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you are everything I want (but more than I deserve)

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“Loki! I know you can fucking hear me. Get your mischievous butt down here, right now!”

The man in question appeared before her, a huge smile lighting up his face, “Darcy, how I have missed you.”

He bowed before her but instead of replying with one of her usual curtsey’s, Darcy took a pillow off her bed and whacked him over the head.

“What. The. Fuck. Did. You. Do. To. Natasha?”

The man backed up, his hands raising up in surrender as the woman stalked toward him. Darcy dropped her pillow and poked him hard in the chest, “ I swear if you dropped her in another volcano, I will let Clint shoot you this time.”

Loki’s eyebrows furrowed, “The spider? I know not of what you speak. I have not encountered her in many years.”

Darcy’s shoulders slumped. Having spent so much time with him, she knew when he was lying. And he wasn’t lying. She let out a deep sigh. If Loki didn’t have Natasha, then she had no idea where she was.

“So, if you don’t know where she is, why did I get this?” She pulled up the clue from Natasha and showed it to him.

But he just shrugged, plucking the phone from her hand, “If you are truly worried, I will do some reconnaissance to find out where your spy is.”

Darcy sighed, nodding her head. Loki brushed a hand over her head, “Do not worry, sister. The spider is a formidable warrior. I will be back.” He said as he began to fade away.

However, before he disappeared completely, the door to her bedroom slammed open, “Lady Darcy! You vanished from the room of meetings. Your soul-warrior was worried, so we came to find you. I”


Darcy dragged an irritated Loki by the hand, out of her room. Bucky followed close at her side, his hand brushing against her arm as he kept his eyes focused on the strange black-haired man. He hadn’t said a word since arriving at her room, but she could tell that he had a million questions she would be answering later that night.

Thor smiled wide as he chattered on aimlessly about Jane, all but vibrating with happiness at the presence of his brother.

Darcy wasn’t sure how this was going to go down once they made it back to the meeting room. To say that Loki and the Avengers didn’t get along would be a vast understatement. To be fair, Loki was an asshole. He had caused them more trouble than not in the few years they had known each other. Fury had all but banned him from the premises. Tony had forbidden his presence in his tower. The only people who liked him in any form were Darcy and Thor.

With a deep breath, Darcy rounded the corner and entered the meeting room of chaos. Everybody was circled around the table arguing. Screens were flashing with security footage and papers were being passed around. It wasn’t normal for an agent to go missing. Especially since Fury was claiming that he had not sent her anywhere. Not that Clint believed him.

Darcy stood in the doorway silently. Not one of them noticed when she stepped through the doorway, the god of mischief at her side. They really needed to start paying attention to their surroundings.


“Hey, Darcy.” A collective hello quickly echoed through the room and everyone continued their work as Darcy stood there silently waiting for them to realize she wasn’t alone. After a beat. And then two. The room fell silent and everybody froze turning to look at her. With a smile, she elbowed Loki and he wiggled his fingers in greeting.

Clint stood up quickly, his hand moving toward his gun. Bucky stiffened feeling the tension in the room, his gaze flickering between Clint’s weapon and Darcy, unsure of if she was in danger or not.

Tony groaned, “Please tell me I’m imagining things. I’m like four days past my bedtime so I hope to god this is just a horrible nightmare.”

Darcy ignored Tony and focused on the other Avengers, “Natasha sent me a little message. I thought it had something to do with Mr. Asshole over here but turns out it doesn’t.”

Clint’s teeth were gritted, “And we know this how?”

Loki rolled his eyes, “I wish to offer my assistance in any way. I can do a sweep of the country and see if I can find your spider. Since you are clearly limited in resources and do not have the skills needed to find her.”

Tony snorted, “Being an asshole all the time doesn’t make you helpful it just makes you an asshole.”

Darcy growled, “Tony be nice. He is just trying to help.”

