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Son of The Joker

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"But why Gotham? Stephanie knows I hate it there!" Dean Ambrose was complaining to his girlfriend as she packed up in Cameron, North Carolina "Dean, why do ya hate Gotham?" Matilda 'Matt' Mora Hardy asked "personal issues I want to leave behind" he said as the two finished packing and went to Matt's car so they could pick up Roma and Jeff "look, have you even thought of talking to someone about this?" Matt asked as she pulled the car at Jeff's place.

"Matt, it's just so complicated..." Dean said, Matt nodded "I understand" she said, knowing Dean wasn't going to tell her just as Roma and Jeff appeared with Joelle and Ruby "hey, you never said ya were bringin' the kids" Matt joked "Summer Vacay" was all Jeffrey 'Jeff' Nero Hardy would say "alright, get in you four. We gotta get to Gotham" Matt barked, but with no bite