her cummed on shirt. Taylor was already familiar with what cum on her skin felt like thanks to art class, and having it soak through a thin t-shirt didn’t feel that much better. At least they hadn’t aimed for her face this time. Not that having her hard nipples poke out from her t-shirt, turned transparent from cum, was much better.

The first boy had cum in her, and was replaced by the second. The second came in her and was replaced by the third. So on and so forth, until enough boys had fucked and cummed in Taylor’s pussy that a river of cum was flowing out of her stretched hole. The feel of all that hot liquid, and the repeated thrusts into her, had made Taylor so aroused she wasn’t even worried about the boys deciding to sample a still tight hole.

Taylor finally came when the first boy came back for a second round. Her pussy tightened down around him, making him moan in appreciation. Taylor’s hips left the gym floor as she shook in orgasm, her eyes wild in shamed delight.

Taylor’s cry of orgasm wasn’t very loud, but it was loud enough. She could see Emma in a gap formed by the boys. Her grin was so wide it threatened to fall off her face. Taylor looked away as her chief tormentor exulted in watching her get gangbanged on the gym floor. Emma gave Taylor a thumbs-up and mouthed something. Taylor didn’t know what it was, but she also knew she had several more classes with Emma today.

Taylor certainly didn’t enjoy gym class.

Training Sophia 6

I’d gotten an alert on my phone that a new video was out, so I was practically vibrating in excitement on the bus ride back home. Once I was back, I practically dashed up to my room, turning on my computer and closing the door.

I drummed my fingers on the desk, waiting for the computer to warm up. I wondered what delicious, depraved things would happen to my friend today.

My eyebrows climbed up my forehead as I looked at the latest video. It didn’t look normal. Bad grammar, uncapitalized words, and the thumbnail didn’t have the usual shot of the title screen. I double-checked that it was from Mistress before clicking on it.

There was no opening logo or music. Instead, the video started with Sophia smiling into the camera.

“Hi, everyone!” she chirped cheerfully. “Mistress doesn’t know I’m doing this, but I wanted to give a nice big thank you to all of you.”

My chest felt tight as I watched Sophia happily prattle on. I couldn’t see a trace of the confident, cocky, even bitchy girl I had once known. Even her body had changed. She looked soft and full now, with none of the lean muscle the track team had put on her. If I hadn’t watched every single video documenting her slow transformation, I wouldn’t have thought they were the same girl.

“And I’d like to thank Mistress too. She turned me from some old uptight, boring girl into this!” Sophia waved a hand, encompassing all of herself.

Sophia looked good. The cat ears she had worn for the past three videos were still on her head, standing straight up in happiness. Her t-shirt, with some cartoon mascot, was a size too small, and very thin. I could tell she was wearing a bright yellow bra, which must have looked wonderful against her dark skin. She was too close to the camera to see much of her lower body, but I could catch an occasional glimpse of yellow high on her hips. She must be wearing a matching thong.

I shifted in my seat and realized I was soaked. The sight of Sophia acting like this (the word bimbo came to mind) all on her own was just so fucking hot. I couldn’t begin to imagine what it must be like to be so carefree and happy. Mistress had done an amazing job on her.

“And I’d like to say thanks to you guys too,” Sophia continued. “Mistress says you’ve given her lots and lots of money to make me as perfect as I can be. So here’s your thank you gift!”

Sophia reached down and pulled her shirt up. My breath caught in my throat as smooth, black skin was revealed. Sophia’s breasts looked wonderful inside her bra. I wanted to reach through the screen and grab them. Feeling those full, heavy orbs in my hands, running my fingers over the silk smooth skin sounded like the most wonderful thing in the world right now.

As Sophia tossed the t-shirt away, I remembered why the cartoon animal on it seemed so familiar. It was from some kiddy show that Sophia had once described as only appealing to a brain-dead four-year-old. I wondered if Mistress had known she said that when she gave the shirt to Sophia.

Sophia smiled at the camera as she played with her breasts. They were still encased in her bright yellow bra. Sophia pushed them up and together and generally had a good time preening for the camera. I started masturbating, watching her unhook the bra and then start playing with her bare breasts. A finger slid inside me as she pinched her nipples. We both moaned.

Sophia didn’t play with her breasts for nearly as long as I would have liked. Soon, she was standing up, kicking back the chair. She looked as good down below as she did up top.

Her yellow thong clung to her hips, the sides poking up above the miniskirt she wore. I licked my lips as she stepped out of it and her underwear. My breath caught in the back of my throat as she held her pussy open for inspection. It looked so tasty, the first few drops of arousal glittering there.

“You’re all so great,” Sophia said, holding that pose. “Giving Mistress your money and encouraging her and watching me learn to have fun even when I didn’t realize how lucky I was to get trained by Mistress.” She took a deep breath. “So I’m going to give you all the best show I can. Mistress has given me a lot of toys, and I’m going to try to use all of them.”

Sophia flashed a smile at the camera before turning away. I watched her black ass sway as she strutted away. She wasn’t wearing her cat tailplug, but maybe she’d do something else with anal before the video ended.

I got up too, diving for the box underneath my bed. I fished out the vibrator I kept there. Mom had given it to me a while ago (prompting a horribly embarrassing conversation) and I had often used it since. I flicked the plastic nipple, watching the bulbed head start to vibrate.

I settled back down in my seat, ready for Sophia to come back. Two minutes later, I was still waiting, my humming toy posed an inch above my crotch. I gave up and fast-forwarded. Sophia hadn’t done any editing at all. It took another five minutes for her to get back, holding a box full of stuff. I could see the tip of Big Boy Ben, a huge black dildo, poking out from the top. Sophia had looked so hot deepthroating that, and I hoped she’d do it again today.

“I haven’t masturbated at all since Mistress left,” Sophia said, rooting through the box, “and that’s been hours and hours. So I’m super horny for you guys.” She held up something that looked like it belonged on a sex bot. “I hope you guys enjoy!”

Sophia leaned back in the chair and got to work. I joined her, running my vibrator around my crotch. It already felt so good. I hoped I could match her, orgasm for orgasm.

After all, what were friends for?

PMMM idea: Homura wants Madoka safe and happy. To do that she needs Madoka’s other friends safe and happy. So, in a rather desperate attempt she creates and captures them in a sex dungeon... it turns out Homura is not the best at being a Dom, and things get a bit out of hand.

Not As Planned

Homura was being whipped with her own riding crop. She was biting her tongue, trying not to squeal. This really hadn’t gone the way she thought it would have. It really hadn’t.

“I’m almost insulted you thought you could keep me in a sex dungeon, Akemi-san.” Mami’s voice was a few degrees below freezing, as she held the crop.

It came hurtling down again, slapping against Homura’s rear. There were already several red welts there, evidence of Mami’s continued displeasure. The only salve for the pain Homura had was that nobody was around to see her. She had tried to grab Mami first, thinking she would be the easiest.

Homura still wasn’t sure if she had been wrong to think that, or oh so dreadfully right. Mami stepped into view, tapping her newly acquired crop in one hand. Mami was wearing a perverted take on her meguca outfit. The corset and the leggings were still in place, but not much else. She had left Homura in the dominatirix outfit she had come up with. The older girl seemed to enjoy seeing Homura in it.

Mami also seemed to enjoy seeing Homura in the stocks. Homura was bent over, and her high heels meant her rear was pushed out, making an inviting target. At least with Mami in front of her, Homura’s stinging rear would have a moment to rest.

“I must confess, Akemi-san, I’m really not sure how best to go about your punishment.” Mami raised Homura’s head with the end of her crop. “I suppose I’ll just have to keep trying things until I’ve found what works best.”

Homura shivered. This was a fully equipped sex dungeon. There were a lot of things Mami could use here to experiment with and the curdling in her stomach (which had to be from fear. Certainly.) meant her body was already imagining all of them being used on her at once.

Mami stepped back around to Homura’s rear. She tensed, expecting some more punishing strokes. It didn’t come, though. What did come was a gentle but firm pressure against her lower lips. Homura gasped as the riding crop slid into her.

That crop had been meant for Homura to use. She had dreamed about seeing Mami’s bouncy breasts swaying underneath it and listening to her sweet, sweet cries. And now she was bent over, getting fucked by the target of some of her fantasies.

As soon as Mami had gotten a good rhythm going with the crop, she started spanking Homura again, this time with her hand. Homura bit her tongue, trying not to moan from the mingled pleasure and pain. Mami leaned down next to her, whispering in Homura’s ear.

“Now, let’s see how long it will take before you say you’re sorry.”

A new plan was forming in Homura’s mind. If she couldn’t keep Madoka’s friends in place by domming them into submission, maybe she could by having them all top her until the danger was past. That could work.

It certainly couldn’t work any worse than her previous plan.

Chapter Text

I'm going to give a self-indulgent kinda prompt: Futa, werewolf (subtle, though, like a feral kemonomimi) Kyouko on Sayaka plus breeding kink. Thank you!

Red on Blue

Kyouko’s tail was going a mile a minute. Her ears were standing straight up. There was a big smile on her face. Kyouko was enjoying life, and didn’t care who knew it.

And who wouldn’t? Having a cute, fit girl bouncing up and down your cock would make anyone’s day. Sayaka was enjoying herself too, her walls wet and tight around Kyouko. Their hands were grasping each other’s shoulders, and they often looked each other in the eye. Then they looked away, blushing.

Sayaka’s excellent chest was bouncing with every strong thrust into her. Kyouko looked down at her much more modest bust and bit down a sigh. Now wasn’t the time to feel bad about not having big ol’ knockers. After all, she did have a big ol’ cock, and that was more than enough.

Sayaka certainly thought so, as she squeezed down tight around Kyouko’s rod. She was so wet and so tight, and Kyouko loved it and her. She leaned down for a kiss, her fangs pressing against Sayaka’s lips. Sayaka kissed back, greedily taking everything Kyouko had to offer. They broke with a gasp, both of them grinning from ear to ear.

Kyouko let go of Sayaka’s shoulders. Grabbing her legs, she propped them over her shoulders, and picked up the pace. It seemed like she was reaching deeper inside Sayaka now. Sayaka was certainly enjoying it, as she threw her head back and moaned. Kyouko gasped as she felt Sayaka tighten around, relax a bit and then tighten again. She had to be coming. Kyouko thought she’d be joining her lover pretty soon.

Kyouko closed her eyes and moaned out Sayaka’s name. Sayaka’s answer wasn’t even a moan, just a pure sound of animal lust. Ironic, considering who was the human and who was the nature spirit.

Finally, Kyouko reached her limit. She pushed her hips as far forward as she could, burying as much of her dick inside Sayaka as she could. She stayed there, eyes closed as the amazing sensation of being inside Sayaka washed over her. And it was enough to push her over the edge.

Kyouko yipped as she came, and her tail stood straight out from her body. Her cock throbbed, pumping her thick, sticky seed deep into Sayaka’s fertile womb. Sayaka groaned, her head turning from side to side as she felt heat blossom inside her. And blossom, and blossom. Kyouko had a lot of cum saved up, and every single drop of it was going inside Sayaka.

Kyouko could see Sayaka clutching at the grass she was laying on, fingers tearing at the turf. She barked in excitement, feeling her cum flowing into the blue-haired girl. She was sure her seed would take. Soon enough, Sayaka’s belly would grow round, with a violet haired fox cub inside. And, Kyouko licked her lips, Sayaka’s breasts would grow full and heavy. And Kyouko loved getting milk from the source.

Yep, Kyouko thought as she pulled out of Sayaka, life was going to get good.

Thanks to Atlas' latest breakthrough, Penny's newest body is closer than ever to a human's, fully capable feeling sensations. She's pleased, if a little confused, that Ruby and her sister Yang so eagerly want to help her experience the sense of touch.. ((AKA, Yuri threesome of Ruby and Yang taking Penny's "virginity". No Futa.))

Useful Upgrades

This had to be the best update Penny had ever gotten. She had already thought so the first time she had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and it had been confirmed a hundred times over by now. How had she gone her entire life without having a sense of touch this good?

Penny was sandwiched in between Ruby and Yang. And everything that could feel good was feeling good. Her back felt good, feeling Yang’s warm, full breasts pressed against it. Her mouth felt good as she and Ruby kissed. Her chest felt good as Yang played with her mounds and nipples. And her vagina felt very, very good as Ruby plunged a finger in and out of it while rubbing her mound.

Even though Penny could replay the memory of it at anytime, with seven seperate sensory systems and five speeds, she still couldn’t believe she hadn’t immediately accepted Ruby’s offer to try out her new body. She felt so good, and she wondered if humans and Faunus felt this good all the time too. If so, it was a wonder they ever got anything done.

Penny’s audio system went momentarily offline as the pleasure inside her peaked. When it restored herself, Penny realized her face was pressed against Ruby’s chest. Her soft breasts felt nice against Penny’s face. It was a nice position to be in. Penny found her arms wrapping around Ruby’s body on their own.

Among all the other things that felt nice, Ruby’s gentle laugh was one of the best. Penny turned her head, looking up at her best friend. Ruby stroked Penny’s hair, eyes alight with laughter.

“What do you want to try next, Penny? Yang has, uh,” Ruby’s cheeks turned a faint red, “a toy that could really make you feel good if you want to try it.”

“Do you mean a sex toy?” Penny asked innocently. She had read up on sex toys once, though she had never thought she’d be using one.

Ruby squeaked at the question and turned a brighter shade of red. Behind Penny, Yang laughed, disentangling herself from the mess of limbs. Ruby tried several times to form an answer, before finally giving up and nodding.

“Why, absolutely, Ruby!” The last word was underscored by a buzzing sound from behind her.

Penny turned her head, and saw Yang advancing towards them, a rod held her in her hand. Penny recognized it as a Schnee brand TK 49B vibrator, though the optional head mountings weren’t in evidence. She looked forward to getting to try out this wonderful piece of Atlas technology.

Penny felt Ruby’s hands grab her. She let her friend adjust her, ending up with her legs spread and her head in Ruby’s lap. She smiled at Yang as the blonde crawled in between her thighs. The vibrator was already running up along Penny’s synthetic skin. And it felt nice.

This really had been the best service update Penny had ever gotten, she reflected.

Legends of the Great War

The Warrior of Veld is one of World War One’s more obscure myths. It is told primely in Belgium. The first recorded printing of it in the English language was in Unsolved Mysteries of the Western Front (1935) by William Fletcher.

According to the most popular rendition, an unknown woman appeared in the British lines outside the Belgium hamlet of Veld in mid-November, 1918. After rallying a small group of soldiers, she then led a charge across no man’s land, into the German trenches. Inspired by her, the rest of the unnamed battalion followed her, pushing the German’s out.

The legend then states that the woman pushed into Veld itself, killing or routing all remaining German’s before the British infantry could arrive. From this point, the various legends sharply diverge. There are several dozen different endings put forth. The unnamed woman alternatively ascends into heaven after climbing to a church steeple, disappears during the night, pushes on into German-held territory or is shot by a sniper. They all assign a supernatural origin to her, variously an angel, a Valkyrie, an anthromorphic personification of the wrath of the Belgium people or several other possibilities.

Historical records show that the seventh battalion of the Lancaster Rifles were assigned to the area around Veldt. While it is true that they made an unauthorized attack against the German positions on November 13, there is no record of any outsiders assisting them. However, the battalion was wiped out almost to a man the next day in a gas attack by MG-H, leaving unanswered the question of why the commanding captain chose to attack.

The woman has no definitive appearance, though most portrayals take their cue from an illustration in the original pamphlet, depicting a winged woman with a sword, shield and brightly colored armor. She is sometimes given credit for the destruction of Gottfried Aerodrome, a nearby German air base that was destroyed on November 14.

There is no record giving the slightest credence to the legend. Indeed, it is difficult to trace the early stages of the myth, given that almost everyone in the Veldt area was killed by German High Command testing Dr. Maru’s newest creation. The earliest reference in any language is in a Belgium pamphlet ‘Savior of the West’, published in 1920, two years after the alleged event, citing an unnamed British soldier.

Most World War One historians give no credence to the ‘Veld Woman’, seeing it as a post-war myth. Despite that, there is a small cottage industry in parts of Western Belgium, with self-styled tour guides and amateur historians willing to entertain tourists with a long list of her exploits.

All this was inspired by a tumbr post talking about how Wonder Woman must seem like a crpytid who appeared out of nowhere and then vanished. I doubt I’ll be doing any other DC ficlets.

The Not So Terrible Trio 8

Taylor’s eyes were glued shut with cum. She could feel thick layers of cum all over her face, running down her cheeks and dripping onto her upper body. And when they did, they fell onto more cum. Taylor had taken so many cumshots, the thong she wore, the one piece of clothing she had on, did less to protect her modesty than the semen covering her.

Taylor had never been drunk before, but she thought she was getting drunk off of cum. There was so much of it, filling her world with its taste, smell and feel. Her head spun as she listened to the crowd jeer at her and the trio egg them on. Her thoughts were muzzy as thick cum from half a dozen strangers poured through her parted lips.

And she was horny. She was very, very horny. Taylor wanted to masturbate, badly. But with her hands tied behind her back, she could do nothing more than kneel on the barroom floor, feeling her arousal flow out between her lower lips and mix with the cum seeping through her thong.

Taylor’s front was so covered with cum that people had started going around to her rear. She knew her beautiful hair was getting painted white, with sticky, thick semen. But not even the thought of that was enough to stop the arousal she was feeling. She knew that if her hands were untied, she’d be masturbating in front of the entire bar, plunging cum-covered fingers into her cum-filled pussy.

Taylor had thought she would die of embarrassment when she was led into the bar. Over three dozen men, leering at her, naked except for a thong so small and tight it didn’t even deserve to be called clothing. They had obviously known she would be coming, and a few of them already had their cock out, stroking them as they leered at the nearly naked teenage girl.

Within a minute of Sophia pushing Taylor to the floor, she had felt the first splatter of cum against her face. Madison had held her head still, along with some whispered threats about what would happen if she didn’t look ‘the nice gentleman’ in the eyes as he did Taylor the favor of covering up her ugly face.

“Back off, pal,” Sophia growled. “No one’s touching the slut, got it?”

Taylor heard a scowling mumble of agreement and presumably the guy backed off. Taylor shivered at the thought of what would have happened to her if Sophia hadn’t stopped him. She was already a bukkake slut, but that would have turned her into a gangbang slut as well.

On the one hand, a huge number of strangers would be fucking her, using her holes without a single care. On the other hand, she might get to cum that way. And Taylor certainly wouldn’t cum this way, no matter how much semen ran over her achingly stiff nipples. Not that anyone could tell how hard her nipples were.

By now, Taylor thought that every inch of her body was covered in cum. Even her knees, pressed against the plastic floor. So many people, so many complete and utter strangers, had cum on her that the seed had run down her body and pooled underneath her.

Taylor doubted she even looked like a person still. More like a statue, sloppily painted white. The only clue would have been her open mouth, as she did her best to breathe through it, barely keeping ahead of the cum shot into it. She wondered what else was going to happen to her. Would the trio be satisfied with just making her the biggest bukkake target in Brockton Bay? She doubted it.

“Taylor.” Taylor started, hearing Emma whisper into her ear. “Hypnoslut.”

What? What did that mean-

TayTay blinked, or tried to. There was something keeping her eyelids closed. Then she remembered what the taste on her tongue was. Cum! It was lots and lots of delicious cum! TayTay give a full body shiver of delight. And that must meant all the other thick, warm liquid she could feel on her was cum too.

TayTay couldn’t believe how lucky she was. Her friends Emma, Madison and Sophia must have gotten her all the cock they promised her. She raised her hands to help out whoever was-

That was funny. TayTay couldn’t move her hands. Well, she could, but not from her lower back. She frowned underneath the cum coating her face, trying to figure out what was wrong.

“Mads, the knife?” TayTay recognized Super Best Friend Emma’s voice, and wondered what she wanted a knife for.

And then something amazing happened. TayTay could move her hands again. Rather than waste time wondering how that had happened, she got down to work. TayTay was smart enough to know what to do with cum on her face, after all!

The flat, skinny bimbo started shoveling cum into her mouth. And there was more than enough of it. TayTay could fill her both her hands with cum, and not even expose a hint of skin. That wasn’t a minus, from TayTay’s point of view.

