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Give Him to Me

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Seidou High School is up against the powerhouse Yakushi High School before the Fall Tournament ends. The winner will have the ticket to Koshien.

The night before the game.

The players of Seidou have different individual activities for their preparation of the tournament. Some players are still inside the meeting room to discuss strategies, some are working with their swings outside school grounds and others went to their perspective rooms to rest.

On the other hand inside the large gym, Furuya keeps his pace as he throw his pitches onto the captain's mitt. The loud sounds made echo the entire stadium which cause the other players interrupted in their swings.

"Enough. That's already twenty pitches. Go take a bath and rest yourself." Miyuki instructed, taking off his mitt then approach to their ace. "Hey, I told you to rest up. Stop putting that aura of yours haha!" The captain teased lightly, the aura is is hard to handle and make it unbreakable. The ace keeps insisting him to continue throwing more but enough is enough.

"Please Miyuki-senpai, add more ten." He stubbornly asked. Insisting even more.

The captain shrugged the monster pitcher and said, "I told you no more. You should take care of your injury. We don't know what coach will do to pitcher relay. Just be ready no matter what." As he tried to maintain composure as the captain of the team. He still wants to show concern with his teammates. Miyuki pats Furuya's shoulder to indicate him he really did his job for this team and he is satisfied how he put effort on it.

"You really did your job." He praised Furuya proudly. That's what the ace is for. When the captain start walking to the exit door. He begin to lower his head, the silly smile turn into frown and not wanting to face other teammates to hide in distress. It was all because of his injury he received from last match. This is such pain in the ass. He groped the left lower ribs then a sudden irk feeling crawl into his skin when he touch the swelling muscle. He gritted his teeth but trying to remain calm.

"Miyuki-senpai." Their ace suddenly called him out. 

"What do you want?" Miyuki stopped midway in his path, wanting to stop Furuya persisting him to do more jobs with him. It was already getting late and if he still wants then he''l have to scold him. "I told you, it's eno-"

"I won't lose to you."

Miyuki turned his head to face Furuya who has a serious face while looking at the ball he is holding. The captain was confused at what the other male just said but before he ask it, Furuya continue.

"Give Sawamura to me, Miyuki-senpai."


The whole gym got quiet all of the sudden, their eyes landed to the two individuals who they respected their battery. But Furuya is competing on Miyuki?

"Furuya, what are you babbling about?" Kanemaru asked, he was swinging his bat along with Zono and Toujou until they stopped in midway because of them. The dirty blonde furrowed his eyebrows, confused with the sudden tension.

"What are you trying to say, Furuya?" This time is Zono who asked their ace who seem lost around him. "What is going on?"

The captain blinked few times, trying to process on what is happening right now. Sawamura, a guy who had been greedy to catch for his pitches everytime, calling out his full name like he is the level as him and getting mad easily at him every time he sarcastics. Sawamura who is an idiot but everyone has more attention on him. What it makes a big deal?

Furuya looked at Miyuki with calm yet threat eyes like this is a competition between him and his catcher. Miyuki bewildered, the captain decide to clear up the sudden confusion by giving a sentence to the tall pitcher.

"Furuya, it's not that my business in what you are thinking today but I actually don't understand what are you trying to sa-"

"Sawamura always been looking at you with full glimpse in his eyes and i won't let that happen Miyuki-senpai." Furuya might be disrespectful for cutting his senpai's words but the tension is far complicated than it looks, he needs to stay vigilant in order to stop this trouble he had been keeping and hold on Sawamura. He slowly approach the captain until their shoulders are close to each other. And he added, "Sawamura has his eyes on you and I dislike it. I am sorry Miyuki-senpai. I won't hand him to you." And with that, Furuya is the one first to exit the gym.

Miyuki looked dumbfounded with what just happened. He just replied 'Okay' with a smile with mixed of confusion.

The whole players started to murmured across the gym, cannot understand what they all are saying. The captain just stood there without moving an inch. What the hell...

Kanemaru gripped his bat, gritting between his teeth while watching their ace exited the scene and leaving Miyuki alone.

"That monster sure have guts to say that. You have to be kidding me." The dirty blond commented, he put an interesting smirk on his face that shows that there is going to have a big battle between the team, a showdown might be. Toujou smiled with him. "We won't lose to either the two. So better swing again." The two first years started to swing again after their chats while Zono looked at them also bewildered as Miyuki.

"Miyuki, do you have any idea what's happening here?" Zono asked again, got even more lost. Miyuki respond with one foolish contagious smile.

"I am confused too, Zono. Don't ask me."

-- /// --

Outside the field with only one light on in darkness of the area. Sawamura is running with his beloved tyre again, pump up to perform his best in playing Yakushi tomorrow. He wants to do at his best and want to do more to get the ace number he wanted.

"Eijun-kun, don't push yourself." From the corner of the field, Haruichi stopped from batting and he gently shouted at Sawamura. The latter replied with 'Oshi!' loudly on Haruichi. The pink-haired male smiled softly.

"He is too excited to play tomorrow. Eijun-kun giving his best so I will do my best also." He put his bat closely to his head and he close his eyes. "This is for you, Eijun-kun."

"That Sawamoron sure is a big idiot running with that tyre before the game." Haruichi surprised with the voice interrupted him, he lower his bat to search the voice and surprisingly, it is Kuramochi.

"Good evening, Kuramochi-senpai." Did he heard me? The thought made him anxious a bit, Haruichi knows the shortstop have a sharp eyes but his expression seem not changing so that's a relief.

"Oh, Kominato. I didn't even see you there. Are you babysitting the moron?" He jokingly asked.

Haruichi noticed the sweats all over Kuramochi's face while carrying his bat on his shoulder. Had he been practicing a lot earlier before coming here?

Haruichi shrugged and replied him. "I am not, senpai." He puffed his cheeks, disagreeing what his senpai said to him. Kuramochi laughed at him.

"Nyahah! I'm just kidding. You should go back to your room now. I shall replace you to watch over him."

The pink-haired male shook his head on his senpai's suggestion.

"You don't have to worry about me, senpai. I'm okay just by standing here." Haruichi realized what he said but before he react, Kuramochi nodded, keeps his eyes on his kouhai.

The shortstop said, "Same. He just have this spirit that lifts the whole team. He surely 'The-Sunshine-That-Seidou-Needs' Nyahahah!!"

He embarrassedly laughed at the given sentence. Haruichi simply didn't say anything but he wants to know how did he ever think of that. Maybe this is how his senpai react when he meet a girl he likes. Does that mean he likes Eijun-kun too?

"Where did you get that nickname, senpai?" He asked, it surely a silly one.

"It was a random nickname." He shyly said. "Even how an idiot he can be. He is really admirable to watch when you see how he works hard."

Haruichi just nodded affirmably. He is right. He have to admit that Sawamura is such an inspiring person, you can see his progress every single practice he make, every game he is in and every actions he did. He smiled softly, he witness Sawamura finished his laps of run.

The southpaw glanced on their place, smiling widely while he run towards them. Such sunshine.


"We aren't you idiot! Want me to kill you later? Speaking of, I haven't practicing my wrestling move onto you. Want to be my dummy?" Kuramochi grabbed Sawamura's neck and start to tighten his grip to choke him down. Haruichi just watch the two happily enjoying themselves doing their usual stuffs.


The night is dazzling with full moon in the sky with stars above the ground. The school grounds are filled with laughters, anxious and determination. Each team has compassion to take up this battle until the last step. The preparation is done. Interesting things might come between the team. But whoever wins this tournament will have the ride to Koshien.

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The night before the game.

After taking a fresh from bath, Miyuki walked to the corridor of their dorm, searching for any place where he could think of his own. Luckily, he found an empty bench near the empty basket of equipment, quickly sitting on it. He watch the full moon appeared in the center of the sky with no clouds to cover it. It's a plain beautiful view. Watching the sky feels at peace as he drinks his favorite black coffee.

However, the night should not be distracted with the pain from his lower ribs. Groaning softly, he put down his coffee near his side. He gently rub and attempt a little stretch by moving his left arm upward, pulling a lot pressure until he stops when an electric shiver felt.

"God dammit! This is painful." He cursed, gritting his teeth. He'll surely bare this until the game ends. Hopefully he could.

"Oy!" The voice from behind made him flinch but he didn't dare to respond because he knew exactly who he is it. Heavy footsteps approach the chestnut male, when he stopped, an angry yankee who furrowed his eyebrows with murderous stare at him.

He asked the male in polite tone, "What is it, Kuramochi?" As he drinks his coffee. If he saw something then he should better ignore it.

Kuramochi stared at him, still not responding the male so he grab the black coffee on Miyuki's hand.

"You bastard, that injury of yours. I can sense it after the last match.” He said, in caution tone. “Don't let the whole team overwhelmed by it." Kuramochi didn't like to show any mercy on this person, not even their final match. This is their one and only chance to make it to their dream and if this failed then he better beat this person up.

Miyuki didn't have the energy to put up a fight with Kuramochi. He put his head down, his eyes are covered by his hair to hide the weak side of him. Being burden in the team is one he don't like, he don't mind doing responsibilities but with this situation is hard for him to accept.

Kuramochi didn't mean to say those words but he is pissed off, pissed off that this happened, pissed off that their captain act this way. But he is more concern, he is a lot pissed off to himself on how he can’t control his emotions. When he saw Miyuki is back being gloomy, he wants to yell at him when a two figures appeared in the shadow.

"It's actually felt different when Furuya said that to Miyuki. I am just hoping that he is not serious about that."

Zono's voice.

"We will not know unless he meant what he said. However, isn't that Miyuki and Kuramochi over there?"

Shirasu's voice.

When they showed up, Shirasu pointed at them near the bench. Zono first approach and greeted the two males adding questions regardless like why they are still outside even in at this hour. Kuramochi asked the question back to Zono. Shirasu noticed that Miyuki is not even speaking nor looking at the two so he interrupted him.

"Miyuki, are you alright?" He asked, he saw the pale and sweats on his face. "You look pale, did something happen?"

"He got an injury last match."

Kuramochi answered bluntly in Shirasu's question, still glaring on Miyuki.

"I am quite sure he got that from previous match and this bastard making a slight move to notice the coach but glad he isn't."

The two quietly glanced on their captain, surprised yet concern. They didn't know what else they could say to their captain, after knowing it, Zono clenched his fist and Shirasu watching him.

As Kuramochi keep his threatening voice when he continue, "You idiot, you wouldn’t thought that no one notice you? Give me a break!" He put down the coffee near Miyuki's side, almost crashing it. The shortstop pointed the latter, anger keeps overflowing inside his veins.

"Save it until it last."

Miyuki didn't bother to respond. He hopes that time flies already and the three just go to their room. It feels like a sword slash on his chest, continue to bleed until he dies. What reality did to him in order to experience this, can he bare it or just give up? He honestly wants someone to coordinate with his problem by lifting up, joining him with this pour heavy rain of his mind. As he realize that there is no turning back in what happened to him. He stood up to his seat and looked at Kuramochi, fiercely.

"You won, Kuramochi." He grabbed his coffee, finishing the remaining liquid. "But I won't let it stop what i want." He smirk mischievously, he might have the injury but will he stop because of it? Of course not. Miyuki Kazuya needs to be role model of his team, the leader and the famous catcher. There is more painful than the injury, it happened during his childhood.

Kuramochi smirked, "You sure have guts, don't get too cocky or else i will add another injury on your side!"

Zono got carried away with his worry so he asked, "Are you sure that he is injured, Kuramochi?" The shortstop narrowed his eyebrow as the big male continue, "I am kinda worried that his injury might worsen."

"He'll be fine." Shirasu reassured him, smiling. "He can handle it, we just need support him as co-captains in this team."

In the dazzling night, the four of them shines as the moon. Miyuki smiled, he hopefully be ready no matter what. Even how strong the opponent is, he is ready to show what he got.

"Before we go to our rooms..." Kuramochi suddenly remember something and stopped in midway of their walking. They turned to looked at him. He added, "Zono and Shirasu, What are you guys talking about Furuya said on Miyuki earlier? Mind telling me? I heard the same scenario on Asou and Ono. What's going on?"

The two glanced at Miyuki who do not want to speak first because he is confused as hell also. Zono answered for him. "Earlier in training, Furuya made a sudden propose or simply want to challenge Miyuki on who can win for Sawamura."


Zono and Shirasu thought that Kuramochi will react differently in this kind of situation but they didn't expect that the shortstop made a more murderous glare on Miyuki, he is even more pissed than before.

The two along with Miyuki are shocked in his action.

"Touch him or I will kill you, Miyuki." Kuramochi warned, glaring him intensely made the three shivers. This is the different Kuramochi that they know.

This might be the most outragious thing had happened to Miyuki, with just one day, he felt overwhelmed with all things happening. Who would thought his fellow classmate and also a teammate will do anything to stop him. He couldn't do anything nor he couldn't understand a single thing but everything will be interesting if he join the flow, right?

Miyuki watched Zono bickering on angry Kuramochi while Shirasu stopping between them. Zono is persisting because couldn't understand what's with Sawamura and couldn't get a chance to someone explain everything to him. Shirasu isn't responding at the situation but it will make a big fuss if this keeps up.

"I'll also going to kill our ace when he gets in my way." Kuramochi threaten, his dark aura keep flowing above him. After hearing this, he know what exactly he will do to protect his precious kouhai to the devilish teammates he had. He needs to do with Kominato brother and the others before else. He needs to stop them.

And Miyuki finally spoke, the three male halt on what they are doing. It's already too late to stop everyone with this.

"Ne~ Kuramochi, what are you going to do if i am serious on winning here?"

This isn't the respond that they needed. Miyuki is making it worse.

Kuramochi tries to attack on their captain but Shirasu stopped him by grabbing his hem. Miyuki just let out a smirk and continue. "Being the pitcher and catcher of the team had significant relationship, right? Sawamura has his eyes on me." This is way more ridiculous than it should be. The two most reliable of the team are set in fire to who will survive.

Shirasu start to speak up before everything will get worsen. "You both, enough with this. We have a game tomorrow."

"Tch!" Is what only Kuramochi respond. The only way to shut him up is to punch that ridiculous smirk on him. Miyuki give a smug face to tease his teammate even more.

Kuramochi didn't waste anymore hours and just throw a 'goodnight' to the two and glared on Miyuki. When the shortstop disappear in the shadow. The two male glanced on Miyuki and his smirk turned out to be a silly one.

"That's actually scary. Haha!" He said with a nervous laughter. Who would thought that guy is scary, as expected a former yankee.

"Miyuki, what the hell you just did? You have two people going to kill you. You have any idea what's happening?" Zono asked with trembling of his voice.

Miyuki just give his usual funny look on his teammates, who would thought he would be killed anytime soon. He casually replied to him, not wanting to continue this conversation anymore. He has lot to deal with especially his injury. But despite the burden within the team, would it be interesting to do foolish to avoid any cause of reputation.

Shirasu respond on Zono before him, "Maybe there are other players out there are going for Sawamura." Zono got surprised on Shirasu, disbelief what he said.


"Don't say a word, Zono. But would it be fun, right?"

The two silently watched their captain while heading to his room.

"Tomorrow will surely interesting."

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The day before the game.

The official match will start before noon. The team finish packing their stuffs and went straight to cafeteria for breakfast before they go to their respective bus. The managers are helping for the provided supplements like water, food and first aid kits.

The retired third years went to greet some players and wish them goodluck before they leave and watch the game after their class.

Inside the cafeteria, the players in second and first strings are watching the famous first years trio who are happily chatting with each other and doing their usual things like Sawamura screaming on Furuya and Haruichi calming down him.

The more the relief pitcher smiles alot, the more jealous the other players are. Zono is quietly watching the others with internal panic that forms sweats around his face while digging his food.

Am i really in Seido high school?


Thirty minutes before the game.

The whole team gathered, the whole team with one heart to win in this game. The coach instructed the team and give them a shot of powerful words to do their best and give everything they got.

A loud roar spread the whole stadium. An outloud roar to win.

"AHA AHA AHA! They sure are loud. " A former monster of the Yakushi team with his batting skills are unpredictable and full of powerful ability. Raichi watched their opponent while laughing at the sudden burst.

The monster batter search this particular person. A person who made his heart skipped a beat during their match last summer tournament. Hitting those nasty pitches is way amazing and wanting to hit more of them.

He finally caught the brunette haired player with his shimmering golden eyes, not mistaken.

He yelled out his name from the top of his lungs, hoping the man will notice him.

"THAT'S SAWAMURA EIJUN! HELLO! HELLO!" Raichi jumps ups and downs, trying everything to get his attention by Sawamura. The teammates calming Raichi's excitement but he is completely is a loof, mesmarized by his view whoch totally isn't listening and ignoring his senai. One thing he noticed is that he can’t see Sawamura because the team blocked his view.

Pissed off, he made his voice louder and louder. "SAWAMURA EIJUN! I AM HERE PLEASE NOTICE M-URK!" Raichi stopped midway when his father- Raizo cover his son's mouth to shut him up and dragged his son all the way to the dugout and gives him banana, they went to a store just to buy this fruit.

"You are such a pain in the ass-son, you know that? We get it you love the southpaw pitcher so much but can you shut the hell up? We are in defense and their top batter lineup will be dangerous. Mishima, you're up!" The coach instructed as the team ready their gear to defend the first inning. Ruffling his hair, he watched his son finished his snack before heading to equipment.

He saw his son eating the whole banana, Raizo grabbed the remaining banana on his son’s hands and before his son could complain, he reminded him. "The southpaw is in dugout and don't flirt around, got it?" Raichi pouted but nodded, surely his son isn’t good at this since he never gotten someone to fell over heels for. He watched his son run to the third base.

The head coach massage his head, lowering his temper because his stupid son is deeply love with the southpaw. Talking non-stop about him when they head home, screaming his name while he hit a ball and just smiling just by hearing his name.

"Raichi, don't start any ruckus when you face that guy you loved."


Yakushi is on defense while Seido is on offense. Mishima is the starter pitcher from Yakushi. Kuramochi is in the batter area.

My goal is to reach the first base.

With focus Kuramochi to clear his mindset to fullfilled his responsibility. He glance to Sawamura first who is in bullpen watching him along with Kawakami.

Sawamura, as always, cheers for him.


As the game started, Kuramochi smiled while he grip his bat, he will fullfill his responsibility and thanks to Sawamura's never-ending cheering for him.

Brat! I will show you what a cheetah can do!

Mishima fired his pitch, ball. Mishima fired another one, ball.

Raizo got pissed off. Mishima is aware his coach presence so he tried remain his posture to pitch confidently.

Mishima throws a sinker, Kuramochi hit it. Foul.
He throw forkball. Kuramochi made contact but failed. Foul.
Mishima throw another pitch but this time, another forkball barely in plate but Kuramochi thought this a chance to hit it but another failed contact. Full count.

"Ah, a southpaw who can throw a sinker and forkball." Kuramochi fixed his helmet, not minding the fill count as long his head its his responsibility to get in the first base.

Akiba noticed the tighten grip on Kuramochi, he looked at Mishima and indicate to throw a sinker as their finishing touch.

I wont lose to a southpaw of yours, Seido.

With that attitude, Mishima throw his pitch but Kuramochi respond on that pitch and give a hit to the right field.

Kuramochi is on the first base.

The whole crowd screamed in the stadium. Cheers went to each side of the team.

Mishima got pissed off, he gave a hit in their top line batter.

"AHAHAAH! Don't worry, Mishima. You can get outs later AHAHAHA" Raichi cheered on his friend, giving another way around to stop Seido from scoring.

Mishima doesn't understand how Raichi got interested in Seido's southpaw, the guy screams loudly and annoying but what attracts on him was his golden eyes. Maybe that's why he liked that man. He looked at the opponent's bullpen, he saw the southpaw cheerfully yelling on their lead-off teammate.

I wont lose to him.


"Damn, i got carried away." Kuramochi angrily said, taking off his equipment and lend it to Shirasu to help him.

"What do you mean?" Shirasu gathered the gears and noticed Kuramochi is glaring on someone who isn't welcome to his sight. He already knows who it is.


Shirasu look on where Kuramochi is glaring at and no surprising, it's Miyuki who is talking to Sawamura. He gave a light chuckled and patted Kuramochi's back.

"You're a type of man who gets jealous easily. If you wont run faster to the second base, Miyuki will steal him to you."

The shortstop got pissed off while seeing Shirasu walking back to the dugout.

"Ah crap! I surely will run on the second base, just you see, Shirasu."

The next batter will face Mishima is Toujou.

Chapter Text

Kuramochi is on the first base and the next batter will be Toujou.

Mishima tried to remain calm on the mound, getting a run is surely lose his cool. He took a peak at Kuramochi with his long lead from the base. Seido is surely playing aggressively in just first inning.

Mishima narrowed his eyes on the runner and he throw his first pitch. Kuramochi smirked, the first plan will be a succeed. He advance to the second base like a cheetah run.

Damn it! A base steal?

Akiba noticed the change of course seeing the ball fly away to the plate but luckily he able to catch the odd ball. He didn't know why the batter didn't react on that, it can fly on the left fielder. And before he throw the ball to the second base, Kuramochi is already stole it.

The loud roar rings around the stadium. A succeed base steal. Kuramochi put his fist hand above the air, giving his teammates a pure success and taking the responsibility fulfillment.

The Yakushi players starts to yell on Mishima to calm down. He is a bit tense with the sudden steal. Akiba looked at Toujou who is rubbing his feet on the dirt and rotating his arm with the bat. Maybe it was thinking too much in the play, perhaps it is their plan in the first place. He glanced in the dugout to see what will their next sign from their coach.

They sure made a great plan.

Akiba yelled to their pitcher and threw the ball. Mishima flinched, sweating alot. He caught the ball and nodded. Akiba squat and punch his mitt, the game will be longer to finish.

The whole Yakushi cheered their starter pitcher loudly.

"Focus on batter, Mishima!"

"Stay focus!! AHAHAHAHA"

"Forget about the runner!"

