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a hold on me

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it’s absurdly hot.

absurdly hot meaning hoseok really doesn’t want to be lifting boxes from his silver sedan with his teenage son pretending to fall ill on their lawn. it’s a pretty nice neighborhood, trees and tiny mom and pop shops lining the vicinity; a suburban refuge safe from the plague (gentrification).

hoseok admits, he’s pretty satisfied with his decision to start fresh, no longer bound to the old home that held so many memories of his son’s childhood--from early days spent at the ice skating rink, to that time he really did try to get namjoon into dancing (a bad decision, he’d broken both of his ankles) to listening to namjoon wax poetic about his first crush to being the pillar his son needed during his first heartbreak. watching his son grow into the awkwardly charming young man he is today sends a swell of pride rippling through him.

hopefully this new home will be a haven for them to create new memories, ones with more life and distance from the old haunting ghosts of their past. hoseok shuts his eyes, basking in the sun’s rays. he hopes this place will prove to be just as good a fit as the last one.

“namjoon, stop acting like you’re dead and help me with these damn boxes. they’re heavy as fuck.”

“but, dad,” namjoon sits up, plucking a blade of grass and holding it firmly between his index finger and thumb. “i can’t be acting dead if i already am dead. on the inside, of course. the hollow shell my body has become will have to endure this corporeal suffering you call ‘life.’”

“careful, keep speaking like that and i’ll drop you off at that goth guy’s house across the cul-de-sac.” hoseok warns him, his voice dips a little as he pulls a box toward his chest and heaves it onto his shoulder.

“ah, goth guy,” namjoon sighs dreamily, “the gentleman i strive to be. he’ll make an excellent choice for a new adoptive father.”

hoseok pouts, throwing a wounded look over his shoulder. “you weren’t supposed to actually agree.”

“it’s too late, i’m having him sign the adoption papers as i speak.”

“oh, my own flesh and blood, abandoning me for another.” he throws his hand over his eyes dramatically. it does nothing to stop the heat of the sun beating down on him.

hoseok walks over to his son and promptly drops the box in front of him. namjoon lets out a groan of protest, reluctantly standing up from the soft tuft of grass he had made a home on. but hoseok’s not in the mood to have a play argument with namjoon, not right now. he’s got to open up the dance studio he just bought and word round the street (literally, just the five neighbors he has around his cul-de-sac) is people are looking forward to his yoga and dance lessons.


he’s walked around town, heard a few things here and there about the type of people around him. hoseok won’t lie, he knows his past would one day come back to haunt him, so when the cashier mentions offhandedly that she knows someone who graduated from hoseok’s college, he shouldn’t have been surprised to hear the name slip past her lips. he sighs, trying to push that bit of information back into the deep recesses of his mind.

“let’s just finish this up so i can go check out and clean the studio.”

namjoon mutters a huffed “fine” under his breath, before he’s sweating alongside hoseok. hoseok works efficiently, only stopping to make sure his son doesn’t break any bones as he tries to lift a particularly heavy box.


hoseok is drained, his body is sore from the past few days of heavy lifting, but he can almost taste that pizza he and namjoon will definitely be ordering in just a few hours. he sighs, daydreaming about pizza grease and cracking open a cold one (“with the boys, dad?”) when he feels his box hitting a solid surface. he knew he’s have to confront his past sooner or later, he just figured… well, he figured it would happen later and definitely not this soon.


he lowers the box, only to be greeted by-- “jeon jungkook?” hoseok’s eyes widen, his eyes raking over muscles, fine, deliciously sculpted muscles. “jungle juice jeon jungkook? is it really you?” hoseok feels himself get ten times hotter, and then he’s dropping his box when he hears gurgling noises. “oh my god.”


jungkook’s grin is wide and bunny like, his face much more mature, aged finely with years of adulthood. the signature beanie he used to dawn every day to hide his bed head after long nights of partying completely vanished. he’s filled out in all the right places, yes, god yes. those thighs are incredibly drool-worthy, but hoseok doesn’t spend another second checking out his perfectly sculpted thighs because his eyes flit back up to the baby strapped to jungkook’s chest. she’s blowing little bubbles and it makes hoseok a little weak. he ignores the pang of hurt in his chest and pushes down the question stuck in his throat. so he and yugyeom adopted. nice. lovely.


“hi hoseok,” jungkook smiles, his voice still light, still airy when he laughs. “it’s been awhile, hasn’t it?”

hoseok feels his throat constrict just a bit. he didn’t think that after all these years jungkook would have the same effects on him.“well, yeah. i mean, we haven’t talked since i graduated. how’ve you been?” hoseok leans in and tickles the baby’s chin with his index finger. “and who is this lovely little one?”

“this is jisoo,” he waves her hand at hoseok for her and then jungkook sighs deeply, his smile deepening. “y’know me, just going with the flow, doing a little bit of investing here and there, but mostly sticking with my old job.”


“video game testing, right? i heard from yugyeom a few months back, actually.”


jungkook’s smile falters just a bit. “oh? you... you talk to yugyeom?”


hoseok doesn’t know why he keeps talking, jungkook’s face gets paler and paler. “not in a while, but i’d love to catch up with both of you when you two are available.” in hindsight, this was the nail in hoseok’s coffin. he watches jungkook shift in his spot uncomfortably, the baby starts to take notice and starts sniffling.


“oh,” jungkook bites his lip. “actually, we broke up just last year... so.”

hoseok stiffens. “oh fuck, i’m sorry.”


“nah, don’t be. we’re good, for the most part. we talk and he gets to see the kids every so often. it’s just hard because he’s decided to move out of the country.”


hoseok’s brows furrow together, he gives jungkook a look of sympathy. “must be tough on jisoo.”


“oh yeah, but jennie and lisa are more torn up about it, they’re a little older so it’s just been a little rough. but they’re tough, just like their dad.” jungkook smiles proudly.


“you have two more kids?” hoseok asks, eyebrows raised. his throat goes dry. “wow. that’s… that’s unexpected.”


jungkook ducks his head. “yeah, well, things happen but i don’t regret it. they’re both awesome, you should see them kick my ass at overwatch.”


hoseok grins, but he knows it probably looks unnatural. and then namjoon is at his side, ready to save him. “hey dad--” namjoon comes up, before he’s looking jungkook up and down. “who’s muscles?”




namjoon raises his hands in defense, before his eyes lock on jisoo. his eyes go wide and he makes grabby hands for the baby.


“wow, joon, you’ve grown up a lot,” jungkook remarks, unstrapping jisoo for namjoon to hold. hoseok looks at the scene, a little nervously. namjoon can’t even hold himself up, how can they trust him to hold an infant?


“last time i saw you, i helped change your diaper in a physics lecture.”


namjoon raises a brow. “you guys know each other?”


hoseok and jungkook look at each other. “we used to date” and “we were college roommates” come out their mouths at the same time.


“oh,” namjoon says awkwardly. hoseok watches his son freeze up, his hold on the baby a little more secure as he shuffles his feet. seeing namjoon being anxious is making him anxious. “well. cool. i’ll just, uh, be playing with the baby.”


“you never told him?” jungkook shakes his head, threading his fingers through his hair.. hoseok feels his stomach drop, his eyes widening just a bit. he hates this the most, seeing jungkook upset. “did everything that happened between us even mean anything to you?”


“jungkook, how could you say that?” hoseok’s voice nearly cracks. this is too heavy for him to be dealing with. he sighs. now is not the time to be dealing with his ex. he looks around, before he whispers, his voice coming out hushed. “of course it did-- back then it was different, okay? i had... i had namjoon to take care of and i was going to school. it was too overwhelming. too difficult.”


“yeah,” jungkook blinks his eyes, and then he nods. hoseok waits for it. he waits for the whine jungkook will give him, the glare that sends hurt throughout hoseok’s body, the hurt, wide eyes filled with tears. but none of it ever comes. “yeah, of course. sorry, that was stupid of me to bring up after finally seeing each other again.”


hoseok stares at jungkook, about to say something when jungkook cuts him off. “anyway, it was nice seeing you, hobi. i gotta finish my jog and head to work.”


“you run with your baby?”


“resistance training, hoseok. can’t let this hot body go, now can i?” jungkook tries to joke. his voice is flat, his lips tight and his words come out just a bit clipped. he turns and heads over to where namjoon is letting the baby crawl across the grass. he’s making cooing noises at her that are honest to god adorable. jungkook snatches his daughter up, saying a goodbye to namjoon and waving at hoseok before he’s strapping his daughter back onto her carrier and jogging away.


