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50 moments in the life of...

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Roman jumped slightly when he felt something poke him right in his size, but chose to ignore it, his eyes drifted sideways from the paperwork he was trying to do when he felt it again, blue mischievous eyes meeting his gaze.

“What're you doing De'?” He mumbled, the blonde at his side huffed and poked him again.

I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention.” Roman raised an eyebrow.

What, you're 5 now? Entertain yourself for 10 minutes, I gotta get this filled out, unless... You know you want me to have to stay here and not come to Europe next month, whatever.” Roman said with an easy shrug. Dean's eyes widened.

Not come, Why wouldn't you come?” He asked worried, that would not go down well with Vince if one of his top superstars suddenly said he couldn't go on the tour.

Mmhmmm.” Roman hummed in reply once more looking at the form he was filling in.

Why... What're you doing?” Dean asked frowning. Roman shifted the form to let the other man get a proper look at it, it was a passport form.

Renewing my passport... Or I would be if someone would stop poking me. Its due to run out, and I need to send it off now if I want it back in time for going to Europe.” Roman replied. Dean seemed to think it over and with a sigh settled himself arms folded at Roman's side.

Is yours ok?” Roman asked, Dean nodded.

Yeah mine was renewed just after I hit FCW, wont run out for a while yet.” Dean replied. Roman nodded, while Dean was pretty good with making sure all his paperwork for travelling was in order, Roman still wouldn't put it past him to forget, they rarely had time to stop and figure stuff out, it was easy to forget, he had, and they knew everyone in the locker room would have to admit to having spent a night panicking hurriedly filling out forms at least once, when something like this had slipped their mind.


Dean left him alone for exactly 10 minutes before he started poking Roman again, Roman sighed.

5 more minutes babe.” He mumbled, shifting his arm to try and protect his side from Dean's prodding fingers.

You said 10 minutes, 10 minutes ago.” Dean moaned. Roman smiled and glanced over at the pouting blonde at his side.

Give me 5 more minutes and I will rock your would I promise.” Dean only pouted more, and wormed his fingers under Roman's arm to poke him again, and again, and again. Roman put up with it for approximately 2 minutes before he gave in and gave Dean enough attention to leave him in a blissed out, half asleep daze at his side. Dean rolled over after a minute or two and snaked an arm around Roman's waist and settled himself at Roman's side for a nap with a mumbled.

That's all I wanted.”