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Bakugou didn't want a soulmate. Some person the universe told him he needed - no. He didn't need anyone. All the others wishing they'd meet their destined person - it was pathetic. Since they were supposedly perfect for each other, Bakugou figured his soulmate would feel the same way. They could just ignore each other then, and get on with their lives. Unfortunately (or fortunately really, but Bakugou would never admit that), his soulmate felt rather differently. 

Hi! I'm Kirishima Eijirou, appeared on his arm one day. 

You shouldn't tell strangers your name stupid, Bakugou wrote back. He was already extremely unimpressed with his soulmate's intelligence. 

But you're my soulmate! Kirishima insisted. I can trust you

You're an idiot, Bakugou replied. Kirishima kept babbling, but Bakugou ignored him. Bakugou was strong and he didn't need anyone. Especially not a friendly idiot. 

Kirishima loved soulmates, loved the idea of being connected to someone. His parents weren't soulmates, rather both had platonic soulmates. In a way, it was like Kirishima had four parents. He couldn't wait to meet his own soulmate and make his family even bigger. He wrote greetings every so often, waiting for one to get replied to one day. In the end, it didn't take that long to get a reply. Overall, he thought first contact went well. It seemed his soulmate was a prickly sort, but he'd given Kirishima advice! That counted for something. Kirishima continued to write to his soulmate (who refused to tell Kirishima his name) over the years and they would write back, though sporadically and generally in an aggressive way. 

Midoriya was waiting at the train station for Todoroki. He'd decided he wanted to walk to UA for the first time (well, first time as a student) together with his soulmate. They took different trains to get to school though, so Midoriya had ended up taking an early train to get to the station before Todoroki. He knew Todoroki wouldn't have minded waiting for him, but Midoriya had been too excited to wait for his later train. 

Todoroki's train arrived and Midoriya caught sight of his distinctive hair. "Shouto!" Midoriya called out. Todoroki paused and turned to look at him. Midoriya grinned instinctively - just seeing Todoroki was enough to cheer Midoriya up, and now they were dating, which made Midoriya feel nervous and fluttery, but also ridiculously happy. 

"Good morning Izuku," Todoroki said. 

"Ready for school?" Midoriya asked. Todoroki nodded and Midoriya reached out and grabbed his hand. Todoroki startled slightly, but didn't pull away. The two set off towards UA. 

Midoriya was extremely thankful Todoroki was in his class, he still really hoped Bakugou wasn't though. And he'd rather not see the glasses guy from the entrance exam either. He and Todoroki were early to class, beaten only by the glasses kid Midoriya had been hoping wouldn't be there. Then the glasses guy had apologized while Todoroki looked on in confusion. 

"You two know each other?" Todoroki asked. 

"We met during the entrance exam," Midoriya explained. 

"You're Endeavor's son, Todoroki Shouto, correct?" Iida asked. Todoroki got that dark look on his face that always appeared at mentions of his father and he walked off without answering. 

"He prefers to be thought of as himself rather than as his father's son," Midoriya explained, telling as much as he was comfortable with. Midoriya hated that people looked at Todoroki and saw Endeavor. Todoroki wasn’t an extension of his father. 

"Completely understandable," Iida said. "I should go apologize." He darted over to where Todoroki had taken a seat at the back before Midoriya could stop him. 

Midoriya headed that way too and watched Iida apologize and bow before Todoroki. Todoroki stared at the teen bowing at him, then looked over at Midoriya helplessly. Midoriya gestured towards Iida in a way he hoped conveyed 'accept the apology.' Either it did or Todoroki came to the decision himself, because he said, "Apology accepted." 

"Thank you," Iida said, straightening. Midoriya sat down next to Todoroki and watched as other students entered the classroom. Iida drifted off to introduce himself to them and Midoriya found himself trying to guess what their quirks were, but having absolutely no idea most of the time. Then Bakugou came in. 

Todoroki made a disgusted sound. "I was hoping he'd fail," Todoroki said. 

"There was no way he was going to fail," Midoriya replied. "He's too skilled. I was hoping he'd be in the other class though." Bakugou was mostly ignoring him in favor of bothering Iida, which was nice. Then Bakugou's attention was drawn away from Midoriya completely in favor of a boy named Kirishima. 

Bakugou went to UA and knew his soulmate was going to be there too (he knew way more about Kirishima than he wanted to. He told Bakugou about pretty much everything and kept doing it no matter how much Bakugou swore at him). He wasn't sure if Kirishima or Deku being there bothered him more. No, it was Deku. Definitely Deku. 