“well, that could’ve gone a lot worse, i’m proud of you.” namjoon smiles at hoseok with a triumphant grin.


“how many boxes have you taken out of the car, namjoon?”


“including the one i just put inside the house?” namjoon asks, his eyebrows raised. “one.”


hoseok sighs.


he agrees, that reunion could have gone a lot worse, but it could’ve gone better too.

hoseok tries not to dwell on it.

he fails.

honestly, hoseok is sure he would have unpacked his minivan faster without namjoon’s help, but he loves to give namjoon some positive reinforcement. hoseok likes to think he’s a pretty good dad, and teaching him the value of hard, manual labor is something that could potentially be useful. hoseok pats himself on the back, before his eyes widen and he sees namjoon struggling. he rushes over to help him carry the box through the doorway.

“am i getting a raise in my allowance for this?” namjoon pants over the last box he carries into their new home.


hoseok hums contemplatively before he shakes his head. “absolutely not.”

“this is child labor, i need to call CPS, like, right now,” namjoon mumbles.


hoseok rolls his eyes, a grin grows on his face as he plops down on their tattered couch. “you’ll get a dollar for every box you carried in, how’s that?”


“that’s like, four bucks, dad.”

“well, good.” hoseok nods. “you’ve really earned it, kiddo.”

they quickly get to work unpacking, working around each other to put things in their rightful places. hoseok moves around the kitchen, unboxing most of his kitchen utensils and pots and making sure they’re well stocked enough for dinner later. not that he’d be cooking. there’s no way he’s cooking. they’re going to order pizza. again.

looking around his new home, he quite likes it. it already feels lived in (i.e. the mess of broken plates namjoon’s managed to destroy within the hour) and he actually feels like he’s made the right decision. at their old place, the two of them agreed they’d felt suffocated, the hustle of the city was too much for them; they could use a break now that namjoon is graduating and moving off to college. plus, the friendly neighbors of suburbia are a nice change of pace from the uncouth and uptight middle aged corporate workers back in the heart of the city.


“so,” namjoon begins, snapping hoseok out of his thoughts. namjoon’s face is scrunched up, like he’d sniffed something bad, his eyes shifting around in contemplation. hoseok can tell where this is going--his son is incredibly transparent. he watches namjoon beat around the bush for a good couple of minutes before he blurts out his question. “you’re gonna tell me about that jungkook guy, right?”


hoseok groans internally. “he’s an ex.”


namjoon rolls his eyes. “seems to be a lot more backstory to that. you wouldn’t have a meltdown over one random ex.”


“i didn’t have a meltdown. i’m a fully functioning adult who’s fully capable of running into old flames, thank you very much.” hoseok turns to namjoon, eyes set on his son. he’d never really told namjoon anything about his college experience. it wasn’t like hollywood movies make it seem; it was brutal. living paycheck to paycheck in a shitty apartment, scouring for food, dumpster diving for furniture. “it’s... a long story.”


“i finished my homework, i have time,” namjoon says eagerly, saddling on top of a box. “i can’t believe you scored with muscles though. he’s kinda hot, dad. i’m impressed.”


hoseok blanches, throwing namjoon a scandalized look. “okay, don’t say that. he was almost your father!”




hoseok slaps a hand over his mouth. “i didn’t say that.”


namjoon clicks his tongue, hopping onto the kitchen counter. “you’re an awful liar. tell me everything.”


hoseok shakes his head, but the wide-eyed look namjoon is giving him tells him there’s no way he’s getting out of this.


hoseok sighs, completely defeated. this was bound to happen at some point.


“it was junior year, and he and i were just roommates at the time. we went to a party, and well…” hoseok winces, “i engaged in... intercourse with a woman.” he peeks at namjoon who’s looking at him completely unamused.


“i know what sex is, oh my god.”


hoseok covers his ears. “i don’t want to know that you know what sex is, you’re still my baby.”


namjoon rolls his eyes. “then what?” he ignores the previous statement dutifully.


“well, that was your mother,” hoseok sighs out. “i didn’t really know her. it was a stupid mistake.”


“gee, thanks.”


“no! not you, i mean--” hoseok groans. he covers his eyes, and shakes his head at the memories.  “it was just a bad decision to sleep with someone and not use a condom. it was just, not smart on my part.” he looks at namjoon. “but i don’t regret it. well, at the time i did, because i woke up with a huge hangover and your mom’s vomit on my chest…”


“spare me the details.”


hoseok shook his head. “i didn’t know her. i’d seen her around campus occasionally and we talked a few times afterward. but then, a few weeks after that party jungkook and i... we kind of realized we liked each other. we started going out and everything was great.”

hoseok remembers those few luxurious months with jungkook, recalling the days they spent lazing around, travelling to different places and sightseeing together. he remembers long nights spent cooped up in their rooms, both of them hovered over textbooks with music playing lightly in the background. he remembers hours of jungkook sitting in front of their jacked up tv, jungkook’s eyes trained on it while he hammered out a couple of combos on the newest game. they were great times, hoseok thinks.

“and then your mom came in with the news of her pregnancy a few months into jungkook and my relationship. it was... it was difficult, but he was so great. he was so understanding and he wanted to help out. it was fine, for the most part. and then your mom gave birth to you and things changed.”


hoseok feels tired, it was draining talking about this, the past. it hurt. “then days were spent taking care of you, and jungkook couldn’t be one of my priorities anymore. i had you to take care of, and grades to keep up… it wasn’t fair to him. i couldn’t give him the proper love he deserved. so i ended things with him.”


“you let him go? just like that? even after he was understanding of all your bullshit?” namjoon asks, perplexed. “it’s not like you asked him to help out with me, he stayed with you.”


“namjoon, raising a child is a huge responsibility. i could barely balance a checkbook, let alone deal with an infant and write a thesis at the same time.”


namjoon shakes his head. “so you were still in love with him.”


“yeah, i was still in love with him. i was still in love with him while i helped him pack his bags, and when i watched him fall in love with someone else, and when i heard news of his wedding…” hoseok laughs. “but i don’t regret it at all. i just wanted him to be happy.”


“what about you though?” namjoon asks after a moment of silence. “you let him go and he was happy. mom’s really happy, she keeps sending me pictures of her sipping mimosas in cancún. but what about you? don’t you think you deserve something too?”


hoseok stares at namjoon, before a grin breaks out on his face. “i have you, silly.”


namjoon rolls his eyes, unsatisfied with the answer. but he doesn’t press it.

namjoon unpacks a few more boxes, carrying his belongings up the creaky wooden stairs to his room. they’d done most of the setting up already, since namjoon whined about not wanting to be in a house filled with boxes the first nights they moved in. everything is ‘homey’-- namjoon even went out of his way to line the windowsills with plants, dotting the living room with bright, bold colors.

hoseok breathes in, satisfied with how things look in his new rustic home. this is good. this is new. he’s going to have a fresh start. new city, new people, but old problems to face. hoseok knows a thing or two about problems. and he always manages to get through them.



“i’ll be back later, don’t talk to strangers!”


“dad, i’m eighteen.”


“still my baby,” hoseok says adamantly, before he’s shutting and locking the door behind him. he steps out of his house to see a few of his neighbors a few houses over. they’re bickering over their shared white-picket fence, smug smiles on their faces when hoseok decides he should probably go over and greet them.


“hi!” hoseok waves at them, approaching them both. “i’m hoseok, i just moved in with my son--” his voice drifts off as he cocks a brow.


they don’t notice his presence, the two of them to caught up in their own conversation to really care. he watches the two of them for a moment when he notices their matching grins and sly smiles, both of them undressing each other with their eyes. he’s sure the shorter one is tugging down at his shirt to reveal his nipples on purpose, but it could just be the light playing tricks on hoseok’s eyes. upon closer look, hoseok thinks that they must be... aggressively flirting? yeah, that’s it.

one of them is tanned, tall, with a modelesque physique. he has a wide, playful grin toying at his lips and his eyes are blatantly roaming over the other man’s body. “your hydrangea bushes are looking pretty thick, jimin,” he says, his deep, lustrous voice dripping with sex-appeal. “almost as thick as you.”

hoseok looks back and forth between the two. it’s a pretty private conversation, but he won’t lie. he’s intrigued and also kind of nosy, so he waits for them to notice.


