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Authors Note: All Art Provided by My Sweet Friend LATELIERDERIOT on Tumblr. Go check her out, I love her and you should too.





Chapter One


Tony Stark was having a bad day.

Really, just the worst.

Starting with ripping the sleeve of his favorite shirt as he turned a corner, because apparently it was too much to ask for no nails to be sticking out of a door jam.

Then a meeting, which should have been barely more than a meet and greet with a quick signing of a new contract, had disintegrated into chaos when the representatives of the German tech company had taken offense to… something. Or been annoyed about… something… or whatever. Tony had already had a headache and was barely listening, and had been taken by complete surprise when the shouting had started and Pepper had gone into full reconciliation mode to try and salvage it.

Her best efforts hadn't succeeded, and almost a year’s worth of negotiations had gone down the drain when the Germans had torn up the contract and left in a huff, muttering angrily under their breaths while Tony just stared in disbelief.

He had been furious, but it wasn't like it was Peppers fault, so he had just loosened his tie and opened the bar in the conference room, ready for a drink at one in the afternoon.

A speeding ticket from a motorcycle cop as he had went racing down the freeway. Lovely. Traffic cops were...were… hard working civil servants who deserved his respect (as Pepper had reminded him so many times) but still the biggest pain in his ass. And expensive ones too.

A phone call from a reporter around four in the afternoon, asking if he cared to comment on the stories his ex girlfriend was sharing about him. “Ex?” he had asked, and that's how he had found out that Shawna had dumped him, and then tried to sell some sleazy tale to a tabloid. Something about his habits in bed and weird beauty rituals.

He had called Pepper in a panic, and she was already on damage control, already making sure that everyone knew that Shawna was simply angry that she had been a fling and that Tony Stark hadn't kept her around for very long. Pepper also made sure to tell anyone who asked that Tony hadn't even let Shawna stay overnight, so there was no way she would know anything of importance about him, and any paper that printed anything as else would absolutely be taken to court.

Pepper was the best, always putting out fires, and Tony promised her a new present. Then he hung up the phone and pounded at his steering wheel because he had actually really liked Shawna and thought that maybe she had seen past the name and the money and the penthouse apartment to like him back.

Apparently not.

And now, after all that, his dinner plans were ruined.

His best friend, Colonel James Rhodes, had left a voicemail apologizing for not coming around, but his niece had a recital or...something… or whatever. Tony hadn't been listening to that either, because at that moment he had stepped from the elevator and tripped over the corner of a rug and nearly fallen flat on his face.

It shouldn’t have been a big deal, but after such a long day, it absolutely was , and Tony had flung his phone at the wall in anger, smiling in satisfaction as it broke into a thousand pieces.

And then cursing because he had just destroyed his phone.

And Pepper wasn't around to go and get him another one, so he had to leave his apartment and venture down into the stock rooms of the company to find another one, then head back upstairs to get it set up.

And at this point he was so beyond frustrated with his day, Tony didn't want to wait to download all of his contacts off his mainframe, and just punched in Rhodey’s number from memory while pouring a glass of scotch.

-- this whole day has been bullshit. I actually tore my shirt on a nail this morning. A nail. In my house. It's like living in a third world country.

--thanks but no thanks to any of your smart ass comments about how i know nothing of the third world

--rhodey seriously your niece's recital isn't a valid reason for skipping out on our dinner together. Date nights are to be taken seriously and you skipping this one is completely unforgivable

--hey do you remember that time in MIT where I stole everyone’s towels on our floor? Why don't we pull pranks like that any more?

--oh no i remember. Because you’re boring and I'm thirty.

-- you need to text me back, I know you hear your obnoxious ring tone. I know you’re a colonel and all that, but no one actually needs Born in the USA for a ringtone. Nobody is that patriotic

--are you ever gonna ask Pepper out? Think our favorite redhead needs a date. She is wound TIGHT lately, if you know what I mean.

--Rhodey I swear to god if you don't start texting me back right now….

--I'm gonna drink this whole bottle of scotch and text you the entire time. Text me back now and take preventative measures. Not too late for you to swing by for dinner. Is it going to be a whole month before i see you again? I feel like you only come by for work reasons Rhodey, is that anyway to treat your wife?

--really? Nothing to the wife comment? Tough crowd.


“Stevie, who the hell is texting you at two am?” Bucky complained and shoved at his boyfriends shoulder. “Wake up and turn your phone off.”

“Sorry.” Steve sat up in bed and rubbed at his eyes, squinting at the screen of his phone as it lit up repeatedly, the shrill ringtone destroying the usual quiet of their bedroom. “It's a number I don't recognize. Manhattan, I think.”

“Tell them to fuck off.” Bucky grumbled and rolled over, burying his face in his pillow. “We have to be awake in like three hours for a run.”

“I know babe. Let me just check and--- damn. It's just a wrong number drunk texting.” Steve dragged his hand through his blond hair. “Some guy trying to get a hold of someone named Rhodey. Talking about missing their date night, and how Rhodey only comes around for work stuff anymore?”

“Oh, that's kind of sad.” Bucky sat up a little and frowned. “Poor guy. Missed date nights are rough.”

“Yeah, he keeps asking Rhodey to text him back. Which isn’t going to happen, because he’s actually texting me.” Steve laughed a little. “I guess I should let him know it's a wrong number.”

“Yeah, then tell him to shut up so I can sleep.”

“Easy, big guy.” Steve chuckled. “I'll let him know.”

--hey man. Just thought I'd let you know that this is a wrong number. All 37 of your texts meant for “Rhodey” went to my number instead. Sorry to let you down, but I don't think your boyfriend knows you are mad at him.


Tony blinked at his phone a few times when he received a text back from an unknown number.

“Oh damn.” he doubled checked the number. “I have definitely not been texting Rhodey all night.”

--well this is embarrassing as hell. But you know, the polite thing to do would have been to reply at like, text four instead of letting me ramble on like i'm drunk or something.

--you did mention something about a bottle of scotch. And I just woke up because my phone wouldn't quit ringing.

--do you have a better ringtone than Born in the USA?

--It's Big Blond and Beautiful

-- You’re kidding. From Hairspray? With Queen Latifah?

--I can't believe you knew that right away

--I can't believe you admitted it. Still better than Born in the USA. Sorry I woke you, but if you were really mad you would stop texting me instead of encouraging my rude behavior

--I guess that's fair. Sorry your boyfriend stood you up

--not my boyfriend.

-- you said date night so I just assumed he was a boyfriend. Too bad he stood you up anyway. Maybe stop drinking and call it a night though, try texting him in the morning when you’re sober

--thanks dad

--it's actually professor.

--oh my.

-- So tell me professor. Is the big blond and beautiful a description as well as a ringtone?

--well, no ones complained when they see me, at least. What about you? Blonde and beautiful?

--brown eyed and mysterious. Not mysterious. Obnoxious. Brown eyed and obnoxious. So what do you do? Model?

--yeah right. I teach Art History and several art classes at the university.

--oh so you are ACTUALLY a professor. I thought that was like a weird roleplay thing.

--little early in the game to be talking about that sort of thing isnt it?

-- you tell me. Youre the one texting a drunk guy at 2 am


Steve laughed out loud and Bucky rolled over with a huff. “Babe, it's been half an hour, are you still talking to him?”

“Look.” Steve turned his phone so Bucky could see. “He’s funny.”

“Yeah, he is.” Bucky yawned and stretched, dropping a big arm around Steve's shoulders and tugging him down against his chest. “But you’re in bed with me so call it a night. Tell him you’ll talk to him tomorrow.”

--I've got a class at eight am so I need to get some sleep, but can I talk to you tomorrow?

-- you want to talk to me more? What, like after class?

--sure, my last class of the day is over at 3:45

--i was joking, professor. But alright. Let’s talk tomorrow.

--looking forward to it. Do I get a name to go with this wrong number?


--nice to meet you. I'm Steve.

--i'm putting you in my phone and Big and Blonde

-- I'm putting you in my phone as Mysterious

--not Obnoxious? You’re nicer than me for sure

--well you know what they say, opposites attract. Blond and brunette, nice and obnoxious…

--Touche, teacher man

--will you text me back in the morning?

--try and stop me. are we in the same time zone?

--I'm in Boston


--so no long distance charges then, right?

--long distance charges for texting? I thought I was the drunk one

--I was trying to be funny

--stick with being blonde

--tomorrow, Tony

--can't wait



Chapter Two


Tony's phone buzzed and he opened the message without checking to see who it was from.

Odds were it was from Steve, since they had texted almost every day for close to a month now, and Tony was already smiling, already anxious to read what his favorite blonde had sent.

From Steve --save me from staff meetings that go on for hours

To Steve-- pay attention. They probably last for hours because people like you don't listen and break the rules.

From Steve --I'm an artist, Tony, we don't have rules

          --How you doing today? Still feeling okay? Things are alright?

To Steve -- Things are fine, Steve. One bad day every once in awhile is not the end of the world.

From Steve -- Tony last night you told me you seriously considered trying to parachute off your balcony. And you weren’t even having a bad day. If that's you on a normal day, how destructive do you get on the bad ones??

To Steve-- I was kind of joking about the parachute thing.

From Steve -- Tony. You don't joke about jumping off your balcony, parachute or not. That's entirely reckless.

To Steve -- sure thing, mother hen. I promise I'm fine. I'd be better if you’d send me a picture of those baby blues though. Keep my mind off of attempting parachuting from unsafe things.

From Steve -- I don't know Tony. I don't want to have to listen to you complain that I got you kicked out of a meeting because of a picture.

To Steve -- are your baby blues going to be that distracting

From Steve -- oh did you just want a picture of my eyes? Then no that shouldn’t be distracting at all.

To Steve -- wait! I can ask for more than just your eyes? Wait just a second!

From Steve -- oooh too slow, Tony. I only had a thirty second break to send something shirtless. Window closed.

To Steve -- killing me art professor. Leave your staff meeting and hide out in the bathroom and send me a naughty selfie. It will be like highschool all over again.

From Steve -- oh? Your highschool art teachers sent you naughty selfies? Tony you should report that, I don't think that's appropriate.

Tony laughed out loud then, putting his phone back into his pocket.

“Still with us, Tony?” Pepper asked, raising an eyebrow irritably. Several board members swiveled to look at him, and Tony nodded quickly, still chuckling a little.

“Sorry Pep. I'm listening. Something about a new contract and the impact on the environment. Ready, set go.”

Pepper- sweet perfect Pepper who ran his day to day life and honestly most of his business- simply rolled her pretty eyes and went back to giving the rest of the board members the specifics on this new contract to build a new plant in Indiana. One of her goals this year was to expand away from the East Coast and into the MidWest, making Stark Industries a company that employed people from all across America instead of just in the big cities.

Tony had thought it was a wonderful idea and had given her the go ahead to draw up contracts and do the research.

Really most days he thought Pepper knew more about his company than he did, and honestly that was just fine. Gave him more time to tinker in his lab and design cool things and text Steve.

Speaking of which…

To Steve -- I don't think my assistant agrees with us texting so much

From Steve -- so fire her, you don't need that kind of negativity in your life.

To Steve -- I'm actually scared she’s going to fire me.


Steve didn't get to check his phone for a few hours, and chuckled when he saw Tony's reply, looking up when he was elbowed gently.

“You talking to Tony again, baby?” Bucky wanted to know, blue eyes curious as he leaned over to look, his right hand resting easily on Steve's neck.

“Yeah.” Steve tilted his phone so his boyfriend could see. “He’s so funny.”

“You gonna send him a pic then?” Bucky wiggled his eyebrows. “Send him that sexy one I took of you in the bathroom.”

“Where I'm shaving?” Steve frowned. “I'm only wearing a towel in that one. Don't you think that's a little…”

“But your back is super sexy.” Bucky growled playfully and nipped a bite onto Steve's shoulder. “I love your back.”

“He asked for a picture of my eyes .” Steve pointed out and Bucky shrugged.

“Then send him a cute picture of you. You’re so handsome Stevie, he will love it.”

“Are you heading out?” Steve put his phone down to be able to reach up and kiss his boyfriend properly.

“Yep. Team has an early practice today.” Bucky flexed his arm dramatically, the seams of his too tight shirt stretching. “They can't work out without me there.”

“Ah yes. What would the football team do without it's personal trainer?” Steve teased, but then frowned when he saw the flinch of pain cross Bucky's face. “Your arm bothering you?”

“Always.” Bucky tried to shrug it off, but Steve grabbed his left arm anyway, groaning when Bucky jerked away, the hard plastic of the prosthetic pulling uncomfortably at his shoulder.

“We need to get it looked at again.”

“Prosthetic arms are super expensive.” Bucky shook his head. “And this one works fine, it just hangs a little uncomfortably is all. Todays just a little worse.”

“Well take it easy.” Steve demanded. “You’re supposed to train the team, not out do them in all the workouts.”

“Oh please. Without me there, the team would wither away into weaklings and die.” Bucky kissed him one more time. “Send Tony a picture baby, he will be thrilled. Tell him to send one too. I'm dying to know what he looks like.”

“You and me both. Love you honey. Please take it easy today.”

“I love you.” Bucky was wrapping his shoulder length dark hair into a bun, but grinned around the hair tie in his mouth. “See you tonight.”

Steve picked his phone back up and started texting a reply to Tony, smiling because he was so relieved that Bucky had just as much a crush on Tony as he did.

It had been a few weeks now, really almost a month, since he had gotten that first drunk text from the unknown number, and after several sober apologies on Tony's part, and several assurances from Steve that it had been fine, they had began a tentative sort of friendship via texting.

Tony had given a fairly hilarious explanation of why his day had been so rough and why he was aggressively texting his best friend so late at night, and even though Steve had laughed, he had heard the undercurrent of sadness through the words and felt bad for Tony.

Tony of course, had shrugged Steve's sympathy off and changed the subject, so Steve had let it drop.

After a week or so, the conversations between them had started coming easier, had started becoming more open, and now they texted every single day, sometimes just once or twice, sometimes for hours at a time. It was fun and easy and quickly starting to slide into flirty territory, and Steve was completely smitten with Tony's quick wit and sarcasm.

Naturally, he hadn't hidden any of it from Bucky. They had been dating for almost four years now, so there were definitely no secrets between them anymore. In fact, now that it had been going on for a while, Bucky had started asking how Tony was, had started reading the texts over Steve's shoulder, laughing at Tony's sense of humour, adding in his own thoughts and opinions on the more serious conversations.

And tt had been a complete relief just a week ago, when Steve had admitted to Bucky that he felt like he was developing feelings for Tony. Bucky had kissed him for a long time and then replied that he had something of a crush on their favorite wrong-number as well.

From Steve --well for the record, Tony, it wouldn't do any good for someone to threaten to fire me for talking to you. I'd do it anyway.

To Steve-- because artists have no rules?

From Steve --well yeah. But mostly because I like talking to you and aren't planning on stopping anytime soon.

To Steve -- I like talking to you too. Have you checked your phone bill? Any long distance charges for all this texting?

From Steve-- not gonna let me live that one down are you?

To Steve -- oh not ever. Absolutely not.


“Tony, put your phone down for two seconds. We’re eating dinner.”

“Sorry Rhodey.” Tony pushed his phone aside and sent a winning smile towards his best friend. “So how’s life as a Colonel? Enjoying the promotion? Feeling more important?

“I'm enjoying the raise that's for damn sure.” Rhodey teased and Tony raised his glass in a faux salute.

“I'll drink to that.”

“Who are you talking to anyway?” Rhodey complained good naturedly when Tony's phone lit up again.

“Um. Steve.” Tony mumbled and put his phone in his pocket.

“Sorry, that was… Steve?” Rhodey raised his eyebrow. “As in, the guy you spent all night drunk texting when I was gone? You guys actually talk?”

“Every day.” Tony shrugged. “All day sometimes.”

“Wait so you--” he paused and stared at Tony for a full minute. “You like him. I mean you actually like him. This guy that was just a wrong number drunk text?”

“He makes me laugh. And we can talk about kind of everything. He's always happy to hear from me…I don't know. It's just fun.”

“What does he do?” Rhodey prompted. “How old is he? Where is he from? What does he look like? Let me see a picture.”

“Calm down secret service.” Tony rolled his eyes. “He teaches art history and a few other art classes at Boston U. Um, he is twenty eight. Blond hair and blue eyes, or so he says. I don't really know for sure because I haven't actually seen a picture.”

“So you talk every day and yet you don't actually know for sure what he looks like? What's his last name?”

“Don't.” Tony shook his head in warning. “Don't do that Rhodey. I'm just having fun. It's just… you know we text and we laugh and we flirt a little and it's fine.” Tony took a long drink from his wine glass. “I think it's been a long time since I've just had fun with someone so please don't ruin it for me.”

“Oh.” Rhodey narrowed his eyes. “I see .”

“You don't see.” Tony huffed. “Alright fine, what do you see?”

“You haven't told him who you are.”

“That's ridiculous. Of course I've--”

“You haven't told him that you are Tony Stark. I'm sure you told him you enjoy old cars, but not that you own six of the rarest cars in the world. You probably told him that you work for a tech company that designs things for the government, but not that you are the owner, and lead designer as well as the holder of all the patents for more than half the gear our military and several of our Allies militaries use. You mentioned you live in New York, but not in the penthouse apartment of the most noticeable building on the New York skyline aside from the Empire State Building.”

“I don’t know about most noticeable--”

“You probably told him--” Rhodey continued loudly. “-that your best friend is in the military, but not that I am the official liaison between the Air Force and Stark Industries. And while you might have mentioned something about having an assistant, you definitely didn't say that as your assistant Pepper is also the executor of your will and stands to inherit just a shocking percentage of your money should anything happen to you. And I know you absolutely didn't mention that you could buy the university that employs this mysterious boyfriend. Like, buy it without even blinking.”

“Well.” Tony folded his arms. “No, I didn't mention any of that .” And his face fell a little. “I just… you know every time I've tried to get to know someone, to date someone, I just never know if they like me because you know...I'm delightful, or if it's because my shoes are worth more than their car.”

Rhodey snorted. “Yeah. Delightful.” But he cleared his throat and his eyes softened. “But I know what you mean, Tony.”

“So maybe if I can just let this go on a little longer, maybe it won't matter who I am. Maybe Steve will just---” Tony shrugged. “Maybe he will actually just like me .”

“I get it.” Rhodey took a bite of his steak, chewing slowly. “So what… you’re just not going to say anything about any of those things until you guys meet? You do want to meet, right?”

“Yeah. I was thinking about asking him to meet up around Valentine’s Day.” Tony said with a smile. “I know we’ve only been talking for a month, and only through texts, so maybe it sounds crazy but it feels....” he flushed and looked away. “It feels right.”

“Okay, just this once I'm not going to give you hell for acting like a twelve year old with a crush.” Rhodey teased. “But only this once. You blush in front of me again and I will never let you forget it. You tell this Steve kid that I'm gonna beat his ass if he messes with you.”

“I'm not going to say that.” Tony rolled his eyes for about the thousandth time.

“You tell that kid--” Rhodey pointed his knife at Tony. “--that I'm gonna beat his ass if he messes with you.”

“Fine.” Tony drained the rest of his wine and signaled for another one. “Thanks buddy.”

“Gotten you through too much shit over the years to let some blond pretty boy hurt you.” Rhodey grunted. “Go ahead and text him, you’re fidgeting like you’re gonna die.”

Tony laughed, but grabbed his phone.

To Steve -- Rhodey says he’s gonna beat your ass if you mess with me

From Steve -- if I mess with you?

To Steve -- I mean if you hurt me.

     -- forget it, it was stupid. He and I were talking and he’s just kidding. He's pretty sure I can't talk to anyone without falling in love or something equally ridiculous. Forget it.

From Steve -- Tell your Rhodey he can stand down, Tony. Not only am I never gonna hurt you, but I'm big enough to protect you from anything that might try.


“Jesus.” Tony's eyes widened at the screenshot of large arms folded across a broad chest, tan skin and so many muscles working down a chiseled abdomen. At the top of the picture was just the edge of a strong jaw line and Tony didn't know whether to be relieved or disappointed that he couldn't see all of Steve's face.

Disappointed because of course he wanted to know what Steve looked like.

Relieved because if he had had a full picture he might have needed to excuse himself from the table.

Rhodey didn't say anything when Tony blushed bright red and put his phone down, reaching for his wine quickly.

“I'm gonna let that blush slide too.” He said after a long moment. “But not the next one.”

“Damn you, Rhodey.”

To Steve -- sorry, did you say you were an art professor?

From Steve -- sure am, Tony.

To Steve -- any room in your classes for a new student?

From Steve-- you wanna transfer here? I'd make room in my class for you. Cute thing like you can sit right up front.

To Steve --ha! That almost sounded creepy, professor. But hey, you don't do long distance tutoring by any chance?

From Steve -- very funny, Tony.

To Steve--  I'm being serious!


Chapter Three


From Steve-- I know it's early, but I'm headed out for a run. Just wanted to say good morning.

To Steve -- morning artist boy. Enjoy your run

From Steve-- sorry, did I wake you? I didn't expect you text back.

To Steve -- haven't gone to bed yet actually. Got busy working, lost track of time.

From Steve -- honey, it's 5am please go lay down and get some sleep

To Steve -- honey?

From Steve -- is that weird? We've been talking for a while, seemed like the right time to say it

To Steve --it's fine. As long as you're fine with me calling you weird things

From Steve -- call me whatever you want Tony

To Steve -- sure thing, schmoopsy doodle.

From Steve -- go to bed, honey, you're starting to sound delirious


To Steve -- got a full class schedule today?

From Steve -- hey Tony. Just an afternoon lecture then I'm off the rest of the day. Going to paint the spare bedroom. What about you? Stuck in the office all day?

To Steve -- heading to California actually. Business trip. I'll be gone until Tuesday.

From Steve -- out of contact all weekend? Honey I hate that idea

To Steve -- don't be ridiculous. I'll glue my phone to my hand and you can text me all you want.

From Steve -- sounds wonderful

From Steve-- don't say anything about long distance or I won't text you at all

To Steve -- you never let me have any fun


From Steve-- how's Cali? I like the idea of your stretched out on the beach soaking up the sun

To Steve -- California is lovely but lonely. Can't wait to get back to New York.

From Steve-- you have someone waiting for you in New York?

To Steve -- nah. Just sleep a little better in my own bed. And I'll be back in the same time zone as you which is a plus. For those long distance charges.

From Steve -- you are the cutest. Stupid long distance comments aside, you are adorable.

To Steve -- you don't know that for a fact. You’ve never seen a picture of me

From Steve -- don't need a picture honey, I can tell just from talking to you. Adorable.


To Steve-- back in New York.

From Steve -- glad you made it safe Tony, sure missed hearing from you all day

To Steve -- yeah sorry. I slept all the way home, heading up to the office to get some work done

From Steve -- maybe just take the night off. We can get all caught up, want to do a video or something? I'd love to talk for a while.

To Steve -- ooh tempting professor,  but I've really got to get some paperwork done. I wasn't half as productive on this trip as I should have been

From Steve-- one day we will have to sit down and you can explain exactly what it is you do that keeps you so busy all the time.

To Steve -- yeah? I would be alright with that. We could sit down and talk. Or you know...not talk.

From Steve -- are you propositioning me?

To Steve -- is it working?


From Steve -- assigned a project in one of my entry level art classes for an anatomy sketch. Eight different students turned in nude sketches of themselves.