Loki stared at him blankly, eyes roved up and down as if he found Tony unimpressive, “It would take me not even a second to murder you and I wouldn’t have to even lift a finger.”

Darcy could feel the beginnings of a headache start to throb in her temples, “Loki, manners.”

Loki sighed, “Sorry. Can I politely murder you?”

Tony gasped loudly, “Don’t joke about murder, I was murdered once and it offends me.”

Bucky reached out wrapping an arm around her waist and turning her slightly into his body, “How do you two even know each other?”

Loki smirked and Darcy rolled her eyes.


A few years earlier:

Darcy had been on Asgard for about a week and to say she was bored was an understatement.

For the past year and a half, Darcy had been left behind as Jane and Thor journeyed to Asgard month after month, leaving her to sulk on the couch watching Doctor Who reruns and eating Thor’s beloved poptarts. But this time, she was finally allowed to visit Asgard. Because Jane was getting married.

Darcy dreamed of the realm. The beautiful dresses. The glittering balls. The breathtaking palace. The vibrant gardens. The kind Asgardians. The badass warriors.

But she got none of that.

All because she accidentally set a little fire to some curtains.

It wasn’t her fault. I mean who places candles right next to flammable fabric?

So, while Jane got to waltz around parading as a royal princess in a beautiful dress, Darcy was locked away in her room. And although her room was bigger than her parent’s whole house, it still felt like a prison. So, naturally, she decided to escape.

It wasn’t difficult. All it took was one tiny little bribe. After hours of begging the guard at her door to let her out, she gave up and began snacking on some kit-kats she had smuggled onto Asgard. On her third one, she noticed her guard eyeing the chocolate candy for the corner of his eye. With a smile, she held one out to him.

“If you let me out, I will give you all the kit-kats you want.”

And that is how she found herself in the palace’s library, with a stern warning glare from her new favorite guard.

Within a few hours, Darcy had surrounded herself with at least two dozen books she couldn’t wait to read, her nose buried deep within her second novel.

“You know that book is not meant for mortal eyes.”

“Bite me.”

“It would be my pleasure.”

A slim white hand reached out and plucked the book from her hands. Darcy raised her head with a glare, meeting bright green eyes.

“I know you are not my brother’s beloved, yet I thought Odin stated that the other mortal was to be confined to her room.”

Darcy rolled her eyes, “Well, clearly I don’t take too kindly to being told what to do”

She held out her hand as if expecting him to give the book back, but he just looked her up and down curiously.

“How did you get out?”

Darcy snatched the book back and flipped quickly to the page she had been on and began reading once again, “Your staff breaks like a child when offered a piece of candy.”

Silence befell the room and Darcy continued reading as Loki took a place in the chair across from her and began reading his own book, throwing curious glances at the mortal across from him from time to time.


Darcy’s lower lip jutted out, as her arms crossed over her chest, “No.”

Loki, the mysterious man Darcy had met in the library, and someone who had quickly become one of the most infuriating people she had ever met, gestured to her, “I agree with the mortal, mother. I am not watching over her.”

The Queen, scoffed, “Loki, behave. I would do it myself, but I am going away for a few days. Jane and Thor will be busy with wedding preparations. And I cannot leave her on her own.”

“Um, yes you can?” Darcy piped in but the Queen just shot her a gently stern look before turning back to her son.

Loki sighed deeply, his eyes twitching as he took in the young mortal in front of him, “Fine. But if I do this, I don’t want to take part in the wedding.”

“Loki, you are going to your brother’s wedding.” The Queen chastised.

The Queen and Prince stared each other down until the man finally sighed.

The prince’s shoulders dropped and the Queen smiled, leaning over to press a kiss to his forehead as he tried to shy away.

“I hope the two of you behave.”


They did not behave.

Loki was an asshole and Darcy hated him. A few days earlier she would have been thrilled to find someone with magic. Harry Potter had been her childhood. She couldn’t even count the number of times she had tried to use spells. But Loki was an asshole. And used his magic to torment her. He would clone himself. He would turn invisible. He would vanish instantly, leaving her alone near man-eating plants. He would make the palace halls into mazes causing her to get lost for hours.

