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School of Misfit Toys

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Juvia's POV

“Gajeel-kun! He is going to be here soon hurry up and get out of bed!” I knocked forcefully on my roommate's door.

“Alright Rain Women I am getting up, now stop your squawking!” he yelled angrily back.

I sighed in defeat and decided to take his word for it,

He will never change will he.

Besides being roommates Gajeel and I are also best friends. We met in grade school, and being the outcasts of our class sort of brought us together. That and Gajeel was impressed by the fact that I served a right hook punch to one of my old school bullies. I smiled at the memory, as my eyes then glanced over to a photograph placed on the living room table. Gajeel had his arm locked around a angry Totomaru, while the other guys and I of Phantom High smiled for our senior photo. It pained me to leave everyone, but when both Gajeel and I received special scholarships directly from the dean of students, Zeref Dragneel, of Magnolia University we could not refuse the opportunity to move out here. It was rare for any student to receive such a award from our juvenile school.

“What the heck are ya smiling at?” Gajeel yawned while walking towards me.

His long black hair was in a crazy mess, and all he had on were his grey sweatpants. I immediately frowned at his appearance and sighed once more,

“Juvia was just thinking about how cute young Gajeel was.”

He laughed and put his arm around my neck,

“What are ya talking about, I am still young and cute gi-hi.”

I couldn't help but chuckle along with him.

Really never will change.

I looked down towards my watch and my eyes instantly widened. I pulled out of Gajeel’s hold and looked around frantically.

“Ahhhh it’s almost time, does the place look okay, does Juvia look okay, because you sure don’t” I pointed up and down towards Gajeel.

“Calm down women, you act like this is some sort of marriage interview, we are only meeting our potentially new roommate.” Gajeel yawned again, now heading for the fridge.

“This is a big deal Gajeel! This is the first offer we have had in awhile, and unless we want to go looking for a second job we need to make sure he accepts!”

“That ain’t so bad, at this rate might as well drop out.”

That's when I snapped, I took off one of my slippers and directly aimed it at Gajeel's head.

“OW, WHAT THE HELL WAS THE FOR!” he spun around his hand patting the back of his head.

“If you don’t take this seriously Juvia is going to throw more than just Juvia's slipper at you.” I raised my fist, my vein visibly popping out of my forehead at this point.

*Knock, Knock, Knock*

“Ah, that must be him! Oh my gawd Juvia is so nervous! Gajeel go put a shirt on and hurry up! And you better be on your best behavior!”

He clicked his tongue in annoyance but nevertheless complied to my request and went to his room. I stood in front, ruffling the curls of my blue hair and trying my best to look presentable.

Okay Juvia you can do this, all you have to do is get him to be our roommate, piece of cake!

I thought back to the 6 failed interviews and shook my head. I hesitantly turned the knob on the door and looked at the boy standing opposite me.

“Yo, sorry for being late, took me while to find the place.”

He was taller than Juvia, but not as tall as Gajeel. He wore a black shirt and khakis, which showcased his very muscular body(he must do sports or something), but what was most prominent about his appearance was his cherry pink hair.

“H-hello! No you are okay, Juvia is sorry if her directions were confusing.” I said nervously.

“No of course not, I am just bad with directions.”

We stood there for a while in silence before he let out a nervous cough.

“Oh, how rude of Juvia!” I then held out my hand.

“Juvia’s full name is Juvia Lockser! It is nice to meet you!”

He looked at my hand for a second, probably thinking about why I was talking in the third person, but he then surprisingly took it and shook energetically,

“Nice to meet ya Juvia, my name is Natsu Dragneel.” he smiled.

Dragneel? Could it be-no it must be a coincidence.

After he released my hand I directed him inside

“Please make yourself comfortable.”

He sat on the sofa, as I brought out a tea tray.

“W-would you look some tea Natsu-san?”

“Sure, thank you!”

I handed him his cup and once again we were surrounded in silence,


Thank gawd.

“This is the place, I got to say for the rent you're offering this is a pretty sweet deal. I am surprised you don’t have more people knocking up your door to be your roommate.” Natsu said while looking around.

“Ha Ha, ya it is a pretty old apartment complex so Juvia guesses students are looking for more modern buildings.” I kinda lied.

“Makes sense. So what kind of rules do you have for your roommates?”

I took a minute to think about what to say,

“Well, we don’t really have rules, but I guess basic etiquette would apply. Like no suprise parties, no blaring music at 3 in the morning, for sex all we ask is that you keep it down and place a tie over your door so we know. We also share chores like cooking and doing laundry so you are welcome to do them yourself or join our system. Oh and no hiding dead bodies here.” I teased the last part hoping Natsu would catch on. And thankfully he did as he let out a laugh.