“god, taehyung,” the man--jimin, practically moans, placing his hands on the fence to hold himself up. “i love it when you compare my body to flowers.”


“yeah?” taehyung moves closer, his breath coming out a little heavier. “gonna spread those cheeks for me and show me your little rosebud--”


“why are you guys like this? you’re literally married!” a third voice alarms the three of them. hoseok whips his head to see the man the voice came out of. and there he is, pale, clad in a tight leather jacket despite the harsh summer weather. he looks over at jimin and taehyung, then once at hobi, his frown deepening. he spits out, “and stop using my lawn to roleplay, it’s fucking weird and you’re scaring our new neighbor.”


“yoongi!” jimin laughs nervously, patting the opposite side of the fence in some sort of morse code-type language that has taehyung readily helping him over. taehyung quickly lifts him up and over the fence with practiced ease and jimin leans into his husband. he sends yoongi a shaky smile. “thought you were out of town, buddy.”


yoongi looks at them, unamused. “no.”


taehyung tilts his head down to whisper, “we...remembered to take the dildo we used when we snuck into his room, right?”


“of course we did, tae. c’mon we’re not children,” jimin tuts back.


yoongi lets out an exasperated sigh, before he’s walking over to hoseok. “sorry about them, they’re disgusting.” (“hey! we’re just in love and you’re just jealous!”)


hoseok nods, a grin plastered on his face. “yeah, i figured that much. i’m jung hoseok. you must be yoongi?”


“yeah, min yoongi,” yoongi smiles, a particularly strange look of recognition blooms on yoongi’s face. hoseok ignores it and thinks yoongi’s significantly less intimidating when he’s mouth stretches into a grin. his gummy smile could melt anyone’s heart, that’s for sure.


taehyung and jimin bound up behind hoseok. “sorry about that,” taehyung rubs the back of his neck embarrassedly, “it’s hard getting alone time, so we get a bit... side tracked when the kids are at daycare.”


heat rises up taehyung’s face and jimin smirks at the scene. “hell yeah we do.”


“stop, please,” yoongi groans.


“i’m park jimin, and this is my husband, taehyung,” jimin stretches his hand out, gripping hoseok’s hand firmly.


“jung hoseok, pleasure to meet you guys.”


“oh, you’re jung hoseok,” taehyung says with a smile. “welcome to the neighborhood.” and then he side eyes jimin and raises his brows. “hope you like it here, also if you hear our screams, just know they’re screams of pleasure. please don’t call the police.” taehyung grabs onto jimin’s hands and they giggle as they whirl away, the door to their baby blue home slams shut.


“well,” hoseok says. “you do you, i guess.”


“you’re so lucky you don’t live next door to them. i catch them fucking on their balcony all the time.”


“a sight to behold,” hoseok smiles at him sympathetically. “anyway, it was nice meeting you, yoongi, but i gotta go set up shop.”


“the new studio, right? what was it called? One Dance, right?” yoongi asks, his lips curling into a smirk.


hoseok laughs, “I know, it was a dumb decision to name my studio after a fucking drake song, but i couldn’t think of anything else.”


yoongi laughs, shaking his head. “my boyfriend owns the cafe right next to it. mind if i tag along?”


hoseok nods his head enthusiastically. yoongi doesn’t seem like he’d be a serial killer, and hoseok does know where he lives if anything is a problem. if anything, he’s incredibly relieved yoongi gave him this opportunity to befriend him. they walk over to hoseok’s sedan that yoongi eyes hesitantly.

he raises a brow with a smirk on his face. “nice car, hoseok.” hoseok narrows his eyes at him. there’s absolutely nothing wrong with driving a sedan, he tries to counter back, but yoongi just shakes his head, chuckling to himself as he looks out the window.

“just get in,” hoseok mutters with a pout.


they exchange a bit of small talk, mostly talking about when yoongi moved here, how he met his boyfriend seokjin, what he does for work. “met him a few years back. we met at his cafe. he would deliver coffee to my door personally. then i went to the cafe myself and asked a worker to deliver something to me later and they actually told me they don’t do deliveries.”


hoseok laughs, endeared. if there’s one thing he loves, well, it’s love. it’s finding people who make you happy to make happy. “what about you?” yoongi asks softly, as they pull up to a parking spot just a few shops down from the cafe. “you married?”


hoseok tightens his grip on his steering wheel, then lets his hands drop. he pulls out the key to turn off the engine. “nah, never had time.” it’s not a complete lie, he supposes.


yoongi looks at him, searching for an answer, then he nods. he pats hoseok’s back reassuringly. “that’s cool, nothing wrong with that.”


hoseok tosses him a wry smile and they step out the car.


“stop by the cafe afterward, we’ll give you a treat. on the house,” yoongi nudges hoseok’s side before he’s walking into the tiny cafe next door. hoseok agrees, but he’s not sure he can make the promise too. he figures he should probably spend the rest of the day cleaning up around his studio.

hoseok doesn’t want to spare another second, he needs to set things up and already has a class scheduled for tomorrow.


it’s kind of a mess. the floors are scuffed up, blackened grease stains trailed throughout the studio and dust covering just about every surface. there’s a giant wet spot on the ceiling of the back room and he had to call animal control for a family of racoons that found shelter in the bathroom. but he swears things are coming together.


One Dance is slightly cleaner, the walls looking a somewhat off-color white that he’ll be sure to repaint something more vibrant. but overall, it’s spacious and he knows it’s a great space to practice his choreographies in.

it’ll do. and it will because hoseok is determined.


he moves a couple of boxes around the studio, unpacking a few decorations to make the place more presentable. he sweeps around the studio and wipes down the dusty mirrors. it’s not  bad place, it just needs a few touch-ups and a paint job, maybe. it’s manageable and he’s definitely thankful for that. he’s on his stepladder hanging the curtains of the store when there’s a knock on the door. he figures it must be one of the electricians coming to fix some of the lights in the back of the studio.


“hey.” hoseok stills at the familiar voice. “you look like you could use a hand.”


“jungkook,” hoseok lets out a squeak, a little startled. the stool wobbles just a bit as hoseok turns. he nearly falls off his stool, but catches himself against the window. “fuck, you scared me,” hoseok breathes out.


“oh,” jungkook laughs to himself. “sorry about that, forgot how easily you scare.”


hoseok shakes his head, ignoring the latter half of the apology. he doesn’t need to be reminded just how well jungkook knows hoseok. “it’s cool, don’t worry about it. but, help would be nice,” he pauses. “only if you’re not busy, of course.”


“nope, just dropped off jisoo at daycare and finished up with work a little early. i can spare an hour or two.” he smiles hesitantly. “also, i... i feel bad about the other day. let me make it up to you?”


hoseok’s smile drops. “jungkook, you have nothing to be sorry for. it happened ages ago, it’s fine.”


“i know, but...i shouldn’t have brought it up. especially not in front of your son,” he shakes his head. “i’m embarrassed about how i acted.”


hoseok steps off his stool, moving toward jungkook. he spreads his arms wide open, bringing jungkook to his chest. this is good, hoseok thinks as they’re chest to chest. good, platonic bro hugging. it’s cool. but then he starts thinking about how nice jungkook’s muscles feel around him and how warm and tall jungkook is and his mind travels right into the gutter. he clears his throat, remembering that jungkook just spoke. “no need to be, jungkookie. but i’m glad you’re still as cute as you used to be.”


“hobi,” jungkook flushes. “you’re still kind of an oblivious flirt.”

jungkook’s not wrong, except for the fact that hoseok knows he’s blatantly flirting with him. but hoseok shrugs the comment off. they both stare at each other before they break into laughter.


hoseok pulls away from the hug (that probably lasted a little too long) and tells jungkook to finish hanging the curtains while hoseok sets up the sound system on the table by the bathroom. the studio is spacious. a mirror spans across one wall, perfect for discreetly checking out jungkook’s ass when jungkook thinks hoseok isn’t looking. he pushes a table over to the back corner and sweeps up a bit more. he’s already cleaned just about everything in the studio. he just wants an excuse to spend more time around the younger.


they work while they both reminisce on their glorious college days-- late nights spent sneaking into jungkook’s biology lab to cross country trips the two of them would take during spring break. “remember that time,” hoseok starts. “y’know the one?”


jungkook stills, his cheeks heating up. he fumbles with the broom in his hand. “the... the night where we snuck into the frat house?”


“yeah, that one,” hoseok smirks now, pleased at the flush of jungkook’s face.


jungkook bites his cheek. “i still think about that night sometimes, if i’m being honest.”