But what Loki didn’t expect was Darcy fighting back.

It took Darcy a little while but she managed to replace every single thing in Loki’s room with Hello Kitty stuff.

She told Thor that Loki wanted to wear something special for his wedding and Thor had a full costume made for him.

She had managed to smuggle her iPod into his room and would leave it on annoyingly loud rap music.

She even got him in trouble with both his mother and his father.

However, after a week of torturing each other, they realized that instead of wasting their energy terrorizing each other, they could put their mischievous heads together and turn their terror on others.

The next month and a half were one of annoyance for the citizens of Asgard.

Since Loki was Darcy’s escort, she was finally allowed to go places. Feasts. Balls. Meetings.

At feasts, Darcy would distract guests while Loki would use his magic to turn their food into snakes or cause their drinks to squirt in their faces.

During balls, Loki would turn himself into Darcy and dance with Asgardian men who found her attractive, only to turn back into himself at the end, wishing he could capture the looks of horror on their faces.

To say Darcy and Loki were best friends by the end of her stay was correct. Darcy was sad to go. And Loki was sad to see her go.

“Bye Darcy.” Darcy held onto Jane tightly.

Her once boss and now best friend, held onto her tight and Darcy wasn’t sure she wanted to let go, “Please visit.”

“I will.”

“Good morrow, Lady Darcy. You shall be missed... Well, maybe not by all.”

Darcy glanced at Heimdall before glancing past him once more looking for the other man she wanted to say goodbye to.

“Um, I guess it’s time to go now...”

“Without saying goodbye to me?”

Darcy smiled before turning around, the man in question appearing before her, a wide smile on his face.

“Goodbye sister.”

“Bye Loki.”

Once she returned to Earth, Loki kept in contact with her through a magic bracelet that he and his mother had crafted for her.


“Well that was a nice story time and all, but I still don’t understand why horny is here. Thor, I want your brother to-”

Loki scoffed, not waiting for Tony to finish his sentence, “I am here because of Darcy.”

Tony held up a finger, “Did I ask you?”

Loki rolled his eyes, “You know it’s really rude to talk while I’m interrupting.”

“Oh, I’m sorry that long ass story wasn’t done?

“Tony.” Darcy said rubbing her temples.

The two men began to bicker and Darcy turned into Bucky, banging her head against his chest.

“Enough.” Fury stated stepping forward, “Suit up. Go investigate the clue Ms. Lewis received. Report back here tomorrow morning. 6 am sharp.”

The team nodded and began to disperse. Fury started toward the door but stopped short before fully leaving, “And you.” He motioned toward Loki, “If I hear one infraction from you, you will end up in a special room I’ve had reserved for you for years.”

Bucky glanced down at Darcy questioningly and she gave him a nod. He threw one last glance at Loki before pressing a kiss to her cheek and leaving quickly to get dressed.

Once the room was clear of everyone except Darcy and Loki, she turned toward the god and glared at him, “Can’t you play nice for once in your life? Sometimes I don’t know why I’m friends with you.”

Loki smirked, “So tell me all about your soulmate.”


Darcy stood inside the conference room waiting for everyone to get back. After catching Loki up on her soulmate business, he had vanished to do some of his own investigating. She relaxed against the table when she felt a hand brush down her back. The scent of leather filled her senses and she turned toward to man behind her, burying her face in his chest.


Bucky tried to pull back but Darcy just held on tighter, “No, sorry. Your armor is rough as fuck. I’m good.”

The man let out a soft chuckle, “Alright, doll. Or should I call you honorary goddess of mischief.”

“My mischief days are behind me.”

“I hate to call you a liar, doll....but...”


All of the Avengers at a pet store was definitely going to make the front of the newspaper the following morning.

