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Sam, The Praxian Prime

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Name: Sam Witwicky-Prime

Nicknames: Sammy, Praxy (What Annabelle calls him)

Race: Human (at first)/Cybertronian

Cybertronian Frame Model (Cyber. FM): Praxian. (Looks exactly like IDW Prowl)

Color Scheme: Black & white w/a deep candy apple red chevron

Holoform: Muscled body; Long hair w/bangs; Hair (Black & white w/red tips & streaks); Eyes (Cerulean Blue (Crimson red in berserker rage))

Weapons: acid rifle, pulse rifle, twin thermal swords, Cryo sword (backup swords should he lose/damage the thermals), energon blades, fusion cannon, sniper rifle, and energy pistols

Special Abilities: Special Ops heightened senses, battle/tactical computer, sonic system, forcefields

Speciality: Leader (Prime), Saboteur (Special Ops), Tactician (Tactical Division), Frontliner (Like Sunny & Sides)

FUN FACT: Almost everyone mistakes him for Prowl

Chapter Text

~*3rd Person’s P.O.V.*~

White. Everything was a blinding bright white when Sam opened his eyes. Surrounding him was a tall silver mech and 12 others. “Hello Samuel.” the tallest one said. “How do you know me? Who are you? Where am I? Why am I not falling anymore? Wait-The others! I need to get back to the others quickly? Megatron’s going to kill them if I don’t get-” “Easy Sam. Time here in my realm is different than in your world. A millennia here is 0.012 seconds in your world.” To that information Sam relaxed.

“Now to answer your questions. I am the one known as Primus. They are the 12 original primes: Primon, Prima, Vector, Solus, Micronus, Alpha Trion, Liege Maximo, Alchemist, Amalgamous, Onyx, Quintus, and Solomus. I’ve already told you where you are, but we shall tell you why you’re here.” Alpha Trion stepped forward gaining Sam’s attention. “You are here to make a choice. Save your friends and the future or change the events that has come to pass? Either one you choose, you will not be human anymore.” “I choose the first option. I’m not abandoning them or the future.”

“Very well. Choose your frame: Polyhexian, Praxian, Vosian, or Kaonite.” The images of the four frames appeared in front of Sam. Taking in their looks and the stats/abilities for each one; he made his choice. “The Praxian.” “Alright, now customize your frame. These are the color choices for your optics and paint job, while these are your choices for special abilities, weapons, specialty, etc.”

Looking over the first list, Sam decided on cerulean blue for the optics (same color as Optimus & Prowl) and a black and white paintjob with a deep candy apple red chevron (Not knowing he looked exactly like a certain Autobot SIC). Turning to the other list; he quickly chose an acid rifle, pulse rifle, twin thermal swords, Cryo sword (backup swords should he lose/damage the thermals), energon blades, fusion cannon, sniper rifle, and energy pistols for his weapons. Looking over the special abilities; he picked Special Ops heightened senses, a battle/tactical computer, sonic system, and forcefields.

Finally looking at the list of specialties; he noticed some of the choices were highlighted in yellow and red with only 4 green highlights. “Is it ok to choose more than one specialty?” “Yes.” “Ok thanks.” Looking back at the screen, he chose the 4 green Leader (Prime), Saboteur (Special Ops), Tactician (Tactics Division), and Frontliner (Like Sunny and Sides). After a flash, Sam looked down at his new form. “The changes have been made. Good luck Samuel Prime and ‘till all are one.” Before Sam could respond, he was back in Mission City and falling.