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Girl in a Country Song

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“Hey, cowgirl, fancy a break?” Waverly approached the woman sitting high on the tractor, handing her a water bottle.

“You are a goddess.” Nicole had been carrying hay bales all morning, the sun beating down on her sensitive skin. She’d stripped to just her tank top and jeans, not caring how burned her shoulders were, it was just too hot.

“So I’ve been told.” Waverly let her eyes trail over Nicole’s form, thanking the universe that it had been so hot out that day. It both gave her an excuse to come see Nicole and it meant that her lover would probably not be wearing much. “God… you’re hot.” Waverly was glad she didn’t have to censor her thoughts anymore.

Nicole knew she hadn’t meant the temperature and was glad she was too burned to really blush. “Come here.” Nicole reached down and took Waverly by the hand, hoisting her easily up into the tractor. “I’ll give you a ride back to the homestead since you were nice enough to trek out here to bring me water.”

“Mmm, that’s not the only reason I came out here.” Waverly settled into the large tractor seat behind Nicole, pulling the woman against her, fingers tangling the hem of her tank top. “Is it weird that I like the way you smell when you’ve been working… sweat, dirt and you…” Waverly pressed her lips to Nicole’s neck, tasting the salt.

“I’m glad you like it, it’s sort of a constant during the week.” Nicole leaned back into Waverly’s embrace, letting out a small ragged breath as she felt the other woman’s lips on her skin.

“You can’t keep doing that if you expect me to drive this machinery.” Waverly didn’t listen, continuing to place soft languid kisses along Nicole’s neck. “Waves….” Her name came out as almost a whisper.

“Yes…” Waverly purred, fingertips dancing at the top edge of Nicole’s work jeans. “I’ve missed you.” Which of course was silly, they’d spent almost every night that week together, but Nicole worked long hours and Waverly needed more time with her.

“Mmm have you?” Nicole’s back arched as Waverly dug her nails into the soft flesh of her hips.

“Let me show you how much I’ve missed you.” Waverly’s words teased Nicole, hot breath against her neck. The smaller woman expertly popped off the button of Nicole’s pants, the zipper sliding down with ease. Nicole’s breath had become deep and labored as Waverly let her teeth graze the soft skin at the nape of her neck, hand sliding beneath the fabric separating Waverly from her final destination.

“You drive me crazy… you know that?” Nicole leaned back into Waverly, nails digging into the denim covering Waverly’s thighs.

“Good, the feeling’s mutual…” Waverly smiled against Nicole, moaning as she felt how wet the other woman was for her.

It didn’t matter that they were out in an open field where anyone could see them, the two women needed each other in that moment and public indecency laws weren’t going to stop them, besides, they were at least a mile out from the Homestead.

“Please, Waves… enough with the teasing…” She’d been thinking about the other woman since this morning when she’d woken up in a rather similar position, Waverly behind her, touching her.

“You’re sexy when you beg…” Waverly obliged, slipping deep inside her partner, Nicole turning her head just enough to capture Waverly’s lips with her own.

It would go on like this for the next few weeks. Stolen moments alone, heated and full of want. They soaked up all the time they had, finding fields, closets, dark corners to simply be with each other. It was probably annoying to those around them, but they’d tuned everything out ages ago.

“What do you think gonna happen when they both leave?” Doc was sipping on a glass of Whiskey, sitting next to Wynonna at Shorty’s.

“I don’t even want to think about it. I haven’t see Waves this happy in ages.” Wynonna watched as the two women giggled in a corner booth, exchanging soft kisses between whispered words.

“Long distance is thing…” Doc ordered another drink, a beer this time.

“I don’t know, they’re several states away and it’s not like they have enough money to blow on plane tickets… it’s gonna be rough.”

As Wynonna finished her sentence the two women made their way over.

“Hey y’all!” Nicole slid into a bar stool and Waverly followed suit.

“Actually, Haught, can I have a word?” The taller woman looked concerned, but Wynonna didn’t bother explaining, she just tugged the woman over to the back near the pool tables.

“What was that all about?” Waverly looked confused, directing her attention to Doc. He shrugged, even though he knew full well what his girlfriend was about to say.

“So… Waverly leaves in a week…” Wynonna racked the pool balls into the center of the table.

“Yeah… don’t remind me.”

“You guys talk about what’s gonna happen?” Wynonna grabbed a stick and handed one to Nicole.

“Yes and no… she wants to try long distance. She’s determined actually.”

“Yeah, I was worried about that.” Wynonna shot the cue ball into the group, scattering the numbers and colors everywhere. “She’s so smart, you know, she’s gonna get out of this town and make something of herself.” Nicole didn’t speak, figuring Wynonna was going to continue regardless. “You’re good for her, Nicole, I know that, but she’s gotta spread her wings, be on her own, experience the world.” Nicole took her shot as she listened to the older Earp.

“Fuck, I’m shit at this… you gotta let her go. Don’t keep her holding onto something, don’t tie her down.” Wynonna popped two balls in with one shot.

“Oh... “ Part of Nicole had already thought of this, antagonized over it. But hearing it out loud felt like a punch to the gut.

“Look, Waverly is crazy about you, I’m just worried she won’t live life to the fullest if she’s just counting the days until she sees you every semester…” Wynonna was now standing next to Nicole, placing an arm around her shoulder.

