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Capable of Feeling

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It was a typical Friday night for Magnus Bane. Actually, it was a typical Friday night for 28 year old Magnus Bane. The Magnus of 3 years ago would completely disagree with current Magnus. Right now, he was content with sitting on a comfortable chair out on his loft’s balcony, feet up, nice warm chamomile tea close by, good book in hand. A nice relaxing night indoors.
Its been years but he never thought he would be this content again.

After the disaster of a relationship with his bloodsucking ex Camille, he's not in a hurry to rekindle the flame of love. Unfortunately, Magnus is hopeless romantic at heart and he cant help but wonder if his one true love exist and if they are out there.

For 3 years he thought his soulmate was Camille. In fact, He was absolutely sure of it.
Reality came crashing down when he found her in their bed with another man on the night he was planning to propose.

“Who would want to marry you, pathetic and needy.” She had sneered at him when she saw the ring box in his hand. Needless to say, Magnus gave up on romance after that.

He packed his belongings and left, even though the apartment belonged to both of them. Magnus couldn’t stand the idea of staying there again. His best friend Catarina was kind enough to let him crash in her guest room until he got his life back together.

He got fired from his job, as a fashion designer, when he failed to show up the next day. Apparently a broken heart wasn’t considered an illness. Also it didn’t help that Camille’s father own the company. They started spreading rumours about him making other companies question his integrity and skill as a designer. He worked tirelessly to make a name for himself in the design world, only to have it destroyed in an instant. All his hopes, dreams and aspirations....gone. His dream was over.
His friends took him out drinking that night to get his mind off things.


He vaguely remembered meeting a man with the kindest eyes he’s ever seen, a beautiful hazel colour, sitting next to him at the bar. The man patiently and probably uncomfortably, listen to him drunkenly blare out his predicament.

He woke up with the worse hangover of his life and thought he dreamt the entire thing.


Imagine his surprise when he receive a call a week later from an Alec Lightwood, CEO of LIGHT and DALE Enterprises offering him a job as his executive assistant. Apparently Magnus told him about his degree in technology and business management before he switched to design. He also mentioned to Alec that he spoke multiple languages, a trait that Alec found most useful. This made Magnus invaluable to the company.
Having an Indonesian mother and a Dutch father, Magnus spoke both languages growing up. He learned English when his family moved to Brooklyn when he was 8 years old. He also studied Spanish and French in college.


Magnus learned that at 26 years of age, Alec decided to leave his parents' law firm along with their dreams of him being a top lawyer, trained to take over the family business, to open his open company. Alec and his adopted brother, Jace Herondale, founded the company which provides affordable mobile devices. The company also offers security software and cameras instillations for both businesses and homes. Alec was not only a genius in his field, he was also kind, caring and understanding. He was an amazing boss. Even though the company was fairly new, it was a comfortable and fun place to work. The employees were treated like family.

After the initial shock that Alec was, in fact real and remembered him, Magnus immediately accepted. He had inconvenienced Cat long enough. He needed to get his life back on track. He was not ready to go back to the design world. Maybe this was the change he needed.

He's been working for LIGHT AND DALE for 2 years now and couldn’t be happier. It was a lot of hard work being a new company trying to crack a high demand market, but between Jace's charisma, Alec's straightforwardness and their combined knowledge and skills, the boys were quickly gaining positive recognition, putting the company on the map.


Magnus phone rang, jarring him out of his walk down memory lane, he rushed to pick it up, "Hello."

"Oh Magnus, thank God you answered. I have an emergency and need an immediate favour if possible! I'll forever be in your debt!", came a familiar hurried voice.

Magnus chuckled, "you’re already forever in my debt Alexander. But what’s the emergency that you need me on a Friday night?"

"Something went wrong with the camera installation at Starkwhether Industries. They are completely offline. Jace and I need to fly out as soon as possible to LA to meet with Hodge. We tried to connect remotely to see what the problem was but nothing seems to be working. This have to be repaired on site," Alec sounded tired. He continued before Magnus could reply, "Can you watch the boys for me this weekend? The agency doesn’t have any available sitters. Max and Rafe asked, well practically begged, if you can be the one to stay with them. I know you probably have plans and you already do too much for me and I have no right to ask you to sacrifice your weekend and I am so sorry to always be doing this to you...."

"Alec stop!," Magnus interrupted Alec's rambling, "Off course I'll watch the boys. It’s no trouble at all. They are a delight. I love hanging out with them. Don’t worry about it, I didn’t have any plans. You and Jace go save the world. Give me 20 minutes to pack a bag and I will be there."

Alec gave a relieved sigh. "You're a life saver Magnus! I don’t know how we survived without you. Sorry again and thank you. The boys will be excited. See you soon then."

Max and Rafael were Alec’s god children. His best friend Lydia and her husband John both died in a car accident, leaving the children orphans. In her will, Lydia requested Alec to take care of her children should anything happen to her. Both her and John had no other living relatives. He did not hesitate to take the boys when he found out. They have been happily living with Alec for about 2 years now. Max just turned 5 years old and Rafe is 8 years old.

Magnus had the opportunity to babysit them when Alec's sister Isabelle was having her baby. He had no one to look after them when they had to rush her to the hospital. Her husband Simon is an authour, was on a book tour. In a desperate attempt, Alec asked Magnus. He hesitantly agreed, having little prior knowledge of dealing with young kids. However, after spending that afternoon with them, Magnus was hooked. He loved those boys as if they were his own. Max with his beautiful innocent and always positive outlook on life, and Rafe, such a mature old soul for his age. Magnus would do anything for those boys.