By the time TayTay was starting to feel comfortably full, she had scooped up enough cum to open her eyes. Looking around, she gave a cummy smile to the absolute horde of men surrounding her. Sadly, most of them had their pants zipped up, but a few of them were still stroking their cocks, their tasty looking rods pointed straight at TayTay. A couple of them smiled back at her as TayTay waved to them.

“Bimbo, do you have anything you want to say to the nice men?” Emma asked, her tone as sweet as syrup.

“Uh, um, uh…” TayTay struggled with the difficult problem before inspiration came to her. “Thank you everybody! Thanks for giving me lots of nice, tasty cummys to wear! If you ever wanna do it again, feel free. My body’s always open!”

The watching crowd laughed at that, and TayTay smiled with them. She’d done it! They really liked her. Maybe they’d even like her enough to pick her up and fuck her on the bar counter, if she promised to lick up the mess she’d leave on it.

Behind her, TayTay heard her best friends quietly talking to each other. She listened with half an ear, though most of her limited attention was focused on the big, burly man, grunting as he pumped his cock up and down, aimed at her invitingly open mouth.

“Did we get enough?”

“Almost. Either we take her to another bar, or we chip in some of our own money.”

“We’re still short? Damn, how much does that stuff cost? I’ve seen more hundred dollar bills tonight that I ever have before.”

“Shit’s expensive, Madison. But it will be worth it. Bimbo body to go with the bimbo brain, right?”

TayTay nodded, though she wondered who the bimbo was. Oh well, she was smart. She was sure she’d figure it out sooner or later. But right now, what was important was seeing if this dockworker’s cum would taste any different from the two handfuls she had just poured into her mouth. It was so sweet for Emma, Madison and Sophia to bring her here.

TayTay knew she was luckily to have such good friends.

Yang's been getting way too cocky for everybody's tastes. Just because she's got a rockin' bod doesn't mean she's perfect. Perhaps an incredibly slutty and public race through the city against the school's Invincible Girl will help bring her down to size!

Lesson? What Lesson?

Pyrrha was already disappearing in the evening gloom. Yang pushed herself, trying to eke out a bit more speed. But her mind wasn’t really focused on the race. Her thoughts were abuzz, worried over many different things as she ran down the street.

Most of what Yang was worried about revolved around her nakedness. What if people saw her? (Too late for that.) What if they took pictures? (Again too late.) What if they recognized her? What if? What if? Yang’s mental turmoil kept her from focusing as she ran. All she wore were a pair of socks and shoes. The rest of her body was entirely exposed to the people dotting the street.

Yang’s skin gleamed under the street lights. She was giving quite the show to the dozens of people watching. Some of them even had their scrolls out, to better preserve this special moment.

Yang was rarely ashamed of her body. After all, it was one of the best in Beacon. Soft, flawless skin, full, heavy breasts, long legs, a round ass, a beautiful face, Yang knew she had it all. And she liked to show it off too, wearing outfits that presented her legs and cleavage. She tried to tell herself that this was nothing more than a progression of wearing sexy clothes.

The worst part was that part of her believed it. There was a fire inside Yang that was several inches below the burning in her lungs. Parts of her gleamed from more than just sweat underneath the sudden flashes of cameras. Yang could feel her liquid arousal start to run down her inner thighs.

Yang wondered if her growing arousal was from the spectators, or the increasingly likely possibility that would she lose the race. While defeat didn’t turn her on, what Pyrrha had arranged to happen to the loser did.

Yang couldn’t even see Pyrrha’s naked body anymore. She pushed on, hoping against hope that a miracle would happen and she would somehow beat Pyrrha to the finish line. A sudden Grimm attack only against Pyrrha, or something equally improbable.

As Yang ran, she did her best to only focus on the air going into her lungs. And not the cool night air running over her nipples, or sliding between her wet thighs. She didn’t do a very good job of it.

Yang was trembling when she reached the finish line, and it wasn’t from exhaustion. She had gotten many, many catcalls and invitations from countless men and women along the run, and her body was on fire with lust.

There was a burning, aching emptiness inside her that Yang needed to fill. It was so bad she welcomed her loss, since it meant that she would surely get the relief she so badly needed.

Yang fell to her knees, looking up at the winner of the race. Pyrrha was dressed in a loose pair of shorts and a t-shirt, looking as irritatingly perfect as ever. She started walking towards Yang, only a few steps ahead of the crowd behind her. They had obviously been eagerly anticipating the chance to ‘console’ Yang on her loss. One girl already had a strap-on around her hips.

“have you learned your lesson about humility, Yang?” Pyrrha asked, with a tone sweeter than her words.

Yang glared up at her, too out of breath to respond. By now, she was surrounded by her fellow students. All Yang had learned was that Pyrrha was a better runner than her. And that she had an exhibitionism fetish. She already knew about her gangbang fetish.

As hard dicks pressed against her cheeks, Yang allowed herself a tight smile. She’d accept the loser’s penalty tonight. And tomorrow she’d challenge Pyrrha to a weight-lifting competition. Same stakes as tonight, but then it would be Yang watching Pyrrha get DP’d with cock.

Yang could already see it happening, as fingers spread her lower lips apart. And it looked nice.

Chapter Text

Making/Breaking Friendships 5


There was an orgy going on in the Hess house. Emma, Taylor and Madison had invited themselves over and Sophia’s mother hadn’t said no. She hadn’t said much of anything before dropping to her knees to start blowing them. Now the three white futas were fucking the Hess family, each of them grabbing someone.


Emma was fucking Sophia’s mom, her thighs hitting Rita’s rear as the teen buried herself in the MILF’s ass. Sophia really wished she didn’t have to listen to her mother moan like a whore as someone half her age fucked her. She also had thought that the bedroom walls would have been thick enough to block at least some of the sound.


But at least age play was a lot more natural than Madison and Sophia’s so called ‘brother’. Terrance, or Tina as he was often called, was getting fucked by Madison. He was holding his skirt up so everyone in the room could see the pink cage nestled between his legs. It was drooling a steady stream of thin cum.


As for Sophia? Amazingly enough, her ass wasn’t getting fucked. In fact, all three of her holes, and her hands, and her tits were free of cock. She still had to sit on Taylor’s lap, letting the other girl idly grope as she watched TV, but that was it. It was very unusual for any of the three girls to be around Sophia and for her not to be taking their dick. She felt surprised, and even a bit grateful, for it.


Sophia knew she shouldn’t feel grateful for not having to take dick. She certainly wasn’t grateful for what she had to wear.


Bright pink wasn’t Sophia, not remotely. Yes, it was quite the contrast against her black skin, but it was still much more girly than she was. Even if ‘girly’ wasn’t the word usually used to describe fishnet stockings and a matching bra and panty set.


Sophia squired as she felt Taylor’s hand slide across her belly. And she could feel something else pressing against her rear. Sophia could feel the heat and hardness even through her panties and Taylor’s jeans. She gloomily wondered how long it would be before that was inside her. And how long it would be before her body betrayed her with an orgasm.


But it hadn’t happened yet. Taylor just kept playing with Sophia’s body, one hand sliding into her panties, or rubbing a full breast. All the while, she kept on flipping through the channels on TV. Finally, Taylor turned it off with a sigh of disgust.


“I thought I could never find anything good to watch at home because we didn’t have cable,” she groused. “Look’s like there’s just nothing worth watching, huh?”

Sophia gave a single shoulder shrug, not really wanting to get into a conversation with Taylor. TV was her mom’s thing, anyway. Sophia liked to be more active, pushing her body. Though that had come to have a different meaning lately. Though even Sophia had to admit that even getting dicks in all three holes beat watching one of her mom’s insipid reality TV shows.


“So, what should we do now?” Taylor asked, lightly pinching Sophia’s nipple. That made her squirm involuntarily, rubbing her butt against Taylor’s cock. “Oh, you want to fuck too?” She asked, all innocence. “Sure thing, baby.”

Taylor’s hands started tugging at Sophia’s panties before they stopped. Both girls turned to look at the wall separating the living room from the bedroom. Rita Hess’s cries were getting louder and louder, and more and more incoherent. Sophia could hear Emma’s muffled voice underscoring them. She wished her mother wasn’t such a slut. And that her brother wasn’t such a slut also. And that she didn’t know what it was like to cum from a cock in her ass and her mouth at the same time. Sophia wished for a lot of things.


She didn’t get most of them. For instance, the only thing that happened as Taylor lifted her up and then back down was Sophia’s wet walls wrapping around the white girl’s cock. Sophia started bouncing up and down on Taylor’s lap as Taylor played with her breasts, hands sliding underneath the pink bra to get at the warm, black flesh.


Pretty soon, they fell into a rhythm they both enjoyed, as Taylor alternately kissed and nipped at the back of Sophia’s neck. Sophia could feel an orgasm approaching. And with grumpy ill-grace, she accepted it. After all her mother had had one, and her brother had several. Her eyes flicked over to her brother’s drooling, blissed-out face momentarily.


Then they flicked over to Emma as the rich white girl entered the room. She was only wearing a tight pair of shirts, that highlighted her bulge. Behind her, through the open door, Sophia could see her mother. She was facedown and ass up, a stream of white trickling out of her asshole.


“Guess what?” Emma said, falling onto the couch next to them. Rather than wait for them to guess, she kept on talking. “Mrs. Hess is into raceplay. Big time.”

Oh god. Sophia closed her eyes, and wished she could cover her ears without being obvious about it. This was going to be bad.


“Yeah,” Emma continued at a look from Taylor. “She asked me to call her, what was it, ah yes. A darky slut who can’t live without teenage white dick. And man, you should have felt her tighten down around me when I did. I didn’t know she could squeeze that tight back in her ass. It was awesome.”

Sophia started bouncing faster on Taylor’s cock, trying to distract them from this. She didn’t want to hear about her mom’s weird fetishes. Especially not when those three insisted on trying them out on her and ‘Tina’. And especially not when Sophia ended up enjoying them.


“Huh,” Taylor eloquently responded. After a pause, she started talking again. “You think her kids are the same way?”


Sophia had heard that one before.


“Can’t hurt to find out,” Emma said with a grin.


Sophia had heard that one before too.


As Emma, Madison and Taylor spitballed how best to insult Sophia and Tina, Sophia shivered. They really were a terrible trio.


In Dreams


Homura woke up smiling. The smile faded as she tried to remember why she was smiling. There had been a dream, she knew that much. And in it, there had been… there had been… It was already fading from her memory. Her brow furrowed as she tried to remember the details. There had been someone else (and just the thought of that sent an unknowing blush to Homura’s cheeks) and they’d… done something. The last bits of it slipped through Homura’s fingers.


She fell back to her pillow with a sigh. It was gone, like it had never been. As she reached for her glasses, Homura hoped she would have the dream again. It would give her something to look forward to. And she needed something to aim for, since today would be nothing more than another day of boredom and tests by the doctors.


That night, Homura dreamed. She was sitting on a bed, and what a bed it was. It was far bigger and comfier than her hospital bed, and there were pillows and stuffed animals galore. It was just the kind of bed she had always wanted, had dreamed about getting when she finally left the hospital.


Homura rolled around in it, smiling. She grabbed a teddy bear and tossed it up into the air, smiling widely. This was a good dream, she could tell.


And later, it got even better. A beautiful lady had appeared. Pretty women had been appearing more and more in Homura’s dreams over the last year and a half, but usually they were modeled after the nurses who took care of her. But Homura didn’t know anyone who had pink hair and golden eyes.


And while Homura may have known women who had a, a, man’s thing between their legs (Homura almost died of embarrassment thinking that) they had never actually shown it to her or told her about it. This dream lady, however, had done a lot more than show or tell. She had taken Homura’s dream virginity, holding the young teen close and peppering her with kisses as Homura had gradually sank down on her shaft.


It had felt so, so good. Homura’s furtive fumbling after dark couldn’t begin to compare to the bliss the beautiful woman brought her with every stroke. Homura’s braids flapped around as she cried out, feeling something rising in her. Her limbs twitched as the woman praised her, telling her what a good and cute girl she was.


Homura felt good. She felt good, so good-!


Homura woke up in the middle of the night, gasping for air. Her heart was going a mile a minute, and she reached for the buzzer, worried that she might be in trouble. She held the button in one hand as she slowly calmed down, her breath and heart rate returning to normal.


Something else wasn’t normal. There was a wet stickiness to her thighs. For a horrifying minute Homura thought she had wet herself. Then a minute twitch of her hips sent a warm buzz through her. Memories of her dream came crashing back to her. Oh. Oh. Homura thought she knew what that was.


Homura liked that dream. She liked it a lot.


Honestly, I could spin this into five thousand words without a bit of difficulty. I had to force myself not to include a lot of ideas that would have fit perfectly just to make it short enough.


Height of Fashion


“Follow the trend? Who do you think we are?” Sailor Neptune ran a hand through her hair. “We either set the trend, or we don’t do it at all.”


“Quite right,” Sailor Uranus said. “Making out in public has been done to death. That’s why we’re moving on to the next step in magical girl entertainment.”


The two Sailor Senshi were talking into a webcam. They had both used their magic to alter their uniforms, making the material thinner and shorter. They had artfully held their legs apart just far enough for anyone watching them online to almost, but not quite, see their panties. Likewise, the bows on their chests had been shortened to emphasize the curves of their breasts.


Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune looked down to fuck. And they were. They started by kissing each other, hands slowly sliding over each other’s bodies as they tenderly pressed their lips together. Sailor Neptune tugged at her girlfriend’s skirt, hiking the shortened piece of clothing up high enough to reveal the swell of Sailor Uranus’s rear.


The webcam faithfully recorded it all, sending the video to a site were thousands of people were watching two Sailor Senshi make out in real life. And they weren’t even charging money for it. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune were doing this for the sheer exhibitionistic thrill of it all.


The two of them were quite happy to the cater to the camera. Sailor Neptune got on all fours, facing away from the camera, wiggling her rear. Sailor Uranus lifted up her skirt and then lowered her panties, displaying the ass and pussy of the Senshi of Water to thousands of complete strangers.


Then she held up two gloved fingers. Sailor Uranus slid into her lover’s soaked pussy, pumping her fingers in and out. Sailor Neptune moaned, mugging for the camera as she pushed her hips backwards to meet Sailor Uranus.


After Sailor Neptune came, it was time for her to return the favor to Sailor Uranus. When she lifted up the blonde’s skirt, she revealed a surprise to the camera. Sailor Uranus was wearing a jeweled butt plug in Neptune’s colors. Sailor Neptune planted a kiss on it, before she started to debauch Sailor Uranus. She tugged on the plug while rubbing Sailor Uranus’s clit. It took even less time for the blue-skirted girl to cum than it had for the Sailor Neptune.


For the next round, they both pleased each other. Sailor Neptune got very close to the camera, before Sailor Uranus lowered her head and started eating her out. Sailor Neptune did the same to her, and the image of two Sailor Senshi 69’ing was broadcast across the world.


The two of them put on quite the show, rolling around on the bed and playing with each other. When they ended their fun, the only piece of clothing either of them wore were their gloves. And they were sticking to Sailor Uranus’s and Sailor Neptune’s fingers, soaked through. They had both driven the other to several orgasms, every one captured by the camera and stored online.


The two Outer Senshi were quite confident that they had started a new trend for exhibitionistic magical girls today.


Sayaka Scenarios



Sayaka stayed still as another line was drawn on her cheek. Everyone who fucked her left a mark (besides the flushed skin and white cum) next to whatever body part they had enjoyed. Sayaka could look down and see black tally marks on her tits, on the inside of her thighs, and even her hands. And there were more on both sets of cheeks, upper and lower.


Sayaka had been fucked a lot, though that wasn’t quite the right word. After all, the men who came in were focused on their own pleasure not hers. It would be more accurate to say that Sayaka had been used as a sex toy, as a cum dump, a lot.


And the worst part, even worse then the men discussing their day as they filled the tight holes of a teenager, even worse than the way they used Sayaka’s skin and hair to wipe their cocks clean of cum, was that Sayaka had cum. She had cum a lot. So far, it was all from her pussy, but from the way her ass was feeling better and better, Sayaka was afraid that soon she’d cum from getting ass-fucked.


Sayaka wasn’t sure if there could be anything more humiliating than cumming from getting her rear pounded, but, if there was, she was sure she’d find out.


Sayaka wore a pair of boots, and nothing else. She was doing her best to keep her back straight and her head up as she walked through the town. All around her, people were watching her. And judging her, she was sure of it.


Judging her, a stranger without a scrap of shame, who would walk through the square on market day without a stitch of clothing. Sayaka’s breath caught in her throat, and she fought to keep her hands at her sides. After all, if she didn’t, she knew she wouldn’t be covering herself.


No, if Sayaka let her hands slip, they’d start playing with her stiff nipples and slide into her wet pussy. Sayaka was barely stopping herself from masturbating in the town square, from letting hundreds of people see her play with herself.


Sayaka stumbled, almost falling to one knee. The fantasy was so vivid she could barely stop herself from going over to the fountain, sitting down on it, and spreading her legs. No, she had to be strong, strong enough to get back to the castle, without touching herself.


Arousal fell to the street as Sayaka paced around the square, intently watched by people who couldn’t believe their luck. It wasn’t every day a slutty girl offered her body up for their viewing pleasure, after all.


Sayaka didn’t know what this monster was. It looked vaguely like a gorilla crossed with a horse. The hands that had torn her clothing off were certainly like an ape’s. And the thick, throbbing cock it had was like a horse.


Sayaka squirmed in the monster’s grip, trying to get away. There was absolutely no way that thing could fit inside her. How could it? After all, if the base was at her pussy, then the flared head, already drooling precum, would end up at her breasts. Sayaka knew she would pop like a balloon if the monster tried to shove that inside her.


The monster thought the same. Instead of trying to put its head against Sayaka’s shamefully wet pussy, its hands pulled her close. Sayaka squealed, before her cry was muffled as her head was pressed against thick fur. Her fists futilely beat against the beast’s chest, as she felt it’s hot, hard, thick cock get pressed against her body.


The monster started to pull her up and down, rubbing her against its dick. Sayaka moaned in shame as she realized she was nothing more than a masturbation aid to the creature, a full-body sex toy. And the shame was intensified as drops of her arousal fell to the forest floor. She tried desperately to make herself believe that the monster had some kind of aphrodisiac effect, knowing it was a lie.


Sayaka had been fucked at least five times, presumably by five different dicks. And she hadn’t gotten a single good look at the faces of any of them. Even as her mouth and pussy had been filled by the cocks and cum of utter strangers, Sayaka hadn’t been able to see anything.


And in the massive orgy she had been pulled down into, she wouldn’t have a chance later. They would just disappear into the crowds surrounding Sayaka, of men and women alike having debauched sex with each other.


Sayaka tried to her legs to close, but it hurt too much to force them together. Instead, she just slumped back onto the floor, stone covered with straw. She knew she must look like an inviting target, legs spread, letting anyone who came by see straight up them and into her flushed, parted pussy, slowly drooling cum. And, even worse, the cum was a mixture of three different men, none of whom Sayaka would ever recognize.


There was a word for someone who was acting like Sayaka, but she couldn’t bring herself to admit it. And even if she was, it wasn’t as if there weren’t another dozen women right in front of her, all doing the exact same thing. Or even more. Sayaka shivered as she looked at a serving girl take three men in her mouth, pussy and ass all at once. And she looked like she was enjoying it.


Briefly, the idea of Sayaka being in that position flashed through her head. Then she shook it, trying to deny the appeal. She wasn’t like that. Not at all.


Sayaka was walking down the street, holding a sign with writing on it. She didn’t know what it said, not precisely. She had just been told that the sign detailed the sexual services she was offering, and how much each would cost. Handjob, oral, vagina, anal, titjob, group sessions, she had been told it was al detailed here. And it seemed the man who had written it had been telling the truth.


Many people on the crowded market street were staring at her and at the sign, occasionally whispering to each other. Sayaka couldn’t bring herself to meet their gazes, just staring down at the cobbled street as humiliation (and the tiniest bit of lust) roiled around inside her stomach.


When a man stepped up to her, talking in a language she didn’t understand, and pointing at words she couldn’t read, Sayaka didn’t do much. She just submissively nodded and followed him into an alley. Almost as soon as they stepped off the street, he was grabbing at her. His hands quickly pulled down her top, revealing the breasts of the young teen. He laughed, saying something that sounded mocking. Then he pushed Sayaka to her knees and pulled out his cock.


Sayaka opened her mouth, telling herself that it was just so she could get enough money to eat. But a part of her was wondering if the man would notice or care if she started masturbating while giving him a blowjob.