“god, the look on that fraternity dude’s face was priceless when we stole their keg.”


jungkook looks away, bashfully. he presses the palms of his hands to his eyes and sighs. “oh, that night.”


“what night were you thinking of?” hoseok asks him inquisitively. of course, jungkook couldn’t have been thinking about--


“the night i rode you so hard on that frat dude’s bed you cried,” jungkook’s voice cracks. “and then the frat dude caught us and banned us from all of his parties.”


hoseok guffaws, tossing his head back. the memories come flooding back, heat rising up his neck. “holy shit, that was one of the best moments of my life.”


“pretty invigorating, i’ll admit.”


the awkwardness settles in, tension thick as realization dawns on hoseok. so they’re talking about their previous sex life with each other, it’s normal. so they used to fuck and kiss, and maybe they were in love. big deal, they can still be friends.


hoseok clears his throat. “thanks for helping out, jungkookie. i appreciate it.”


jungkook snaps his head up to look at hoseok and then his a smile blossoms on his face that has hoseok’s heart beating erratically in his chest. it’s the kind of smile that could light a whole city. “anytime, hobi.”


they eye each other, before hoseok gestures toward the door. they head out together. jungkook looks down at his phone. “gotta go pick the girls up from school soon,” he mentions quietly.


“yeah, for sure. uh, seriously, we should hang out together sometime? it’s nice having a friend around here, y’know?” hoseok punches jungkook’s arm playfully (and it hurt).


jungkook nods, his expression just a tad tight. “i’d love to, uh, that sounds great. maybe we could all go get something for lunch? you and namjoon and me and my girls? it’ll be fun.”


it won’t be the two of us then? he almost says. he bites his tongue.

hoseok tries not to let his disappointment show, but then he’s nodding his head. he says something like “yeah, hit me up literally anytime” and mentally slaps himself because he sounds stupid and really eager and has it always been this hard talking to jungkook?


he drives away and tries not to bash his head into his steering wheel and crash to the side of the road.


a few weeks pass, mostly with hoseok and jungkook messaging each other on a social media site, both of them unavailable to meet up. who knew their conflicting schedules would be hoseok’s biggest cockblock. it’s tough, but hoseok really wants to spend more time with his old friend. he’ll say it, he misses jungkook, more than he’d like to admit.


which is why when jungkook invites him and namjoon over, he forces namjoon to free his schedule. “please, help me out here,” hoseok had begged his son. namjoon relented, only when hoseok promised to give him one driving lesson. hoseok almost didn’t do it out of the sheer fact that namjoon is a walking hazard--he didn’t want to imagine the kind of monster namjoon would be with an actual vehicle. but he eventually agreed, too desperate with the prospect of meeting up with jungkook again.


and that’s how they find themselves standing in front of jungkook’s pale beige, one story house with the cute little welcome mat with a smiley face on it.

namjoon and hoseok are dressed in their most athletic attire. jungkook had mentioned something about a tournament, but hoseok and namjoon are both clueless about sports. when they show up to jungkook’s house, however, they’re confused. jennie and lisa are seated in blue and green bean bags, their judgemental eyes rake over hoseok and namjoon for a minute before their eyes turn back to the television with mild disinterest. they’re really cute, hoseok notes. jennie’s sporting a lopsided pigtail and mismatched socks with little purple hearts dotted all over them. she must find them embarrassing, however, because she digs her feet under herself just a bit when she catches hoseok staring down at them. lisa has her hair done up in a messy bun, with her bleached blond hair falling out of it. she’s got on a basic t and a pair of sweats and she looks ready to conquer the world. the girls both resemble their father in a way that has hoseok melting.  


“so, when are we going to the tournament?” hoseok asks as he plops down onto their couch. from the floor, lisa and jenny turn to look at hoseok curiously.


“this is the tournament,” lisa says, swiping her bangs out of her face.


jennie perks up beside her, “it’s the bi-monthly mario kart tournament. we’re just waiting for more users to log on.”


hoseok’s jaw drops. he looks at jungkook. “oh, this is cute. they really are your daughters.”


jungkook laughs, bouncing jisoo on his hip. “they’re good, too. you’ll see. i’ve been coaching them for years.”


namjoon sits down on the floor with the girls, and takes the controller jennie offers to him. they play a trial round and namjoon gets last place.


“see?” jungkook smirks proudly.


namjoon looks over his shoulder. “honestly, them beating me isn’t too much of a win. i’m awful at video games.”


“yeah, we can tell,” lisa remarks from her spot. “but that’s chill, we like a good little ego-boost before the real deal.”


namjoon sits there, stunned that a ten year-old just sassed him. hoseok tries not to laugh.


namjoon moves away from the destructive duo and onto the couch. he immediately asks jungkook if he can hold jisoo and jungkook hands her over. it’s a few minutes through their first match when namjoon cries cries out after jisoo decides to throw up her breakfast all over him.

jungkook lets out a string of apologies but hoseok waves him off. “it’s okay we all saw it coming. joon, just go get changed and come back.”

namjoon makes a grumbling protest but leaves just because the smell of the vomit on him is disgusting. jungkook cleans up the spot on the couch and changes jisoo. it’s then that hoseok can finally see the fatigue on jungkook’s face; the subtle lines of exhaustion under his eyes, dark with obvious signs of a lack of sleep. hoseok frowns. and then jungkook comes back and slides right next to hoseok.

“he’s a really good kid,” jungkook comments, his eyes focused on his daughters’ screens. “you did a great job raising him, y’know.”


“thanks,” hoseok smiles proudly. “he can be a bit of a smartass sometimes but, he’s the greatest gift i could have asked for.”

jungkook nods, “i know how that feels.” he looks down at the baby in his arms and nuzzles her a little. hoseok is two seconds away from lighting himself on fire because that was adorable. jungkook is adorable. he always has been.

hoseok remembers the first time he met jungkook, welcome week of college while he was running the dance club’s booth. he remembers jungkook’s eager grin and the way his mouth curved upward when he said hoseok’s name. he remembers when he casually suggested jungkook should move in with him, the way jungkook’s eyes lit up when he agreed. he remembers the taste of jungkook’s skin, the scent of his pillow all the mornings after they made love. hoseok remembers it all.

he shuts his eyes for a second. he’s... not real.


hoseok decides to ignore jungkook’s questioning gaze and focus on his daughters’ tournament. the two of them are cornering an opponent, blue-shelling the shit out of him. hoseok doesn’t even know what that means, but he thinks they’re winning.

and then namjoon comes back, completely soaked. hoseok’s mouth opens to ask him what the fuck happened and namjoon raises a hand. “i just met jimin and taehyung’s kids. they had water guns. don’t ask, i’m lucky to even be alive right now.”


hoseok’s mouth snaps shut and jungkook laughs in response. “well, are... you going to change again?”


namjoon’s eyes widen incredulously. “you want me,” he points to himself, “to go back into that warzone? you’re joking. i’ll go dry off in the backyard.” he steps through the house quickly and makes his exit out the back door. jungkook doesn’t even notice namjoon dripping water everywhere, but if he does, he doesn’t say anything.

jungkook... doesn’t really seem to be noticing anything. jisoo has been biting at his shirt for a good twenty minutes not and he still hasn’t batted an eyelash. if hoseok didn’t know any better, he would think jungkook was sleeping with his eyes open.

jungkook’s got dark, purple circles under his eyes, his lips are a little cracked and his hair is kind of a mess. he’s got baby food stains on his shirt and pants and he kind of looks like he hasn’t gotten a decent night’s sleep in... well, ever. hoseok has been there. he understands the struggle of a single parent. “hey, kook?” hoseok leans in after a while. “if you’re tired, you can nap. i’ll watch the kids.”


jungkook’s eyes widen. “what? no, you’re my guest.”

“yeah, but you look like you’ve been hit by an eighteen-wheeler.”

the younger makes a noise of mock offense. “thought i always looked hot to you, hoseok.”

hoseok rolls his eyes, pushing him lightly. “c’mon, you need to sleep too. i bet jisoo’s been keeping you up a lot, right?”


jungkook sends hoseok an apprehensive look. “yeah.”

“go to sleep, dad. you know we’re going to win anyway,” jennie says, not even bothering to look over her shoulder. she’s too focused on winning.


jungkook laughs, and hoseok takes jisoo out of his arms, bouncing her lightly in his lap. “alright, i’ll go. wake me up during the final round though.”