No outs, runner on the second base. Yakushi needs to defend on this inning, if Seido scores, their momentum is up in their hand.

Mishima got distracted in such big lead Kuramochi was doing again. A bit tense yet pissed off, he throw the ball on the second base, safe.

"Nyahahaha!!" Kuramochi laughed, after the awful throw, he gives another big lead. Mishima got more pissed in this lead-off player, he is definitely trying to distract him and lose his composure again.

Game start. Mishima is focus on the next batter, trying not to distract on the runner. Akiba called for a low pitch and when he does, Toujou low his hips and lightly bunt the ball. Mishima caught the rolling ball, he noticed Kuramochi is on third base so he threw the ball on the first base. Toujou out.

The crowd roar once again and cheer for a succeed sacrifice bunt. Toujou run to the dugout and get praise by his teammates.

Sawamura, out of no where, approach him quickly. "Toujou, good work! Did your bunt master taught you really well?" He happily asked. Toujou knows Sawamura likes to get praise by his fellow team. He found him really adorable. Toujou can't help his overwhelming feeling towards to Sawamura. In respond to that, he patted his head and whisper 'thank you' as he headed to the dugout.

Sawamura blush more and flash a big wide smile on his face. He glanced to Furuya with his firing aura inside the dugout.


The dugout freak out and walk away to Furuya with his overflow firing aura. This is definitely not good.

"Sawamura, come back here in bullpen." Miyuki called out who came from bullpen, letting Ono to catch for Nori. Sawamura salute on their captain and march back to the bullpen. Before he could go, the aura inside the bullpen feels intimidating. He shivers but he smirk.

Definitely not good with that man around.

Miyuki knows this can end his life but it seem fun. He pulled Sawamura back and put him on his side. He wrapped him arm around the relief pitcher's neck and pull him closer.

"CAPTAIN! WHAT'S TO BE THE PROBLEM? AND WHY ARE YOU SO CLOSE TO ME?!" Sawamura yelled, almost turning Miyuki's ears to deaf. He tighten the pull on Sawamura so he can tease him even more and he added with a tender sweet voice that he regret doing it.

"Want me to catch for you? ❤️"

Furuya fired a large hazing aura mixing with the other players, they witness Sawamura's blush and pushed him away. The relief pitcher is mixed with utterly ashamed, utterly embarrassed and wants to kill his favorite catcher for doing that. Miyuki can't hold back and laughed out loud. Sawamura's face is priceless and adorable. This can be the reason why the others adore him.

Miyuki keep teasing him. He wants to see his reaction even more.

"Don't you want to?"

Sawamura can't help it. He wanted to throw anyway.


Watching those two get Furuya impatient, the tingering feeling made him stand up and went to coach Kataoka. He can't stand it.

Kataoka really knows his player's behavior. He knows what he is going to reply.

"I said. You will not throw today."

With that one sentence. The dugout seem at in peace again.

One out, runner on third base. The next batter is Haruichi.

Mishima looked at Raizo, giving him a respond to give him a try to knock him out but this guy is a powerful batter with that wooden bat of his. Mishima nodded.

Raizo let out a frustrate sigh. Mishima a complete idiot will walk that guy on the base.

"Ah! Damn it! I hope he is ready to face the most dangerous player later." He looked at the bullpen, a player who is catching for his beloved son's future lover.

He let out aign again after thinking his son is head-to-toe on that guy. "Sheesh, i can't believe that idiot fell in love with another idiot."

"Ahaha! Don't worry, coach. He isn't the only one who love that guy." Raizo froze. Did he misheard it or is he just getting old?

Sanada who came from the shadow appoach to Raizo and sit next to him. Raizo glared at him.

"What are you talking about, Sanada?" He asked, keep glaring to their ace. Sanada smiled.

"This competition feels like we aren't fighting to Koshien." He replied. Raizo still confused on his statement. "Can you make it clear?"

From soft smile to smirk, he looked at the opposite bullpen and watched the pitchers.

Raizo got even more frustrated after realizing what he said.

"You've got to be kidding me."

Chapter Text

One out, runner on third base. The next batter is Haruichi.

Mishima looked at Raizo to give him any sign if they try to knock out this batter but appearantly, this batter is one powerful hitter even he used the wooden bat. Raizo gave him to try getting out the batter but what Mishima understand mistook his coach signs.

Raizo let out a frustrate sigh. Mishima a complete idiot will walk the batter on the base. Sanada trying to control his giggling.

Mishima was ready to throw the first pitch when a sudden eerie atmosphere flow around his body. He search around for a second to find who belongs it and when he found it, it was guy on the third base with flitching eyebrow looking at him.

"Eek!" Is he mad at me?!

Kuramochi always does his pissed off look when he is up to challenge with someone, he wont lose even how childish the game is. He can't stand how Miyuki is so close to Sawamura today. He is probably going to plan killing him after this but right now, he hopefully not affect on his play. What it important is how he will score.

Haruichi is on the batter zone. He bow to Akiba as he turn his face to the pitcher and a quick glance on Kuramochi. A dangerous gaze which noticed by Mishima.

Are you freaking serious? What is this feeling? It feels like we are not fighting them? Are they fighting each other?

A question stuck on Mishima's head. He don't know how this team functioning as whole but even so, the result of this is none other than the guy Raichi's likes.

The pink-haired batter form a fist hand closer to his curve lips. "You sure have guts, senpai." He mutter, gripping his wooden bat.

Akiba knows that Mishima is weak on this guy so they decide to walk him out. They heard another screaming frustration on their coach.

"Four Ball!" The umpire announced.

"HARUICHI DON'T SWEAT IT UP! YOU WILL GET THE HIT NEXT TIME!" Haruichi walked to the first base. It's easier now that they got their own momentum to get a score now but what matters on Haruichi is Sawamura's loud voice cheering him. He blushed.

Mishima is trying to remain calm, maintain his pace and confident because the next batter is Miyuki.

'The demon captain.'

'The bastard is here.'


Sawamura cheered their captain who is walking to the batter zone. Nori went to the dugout to rest for a bit along with Furuya. Shirasu and Zono got worried how will Miyuki will battle in here especially how he will manage his injury.

Mishima's worst enemy is now on the batter zone. He is one a big deal that he needs to stop. They need to face him and fight him or else he isn't strong enough. Mishima wants this to happen so this will their now-or-never challenge and prove that he is an ikemen with weakness.

"Koushuu, are you really sure you are going to Seido?" Even one footstep closer to the stadium, a guy with glasses and a tied white cloth on his head asked his fellow friend who reach the entrance of the stadium. It's not surprising because the stadium has a lot of numbers of audience with both parties cheering their perspective team.

The blond hair guy didn't bother to answer the question. The guy with glasses just nodded as they both go along to reach the stadium. Luckily, the game just started.

"I can't see him. I doubt he is going to play today." The glasses guy fixed his sight and focus on searching him. And they heard a loud and noisy person on the bullpen cheering for his teammates who are up against other team.

The glasses guy is about to speak when the blond hair guy- Okumura spoke at him before him. "Let us sit first, Taku. I just want to see the game." Seto who is in a state of shocked but no doubt he practically see him also. He just don't want to convey his feelings to others but Seto knows him. It's a love at first sight seeing the amber eyes of the pitcher in Seido. The strong determination, the willingness to fight and the couragement in those eyes. Which makes if really admirable.

Okumura finally found the amber eyes he had been looking for.

Chapter Text

The next batter is one famous catcher who went to various magazines with his highly performance and incredible plays which give him the high profile in Japan.

Miyuki Kazuya is walking to the batter area with astonished appeal and flashing appearance that made the opposite team (and even his team) feels intimidated. The players gave him an intense glare while the others are ready to put him down. He kept his smile pasted on his face with a clear mindset without any worries to think about. But the fear keep rising above to the core of his brain that made him grip his bat. He is just walking but the sudden ache on his lower ribs almost drop his bat. It almost gave him a mini heart attack but he still kept his posture.

Everything will be alright. The team needs me.

The scream and shouts he only could hear, not listening to his pounding heart of worries nor the cold sweats that are forming. Ignoring any possibilities that might happen and just go with the current situation. When he stepped on the batter area, Miyuki suddenly remember from his class about a situation that cannot be handle or control it and it's up to the person if he will face it or run away.

So.. this is flight-or-fight situation. I never thought of this can be a serious problem.

Miyuki put his bat on his shoulder, choking it tightly. He needs to perform at his best and ignore the injury. Even he is a little bit off today, he already know that the coach will switch him off soon but he wants to play until the end. He wants to win.

Kuramochi glare dagger on Miyuki, mentally killing the catcher if he made error on this. Haruichi giving a small lead, his eyes are focus on the pitcher.

The game starts. Mishima making quick glance on the two opposite bases occupied by Seido's players. Akiba already giving him a sign to focus on the batter because if they didn't take the guy on the batter out, the momentum will be theirs in the entire game. Mishima nodded when indicate his mitt low to the batter.

How many attempts did he take to clear his mind? This feeling of worries is drifting him off which can affect on his play. Miyuki choked his bat once again. Anything he could think of, any possible way to put his focus on the game. He tried to breathe in and out and closed his eyes. What can help him focus on the game? What is the alternative to make himself calm? What is it?


His voice...

Miyuki got his attention back in the game when Mishima throw his first pitch. Low and away. Miyuki didn't react on the throw. And the umpire announced.

"Strike one!"

Even what the doctor's advice to not pitching for the final game, Furuya is still not giving up to convience Kataoka to put him on the mound. Despite his foot injury, he still wants to play with his teammates to reach the Koshien.

For a long time, Furuya feels like he is a right place that baseball is a fun sport. He never had one friend or a teammate who can play with him because he is a monster. With his quiet atmosphere, he grew up without anything regarding what baseball feels like. But now, it felt like he is in a right family.

By watching inside the dugout and getting impatient on how his favorite catcher making an appeal in the field, its like he is owning his stage. Their ace fired up his aura once again to convience his coach one more time. But it all ended with a 'No' from his coach which he felt disappointed.

"GO CAPTAIN! GO FOR HIS FIRST PITCH!!" Furuya glanced near his side to see his fellow first years along with his second years are cheering for their captain. However, his eyes always lead to this one annoying player and a former rival pitcher. It was confusing at first to verify what his feelings towards their relief pitcher and from just a brief moment he realized it when Sawamura has a high looked up to Miyuki. This feeling never let go so he challenge their captain last night. This urge feeling that keeps bothering him, the thought that Sawamura will steal from him, he couldn't settle his rattle feelings towards the catcher. He wanted to fight him in order to steal him.

Furuya never had a strong feelings to someone but this person keeps reminding himself that he was the reason why playing baseball is fun. He didn't know exactly how it all started but his tiresome behavior can turn out surprisingly cute. Every part of Sawamura's appearance are gorgeous to his view. It was like an angel keeps him alive with his flashing eyes.

The relief pitcher is busy cheering for his teammate. Furuya take a chance to slowly move closer to Sawamura's place. He not sure why his body automaticly moving which an inidication to hug him from the back. He wants to fight his compulsive action but he wants this person so badly.

In few inches away to hug him, Furuya suddenly stopped when someone grabbed his shoulder.

"Just what do you think you are doing?" Kanemaru asked, gripping his hand on his shoulder. Furuya didn't bother to answer him. Kanemaru added, "Just tell me what you are doing?" Furuya never thought someone on his team is extremely mad on him. He just want to hug this person, nothing else. Furuya also noticed the presence that giving by his teammates, the presence of anger. He got surprised from their reaction but he intended not to show it.

"What's up Kanemaru?" The two individual are shooked when Sawamura looked at them with confusion. Kanemaru released Furuya's shoulder as he respond to him.

"It's none in your business, Sawamura. Just keep cheering for Miyuki-senpai."

"But i saw you gripping on Furuya's shoulder, did something happened?" Sawamura insisted to know the answer. Kanemaru puzzled his thought to make an excuse quickly. Sawamura can be an idiot most of the time but an idiot like him can fully understand what he is in situation. Sawamura pouted, the silent become uncomfortable.

"If something happened, we can talk about this later. Right now, we need to cheer our captain because look he is in batter zone." Sawamura pointed his finger to where Miyuki is standing as he uproar his voice. Furuya and Kanemaru looked at each other, no words open. They went to their places where Furuya seat back to his place and Kanemaru back from cheering again.

It was an awkward situation for this team, even Shirasu is bewilded on what happened. He hopefully thought this team will not affect and do their best just because of this one person. Shirasu knows the presence of his fellow teammates, intensely glaring on Furuya.

He glanced on Sawamura, a boy that mostly Seido likes. It's like he has this magic that he turned everyone become adore to him.

Oh Sawamura, i hope you are aware on what's happening.

He wished that this day will be over soon because he can't stand the eerie feeling inside the dugout. He was glad that the coach is focus on the game but his instinct keep bothering him that Kataoka is watching them earlier. He hopefully that coach wont point this out.

Chapter Text

In such situation where they can score in first inning to obtain their momentum to challenge Yakushi. All their expectations lies on the captain who is now in a state of battling himself with his overwhelming thoughts. He is having a difficult time to search anything to clear his mind and to focus on his batting. The sudden tension on his lower left rib is starting to ache even more. He bit his lower lip to bear the pain for a moment. He just needs to hit straight to the center field so Kuramochi can run straight home.

While Yakushi's pitcher is busy looking to his opposite sides, the captain took his time to take a deep breathe to ease his pounding heart and ignore his aching rib but his mind just started to cloud again. Shit! In just few moment to spare, he needs to think something quick as possible when the pitcher starts to move his body to throw the ball. Miyuki recollect his thoughts and tries to justify what he can do to control his underlying pressure. Any possible way to focus on his play. Anything.

Mishima nod as he throw his first pitch to where Akiba indicated. Miyuki's luck isn't his side when his nerves suddenly halt him and his unable to move. The sudden pressure caught up on his left arm. Miyuki mentally cursed himself, what can he do in this situation? It’s giving him a big anxious to himself. Will he able to play until the end when his coach caught him with his injury? Will he able to win? Is he going to run away or continue fighting?

Until he come up something random to calm him down. He listen to the voices around him, trying to search the noises from the audience, avoiding the voices inside his head until this one particular voice is able to hear it, loud and clear to his ears.


His voice...

"Wha-" Miyuki made a horrible cracked voice which Akiba got shooked on what he heard but gladly he able to catch the pitch. It was low and away from the plate. Miyuki lightly blush on what he did, he fixed his posture by encircled his arm with his bat and hopefully that the catcher didn't heard him. How embarrassing...

The umpire announced what he witness, "Strike one!" Miyuki sighed, the luck is really not his side. He fixed his helmet and his sport glasses. It's not his intention to give a strike, he hopefully do his best to perform good during his plays or he let his team be down because of his unnecessary actions. But it bothers him what across his mind, its just by hearing his loud, bashful voice- Badump.


Mishima give a smirk to his coach and making a signal that he can stop this handsome catcher. Raizo gave a thumbs up to Mishima which the southpaw blush with the inverbal way to compliment him. He is proud on what he did even it's just a first strike out after numerous wasted balls he did earlier.

Raizo eat one banana to make him think who is his next pitcher to put on the mound. He wanted Sanada to take over but what he said earlier make him change his mind. He will go on that later. For a mean time of decision, his eyes land on his son who is securing the third base and cheering his teammates. He made a frustrated sighed, rubbing his hair in anger but this will be for awhile to let his son to try this. Yakushi is outnumbered in players, after the third years are gone, it felt like they are incomplete family. It thanks to them it feels like he is home once again and he just needs to help his team to rebuild when they win this match. Raizo take his time to make his players rebuild by trying something they know they will enjoy. This is baseball, a sport where everyone can play any position they wanted to try.

It's not a bad decision to let his son try in doing different position not just batting him. But it was a terrible thing that he son wanted to be a pitcher because he got inspired to his beloved southpaw. He thought it is just an accident that his son fell in love to this pitcher. He just thought of it, hopefully his eyes isn't deceiving him but it's not. During practices, Raichi throw nasty yet heavy pitches which some of his catcher can't manage to catch and took time to get those fastball. But it was a satisfaction that have another tool to fight the strong team.

Raizo put the skin of the banana in the trash and he noticed that his son is giving a glance inside the opposite dugout which the lefty southpaw cheering on his team. Raichi making a face of determination to face that man, wanting to hit every pitchers he face-off is what he desires but loving the boy is what he likes the most. Raizo massage his head to cool of his boiling point of his mind. He hopefully gets the win and finish everything before everything turn out to be a disaster.

"Neh, coach." Raizo looked at their ace, eyes full of challenge while watching the game. He looked at his coach with his smile. "Are you going to change Mishima to Raichi soon, right?" Sanada asked. Raizo didn't answer him. "Raichi will be his second time to be a pitcher in this tournament. I just hopefully he can maintain on the mound because..." Sanada scratch the back of his head, the anxious looked showed on his face. Raizo disapproved on his reaction.

"...being on the mound is difficult when you face the batters."

"Quick babbling around, Sanada." And this time, Raizo is the one scartching his neck. He knows what will happen to his son and he is ready to change pitchers anytime.

As he continued, "My son just want to face his beloved pitcher and I am sure you are excited also." Sanada thought his coach will scold him once again but gladly he is up for it. Sanada is not sure if he can face the southpaw with his bouncing heart. He is indeed excited to face him or maybe try to flirt him around. He loves to see how the southpaw reacts again, every expression, every movement and everything. He can't wait to see him in the field.

Raizo and Sanada looked up to watch the game when Miyuki hit Mishima's pitch but missed.


Badump, badump

This isn't good. My heart can't stop pounding i even waste a hit.

Miyuki choked his bat again. One strike and one foul. The second pitch is a forkball that he wanted to hit but it was miss due to his state of mind that keeps appearing in his head.

Sawamura, get off in my mind.


Sawamura scream loudly as he could, the only way to wake up their captain is to scream his full name. Kanemaru yelled at Sawamura to shut up while Haruichi is trying to calm him down. Miyuki tries to inhale and exhale, calming his heart is what he needs to do right now but yelling his full name isn't helping at all. It made his heart beating so heavily that might affect his play again. He heard the complain noises of Sawamura that he gladly can focus on his game.

Miyuki's heart wont shut it even he wanted to. It's loud, that felt his adrenaline rushing to his veins. Miyuki thought there is something against his chest, squeezing it tightly that he felt suffocate to handle. It felt like Sawamura is responsible with all of this actions.

Akiba wanted to ask if the captain is alright with his plays. It surprised him how he scream earlier which he thought there something hurt him but seems not. Akiba put his mitt in the middle, Mishima nodded. They both agreed with this pitch, they will take out him.

Remain calm as he could, Mishima throw his signature pitch but this one looks nasty. Miyuki hit the pitch but suddenly his lower rib twisted that made the impact of the ball isn't what he expected. Mishima caught the ball and threw it back to Akiba to shut the lead-off then he throw it to the second base where the pink-haired boy barely make it. Yakushi made a double play.

Yakushi prevent Seido from scoring and they defend the inning. It's about time to change gears.

Miyuki took off his helmet, his sweats are gaining more than usual. The pain is too much for him to bear the entire inning. He is about to take his gears when he felt the presence of his teammates are looking at him. Miyuki don't have much time to deal with them but what caught him made his heart pound heavily was Sawamura is glaring at him.

Chapter Text

The crowd watch the Seido, looking at them in disbelief. It almost there but they failed. Yakushi shows no mercy and definitely put their strengths to stop them. For a mean time while the players went back to dugout, Kataoka called Kawakami to be the starter pitcher and instruct him on what he said last night meeting.

“You will carry the team by your pitching. If you can perform accord to your performance, you will stay until the end. So do your best.” It felt overwhelmed by those words but he will do the role while their ace is resting. He shrug off all his worries as he nod to his coach. “Yes sir!”

Near the equipment area where some players having small chats about the line-up of Yakushi and how they will able to stop them. However, Kuramochi is not in pleasant mood after witnessing the poor performance of their captain. He keep glaring on him until Zono approach him.

“Hey, Kuramochi, is there something bothering you?” He asked, fixing his cap. The glare of the shortstop is intense so Zono give a slight of glance over to whom he is glaring on until he never said a word and just put his hand on Kuramochi’s shoulder. “Now now, the game is still ongoing. You need to control your anger for now and deal with him later on.” Zono adviced, leaving the shortstop to go on the field. It’s true that its still not the end of the match but what bothers him is Miyuki showing a sign of weakness. He always put himself in burden and laugh about it. It’s a bad mechanism if you ask him but he knows that he can overcome it. Kuramochi put his glove and fix his cap to go to the field. He glance over to Miyuki one more time and suddenly his anger snap again.

Making an inappropriate error during crucial moment. He cannot believe how he let those strikes passed him. It was unbelievable to perform very poorly in this game. He had various complains on what he did but can’t blame himself. It was hard to accept.

I want to play until the end.

He control his heavy breathing and wipe his overflowing sweat around his face. The game still ongoing but he feels really, really weak. What a bad timing to have this, he thought.

But Miyuki was dealing with the stirring feeling about what happened earlier. It’s something that he couldn’t understand how it got in that situation. It was unexpected to occur on him.

It felt like Sawamura’s voice reach out deeply to his mind and feels like a laser beam right into his heart. It felt so different but why?

“Oy Sawamura, where are you going?” Kanemaru asked who is putting his baseball glove on. Sawamura just walk away without saying a word on Kanemaru.

“Tch! Not again, you idiot.” After what happened last night or the last couple of days. Kanemaru feels irritated whenever Sawamura is not listening to him, It’s not like he never listen to him but rather his attention is on someone or something. It irritates him. All the things happening to Seido, this is far the worst. Having a sudden annoying yet comfortable feeling to someone drawns on to you until it gets deeply. Kanemaru silently cursed at himself, blushing slightly and thinking how he fell in love with THAT idiot.


Miyuki top prior right now is to stop the enemy from scoring. After few adjustment of the belts, fixing the elbow and knee supports, and put on his helmet. He breathe slowly, avoiding everything to cause him distress along with his injury. It might be a long game but he hopefully fight over it.