After talking to Alec, Magnus had to call Cat to let her know his change of plans. He was suppose to spend the weekend at her place with Ragnor, Cat's long-time boyfriend. They were going to have a movie weekend and reminisce about their high school days.

"Hey Kitty Cat," he tried with his sweetest voice.
A heavy sigh, " what did you do now Magnus? And do I need to bail you out of jail?"

"I do not get into that amount of trouble. I am thoroughly insulted by that assumption. Anyways, I cant make it this weekend Cat. I’m sorry, something came up."

"Come on Mags! We had this plan for weeks. We haven’t spend time together in ages. We miss you."

"I know darling and I promise I will make it up to you. But Alec needs me to watch the boys this weekend. He and Jace have an emergency client and no one else is available to do it. Please forgive me kitty."

"Magnus," Cat said his name not unkindly, "you are his assistant not his husband. You stay there so often, you have a designated room. I don’t like that he takes advantage of your kindness. He needs to get married and give those boys a more stable home instead of using you at his beck and call."

"He’s not taking advantage of me Cat. I can promise you that. He’s the most understanding and kindest boss a person can ask for. He just as a lot on his plate right now and I love those boys so I’m glad to help. I will free up my next weekend for you, just you and me. What do you say?"

Cat sighed, "Ok. Just be careful and take care of yourself Magnus. Hopefully I will see you next weekend then. Love you."

“I love you too Cat. I promise, next weekend.”

Magnus changed into casual navy blue pants and a blue and black striped flannel shirt. He kept his make up simple with foundation and powder and black eyeliner under his eyes.


20 minutes later as promised, Magnus pulled up at Alec's house. Alec owned a beautiful 4 bedroom home. It was 2 stories tall and had a large luscious back yard, perfect for 2 young and lively boys to enjoy. There was also a private pool in the right side of the yard.

Both boys were waiting on the front porch for him. Max bouncing excitedly when he saw the car approaching. Rafe's expression was more subtle but Magnus swore he saw the older sibling smirking as he got closer.

He parked the car and quickly grabbed his overnight bag. Max ran and hugged his legs as the boys greeted him at the steps of the front porch.

"Are you guna stay wid us til Unca Alec comes home Magwas?" Max looked up at him expectantly.

“Yes I am Maxie. Is that okay?” he patted the boy’s head fondly.

“Yay!” Max exclaimed, jumping up and down happily.

“How about you Rafe, is that cool?” Magnus asked the older sibling.

“Yea. You’re much more fun than the nannies they send. You ask us what we want to do instead of just ordering us around all the time. The last one got fired because she tried to sleep in Uncle Alec’s bed.” Rafe said the last sentence so casually, Magnus had to replay it a couple of times to register the words in the correct order.

His mouth dropped open as he saw Alec walk outside to meet them. He was wearing a green long sleeve sweater, black dress pants. His usual black framed glasses hiding much of his face, in Magnus’ opinion.

“is that true Alexander?” he asked, when he finally found his voice.

Alec sighed when he replied, “ Yea. Apparently she wanted a rich husband and thought I was the perfect candidate. I explained to her that I’m gay and not interested but she was persistent. I had no choice but to call the agency.”

He scratched the back of his head, a nervous gesture Magnus came to know very well.

This made Magnus stare at Alec like he never seen him before. He had an amazing platonic relationship with his boss. Alec was safe. He knew Magnus was weary of relationships and physical intimacy after his ordeal with Camille. He never flirted or made crude comments to Magnus or made him feel uncomfortable in any way. He knew Alec was a good looking man especially if he stopped wearing those thick black glasses and opt for contacts and upgraded his wardrobe to more flattering clothes that fit his 6ft 3 frame. But Magnus never allowed his thoughts to ventured more than that. The more he stared, the more he realized that Alexander Lightwood is indeed an extremely handsome man. Behind the thick frames, held beautiful hazel eyes. In the right light, one can see the flecks of gold and green. Strong cheek bones sculpted like a roman God, a cute little dent on the end of his nose and amazing kissable pink lips.

How had Magnus never noticed all this before?

Alec cleared his throat, bring Magnus out of his shocked state. He saw something flashed in Alec’s eyes for a second to fast to notice what it was.

“Um can I speak to you in the library for a second before Jace arrives? Boys, can you take Magnus’ bag to his room?” he was pulling the hair at the back of his head again.

He smiled when Rafe took his bag and both boys ran towards the house.

“Sure, lead the way.” Magnus was intrigued. He was still not over the shock of his realization as he followed Alec to his home office in the library.

Alec sighed as he slumped down on one of the leather chairs, gesturing for Magnus to take the one next to him. Magnus watched as Alec rubbed his hands over his face, tired. He spoke before sitting, causing Alec to look up at him.
“You know I spoke to Cat today. She said that you need a husband so those boys can have a stable home. I’m beginning to think she’s right Alexander.”

“I agree with her actually.” Alec said, still looking at Magnus. “I’ve been thinking about this for a while now but didn’t know how to approach it.”

“You have?” Magnus was surprised. Alec never mentioned any of this to him before. “Are you thinking about proposing to Raj?” Raj was someone who Alec had been dating on and off for the past year. He never really got along with him personally but Raj seemed pleasant enough.

“Um that’s out of the question. We broke up for good a couple months ago. He said he wasn’t ready for kids in his life right now.” He was rubbing his face again.

“So what are you planning to do?” Magnus inquired.

Alec stared him directly in the eyes, a serious expression on his face “Actually I was hoping on asking you."