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Yang, it was a bad idea to make a bet with Nora about who could do the most pushups. It was also a bad idea to say that the loser had to do anything the winner wanted for the next twelve hours. Don't you agree?

"I-" Yang was cut off with a shriek, as a paddle connected with her bare back side.

"It was a rhetorical question, Xiao Long!" Nora shouted, waving the pink, heart-shaped paddle around. "Maids only speak when asked a non-rhetorical question!"

Nora was lounging on a couch, sipping something pink and bubbly while eating grapes. It was a struggle doing both of those at once and disciplining her sexy maid, but stains were something for servants to clean up. Arousal was also something for servants to clean up, and she tossed a mental coin on whether to have Yang get between her legs again. Deciding not to, not just yet, Nora instead leered at Yang's sexy, near-naked form.

Yang wasn't wearing much, and what she was did nothing to conceal what Nora thought were her best features. High heels with fishnet stockings presented her long legs, and made her rear sway nicely whenever Nora ordered her to get something. The tight black corset and white, frilly apron, supported her breasts, but didn't actually hide them. That was almost it for what she was allowed to wear, except for the headband and sleeves that covered her weak, inferior arms. Her pussy, wet and dripping, was on full display and easy access. Or at least, it had been. Now it was stuffed with Little Mjolnir, Nora's favorite toy. It was buzzing up a storm, and Nora watched with interest as it finally drove Yang to her knees. She tsk'ed in fake disappointment as Yang spilled the tray, juice running across the tile floor.

"Yang, Yang, Yang. You know that's a paddling, right?" Nora asked, eyes bright and spanking hand raised.

Yang submissively presented herself, turning around so her already bright-red bottom was facing the couch. Nora ran a hand over her fat, jiggling rear, before raising her other hand, the one with the spanking paddle.

Yang let out a sweet, sweet cry as it fell on her ass, and made another one, just as sweet and a bit breathier as Nora played with the toy buried inside her. Nora fell into the swing of things, making Yang alternate cries as she considered what else the two of them should do over the next eight hours.


Perhaps you should have gotten details on the alternative punishment before volunteering for it, Emerald.

"You ank?" Emerald bit out. "If Ah'd nown-"

The dark-skinned girl was cut off as a stranger entered her mouth, his cock easily sliding inside the circle of the ring gag keeping Emerald's mouth open. The former minion was tied up, hanging from the ceiling, all her holes ready for instant access. A collection of sex toys were on a tray next to her, for the use of female visitors, or to insert into Emerald until the next person came along. But she was mostly entertaining people with dicks. Her mouth, pussy, ass, tits and hands had all seen a lot of use, less than halfway through her pleasure shift. Her skin was covered with white cum, and both her eyes were glued shut by semen. Reduced to only her ears to tell how many people were waiting to use her, Emerald strained to hear anything over the sounds of her getting fucked, or of the students comparing her features to Cinder's or Neo's, in the rooms next to her.

From the many voices bouncing off the walls, it seemed Emerald still had a long day ahead of her, of getting fucked in every hole she had for hours on end, of getting pumped full of stranger's cum, of orgasming again and again around cock's or dildos, until finally she was cleaned off and left to sleep, to dream of even more perverse things being done to her. She'd come to enjoy it, with her first visitors each day being some skilled eroticicans, who would leave her panting and needy, ready for the Beacon students to come by and help her work off her crimes.

Emerald's hips bucked against the man fucking her pussy, while she used her tongue on the man in her mouth. Behind her, she could feel a third man grabbing her ass, his lube-slick fingers sliding over her cheeks. She couldn't wait for them to cum, to fill her up and cover her with their seed, before leaving. Because they wouldn't be back for hours, of course, not because their place would immediately be taken by another set of virile studs.

Only another 137 shifts left to go.


Could do something like this, but have Yang offer Ruby a taste of her foot-long instead. ;)

“Sis! I’m hungry. Don’t we have anything to eat?” Ruby whined, clutching her stomach like she was about to starve to death.