A sudden loud voice yell at him, calling by his full name. He hopefully don’t want to hear his voice now, not right now.



Not again.

“What do you want?” Miyuki asked, looking at the southpaw but returns immidiately on what he is doing. Firstly, Sawamura didn’t speak, he let out a deep breath. He just wanted to critisize on his captain for performing badly but it made it stop coming from his mouth.


“What was that about?”

“Nothing.” He isn’t sure what he is going to say. “Just don’t go on your way just because you’re the captain of this team.”

Miyuki halt for a moment, staring on Sawamura who is blushing again. He doesn’t know if this guy is always late in every news in the team. Is he concern on him? Just because he made errors? And blaming his captain duty?

And as usual, Miyuki laugh really hard, wrapping his belly. He always this interesting ever since.

“WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING?! I AM SHOWING CONCERN ON YOU! YOU MEANY BASTARD FOUR-EYES!” Sawamura puffed his cheeks in annoyance, cannot understand this man’s brain. He might thought that he always joke around. Miyuki inhaling to absorb oxygen while calming from laughter.

“I am not laughing at you, moron.”


“Haha! But your expression is really funny.”


The little bickering of the two made an intense aura from Miyuki’s back and he is fully aware of this. He still want to tease more but most of the team is on the field.

“Haha! Go back in the bullpen and catch for Ono. I am going to play now.” Miyuki walk pass on Sawamura but he stop to whisper something that Sawamura could hear. “We’ll definitely win. Trust me.”

Sawamura heard him loud and clear. He always believe on him even how brat, irritating, bastard he is, he always have a respect on him.

He smirk on their captain making his way to the field. Kawakami is on the mound, shouldering everything to unleash his ability in his pitching. Sawamura run back to the dugout to ask Ono to catch for him. Before that, Furuya walk towards him and made Sawamura freak out.

“Furuya, you scared me. What ‘s the matter?” Sawamura asked, Ono is front of him drinking water. Furuya stared on Sawamura for a minute. The southpaw tilt his head and he said, “You should be resting, don’t move around the dugout.” Furuya locked his eyes on him, don’t want to speak nor don’t want to move. Sawamura started to freak out but before he move away from Furuya, the monster pitcher grabbed his arm. Sawamura is freaking out but what shock him when Furuya said something he absolutely no idea how to respond.

“I won’t lose to him.”


Chapter Text

After getting a three strikes to a power player and a double play earlier. The Yakushi team got their confident after preventing their opponent team from scoring. It’s now their time to score to take advantage.

The bench players praise each of their teammates who made an excellent play-offs, especially on Mishima’s pitching. Raizo smiled on his team putting an aggressive play, reliable players and teamwork to work hard in this match, but despite all of that, the game is still beginning and its too early to celebrate. They made a fantastic effort and with this confident build up, it hope remain consistent until the end.

Seido team is part of strong team, they even appeared in Koshien. Yakushi, however, never step on that stadium, even during his high school career. The only way Raizo will do is to give everything he got to carry his team to play in Koshien to play different well-known strong school in Japan. This is what he wants to achive in this current life he had.

He firstly instructed his team such as giving signs and follow them coordinately since Seido successfully does their job in order to score. All of them nodded as they headed over to change their gears. He was busy looking at his team when suddenly his son surprised him from the back by asking, “Is Sawamura Eijun-chan will be a pitcher for this inning?” Raichi flashed a huge glittery eyes with his smile reach over his ears and bouncing like a kid expecting an answer to his teacher.

Raizo calm himself first by patting his chest and catching his breathe, his son almost gave him a heart attack. He looked at his son, prepare to scold him for doing that but he sighed instead. He glance over the opponent team and search to his beloved son’s southpaw pitcher if he will be the pitcher for this inning. Unfortunately, he saw Kataoka is talking to a sidearm pitcher. Raizo give a sigh in relief.

“Your beloved pitcher isn’t pitching this inning i guess.” Raizo answered, patting on Raichi’s head. Even how he used to his son’s ruckus, noisy, annoying behavior he still can’t believe that he behaves this way. It was like he is seeing a different son. Raichi smiled softly but in saddening one, he couldn’t wait to face-off his beloved pitcher to appear on the mound and show again his ability with his nasty pitches. Maybe not his time to show up.

Raizo rushly added, “But i bet he will play later just wait for it.” Raichi made his usual smile again and suddenly hysterically laugh again. It was for a better good since his son is a type of man who easily get emotional. Raizo sighed, atleast he is back in his usual self again.

The players tries to calm Raichi from being excited again while he walk to the baseball equipment and grab his bat. It was no good when Raichi begin to swing his bat, a prepartion to take down the sidearm pitcher. The players walk away from Raichi since his swings are dangerous. He can’t wait to hit more, the eagerness is keeping him impatient. This sidearm is a big deal also. Raichi wont hesitate to any pitchers, he will hit those pitches far as he could until his beloved southpaw pitcher is on the mound. He’ll be waiting for him.

— —

Kawakami throw the last ball to Miyuki until his shoulder is loosen up. The expectation, worries, confidence are all in his hand with the ball he is holding. Kataoka is sure a promising coach giving this simple task to him. He work so hard to able to reach in this stage, he will not failed Kataoka on this. He is always prepared to fight.

The team cheers for the sidearm pitcher on the mound but suddenly he feel tense up and puts him in pressure instead. It begin to sink him up the heavy atmosphere around him. It felt happy that his coach give this role but his anxiety keeping hin occupy. He is not the ace and yet-

“Stay focus, Nori!” Kawakami snapped back in reality after Miyuki shouted his name and spread his arms indicating him to stay calm. Kawakami nod in respond. Miyuki sign in relief seeing Kawakami relax, he was a little worried when saw his shoulders are tensing up. It might be how coach instruct him or other else. He punch his mitt to calm him down, he is not yet done with his aching body but he needs to perform his duty now.

The game is on, top of the batting of Yakushi and Akiba is the first batter to face Kawakami. Miyuki move his mitt inside the area of the batter, Kawakami nodded. He lift his left hip and once the foot is on the ground, he pull his right shoulder forward from the side and he release it. The ball made it in the plate and the empire announced.

“Strike one!” He put his fist upward. Akiba look quiet amazed that he shot the inside pitch but that’s not he is waiting for. Miyuki watches Akiba choke his bat. The captain called for a sinker, which Kawakawi feels confident of. The sidearm pitcher smiles on him, with his sinker he will boost his self-esteem. Kawakami throws his second pitch, Akiba got confused at the course of the ball and miss it. Strike two.

Akiba keep his cool, he’ll definitely hit the last. Miyuki lower his mitt, indicating to throw one of his breaking ball. Kawakami keep his smile as he roar his last pitch. Akiba got a chance to hit the ball that can flew in the fielders when it suddenly break the direction. He got shook when the ball went to the in-fields as the player catch the ball and throw to the first base. One out. Same goes to the second batter that made one strike and a hit from the in-fields. Two outs.

The next batter is Mishima who luckily hit the first pitch of Kawakami and landed on the center field. He made it to the first base despite how lack he is in stamina.

‘I made it, coach. I made it.’ Mishima making a crying victory with a thumbs-up. Raizo sighed with his annoyance but with the effort, thanks to him, he give the whole team a boost.

Miyuki scratch the back of his neck, he can guess that guy is a one-hella-lucky man. Kawakami’s course of his ball should be in the inside but forget it. He might a little tense up since that guy shut him up.

‘Nori, focus. Our real deal is the other two right now.’ Miyuki look at Raichi walking to the batter zone and Sanada next. Kawakami take a small breath, putting up his pace again. He made a mistake earlier but neverlethness, this one is a deal now.

When the monster batter reach the batter area, his excitement once again build up from his body to his hands. A sharp smile and his burning soul who can only stand a brave pitcher to throw a pitch to him.

Give me Sawamura Eijun-chan.

Chapter Text

One thing Furuya never do is to speak out his own feelings. He never share it because he believe that he is the only one who could understand himself. Being self-aware and not pushing to drawn the line between himself and the external world. His love for baseball is more enough to enjoy his company with the others. But is it enough?

It all began during the time Sawamura got the yips.

Furuya never felt so lonely during pitching practice in the bullpen. He is with Miyuki to play catch and focus on improving his ability. He heard that Sawamura is banned for pitching due to his yips, the coach also put a heavy training to overcome his situation like he runs every morning until the end of practice. Even summer is already ended the heat is still remain consistent. Furuya in a silent distress, throws the ball hardly and away on Miyuki’s mitt.

Too high... Miyuki raised his left arm to catch the ball above him and thank goodness he catch it. He took a deep sigh and glance on Furuya. He asked, a little concern. “Is there something wrong, Furuya? You are a little off this practice.” He’s worried that there is troubling around him and he don’t want to end up like what happen to Sawamura.

The monster pitcher didn’t speak, he look around his hand, observing every corner of it. The look of the southpaw pitcher is pasted in his mind, it keeps appearing everytime he begins to think serious things.

After Sawamura switch out in their practice game with Yakushi, he don’t want to leave the mound. When Furuya run over to the mound and want the ball, Sawamura seem don’t want to let it go. He looked defeated, lost and loss of hope. Furuya felt his heart sank seeing him in this state. He never do something to help him, even he is his former rival, he wanted to offer a help but he can’t do anything. Furuya, if his honest and can speak about his feelings openly, it feels nice, warm and comfortable when Sawamura is always around him. Being noisy, being ruckus, being annoying but he found it really enjoyable. Their differences always stood up infront of everyone but they always stay together, not just they are in the same year but they called themselves as friends.

Miyuki just stared at Furuya who blew by the wind and lost himself in the air. “If you keep spacing out like that I will stop catching for you.” Furuya come back to his sense after hearing the catcher and made a hesitation to his aura.

The catcher laughed and added, “I will stop when we reach 20 pitches, Rei-chan and the coaches are calling me this afternoon. We need to stick our schedule for preparation in Fall tournament.” He bend his knees and put his mitt in the middle. “And also, if you keep your ball fly away from my direction, i am gonna decrease your pitching with me.” Furuya let out his flame of aura and Miyuki keep laughing at him.

“How about 50 more pitches, Miyuki-senpai.” He didn’t even listen to what he just said.

“No. Just 20 is enough.”


“No butts.”

“I want to pitch more.”

The captain can’t bear his insisting request. He is not the only catcher in the team. “I said no more.”

The two finish their session together but Furuya keep insisting for more and Miyuki keep scolding him to halt their practice. The catcher sigh in annoyance, how greedy this monster pitcher.

Before Miyuki could walk to the coach staffs, Furuya suddenly asked him which the catcher surprised from it.

“Miyuki-senpai, what would you do when your friend is in trouble?”

It was out of the blue question and what seem to surprised him is Furuya have a friend? Well, maybe he consider the young Kominato and Sawamura are his friends since they are the same level or maybe outside baseball. Even so, Miyuki still surprised on him but feels relief that he had a friend he is concern of. He needs to help him somehow. He have trouble at first how he will deliver on what he is going to say but he just speak what he commonly thought about it.

“I don’t know how to respond on that since i don’t have a friend to begin with so to answer your question is maybe how you able to convince your friend and find ways to help him sort of by staying by their side in case they need confrontation.“ He isn’t sure if it is a right answer but he hopefully that Furuya won’t ask for more since he had important things to do. And Furuya’s look is not convincing as what he expected. But what shocked him is what Furuya said.

“I thought Kuramochi-senpai is your best friend.”

The monster pitcher titled his head, his expression remain unchange but the tone of his voice sounds confused. Miyuki starts to lose cool because of his persisting attitude. But that question went to his mind, did he even consider Kuramochi a friend? They become classmate until recently and they both always talk to each other even some other times Kuramochi grabbed his collar and him causually laughing at him. He don’t see something special or so called friend at all. But Kuramochi is a good company.

“If you thought that him and me being friends. He mostly prefer killing me than calling him a friend. Haha!” Miyuki being his usual self, laugh while he walk back to his track. “I have captain duty to do. You can call someone on the team to catch for you. Later.”

Furuya watch the catcher moving on his way. He signed, letting the heat hit his bare skins. He suddenly feel lonely again. He really miss the noisy player, calling his name outlouad and running each other that turn out to a sprint. He miss his competation with him. He took off his cap and wipe his sweat all over his forehead. The sun is shining brightly in the depts of afternoon. He wants to enjoy baseball once again together with him.

“Come back in full condition, Eijun.”

— —

All the noises came from the team made fuzz over Sawamura is still in the team. They keep gossiping him, talking about he don’t deseve to be in regular. Furuya’s ears are ringing in this noises of his class, he can’t take them too much. He close his eyes, hands cup up both of his ears and he focus his mind to avoid them. If only Furuya has a loud mouth he can shut the people around him but he can’t. How can he do to stop them?

Trying to make his mind silent, a thin voice called out him. “Furuya-kun, are you alright?” It’s Haruichi. He remember that the pink-haired will give his notes and also teach him in earlier lecture. It’s already break time.

Haruichi who barely can’t see his expression because of his eyes are covered by his bangs but he knew that he sounds concern. “Is there bothering you? Is it about the class talks about Eijun-kun?” The monster pitcher nods, opens the notebook and begin to scribble. Haruichi continue speaking, “Eijun-kun is working hard in the passed days, running every practice until its done and it worries me. I am relief that he still in the team but i hope his yips will be gone.” The pink-haired sits on an empty seat, hand on his chin while he watch Furuya scribbing on his notes. He is done and the next thing they do is Haruichi recalling the lecture earlier. But before they proceed, Furuya said something that Haruichi couldn’t believe.

“I believe on Eijun.” It’s just a simple sentence but it came from his feelings. Furuya who barely talks, said about Sawamura. Haruichi smiled, blush flushing on his cheeks. “I believe in him also.”

— —

“I won’t lose to him.”

Those words were spill on its own. He tighten his grip a little so Sawamura won’t escape. He’s in a little panic, he don’t know how he will explain his action. He’s just can’t take it seeing Sawamura act around when Miyuki does something to him. He dislikes it.

“Huh?!” Sawamura scream, furrowing his eyebrows in what his former rival said. It’s freaks him out on why Furuya doing this all of the sudden, spilling out nonsense that he don’t have idea what is he talking about.

“I won’t lose to him.” Furuya repeated.

“What are you talking about, Furuya? Are you alright?” Sawamura unconsciously touch Furuya’s forehead as if he have a fever. The monster pitcher blush by the touch and Sawamura move back by the sudden react, blushed back on Furuya. Cannot tolerate the scene anymore, Ono made his way to the center, splitting the two away to each other.

Ono command Asou to let the two sit down. He then observe his surroundings if everyone is paying attention to them but in relief they are focus on the game. Ono look at Furuya first but not want to look on Sawamura who is confused in the situation. He told Asou to keep Sawamura occupied and maybe change the course on what he is thinking. Asou nodded and went to sit near Sawamura. It was in the middle of the game and Furuya made another inappropriate movement towards Sawamura. How this man able to resist.

Last night, Ono witness the commotion of the respected battery. The challenge fired-up even the first years are up against to this monster pitcher- but not in baseball related- it was to Sawamura Eijun. He can’t make a conclusion how it turn out everything into something more problematic in the team. It’s alright for falling in love but he didn’t expected they fall into one particular person.

When Ono made up his mind to ask some questions to Furuya, the monster pitcher made an apologenic look and say ‘sorry’ to Ono. “It surprised me also to do something to him. I didn’t mean to.” He continued, he lower his head but he keep his eyes on Sawamura. Ono just smile, maybe Furuya really ever see someone special to him. He put his hand on Furuya’s shoulder and went to his side to sit down.

“Do control your actions Furuya. You know there are other players are up to him.” Furuya fired up his aura again. There are more? Other than Miyuki?

Ono couldn’t understand him but he give a light chuckle. Ono give another quick advice that they need support on their team and deal with this unrelated problem later. Furuya nodded. Then a sudden burst of scream coming from a loud mouth person, Asou put both of his hands together, not wanting to get deaf. Sawamura blowing airs on his nostrils, pointing at Furuya in anger. Asou might said something but it reliefs.


How thankful that Sawamura is dense in the situation. It might a big problem if he is aware. Asou giving an apology gesture to Ono. And the catcher waved his hand and let the two duel to each other. Furuya fired up once again, with bigger aura around him and Sawamura screaming to stop it.

They won’t pitch for a mean time unless Kataoka instruct them. Ono was suddenly called by Kataoka and when he approach him, Ono was surprised on what his coach said.

“Tell the two pitchers to throw on the bullpen. And check Furuya’s condition if he can throw.”

It is a relief for Ono to have an idea to ease the situation earlier. Focus in the game. Ono nodded on his coach and went back to his place where the two are together cheering the team.

Chapter Text

Kawakami starts to feel heavy on his shoulders, the confident change into a sudden drastic pressure. If he is not mistaken, this guy puts down lots of pitcher by his dangerous swings and crazy home runs. Todoroki Raichi. Kawakami swallow his saliva, hearing his beating heart becoming louder and louder when the monster batter walking slowly to the batter zone. He breathe in and slowly easing his pace, trying to put up a challenge to this monster. Raichi devilishly smiles, putting up his bat to prepare any pitch that he can get. Burning on those eyes, he soul can be seen. Kawakami concentrate on the grip, figuring out what his first pitch to throw.

Two outs, player on the first base. Miyuki put up his mitt once again calling up a sinker. Kawakami shooked his head, a sinker in first pitch? Rushing blood rising above Kawakami’s body, an hesistance draw closer to his chest, a bit of doubtful on the captain. But Miyuki didn’t mind at all, he needs to help Kawakami bring back his confident earlier. If he can stop the team earlier then he can stop thjs rattle monstreous batter player. He can do it. Miyuki believed, setting up his mitt. If it were hitted, there are reliance team at the back.

Kawakami nodded, smiles tenderly, pushing down the thoughts. Putting up his strengths in his heart and believe, he throws his first pitch. Raichi didn’t react seeing the ball is not near the plate.

“Ball!” The umpire announced. Miyuki throws the ball back to Kawakami, atleast the sidearm pitcher have the remain build-up in his mental state. Raichi choked his bat, his burning expression gives an extreme intidimidating aura on the pitcher. Kawakami let out a small air, calming himself as he throw the second pitch outside. Strike.

“Amazing!” Raichi murmured, looking on the catcher’s mitt. I wonder if the next pitch would be a slider. Putting up his bat again and choke it. Miyuki glance on the monster batter, he seems desperate to hit now. Miyuki put his mitt inside the area of the batter. Kawakami nodded as he execute his arms and throw it. Raichi saw the ball coming on his direction as he made contact on it but made passed on him. “Foul!”

Raichi didn’t mind at all. He’s waiting for the pitch he wanted. The Yakushi team cheers loudly along with Mishima. Seido team does also for Kawakami. Miyuki spread his arms once again and put his mitt which Kawakami surprised. A Sinker will do. Kawakami smiled and nodded, he change his grip and when he is prepared, he fired up.

The monster didn’t even have chance to think when the ball slides to his direction. With a devilish smile, he fired up aura as he swing his bat and smash the pitch he wanted. The swing is not hard but it went to the right field. Mishima tried his best to run on the second base while Raichi runs while laughing.

And now, where is Sawamura Eijun-chan at?

As he step in the first base, Raichi look around his surroundings and the dugout. From a devilish smile turn into a sweet lovely one, he saw the brunette hair with a yellow glowing eyes on the bullpen pitching along with the raven hair tall pitcher. He watches the two bickering to each other and could hear his pitcher’s voice.


“No can do. Ono-senpai told me to pitch first”

The monster pitcher just look at angry Sawamura, screaming out his frustration on him. He found it really fond in his behavior and he will not get enough to it. That’s it. Turn your eyes on me.

“Tch! I will wait for my turn.” The relief pitcher pouted but still mad, move himself away from the monster pitcher place and lean his back on the wall. Ono finally arrived with his protective gears. He firstly ask some questions on Furuya before he go to the opposite side.

“Furuya, tell me what you feel on your right foot, okay? Start your first pitch!” Ono place his mitt on the middle. Furuya nodded, he turn his whole body to face Sawamura. He cover half of his face by his baseball glove, he form a sweet smile and a light blush when Sawamura is watching him. When he decide his grip, he lift his left hip as he move it to his side. He twisted his body and hoan his right arm forward to the catcher’s place. The speed is remarkably amazing and Ono catch it with a loud thud on his mitt.

Ono smiled, “Nice pitch, Furuya. So how’s your right foot?”

“Nothing much a pain. Can we pitch a little more?” He requested. Ono nodded to him. “Yeah sure.”

Mishima yell on monster batter, who seem not moving to what he is watching. “Raichi, focus on the base! Sanada-senpai is on the bat now. Stay focus!” Raichi was just watching the two a far. He was willing to show his skills to impress his beloved pitcher but he was occupied by that tall man. He form his fist, gritting his teeth in anger. He curl his lips downward, not wanting to cry on what he witness. Once he made his appearance on the moud, he will show his best to impress even more.

— —

“Oh, so he noticed that also.” Sanada reach the batter zone, watching the little monkey who is settle up to run. Sanada smirked.

“Who are you talking about?” Sanada suddenly interupted by the catcher near him. Miyuki glace on him but quickly move his sight on the pitcher. He surely heared what he said so he wait for his answer. Miyuki put his mitt as he wait Kawakami to throw his first pitch.

“Nah~ It is about our strong batterman who has an interest in your relief pitcher.”

Say what... He got distracted on the ace player when Kawakami throw his first pitch. The ball just went to straight to his mitt and Sanada not reacted to it. He sigh in relief when he able to catch it.

Not the one I am waiting. Raizo give him a word in trying hitting the sidearm pitcher’s breaking balls earlier. “It’ll be a very tricky to hit them but just try it and observe it. I have a trust you on this.” Sanada light chuckled, he will try his best to execute what Raizo said. He choke his bat, the next pitch might be the one he is waiting for.

Nothing can bother to Miyuki in what this player have said to him. He throw the ball back to Kawakami after getting a ball called by the umpire. Miyuki put his mitt lower, expecting a slider for the next pitch. Kawakami nodded, preparing to throw the second pitch.

