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Whatever The Future Brings

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After his brother King Edward’s death without a male heir to success him on the throne, Richard duke of Gloucester took the crown and became King Richard III of England. Months after his coronation, he married Princess Joanna of Portugal for making a necessary alliance. We always wished marry his cousin Lady Anne Neville but after being married to a traitor and being daughter of another, King Edward offered her marry some Yorkist low noble for her freedom. But she refused. She didn’t want to give her fortune to the king nor any other horrible husband that the king or queen chose to her. So, she reminded in the Tower until Richard became king. He always had been in love with her and still was, just like her. Now she was living in Middleham with a little part of her fortune but enough for her to feel comfortable in her home: The North. They rarely saw each other, although they wrote much letters, but it was known to everyone that she was protected by the king without any doubt. Their relationship as cousins was fine until he received a letter from Anne announcing that she wished to marry Henry Tudor, and she will do in three month’s time. Henry Tudor had rebelled against Richard two years ago but after being defeated, he renounced his claim to the English crown and swore loyalty to York. Now he wanted to return from his exile to England and marry one of the great ladies of England with the favour of the king was more than a great opportunity. Anne thought that it would be good to marry again after all. It couldn’t be to the man she loved but who knows, if she could grow to appreciate Henry one day. Richard turned furious, imagining Anne, his dearest Anne, in the bed with that man. No, he will never let that happen. He was king. He could stop it, and he will that very night. He took a horse and quickly arrived at Middleham’s castle. It was dark and late when he arrived but he couldn’t care less. He went looking for her desperately until he found her in her bedchamber ready for bed.
“Richard! I mean, your majesty! What are you doing here? This isn’t appropriate.” Said Anne surprisedly as Richard close the door looking directly to her and approaching while she put her robe on again.

“Let the formalisms aside.” He took the letter that Anne sent him from his cloak and showed it to her angrily. “What did you expected me to do after being informed of your betrayal?“

“It isn’t a betrayal! You know I love you as my cousin and friend but now that I am free to have the I life I decide to have, I wanna marrying someone who can be also beneficial to you in thankfulness for everything you have always done for me. In this way, I can help both of you to pull all your differences aside.”

“You love me as cousin and friend? Well, if I remember well it was more than that. You were the one who told me years ago that I was the only man with you wanted to be with and that if you couldn’t be with me you wouldn’t be with any other?” Many years and events had passed since that words, but yes, both remembered and that hurt Anne even more than Richard for she felt so alone but at the end of the day, Richard had his wife. Not one he loved but still, he had her.

“And if I recall correctly, you promise me that we will marry someday and look at us now. You aren’t able to accuse me of anything Richard. At least I have never played with your sentiments. If I do this is for our mutual benefit but in different ways.”

“Are you marrying him just to spite me?” Richard could see resentment in the way Anne was looking at him but he never really thought she could harm him intendedly.

“How dare you! I have done many mistakes in my life but I always tried not to hurt the ones I love or care for. What do you want for me? To be sad and alone during the rest of my life while you are happy?” She was attacking him but in the end the only thing she wanted to know was if he still felt something for her. Something romantic.

“I forbid this marriage, Anne. Tudor is a coward and a traitor. You are my subject and under my protection. You deserve someone much better than him. Someone who loves you, respects you and value you. I hope I don’t have to make harder decisions to stop this because you know I can as king and I will.” Those words annoyed Anne so much. Once more he was quitting his possibilities of deciding and offering her nothing but words. He began to walk towards the door but Anne wasn’t finished.

“Damn you Richard! Do you think I am a doll or a child? Do you think you can do with me whatever you want and that I won’t say a thing? You aren’t able to say that I deserve someone better after I have loved you for so many years, until you married that Portuguese princess! But I forgot you, Richard because I know that I am more value as a woman than you could ever see. You didn’t even want a wife. You just wanted someone who could give you children as a cow!” She began to hit him on his back until he turned around and caught her arms, pulling her instinctively between the vertical bed’s rod made of wood in each corner of it, and his body pressing her against it. Yes, he married Joanna just for an alliance and having an heir but their relationship wasn’t a very loving one or had fondness. They just see each other during celebrations and some nights in hopes to conceive a child. But three years later, she still had no child and just one miscarriage.

