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Saving the Isle

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Mal stood in shock while staring at Ben, fists clenched, teeth grinding in anger.

"They deserve a chance.." she said, "They deserve the same chance that you gave to us!"

Her eyes turned bright green as Ben stood there, seemingly unaffected by her words or the anger directed at him.

Ben scoffed before smirking at Mal, "Don't you get it Mal?"

"That you're a jerk going back on his word?" She snarled, "Yeah, I think I got that part down."

Ben merely laughed before he swung his hand at Mal, hitting the left side of her face and sending her to the ground.

He watched in dark satisfaction as she looked up at him from her position sprawled out on the ground, holding a hand to her face.

"This was all a social experiment that I never had any intentions of continuing and we wouldn't have this problem if you hadn't ran off to the Isle, my dear Mal." Ben crooned haughtily.

He then turned and strode away, content with how his message came across.

Mal glared at his retreating figure and swore to herself that she would make things right.

"They will get their chance," she whispered, "one way or another."