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Hey Now, You're a Rockstar

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The warehouse was shaking. Everything from the foundation to the roof was shaking with excitement. The beat of Yang's drumming was the heartbeat of the song. The sweet combination of Blake's baseline and Ruby's electric guitar worked up the crowd and the sublime voice of Weiss was the cherry on top.

Blake had no words. This was the biggest crowd they had ever had, it was almost overwhelming. She couldn't help but watch in awe of the spectacle around her. The screams of the audience and echoes of their music. It was intoxicating. But this wasn't the time to get lost in the splendour. As Weiss finished the last of her lyrics as Ruby's lightning fast riffs finished the crowd off.

Yang wiped a thick wad of sweat off her face as they hopped off stage.

"You alright Blake?" Yang asked "You almost seemed out of it at the last song."

She wasn't wrong. This was a big step up from playing in front of eight people. But those days were past, they had gotten their act together now. They were singing their own songs and started their own merchandise. They were getting big now. It didn't change the fact that there was a restlessness in her, the fact she was sleeping less and less each night probably didn't help.

"You sure it's not performance anxiety or anything?"

Blake smiled "I'm ok, thanks. I'll be a bit better after a drink."

Blake was an introvert by nature. She preferred being incognito among the masses. Listening to her fans talk about her with knowing she was literally five feet away. It felt… safe. Reassuring. The bassist felt a tap on her shoulder, she turned around to see a girl. Must have been around sixteen years old. She had died half of her hair her brown hair pink and was wearing a RWBY t-shirt.

"Yes, Miss?" Blake replied.

 The girl blushed and thrust a pen and a poster into her chest. Blake took it. It was obvious what she meant

"Who will I be making this out to?"

Upon the words 'make out', the fangirl wrapped her arms around Blake and pulled her in for a peck on the cheek.

Immediately, Weiss appeared out of nowhere and grabbed her hand. Alarmed, Blake turned to face her.

"Did I just see what I thought I saw?" Weiss exclaimed.

Blake raised her hands defensively "Yes, but it's to trouble really." She hated seeing Weiss all worked up. The singer continued yelling at the fan

"It's not ok for you to treat people like that! What gives you the right? What the hell!"

The girl skulked off. But frankly, she was the last thing on her mind. Her hears seemed to have tuned out as she was gazing upon Weiss. She was always sweet and cute. When they first met, they quickly became emotional confidants thanks to the magic of alcohol.

"Blake!" yelled Weiss.

"…Wha?" The bassist shook her head and got out of her daze.

"It's been five minutes." said Weiss as she slowly pulled her in for a hug "Are you ok?"

Blake gave Weiss a hug back. "Just tired after the concert. I need that drink."

RWBY hopped over to the bar afterwards. It was one of Yang's favourite ways to unwind after a concert. The blonde was building up to get one of her legendary hangovers, downing shot after shot. Ruby however had a low tolerance to alcohol, it didn't take that long for her to pass out. Weiss and Blake were sharing glasses of Merlot. It was strong and smooth, but had taste so you had to drink slow to enjoy it. Weiss' face was flushed and Blake could tell they were halfway between buzzed and completely drunk. Yang downed another shot and pointed dramatically at the bartender.

"I'll… I'll have another shi-shot." Yang belched. "Shot me please secksy."

Blake raised her hand. "Cancel that order, Bartender."

Yang had a tendency to flirt casually, but this man was eighty, balding and covered in wrinkles. It was clearly time to go to the hotel and sleep it off.

Blake was carrying Ruby bridal style while Yang used Weiss as a crutch. Even with the extra support, the drummer wobbled as she walked.

"I dare you to dare us to make out." Yang blurted us out.

Weiss sighed. "Yang, you're smashed." The singers legs began to shake, she was having trouble holding taller and notably more muscular woman up.

Yang belched again "C'mon babe, no need to be such a Weiss Queen."

The one thing that hadn't changed about Yang when she was smashed was the her sense of humour.

After the group had arrived at their room, now came the difficult job of sending Yang off to bed. Ruby slept like a log and was easy to send off. Yang however thought with a tenacity and only stayed in bed if someone was with her, for one reason or another.

Weiss was keeping an eye on Ruby, so Blake was looking after Yang.

"Blaaaaaakey?" moaned Yang. "Come to beeeeeed." The blonde was lying under the covers

Blake gritted her teeth. There really was no fighting her. There's no chance of me sleeping tonight. She gave out a grunt and realised she'd have to share a bed after all. She walked over and sat on the bed.

"C'mooon, get under the covers."

Blake shifted over and grabbed the sheets.



"You can't sleep with all your clothes on."

Resentfully, Blake took off her jacket and her jeans and hopped in with her. Yang took the opportunity to wrap her arms around her and pull in tightly. Blake was shocked to feel Yang's naked body next to hers.

"Heeey." Yang said in a sultry voice. As sultry as you can get after so many shots. "You seem a bit quiet and tense." The blondes started travelling up and down her body. "Would you like some… help with that."

Yang was a bit of a flirt, but this was a new development. She never threw herself at someone, she liked to play a game and have the other buckle first. It's not like Blake hadn't noticed her body either. She had the muscular build of an athlete and the bust of a model. Blake was sure there was countless people who would want to be in her position, with Yang Xiao Long on top of them. But there was an issue though. Even if Blake did want her, she was smashed beyond belief. It wouldn't be right to take advantage of her. She'd have to let her down gently.

"Yang. You're drunk." Blake said as calmly as she could. She didn't want to cause a scene. Not now.

At that point, Yang grabbed the pillow and used it to hoist herself on top of the smaller woman.

Yang scoffed. "C'mon Blakey, you have any idea how many people wanna get their hands on these… Big, firm melons?" Waving her generously sized breasts in Blake's face, just centimetres from her face. In this position, she couldn't help but appreciate Yang's tattoos all the better from this angle. There was her signature yellow dragon across her left arm, but red roses and thorns on her sides and a golden burning heart crest on her left thigh.

 Blake tipped her head up so she could see Yang's face better. What she didn't expect was for Yang to lower herself, causing their lips to collide. Blake was sure it would have bruised if she didn't go slack jawed at the last minute.

It was a slow and messy kiss, a little sloppy as well. The alcohol clearly hadn't helped with Yang's technique. Blake wouldn't have found it so bad if her woman draped on top of her didn't taste like cheep vodka.

"So… Interested?" said Yang.

Blake would be lying if there wasn't a part of her that wanted to bend the tattooed bombshell over a table. But that was a very small part, only there because of the heat of the moment and alcohol and she wasn't drunk enough to do something they'd both want later regret. Blake took hold of Yang and wrestled her onto her back.

"Yeah! That's the stuff." Yang howled. "Straddle me, grind on me. Nothings off limits."

At that point, Blake leaned in closely and whispered in her most seductive voice. "Close your eyes."

A few moments after Yang did so, she ended up falling asleep, snoring loudly. Blake gently lifted herself off the passed out drummer underneath her. She pulled up the bed sheets to cover Yang's body and laid down on the sofa.

Maybe now she could get some sleep.