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Coming back (Tom Holland)

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She opens her laptop the second she awakens from her second nap in the day. What else was she supposed to do in these lonely summer days? Her 2 friends were at camp where yes she could have gone but her cousin’s wedding got in the way of that. And so she watched TV shows, took naps making the time pass by as quickly as possible.

Half-asleep she opened her browser and Skype. Facebook, tumblr and YouTube. She closed tumblr after a few seconds into reading a text post against “Hugh Mungus”. She typed into YouTube- “Where Is My Mind” inspired by her re-watching Fight Club the day before. Logged onto Facebook and took her attention to Skype.
5 messages from Tom

At least he still remembers me-she thought. She opened them.

Hey Anna, I miss you…
I’m coming back in a few days and I can’t wait to see you again after these months.
We’re leaving tomorrow night aka the night of today it’s 2AM here, so we’ll probably be in London the morning
of the 15th.
It’s so boring here.
Agh, I have to go sleep. These time zones are shit. I have two more interviews tomorrow, if you catch me online call me please. Bye – delivered 10:06 AM

Oh, well great. At least she would get up from her bed more often. Anna smiled. She looked at the clock: 02:48 PM. Oh shit-she cursed, her mom was about to come home. She ran downstairs yelling her brother’s name.

“Austin! Austin god damn it, where are you?”-she ran to the backyard where Austin was playing in the sand box with his neighbor, Emily. They were both 7 years old.
“What is it Anna?”-asked Austin busy making a sand castle with his friend.
“Why didn’t you wake me?”
“Well, we tried but you said a bad word to us and we decided to leave.”
“Agh, did you even eat breakfast?”
“Yes, Aunt Liza left us sandwiches on the kitchen island. We ate yours too, because we were really hungry.”-said Emily.
“Okay, at least you ate. Where’s Ethan?”
“He left with the motorcycle with Olivia.”-answered Emily finishing up the sand castle.
“Great.”-with that Anna left to make lunch. Cheese, bread, butter and a cucumber. Everything needed for grilled cheese and a salad.

Her mother got home as she was flipping the last sandwich. She put it in the pile where the other five were and said hello to her mom who had collapsed on the couch.

“Yeah, hi. Where are your brothers?”
“Austin is in the backyard with Emily and apparently Ethan is with Olivia on the motorcycle.”
Liza palmed her face-“Agh, why did I ever buy him that motorcycle…”
“Sh, mom it’s okay, you did what you thought was right.”-Anna hugged her mother trying to reassure her.
“If only your dad were here. He’d know how to deal with Ethan”-sighed Liza
“Yeah.”-Anna said pursing her lips together.-“But look, you can do it just as well. Call him.”
“Okay, thank you.”-she kissed her daughter’s forehead. Anna went to call the two kids for lunch.

Liza rang her son. He picked up after the 6th ring.

“Ethan, honey where are you?”-she asked worried.
“I’m downtown with Olivia.”-he didn’t lie.
“When are you coming home?”
“I don’t know, later.”
“Ethan Fray-“-she was cut off by his son.
“Mom I’m fine, we’re fine. I’m not hungry, I’m not tired. I need to go now. Bye.”-and he hung up. Liza fought back the tears; she didn’t know what was going on with her son.

Ethan was downtown with Olivia. The 17 year olds were in the flat of Beau, a 20 year old college drop out with a cocaine addiction. The building was in the outskirts of downtown London, a pretty shitty one at that. But cops stayed away and big drug dealers lived there. The couple was snorting cocaine as well, developing their own addiction.

After lunch Anna closed herself in her room once again. 04:02 PM, Tom was online. And so she called him.

Tom had just finished his 1st interview for the day. It was 8 AM and his mother had been preparing breakfast for him, she cared dearly for her son. He had an hour break until they had to leave for his second and final interview of his time in LA. He couldn’t wait to get back home. Tom used his time to scroll the net and so he opened Skype hoping to catch Anna. And he did. He answered her call.

“Oh my god it’s so good to see you Anna. I miss you so much.”-said Tom smiling from ear to ear. His mother Nicola heard Anna’s name and ran to Tom.
“Oh my lord Anna it is you, honey I miss you and your mother so much, how are you?”-said Nicola in excitement.
“I’m fine, quite fine. How are you Nicola? I miss you both so much. It’s been too long.”
“I agree but we will see each other in a short time, could you tell your mom to call me in the next half hour if she’s free?”
“Of course, I’ll go and tell her now. I’ll be right back Tom.”-she smiled at him
Anna was fast, she got back within a minute. She could hear Nicola’s phone ringing from the other end of her Skype call. –“Damn Tom, I don’t even recognize you.”
“Oh please, we haven’t seen each other in a long time but not that long.”-Anna smiled sadly.
“I think we both know that’s not true.”-Tom smiled sadly and looked down at his hands.-“At least we’re reuniting soon.”
“Yeah, tomorrow. I can’t wait to see you all again.”

The next half an hour Tom and Anna talked about anything and everything. Tom talked about every scene shoot with Marvel as Anna was a geek, a fangirl for everything Marvel. In turn Anna talked about all the shows and movies she watched. She talked about how she didn’t know what to do with her life. She gave up on dancing but was thinking about starting once again if she got that inspiration back. The last thing she did for dance was the couple of commercials she did after finishing her first year at art school.

“You know, I have to go back to LA to shoot Spiderman on the 20th June, maybe we can go on some holiday until then?”-Tom proposed.
“I’d like that sure, but just you and me?”-she had to admit, the thought was nice.
“Well, Tessa I miss her and I’d like to go with her on holiday. Also I could take Mark and you could take Penelope and Marge.”-he half-smiled having doubts about if this holiday were to ever happen.
“Penelope and Marge are on camp until 22nd and I don’t know what your mom would say about taking Tessa on holiday. Then again she is your dog. I don’t know.”-she felt sad that the odds for this holiday weren’t looking too good. Anna wanted to cheer both of them up-“But we should go. Even if it’s just you, me, Tessa and Mark I’d be fine. I just need to get out of this house.”
“I’m beginning to circle back to a state of depression. As I told you all I do is movies and TV shows. I’m alone and I feel so lonely I feel like dying. As melodramatic as it may sound.”
“Then I Tom Holland promise to take you on the holiday of your dreams.”-they smiled at each other. He had always kept his promises, no matter how big or seemingly impossible.
“Thank you Tom. Just come back already.”
“Tomorrow. And the first thing I’m doing is taking you to on a great day out. Surprises to you and me cause I don’t know where to take you.”-they both laughed.

Anna’s house had been quiet. Austin was having a nap and Liza was on talking with Nicola. In the distance just faintly Anna could hear the sound of a motorcycle, she thought it was Ethan. The motorcycle sound became louder and louder until what followed the motorcycle sound was a scream and the sound of a motorcycle swerving and crashing into god knows what. Oh no.

“What was that?”-Tom heard the crash.
“Ethan.”-said Anna and ran outside, her mother following her asking her where she was going telephone in hand still talking to Nicola. Anna looked left, A few meters after the neighbor’s house was a jeep that had crashed into the Miler’s tree. Anna looked right and there both unconscious Ethan and Olivia lay on the asphalt with the motorcycle crashed into the neighbor’s car.