“will do.”


the tournament goes by relatively quickly, lisa and jennie tag teaming every one of their opponents and coming in first every round. hoseok knows nothing about video games, but he can tell they’re exceptionally good at them. he and namjoon (who comes back inside with a sunburn on his nose after an hour of laying in the sun) cheer them on, but they mostly just play with jisoo and make sure she doesn’t throw up all over them or the couch again.


it’s a little late in the afternoon when lisa tells hoseok that the final round is coming up soon. hoseok passes jisoo over to namjoon and tells him “don’t drop her” which earns him a swift glare from his son.


“she’s precious cargo, i’d protect her with my life, dad.”


hoseok walks to jungkook’s room, inspecting the walls of his hallway adorned with polaroids and framed pictures of jungkook and his daughters and a few empty spots that hoseok figures were probably where he kept the pictures including yugyeom.


he feels a little sad when he knocks on jungkook’s door. “jungkook?”


no answer.


he pushes past the door and steps inside. the room is dark and a little warm. the window is open but there’s no such thing as a breeze in the summer, at least not around here. jungkook is laying on his bed, a pillow between his legs and the blanket thrown off his body. he’s shirtless, probably because of the heat.


hoseok tries not to let his gaze stay on his body too long, he’s here on a mission. he stalks up to the side of jungkook’s bed and pokes his cheek. “jungkook, wake up. jennie and lisa are about to win.”


jungkook barely stirs.


“jungkook,” hoseok sits down at the edge of the bed. “wake up, i’ll tickle you, don’t test me.” he runs his index finger over jungkook’s cheek, tracing over the scar there. jungkook doesn’t move a muscle. hoseok pouts, continuing until his finger is hovering right at jungkook’s lips. he pokes once, and then-- hoseok tries not to let out a gasp.

jungkook’s mouth opens, his pink lips parting just a bit to let the tip of his index finger in. jungkook sucks on it lightly, and hoseok... hoseok thinks he should probably leave because this is starting to feel like the beginning of a bad porno. when he’s about to pull his finger out of jungkook’s mouth, jungkook’s eyes blink open. his eyes are glassy as he looks up at hoseok, finger still in his goddamn mouth like that’s a normal thing two bros do to each other. and then he’s pulling his mouth away, a string of saliva connecting from his lips to hoseok’s finger.


hoseok can’t breathe. “okay,” he says once he manages to find his voice. “uh, i’ll be outside. uh, yeah.” he makes his escape quickly, shutting the door a little too loudly behind him. hoseok is one hundred percent certain his face is completely flushed, but he’s thankful his son doesn’t ask him anything, although he’s sure namjoon already knows. his son always knows.


when the tournament is over, hoseok congratulates the girls. he looks over at jungkook, who he hasn’t made eye contact with since The Finger Incident, and waves goodbye.


jungkook walks hoseok and namjoon to the door, his fingers drum on the door frame as they slip their shoes on.


“namjoon, i gotta talk to your dad about something, mind if you, uh…”


namjoon nods his head quickly. “dad stuff, sure. no problem.” hoseok stares at him with wide eyes. you traitor how could you leave me like this???


but namjoon is already walking down the street, completely ignoring the piercing stare hoseok is sending his retreating figure.


“thanks, hobi. i really needed that earlier,” jungkook says, almost shyly.


hoseok stills. oh. that’s what he wanted to say. “you know, we all need a little help sometime. don’t be afraid to ask for it, alright?”


“yeah,” jungkook nods. “yeah, i’ll keep that in mind.”


and with that, hoseok quickly rushes back home and tries not to think about the way jungkook’s lips looked wrapped around his finger.



it’s too goddamn early to be up. hoseok groans when he hears the repeated knocks on his front door. he blinks his eyes open. did i fall asleep watching ghost adventures again? he groans, before he’s standing up and walking over to the front door. whoever it is, they’ll have to deal with his morning breath. he silently apologizes to the poor soul.


in this case, he doesn’t feel all too bad because he opens the door and park jimin and kim taehyung are standing right in front of him with too-big smiles plastered on their faces. “no, i won’t be roped into your orgies.”


“rude.” taehyung pouts. “and they’re not orgies, we just ask people to come watch us fuck. and this event isn’t like that. it’s a neighborhood barbecue.”


“is that what you kids are calling those things nowadays?” namjoon pokes his head out from the kitchen.


“cute kid, hoseok.” jimin laughs, “heard he had a little run in with bambam and tzuyu--”

“your children assaulted me with water guns, i could press charges!”


“--but we would love to have you both over on saturday. you know, get to know all of the neighbors a bit more. it’ll be fun.”


hoseok thinks about it for a second, before he realizes that jungkook will probably be there and quickly agrees.


“perfect. see you on saturday,” jimin says. the couple share a mischievous look before winking at hoseok greasily.


“they’re kind of fun, don’t you think?” namjoon asks, plopping himself down on the couch with a bowl of cereal in his hand. “in a weird, sex-crazed kind of way. but honestly, why the hell did you say yes?”


hoseok doesn’t like the tone in his son’s voice. “namjoon.”


“oh,” he hums sagely, stroking his chin. “it’s because of jungkook, isn’t it?”


“i have the authority to ground you.”


namjoon laughs in response and eats his cereal, knowing damn well how right he is.


when saturday rolls around, they stay in a little bit. hoseok usually likes being early to things, but he’s too nervous to see jungkook. namjoon coaxes him out of his room after helping him pick out an outfit that doesn’t scream desperation.

(“dad, why do you have a mesh crop top in your closet?”


“i have the right to wear whatever the hell i want namjoon, don’t shame me.”)


he settles on a pair of jean shorts and a tank top and miraculously, they make it to the barbecue only thirty minutes late. everyone’s already there by the time they arrive, kids running around the large backyard with water balloons, eyeing namjoon hungrily from their spot by the gate.


“don’t leave me,” namjoon whispers. “they’re vicious.”


they immediately walk over to the food table, namjoon practically clinging to his back when jimin and taehyung approach him.


“hey! thanks for coming,” jimin says.


taehyung adds on, “we were betting on whether or not you’d actually show up, so we’re super happy you did. yoongi and seokjin owe us forty bucks now, seriously. thanks!”


hoseok laughs, “happy to help.”


“come have a hot dog or burger, jimin just pulled them fresh off the grill,” taehyung gestures with his hand. “jimin’s a master grill-chef, amongst other things.” jimin and taehyung share a look that has hoseok physically recoiling.


“we’ll... we’ll just go grab it ourselves,” hoseok says, but he’s sure his hosts are too busy making googly eyes at each other to notice their departure.


namjoon and hoseok stand by the grill. “nice tactic, dad. let’s just take the food and leave--”




hoseok turns to see min yoongi waving him over. and there he is, the man plaguing hoseok’s waking dreams. jungkook is standing there wearing a tight white t-shirt that he fills out pretty nicely. his shorts are just the right length, revealing his tanned thighs and hoseok promises he does everything in his power not to drool. he quickly grabs a bun and hotdog and runs over, abandoning his son.


namjoon tries to follow, but he’s dragged away by jimin and taehyung’s kids.


yoongi smiles at him as he approaches, “this is my boyfriend, seokjin.”


seokjin is clad in a pink shirt and ripped skinny jeans, contrasting with yoongi’s all black ensemble. seokjin sends him a confident smile, “hi, welcome to the neighborhood. haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you yet.”


“nice to meet you, i’m hoseok.” he greets cheerfully. “you own the cafe, right? has beans cafe? i stopped by the other day and the drinks you have are great. love the puns, by the way. fleetwood macchiato is my favorite.”


seokjin grins, cockily. “told you they’re funny,” he says to yoongi.


yoongi rolls his eyes, brushing the comment off. “i’d introduce you to jungkook, but he told me you’re already well acquainted.” the way yoongi’s eyes flit back and forth between jungkook and hoseok has hoseok feeling way too uncomfortable.


he briefly wonders what information jungkook has divulged before he laughs it off awkwardly. then he proceeds to shove his hotdog down his throat to avoid speaking. jungkook speaks in his stead, telling yoongi about how they were roommates in college all while hoseok tries to eat his food.


much to his dismay, his plan backfires and he tries not to choke. he makes some god-awful moaning noise in the process, drawing everyone’s attention to him. his eyes lock with jungkook’s and it’s not supposed to be a sexy moment, it’s really not--he’s about to choke himself to death by hotdog--but jungkook’s cheeks are turning pink while hoseok’s are turning blue. why is he blushing? hoseok is about to pass out.


yoongi slaps his back, and he bites down and swallows half of his hotdog. “that was, not very family appropriate, but okay.”