“And also...” Miyuki was focused on the pitch when Sanada interupt him again and that made the captain surprised in when he heard the last sentence.

“... give me your beloved relief pitcher.”

Sanada hit the slider onto the right field as he run to the base. Same with Mishima and Raichi. Miyuki was in a state of shock and curse himself for failing a call to Kawakami. But the fielders made their appearance to do their own role in the game. Shirasu able to catch the ball and put up his feet on the square white, he threw it right on Zono who is in the third base then he throw it to Haruichi on the second. A succeed double play.

The roar become loud and clear in the audience. Both team shows aggressively and incredible game plays in first inning. The second inning is about to open.

— —

Down the road near Inashiro Industrial School, it’s already been one hour and a half when the game starts. Itsuki is having a trouble carrying a large bag on his hands, waiting for a taxi to come. He glanced on the blonde hair who is busy looking on his watch, impatiently.

Itsuki firstly speak up in their queit atmosphere. “Mei-san, the game already started. What should we do?” He wanted to watch the game too. The stadium is not far away to their school but Mei is not in a mood to walk now. The blonde hair guy twitch his eyebrow and look at his young catcher, pointing at him. “Do you have a better plan to make? Carlos texted me that the both teams haven’t score yet. Just stay your ass there and wait for few more minutes.” Mei back on his watch and check his phone for a while then stuff it back on his pocket. Itsuki sighed, if only Mei didn’t demand so much earlier they might arrive in the stadium now.

Mei-san looks like looking forward to him pitching again. Itsuki smile softly, watching his respected pitcher. Itsuki remembered that they suppose to face Seido after their third game but it was oddly defeated by a small school. The coach didn’t blame but only Narumiya Mei’s selfishiness. After the third years retired, it became difficult to Itsuki to change his role and be a part in regulars. He sure have talent and stable personality to keep up to Mei.

“Ugh, this is getting a pain in the ass.” Mei yelled, he glance on Itsuki for a second then he added that gave Itsuki attention to him, “Itsuki, let’s walk now. I can’t tolerate the amount of patient i have waiting for taxi.” Mei suddenly speed up his walking and Itsuki having a hard time catching up to him.

“Mei-san, wait for me.”

Chapter Text

The first inning ended by strucking up Sanada by Kawakami’s amazing pitches. The players of each team went to their respective dugouts to change field.

Raizo scratch his forehead and let out a sighed, the plan didn’t work pretty well hitting the breaking ball. He’s trying to figure out how will they able to stop the sidearm pitcher. But right now, he process the next pitcher. Mishima will replace once he pitch for third inning. He needs a game changer in here, he might lose his temper if they don’t make action and let the other team score more. For a mean time, Sanada remove some equipment attached to his both limbs and arms, giving it to his team. Raizo watched their ace coming back to the dugout with pastered smirk on his face. The coach assumed something on him but he shrugged it off.

When Sanada seat, he called out him. “Oy you got struck and yet you are smiling like an idiot, did something happen?” He asked, glaring at him. Sanada wiped some sweat on his forehead with a white towel. There something (probably) happened earlier, just a small talk to bring down confident on the team. It my sound really ridiculous for him but he is starting to get excited. The starting players of his team went to their position in the field as the game starts.

Sanada was unsure why he did say it outloud especially right infront of the captain. He is pretty confident in this match but of course, it worries him somehow since Seido is getting a lot stronger. He tries to change the way he thinks because its too early for him to get worry over nothing but one thing he can do in this match was to do his job as their ace. But for some reason, he feels irritated and impatient earlier, maybe because the southpaw still not on the mound. Maybe that’s the case, maybe the reason he spoke absently to the catcher. He never intended to do, his temper did it. Why did he even have an interest in the first place on southpaw? As if he is special or what, or Raichi keep babbling about him during off-fields. He couldn’t understand either.

“Nothing coach. Nothing really.” Obviously a lie but he keep his cool. It was his mistake blurting about his interest earlier to his coach but does that even matter? His coach perhaps gets tired with his love interest to his son but he hopefully don’t want to bring this up again.

The coach stared at him, no judgement appeak but assume suppose. What a manner to speak confidently. Raizo thought, crossing his arms and went back focus on the game instead.

The team exchange their smile when they successfully prevent Yakushi from scoring. Thanks to Kawakami’s amazing pitches. However, with this joyful around them, they need to be consistent and produce score in next inning. Miyuki spaced out a bit, processing what Sanada just told him. It’s unbelievable the fact its coming from the ace, ACE! It’s really surprising that the other team- not only his team have a genuine interest on Sawamura but...

Why the hell?

Miyuki was interrupted by Sawamura who clapping his hands, shouting at them to be prepared in next inning just like a captain-wanna-be. Miyuki just hummed and enjoy the rest of the team’s good effort. He don’t want to think about it. Not now. He still have this tingling feeling that keeps bothering him that lead him in making mistakes, not just his injure, but the twirling inside his chest. As if it tighten a little more. Those strange feelings made his mind fuzz a minute that disrupt his thoughts. Miyuki never-ever felt this way, it was sudden but of course, he needs to figure out. He needs an answer. Another voiced heared that made Miyuki distracted again. He saw Kanemaru wanting to attack Sawamura.

“SAWAMURA! CAN YOU SHUT UP!!” Kanemaru was the one yelled, Toujou and Haruichi holding him. Kanemaru doesn’t understand why he feel so miserable and annoyed on Sawamura. Surely, he have this feeling but it divert his feeling opposite to his action. Sawamura was laughing, he is proud that his team made effort. He wish he could play with them, he hopefully that time comes.

Furuya was along with Sawamura who clapping their team but the jealousy still stick him around whenever one of his teammate approach the southpaw. Blewing his aura he could do.

“COME ON! WE NEED TO SCORE SO WE CAN ADVANCE! MOVE NOW MOVE NOW!” Sawamura instructed, leading his team in a proud manner. It’s weird that the coach didn’t even say anything and just let Sawamura do all the cheers and supports.

“Shut up, Sawamoron! As if you are the one playing here.” This time Kuramochi is the one shut him using his arm wrestling on the southpaw, the whole dugout filled with laughter. Not wanting to join the little fun, Miyuki walk to the dugout to get some water, getting hydrated is importang. Then someone light tap his shoulder. It’s Shirasu, moving closer to the captain as he whisper, “Are you alright? You look pale. If the injury keeps bugging you then we will tell about this to coach.”

At first, Miyuki made a hesitate look, disbelief that he would switch him out. But, maybe for the best, he commited mistakes than before so he would like to try one more time but if it doesn’t help the team then switching off is a better idea.

He smiled softy, “When you noticed i am making more mistakes than earlier then tell the coach.” Miyuki didn’t want to switch during this kind of game, he wanted to play more and put everything he got to achive this dream but if this injury keep stopping him then he don’t have a choice. Shirasu nodded in response as he headed to their equipment area to get some to prepare for batting.


Up-to-bat now is the bottom-line of Seido. The fifth batter is Zono who is in the batter zone, facing Mishima on the mound.

Akiba called for an outside pitch.
Strike one.

Zono put much pressure in choking his bat, this might be the time he could help his teammates. Miyuki and Furuya are injured, he don’t like to feel useless and pathetic. He wanted to help them get back in their track. He took his time to adjust his pace, he put surface of the bat on his forehead. Clear mind. Clear everything. He could do everything for his team.

Akiba called for a breaking ball, Mishima understood the signal as he throw the second pitch. The ball almost in the inside and it his time to hit it. But the ball move that Zono shookee but it was a lucky hit. The way the ball moves looks confusing the way it put move in the air and it landed outside. The players were confused that Zono got a chance to get to the second base.

Roar once again blew in the stadium and cheers for Zono for his succeed hit. Next up is Shirasu who made a light bunt that role over the floor as he run quickly to the first base so is Zono. The base have third and first base. What would Mishima do?

The right southpaw tensed up, twitching his eybrow. How unbelievable that even the bottom-line is powerful as ever. Akiba tries to calm him down, seeing Mishima getting little nervous. Mishima nodded, the best focus right now is stopping the next batter.

“Damn it!” Raizo frustrately put his plam on his jaw, can’t accept what he is seeing. He finally have the plan on how to deal this but Mishima is starting to lose cool and it’s not even in third inning. Seido surely is getting a lot stronger.

The next batter is Higasa. Mishima throw his pitch but got foul ahead. He throw his second pitch that went to left fielders. It was caught. With Higasa and Shirasu out, Zono play tag-a-long on the bases but he successfully made it. Thanks to his strategy to play tag, Seido made their first score.

The momentum is starting to build up in Seido. Asou is the last batter, pisses of for being the last he hit the ball but got caught by Raichi. Yakushi stopped Seido but the lead is on them.


“Quit it Sawamura, you’re not playing but you’re loud as ever.” Sawamura was interrupted by their captain who is in full gear. They still need to stop Yakushi even its their lead.

For a moment, Miyuki surely that he is aware on everything happening around him, it does feel overwhelming to the point he can’t concentrate to his play. With his awareness, his heart starting to pump loudly again in his ears. Sawamura is talking to him but he cannot comprehend it what he was saying.

“...senpai! MIYUKI KAZUYAA!!” And now he is calling out for him. Miyuki abrupty shook and look at Sawamura, his thoughts is disorganized. “Are you even listening?” He asked, looking at their captain carefully. Miyuki feels his cheeks streams a hot smoke. Sawamura is so close to his face. “Well?” He waited. Miyuki was lost again, the beating of his heart is intense that made him look like an idiot for a second. What did Sawamura did to him? Did Sawamura do something to make his heart pound heavily? But Sawamura didn’t do anything. What’s the reason to all of this?

Miyuki looked away and shoved Sawamura away. He cover half of his face, denying everything that gotten to the situation. He reminded himself that Sawamura is just a pitcher, a passionaite one. He is amazing, which what Miyuki likes. He likes those passion and determination. But, for the first time in his life, how did he find him gorgeous?

It’s a bad idea to leave Sawamura alone, he heard him screaming and yelling his name but he won’t turn around. The game is starting now. He needs to focus right now. Deal with him later.

Sawamura was never been confused on what the captain just did. All his thoughts build with drift of worries and questions, did he do something? Sawamura filled with questions on Miyuki and the rest of his team acting strange recently.

He went to dugout and sat next to Furuya. The coach don’t let them pitch for a while. He eager to play with his team, playing with them is really fun. He wants to carry his whole team to Koshien. The dream that might come true in this day. He will try his best mo matter what and prove coach that he is worthy.


An idiot like him is aware with his team. Strangely, everything was so different recently but he doesn’t want to blurt it out. He needs proof. Or maybe he is just thinking too much?

Kuramochi was the one who he noticed first. There are times he would like to wresting him but after he did it, he apologized quickly. Next was Haruichi, he always ask permission to him to join to every ocassion he did during practices. It’s thoughtful but strange. Furuya also, his silentce is deadly. He always feel the breeze of his aura everytime the trio where together. The earlier is no exception, Furuya and Kanemaru are acting strange, even the rest of his team seems to know what’s going on. It feels weird. And now Miyuki acting strange also, he always does his stupid grin and his stupid teases but it just unbelievable. He wonder why this kind of things happening to him. He doesn’t know one fact to explain this to him. He hope after this game, he could understand.

Sawamura witness Kawakami making an extreme process of putting down the bottom-line batters of Yakushi. He shrugged of his thoughts and went back on cheering for him teammates.

Chapter Text

“Argh! Damn it! One more before i get stri-.” He swing the last pitch in full force and it was missed. The seventh to ninth batters got full strikes, unable to pull down their momentum, Seido kept in guard by leading one point ahead. Kawakami pitches got more power with confidence in it which foremost what they want to see, making him more aggressive, strong and calm.

As the next inning occur, Kawakami smile whole-heartedly while running back in the dugout. The pressure ease around him, it helps him regain back his self-esteem and his fighting spirit. It was all thanks to his teammates who each pull an excellent plays and tremendous nonstop cheering for him. It feel him really happy. Thank you everyone. Thank you coach for entrusting me this. He blushed, it was really a honor for him to have this position and he surely will make more progress to help this team. He will make sure that even without an ace number, as long he got his team from the back, he’ll continue fighting. The team congratulates him after, then the two first year pitchers approach him. Sawamura is holding the cup along Furuya on his side.

“Drink up, Nori-senpai!” Pushing the cup on him, Sawamura’s eyes are full of dedication to support his senpai and Furuya just nodding but he shows support even lack of verbal. Kawakami chuckled awkwardly, seeing the two of his kouhai doing their best. The only he can do for awhile is to ruffle their head how proud he is to have an amazing kouhais. He wanted to ruffle their hairs but Furuya is so tall that he can’t reach him so instead he ruffles Sawamura only.

“T-thank you both.”

Why did he ruffles only Eijun? The raven-haired jerked his head off, wanting to ruffle his head too. Even his affection lingering on his chest, he still competes even such small things. Kawakami noticed how Sawamura blushed and purred on his touch. Sawamura, wha-

Furuya insisted and jerked his head, pushing Sawamura away in the touch which the southpaw almost trip over but manage to get his balance before yell on the monster pitcher.


“hmm..” He hummed, ignoring Sawamura. The two pitchers, just their usual self makes the whole team sigh in relief while the others just staring at them. Kuramochi is among the team who are staring at them but soon enough shrug it off. Jealousy is overwhelming him when Furuya is so close to his kouhai. Surely, Kawakami isn’t aware in everything involving Sawamura which he is not included to his murder list. The shortstop gaze away his view to calm himself, he had a game to play as the first batter then he saw Miyuki changing gears, he approach the catcher then lifted his knee to kick Miyuki’s butt. The catcher got surprised with the sudden action but never said a word when he saw the basil-haired glared-dagger on him.

“I bet you are well-informed about the situation you are in, aren’t you?” Both his hands on hips, closing his eyes while he waits for the response. Miyuki just look at him, calmly, isn’t sure what he is goinf to reply but he knew that this guy knows everything than he is. He only nodded, the shortstop clench his fist but never intend to make violence during games.

He continues, “Good, because i will deal with everyone around here before you, remember that!”

“What is kind of ‘deal’ are you making?” The catcher asked, looking at him with range of emotion, Miyuki thought he might joking around as if he go become a monster murdering people inside the stadium. The shortstop just glared at hin, “That’s not your business.” He spatted. Miyuki sighed, wanting to end the conversation with just walking pass him.

“But there might be a big commotion when that guy steps the scene.” Miyuki halted and glanced him, bewildered. Kuramochi who is more serious than before, looked away then walk to pass Miyuki first. “I bet that ace of Yakushi said something there.”

Miyuki avert his eyes in shocked expression. How does he knows? Or how aware he is? He watched the basil-haired walks his way to the batter zone.

The catcher scratched the back of his neck, anxious starting to build up once again. But hopefully that he is just telling a joke.


Back from the top-line strong batters of Seido. Kuramochi is making his first attempt by hitting the first pitch that landed on the back of shortstop, by his usual fast speed feet, he enhance to the base. It’ll be a piece of cake. Kuramochi clean the dirts on his all over his jersey. Dummy, i ain’t have time for you to throw shades on me. I will score this time. Making another indimidating lead to distract the pitcher. Mishima, making his focus clear, looking at the next batter and try not to get distract.

Next batter is Tojou, hitting the second pitch strongly outside the field. The outfield watches Kuramochi making his way to the third base, predicting he will go to the next base, he threw the ball to the first base to let out Tojou but they didn’t expect the shortstop continue running full speed. A risky move.he thought, grinning. The shortstop trusted the signal of Mimura, passing the third bass, he advances to the home run.

“I’ll definitely make it.”

Running fast as he could, Akiba yell to give the ball to him. Kuramochi is half way making to the cather’s position. Yone throw the ball quickly as possibly where Akiba is but the next thing happen, sliding off passing the cather who his glove almost tap on Kuramochi. The umpire watched the scene, spreading his arm. “Safe!” With that Seido earned the second score.


Haruichi who is in the batter zone, squish his wooden batter while watching the pitcher throwing his pitch. He smacked the ball in left center field, taking the advantage of the lead, he made to the second base. He pumped his fist upward shows he can do it, and then he heard Sawamura’s loud voice that made his heart squish tightly. He giggled, he will never get tired on Sawamura’s cheers and babbling nonsense proud speech to him. It was entertaining and sweet at the same time.

The pink-haired fixed his helmet, it will be Miyuki’s turn to bat. Smiling, it would be interesting in what will happen if Sawamura is around. He heard the loud beat of his heart and adreline flowing in his veins. Sawamura will be much a great game changer to stop completely the Yakushi.

As the cheer gets louder again when Miyuki appeared the field. Raizo bit his lower lip, frustrated to proceed the plan they make or let Mishima defend, unable to make any progress in their play. He don’t have the choice but called for a change of pitcher.

Miyuki was on the batter zone, got surprised with the sudden change of player. What the heck? Right now? Are they for real? Scratching his dark chestnut hair, he watch the player who is entering for replacement of pitcher that he will face and it did not expect it.

”Yakushi change of pitcher, 3rd batter, Todoroki Raichi.

As the announcer speak, a wild hyena laugh got even louder as he step on the mound. Mishima walked back on the dugout, sweats all over his face, he watch Raichi making a throw on Akiba. I wish the southpaw appeared before i switch. With a disappointed face to himself, not able to stop Seido and face the lefty soutpaw, it feels that he just let the burden shoulder by his teammate. Raizo saw his sulking pitcher, he gently ruffle his head even he doesn’t have a hair. “You did great there.” Raizo complimented, smirking. Despite their lack of players, he still want all his players to feel better for performing their duty.

Tears starting to form, Mishima hug Raizo, squishing him tightly.


Pushing the southpaw away, trying go escape in his grip but the bald man keep hugging him. “Alright! Alright! I know, I know but can you stop hugging me?!” He cried, pushing away fully but Mishima continue squishing his coach. The whole bench team laughed at them.


I hope Sawamura Eijun-chan is watching me! Watch me! I can show you what i got!

Throwing the last pitch on Akiba in full force, went much higher again but he ignore it. Akiba heard the loud thud and smoke streaming on his glove. This surely surpass Seido on this. It much power and speed, taking an advantage on his intimidating aura. He hopefully that he can pitch where the mitt located and make-or maybe a strike.

The dissatisfaction on Miyuki’s face, frown with the pitcher change. It expected that he will enter but never knew he will be the one facing him. Damn it! Gritting both of his teeth but calming himself is the least he can to do right now, facing him is difficult but what he can do?

Choking his bat, loweing his hips, preparing for any pitch occur. The monsterous pitcher lifted his left thigh, pulling his arm forward in full force. Miyuki avert his chestnut eyes closer which the pitch is heading. The speed is no joke, not hesitating to hit it but once regret doing so. He jammed the pitch, putting much pressure on his left hand. The ball float over the air.

Argh! Too much accelaration.

Raichi keep laughing while he is heading where the jammed ball is. The two players are out.


“Miyuki got jammed with a fast ball.” Carlos commented, both hands inside his pocket. The Inashiro where there to watch the game to look closer who will win the Fall tournament.

“Kazuya got jammed.” Hearing this voice who came from the entrance, two familiar figures shown up and following a first year player. “Mei.” Shirakawa called, expression unchange.

Narumiya narrow his eyes, watching the teams exchange places and Miyuki who is heading to the dugout. Tadano is struggling to carry two bags in his shoulder, sweats all over his forehead. Tadano let out a breathe and a first year tries to help him with his stuffs

“I never thought Kazuya hit on that bad pitch.”

Chapter Text

In a crowded area inside the stadium, people have their own way to where they heading to, some went to the bathroom, buying snacks, chatting with their friends or some are waiting in the entrance gate or went back to the stadium to watch the game.

Seto is busy eating his snack while he munches and talks about the plays earlier of both teams and Raichi’s being in both positions. Okumura didn’t say anything, he listens quietly to his friend’s commentaries, he’ll speak when his friend asked something.

The auburn brown digs the remaining chips inside his food, munching until its empty. Okumura lazily looks around the area to search the stairs to watch the game, then Seto mumbled something which clear in the blond’s ears. “I wonder when will the left southpaw in Seido is gonna play?” The auburn brown haired mumbled, crumbling the empty pack, absently looking around to search for trash. He found one located near the bathroom area, with many people around, he sneak into them and immidiately throw it into the bin. The blond watched his friend disappear in his sight, leaving him in the center where people are busy in their own. Hating the sound around him, he focus on what comes inside his mind. Its almost the end of third inning and yet the male he looked forward to is still not in the field. The blond stared on the floor, unmoving, letting people passed by him.

He recollected all the thoughts he made, reminiscing the scene in Teito-Seido match. He didn’t know where he could lead his path to his baseball career so he bet that match whoever team wins. Lame, isn’t? But both school are in his standards to which he might enjoy playing baseball throughout his years.

But it all change completely where the amber eyes flashes into his gaze. He might be in the audience but he’s sure he noticed only those eyes. It was intense, full of power, a freewill that cannot be seen in his place. It may a bit sound unordinary but his feelings inside his chest swell up, a butterflies flew around his stomach that lead him no choice but follow his heart and choose Seido, just to play with him.

How does it feels like if i catch for him?

That question remained stuck in his head, repeating over and over again. That admiration grew continuously whenever he watch him every part of the game. He wanted to try playing with him, he seem fun, he might be the reason that baseball can be a fun sport. He never felt this way before, it was a sudden blossom into his chest and that brunette haired with a loud mouth is the reason of all. Okumura heard his heart beating so fast, remembering the details of the game. Biting his lips to not form a smile, he clench his fist, thinking any logically that comes in his heart. Maybe he was confused, maybe it was just admiration, maybe-

In all reason he could come up, he never know what is going on. Ignoring everything coming up inside his beating chest. The blond saw his friend finally approaching him, the auburn male is about to say something but he pointed something near in their side. He asked, “Isn’t that Yuki?” Okumura glance to where the boy is pointing at. A big tan man with a slash on his eyebrow and wearing a stoic expression, he is still in uniform while walking to the crowd. He stopped when the two, who seem familiar in his sight but didn’t dart to say a word. Seto firstly asked, “You’re Yuki Masashi, right? Moreover, why are you here?” Masashi didn’t response, he gaze to the entrance of stadium instead. Then suddenly a tall man with a cherish brownish hair, had a headphone on his shoulder, a green cardigan with a mix of white and green polo and a blue jeans. He is making his way down the stairs but he halt to see the three male looking at him.