To Steve -- I feel like I'm not supposed to be laughing but I absolutely cannot stop laughing. Is it terrible being a super foxy professor?

From Steve -- I wonder how I make it clear to all these nineteen year olds that not only am I too old for them but I'm also gay?

To Steve -- well that answers that question. All those girls are going to be devastated.

From Steve -- you didn't realize I was gay?

To Steve-- well you never said. I didn't want to assume. Didn't want to get my hopes up I suppose

From Steve -- was the shirtless picture not enough of a hint?

To Steve -- I don't know… you better send another one so I can be sure


To Steve -- so this morning my assistant walks in and just took my phone out of my hand. Locked it in a drawer and told me I couldn't have it back until I finished looking over something boring

From Steve -- damn Tony. What did you do?

To Steve -- picked the lock. Or at least tried to. She smacked my hand

From Steve -- she sounds terrifying

To Steve -- redheads. What can you do?

From Steve -- well I would have missed you if you didn't text me all day

To Steve -- why professor, if I didn't know better I would think you liked me

From Steve -- if we weren't so far away I'd pass you a note. Check yes or no, do you like me too?

To Steve -- you're dumb. And adorable. Go away

From Steve -- really?

To Steve-- hey if you're going to pass notes like a fourth grader, I can respond like a fourth grader


To Steve -- What are you doing this weekend, blondie?

From Steve -- Same thing I do every weekend, I suppose. Getting up early for a run. Working around the house. I have a stack of art projects to look through and grade before monday. What about you honey?

To Steve -- probably just gonna text my hot teacher friend and distract him from all the productive housework and grading he’s supposed to do

From Steve -- I'm sure you hot teacher friend loves that idea. Even though maybe not so much the tag of “Friend.”

To Steve -- not so much friend?

From Steve -- not so much. Or at least maybe for not too much longer hm?

To Steve -- I can be on board with that. We gonna put a deadline on it? More than friends by midterms?

From Steve -- midterms are a while off still

To Steve -- well that leaves you lots of time to thoroughly woo me, doesn't it?


From Steve -- go to bed, honey

To Steve -- you don't know that i'm awake.

      -- dammit well now you do

From Steve -- sleep, Tony. Seriously. You’ve been texting me all day and it's pushing one am. I know you’ve got to be tired

To Steve -- you don't know anything, art man

From Steve -- I know you well enough to know here in about fifteen minutes you're going to start getting delirious and saying odd things and calling me weird nicknames

To Steve -- fine. I'll go to sleep

      --I hate my bed though. It's huge and lonely and cold.

From Steve-- let’s change that one day soon

To Steve -- You gonna sell my king size bed and buy me a twin size instead? Sweet of you. Smart too, no wonder you’re a teacher.

From Steve -- oh my god, go to bed


From Steve -- hey, how come I don't have a picture of you, honey?

To Steve -- probably because I haven't sent one yet schmoopsy doodle.

From Steve -- please send me one. I'd like to see you on my screen when we talk

To Steve -- actually I have a better idea

From Steve -- let's hear it

To Steve -- it's Valentines Day in two days. What do you say we meet up? I can head your way easy enough, why don't we find some place in the middle and meet for dinner?

From Steve -- Tony I love that idea. Please let's do that.

To Steve -- yeah? Not too soon for this sort of thing? I realize valentine's day is sort of a big deal, but it doesn't have to be. We can keep it low-key.

From Steve-- no, no honey this is great. We've been talking about meeting you for weeks now. And we'd thought about going away from Valentine's Day so this is perfect. Bucky will be so excited, I'm going  to text him right now and tell him.

To Steve -- sorry what? Who is Bucky? What do you mean he will be so excited? Steve what the hell?

To Steve -- no wait, you've mentioned him but like…. about running together. And working together. And grabbing dinner together. Not like, oh hey Bucky and I sleep together. What the HELL

From Steve -- ...Bucky and I are dating. We've been together for almost four years. We both work at the university as well. I'm so so sorry it didn't occur to me that you thought bucky and I were just friends

To Steve -- you've had a boyfriend this entire time? This entire time? You and I have been flirting and talking and you...what? You only talk to me when he’s not around?

From Steve -- don't take this wrong, Tony it's not what you're thinking.

To Steve -- you have no idea what I'm thinking.

              -- Jesus Christ

To Steve -- forget what I said about Valentines Day. Forget all of that.

From Steve -- no honey wait. Don't be upset, I promise it's not what you think. I definitely should have mentioned this before, I know. Damn it Tony I'm so sorry. Bucky has been reading our texts since day one, I guess I forgot that you didn't know about him. He thinks your funny and sweet and always wants in on our conversations.

From Steve -- Tony please

         -- Tony please talk to me honey, come on

         -- I swear it's not like we were playing you or anything. I meant everything I said about wanting to see you and about wanting to be more than friends. Bucky and I really want to meet you, really want to spend some time with you-- it will be fine. I promise.


From Steve -- Tony it's killing me not hearing from you. Please text me back

From Stev e-- Honey. Say something to me. Anything. Answer your phone. I've called you like a dozen times, please just pick up and let me explain.

From Steve -- I get it, I screwed this up. Should have taken Bucky's advice and told you about him sooner but honestly I was afraid you'd stop talking right away because I wasn't single and I didn't want that to happen.

From Steve -- Damn it, sweetheart. I can't handle not hearing from you.


To Steve -- Lose my number



Chapter Four


“Tony.” Pepper ran a comforting hand over his shoulder. “Tony, are you alright?”

“Just leave me alone.” Tony was alternating between scribbling nonsense into a notebook and staring out the window at nothing. “Nothings wrong, just leave me alone.”

“Did something happen with Steve?” She asked softly. “I know you're not answering his texts anymore.” Tony flinched away from her and she frowned. “Oh Tony. I'm sorry.”

“He has a boyfriend.” Tony said bitterly. “A boyfriend. We were all ‘oh I missed hearing from you all day!’ And ‘sure wish we lived closer!’ And I asked him to meet up and--” the pencil in his hand snapped in half. “And he's got a boyfriend .”

“Tony…” Pepper floundered for a second, trying to find the right words. “Maybe you misunderstood him?”

“I asked him to meet up for Valentine’s Day, and he said that Bucky couldn't wait to meet me and that they had both wanted to see me for weeks.” Tony shrugged. “I didn't sign up to hang out with a couple. I know it sounds stupid but I thought Steve and I-- I thought we were--” then he shook his head. “It's stupid. Just texting. It's not like we even talked on the phone or anything. I have no reason to be upset. Stupid.”

“But you're sad, so it isn't stupid.” Pepper ran gentle fingers through his hair. “You're more upset about this than you were about Shawna.”

“Yeah, I guess I hoped men didn't play games like women do.” Tony snorted.

“Hey.” Pepper tugged at his hair. “Every gender has their stupid moments, Tony. You just seem to attract them more than others.”

“Thanks.” Tony frowned at her, but leaned his head against her stomach anyway. “Will you stay and have dinner with me?”

“Of course.” She hugged him a little tighter. “Tony, of course.”


“He still isn't talking to you?” Bucky put his bag down and crossed the living room, wrapping his arms around Steve's shoulders.

“Nope.” Steve was staring dejectedly at his phone, slouched in the recliner. “I mean he texted me a few days ago, you know, telling me to lose his number but--”

“I'm sorry babe.” Bucky pressed a kiss to his temple. “We should have told him earlier. About us, I mean. You can't blame him for being upset. Learning someone you like is in a relationship is tough on anyone. And when you first started talking, he had just been dumped, that's why he had been having such a bad day remember? Hearing about you and I was probably just..” Bucky's voice trailed off. “I mean, he would have been upset anyway, but more so considering how his last relationship ended.”

“I guess I assumed he would realize that you and I were together. Two guys eating dinner together, working out together… Sure I never came right out and said, but I didn't think I had to. And it definitely didn't occur to me that he would be upset that he’d stop talking to me.”

“You miss him.” Bucky said softly, and took the phone from Steve's hand, moving so he could kneel between Steve's legs. “Don't you?”

“It's so stupid.” Steve tugged his fingers through his hair in frustration. “It's just texting, right? He has every right to be upset at me and I don't really have a reason to miss him. Stupid.”

“It's not.” Bucky ran his hands up and down Steve's thighs comfortingly. “It's not. I mean, I'm half in love with the guy and I've only been reading over your shoulder, and I miss hearing about him. I know it's worse for you.”

Steve didn't say anything, just leaned down until their foreheads touched and breathed a heavy sigh.

“Do you want me to try and call him?” Bucky offered then. “It's been over a week, maybe he's cooled down and would be willing to listen.”

“I don't think---”

“Stevie.” Bucky brushed their lips together. “Honey, I want to talk to him too. I want to meet him too, remember? Just let me try.”

Without waiting for a reply, Bucky copied Tony's number from Steve's phone and hit ‘call’.


“Tony's phone!” Pepper answered cheerfully, and across the room, Tony sent her a glare.

“Woman, I told you not to answer my fucking phone! I am ignoring it for a----”

“Woman?” Pepper covered the mouthpiece of Tony's phone and glared at him. “ Woman ?”

“Pepper, darling…” Tony flinched. “I'm sorry. So sorry about that. Please just don't answer my phone. I don't want to talk to anyone.”

“Well, I've had to listen to this ridiculous Johnny Cash ringtone for a solid week because while you refuse to answer your phone, you also refuse to turn it off. So I'm going to start answering your calls so my headache goes away.” she said primly, and uncovered the phone. “Tony's phone! How can I help you?” She listened for a second and then made a curious expression. “Oh. Oh alright. Would you hold for just a moment please.”

She tapped a few buttons, forwarding the call to the office phone sitting on her desk and hit the speakerphone, pointing at Tony firmly and motioning for him to answer.

He shook his head firmly, and she glared at him. “ Now .” she mouthed and he crossed his arms stubbornly. “Tony!” she hissed quietly. “Answer it now or so help me god---”

“This is Tony.” Tony snapped, and Pepper grinned triumphantly.

“Hey, Tony.” the low voice that answered had an easy Brooklyn accent to it, and Tony's straightened a little in interest.

“Um. Hi. Who am I speaking with?”

“Tony, this is Bucky. I'm just calling to find out why you’re breaking Steve's heart like this.”

Bucky ?’ Tony said in disbelief, then his eyes narrowed in anger. “Steve’s Bucky? Why the hell--what are you-- who the hell do you think you are ---”

“Easy.” Bucky's voice was still soft, but firm. “Just take a step back now and listen to me. You and Steve are making me crazy. You need to talk to each other and figure this out. He’s miserable, and I can tell you are too. Stop being stubborn and just talk.”

“You have some nerve calling me.” Tony huffed. “Telling me to make up with Steve. Aren't you upset your boyfriend was spending all his time texting me while in a relationship with you? Aren't you mad that he was essentially cheating on you with me?”

“What? Cheating on me? Of course not.” Bucky actually sounded like he might laugh. “Steve isn’t cheating on me, Tony, I knew he was talking to you from the get-go. He was laying in bed next to me the first time you accidentally texted him. I read all the texts and laughed at the stupid long distance thing… I've been here this entire time. You two are so funny together.”

“And you’re alright with all of it?” Tony demanded. “Because that seems pretty shitty of you.”

“Sweet thing---” Bucky drawled, and even Pepper sat up a little at that . “Of course I'm fine with it. I've been reading all the texts, I think you seem funny and sweet and just plain adorable. Smart too, I heard all about the patents you are working on. Smart as hell, aren't you? Of course I'm fine with Steve being sweet on you.”

“You guys are dating!” Tony snapped. “ Dating ! Here I was talking to some hot blond thinking that maybe this little thing could turn into something decent, but oh wait, just kidding! Hes already taken !”

“Just because Stevie and I are together doesn't mean there isn’t room for you.” Bucky said quietly, and Tony's jaw dropped, then his face flushed and he swallowed hard.

“What--what was that?”

“I'm just saying.” Bucky sounded like he was smiling. “Steve and I are big guys. We can get our arms around each other and have plenty of room to hold you too.”

Pepper made a motion like she was going to leave, and Tony crossed the room quickly to pick up the phone as she did, holding it tight against his ear.

“You guys want to get to know me...together?”

“Like you wouldn't believe, Tony.”

“Oh.” Tony dropped into the desk chair. “ Oh .”

“Sweetheart.” Bucky cleared his throat. “Steve wasn't the only one disappointed when you stopped texting. I'm half in love with you myself. I've been pushing Steve to ask you to meet up for weeks now. Been telling him to get you to send a picture because I might make myself crazy trying to imagine how you look. Are you gorgeous, baby? I bet you’re gorgeous. I can't wait to find out.”

“Um. Oh.” Tony was speechless, and Bucky laughed softly.

“Just last week Stevie told me he was falling for you, and Tony I was so damn relieved because I hadn't figured out how to tell him that I had a crush on you too. It's sort of a third party crush since this is the first time you and I have ever even communicated… but a crush none the less.”

“Oh.” Tony said again, because what the hell else was he supposed to say?

“So.” Bucky sighed. “I know you’re still sore at Steve, but is there anything you’d like to ask me? Anything you want to know right away?”

“Um.” Tony ran a hand through his hair. “Um, are you big and blond, too?”

“Nah. Big and brunette. Blue eyes though.”

“Right.” Tony was quiet for a long minute. “And are you as um…..are you built like Steve?”

“I'd say so.” Bucky sounded smug. “I'm the personal trainer and conditioning coach for the football and baseball team here at the University.”

“Uh--” Tony thought his brain was shorting out, imaging a brunette with a body just like Steve's, both of them sitting together and talking about him, wondering what he looked like… wondering if he would want to spend time with both of them.

Well. Tony fanned himself a little. Wasn't that an interesting thought?

“You still there, sweet thing?” Bucky asked teasingly. “Did I make you swoon? You thinking about all three of us together?”

“Oh my god. Um, yeah still here.” Tony blushed a little. “This is just… this is a lot . You know?”

“I know.” Bucky admitted. “Stevie and I-- we didn't handle this right, Tony. You know, he was just worried if you knew right away that he was in a relationship you would lose interest, and then all the sudden it's weeks later and you guys are flirting and we are both falling for you and damn we hadn't said anything official about our relationship. Our fault. You have every right to be upset over this, but I promise if you give us a chance, we can make it up to you. Do you--” he hesitated. “Can Steve talk to you? You ready to talk to him?”

“I--I don't really--”

“Don't punish him anymore.” Bucky's voice dropped a little. “He’s sitting right here, dying because you are talking to me but haven't returned any of his texts. Come on.”

“Yeah, alright.”

Tony waited for what seemed like forever, listening to a muffled conversation on the other end, and then a deep voice came on the line.



“Oh honey.” Steve sounded relieved. “Oh honey, it's so good to hear your voice, oh man.”

Tony couldn't keep the smile from his face, finally hearing Steve's voice after all these weeks. “It's um, it's good to hear you too.”

“Told you!” This was from Bucky, who must have put the phone on speaker. “You two kiss and make up, huh? Enough of this pining crap.”

“I'm so sorry, Tony.” Steve said quietly. “So sorry about all of this. I mean it. I can't tell you how much I wish I had handled all this differently.”

“It's alright.” Tony coughed to clear his throat. “I mean, it's fine. Obviously I wish I would have known, but you’re right, I would have stopped talking to you if I'd known about Bucky from the get go. I absolutely would have stopped talking to you and then we would have missed out on this last month and that….I feel like that would have been a damn shame.”

“Such a shame, Tony. So can we-- can we still meet up?” Steve asked hopefully. “I mean, we both still really want to meet you. Even more so now, honestly. And I know it's past Valentine’s day but we could still--”

“I still need some time to get used to the idea of both of you.” Tony interrupted. “But I think we should upgrade from texts to talking on the phone and maybe video calls, huh?”

“I vote for video calls.” Bucky called, sounding like he was on the other side of the room. “I'm tired of not knowing what you look like, Tony! That's bullshit !”

“Buck!” Steve chided. “Videos would be fun, Tony. I'm all for that. All for anything that keeps you talking to me.”

“Alright then.” Tony paused awkwardly. “I guess…I mean, I've got things to do today so--”

“Right. Right. We will let you go.” Steve sighed a little. “Thank you for talking to me again, Tony. Seems silly to miss you or miss what we have, when it's just been texting, but I've missed you.”

“It does seem silly.” Tony snorted. “But yeah. Yeah, I've missed you too.”

“Wonderful.” Steve murmured, and he could hear Bucky laughing in the background. “So if I text you, will you text me back?”

“Sure will, professor.”

“Text me too!” Bucky's voice was suddenly a lot louder. “Text me too, I'm tired of being left out of these things!”

“I'll text you too, Bucky.” Tony grinned. “Steve um--”

“Yeah?” the echo in the phone cut out as Steve took it off speaker. “What is it, honey?”

“Um.” Tony chewed at his lip anxiously. “I'm still a little angry with you.”

“I know.” Steve groaned a little. “I understand. I'm sure it will take a little bit for you to be alright with me again. I can wait.”

“But… but I'm really glad we’re talking again.” Tony blurted. “This last week has been hell.”

“Hell for me too.” Steve cleared his throat. “You don't get charged for long distance phone calls, do you?”

Tony laughed then. “You’re dumb, Steve.”

“That's professor to you, Tony.”

“Oooh. Professor. Let’s talk tomorrow huh? Do a video call? Let me know when you both are home.”

“Can't wait, Tony.”



Chapter Five


{Group Text}

From Steve -- good morning honey. My last class gets out at 345 today, and Bucky has to be at practice at 5, so we will have about 45 minutes free when we can all talk. Does that work?

From Tony-- sounds perfect. Are we just group texting now?

From Bucky-- yep. I'm tired of being  left out of your conversations. I need to be included in everything from now on.

From Tony -- is Bucky the needy one? I am usually the needy one in a relationship, this will be new for me.

From Bucky --aw you can be needy all you want, sweet thing. We will take care of you

From Steve -- yes, Bucky is definitely the needy one.

From Bucky -- I feel like that's enough from the blonde. Don't you have a class on play-doh to teach

From Tony -- daaaaaaamn. Bucky with the snark.

From Steve -- I do have a class, we both have full days. Can't wait to talk this afternoon, honey.

From Bucky -- yeah really. So excited to see you Tony

From Tony -- have a good day, guys.


Tony was basically worthless all day, zoning out during meetings, staring at the clock impatiently, waiting for their video call.

“Are you nervous?’ Rhodey had come to see him for lunch, bringing their favorite pizza and they ate it sitting on the floor of his office. “Nervous to see them, I mean?”

“Nervous to see them together.” Tony admitted. “To have like, visual proof of their relationship. It's… it's not going to be easy. And I'm afraid maybe I won't feel as forgiving once I see them together. Maybe I'm not as ready as I think I am.”

“I'm all of two seconds from tracking them down and killing them both.” Rhodey snarled. “I can't believe Steve was talking to you while sleeping with someone else. And Bucky was just chill with it? Tony I swear--”

“Calm down, honeybear.” Tony took a big bite of his pizza. “Yeah I was pissed about it---”

“Pepper says you almost cried.” Rhodey countered and Tony rolled his eyes.

“Pepper is getting a pay cut. Anyway, I was pissed about it. But you know, we talked it out and now things are… things are…”

“Damn Tones, how do you turn that color red without bursting a blood vessel? Is that even healthy?”

“Thank you for that.” Tony huffed. “Anyway. Things are going to be fine, I think. The phone call yesterday went really well, and we have been group texting today and--”

“Oh my god, you are sixteen.” Rhodey laughed. “Sixteen years old. Falling in love over texting and using group chats. Oh my god .”

“Okay, we’re done talking.” Tony scooted further away and glared at his best friend. “If you’re going to make fun of me--”

“What does Bucky look like?” Rhodey interrupted.

“He said he’s built like Steve, but brunette.” Tony mumbled and Rhodey’s eyes widened.

“Seriously, Tony. Is it healthy to blush that hard?”

“Get out.” Tony stood to his feet and started shoving and kicking at Rhodey. “Just get out. I'm done with you. Leave.”

“Tony.” Rhodey was laughing too hard to even stand up. “Tony, I'm sorry, but come on. Come on. It's ridiculous. You are being ridiculous with these two guys. A week ago you were ready to kill them both and now you just smile and blush.”

“My god, I hate you.” Tony slumped into his chair and crossed his arms. “Can't you just be happy for me?”

“I am. I am happy for you, Tony.” Rhodey started cleaning up their lunch. “But aren't you worried that they will recognize you, and this whole little anonymity thing will be over? I mean, you have a pretty recognizable face. What if they see you and are you know… like everyone else who realizes who you are?”

“Yeah. Yeah I am a little worried, but you know… if they are freaked out then I guess I'll learn pretty quickly that this won't work out, won't I?” Tony shrugged. “If they recognize me right away and can't handle it then... “

“Then I'll kick their asses.”

“Exactly. I'll just sick my favorite friendon them and call it a day.” Tony shrugged. “No harm, no foul.”

“Well, let me know how it goes.” Rhodey clapped a hand onto his shoulder. “Keep me posted, yeah?”

“Sure thing, Colonel.” Tony tossed him a mock-salute. “I'll let you know whether or not to unleash the air force on them.”

“Later, Tones.”


Tony smiled, watching his best friend leave the office. He was lucky to have Rhodey. He absolutely wouldn't have survived MIT without his friend, and it had been years of shenanigans since then, and Rhodey had never left his side.

And if Steve and Bucky broke his heart it would probably take the entire air force to keep Rhodey from killing them, so there was that too.

Yeah. Yeah, Rhodey was solid gold. Tony was very lucky.



At four o clock on the dot, Tony's phone rang, a request for a video call.

He took a deep, steadying breath, ran his fingers through his hair one last time and hit answer.

“Uh, hey.” he offered with a hesitant smile, and on the screen, Steve-- who was big and blond and so beautiful Tony thought he could die-- beamed back at him.


“Where?!” A brunette shoved Steve out of the way, and Bucky filled the screen, all long dark hair and bright blue eyes. “Oh my god, Tony you are gorgeous. Look at you.”

“Move, Buck. Share the screen.” Steve complained, and he crowded in next to him. “Tony! Hey!”

“Hey.” Tony laughed a little. “Hey to both of you. Um, you both are stupidly good looking. That's not even fair.”

“Aw.” Bucky grinned. “Don't worry, Tony. You’re so pretty you will put us to shame.”

“Seriously.” Steve added. “Look at that smile. God, you’re cute. I knew you would be cute.”

“He did!” from Bucky, who finally turned their phone sideways so they could both fit into the picture. “He kept saying you would be gorgeous.”

Tony, completely relieved that they hadn't recognized him from a magazine cover or some sort of article, relaxed a little.

“I don't know about gorgeous.” he brushed off their admiration. “You guys having a good day?”

“Your voice is like honey.” Bucky announced. “Sure do love that , sweet thing.” he let his voice drop and his barely there Brooklyn accent came through thick and strong and Tony blushed bright red.

Interestingly enough, so did Steve. “Love that accent.” he said in explanation and rolled his eyes when Bucky elbowed him. “Bucky does it on purpose to get me all flustered. Works on you too, I see.”

“Yeah, who knew Brooklyn accents did it for me?” Tony teased and Bucky waggled his eyebrows mischievously.

“Hows your day, Tony?” Steve brought the conversation back on track. “Are you in your office? It looks huge.”