“i was choking,” he protests. yoongi and seokjin both give him a look that tell him he is not believed. he looks to jungkook for help, but jungkook is strategically avoiding his gaze.

hoseok wants to dig himself a grave in the sandbox namjoon and jisoo are sitting in.


jungkook comes up to him after he finishes his hotdog, a blush still staining his cheeks but his eyes concerned. “you okay, hobi? can i get you water or something?”


“yeah, yeah please.”


jungkook looks at seokjin and yoongi, who suddenly decide to make themselves scarce. hoseok sits down in a lawnchair jungkook pulls up for him, and takes the mason jar of water gratefully. “i’m kinda glad you’re here, jungkook. meeting up with new neighbors is always a little bit unnerving.”


jungkook nods, “yeah, god knows i was freaked out when i first met jimin and taehyung. they’re... something else.”


hoseok looks over at the two, who are making out unabashedly by the grill. “oh, yeah. they definitely threw me off too.”


“it’s kinda cute though, how in love with each other they are.”


hoseok hums. “i’d ask them how they met but they can’t keep their hands off each other.”


“they’re childhood friends, yoongi told me he’s known ‘em for years. they’re like, presidents of the PTA.”


hoseok whistles, “they’re teachers?”


“jimin’s a teacher, taehyung is a photographer.” jungkook says. “you should come to some of the PTA meetings though, they’re pretty wild. last time i went jimin and taehyung stripped down to their boxers on the concession table and seokjin almost got into a fist fight with a middle aged mom. they were arguing over which baked goods to sell at the art’s department fundraiser.”


“well, that made me want to go even less, actually.”


jungkook claps his hands and tosses his head back in laughter. his eyes light up as he looks at hoseok excitedly. “but honestly, taehyung is really good at his job. if you want, we could tour their house? he has a couple photos up.”


hoseok shrugs his shoulders. “why not?”


he regrets asking that question. there are a hundred different reasons why they should not have gone into taehyung and jimin’s home. don’t get hoseok wrong, there are areas of the house that are kid friendly, such as the living room, which is scattered with toys and games, the kitchen is immaculate and organized and their granite countertops glistening, their dining room is spacious, a cabinet filled with fine china decorating it’s side. it’s mostly all pretty normal stuff, despite their being designated cabinets in the hallway labeled “kids’ fun” (books and video games and dolls) and “dads’ fun” (dildos and vibratos and anal beads).


then they make it to back of the house, a child-safety gate in front of the door. “oh my god, is this their sex dungeon?”


“nah, this is where their pets are.” jungkook looks at hoseok seriously. “but don’t open the door to the left, because that one actually is their sex dungeon.”


hoseok grimaces. “got it.” then he watches eagerly as a fluffy white dog comes bounding up to the gate.

“that’s soonshim, tae’s dog. they also have a cat, but she usually hides from strangers.” soonshim jumps up against the gate, sniffing hoseok’s hand.


hoseok leans down to pet the dog, smiling as it laps at his hand before jungkook is making his way further down the hall. “ah!” he says brightly, “here’s some of taehyung’s pictures--”


they both freeze. “these are… not what i saw the last time i came here.”


they both look away quickly, matching expressions of confusion splayed across their faces.

“i’m uncomfortable,” hoseok squeaks, before he’s turning to jungkook, “tell me why all these pictures are just close ups of jimin’s ass…”


“because it’s plump and luxurious and i’m going to worship his ass until the day i die.” taehyung comes up behind them with his hands on his hips. “i knew you two were in here somewhere. you’re going to miss out on the peach cobbler seokjin made, come outside!”


the two of them follow after taehyung, feeling a little bit traumatized by what they just witnessed.


the rest of the barbecue goes pretty well, the kids playing games with each other as hours pass, he and his neighbors cracking a few cold ones open together while they talk about work and what they’ve been up to. they plan a camping trip for everyone in the cul-de-sac, one hoseok actually think he might enjoy partaking in.


it’s when yoongi and seokjin decide to leave that he feels jungkook’s stare on him yet again.


“so, how’s it going at the studio?” jungkook asks. “i always see your classes going on when i walk by, they look pretty intense.”


hoseok snorts. “you come by when i’m teaching the little tykes class for elementary schoolers.”


“yoga is hard!” jungkook blushes. “and, well, it’s been awhile since i’ve danced.”


hoseok hums, surprised. “i teach an evening dance class on thursdays, you should come by sometime.”


hoseok watches jungkook’s throat bob, just a little. he watches a bead of sweat trail down jungkook’s neck. “yeah, maybe i will.”


“dad, you like him, don’t you?”


hoseok sniffs, eyes tracing over the tv screen. he ignores the knowing stare his son is sending his way. “i don’t know who or what you’re talking about.”


“you were all over him when we went over to his house and played video games, don’t lie. you don’t even play video games and you were drooling over the way he button mashed those... buttons when he was playing The Game.”


“i just...i love The Game, son, and he’s an incredible player.”


“bullshit, what game was he playing, huh? and what character was he using?”


“call of duty. and his character was halo,” hoseok barks back at namjoon. “does it matter anyway? it’s not like i have a chance anymore. years ago, maybe, but he’s always been kind of too perfect for me.”


“you told me he used to squirt milk out of his nose for fun.”


hoseok shakes his head sadly. “exactly.”


namjoon props his feet up on their coffee table, much to hoseok’s dismay. “do something about it. i can only handle so many more neighborhood barbecues where i have to witness you giving a hotdog a fellatio to (not-so-subtly) convey to him that you have a weak gag reflex.”


“oh my god, you saw?” hoseok’s eyes widen.


“uh, hello! the whole fucking cul-de-sac saw!”


“language, namjoon.”


“the whole freaking cul-de-sac saw!” he corrects with equal vigor.

“jesus... i don’t know what to do,” hoseok groans, tossing his head back against the couch. “i’m a mess.”


“talk to him. get some alone time with him, maybe he misses you too.”


hoseok thinks namjoon is right. also, when did his son grow to be so wise? hoseok pulls his son into a hug, and tries to kiss the top of his head, except he can’t reach because his son has grown so much. “i love you, kid.” he tiptoes to kiss namjoon’s forehead.


namjoon giggles, smiling back, “love you too, old man.”


“do me a favor?” hoseok asks before he’s about to leave for his dance lesson. “stop getting taller.”


namjoon inhales a sharp breath. “sorry, pops, not a chance.”


hoseok groans, then shuts the door behind him.


his trek to the dance studio is about a ten minute walk, but he doesn’t want to die of heat stroke, so he figures saving the environment will have to come another day. he takes his sedan and drives over to One Dance.


he parks his car and head unlocks the door, preparing for his class when his usuals come in. they stretch for a few minutes before they work on the routines they’ve been practicing on. and then in comes jungkook. in a pair of joggers and his loose college tank top.

hoseok nearly stumbles over his own feet, but he tries not to look at jungkook too much during the session. he’s a professional. he can do this.


the dance session goes by painfully slow, and then everyone is packing up their belongings while jungkook waits by the side.


hoseok finishes talking to one of his usual customers, telling her that it’s indeed normal for her muscles to be sore after not exercising for a while, appeasing her worries. hoseok eagerly makes his way over to jungkook after she steps out with a wave.


“hey jungkook, i’m happy you decided to come.”


jungkook looks around the room, “well i couldn’t resist, after you invited me. it just took a few days because i couldn’t find a sitter for the girls.”


“you found one? why didn’t you just ask namjoon? i’m sure he would have loved to help.”


“he didn’t tell you? i called him last week and he said yeah.”


hoseok looks at jungkook, completely perplexed. why wouldn’t his son tell him he’s watching over jungkook’s kids?


and then hoseok recalls the various times namjoon’s tried to usher lisa and jennie out of the room whenever jungkook was trying to teach hoseok a combo on one of his games; the various times namjoon’s sent hoseok back to his closet to change out of his sweats and ‘keep one rolled’ shirt (which is a cool shirt, if you ask hoseok).  maybe his son has been subversively being a great wingman, but hoseok can’t believe the teen had played him like an absolute fiddle.


hoseok flushes. “oh.” because of course namjoon would plot against him. how had he not seen this coming? he knows what that boy’s been up to, in a twisted effort to get jungkook and hoseok to spend more time alone together, he’s managed to do more than hoseok has been able to work up the courage to do. that brilliant, evil genius.


hoseok is so proud he raised him.