“Ohhh-waah! Aren’t you two from Daikyo Senior? And you.” He enthustiaticly asked. He pointed at Okumura first then to Seto and to Masashi, the blond male just let the tall man talks while Seto feels uncomfortable, don’t remember who this man is. The cherish brownish tall man smiled and asked, “So where are you planning attending to?”

Seto grin widely, proudly to answer him even though he is uncomfortable with the other male’s presence, “We’re going to Seido.” Masashi looked at them straight while the other male smiled wonderfully, he looked over to the stoic person. “How about you, Yuki?”

“Not wanting to disturb you but my we first know who are you?” Seto cut the tall man in speech, not sure how he knew their names and why he is asking too many questions. The tall man awkwardly chuckled, he didn’t seem the man didn’t recognize him. “My name is Akamatsu Shinji.” The auburn male is surprised, unbelieve, talking about how much changes the tall man is unlike he knew him in the past. Seto and Shinji suddenly make conversation.

Okumura observed the three, not wanting to get involve, Masashi does the same as him while the two male chatting each other. Covering his ears with his thoughts, not interested through their coversation until Shinji mentioned someone’s name.

“Mei-senpai is waiting for someone in the game, i guess his name is Sawamura Eijun?” Seto looked surprised to the tall man once ahain, blinking few times with a ‘Eh?’ followed up. The grand king of Inashiro is waiting to whom?

Closing his eyes while tapping his chin, Shinji furrow his eyebrows in curiousity, he wonder what it interest to his most respected and his favorite pitcher to the other pitcher. “I didn’t know nor didn’t ask why...” He said, unsurely. “But Itsuki-senpai said that there is something interesting on him so maybe a peek on him won’t be bad, right?”

The two friends glanced each other, unsure how to react, it. Seto grin awkwardly, respond on the tall man, with a “y-yeah...” Sweatdrops falling, he felt the sensation coming from his friend who flares an aura. Panicking, he debate inside his mind to stop him. Koushuu, not now.

Okumura kept in silent, it was odd, it felt his anger threw tension in his body. Clenching his fist, he leave the rest of the boys, not even dare to say. Masashi watched the blond walking to the stairs, Seto, who is in panicking, apologized to the two and run towards to his friend. Shinji who lost in wordd, nervously laughed, “Did i said something wrong?”

The tan male looked at him, he sighed, in a flat deep tone. “No, you didn’t say anything.”


Zono is the last person to face Raichi but in the end of their turn, Zono struck with full strikes. Unable to produce more scores, Yakushi become unstoppable once again. Kawakami watched Zono making his way back to the dugout, pulling his cap forward in a worried face, he clench his ball in his hand. The only thing he could do now is to fight until his hand are completely numb.

Seido is now on defense, Kawakami successfully put the two batters out by his pitches but Akiba is on the second base as the next batter is another clean-up. Miyuki watch the troublemaker Mishima, as his view move to the next batter who is a more troublemaker. Raichi is waiting for his turn. Miyuki wants to finish this before Raichi is shows up. He glanced to the sidearm pitcher, a thought that can help his pitcher comeback in their mindset.

Nori, i know you can do this.

The captain punch his mitt, putting it lower where Kawakami is confident to. The sidearm pitcher nodded to his call as he fired his first pitch to Mishima, without a flop, Mishima hit the pitch but it flew all over to the field until Shirasu caught it. Without a run to make, Seido managed to defend their score.

Kawakami is the first up to bat facing the crazy pitcher, fear suddenly rise up. Clenching his bat, erasing all his negative confident overflowing his sight. Kawakami made a courage face, a tough look to see how he is capable to fight he can. Kawakami was never ever consider to be one of the most talented like most of the players can be seen. He isn’t like the most well-known pitcher who have the power to stop their opponent, he doesn’t have those, but what he have is becoming someone who without a talent to make, can help the whole team by his hardwork and creativity.

Raichi laughed hysterically as he bomb his first pitch. GIVE ME MY SAWAMURA EIJUN-CHAN!! Smiling like he used to whenever an opponent is stronger as him. However? Akiba avert his eyes, seeing the ball is not making it way to where his mitt is. Kawakami saw the ball is going straight to his face, unable to react because of how fast the ball is, it hitted om his helmet. “Argh!” Kawakami cries, falls down and landed on his butt. It hurts Gritting his teeth in pain, he rub his head softly to lesser the pain, it might be a stray ball but the pitcher is still strong than he is. The empire called it a ball instead. Kawakami looked over to Raichi who is nervous but still laughing. Getting back to his feet, he grab his bat as he put himself in position one more time. He’ll keep fighting, there are much dangerous people he faced before, he is brave enough to put stop ion this. The coach trusted him, Miyuki trusted him, the first years trusted him, the whole team trusted him. He just need to trust himself.

Raichi with his flaming and burning eyes appeard, fired up his next pitch. Kawakami saw the ball directing to the middle, it’s his chance, he swing his bat with force, as he hit the ball he suddenly felt a sharp pain through his palm. The ball flop in the field and make him out. With Raichi’s powerful pitches keeping the other batters either to hit or jam, Yakushi puts up a fight and keep Seido scoreless.

Change gears, Kawakami faced Raichi once again, controlling his painful palm in pitching. As Miyuki called for slider, Kawakami failed to do it. Attempting for inside pitch, it failed again. Kawakami started to feel worried, his hand is trembling uncontrollably, but he kept in posture as he pitch again. Kawakami throw the last pitch to the batter into a sinker and a first strike is called.

Raichi smirked widely, ready for the meatball next. As Kawakami throw the last pitch, it didn’t move like in previous, so its his chance to hit it. Once the ball connected to his bat, with full acceralation, the ball went off the fence made it a homerun and the first score of Yakushi.

Yakushi finally have their momentum with their first score, next up-to bat is Sanada. He keeps fighting with his numbing palm, worrying face turn into a brave one. Sanada made a contact in the second pitch and made to the first base.

Still in top-line batter, Kawakami is having a hard time with his pitches and throws three consecutive balls in the next batter. The impact he made in the pitch earlier, made him lost his groove in his play. The sidearm pitcher fights his will as he throw the pitch to where Miyuki indicated, and called a strike.


Kataoka watched carefully on the team’s progress and each player’s performance but what it bothers him is their pitcher course. It did affect on hitting his head? Or the way he contact the ball? His pitches are different after he face Raichi in early inning. With expression unchange but concern on their sidearm pitcher. Kataoka called Kanemaru, the dirty blonde male who is drastically cannot accept what he is seeing. It surely scary to face that crazy pitcher but he never expected the team is losing in the fight. He believes that everything in their play will change when Kawakami back his feet again.

The dirty blond male approach the coach with “Yes coach?” question, worrying what will his coach is gonna say to him. Kataoka looked to him, furrowing his eyebrows but not showing any emotions, it was natural to his face if everything is not clearly fine. Kanemaru felt his gut that coach need a game changer right now, they are in a current danger. The team is starting fall now.

The coach opened his mouth which Kanemaru have a mixture of excitement and nervousness, unsure how he is going to react but this is have to be done. Their ace is in rest, their sidearm pitcher is in trouble. He is the only one who can do this. He has to be. There is no one can do this.

“Kanemaru, fetch Sawamura to change Kawakami.”

Chapter Text


Ignoring the annoying burst by the southpaw, Furuya put up a barrel aura to prevent Sawamura go near him. The brunette male become frustrated and just keep yelling really loud to the monster pitcher, hating to see the tall man is occupied its own, he stomped his feet away to the two as he clean the dirt covers in his uniform.

The southpaw was eagerly to be the first one to approach the catcher (due in their small bet with Furuya), but the raven haired male always win and he blame those damn long legs the tall one have which cause the other male tripped over a small hump while they play sprint.

Ono snickered on the two, really enjoyed their small fights which is comforting to watch. Both of them given instructions by throwing ten to twenty with mixed of their grips and breaking balls that they worked with coach Ochiai. Ono just go by one to two grips to try since he wanted to see their improvements, he is overly excited with the team builds up after all the adjustment they need, all the works are getting better and they become a strong structure which he cannot wait for the finishing result. Maybe, deep in his mind before he retired, he wanted to see those kind of result.

The southpaw angrily pouted, he leaned on the wall as he watch Furuya throw an overpowered pitch, it have a great strong accelaration that made a huge sound and covered with smoke on the mitt. Satisfied with the sound, Ono called a ‘nice pitch!’ and threw the ball back on the monster pitcher. Still upset on what he felt, he divert his attention in the match where Kawakami threw consecutive balls, leading a walk to the batter, two bases occupied and two outs are count. There is still one more batter that Kawakami needs to faced and if he take down this batter, it would regain his confidence.

Blinking nervously watching the sidearm pitched, the brunette male starts to feel his heart throbbing heavily. It was devastating to watch the pitcher getting difficult on the mound when the umpired announced ball in that pitch. Nori-senpai... As realization uproar his focus, he shrugged off the negative thoughts and focus on believing his senpai that he can do it, he needs to believe him. The brunette male think of another way to change his feelings of distress anf the only best way he could do is scream out by cheering Kawakami on the mound. As he put his two palm side by side near his mouth indicating for a cheer, suddenly a familiar voice called him coming from the dugout.

“SAWAMURA!” The southpaw looked on the owner of the voice, curiously. Ono and Furuya stopped their session when the dirty blonde male arrived. “What is it Kanemaru?” The catcher asked loudly to hear him, standing on his position and walk towards the first year. Furuya is just standing there in complete silent, wearing a puzzled expression. The dirty blonde saw the monster pitcher and he furrowed his eyebrows. There is a snap sound coming from Kanemaru’s mind that he suddenly got pissed for no apprent reason. Stomach cringe slightly but he didn’t show it.

Maybe its about what happened earlier? The scene is still clear in his mind, he’s glad that he stopped the raven haired male and his ulterior motive but who knows he might do it again. The dirty blonde shake off his thoughts and just proceed to looked at Ono who is taking of his glove. He glanced back to Sawamura who furrowed his eyebrow, wanting to question something.

The dirty blonde pointed across the dugout using his thumb and said, “Coach is calling you.” on Sawamura. With that, the brunette male hurried to where the coach are. Kanemaru travel his eyes to see Ono next to him, watching the southpaw along him. The catcher asked, “A pitcher change in this situation?” The dirty blonde nodded in agreement. It’s always like this in every single game, Sawamura always does his job in this kind of atmosphere, he is the only one can deal with this when none of them cannot do. Kanemaru affirmed in the statement and said, “He always the one who can change the whole game though.”

When Sawamura finally reach where the coach are. Kanemaru felt a sudden intense cold shiver from his back, it become more intidimating than before. The dirty blonde didn’t dare to look at him because there is no way he could tolerate those icy eyes. Furuya is hard to read, his silence is unpredictable which made him different but how come that southpaw deal with him so lightly?

Wishing that the monster pitcher would stop making him uncomfortable. In a relief, Ono called him to continue pitching and was saved again. Thank god finally! But really, when will he stop?

The catcher wave to thanked him, Kanemaru waved back but the first thing he noticed is the monster pitcher is still looking at him with those eyes, furious. Ignoring him would be the best way, Kanemaru went back to dugout and sat to the nearest bench. Clenching his fist to prevent him getting mad over the other male. The dirty blonde put his attention from different thing, as so, he search for Sawamura who is now being called in the field. The dirty blonde wishfully he have an accompany right now to talk about how he feels, Toujou is only he could talk to but Watanabe is best in this. This feeling have been loathing around his mind which is questionable but never have a proper answer. Kanemaru hardly admit that the southpaw is attractive and he hate it, he hatred this feeling for hiding it.

Taking a deep breathe, shaking off everything what he felt today. Kanemaru watched as Sawamura run to where his teammates are.

— /// —

“Ball four!” The umpire announced again, another ball, as the last batter remove his bat and walk to the first base, a count of two outs and full base. Kawakami pants heavily, he felt his hand numb even more. The sidearm pitcher wiped his sweat as he saw Miyuki talked to the umpire and went straight to his direction.

“Nori...” He called out with a concern tone. Miyuki called everytime where there is always something wrong and it did, there is something wrong with his pitching. Feel defeated with his own strength, Kawakami wants to apologise quickly to their captain when suddenly the announcer declared on the stadium. The two looked over the dugout to see Kataoka raising his hand, calling something, his other hand is placed on the male’s back.

”Seido High School change of Pitcher, Norifumi Kawakami replaced by Number 18, Pitcher Sawamura Eijun.”

After the announcement made, the whole people in stadium murmured with the decision made by the coach. Ignoring their loud voices, the whole team gathered on the mound, giving confronts and support to their sudearm pitcher. However, Kawakami who is easily acknowledge his mistakes and accept his defeat. The change of player is needed right now, he did his best for putting down the batters, just one incident happened and everything flips off. He wrapped the ball by his hands, giving the energy like what the first years does for him. This is the way he show gratitude and thanking them in cheering for him.

When the southpaw pitcher entered the field, the tension within the team rose up. Each have their inner thoughts of the southpaw pitcher, but importantly...

He’s here now.

Mischeviously smirking while watching his favorite kouhai jogging all the way, Kuramochi felt his heart pumping faster, adrenaline starting to rush again. The dark-green male made a wide grin, knowing that he could hang out with the southpaw in remaining inning. Everything will be darn entertaining and of course, he wouldn’t lose to this kind of game. He’s already rile up to join the ride with him, finishing this game with pure satisfaction. Everything in his view is far the best shine in his world.

The pink-haired who covered his smiling lips with his fist, hiding his excitement overflowing him but his awareness shows his aggresion. He wouldn’t tolerate anyone who are near distant him. That rage drown him as he watched every single player’s reaction when the southpaw enter the field. They made different expression, but sure enough, there is just enough people who he needs to deal with. As a matter of time, with a thought that this entire game is going to be fun.

Zono frowned with the atmosphere creating, it felt disaster and he doesn’t sure how he will go with it. Shirasu just stay calm in the situation who seem nit to care about. Asou and Higasa are practically in state of battling their mind but keep their face straight. Zono pump a big breathe, calming from his state. Everything is just making it worse.

The chestnut catcher is in shocked with utterly confused, surely, Kawakami did terrific in early game but with sudden changes of his performance made, the only option now is changing a pitcher. He begun to feel worried too because there is something going to happen when this brunette southpaw pitcher made an appearance. Miyuki felt goosebumps thinking about it, he isn’t sure what will happen in entire inning with him around. Sighing, calming his chest, Miyuki curved his lips instead. He do feel this is going to be another hellish for them to deal especially, there is another team trying to steal their southpaw.

I won’t allow that. Impulse moved to where the players are watching them, he saw the one who is currently holding down by his teammates while the other one is just casually watching the southpaw. Miyuki’s mind become cloud, a sudden pit of his stomach tackled him in the edge. He isn’t sure if it’s his injury or something else, but Miyuki couldn’t do anything out of it and it seem this feeling is more stronger than he felt before.

When Sawamura finally reach the mound, his smile become brighter which made his teammates blind in brightness. Kawakami is done putting alot of energy and hand it over to Sawamura. Smiling softly to the first year, the sidearm pitcher muttered something before handing it to Sawamura. “I put my energy there. Do your best and show them what you got!” Chest pumping up, a worried face become brighter seeing the first year nodded. Accepting the energy given to him, Kawakami ruffled the brunette male which he found something extraordinary from it. His hair is surprisingly soft.

“WITH THIS POWER THAT NORI-SENPAI GIVEN TO ME! I SHALL PREVAIL AND DO MY TASK AS YOUR FELLOW PITCHER. WHICH I, SAWAMURA EIJUN, WILL USE THIS POWER!” The brunette screamed with glory, putting the ball on his chest justified that the power is in his body. Kawakami chuckled as he made his way back to the dugout.

The whole team looked at Sawamura who is busy with honor on his hand that finally, he can play with the team and carry them to victory.

Hands clapsed together, still smiling. The brunette shouted in their ears, loud and annoying. “ALRIGHT EVERYONE!! CALM DOWN NOW. WE’RE GOING TO WIN THIS! OSHI OSHI OSHI!!”

Aren’t you the one needs to calm down here? Kuramochi kicked Sawamura on his butt, a way to calm down the southpaw for screaming too loud. The southpaw cries, begs to the shortstop to stop kicking him hard even in his first match. The whole team chuckled, except Miyuki. In one mind settled, Sawamura can build together them for one victory. The game is finally started.

“Sawamura!” When all their teammates went back to their respective position. This time, Miyuki called the brunette who is busy his breathing exercise. The southpaw stopped what he is doing as he looked over to the captain.

The brunette politely asked, “What is it, captain?” Miyuki grin from ear to ear, the captain cover his lips by his gloves to whisper on Sawamura. “Throw your bestest fastball, okay?” The southpaw smiled widely, nodding on the request.


In that respond, Miyuki wink on him and went back to his place, he heard the other male yelling at him to stop doing flirty things. Chuckling the way he teased, the captain put on his helmet, he fixed his posture before sitting where he is. As they started to throw and catch to lose to their shoulder before the match continue.

— /// —

Putting his palm on the fence, Mei lazily watch the team making another failed ball and walk to the base. Full count called. The blonde made a disgust face as he leaned over to the fence and face some of his teammates. Shirakawa and Carlos are chatting with each other, giving each other a matter of judgement of the game. Fukui, the current team’s captain, listening to Yamaoka which talks about their winter training camp after this tournament. The blonde looked around for a while as his eyes fixed its gaze when a tall enthustically man approach Tadano and him.

“Mei-senpai, Itsuki-senpai. You two finally made it.” He clapsed his hands, happily seeing his two favorite people in his sight. Mei made a face which much more displeasing than before. Itsuki smiled at the young male, wanting to say something but his bag is too heavy that almost drop the content. Shinji approach him and asked worriedly. “D-do you need some help?” His hand are ready. Itsuki waved his hand dismissing the boy, it might troublesome to handle the bag to the new recruit.

“I am fine, don’t worry.” He reasurred the other male, it was heavy but he can handle it. “But you look tired already.” Shinji made adjustment to his hand, wanting to lend a hand to the dark brown second year.

“Itsuki can handle those.” Boredom took over and got annoyed to the new recruit being a sort of pushy, Mei walked to the two in between. The blonde narrow his eyebrow to the first year with a disgust looked. Shinji smiled horribly to his respected senior but of course, this is Narumiya Mei speaking off. As the blonde continued, “You looked taller than any regular first year.”

“A-ah!” Tadano stuttered in his words, small sweat formed on his cheek as he watched Mei approach the tall first year, growing more disgust. Tadano wanted to do something to stop the blond but he couldn’t, his bags are heavy. For being new also in the team, its difficult for him to talk on the best pitcher of Japan who is now intimidating the new ones. He hardly knows Mei, how he thinks, how he respond but he made sure that the pitcher is in well-doing and also needs someone to accompany his attitude. The tall man scratch the back of his hair, awkward yet smile sweetly to his senior. The blonde watched him, observing from his height to his length of his body. He looks slim despite his height, he seem appealling because of his charming attitude.

Mei made a reluctant expression as the tall one smiled him. “Thank you Mei-senpai but as of all, as your new teammate. I can’t wait to see you play in every game you are in. You’re really amazing.”

Doki doki The blonde formed a light blush in his disgust face, fluttered with the compliment. Mei laughed proudly suddenly, patting the tall man on the back. “Ahaha! Yes, of course I am. I am the Ace of Inashiro!” Continously praising himself, Tadano sigh in relief, their pitcher seems getting along with Shinji. Talking about how he is so good about himself in a nice way, Mei keep babbling about everything om the first year.

The Inashiro team were busy when the speaker of the stadium made a sound.

”Seido High School change of Pitcher, Norifumi Kawakami replaced by Number 18, Pitcher Sawamura Eijun.”

The blond quickly jerked his face to see the man jogging all the way on the mound. Mei watched him steadily, the brunette made his first appearance finally. Mei waited him, even their supposed match up before entering in semi-finals, but it was failed due to his selfishness. But for now, nothing to think of anything besides the brunette on the mound. Mei couldn’t wait to see him action.

Shinji looked over to their Amace pitcher, his focus is practically in the field after the announcement. Curiousity on the southpaw, Shinji went to Tadano and asked him regarding Mei and his interest. “You see...” Tadano finally started, gripping the straps of his bag. To be honest, this is a different Mei he didn’t saw, those pure blue eyes grow brightly when he talked about or looked over that southpaw. It was nice but he didn’t know. Chuckling nervously, he respond, “Actually, i didn’t really know also.”

— /// —


Breathing heavily, stream coming out his ears, Raichi struggles in his teammates who are gripping him tightly like a mad dog holding by his owner. Raizo massage his temper in order to control himself getting mad on his own son, he didn’t see it coming to allow the southpaw appear unexpectedly. Raizo looked over his son, laughing excitedly with his bat and helmet ready even though its not his turn yet.

Raichi looked over the next batter, smiling widely as he offered, “AHAHAHA YONEHARA-SENPAI! CAN WE EXCHANGE POSITION NOW?! CAN WE? CAN WE?” Persisting to play, Raichi gripped his bat, walking to his senpai in his direction.

“Raichi no!” One of his teammate tries to stop him. “Raichi, Raizo will get mad at you!” Not even listening to them, the two hold down the monster batter again attacking their teammate. Raizo keep himself calm, thinking a way to stop his son excitement. “Argh! Damn it! You stupid son.” He yelled.