“Uh, yeah, it's alright.” Tony rotated the phone so they could see the office. “Got a nice view of the city. Comfy chair.” he laughed and Steve's dark blue eyes lit up.

“Love that laugh, honey. Been thinking about hearing that for ages.”

“Damn.” Tony rubbed the back of his neck. “You two are killing me. All that charm.”

“Oh you should see it in person!” Bucky sent Steve a sidelong glance. “Slayed Steve when I started flirting with him for the first time. He didn't stand a chance.”

“It's true.” Steve admitted, and turned to give Bucky a kiss, their lips connecting for a long minute. “Didn't stand a chance.”

They broke apart when Tony cleared his throat. “Sorry.” Steve looked upset. “Sorry, was that-- we shouldn’t have--”

“No it's fine.” Tony assured them. “It's fine, really. I mean, I thought seeing you two together would be difficult, but you know, who doesn't want to watch hot guys kiss, right?”

“I love him!” Bucky crowed. “Why don't you come a little closer, sugar? We can practice kissing you too. Forget this long distance thing!”

“Yeah, Bucky's sort of impulsive.” Steve apologized with a grimace. “Not much of a filter. Grabby too.”

“Cute.” Tony smiled at them and Bucky winked.

“Seriously, though. Would love to hear how your day is.” Steve prompted. “We haven't talked in over a week so I have no idea what's going on with you.”

“Oh ok. Well--”

Tony started telling them about his week, leaving out the hours he spent pining and angry at Steve of course. He told them about getting another speeding ticket, and how he had spent two whole days trying to renegotiate a contract with the German tech company and how it was still just barely hanging by a thread and--

“You’re Tony Stark.” Bucky suddenly blurted and Tony froze. “Right?”

“What?” Steve looked at Bucky, then back at the screen in surprise. “ What ?”

“I kept thinking you looked familiar, so I googled you.” Bucky's blue eyes were wide. “You’re Tony Stark. What do they say about you? Philanthropist, genius, playboy?”

“You’re Tony Stark ?” Steve shook his head. “Seriously? That's so cool, Tony. We use some of your software in our graphic design classes. You do amazing work.”

“And the team travels in one of the jets you donated!” Bucky added excitedly. “This is so cool! They were all excited to travel in a Stark Jet, and now I'm just casually chatting with him?”

“Um--” Tony was still trying to find something to say, but Bucky and Steve didn't let him get anything out.

“They teach a financial class at the University and you are basically the entire subject of the first quarter.” Steve was saying. “About your business techniques, and how you own all your own patents, and choose who to let use them. It's incredible, the tech you’ve just handed over to hospitals, children’s hospitals especially.”

“And your work with prosthetics!” Bucky chimed in. “I have a kid on the track team who has a leg that your company designed, it's unbelievable how well it works, how little it pains him. You are a genius .”

“And how dedicated you are to learning! I have three different students who are only able to come to school thanks to the Stark Foundation Scholarship Fund! It's honestly incredible.”

“Wait. That's all you have to say?” Tony asked cautiously and they looked at each other and shrugged, then back at him.

“What else would we say?

“Yeah, I mean you're brilliant which is a little intimidating, but you do so many good things, especially for students and college kids--”

“And your work with robotics has changed the lives of people with artificial limbs.” Steve sort of elbowed Bucky then, who shook his head slightly and smiled at Tony. “What else should we say about you?”

“Um.” Tony was at a loss for words, trying not to show how much their nonchalance affected him. “Never mind I guess. Let's not talk about me though.”

“Sorry.” Bucky winked at him. “Fan girling out a little. Not every day I get to chat with someone smart and good looking.”

“Are you kidding me right now?” Steve's jaw dropped. “Bucky, you sleep next to me every night. I am a professor AND I was--”

“Oops.” Bucky shrugged, and dropped a kiss on Steve's forehead to shut him up. “You're smart and good looking too, babe, of course. What was I thinking?”

“Jesus Christ.” Steve muttered, and then looked back at Tony. “Sorry, sweetheart.”

“It's fine.” Tony put his phone down and leaned over the screen, propping his chin up in his hands. “You guys tell me about your day.”

“Well.” Steve thought for a minute. “I only had three students come onto me today--” both Bucky and Tony burst out laughing. “--and everyone got their projects turned in on time, so that was a plus. In my art history class I had a girl leave the room because all the Greek statues are nude, and she had been homeschooled up to this point, so that was horrifying for her. And then--”

“Wait, wait.” Bucky clapped a big hand over Steve's mouth to shut him up. “Tony, we can text whenever and tell you about our day, but we only have about five minutes before I have to leave, and I want to hear you talk. Give me more of that honey smooth voice. Tell us about you, sugar.”

“What, you can't google everything you want to know about me, now that you know my secret identity?” Tony teased.

“We don't care about that.” Steve shrugged. “Don't want the internet’s version of your life. Actually want to know you.”

“Right.” Bucky agreed. “You being Tony Stark has nothing to do with how much we want to know you. In fact, don't tell us anything about your work or anything. What's your favorite color?”

“Um, red?” Tony said, and he knew his voice shook a little.

“You alright, sweet thing?” Bucky asked, concerned. “It might just be the lighting I guess, but you look pale all the sudden.”

“It's just um… I can't believe you guys don't care about who I am.” he stammered. “I can't believe that you--- anyone I've ever even tried to talk to has changed the moment they recognize me.”

“That's why you didn't say anything before.” Bucky realized. “What, you thought Steve would stop talking to you?”

“Or keep talking to me.” Tony admitted. “Didn't want him to keep talking to me because of my last name.”

“Oh.” Steve smiled gently. “Tony, honey, I was already--” Bucky coughed loudly. “ We were already crazy about you, already wanted to meet you within a few days of talking. Why would finding out your last name make a difference?”

“Because I went from a random drunk number to you know… me .” Tony gestured helplessly.

They exchanged a look, and then Steve reached out, his fingers brushing over the image of Tony's face on their screen.

“Tony. This doesn't change anything . I mean, you were upset because we didn't tell you about our relationship, which is perfectly valid. But you feeling like you had to hide this part of you-- no way. We don't care.”

“Not at all.” Bucky shook his head. “The money or...or whatever doesn't matter. You could be homeless and I'd still wanna rip your clothes off.”

“Goddamnit Bucky.” Steve sighed. “What Bucky means to say is--”

“No, no I stand by what I said.” Bucky laughed. “But I have to go, or I will be late for practice. You guys can keep talking if you want but--” he cupped Steve's chin and lay a long kiss on his lips. “I'll see you later.”

Then he grabbed the phone and touched it to his lips as well. “Tony, a long distance kiss is gonna have to work for now, huh? Text me or something.”

Then he was gone, disappearing out of the picture and shouting goodbye a few seconds later.

“So.” Tony said slowly. “So he’s… nice.”

“Yeah.” Steve smiled. “He’s amazing. I'm so glad you were willing to talk to us, Tony. I mean it.”

“I'm glad too.”

They stared at each other for a minute, tracing over each others face with their eyes, until each of their phones trilled loudly with an incoming message, startling them both.

From Bucky-- you guys quit staring at each other. I'm so irritated I am missing video time. Tony, hurry up and decide that you want to see us in real life. Can't wait to get my arms around you.

Tony laughed out loud when Steve face palmed, reading the message. “Seriously, Tony. He just doesn't really have a filter.”

“It's fine. Hes adorable.”

“Yeah, so are you.” Steve's voice softened. “We alright, then?”

“Yeah. Yeah, we’re alright.”

“Are you sure?”

“Steve…” Tony covered his mouth with his hand. “Steve, I'm not saying this whole thing is easy for me, but it's easier than I thought. And really, the hardest part about a video call was wondering what you guys were going to do when you realized I wasn't just Tony who worked at a tech company, but Tony Stark who owned the company and most of the other ones out there. And you guys don't care so--”

“Of course we don't care.” Steve shook his head. “That doesn't matter. All that matters is that for some reason, like a month and a half ago, you drunk texted me and now both me and my boyfriend are basically head over heels for you.”

“Is it weird? That it happened over text?”

“People used to fall for each other just by writing letters.” Steve offered. “Texting is just...shorter letters.”

“So this is fine, then.”

“This is wonderful .”

Tony blushed and looked down. “It is wonderful.”

“Well make sure you text Bucky and tell him, otherwise he will be upset he missed this moment.” Steve teased. “He is a hopeless romantic even though he would die before admitting it. I think the whole idea of a long distance relationship is making him very happy.”

“I'm kind of a hopeless romantic too.” Tony rolled his eyes. “The text thing is pretty cute.”

“So cute.”

“So, so we can do this again tomorrow? Can I text you guys after we hang up?”

“We can do this as often as you want, Tony. Anytime.”

“Got a long distance kiss for me?” Tony coaxed, only half kidding, and he had to bite back what was definitely not a giggle, when Steve pressed his lips to the phone in a kiss. “Thanks, professor.”

Tony sat at his desk for a long time after the call ended, tapping his phone against his palm, mind spinning.

“Oh Tony!” Pepper looked startled when she walked in. “I didn't expect you to still be here.” She motioned to his phone. “Did video call go alright?”

“Yeah.” He said slowly. “Yeah I think it did.”

“And?” She promoted.

“And I think they like me.” Tony tried to keep from grinning, but absolutely couldn't, and Pepper bent down to kiss his cheek.

“That's wonderful, Tony.”

“Yeah.” He couldn't seem to stop grinning. “Yeah, it sort of is.”


From Tony-- well talking with you guys is the highlight of my day

From Bucky-- oh it was definitely the best. Let’s do this everyday.

From Steve-- Bucky, Tony says falling for each other via text is wonderful and cute.

From Bucky-- sweet thing you are the fucking best, I cannot wait to see you in real life.

From Steve -- calm down Bucky

From Bucky -- you calm down, old man

From Tony-- old man?

From Bucky -- Steve is 28, I'm only 27

From Tony -- I'm 30

From Bucky -- well that's alright sugar, I have an older guy kink

From Steve -- oh my god. Tony I am so sorry about him

From Tony -- {audio message} HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!



Chapter Six


{Group Chat}

From Bucky -- Tony honey sorry I missed our video call this morning, had to be up early to help get the team on the road

From Tony -- they don't take you with them on the road? But who keeps the boys from eating cheeseburgers and getting fat instead of working out

From Steve -- sweetheart, bucky is usually the one bringing the cheeseburgers. That's why they don't take him on trips anymore

From Bucky -- I resent that. Anyway, babe just wanted to check in, I know you have a busy day today.

From Tony -- not too busy to text you guys, no worries

From Bucky -- that's great. I was going to text you all day whether you were busy or not


From Tony -- stuck in the office all day. Tried that new mocha mint drink from the coffee shop down the street and spilt it down the front of myself. Don't have any extra clothes, so I get to sit in my office all day until everyone leaves.

From Steve -- honey that's awful! Can't Pepper bring you a shirt?

From Bucky -- I can't stop laughing

From Tony -- bucky you're an ass

From Steve -- bucky you're an ass


From Steve -- spending the day grading, no classes so I've got to get caught up

From Tony -- that sucks, artist man. You definitely need to find something better to do with your time.

From Steve -- why don't you send me a picture Tony, maybe that will give me something better to do

From Tony -- oh my professor. Should I wear my glasses and tie?

From Steve -- oh honey, yes please

From Bucky -- hey guys maybe take it off group chat if you're going to start talking gross

From Tony -- you don't want a picture of me in a school uniform Bucky? My feelings are hurt.

From Bucky -- does the school uniform include a plaid miniskirt? Cuz I'm on board for that

From Steve -- Bucky! Omg Tony ignore him.

From Tony -- I am completely scandalized right now. Scandalized and horrified. Who are these boys I'm texting? Deviants.

From Steve-- .... On second thought, I don't hate the skirt idea

From Bucky-- hell yeah!

From Tony -- wtf you two


“Oh my god.” Bucky sat up in bed and shook Steve to wake him. “Babe, Tony sent us a good morning photo.”

“What?” Steve yawned and blinked his eyes open. “A picture?”

“Good god, he's precious.” Bucky handed Steve the phone, and grinned when Steve flopped back in bed, holding the phone to his chest.

“My heart. He's going to be the death of me.”

“I know.” Bucky took the phone back and touched the picture gently. “I feel like he has no idea how crazy we are about him.”

“He absolutely doesn't.” Steve picked up his own phone, opening the group message to the same photo. “Beautiful isn't he?”



Tony had sent a picture before he'd even gotten out of bed, all messed up bedhead, and still half buried in his pillow, only one eye peeking out enough to take the picture. The room behind him was lit as the sun came up and it made it look like he was glowing, and the top curve of his ass was visible in the bedcovers.

“I'm pretty sure we are in trouble with him.”

“So much trouble.” Steve ran a hand over his face. “Want to send a picture back?”

“Yep.” Bucky rolled over between Steve's legs, rocking against him lightly and grinning wickedly when Steve groaned.

“Thought we were taking a picture.”

“What? We can't take a picture while humping each other?” Bucky teased and Steve couldn't help laughing at him.

“Come here. Picture first.” He tucked Bucky's head into his chest, then held the phone out and snapped a picture of them, sending it to Tony right away.

From Bucky-- {PICTURE MESSAGE}   guess what we’re about to do?

From Steve -- goddamnit bucky. Tony, we're just trying to send you a nice pic

From Tony -- sure. A ‘nice’ pic

From Bucky -- he's onto us Steve. Tony. Can't wait to get my hands on that perfect plump ass of yours.

From Steve -- BUCKY

From Tony --......bring it on Bucky

From Bucky -- oh my god I'm in love.


“Are you texting those boys again?”

“Of course I am.” Tony sent Pepper a frown. “What else would I be doing?”

“Maybe signing these ?” Pepper dropped a stack of files on his desk. “Patent paperwork. Contracts. Quarterly reviews that you have to look over and sign. Requests for raises for your upper level managers that only you can approve and--”

“Pepper. Honestly, isn't that why I have you?”

“Tony.” Pepper rubbed her forehead. “Tony, I am your assistant . You do not pay me near enough to forge your signature on important documents.”

“What if I gave you a raise?” Tony grabbed a pen and started signing quickly. “How much of a raise would it take for you to be the one to do all this.”

“You would literally have to sign the company over to me.” Pepper pointed out a form for him to sign, and blew her bangs out her eyes. “And that's just--”

“We can talk about that.”

“We are absolutely not talking about that, Tony. You're just going to deal with signing things once a week.”

“Once a week? Pepper this is like--”

“Tony.” She handed him another file. “I am thrilled that you are so happy and that things are working out with you and your guys. But honestly, ever since you three started texting it's like you just don't care about the company anymore.”

“Because I've found something other than work that makes me happy.” Tony defended, and Peppers eyes softened.

“And that makes me so happy, Tony. Feels like we've been waiting forever for you to find someone. It's wonderful. But I swear to god if you don't start keeping up with your work better I will quit and the company will go bankrupt.”

“You would leave me Pepper?” Tony asked, mock-horrified.

“In a heartbeat.” She said flatly. “So keep signing.”


{Group Message}

From Tony -- Spending all day working in my garage. Oil changes and polishing the cars.

        - - {PICTURE MESSAGE}

From Bucky -- my god you’re cute. Look at you all dirty and sexy

From Steve -- Mmm I love that. Come here honey, let’s take a shower together.

From Bucky -- {PICTURE MESSAGE} I mean, we are clean right now, but it wouldn't take much to need a bath. I'll shove some of this cake in Steve's face and we can hop right in together.

From Tony -- sounds like a party to me

From Bucky -- Clothing optional

From Steve -- Nope. Nudity Mandatory

From Tony -- professor you are amazing with glasses on. Very studious. Bucky you look like the student athlete he is seducing

From Steve -- So if I'm the professor and Bucky is the student… what does that make you?

From Bucky -- the rich kid we ruin with our sexy shenanigans

From Tony -- Jesus Christ



“Hey honey!”

Tony grinned at his phone, where Steve and Bucky were smooshed close together, ready for their usual video call.

“Hey guys.” Tony waved, already blushing a little because man he was crazy about those two. “What are the plans for today?”

“I've only got one class, so I'm going to spend the rest of the day helping Bucky out.”

“Yeah, I'm running a twelve hour fitness clinic for the team and whoever else wants to join.” Bucky explained. “It's like a Hail Mary, super intensive, work out or die type thing. It's fun.”

“It sounds horrible.” Tony laughed. “Not my idea of a good day.”

“Yeah but when you are built like this--” Bucky backed away and stripped off his shirt in one easy movement, striking a ridiculous pose and flexing exaggeratedly. Steve was laughing, turning the phone so Tony could see it all. “When you're built like this--” Bucky repeated. “Days like this are just a chance to show off.”

“Oh my god, sit back down Bucky!” Steve shook his head at his boyfriends antics.

“No wait.” Tony protested. “Let's not do anything hasty like getting redressed. Come on Steve!”

Bucky cracked up then, pushing his long hair out of his eyes. “See? Tony appreciates me! You've been with me so long you've forgotten what a treasure I am!”

“Jesus.” Steve muttered, and pulled Bucky back to the phone. “Anyway that's what we are--”

“You alright, Buck?” Tony interrupted, frowning when he saw Bucky struggling to put his shirt back on.

“Oh I'm fine.” Bucky assured him. “It's not really--”

“You're obviously not fine. Let me see.” Tony demanded and Bucky grimaced.

“Sweet thing, it's not--”

“Tell him about your arm.” Steve encouraged and Bucky hesitated, then moved the phone so Tony could see his left arm.

“Bucky what happened?” Tony pointed at the mess of scars on Bucky's shoulder, the obvious stiffness, the hard plastic of the prosthetic arm.

“Car accident when I was twenty-two.” he said shortly. “Lost my arm. They had to rebuild my collarbone and shoulder just so I can use the prosthetic.”

“And you’re a personal trainer? You work out with that thing?” Tony could scarcely believe it. “Why haven't you ever mentioned that? I didn't notice it in any of our pictures. How is it that we’ve been talking every day for like two weeks now and it never came up that you have a prosthesis?”

“Yeah well, I don't like to talk about it. And I've gotten pretty good at hiding it.” Bucky said offhandedly, and Steve leaned back into the picture.

“It's practically a useless arm. I mean, he’s super built and super strong, but his left arm isn’t any good. He’s downplaying it. It's hurts him every day, and new ones are just so expensive. It's why he’s so fascinated with the kids leg, the one he works with every day. The prosthetic is done so well it's really just--”

“If you want--” Tony was speaking before he even thought about it. “I would love to take a look at it. Robotics is sort of what I do. I could really change that for you. I mean, I could design one that we could calibrate to match the strength of your right arm and as you grow stronger or slim down or whatever we can just tweak it. We could even make it match your skin tone, or if you wanted it in a cool color or--”

“That's not--” Bucky was shaking his head, looking miserable. “That's why I didn't  bring it up. Tony, I don't want you to think--”

“I don't .” Tony cut him off. “I don't think you were bringing it up because you thought I would make you something. Which is absolutely why I'm going to make you something. I've been needing a new project, and honestly what's the point of dating a genius if he doesn't make you cool toys? I have a whole lab and all these fancy machines, I mean I could make you something amazing in a super short amount of time two are staring at me like I've grown another head. What--what did I say?”

They stared at him for a full minute longer, until Tony was tempted to grab a mirror and see if he had something on his face. “Seriously, you guys. This is weirding me out. What the hell is going on?”

Are we dating?” Steve finally asked, sounding entirely too hopeful.

“Yeah, sugar, are we-- I mean have you decided--” Bucky's eyes lit up. “You want to be with us?”

“Well I mean--” Tony ran his fingers through his hair. “...yeah. Aren't we dating? I guess not really because we still haven't met but--”

“You're damn right we're dating!” Steve cried and Bucky whooped out loud.

“This long distance shit is over ! We are meeting up this weekend because I have gone way too long without getting my hands on my new boyfriend!”

“Tony! This weekend!” Steve repeated. “Pick a time and a place and we are doing this!”

“Alright.” Tony was laughing, caught up in their excitement, and grinned when Bucky looped an arm around Steve's neck and kissed him hard.

“You hear that, doll? Tony wants to be with us!”

“Yeah I heard.” Steve ran his thumb over the picture of Tony. “This is exciting, honey. Wish you were here so we could celebrate properly.”

“This is the last long distance kiss you're ever gonna get.” Bucky swore and leaned over to kiss the phone. “All the rest are going to be in person.”

“Bucky.” Tony could hardly get a sentence out over the noise on the other end. “I mean, we still live four hours away from each other. I'll have to come back home after the weekend.”

“I'm not thinking that far ahead.” Bucky shrugged. “You figure out where we are meeting, we will make it happen. As far as I'm concerned, time will stop and we can do this forever.”

“Bucky, my romantic.” Steve kissed him softly and Tony groaned.

“Sucks watching you two kiss when I can't join in.”

“Gonna kiss the shit out of you this weekend.” Steve promised. “Can't wait to see you.”

“Can't wait to see you guys either.”



Chapter Seven


Tony smoothed the wrinkles out of his shirt nervously, staring at himself in the mirror. Pepper had insisted on the dark red shirt, saying it looked the best on him, and even he knew his ass looked amazing in these particular pants.

He was killing time, waiting for a text from the guys saying that they had arrived at the hotel.

They had opted to meet at a Four Seasons about halfway between Boston and Manhattan, not wanting to be anywhere crowded, trying to keep it nice and simple. Tony had paid for the reservation- two adjoining rooms. Partly because he didn't want Bucky and Steve worrying about the money, partly because he was worried they would just book one room and he didn't really know if he was ready for that.

Tony had driven, taking one of his cars out for the couple hour trip up the freeway, but he knew Bucky and Steve hadn't been able to leave until after Steve's last class, so they wouldn't be in until closer to seven.

It was seven thirty now, and Tony waited nervously for his phone to ring. They were supposed to have dinner at the hotel restaurant, maybe drinks out at the outdoor bar that overlooked the golf course and resort pools. And if everything went well… well. Tony couldn't think that far ahead.

If he was being honest, meeting the two of them was making him so nervous he was nearly sick to his stomach. It was nerve wracking enough thinking about meeting Steve , who he had been talking to longer than Bucky, but to meet both of them, to see them together….

Yeah, these last few weeks of video chats and group texting had been fun and flirty and yeah, he was into both of them but...but…

Tony's phone trilled and he lost his train of thought, opening it quickly.

{Group Text}

From Steve -- we are running late, just barely got checked in. Let's just meet in the restaurant, Bucky and I can find our room later.

From Bucky -- Steve's being nice. I'm starving so get your perfect ass down here so we can eat

From Tony -- see you guys in a minute.

Tony took a deep breath and looked in the mirror one more time before heading out.


Bucky laced his fingers through Steve's, bringing them to his lips to lay a light kiss on them.

“You're nervous.”

“Yep.” Steve gave a short nod. “Yep I am.”

“He's going to love you.” Bucky kissed his knuckles again. “You’re wonderful, Stevie. And hot as hell. He's going to love you.”

“You aren't nervous?”

Bucky lifted one shoulder in a shrug. “Nah. You will make such a good impression, he will have to love me by default.”

“Bucky.” Steve tugged him closer for a real kiss. “You always know just what to say.”

“Yeah well, I've had years of practice sweet talking you.” Bucky teased gently. “You want another drink?”

“Don't want to be-- oh shit, Buck there he is.”

