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Sam, The Praxian Prime

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Name: Sam Witwicky-Prime

Nicknames: Sammy, Praxy (What Annabelle calls him)

Race: Human (at first)/Cybertronian

Cybertronian Frame Model (Cyber. FM): Praxian. (Looks exactly like IDW Prowl)

Color Scheme: Black & white w/a deep candy apple red chevron

Holoform: Muscled body; Long hair w/bangs; Hair (Black & white w/red tips & streaks); Eyes (Cerulean Blue (Crimson red in berserker rage))

Weapons: acid rifle, pulse rifle, twin thermal swords, Cryo sword (backup swords should he lose/damage the thermals), energon blades, fusion cannon, sniper rifle, and energy pistols

Special Abilities: Special Ops heightened senses, battle/tactical computer, sonic system, forcefields

Speciality: Leader (Prime), Saboteur (Special Ops), Tactician (Tactical Division), Frontliner (Like Sunny & Sides)

FUN FACT: Almost everyone mistakes him for Prowl