Yang put her hands on her hips, amused at her sister’s theatrics, before an idea almost visibly struck her. She pulled her sister to her and down, driving Ruby to her knees. Ruby ended up with her face pressed against Yang’s bulge, still hidden in her black shorts, but already half-hard.

“Sure thing, Rubes! I’ve got a sausage for you right here.”

Ew! Yang!” Ruby squealed, half-heartedly trying to get away. “Don’t be nasty.”

“Oh? That’s not what you were saying last night.” Yang started humping her hips forward, driving her dick against Ruby’s face.

What? No, no I didn’t,” Ruby said, lying badly.

Yang scoffed and rolled her eyes. Tugging at her crotch, she got her dick out, and let the rapidly hardening member slap across Ruby’s face. Ruby moaned, and her hands twitched at her side.

“Come on, Ruby, open up. I’ve got a nice, tasty treat for you. Just work your way down to the cream filling,” Yang said with a wink.

“Ya-“ Yang cut Ruby off when her sister made the mistake of opening her mouth.

The blonde sighed in satisfaction as her cock was enveloped by Ruby’s warm mouth. Ruby stared up at her sister, a mixture of poutiness, lust and betrayal in her eyes. Yang smiled down at her, working her fingers through Ruby’s scalp. Getting a good grasp with her short black hair, Yang used her grip to start facefucking her adorable little sister, just the way the two of them liked it.

Ruby squirmed underneath Yang, her hands quickly disappearing underneath her own clothing, seeking out her breasts and crotch. She started jilling herself as her beloved older sister used her mouth as a masturbation aid, slamming her up and down her cock.

“Oh God. Ru- Ruby, you ready for your treat?” Yang’s voice was tight as Ruby’s mouth worked it’s magic.

“Mmmhhmmh!” Ruby pinched a nipple as she hummed loudly around the cock filling her mouth and throat.

Yang pulled Ruby’s head as far forward as she could, burying her dick down Ruby’s throat. She moaned deeply as she came, shooting a thick tide of cum into her little sister. It felt like she came for five straight minutes, unloading herself into her sister as Ruby thrashed underneath her in her own orgasm.

Finally Yang pulled out of Ruby, letting the smaller girl catch her breath. While she recovered, Yang amused herself by rubbing her messy, cum-covered dick against Ruby’s face, smearing it with leftover cum.

“Yang! I wanted a snack. I didn’t get to taste that at all,” Ruby complained.

“Oh yeah? Well, here’s the solution to your problem!” Yang slapped her cock against Ruby’s cheek.

As Ruby started licking Yang’s cock clean, the older girl put her hands behind her head and smiled. There were advantages to living with an always hungry younger sister.


Lucky-38 asked:How about Ruby getting impregnated by Velvet or Kali?

Blake and Velvet pressed in against Ruby, quickly undressing the younger girl. Ruby epped as she was finally stripped bare, her body fully revealed to the hungry gaze of her two girlfriends.

They were both already naked, their erect cocks swaying from side to side as they pushed her onto the bed.

“What the heck? Are you two in heat or something?”

Blake crossed her arms, scowling down at her girlfriend.

“Heat is a false stereotype, made up by humans to slander faunus with.” She spread Ruby’s legs, looking at the dew forming around her slit. “Velvet and I just want to see which one of us can knock you up.”

“Wait, what? I- oohh.” Ruby cut herself off as Velvet flicked her nipple.

Ruby didn’t resist as Blake and Velvet arranged her to their satisfaction, ending with her head in Velvet’s lap as Blake fucked her pussy. Her eyes were closed as she concentrated on the feelings racing through her body. Blake’s cock filling her up, and rubbing against her clit, and Velvet’s hand wandering over her upper body.

“Come on, Blake, fill that bitch up. Dump your cum in her and let me have a shot,” Velvet urged, her sweet accent contrasting with her words.

“Velvet! That’s not the kind of language I appreciate!” Blake scolded.

Velvet pouted, rabbit ears flat against her scalp before she apologized.