All this was inspired by the latest round of voting for The Alternate Ending of Sayaka, a quest on QuestionableQuesting.


Full Hospitality


Nothing could beat twins, Ruby decided. Absolutely nothing. And here she’d been thinking she wasn’t going to get anything more from going to the club wit Yang than a sense of boredom and a headache. Instead, she had two criminal(ly hot) sisters kissing their way up and down her cock. Best. Club. Ever.


One of the twins, Melanie, maybe, looked up and giggled. Ruby normally thought of a giggle as something high-pitched and childish, but Miltia(?) made it sound smokey and seductive. The other twin glanced up and smirked as well.


“We love finding the underage girls who come in here,” one of them said. “Their cute bodies and their huge,” she kissed Ruby’s shaft, “hard,” and again, “cocks.” A final kiss, right at the base.


Ruby shivered, hands forming into balls as she squirmed in place. Ruby had never had a blowjob from a single person before, let alone two hot, sexy twins. She wasn’t sure how long she could hold out. After all, stamina had always been Yang’s thing, not hers.


Ruby still gave a good enough accounting for herself. She moaned and closed her eyes and tried to think of unsexy thought as the twins serviced her cock. Even as her hips started bucking forward, she did her best to keep from cumming, not wanting to look inexperienced in front of the two sexy older girls.


When she finally did cum, it was down the throat of one of them. Ruby couldn’t tell the difference between them. Even before they had stripped naked, she still couldn’t remember who wore the red dress and who wore the white dress, and she wasn’t going to embarrass herself by asking.


Anyway, she came inside the mouth of one of them. The twin gave her a closed mouth smile, before making a big show of swallowing. Ruby stared, entranced, watching her neck move as she swallowed Ruby’s seed. Then the twin opened her mouth, showing that she was completely clean. Ruby made a choking sound, and felt her rapidly deflating cock stiffen again.


The other twin smiled at Ruby’s expression. It was sharp yet somehow seductive. She licked her lips and breathed out her next few words.


“What’s the matter? Expecting the two of us to do a little snowballing with each other. Or were you planning to shoot on my face and have her lick it up?”

Ruby turned bright, bright red as she listened to the filth. The Malachite twin was describing things Ruby hadn’t even dreamed of. And if the idea behind that was to get Ruby ready again, it was working.


Two hands descended on Ruby’s dick, slowly stroking it back to full hardness as the twins took turns describing the twisted, debauched things they and Ruby could do with each other. Ruby swallowed nervously. If they didn’t stop touching her cock soon, she was going to waste her second load in their hands, which would be a huge disappointment for everyone.


Ruby would be willing to come back to this club, even without Yang.


Chapter Text

Lately in Juuban there have been reports of a gang of big dicked teenage boys gangbanging milfs, Ikuko Tsukino learns this the hard way when our her way to the store she's dragged into a dark alley and turned into a cum dumpster.

Back Alley Fun

Ikuko certainly didn’t think of this as the hard way. The easy way, maybe, or perhaps the great way. Or possible the amazing, mind-blowingly enjoyable way. There were a number of different ways to put it, and she’d have to spend some time thinking alternatives over later.

For now, though, all she had to do was to keep enough motor control to stop from falling onto the dirty asphalt. And that was enough of a challenge to keep her busy. After all, she bent over, with one virile young teen filling her mouth, and another behind, thrusting into her unprotected pussy. That, and the arousal surging through her, making her knees weak, was all proving to be quite the challenge for the mother of two.

Ikuko was already covered in cum. Her modesty had been preserved by a set of extremely sensible clothes. Now, such modesty as she felt like having would have to be preserved by the loads of sticky white semen coating her body. She was already standing in a pool of the stuff, which was ever-growing as more and more dripped off of her.

While Ikuko was only being used by two boys currently, there were twice as many lounging around. They leered at her debauched form, slowly stroking themselves back to hardness. Ikuko felt a shiver run through her body at the thought of having to take even more dick, very soon. Again.

Ikuko had already been plugged airtight by the teenage gang. She had never had cocks in her mouth, pussy and ass all at once, though she had taken her husband in each of those holes at least a dozen times over the years. And she had cum so, so hard from getting stuffed like that.

Ikuko’s orgasms had really taken a lot of her, even as the teens put even more inside her. Her lungs burned as she tried to get enough air around the dick filling her throat. Her legs were shaking and she was only staying upright due to the thick cocks and strong hands on her.

With a groan, the boy inside her mouth came. Ikuko spluttered and gagged as she tried to cope with the thick load of semen filling her mouth. There was so much of it and it tasted so good. Ikuko desperately tried to swallow it, since the alternative would by to have a wave of white run down her chin and onto her breasts.

She did a good enough job, only a few small trickles escaping the corners of her lips. But that just meant it was time for the next boy to sample her mouth. Ikuko obediently opened her mouth as he slapped her face with his cock. After a few more slaps, he slid in, the tip of his dick hitting the back of her throat. Ikuko started sucking.

A small part of Ikuko was considering how she could get home. She surely couldn’t walk down the street, more than half-naked and covered with cum. (She ignored the small thrill that went through her body at the thought.) Maybe she could call Usagi and have her daughter bring her some clean clothes and a towel.

And hope that the gang didn’t grab her precious, darling daughter. It would be so, so horrible, for Ikuko to watch her oldest child get thoroughly ravished by one thick, virile cock after another, until the gang got bored enough to have some incest play, and make the mother/daughter duo lick the cum off of each other. That would be… bad. So bad.

So very bad.

These two snippets sound like Emma triggered with a Master/Stranger power that makes people both willing to go along with whatever Emma suggests, along with not considering anything involved with the situation 'strange' or 'abnormal'. Thus I'm going to offer this prompt;

Emma decides to go visit Taylor's house and make some suggestions to Taylor and Danny about how Taylor needs a better diet high in protein, how Taylor needs to keep hydrated and how both she and Danny can help with that, along with they can have fun and get a bit closer 'exercising' (while Emma is recording it all on camera).

Taylor’s Education: Homework

Taylor really thought that the hours she spent as school were enough. She didn’t need to put in anymore at home, especially since her assignments never made it to the teacher’s hand. But Emma disagreed.

“Come on, Mr. Hebert,” she said, with a smile full of evil delight. “Don’t you want your daughter to get all the nutrients she can?”

Taylor thought she already had a healthy enough diet. And that there wasn’t any nutritional benefit to eating a man’s cum. And that if there was, she had already had enough to last her a lifetime. But Taylor wasn’t in charge here.

The same spell Emma had weaved over the art class, and the PE class, and the sex ed class, and several more, was also taking hold of Taylor’s father. He was nodding in agreement, and looking at Taylor in a speculative manner.

Taylor shivered, kneeling on the kitchen floor. It didn’t feel right to only be wearing her underwear in front of her father. Or, rather, Taylor knew it should feel wrong. But what she felt was a guilty excitement.

Taylor’s thighs were pressed together tightly, which was a minor miracle, given that they had been spread so often today. Her third set of replacement panties felt too tight, sticking to her in ways Taylor found shamefully distracting. And her panties were all she was wearing. Emma had decided Taylor was flat enough she didn’t need a bra. Taylor desperately wanted to cover up her breasts and hide her stiff nipples. But she kept her hands on her thighs, not wanting to find out what Emma would do if she saw Taylor ‘acting like a prude’ again.

The repeated fuckings Taylor had gotten today had imprinted themselves on her body. She didn’t want to suck her dad off, but all her body knew was that there was a hard cock in front of her, and that hard cocks would make it feel good. Taylor’s mouth watered as she tried to deny to herself what she wanted to do.

“Really, you’d be doing Taylor a favor,” Emma said. “How else is she going to grow up big and strong if her own dad doesn’t feed her?” Emma looked like the cat that had caught the canary.

“You’re right,” Danny said, after a long moment’s thought. “Taylor, if you could open up?”

Taylor didn’t, not wanting to give a blowjob to her own dad. It wasn’t the worse line she had been made to cross today, but it was still bad. But a look at Emma’s face convinced her this was the better option. It still felt awful, though. Awful and arousing. Taylor just couldn’t press her thighs together tight enough to keep from leaking on the kitchen floor.

Taylor opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. She couldn’t bring herself to look at her dad, so she just closed her eyes, listening to him unzip his jeans. Then she felt something warm and hard press against her face.

An electric shock ran through Taylor as she felt her dad rub his cock on her face. She felt tears start to form as she ran her tongue along his length. But even worse were the tears she felt starting to form elsewhere. Her hips twitched as she fought to keep them still.

Danny slid into his daughter’s mouth. Taylor had had a lot of time to practice her blowjob skills today, and her body started automatically using them, not caring that this time, the thick dick inside her mouth belonged to her dad. Her lips, her tongue, her breath, her throat, she had become experienced in using them all. Taylor gave her dad a world-class blowjob.

Even as Taylor sucked him off, tears rolled down her face, And even as she sobbed in humiliation, her hands slid between her thighs, fingers going into her pussy. Taylor had been forced to learn that orgasms tinged with humiliation were so much stronger than normal ones. And giving a blowjob to her father, as degrading and humiliating as it was, still wasn’t the most depraved thing Emma had made Taylor cum from today. Taylor knew she could orgasm from this. She didn’t want to, but she was too weak to stop herself.

Taylor felt fingers dig into her hair. She couldn’t tell if they were Emma’s or her dad’s, and she didn’t want to open her eyes to find out. At least the hands stayed there, instead of making her go faster.

“See, Mr. Hebert?” Emma’s voice came from behind Taylor. “Look how eagerly she’s going. She must need a lot of it. You should give her your cum every day.”

He didn’t respond, though Taylor did. She moaned in despair and tightened around her fingers at the though of facefucking her every moaning before school. Or maybe even before she got out of bed. That would really be awful.

Danny was obviously very backed up. He came quickly, and he came a lot. With a groan, he thrust himself forward, burying his dick inside Taylor’s throat. And then he came. Taylor spluttered and gagged as an endless stream of cum was shot down her stomach. She was already feeling full from all the other cum that had been pumped into her today.

Even when Danny stopped cumming, Taylor’s work wasn’t done. He pulled his hips back a bit, just enough to slide his cock into Taylor’s mouth.

“Got to get every drop, Taylor,” Emma said cheerfully. “You’ll need a lot of vitamins if you want to be a growing girl!”

Taylor started licking her dad clean. Her mouth was filled with the taste of his cum as she licked the smeared seed off his softening dick. All the while, she kept on masturbating, even as shame surged through her. Was she really an incestual slut who got off on blowjobs? It seemed so, though daddy-diddling wasn’t the worse thing she’d done today.

Finally, Danny pulled out of her mouth. Taylor’s lips were left slightly parted, but, though a whine escaped, no cum did. Her body burned with need, but Taylor yanked her hand away. Somehow, it seemed so much worse to masturbate while two people were watching her than when she was giving a blowjob.

Even though her core ached with need, and a long string of arousal connected her fingers to her lower lips, Taylor rested her hands back on her lap. Finally, she opened her eyes. And looked directly into the lenses of a video camera.

“Great job, Taylor!” Emma said, from behind it. “I’m sure I’ll get an A+ for that nutritional science assignment. And everyone would love to have you come when we all watch it.”

Taylor could barely breathe, let alone speak as she looked into the merciless black eye of the camera. A disjointed thought flew through her mind as her mouth opened and closed.

School work should stay on school grounds.

RWBY: Sienna Khan is visiting Beacon on a good-will mission when her heat cycle hits - hard. And then she sees Ruby going into the showers by herself...

Red Tiger

Blake and Velvet had shown Ruby what a Faunus in heat could be like. And Glynda and Raven had shown her what a mature woman could do. But Ruby had never been fucked by a mature Faunus in heat before. She had been missing out.

Ruby’s arms and legs were wrapped around Sienna’s back. The dark-skinned woman had her hands underneath Ruby’s thighs, lifting and lowering up and down Sienna’s cock. Their breasts were pressed together, stiff nipples slipping past each other on every stroke.

Even if Sienna’s hands were removed, Ruby would have kept on bouncing on her cock. The tiger Faunus felt so good inside her, stretching her tight walls. Ruby’s mouth was open and her eyes were shut as she gloried in the sensations washing over her. Her wet, teenage pussy desperately clamped down around the hard dick spreading her.

Every time Sienna hilted inside her Ruby, the base of her dick rubbed against Ruby’s clit. And every time that happened, it made Ruby gasp. It was like an electric jolt with every brush. Ruby wanted more.

And she knew she would get more. Sienna wouldn’t be letting Ruby go until she had come out of her heat. And that would mean hours and hours of hard fucking. Ruby doubted she’d be coherent by the end of it.

It was kind of funny, she thought. When Faunus went into heat, their mental faculties were reduced, and they only recovered when at the end of the cycle. Whereas Ruby went into it clearheaded, and usually couldn’t remember her own name once they were done.

Ruby leaned in for a kiss, trying to press her lips against Sienna’s. She got it on her second try. Sienna smelled good, with a hint of foreign spices. Sienna kissed Ruby back, their tongues meeting before Ruby’s was pushed back into her mouth. Ruby’s moan was swallowed up by Sienna.

Ruby ground her hips against Sienna’s brown thighs, feeling the Faunus’s cock shift around inside her. Ruby felt close, very close indeed, to cumming. It was a good thing orgasms didn’t leave Ruby overstimulated, since there was no way Sienna would have stopped fucking her. Not until Sienna had cum, and flooded Ruby’s fertile, unprotected pussy with her virile cum.

Ruby knew she should be more worried about that, but it was so hard to focus on anything besides the thick cock pounding into her. And when she could focus, it was on how hot her belly swelling with the older woman’s child was.

Ruby squealed as she came, the fantasy pushing her over the edge. She threw her head back as she shuddered, clamping down around the thick dick inside her. Sienna just grunted and kept on thrusting.

Ruby was left panting, her cheek pressed against Sienna’s brown breast. Even as her arms fell away from Sienna’s back, the older woman kept on fucking her. Ruby let out a quiet moan as her walls were forced back apart. She knew she still had many hours and orgasms to go, and that each would feel better and hazier than the last.

Ruby loved Faunus, especially when they were in heat. She wished the rest of her team felt the same way. Well, not Yang, because, ew, incest. And not Blake, because she was already a Faunus. And not Weiss, because she was into kinky stuff Ruby wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole.

Maybe Ruby should wish some of her other friends were into the stuff.

I want to see the gangbang scenario where Yang loses the street race against Pyrrha actually happen. And I want all the possible penetration and creaming of every hole.

Reluctantly Learning a Lesson

Yang was used to getting a lot of attention on the streets. After all, she was hot, and dressed to emphasize it. The attention usually wasn’t this direct, though. Long stares, wolf whistles, that was the sort of thing she was accustomed to (and reveled in). Getting gangbanged in the middle of the plaza? Not so much.

And it already was a gangbang. Even if there was some wrangling over how to position Yang to fuck both her pussy and her ass, it was a gangbang. Yang was surrounded by a forest of dicks. Some of them on men, some of them on futas, and some of them strap-ons on women. And there were a few uncovered pussy’s, waiting for Yang’s tongue to become available.

At the moment, Yang’s mouth was busy getting filled by someone’s dick. She had no idea who. All she knew was that it was a guy who wasn’t going to wait for everyone else to come to an agreement before fucking her.

Yang gave him the best blowjob she could. And she could give pretty good blowjobs. No gag reflex, a pretty face to look down on, the works. And she was desperately focusing on doing as well as she could. That way, she was thinking about gobbling cock. Not about how she was naked and horny, in the middle of a crowd full of strangers.

The circle of men surrounding her had finally decided how to arrange her. One of them crawled underneath her, as half a dozen hands grabbed Yang. She moaned as she was pulled off the dick she was sucking. They quickly moved her around, so the guy underneath her was looking at her back.

Yang flushed as she felt the tip of his cock brush against her ass. No prizes for guessing where that was going. And Yang was proved to be quite right. The stranger slid into her rear. Yang’s moan was quickly cut off as somebody interpreted her open mouth as an invitation.

Another, different cock, slid into Yang’s mouth. She started sucking, feeling the thick dick stretch her mouth. And as she gave a blowjob, she could feel someone’s hands on her thighs. She hadn’t gotten even the slightest look at them, but they were still going to fuck her pussy.

Less than a minute later, Yang was plugged airtight. Utter strangers had their dicks in her mouth, pussy and ass. And one of her hands had been wrapped around another cock, while Yang’s other was fingering a woman’s pussy.

Yang discovered something about this position. It meant that even her mouth and pussy were being fucked, someone could get a titjob, too. All three of them would have to be skinny and on good terms with each other, but it meant one more person could sue Yang’s body to get off.

The only lesson Yang was learning from this was that there were no limits to how much people would try to use her body. She was up to six strangers now, and was willing to bet that number would grow. She could already think of a few ways the crowd could make her handle more cocks and cunts.

As Yang’s tight walls tightened down around the rod inside her, she realized that she’d have to do something even bigger to Pyrrha when Yang won their next bet.

Here's a prompt, how about a reprise of the first "Feminine Skills" bit, where Ranma learns about the joys of being gangbanged, while getting the Tendos a discount for their shopping? This time, Akane's followed Kasumi and Ranma, determined to get to the bottom of the whatever's going on. Which she does, at the bottom of the pile, bottomed out in all her holes. She's quite talented in fact- Akane's discovered a "Feminine Skill" she can out do Ranma in.

Feminine Skills 4

Akane’s attempts at playing detective usually didn’t end up like this. In fact, they had never ended up like this, and if she had had an idea that this was something that could have happened, she would have run screaming the other way.

She couldn’t do either of those things right now. Nor would she want to. She couldn’t scream because her mouth was full of middle-aged cock. And she couldn’t run away because she was at the bottom of a pile of horny shopkeepers. And she was loving it.

Akane was loving the cocks pounding into her and filling her up. She was loving the occasional wet, dripping pussy she got to lick. And she was loving her older sister and her fiancé watching her, watching her prove that she was feminine and that she was cute.

Akane orgasmed, her shout muffled by the dick plugging her throat. She squeezed down around the fat cock inside her, her pussy trying to milk it as she came. That earned her an appreciative slap on the ass from the fishmonger fucking her.

As Akane gave an enthusiastic, unskilled blowjob to one guy, two more cocks were nudging against her cheeks. She slid off the first one, and gave quick once-overs to the other two, before returning to the original.

Out of the corner of her eye, Akane could see Kasumi and Ranma-chan starting to help out with the overflow. A flash of jealousy and anger ran through her. This was her show! It was supposed to be about Akane proving that she could entice people, not those two just doing what they always did.

Akane started sucking cock even harder than before, ramming her head up and down the length filling her mouth. She’d show them! She’d show everybody that she had just as many feminine skills as Kasumi and Ranam-chan!

When the crowds finally left Akane alone, she was plastered with cum. Cum drooled out of her ass, pussy and mouth, running down her limp body to the floor. More semen was splattered on her face, chest and belly. Especially her face. Only the rise and fall of her shoulders showed that she was still alive as she lay there, fucked into utter exhaustion.

Akane didn’t even look up as the lower (and bare) half of her fiancé entered her view. Ranma-chan kneeled down and ran her fingers through a thick smear of cum covering one of Akane’s breasts. Popping her fingers into her mouth, she licked them clean, running an eye over Akane’s body. Ranma-chan wasn’t given to complimenting other people, but even she had to admit that Akane looked good.

And now that she had thought it, there was no way Ranma-chan would ever say it. Kasumi joined the two of them, demurely fastening her dress shut. Looking at her, there was no way to tell that fifteen minutes ago, she had been on her knees, eating out the pussy of the baker’s wife.

“Hello, Ranma. Do you think Akane is ready to go?”

Ranma-chan swallowed, the cum going down her throat. She looked her fiancée over, before licking her lips.

“Not quite yet. I’ll clean her up,” she said, lowering her head and opening her mouth wide.

Ranma-chan wasn’t one to let a good meal go to waste.

Chapter Text

Rwby Prompt: Between her semblance and her rape fetish, Emerald has made a rather successful career for herself allowing people to violently rape and hate-fuck their rivals, enemies, friends, or even family members. (Love your blog, thank you so much!)