They both turned to look as Tony exited the elevator, looking just delicious in dark red and black, his hair slicked back, a smirk on his face as he headed their way.

“So.” Tony stopped in front of them, hands in his pockets, dark eyes flitting over them appraisingly. “So Big, Blonde and Beautiful must be Steve. Tall, Dark and Handsome must be Bucky.”

“And you--” Steve couldn't help grinning. “Darling and Brunette and Mysterious must be Tony.”

“Sounds about right.” Tony raised his eyebrows invitingly, and Bucky acted first, dropping Steve's hand and reaching for Tony, sliding his right arm around his waist to hold him close.

“Hey there, sweet thing.” Bucky let his accent come through strong, and Tony blushed before laughing.

“That's nearly lethal in person.”

“Oh you have no idea.” Bucky wiggled his eyebrows then leaned close and kissed Tony firmly, squeezing at his waist lightly. “Nice to finally meet you.”

“Oh-oh.” Tony stammered. “Nice to finally meet you too.”

Bucky turned him enough to pass him to Steve, who put one arm around Tony's waist, and brought the other up to cup his jaw.

“I'm a little more polite than Bucky. Can I kiss you hello?”

“I'm a fan.” Tony said with a nod and Steve smiled, tracing his thumb over Tony's bottom lip before brushing their mouths together once just barely, and then a second time, longer this time, holding Tony tight against him.

“So nice to finally meet you.” He whispered and Tony just nodded, his eyes wide.

“You boys--” he licked his lips and tried not to laugh when both their gazes dropped to watch. “You boys are a lot to handle.”

Bucky let his hand rest just above Steve's on Tony's back. “Tony, honey, I feel like I will say this a lot, but you have no idea.”


“So tell me how you guys got together.” Tony look a long drink of wine and smiled across the table as Bucky fed Steve a piece of his steak, the blond blushing lightly when Bucky leaned in and kissed a drop of sauce off his lips.

“Well.” Steve’s dark blue eyes were sparkling. “I was out for a run one morning on the trails around campus and Bucky was doing tai chi by one of the gazebos.”

“Looking fine, I might add.” Bucky said with a wink and Tony bit his lip so he wouldn't laugh. “This blonde hunk stopped to stare and--”

“Okay, I didn't stop to stare.” Steve rolled his eyes. “I stopped to see what the group of students had stopped to stare at. They were staring at Bucky.”

“Wait, so you did tai chi in the park every morning and what… college girls just came to watch?” Tony asked in disbelief and Bucky grinned.

“Have you seen me do tai chi, Tony? I get all sweaty and graceful. Damn near irresistible.”

“Anyway--” Steve cleared his throat and shot his boyfriend a look. “I stopped to see what they were all looking at and when Bucky saw me, he called for me to come over like we knew each other or something.”

“And he came running!” Bucky elbowed Steve gently. “Just booked it right over to me.”

“So I went over calmly to see what he needed, and Bucky told me that he was feeling a little self conscious with all the girls watching him, and he wasn't sure how to let them know he wasn't interested, and he had seen me running the past few days, so maybe I could help him out.”

“Did you help him out?” Tony wanted to know, and Bucky straightened, looking extremely proud of himself, while Steve looked a little embarrassed.

“Well yeah, I mean, I asked him what he needed, or what I could do to help and Bucky just--” Steve looked over at his boyfriend fondly. “Bucky just grabbed me and yanked me into a kiss and I lost my balance so we fell onto the grass and… and well we didn't stop kissing after that.”

“I barely got him back to my apartment before he was taking his clothes off.” Bucky added. “Blondes have more fun, I'm telling you. He was all over me.”

“Damn it Bucky, that's not how it happened.”

“It's exactly how it happened.” Bucky said firmly. “I just wanted a quick kiss to discourage the girls and I couldn't get Steve off of me after that.”

“You literally took my pants off while we were lying there in the park.” Steve argued.

“Yeah, well it's not like those little running pants were hiding anything, anyway.” Bucky scoffed, then tugged Steve close and kissed him hard. “Anyway, we moved in together at the end of that month and here we are. Almost four years together now.”

“Four years end of next month.” Steve corrected.

“Wow, that's quite the story.” Tony raised his glass in a toast. “Also about the cutest thing I've ever heard.”

“Really?” Steve challenged. “Cuter than a wrong number text in the middle of the night that led to a solid month of flirting and teasing and then turned into video calls and group chats and now ends up with Bucky and I sharing dinner with you and trying not to stare because you’re about the prettiest thing we’ve ever seen in our lives?”

“Are you trying not to stare?” Bucky asked, and leaned a little closer over the table, staring into Tony's eyes and licking his lips. “Because I'm certainly not.”

“Oh my.” Tony cleared his throat and loosened the top button of his shirt, taking a quick drink to cool himself off. “Intense, isn’t he?”

“I told you.” Steve teased. “Had my pants off before we even left the park. You’re lucky you still have all your clothes.”

“Oh my.” Tony repeated and looked down at the table while Steve and Bucky laughed.

“Hey.” Steve's hand found his knee under the table and patted gently. “You alright?”

“Yeah, there's just you know… two of you.” Tony emphasized and the couple across the table exchanged uneasy looks.

“Are you feeling like maybe you aren't okay with this?” Bucky asked seriously, stopping his constant jokes for a minute. “I realize that we sort of demanded this weekend happen and if it's too soon--”

“That's not it. It's um….” Tony lifted a shoulder in an awkward shrug. “There's two of you.”

“Oh.” Steve's confusion cleared and he nudged Bucky. “There's two of us and one of him, babe.

“Oh!” Bucky looked like he wanted to laugh, but he managed to keep it to a smile. “Oh sweet thing. We are going to treat you like gold. I might have stripped Steve and tried to mount him the first time we met, but it will be at least two dates before we try that with you.”

Tony spit wine across the table when he started laughing.


“So.” Tony said slowly, settling into one of the chairs on the patio by the pool. “So, how do you guys see this working?”

“Explain?” Steve offered, and Tony took a deep breath.

“I mean, you two are dating. Obviously. So am I… I mean are we all dating now? Or am I like the third person you bring in to spice things up or--”

Bucky started coughing loudly, shaking his head.

“Alright?” Steve pounded on his back until Bucky could breathe again.

“Tony, you're pretty but damn you're dumb.” Bucky coughed once more to clear his air way. “Babe, no . You're not the third person we use to spice things up. Steve and I don't need spiced up. This isn't like, oh we're bored let's bring in a hot brunette. I want you to be my boyfriend and I want Steve to be my boyfriend. It's that simple.”

“Right.” Steve laced his fingers through Bucky's and then offered his other hand to Tony. “It's not like we are together and then you are here too. I mean, that's not what we want. I'm with Bucky and Bucky's with you, and you're with me.”

“So a triangle?” Tony pressed, reaching out to take Steve's. “Is that--- like a love triangle?” Steve and Bucky both shook their heads.

“No. Not like a… love triangle. That makes it sound like one of us isn't as invested, or like we are both competing for you and eventually someone will lose. Not a love triangle. More of a polyamorous relationship.”

“But you two love each other.” Tony pointed out. “ Love each other and live together and live together for that matter  and I'm new to the relationship and live far away.”

“And?” Bucky looked at him blankly. “What's your point? I'm not seeing a problem. Stevie, you seeing a problem?”

“Not even close.” Steve met Tony's gaze steadily. “Just because Bucky and I have been together longer… who cares? Do you care? And the long distance thing-- Tony, we are a four hour drive from you. Not even enough to be worried about. Are you worried about it?”

“I just don't want to be a--like a diversion.” Tony explained, looking down at his hands. “Like, you guys are bored so you talk to me. Or when you get tired of me, you guys just move on. I mean, if we stop talking, neither of you really lose anything. I on the other hand, lose two people from my life and go right back to basically being alone.”

“Oh.” Bucky's voice softened. “Oh sweet thing, no. No that's not-- we aren't like, entertained by you. I mean we are because you're funny as hell. But no that's not--” he shook his head and nudged Steve. “You explain it, professor.”

“Do you want to be with us, Tony?” Steve asked. “I mean, I know you casually mentioned us dating, but right here face to face-- do you want to be with us? Both of us?”

“Yes.” Tony said instantly, emphatically, and a pleased smile split Steve's face.

“We want to be with you too. It's that easy.”

“We can figure out the distance issue. Really, four hours isn't that long away from each other.” Bucky encouraged. “We can meet in the middle like this all the time. And long weekends and school breaks we can come stay with you or you can come stay with us? Honestly, we have been thinking in terms of ‘the three of us’ for weeks now, so it's not weird for us at all.”

“It's really not.” Steve acknowledged. “It just… works. Perfectly.”

“But what about…” Tony shifted nervously. “What about the whole...physical side of it?”

Two pairs of blue eyes widened dramatically, then heated and Tony sucked in a quick breath. “What I meant to say was--”

“I'm two seconds from jumping you.” Bucky breathed, and Steve wrapped a big hand around Bucky's wrist, keeping him in the seat.

“Nobody's jumping anyone.” He said calmly. “I think we can worry about the physical side of things when that time comes. I think it's pretty obvious we are all attracted to each other, so let's just take it one step at a time. Nothing needs to happen now--” Bucky legitimately whined at that, and Steve squeezed his wrist tighter. “--or even next time. Let's just get comfortable with this and with each other and we can deal with those issues later, alright?”

“Stevies right.” Bucky admitted, albeit reluctantly. “First dates shouldn't have any pressure or awkward talks. Let's just have a drink and spend the time together.”

“That's fair.” Tony said and sat back in his chair, taking a sip of his wine. “For the record though, I'm a bottom.”

It was Steve's turn to choke, then, and Bucky just stared at Tony while patting Steve's back.

“Breathe, babe.” He murmured, never taking his eyes off Tony.

“Yeah right.” Steve wheezed. “As if I could breathe after that.”

Tony just grinned and took another drink.



Chapter Eight


In the elevator heading up to their rooms, Steve reached out and took Tony's hand, lacing their fingers together and raising an eyebrow in question. Tony sent him a quick smile and squeezed his hand lightly.

Bucky coughed loudly and when Tony glanced up, the big brunette slipped his right arm around his waist and pulled at him until Tony ended up plastered right against his side, with Steve close behind, letting Tony's hand go to also put an arm around him.

“Alright?” Bucky asked and Tony nodded, so Steve pressed a light kiss to his head, keeping him firmly between them until the elevator rolled to a stop on the six floor and they headed down the hall.

“We are in 622.” Bucky had to let go of Tony to  use the room key and Tony frowned.

“Your left arm is pretty useless, isn't it?”

“Um.” Bucky shifted uneasily. “Most days it just sort hangs there, yeah.”

“Would you let me take some measurements on it? I think I could really--”

“Maybe some other time.” Bucky said, looking entirely uncomfortable and Tony felt bad for bringing it up.

“Sorry.” He whispered and Bucky opened their door before hugging him a little closer.

“Not your fault, honey. Just don't want to ruin our night by talking about it.”

“Speaking of which…” Steve motioned to their room. “Tony, are we all sharing? We didn't think to ask and--”

“I'm next door.” Tony pointed to the door. “I thought two rooms were best tonight. And it's pretty late so--”

“So we should call it a night.” Steve refused to let Tony see how disappointed he was, and sent a pointed glare at Bucky so he could wipe the look off his face. “Come here then.”

Bucky let go of Tony so Steve could pull him close, kissing his forehead before tilting his chin up. “This is wonderful, Tony. I was afraid for a while there that this would never happen.”

“Me too.” Tony admitted, and stepped further into him, lifting his lips for a real kiss. “Glad we made it.”

“So glad, honey.” Steve kissed him for a long moment, then let go reluctantly, giving Tony a little push in Bucky's direction.

“Come here sweet thing.” Bucky said gruffly and hooked his good arm around Tony's shoulders pulling him in for a long kiss. “So glad I finally got to get my hands on you.”

Tony laughed against his lips. “I'm glad too, Bucky. Tonight has been amazing.”

Bucky stepped away only when Steve cleared his throat, neither one of them quite willing to call it a night, but neither one willing to push Tony for anything more than just this. So they smiled and gave him one last kiss each before disappearing into their room, trying not to let him know how disappointed they were that the night was ending.

And Tony stretched out on his bed and stared at the ceiling, wondering if he was brave enough to knock on the door and ask if he could spend the night with them.

He wasn't.



{Group Text}

From Bucky -- Tony seeing you tonight was amazing

From Steve -- so amazing, sweetheart. You are just as funny and sweet in real life as you are over text and video

From Bucky -- you would be more amazing if you would come hang out though. It's only midnight. I know you're thirty, but surely you could handle one late night

From Steve -- oh my god I'm so sorry about him, Tony. Tonight was wonderful just the way it was.

From Bucky -- wait, why are we texting? You're right next door. Wasn't the whole point of meeting up to get rid of this long distance bullshit?

Tony had just been picking up his phone to read through all the texts when Bucky started pounding on the door.

Then, Steve's voice muffled, “Damn it Bucky knock gently! He was probably sleeping!”

“Well he isn't anymore!” Bucky replied and Tony laughed to himself before opening the door that connected their rooms, rubbing at his eyes tiredly.

“Heya Bucky.” Tony was suddenly wide awake, absolutely unable to stop staring because there was just a lot of Bucky skin in front of him, bare chest and shifting muscles and sharp hipbones peeking out from low slung pajama pants, with an entirely distracting trail of dark hair disappearing beneath the waistband. “What um, what are you, I mean---”

“My eyes are up here.” Bucky teased, but he shifted his weight and flexed a little and Tony's eyes widened further. “Were you sleeping?”

“I wasn't.” Tony leaned against the door. “I was coming back from the bathroom and reading the texts from you guys. Something on your mind?”

“We’re watching a movie.” Bucky jerked his thumb towards the television. “And as you probably realized, we are pretty touchy feely together and sort of cuddly so you know…” he shrugged and Tony just looked at him.

“So I know what?”

“So get your perfect, perky ass in bed and let us hold you for a while!” Bucky exclaimed and grabbed Tony's wrist, dragging him into the room and kicking the door shut behind him.

“Bucky!” Steve was coming out of the bathroom and stared at his boyfriend, horrified. “You were supposed to ask if he wanted to--damn it. Tony I warned you he was impulsive and grabby.”

“I was warned.” Tony couldn't stop laughing, and let Bucky all but shoved him on to the bed.

“We were texting you.” Steve looked a little sheepish. “Didn't occur to us that you might already be sleeping, but then Bucky decided to just-- um, Tony?”

Tony didn't answer, too busy staring at Steve, who was just as shirtless as Bucky had been, wearing a loose pair of shorts and showing an amazing amount of skin.

Tony swallowed hard and looked back at Bucky who was watching him with an amused look on his face.

“See something you like, beautiful?” Bucky teased, his voice sounding hoarse and Tony couldn't help the jolt of interest that curled through him.

“It's just um… there's two of you.” He scratched at his goatee absentmindedly. “ Two of you and I am just not even sure where to look right now.”

“Look at whatever you want.” Steve answered and stretched his arms above his head, letting all those muscles ripple in the light. “And there might be two of us, but both of us are crazy about you, so you don't have to worry about anything.”

“Not a damn thing.” Bucky agreed, and took a step towards the bed, not coming any closer until Tony looked up and nodded quickly. Bucky gave him a half smile and crawled onto the comforter, slipping his left hand under the pillows to lay behind Tony's head, his right hand resting lightly on Tony's stomach. “We just want to spend some time holding you is all. No pressure, just want to be close, is that alright?”

“I think I'd love that.” Tony turned on his side and curled into Bucky's chest, who sent Steve a surprised look and ran his fingers up Tony's back, pressing him closer.

“Hey doll.” He said softly. “You feel good up against me like this.”

“Mmm.” Tony just made a satisfied noise and closed his eyes.

“Room for me too?” Steve asked, and moved behind Tony, his chest warm even through Tony's shirt. “Bucky you were right, he feels good.”

“Doesn't he?” Bucky dropped a kiss on Tony's temple then leaned over and kissed Steve's lips. “Feels good to finally have my arms around both my boyfriends.”

“You are ridiculous.” Tony muttered, and they could see his cheeks turning pink.

“Hit play on the movie, Bucky.” Steve said, and a few seconds later an older spy movie started playing. “This alright, Tony?”

“Yeah.” Tony hadn't lifted his head from Bucky's shoulder to even look and Steve smiled down at him and reached over Tony to hold Bucky, his fingers rubbing slow circles on his side. “Yeah, this is perfect.”


“Tony.” Steve whispered and Tony grumbled a little, burrowing closer to Bucky. “Honey, do you want to go back to your room?”

“Oh.” Tony's eyes snapped open. “Oh, I didn't realize I had fallen asleep.”

“It's fine.” Bucky hushed him. “It's fine, but we are falling asleep too, so we wanted to check and see if--”

“Can I stay with you?” Tony asked and both of them were instantly cuddling closer to him, gentle kisses all over his face.

“Can I take this off?” Steve plucked at the back of Tony's shirt. “So you're more comfortable?”

“Why professor.” Tony said sleepily. “If I didn't know better I'd think you were trying to get me out of my clothes.”

“He's on to you Stevie.” Bucky sounded horrified and Tony chuckled before sitting up and pulling his shirt up and over his shoulders.

“Damn, look at you.” Steve was suddenly all over him, his hands running up Tony's stomach and spreading over his chest. “So beautiful.”

“I'm not near as beautiful as you guys are.” Tony grunted and took his belt off too, even though he left his pants on.

“No, babe you're on this whole other…” Bucky's voice trailed off as his fingers followed Steve's hands up and over Tony's body, tracing over his jaw line carefully, tugging through his hair lightly. “The pictures you send don't so you any justice.”

“Neither do the videos.” Steve added, and he was stroking soothing lines up and down Tony's thighs, hooking his own leg under Tony's knee to open him up. “Is that alright, you comfortable?” He asked softly and Tony nodded, or tried to at least, because Bucky was kissing him slowly, their tongues sliding and curling together until Tony was shifting restlessly on the bed, clenching at the sheets.

“Tony.” Steve breathed and took over as soon as Bucky lifted his head, the blonde pressing closer and fitting his and Tony's mouths together, fingers still roaming over as much skin as he could touch.

Bucky was alternating between playing with Tony's hair, touching over his stomach and hips, and messing with the clasp on Tony's pants, pulling at it teasingly, ghosting his hand over the zippered fly until Tony broke his embrace with Steve on a gasp, his eyes snapping shut even as his hips lifted, needing a firmer grasp.

“Not tonight, babe.” Bucky soothed. “We are just cuddling, hm? Just gonna hold each other and fall asleep.”

“Rude.” Tony bit out, his eyes still closed, body still tensed and Steve sent Bucky an amused look.

“That was sort of mean, Bucky.”

“I apologize for nothing.” Bucky teased and Steve shifted his weight enough to reach over and pull Bucky to him, tongues and teeth and lips coming together until Bucky was panting just as hard as Tony, and when Steve pulled away, Bucky leaned forward to chase the kiss.

“Just gonna hold each other and fall asleep.” Steve said teasingly and Bucky laughed, dropping his head to nip a soft bite onto Tony's chest.

“Rude!” He retorted, then sighed happily when Tony wound his fingers into Bucky's long hair.

“You two are so sexy together, I can't even stand it. I thought it would be difficult to watch you two together, or that I'd feel like a voyeur or something but I don't.” Tony shook his head. “It's just like… the three of us are together.”

“That's what we were trying to tell you.” Bucky said, and Tony shivered at the feel of Bucky's lips moving against his skin. “It's just all of us now, sweetheart. Not Steve and I and then you. Not you and Steve and then me. Not us, with Steve over there in a corner. Just all of us.”

“It's going to be perfect.” Steve dropped a kiss onto Bucky's cheek, then Tony's. “But it's late, and if we all stay awake I feel like we're going to cross that whole ‘physical side of things’ bridge before everyone is ready.”

Tony wanted to shout, because honestly how was Steve this perfect???, but he settled for curling into Bucky's chest, and reaching for Steve to bring him right up against his back, groaning softly because all this skin was incredible.

“Sweet dreams, sweet thing.” Bucky kissed his forehead, then reached to shut off the lamp. Steve kissed Tony's cheek and turned the tv off, the room going dark.

“Good night Tony.”

Several minutes later, Tony sighed loudly. “Good god. It's like sleeping between two furnaces.”

“Sorry honey--”

“We can move--”

“Oh I wasn't complaining. Nobody move.”



{Group Text}

From Steve -- I feel like saying goodbye to you was harder than I thought it would be

From Bucky --waking up next to you sure was amazing though

From Tony -- already miss you guys. We should have planned for a longer stay. How am I supposed to sleep alone after this?

From Bucky-- oh my god turn your ass around and come home with us. Manhattan will survive without you

From Steve -- for once I'm not arguing with Bucky being impulsive. Why don't you come spend the week with us?

From Tony -- can't this week. Sometime soon though

From Bucky -- we will lure you into our clutches eventually

From Steve -- Bucky. Sheesh.

                   --Tony, we miss you too.



Chapter Nine


{Group Message}

From Bucky -- Tony tony tony. Send me a picture.

From Tony -- {picture message}

From Bucky -- I can't believe I have to specify this, but I meant a picture of you, not of the pens on your desk

From Tony -- {picture message}

From Bucky -- or the pencils.

From Steve -- well played, Tony.


From Steve -- we miss you. wish you were here. Wish we could have done more of this sort of thing when we met up.

From Steve-- {VIDEO MESSAGE}

From Tony -- well don't you two look cozy. And here I am all alone in bed.


From Bucky -- that's not even fair! What am I supposed to with that??

From Tony -- take a better pic and send it so I'll have something to do before I get out of bed

From Steve -- why is it that I try to start sweet conversations and you two turn it into something dirty

From Tony -- Steve, am I to understand that you don't want to send me something sexy, and then think about what I'm doing while looking at it? Is that what you're saying?

From Steve -- now let's not be too hasty

From Bucky -- well played, Tony.


“Hey! There's my boyfriend!” Steve exclaimed as soon as he answered the video call and Tony waved at him.

“Hey babe.”

“Did he just call you babe? Is he giving us nicknames now?” Bucky wasn't on screen, sounding like he was on the other side of the room. “Tony! I don't want to be called the same thing as Steve, give me a better nickname!”

“What about Bucky-bear?”

“I love that!” Bucky snatched the phone from Steve. “Am I Bucky-bear because I'm big and beefy? Because I agree with that.”

“Give me that.” Steve took the phone back. “Go finish your lunch, we've got to go soon. Tony where are you? Why are you so far away?”

“I'm in my lab.” Tony explained. “I linked the video through a computer screen so I can still see you guys while I'm working, because I need you to help me with something.”

“Oh sure thing, honey, what is it?”

“Need you to take some measurements on Bucky's arm for me so I can start working on it.”

“Tony.” Bucky popped back into the screen. “Tony I told you that I didn't want you doing that. I told you it's not---”

“And I told you --” Tony interrupted. “That I needed a new project, and why would you be dating a genius if I can't design new toys for you? And honestly, Bucky, I can't handle knowing that you're in pain. The fact that your left arm bothers you is just more than I can handle. Especially when I know I can do something about it.”

“It really doesn't bother me all that much.”

“Well it bugs the shit out of me.” Tony stated firmly. “Left arm out please, JARVIS please come online and take these measurements.”

“Of course, sir.” The AI answered, and on the screen, Bucky's eyes bugged out.