“I’m sorry. Come on, Blake, fill that slutty cunt up. Dump your cum in her and let me have a shot.”

“That’s better,” Blake said with a smirk, leaning in for a kiss.

Underneath them, Ruby cried out in her first orgasm. Blake kept up her punishing pace, slamming in and out of Ruby. The little reaper would be stuffed with her girlfriend’s cocks for hours yet.

Ruby was left with a veritable flood of cum pouring out of her pussy, red finger and bite marks decorating her blissed out body. She made a wordless sound of contentment as Blake and Velvet snuggled up next to her, their hands running over her belly.

“I can’t wait to see which one of us bred her, Blake,” Velvet said, smiling.

“I know. Which one of us is going to be responsible for that baby bump, those swelling tits, all of that.”

An unspoken thought flashed between them. And when Ruby recovered enough, it would be time for them to have Round Two, and see if they could get twins out of little Red.



 Corruptedperv asked: P:prompt: Sailor Moon, Michiru while attending a high class party with Haruka at some mansion. She daydreams while Haruka is off somewhere in the party, that Haruka is bent over and being fucked on the sexist hosts desk in his private study. Haruka with her pants around her legs and her having given up on trying to deny feeling pleasure, meets each thrust and moans loudly even with the other men waiting their turn. When meeting up with Haruka with a kiss, Michiru imagines her lips taste salty.


Michiru stood in a corner, sipping her wine and watching the rest of the gala. Setsuna and Hotaru were dancing in the middle of the floor, but she couldn’t see Haruka anywhere. She wondered where her girlfriend had gone to. The thought triggered a fantasy that had been developing in her mind for the past several days.

Haruka was bent over a table, surrounded by a crowd of laughing, jeering men. Her pants were down around her ankles and Michiru decided that Haruka had worn a binder today, so her breasts were pushed together to form some deep cleavage.

A hand came swinging down on Haruka’s ass as the host of the party stepped up behind her. He massaged Haruka’s muscular ass as he looked around the room.

“Gentlemen… to life!”

The crowd hooted and cheered as their leader fished his cock out of his pants. Without any foreplay, he slid right into Haruka, making her moan around the gag in her mouth.

“Ah, so very wet. But what else would you expect from such a whore? The kind of woman who dresses up as a man obviously wants to be surrounded by men. And a wet slut like you,” He spanked Haruka’s ass, her yelp swiftly following, “A slut like you needs a good dicking, to remind her of her place.”

Michiru paused, wondering if she should rewrite the man’s lines to be less self-contradictory. Deciding to leave it, she continued developing her fantasy, her long legs rubbing together under her dress.

“Ah, this bitch’s cunt is fine, my friends. Don’t be shy! Her mouth is available as well.”

Some of the crowd stepped forward. Soon Haruka was being forced to suck off three cocks in turn, while two other men wrapped her fingers around their dicks. The rest of the men were masturbating, aiming their cocks at her back.

Haruka was moaning in ashamed pleasure as she switched from cock to cock, all while she kept on getting pounded from behind. The party guests discussed a wide range of topics, moving from their business’s to politics to how much of a needy slut the whore in front of them was.

Finally, their host tightened his grip on Haruka’s thighs and-


Michiru opened her eyes. Haruka was standing in front of her, looking curious as she sipped from a wineglass.

“Is everything all right?”

Michiru closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and opened them again.

“Of course, Haruka. I was just thinking of you, and of how beautiful you can look.”

Haruka blushed faintly. She leaned in for a kiss, her lips firm against Michiru’s. For an instant, Michiru thought she could taste salt.

“Would you care to dance?” Haruka asked, giving her glass to a passing waiter.

“I would love to,” Michiru replied, stepping closer to her lover. “And later,” she whispered, just loud enough for Haruka to hear, “I have something I want you to do.”


Mami was happy to be in a relationship with both Sayaka and Kyouko, but she didn't foresee how difficult it would be for her or her body to service the two of them at once, and is about to find out how much her holes can take one way or the other.