Unconventional Employment

Emerald wasn’t going to be invited to Career Day to give a presentation to all the little kiddies about her job, but she didn’t care. She loved what she did, got plenty of money for it, and was her own boss. What more was there to a job?
Well, she was her own boss in regards to deciding when she would work and who for. Once playtime started, she didn’t get have any control over what happened, not unless she busted out the safe word. And that was still okay with Emerald. She’d come out of a session bruised and exhausted, and still feeling good. And not just because of how much money she would have just earned. But also because she liked getting slapped around, pulled to the floor and fucked, even as she screamed and tried to crawl away.

Like right now, for instance. Emerald was pantomiming fighting off Blake Belladonna as the black-haired Faunus took out her frustrations on Weiss Schnee. Emerald yelled at the top of her voice as Blake tore off the easily detachable clothing Emerald ordered in bulk (it was a real mood killer for everyone involved if the client had to spend ten minutes working at a piece of nylon before it finally tore.)

“You stuck-up bitch!” Blake yelled, slapping ‘Weiss’. The white-haired heiress fell to the ground, clutching her face and rolling around. The movement showed off a lot of her body, her pale skin gleaming in the lights.

Blake followed her down, roughly yanking her thighs apart. She tore at the already tattered skirt covering Weiss’s crotch, ignoring the screams as the Schnee heiress was bared to the world. Blake spat on her fingers and jammed them into Weiss’s pussy, drawing another scream.

“Ah, shut up. You’re already wet, you fucking whore. You want this.”

Blake was right on all counts. Emerald was wet and she did want this. She was looking forward to the strap-on Blake had shown her tearing up her pussy as the Faunus rutted her like an animal. But she also wouldn’t say no to some more foreplay either.

Emerald got it, or at least what she would call foreplay. Blake slapped her chest, abusing her tits in both words and deeds. It was followed by some more blows against her ass, making it ache in a way that felt so, so good when it was mixed with the need inside Emerald’s pussy.

When Blake finally put the tip of the strap-on against Emerald’s pussy, the brown-skinned illusionist couldn’t even think of resisting. She was panting with need, her body already marked with scratches and bruises. It was times like these when Emerald wondered who could ever want any other kind of job. Then Blake pushed, and even those thoughts fled her mind.

As Blake fitfully slept next to her, Emerald consulted her scroll. She made sure to stay off her stinging rear, though her rubbed raw tits didn’t feel much better. She had to contort herself quite a bit as she examined her schedule.

Let’s see, she thought. Tomorrow’s Winter Schnee punishing her sister at 9:15. Do that, and have lunch. Next is Penny Pol… Penny P wanting to fuck Weiss so hard she doesn’t try to steal Ruby away from being her best friend, whatever that means. Do the Rose/Xiao Long sisters at night, fucking the bitch out of Weiss, and I can take the rest of the week off.

As she closed the scroll, Emerald reflected that maybe she should send a thank you check to Weiss or something. She got a lot of business from her, after all.

Shielder - Forcefield powers, low functionality-lasers. Sissy route? Possibility of hard-light based lingerie, anal plug, cock cage, nipple clamps etc.


Shielder looked up as Laserdream walked into the room. The teenage girl smirked at her younger brother. Eric put down his smartphone and sighed. That look could only mean one thing. Their mother’s appearance behind Crystal was just further proof.

Eric stood up and lifted his skirt. His cheeks burned in humiliation as Crystal mockingly applauded. A smile was tugging at the lips of both women.

“Very good, Erica. We are training you right, aren’t we?” Eric didn’t respond to the rhetorical question as his mother and sister walked around him, examining him.

He did respond when his mother, Lady Photon, the leader of New Wave, grabbed his ass. He squeaked as her firm fingers sank down into the soft, yielding flesh. Then her other hand grabbed him. Shielder tried no to move around as his mother molested him, slowly massaging his fat ass.

As Lady Photon played with his ass, her fingers plucked against the light blue thong he wore as underwear. Underwear on his lower body, at least. A matching bra was across his chest. And across what frankly had to be called breasts. Not big breasts, but breasts nonetheless.

Finally, Eric’s mother slipped underneath his thing. She started playing with the hard-light plug that was filling his ass. A low, breathy moan escaped his lips as she tugged at it, moving it from side to side. Lady Photon had put that thing inside him this morning, and it hadn’t been removed since. It was an impressive tribute to her powers, that she could maintain control over it for half the day and on the other side of the city. Not that that made Eric feel a whole lot better.

While Eric’s mother played with his rear, his sister focused on his front. Crystal reached down and rubbed the palm of her hand against his thing, the thin material barely concealing the glowing chastity cage that kept him in a perpetual state of pleasurable torment.

“Geez, sis. Look at this.” Crystal pinched the thong with two fingers, holding it away from Eric’s body. It was soaked through with cum, and a thin web still connected the thong and the light blue cage. “How many times did you cum today?”

Eric tried to deny it, but what started as a denial just became more proof. His mother pushed the toy deeper inside him, hitting his prostate. Eric moaned like a whore as his cock twitched inside his cage. A few thin, small squirts of cum came dribbling out of his cock, dropping towards the floor.

“N + 1, then,” Crystal said dryly, letting the thong fall back. Cum seeped out from around it, running down Eric’s inner thighs.

Lifting her gaze, Crystal took in Eric’s midriff baring tank top before ending on his made-up face. He knew he was making all kinds of faces as his mom kept on playing with the butt plug. And he knew his sister loved those kinds of faces.

Crystal leaned in for a kiss. Her tongue slid past Eric’s blue-painted lips, into his open mouth. He moaned as his sister kissed him before drawing back with a smile.

“Damn, you’re a good kisser, sis. You sure know how to make a girl wet.” Crystal ran a hand over her crotch. “Want to go put on a strap-on and take care of your big sister?”

His mom glanced out the window. Eric couldn’t see what she was looking at, but a glance at the clock told him what it likely was. And then he was proven right.

“Maybe later. Your father’s home. Go give him his welcome home blowjob.”

As Eric left, his sister called after him.

“And don’t forget, the Sissy Supermen meeting is in an hour. Don’t spend too much time with Dad’s dick down your throat!”

And the worst part was, that was a real possibility.

Prompt: Futa Mami and Futa Kyouko show Sayaka how to be a stronger magical girl... with their dicks. (First time requesting a prompt, sorry if I'm not being specific enough!)

Unconventional Powerup

Sayaka was only sure about one thing. She didn’t know how Kyouko and Mami had gotten their dicks, and she wasn’t sure if they were really a source of power for the two veterans. All she was really sure about was that they felt great inside her.

Sayaka was sitting on the laps of Kyouko and Mami, and felt like she was about to explode. She had never had anything up in her rear before, and would have slapped anyone who had suggested it. And now, she not only had a fat, hard dick up her ass but a cock that was even bigger inside her pussy. And they felt great.

Sayaka was too busy dealing with the thick cocks inside her to move up and down, so Mami and Kyouko took over that duty for her. Their hands were firm on her body, lifting her up and pulling her down, making her slide up and down their dicks. The most Sayaka could do was cling to Mami’s shoulders as she tried to comprehend what her body was feeling.

Sayaka had been interested in sex, and had entertained a number of fantasies involving her, Madoka, Hitomi and/or Kyouske. She hadn’t ever seriously thought that she would have sex with a girl, though, or with more than one person. That she would be losing her virginity in a double team by two magical girls was so out there not to even be fantasy.

Yet here she was, her stiff nipples occasionally brushing past Mami’s, but more often pressed into Mami’s bountiful breasts. Sayaka would like the chance to get a more thorough familiarity of Mami’s breasts, but now wasn’t the time. There was no possible way she could give them the attention they deserved.

Sayaka could also feel Kyouko’s breasts pressing into her back. They felt much smaller than hers or Mami’s, though Sayaka would only share that tidbit when she was out of range. Kyouko had already proved herself to be a biter, with red half-circles decorating Sayaka’s shoulders. No reason to tempt fate, even if Sayaka could have been coherent enough to verbalize the thought.

Somehow, Sayaka could feel Mami’s and Kyouko’s dicks expanding in her. It didn’t seem possible, given how huge they already were. And Sayaka was so stretched already, she couldn’t imagine being able to take more inside her. But she didn’t have much of a choice, as they stretched her out, driving the air out of her lungs and the thoughts out of her head.

Shortly thereafter, the two girls came. They flooded Sayaka’s insides with cum, painting her ass and her pussy white with their seed. As strongly as they came, it was nothing compared to Sayaka. She thrashed in their grip, making a high-pitched keening sound as she came. Finally, the strength left her, and she slumped back against Kyouko.

Sayaka really hoped that the two of them had been telling the truth about the cum of futa magical girls giving enhanced powers. If they were right, then Sayaka would be even more of a badass than she was now. Of course, it wouldn’t last forever, and Sayaka would have to come back for regular treatments.

But Sayaka was okay with that.

Training Sophia 7

I was going for a walk. I didn’t really like the exercise, but I loved food. So if I didn’t want to turn into a balloon, I had to stay ahead of my calorie count. Therefore, walking, killing time while I thought about the sausage and mushroom egg bake Mom was going to make for dinner.

The niehborhood was a bit rougher than the one I lived, but that was the point. If I was lucky, I could get to see a superhero out on patrol. Maybe even get an autograph or something.

As I turned the corner, I could see a crowd up ahead. There must have been over a dozen of them, forming a circle around something. They weren’t wearing gang colors, so I felt safe in going up for a closer look.

As I walked towards the crowd, a woman pushed her way out of them. She looked pissed, her eyebrows nearly meeting in the middle and her lips a thin red line. She tugged a little girl after her as she stalked away. I thought about asking her what was happening, but another look at her face sank that plan.

Curiosity piqued, I picked up the pace, eager to see what was happening. Everyone was talking at once, so I couldn’t make out anything that was actually being said. But they seemed to be enjoying it, whatever it was.

I slid through the crowd, ending up in the inner circle. And then I stopped, dead in my tracks. It was Mistress and Sophia.

Mistress was standing against a wall, overlooking the crowd like a queen with her subjects. Two camera drones were hovering in front of her, taking in the crowd and Sophia. And Sophia. Oh, Sophia.

She was wearing her Slutty Sucker costume and it looked so good. It tightly hugged her body, flaunting every curve she had. And she had a lot of curves. Her boobs, her ass, her thighs, she was a vision of black perfection. Her mask didn’t do anything to hide her face, showing off her painted lips and shadowed eyes.

Sophia’s crossbow prop was lying on the sidewalk next to her, bur her ‘arrows’ weren’t in her thigh holster. Instead, one of them was in her mouth, making her neck bulge as she deepthroated it. The other two… I couldn’t see were they were, because a much better sight was being revealed to me.

Sophia was tugging off her tight shorts, slowly wiggling out of the clinging fabric. She wasn’t wearing any underwear, and her black skin gleamed in the street light. She slowly turned around, giving us all a great view of her heart-shaped ass, smooth thighs and wet pussy.

Sophia gave a great show to the cameras. And not just the ones built into the phones that almost everyone, me included, had pulled out. One of the drones was hovering just inches away from her rear as she bent over and shook her hips from side to side.

I wanted so badly to step forward and get my hands on my friend. To feel her smooth, warm skin underneath my hands, to taste her honey flowing out of her pussy. I could barely stop myself from moving into the circle and either begging Mistress to take me on, or molesting Sophia. If I had been alone, I’d have done one or the other. But with all these strangers surrounding me, I couldn’t.

After all, what if they wanted the same thing? Okay, probably not pledging themselves into sexual slavery, but having a go at a hot, black, teenage slut? Who could turn that offer down? And I would just end up lost in the gangbang.

Instead, I had to content myself with drinking in every last detail. She wasn’t wearing her cat tail, but I was sure she’d have something filling her ass soon enough. Maybe one of the dildoes that I now saw were propped up next to her feet, or maybe the cock or fingers of some lucky person.

I licked my lips as Sophia shimmied and swayed, and ended up with her miniskirt puddled around her feet. Rather, around the platform heels she was wearing. Her actual feet were several inches up. And then she show really started.

Sophia moaned around the dildo plugging her mouth as she picked up the other two dildoes and started rubbing them against her crotch. I wanted to be masturbating with her. But there were too many people around for me to dare to do that.

Sophia wasn’t nearly so restrained. As soon as the heads of both dildoes had a shiny coating of her arousal, she slid one into her pussy. It was thick enough I would have needed quite a bit of time to inch in inside me. But Sophia took the entire thing in one go, hilting herself on it. We all cheered at the display.

And then it was time for her ass. Sophia had obviously been lubed up beforehand, since it didn’t take much more effort to slid the last toy inside her rear. In less then two minutes, Sophia had plugged up both of her lower holes, pink bases jutting out of them. She was a stuffed slut, filled with fake cocks.

And the crowd was obviously ready to see her filled with real cocks. A guy across from me was openly masturbating, stroking his cock as he looked at my friend. And around the rest of the circle, I saw a lot of tented pants. I didn’t blame them.

As the show continued, I wondered how long it could last. It had to have been called in by now, by someone who didn’t share my love for submission. The cops or New Wave or somebody had to be showing up soon. Maybe it would even be Shadow Stalker, getting a good look at her cosplaying fan.

That would be hilarious.

On an early morning run, Haruka spots a hapless businessman running to catch a bus, but just missing it. Feeling a pang of pity for the poor chump whose day is already off to a shitty start, she decides her good deed for the day will be taking him behind the bus stop shelter, stripping off her tiny running shorts and top, and sucking him off while he waits the half hour or so for the next bus. Maybe she encourages him to take his phone out and film her/take some photos, too, so he has a souvenir.

Random Act of Kindness

Haruka ran down the street. She had worked up a good sweat, and it showed. The vast amounts of bare skin on display glistened as she jogged down the nearly deserted street.

There were only two other signs of movement. The bus that was turning around the corner at the far end of the street, and the businessman half a block away, futily running to catch it. He slowed to a halt as it disappeared, bending down to clutch his knees and catch his breath.

Haruka jogged up to him. She ran in place as she looked down at him. He was young, only a few years older than her. He looked frustrated, and no wonder.

“Better luck next time, mister,” Haruka said, half consolingly, half amused.

He glanced up at her, and then did a double take. A blush formed on his cheeks as he stared. Haruka preened, appreciating the attention. She had already gotten a lot of looks on her run, but more was always nice.

Haruka was wearing a light blue and green jogging outfit. The colors were light in addition to the thickness of the clothes. Her shoes and socks were just shoes and socks, but the rest of her outfit (or, to put it another way, the other two pieces of her outfit) were a lot more exciting. The top showed off a lot of her large, bouncing breasts, and Haruka’s shorts tightly clung to her hips. She looked like sex on legs.

“Guh…” the man eloquently responded. Then his big head started doing the thinking. “Uh, yeah. There’s not another one for half an hour.”

“Really?” Haruka asked, getting an idea. “Well, whatever will you do until then? All that time just slipping away…” she blatantly licked her lips and ran her gaze up and down his body.

“What? Really” the man’s tone was half-disbelieving, half-hopeful.

Haruka nodded, hooding her eyes as she smiled at him.

A few seconds later, and the two of them were stumbling into an alley. The businessman was groping Haruka’s tits, and already had popped one of them out of her top. And Haruka was getting a good feel of his crotch. They were both satisfied with what they found.

The stranger was forced to let go of Haruka’s tit as she dropped to her knees in front of him. She didn’t listen to his fumbling attempts at conversation as she drew his dick out. Haruka licked her lips ass he looked at her early morning snack, standing up firm and proud. Nice and thick, just how Haruka liked them.

Haruka didn’t bother with words, and just opened her mouth. She sank down slowly, letting the businessman’s short but thick slide into her mouth. She didn’t stop until her nose was pressed against his lower stomach. Then she drew back.

Now that she knew she could handle it, Haruka picked up the pace. She quickly bobbed up and down the businessman’s dick, filling her mouth with a stranger’s shaft. While she gave him a blowjob, she slid a hand into her shorts. Haruka doubted she’d cum before he did, but the burning need she’d whip up would be a nice motivation to finish the run and break out the toybox.

The stranger came with time to spare. He groaned, and Haruka could feel him twitching inside her mouth. She mentally licked her lips, ready for the first cumshot of the day.

It filled her mouth, and Haruka struggled to swallow it all. Her throat worked desperately as the stranger’s seed flowed down to her stomach. Haruka could feel the warm, thick liquid pooling inside her body as the taste filled her mouth.

Haruka made sure to lick the cock clean, getting every last speck. Then she popped it out of her mouth and winked at the man. He had a dopey, blissful smile on his face. Haruka stopped masturbating and licked her fingers clean in turn. The perfect aftertaste. As she stood up, the man focused on her.

“That, that was amazing. Thank you so much. Can I have your phone number?” He asked hopefully.

“Nope!” Haruka replied, laughing. Turning around, she started jogging again, leaving the man’s confused questions behind her.

Just a dozen more blocks, and it would be time for her stretches.

Chapter Text


How about a sequel to 69+1 where Bitch finds Aisha and Alec this time.





Alec and Aisha both knew Rachel was watching them fuck. And neither of them cared. Having a voyeur masturbating to a white guy and a black girl 69’ing was right near the bottom of kinky shit the two of them enjoyed.


The two of them had even moved around so that Rachel could see up Aisha’s legs, to where Alec was licking at her pink pussy. The two of them were both exaggerating their natural noises, sounding like they were in a porn shoot.


Rachel kept on masturbating to the sight of them, her hand inside her skirt. Her other hand occasionally grabbed a heavy breast, or ran across her stomach. Her face stayed an impassive scowl, even as wet sounds came from her crotch.


Alec brought his hand up, running it along Aisha’s soaked lower lips. She moaned around his cock, bucking her hips and trying to get more stimulus.  After a few minutes of teasing, Alec finally obliged, sliding a finger inside the black teen as he licked her clit.


As Alec teased her, Aisha took care of his cock. It was nicely sized, easily fitting into her mouth as she licked and sucked on it. Aisha didn’t have an oral fixation. Sucking cock was only enjoyable because of the reaction it got out of Alec (or whoever she was blowing). But, since Alec was going to town on her pussy with his tongue and fingers, it was only fair that she returned the favor.


Aisha wasn’t as skilled a lover as Alec, but she was pretty good. Part of that was due to him showing a thing or two as they dated. But most of it was because the school Aisha had gone too had been full of horny teens experiencing puberty, and not much adult oversight.


Aisha had done guys and girls, like Alec. Or rather, she smirked to herself, she had done guys and girls, as had Alec. She hadn’t done anybody of either gender who looked like Alec. Either way, she had gotten good enough at sex to give Alec a real surprise the first time they did the beast with two backs.


Rachel wasn’t showing as much appreciation for the skill on display as Aisha thought she should be. She should be on her knees praising the two of them (but mostly Aisha) for the sexual wonder she was getting to watch. Instead, the buff girl was just watching them, slowly kneading a heavy breast in one hand.


For all that Rachel wasn’t super appreciative, Aisha didn’t care that much. Alec was starting to feel really good in between her legs, teasing her pussy and making her feel hotter and hotter. Aisha was making muffled sounds around his cock as he probed at her.


When Aisha came, she came bizarrely quietly. A shudder passed through her entire body, and Alec’s tongue was flooded with her arousal, but that was it. There were no shouts or thrashing or any of the activity that someone would expect from the brash, cocky girl.


Rachel kept on masturbating to her two naked teammates, even as Alec started thrusting his hips, humping Aisha’s face. She hadn’t cum yet, and she was going to keep on masturbating until she did. And then she would leave. Simple.


Motherly Love


Carol sighed as she walked through the front door of her house. It had been a long, long day. Hour after hour at the law firm, an hour with her therapist, and a quick meeting with Armsmaster and Director Piggot. She had left home before dawn, and she was coming back with it well below the horizon. And it wasn’t over yet. She still had a patrol to do with her sister tonight.


Dropping her purse next to the door, Carol shrugged off her shoes and padded over to the couch. The house seemed empty. Mark should be out on patrol with Victoria, so that would just leave her and Amy.


And speak of the devil. As Carol sank down onto the couch, she saw some movement out of the corner of her eye. Craning her head to look, she saw Amy’s head peeking around the corner of the dividing wall. She shot a tired smile at her adopted smile. Amy smiled back, hesitantly at first, but then more confidently.


Carol waved Amy over to her. Amy walked over to her, feet pressing into the carpet. She looked good, Carol thought. Light pink and white predominated, her matching t-shirt and skirt making her look young and innocent. Or they should, at least. They clung a bit too tightly to Amy’s body to really look innocent. Her hair was done up in pigtails, again making her look younger than she really was. Carol smiled, wondering how many hours ago Amy had gotten dressed up, waiting for her mother to come home.