“he’s trying to set us up.” he turns to jungkook with wide eyes and furiously red cheeks. accusation is clear in his voice when he spits out, “my son has been trying to set us up. did you know this?”

jungkook runs his tongue over his bottom lip, averting his eyes indiscreetly. “jenny and lisa may or may not have been trying to do the same thing. albeit, they’re a bit more obvious about their intentions. they love you,” he leans in closer to hoseok, cupping one hand around his mouth. “but between you and me, it’s probably because you give them an extra serving of ice cream when we come over for dinner.”


hoseok bites his fucking tongue. there’s something particularly domestic about what’s going on between him and jungkook, and he can’t deny the fact that he loves the morning jogs, the dinners with their kids and trips to the grocery store together with jungkook and jisoo strapped to his chest. he can’t deny the fact that jungkook has always, always been the one who got away. he looks up at jungkook.

“what do we do with this newfound information then?” his voice is a bit shaky, nervous. hoseok is sure he wants to take the final steps leading to this relationship, hoping jungkook will follow along after him.


“well, hoseok.. my dance skills are pretty rusty,” jungkook begins, his feet shuffling as he passes hoseok a sly smile. “think you can give a tip?”


god, i can give you a lot more than just the tip.


jungkook freezes.

hoseok freezes.

they’re both frozen.


“did… i just say that out loud?”


jungkook flushes, his face turning beet red. well that answers his question. hoseok swears he can feel heat coming out of his fucking ears.


“some..supplementary lessons may have to happen. maybe,” hoseok coughs. “uh, if you’re available for a consistent thing?”


“hoseok, can you just ask me out so i don’t have to stand here like an idiot?” jungkook sighs.


it takes him a moment to register jungkook’s words. and then hoseok nods his head, eagerly. too eager, actually, but he doesn’t care because jungkook just asked hoseok to ask jungkook out. “yes.” he says, a wide smile growing on his lips. “yeah, god. jungkook--”


jungkook is an earthquake. he shakes hoseok up in seconds, the aftermath leaving him wrecked and breathless and hoseok can’t get enough. jungkook’s lips are on his, his hands gripping onto hoseok’s hips, pulling him closer in one swift motion. hoseok gasps against jungkook’s lips, his eyes falling shut when jungkook kisses down his jaw, wet and sloppy and aching for something they’ve both been craving for years.


“i’ve missed you” and  “i’ve missed this” come pouring out of their lips, and hoseok’s not sure who’s saying what anymore, both of them deliriously drinking each other in after being apart for so long.


“can’t stop thinking about you,” hoseok pants out, breaking away from jungkook. “it’s been years and i literally have not stopped thinking about you.”


jungkook makes a low whine in the back of his throat. “do you know how hard it was? back in college... i had to sit there and watch us grow apart. i tried my best to be there for you, for namjoon too. i wished i were better. i... i hate that things happened the way they did. i still loved you, even after you told me to leave, even after--”


hoseok shakes his head, shushing jungkook. “i wanted to do what was best for both of us. i knew it was too soon for you to help me raise a child after one stupid mistake, one night.”


jungkook shakes his head, and hoseok barely noticed the distancing closing in between them until their foreheads are pressed up against each other. “it wasn’t a mistake though, was it? what happened between you and her was before we were even together. and we’re here now. that’s not a mistake, hoseok. that’s fate.”


hoseok smiles against him. “yeah, you’re right.”


jungkook’s eyes soften, his arms wrapping around hoseok’s neck as he pulls him into a chaste kiss. their lips touch for a fleeting moment, soft and velvety and perfect to hoseok. “so teach me,” jungkook’s voice is hauntingly beautiful. he speaks against hoseok’s lips. “show me what i’ve missed all these years.”


hoseok pulls away from jungkook quickly and makes a beeline for the door. jungkook looks at him with wide eyes, confusion crossing on his face, before hoseok is bolting the doors shut. he turns to jungkook with a grin on his face. he draws the curtains and dims the lights just a bit.


and then he pushes jungkook toward the mirror of the dance studio, the younger’s face pressing against the glass as he lets out a whimper. hoseok tugs at jungkook’s gym shorts, pushing them over the curve of his ass and of course. of course, jungkook isn’t wearing any underwear.


jungkook looks over his shoulder and smirks. “just like old times.”


hoseok shakes his head before he raises his palm up in the air and brings it down hard over jungkook’s ass. jungkook lets out a yelp, hissing out a mangled curse.


“just like old times,” hoseok reiterates. “do you have any… uh, you know?”

“uh, you know?” jungkook snorts. “in my right pocket.”


hoseok flicks jungkook for sassing him, before he’s reaching into the pocket, pulling out the condom and packet of lube. “very prepared, huh?”


“namjoon may or may not have told me about how you’ve been crying about my dick these past few days. i must say, that’s a pretty inappropriate thing to be discussing with your son.”


“i have never said anything about your dick to him, what the hell kind of father do you take me for?” hoseok slaps jungkook on his ass again, just to spite him, he loves the way it blossoms red over his skin and how jungkook’s body jerks back, pushing against hoseok.


jungkook groans, his hips buck once. he drops to his knees and presses himself up against the mirror.


“you wanna watch yourself, huh?” hoseok clicks his tongue. “you wanna watch me make a mess of you. is that it, kookie?”


“yes,” jungkook grinds out. “fuck, yeah. please.”


hoseok leans closer to him, his chest pressed right up against jungkook’s back. “palms flat on the mirror, sweetheart.”


jungkook doesn’t hesitate to obey, his eyes trained on hoseok’s reflection as hoseok slips out of his workout pants. jungkook shudders, his muscles tightening as he stretches to get a better view of hoseok.


hoseok smirks, giving jungkook a show as he slowly slides off his briefs. jungkook shudders. “you going to be good for me, huh?”


jungkook’s lip trembles. “yes,” his voice comes out, breathy and entranced by the way hoseok’s fingers run down his back, his nails leaving pink streaks as he drags them across the expanse of unblemished skin. “yes, i’ll be good.”


“good boy,” hoseok presses a kiss to the base of jungkook’s neck, before biting down at the skin gently. “don’t come until i tell you to.”


jungkook squirms in his spot. “are you fucking kidding me?” his voice reaches an octave that’s almost laughable.


hoseok is so not kidding him. “don’t come.” he smacks jungkook’s ass, this time with more force. “until i tell you to. okay?”  

it shuts jungkook up and he gets trembling thighs and the twitch of jungkook’s cock in his hand. hoseok smirks. perfect.


he nudges jungkook’s knees apart, making him slip closer and closer to the floor. his hands are still stretched out in front of his shoulders, holding himself up against the mirror. hoseok reaches over and pushes jungkook’s chin up with two fingers. “i want you to look at yourself while i wreck you.”

jungkook whines at his words, his hands already slipping down the mirror. hoseok locks eyes with his reflection, jungkook’s eyes are already glossed over, his cheeks a rosy shade. hoseok holds his gaze steady. he rips open the packet of lube and runs some over his fingers, warming it up. he traces his fingers over jungkook’s rim, drawing out a hiss from the younger as he pushes past the tight ring of muscle all at once.


jungkook rocks his hips back. hoseok slides in another finger next to it, scissoring jungkook open until he moves his hips comfortably in slow circles, little hums of pleasure escaping his lips.


“missed this,” jungkook says softly just as hoseok crooks his fingers to find his sweet spot. he lets out a low groan, fucking back harder. “missed you.”


“me too.” hoseok runs his tongue over his lips, staring into the mirror to see jungkook’s thick length dripping a tiny drop of cum onto the studio’s floor. “you’re so good, baby. you’re doing well.”


jungkook preens, his mouth quirking up at the compliment.


hoseok runs his fingers over the swell of jungkook’s ass, squeezing his firm muscles. jungkook giggles happily at the extra attention, feeling like his hard work has surely paid off. hoseok tilts his head to the side, smiling. “you good so far?”


when he receives a quick nod from jungkook, hoseok retracts his fingers just as quickly as he had them in. he takes some joy in the way jungkook tightens around nothing, how jungkook groans in response.


“put them back in,” jungkook whines, he shoots hoseok a venomous look over his shoulder. this only earns him another spank. his back arcs, a choked moan falling from his lips as he cants his hips into the air. he mumbles out a curse. his thighs trembling as he whispers out hoseok’s name. “please, hobi.”