“Are you sure have forgotten me? Because this doesn’t seem like that. It seems you only want to marry Tudor because you know it will make me feel nauseous imaging him in our childhood home and in your bed with you.”

“I don’t have to marry him to have him or any other man in my bed. You can stop this marriage but you cannot decide for me in all matters. I am not your wife.” Those last words were making him even more angrier. Now, she was testing how much longer would he let the conversation go one, knowing he probably didn’t want anyone in the castle knew that he was there, and like this.

“You are not, but you won’t be his.” Richard instinctively kissed her hardly without letting go harms. She didn’t try to push him again but neither follow the kiss. She just didn’t nothing. Richard noticed this and stopped kissing her and grabbing her arms. For their conversation, he were full of lust and desire but Anne didn’t even move so he wanted to know what she wanted. He was no a rapist and didn’t want to seem like one.

“Why have you done that?” Asked Anne looking him in the eyes.

“For the same thing that you haven’t pushed me away.”

Richard kissed her again but this time slowly and more romantically for being secure that she wanted it too and that she wouldn’t have any doubt why he was in the castle that night.
The kiss lasted long and became more passionate with the seconds. Anne remove of him the cape and the jacket and her robe too.

After that, she took his hand, stopped kissing him and drove him to the bed.He quit his t-shirt and shoes as he looked how Anne sensuality removed the knots of her nightdress letting her boobs at his looking.
He leaped on her, between her legs making Anne lay in the bed at the same time he kissed her neck and removed her nightdress with just one hand. She removed the knot of his trouser and got down it until he with his legs let it on the floor.Staying completely naked, they stopped just one second for looking to each other without saying a thing. The candles were on and the room full of lights so they could see all of the other’s body with pleasure.

Nor his wife Joanna nor her future fiancé Henry were on their mind at any moment of the night. Just the pasional and pure love they have always felt for each other.

He began moving his manhood around her femininity before penetrate her for making her feel more lust without stopping looking at her. When he finally entered on her, he surprised in a good way of feeling her moving too and even sometimes directing the sexual act for their pleasure. They both were delighted by the carnal pleasure they were feeling. He never was like that with Joanna, with who the sex was just for duty: cold and quickly. Nor Anne with Edoard with who was like the same as Richard with Joanna but adding that he treated very badly with no respect. They became to their culminating moment of pleasure at the same time, so they couldn’t suppress more the sounds of their panting risking themselves that the servants could hear them.

Finally, they laid on the bed under the covers of it just hardly breathing, tired and exhausted for the other. Anne knew he didn’t want to be seen in the castle next morning so she sadly thought that he would left her at that moment. Richard knew it would be a risk staying there more time but for the first time in his life he was with the woman he loved. He couldn’t let her like that nor after what happened. Richard moved for approaching his body to hers and hug her for resting in peace until the morning come. They will talk then but not now. And in secretly both were happy for staying with the other company.

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The morning arrived and with it, Richard's fears about what will happen next. What if they were discovered? What if she regretted what happened between them? What would he say to his wife? He didn't care so much for if Joanna discovered the the truth or not, but if she does and she make it public, Anne's reputation would be ruined. For the people, specially at court, she would always be the king's whore. And her opportunities of marrying again would be ruined too. It is not he wanted her to remarry, but she wished to, and he didn't' want to be so selfish to deny it to her. But not Tudor. Tudor wasn't worthy of her. He would see her just as a weapon for rebelling again against the crown.

Anne woke up when he was almost completely dressed. She couldn't believe yet they passed the night together, that he really had feelings for her, true feeling of love.

“What will happen next, Richard?” Asked Anne covering his boots and looking expectant to him.