“Who is Jarvis?”

“JARVIS is my AI.” Tony glanced up at the ceiling with a smile. “The computer behind my inventions.”

“That's incredible.” Bucky cried. “Not only is my boyfriend a genius, he has a robot butler?”

“Mr Barnes, I am not a butler.” JARVIS managed to sound completely offended, and Bucky started laughing.

“I don't know if I'm laughing because that's awesome or because I'm terrified that he knows my name.”

“Calm down.” Tony said with a grin. “Alright Steve, I need you to flip the camera and walk in a slow circle around Bucky, mapping every inch of his arm please. Bucky, shirt off, arm out.”

“Alright, let me know if my speeds okay.” The camera jostled while Steve helped Bucky out of his shirt and then panned around him in a slow circle.

“JARVIS, recording please. Steve, do another pass, close in on the shoulder for me. That's great, thanks. JARVIS I'm going to need a 3D image in front of me here.”

Tony waited a split second and then blue lines started filling the air above his desk, as JARVIS recorded the video Steve took and translated it into a hologram.

“Geez, this thing is a piece of crap. Length is wrong and everything.” Tony said to himself, and then louder-- “Bucky-bear, can you disconnect the arm and show me the robotics in your shoulder? I just need to see what I'm dealing with.”

“Um.” Bucky hesitated, but Steve's head dropped into the screen, kissing him lightly and murmuring something reassuring. After a minute Bucky sighed and let Steve unhook the arm, setting it aside and bringing the phone in close to see the mechanism that had replaced his shoulder.

“Does this go up to your collarbone?” Tony wasn't looking at the screen, staring at the hologram in front of him as it filled in the robotic parts and wires.

“Yes.” Bucky said shortly, and Tony turned to look.

“Bucky baby, I know this is difficult, but trust me it will be worth it. Plus, this is going so fast, I just need a few more minutes.”

“I trust you, Tony.” But the usual lightheartedness was gone from his voice and Tony's heart broke a little.

“Steve, that's enough of that arm, now I need a full body shot of Bucky please, and close up on a side profile of his right arm.”

“Sure thing, Tony.” Steve got the shots he needed, and next to the holographic arm, a picture of Bucky blinked into sight.

“Gorgeous.” Tony tapped on his chin. “Thank you. Bucky let me talk to you for a minute.”

Steve handed Bucky the phone and stepped from the room to give them some privacy.

“You alright?” Tony sat in front of the computer. “I'm sorry that was difficult.”

“I just don't like the reminder that I'm not whole.” Bucky confessed quietly. “Steve and you… you are perfect you know? Two hands and arms and a solid body and I'm--” he lifted his right shoulder in a shrug. “Damaged.”

“You're gorgeous.” Tony said softly. “Not damaged. Beautiful. I know you feel weird about this, but Bucky I'd do this for you if I had the chance anyway, more so since we are dating. I can't do something like for Steve. Best thing I can do is send him dirty pictures. But I can give you something I created, something to make your life better. Let me do this, yeah?”

“Alright.” Bucky frowned. “I'm not ungrateful, Tony it's just--”

“This ain't free.” Tony interjected. “I expect full payment in the form of several hours of nakedness.”

Bucky finally laughed, his blue eyes lighting up. “Sure thing, sweet thing.”


{Group Chat}

From Tony -- Bucky bear what color would you like your new arm?

From Bucky -- I guess I'd like it to look normal? So people don't stare? Tony this is a weird conversation

From Steve -- Tony, give him some tattoos.

From Tony-- uh what? The Professor likes his boys with tattoos huh?

From Bucky -- oh my professor. Into those bad boys? The detention students? Do I need to start staying after class?

From Steve -- god you guys can we have one conversation where I don't end up sounding like a pervy teacher?

From Tony -- babe, it's so easy though. The jokes practically write themselves

From Bucky -- he's right you know.

From Tony -- I do like the tattoo idea. Steve could design them, and I can paint them onto the arm.

From Bucky -- that does sound pretty cool

From Steve -- see? I have great ideas

From Tony -- whatever you say, teacher



“You asleep babe?” Steve asked quietly, shutting the door to their bedroom. Bucky rolled over on the bed, careful not to jostle his left shoulder and shook his head. “Can we talk for a minute?”

“Only if you lay right here.” Bucky spread his legs and motioned for him. “You left the bed this morning before I was ready so now you have to make up for it.”

“Bucky.” Steve grinned and crawled up the bed, settling heavily into the vee between Bucky's thighs. “This better?”

“So good.” Bucky lifted his hips, eyes rolling back when Steve ground down against him. “That's good, baby.”

“Mmm.” Steve leaned down and kissed him lazily, loving how Bucky could feel so familiar beneath him and still make his heart race. “I actually do want to talk, though.”

“Me too.” Bucky insisted. “ Really want to talk, Stevie. For like an hour. Let's talk for an entire hour.”

“What's with you?” Steve laughed. “An entire hour?”

“An entire hour.” Bucky repeated, pulling Steve down for another long kiss, nipping at his bottom lip until Steve opened for him, pressing him harder into the mattress. “Want you.”

“Want you too.” Steve groaned and Bucky spread his legs even further, one hand sliding down to grip Steve's ass, holding him tight. “ Shit, Buck.” Steve dropped his head against Bucky's left shoulder, rubbing his forehead against the soft sling Bucky used to cover himself whenever he detached his prosthetic.

“Sorry.” Bucky mumbled, “Should have left it on.”

“I don't care.” Steve shook his head, laying open mouthed kisses over the scars showing behind the sling. “You know I don't care.” He licked a long line to Bucky's neck, biting sharply at the curve of his collarbone and Bucky jolted underneath him.

“Stevie.” Bucky panted. “Come on, Stevie, let's do this first and then you can talk at me all you want.”

Steve gave in, stripping them both quickly, but when he tried to straddle Bucky's waist, the big brunette shook his head. “Like this.” He handed Steve their lube and then shut off the light.

“Are you sure? We hardly ever do it like this. Bucky, let me--”

“Like this .” Bucky repeated, and Steve kissed him softly, hating that even now, even after four years together, Bucky was still self conscious about his arm, still only let Steve have him if the lights were off.

“You know I think you're perfect, Bucky. You know I do.”

“I guess.”

“Sweetheart.” Steve was going slow, opening him up gently until he could move inside Bucky's body, laying kisses all over his face and neck and shoulder. “Sweetheart you know I love you. How crazy you make me.”

Bucky just sucked in a deep breath at Steve's first thrust, his right hand tightening around Steve's bicep.

“And Tony's just as far gone as you as I am.” Steve whispered, and Bucky relaxed a little more. “I know he can't wait to be in bed with us, I saw the way he was staring at you at the hotel. Almost made me jealous.”

“Steve.” Bucky's voice was soft, “That's crazy.”

“I'm being serious.” Steve was moving steadily now, deeper inside his boyfriend and Bucky's breathing was starting to pick up. “God Buck, the way his eyes widened when he opened the door and saw you. He couldn't stop staring at you. You're so good looking. Drives me crazy even after four years, Tony doesn't stand a chance. Remember how good he felt pressed up against you all night?”

Bucky groaned a little and Steve echoed it, letting their foreheads rest together. “He couldn't get close enough to you, kept trying to lay right up against your chest and your shoulder, he didn't care, did he? He loved how you felt wrapped around him. I loved how you looked wrapped around him.”

Steve reached down and curled a hand around Bucky's cock, stroking over him quickly.

“Love how you feel in my arms, honey.” Steve whispered. “Love being inside you like this, but love it more when it's the other way around. Love when you take me, when you hold me close and I can't get away. You're so strong and I am always completely safe in both your arms.”

“Steve .” Bucky bit out, starting to tremble, lifting his hips into every thrust, his fingers clutching hard at the sheets.

“I love you.” Steve whispered. “God, I love you. Every fucking inch of you, Bucky oh my god.” He pressed as close as he could inside his lover, slotting their mouths together to swallow every moan and gasp from Bucky's lips as he spilled into Steve's fist and all over his stomach.

“Steve.” Bucky sounded like he was crying, and fit his hand on the back of Steve's neck, forcing him to stay close, and it was only a few seconds later that Steve found his own release, pouring himself into Bucky's body.

“Honey, I love you. I love you so much.” Steve was saying over and over, and Bucky kept nodding, still shaking in Steve's arms. “You're perfect. You're perfect.”


“What did you want to talk about?” Bucky asked later, after they had cleaned up and Steve was lying on his chest, the lights turned back on, but kept low.

“I was just wondering how you were feeling about Tony making a new arm for you.” Steve said slowly. “But I think I figured it out.”

“I just don't like that his options are blonde and perfect and brunette and… broken.”

“Stop.” Steve ordered. “He doesn't feel like that. He's trying to help you because he cares about you, not for any other reason.”

“Well my heart knows that.” Bucky urged Steve closer so he could kiss him. “But getting my mind to agree is…”

“Well maybe the next time we see Tony, we leave your arm off.” Steve suggested.

“I hate that idea.” Bucky admitted. “But it's probably valid.”

“It's absolutely valid. I only have good ideas, honey.”

“Alright professor.” Bucky chuckled.

“You're starting to sound like Tony.” Steve complained good naturedly.

“We should call him.”

“It's almost midnight.”


“And…. let me grab my phone.”


I am sleeping.” Tony said when he answered his phone, but he was smiling. “You two look all sorts of satisfied and sleepy, did I miss something fun?”

“No of course not--”

“You sure did.”

“Oh my god.” Tony groaned and sat up a little further in bed. “That's not fair, you guys. Why would you call me after that? Unfair.”

“Sorry, Tony.” Bucky looked anything but sorry, and Tony's eyes narrowed in irritation and then widened in delight.

“Don't think I'm ever going to get used to seeing you two shirtless. Bucky, you are as big as a billboard. I mean honestly how are your shoulders that big?  And Steve, I could shred cheese on your abs. Not even fair.”

“Oh--” Steve actually blushed a little and Bucky kissed him right on the lips, grinning back at Tony.

“We just wanted to talk to you, missed you today.”

“We talked earlier.” Tony laughed and reached over to turn on a lamp. “But whatever. What's going on with you two?”

“We were wondering when we can see you again?” Steve asked. “It's been a few weeks and--”

“You guys want to meet up this weekend?” Tony interrupted. “There's a concert near where we met last time that I want to go to.”

“What concert?”

“Um, eighties rock cover band.” Tony mumbled and Steve burst out laughing.


“Well you don't have to come!” Tony snapped and Steve was instantly apologizing.

“Oh honey, no of course we want to see you! We will be there, don't worry.”

“Won't miss it.” Bucky added. “Send us details and we’ll figure out when we can--”

“Bucky bear, are you not wearing your arm?” Tony peered a little closer. “Well, it's nice to know that all that muscle and hotness and big-ness is all you and nothing fake. I didn't doubt it I mean, but it's nice to know for sure.” Tony yawned and missed the look of shock that crossed Bucky's face, as well as the comforting squeeze Steve gave him. “Can you lift me with just your right arm? I bet you can. Damn you're strong. You too, Steve. You're like a professor in a porno.”

“Something on your mind Tony?” Steve chuckled. “Seem like you're pretty focused on how we look.”

“Well can you blame me?” Tony accused. “It's almost midnight, you guys wake me up so I can see how relaxed and satisfied you two are after some naked time? And you didn't even put on shirts. I have to stare at big and beautiful and brawny in two different flavors.”


“Blond and brunette!” Tony cried. “Keep up, you two! Hang up and send me a picture so I can--” then he coughed and laughed. “I think I'm delirious. Let's say goodnight and talk in the morning. Um, think about meeting this weekend and let me know, alright?”

“Sure thing, honey. Goodnight.”

“Night Tony.”

Steve put his phone down and turned back to Bucky.

“I think I love him.”

“You and me both.” Bucky rubbed his left shoulder. “You and me both, Stevie.”



Chapter Ten


“Tony!” Steve called as he and Bucky walked through the doors of the hotel lobby. “Tony!”

Tony was leaning against the check in desk, and turned with big grin. “There’s my boys.” He leaned up and pressed a chaste kiss to Steve's cheek, then turned to do the same to Bucky.

“No, no.” Bucky protested. “Why are we kissing on the--”

“Maybe we wait until we get in the elevator before you try to suck my face off.” Tony interrupted softly, dark eyes twinkling. “If there was just one of you then I wouldn't protest, but you know… there are two of you.”

“Fine.” Bucky grumbled and Steve laughed, looping his arm around Tony's waist and herding him towards the elevator.

“Glad to see you, babe. Are you already checked in?”

“Yeah.” Tony wrapped both arms around Steve's waist and buried his head in his chest. “Glad to see you too.”

“Honey.” Steve chuckled and handed Bucky the bag so he could hold Tony tighter. “Tonight’s going to be so fun.”

“So fun.” The words were muffled since Tony refused to let go, and once they were in the elevator Steve eased Tony away from himself and right into Bucky's embrace.

“Hey sweet thing.” Bucky murmured and grinned when Tony just grabbed him around the neck and dragged him down for a kiss. “God damn I missed you.”

Tony sighed into the kiss and Bucky slid his right hand off Tony's waist and down to hold his ass, pulling lightly until Tony stood on his toes and pressed right up against him. “There you go.” Bucky coaxed, stepping back against the elevator wall so Tony could lean into him. “Come on babe.” Bucky's voice went deep and Tony shivered against him.

Then Tony let his hands run up Bucky's ribs, up over his chest and over his shoulders, and Bucky tensed up instantly, freezing when one of Tony's hands trailed down his right arm… and the other stopped at the edge of his left shoulder.

Bucky wasn't wearing his arm.

And Tony was touching him and...and…

“What?” Tony pulled away when Bucky stopped kissing him. “What's wrong? Bucky?” Tony frowned. “Hey...hey come on. I thought we were gonna suck face once we got in the elevator.” Tony moved closer and started planting kisses up Bucky's neck, stroking his right bicep, his other hand squeezing and pushing into Bucky's left shoulder. “Babe---”

But Bucky wasn't listening, was just staring over Tony's shoulder at Steve with something like awe in his blue eyes and Steve had to cough to cover the emotion in his voice.

“Tony. Quit smothering Bucky and maybe give me some love too.”

Tony turned around, keeping his back pressed firmly to Bucky's chest, but opening his arms for Steve who put both of his big arms around Bucky's waist, sandwiching Tony in between them. Bucky sent Steve a quick look of gratitude, then pressed his lips to Tony's head, closing his eyes and breathing out a shaky sigh.

“You’re stupid to think I care about your arm.” Tony mumbled, and when Bucky sagged against the elevator wall, Steve held them both a little bit tighter.


“So eighties rock, huh?” Steve asked, giving Tony's outfit a once over. “I feel like I'm over dressed.”

“You’re wearing a polo and khakis, professor man.” Tony snorted, and kept messing with his hair in the mirror. “Of course you’re overdressed.”

Bucky kicked at Steve and started laughing, but didn't take his eyes off Tony. Ever since the moment in the elevator, he had just been watching their boyfriend with an adoring look on his face, and Tony had been catching his eye and winking and smiling too.

“So should I change then?” Steve frowned. “I mean Bucky is just in a t shirt and jeans and you’re--- you’re---” he motioned to Tony's outfit. “Whatever that is.”

“I'm dressed perfectly.” Tony defended, looking down at his clothes. “My jeans are just ripped enough to look like I don't care. My t shirt is faded enough to seem like I've had it since the eighties, and my hair is perfectly spiked to show off what a punk I am.”

“You are the cutest thing in the world.” Steve came up behind him and kissed his cheek. “How much did your ripped jeans cost?”

“They are authentically ripped!” Tony protested. “Leave me alone!”

“Leave him alone.” Bucky echoed and pulled Steve away from Tony, yanking him down on the bed next to him. “He looks perfect. It doesn't matter that his authentically ripped jeans cost like two hundred dollars.” Tony sent him a wide eyed look and Bucky shrugged. “Left the tag on the bed, babe.”

“Damn it.” Tony sighed. “Well if you’re going to make fun of me for my outfit I'm gonna leave your giant asses here. I don't care how hot you guys are, I will leave you here and go to the concert by myself.”

“Don't do that honey.” Steve pleaded, making his eyes extra wide. “We won't make fun of you.”

“Hey actually.” Bucky glanced around the room. “Why don't you give us our room key and we can at least put our bags in there before we leave for the night.”

“Your stuff is fine right here.” Tony slid his watch onto his wrist and started pulling tickets from his wallet.

“I'm just saying---”

“Your stuff is fine right here .” Tony repeated. “I um--” he sent them an uncertain look. “I only booked one room this time. I figured why spend the money on two when I um---” he cleared his throat. “When I was hoping we could spend the night together.”

“Oh Tony.” Bucky shifted his weight so he could reach for Tony with his right hand. “Come here. One room is perfect.” He pulled until Tony fell onto the bed, squished between the two of them. “This is perfect. You are perfect.”

“What's up, Bucky Bear?” Tony asked, with a sly smile. “You seem like you’re feeling extra sweet tonight.”

“Yeah, let me show you.” Bucky pulled Tony up and over his chest and slotted their mouths together, shoving one of his legs between Tony's and rocking up into him.

God .” Tony groaned and wiggled closer until he could thrust down against Bucky's thigh. “God you feel good.”

“So do you, sweet thing.” Bucky let his hand tangle in Tony's perfectly spiked hair, tugging lightly until Tony tilted his head away, letting Bucky kiss and nibble down his neck until he got to his collarbone, sucking a hard bruise there until Tony was yelping and pulling away.

“Bucky! I don't need bruises.”

“Baby, you absolutely need bruises.” Bucky argued, his teeth scraping over Tony's bottom lip. “Want everyone to know who you belong to. Specially when you're back in New York and we have to do long distance kisses. This will remind you.”

“Shouldn't Steve get to leave a bruise too, then?” Tony countered, and huffed out a laugh when Steve leaned heavy over them, still standing but caging them in with his hands planted on the bed beside Bucky's head.

“Let me leave a bruise here.” Steve brushed a barely there kiss on the other side of Tony's neck.

Tony shivered and Steve met Bucky's eyes with a wicked grin. “You sure you want to go to the concert, Tony? We could just…” Steve slid his hand over Tony's ass and pressed firmly, forcing him down against Bucky and they moaned in unison.

“But--but-- eighties music.” Tony whined and Steve laughed.

“No you're right, honey. Let's go to the concert.” He kissed Tony's neck again. “Right after I let the whole world know that you're mine.”

“Mine.” Bucky repeated firmly, and Tony thought he would absolutely combust when both their mouths came down on him, teeth and tongues scraping and pulling against his skin, leaving dark bruises on his skin.



The concert was wonderful. Overly loud and the songs were great and the band was amazing and Tony had the best time singing along to every tune, waving his lighter in the air with everyone else, screaming and yelling and clapping for the encore.

Bucky and Steve couldn't have said how the concert was at all.

They were too busy watching the smile on Tony's face, admiring the hickeys that they had purposefully left too high for his shirt to cover, and taking turns holding him, kissing him until he complained and pulled away so he could keep listening.

“I love you.” Bucky murmured when Steve leaned over to kiss him, and the blonde sighed happily and pulled him even closer, snagging Tony and dragging him back against them as well.

“You guys!!” Tony cried. “ Music !!”

“Just want to hold you both for a minute.” Steve explained and Tony relented instantly, cuddling close so Steve could kiss them both.

“Okay, you good? Because I love this song. Let me go.” Tony wiggled away and pushed closer to the stage.

Steve let him go, leaving his arm around Bucky. “Do you ever feel like maybe he only likes us when there isn’t anything more interesting around?”

“I don't know.” Bucky grumbled. “If he would have let me take his pants off back in the hotel you and I would be the most interesting men in the world right now.”

Tony looked back at them just then, a huge smile on his face. “How you feeling guys?”

“Blue!” Bucky shouted over the noise and Steve elbowed him.


Tony sent them a weird look but turned back to the concert, both hands in the air, that faded shirt riding up and showing flashes of skin above the waist line of his ‘authentically faded’ jeans.

“Alright.” Steve confessed and shifted uncomfortably. “I might be blue too.”

Bucky just laughed.


“Oh my god I'm so tired.” Tony yawned as they opened the door to the room, and stumbled towards the bed, stripping off his shirt and kicking out of pants before collapsing face first into the pillows.

“Bucky. Stop staring at my ass.” He grumbled and Bucky's jaw dropped.

“Tony! Why would you even think I was--- yeah whatever. Have you seen your ass in whatever that is that you're wearing as underwear? I mean, have you heard of boxers?”

“Leave him alone.” Steve chuckled and reached to help Bucky out of his shirt. “He's all tuckered out.”

They each dropped into the bed on either side of Tony, and he curled up into Steve's chest this time, tangling their legs together and sighing happily when Bucky pressed close behind him.

“Good night Tony.”

“Night sweet thing.”

It was quiet for several minutes, and they were close to drifting off, Steve's fingers slowing as they ran up and down Bucky's side, Bucky leaving one last kiss on Tony's head before his closed his eyes.

“I'm pretty sure I love you guys.” Tony whispered and it was almost lost in the pillows and blankets. Both his boyfriends just moved even closer, held him that much tighter, murmuring soft things in his ear.

“Pretty sure we love you too.”

“Steve's lying. We’re absolutely sure.”


Tony woke up with a smile on his face, and his arms wrapped snugly around Steve.

“Morning, sweetheart.” Steve dropped a minty kiss on Tony's nose and Tony frowned.

“It's barely light out, why is your breath minty fresh? Have you already been out of bed?”

“Yep. I usually get up at about four thirty for a run every morning so I'm wide awake. Showered and everything. Bucky's in there now.”

“You guys don't shower together?” Tony asked and Steve grinned.

“Sure we do. We just didn't want you to wake up alone is all. So he laid with you while I showered and now I get to lay with you.”

“Hm.” Tony snuggled closer. “I should go brush my teeth so we can kiss properly. I probably smell like concert and hippies.”

“You smell great.” Steve assured him, and tilted his chin up. “So come here and kiss me properly.”

Tony grumbled a little, but let Steve ease him back against the pillows and just sort of melted, letting Steve kiss him as thoroughly as he wanted. Their tongues tangled together lazily, Steve touching over Tony's jaw and down his neck with light fingers, then sliding down his chest, stopping to press over his heart for a few seconds before moving lower.

“Not too far yet, huh?” Steve asked between kisses and Tony made a humming noise.

“I wouldn't mind playing a little.” he confessed. “I mean… with both of you. Or either of you. Um. I think we could---”

“I think we should save it for next time.” Steve whispered. “Not that I don't want you, and trust me when I say Bucky can be ready and willing in like, thirty seconds---” Tony giggled against his lips. “--but this would be better when we can spend all night getting to know each other, hm?”

“You’re probably right.” Tony admitted, but that didn't stop him from arching into the next kiss, his fingers digging into Steve's shoulders. “I don't want to rush it. Plus, there’s two of you so--”

“You always say that.” Steve sounded like he was laughing. “Why do you always say that?”

“Because there is two of you.” Tony said with a grin. “Which means that it's not just one guy between my legs. It's you of you there and the other at my mouth or---” he shut up when Steve kissed him abruptly, rolling him over and settling between his thighs.

“Or?” Steve prompted, and Tony moaned low in his chest.