The first day of classes at UA and Deku was in his class. He was sitting in the back with that weird dual-haired kid Bakugou had seen with him before. Bakugou had no idea what their deal was and didn't want to. 

Bakugou was having a fine time pissing off the glasses kid, but then he heard an energetic voice introduce itself to someone as "Kirishima Eijirou." Dammit. Bakugou fixed his glare on the speaker. He'd never bothered to imagine what Kirishima would look like, but the red-haired kid would have fit the image he'd have come up with, had he bothered. Kirishima seemed to sense the glare and turned to look at him. He grinned and waved instead of reacting the way a person should to someone glaring at them. Kirishima was so fucking weird. "I'm Kirishima," Kirishima told him. 

"I know that," Bakugou snapped. "Fuck off and stopped talking to me." 

"He's literally said two words to you," the yellow-haired kid near Kirishima said. 

"Do I know you?" Kirishima wondered. 

"He was on the news for getting attacked by the slime villain," Deku's dumb dual-haired friend said. Bakugou turned to glare at him, finding the other boy staring coolly back. It bothered Bakugou that the other kid didn't seem intimidated by him. What was someone like him doing with a wimp like Deku?

"Oh yeah! I saw that," yellow hair laughed. 

"I don't think I did," Kirishima mused. "Besides, it's not that you really look familiar. It's something else." Bakugou shifted his glare back to Kirishima. He'd refused to tell the other boy his name, or anything of substance about himself really, but Bakugou still found himself inexplicably annoyed that Kirishima didn't recognize him. 

"Wait - did you say your name is Kirishima?" Deku asked, realization dawning. Everyone in their middle school knew Bakugou's soulmate was named Kirishima. His name had ended up being written on Bakugou's forehead during class one day (Kirishima had apologized for that later, saying a friend had done it. Bakugou blamed him anyway).

"Don't say a fucking word," Bakugou snapped. 

"So you two know each other, but have never met. That seems pretty straightforward," a purple haired girl said. She handed a pen to the yellow haired kid who grabbed Kirishima's hand and drew something on it. A lightning bolt, as it turned out. Bakugou could see the pattern on his own hand.  

"Wait - wait - are you my soulmate?" Kirishima asked, eyes wide with hope. There was seriously something wrong with this guy. Who would be happy to meet Bakugou after all the mean things he'd said? 

"One way to find out!" This exclamation came from a girl with pink skin (that was weird even for their world) who practically tackled Bakugou to get a look at his hand. He dodged, obviously, but the motion still made his hand visible. 

"You're my soulmate!" Kirishima exclaimed. Why the fuck did he sound so happy? "What's your name?"

"He didn't even tell you his name?" the yellow haired kid said. 

"His name's Bakugou Katsuki," Deku informed. 

"Shut up Deku!" Bakugou yelled. 

"All of you shut up." The voice was clearly adult and everyone started upon finding a man in a sleeping bag standing there. "I'm your homeroom teacher." Everyone settled down and found their seats, but Bakugou could still feel Kirishima sending him looks. Bakugou resolutely ignored him. Kirishima wrote something on his hand. Bakugou ignored that too (I'm so happy we're finally meeting! It said. Bakugou only read it because it was in the way. Not because he was interested). 

The quirk apprehension test happened and Midoriya almost failed out on the first day. Thankfully, it turned out to be a ruse and he wasn't expelled. Double thankfully, Bakugou was so busy raging at Kirishima, he barely payed Midoriya any attention. He doubted it would last, but it was a nice reprieve. Recovery Girl fixed his finger and Midoriya left the nurse's office to find Todoroki waiting for him in the hall. "Shouto!" Midoriya said, surprised. 

"You didn't tell me it breaks your bones to use it," Todoroki stated. Oh, he looked annoyed. Midoriya probably should have told him about that. He'd glossed over the injuries he'd gotten during the entrance exam when he told his soulmate about it. 

"Well, uh, yeah, I can't control it yet," Midoriya admitted. 

Todoroki sighed and closed the distance between himself and Midoriya. "Are you alright?" Todoroki asked. He gently took Midoriya's hand in his own and stared at the bandaged finger. 

"It's fine now!" Midoriya assured. "Recovery Girl fixed it."

Todoroki nodded and let go of his hand. Midoriya missed the contact already. 

The two left the school soon after and were walking towards the station when Iida ran up to them. "Midoriya. And Todoroki as well," Iida greeted. He turned back to Midoriya. "Has your finger recovered?" 

"All better now," Midoriya assured. 

"Glad to hear it," Iida said. "And congratulations to you Todoroki - second in the class is quite an impressive showing."