Sanada watched his team convincing Raichi to stop his doing because its making a scene but the monster is still persisting. Raizo called his son again and again, can’t do about the boiling point of his anger. The coach didn’t resist in doing this so with full force he got, he dragged his son out of everyone’s view and went to the dugout. The other players help Raizo also. Laughing on what he is witnessing, the black raven haired just keep watching them, unable to do anything since this is where how family works. Then he glanced over the brunette male, throwing his pitch to the catcher. The ace smirked, continue watching everything he saw.

This is going to be fun.

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Two fingers are sealed together along with the thumb on the opposite side, holding the rough edgy surface covered with nothing but dirts, moving it roundly to feel its rotten texture cut off strings, looking at the color fades into much grayer than black. Sawamura swooped, lazily putting the ball behind his back, as thoughts build in much complex decomposition, his eyes narrowed in his opponent. He watch the batter carefully walking on the batter zone, minding his own business but once he set off his feet he begin to settle his pace and prepare to hit his throw.

The southpaw’s gaze intensely, golden eyes started to sparkle infront of the catcher’s eyes. Miyuki startled, but understood those meaningful eyes, the meant of determination. Miyuki smirked, calculating what calls he could offer and surely enough Miyuki is determined to know which pitch makes the pitcher may pull confidently.

Breathe deeply, calming his state of mind as he quietly waiting for the catcher’s signal. Miyuki rest his one hand between his thighs, fingers move coordinately as one index finger shown, a fastball had called. Sawamura gulped, a thrilling feeling come up inside his chest that made shiver his body. The catcher sure knows how to make things easier for him to handle. As those feelings developed into a wide grin and burning soul. Sawamura started to move. The batter watch carefully on the pitcher, choking tightly on his bat, prepared whatever pitch they both called.

Sawamura hid the ball on his brown glove, nodded to what Miyuki indated. He lifted his right hip, higher than normal pitcher could do. Moving forward on the ground, carrying the weight on his lower extremities as the foot touched the ground, he twisted half of his body, pulling his arm by shoulder. Unseen the hand with the ball, covered by a reflex arm. The batter, once again, astonished in just blink of an eye, the ball just quickly thrown at his sight.

The chestnut catcher saw the ball breaks way to the plate which he knew the batter get confused on where the ball is heading. As the batter deciding whether to hit or leave it, with no reaction produce, the pitch called for a strike.

Getting amazed and used to the southpaw’s unique form, the fastball improved than before. Akiba lower his helmet, glancing back to the pitcher after the ball threw back at him. After their practice with them during off-season, this man getting a lot stronger. Akiba begin to think of what else the monster batter had said about him, like everything involve him sounded so special, what makes it special?

Heart throbbing, Akiba snapped out his thoughts as he realise what it meant. Then thoughts dirturb with a sudden burst of laughter could be hear around the place. He saw Raichi keeps resisting, restlessness and eagerly to play next after him, wanting to replace anyone as he could in order to face the pitcher. For the love of heavens, is this how the boy gets madly in love? Akiba is glad that the pitcher is too focused on his opponent, not wanting to get distracted with the loud-mouth player.

Pushing aside the thoughts that making him distract, adjusting his weight on his hips, he face again the pitcher. Sawamura nodded, agreeing on Miyuki’s second call, an outside pitch. He puffed his cheeks, blowing hot air from his lips. Sawamura lifted his hip once again, he looked over where the mitt is located. He sucked his cheeks and throws the indicated second pitch.

Akiba avert his eyes to see the ball ascends to his view, then it turn away. Reacting immidiately to the pitch and thought he could hit the right spot but he heard the loud tud of the catcher’s mitt, and the umpire announced the second strikes.

Frustrated appears, gripping the bat as hard as he could. Disbelief himself to miss another strike in that small moment. From the back of his mind, he knew there is something which he couldn’t understand even his body just couldn’t react. Maybe this is what the special he is talking about?

Watching the southpaw’s eyes gives him a fluttering feeling? The look of his eyes are straight forward, clear like a dazzling sun glowing over the sky. It’s so bright and so clean as if you can see the sun rising above the horizon. This is too much. Rubbing both of eyes, light blush begin to form around his cheeks. He keep cursing Raichi for making him feel this way. Argh! Damn Raichi.

Sawamura started to move again, last pitch to finish Akiba in batter. Miyuki looked around the base, in preparation to whatever the players might do especially the third person. Miyuki put another signal which Sawamura flinch, a rare one to be exact, a change-up.

Miyuki couldn’t help but let this pitch as the finishing touch, he wanted to see how they react on this new pitch Sawamura formed in just small amount of time. He stopped himself from grinning too much, his heart is pounding faster, his excitement is making his hands tremble. He didn’t much do to help this boy overcome what he is facing but he is always there to support; that’s what a catcher can do.

Sawamura saw the opening area of the mitt, so wide to hit it there. He sucked his cheeks again as he started to move, fingers already in place on the ball. As he fired up the last pitch, the batter move along as well to try hitting it but what he saw is the ball is so slow. Both of his timing and swing of his bat are bad cause him to hit the ball terribly in mid-air.

But lucks brings them into glory as the third baseman failed to catch the jammed ball. Bringing up three consecutive scores leading Yakushi by one point. Audience become agitated on Seido giving many points that much but it’s still early and Sawamura is just starting.

A small mistake leads to various consequences making a despair and overwhelming chances of failure. Despite the lose ball they gave, Sawamura inhale an oxygen until its full comprehend in his chest and exhaling an amount inside. As he throw his arms upward with a pointing fingers on the sky, wide grin shows, sun heats his face and shouts loudly as possible.

“Two Outs!”

All of them stared at the southpaw in awe. Blinking few times to know what exactly they all wanted to know or do but Seido knows it. As they all shouts back at him with ‘two outs’. Sawamura never doubted his teammates in just one failure, he put up in this situation to try overcoming and help his team. He is just still beginning to pitch in this final game so he needs his team by his side in order to win.

Sawamura learned so much ever since he joined in this team, from his immature act with his gusty, annoying yells to become strong and mature on the mound. He might be stupid but he never let his stupidity ruin over what he passion about. He needs more improvement, he wants to learn more, even how short the rage of time he has, he still going to move forward. Even getting an ace takes mich time.

The captain put up his mitt, relieved after what happened earlier, it’s totally unbelievable but somehow that’s what it goes, if the team is really desperate to win, of course they won’t lose. After Sawamura put effort to get all his teammates back in the game and focus on next move. Relieved also that Kataoka didn’t much say something in their performance but sure from the back of his mind, there will be changes all around soom.

Two outs with one base occupied, Sawamura didn’t dare to do anything besides striking out the batter infront of him. Masuda watched carefully as the southpaw fired his pitches but it follows with consecutive fouls and two strikes ahead. It is unpredictive, even his timing is fine, his swing is still too late to connect to the ball. Deperately to hit and engaging the change-up that he assume would be the next.

Miyuki saw the way the batter choked his bat, he indeed preparing for the change-up. As the finishing touch to stop Yakushi in scoring more, Miyuki called for his best fastball. Sawamura delightfully smiled widely, nods with the call. It’s about time.

Two fingers are sealed together along the thumb on the opposite side. Chest starting to burst out, the fastball he had been working out all night to improve along with his master is now paying off. He put his glove near his face, whispering sincerely. He started to puffed his cheeks one more time.

’Thank you so much, Miyuki-senpai.’

As Sawamura move, Masuda prepared for a hit and Miyuki pasted his genuine smile as he watch Sawamura throw the best fastball pitch.

When the southpaw throw the pitch, Masuda smirked to see the ball looked fixated on its place, he started to swing his bat roughly but what he didn’t anticipated that the ball increases its speed, surpassing inches away to his bat. When the ball hitted loudly on the captain’s mitt, the umpire announced which the audience cheers loudly.

“Strike Three! Batter Out!”

Seido defended really well in the inning even how badly they did, despite all that, Sawamura is the one brought each of them.

Change gears, Miyuki slowly to the dugout, trying his best to take off his gears and change it. Breathing heavily but he keep it steady in order to not let anyone knows it. He saw Kuramochi looking at him with mad face but didn’t dare to say a word. The captain understood it even without being verbal about it, the shortstop is prepared to hit him anytime if he let three stikes called him. He can’t restraint too well on his aching ribs, it’s getting a lot harder to be steady.

Thankful enough that Kuramochi went to tackle down Sawamura who is enjoying everyone’s accompany by his succeeding strikes he did earlier. Even Kawakami along with Furuya gave him water for thanking saving their play. Miyuki feared of if he continue stumbling and crawling with his injury and if he made a mistake, Kataoka might replace him soon. Guilt build up, he doesn’t want to get replace in this crucial moment but if its the plan then he really can’t help it.

Letting all the sweats fall all over his face, he looked above the clear blue sky with birds flying over the air. The game is almost near to its end.

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Damn it! He can see the ball clearly in his eyes, it was getting a lot faster and more powerful. Miyuki cursed mentally after he swing another missed ball following another shocked pain in his rib. He gritted his teeth, restraining himself in groaning from pain. The shocked came out inside his muscle drifted his strengths, making him wobble at his place that almost drop his weight. Miyuki fixed his posture, stretching his arms forwardly but with slight in left. It’s getting a lot more difficult to move freely with this curse he got. He smiled pathetically when the umpire shouted a ‘strike’ behind him.

He sighed, giving one more time to hit this one. He knows how this pitcher change courses everytime he face him, as if he did something to show no mercy on him. Earlier before him, he did four consecutive balls with three players occupied bases. No outs and if he hit this one, Kuramochi and Toujou can make into the home base with no problem.

Eyes snapped sharpy when Raichi threw an accelerating overpower pitch again with full blown blast. The ball is going anywhere but it looks like a strike. Convincing himself is the only thing he can do: bear the pain and deal with it later, but it turn out much worse he could possibly commited.

He swing full power with his bat, abandoning the ache for a moment but the wave shocked took him over his body, the wave shivers his connected core of his brain. Groan loudly but he made simple like an old man have a sharp pain of his lower back and he groan horribly.

Three strikes already called, Miyuki walk out the batter zone with full disappointment and despair. Infront of devasted Miyuki is Zono walking to the batter zone. The big male looked at the captain to hopefully understand what he is thinking but he wish he could read minds.

Damn it! Why it have to be now?! Overly frustrated how their captain dealing with it to overcompensate the injury he is carrying. The only think he can do right now is to hitting the pitch and make a score.

“I’m sorry” Zono and Miyuki encounter each other, walking in opposite sides. The big male widen his eyes but soon enough anger gesture on his face. That simple apologized made him mad, maybe Kuramochi was right, he is aware that injury is really make things a lot harder and Miyuki is gettting closer to hit the spoon on the table.

Zono is up-to-bat, facing Raichi again with glimpse devilish smile. Zono reminisce their previous game, he couldn’t believe how Miyuki managed to get in back on track after he got tackled down by the opposite player which is bigger than him. And now he is fighting his strengths in order to play in this last match. The only thing Zono could do is to hit and help build back their confidence despite how troubling Miyuki has been. He wanted to help, he didn’t make much progress in his plays when he couldn’t perform properly during early innings. Clearing his mind and listening to his heartbeat until he made a funny-serious expression.

— /// —


Out of the field where Sawamura and Furuya watching Zono in a distant, incredibly distracted with their senpai’s face. Sawamura pointed out blunty and Furuya just agree with him.

“See that? I told you he had a face of a wild gorilla in Amazon.” Sawamura said, jaw dropped slightly as he faced Furuya with unbelievable expression. “When i was looking around the textbook of biology, the first thing i saw was a gorilla and the first thing i thought about is Zono-senpai.”

“For crying out loud” Ono put his hand on his face, rubbing it entirely. Their conversation is out no where and they just casually enjoying themselves. Sawamura is now get to pitch first but the two idiots are busy fantasizing different animals and they start bicker which of them fits.

Kawakami as a squirrel type, because of his puffy cheeks. Miyuki as a raccoon, according to Sawamura, he is a sneaky bastard who likes to give a trash a life. Kuramochi as a cheetah which they knew how fast he is and how he laughs loudly. Haruichi a bunny, they just reminded him a fluffy cute bunny but has an incredible ability. Zono as gorilla which they are talking about. Ono started to realize that Seido is becoming a zoo type and it becoming completely ridiculous.

The catcher wanted to end their conversation when suddenly he heard his name got mention.

“Furuya, what do you think of Ono-senpai? What type of animal he reminded you of?” Oh no, they are starting.

The raven haired tap his chin, closing his eyes to think of any animal resembles their senpai. As his head glow of an idea, Furuya looked at the southpaw with straight face and respond.

“Chimpanzee.” Sawamura was about to against it but he suddenly remember the face of chimpanzee. He looked confused at first but to confirm what he is thinking, he asked. “Like the monkey in lion king?”

Sawamura immitated what the monkey does, he put his two hands like he was holding something and lowering his butt. He move gaggly using his hips to move up and down then he make a face of a frown monkey. And he sing...

Asante sana Squash banana, Wewe nugu mimi hapana

Furuya didn’t understood if that monkey is a chimpanzee in lion king. Even so, he stared on Sawamura in awe but entertain because he made is perfectly and does look like him. “Yes!” He affirmed unconsciously, watching Sawamura continue singing the song and Furuya come along dancing with him while clapping his hands.

Ono wanting to stop laughing at the two, holding his laughter couldn’t much a help. Their pitchers are quiet dangerous but despite all that they are just children. Then again, they need to get back in their practice.

“Furuya! Sawamura! We have to continue-“


Ono looked at the other male walking with full safety gear on their place. Sawamura stopped what he is doing and Furuya just watch him quietly. Miyuki glance over to the southpaw then to the monster pitcher. The brunette male disbelief on their captain to practice after batting but he seem anticipate it since they need to work up their courses. However, Furuya is not welcoming him, his eyes are icy. The captain shrug off and proceed to Ono to his side.

He instructed, “I am gonna join in bullpen for a while. Sawamura you are catching with me and Furuya catch for Ono.” Sawamura screamed loudly with a ‘yes’ and headed in his place and Furuya watch stiffully on Sawamura but move himself as well to his side.

When Miyuki and Ono greeted each other, they both sit and begin to pull their mitt. Sawamura was the one to pitch first with outside pitch, then inside and finally a fastball. Miyuki called a ‘nice pitch’ made Sawamura blush lightly and proudly.

Furuya looked at him, his chest suddenly have a tingling sensation made his stomach curled. Pissed off shown, he pull a fastball which Ono indicated. Sawamura got angry on him, getting the rhythm with his pitch. Furuya looked at him, eyes glowing and heart pumping. He likes those, he likes what Sawamura looked at him full of determination and pride. He likes it. He wanted those eyes fixated on his direction. Him only. He once again, move with his pitch and more speed, a result of a big tud.

The monster pitcher is pissed off seeing Miyuki and now Sawamura isn’t looking at him anymore. He fixed his cap, blowing hot air on his lips. He wanted to play now in order to get the attention of the southpaw. He knows its his greedy and jealously but he can’t tolerate this feeling for so long.

When Furuya is about to pitch with his frustration. A large crowd suddenly screamed outloud, Zono hit the last pitch making Kuramochi a score to tie up the game.

“YEAAAAH! THAT’S OUR CHEETAH!!” Sawamura yelled loudly, screaming his heart content cheering for his senpai. “GOOD ONE GORILLA-SENPAI!!”


Zono yelled towards their direction, angrily looking at the southpaw giving inappropriate nicknames. He able to made in the first base, same with Haruichi and Toujou. It’s still full base and the next batter is Shirasu.

If Shirasu hit this with a homerun, surely enough, they can take advantage and proceed to victory.

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Raizou put an angry face seeing another waste balls Raichi was throwing. And worse, they are all Seido’s strong players. The only thing he can do is to groan out his frustration. In their current state, they are in danger zone.

Due to the appearance of the southpaw earlier, Raichi’s pitching become more unstable and a lot troublesome than before. Raizou knew this is coming but they didn’t know how it will handle.

Nervously laughing as he realize what he gotten in the situation. After knowing Sawamura is in the field makes him so happy that causes his distraction. And he was back for being incooperative pitcher.

He watched the three players walking to their bases making it full. There are chances that they gonna bunt especially in the third base who runs really fast. Within the Yakushi team, there is fear dwelling up. There is nothing much they can do even there is a next batter to prepared, they have the advantage to score.

Raizou sighed heavily, he can’t blame his son and his behavior but that doesn’t mean they lose in this situation. He needs to realize that this match if for the benefits of the team or perhaps the battle for his beloved southpaw.

He looked up to see the next batter to try make a signal for his son but unexpectedly, the next batter is Miyuki. The crowd starting to cheer loudly again and the noises spread inside the dugout.

Biting his own nail to prevent himself in anxious, Raizou think of alternative way to prepare for that man. What he will do in this situation?

He heard Sanada snickering behind his sit. Raizou turned his head to face their pitcher. Sanada just smiled in respond.

“What are you laughing at?” The coach asked, moving slightly to face Sanada. The pitcher didn’t respond, he just looked back on the field.

He respond but not looking at his coach, “I don’t know about you coach but it seem Raichi is on the roll when he faced that guy.” He pointed at Miyuki who prepares to bat.

The coach shrugged on what the pitcher said. But as he recall, Miyuki haven’t hit any pitches since first inning, not sure if there is something wrong with him or he is just having a hard time with both Mishima and Raichi’s pitches. Even so, he is still a man that needs an eye.

The male pitcher noticed the troubled look on his coach so he continued, “Watch carefully coach. Raichi made mistakes after he knows that southpaw is in field. Eventually, i have noticed this just recently.” Sanada moved forward to his sit, smiling. “When Raichi face that guy, your own son looks different.”

Obviously, after the walks he wasted he wanted to give it back. Glancing back to his son who is about to pitch. Raizou noticed what Sanada meant. The flaming aura become contagious with a large smile.

When Raichi fired an intense powerful pitch, Miyuki got stuck in his position and the umpire yelled a ‘Strike one!’

When Raichi throws two powerful breaking balls that the catcher swung strongly yet badly neither the bat connected, striking him out completely.

The crowd went back to silent, Miyuki was just in crucial situation and he failed.

However, he is the only out, the bases are still full and there is still another batters in the zone. Raichi have things to settle.

Raizou sighed, he needs his son get out of the mound soon if he failed to take out the next batter. There is no one who can deal with this situation. Raizou glance back to Sanada as he said with desparation looked. The coach asked, “Are you ready?”

The pitcher widen his eyes but of course, he is used with this situation. “Of course coach.” Raizou smirked, closing eyes and went back to the game. This is the strong formation he could do, they need to get more aggressive since Seido is going to bat strongly.

When Raichi pulled another strong pitch but not powerful. Seido tied the game.


— /// —

Zono made hand-to-bat battle with Raichi, full count both of them but Zono hit the right spot but shorten. Glad that Kuramochi slide his feet to where the home base which made them score.

But the game is still not over yet as Shirasu pulled out the pitch and he land on the base. They are still filled the bases.

Zono went straight to Miyuki, worriedly after the male apologized to him. He saw the other male drinking the cup, sweats cover his tan skin.

“Miyuki.” He called nervously approaching him, the latter looked at him. The boy asked, “Are you alright? The last swing you pull looks dangerous.”

The chestnut haired took a surprised, not wanting to bring up the topic of his injury. He cautiuosly replied, “I am alright Zono.” He hopefully he sounded sad.

Shrugging off the other male for not worried him too much, Zono insisted. “But if you pulled like that, it might get worst.”

Kuramochi saw the two males looking like they are saying something to each other. Curious, he approach both of them. Then he saw Miyuki in defeated expression, the shortstop realize what they are talking about.

Zono’s concern grew more that leads the other players looked at them.

“Miyuki tell us. If it’s hurting then we can tell this to coach or else it gets worse.”

The whole team started to gather in what’s happening to their seniors. Even the first years pitchers see them.

“Miyuki tell us.” Zono persistedly, demanding an answer but Kuramochi stopped him quickly.

Aware of the coach presence, Kataoka walked to the side and looked at Miyuki with straight face. He asked, “Are you alright?”

The captain flinched, then he touched his lower left ribs, anxious is forming around his head. In his trembling lips, he replied, “I’m sorry for hiding it even during this game. I don’t want to be a burden but if i appear to be then you can switch me out if i start to hurt the whole team.” Miyuki glance on his left to see either their reaction and he saw Sawamura looking at him worried. Ah no...

Kataoka nodded and said, “The game is still on going. I’ll give you chance to play more.” Miyuki smiled weakly, being considerate and trustworthy on his players. That’s Kataoka. But what it bothers him is Sawamura looking at him like that.

We just practiced together earlier and he is pulling that expression. That look is more painful than my injury. He groaned loudly while he sit on the bench. He heard Ochiai calling someone on his phone, maybe a physical therapist or someone. He rest his whole body, towel on his shoulder. Maybe if he is straightforward, he can end his misery but his persisting behavior took off limits and now he is suffering from it.

Damn it! I hope i won’t make a small error when catching Sawamura’s pitches.

“Miyuki-senpai.” A small concern tone took off Miyuki’s train of thoughts, he looked at the person and surprisingly, its Sawamura and behind him is Furuya who are both holding a cup of water.

The brunet lend towards their catcher and he said, “As i said before, don’t burden yourself just because you are the captain in this team. We still have jobs to do.” With that, Sawamura put the cup near the side of the captain and scrammed back to catch with Ono. Maybe his heart is too fragile seeing the southpaw making kind of expressions. He can’t handle it.

On the other hand, there is another presence infront of him. Furuya stared quietly at him, he put the plastic cup near his side where Sawamura put his cup also. Still in urge not to say something bad. Furuya speaks formally.

“I never saw your expression like that, Miyuki-senpai.” He pointed out, the captain shrugged with the awkward atmosphere because its too intimidating.

Not wanting to continue this, he asked what the monster pitcher is referring. “What expression are you saying?”

Furuya got annoyed but didn’t show it, instead he respond. “When you see Eijun.”