“Or both of you between my legs and---” he was cut off again, this time gasping when Steve rolled his hips and he could feel him thick and heavy against his thigh. “ Goddamn it how big are you?”

Big .” Steve mumbled, his tongue flicking out and teasing at Tony's ear. “But Bucky's bigger.”

“Bigger?!” Tony squeaked, and from the bathroom door that neither of them had heard open, Bucky cleared his throat.

Thicker . So you know, buy your lube at Costco.”

Steve tried to muffle his laughter in the pillows but Tony just cracked up. “Bucky, what the hell? Costco? Are you two really that big?” he managed and Bucky laughed, sounding absolutely wicked.

“Tony. I say this a lot, but you have no idea.”

He lay on the bed next to Tony, slipping his right arm under his shoulders to pull him close. “But enough talking, I feel like I'm missing out on some play time here.”

“We are waiting until next time.” Steve informed him, moving from between Tony's legs to settle next to him.

“That sounds like it was Steve's idea.” Bucky complained. “Why did you ask Steve first? If it had been up to him when I got in his pants, I would still be a virgin.”

“You absolutely weren’t a virgin when we met.” Steve rolled his eyes. “And we slept together within an hour of meeting so--”

“Valid.” Bucky admitted, then leaned over Tony and kissed him. “So just kissing then?”

“I just thought---” Tony started to explain, but Bucky hushed him.

“Willing to wait as long as you want, sweet thing. It's not about the sex, it's about being together. The sex is just a much looked forward to, wet dreamed about, heavily prepared for perk.”

“Oh my god .” Tony shouted with laughter and Steve just shook his head.


“Don't act like you aren't as excited as I am.” Bucky retorted. “If I put my hand down your pants, I guarantee you’re not exactly suitable for work right now.”

Tony didn't think he’d laughed so hard in his entire life.



{Group Text}

From Steve -- Tony, sweetheart, I literally already miss you. One night together just isn’t enough, next time can we have two nights? One night to just be together and the other night to you know… BE TOGETHER.

From Bucky -- two nights at least. I will admit to being skeptical about the whole waiting thing, but lying in bed this morning and just talking and kissing and snuggling was so amazing. Honestly, honey you are so amazing I can't get enough of you. Need you in our lives all the time.

From Steve -- all the time, Tony. I am so tired of this long distance thing. Saying good bye to you is just about the worst thing in the world, I think. I don't know what has to happen for us to be together all the time, but I would do about anything.

From Bucky -- I agree, sweet thing. Need you in our home and in our bed all the time. Every morning. Every night before we fall asleep. When we get home from work. Just every day all the time.

From Steve -- I couldn't have said it any better. When can we see you again, love? Please say soon. I know you are busy, we know you have so much going on. We know Tony Stark has a full calendar, but please please make time for us.

From Bucky -- don't let my comment about Costco-size lube scare you off. Tony we would take such good care of you. Such good care of you. Can't wait to see you just blissed out and spread out across our bed. I know we joke about it and especially I joke about it, but seriously Tony. Being with you will be perfect.

From Steve -- so perfect. Tony we are perfect together, don't you know? I am not sure how Bucky and I thought we were complete. Once we met you it's like… what did we do before you?

From Bucky -- that's exactly right. Exactly right. Please say we can see you soon.

From Tony -- what the hell you guys. I don't check my phone while I'm driving home and then when I do look, what am I supposed to do with all this? Your charm is lethal, just kills me.

        -- this good bye was rough. After spending all night in your arms, I am lonelier than I think I've ever been in my life. I know your anniversary is in two weeks, please come spend that weekend with me. Drive down Friday and stay until Sunday. I'll clear my schedule because there isn’t anything Tony Stark has to do that is more important than seeing you two.

        -- I can't wait to see you both again.

        -- Bucky do you prefer our costco sized lube to be flavored or warming?

From Bucky -- wtf I think I'm in love

From Steve -- Honey, we will be there. Two weeks. Can't wait.

From Bucky -- Can't wait Tony. Lets video tonight and we can do long distance kisses.

From Tony -- sounds good. Who knew having long distance boyfriends would make me so happy? Miss you already

From Bucky -- my god he’s precious

From Steve -- seriously the most precious. Till tonight, honey.

From Tony -- can't wait, guys.



Chapter Eleven


{Group Text}

From Tony -- Happy Anniversary guys. Any good plans for today?

From Steve -- Good morning sweetheart. No real plans for today, Thursdays are big class days for me, so I won't even be home until pushing seven pm. We are saving all our fun for New York.

From Tony -- That's awesome. You were able to get out of your last class of the day?

From Steve -- Sure did honey. We should be hitting the road around two pm tomorrow, so will be there in time for dinner.

From Tony -- Can't wait. I'm pretty busy today too, so if we don't get to talk much, have a great day. Can we still video tonight?

From Bucky -- why wouldn't we video, Tony?

From Tony -- I just thought since it was your anniversary you guys would be...busy.

From Bucky -- Never too busy to talk to you, baby. Block off some free time around 8 pm

From Tony -- sounds good. Xoxo

From Bucky -- Jesus Christ, the fucking cutest

From Steve -- xoxo honey.


Tony was in his lab when his phone rang with a request for a video call. He smiled while sending the video to his computer, excited to hear what the guys had thought about the bouquets of flowers he had sent to their respective offices. Steve had received two dozen red roses and Bucky a huge bouquet of wildflowers because he had joked once that daisies were the only thing he could grow because they were impossible to kill and came back every year.

He hadn't hardly heard from them all day, and certainly not in several hours, so Tony checked his shirt for grease stains, ran a hand through his hair and sat down in front of his computer with a smile, swiping across the screen to answer the call.

“Hey guys!” then he frowned. “Guys?” there was nobody on the screen, just a shot of an empty room, so he waited a half a beat more. “Steve? Bucky-bear? Where you at? Did I get butt dialed?”

A few more seconds of silence, then what sounded like a door opening, and soft voices, before both of them filled the screen, but from a distance so he could see most of their bodies instead of just their faces.

Tony started to say hi again, started to ask them how their day went, but then Steve slid his hand into Bucky's long hair and pulled, dragging Bucky in for a long kiss and Tony's eyes widened a little.

It wasn't just a kiss, no, Steve's hands were all over Bucky, scratching down his back and then rucking his shirt up to touch bare skin, before dropping down to grab his ass, grinding their hips together until Bucky was making a low, desperate noise in his throat, loud enough that Tony could hear it through the speakers.

Steve .” Bucky groaned and when his head fell back Steve attacked his neck, licking and biting and by the time Steve came back to his mouth, sucking at his bottom lip and thrusting his tongue in slow motions that just looked like fucking ...Bucky was a trembling mess.

Tony wasn't doing much better.

It crossed his mind… briefly say something louder, to interrupt them, thinking that maybe one of them had set their phone to do a video call at a specific time and that perhaps they had forgotten?

But then Bucky reached up and literally-- literally-- tore Steve's shirt right off of him, just right in half and shoved it off his shoulders and Tony-- well Tony wasn't about to stop them now.

“I want you.” Steve was saying and Tony's eyes fluttered close, because the amount of want in that voice should be illegal. But then Bucky--

“Get down on your knees and show me how much.”

--And Tony gave up trying to pretend anything. He called for JARVIS to lock the doors and frost the windows so no one could see in, then leaned back in his chair and slid his land lightly over his zipper, just barely touching his cock.

“Come on, boys.” he whispered. “Show me something good.”

On screen, and god was Tony glad he had sent the video to his computer screen, Steve was already on his knees, and Bucky had taken his own shirt off, holding Steve's head as the blond licked and kissed over that ridiculously cut stomach, the rows of muscles that jumped as Steve moved over them.

“Lower.” Bucky grunted and pushed Steve's head down with his right hand.

God, it was so goddamn sexy how fast Steve obeyed, shoving Bucky's pants down his thighs and helping him step out of them before sitting back up and rubbing his face all over the thickest cock Tony had ever seen.

“Damn.” he whimpered and gripped his cock through his pants, biting his lip so he wouldn't yell, holding his breath so he wouldn't blurt anything out as Steve started taking Bucky inch by inch into his mouth, and Tony watched in disbelief as Steve nearly took him all .

“God, look at you swallowing my cock.” Bucky's voice was...was… well shit . Apparently he couldn't help the Brooklyn accent when he was literally balls deep in Steve's throat, so it came through thick and for whatever reason, that was just unbelievably hot and Tony started easing his zipper down, spreading his legs to give his own erection more room.

“That's it baby.” Bucky was still talking, still urging Steve on, hips moving slightly as Steve bobbed up and down on his cock. “Take it all, goddamn you’re so good at this. Can't wait to see how well you take Tony. You gonna swallow his cock too?”

Tony nearly jumped from his chair when Bucky said that, and his eyes widened even further when Steve pulled off Bucky with a gasp, using his hands now, stroking Bucky's cock and staring up at him while licking his lips.

“Oh babe. I can't wait to find out how good Tony tastes.”

“Yeah, that's fucking right.” Bucky growled , there really was no other word for it, and started pulling Steve back up to his feet, tearing his belt off and tossing it across the room. “Can't wait to see these pretty, perfect lips wrapped around Tony. You can't wait to get your mouth on him, can you?”

“You can't either.” Steve retorted, backing up towards the bed now and stepping from his pants, treating Tony to a view of just a wonderful ass, even though he was instantly and completely distracted from that view when Steve turned around to face the camera, knowingly or not giving Tony got a full view of Steve's cock, long and thick and leaking against those washboard abs. “You think I don't know how bad you want to fuck him?”

“It's not about that.” Bucky argued, even as he pushed Steve face down on the bed, running his hand up and down the curve of Steve's spine, digging his fingers into the meat of Steve's ass. “It’s not about fucking, it's not about tapping that ass even though...” Bucky laughed softly. “I can't wait. I fucking can't. Can't wait to feel how fucking tight he is when I'm buried inside him.”

Tony tried and failed to silence his groan, but it didn't matter because Steve had moaned loudly enough to cover it, and Bucky leaned over his boyfriend, laying soft kisses down his spine.

“It's not about fucking.” he repeated firmly. “Just like it's not fucking when you and I are together, yeah? It's better than that. I mean it's never just fucking, right? It's better. Even when we are rough, even when we curse and swear and--and all that. It's better than just fucking right?”

“So much better.” Steve managed, his words mostly muffled by the pillow. “So much better, Bucky. Love you like this.”

“I love you like this.” Bucky said quieter, gentler now. “Steve, I love you so much. It means so much to me that you would share Tony with me. I know he was yours first and---”

“He wasn't mine first.” Steve argued, even as he was pushing his ass back towards Bucky's hand, spreading his legs further when Bucky's fingers started disappearing inside him. “He was always ours. Ours . Just can't wait to make it official.”

“God, I know.”

They were closer to the camera now, laying on the bed and Tony could only watch as they moved together, as Bucky opened Steve up with his fingers, as Steve arched his back and tried to push back against him, those dark blue eyes glazing over in pleasure.

“God you feel good.” He moaned. “Bucky, so good. Give me more.”

“You want more?” Bucky poured more lube over his fingers and pressed deeper, and as Tony sat in his chair, lifting his own cock from his pants and stroking over himself slowly, he found himself wishing the camera would move and he could see what Bucky's fingers looked buried so deep inside Steve. He wished he could be close enough to feel Steve trembling and shaking, close enough to lick the sweat from his neck.

“Do you wish it was Tony inside you?” Bucky whispered that, so soft and low that Tony almost didn't hear him. “You wish it was Tony about to fuck you senseless?”

“No.” Steve shook his head. “No. Wish Tony was below me. Right here on the bed.”

“Mmmm.” Bucky groaned. “You wanna be inside Tony when I'm inside you, baby?”

“Yessssss.” Steve hissed, and his eyes snapped shut when Bucky pulled his fingers from him. Tony was scrambling, searching for the bottle of lotion he knew had to be somewhere, nearly crying in relief when he found it. A handful of lotion and he swallowed a yell when he started stroking his cock again, working it in time to Bucky's hand on screen, trying to match the way Bucky held Steve's cock, the way his wrist twisted over the head.

“So good.” he whispered, echoing Steve's earlier words. “Bucky, keep going.”

Bucky might have heard him-- and he might not have-- but either way, he was suddenly slicking up his own length, up and down over and over before lining himself up. “Are you ready for me?”

“So ready.” Steve promised and rolled his hips invitingly, and in his chair, Tony's hips lifted helplessly, his grip tightening around himself. “Come on Bucky, come on come on.”

Bucky filled Steve in one sure, smooth stroke, and Tony didn't care if they heard his moan that time, because watching Bucky--no watching Steve--no watching both of them as Bucky slid all the way home, when he rested against Steve's ass, his forehead between Steve's shoulder blades, looking just blissed and satisfied , and Steve looked so full and happy---

-- Tony had never been so jealous in his life.

But jealous wasn't really the right word, because Tony knew now that they had set this up for him, had placed the call and then done this because they knew he was watching and that made it all so much...better.

Bucky .” The word sounded like it was ripped from Steve's chest-- just hoarse and raw and beautiful, and his big hands clenched at the sheets when Bucky started moving inside him. Bucky was still smoothing gentle lines down Steve's back, still murmuring soft, sweet things, but his body was tense, his hips snapping forward to slam into Steve, every push every stroke pushing a cry from Steve's lips.

Tony couldn't look away, his hand flying over his own cock now, staring as Bucky took Steve hard, pushing him further into the bed, and Steve was crying out now, a steady litany of please oh please yes so good, bucky bucky I love you god damn I love you falling from his lips and Tony didn't have to try very hard to imagine that he was right there in bed with them.

No it didn't take much at all to imagine lying beneath Steve, feeling that perfect body moving above him, didn't take much to imagine Steve filling him, stretching him, taking him--

--suddenly Tony was a lot closer to coming than he realized but it was fine because Bucky was pulling on Steve, turning him a little towards the camera, tugging him up against his body and wrapping a big hand around Steve's cock, jacking him roughly until Steve was biting at his lip and trying not to yell but Bucky wasn't letting up, coaxing Steve to come for him, to come all over, to let him feel him tighten around him and then Bucky--

“Put on a show baby. Make a goddamn mess. Show Tony how good it could be with us.”

Steve's eyes opened, right into the camera. “You close honey?” he breathed, “Come for us, come on.”  and Tony dropped his head back and yelled, his cock jerking and pulsing and spilling into his hand as he tumbled right over the edge.

“Oh fuck that was so good.” Bucky panted, his eyes wide, his hand never stopping over Steve. “So good, Tony baby, goddamn wish I could have seen that up close.”

Tony was still trying to come down, still trying to clear his vision and hear anything over the pounding of his heart, and it was all he could do to focus enough to see Steve coming, all those beautiful muscles rippling and tensing as he came, making a mess all over Bucky's fist and his stomach.

“God that's beautiful.” Bucky praised, only looking away from the camera long enough to lay kisses all over Steve's neck and shoulders, still bringing him through the last waves of his orgasm. “So good, both of you, oh my god. Roll over for me baby, just like that, that's perfect.”

Bucky eased from Steve's body and lay him out on his back, his head nearly over the edge of the bed, and as a result, really rather close to the camera.

From his upside down angle, Steve licked his lips, smiling into the camera before lifting his head just enough to watch Bucky, who was straddling his hips and stroking his own cock, and god Tony wanted to drool just watching, because as big as Bucky's hand was, it looked like it barely closed around his cock, and he said as much, the words coming out as little more than a sigh, but Bucky winked at him, before speeding his hand up and then he was coming as well, painting white streaks all over Steve's stomach and up to his chest.

Then Bucky collapsed, sliding through the mess between them to kiss Steve hungrily, eagerly and now they were so close to the phone that Tony could hear every little gasp and pant and soft whimper between them, and he leaned into his computer, let his hand rest on the monitor, just trying to be close to them.

“Wish you were here, sweet thing.” Bucky was the first to talk, picking up the phone from wherever it had been sitting and bringing it closer, touching his lips to the screen in their familiar ‘long distance’ kiss.

“I don't know.” Tony stammered. “Felt like I was pretty close right there.”

“We liked our flowers.” From Steve, whose deep voice was usually so eloquent and words so enunciated and was now basically slurring. “They were so beautiful, thank you.”

“Of course.” Tony was still having a hard time speaking, a hard time breathing really, watching the way they still moved against each other, the way Steve was still moaning softly and Bucky was laying gently kisses on his lips and forehead. “That was-- guys that was---”

“Amazing.” Steve finished lazily, and wove his fingers through Bucky's hair. “It was amazing. But would have been more amazing if you were here.”

“You meant that?” Tony asked shakily. “About me---”

“Tony.” Steve's eyes fell closed as Bucky mouthed down his neck. “Tony I would love to know what you feel like around me. Would love to be inside you while Bucky is buried inside me. That would be---”

“Nirvana.” Bucky supplied. “To be with Steve while he is with you? Oh sweet thing.” Bucky grinned up at the camera. “You have no idea.”

“I'm starting to see that.” Tony finally managed a short laugh. “Um, happy anniversary.”

“For you too.” Steve pushed lightly at Bucky until the brunette lifted enough to give him some space to roll over. “Better.” Steve turned to kiss Bucky once he was on his stomach, and Bucky settled against his back, Steve holding the phone so they could both see him. “Today is four months since you drunk texted me.”

“Four months, huh?” Tony folded his arms, resting his chin on them. “That's it?”

“I told you it felt like he had always been with us.” Bucky murmured and nipped at Steve's ear. “Always.”

“It really does.” Steve agreed, and they both sent

him such adoring looks Tony knew he was blushing.

“Lethal charm, you two.” he teased, some of his brain coming back online finally. “Also, hot as hell. I suspected Bucky with the dirty talk, but my my professor. What a great surprise this was.”

“I knew you’d love it.” Bucky grinned. “I told Steve ‘who wouldn't want to see us naked’?”

“Not just the naked thing.” Tony shook his head and Bucky nodded, looking down at Steve then up at Tony.

“I know. I know it's more than the naked thing. Right? More than fucking, more than just---” his voice trailed off when Steve rolled beneath him again and kissed him hard, and Tony leaned in at the same time and pressed his lips to the computer screen.

“Oh and honey, you were so sexy when you finished. Never gonna get tired of seeing that.” Steve's voice was still that low, soft nearly slur and Tony could have melted right there.

“I love your voice like that.”

“Me too.” Bucky kissed Steve again. “He only talks like this after sex. I know my Brooklyn accent comes through super strong, but he gets all soft and slur-ry and satisfied and it's wonderful.”

“Can't wait to hear it for myself.”

They fell silent, Bucky and Steve trading kisses, Tony touching their pictures on his computer screen wistfully, smiling every time they looked up at him.

“Tony.” Steve finally spoke up again. “Tony, honey, we can't wait to be with you tomorrow. Can't wait to do all of this with you.”

“Yeah. I think I hate the whole long distance thing even more tonight than I ever had.” Tony whispered. “Tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow, Tony.”


{Group Chat}

From Steve -- I know you’re sleeping, honey, but we just got up for our run. Going to be counting down the hours until we get to hit the road to come see you.

From Bucky -- and I do mean literally counting down the hours.

From Tony -- have I told you guys I think I'm in love with you?

From Steve -- yes. But please say it when we are together

From Bucky -- Damn Tony. Say it every day all the time. Every day all the time, sweet thing.

From Steve -- ten hours and counting

From Bucky -- nine hours and fifty nine minutes and counting

From Tony -- nine hours and fifty eight minutes and counting….



Chapter Twelve


“Hey!” Tony jogged down the steps of the building when Steve and Bucky pulled up. “You guys made it!”

“Wouldn't miss it, babe.” Bucky promised, and Tony came right to him, standing on his toes to lay a long kiss on Bucky's lips.

“Heya Bucky bear.” He said low and teasingly and Bucky's eyes lit.

“Oh yeah? Is that how we are playing?” He laughed and pushed Tony towards Steve. “Give the professor some sugar too.”

“Hey honey.” Steve kissed Tony gently. “Missed you.”

“I missed you guys, too.” Tony's dark eyes were sparkling. “You're staying two nights with me, right?”

“Hell yeah.”

“Mmmm.” Tony pulled Steve down for another kiss and then reached over for Bucky. “Two whole nights. I have fun things planned for--”

The shrill tone of Tony's phone cut into their moment and Bucky cursed, startled.

“Sorry.” Tony groaned in frustration. “That's Peppers ring tone, so I've got to--” he edged out of their embrace, smiling when Bucky reached for Steve, watching as they kissed for a long moment before just leaning against each other.

“Pep, what do you need?” He finally answered his phone.

“Tony. So sorry to interrupt your night with the guys, but you wanted to know when that contract came in.”

“No problem, Pepper, go ahead and tell me about it.” Tony was only half listening, watching Steve and Bucky together, the way they smiled and traced each other's faces, the way their bodies matched up perfectly, all big arms and broad chests and thick thighs and tall .

Tony had never felt this small in his life, outweighed by at least sixty pounds and four or five inches on each of them, but damn he loved it.

“Tony! Are you even paying attention? Honestly why did I call you, I know your brain shuts off the minute you get around those two.”

“Well if you knew that, then why did you call?” Tony snipped, but he apologized anyway. “Sorry, dear, but you've seen these two.”

“Yes, and I will admit to being just shy of outrageously jealous if you just spend half an hour tonight reviewing this contract and signing it. You can just e-sign and I can gather all the forms on this side and send it out before midnight.”

“I will absolutely do that.”

“Before you three do anything else.” Pepper demanded and Tony sighed loudly.

“Yes! Fine! I'll read and sign the contract before my boyfriends and I engage in some hot, naked--”

“Bye Tony.” Pepper said quickly, but she sounded like she was laughing, so Tony grinned and hung up.

Steve kissed Tony first this time, barely giving him time to take a breath before pinning him against the car, thick fingers dragging through his hair, and Tony couldn't do much more than hold onto Steve's shoulders and let it happen.

When Steve finally pulled away, his eyes were dark, chest heaving, and Tony opened his mouth to say something quippy but nothing came out.

“Hey honey.” Steve finally said, and Tony just nodded dumbly.

“I feel like my kiss won't even make a difference after that.” Bucky said, sounding hurt, and Tony turned to him quickly, ready to reassure him, but Bucky was laughing, reaching for him and cuddling him close. “Tony we missed you. How come we have to go like weeks in between seeing you?”

“Because we are all adults with jobs?” Tony grinned and Bucky just shook his head before staking his own claim on Tony's mouth, his left arm solid around Tony's back keeping him pressed firmly to his chest, his right hand roaming over Tony's body, as much as he could reach until Tony broke away with a short laugh and gasp.

“Good Christ , you two.”

“Didn't you miss us?” Steve asked, bringing Tony's hand to his lips to kiss it. “We sure missed you.”

“Of course I did.” Tony insisted. “After that show last night I can't even...It's just… wow. Two of you.”

“Mmmm.” Bucky pulled him close again and buried his face in Tony's hair. “You smell good babe.”

“Taste good too.” Steve murmured and moved up against Tony, trapping him between their bodies. “Tony let's go inside, just spend some time together. Let’s do what we did last night just...together.”

“God, I am all for that idea.” Bucky agreed, and Tony jumped when both their hands were suddenly roaming over his hips and ass, slipping under the hem of his shirt to touch bare skin.

“Tony.” Steve's voice lowered into something hoarse and rough and Tony actually shuddered in their arms. Bucky just tightened his hold and nipped a little bite onto Tony's ear.