Mami was sandwiched in between her two lovers, Kyouko and Sayaka pressing against her. The only clothing any of them wore was the set of ribbons keeping Mami’s hands secured behind her back.

Sayaka was kissing her as Kyouko gave her a shoulder massage. Breaking the kiss, Sayaka sat back with a smile, staring at the older girl. Her cock swayed with the movement, fully erect and dripping precum.

“Kyouko and I are going to fuck you so hard tonight, Mami.”

“Sayaka!” Kyouko scolded, her voice sharp. “That’s not how you talk to your sempai.”

Mami said nothing, just shifting back and forth, rubbing against the two cocks pressed against her skin.

“Mami, I’m gonna leave a load of cum in every one of your holes tonight, and an extra big one between your tits. I’m gonna make that fat ass of yours bounce as I rail you on all fours like a bitch in heat. You’re gonna go to sleep with the taste of my cum in your mouth, and wake up to me fucking your ass.”

Kyouko paused, craning her head forward to look at Mami’s face. The blond girl’s mouth was open, and her eyes were cloudy with lust. Smirking, Kyouko looked at Sayaka.

“See? That’s how you talk to your sempai.”


Can you please have aged up!Kyouko making a baby with an aged up!Sayaka? (And by aged up, I mean they're both 18)

For years, Kyouko hadn’t thought she’d live to see eighteen, and, if she had, she would still be on the streets, alone, friendless and telling herself she wanted it that way. But now, she was making out with her girlfriend, celebrating graduating from high school. She was flushed from the party with Madoka and Homura, where a bottle of sake had made the rounds.

A lot more than her cheeks were flushed, and Sayaka giggled as she felt something large and hard press against her lower belly. Both of their shirts were gone, bare skin pressing and rubbing against each other as they explored each other’s bodies.

Kyouko growled in impatience as she fiddled with the tabs keeping Sayaka’s skirt up, finally undoing them and tossing the piece of clothing aside. She sat back to run an appreciate eye over her girlfriend, taking in every inch of her lingerie-clad form. The sight made her cock throb in arousal.

“I’m gonna put a baby in your belly, Sayaka,” Kyouko said, the words coming out in between kisses as she worked her way down her girlfriend’s stomach.

Sayaka rolled her eyes and laughed, running her fingers through Kyouko’s hair.

“Yeah, and I’m going to leave you a panting wreck, so sore you can’t close your legs.”

Kyouko smiled sharply at that, one fang poking out of her mouth. She slid her panties and skirt down, letting her cock free.

“Let’s see who’s right tonight."


Maybe a little story of Taylor punishing Glory Girl after losing a fight?

I panted as I stood over Glory Girl. The planning had been tough, the fight had been long, and vice versa, but it was all worth it. I stood triumphant over the most famous superheroine my age in the city. Now, it was time for the sweet, sweet rewards of victory.

Kneeling down, I hauled Glory Girl to her knees, her aching, disheveled form unresistant beneath my hands. Her clothing had been torn in the fighting, and I added to it with a few strategically placed rips. Soon, her large, bouncy breasts were hanging out of her top, and the lower half of her skirt dangled from my hand.

Looking at her like this was already enough to make me wet, but I still had more planned. It was a stroke of luck to find that she hadn’t been wearing panties today, and I could only imagine the exhibitionistic thrill she got from flying over Brockton Bay like that.

“Now, Glory Girl… That’s right, I’m calling you Glory Girl, not Glory Hole. After all, it’s not as if someone as sexy and slutty as you would ever want to hide herself behind a wall. No, you fly around the city, face uncovered, wearing that costume, knowing what it does to every other teenager in the city.”

I’d masturbated several times to the thought of Glory Girl, along with her cousins, male and female. So many tight suits on hot bodies, far better looking than my own. And now, here was the perfect chance to give every other horndog teen in the Bay a perfect entry for their masturbation folders. Glory Girl would be flying a long, circuitous route home, her tits hanging out for everyone to see, and her skirt so short that the slightest gust of wind would expose her to a legion of cameras.

The thought of it alone made this entire fight worth it.