“I… don’t know. I have to go but I will be in contact with you soon. I promise. I won’t fail you nor abandon you. You trust me, right?” Anne nodded and Richard kissed her on the lips before leaving for London again before people woke up. She observed him ridding away of Middleham castle and in some way, she felt as if one part of here was going with him. Her heart.




When he arrived at court, he entered by the kitchen rooms where there were no one yet. He could go to his royal chambers without no one saw him, and that was a relief. Richard washed his face and cleaned the sweat of his body for the fast riding with his old horse. After that, he changed his clothes and sat on his desk as every morning with his letter about political and state matters. But he couldn’t concentrate. He just could think about Anne. The touch of her skin, her body, her voice, her eyes, her lips…

He always desired her, but then why didn’t he married her when he could? That was a hard question he often asked himself. He obviously have wanted to but there was a rebellion caused for Tudor and the Woodvilles for taking his crown and he needed support for not losing his head not just his crown. And what would have been of his little bastard children John and Kate? And his mother and sisters? And even Anne? He always protected her and without him, she was completely alone. Her father and sister were dead, she had no husband alive and her mother was in a sanctuary because she feared being harmed if she did. A very wiser fear under Edward’s reign and it would be under Tudor’s reign too if he had won the crown, but not over Richard’s who promised protected her only for the love he feels for her daughter.

A long time later, a servant entered on the chambers to announce the king his breakfast was served on his private room, and the queen was waiting there for him.

“The queen?” Thought Richard to himself. She never wanted passing time with him, nor he with her.

“I will join her in a minutes. Tell her to start eating if she wishes.”




“Good morning wife.” Told simply Richard sitting in a chair of the long table nor so close to her wife nor very far. Normally, they didn’t passed time together unless she wanted ask him something or they had to be at any public event.

“Good morning husband. Have you slept well?” That show of kindness sounded weird to him. But in fact she wasn't being kind and he would see after.

“I have slept well. Thank you. I hope you have slept well too.”

“Really? That is strange. I thought you stayed all the night in Middleham with that lady Anne Neville. I suppose she is no lady after all, and you have not been sleeping. Am I wrong?” Richard turned pale wondering how did she discovered but he decided to act as if everything was on her mind and he didnt cared for her accusations. 

“Yes, I passed the night out for personals matters of state. I hope that doesn't disturbed your sleep.”

“Personals matters of state? You mean the proposition of marriage between Tudor and your protected Lady Anne? I have heard that it is gonna be a very interesting point in the council of today.” Joanna smiled a little in a malicious way. Even she had no love for Richard, she didn’t want him to have a mistress. That would shame her in front of all England and maybe even in Portugal. But she never liked how he protected Anne. Joanna always suspected Richard had something in their relationship with Anne, but until that night, she never certainly knew.

“You seem very concerned about Anne’s future situation. Can I ask why?”

“I am not concerned about her, I am about myself and about my husband being unfaithful to me. I don't care for your personals affairs if you have any, but you need an heir. We need an heir and I can’t do it alone. In addition I don't want to be the laughing stock of the court nor your second best.”

“It is not my intention that you feel that. Yes, I was last night with lady Anne but she is not and won't be my mistress for my affect for her and my respect for you. We will have an heir, or at least we will try. We are young, there is no reason for we can't have a family. If you feel better, I will search a husband for Anne. Not Tudor but other one. She desires marrying again and I wanna her to be happy. She has suffered too much in her life. ”

Joanna was looking him with incredulity. It seemed he has been honest to her in her intentions and he had confessed what did last night, so there were no more reasons to be more time with that conversation.

“Then I hope she finds the happiness she is looking for but far from the court and far from you.”


The day was being more than tedious for Richard as usually, and now, he had the reunion with the council. That wasn't better. A table full of men discussing about everything and shouting between them. That was like the hell in the English Court.

When everyone thought that damn reunion had finished, one of the lords there announced there was one more point to discuss: the marriage between Anne Neville and Henry Tudor.

