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There are More than Five Nights

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*Bleep* “Sir, I know we’re open for 24 hours, but you realize it is 3 am, right?” The cashier pushed some buttons on his machine. The guy in front of him making the purchase was clearly not used to staying up late. He wore a security guard uniform that had plenty of wear. Maybe he’d never been on the night shift. He seemed to be quite a bit older than himself. Mid-thirties maybe? That’s what the small creases near his eyes showed anyway. Unless it was just lack of sleep. He was having difficulty keeping his dark hair out of his eyes. Most of it was brushed into a ponytail, but strands had come loose and were busy making themselves a nuisance. The tag on his shirt read ‘Head of Security: Vincent Morris’. Though really he could have passed for some random hobo from the street.
“Yeah, it’s 3 am and I need a toaster,” Vincent grumbled. Stupid night-shift. Stupid broken toaster. Stupid shop attendant questioning his toaster shopping habits.

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. Not only was it the largest family restaurant in the state, but it also boasted robotics technologies that could put some of the most futuristic labs in the world to shame. It was run by a small team of business headed… people, who didn’t much care for the entertainment of children. At least in the sense that they never showed up to staff meetings. And never hired enough waiters or any janitors. However, Henry Ross, the original owner who had retired some nine years ago, had stumbled upon a young entrepreneur, and together they managed to develop an AI technology that could think for itself learn new skills by itself, even have real feelings. At least that was how the story went anyway.

Despite an extreme lack of concern from Henry’s son and successor, the business was incredibly successful. However, this was only due to his younger sisters input, since Charlie was the only person on the team who seemed to give a damn. The name came from its head robotic entertainer. Freddy Fazbear. After the discovery of the AI and some other major technical upgrades, he was the poster child of this incredible wonderland. He was, as his name suggests, a bear. Or at least he was. Now he was updated to be less spooky for the younger children. He was near-human. He had dark skin and neat hair that was occasionally hidden by his small top hat. He retained his ears, which he often complained made it impossible to do anything with his hair. He was always sharply dressed in a brown three-piece suit with a black bow-tie. However, despite how formal and neat he looked, he was surprisingly carefree. Unlike the small boy coming to greet Vincent at the door.

“Congratulations genius, you left your keys inside. If it weren’t for me bein’ here, you’d be stuck out in the rain, so I hope you’re happy.” Toy Bonnie was, to put it politely, a jerk. There were many ways to describe him that were impolite too. Toy Bonnie was supposed to resemble a brother for the children that came here. Since a lot of them were around the age of ten they’d made him about thirteen. He spoke with a strong southern twang. His hair was smartly brushed and lay just above his shoulders, with light blue rabbits ears standing to attention and twisting about like little satellite dishes. He wore a smart shirt under a pair of sky blue cotton dungarees. The legs of which were made short to help him walk, as he sported rabbits legs rather than human ones. This meant he was having trouble keeping up with the grouchy guard, despite walking as fast as he could on the digits of his feet. He kept checking them to make sure the velvety blue covering was not damaged.
“Shut up. Shouldn’t you be busy fixing your eyeliner?” He remarked. Before he could protest Toy Bonnie was shoved aside.
“Hey, you can’t go to the arcade! Newbie’s in there!”

At this he remembered the whole point of him being on night-shift this week. Fritz had been switched to the day shift to help out a few months ago and now they were getting a new night-guard. Mike was going to supervise him this week, so they needed someone extra on guard duty. It was only the first night, but he was regretting it already. Another night of this would kill him, let alone an entire week. There was a sort of rule that dictated that the animatronics had to do their best to scare any new person. They did it with Mike, Fritz and now Jeremy, the youngest guy they’d ever hired. The idea was that if anyone was scared by an animatronic then they’d fail the induction because criminals are far scarier. But that wasn’t necessarily true, and nobody checked whether the results were true or not. So chances are they’d pass. He checked around the main office. Looks like Mike had left the computer on again. Oh well, his loss if it ends up coming out of his paycheck.

“Yaaaaass! Level 420, you can kiss my sexy mechanical ASS! Wooo!” Toy Chica was sat on the break room counter, screeching about her latest candy crush victory. She was a short girl that looked like she was around sixteen. This was further backed up by the phone she was waving around. She was as she was designed, pretty and sparky looking, with perfectly tanned skin and cropped blonde hair with streaks of bright chick-beak orange in her long side-fringe. Her outfit looked more or less like she was going to a rave. She had a tank top on which showed far too much midriff reading ‘Let’s Party!’ in a bright and colorful font, surrounded with little pizza-shaped chunks of confetti. Accompanying this was a wide selection of wristbands and fake glow sticks, as well as a pair of pink booty shorts. She’d also recently acquired a new pair of trainers, orange to match her chicken theme, and hadn’t taken them off since.