"Thanks," Todoroki said without any real gratitude. Second wasn't anything to be proud of in Endeavor's opinion. Todoroki still seemed to hold himself to some of his father's impossible standards. Midoriya was determined to break him out of that mindset, no matter how long it took. 

"Hey! Wait up!" the gravity girl called out to them. She caught up and started walking with them. "I wanted to talk to you." She pointed at Midoriya. 

"M-me?" Midoriya said. 

"I'm so glad you made it into the hero course!"

"Me too," Midoriya said. "Thanks for trying or give me some of your points." 

"Huh? You know about that?" the girl wondered.

"They told me when I got my acceptance letter," Midoriya explained. 

"Most admirable to try and help a competitor," Iida remarked. "You truly are worthy of going to this school."

"Ehe, thanks," the girl said. "Iida, right? Iida Tenya?"

"Indeed. And you are?"

"Uraraka Ochako," the girl informed. 

"I'm Midoriya Izuku and this is Todoroki Shouto," Midoriya introduced. 

"I thought your name was Deku," Uraraka said. "The explosion kid called you that."

"Oh, yeah, that's an insult," Midoriya admitted. 

"Oh! I'm so sorry!" Uraraka exclaimed. 

"It doesn't bother me anymore," Midoriya replied. And it really didn't. He'd found the pain from the taunts of Bakugou and his hangers-on had lessened after becoming friends with Todoroki. Todoroki was amazing and he thought Midoriya mattered. The taunts barely affected him, when Midoriya remembered that. 

"He seems a rather aggressive sort," Iida noted. "He was extremely rude to his soulmate."

Kirishima. Midoriya had always wondered what Bakugou's soulmate would be like, and had known from the words perpetually decorating Bakugou's skin that his soulmate was a talkative sort. He was still surprised at Kirishima though. He just seemed so... nice. He'd imagined Bakugou's soulmate as more aggressive, like Bakugou. Though, if that were the case they'd probably kill each other. Now that he really thought about it, someone nice to counteract Bakugou's... Bakugou-ness made sense. 

"Kacchan thinks soulmates are a waste of time," Midoriya informed. "That's what he always said anyway." Midoriya wasn't convinced Bakugou actually believed that though. If he did, he wouldn't have replied so much. 

"How foolish," Iida said. "Ignoring the bond the world has made for you." 

"Not all soulmates work out," Uraraka commented. "Maybe the world has it wrong with Kirishima and Bakugou."  

"There must be some reason they're connected," Iida insisted. 

"That's Bakugou and Kirishima's business," Todoroki noted. 

"You're right," Iida said, seeming suddenly contrite. "I shouldn't gossip about others. Though... I am curious how the two of you know each other."

"Oh, right we're..." Midoriya trailed off and looked to Todoroki. He didn't mind if people knew they were soulmates, but his boyfriend was far more reticent. 

"We're soulmates," Todoroki supplied. 

"We met a few years ago," Midoriya added. 

"Oh! That's not what I was expecting," Uraraka said. "So there are two pairs of soulmates in our class."

"That probably means our class is going to go through a lot together," Iida remarked. Midoriya wasn't sure if that was a good or a bad thing. 

They arrived at the station shortly after and Iida and Uraraka said goodbye while Midoriya and Todoroki lingered behind for a moment. 

"Are you okay with people knowing about us?" Midoriya checked. 

"Other than Endeavor, I don't care who knows," Todoroki said. Midoriya would prefer Endeavor not know either. Would rather Endeavor just vanish altogether really.

"Bye, Shouto," Midoriya said. "See you tomorrow!" That was a great feeling. Knowing exactly when he'd see Todoroki again instead of having to wait for Todoroki to get a chance to sneak out. 

When Midoriya got home, his mother greeted him. "How was your first day, Izuku?" she asked. Then her eyes landed on his bandaged finger. "Are you alright?"

"I, um, broke my finger," Midoriya admitted. "But it's totally fine!" His mom burst into tears despite his reassurance.

"You need to be more careful!" his mom chided through her tears. 

"I know. Recovery Girl already said that," Midoriya replied. 

"She's right," his mom insisted. Midoriya knew that already. He ate while his mother continued to fuss over him and went to his room later, his mother's tears still fresh in his mind. 

To Shouto:
I need to learn to control my power

Todoroki replied when he could, but sometimes it took him a while to get a chance. It seemed he had time off today, as the response came moments later. 

From: Shouto 
You're doing well considering how short a time you've had it. The rest of us have been using our quirks for years

Midoriya had told Todoroki about One For All. He hadn't told him about All Might's condition though. That secret belonged to All Might alone. Even though he knew Todoroki would understand, Midoriya still felt a bit bad keeping a secret from him. 