Within a second of entering the store, almost all of the heroes got distracted by an animal. Thor settled himself near the puppies claiming they would be fine hunting dogs. Clint perched near the birds and began singing nursery rhymes with them. Sam had at least four bunnies in his arms. Tony stood in the complete center of the store, avoiding all contact with any animal.

Steve was the only one who sought out the store owner.

And Bucky.

Bucky sat in the corner cuddling a small looking pure white cat.

Taking in her surroundings like Natasha taught her, Darcy looked for anything out of the ordinary. The animals. The food. The toys. It looked like a typical pet store. There was only one worker on. Nothing seemed Hydra-like. So, why had Natasha sent the team here. There had to be something she was missing.

After a few minutes of looking around, Steve sidled up alongside Darcy, “The store owner has no idea what any of this is about. He doesn’t know who Natasha is. He did say they have a cat named Loki, but apparently, he’s been here for a few years.”

Darcy shook her head, “This doesn’t make any sense.” Putting on a friendly smile, Darcy made her way over to the anxious-looking pet store owner.

“Hi! I saw you have a cat named Loki online, do you mind if I meet him?”

The owner glanced at the heroes in his store before turning back to Darcy and nodding. He motioned for her to wait and not a second later he came back with a calico cat in his hands.

“Thank you! He is precious.”

Darcy gently took the cat into her arms and walked over to the side of the room sitting down on the bench.

“Natasha?” Darcy whispered. “I swear to god if you were turned into a cat I am going to slap you. But also, I’d be really jealous because how cool would that be?”


But the cat just looked at her with a bored expression.

“Okay. So, maybe not Natasha. Then, what’s so special about you, huh?” The cat in her arms remained expressionless as Darcy looked her over as if she was hiding a deep dark secret.

Steve came over sitting down next to her, and Darcy looked up. Everyone had cleared out of the store, except for Thor and Bucky who were still enthralled by the animals.

Darcy continued to pet the cat when something caught on her fingers and she looked down. The collar around its neck had fallen off. Shoving the cat into Steve’s arms, she bent a grabbed the collar, plucking a piece of paper out of the end. She elbowed Steve as she quickly unfolded the paper. Part of her thought this was all a training exercise. God knows, she had gone through enough of them. Natasha had her go through multiple staged kidnappings. She still slept with her taser and a baseball bat by her bed. This was no training exercise.

Alive. Fine. Two days. Noon. Central Park.


Darcy rubbed her face with a sigh and she rounded the corner into the common area, groaning at the sight of the still destroyed room.

Bruce stood in the middle of the room, his face blank as he took in the mess around them.

“Did we get attacked?”

Darcy shook her head with a yawn and dropped down onto one of the kitchen stools, dropping her head onto the counter. Her headache was still throbbing. Sometimes she wasn’t sure how she survived day to day life with the Avengers. It was kinda like working with a classroom full of 3-year-olds. Actually, it was exactly like a group of 3-year-olds.

“Mario Kart.”

Bruce hummed understandingly. This sadly hadn’t been the first occurrence, “Ah. The couch?”

“Tony dared Steve to try one of his Iron Man blasters. He has really shitty aim.”

Bruce shook his head and walked out of the room, mumbling to himself.

Not lifting her head from the cool granite counter, she called out, “Loki!”

“You summoned?”

Darcy pushed herself up and blurrily looked at Loki. Her eyes narrowed as she took in his dirt covered appearance but knowing better than to mention it she brushed it off, “We got a message from Natasha. She’s alright. Sorry for calling you for no reason.”

“I will take any excuse to visit. I have missed you. It is boring using my magic on people without my partner.”

“Speaking of your Harry Potter skills,” Darcy gestured to the demolished room. “Would you mind?”

Loki rolled his eyes and waved his hand, everything flying back to its rightful place, the destroyed pieces fixed under his careful eye.

“That will never get old.”

“One last trick before I go?”

Darcy smiled.