“Sweet thing, need to be close to ya. Let's go upstairs, yeah?” That fucking accent he only pulled out when he really wanted something had Tony melting against him, and Bucky grinned, crooning soft sweet things in his ear while Steve pressed even tighter, rocking his hips lightly into Tony, a quick kiss swallowing the whimper Tony made.

“Come on babe.” He coaxed, and started tugging at Tony's belt. “Forget whatever Pepper needed and let's skip the lab for a few minutes. Please can we just---”

“Oh!” Tony broke away. “Oh man, Bucky come on! I'm really excited to show you what I made! I think you're going to love it, and Steve you can do some drawings and--”

Tony switched gears just that quickly, disappearing into the building, still talking a mile a minute, leaving Steve and Bucky outside on the curb.

“Stevie, I don't know how I feel about being cock blocked by a science lab.” Bucky stated and Steve folded his arms.

“Right? What the hell was that? I mean, after our video call last night I thought he would be dragging us to the bedroom, not to the lab.”

“Uh, Mr Stark asked that the two of you join him?” The doorman called. “I'll have a valet park your car, but Mr Stark is insistent that the two of you hurry.”

“Cock-blocked by a science lab.” Bucky mourned and grabbed his overnight bag from the backseat. “Come on Stevie. Maybe we will get lucky and nerd stuff turns him on.”

“Bucky, being excited about academic things doesn't make you a --”

“God, I was kidding, professor.” Bucky rolled his eyes and hooked Steve into a short kiss. “Honestly I don't care what turns him on, as long as I'm in the room to play too.”


“Tony this is amazing.” Steve wasn't even staring at the lab, his eyes firmly fixed on the prosthetic arm lying on one of the big stainless steel tables. “This is...amazing. You made this? It looks… kind of horrifyingly real.”

“Yeah. Well it was either looking real, or leaving it as the super robotic silver of the pieces beneath it so...” Tony shrugged, but couldn't keep his pleased grin from his face. “So I took the measurements from the pictures you sent me and built an arm that will match Bucky's right arm in length, making it directly proportionate to his body. And then I took the measurements of his right bicep and matched it on the left, so the muscle mass is the same. I built gears into the arm that can be recalibrated at will so as you get stronger, I can amp it up and--- mmmph !!!”

Bucky snatched Tony close and nearly smothered him with a kiss, cupping Tony's jaw with his right hand to keep him still.

“Do you-- do you like it?” Tony asked breathlessly, and Bucky smiled a little.

“Can I try it out?”

“Yes!” Tony's eyes lit up. “Oh my god, yes. Okay, so we need to take your old arm off real quick--” he shouted directions as he started digging in a drawer for a specific tool, and Bucky and Steve followed as best as they could.

Steve helped Bucky sit back in a reclined chair, taking his shirt off and frowning as he ran the straps over the stump of Bucky's left shoulder.

“Sorry about the straps.” Tony flinched. “I don't want you feeling like I'm tying you down, but babe, connecting the arm can cause some movement and I need you as still as possible.”

“I trust you.” Bucky reassured him, but he reached for Steve's hard and squeezed tight.

“It's fine, honey.” Steve calmed him, kissing his forehead. “Tony's gonna take care of you, alright?”

“This is going to take two minutes.” Tony promised. “Literally two minutes.” He checked the straps and then brought the arm over to Bucky's side. “Are you ready?”

Bucky turned his head and closed his eyes, pressing his forehead into Steve's stomach. Tony dropped a kiss on his temple, then leaned up to kiss Steve. “Two minutes, alright? Just… just hold him.”

Tony set to work, calling JARVIS online and working on syncing the wires in the new arm to the robotic counterparts in his shoulder.

It really did only take about two minutes, and Tony had to reach over and touch Steve gently when he was done so they would look up.

“Is that it?” Steve asked surprised, and Tony grinned.

“I told you. Bucky bear, come here and try this for me.” Tony undid the straps holding the left arm down, and helped Bucky sit up. “We just need to run through a series of basic movements to make sure all of the new things are synced up. Alright?”

“Okay.” Bucky sounded shaky and Tony kissed him.

“Come on, babe. Simple things. Lift your arm, rotate your shoulder and your wrist. Then bend your elbow as far as you can. Last will be wrist and finger motion. First your arm, then your shoulder, come on.”

Tony talked Bucky through each movement twice, and each time he completed it perfectly, the look of excitement on Steve's face grew.

“How does it feel?” Steve finally asked as Tony took a cloth and wiped any smudges off of it. “I mean, compared to your old one?”

“Feels like I have my arm back.” Bucky admitted, and held both the arms out, watching in delight as his left arm finally did what he wanted after all these years. “It's like a goddamn miracle.”

“I'm so glad, Buck.” Tony couldn't stop grinning at him. “I thought Steve could draw up some tattoos for you while you guys are here and I can have them air brushed onto the arm. Then you’re just the hot coach with a full sleeve of tats. How does that sound?”

Bucky didn't answer, just kept staring down at his left arm, then up at Steve, then finally over at Tony.

“Come here.” he said eventually, and crooked his left hand fingers at Tony, smiling a little because his fingers worked like they were supposed to.

“Yeah?” Tony came a little closer and Bucky shook his head.

“Closer than that.” He reached out and pulled Tony right up against him, then flexed his left arm and lifted Tony into his lap. “Damn it feels good to do that.”

“Uh…” Tony was speechless, blushing a little, then blushing harder when Bucky wrapped his right arm around his waist, and let his left hand trace through Tony's hair, down over his ears and jaw, and down further to curl around his neck.

“So.” Bucky cleared his throat and shot Steve a look. “So we should go try this out?”

“Well we already went through the designated movements and--”

“Tony.” Bucky let his voice drop. “Tony, lets go try this out.”

“I don't think--”

“Tony.” Bucky cleared his throat again and lifted his hips until they pressed against Tony's ass. “What I'm trying to say is that we should go upstairs and let me figure out how many of my fingers you can take before you’re---”

“Bucky!!” Steve clapped a hand over his boyfriends mouth. “For the love of god.”

Tony's face was bright red, but he still lifted Bucky's hand--Bucky's left hand-- to his lips and kissed his palm, then his fingers, his tongue flicking out between the digits.

“You want to figure that out right now?”

“Right now.”

Tony slid off Bucky's lap and started unbuttoning his shirt. “Steve come on. Upstairs. Right now.”

“Oh sweet thing.” Bucky was practically growling as he followed him, and Steve wasn't far behind. “Gonna make you scream.”

Tony's eyes were sparking with want, and he was biting at his bottom lip in excitement, watching as both his boyfriends stalked towards him.

“JARVIS, doors.” he said, and when the doors to the elevators opened behind him, Tony kept backpedaling until he hit the elevator wall.

Bucky and Steve followed him right inside, and as soon as the doors slid shut and the elevator started moving, they pinned Tony against the wall.

Tony just laughed quietly and reached for both of them at the same time.



Chapter Thirteen


Tony was on all fours, straddling Steve's legs, pressing his face into a solid chest, trying to quiet his moans, digging his fingers into big arms, trying to keep himself still.

It wasn't easy.

Not like this.

Steve was running gentle circles over his back, soothing strokes and soft words of encouragement, scratching his nails lightly through Tony's hair.

And Bucky--- well Bucky was trying to make Tony scream.

The elevator ride up to Tony's penthouse had passed in a blur of heated kisses and roaming hands. Tony didn't even remember leading his boyfriends to the bedroom, but here they were. He didn't even really remember getting undressed, even though he was pretty sure Steve had ripped his pants as he yanked them off, and Bucky hadn't even tried to save his shirt.

So they were naked , all of them, and there was so much skin and heated flesh that Tony thought he could be drunk on it.

Or at least he could be if Bucky wasn't currently trying his damndest to make him lose his mind.

“Bucky.” He whimpered, and pressed his forehead even harder into Steve's rock hard chest. “Please.”

“Ah sweet thing.” Bucky's voice was low, that rolling accent so thick Tony could hardly understand him. “I'm gon’ take care of ya, breathe for me baby, just breathe for me, you’re so good like this.”

Bucky sat up and pulled his hair up into a loose bun to keep it off his face, and then leaned in again, hands sliding over Tony's hips, fingers exploring through the cleft between his cheeks, teasing and pressing over where Tony was so tight and warm. “You don't have any hair here.” He murmured, and flicked his tongue out over the sensitive skin, grinning to himself when Tony yelped and tried to move away. “So smooth and perfect. You and Steve both, my favorite, just relax for me, sugar.”

His tongue again, licking and lapping and poking at the tight muscle and Tony was shifting helplessly, whining into Steve's chest, and the blonde just kept touching him gently, telling him over and over how beautiful he was and how sexy this is and Tony tried to bite back a cry when Bucky pressed lightly against him, his fingers- his left fingers- moving over the damp skin, working into the relaxed pucker.

When one thick finger finally slid inside, finally breached him, Tony gave up trying to hide, and let out a moan so low and wanton that Steve shuddered beneath him, his hips lifting, cock jumping and Tony moaned again when the wetness from the tip of Steve's cock smeared across his stomach.

“Tony.” Bucky murmured and set to work again, his tongue working over the stretched rim now, saliva and lube mixing together to ease the way for a second fingers, and he lay a soft kiss on a round cheek as warning before adding his middle finger next to his index, scissoring them gently until he could move them easily, until his tongue could slide between his fingers and into Tony as deep as he could go.

“You gotta tell me how it feels sugar, don't have any feeling in this can't, don't want to hurt you. Talk to me.” Bucky coaxed and Tony moaned again.

“Good, Buck, so good. Full .” Tony sucked in a deep breath, letting his lips slide over Steve's abs. “More.”

“Ask me nicely.” Bucky demanded. “You want my fingers inside you, you better ask me nicely.”

Shit .” Tony jerked a little, and Steve's hands tightened on his back.

“Say please, honey.” Steve urged. “Gonna feel so good just---”

“Pl-please.” Tony stammered. “Please Bucky give me more.”

“Mmmm.” Bucky hummed softly and grabbed the lube, slicking up his hand again before pushing forward with a third finger, his tongue working hard over Tony's stretched rim.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck , yes yes yes.” Tony gave up trying to be quiet and pressed harder into Steve's chest, mouthing down that perfect stomach, nipping little bites, panting softly. “Oh my god, yes please, Bucky--fingers--need-- deeper . God, fuck me. Just like that --Bucky--”

“Jesus, listen to him.” Steve groaned. “Give me that mouth, honey, can I have your mouth? Come on----”

“Yes.” Tony said instantly and arched his back, rolling his hips against Bucky's wrist and lips. “Hell yeah, babe, want to taste you.”

Steve eased up from under Tony's body, careful not to jostle him too much when Bucky was still buried between his legs, until he could sit against the headrest, and his cock was pointing right at Tony's face.

Tony licked his lips and opened wide, dropping his head until he could taste Steve, digging his nails into the thick thighs when Steve gasped and thrust up into his mouth.

“Easy.” he said with a breathless little laugh, and Steve apologized quickly, but it didn't stop him from threading his fingers through Tony's hair and pressing him back down.

“Look at you taking him.” Bucky praised Tony. “So good, Tony, god . Can I have you too? Can I have you here?” his fingers twisted inside Tony, searching for and finding the bundle of nerves deep inside him that made Tony absolutely yell . “Tony, tony say yes. Can I have you?”

Tony said something, but the words were garbled around Steve as Tony worked his mouth up and down, licking up and over the impressive length Steve was trying to feed between his lips. Bucky sat back on his heels and watched for a few minutes, thrusting his fingers slowly, easily into his boyfriend, content to wait his turn.

“Tony.” Steve finally tugged at Tony's hair, lifting his head. “Honey, can Bucky have you too?  You want both of us?”

“Yes. God yes.” Tony sat up, a flush racing over his skin as the movement settled him even further onto Bucky's fingers. “I want both of you.”

“Now?” Bucky questioned, and pulled Tony even higher against him, his left hand still twisting and stroking inside him, his right hand pressed firmly across Tony's chest, moving up towards his neck, and Tony arched his back until he could rest his head on Bucky's shoulder, his breath coming ragged and harsh.

“We can wait still.” Steve assured him and a tremor wracked Tony's body when hands ran up his thighs, then circled his cock. “I'd love to get you off with my mouth honey.”

“I'd love to get you off with my mouth.” Bucky added. “Do you think you could come like this, beautiful? My fingers and tongue inside you and Steve's mouth over you?”

“Oh my god.” Tony's eyes slammed shut. “Oh my god, I could probably come with you just talking like that. Please just--”

“All that dirty talk from my brooklyn boy.” Steve teased and leaned up to kiss Bucky, then turned his head enough to kiss Tony as well. “That accent is incredible.”

You’re incredible, sugar.” Bucky drawled, and jerked his head so Steve would come back for another kiss, longer this time. Steve slipped his free arm around Bucky's waist, leaving Tony trapped between them, with Bucky’s fingers inside him, Steve still stroking over his cock.

“Goddamn you two.” he gasped, and they both sort of groaned, thrusting against him from each side.

“Tony.” Bucky sigh and left little nibbles along the edge of Tony's ear. “Gonna take care of you like this then, huh? I want to be inside you, but damn baby doll, wanna see and hear you come too badly to wait. Gonna do it like this first, then again later, yeah?”

Steve murmured something in agreement and started moving backwards on the bed, careful hands turning Tony onto his back, and Bucky pulled his fingers free only long enough to make sure Tony was comfortable. Then with a quick jerk, he hauled Tony right to the edge of the bed and hooked his legs over his broad shoulders, opening him up even further beneath him. Bucky went to his knees on the floor, his face eye level with Tony's hips, then glanced at Steve and gave a short nod that he was ready.  

Tony couldn’t even take a full breath before Steve was stroking and teasing over his cock again and then oh his mouth was hot and wet and Tony couldn't stop his hips from jerking upwards. But Steve didn't complain, didn't even hesitate, he just opened wider and relaxed his jaw and made a sort of hum of encouragement, so Tony gripped that short blond hair and thrust up harder and Steve kept humming, until his nose was bumping into Tony's stomach every time Tony moved and it was all so good.

Oh shit , then it was better , and even though Tony froze at first when Bucky's fingers slid against and then into him in one smooth motion, he relaxed right away, welcoming the stretch again because fuck it was good. And the next time he pushed into Steve's mouth, Bucky thrust his fingers deep, pressing down into a spot that had Tony lighting up and crying out, so Bucky did it again and again until Tony was just moaning and talking nonsense, barely coherent.

And Bucky's tongue, somehow both wicked and perfect all at the same time, warm and slick, dancing in between his fingers and into Tony with swift little jabs until Tony thought he would blank out, maybe just pass out entirely because it was all too much. Too much of Steve with his mouth, and too much of Bucky inside him…

And then Steve lifted his head, slid that big hand around Tony's cock and started pumping him quickly, licking at his lips and making soft little gasps and pants like he wouldn't survive--

“Come for us Tony. Come on baby, come for us, lets see it, want to see it, want to hear you---”

And Bucky with an accent that shouldn’t have been sexy, but like this , with his long hair in a bun and his eyes nearly glowing-- “Sweet thing, make a fucking mess for us. Wanna hear you scream---”

Tony nearly came off the bed, his back bowing, arching sharply, something like a wail ripping from his throat as he came, clenching tight around Bucky's fingers and pouring white and thick into Steve's grasp.

And he was barely settled, still shaking even, but when Steve knelt by his head Tony opened up instantly, his throat relaxed and mouth wide to let his boyfriend fuck into his mouth until Steve was groaning low and pulsing onto his tongue.

Tony waited until Steve was done, until he was empty, and then made a show of swallowing all of it, cleaning any extra drops up with his tongue and fingers.

“Tony.” Steve almost collapsed onto him, kissing him eagerly, his hands cupping Tony's face tenderly. “Tony, honey that was amazing, you are amazing.” His voice was dazed, his words slurring and even though Tony loved it, he couldn't even reply, still half blanked out from his orgasm, still caught up in the taste of Steve on his tongue, so he just lay there boneless, kissing him back languidly.

And then he startled and pushed at Steve until he could see Bucky, who was watching it all with a soft smile on his face, stroking over his own cock lazily.

“Bucky what about---”

“No rush.” he shook his head. “You two are so beautiful together, I could watch that all night.”

“Come on.” Tony urged him, reaching out for the big brunette, then nearly shrieking when he realized Bucky still had his fingers buried deep. Steve chuckled and slid his big hand around Bucky's wrist, easing him from Tony's body.

“Fuck, didn't realize you were still---” Tony's eyes snapped shut, his cheeks flaming red as he dropped back into the pillows and Bucky laughed at him.

“Wasn't about to let go of you, baby.”

Bucky slotted himself half on top of Tony, half off, letting his hard cock slide through the come starting to dry on Tony's stomach. “Can I come right here?” he asked and it was Steve who groaned then, such a filthy sounding question asked in such a soft voice. “Can I come on your stomach?”

Tony nodded quickly and reached for him again, pulling him up for a long kiss, sighing into the embrace when Bucky started moving against him, rutting through the slick puddle, his thrusts fast and hard. Steve leaned close too, trading kisses between the two of them and stroking through Bucky's hair, down his back and sides, pressing at his ass to deepen his thrusts until Tony was whining from the friction, his hips lifting in time with Bucky, trying to help him finish.

Just a few minutes of heady kisses and wandering hands and Bucky was cursing, his hips stuttering and he was spilling over Tony's hips and softening cock, until his body slowed and stilled and he was breathing hard, trembling as he tried to come down.

“Tony.” he whispered, and buried his face in Tony's neck, his left hand stroking idle patterns on Tony's lean chest, reaching for a blanket to cover Tony, chuckling when Tony whined about the mess and needing clean blankets.

Steve snuggled close too, on Tony's other side and Tony huffed a laugh as he was pinned under the combined weight of his boyfriends. “You know, you guys should be holding me, right?” he teased, and they just grumbled and pressed even closer, listening to each others breathing slow, waiting for their heart rates to calm.

After several minutes of silence, Tony spoke again, so soft the guys almost didn't hear him.

“I was going to wait, officially I mean. Until we were all the way together. But um… I love you guys.”

“Jesus Christ.” Bucky muttered and sat up enough to lay a hard kiss on Tony's lips. “Sweet thing, we should have been saying that all along. Not waiting for sex. We love you too.”

“We love you too.” Steve whispered, and gave Tony a softer kiss. “Of course we do.”

“Should we have said it earlier?” Tony asked timidly and Bucky shook his head.

“Tony. Anytime you wanted to say it was perfect. You could have said it the first video call and it would have been perfect. Could have waited until Steve and I were both buried balls deep inside---”

“Bucky!” Steve laughed. “ Seriously ?”

“I'm just saying--” Bucky continued. “Any moment you wanted to say that would have been perfect. This moment is perfect.”

“I didn't want to say it long distance.” Tony admitted and Steve kissed him again.

“Well we aren't long distance now are we?”

“No.” Tony sighed and lay back further in the pillows. “I love you guys.”

“We love you too.”

“So much, sweet thing.”


“Oh shit.” Tony stirred nearly ten minutes later and reached clumsily for his phone. “I had a contract I have to sign before midnight and---”

Bucky snatched his phone and chucked it right across the room before snuggling back into Tony's side.

“I think what Bucky's trying to say--” Steve said dryly. “--is that maybe you wait until we all have our clothes on again before working.”

“Okay, yeah. That's fair.”



Chapter Fourteen


“Today was so fun, Tony. Who knew doing the touristy thing in New York would be such a blast?” Bucky stretched and yawned a little. “You wore me out, though. This city moves so fast.”

“I can't believe you set all that up for us.” Steve said, idly drawing circles on Bucky's left palm with his fingers. “That must have been---”

“Don't ask me how much it was.” Tony grinned at them from the desk in his apartment, loving the way the firelight was playing off of their skin as they reclined on the thick rug. “Because it doesn't matter. What was your favorite part?”

“How am I supposed to pick?” Bucky shrugged and lay all the way back now, folding his arms behind his head. “But we took about a million pictures so maybe flipping through them will remind me.”

“Too bad you couldn't come with us, honey.” Steve added, reaching for a piece of cheese from the platter Tony had ordered and had delivered. “That would have been even more fun.”

“Eh, I'll just see the pictures and live vicariously through those.” Tony rubbed at his eyes. “Besides, I wanted you to do something fun for your anniversary and I had to work anyway, so it worked out.”

“Do you have to work now though?” Bucky complained. “We haven't seen you since this morning!”

“It's not like we didn't see a lot of each other this morning.” Tony pointed out with a sheepish grin. “I mean, we showered together. And there wasn't even a whole lot actual showering going on.”

“And it was lovely so you should come over and see if we can't get you dirty enough to shower again.” Bucky propped up on his elbows and held out his hand. “Come on, Tony. We have to leave in the morning and we just want---”

“Alright.” Tony set his pen down abruptly and got up from his desk. “You’re right. I'm sorry guys. Haven't seen you all day and I do want to spend more time with you.”

After their (ahem) shower this morning, Tony had handed Steve their itinerary for the rest of the day. He had booked tours and shows and sent them all around the city in his car so they could see everything they wanted. Tony had made reservations for both lunch and dinner at restaurants he had thought they would enjoy, and had pre paid for everything. All day long he had been receiving texts from both of them exclaiming over everything and saying how much they missed him.

It had been a fun day for them, and Tony had been happy to do it. Especially since talks had opened back up with the German company and he and Pepper had spent all day today working through new contracts and negotiations.

And now it was pushing nine thirty and they were both back at the Tower, stretched out in front of his fireplace nibbling on snacks and drinking a beer and Tony still had an hour or two of work left to do.

But Bucky was right. They had to be on the road by lunch time tomorrow, and he could always work then.

“Did you guys save me some food?” Tony unbuttoned the top few buttons on his shirt and plopped down between them on the floor.

“Sure did, honey.” Steve pushed the tray of meat and cheese and fruit out of the way to make room for Tony and pushed a few pillows behind his back. “Hi.” He cupped Tony's jaw and brought him in close for a slow, thorough kiss, lips and mouth moving over Tony until he was squirming and whining a little. “Can we be with you tonight?” Steve asked, his voice barely more than a whisper.

“You definitely need to eat something, and relax first--” Bucky was just as quiet, just as close, dotting little kisses over Tony's ear and down to his shoulder. “But can we be with you? All the way, I mean.”

“Oh.” Tony closed his eyes as a rush of heat moved up his spine. “I'm suddenly so much less hungry and tired. It's practically a miracle.” Bucky laughed against his shoulder, and Steve kissed him again.

“We can wait--”

“Stevie, if you say that we can wait one more time --” Bucky threatened playfully and Tony chuckled then, leaning back further into the pillows and turning so he could see both of them.

“I love that idea. Been thinking about it all day, actually, which is probably why it took me all day to get my work done instead of just a few hours. But I need to shower--” Bucky's eyes lit up, “--alone.” Tony finished and rubbed their noses together when Bucky's face fell. “And I definitely need to eat something first. Alright with everyone?”

“Of course.” Steve was nodding quickly, and got to his feet to help Tony up, Bucky right behind him. “Take your time in the shower, we will be here waiting.” he glanced at Bucky. “ Patiently .”

“Thank you.” Tony kissed them both and then headed towards his bedroom, shedding clothes as he went.

“Why did you look at me when you said patiently?” Bucky demanded, and Steve sighed.