Richard forced his jaw with his teeth against each other. Luckily, Richard not only had enemies there. He also had his some of friends.

“I don’t believe there is nothing to discuss in that matter. He is a traitor, and she is a noble woman from York.” Said lord Lovell to lord Stanley.

“Precisely for that, Lovell.” Lord Stanley Turned to see the speak to him. “Your majesty, lady Anne is loyal to York as has pointed Lovell but she is also an unmarried woman who was locked in the tower for years after being married with Lancaster. This is a great opportunity for you to have him here at court and know him better. Maybe he surprises yourself. I assure you he is not a bad boy, he just have been so much time out of this country and a little of generosity from the king would be good for him and the country.”

“The king has being generous with him forgiving his life after his treason. And that Tudor is not a boy, he is a grown man.” Francis also had much affection to Anne in a different way than Richard, but he didn’t want that marriage to happen too.

“And lady Anne is not a girl. She is a woman. And much people in this country and court thinks she is the reason because we don't have an heir.”

Between the very long discussion between Lovell and lord Stanley, the other nobles were whispering between them with Richard observing them. One thing was clear: Stanley was much more intelligent in his arguments than any other. He was a very manipulative man and he always knew how to get what he wanted.

After all that time, lord Hastings raised from his chair, and finally spoke to the king.

“My king. After all this discussion, we have voted and we have decided that we approve that marriage for the good of the country. The final decision is now yours.” Hastings sat again and Richard wanted kill them with his angry. How could they be so fools?

“I will consider it. From now on, I want that Tudor and lady Anne come here to the court and stay until I decide if this marriage is happening or not.”




Richard  walked way for doing archery in the gardens with the reveille after sending a short letter to Middleham telling lady Anne, she should come to court immediately. Francis went looking for him a while ago knowing something was wrong with his friend. When he saw him, Richard directly began to talk.

“All this situation is madness. He still wants Tudor on the throne. I know it.”

“Probably, but even if she marries him, she is loyal to you. She won't let him do anything without telling you.”

“She deserves more.”

“Yes, that is true. But you can't give her it, so you have to let her go. After you went out, the nobles accorded another thing and asked me to tell you.”

“What is it?”

“For ending with the rumors between you and lady Anne, they want her to be one of the queen’s lady. Temporally.”

“God… Have you sent the letter for Tudor?”

“Stanley is doing and much happy.”

“Of course he is. He is getting all he wants.”

“Unlike you.”

“Exactly Francis, unlike me. But that is temporal too.”

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Anne arrived at some days later, before Tudor did. She didn't know very well for what was she there. She only had Francis's words but it was obvious that he didn't want saying anything for letting Richard to do it. She had an audience with the king but he was not there at the moment, so one of the guards drove her to the queen's quarters as she ordered. Anne was terrified.

"Does she know what happened the other night!? Richard confessed or lied? Maybe she even didn't care." Anne though.

As she entered in the queen's rooms she saw the queen and made a bow for her. Joanna was a Portuguese beauty. Not as young as her but still so beautiful. Her hair was dark as Richard's, straight and shining for all the room as if it were the sun. Her skin was not very tan and her facial expression made Anne has no doubts about her knowledge of her night with Richard. Yes, she knew it. Anne didn't know how but she did.

"Your grace, it is a pleasure and an honor to meet you." Started Anne. Joanna dismissed her ladies for speaking with her new lady alone.

"Lady Anne Neville. The earl of Warwick's daughter. I think you had a sister married in royalty. With the duke of Clarence. Right?" Joanne wanted to be sure if her suspects about Anne's personality were well based or not.

"Yes, your majesty. My sister Isabelle died a few years ago."

"But that hasn't provoked as the daughter of a traitor and the widow of another being on a well position. It seems by husband has focused much on you." Joanna tried not showing her jealousy but Anne noticed and that made her more nervous.

