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Dominant Endgame

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Love was a sick thing, wasn't it? Made you restless, giddy, like butterflies had made a permanent residence in the pit of your stomach.

but for most people, it didn't make them want to harm anyone that got in the way of your love. Me, on the other hand? I would do anything for her to love me, even murdering her new boyfriend.

I laid there, awake. I was itching but for what I wasn't quite sure. Jon was asleep above me, his snores doing nothing to help my twitching.

Jon and Hana had started seeing each other. It was sick, he KNEW I loved her, but he thought she was 'the one'. How pathetic. I had seen the look in her eyes though, She was absolutely smitten for my roommate.

Why? He wasn't attractive. He was loud, brash, rude, had body hair that was quite odd for a seventeen-year-old, and that fucking bird...

I was glad it was gone. I got tired of it beeping all night long, causing me to get no sleep all night. I would bring it up with him, just to get an answer like "Not my fault he beeps, PBG. He's a robot."

Bullshit. You can literally turn him off. But nooo... You'll hurt him; He won't turn back onnnnn.

I felt something stab me in the back and I grumbled, seeing what it was. A green and white feather was staring me in the face. I thought I got rid of them all...

I blinked and it was gone. I had imagined it.

No matter. It won't matter after tonight. Nothing will.

I was going to kill Jon.

now now, I hear all of you "PBG, you can't! That's murder! you'll get in trouble!"

Do you really think I hadn't thought all of this out?

I felt along the smooth plaster of the wall, black gloves already on my hands. When I felt the cold jolt from the handle, a smile crossed my lips.

I was finally going to do it.
Three months of planning for this one moment.
I couldn't mess it up. I had to stab exactly in the right spot.
Too far to the left or right and he would live.
We couldn't have that.

I slowly rose from my bunk, the metal groaning as I did. Good, let him wake up. I stood right in front of the bunk, Jon's sleeping figure just there. It was so easy.

I heard Jon groan sleepily and I knew this was it.

"Jon." I cooed, nudging him with my free hand. "Joooon~"

"What?" Jon groaned, rolling over and looking at me.


He realized too late. By the time he opened his mouth to yell, there was a knife right in the smack of his jugular. He gurgled, still trying to yell. I placed one hand over his mouth, shushing him.

I couldn't jostle the knife around, would cause too much blood to come out. I wanted Jon to live for just a few more moments.

"This is what you get, Jon." I cooed again, using the hand that wasn't covering his mouth to stroke his hair. The co founder of Normal Boots found dead in the Academy. Imagine the headlines. "This is what you get for l o v i n g Hana." I clamped his nose off. He struggled against me but I held him down. I may be tall and lanky, but I'm sure as hell strong. Soccer does a body good.

"Night night, Jon. Tell Jacques I said hi, and that I hope he isn't mad that I dismembered him." I cooed again and Jon's eyes widened before he stopped resisting entirely. He clawed weakly at my wrist one last time before the room went quiet.

I didn't dare remove the knife quite yet. I had a plan and removing the knife would ruin it.

I positioned Jon to where he was staring at the door then slowly moved the knife. If my timing was right. It would clatter to the ground as soon as I stepped in front of my door. My timing had to be perfect, though. If I was too fast, I would be standing there, waiting for it to happen. Too slow and it would throw me off. I had to hear the knife clatter.

I poked my head out of the door, seeing no one awake. Good. I stepped out of the dorm, leaving the door slightly ajar, then padded my way to the bathroom, as quietly as I could.

I acted like I was doing my business like I had to take a leak in the middle of the night. I took off the gloves and cut them up as best I could, then flushed them down. They were gone. I couldn't stay there for long, just to make sure that didn't come back up.

I looked at myself in the mirror. I wasn't a bad looking guy, better looking than the former Jon. I always had girls fawning over me, desperate to get my attention and my love. They wouldn't. They weren't Hana. I looked into the reflection's eyes, finding that the normal bright green was now a dark hunter green. That's weird, I thought to myself, Probably the lighting. I checked over myself, my pyjamas, making sure that I didn't have any blood on me. There was none, I checked everything. Even the bottoms of my feet. Nothing.

I took a breath in. All the stupid acting Jon had practiced while I was around was about to come in full force.

Before I left, I fussed my hair, making it look like I had terrible bed head.

This one goes out to you, Jon.

I made my footsteps sound like I was half asleep as I walked out of the bathroom. I even threw in a little yawn too.

The knife clattered loudly to the ground as I stepped in front of the slightly ajar door and I heard a sick gushing of liquid- all the blood. Good, my timing was perfect.

I slowly pushed open the door and a beam of light from the wall sconce behind me hit just where I needed it to.

Jon's corpse greeted me, his mouth open, blood just pouring from his neck and agape mouth. His dead eyes bore into mine, the milky whiteness of them sinister and haunting. If I hadn't of killed him, that would have seriously freaked me out.

I backed up until I hit the wall, trembling like a leaf.

"H-Help someone!" I cried out, putting a strain on my voice to make it crack. "Someone, please!" I used a lot of breath, making it sound desperate.

"PBG? Are you okay?" Jared poked his head out of his door, right next to me. Shit, I forgot he was that close. Satch came into view, as did Jirard and Shane from their room and the Continue boys. oh boy, full showing today.

I sank down the wall, acting like I was trying to find words. Should I cry or act like I'm in shock, I found myself debating. Shock was more likely right now, so I went with that.

"PBG? What happened, are you okay?" Jirard asked and with a trembling finger, I pointed inside the room.

Nick was the first to look in, and he actually flipped on the light! I was surprised! He turned away, dashing to the bathroom. I could hear him puking and a smile almost came to my lips.

"What the fuck?!" Shane cried, the back of his hand pressed to his lips as he took a look in the room. By now, many people were coming out. Come on tears, where are you?

"PBG, Do you know what happened?" Jared turned to me, his face white as a sheet. I shook my head, tears starting to stream down my face. There they were!

"I got up and went to the bathroom," I blubbered out. God,  I sounded pathetic. Just like I wanted, "And I got back and I heard something clatter, and footsteps ran down the hall." I cut off, my tears too hard to talk through. God, when did I get this good?

"We'll find who did this, PBG." Jirard cooed, pulling me into a hug. I sobbed into his pyjamas, finding he smelled like vanilla. Huh.

They never did find who did it. How could they, when it was me? The only people that knew were me and Jon, but we would never tell.

We told Hana a couple days later. She didn't talk to anyone until I visited her in her dorm, with a bouquet of flowers and her favourite cookies. She accepted them, asking how I knew they were her favourite. I feigned surprise and just told her they were my favourite too, and you can't go wrong with a double chocolate cookie.

Hana and I had a heart to heart that day, and she remembered me, the little boy from her past.
I kissed her, and though she was shocked at first, she soon melted into the kiss.

We kissed sweet as anything like two high schoolers tucked in the backseat of a car.

I thought I had her, that she was FINALLY mine.

But I was sorely mistaken.

A couple clubs are about to have fewer members than in the past years.

If it was the last thing I would ever do.