Fury patted down his singed suit glaring at the man and woman in front of him.

Loki pointed to an innocent looking Darcy, “She made me do it!”

Darcy scoffed, “No, I didn’t.”

“Yes, she did! Don’t you deny it.”

“Alright, maybe I did, but you didn’t have to do it!”

“And let you do it yourself and get all the credit, no way!”

Tony groaned, “God no. It’s like minion one and minion two, I can’t take it anymore.”

“I knew your mischief ways weren’t behind you, doll.”

“Leave the premises right now or you will become a permanent guest in our prison.”


Darcy slipped out of her bathroom. It had been a long day and all she could think about was burrowing under her covers with a 24-chapter fanfiction.

Shaking out her wet hair, she shivered as she walked over to her bedroom door.

“Ms. Lewis, Mr. Barnes is waiting in your room.”

“Thanks, j-man.”

Darcy slipped through the door finding Bucky, reclined on her bed against her mountain of pillows, staring confused at his phone. Tony had set him up with one but he was still having a little difficulty with some of the features. He figured out texting pretty quickly. But the photos and apps were slow learning.

Bucky threw a quick smile at her before focusing back on his phone, “She’s back. I have to go, Shuri. Thanks for checking up. I will send you a letter if anything comes up.”

“A message.”

“Goodnight Shuri.”

“It is morning.”


Laughter echoed through the phone, “Goodbye, Sergeant Barnes.”

Darcy slid into bed next to Bucky, curling up alongside him. His arm wrapped around her waist as he pulled her closer to him.


“Do you know T’Challa?”

“King Kitty? Yep. We bonded over our love of cats.”

Bucky held back his laughter remembering when Sam asked if T’Challa liked cats, “Well Shuri is his younger sister. She is the one who helped fix me.”

Darcy’s brows furrowed, “Fix you? You weren’t broken.”

Bucky looked away, smiling painfully, “Well you may not see it that way, but I was under Hydra’s control. If I had met you before her, I probably would have run far far away. To keep you safe.”

Darcy growled, reaching out to turn his face back to hers, “And I would have chased you to the end of the world. You’re mine. Or have you forgotten already?”

Bucky smiled and ran a hand down the side of her face, his thumb brushing across her cheek.

Darcy leaned forward, her forehead resting against Bucky’s, when a shiver rocked through her body, breaking up their moment. Bucky sat up and pulled off his sweatshirt, handing it over to Darcy who thankfully slid it on, breathing in his scent and cuddling into its warmth.

Bucky’s hands began running through her wet hair as he unknotted it. Darcy closed her eyes and leaned back as he began to braid her hair. After a few moments, he held out a hand and she passed him a hair tie. After he tied off her hair, she rolled over burrowing into his side.

She mumbled something into his chest and he laughed, "Can't exactly hear you when you're clinging to me like a koala bear, doll."

Darcy grumbled, before looking up at Bucky, “You're really cute and it's ruining my life because all I can think about is kissing you all the time."

His hand reached up to cup her face, his thumb brushing gently against her lower lip, “Doll, you can kiss me anytime you like.”

And they both leaned in slowly, meeting in the middle.

His lips touched hers gently. And without a moment’s hesitation, Darcy pressed back, her lips soft but unyielding against his. A soft sigh tore from her mouth as he deepened the kiss, his arms coming up to wrap tightly around her. His metal arm snaked around her back under her shirt, causing a shiver to shudder through her body, while the other rose to weave into her hair, pulling her even closer to him.

Darcy pulled her face away with a gasp, her eyes meeting his, a smile growing on his lips as he leaned in once again. Her eyes snapped closed with a sigh when she felt him pepper kisses along her jaw.

And Darcy knew in that moment that her whole life was about to change. She didn’t know what to make of it or what was going to happen in the future, but she knew that with Bucky everything would be okay.

Bucky pulled back, pressing a gentle kiss against Darcy’s forehead, before pulling her close to him once more as they both drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.