"The king is a kind man, your majesty. He always has been good to me and I am grateful for it. But I don't really understand why I am here. Now at least. The prospect of my marriage was cancelled by the king himself." Anne thought that she has spoke so much. Probably Richard wanted to tell himself but he wasn't there and she needed to know.

"It seems my husband and you have not spoken recently. Your marriage is practically approved. Richard is thinking about it but the nobles are insisting him so much. Tudor is arriving soon too. But Richard doesn't believe that tale about Tudor's loyalty to York so you will be living with your husband at court and you will be serving me as lady. You start tomorrow. And in a few weeks you will be a traitor's wife again." It was worst that Anne thought. She had accepted Tudor's proposal but she never wanted being with other man and close to Richard. Her Richard, her love. That is very painful. But not just for her, for both.

A moment later, the same soldier who drove Anne to the queen's rooms, entered for letting them know the king had returned and was waiting in his study for Anne's visit. Before Anne left the queen alone, Joanna had something more to tell.

"Go to my husband. He is not very patient. But be careful, lady Anne. You are his protected but I am his wife and I don't like anyone touching what is mine. Go now."

And went out and felt like if she was stabbed by Joanna. She decided going to Richard alone. She wasn't at court since a time ago but she remembered it perfectly. On her way she listened the sound of children running close to her. She look around her and saw Kate and John running to her for hugging her.

"Aunt Annie! You are here!"

"Oh...God! Both have grown so much! I have missed you since the last time I saw you! Have you miss me too?" Anne told them from the floor talking to them.

"Yes!" Said both. "Are you living here now?" Asked Katherine. "Please aunt Annie tell us you are!" Said Johnny.

"Yes Johnny, I am living here now. But I am one of the queen's lady so I can't stay all the time with you my sweeties."

"I don't like the queen..."

"Don't say that Johnny. She is dad's wife. We must respect her."

"That is true Kate. She is your dad's wife, the queen, and someday she will give you a brother or a sister or maybe both so you have to be on good terms with her. Do you promise me to try? Johnny?" John and Katherine nodded to her dear aunt and she raised from the floor.

"Well, now I have to see your father the king but then I will go to be a while with you."

Anne let the children with his old nanny and went to Richard's studio. She entered and made a bow again and when the guard of the door closed it, it they began to talk.


"You could have told me. I know you told me you needed thinking but I would have preferred that it was you the one who told me about my prospect of marriage and not the queen." She wasn't angry at him but she wanted an explanation.

"My wife? When have you seen her? I thought you wanted marry him. Have you feelings about the matter changed? You know you can be honest with you. I am only accepting this because of the nobles but it is possible that Tudor makes something wrong before the wedding and you won't have to go throw it with him."

"Earlier, when I arrived. I wanna marry someone but I suppose it isn't easy to me think about it after the last time she discussed the matter. And why have I to be your wife's lady? I think she knows what happened between us Richard. And it can't happen again." She said the words she believe she had to say but it hurt so much.

"No, it can't happen again." Said Richard as hurt as Anne in his heart. "Don't worry about her. She is just nervous. The physician is verifying is she is with child or not and, well she has had some miscarriages. Your serving won't last much. And I won't let her being mean to you. Anne... you know I have feelings for you but... I am a married man and despite your thoughts, I really value you. For that I would never disrespect you offering you being my second best or letting people think openly that you are my whore."

Anne remained silent a little and then spoke again looking to the floor because she couldn't look at him.

"This few days I have hated you. I really did. Because of your visit, I remembered those times in which we were engaged as children while we played on the gardens. Then when I had to marry Lancaster and how after that you still loved me and promised me that we would marry someday. And after that, nothing. Of course it is not your fault. You have been always there for me and the situations haven't been easy especially with you being king, but I don't know. I wanna help you in return and I will as long as I can, but living so close to you, to your new life in which I am not included, with the life we should have had together is... painful."

Richard approached to her, raised her face to his for her to look at him with his hands almost crying and kissed her in the lips. It was not a passionate or sexual kiss. It was just one simply and long kiss born in two hearts who never had the chance of being together.