“Jesus Christ could you be any louder?” Vince sighed at her.
“Uh oh, someone’s in a grumpy grump mooood! Come on V; turn that frown upside-down!” She chirped. He took some bread from the cupboard and stuffed it into the two slots, “Funny, the only way I can do that is to break my own neck… what a great idea!” He waved his hands in sarcasm. Usually, he was quite talkative, especially with the girl animatronics. For him, they were far nicer to talk to, and he could sob over old Disney movies with them without fear of being judged. It did, of course, lead to the inevitable digs from his fellow guards, but it was a small price to pay to be able to sing ‘a whole new world’ at the top of his lungs. Today though he was already tired and wanted to go home. He thought about asking to borrow Mangle’s bed. Then he realized how much of a creep he would sound. Even though she was so pretty… He had a case of love-sickness. It didn’t matter, he’d get over it. The floor creaked for a moment.

Then the door opened to a bored young man and his new subordinate. Both were dressed in a similar uniform to his own. The first was taller than the second and wore a green tie. For some reason, everyone was color-coded. His short, blonde hair was partially hidden behind a ‘security’ cap. This was Mike, who also seemed sick of his life and ready to collapse. The second, however, was wearing a smart jacket. This was a part of the dress code, but nobody bothered to uphold it. They wore a blue tie and black canvas shoes. His hair was black like his own, and just as untidy, albeit shorter. This one was Jeremy, the fresh meat. He shook and trembled. He clearly would have failed if it were taken seriously. “So you see, that’s why… oh, the toaster’s fixed. Nice work V.” He acknowledged his co-worker.
“Hi, Mike. How’s newbie holding up with all this… stuff?” He made some vague hand gestures. Jeremy stuck his hands in his pockets and looked at the floor.
“I just introduced him to Marie.” He smirked. Toychi and Vince both laughed horribly.
“Hey, it’s not funny! That thing is like… Satan stuffed into a… demon sock monkey or something. She’s pure evil!” He squealed.

At this, an immensely tall woman walked in. Every bit of her was almost scarily elongated so that she was over eight feet tall. Her hair was short, straight and asymmetric. It seemed black, but under the light, it looked more of an incredibly dark navy blue. Her face appeared to be a mask, with eye-holes to meet with the front of her head. Her eyes were only identifiable by the eerily glowing with dots that flickered in the empty eye spaces. She bore makeup like the other female toys, with rosy cheeks and lipstick, but with the edition of purple bars resembling tears spilling from her eyes down to her jaw. She wore what looked like a black-tailed suit trimmed with white and the same deep blue, but wear most suits have open jackets, hers ended and became one solid piece of clothing. It was adorned with three over-sized white buttons, giving it a doll-like feel. She did not have feet; rather she walked like an en pointe ballerina on the stubbed ends of her long legs. Her hands were also strange. Whereas the other bots had human hands, hers were all black, with only three doll jointed fingers that were long and pointed. Her forearms and shins were striped. Her face spread into a wide grin, exposing the inside of her mouth. A long tongue, blending in black with the rest of the inside, except for her teeth, which were enviously white and unnecessarily sharp.

“Well, I don’t think anyone’s ever called me that before. Cheer-up kid, I was only having a little fun.” She chuckled, ducking to get through the already too tall doorway. Jeremy sprang back defensively.
“Ohmygodwhydidyoujustdothathowdidyougetthere!” Everyone laughed. Mike sat down on the couch and flickered on the TV.

“So… uh… listen… Marionette?” He stuttered,” Uh…” He puffed out his chest a little.
“F-f-first off, I’m not a kid, I’m 19 years old, I’m an adult and I can do whatever I want, and second, I don’t care if this is some kind of job you’ve got to do, if you or anyone else jump-scares me ever again, I-I’ll… I’ll uh…” As he was trying to find the words, a girl appeared hanging upside-down from the ceiling behind him. Toy foxy had seen some major wear and tear over the years and it certainly showed. Her white hair was scraggly and unkempt, her once white ears going gray with dust and dirt and her white and pink blouse and matching taffy colored skirt were tattered and torn. It also didn’t help that her arms had large amounts of fake skin ripped off to reveal the endoskeleton parts beneath, and she had an extra pair of legs. One was her ordinary fox legs which she’d re-built to be collapsible and hidden under her metal rib-cage as extra protection for her extra endoskeleton head. This too was normally hidden, but her purpose was to scare today, so it now hovered by her own. It was only really used for this and as an extra eye. She was also using her second leg type. Three metal claws attached to snake-like limbs that constantly adjusted themselves. Her white and pink fox tail stood out awkwardly in this tangled mess. The Mangle truly lived up to her name.