“I don’t know about that last part, but everything else sounds good.”

Could this mean! Wait Juvia, don’t get too excited yet, you still have to tell him-

My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by Gajeel’s shocked voice,

“S-Salamander? Is that you?”

Natsu stood up with wide eyes towards Gajeel.


They looked at each other for a second before Gajeel came barreling towards him while Natsu jumped from the sofa. I looked in horror as the two of them exchanged blows. Things were being knocked down in all directions, and even the tea set I adored was shattered into many pieces.

“W-what are you two doing!” I finally screamed.

They froze from my sudden outburst, both with choke holds around each other. They looked from me then to each other.



“Hahaha, you have gotten rusty metal brain.” Natsu laughed as they released their hold on each other.

“Oi, and you're any better fire freak.” Gajeel smirked.

“You two know each other?” I looked confused by the whole scenario.

“Yup, I knew Salamander way before I knew you. We also were in the same dorm for our first year before, well you know.” Gajeel scratched his head.

“Ya and it hasn’t been the same since you left, no one ever wants to fight me.” Natsu pouted.

Okay so they know each other, this should be good thing right? So why do I have a bad feeling about this…

After Natsu and Gajeel had caught up and started another fight, I brought Natsu’s attention back to the issue at hand.

“As fun as this has been Natsu-san, we really should discuss your future of living here.”

At this both Natsu and Gajeel stopped their rambling and paid close attention to my words. I cleared my throat before continuing,

“Before Gajeel had interrupted, Juvia was about to tell you one last thing before you gave your answer. The reason Gajeel and Juvia got this apartment in the first place was because at the end of last year we got kicked out of the dorms.”

I explained to Natsu what had happened last year. I had enjoyed my life in the dorms quite a lot, I did not have many friends, but everyone was nice and I enjoyed being around other girls for once. Then Juvia made the mistake of getting a boyfriend, Bora. I left out the details of what exactly transpired, but Gajeel-kun got involved, and I must say it is surprising we were not kicked out of the school, let alone got to keep our scholarships. If only everyone knew the truth, they would not look at Gajeel and I with such discomfort.  

“Juvia would be lying if she told you that was all of it, but that is as much as Juvia is willing to tell you now.” I looked down at my entwined fingers.


“Okay?” I repeated and looked up at his blank expression.

“Ya, okay. I really don’t care for the past. Plus I have a good sense of judgment, and I can smell that you and Gajeel are alright.” he said simply.

Did he say smell?

“Plus-” he let out a nervous chuckle,

“I may have also been kicked out of the dorms.”

I took me a moment to understand what he had just said.


“It was about time.” Gajeel just smirked.

“Hey at least I lasted longer than you did!” Natsu retorted.

“Wait Natsu-san, how did you get kicked out of the dorms?” I asked frantically.

“Well I did a lot of stuff, like punching the dorm advisor in the face, stealing people’s lunches, switching out shampoo with mayonnaise in the communal baths, but the thing that got me kicked out was that I set a bonfire in the middle of the dorm hall.” he looked at us proudly, obviously not thinking about the severity of his actions.

“That's it? I am little disappointed in you Salamander.” Gajeel frowned.

“Did I mention that I used the girl's underwear to start the fire?” he added.

Gajeel started laughing from this as the two exchanged a high five. I on the other hand was not amused.

“Natsu-san, Juvia is now starting to believe that you mean what you said about hiding dead bodies here.” I sobbed realizing where this was all going.

“Don’t worry Juvia, even I wouldn’t go that far. But man am I relieved. I was really nervous coming to this. Now that I know that Gajeel lives here and that you guys also got kicked of the dorms I feel like I can finally move out of my car, well that’s if you will have me?” he looked towards Gajeel and I with anticipation.

I then looked at Gajeel who gave me a smirk.

This is a bad idea, I know it, but Natsu-san seems like a good person, besides his pranking ways. Gajeel also trusts him, and he was so accepting of our situation.

With a sigh I held out my hand again,

“As long as you don’t do anything to Juvia’s shampoo OR her underwear, we would love to have you as our third roommate Natsu-san.” I gave him a slight smile.

Ignoring my hand, Natsu jumped from the couch and caught me in an embrace.

“EH-!” I felt my face go red as I tried to pull away, but Natsu held his grip.

“Thank you Juvia! I am all fired up now!”

And with that we had gotten our third roommate. Little did we know that our college lives would be changed drastically with the confirmation of this embrace, but what else would you expect with three misfits living under one roof.