“How are you, Amy?” Carol asked as Amy sat down on her lap. Carol automatically hugged her, arms wrapping around the waist of the girl.


“I’m good, Mommy,” Amy said quietly. “I had a test today. I got an A+!” Her voice got brighter and happier as she said that.


“Did you? Good girl. I’m very proud of you.” Carol smiled softly as she drew a hand up Amy’s side and stroked her brown hair.


Amy fidgeted a bit, and Carol had to stifle a chuckle. Amy was no good at all at hiding her emotions.


“So, can I get a reward? For all my hard work?” Amy asked, a mixture of shyness and anticipation.


“The reward for getting an A+ is getting an A+, Amy,” Carol said chidingly. Still she could use some relaxation, and spending time with her daughter was rarely wasted. “Oh, I suppose so. Anything you want in particular?”


Carol could see the smile spreading across Amy’s face, even though she was facing away. The way she wiggled, grinding her butt against Carol’s crotch was another clue.


“No, Mommy. I just want to spend time with you.”


“Ah. That’s so sweet,” Carol said, patting one of Amy’s cheeks. Amy squirmed in her lap.


Carol leaned back against the couch, bringing Amy with her. She ran her hands up to Amy’s chest, cupping her daughter’s breasts. They modestly sized breasts, though small compared to every other woman in New Wave. They still felt nice, for both Amy and Carol.


Amy made some very cute sounds as her mother played with her breasts. She shifted around on Carol’s lap, biting down on her finger to muffle her sounds. Carol was sure that her face was screwed up in an adorable way.


One of Carol’s hands slid down Amy’s stomach, sliding underneath her skirt. Carol didn’t go underneath Amy’s panties, not yet. Instead, she just rubbed against them, her fingers pressing down and making Amy squirm. There was already a hint of dampness, and Carol was sure that soon her fingers would be soaked from Amy’s leaks.


Carol kept on playing with her daughter, rewarding the girl for her good work. One hand switched between Amy’s breasts, massaging the tissue or rubbing a stiff nipple. The other was busy underneath her skirt, grinding against Amy’s nub and occasionally pressing it and her panties into Amy’s increasingly soaked slit. All the while, Amy made some adorable sounds and faces.


“Mommy! Mommy!” Amy’s cries were loud and desperate as she came. She bucked in Carol’s lap, arcing away before falling back down against her. Carol held on tightly, making sure Amy stayed on the couch.


Amy settled down, chest heaving as she recovered from her orgasm. She had cum a lot quicker than normal. Carol wondered why, deciding that she had probably secretly been being a bad girl, and touching herself in the places only her mother should touch. Well, there was no way to prove it, not in the time Carol had before she had to suit up and meet her sister.


Turning Amy’s head, Carol planted a kiss on her forehead. She ruffled her daughter’s hair, and gave her one last, tight hug. Then she slid Amy off her lap and onto the couch, curling her up into a ball. Amy smiled up at her, eyelids fluttering. Carol drew the blanket off the back of the couch and laid over her young daughter.


Carol walked upstairs, a smile playing on her face. That brief interlude had done more to restore her energy and drive than an hour-long nap and massage. She loved spending time with her daughters.


The Not So Terrible Trio 9


Taylor was kneeling on the floor. She knelt on the floor a lot. Madison had repeatedly told her there was something nice about seeing her like that, hands folded in her lap and eyes downcast. Taylor didn’t know about that, but she did know there was something calming about abasing herself in front of, why mince words, her owners.


All three of them were in front of her, lounging on a couch. Emma had a anticipatory smile on her face as she looked down at Taylor. Madison was fidgeting in glee, and Sophia was holding onto a box. Taylor thought she knew what was inside it, and shivered. Not even she could say what mixture of emotions made up that shiver, though.


Taylor shifted her weight slightly, wishing they would stop drawing the tension out. The Trio were just sitting there, whispering and giggling to each other. There was nothing they could actually be planning that would be as bad as the incoherent phantoms Taylor was conjuring up out of her imagination.


Eventually, Sophia got around to opening up the box. She produced a series of syringes. Taylor swallowed, knowing what had to be in them. She had been taunted with vivid details about their plans often enough.


“Taylor, what are you?” Emma asked. She even managed to get a tone of honest puzzlement into her voice.


Taylor softly sighed. The slight movement shifted her hair around, and she saw a strand of bright pink out of the corner of her eye.


“I’m your bimbo slut, Mistress Emma.”


“Really?” Madison asked innocently. “You don’t look like a bimbo. I mean, you’re all flat and skinny and stuff.”


Taylor flushed, and wished she could hide her naked body from their gaze. She knew she was so much less feminine and attractive looking than even Sophia, the aggressive, muscular track star. Something they never failed to point out.


“I’m sorry my body doesn’t meet your standards, Mistress Madison. Is there any way I can make it up to you?” Taylor knew the answer. It was right there in the syringes and vials Sophia was toying with.


They hadn’t rehearsed this. Taylor hadn’t been handed lines to memorize or anything. Everything she was saying came at the spur of the moment.


It was Sophia’s turn. She acted as if a thought had just struck her. She acted badly.


“As a matter of fact, there is.” She gave the box a rattle. “I suppose the question is if you deserve to look like a slutty bimbo. Do you?”


The humiliation burned inside Taylor. It still wasn’t quite as bad as she had thought it could possibly be, but it was still pretty bad. Being forced to beg for the serums and elixirs that would make her a big-boobed, full bodied bimbo was degrading beyond words.


Taylor stopped to take deep breaths, the emotional toll of it all exhausting her. And it was doing something else to her. The one, slight consolation Taylor had was that her knees were pressed tightly enough together to hide any telltale glimmers of arousal. There was nothing she could do about her stiff nipples, besides hope that nobody looked at them.


Taylor finally got enough self-control together to speak. She had to drag the words out of her. And she had to fight to keep her hands resting on top of her thighs, instead of sliding in between them.


“I, I know I’m just a flat, stupid slut the three of you took pity on, Mistress Sophia. But,” Taylor paused, chest heaving as she tried to say the words. “But I could take much better care of you if I had a whorish bimbo body to go with my slutty, vapid brain.” The looks on the Trio’s face told Taylor she was on the right track.


“I would be so, so grateful if you could give me boobs so big and a face so slutty no one could ever take me seriously. I know I could be a lot more fun in bed if my ass was big enough to bounce when you decided I needed a spanking. Please, Mistresses, I, I, I-!”


Taylor’s self-control finally snapped. One hand flew up to her chest, while the other went in between her legs. She started masturbating, a needy animal in heat. A keening sound tore out of her throat as an electric shock of bliss tore through her. The pleasure was so intense it was almost painful.


Taylor overbalanced and fell on her back, legs kicking against the floor. She kept on masturbating, sentence fragments pouring from her lips. Pleas for more, begging for cock, asking them to look at her; it was a constant stream of disjointed ideas.


Taylor had become so turned on from being made to degrade herself her orgasm barely took any time at all. And it was very strong when it did come. She screamed, her body twisting and turning as the built-up lust poured out of her body.


Taylor was left on the floor, panting. Her eyes were glazed as her arousal glistened on her fingers and thighs. She looked up as she heard some clapping.


It was Emma. She was bringing her hands together in an exaggerated, sarcastic manner. Despite that, Taylor could see the bulge in her jeans. There was a matching bulge for Madison and Sophia. Those cocks had trained Taylor so well that she got to her knees again. She almost started crawling over, before remembering that she hadn’t been told she was allowed to touch the three of them.


“I’m convinced,” Madison said. “I really do think she’s going to be a good bimbo for us. She looked so honest like that. What about you two?”




“I agree.”


And with that, the three people in the foursome whose opinions mattered were in agreement. As if the issue was ever in doubt after spending all that money. They had earned that money through hour after of hour of Taylor and TayTay being a cumdump for dozens of strangers. Of course they weren’t going to use it on her.


“Get over here, Taylor,” Sophia said. She was pulling out an instruction list. “Let’s meet the new you.”


  • Nazi Hunter-> Aisha Laborn acquires a futanari dick and the ability to enhance emotions upon triggering, and takes it upon herself to show the women of the E88 an alternate path to the one they are currently walking, one that sees them crawling beneath her...



Aisha Jones and the Rune of Pleasure


Aisha had her own theme song. It only existed in her mind, and if she ever put it to music, she’d get sued for copyright infringement. But it was her theme song, and it was completely perfect for what she was doing.


There was no pussy like Nazi pussy. The way it wrapped around Aisha’s fat, black cock just felt so much better than anything else ever could. And they tended to make the funniest expression. Like Rune, for instance.


She was obviously trying so hard to deny that Aisha’s dick deep inside her felt good, even as her cunt squeezed down around it. Her face kept on flickering between disgust and animal-like lust. Aisha was just about ready to bust a gut over it.


Deciding to have a bit more fun, Aisha tugged on the string connecting her and Rune. She felt the Nazi get even wetter, somehow, as she dumped a load of lust straight into her mind. Rune moaned in lustful delight as Aisha fiddled with her emotional makeup a bit more, adding a bit of slavish loyalty to her.


Aisha played with Rune’s breasts. They weren’t nearly as good as hers, but Aisha supposed they were acceptable enough. They certainly made Rune feel good. She looked mega-hot, twisting around underneath Aisha as the black girl teased her nipples.


Aisha decided, after a whole two seconds thought, to have a tit competition between her and Rune. Alec could be the judge, and she was sure that her boyfriend would be a neutral, unbiased third party. And after she won, the two of them could celebrate by spit-roasting Rune. The perfect date night. The thought made Aisha smile enough to send a whole surge of lust into Rune. It pushed the neo-Nazi over the edge, into orgasm.


As Rune’s pussy squeezed down around her, Aisha groaned. That did it. She came, cock twitching as she pumped load after load of semen into Rune. It felt so good, Rune’s slutty pussy milking her cock dry as jet after jet of cum filled her up.


It felt nice to cum inside Rune’s unprotected pussy. Aisha didn’t know where the Nazi was on her cycle, but if she didn’t get pregnant this time, then they’d just have to try again. That was the kind of sacrifice Aisha was willing to make. And if Rune did get pregnant, then the two of them could have pregnant sex. SO it was a win win either way, really.


Rune was the first powered Nazi Aisha had fucked. And she thought the white girl would make a fine start for her harem. Now the question was where Aisha would find half a dozen matching sets of harem clothing.


What a problem to have. Tunelessly whistling, Aisha started planning out which E88 member she would go after next. Purity, maybe. She was a literal MILF, apparently. Aisha could use a mother figure in her life. Or at least around her cock.


Aisha Jones was on the hunt.


  • The Pelhams continuing the feminisation by having Panacea initiate a 3 week long process that will see Eric's cock cover him in quickly-drying boycum, making a cocoon of his own inferior seed in which he will be transformed into a bimbo girl, using his dick and testicles for biomass, slightly shrinking his height in the cocoon, dumbing him down and giving him a swollen ass, pussy and breasts as a trade off, as well as a highly diminished IQ. Basically a trial run of what they (Amy and Carol) plan to do to Victoria. Given consent.



Panacea’s Clinic


Amy looked at her work, and saw that it was good. It had taken a lot of work and a lot of thought to get things this far along. But it was all worth it.


Erica stood in front of her, blushing as she presented herself for her cousin’s inspection. Her miniskirt was held up, and her top had been pulled down, giving Amy an excellent view as she circled around. And Amy looked very, very closely.


Shielder looked wonderful. The chastity cage hadn’t been put back on yet, so her tiny cocklet was still free. It wasn’t hard, or anything, though. Amy had made sure of that. Similarly, Erica’s balls had also been shrunk, to little more than two swellings underneath her limp clitty. They’d still make cum, a bit of it at least. But Amy didn’t think there would be much more than a few thin, watery dribbles, no matter how hard Shielder got fucked.


Amy had done a lot more work on Erica than just her penis, of course. She had generally smoothed and softened her cousin’s skin, making it like silk, a real joy to run your hands along. She had made the hair nice and long, and it flowed so sexily as Erica turned her head.


Amy reached out and grabbed her cousin’s rear. Erica moaned as Amy massaged it. Her hands could really sink into Shielder’s bubble butt, and she had made it so sensitive. Erica would really enjoy getting groped in the future. Of course, what Amy had done to the outside was nothing compared to what she had done to the inside.


She hadn’t tested it out yet, but Amy was absolutely sure Erica would love getting ass-fucked. And people would love ass-fucking her. Her rear would always be nicely tight, warm, and lubed up. Only exceptionally well-endowed people would find it a struggle to slide into her rear. And Erica would be showing her appreciation from the word go. Her thighs and whatever floor would be beneath her would be quickly splattered with her orgasms.


Coming back around to the front, Amy smiled at Erica’s expression. She felt she had outdone herself. Erica had a wonderfully vacant expression on a face that was to die for. Anybody looking at her could tell that she was good for one thing and one thing only. Amy traced a fingertip along the full, pouting lips, smiling as Erica pushed her lips into an ‘O’. Deciding to indulge the sissy bimbo, Amy pushed her finger into Erica’s mouth and let her suck on it while she continued the inspection. Erica immediately started lavishing Amy’s finger with her tongue.


Amy let her gaze slip a bit, to Erica’s tits. They weren’t very big, not much more than a handful. But they were still obviously breasts, boobs that needed attention. Erica’s nipples were already standing out, needing attention. Amy thought about playing with them, but decided not to. The first round really should go to Shielder’s immediate family.


And that was more or less it. There had been a few other things on the list Eric had given her, before this had all started. Altering the tendons so she could only walk in high heels. No problems with overeating, that kind of thing. And Amy had done them, had done them all. The only thing she hadn’t done was alter the pigmentation of the skin to be permanent make-up. After all, Erica (or, more likely whoever ended up doing the thinking for her) might want to try out the several different kinds of bimbo make-up.


Amy was beginning to think that she had been a fool. Why restrict herself to mere healing for all these years? What she had done with Erica was only the tip of the iceberg. There was her sister, for one. Dear, darling Victoria would look so much better after Amy gave her a touch-up.


Withdrawing her finger, Amy patted Erica on the cheek.


“Come on, let’s go meet your family. I’m sure they’ll be thrilled with the new you.”

Chapter Text

So how's Blake doing ever since she developed that addiction to doggy dick? I heard she's been hanging out in alleyways, parks, and back streets searching for a fix.


“Good! So good! Doggy dick so good!”

That was as coherent an answer as Blake was able to muster. She was completely naked, on her hands and knees underneath a big dog. The dog was furiously fucking her, driving its huge dick into her wet pussy.

There was a big, brainless smile on Blake’s face as she was screwed by some stray dog. Her body felt like it was on fire, finally getting the rough, bestial fucking she needed. That she deserved. Blake could feel her thoughts getting forced out of her head with every stroke, and being replaced by animalistic lust. And she didn’t care.

All that mattered to Blake was that she got fucked by dog after dog. She couldn’t, wouldn’t be satisfied until she’d been stuffed in all three holes with doggy dick. (She was willing to be reasonable. She didn’t need to have all three holes filled at once.)

It was less that Blake ‘wandered’ around looking for dogs, and more that she was dragged around by whatever canine cock had knotted in her. She was forced to follow the dog, wherever it went. Sometimes it went to the park, and sometimes it went down a brightly-lit street with lots of people. Blake didn’t have any control over it either way.

And night after night, Blake left her room to go wander the streets, idly tugging at her collar, looking for her furry friends. And each night, she wore less and less on her trips out. Pretty soon, she’d be running along the streets completely naked, looking for a dog willing to mount her and stuff her slutty pussy full on rock-hard doggy dick.

It never took Blake long to find what she needed. Fifteen minutes at most, usually, before she could feel a hot, furry beast pressing against her back, and a hot, hard rod pressing against her pussy. Sometimes she was even lucky enough to find a pack, so Blake could really fuck her slutty heart out.

With a loud howl, the dog thrust forward. Blake’s eyes widened as the dog’s knot pressed against her pussy. She babbled something that didn’t have a single distinguishable word in it as the dog anchored her on its dick. It felt so, so good, to be split and filled like this. Blake had already cum twice, and now she came a third time.

And when the dog started cumming? That was pure bliss, feeling Blake’s whorish cunt get filled up with the seed of some dog that didn’t think she was anything other than a hole for it to mount. She felt a fourth orgasm rising in her as the dog thrust forward, trying to bury even more of its canine cock inside Blake.

There was the clatter of footsteps on concrete as someone shone a light down the alleyway. Blake’s eyes automatically narrowed as the light shone on her face, but she didn’t move to cover herself up or run away. Not that she could, with the dog still knotted in her.

“Hey, Browns, go get the van,” the Animal Control officer said. “Looks like we’re making a double delivery to the pound.”

Blake was too far gone to realize she was getting the gift of a lifetime.

Yang keeping up her blow job skills by sucking on Weiss's dick. As always, Yang doesn't pull off until Weiss is done cumming. Yang keeps her skills up and Weiss gets a free blowjob from a smoking hot woman so they both win.

Keeping in Shape

If you don’t practice your skills every day, they go rusty. Everyone knows that. Fighting, dancing, you could lose your edge on anything. Even blowjobs.

That was why Yang insisted on giving Weiss a blowjob every morning. She prided herself on how well she could suck cock, and wanted to make sure she could always give the best head possible. And that meant kneeling down in between Weiss’s pale thighs each morning, in addition to whatever other chances Yang got.

Weiss didn’t complain about it that much. There were much worse ways of starting her morning than having a busty blonde brawler gobbling her small, dainty penis. Sure, Ruby would almost lap into hysterics at the sight of her sister being lewd, and Blake never did anything but watch (not even masturbate). But her weird teammates couldn’t distract Wiess for long. In fact, it was hard for her to pay attention to anything besides the blowjob Yang was giving her. Weiss hissed through her teeth as Yang worked her magic.

Her hands were at her sides. Weiss would have liked to curl them up in Yang’s hair, but she knew that would be a bad idea. Yang was very sensitive about her locks, and didn’t like anyone besides Ruby touching them.

Yang was staring up at Weiss, her lilac eyes large and soft. Weiss stared back, her own eyes a pair of ice chips. They’d only melt when she was close to orgasm. That was all part of the allure, for Yang. She loved watching the Ice Queen melt.

And, conveniently, the best way to do that was always forming a tent in Weiss’s nightgown each morning. Weiss’s rod wasn’t the most challenging Yang had ever polished. Ren, for instance, had a real monster in his pants. But Yang only got that chance to show off on that bad boy when Nora was up for a threesome (or moresome). But Weiss had a certain appeal. The way she acted when cumming for one. And that Yang could just take a few steps from her bed to keep her blowjob skills fresh, for another.

Weiss moaned, low and sultry. Yang felt the cock twitch in her mouth. She was right on the edge. Yang hummed in her throat, the vibrations running up Weiss’s cock. That did the trick. Weiss squirmed around on the bed, looking desperate and needy as she came.

Weiss may have had a small cock, but she came a lot. Yang’s mouth was quickly filled with cum, and Weiss kept on pumping. Yang started swallowing, letting the cum run down her throat to form a warm pool in her stomach. It wasn’t fast enough. Cum spilled out of her mouth, dropping to her breasts.

Weiss pulled out of Yang, her softening cock barely deflating. Yang was busy taking care of her gift, collecting the cum on her fingers and swallowing the seed inside her mouth. Cum always tasted so good.

Finally, Yang swallowed enough cum to speak. She winked at Weiss, smacking her lips together.

“Thanks for the practice, Weiss Queen. Same time tomorrow?”

Getting the answer she expected, Yang smiled. She patted Weiss on the cheek and walked away, licking her fingers clean. The usual joke came to her as she did so.

The Ice Queen had a lot of ice cream. Yang grinned at her own cleverness.

Purruby: Pyrrha and Blake take turns trying to breed Ruby

Breeding Session

Blake was slowly stroking herself. Watching her two girlfriends, Ruby and Pyrrha go at it was really hot, and it was making her rock hard. But she didn’t want to cum. Not yet.

After all, Pyrrha would be cumming inside Ruby soon. And then it would be Blake’s turn. Then Pyrrha’s, then Blake’s, and so on and so forth. They’d keep going until one of the three called it quits. And then they’d have to wait and see which girl had knocked up little Ruby.

