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The final resistance

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The doorbell rang once again.

"Mr Wright Hello?" The mailman said. Only the girls were there; both red and blue attorneys were away on a court case.

"Huh?" Athena sprung up from the couch. "This must be the delievery Mr.Wright talked about!" She told to Trucy, who was now practicing her newest 'torn and restored' card trick in her room. Trucy rushed out. "Hey! That's what Mr.Armando gave to us! Coffee beans!" After signing in proxy of her boss, Athena thanked the mailman and sat on the excuse of a couch with trucy, opening up the packets.

"Woo! This must be Uncle Godot's gift to us!" Athena shouted. "Hey trucy, lets' try it, one cup wouldn't hurt, right?" She was jumping in excitement.

"Hmph... Seems like you haven't been recieving gifts, Athena! You should get used to it, y'know." Trucy bounced. Athena barely had any slept last night when she was fuc- I mean, talking with Simon Blackquill the whole night. Damn all this Cykesquill shipping is affecting my writing. Another damn... I broke the fourth wall again, didn't I?!?!

Anyways, they quickly said a 'cheers' and drank up the coffee. "Hey Athena, what time do you think Daddy and Polly will come back?" Just then, the door knob slowly opened. A small reunion. Wright and Apollo then heaved sighs of relieve that they won the case. Just then...

"Errr...Boss... Are you okay?!" Athena said. Phoenix then was unmoved. "What? No. I don't even look sick." Apollo seconded as well. "Yeah... He looks fine. How about erm... You two? I've seen you've tried the coffee..."

Trucy then launched herself into Justice. "We're grrrrreeeeeeaaaaaaatttttttttt.... The coffee was wonderful... Though I do feel a little wierd..." Stroking down Apollo's tie, trucy then pulled him in, Apollo almost fainting of a heart attack.

"TRUCY! What do you think you're doing?!" The father in blue said. "Athena? Do you know what's happening?!"

Athena stood up with a loud yawn. "Mmmm...nothing...boss..." She then slowly stood up and walked towards Wright. The latter now felt like he was in a horror movie, where he was getting away from a killer of sorts. "Oh...crap."

Whlist backing, Wright could see Polly trying to stop trucy from pulling down his zipper, and then in a second, they were both on the floor.

"Heeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy bosss....." Athena murmmured. "Have I ever told you.... how hot and handsome you are?" Athena's weak grin was scaring the shit out of Wright now. "What is going on?!" He then shouted to deaf ears. Athena then replied in a killer voice, "ohhh... Nothing... you're so cute, it makes me wanna fuck you, boss..." And hence she proceeded to do just so. Wright was just so fast enough to deflect Athena's kiss to him to his neck.

"STOP IT YOU TWO! STOP IT RIGHT NOW!" He commanded. This only however made Trucy more interested in Apollo, now hugging him and twerking at his face, shirt taken off. Before Phoenix stood his soon-to-be rapist, now with shirt half-unbuttoned, jacket still on. "Oh... Damn.... (If only Dollie did that...)"

Resisting lustful pressure, Phoenix then pushed his feminine co-worker away, while helping the other only sane person im the room up. Of course, Trucy was lifted up too, and Athena, like a desperate robot, continued heading in Wright's direction.

Wright then quickly sent an emergency text. "Armsndo, pls gt to my officce nw!" He clumsly typed and sent it to Godot. This was his only hope, now, just to try not to get raped by his co-worker.

Athena, now smirking, continued. "Boss... You're irresistable... " she was no loosening her tie, and trying to handcuff her boss with her ponytail. "Let's see how you're doing down there." Wright then suddenly felt a hand grabbing his dick so hard that he screamed. Was this what it is liked getting raped? Was it? As a man?

Meanwhile, a glimpse, Trucy then slammed justice into a wall, biting his face. Apollo had enough nerves to stop it, but not from her humping him later.

Back to Wright, Athena was giving him rapid licks like a dog would, and vibrating his cock for him. Then, she gave him a sloppy kiss he was unable to defend from. Should he punch her or knock her out? Who is more important, his virginity or her sanity?

Before he could make a just decision, athena then rammed him to the ground, tie lossening by Athena. Cykes then unbottomed and kissed her boss' sweaty chest, whlist Apollo was already getting stripped by the younger Wright.

"Apollo!!! You must...resist!" Phoenix gave the command. He then continued. "You must NOT have sex with her!"

Apollo returned. "Right! Be careful! Athena's unzipping you!"

Wright looked in horror as Athena took of his underwear, and started stroking his long penis. "Boss... This is HUGE!" She complimented Wright. Before Phoenix could raise an objection, Athena was already licking up that incredibly sensitive part of Wright.

Apollo, in a upmost heroric attempt, pushed trucy away for a bit and threw a little ball at Athena, causing the latter to go off course, though still licking its side of Tiny Phoenix Wright.

Just then, Apollo noticed that he himself was no longer of his boxers, and trucy was also naked, her cunt was now entering his dick, and there was nothing he could do. Athena had also started sucking Wright's in hopes that they could proceed in the oral sex.

Was this the end? "Goodbye virginity, it was nice knowing you..." Apollo mummured.

Just then, like light at the end of the tunnel, two coffee cups then stunned the two molesters that were about to be turned into rapists. Another two icy cups, and both girls were knocked out.

"You were lucky, Trite. Any more than ten seconds and you would have started the process" The white-haired prosecutor said. In a fit of anger, the head of the agency blurted out. "What was IN that coffee, Mr.Amando?!"

Shaking his head, Godot could only reply "That's what you get for not reading the labels. Laxative is the reason why Girls can't have more than two cups. Just like how Coffee itself must have a limit of 17, the laxative will do a little... Something."

Apollo then joined in "Don't worry, Mr.Wright. I'm sure I didn't ejaculate. So no one's getting pregnant...?" He said to his boss, who was now thinking what if they DID have sex, and Athena gives birth to one more child of Wright, and Apollo getting a son out of his half-sister? The thought already make Wright sick.

Wright could only find a table, grabed his hair firmly. And rest his elbows on the table in disbelief. And have a cup of java thrown at him, of course.