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One Epsilon Man

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When I woke up, I found myself lying in front of an empty wooden house covered in earthy vines. The sky covered in a coral hue lies above me and the fresh smell of evening surrounding this place gave me an idea that I'm in a large forest. Maybe a little too large from where I've usually seen it, but I fancy it no less.




I've studied the human world to know how it works. It's very...... "homely," if I can describe it in basic human words, but I don't exactly associate myself with human beings in person.

And mind you, I am not from around here, nor do I like to talk about it much. Let's just say..... hmmm... How should I put it? I was banished? Exiled? No, I guess I was sent on a resort on my father's orders. Though, saying I was exiled sounds more cooler, don't you think?


"Hey, baldy!! Pay attention here! I'm trying to teach you how to grow lemon and lime berries! They're very valuable to us fairies, and you need to provide it if you plan to stay in this realm."

Tatsumaki, leader of the Tornado Sprites, was hired by my father to guide me during my stay, because who knows how long I plan to stay here. And since I'm bored, I might as well keep busy.

"If I don't keep up with my daily reports, your father is going to deep-fry my whole clan and serve it to the rest of your family!" Oh no-Here she goes again. I yawn as I scribble down the recipe she gives me. "Does my teachings bore you, honorable Saitama? If so, suck it up!! I'm not here to babysit you. I'm here to-"

"-educate my knowledge about the human world," we both finish the sentence together. "I know, I know. Can we continue, so I can go back to reading my books?" I was getting to the good part where the main character finishes off his opponent with one punch! It's one of my favorite series that Tatsumaki always buy for me at the market. I thought about going myself because you know-I want to experience the human world first hand, but she insisted that it's her job to buy the things I only need. She even goes as far as to transform herself to look human. If you ask me, it's all too troublesome.

Scowling so hard her eyebrows creases, she snaps her fingers. I jump in amazement as half of the written paper is instantly written, finishing the one job I had. She knows she can't lay a finger on me, due to her horrible imagination of her clan being eaten as punishment. But I won't let my father go as far as landing his high ego on her territory. I mean, Tatsumaki has taught me more than he has in my entire life, and ever since I told her not to act so formally around me, she's practically like an older sister. In which she is because she actually has a younger sister. She brings up little things about herself from time to time but doesn't like to ponder any more than five minutes, as she always tells me, do not indulge in the past.


"I could care less about you, pea-brain! But if it weren't for your father, you'd be dead in this wasteland by now."

I chuckle every time she says something rude. I know she doesn't mean it from the bottom of her heart but hearing how casual she's become towards me calms my mind. Back at home, nobody would do that. Everything was so precise, so perfect, so orderly, so...... boring. Even the person I once loved-oops! My mouth almost slipped.

"Sorry, sorry. My book can wait, I guess," I apologize in a flat tone.

Tatsumaki leaves in a bad mood after lecturing me for the fourth time today. Honestly, she could have been worse. I remember it just like yesterday when she use to yell at me for planting potatoes not deep enough. She's always angry, isn't she? I wonder why that is. I've only heard rumors of her; She built her own clan from the bottom up with pure willpower. And I guess her pride stuck with her til this day to intimidate others. I sort of admire her, but I also feel envious. To have that much freedom without the help of a powerful family head. It must have been fun making friends during the struggle of making a name for one's self.

If I told her that I admire her lifestyle, I wonder how she would react. She would probably say something along these lines, Are you dumb?! Anyone would KILL to be in your position! You've been spoiled too much to even understand how we creatures attempt to make a living in this realm. I've done things nobody can even begin to explain to be on top of this world. I fought for the survival of my kind, stripped statuses from champions who lost their way and executed many creatures who are deemed useless.

Ugh.... I could hear her high-pitched voice in my head right now. Creepy.


I settle down on a bench outside my porch, sipping some green tea. There's nothing more I like than spending time by myself, reading my favorite book and enjoying the gorgeous scenery of emerald trees. It still feels foreign seeing eye-to-eye with the trees, but it's a good feeling. A very good feeling indeed. They're so refreshing to observe. To feel them. To immerse in their endless shedding of oxygen.

For once in my life, I'm thankful for my father.


I despised my life as a Prince before I came here.