That doesn’t make any sense. “Ah... right...” He wish Furuya should stop pulling his aura. He tryes to avoid the intense stare and this topic about Sawamura. After knowing that mostly everyone has their desire look up on Sawamura, it felt odd but didn’t bother by it since he is the captain. But it suddenly just turn around and see the southpaw like an angel that makes him suffer in his mind.

The raven haired pitcher still didn’t move in his place as he watched Miyuki troubling with him. Maybe speaking up his mind is bad but if he isn’t honest with himself, he’ll feel defeat. The jealousy is still attacking him, there are more than Miyuki is up to Sawamura, there is also this one person from that team.

“Just so you know, I love Eijun and i don’t what you to get in between.“ He said with full of caution, a hidden emotion behind those sentence. He continued, “I won’t give up, even Eijun looks up on you. Rest well, Miyuki-senpai.”

The raven haired pitcher leave Miyuki dumbfounded, speechless once again on the pitcher’s sharp tongue. That pitcher is becoming more honest and that’s really a problem. Miyuki sighed.

He hopes that this game would end quickly before everyone starting to hate him on how Sawamura looks up on him.

“Is your injury keeps bothering you?” Miyuki turns his head to see Oota worriedly approach him. The catcher nodded, rubbing the swell on his ribs. The assistant coach continued, “Coach Ochiai called a doctor to check you up then he called Rei-san to guide you. The game is still on going even we are in lockers room.” Miyuki nodded, he also needs to know if his injury gotten worst.

“Besides you, there is one injured person besides you.” The assistant coach glance over the other bench and saw Kawakami had a cold compressor on his hand. “Unlike yours in terrible state, his hand starting to swell up too. We assume he got it during his face-to-face on Raichi.”

Oota gesture his hand to come here when Kawakami looked at them. The sidearm pitcher obeyed and went to sit behind Miyuki.

“You two are going to check up. We don’t want anyone get injure again. Be careful next time.” With that, Oota walks back to where the other coaches are.

Miyuki looked over to see Kawakami in worried expression but the sidearm pitcher smiles softly. “Don’t worry about me. You should focus on yourself since yours is worse than mine.”

“But you got it recently, that still painful even you move it.”

Kawakami nodded as he move it slowly, “It hurts badly, after i hit his powerful pitch. My hand starting to lose control and making more loose balls.” Under his eyes are starting to form dark bags, the tone of his voice becoming low and sad. “I feel i am burdening the whole team so maybe switching out is the only option.”

It felt his current state, he speak, “But you did well keeping on pace and proving that you can do everything to stop them. You did your job Nori.” Miyuki don’t want to see his teammates being the same position as him, defeated and down. Compared Chris-senpai’s concern and Tetsu’s leadership, his method is way differ but it flows the same.

The only thing Miyuki can do is to support each of them without getting doubt in his action. Kawakami finally smiled with light and says ‘thanks’ to Miyuki.

They looked back on the game to see Raichi in bad situation and Raizou called for a change of player.

“By the way Miyuki, i hope its not concerning you but i have a question.” The captain looked at him, curious. Kawakami flashed a flustered expression. The sidearm pitcher doesn’t like to express what he is feeling, not even the third year helps him in this situation. Since Miyuki is the captain, maybe this could help him. He asked the captain, “Is it me or Sawamura’s hair are fluffy?”

Miyuki widen his eyes in surprised, “Wait, wha-“

Suddenly, the cheer become loud when Yakushi finished the inning. The two glanced over to see Sanada was the one pitching the crucial situation and finished like there is no sweat. Miyuki remember what Sanada said to him that made him uncomfortable.

“Yakushi is really playing aggressive, aren’t they?” Kawakami commented, watching the whole team coming all the way to the dugout. Before he could stand up in his place, he looked at Kawakami and smiled. “They’ll play aggressive so we face them more aggressive.”

Kawakami nodded in his sentence, “Agreed! I hope we’ll win in this.”

Miyuki smiled and said, “We’ll win.” Oota called Kawakami knowing the doctor is in the locker. Kawakami might go to clinic before him, in this remaining inning, he hopefully play until the very end.

The captain noticed Kataoka looking at him and then look away. That meant something, right?

Then a wild voice called him out that snapped his thoughts, it was Sawamura.

“Miyuki-senpai, come on. We still need to shut them out.” He command, a fightful spirit can be found, no fear and full of strenths. Miyuki’s heart starting to move again, noticing those sparkling eyes making him uneasy.

Miyuki stood up on his sit and went to his gear. Smiling widely, realizing by now that he couldn’t deny it more. That he, perhaps fell in love on him, or maybe even from the beginning. He always noticed those sweet gorgeous eyes, he might sound crazy but that might be reason why everyone in his team and Sanada captivated in his eyes. He blushed as he remembered.

“MIYUKI-SENPAI!” The tone is so demanding. “Are you coming or what? Boss is watching you.” The sun sparkles as his smile. He respond after he finally worr the gears.

“I am coming and stop yelling so damn loudly.”

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The start of the inning went roughly for Mishima who is having a hard time hitting Sawamura’s unpredictable pitches. The southpaw keep his pace, trying to avoid any cause of distraction. He waited for the captain to call for their last throw.

Miyuki slightly nodded, eyes fixed as he called for a change-up. The rare pitch he throw when an opponent isn’t capable to make a right timing. The southpaw nodded tentatively and he drew both his body and arm straightfully. The captain make a steady figure, trying to ignore completely his muscles pains are making. It hurts but it would hurt badly if the team drags down because of his own mistakes.

Breathing softly, just watching Sawamura throwing his natural pitch. The southpaw launches his last pitch and with the same position of his arm attacked, the ball become slow. Mishima got surprised, he clashed his teeth how hard he connect the ball. He tried to connect the slow moving ball but he is too early to make the contact which cause him a strike out.

The fielders shouted at Sawamura with ‘one out’ and gives him some compliments. The southpaw flustered, then smile brightly and yelled ‘Oshi oshi oshi’ in the field.

As the game continues with Raichi in batter zone who finally reach what he wanted. Heart racing rapidly and trembling in excitement, the brown male was happy to make a face to face battle with his beloved southpaw.

Miyuki watches the monster batter handling his bat, choking it tightly. The captain thought he is preparing for a change-up. Sawamura put his mitt closer to his face, waiting for their first signal. When Miyuki finally decide what to call, Raichi suddenly mumbling something in his breath that barely hear a single word but there is a small portion of his voice that he familiar of.

“Sawamura Eijun... Sawamura Eijun...”

Is he calling for Sawamura? He stared at the monster batter, wondering why the heck is he calling. The chestnut catcher thought not only Sanada is dotting on Sawamura but this monster too?

Instead of getting confused on everything, he smiled evenly. He realize that there is really something going on around Sawamura, it cannot be explained with simple rational thought. Everyone is having a feeling for Sawamura. Not as if this reality is unbelievable but since this is also a part of the game, he’ll just go with it along with everyone. Miyuki softly chucked with that realization. He become a part of this kind of game and of course, this is going (probably) going to be fun.

The captain called for a fastball to the inside. He won’t let this man hit his pitches so easily. When the indicated pitch performed, Sawamura greeted Raichi a fastball but it suddenly move that causes the monster batter hitted to the left field.

Raichi take his time to make it to the first base, happy with the result he given and happy that he hitted his beloved pitcher’s pitch. He laughed unforcefully and exhausted, the monster batter just stared at the southpaw, eyes locked in between. They are 500 meters away to each other but he felt like he is almost to reach him. His heart won’t stop beating loudly as if it suffocates. Raichi gripped the chest part of his uniform, stopping himself. The southpaw is just there, on the mound, ready to pitch.

“This is bad, completely bad.” Raizou anxiously said, bitting his lower lip when he watch his son having a hard time to breath. He already taught him to control himself. Maybe he is just overly-excited to meet him again.

Finally, Yonehara approach Raichi for the gears. He saw the latter panting heavily and the first baseman of Seido calming him down.

“Raichi!” Yonehara called, “Coach told you already, haven’t you? Don’t forget your breathing exercise.” The monster batter nodded slowly, taking off his gear as he breath.

Zono asked, interrupting Yonehara helping Raichi. “Is there something wrong with him?” The center fielder looked at him, furrowing his eyebrows and asked.

“What what’s wrong with him?”

“Is he palpitating?”

Yonehara finally understood what he wanted to asked, so he replied formally. “He is alright.” He reassured the opponent player. “Raichi is just overwhelmed today.” When he finished collecting the gears, Yonehara looked at Zono one more time then he say.

“It’s all your southpaw’s fault.”

Zono widen his eyes in surprised, lips are sealed together as the opponent player went back to the dugout. The big male blink few times before the words process in his brain. What did Sawamura did?

Then he saw Raichi smiling again and a chuckle follow up. Which Zono in surprised, stared him. The monster batter looked back on the mound who is now pitching on Sanada. Zono watch him cautiously but he won’t let this cause his play, he went back to the game.

He couldn’t understand what it is happening, there are questions he couldn’t figure out. There is going on with the team and Sawamura.

— /// —

Damn it! Did i pitched wrong? Sawamura stood up to see Raichi on the base, upset on what mistake he did. It was suppose to be direct on Miyuki’s mitt since his inside fastball is his specialist.

He quickly looked over at Miyuki who is waving his hand indicating him that its alright. Nodding nervously to the captain, the southpaw grab the powder bag on the ground and rub on his palm. And when he is done, he release the bag and Miyuki throw the ball at him.

Taking his deep breath again, erasing the thought that affect on his play. The next player standing in the batter zone is the ace, smirking at him. When the southpaw saw him, there is knot twisted his stomach.

The crowd are exchanging cheers like a broken audio of the speaker, barely understand what the sound produce. Gulping down his anxiousness, he tried to stop thinking anything and focus on their captain.

Miyuki looked at the ace, watching him move comfortably in his place. He can see those eyes are locked very well on the southpaw as if he weren’t exist there.

Giving himself a scratch on his chin, he needs to get him out quickly before he say something again on him. The captain signal on the brunet to throw a fastball away from the batter, he needs to take out the troublesome player in the field.

Bringing up his own willpower to compensate his injury, surpassing his skills as the southpaw finally pitch his first ball. Successively right to where it located and Sanada didn’t react on it. Then suddenly Raichi run from the base.

Miyuki catches the ball and hurriedly throw the ball to where Kuramochi is standing. Then an electric current felt in his right arm as he throw.

The shortstop saw the ball away from the plate. He misthrow the ball.. He adjust his mitt closer to the ball until it landed in the ground, giving Raichi a success base steal.

“AHAHAHA AHHAAHHA! I MADE IT MISHIMA!!” Raichi shouted joyously, glancing in their dugout while he pants heavily but he keep his smile widely. Across the dugout, Mishima crossed his arms and pissed off at Raichi and yelled back at him. “FOCUS ON THE GAME YOU IDIOT!”

Mishima heard Raizou sighing in relief, touching his chest while breathing. “Aren’t you overeacting too much coach?” The southpaw pitcher asked, staring at him. The coach narrow his eyebrow at him, giving him a pissed look. Mishima defensively continue, “I didn’t mean that. I know you love your son very much but keep a faith to him. He’s our important player in this team.”

“It’s not like that you big ass, i thought he’ll get stumble making his way to steal the base.” He said, “But i am glad he didn’t forgot what we plan earlier.”

Mishima just nodded and he went back watching the game. Raizou took a deep breath again, carefully this time because earlier he almost choke from pressure.

“Coach...” Akiba called out, approaching him. The coach glanced at him. “Do you remember what Raichi said before this inning start?” He asked, slowly turning his head in the game. The coach tilted his head.

“What do you mean?”

“You don’t remember?”

“What are you babbling about?”

Before Akiba could continue, the crowd become loud when Sanada hit the pitch to the center, making first and third bases occupied.


Then a flashback from earlier occur. A plan his son is trying to make, an idea where his stupidity is going to show around during this game and it involve on the southpaw Sawamura.

Sweating hardly, froze in his place. Raizou prayed quietly that his son don’t make that stupid idea. He prayed for kami-sama he completely forgotten about it.

The boy asked calmly, “Did you just remember?” Raizou looked at him in panic. Why did i forgotten? He hurriedly looked at his son who occupied the third base, standing there determinedly while watching the southpaw. Don’t you dare...

Looking at the southpaw happily, their gap is large but he is right there, infront of him. His heart starting to wreck his entire ribs, if he can’t stop himself, it might break soon.

He smile widely, reaching to his ears. Maybe this idea is really bad but he is going to do it. Today, those eyes are all his wanted. The attention he desparately wanted. He called him aloud.


The crowd went quiet and looked at Raichi in surprise, even the other team stopped in their place.

And then he noticed Sawamura is finally looking at him, bewildred. The southpaw blink few times as he waited.

A now or never.

Anxious starting to swell in him but it wouldn’t take a chance to say this.


Chapter Text

Today wasn’t all about winning and playing for the tournament isn’t all about entitlement of the team. In this day, a history was created or rather a rare moment in baseball community ever see.

Do you ever watch a baseball game where a pro player proposed to his fiance after they won the tournament? That’s a rare occassion. But the difference in this scene is one player asking the opponent player to go out with him.

Everyone is mixed both bemused and astonished, murmured followed in the audience.

Watching from a far, unwilling to move in their place. Mei watched grumpily on the side, unamused but not surprised. He felt that he knows that there is going to be stupid will happen but unwilling to express what is it but it did. So right now, he wanted to see what the southpaw will react on that. He hopefully thought that he would decline it or see it in other perspective. He haven’t think how to approach the brunette or how to say ‘hi’ on him. And this guy just go in his way by asking like that, not even thinking his circumstances.

“Mei-san...” Tadano interrupted the blond with bewildered looked. Mei gives him an uncomfortable look in return, the young catcher gulped hardly and asked, “Is that for real?”

“That seems fun.” Carlos leaned over the two, wrapping around their necks to support him as he peek in the field. He continued, “This is what it gets when you fell over heel over that guy with no self-control.” He jokily commented then chuckled after, earned him a direct death glared from the blond.

Then Shirakawa nodded affirm, “Isn’t obvious that monster is tracking every movement throughout the play?” He said, eyes fixed its gaze. “Did he plan it over to do this?”

“I don’t think so.” The blond replied him in monotone, unpleased. “I don’t think he is aware that everyone is looking after him but, for what i thought, maybe he did it in order to gain attention at him.”

The red hair close his eyes and said, “You’re right. I noticed it also on how desperate he is for his attention.” He crossed both of his arms, not much expression can be read but he knows exactly what Mei meant. Carlos released his arms on the two and looked directly at their ace, smirked formed in his lips. “You’re way to observable in this situation, are you perhaps jealous?”

After Carlos asked him, the blond looked at him in enraged. Then he replied, “What if i said i am? Is there a problem with that?” His voice become low with bitterness, unimpressed the other male said. Carlos kept his smirked, amused and stunned at their ace. Who would thought those flaring blue eyes are quiet dangerous.

Noticing the tension coming from the two, the captain hurriedly move in to the center, his two hands push the two away from each other. “Hey, we are here to watch not to start any ruckus.” He said manage, trying to calming the two. Mei looked away instead and Carlos just keep smiling mischievously.

The captain tries to lighten up the tension as he said, “Well you could say that love had no boundaries even you are in this large stadium with many people watching.” He smiled faintly with no joints of malicious. “Maybe that’s how he express it. If you look to someone, sometimes you really can’t help it and take this chance quickly before other people try it.” Then he clasped his hands in the air, “Let’s just see what will happen then.”

From the corner of the audience seats, the former Seido players are watching the game. Like most of everyone, they can’t comprehend what the latter did.


“I-is this for real?” The face of surreal, almost thought that everything is just utmost ridiculous he ever see.

Jun glance to his teammates to see if everyone is the same state as him, confused and hesitate if this is happening. But they all just staring in awe and keep in silent. He exclaimed, putting anyone in attention at him, “Am i the only one seeing this?”

“Jun, shut it.” Ryousuke shushed him, eyes are closed but it felt his soul was seen between his flesh which the beard male shut his mouth immediately. While everyone keep in silent, trying to know what exactly is going on. Then suddenly, the pink-haired male sealed a smirk in his lips, catching the glimpse of his teammates by asking one particular question to lead in synchronize scream.

“So who’s your bet?”

“WHAT THE HELL?!” Ryousuke ignored the loud burst from the dirty brown-haired male and he focus on listening to anyone. As their team changes glances, the former captain first to speak.

“I am betting for Miyuki.” Tetsu calmly answer, fingers on his chin as he observed. Jun flashed a surprised in disbelief and looked over the former captain.

“I am betting for Kuramochi Youichi.” Masuko replied, munching up his little pudding he packed during the trip. “I’ve been with them for a short period of time but Mochi can totally handle Sawamura.”

“Isn’t that a little biased, Masuko?” Ryousuke asked cautiously, demanding some explanation. “I understand you are with them but that looks a little biased, isn’t it?”

Masuko scooped in his pudding then replied defensively, “It is not OGAH!” He whimpered, voice almost cracked from how low tone it is. “I am their senpai in our room and i am fully aware that Mochi can carry Sawamura so i am trusting him.

Voice unspoke but Ryousuke did was nodded and smiled casually, he respond, “But it still change the fact its still biased.” Before Masuko could say a word, his pudding suddenly dropped accidentally with his free hand. The big male cried in agony.

The pink-haired male put a devilish smirk as he continue his business. “Who else?”

Blowing a hot stream inside his nostril when he think of his bet, Miyauchi joined in the game and said, “I am rooting for either Furuya or Haruichi.” Arms crossed tightly together, looking elsewhere as he answer.

Ryousuke smiled more contagiously and followed up his reply, “You conclude my precious brother.” He said, “Well isn’t surprising.”

Miyauchi stared at the pink-haired male then asked, “Are you mad?” Ryousuke frowned for a bit, but hummed softly, he replied, “I am not. I’m rather happy since i am aware he is also love that idiot.” He jerked his head to search for someone and finally he saw in near distance. “But i am betting for someone else.”

Ryousuke landed to the man with wavy brown hair, two curls in front and a foreign figure. The small male proclaimed, “I am betting for Yuu Takigawa.”

 “Don’t join me, Ryou.” Chris sighed, uninterested. The former catcher didn’t argue with everyone as they do what they wanted to do but he thought that it’s getting out of hand.

Sawamura is such a special person for him that is not necessary to pair him in romantic way. Ryousuke is sure taking his time and having fun in this. The catcher lean over to his sit, showing that he don’t want to associate in this topic.

Ryousuke smiled as usual but Chris can read those, he sighed deeply. The pink-haired male turned his head to everyone and continue with their bet. He is surely having fun in this.

Jun went to sit next to him, taking his chance to get away with everyone. As he sit, he scratch the back of his head in discomfort. Chris notice his atmosphere, the one with unusual when the two of them are together. But former catcher acknowledge it, he looks aware that Jun haven’t have any idea what’s going. Chris have a funny idea to remove the awkwardness building.

“You know, when something is going on and you don’t know what to do. So you immediately look for someone to help and ask it but you can’t say it because you don’t know if you are quite comfortable with that person.”

“Yuu, don’t read the atmosphere too much.” Jun bluntly demanded, staring at the catcher. Chris chuckled lightly, restraining himself from the reaction Jun given. The beard male furrowed his eyebrow in annoyance. “Are you making fun of me?”

“Not precise but your reaction is simply hilarious.”

“Why you…” Before he could attack Chris, someone hold him by his shoulder forcefully. The beard man glance over and see Tetsu. The former captain said, “Don’t make any violence here Jun.”

He released his hand on the latter’s shoulder. Jun pouted angrily but didn’t say a word.

Tetsu went to sit next to Jun comfortably, then he asked his teammate, “You haven’t made the bet.” He looked at Jun in question, he continued, “Rei-san is making a price to whoever got the right pair for Sawamura.”

Eyes widen, almost slid over his sit. Jun asked almost screaming, “WAIT! I DON’T UNDERSTAND ANY OF THESE.” The beard male hardly comprehend, his brain is beginning shutting down with all the things happening. “What’s happening all of the sudden?”

Chris respond him in sincere tone, he closed the scoring book and put it on his lap. “It’s all Ryousuke’s idea. If you were up last night meeting then you won’t miss this.”

”Ryousuke’s idea was influenced by his younger brother, Haruichi. The young Kominato was confessing his suppressed feelings on Sawamura.” Tetsu followed, thick eyebrows are fixated in the position. Jun thought how ridiculous yet cool his eyebrow are but nevetheless, everything is starting to be a lot ridiculous.

Then he went back to listening, “As their seniors, we are not one-hundred percent have the mobility to know the information in the team. However, there are rumors around that every players are starting to get fond on Sawamura.”

“Which was rather weird.” Chris interrupted, unsettled with his own sentence. “Rei-san seems aware with this, which is questionable.” It was true, the former catcher begin to analyse again in what Takashima is doing. Why would she let this happen?

Jun unable to say a word, there is a question loathing around his head but he don’t want to say it out loud. “What’s more strange is Todoroki.” Tetsu blurted out, he glance in the field to see what’s happening. Jun reluctantly snapped out of his thoughts but few seconds, it drifted away. Indeed, the monster batter is also different. Everyone is the team are also different. He is out of place here and its getting a little bit weirder with Kominato’s crazy idea.

Chris nodded affirmly and said, “We just hope for the best that Sawamura and his denseness save his life.”

“I would put it danger rather than save.” Tetsu commented, he leans his back on the fence. Chris chuckled again.

Jun stayed quiet for a couple of munites, he doesn’t know if he is interested or just want to go back in the school and read books intead of hearing this. Jun honestly reads shoujo, he even recommend the two young pitcher to join his bangwagon, but putting the young person into a huge harem is a big no.

Then a wild and hysterical laughter occur inside the field, as everyone peek over what’s going on. Chris carry the score book in his hand and Jun stood up quickly to see what’s going on. The laughter is familiar, that idiot must misunderstand it.


Dense-mura got overboard. As the team synchronized mentally their sentence. The game finally started after a small delay.