Ruby would be bound to get pregnant from all the cum pumped inside her. It would be months before they’d learn who had scored, but Blake and Pyrrha would be willing to wait. And after the newest addition had arrived, it would be time for the runner-up to have her turn.

It was a very fair system. And a fun one too. Ruby was an absolute joy to have in bed. She felt wonderful, wrapped around Blake’s cock, of course. She was so wet and tight and hot, it felt like heaven. Blake’s dick throbbed, just thinking about it. And Ruby looked even better than she felt. The way her cheeks would turn red, and how she would make those breathy little moans that drove Blake absolutely crazy.

Blake had a folder on her scroll, full of pictures of Ruby. They were all of Ruby getting fucked, and they were all amazing. Blake often perused it, smiling at the expressions Ruby would make as Blake or Pyrrha (or Blake and Pyrrha) filled her. Blake thought she’d be adding more pictures today.

Ruby was clinging to Pyrrha like a limpet, limbs wrapped around the amazon’s tanned, toned back. Her hips were rocking back and forth as Pyrrha lifted her up and down. Blake could hear the wet squelches as Ruby’s soaked pussy was filled again and again by Pyrrha’s cock.

Blake couldn’t see Pyrrha’s face, but she was sure she looked almost as cute as Ruby. Blake enjoyed Pyrrha’s body too, though not as much as Ruby’s. If Blake ever wanted to play with some breasts, she went straight to her tall red-head girlfriend, not her short red-head girlfriend.

Blake thought Pyrrha was going to cum soon. It was the way her shoulders were trembling. Also, Blake could hear Pyrrha’s moans underscoring Ruby’s. Blake licked her lips. Soon it would be her turn to feel Ruby’s rose wrap around her.

It was obvious when Pyrrha came. Ruby’s eyes shot open wide, obviously feeling her fertile, unprotected pussy getting flooded with cum. Pyrrha held Ruby close, chanting her name over and over again. Blake smiled as she watched the two of them. They both looked so sexy like that.

Blake felt a deep ache for Ruby as the younger girl came, moaning out her orgasm. Ruby and Pyrrha kissed, peppering each other’s faces with quick kisses as they rocked back and forth in their mutual orgasms. Finally, they both sagged, Ruby lying like a sack of potatoes in Pyrrha’s arms.

Blake was more than ready for her turn. But she made herself wait. All three of them enjoyed the chance to enjoy the afterglow, to relax in each other’s arms as the lust slowly died down.

Finally, Pyrrha lifted Ruby off of her and laid her down on the bed. Ruby whined a bit, but brightened up when Blake loomed over her. Ruby lifted her arms, wanting a hug. Blake gave her one, her stiff dick brushing against Ruby’s lower stomach.

Soon, she was sinking into Ruby’s wet folds. They both sighed as Blake stroked Ruby’s hair. Blake was sure it would be her seed that ended up knocking Ruby up.

She could hardly wait to see the baby.

Another Lewd Sayaka

Sayaka sat down on her bed. There had been an aching, burning need growing inside her all day, and she finally, finally had the chance to deal with it. She took off her school uniform, neatly folding it and placing it to one side. Then she did the same for her underwear, leaving her naked in the small room.

And just that was enough to make her just a bit more horny. Sayaka closed her eyes and laid down on the bed. Her hands wandered her body, gently feeling herself. It wasn’t really masturbation, not yet, but it was getting close to it.

Sayaka let her mind wander, trying to think up of a good fantasy for her to enjoy. A dozen faces and a dozen situations flashed through her mind before finally settling on one.

I’m standing in between Kyosuke and Kyouko. They’re both looking at me with cold eyes. I shiver, partly in worry and partly in lust. Like that’s the signal, they grab me.

I jump, and try to step forward, but their grips are too strong. I look back and forth at them, silently asking why. They ignore me. Kyosuke’s looking at my body, leering at my breasts. Kyouko’s sharply grinning at me, that same arrogant look that she had in the alleyway.

Suddenly they pull at me, dragging me over to the window. I squeal like a little girl, and try to dig my feet in. But it doesn’t do any good. I’m powerless to resist them, and soon they have me up against he opened window. I’m forced to look out over the city, and I wonder if anyone’s looking back at me.

Sayaka’s hand got closer and closer to her crotch as she worked her way up her inner thighs. Her breathing was coming in shorter pants now, and she hadn’t even touched her pussy yet. Her fantasy continued to play out behind her closed eyes.

I weakly try to fight back as Kyouko and Kyosuke strip me. But it’s like a kitten trying to fight a Rottweiler. They ignore my attempts and rip my clothing off of me. Soon, I’m left wearing absolutely nothing, my tattered clothing lying in fragments around the room. My cheeks are red with shame and a horrible lust as the two of them keep me in the window frame.

They’re both behind me, so I can’t tell what they’re about to do. I squeal as one of them pinches my ass. I try to pull forward, then realize that would mean people outside would have a better chance of seeing me naked.

“That’s some ass, isn’t it?” Kyouko asked. Was it her that was pinching me?

“I know,” said Kyosuke. “Her school uniform doesn’t really show off how big of a butt she was.”

Someone (Kyosuke?) lightly spanks me. I jump forward with a squeal, shocked to find that the warmth left behind isn’t all pain.

“I can’t believe I thought you were a good girl,” Kyosuke said. His fingers are firm but warm against me. “When in reality you were just this lewd woman, who wants everyone to see how nasty she is.”

“Ha!” Kyouko laughs. “I knew it from the start. A bitch like her only has such a big stick up her ass if she want’s it replaced with something else.”

A hand slides underneath me, running against the join of my thigh and my torso. It feels good, but it would feel even better if it were a few inches higher. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was from this. I was getting spanked and felt up, all while anyone on the street could see me (and only me). What kind of girl enjoyed this sort of thing?

Sayaka twisted around on the bed, fingers pumping in and out of her with a needy frenzy. Her other hand was at her chest, squeezing and rubbing her sensitive mounds. The fire in her was burning out of control. She needed more. A finger brushed her clit and her mouth opened in a soundless yell of pleasure.

I try not to moan as the probing fingers run along my slit. I can feel them prodding at me, collecting my arousal on them before withdrawing. There’s a flicker of disappointment as they leave. I want, I need more.

The fingers are wiped clean on my back, and I shiver, feeling the sticky wetness drying on my skin. There are hands all over me. Pinching my bottom, playing with my boobs, and finally, finally, there’s a brush against my crotch.

I yell, feeling someone’s fingers finally slide into me. My pussy clamps down around them, squeezing them as they slide into me. It feels good, it feels so good.

“See?” Kyouko asks. “Would you really want to date a girl so lewd? Look at her, she obviously doesn’t want anything more than a good hard fucking.”

“You’re right,” Kyosuke says contemplatively. “She’s just too perverted. She’s giving the entire city a show.”

I squirm in their grips. I can’t deny it, not when it feels so good. I can feel the pleasure inside me growing and growing as the two of them play with me. My nipples are aching points, my pussy doesn’t want to let go of the fingers of whoever’s inside me, and there’s a roiling, boiling lust inside my stomach.

A hand rests against my upper back for a second. And then it pushes. I lean forward, my naked body hanging halfway out of the window. I look down, and moan.

Down below, I see Madoka/Mom/Hitomi/Miss Saotome staring up at me, seeing her friend/daughter/student, naked, getting fingered to orgasm by two people. It’s, it’s, its’-!

Sayaka came, with a series of short, barking cries. Her body tensed up before slowly relaxing in the tangle of sheets she had kicked up. Her eyes opened and she stared at the ceiling, panting. That had been intense. She wasn’t sure she had ever had such a strong orgasm.

Her gaze wandered over to the window in her rented room. Could she? It was late at night, after all. She could go stand in front of it, and look over they empty streets. Wait until she caught her breath, knowing that anyone passing along would just have to look up to see her naked, teenage form there.

The thought sent red to her cheeks, a mixture of embarrassment and lust. She stood up and took a hesitant step towards it, already feeling arousal building inside of her again.

Maybe that lucky stranger would see a hot, naked girl doing more than just standing there.

Making/Breaking Friendships 5

Sophia had been forced to recognize the difference between Madison, Emma and Taylor. Madison, despite how cute and young she looked, was by far the most physically active. She could fuck for hours, an endless eternity of her pounding into whatever Hess she had her eye on. Taylor was always ready to add a new twist to whatever they were doing, something that invariably made Sophia burn with humiliation and wet with arousal. And Emma, Emma was the ideas woman.

In fact, it had been her idea that they were doing now. The three white girls were forming a semi-circle around Sophia, their hard cocks pointed at her face. Sophia was sitting on her mom’s lap, forced to look at the fence of hard cocks surrounding her as her mother groped her. And Sophia’s body, looking even more feminine than she was, was sucking the three of them off.

Whenever one of them was about to cum, they’d take a step forward and pump their rod quickly. Then their semen would spurt out, landing on Sophia’s face. She was already covered with white cum, her black skin almost completely hidden underneath blast after blast of seed.

And getting bukkaked was still better than listening to her mother. Sophia’s mom was constantly whispering in her ear as she played with her daughter’s teenage body. And it was some of the most degrading filth imaginable.

“You’re so lucky, Sophia baby. Getting all that seed from our white masters. Come on, be a good girl and drink it all up.”

That sort of thing was constantly getting whispered into Sophia’s ear, combined with her mother’s hands wandering all over her body. Sophia had been forced to shut her eyes from all the cum that was getting plastered on her face, and that meant she had to pay that much more attention to what her mother was saying.

And what her mother was doing. It was getting very hard to ignore the finger sliding in and out of her pussy, or the hand cupping her breast. Sophia squired, trying to ignore the incestual finger rubbing her clit. And trying to deny how good it felt.

Madison, Taylor and Emma were staying fairly quiet. They seemed to be content to let Sophia’s mother do the talking, to steadily degrade herself and her children in favor of some girls half her age. And Sophia’s brother, Terry, didn’t say anything at all. He was too busy deepthroating them, sliding his painted lips up and down cock after cock.

Her family was made up of sluts, Sophia realized. Kinky, deviant sluts. At least she wasn’t like them, she told herself. She moaned as her mother brushed a spot inside her pussy. That let some of the cum covering her face fall into her mouth, which she automatically swallowed.

Sophia had no idea how long they would keep going for. Madison was an inexhaustible powerhouse, so even if Emma and Taylor tagged out, she would keep going, keep covering Sophia with cum until the other two were ready again.

Sophia wondered if she was going to end up as a white girl before this was all over.

Chapter Text

In a rather obscure set of circumstances, Ruby and Weiss both end up losing the bet they made with each other. Which of course is why they are now being led around the school by the other half of their team, wearing a pair of bitch suits, a set of tail plugs, and nothing else.

On Display

Really, the bitch suits covered up enough. So it wasn’t really as if they were naked. Ruby kept telling herself that as she tried to keep up with her sister. Next to her, Weiss was trying to keep up with Blake. Their progress was hampered by them having to walk on their elbows and knees.

The exact set of circumstances that had put Ruby and Weiss here was rather complicated, and intensely embarrassing. Almost as embarrassing as being led down a Beacon hallway like a pet. But while Ruby didn’t have much of a choice about this, she could refuse to think about the lead-up to it all. So she did.

Instead, she was forced to focus on the tailplug inside her rear. It was a big plug too. Ruby felt it shift around inside her every time she took a step. And it didn’t exactly feel terrible. In fact, with every yard they traveled, it started to feel better and better. There was still some pain, but it was mixed with pleasure too.

And not in the ‘ha ha’ good way too. More in the ‘my nipples are getting stiff and pressing against the latex of the suit’ way. That was really kind of worrying. Not as worrying as the liquid in Ruby’s crotch that she was telling herself was sweat, but still a cause for concern.

Ruby was starting to get tired. She was debating if it would be worse to keep on crawling after Yang, or if the humiliation of lying down and getting dragged around by her leash. Actually, she wasn’t sure if she could lay down. The suit was inflexible enough she might not be able to, unless she wanted to roll on her back and wave her paws limbs, her limbs in the air.

Ruby wished she could keep her head down, but the way the bitch suit was set up meant the thick collar around her neck kept her looking upright. And seeing every one they walked by. There were so many different expressions on those faces. Shock, awe, lust, disgust… And sometimes she couldn’t see the expressions at all because the flashing of camera lights washed them out.

Something was tugging at the corner of Ruby’s mind. Why, exactly, did Blake have red and white collars with nametags on them for her and Weiss? Ruby wasn’t entirely sure she wanted to know the answer, but not knowing was worrisome too.

Ruby hoped that Yang would remember the bonds of sisterly love between her and Ruby, and wouldn’t bring Ruby out into the courtyard. It would also be nice if Blake would do the same for Weiss, but Ruby was focused on herself right now. And with every step, ‘herself’ seemed to be shrinking and moving down to between her legs.

Ruby hoped the walk would end soon. She really didn’t want to start humping Yang’s leg. And not just because she was worried the latex over her crotch was too thick to let her get any kind of relief.

And if she did end doing that, Ruby hoped at least it wouldn’t be in front of a camera. She couldn’t make any promises, though.

Dominance Display Prologue

Taylor was enjoying her walk. It was fun to get out of the house and be by herself. The summer sun beat down on her as she walked through the park. She was sweating a bit underneath her light clothes.

A mischievous, naughty idea popped into her head. Taylor looked around carefully. There was no one else around, and the artificial stream was running right next to her. Could she? Taylor was sure she could. Would she? …Yes. Yes she would.

Hopping to the other side of the stream, Taylor knelt down in between some bushes. Doing one last check to make sure no one was around, she took a deep breath. She grabbed the hem of her t-shirt and lifted it up.

Taylor’s twelve-year old body was bared to the world. Or at least, her upper body was bared to anyone standing directly in front of her, and no-one was. That made her act of daring a lot easier. Next, Taylor slipped out of her shorts and panties. Looking over herself, she realized that even if anybody saw her, they might think they were just seeing a deeply tanned girl wearing a pale swimsuit. Or, for that matter, that they were seeing a deeply tanned boy.

Taylor was holding out for puberty helping her, although a single glance at her mother and father told her she probably wouldn’t have much luck there. She absently-mindingly ran her hands over her chest, palms brushing past her nipples. Taylor shivered, feeling some shock. Had they always been this sensitive?

Taylor looked down, and was shocked to see her nipples standing out from her chest. She lightly pinched one, and shivered at the feeling from the stiff nub of flesh. She supposed being outside must be a lot more fun than being inside, or something.

Shrugging it off, Taylor sank to her hands and knees, and started crawling to the stream. It should feel nice to cool off in it, and the summer sun would dry her out quickly enough her parents shouldn’t ask any questions when she came home.

Before Taylor had left the cover of the flanking bushes, she heard something moving in them. She froze, suddenly worried about someone, for some reason, being inside the foliage. And now they would have seen her naked body!

Taylor’s first fears were put to rest when a huge dog came bursting out of the bushes, looking at her. They were replaced with an entirely different set. Dogs had always liked Taylor, for as long as she could remember. And in recent months, it had taken on a different kind of ‘like’. More of a ‘humping Taylor’s leg until the owner pulled it away’ instead of a ‘lick her all over her face’ kind of like.

The dog padded around Taylor. It looked like a German Shepard crossed with a grizzly bear. The thing was huge. It was bigger than Taylor, and she thought it would have come up to her chest if she had been standing upright. Taylor was a thin as two twigs tied together. And while she was tall for her age, that age was only twelve. The dog out massed her by a huge margin.

Taylor was frozen stiff, desperately wanting the dog to go away. It didn’t, and just kept on slowly circling around her. It occasionally sniffed the air, the sounds from its lungs sounding like a bellow. It circled back around behind Taylor. Sweat beaded on her forehead as she tried to decide if she could risk looking behind her.

Taylor almost jumped out of her skin when something moist and cold pressed against her crotch. That decided things. She whipped her head around to look behind her. The dog had its muzzle pressed against her, and was sniffing her. Taylor squirmed, still not working up the courage to run for it.

She breathed a sigh of relief when the dog stopped. It once more came back in front of her. Taylor swallowed. It looked like it was a he. Very much a he, in fact. The dog’s red dick hung down underneath it, swaying from side to side as it walked. Taylor didn’t want to, almost couldn’t, believe it, but she had made the dog like that.

Taylor understood what the birds and bees were, ever since walking in on her parents one night, but humans and dogs together had somehow never really come up. Cujo, on the other hand, had come up, in the context of Taylor losing her TV privileges for a month. Taylor thought her best bet was to stay right here, like this, instead of trying to run away. Additionally, if she ran away, she was sure someone would be nearby and see a naked twelve-year-old girl.

The dog went back around Taylor for the last time. There was a dreadful silence, before Taylor was almost driven to the ground. The dog had jumped on top of her, its furry belly pressing against her back. It was so big that it could fully straddle her, keeping Taylor in a cage of furry legs.

Taylor finally realized she was feeling something underneath her nervousness. It was a funny, burning feeling inside her, not like anything she had ever felt before. And her crotch felt weird and tingly. Not like she wanted to pee, but related to it. Taylor had no idea what was happening to her.

Taylor felt something prodding against her rear. She tried to turn her head to look, but the dog was just too big and heavy for her. The hot, hard thing kept on appearing and disappearing, running along her inner thighs or pressing against her butt before withdrawing.

Finally, the dog got lucky. Taylor’s eyes went wide as he slid into her virgin vagina. Her cry was drowned out by the dog’s howl of triumph. And now that it had the right hole, or any hole, really, it was time to start rutting its bitch.

The dog started thrusting, pushing its cock in and out of Taylor’s young, tight core. She couldn’t believe what she was feeling. It was so far removed from anything else she had ever felt before. There was some pain, but the hurt was rapidly being overwritten by something else, something so much more intense than pleasure.

Taylor couldn’t believe that getting attacked by a dog could feel so good. Her crotch felt like it was both on fire and flooded with something wet and cool. Taylor’s breaths grew shorter and shorter as the stray dog fucked her, slamming its cock deep inside her.

Taylor didn’t recognize her first orgasm. She had no idea what the things she was feeling were called, and when the pleasure finally overtook her, she thought she was dying. The feelings were so intense, boiling inside her as she was fucked like an animal.

Taylor didn’t have the breath to really cry out, but she did her best to give voice to what she was feeling. Her moans and cries were a pale approximation of the dog’s barks as it kept on fucking her with rough, animalistic thrusts.

The dog hadn’t sought out Taylor to bring her pleasure. She was there for him, not vice versa. All it cared about was that it had smelled a female in heat, and it wanted to breed that bitch. That Taylor couldn’t get pregnant was of no concern to it.

The dog kept on pounding away on Taylor, it’s red, hot, hard dick reaching deep inside her. Taylor felt the pleasure inside her rise into something white-hot and blinding twice more before the dog had reached its limit.

Getting knotted was so intense, so pleasurable, that Taylor couldn’t even scream. Her eyes went wide, and drool dripped out from her mouth as the dog’s knot expanded, locking her on him. And then he started cumming.

Taylor made small, needy sounds as doggy cum flooded her pussy. It felt so hot, and was filling her up so much. Her limbs twitched as another orgasm washed over her. She could barely breathe, she was feeling so good. Her strength finally gave out and she fell to the ground, her rear still poking up from the dog cock holding it in place.

The final indignity was when the dog decided he had had his fun. Taylor was still tied to his knot, but he just started walking forward, dragging Taylor behind him. It started drinking from the stream, not caring that a young girl was twitching and moaning behind it.

Taylor slowly drew a trembling hand underneath her, and pressed her palm against her lower stomach. Amazingly, it didn’t feel any different. She would have thought it would have been huge and bulging, from the knot and from all the cum pumped into her poor, tight body.

Finally, the knot deflated enough. The dick slipped out of Taylor, and the dog went ambling off, without even a backwards glance at its bitch. Taylor was left on the grass, staring up into the blue sky, panting. Her naked body was stained with sweat and other things, but she couldn’t begin to think about cleaning herself off.

Taylor cupped her crotch with one hand, trying to keep the dog’s cum inside her. It still felt so warm and sticky; she didn’t want any of it to slide out. Taylor’s scattered thoughts were coming to an conclusion. That had felt good. It had been a bit scary, but it had felt good. Really good.

Taylor had found a new joy in life.

Mami can't get off unless someone is watching her. She decides to pose in her Puella Magi outfit over an air vent, and once she has an audience watching, decides to play with herself in front of the crowd.