“You’ll do what Jerry baby?” She smirked as he screamed and fell back. She flipped down to the floor and put the extra head away. She patted the fluff from her tail and gave Marionette a fist bump. She took a little bow as Vincent smiled proudly at her and Mike and Toychi clapped.
“Thank you, thank you, I’m here all week. And presumably the rest of my life. Which is a while I think. Oh hey, the toasters fixed! About time too.” She hummed happily. Another Irish drinking song nobody knew.
“Cus I’m hungry” The little bell went and she caught the bread in the spare claw.
“Aw come on! I earned that toast! And you don’t even need to eat!” Vince protested as she devoured his food.
“Suca sé suas, tá tú ag dul a fháil saill ó go léir an carbs ar aon nós.” She often decided to lecture him in her native tongue, because nobody else understood it. That meant she could say what she liked. Unlike whenever Toychi yelled at people in Spanish since usually Fritz or Chica were on hand to translate and get her in trouble.

Vincent decided to sacrifice his hopes of food to the fox. He went over and collapsed onto the sofa next to Mike.
“How the hell did I do this? How the hell do you still do it?! It’s impossible to stay awake.” His eyes drooped and he had started to pass out.
“Is he ok? Mike?” Jeremy wandered over and prodded the sleepy guards face nervously.
“He’s fine, but the old man hasn’t had to do a night shift in a long time.” Vince lazily lifted his head in protest and made some moaning noises.
“Yeah… old man nap time who’s…” he yawned,” Only… 36…” He rubbed his eyes. Mangle clambered over to him.
“Jeez, if that’s what I’m gonna be like when I’m in my thirties, kill me now please.” Jeremy joked awkwardly. Vincent raised his arm to hit him, but he didn’t have the energy left. “Yeah, coffee’s not going to fix this one. I’m kidnapping you now. My room, no buts. I’m not having you sacrifice your good health.” Mangle grabbed his arm and pulled him up. “Thanks… but why are you so concerned again?” He asked sleepily.
“Because you’re the only reason I don’t have to interact with the children anymore. You can't be on watch for me if you're passed out.” She smiled.

Mangle didn’t have the best of relationships with the children. Mainly because the second she was let out to entertain they quite literally tore her apart. At first, it was fine, she understood that she wasn’t built as tough as her brother Foxy. They just thought they could play rough with her too. But eventually, she’d realized that this wasn’t the case. They just thought it was funny to destroy her. Soon the management guy’s thought it would be fun to leave her lying in a heap as some kind of take apart and put back together attraction. And though she was the breakthrough, the world’s first truly sentient robot, she had no say at all in the matter. After a while Vincent decided that it wasn’t fair, seeing her in tears every night. So he moved as much of her as could be salvaged to parts and service, where she very quickly learned how to build herself back up. She hadn’t left during the day since.

Mike changed the channel to Action 24. Something on TV exploded as a guy with an over-the-top gruff voice made an eloquent speech about today’s consumerist society.
“I’m so not watching the immortal and the restless for the rest of this dumb-ass shift. Oh cool, I was meaning to go see this last year.” He said and grabbed an extra cushion for himself so he could lie down. Marie tutted and went to make herself something to eat.
“You know someone else might want to sit down.” She said as she sifted through the contents of the fridge.
“Yeah? Well, tough luck. Unless they want to risk the wrath of sitting in the almighty armchair that Vince would give, then they’re stuck on the floor or the counter.” He grumbled. He wasn’t having any fun doing this, and he even missed being able to tell bad jokes with Fritz. But now he was stuck in here until the shift was over. The new guy was nice and all, but he was way too timid for a job like this.

“Hey Mike, who’s that guy? The one with that weird haircut? I’m sure I saw him in this other thing.” Toychi pointed to the screen.
“I don’t know, Google it or something. I’m busy being a night guard.” Mike twisted over to face towards the TV. He really didn’t want to see the stupid little McNugget today. He usually spent his shift trying to avoid her, especially now she’d developed an obsession with him. ‘Teenagers…’ he thought to himself. A loud growl interrupted his thinking.
“What the mierda was that?” Toychi looked up from her phone again.
“Hey Miley Cyrus, language.” Marie scolded. “I think it was someone’s stomach.” She continued to look sadly at the lack of nice food.
“That’d be me. Sorry, I didn’t have time to eat…” Jeremy sighed and shuffled his feet. He wanted to go look in the fridge or grab an apple from the bowl or something, but nothing had ever scared him as much as that spaghetti lady and he was not going near her ever again if he could help it.
“Hey wiener, I actually have some leftovers. I was going to eat them myself when I found them but, since I don’t really need to eat and you do, it only seems fair. If you like pasta salad anyway. I think there’s some grated cheese back here somewhere…” She fished a Clingfilm wrapped bowl and put it on the counter before going back to her search.
“Um… Marie? About that cheese…” Mike began.