"Richard, there is one thing you are right. I won't be your mistress. I am not that kind of woman."

"I wouldn't dishonour you in such way. We really never had a chance, did we? But I won't abandon you. Never. I have to accept that I can't having you as what I want, as my wife and partner, but I will always be there for you unconditionally. My heart is yours"

Someone knocked the door and they separated to each other trying to change their facial expressions.

"Come in." Said Richard in a highly tone of voice.

The court's physician entered expecting to find the king alone.

"Your majesty, I am sorry I came for informing you about the health results of the queen. I thought you were alone." Anne disposed to go out of the study but Richard stopped her with his words from the distance.

"You can speak freely in front of Lady Anne. She is one of my wife's lady so she must know about her health."

"Congratulations my king, the queen is with child. I am completely sure. There is no doubt about it." Richard seemed surprised but not at all. He and the physician talked for a long time but Anne could hear them. She was just there, with them. But the stab had been so big than she couldn't hear or talk.

When the physician went out, Anne tried to avoid her sadness with a smile but even that smile was full of sadness.

"Congratulations, Richard. It seems I will have to share your heart in a few months now that you are having a child."

He looked at her catching her hand and said: "My love can be divided but my heart has always been yours and that won't change."

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Tudor had arrived to court months before and despite Richard's attempts to stop the wedding, it resulted in vain. Anne had been serving all that time his wife the queen during her turbulent pregnancy. Anne usually thought that was Joanna's personality what makes her state so difficult but also pitied her for her situation. In the end she was a normal woman just like her, who felt like if she were in a prisión with the unique utility of having a child and in an unloving marriage. Yes, Anne knew very well how that felt. But Richard was nothing like Edoard, and she was fortunate enough to not having a child of his.

Because all the hours per day Anne and Joanna passed together, they became more friendly one to another but still Joanna had moments in which she was cold and selfish to everybody. But that wasn't because she was a bad person, probably she had a very tender heart but as consort, her position without children to secure her safety will always be unsecure specially because she was a foreign. 

That included a cruelty truth: Joanna didn't trust her husband very much. She knew he was  a good person but nothing more.

The few moments Anne and her future husband were together, they were never alone. Richard didn't allowed it. He wasn't there in person but he always had someone of his choice close. Anne didn't know what to believe about Henry. He was very different from her first husband but something made her think he was a person with lack of affection during his life. Henry was a few years younger than  her but that wasn't important. He seemed as he didn't cared for the wedding and for how he spoke, he certainly was more a foreign than and English man. Still, he had been well mannered with her during all that months and she gradually tried to gain his trust for helping Richard. If Tudor had a plan for being king and he she didn't discover it, Richard could loose his head, his wife been ruined and his legitimate and illegitimate children murdered. No, Anne could never let that happen. She would never forgive Tudor nor herself. 


Anne was already dressed with her withe and gold dress in front of the mirror prepared for her ceremony wedding in a wew minutes. She had dismised  the ladies for beein a little time before the ceremony alone. In those moments, all she felt she had was her memories fron the past. All those people she called friends and even family that now were dead. Everyone around and close to her were dead but Richard and her mother, but they had been so much years apart the one to the other and now they were as two strangers. 

Someone knocked the door and Anne asked herself in silent who could be. Her ladies would not interrumpt her after dismissed them. Her future husband then? The King? An  emissary from her mother?

"Come in." Said Anne trying to be as calm as she could.

The door openened and it was no one she expected. It was the queen in person who ordered her ladies also to stay out of the chamber to speak with lady Anne alone.

"Your majesty." Said Anne making a bow to her.

"There is no need formalism now. I wanted to wish you all the happiness in your marriage you can have. My sister wished me before my wedding and now I wanted to wish you too." 

"I appreciate so much your kindness your majesty. It has been an honor serving you and I hope I have helped you in all I could."

"The truth is, lady Anne that I have hated you during much months. But I also began to appreciate you and even see you as a friend. For that, as a friend mor than as your queen I need to ask you for something."