Putting on Another Show

Mami shivered, feeling a warm glow in her lower stomach. What she was about to do was so naughty. But it also be so fun.

Mami stepped onto the grate, her heels clicking against the metal bars. She shivered, wondering how many people were down there. Or if anyone even was. It the cellar below her was empty, that would be disappointing.

Orgasms were their own reward, of course, but Mami could get those in the comfort of her own home. Mami was here because she wanted to put on a show, and a show was no good if people weren’t watching her. If people weren’t seeing what a beautiful, naughty girl she was. She wanted the sight of her masturbating burned into their minds.

Her thoughts were making her horny. Mami ran her hands down her sides, pressing against the cool, stiff leather of her corset. She knew it was so shameful to do this sort of thing in her meguca outfit. And that made it so much more fun. The thrill of debasing the emblem of her service to the world, all for some quick pleasure… It made Mami shiver in arousal.

This time, her hands went up her legs, running over her stockings. Mami sneaked a glance at the vent. Still no sign if anyone was watching her. She drew her hands up again, this time going underneath her skirt. She wondered if anyone could tell she wasn’t wearing panties. She was sure they could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Mami’s skin felt so good against the silk and leather of her uniform. And her lower lips felt even better against her fingers. She softly moaned as she touched herself. She went slowly at first, but then faster and faster, feeling her fingers slide deeper and deeper into her.

And had she heard a gasp? Mami thought she had. Someone was watching her, watching a busty blonde masturbate for them.

The thought spurred Mami to new heights. She fumbled with the ties running down the center of her blouse, pulling it open. Then she pulled a breast. Cupping one of her boobs, Mami gently squeezed and ran her thumb over the nipple. The shock made her legs feel weak. Her other hand returned between her legs, her fingers coating themselves in arousal.

Mami was panting, the thrill she was feeling in her body nothing compared to the images running through her head. Debauched fantasies followed depraved daydreams, flashing through her head and driving her to new heights of self-pleasure. Mami’s fingers were plunging in and out of herself while her other hand played with her breast.

The pleasure within her rose and rose until it finally reached Mami’s breaking point. She let out a choked cry as she came. Her core tightened down around her fingers and her hips jerked back and forth, pressing against a phantom lover.

The rush was over all too soon. The pleasure died away and Mami felt her energy dying with it. She withdrew her hand and smiled at the translucent liquid covering it. Wiping her hand clean, Mami did her best not to look down at the grate. She hoped her mystery watcher had enjoyed themselves.

Mami walked away, and was almost at the alley entrance before she realized what was wrong. She had forgotten to cover back up! She hastily tucked her exposed breast back into her blouse, before stepping out onto the street. Mami wasn’t ready to show off that much. Not yet.

Someday, though.

Everyone knows that Blake and Yang have started to take horse back riding lessons but little to they know that the lovely couple are the ones being ridden by the horses. And they love every second of it.

Riding Lessons

“Nah, we’re just being, umfh, efficient,” Yang said. Her breezy confidence was undermined by her flushed face and the way her hips were twitching. “See, this way two people can ride the horse at the same time.”

“The normal way and the fun way,” Blake added. She was showing better self-control than Yang, for now. She was obviously just as horny, though.

“Yeah, that’s it, ha ha, ah!” Yang half-laughed, half-gasped as the horse’s cock drove deeper into her.

The horses the two girls were riding undersaddle were moving at a fast pace. That meant Blake and Yang were constantly feeling the thick cocks inside them shift back and forth and from side to side. It was enough to drive any girl crazy. They had already been horny, and now they were outright wild with lust.

“It’s a pity Weiss and Rubes can’t join usssss!” Yang’s voice rose into a squeal. It took a few seconds for her to get enough breath back to start speaking again. “But they’re just too small. No way could they handle something this size inside ‘em.”

If Yang and Blake’s bellies hadn’t been pressed against the horses’ hot, hairy stomachs, there would have been visible bulges from the dicks stuffing them. As it was, the pressure from inside and out was making the two of them feel very, very good. It was a testament to how tough the two girls were that they could still string words together with the overwhelming fullness they were feeling.

“But, but, but,” Blake tried to continue, “it could be pretty hot to just tie them on underneath. The cock would be rubbing against them, from pussy to tits, and they’d get a face full of horse cum at the end. Thhaattt-!” Blake’s cry signaled that her contribution to the discussion was over.

Yang wasn’t doing much better. The relentless pounding of the horse inside her stretched pussy was becoming overwhelming. Yang mentally shrugged and stopped fighting it. She let go, and embraced her bestial fucking.

The blonde and black-haired sluts had their brains fucked out of their heads as the horses ran around the pasture. They were driven from one orgasm to another as the cocks inside them stretched them in ways nothing else could. And they would stay tied to the horses until the beasts returned to the stables, hours from now.

By which time the horses would have cum again and again, making Yang and Blake balloon with cum. In fact, they were cumming right now. Blake and Yang twitched in their bindings as their stretched, stuffed pussies were filled even more with cum. They both felt like they were going to pop, and both of them wanted more.

Blake and Yang came as they were flooded with horse semen. Neither could talk anymore, hot, thick cum driving logic out of their heads. Reason was replaced with the need for more and more cum and cocks.

The one idea left, hiding in a corner of their minds, was about the rest of their team. Blake and Yang were both going to bring Weiss and Ruby along next time, and make it a team bonding experience. They were sure the smaller girls would enjoy it as much as they did.

It was so nice of Blake and Yang to think of such fun group outings.

Say, how do you feel about the idea of New Wave and the Undersiders paying back Glory Girl and Skitter's damages by serving in a public use glory hole with them?

The Glory of Service

Skitter hadn’t known what a ring gag was before this. She might have been able to venture a hazy guess based on the name, but that was it. That it was a sex toy used to make other people give blowjobs wasn’t something she would have dreamed of, or would have admitted knowing about.

Skitter certainly wouldn’t have thought there were ring gags with fake, puffy lips on one side. Someone wearing one would have looked like a bimbo, with fake lips so big she could barely talk. Skitter was hard-pressed to think of something more degrading sounding.

And she was wearing a pair. Tattletale had given her them on the way over. Her logic, such as it was held together a bit. Skitter wouldn’t want to take her mask off and reveal her secret identity to Glory Girl. And with a ring gag, she could make sure there wasn’t any skin showing. She hadn’t managed to get an explanation about the plastic lips she would be showing off. Or about how Tattletale had a modified mask that the ring gag would fit in.

Skitter still couldn’t believe that Tattletale had talked her into this. Working at a gloryhole with a superheroine? To make up for, not the money she had stolen, but the property damage caused? It was so bizarre. But here she was, sharing a small, cramped booth with the most famous teenager in Brockton Bay.

Glory Girl was stark naked, except for a small thong that was so thin she might as well not have been wearing it. She oozed raw, confident sexuality from every pore. Skitter didn’t think much about naked women, but being so close to Glory Girl was making her reconsider. She was almost wishing the first dick would come through one of the several holes in the wall.

Glory Girl frowned at her, crossing her arms underneath her breasts. And they were great breasts. Far out of Skitter’s league. Big and firm, and perfectly shaped. There was no way Skitter was going to undress, and reveal her beanpole of a body.

She ran a quick, cold eye over Skitter. Snorting, Glory Girl looked back up.

“Well, it’s not as if anyone will be disappointed in your looks. Let’s get going.”

Skitter didn’t answer. She couldn’t answer, since the ring gag was already in her mouth, cutting off any attempt to talk. Glory Girl snorted again and turned her back, facing a hole.

Skitter shifted her weight from side to side, waiting for something to happen. Then something hard poked her in the rear. She jumped, a mangled squeal escaping the ball gag. She whirled around to see a big black cock poking through the wall. Glory Girl snorted at her reaction.

“Yeah, who would have expected cocks at a gloryhole. You just going to stand there, or do what you came here for?”

The lash of Glory Girl’s contemptuous voice made Skitter drop to her knees. That put her mouth level with the dick. She swallowed nervously, eyeing the long length. She raised a hand before letting it fall back down.

There was a knock from the other side of the wall. There was a muffled voice that sounded faintly familiar. Someone was getting impatient.

Two somebodies, in fact. Glory Girl grabbed Skitter’s head. She didn’t have a hope in hell of breaking the super-strong heroine’s grip. Glory Girl pulled her forward, rubbing Skitter’s mask against the cock.

“How the hell do you have the guts to threaten to kill my sister, but not to do this?” Pulling Skitter’s head back, she then pushed it forward. This time, the cock slid in between the ring gag, into Skitter’s mouth.

Skitter coughed, almost gagging as her mouth was filled with cock for the first time. Glory Girl didn’t give her a chance to adjust. She started pulling Skitter’s head back and forth, her fingers locked in a firm grip on Skitter’s mask and hair. Skitter was forced to get better quick.

“See? This is how you give head!” Skitter’s hands were pressed against the wall as Glory Girl used her to give a blowjob to a stranger.

The taste of cock was filling Skitter’s mouth. It was musky and strange. And it was reaching so far in. Skitter could feel it knocking against the back of her throat.

Finally, the stranger came. He filled Skitter’s mouth with cum, making her gag and splutter as Glory Girl pressed her nose against the cheap wooden wall. She was forced to swallow if she wanted to breathe.

Finally, Glory Girl let go of her. Skitter sagged back, coughing as the cock exited her mouth. No cum came with it. All of the stranger’s seed was inside her mouth or stomach.

“See?” Glory Girl sounded vindictive and triumphant. “That’s how you suck cock. And if I see you slacking off again…” Her threat was unspoken and obvious.

Glory Girl turned back to her side of the stall, ready to attend to the hard dick poking through one of the holes. Skitter was left staring at the hole. There was some movement behind it, the shift of light and shadow. Then a new cock, almost as big as the last one appeared.

With a weary sigh, Skitter leaned forward. Time to get to work.

Chapter Text

Well now, This looks interesting! I get the feeling maybe either Vicky or Amy has a serious Master power here to make this happen. Probably Amy. Now I’m imagining how things progress when it’s decided that Skitter didn’t really make things up, since she only gave head while Vicky obviously rode plenty of cocks thanks to her nudity. Maybe have Skitter get tied up on a bed naked save for mask, while guys fuck her and Vicky torments her from above? Still with ring gag, of course.

Servicing Glory Again

“It’s only fair, Skitter,” Tattletale said in a reasonable tone. “Glory Girl sucked twelve cock to your five. And she spent a bunch of time helping you out. And she used a lot more than just her mouth and hands. She unquestionably did more to raise funds than you.”

“And obviously the villain’s can’t be upstaged by the heroes,” Panacea said. In between rolling her eyes she was glaring at Tattletale. Even when they were on the same side of the argument, she wasn’t letting go of her hate-boner. “So you’ve got to stay here for a bit more.”

“Ah yu iddin e? Ahv une-“ Skitter’s unintelligible rantings were ignored by both girls.

“I know this isn’t a lot like the gloryhole, but, well, it’s getting late,” Tattletale’s unmuffled voice cleanly cut through Skitter’s objections. “We need to pick up the pace. Therefore, this.” She waved her hand at ‘this’.

Skitter was tied to a table. Her costume, minus her mask (still with the ring gag) had been removed, leaving her essentially naked. Leather cords tied her ankles and wrists to the table legs, giving anyone at all excellent access to her. Skitter’s head hung off the end of the table, meaning someone would just have to step up and bend her head back to get a blowjob.

Glory Girl stood off to one side, looking at her would-be rival. Unlike Tattletale and Panacea, she wasn’t dressed in full costume. She had just slid into a tight, low-cut blouse and a short skirt. There was the occasional speck of white on her face that she hadn’t gotten to yet.

For a wonder, Glory Girl wasn’t trying to take the lead in the situation. She was just watching, enjoying the sight of her sister and Tattletale explain things to Skitter. That, and texting all the boys she knew, letting them know that the fun hadn’t ended with the gloryhole. She was getting a lot of excited responses.

Tattletale and Panacea made themselves scarce, going outside to manage the flow of men and boys eager to do their part. Glory Girl stayed in the room, both to make sure no one was rough with the merchandise, and to gloat. Mostly to gloat.

It didn’t take long for guys to show up for Round Two. Some of them had been there at the gloryhole, some of them had come after hearing about it from their friends, and some came because there was a crowd and they wanted to see what was happening.

It was a pity Skitter’s position only opened up two holes for use. There were a lot more than two guys wanting a turn and, even as she gave a blowjob and was fucked in the pussy, Skitter was surrounded by a crowd of masturbating men. Some were going slowly, just waiting their turn. Others were really pumping their cocks, satisfied with just masturbating to a skinny teen getting spitroasted.

Skitter’s pale skin was soon made even whiter with the amount of cum that was shot on her. She had gotten used to feeling cum on her from the gloryhole, but out in public like this, it was even more intense. She tried to writhe around, but not even she could say if it was to avoid the cum shots or lean into them.

Glory Girl was constantly busy. Mostly, she was extorting the crowd to ever greater heights. There was almost nothing, short of unmasking or drawing blood, that she wasn’t willing to let them do to Skitter. Skitter lost her anal virginity to some guy she never once got a look at. She was too busy having her face pressed against the big, hairy balls of some guy in his thirties. Luckily, Glory Girl had gotten pictures. Perhaps she’d give a copy to Skitter. After she posted it online, of course.

There was a small fee to get into the room. But multiplied by all the men in here, Glory Girl thought the fundraiser to repair the bank’s damage had been more than successful.

In math math they can study the accounting of the oldest professions or have pricing gauges. If a bj cost X dollars an ass fuck y, and a pussy fuck w with z class mates how much money do we owe Taylor?

Taylor’s Education: Math Class

Taylor had thought that by high school, people should have moved beyond simple story problems like this. Didn’t some school offer calculus classes by the sophomore year or something? She was sure they did.

And even if Winslow didn’t offer more advanced math classes, she was sure this wasn’t the kind of story problem that should be on display. If it costs $1 to use Taylor’s mouth, $1.50 to use Taylor’s pussy and $2 to use Taylor’s ass, how much money will Taylor have made after a class of thirty students uses her? Show your work.

And they were. A pile of coins and the occasional bill was forming in the bucket sitting next to Taylor. Every time she heard the clink of coins rattling against each other, Taylor knew she was about to get fucked again.

Strap-ons had been provided so that the female students could partake even if Taylor’s mouth was busy. Taylor could recognize some of the toys from earlier. And she was becoming acutely aware of how different a tapered dildo felt inside her pussy than a normal human cock.

Emma wasn’t taking part, directly at least. She was talking to the teacher, waving her hands around to illustrate some point. Taylor didn’t know what they were talking about, but she guessed it was about her. Almost everything else Emma had said today had been.

Taylor’s view was cut off as a husky Asian boy stepped up to her head. It was easier to just open her mouth than put up a fight that would end with her mouth held open anyway. The boy didn’t seem to notice her submission, and just slid his cock inside her, making her gag as he hilted himself in a single thrust.

Both Taylor’s ass and pussy were already filled, by one boy and one girl. The two of them were a couple, having a bonding experience with her. Taylor could hear them sweet-talking each other as they fucked her.

Taylor was forced to cum. She didn’t want to, or at least thought she didn’t want to, but she did anyway. The relentless fucking, the feeling of her holes getting stretched forced her over the edge as she was fucked in all three holes like a cheap whore.

Taylor shrieked around the cock gagging her, feeling a familiar starburst go off inside her. Her limbs moved as much as they could, beating against the bodies of her classmates. She could feel herself tightening down around the dildo in her pussy, and even around the cock in her ass. It was so shameful, and she was left feeling almost as aroused as she had been just before the orgasm.

Taylor was coming down from her orgasm when the guy came in her ass. A hot plume of liquid appeared, shooting deep inside Taylor’s rear. She moaned around the dick filling her mouth as her body twitched, trying to handle the feeling.

Taylor wasn’t given a long time to get used to having yet another load of cum shot inside her. The boyfriend was quickly replaced by another guy. The new guy seemed even bigger than the last, filling Taylor’s ass. She had no idea how long this was going to last.

It lasted a long time. Almost the entire class period, in fact. Taylor was left slumped in the front of the classroom as the rest of the students (or maybe just the students) took their seats. Taylor couldn’t muster the energy to sit up. She was too exhausted. Too many orgasm, and too many hard fuckings had left their toll on her. And it was obvious to see, too. Cum once again covered her body, just like it had for almost every other class today.

Taylor stared blearily at the bucket. There had to be at least fifty bucks in there. And it was for her, because she had fucked an entire classroom. There was a word for women who fucked for money, she remembered. It wasn’t a nice word, but it fit her like a glove.

The math teacher cleared her voice. She looked over the class, forcing them into silence with nothing but her glare. The class quieted, waiting to hear the results of their hour-long question.

“I’m going to start by saying I’m disappointed in most of you. I received twenty different answers for this question, when there is only one correct answer. As such, we will be doing similar problems for the rest of the week, until I’m satisfied with the level of skill you display.”

Emma raised her hand, looking every inch the eager student. The teacher nodded at her.

“What was the correct answer, Miss Henz?”

“I was coming to that, Barnes. The correct answer is nothing.” There was a sudden murmur of confusion that the teacher talked over. “Hebert will not get any money, and all proceeds will go to the school Fun Fund.”

Taylor was confused. Did that mean she was still a whore? After all, she wasn’t getting any money. But she had thought she was going to. Should she ask Miss Henz if there was anything (and Taylor thought she knew what anything might end up being) to do to get the money?

A corner of Taylor’s mind knew that she was just trying to take her mind off what the teacher had announced about future math classes. That part of her was wondering how many tries it would take for the none-too-smart students at Winslow to get the right answer.

Taylor thought there were better ways to learn math.

RWBY prompt: A tearful, desperate confession from Ruby leads to rough yet loving sex... with her sister.

Happy Valentine’s Day

“Yang, I, I,” Tears were forming in Ruby’s eyes as she struggled to get the words out. “I love your dick!” The sentence came out in a babbling rush. Yang gasped, covering her mouth with her hand.

“Ruby…” Yang paused, looking off to one side before back again. “My dick loves you too!”

Ruby squealed in excitement, before jumping into Yang’s arms. The sisters started feverishly kissing, grinding against each other in excited lust. Ruby was so excited, she bit down on Yang’s lips, drawing a spot of blood and a yelp from her.

“Oh, so that’s how you want to play, Ruby” Yang asked, a tense, excited tone in her voice. Ruby’s eyes went wide, but before she could say anything, Yang took several steps forward, pinning Ruby against the wall.

Yang reached down and started tearing off Ruby’s clothes. Ruby yelped and squirmed as she was hastily stripped, her tattered clothes ending up all over the room. Soon, she was left with nothing more than some ragged leggings and one sleeve. The rest of her body was bared to her sister.

Ruby squirmed as Yang took an obvious delight in the near-nudity of her younger sister. Ruby could feel Yang’s delight pressing against her.

“Yang, please. Please don’t tease me anymore,” Ruby whined. She shifted her hips back and forth, feeling the heat coming out of Yang’s crotch against her pussy. “I want you so badly.”

Her words had the right effect on Yang. Her eyes turned red as she reached down. Holding Ruby in place with only one arm, she undid her shorts, pulling out her cock. Ruby moaned when she saw it. It looked even bigger and harder than last time. Her pussy, already wet, moved to soaked as she imagined it inside her.

Yang didn’t make her wait long. She dropped Ruby onto her dick, making her little sister scream in pleasure as her pussy was stuffed to the brim with cock. Ruby’s eyes fluttered as she threw her head back. Her fingers tightened on Yang’s back, and would have drawn blood if Yang hadn’t been still wearing her top.

Pressing Ruby against the wall, Yang started to fuck her hard. Her hands slid underneath Ruby’s rear, picking her up and slamming her down, making her bounce on Yang’s cock. Ruby was already making a keening sound, finally getting what she had spent whole hours needing.

Yang leaned in for another kiss, intent on sucking the breath out of Ruby. Ruby eagerly kissed back, moaning ‘I love you’ into Yang’s mouth as they kissed. She felt so good, pressed against Yang’s body and filled with Yang’s cock. She didn’t want this to ever end.