Chapter Text

He squinted his two eyes and a small faint dust hit his pupils, it feels surreal to witness this, its more worst than the idea of being him a pitcher. He looked on the monster batter who is exaggurately laughed, his face is flushed red either he is embarrassed on what he did or shy that he admitted it.

Everyone inside the stadium -even the team- was surrounded by a complete silence, uncomprehended and horiffied.

After a half minute of silent, finally rumble begins with mumbling sounds of the audience, definitely making different conclusions out of ordinary in this moment.

Sanada apparantly discomfite on Raichi, not how he outdid it but rather why he did it. Not something to be proud of, eventually making things sophisticated. He wanted to face palm for a bit and try to erase this particular humiliate moment.

Raichi is not unsettled, he just keep looking and locking himself at the southpaw’s position with unreadable expression looking at him. Heart racing rapidly, unable to control it with his sweats overflowing to his skin and small trembling in his limbs. It’s not a bad thing, isn’t it?

While he waits for Sawamura to respond, Sanada bit his lower lip in attempt to think something in this situation because its getting out of elsewhere. Everyone are mindlessly watching the two without doing anything sufficiently in this situation. And he noticed several different emotions are filled especially their opponent players, for one example this one near him —the shortstopper. Watching observarbly, while he think possible way to resolve this, the shortstop is not happy with it. Judging by his face, its a look of wanting to murder someone with his fist. It gave him a shudder by the way his anger shows up and terrified him.

Then a thought came across his mind. Oh shit! I don’t want that idiot to get murder by this guy. It was like as if he can but judging by it, he really could kill someone.

Furthermore, he needs to make a move or it could get worse.

He purposely cough loudly to make everyone look at him, as everyone glance his place, he swallowed all his pride and worry for a while to make this and he yelled directly at the southpaw.

“HE MEAN’T GOING OUT AS A FRIEND!” He almost choked at the end but not entirely disastrous. The pitcher feel alarmed with all the looks given, he eventually asked again to avoid their intense looking eyes, “So what do you say?” He offered his hand to the clueless southpaw.

All the players stared at hin, still not responding. Sawamura blinked, making a comically different unexpressed expression that seem to be funny.

And finally, the brunette pitcher caught in unsurpised chuckled which everyone shooked by it, and frankly yelled back.

“I DON’T MIND MAKING YOU AS A FRIEND, TODOROKI RAICHI! ASK ME LATER AFTER WE WIN! AHAHAHA!” His laugher sound pure with no mixture of apprehend, just dense Sawamura Eijun.

That seem to break the tension of silent earlier, outrageous to say. It was out of the blue and its uncomfortable to feel. But atleast, its gone for good. Raichi laughed uncomfortably but it didn’t feel happy with his senpai did. He was asking out, its not terrible in any occassion. He wants to ask him out.

Sanada breathe slowly, relaxing his tense shoulder. It’s just a small minute to think of but he is glad it wasn’t horrible. He hopefully thought that no one could bring this up after the game.

Overall, it was a good save there.

— /// —

Raichi began to bothered by it, not an outcome he wanted but what is it that he want?

An affection? an attention? what else? There is so much inside his mind that he couldn’t let it out. He wanted to know exactly what he want in southpaw. He barely knew the man but he felt something he couldn’t understand.

It feels special but what made him special? Well he is basically loud, very cheerful, exteremely dangerous player he could ever face of, very emotional and very attractive.


It’s just a central disposition of his character, it’s normal to have an out-going impression towards him. But what else? What is it that he makes feel this way?

The game continue with a hit, Raichi began to move on the home base as he stepped on the rough diamond, the score tied.

Cheers filled the whole area, screaming with different words. Raichi just keep smiling like he used to, but deep inside it felt empty for a sudden. He went straight to the dugout, his fellow teammates rub his brown messy hair and patt his shoulder for bringing a great play.

The next person to come over is his father, staring at him with wrinkles formed indicating his old age even he is just in thirties. Raichi smiled widely then shouted, “I DID IT!”

Raizou scruches his nose and asked, “ What ‘did it’? Tying the score or doing that stupid idea?”

The batter slowly fade his smile, it wasn’t like that, he felt he did both as consider an accomplishment even the first one is not success. Raichi shut his mouth, biting his lower lip anxiously. Is it really that a bad thing? Sawamura is pleased with it or its a sign of good. Maybe he would do it again with less people around and be more straightforward on the southpaw.

Raizou isn’t favourable even he is his son. He should know the difference of being a professional baseball player is not valid if he engage his emotions. He wanted his child what’s best for him so this is the first step. He already considerate him for overly love the southpaw, as his father, he love his son no matter what.

The coach notice the silent presence giving the batter, it was odd he behave like this but he have so much to learn outside baseball and he believe that he can overcome it. He shrugged off the question and start with a father-like for now.

“Look! Not all things is going on your way.” He started, softening his voice. “I always know ever since the beginning you have potential in this sport but since you are still growing and starting to develop affection to someone, not all means what you wanted is going to be.” He sits down, facing his unmoving son infront of him. He hold his wrist and continue, “Remember your first time entering this tournament?”

Raichi reminiscing that summer moment where he got overwhelmed with everyone and ended up getting disappointed result. A small facede failure due to his dying pressure to try surpass the expectation of everyone. He started to think that way, it’s a serious game for everyone. But it fade like a small dust. Raichi nodded slowly, lowering his head. Raizou smiled softly at him.

“That’s the first step of you getting much stronger.” He said, stood up in his seat and gaved him a pat of his head. “And this is also your first step how to control your feelings.”

“Tell me.” Raichi mumbled, a little bit frustrated in his voice. Raizou looked at him in confusion. “Tell me how did i got this feeling?”

Raizou took a tilt of his head, furrowing his eyebrows. He respond, “You could tell that to yourself. You are the one have that feeling in the first place. The only way to answer that is yourself. Ask yourself.”

Ask myself.

It put back to him the day after summer tournament.

Seido and Yakushi faced to enter the elimination round but Seido won the match, it was absolute tremendous battle in decades.

Gripping his rough hand in the batter zone as the opponent team celebrates for entering finals. Raichi stood there, unable to progress everything that occur.

He was having a fight of himself how he can tolerate amount of people cheering in this very moment, the shoulder he lift to carry them in semi-finals and the seniors are graduating. There is this heavy gravity pulling both his mind and body into halt until he made a small error and become disappointment.

The senior and his old friend hold him for giving thanks for the game, with each players giving thanks and shaking hands. Raichi didn’t do much, he was there unable to move his feet. He then starting to cry.

Then this person approach him, saying something the batter couldn’t understand and cause him responding.

The voice eagerly grabbed his hand carelessly and ask in a shouting way, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THAT ROUGH HAND?” No one seem to care his hand, only himself. He always swing his bat aggreviately without resting it. He worked hard as he can to enter in this tournament but all become a complete smoke of dust flying away.

“Oy, little southpaw what are you doing to him?” A familiar voice approach them, his senior. The young pitcher gripped his hand tighter, ignoring the senior next to him. “Oy!”

He shouted, “WHAT HAVE YOU DOING? WHAT IS THAT IN YOUR HAND?” He released his hand, keep coming closer to him. The senioris starting to debate at him, “Are you mocking him?”

“Oy, Sawamura. Stop that.” Another voice came in, a little bit lighter than the one.

Raichi looked at him, tears moving down but it became solid dry due to heat evaporating the surface. Raichi couldn’t say anything, he wanted to cry for a while making this match a failure in the team. And the young pitcher asked one last time before the other guy pulled him away.

“What kind of hands is that?”

“Sawamura cut it out.”

“Oy! Are you trying to make a trouble here?”

Then the catcher dragged him out of their view and make apology bow for their pitcher’s behavior. The senior dragged him also in the dugout to prepared their things and go back in their school.

As the team help each other with packing their things inside the bus with heavy equipments and different bags. There are few players went straight inside the bus and casually do their own things while others went to bathroom.

Raichi was already inside the bus, busy looking at hands, all he thought about was his hand, no one really notice about his hand, even the previous opponent players they encounter. He, himself, doesn’t bother to look at his hand, but he did. Someone grabbed his hand unexpectedly and then telling at him like for having this kind of hand.

“Raichi, you have been staring your hand for a quiet long? Do you have a hand fetish or something?” Yonehara bluntly said, watching the young batter and his odd behavior. Hirahata suddenly joined him and said, “Yuu, if Coach heard you. You have ninety-eight percent you won’t ever survive in this team.” He jokely said, arms crossed around his chest. And everyone started to laughed.

Raichi looked at them, his eyes are filled with sadness but his mind keep flashing on the southpaw’s words and face. It’s a hand that gripped the old wooden bat for his years.

And his name is Sawamura. He repeatedly said in his mind, as if his mind reminding his name. As everyone keep enjoying themselves in small amount of time before their seniors finally retired and start their autumn training.

Raichi simply looking at his bristly hands, they are indeed have rough structure with covered by dirt of his bat. He isn’t sure how to replied on that. He wants to face strong pitcher and make it to Koshien, that’s all. Then he let his drowsiness take over and eventually fall asleep in the whole trip.

— /// —

The team went on one week break and start focusing on their studies or perhaps taking this time to go out.

Raizou instructed his team to not exhaust themselves during break. Their training will focus more on defense and since the lack of players is going to be hard especially the retiring third years, they need prepared more preferences in any occurance.

It’s Saturday, two weeks before summer comes to an end. The remaining team will be face off in last week of the month.

Mishima and Akiba pulled Raichi out of the gym and went straight to the city with permission from their coach. They have no practice in following days and they need to see the schedule and the area of the final game.

Seido entered in finals facing Inashiro, one of the most anticipated match in this tournament.

Akiba looked in his smartphone to search the Meiji Jingu Stadium, where the finals held. When the three of them arrived, they search the remaining games in the bulletin board and saw Inashiro versus Seido.

“This is like their second time to face this year.” Akiba said, taking a picture of the sign. “And Seido haven’t stepped in Koshien for seven years despite their strong entitlement.”

Mishima nodding, eating the chips in his hand and replied, “Unlike us, they went in finals in previous tournament.” Munching continously, the big guy glance over to see Raichi as if he is following. The big guy gulped roughly his chips and tapped Akiba’s shoulder and said, “Raichi is gone.”

Looking around nervously, pulling his hem of his tshirt as he look around the place he never visited. He didn’t expect a load of people in this small city gives him horrifying feeling.

He lost track with his best friends in this large stadium. He searched desperately in case they are nearby but they weren’t. He is lost.

Strangely, the heat is steaming out of his hat and its getting difficult to wear with sweaty figure. He needs to find a shelter quickly.

He saw crowded three in the other side, he run quickly and stopped by. Sweats drained half of his body, he is glad he carry a plain white small towel in his small bag and a bottle of water. He took out the necessary things and use it. He wipe his entire face before drinking the cold water, wetting his entire throat. Letting out a loud sigh and finally feel safe for a while.

He search his bag in case he carried the flip-up phone his father gave him but sadly he forgot it. Scatching his sweaty wet hair in his carelessness, he just waited his friends to search him in this crowded trees.

“Hey! What are doing here?”

Surprised with the voice, Raichi glance to see the familiar figure walking towards to him. “Man, do i have a magnet bumping someone in Yakushi team?” He complained.

It’s Sawamura. Sawamura carried a load of wrapped gums in his hand inside the plastic bag, he put it down for a bit and walk at Raichi.

The young pitcher greeted him with a cheery attitude and asked, “Aren’t you Todoroki Raichi?” The batter nodded awkwardly. Sawamura chuckled lightly then added, “Are you alone right now?” Another nod comes from the batter.

“Are you waiting for someone?”

Another nod.

“Are you lost?”

Gave another nod.

“Hey can you atleast speak?” Sawamura demanded, hands are on hips watching at the batter. Staring at him, Raichi suddenly panicked for a bit and respond, “I am sorry.”

Eyes widen, the southpaw laughed. “You don’t have to apologise. You should give a try to talk to me since we are outside baseball.” He scratched his hair, still chuckling. Raichi found that amusing how Sawamura can tolerate with this kind of situation. “And speaking of lost, i lost my friends too when we are inside the mall to buy the list of the seniors asked us. And since we both three separate our way, i eventually lost my track and ended up here. Hahaha!”

Raichi remain silent but awkwardly giggle along the southpaw, it feels relaxing. “By the way, earlier before i came here. I saw your other teammates walking around the mall, i even saw the black haired man who seem an ace pitcher in your team.” Sawamura tapped his chin, trying to recollect the memories. “You can look for them.”

“I have my two friends around this place.” Raichi said, putting his bag around his back. “We went here together, i was lost because of many people.” He explained, wiping the remaining sweats on his forehead falling over his face.

Sawamura smiled widely, “Well, that isn’t hard since they are around. Maybe they are searching for you, and while you are waiting. I am going to give this to you.” Raichi went over to the plastic bag, he grabbed one rectangular size gum and lean it on the batter. Sawamura said, “Here. This is the gum to fight the heat. It taste like mint and can keep yourself cool.”

At first Raichi is hesitant with the offer but he wanted to take the gratitude and don’t ruin the kindness of this person. So instead, he grabbed it then unwrapped the corner then took a single piece of gum and chew it straightly. Sawamura smiled widely, the sun hit the eyes and strangely the golden pupils shine. It was beautiful.

“It taste like mint.” Raichi said, amused and light blush occur in his cheeks. The southpaw chuckled happily, proud in himself.

“Oh! Did you know that we enter the finals?” Raichi nodded, chewing the gums and letting it absorb the chilly feel inside his mouth. The southpaw continued, “Watch us win this summer.”

That pride and his determination hitted on the young batter. He went back to the plastic bag and carry them with his two hands. Sawamura smiled, “I am gonna be going now. I remember we should meet each other in the playground.” Sawamura turned around, he quickly make quick glance on Raichi and say, “See you around.” Waving, the southpaw headed to the crowded people and disappear.

Raichi begin to feel the hot air blowing his ears, an unexpected feeling just went by and it seem much relaxing. The heat is no longer hitting his body, it become more chill than ever.

— /// —

Ask myself.

What make him attractive?

“His strong heart.”

Raichi absently said, then he looked at see his father but it crowded by his own team, attentively listening to him. The batter widen his eyes and hid his face with his bare hands in embarrassment.

And the whole team tease the batter, merciless, making fun at the same time how deeply love the batter is.

The inning went finished when Yakushi lead the score.

The next inning enter, but before that, Miyuki and the others went to the locker area to see Rei and the doctor talking to each other for the catcher’s check-up.

Chapter Text

Yakushi leads by one and the first batter will face Sanada Shuunpei is Sawamura Eijun.

That thought made Miyuki scowled in his seat, moving his muscles to get a comfortable position. It took less that five minutes examining and observing his body. For his relief, there are no broken bones nor dangerous injury.

Miyuki hums, watching their coach and assistant with the physician. They both agreed, with the doctor’s approval, after this game Miyuki will straight in hospital for futher check-ups his injury.

It wasn’t a bad injury, it’s just a sore muscles but Miyuki did bad for not telling it to anyone. It’s a harsh and selfish decision but being burden is really the hard one to handle so he kept it to himself.

Why a captain does this? Well, a captain in the team is already had his hands full of resposibilities. He must endure this and solve it his own.

But his definition of being a captain are all wrong.

Kuramochi will definitely beat his ass out after this game. Knocking some sense so he wake up from his stupidity. Well, he deserve it afterall.

The catcher buttoned his uniform when he saw Kataoka and Takashima waved goodbye to the physician. Kataoka is the first one to look at the catcher, face still hard to read. Miyuki sighs.

“I want to say sorry for not telling this, not even to anyone in the team.” Miyuki says, his throat become dry and his sweat starting to freeze. The locker room seems to join in his situation. He anxiously look at his coach’s eyes, maybe any signs he won’t playing in the game. “But Kuramochi, Zono and Shirasu already know but they are still mad at me.” There’s tacking sounds coming him, he sees Takashima behind Kataoka, looking at him straight but furrowing her eyebrows. They already talk about this before session, talking about how Chris got his injury might be the same to him. Takashima is really too worried and Miyuki understand that. He smiled faintly.

“You can tell me to stop playing if i am a burden in the team.” Finally, Miyuki admitted the thoughts manifesting his whole mind after his injury developed. He feel ashamed. What kind of captain he is... He suppose to be a captain like Tetsu and a gentle player like Chris. He feels pathetic for lending this position he never wish he got and deserve. Miyuki keep smiling but it become hallow, making him sad even he tries to pull the muscles in his chin.

I just want to continue playing and win this tournament.

Maybe there is time, he still have the willpower to continue and end it with smiles. But those are just desire thoughts that pulling him in no where, abyss that fully drawn the darkness. Miyuki wanted to shrug it off. He watched Kataoka frowning at him but never say a word.

Silence filled in the locker, the only noises that made are coming from the cheers outside. Miyuki waited for his coach’s command, that’s the only way to rid his worry thoughts.

Takashima wanted to say something to break the tension but no words produce. She also waited for Kataoka to say.

A deep breath breaks it instead and a small deep hum follows. Miyuki and Takashima shook their heads in surprised to see Kataoka closing his eyes and taking his time. “hmm...” Kataoka begins, re-opening his eyes and meet Miyuki’s face. “Let your performance today judge it.” And he walked away to the locker.

Takashima and Miyuki both are awed by their head coach, it’s unusual for Kataoka but he always keep faith to his team. Takashima turn her head to see Miyuki surprised.

Miyuki lean on the wall, heart pumping heavily from the tension but it’s not bad. There is still hope for him to play. He meet Takashima’s eyes then smiled at him like it used to be. “I won’t disappoint you.” He all said, he stood up and walked toward the door.

Takashima still wore her concern look but she nodded, “Just don’t push yourself too hard.” She said, sighing. Miyuki just nodded, as he proceed to the door, he suddenly stop when Takashima said something that doesn’t involved in all aspect of baseball.

“Don’t disappoint Sawamura, Miyuki.”

Before he could go back and ask about it, a small pink-haired Kominato approach him, Miyuki almost have a heart attack.

“Miyuki-senpai, we’re on defense now.” Haruichi says, he already had his gears on and just putting the helmet. He follow along with him to change his gears. “So what happened?”

“Did you not hear?” Miyuki don’t want to talk about it but before he could deny it, Kuramochi already leading the way. The shortstopper glared dagger at the catcher then turn his attention back to the short Kominato. “He got an injury.”

Kuramochi already in his gear, still glaring at the catcher. Haruichi mutter ‘sorry’ to the captain so Kuramochi don’t get mad at him even more. Miyuki just nodded, finishing up his gear. Avoiding Kuramochi’s gaze is the only solution he get, he watched Haruichi walking with the other first year teammates. Then his heart pump again heavily but with delightful beating when he saw the southpaw pitcher getting threaten by his teammate.

Sawamura meet the catcher’s eyes with a glimpse of flashing golden pupils. Miyuki blinks, what the hell is he seeing? Sawamura is shining. HE IS SHINING?!

The southpaw waves at him and yelling ‘Miyuki-senpai’ over and over again. Miyuki want to respond but a kick in his shin stop him, he knew that move. Kuramochi walks with him.

He glared even more at the catcher but he didn’t say anything further. Miyuki already knew it so he better shut it for a while.

As the whole player finally change gears, the game continue as the score remained unchange.

— /// —

He never tell anyone that his affection on his younger roommate become more problematic than he thought. It become troublesome. This growing affection continue until Summer tournament. Kuramochi hate it but he love it some way. Until he admitted to himself that he love Sawamura fucking Eijun to Masuko.

Before the third years finally retired after Summer tournament, Kuramochi cannot handle the pain in the ass of affection overflowing him. Kuramochi needed to talk it and Masuko helped him that.

Kuramochi always in denial that he looked at Sawamura just a stupid roommate with incapable video game skills. The wrestling he always want to try to Sawamura become less aggressive and more burning skins. Kuramochi hate it so badly, he wanted to erase those sensation but he knew better. So talking to about it may be the best way to resolve the inner conflict.

Until then, Kuramochi always there watching Sawamura in his progression in the field and in his wellbeing. Even they always does the usual things, the feelings always pop-up and take over his chest. Kuramochi grew fond on him in couple of months and he is happy in his place.

That one night after practice, Sawamura was sleeping peacefully. Kuramochi crawl to see the southpaw, watching him and listening to his breath. Kuramochi’s heart skip a beat to see Sawamura’s lips, a champ texture but it still red. He wanted to kiss him that night but Kuramochi knew the consequences, it would be the best to do on time. He needs time to prepare.

Kuramochi just place a kiss on the forehead then ruffles his soft brunette hair. He wanted to say this words that burning his throat, letting the smoke come out in his lips. He wants Sawamura to hear it when he is conscious, telling it wholeheartedly with this simple yet complicated words. Maybe soon he will when he find courage to do so.

Weeks schedule where piled up with lots of practice and lots of weight lifting. Kuramochi just work on with his wings like the rest of the other teammates until their arms felts rubber. The two pitchers are already in a roll inside the gym to work on something with their pitch. Kuramochi focus solely on the southpaw’s loud voice. It was strange of him to do that but he wanted to hear Sawamura’s voice to keep his pace wide. It sort of magic to his ears, his chest always feel light and he loves it.

Even during Sawamura’s yips, Kuramochi didn’t even do anything to help but he did sometimes, but Sawamura does it to himself so Kuramochi just believe he can. Sawamura is stronger than this.

But Kuramochi knew that he isn’t the only one who have this affection on the southpaw. Not one, not two, but more. Anger took over realizing that he isn’t the only one.

Watching him far from that mound, looking at the base where the opponent is ready. Kuramochi squats, placing himself to ready for bunts and near hits.

The commotion from earlier is still fresh in his mind, he hopefully thought that isn’t real. But he hate it, the rage is overtaking him. No one— throughtout his baseball career— to do that. He wanted to laugh, it’s just ridiculous but he is making him angry.

Shrugging off, not the best time to get angry. He needs to focus in this and deal with it later. He has lots of people to deal with and hopefully no one can stop him to get Sawamura. From far away in his place, Haruichi is watching him oberservably.

The game begins and Sawamura stikes the first opponent.