“You know damn well why I looked at you.”

They heard Tony laughing out loud just before the bathroom door shut and the shower kicked on.


After a long thorough shower, Tony came back to the living room to find all the blankets and pillows from his room spread out in front of the fireplace, snacks and drinks set up on the end table, and Bucky and Steve looking completely thrilled and completely ready .

They lay him out of the pile of blankets and took turns feeding him, stealing kisses in between each bite. When Bucky was getting him a drink, Steve's hands were running all over Tony's body, up his legs and across his waist and ribs. And then as Steve offered Tony some sweet fruit, groaning as Tony licked and nipped at his fingers to get it all, Bucky was tracing idle designs into his chest and stomach, his left hand pressed firmly over Tony's heart.

By the time the plate was empty, Tony was full and feeling rested and happy to have his hands and mouth free to lick and taste and touch all over his boyfriends bodies, giggling when they took turns holding and stroking him, rolling him to straddle one of their waists while the other rubbed up against his back, or pressing him facedown into the blankets so they could grab and knead at his ass.

Bucky definitely spanked him once or twice, and Tony definitely liked it.

Steve surprised him by being more forceful than Bucky, pushing and twisting Tony to get him where he wants...and Tony definitely liked that too.

Any remnants of clothing between them disappeared quickly, and in an entirely hilarious move, Bucky pulled a gallon jug from behind the couch and announced that they had detoured during the day to Costco to get lube.

It took Tony a full three minutes to stop laughing over that, even when Bucky grinned and showed him it was just water.

Steve had the real lube, something slick and wonderful and Tony cried out, ripping at the blankets when fingers filled him in an effortless slide. Then the words coming from him didn't make any sense, not when he was trying to stretch his lips around Bucky's cock, trying to keep still as Steve moved inside him.

So many hands were so many places, Bucky and Steve were everywhere , and Tony felt like he couldn't keep up, felt like he was about two seconds from losing his mind. He was barely even moving, letting Bucky use his mouth as he wanted, letting Steve open him up as far as he needed to move as deep as he could. It was just….

Then when Bucky pulled away from him and Tony could finally suck in a deep breath, Bucky bent over and whispered, “Baby doll, you’re stressing out. You’re thinking too much. Would you just let us take care of everything? Lay back and we will take care of you.”

“Tony.” Steve moved deeper between his legs and Tony could have sworn he saw sparks. “Tony let us just---” Tony wasn't listening, too busy moaning as Bucky surged into his mouth, his left hand wrapped around Tony's cock, and Steve just grinned, bending forward enough to kiss down Tony's neck and shoulder, biting gently into his chest. “Yeah honey, just let us do it all.”

So Tony just let go, just melted back into the blankets and let the two of them take over.

And when Steve moved perfectly inside him, when Bucky touched him just right with that twist to each stroke, when their mouths left kisses all over his skin, their teeth scraping and pulling, Tony could only lay there, panting and moaning and arching into every touch. He wrapped his legs tighter around Steve's waist, and kept dragging Bucky down for longer and longer kisses, tried to touch as much of them as he could, lacing his fingers into Steve's hair, pulling over Bucky's thick cock with quick firm strokes, trying to match Steve's thrusts, loving the way they couldn't stop saying his name, couldn't stop praising him.

Steve finished first, coming with a hoarse groan deep inside Tony's perfect body, and Bucky followed close behind, pushing into Tony's fist until he was spilling over.

Tony shuddered and moaned and when they both knelt over him, kissing and licking into his mouth, down his neck, tasting the sweat on his chest, squeezing at his waist and thighs and taking turns mouthing up and down his cock--

---Tony could have screamed, and maybe he did scream, when his body tightened up, when his vision whited out and his mind blanked---

But Steve and Bucky were right there, crooning soft things in his ear and running soothing strokes down his body as he trembled through each wave. One of them grabbed a blanket and brought it up over him, never minding the mess, trying to stop him from shivering, heavy kisses all over his face and over his palm and fingers and when Tony finally came down from it all, they just curled around him, arms holding him tight.

“God we love you.” Steve was whispering into his hair. “Tony, we love you so much.”

“So much, sweet thing.”

Tony didn't say anything back, just closed his eyes and let them hold him for a long time. Steve and Bucky traded slow kisses over him, nuzzling close to each other and smiling, whispering how much they loved each other and how incredible it was to have Tony with them, and how long they had waited for this exact moment.

Then Bucky would look down at Tony with a gentle smile and Steve wouldn't be able to help himself pulling Bucky in for a longer kiss, because watching Bucky loving Tony was the most amazing thing in the world.

“Can we take a shower together?” Tony finally asked and Steve shot Bucky a curious look.

“Yeah, honey of course. Um-- are you alright, Tony? Did we do something--”

“No.” Tony sat up abruptly. “I mean yes, I'm fine. No you didn't do anything wrong I'm just--”

“What's wrong then?” Bucky urged, tracing his fingers through Tony's goatee. “Talk to us.”

“Just emotional.” Tony confessed. “Um this was more… intense than I thought it would be and I'm a little--- I feel a little--”

“Us too.” Bucky interrupted. “Us too, sugar. Don't worry.”

“Yeah?” Tony asked uncertainly and Steve just reached out, scooping Tony and the blanket right into his lap.

“Tony. All we did while you were showering was talk about how nervous we were. This is a big step and-- oh my god we are so happy you wanted to take it with us.”

“So happy.” Bucky reassured him, pulling a blanket around his waist and kneeling next to them. “Tony-- that you would share yourself with us--”

“You guys are leaving tomorrow.” Tony suddenly said. “And I hate that so much I don't even know what to do.”

“Oh.” Steve met Bucky's eyes and cleared his throat. “Tony um-- so we were talking about something else while you were showering and--”

“Why don't you just move in with us?” Bucky blurted and when Steve sighed, Bucky rolled his eyes. “Honestly Steve you were never going to get around to saying it. Tony just move in with us. You apparently have helicopters and all that crap and can just fly here anytime you need. We have room in our house for you and a big bed and--”

“Are you serious?” Tony asked. “You guys are serious right now? You want me to move to Boston?”

“Yes.” Steve said decisively. “I mean we are all crazy about each other. And maybe it seems a little fast since we've only you for four months but--I mean, it's what we want. Is it--” he furrowed his brow. “--is it what you want?”

“Can I think about it?” Tony tucked his head under Steve's chin. “Can I think about it for a little while?”

“Of course.”

“As long as you need.”

“This is a big deal, we get it.”

“But you know where we stand so--”

“Sorry.” Tony mumbled and they both heard the catch in his voice, so they just held him a little tighter. “I'm just a little overwhelmed with everything this weekend.”

“So, a shower?” Steve suggested after a few more minutes of quiet, and Bucky jumped to his feet, letting the blanket drop and lifting Tony right out of Steve's lap and into his arms.

“Come on, sugar. We're gonna clean you up, then get you dirty all over again, huh?”

“Sounds amazing.” Tony laughed and let Bucky carry him to the shower.

Steve stayed behind for a minute and tried not to think about how bad it had hurt that Tony didn't say yes right away.

He was being ridiculous, he knew. Four months of texting and calling and three meet ups wasn't near enough to make a decision about moving.

But he was ready to have Tony with them all the time.

He was tired of this whole long distance thing.

Tired of it.



Chapter Fifteen


{Group Text}

From Bucky -- it pissed me off that there was only two of us in bed this morning when I woke up.

From Steve -- it really did. I've never felt so unwanted in my own bed

From Bucky- - whatever Steve, you rolled towards the middle of the bed and totally grumbled when you got my big ass instead of Tony.

From Tony -- so Steve rolled over and grabbed your ass, Buck? And then complained? My god that's rude

From Bucky -- so rude. I was devastated

From Steve -- Oh my god, you guys.

From Bucky -- seriously though, sweet thing, after waking up next to you two days in a row-- monday morning was suddenly about 10x suckier than usual because you weren't lying next to us.

From Steve -- it absolutely was. And I know we left some things unsaid when we left yesterday afternoon, but don't worry about that. Whether you say yes or no to moving in with us won't change a damn thing. We fell in love with you long distance, we can keep loving you long distance too.

From Bucky -- look at the professor preaching truth.

         -- long distance or not, we love every inch of you.

         -- i might be more partial to particular inches over others, but still. Love them all.

From Steve -- Bucky

From Bucky --hey we both know you’re the smooth one, Stevie. Nothing I say should surprise Tony anymore.

From Tony -- No surprises here. I'm going to be out of contact most of the day, but we can talk tonight.

From Steve -- alright honey, love you

From Bucky -- love ya baby doll.

From Tony -- Yep. Love you guys too.



“You’re being mean to those boys.” Pepper sat down at the dining room table and Tony and Colonel Rhodes looked up at her blankly.

“Oh, hello person who isn’t invited to eat with us.” Tony snipped. “And what part of my business are you sticking your nose into today?”

“Ignore him. Tony's being a little bitch.” Rhodey pushed the plate of sandwiches towards her with a smile. “He invited me for lunch and has basically sat here moping for an hour.”

“It's because his boyfriends came to visit this weekend and now they are gone, and Tony is refusing to talk to them.” Pepper informed him. “He is irritated about something and punishing them by not talking to them, which is making him miserable, which is giving me a head ache, so…”

“I am not refusing to talk to them!” Tony snapped and Pepper calmly held up his phone.

“You left this in my office, which you have never EVER done. And there are forty something messages. And I'm not saying I know your phone password, but they are wondering why you haven't talked to them all day and want you to know they miss you.”

Rhodey raised an eyebrow at Tony, who looked put out that Pepper had ratted on him. “Is there a reason you are avoiding their texts?” he asked quietly and Tony huffed.

“I'm not avoiding--”

“What I'm asking is, do I need to pay a visit to the college and hurt a fuckboy or two.” He finished and Pepper’s eyes bugged out.

“Why Colonel Rhodes. What a wonderfully violent thing to say!I mean protective. What a wonderfully protective thing to say.”

“You like that?” Rhodey grinned and Pepper blushed the tiniest bit before taking a dainty bite of her sandwich. “I'm serious though, Tony.” James dragged his attention away from the pretty redhead. “Do I need to kill someone? Because there isn’t a whole lot stopping me from---”

“They want to me move in with them!” Tony burst out. “Saturday night after we-- after we--” he cleared his throat. “Steve told me that they had been talking and want me to move in with them. Apparently he’s gotten tired of me constantly cracking long distance jokes. I don't know why. My humour is delightful.”

“So when are you moving?” Pepper took a drink of water. “Are you going to relocate the office to Boston, or just fly in when you are needed? It wouldn't be difficult to just move your appointments to Monday afternoons through thursday morning. Then you could stay in Boston From thursday afternoon till Monday morning.”

“It's like a forty minute flight in a plane, less on your jet, even less in your helicopter I imagine.” Rhodey chimed in and Pepper nodded. “Easy. Especially flying in and out of the airstrip here. Really you could stay there basically full time and just come and spend the days here. A forty five minute commute is less than most people have every day.”

“Right.” Pepper finished her sandwich and pushed the plate away. “And even though you have just a shocking amount of clothes, I imagine they all won't fit in the closet at their house, so you can leave most of it here. You said they enjoyed New York, they can move some of their things here and you can move some of your things there.”

“And the nights you need to work in the lab you just stay here.” This from Rhodey. “You have been saying you thought it was becoming less of a hobby and more of an obsession lately anyway. Or at least it was until you started getting laid.”

“Colonel.” Pepper reprimanded gently and he murmured a soft apology, smiling when she patted his hand. “He’s right, though. You were starting to work later and later in the lab and were struggling to remember to eat and keep a healthy sleep schedule, so this will force a break, right? And moving will be easy. We will just call a company. No problem.”

“So when are you going?” they both turned and looked at Tony expectantly, who just stared back with a dumbfounded look on his face.

“I was actually going to tell you guys I was struggling with the decision. That I wasn't sure how I felt about leaving you guys. I wasn't sure how it would work with meetings and things like that. That I was worried that things were moving too fast between me and the guys and I was nervous about that.”

Tony folded his arms and sent them both a glare. “But you guys apparently have it all planned out exactly how easy it would be for me to not be here. If I didn't know better, I'd think you were rooting for me to leave. I mean, my god, if I walk into my bedroom are half my clothes packed already? Can I grab a few sentimental items before you kick me out and change the locks?”

“Tony.” Pepper sent Rhodey a concerned look. “It's not that we don't want you here, home. It's just that---”

“Tones, you’ve been waiting forever to find someone who just loves you for you, right? And you found two people. Two . From everything you’ve told me and Pepper has mentioned, it literally doesn't even affect these two how much money you have. They don't care. I'm sure they would suit up in tuxes for you for charity events, or be just as happy in sweats. Am I right?”

“Yeah.” Tony mumbled.

“And they were willing to drive down here just to see you, no questions asked. Waited until the third date to--” Pepper motioned vaguely. “--to do all that. And you told me yourself you fell in love with them weeks before actually meeting them in person. So what's the problem?”

“Apparently nothing.” Tony admitted. “Just me being--- scared.”

“You have every right to be scared.” Rhodey stood up and placed both hands on Tony's shoulders, rubbing comfortingly. “Moving in with a significant other is a big step. Moving cities to move in with them is an even bigger step. But like we said, you are less than an hour from home at all times. You have multiple ways to get here, and Tony, if this doesn't work out, we will be here to bring you back home.”

“After I break every bone in their bodies.” Pepper supplied and now Rhodey’s eyes twinkled.

“Why Ms. Potts. How perfectly violent.”

“You two are grossing me out.” Tony rolled his eyes. “So you think I should go, then?”

“I'm just saying that I've never seen you this happy, and I've known you since you were a kid.” Rhodey shrugged and patted Tony's shoulders again. “And I think you should go for it.”  

“I think you should too.” Pepper reached across to hold his hand. “We just want you to be happy, Tony.”

Tony squeezed Peppers hand and then stood, clapping Rhodey on the back. “You guys just want me out of the way so you can hump on my expensive couches!” he accused as he headed towards the bathroom.

“Tony.” Rhodey took a drink of his water. “That's not---”

“That might be true!” Pepper called, and the sound of Tony laughing was nearly drowned out by the sound of Rhodey choking.


Steve's last class got out at four on Mondays, and he was still at his desk at four-thirty, finishing up some grading and waiting to hear from Bucky so he could pick him up on the other side of the campus.

Mondays were the only days their schedules synced up to within half an hour of each other, so they always drove to work together, enjoying the extra quiet time in the car to and from the college.

{Group Message}

From Tony -- how late are you working tonight professor?

From Steve -- Tony, honey it's so good to hear from you. Been a long day with no texts from you. Is everything alright?

From Bucky -- hey Tony! Was just getting ready to text you! Steve I'm all done. Tony can we talk tonight? I keep telling myself I'm reading too much into the fact that you haven't talked to us all day, but I am sort of freaking out.

From Tony -- sorry about that. I can explain.

From Steve -- it can wait until the video call, honey, but I'm sort of freaking out too. Feel like maybe we are rushing you and I hate that.

From Bucky -- me too

From Tony -- lets just talk face to face huh? You guys done?

From Steve -- cleaning up my desk and heading out the door right now to pick up Bucky. We will be home in about half an hour Tony.

From Tony -- sounds good. Love you guys

From Bucky -- thank god. Love you too sweet thing

From Steve -- love you, tony.


Steve parked the car and jogged into the university sports complex, heading right for the gym where Bucky did most of his conditioning and training with the team.

He found Bucky quickly, showing off with one handed --left handed-- pull ups much to the dismay and jealousy of the few baseball players still hanging around.

“So my left arm is perfectly calibrated to match the strength of my right arm.” Bucky was proudly saying, and switched to his right arm to prove his point.

“That's amazing.” the players were saying. “Holy shit.” “You are so lucky.” “So could the left arm be super jacked and turned into like a weapon? Like could you mess with it so you could rip the top off a car or something?”

“Leave it to college kids to take something like a prosthesis and wonder if it can be turned into a weapon. Too many video games, I swear.”

Steve startled at the unexpected voice, then turned slowly, blinking a few times to make sure he was really seeing--

“Tony? Tony what are you-- how---” he stammered to a stop and Tony grinned at him from his seat on the bleachers.

“Sorry, Big and Blond. It was easier to get directions to the gym then it was to whatever building you teach in, or else I would have been sitting in your class making snarky comments.”

“Hi.” Steve held out his hand cautiously, and wanted to cheer when Tony took it readily, stepping off the bleachers and right into his arms. “Tony, hi .”

“Hi.” Tony said, snuggling as close as he could into Steve's chest. “Look at that, it's only been twenty four hours since I saw you last and it feels like for-fucking-ever.”

“It does.” Steve held him tighter, pressing a soft kiss into his hair. “I'm not complaining but what-- what are you doing here?”

“You know.” Tony looked up at him. “It turns out that it's only a thirty seven minute flight from my helipad at Stark Tower to the private airport here. And only a five minute ride from the airport to the school. Which means I can go from sitting in meetings in New York to hanging out with you guys in less than an hour.”

“That's great, Tony. Does this mean we get to see more of you?” Steve asked, dark blue eyes hopeful. “Because we would love to see so much more of you and---”

“It means that most people have a longer commute than that every single day, so I'm thinking I can handle it so I can sleep next to you guys every night.”

“Oh my god.” Steve thought his knees would give out, so he just sat on one of the bleachers, turning to Tony was standing between his legs and he could put both his arms around Tony's waist. “So you want to move in with us?”

“Yeah.” Tony ran his fingers through Steve's hair. “I do. I mean, it was a lot to process at first and I had all these reasons why I didn't think it would be a good idea and then Pepper and Rhodey basically had an entire conversation that was about me but didn't include me as to why all my reasons were stupid. So you know--”

“I think I love them.” Steve interrupted. “They are definitely going on our Christmas card list.”

“I love you.” Tony touched their foreheads together, smiling when Steve shuddered beneath him.

“Tony I love you too.”

“Is that Tony ?” Bucky's voice echoed across the gym and the next minute he was running at them, snatching Tony out of Steve's arms and twirling him around. “Sweet thing what are you doing here?”

He nearly smothered Tony with a possessive kiss before setting him back down on the ground, his left hand running through Tony's hair, his right planted firmly on Tony's ass. “Are you here for a booty call? Because--”

“Bucky! Stop groping him in public!” Steve cried and Tony just grinned and moved Bucky's hand up a few inches to a more appropriate location.

“What's going on sugar?” Bucky repeated, more serious this time. “Is everything alright?”

“I just thought--” Tony glanced at Steve and shrugged a little. “I mean, is there enough room in your closet for my clothes? Because I've got A LOT of clothes and shoes. Just lots of shoes.”

“Are you--” Bucky backed up a step and swallowed, his throat moving jerkily with the movement. “Are you here to stay, Tony? I mean are you--” he looked at Steve then back at Tony. “You want to be with us?”

“Only if there is enough room for my shoes.” Tony deadpanned and Bucky stepped right up against him again, pulling Tony as close as he could and whispering in his ear.

“Sweet thing I will throw every pair of our shoes out the fucking windows if you'll stay.”

Tony started laughing, and Steve moved up to wrapped his big arms around them both, and since he wasn't saying anything about the tears in Bucky's eyes or the way Tony's breath was catching, neither one of them were saying anything about the slight tremble in his hands.

It was all fine.

“So.” Bucky was the first to pull away. “So you’re staying tonight, though? Because we can worry about getting you moved this weekend. Definitely tonight though?”

“Well yeah. I mean I wouldn't show up just to fly back--”

“DIBS!” Bucky yelled and Steve cursed under his breath.

“Sorry?’ Tony raised an eyebrow. “Dibs?’

“Yep.” Bucky yanked him close again, this time keeping both hands on Tony's ass and grinding against him suggestively. “Because professor man got to be inside you twice this last weekend, I only got to do it once.”

Tony blinked at him. “So you called...dibs… on my ass ?”

“Wasn't it fun when we were together?” Bucky coaxed, nipping short kisses onto his ear lobe.

“Well--” Tony blushed remembering early Saturday morning, when Bucky had woken him up and rolled him onto his stomach before pushing his legs apart and-- “Anyway.” Tony coughed loudly. “Yes. It was fun.”

“Dibs.” Bucky repeated, waggling his eyebrows mischievously. “Stevie, you drive. Me and Tony are gonna sit in the back.”

Steve just rolled his eyes and kissed them both. “Lets go home then.”

“Wait.” Tony pulled out his phone. “Um, can we take a picture? I just realized we don't have one all together and--”

“Sure thing, sweet thing. Come on Stevie.” Bucky grabbed Steve and pulled him back, smooshing them all together for a picture.

“Perfect.” Tony grinned. “Thank you. I'm printing this one out and hanging it up.”

“I love you.” Bucky whispered into Tony's ear before letting him go, and Tony leaned up to kiss him.

“I love you too.”

Then he laced their fingers together and reached out for Steve with his other hand. “Lets go home, guys.”



Epilogue- A Week Later


Steve had been drawing for hours, determined to get his final design down for the ‘tattoos’ that Tony was going to airbrush onto Bucky's new arm. He had been working on them all week and Tony was taking them to New York with him tomorrow to grab a few more things, and to finish up a few design tweaks on the arm, as well as get it painted.

Bucky was just barely out of the shower after practice and flashed Steve a tantalizing bit of skin as he grabbed his pants. “You wanna see if Tony's up to a pre-dinner romp in the sack?” he asked and Steve laughed.

“Jesus Buck, he’s putting books away. We need to let him get through putting away at least one box of his things with out us---

“OH MY GOD!” Tony nearly screamed, and Bucky and Steve shared an alarmed look and went racing down their stairs to the living room where Tony had been putting some of his books on the book shelf.

“Tony are you alright?” Steve tossed his sketchbook onto the couch and knelt by his boyfriend. “Honey, what happened?”

“Did you find my porn?” Bucky was joking, or at least Tony thought he was joking, because the big brunette looked legitimately worried. “I mean-- Steve's porn? Because I can explain that.”

“Look at this!” Tony shoved what looked like a bill in their faces.

“Holy---” Steve whistled when he saw the number. “Tony this is as much as our house payment. What is this bill for?”

“It's my phone bill!” Tony cried. “All those goddamn long distance charges!”

“Tony I'm---” Steve started to apologize and then stopped short with an annoyed look. “Tony. Really?”

Tony was giggling all over the place, holding his side as he laughed. “Oh my god, you should see your face!”

“One time.” Steve complained as Bucky cracked up behind him. “One time I make a joke about long distance charges for texting and I'm never going to live it down.”

“You really aren't.” Bucky kissed Steve's cheek then reached down and pulled Tony to his feet. “But hey, since you’re taking a break how about we get naked?”

“Yep.” Tony agreed instantly, and poked Steve in the side. “Come on Big and Blonde. You know it was funny.”

“Totally wasn't funny.” Steve argued, but he slipped an arm around Tony's waist and started herding him upstair. “But I will admit to being glad our long distance days are over.”

“Hell yeah they are.” Bucky turned around on the stairs so he could kiss Tony. “Same zipcode now.”

Tony's phone rang and he frowned. “It's Pepper. Sorry guys let me--”

“Nope.” Bucky grabbed his phone and tossed it onto the couch. “Not until after we put our clothes back on.”

“Yeah Tony.” Steve smacked his butt, grinning when Tony yelped and started running up the stairs. “You don't need anymore of those long distance charges anyway, right?”



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