"Whatever you need your grace." Replied Anne surprised by her words but in a good way. She had seen the goodness in her and it was good for Anne realise that Joanna had seen in her too.

"I wanna you to stay at court one month more. My ladies are a cowards and no one tells me the truth about my state nor anything that could make me feel bad just for the baby. They threat me like an idiot and I cannot stand it. Even my husband. But you, you are always honest with me. I could say that you have good intentions despite loving my husband." Joannna didn't like to speak about Richard's heart knowimg it was Anne's. But she didn't see her as a rival. And carrying his child in her big belly, she felt more confident and secure.

"If you wish me to stay your majesty, I will do it. I like to see you as a friend too and if you feels better with me at your company after you give birth, then it is there where I should stay. I hope my husband doesn't disagree. My love for the king is like any other of his subjects." Anne felt so incomfortable speaking about that when she was beginning to be on good terms with Joanna. But it was true. She loved Richard.

"Lady Anne, you haven't lied to me until now. Don't break that tradition. Don't worry for your husband. Richard will order it if Tudor wants or not, knowing that you agree of course." 

Anne just nodded and Joanna smiled to her before letting her alone. Anne could breath during a few minutes more, and then Lord Stanley arrived to her chamber for acompany to the church. She was finally going to marry.


After the dancing and the dinner during the banquet, it came the conssumation. Anne knew she should go directly to her chambers and then her husband and the witness would follow. That was a tradition that not always was followed but the council and specially, Stanley had insisted on it. Anne just wanted to end with it as soon as she could. But someone wanted to share some words with her first.

"I tried to avoid it but it seems being king doesn't secure doing what you want as erverybody thinks." Said Richard approaching to Anne in a friendly way. 

"You mean the wedding or that you have to being the first witness in my wedding night?" After realising what she had really said and the tone in wich she did, she felt instaintly ashamed. "I am sorry. I didn't want to say that. It would be the wine. I have drunk too much it seems."

"He won't hurt you, Anne. I won't let him." Added Richard thinking that Anne was nervous for the consumation. But he was completely wrong.

"I don't fear him nor anyone. Mabye my only fear is that God is punnish me and I don't know why."

"Why do you say that? Anne you are a good person. No one is punnishing you, nor even God."

"I thought I was pregnant." Said Anne and Richard iced up himself listeing her more than before.

"Weeks after our meeting in Middleham, I began to feel nauseus and one night I had a little hemorrhage while I was sleeping so in the morning I went to see a physician and he comfirmed what I feared the most. I was pregnant but my body couldn't bare it and I had a miscarriage. I was pregnant of your child, Richard. But it was God's will to punish me killing it inside if me. I would have lived without you anyway happily for helping you but I could have had a little part of you with me. As you always promised to me." Anne was going to cry and Richard was feeling a terrible pain in his heart that would be worse with the time to the consumation.

"Anne. I am so sorry. I would have loved that dream of us could have happened. Both together rasing our child. Having our own family and not thinking anymore in the past, in all that whe have lost. If only things could have been different." Richard approached to kiss her but he forgot they were in front of all the court and she apparted him.

"I have to change my clothes for the bedding time." She approached him without being very  indiscreet and told him before leaving: "I will think he is you."

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Anne put her nightdress on her naked body with her maid's help while she waited for her husband and the witness to enter. She hated that. In her first wedding, there were no one there unless she and his husband Edoard. But this time there has to be a group of men for ensuring the consummation of the marriage. Between them, men like Stanley, the king, ... The King.The mere idea of Richard seeing her middle naked with another man, in special his enemy, make her feel horribly guilty. Even when she was trying to help him.

Henry entered in the bedroom with all the witness behaind him, and the maids made their way to leave making a bow to the king. It wasn't impossible for Anne not realicing he was there. Husband and wife entered on the bed with the very translucent curtains but that didn't stopped Richard to constantly glare at Henry in a threatening way. That night the Tudor man would have what he most desired all his life. For God's sake that he didn't want to imagine them all nights together.