“I hate that you’re right…” Wynonna squeezed Nicole’s shoulders in a half hug.

“I’m here for you… and I’ll be there for Waverly. Who knows, maybe you guys are meant for each other and fate will pull you back together and it’s not like you have to forget about each other… you just both need to live your lives.” Wynonna didn’t want to be the logical one in this scenario, she wanted to tell the two lovebirds to just enjoy each other, but she’d seen what that had done to Willa. It had kept her in the next town over, latched onto a man named Robert. A stay at home mom who loved her kids, but her wings had been clipped. She didn’t want Waverly to suffer the same fate, love or not.


“Can we change the subject?” Nicole couldn’t talk about this anymore, not if she wanted to maintain her composure. They still had a week, a week to be together before it all had to end.

“Yeah, Haught, you got it.”

The night went on normally, a few drinks, a few games and eventually, the couples went their separate ways, Waverly ending up in Nicole’s cabin.

“What did Wynonna corner you about?” Nicole had already crawled into bed, Waverly brushing out her hair near the wood burning stove.

“Oh… um... “ Nicole couldn’t lie to Waverly and it was a talk they needed to have sooner rather than later. “You leaving…” Waverly put her brush down and moved over to the bed, crawling under the sheets.

“I’m gonna miss you so much, but there are skype and holidays.” She snuggled against the taller woman, Nicole wrapping her arms around Waverly.

“Waves… you’re going off to college for the first time, maybe… maybe a relationship isn’t really what you need…” Waverly’s eyes locked with Nicole’s.

“Is that what Wynonna told you? That a long distance relationship wouldn’t work?” There was concern in her voice.

“Sort of…” Nicole ran her hand through her hair, preparing for the attack Waverly was sure to throw her way.

“What do you want?” Nicole was surprised by the question.

“You… I want you… but I also know what first years at college are like and I’ve done long distance. It was with my high school girlfriend, Shay…. It kind of fucked us over freshmen year. We fought… a lot.” Waverly was quiet, focusing on the feeling of Nicole’s chest rising as she breathed, body wrapped around the taller woman.

“I don’t want to fight with you… but I also don’t want to let you go…” Waverly’s grip around Nicole tightened as she spoke. “I…. I love you.” She was now crying, tears staining Nicole’s top.

“Hey… hey…” Nicole placed a gentle finger under Waverly’s chin, lifting the other woman’s gaze to meet her own. “I love you too… more than I’ve ever loved anyone.” They were now both crying, tears slowly streaming down their cheeks. Nicole placed a soft kiss to Waverly’s lips.

“You go experience life, Waverly Earp, but know that you’ll always have a place in my heart, this summer was the best of my life.”

“Just… shut up… please… I need…” Waverly had shifted, climbing on top of Nicole, straddling her hips as she tugged off her night shirt. “I need to feel you.”

Nicole couldn’t say no, and she didn’t really want to. While they should talk more, she could tell tonight wasn’t the night. They had promises to make, promises that would be carved on their skin as they melted together under the low light of the oil lamps.



The week flew by too quickly. They hadn’t really spoken much about Waverly leaving since that night. Nicole had barely left the other woman’s side, spending hours just being together. They could sleep later, they had to make these days last longer.

Of course, neither woman could freeze time and the morning of Waverly’s flight had arrived. Nicole had offered to drive her to the airport and Waverly had agreed, wanting her lover to be the last person she saw..

The hour drive to the airport had been mostly quiet, Waverly pressed against Nicole, head resting on the taller woman’s shoulder as she drove. Neither woman wanted this hour to end, but as they parked and Nicole tugged Waverly’s bags from the truck bed, the smaller woman pulled Nicole into a hug.

“I’m gonna miss you so fucking much.” There were tears in Waverly’s eyes as she held tightly onto Nicole, feeling the taller woman’s lips on the top of her head.

“You are amazing, Waverly Earp. The world is so lucky to have a person like you in it and I’m the luckiest that you are a part of my life.” Waverly pulled back and pressed her lips hard against Nicole’s wrapping her around her partner’s neck.

“You’d better not be a stranger…” Waverly words were shaky, tears flowing freely.

“Never, you’ve got my number, call me whenever you need me, night or day. Come on, you’re gonna miss your flight.” Nicole reached up and wiped a few stray tears from Waverly’s eyes. Taking the smaller woman’s hand and picking up one of her bags, she walked them both to the check in and security.

“I love you… and I refuse to say goodbye… at least not forever. Okay?” Waverly took Nicole’s hands in her own. “I can’t ask you to wait, but I also just don’t think this is the end… not completely…” Nicole smiled softly, wanting so badly to believe in Waverly’s words.

“I don’t think you’d ever let it be the end… and I’m okay with that. Now, I love you but I’d like to live until tomorrow and Wynonna will kill me if you miss your flight.”

Waverly nodded and leaned up, kissing Nicole, throwing her whole body into the act, not caring if people starred. Nicole met her with equal passion, wrapping her arms around Waverly’s waist and pulling her as close as she could. When the kiss broke they were both breathing heavily.

“Until we meet again?” Nicole smiled, fighting back tears.

“Until we meet again.” Waverly pressed one more kiss to Nicole’s lips before turning and heading into security.

It’d be another 9 years until they met again…


To be Continued….