They fucked for almost an hour and half. They finished up on Yang’s bed, Ruby lying on top of her sister. Ruby’s legs were spread wide, showing off the cum trickling out of her pussy and her ass. There were red bite marks and claw marks all over her body, and Yang was almost as scratched up. They were both wiped out, having had orgasm after orgasm. Yang pulled Ruby close with one arm, letting her little sister nuzzle her head against her neck.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, sis,” Yang whispered. Ruby smiled and kissed her on the cheek. This had been even better than last year’s celebration.

Family Love

Erica wasn’t sure if Amy had given him a fetish for oral sex when she upgraded his body, or if he’d always been a cumslut, and just hadn’t really known until then. Either way, he spent a lot of time on his knees, lately, wrapping his big, bubblegum pink lips around his dad’s cock, or his mother and sister’s pussies.

He had yet to receive any complaints. Well, he did, but only because Dad could only get hard again so fast. Even if Erica looked as sexy as he could, that didn’t speed things up much. And Erica could look very sexy indeed.

The breasts he had gotten where even bigger than his mom’s, and just as sensitive. The high heels he always wore showed off his heart-shaped ass nicely, and made it such an inviting spanking target. And everyone in the family appreciated how cute his cocklet looked.

All three members of his family loved to play with it. They had a variety of names for it, from cocklet, to boy-clitty and a variety of others. Laserdream, especially, loved to pull Erica onto her lap and start playing with it. She always said Erica made the cutest sounds as she ran two fingers along the perpetually soft length.

Amy had really gone above and beyond the call of duty on Erica’s penis. It would never get hard, even outside of the hard-light chastity cage, and constantly stayed at the two-inch length Amy had reduced it too. And while it stayed soft, it still felt so good. Erica could be reduced to a whining wreck pretty quickly once someone started playing with it. Although he couldn’t be reduced to a cumming wreck. His clitty could be played with for hours, and Erica still wouldn’t cum.

There were a couple ways to make him cum. Erica could get his ass, his mouth or his tits fucked. And when the fucking pushed him over the edge, his shriveled-up balls would pump out a thin, watery trickle of cum, just enough to get his thighs wet.

Erica loved his new life. It was better than he could ever have dreamed. His new body, the constant support of his family, and, of course, the constant sexual haze he was living in. Erica couldn’t ask for anything more. And, therefore, it was proper for him to give back.

That was why he was sitting on his dad’s lap, smooth, hairless back pressed against Manpower’s muscled torso. And, Erica giggled to himself, Dad had a lot of ‘man power’. He could feel it pressing against his rear already.

“And how’s my favorite sissy today?” Neil asked, caressing Erica’s tits.

“I’m, I’m good, Daddy,” Erica gasped. It was hard to concentrate with how wonderful his boobs felt. He pressed back, grinding his dad’s hard cock against his soft butt.

“That’s good to hear,” Manpower whispered into his ear. Erica shivered as his hands ran down the teen’s body. “Do you want to feel really good?”

Erica nodded, biting his lip. He wanted it, oh so badly. His cock twitched with need, a small speck of pre forming at the tip.

“Good girl,” Manpower said approvingly.

Neil shifted his hands to the bottom of Erica’s legs. Lifting, he pulled them up, baring Erica’s ass. Erica kept his legs up as Neil grabbed his cock, sliding it against Erica’s butt. Erica whimpered, feeling the hot, hard rod against him. He raised himself up a bit, giving his dad easier access. He felt his dad’s cock press against his asshole.

Then Neil pulled down. Erica moaned as he was filled, his sensitive ass stuffed to the brim. It already felt so, so good. And then his dad started really fucking him. Erica’s cock flopped around as the room filled with sweet, slutty cries.

Erica loved his family.

Even as Neo-Queen Serenity, Usagi finds time at night to sneak out and having a well hung man fill her pussy with cock and cum.

Royal Fun

Queen Neo-Serenity mostly enjoyed the same things Usagi Tsukino had. Sleeping, lots of food, dates with Prince Endymion/Mamoru. Oh, and having lots of sex.

And it was so much easier to get laid in Crystal Tokyo than it had been in regular Tokyo. Not many people would pass up the chance to fuck their ruler, and not just because she was their ruler. Queen Neo-Serenity knew she was even better looking than she had been as a teenager. And she rarely had a problem finding lovers back then. Now that she was fully grown into her beauty and power? There was no lack of people eager to intimately meet her.

That was the ruler of the solar system was bent over a table by a man she had met half an hour ago. Her skirt was hiked up above her waist, and her top had pulled down, exposing her breasts. The handsome, well-hung gentleman she had chosen was fucking her, his thick cock plunging into her. Her large breasts were pressed against the tabletop, and were so large the man could see them spilling out from the sides of her body.

Most of his attention was on Neo-Serenity’s ass. It was just as good as her breasts, and much more accessible. Neo-Serenity moaned as he massaged her round cheeks.

“You, you can spank me if you want,” she gasped. She wiggled her hips, showing off how nicely she’d jiggle if he did. Neo-Serenity even turned her head to flash him (whatever his name was. Ja-something) a smile.

The man swallowed nervously, before hesitantly smiling. He let go and raised one hand. Pausing to take a deep breath, he looked down at the perfect, soft, large rear. He swung down.

The man spanked Neo-Serenity, the sound filling the room. She squealed in delight, making a high-pitched, happy sound and wiggled her rear again. The man started to lightly spank her, not wanting to use enough force to really hurt her. Anyways, the feeling of her pussy wrapped around his dick was far better than a spanking.

And Queen Neo-Serenity was a very good fuck. Her pussy was wet, warm and tight, fitting him like a glove. She squeezed down around him, moving in a rippling motion from top to bottom, going from the tip of his cock head right down to the base. She seemed intent on milking every last drop of cum out of him.

There were few things Neo-Serenity enjoyed quite as much as a good creampie. The feeling of her pussy filling up with hot, sticky cum was wonderful beyond words. She did her best to make sure it happened at least once a day.

And today would be no different. Neo-Serenity moaned as she felt the man throb inside her. She squeezed down as tightly as she could, trying to get her sticky treat out.

“Come on. Fill your queen up. Stuff me full of your cum. Don’t you want-oh!” Neo-Serenity’s encouragement was cut off as her words pushed the man over the edge.

Neo-Serenity moaned in happiness as she was flooded with semen. She clutched at the table as hot, thick cum filled what bits of her pussy weren’t already stuffed with cock. A large smile split her face as she felt the warmth spreading through her. She really did enjoy this.

And now, it would be time to kindly send the man on his way. Queen Neo-Serenity would get dressed and get to spend the rest of her day feeling the wonderfully sticky warmth inside of her.

It was good to be the queen.

Chapter Text

Nora getting raped by a Ursa.

Ursa’s Revenge

It wasn’t rape if your pupils went heart-shaped. That was the common wisdom for Huntresses when talking about Grimm.

And by that logic, Nora had never been raped once even after losing almost a dozen fights. She certainly wasn’t being raped now. She came again as she was pinned underneath the Ursa’s bulk. Her face was split in a big smile of near-brainless pleasure as the Grimm slammed into her again and again.

Nora’s pussy was pretty stretched around the Ursa’s cock, but she was doing her best to squeeze down around it. She was on all fours, pinned underneath the Grimm’s bulk. She could feel the coarse fur rubbing against her back. Nd the grass was rubbing against her cheek and her breasts.

Nora pushed back against the Grimm, trying to get as much of that bestial cock inside her as she could. Nora was a size queen, and nothing felt better inside her than a big Grimm cock. She had fought it, of course, that was part of then fun. But when the last surviving Ursa had knocked her hammer away and knocked her to the ground, Nora was already wet.

By the time the Grimm had ripped her clothes off, Nora was soaked. And on her knees, facing away from the Grimm and shaking her hips. And it had worked so well. Nora groaned as she felt another orgasm wash over her. This was why she had become a Huntress. Also, helping people, but mostly for the chance at thick Grimm dick.

The Ursa wasn’t treating her gently, thankfully. Nora would have claw marks all over her body from it, and she doubted she’d be able to close her legs for a week. As for her pussy, once that thick, glue-like cum was pumped inside her? Nora shivered at the thought.

It was hard to tell what the Ursa thought, beyond that it had a human wrapped around its cock. It grunted and snuffled as it pounded Nora, the force of the thrusts making her entire body shake. Nora groaned in turn as her breasts were pressed against the grass. It didn’t feel good, and because it didn’t feel good, Nora felt great.

So many things about this made Nora hot. Her helplessness, the heavy weight pressing down on her, the way the Ursa didn’t care about her beyond her pussy, and the way she felt, impaled on the Grimm’s thick cock. Nora never felt as horny as she did when she was being fucked by a big-dicked Grimm.

With every orgasm, the thought of escaping and going back to camp seemed less and less important. After all, how could anything that felt this good be bad for her? Nora intellectually knew that that was one of the ways Grimm got their breeding sluts. Get them so addicted to Grimm cock that they wouldn’t put up a fight when dragged back to the rape cave.

Nora knew that, and was struggling to remember the downside there. After all, a steady stream of thick cocks stretching her out and leaving thick cum behind sounded really, really good. And there was always the possibility of escape, as if a heavily pregnant woman who spent her time on her back or knees could outrun a Beowolf. Another plus, really. Some foreplay before the main event.

Nora wasn’t going to stay a Huntress for much longer.

Dinah does some “favors” for the travelers to help her odds of escape from Coil.

Making Allies

Dinah knew she was going to need help if she ever wanted to escape from Coil. And one of the few allies she could hope to get where the Travelers. Therefore, she should do her utmost to get them on her side. Therefore, since she didn’t have money, she’d have to use her body.

Dinah was a bit worried, both about how smoothly that train of logic seemed to flow, and about how readily the Travelers had taken her up on the offer. All of them had, really.

Right now, she was with Genesis. Well, not actually with Genesis. She was sleeping in another room. But her creation, a multi-tentacled thing was with Dinah. And Dinah was discovering tentacle sex.

Genesis’s dream-form had Dinah securely in its grip, warm tentacles winding all over Dinah’s nude, lithe body. The young girl shivered involuntarily as her limbs were encircled by the firm yet gentle tentacles. More tentacles were creeping up her body, moving to her chest. And it was a chest, since Dinah was too young to actually have breasts yet.

Dinah eyed them with some trepidation. The ends on these dark green tentacles were split into a dozen tiny strands, all of them wiggling around. She flinched back as they approached her chest. Then her eyes shot open wide.

It felt good. Really, really good. Dinah had never had anyone touch her chest before, and the dozens of miniature tentacles were spoiling her for anyone else. She tried to bite back a moan as the tentacles coaxed her nipples into hard points. She failed, as a new kind of red-hot pleasure built up inside her.

Dinah was so focused on what Genesis was doing to her breasts that she didn’t even notice two more tentacles sliding up her legs. Only when she felt a tingly sensation shoot through her, straight out of her crotch, did she think to look down.

There was another tentacle there, its slim green head pressed against her slit. Dinah’s eyes widened as she felt a strangely pleasurable pushing against her. She had never felt so, so, like this before. Dinah was a smart kid, but she didn’t have the words for this situation.

And then there was that other tentacle. It narrowed down until it was as thin as a pencil tip. And it was pressing against some part of Dinah that was making the preteen absolutely melt. She could feel it lightly circling against something in her crotch, some hard nub that was making her fell everything so much more intensely.

Dinah didn’t try to hide her groan as the other tentacle slid inside her. She thought it should have hurt, and there was a dull ache, but mostly Dinah just felt pleasure as the thin tentacle slowly disappeared inside her.

Dinah shook in the tentacles holding her above the floor as she things she had never thought existed sweeping through her. Her mouth opened in a soundless cry as her hips bucked, trying to press herself more firmly against the tentacle inside her and the tentacle pressed against her. And for her chest? It was nirvana, feeling those dozens of feelers massaging her nipples, coaxing and teasing them.

The pleasure inside Dinah built and built until she thought she was going to break. Her eyes opened wide as the pink feelings inside her spasmed, again and again. She wasn’t even aware of tightening down around the tentacle inside her, or of how she coated it with her arousal.

Dinah could barely even remember that she had the rest of the Travelers after this.

Please dom!Ruby x sub!Yang

Sisterly Affection

“You’re such a slut.”

Yang shivered as Ruby whispered that into her ear. She didn’t, couldn’t say anything in response. The bar gag in her mouth would make anything she tried to say into nothing more than incomprehensible gibberish.

And it wasn’t as if Ruby was interested in listening to her anyway. Or even, judging by how much leather and metal covered Yang, looking at her. Yang was blind, mute and immobile. She didn’t have a prayer of moving so much as a finger or a toe, with what Ruby had put her into. Only her breasts and crotch were exposed, available for anything Ruby wanted to do to them.

“Look at this body. These udders belong on a whore.” Ruby grabbed Yang’s breasts and squeezed hard, making Yang try to pull back. Ruby barked a laugh at seeing her try to pull away. She kept on forcefully groping Yang for a minute before letting go.

“And this ass. I’m amazed you had the decency to cover it up with your half-skirt. I would have thought a slut like you would want everyone to see as much as you as possible.” Ruby was no gentler with Yang’s ass. She pinched it mercilessly, drawing muted yelps from Yang.

“I bet it was a big disappointment for you when you heard I was coming to Beacon with you,” Ruby said. “You must have been hoping you could finally live out all your slutty fantasies without me around to keep an eye on you.”

That wasn’t true. Yang wasn’t interested in anybody besides Ruby. Her scent, her face, her voice, they all entranced Yang, making her submit to whatever Ruby did to her. It was only Ruby who could make Yang feel satisfied, tied up and sitting at her sister’s feet.

And Ruby knew it. She knew the power she had over Yang, and loved it. She would make Yang do such things, make her abase herself before Ruby, make Yang do a hundred humiliating tasks before she would let Yang so much as lay a finger on her.

And the orgasms Yang would get from Ruby at the end would scour her clean. Ruby would purge all the buildup and leave Yang gasping as her world was torn down and rebuilt. There was nothing like what Ruby could give to Yang.

“You’re such a disgusting deviant, I’m not sure I should even allow you to touch me,” Ruby mused. She ran her fingers up and down Yang’s back, the pressure blunted by the leather encasing her. “What would you do then? Not allowed to touch me, maybe not even to talk to me.” Yang shivered, feeling twisted delight growing in her.

“I’d make you watch as I masturbated. I’d moan out the names of other girls, girls who aren’t wanton sluts. Maybe I’d even invite you when I fuck them. You could pick up the clothes as we fuck.” Ruby’s hand slid down the curve of Yang’s ass and towards her crotch. “Would you like that?” Ruby’s fingers reached Yang’s dripping pussy.

“You would. You really would, you naughty whore. Well,” Ruby said, taking her hand back. Yang tried not to whimper at the loss of contact. “I think someone likes you need to be punished. Maybe the paddle. Or perhaps the clamps. Heck, why not both?”

And the night was still young.

Bull Session

Sayaka sighed with relief. She had gotten Eri to Caernadroch safe and sound. She hoped her young friend would excel in her magical studies. And now that the young noble was safely ensconced in the city, Sayaka was free to do whatever. And what did she want to do?

Sayaka mulled the question over as she walked around the streets. There really wasn’t that much difference between here and Brycheinion, really. The same people wearing the same clothes, going in and out of the same buildings. But hadn’t she heard something? Something about there being an Adventurer’s Guild here? If Sayaka’s fantasy manga and video games hadn’t lied to her, that would be the best place to start her stay here.

After some asking around, Sayaka found what she was looking for. And it was a disappointment. From the outside, it looked like a bar. From the inside… It looked like a dark bar. If it wasn’t for how exotic half the people looked like, Sayaka wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference between here and any other watering hole.

Sayaka walked deeper into the building, coughing at the thick, oily smoke that filled the room. These people had to be adventurers. Who else would have cat ears, or a wizard’s staff or any of the other dozens of things Sayaka associated with fantasy stories about people who did violence for money. And they were all drinking.

Not terribly hard, most of them at least. But everyone had a flagon or cup of something in their hand as they talked to each other. Or… Sayaka whipped her head around. That wasn’t talking, though they were both using their mouths.

It took a bit for Sayaka to realize something. She wasn’t getting the stares and whispers she normally got from people. She supposed adventurers were used to seeing exotic clothes and hair colors. The lack of attention pricked Sayaka’s ego, but she did her best to deny it.

Sayaka wandered up to the bar, and her mind went blank. What was she supposed to do here, and how was she supposed to do it? Luckily the bartender, a huge man, like a scarred, shaved bear apparently had a routine. He took one look at Sayaka and grunted. Then he turned around to a huge keg behind him and filled up a flagon. Turning back around he slapped it onto the counter in front of her and grunted.

“Tw’ copper.”

Sayaka stared for a minute before the penny dropped. Nodding, she fished out the leather wallet she was keeping her money in. She put two small copper pieces on the counter and smiled hopefully. It seemed to do the trick. He grunted and turned away to someone else.

Sayaka took a tentative sip of her drink, and tried not to grimace. It tasted foul. She slid off the stool and started wandering through the tavern, wondering what to do next. Register herself as an adventurer, maybe? She didn’t see anywhere to do that, though.

A peal of laughter tore through the hubbub of the room. Turning her head, Sayaka took another look at the center table. There had to be almost a dozen people there, an even mix of men and women. There was an open spot in the middle, so Sayaka shrugged. The worst that could happen was that she got her first bar fight.

In fact, they didn’t pay any attention to her at all. Sayaka sat down and took another sip of the drink. It hadn’t improved. So she started listening to what the topic of conversation was. Or rather, what one topic was. At least three people were talking at any one time. First she turned to the man on her right, who looked like the barkeep’s marginally more attractive brother.

“I’m tellin’ you, it’s goblins.” He paused to take another swig. “Ain’t nothin’ tighter than gobbo pussy. You grab one of those green sluts, she’ll stick on your dick come hell or high water.” He chuckled. “At least until you cum in ‘em enough to leave ‘em with a belly bigger than my head.” A lecherous grin split his face. “I reckon I’ve got half a dozen green bastards running around.”

“Nah, nah,” one of his companions said. This one was skinner than Sayaka, but his sleeveless leather jerkin displayed corded muscles up and down his arms. “It’s the Annwn for me.” He waved his hands, almost smacking the people on either side. “You pack enough potions of water breath, you can have your way with an entire colony of them.” He leaned back, smiling. “In fact, one time I had rescued-“

Sayaka’s red face made an interesting contrast with her blue hair. She spun to her left, hoping that this conversation could drown out the sounds of men (and one person who at least looked like a woman) talk about the best monstergirl to fuck.

This group was mostly women. A number of them were wearing so little Sayaka’s blush didn’t have a chance to die down. The one who was speaking had chainmail so thin and skimpy Sayaka thought she could bite through it.

“Satyrs. No question about it. You lose to a party of them, they’ll get you drunker than a lord.”

“Yeah, right” another snorted. “And they get you drunk by dipping their cocks in booze and making you lick them clean.” The woman didn’t sound very disapproving, though.

“So? That’s the fun, right?” The first said. “Anyway, what would you say?”

The second woman, a tall, full-figured woman with plant-green hair took a minute to think it over. Sayaka took that minute to think if she should run screaming out of here. Was it a requirement for adventurers to be perverts, or had she just had bad luck so far? But, maybe, she could learn some useful things. She hadn’t even known goblins existed here, for one.

“Tentacle monsters,” the women finally said. “Nothing else can be so in sync, with so many cocks. That month I spent captured by the Ichor King was… Well, let’s just say if I ever went back to the mountains, I might not want to leave.”

“That’s because you’re a slut,” the first woman said with a grin. That provoked a round of friendly bickering.

Sayaka took a third sip of her drink, trying to think of what to do next. There was a heat in her lower belly arguing for more time spent here, but she wasn’t sure that was the best idea. Maybe it was time for her to leave.

Sayaka wondered how long it would be before she had her own store of experiences to bring to the table.

Ranma and Akane punish Nabiki for all the trouble she's caused them


“Have you ever done a single kind thing for anyone in your entire life?”

That was the question Ranma posed to Nabiki. He didn’t wait for an answer everyone knew wasn’t coming, and instead spanked Nabiki again. She squealed around the gag, and shook in Akane’s arms. As much as she could shake, at least. The leather armbinder, corset and leg chains Akane and her fiancé (and Akane felt something warm and soft in her chest at the word) essentially had her frozen.

Any martial artist worth their salt could have been out of it in three seconds flat, but Nabiki wasn’t a martial artist. She just constantly spurred them on into petty fights, all so sh