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The Ultimate Fandom Destroyer

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Shrek was walking through Kashyyyk, sweat running down his face. Ever since he joined Palpatine, he was worrying this would have to happen. The camera stops and zooms in a droid. Silence, then...

"FUCKING NORMIES REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" The droid had alerted the wookies. The creatures started pulling out and drawing their weapons repeatedly until they all blew up. "Do you think maybe they were compensating for something?" Shrek quipped and walked off. Shrek's phone started to ring. "I hate dust I hate dust I hate dust I hate dust I hate d-" Shrek answered it. It was Sheev.

"Do it. DoDoDoDoDo IT" Sheev stuttered. " Oh hello there, Chancellor." "What about the droid attack on the wookies?" A silence followed. The screen went bright as Palpatine started masturbating to 2girls1cup. The screen went back to normal. "We're on it." Shrek closed the phone and took out a bazooka. It blew up. He took out a minigun. It blew up. He did this several times until he was left with a five bullet pistol that he could barely fit his finger through. It didn't blow up.

"Craaazy nigger" the droid said. "Kerpow!" Shrek shot the droid through it's heart. He started going through potential stands. They included (but weren't limited to) Zoot Suit Daffy Duck, One More Time, Racket!Rippen, Early Design Pearl, and PS1 Hagrid. Eventually, he saw her. 16, easily an 8/10 at least. No real boobs, but an amazing ass. "Hi, I'm Droid #12437434791024647, but you can call me..." she turned into human form. "Skylar Storm."

"You are my stand." Shrek chose. The two ran through Kashyyyk sanic fast, murdering every wookie they could see. Shrek even used some onion grenades at one point.

"Hands where I can shoot them!" Skylar demanded. She shot a wookie into a rainbow portal in the ground. "Was that always there?" Shrek asked. "Don't care."

Eventually, the two had single-handedly killed 6,000,000 wookies. "Take that, SHITLER!" Shrek yelled. Shrek called Palpatine. "yes shrek from Shrek (2001)?" "Chancellor Palpestine, we have killed all wookies. "But have you sucked my cock?" "Look down your pants" Sure enough, there was saliva. "A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one. Now do it" What followed was Shrek and Skylar doing extremely naughty things that would warrant an E rating.

Meanwhile, Anakin looked at the plans for this series of short storiesm smirking. "This is where the fun begins..."

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Penn walked into the Odyssey multiple times, with the last one inducing brief eyerape.

"Hey Phyllis, I just wanted to know where we're zapping today, hopefully somewhere less communist than last week's Cold War world.

"Oh, is nothing, just world of porn" Phyllis said, adjusting her belt five time. "I'm sorry did- did you just porn?" "I'm dancing with your wife pal, you got a problem with that?"

Phyllis zapped the part time heroes a few times. When he got to the dimension, he was excited. "Oh, I've dreamed of this! Ever since I was six!" Penn saw that not only was he weak, but that his designated girlfriend was fucking another guy. "Fuck." A fox walked up to him, wearing distinctly shaped red glasses. The fox turned into Sashi.

"Ooh, do that again!" Penn exclaimed. "What the fuck did you just say , you little bitch?" Sashi said as the camera zoomed in on her face. "Our mission is to fuck." Sashi checked her dubs specs again. "Our mission to protect my baby". Sashi suddenly hatched an egg. The egg hatched, revealing a purple baby fox. The girl was revealed to be Boone. "Woah, I'm a girl for rea-" Boone realized that he was actually a transgender fetish actor.

"Well, if we can keep safe from Rippen and Rippen, this could be the easiest orgy" Penn triumphantly stated. And with that, they ran out to the city. When they left, Larry zapped in as the guy Boone was fucking. He opened the closet door to reveal Rippen, as a CP star. "What, no, I can't be an underage male prostitute!" Rippen was pissed. "Alright, our mission is to steal a hentai character's baby so we can use it to power a machine that mutilates everyone's genitals." Larry explained. "Oh, that reminds me of a time my friend accidentally gave himself two dicks! Well, he wasn't a friend, more of an acquaintance..." Rippen had dashed out.

The trio walked down a street of public sex and voyeur cams, occasionally reversing and going back. Eventually, they met someone who wasn't fucking anyone else, a stoner. He wrapped his arm around Sashi. "Hey, you're pretty hot. Name's Jerry..." the stoner slurred. "Wouldn't that be beastiality?" Boone pointed out. "Yeah, if it was either one of yas." Jerry was so stoned he saw Sashi as a human and Penn and Boone as furries. Sashi blushed as she went with him. "What about your baby!?" Penn was angry. Sashi gave him a stutter-looped middle finger. "Well, looks like we're doing this ourselves." "Ooh, I've always wanted to be a mom!"

Meanwhile, Rippen, having gone in the opposite direction, wound in Rape Valley. He saw multiple men, women and children getting raped, getting disgusting the younger they got. Eventually, someone grabbed him. "You're coming with me." the mysterious stranger said. They both stared at each other for while, with one shot of Rippen containing a Muslim anime character. Eventually, Rippen screamed in earrape, with the screen going red. Rippen walked off unbothered.

Penn and Boone had just kind of wandered into an unlabelled ghetto. Multiple memes surrounded him, including the AVGN, Wojak, a bunch of SpongeBob memes, Coldsteel, and a B emoji. "I don't think they're from around here." Boone said. "You think?" Penn elbowed him. "Hey, look, we're new here, have you seen a drurd dealaedealaedealer come by here?" The camera zoomed in on Penn's shirt for a second. "I saw them enter there..." Spengbab pointed to a food porn restaurant. "Thank you... weird sponge creature." Penn and Boone walked to the restaurant.

Rippen had made his way to a beach with semen as it's water. He noticed that people were crawling out of the white waters. He walked up to the tides, multiples of himself following behind. "What's that?" they all said. Suddenly, a hand grabbed his leg...