Henry put on Anne and he doesn't quit her nightdress but he was caresing all her body and kissing firstly her lips, then her neck, ... The moment of the consumation didn't lasted too much but it were as a hell for Richard. Anne hated herself for what she was going to do so she did as she said. She closed her eyes and imagined the man who was on her bed on the top of her was her beloved Richard, the love of his life.

When it ended, all the men went out of the chamber. Richard the first of them of couse, as the king. But Stanley was so happy for letting him just go after closing  the door.

"It seems your Majesty that this marriage will be very funcional and even satisfactory. Don't you think? Maybe in a few months we have another little Tudor running for England. Lancaster didn't do it proper buy I am sure my son in law will." Richard killed him with his look and went out of there without even reply him. There were no need.

In the way to his royal chambers, Richard finded his wife going to her own chambers too for resting until the next day. It seemed that both of them were avoiding the party. Normaly, Joanna hasn't much intention of talking with her husband but she saw him so devasted than she let behind her ladies and approached to him carefully.

"Richard." She called. "What is wrong? You looks like if you were seeing a ghost." Asked she worried.

"Nothing happends. I was present during the consumation as the council wanted. I was present during the ceremony and also during the festivity. Now I want to rest. Do you need something wife?" And Joanna understood what was happening. Anne was happening. But this time she couldn't blamer her for anything nor her husband. If some of them did something wrong, they were pying it with no doubts.

"Richard." Said again but this time approaching to him and touching his arm. "You didn't marry her when you could and she has suffered a lot for it. She doesn't have to tell me for knowing it. Now let her live, let her be happy." 

Richard couldn't reply to her surprisely kind words. He wanted to cry, to hit the wall, but he wouldn't do nothing of them. And less in front of ladies. So he changed the subjet of the conversation nodding to her advise.

"Please let me know if you or the baby need something. Now you are all I have in this world. The children and you." 

"Okey." Said Joanna touching his face feeling some pity for him. Would it be that Anne was the one capable of touching his heart?



The days and the weeks passed but Richard and Anne despite being so close one to another, didn't see each other. Not until morning Joanna broke waters and another hell began for Richard.

The baby was stuck in her mother's body and he couldn't go out. The midwife and the doctor didn't know what they could do without killing nor the mother nor the baby or even both. The labor lasted 20 long hours and Anne was there with the queen every moment. Joanna much times though she would die for the pain but Anne encouraged her to don't stop breathing and pushing the baby even when almost no one thought she could survive. But she did.

Joanna gave birth to a son named Edward as Richard always wanted for his heir. For some reason, Anne was the chosen one for telling the news to the king. She tried to another person to do it but she couldn't. She went to speak with Richard on the throne's room where there were another nobles like Lovell and Percy.

"Your majesty." Said Anne to catch his attention. "Congratulations. The queen has gave birth to a son. Both of them are stable." The whole court began to applause for the birth of the heir to the crown. But Anne didn't say everything. Joanna probably would recover but their child was so sickly. He could survive without problems but he wouldn't live so much, specially if no one controlled his health.

Richard began smiling again for the first time in a lot of time but not only of happiness but also of relief.

"I should return to the queen your majesty. Now that she has give birth I should return with my husband to my home soon."

Anne made a bow again to leave but Richard needed to speak with her. Unfortunately there was someone who also needed to speak with her and found her where he thought. Her husband. 

"Ah my wife! And your majesty the king." Said Henry gripping Anne's hips. "Congratulations for the birth of your son. I hope Anne and I have also a son in a few months now that she is expecting."

"What? Anne is with child?" Thought Richard to himself. That had to be a joke. He looked Anne who was looking to the floor and nothing else and Richard knew he wasn't lying.

Henry didn't said it unconsciously. He hated Richard and wanted to be the one who told him the news. In his mind that was a war. Firstly he won the hand of his enemy's love. Then he let her pregnant. What could be the next? The crown maybe?