“please what?” he loves this part the most--drawing out the foreplay. he loves turning jungkook into a babbling, incoherent mess. he loves the look on jungkook’s face when he’s on his knees, begging hoseok to let him come.


they’ve wasted years not speaking to each other. hoseok figures jungkook can wait just a little bit more. “put it in…”


hoseok spreads jungkook’s cheeks apart, and taps the inside of jungkook’s knee, a gesture they learned back in college. jungkook sinks deeper to the floor, his ass up with his chest parallel to the ground. his hands are balled up against the glass, jungkook’s sweaty palms leaving handprints on his mirror.


“you messed up my mirror, jungkook.” hoseok quirks a brow. “you know what that means i’ll have to do to you, right?”


jungkook takes his lower lip between his teeth, biting down on it. he shakes his head slowly.


hoseok grins, then fumbles for the neglected condom on the floor. the lube on his fingers makes it hard to rip open, but he manages to tear it open with a little bit of patience.


jungkook huffs indignantly against the mirror. “hurry up.”


hoseok makes sure to move extra slowly. he slides the condom on and slicks himself up, a gradual process that has jungkook huffing with frustration.


hoseok leans down and bites on jungkook’s asscheek, sucking hard when jungkook lets out a surprised gasp. “fuck, hoseok--” he breathes out.  


hoseok kisses the snakes a hand around jungkook’s hip to take jungkook’s erection into his hand, squeezing firmly at the base. “you remember what i asked you not to do earlier, right?”


“you--” jungkook’s mouth falls open, his eyes shutting tightly when hoseok starts stroking him, long and torturous strokes.. “you told me not to come.”


nodding, hoseok adds on, “and keep your head up." and then he’s pushing himself into jungkook, his fingers gripping at jungkook’s thighs just hard enough to leave marks. jungkook lets out a soundless scream, hissing at the stretch. he waits a beat before he pulls himself out just to the tip and thrusts back in again, experimentally. jungkook’s fists tremble against the mirror.


“k-keep going,” jungkook stutters. “it’s good, fuck. just. it’s been a while.” hoseok stares at jungkook’s beet red face, then presses a kiss to his spine. he starts off painfully slow, letting jungkook adjust by dragging his hips to meet jungkook’s.


“good boy,” hoseok whispers into jungkook’s ear. “taking daddy so well.”


jungkook’s dick grows impossibly hard, hoseok notes as he presses his thumb into jungkook’s slit, rubbing just a bit at the precum. jungkook grinds his hips back against hoseok’s, biting down a moan. “god can you just go faster, please?”


hoseok stops completely. jungkook almost starts crying; his face twists into an expression of absolute horror. he mumbles something completely incoherent.


“what was that?” there’s a shit-eating grin on hoseok’s face now, he tries to catch his breath. “don’t be a brat, speak up babe.”


jungkook’s eyebrows furrow in concentration. his hips move in little circles, trying to work up the same rhythm hoseok had as he fucked him just moments ago. “go faster?”


“what?” hoseok reiterates, cupping his ear. jungkook seethes, looking at hoseok in the mirror with furious eyes and parted lips. “ask me again. properly.”


jungkook sighs, slowing his hips to a halt. “fuck me faster,” he says determinedly.


hoseok tilts his head expectantly.


jungkook whimpers, his face burning with shame as he asks, “will you fuck me faster, daddy?”

humming, hoseok pretends to deliberate, before he’s shaking his head. “no.”


jungkook makes a squawk in distress. “what? why?”


“want you to fuck yourself open on me.” his words come out cocky, entitled. and jungkook eats it up. hoseok knows what jungkook likes, and this is it. jungkook likes it when hoseok makes him work, he loves giving himself up to hoseok shameless and unabashed. jungkook swallows thickly, watching as hoseok pushes himself closer to the mirror. he’s pinning jungkook against it completely, shifting a bit until jungkook is fully seated in his lap. his hands rest at jungkook’s hips, kneading at the soft skin there.


jungkook is already rocking his hips down, eagerly. he’s holding himself up against the mirror before his thighs strain to lift himself up and down over hoseok’s length, getting deeper and deeper inside of himself. he works himself open, hoseok’s name on his lips like a fucking prayer as he bounces on his dick. his cheek is pressed up against the mirror, one hand steadying him above his head while the other is wrapped around his own neglected cock. hoseok eyes jungkook’s hand curiously. he places a hand on jungkook’s ass as a warning. jungkook’s hand immediately stills, then it’s on his own thigh, scratching at it enough to leave streaks of red from his finger nails.


hoseok smiles and lets his head loll back, moaning at the way jungkook squeezes around him like an apology.


“like it?” jungkook asks, a giggle on his lips.


hoseok laughs back, canting his hips up harshly into jungkook. their hips slap together, the sound reverberating through the room as jungkook lets out a subdued moan. “it’s good,” hoseok grunts out. “glad we’ve grown enough to the point that we both don’t bust after five minutes.”


jungkook pants against the mirror, falling against it completely when his thighs start to give out. he lets hoseok take over, feeling like a rag doll as hoseok pounds into him relentlessly. “maybe...maybe we’re getting so old we have erectile dysfunction. maybe we’ll never come.”


hoseok clicks his tongue. “don’t say that when i’m balls deep inside of you.”


jungkook moans loudly against the mirror, his brows furrowing as hoseok finds his sweet spot. “there hoseok, fuck.”


hoseok shifts jungkook’s weight, sliding out of him for a second to get on his knees. jungkook’s must be killing him, the hardwood would definitely leave him sore for a few days. he comes up behind jungkook, and realigns himself to slide back in. jungkook groans softly, his hand curling against the mirror when hoseok’s hand lands right on top of his.


“holding my hand now, huh?” jungkook chuckles. “romantic.”


hoseok rolls his eyes. “wanna be fucked or not?”


jungkook’s mouth snaps shut. he lowers his head. hoseok cracks a smile, before he’s thrusting into jungkook recklessly, erratically. he’s too focused on reaching orgasm to think about keeping up a steady rhythm. jungkook’s breaths come quicker and shorter and hoseok know’s he’s close. he grabs jungkook’s cock again and strokes him, slowly. jungkook curses. “i gotta come, hoseok.”




jungkook nearly cries. “please.”


hoseok shakes his head, his brows knitting together as he chases his orgasm. “not yet, babe. be patient for me.”


he kisses jungkook’s shoulder, then his neck, until he’s nibbling on the soft spot that has jungkook nice and pliant, right above his collarbone. jungkook lets his head fall back, his mouth hanging open while he moans out hoseok’s name. hoseok works his hand firmly up and down jungkook’s cock, his eyes trained on jungkook’s flushed face in the mirror. he looks gorgeous, pink and desperate to come. hoseok smiles against jungkook’s neck and their eyes meet in the mirror. hoseok doesn’t last long after that, his hips stuttering as he spills inside the condom, jerking jungkook off nice and fast, just like the impatient man likes it.

jungkook giggles, falling against hoseok’s chest, completely satiated.


“can’t believe you’re actually into daddy kink now, hobi.” jungkook says, rolling off of hoseok. they lay on the floor of the studio, neither of them particularly eager to clean up the mess they’ve made. there’s come on the floor and mirror and hoseok is pretty happy his next class isn’t for a couple of days.


hoseok snorts. “as if you weren’t into it either. you called me daddy back, don’t act like it was all on me.”


“you started it!” jungkook protests, a blush high on his cheeks. hoseok swats his head, playfully.


he turns over on his side. “this is real, right?”


jungkook’s eyes widen. hoseok watches his throat bob, a drop of sweat falling from his forehead. “i want it to be. i’ve wanted it--this--the whole family with kids thing...with you. since, like, we were in college. so. yeah. it’s real.” he ducks his head.


“don’t be embarrassed, i was just fucking you against that mirror. don’t hide your face now.”


jungkook reaches for his shirt, pressing his face into it. “this is different, i’m not good at exposing myself emotionally! c’mon, you know this.” he sighs. “i’ve been ready for this, hoseok. i’ve been ready for you, if you’ll have me. i’m all in.”


hoseok looks at jungkook, his body completely naked, save for the t-shirt covering his face. he really doesn’t recall a time jungkook’s been this vulnerable. it’s nice, knowing that he isn’t the only one who feels like this.


hoseok smiles.


“i’m all in too.”