From: Shouto
It won't help with your quirk, but we could spar if you want. I can at least help you with quirkless combat

To: Shouto
Really? That would be great! 

From: Shouto
I can just tell my dad I'm sparring with classmates. It should be fine

To: Shouto

After a moment, he also sent a heart emoji. He grinned when Todoroki sent one back. He couldn't control his quirk and Bakugou was in his class, but at least he had Todoroki. 

Kirishima was excited about his second day of school. The people in his class seemed cool, plus Bakugou (he knew his soulmate's name!) was there too. Sure, Bakugou hadn't been happy to see him, but Kirishima wouldn't have expected him to. Bakugou didn't often express happiness about things. 

That day, All Might took their class for a battle trial. Kirishima was disappointed he wasn't in Bakugou's team, but was interested to see him fight. He was really surprised when Midoriya broke his arm fighting Bakugou, but not as surprised as Bakugou, it seemed. 

"That kid broke his finger during the quirk apprehension test too," Jirou remarked. 

"I don't think I'd use my quirk if it broke me," Kaminari said. 

"I know you wouldn't," Jirou replied. "You hate pain."

"That's not embarrassing! Everyone hates pain!" Kaminari protested. 

They watched as Midoriya was carted out and, oddly, Todoroki seemed upset. That didn't stop him from claiming a completely overwhelming victory in his own test though. Kirishima was a bit jealous of Todoroki's quirk. And everyone else's actually. They were all so impressive. Kirishima's was useful, but boring. 

"Wow," Kaminari said. 

"I'm glad I wasn't against him," Jirou admitted. 

Kirishima glanced over at Bakugou and found him looking even worse than he had after losing to Midoriya. He wanted to go talk to him, but decided to leave it for after class. He had his own test to focus on after all. 

After the battle test, Kirishima followed Bakugou when he went off to brood. 

He knew Bakugou wouldn't want him to, but Kirishima went anyway. Kirishima was used to forcing Bakugou to talk to him, though it was novel that he could do it in person.  

"Hey Bakugou!" Kirishima called out. Bakugou paused momentarily, then sped up his pace. "Come on man, I just want to talk," Kirishima insisted. 

"Fucking what?" Bakugou snapped, whirling around and fixing Kirishima with a glare.

"You looked upset. I just wanted to see if you were okay," Kirishima said. 

"Why do you care? Just get lost," Bakugou retorted. 

"You've been telling me that for years. I'm not going to give up now." Kirishima grinned at him and Bakugou scowled harder. 

"Go bother someone else," Bakugou demanded. 

"I don't want to," Kirishima replied. "So, what's got you so upset anyway?" 

"I lost to fucking Deku," Bakugou snapped. "And he has a quirk. He lied to me for years!"

 Midoriya didn't seem like the lying sort, though Kirishima had only known him a short time. "Why would he do that?" Kirishima wondered. Why would someone pretend to be quirkless? What could they possibly gain from that? Plus, it was obvious Midoriya didn't know much about controlling his quirk with how he kept breaking himself with it. If he got his quirk late, it would explain that. Kirishima had never heard of that happening before, but that didn't mean it was impossible.

"I don't know, but he did!" Bakugou insisted. 

"Does it even matter?" Kirishima asked. "You'd want to beat him either way, right?"

That seemed to have some impact but in the end Bakugou just snapped, "Shut up," and started walking away. Kirishima decided to follow. They were done with classes anyway. "You're following me now?" He still sounded angry, but he hadn't actually done anything to stop Kirishima, so he decided to take this as permission. 

"Yep." Bakugou could say he didn't care and hated Kirishima all he liked, that didn't change the fact he had actually read some, if not all of what Kirishima had written to him over the years. His responses were always leaden with swear words and dismissive, but some gave away the fact that he'd read what preceded it. If Bakugou truly didn't care about Kirishima at all, he wouldn't have read his notes. And then there was the memory Kirishima had of an event he was fairly sure Bakugou didn’t remember. 

It was a few years prior to his entry to UA and Kirishima had been writing on his arm again, complaining about homework (from the few things he'd been able to glean from his soulmate, he was smart. It was too bad he wouldn't help Kirishima). He got an answer, not altogether unexpected, but the content was. Why do you keep writing to me? The words were sloppy and slow, far different from the normal jagged writing. Also devoid of swearwords. 

Because I want to get to know you, Kirishima replied honestly. 

Why? You should give up. You won't like me.

That was... weird and far less self-assured than normal. Are you okay? 

I'm fine. You're the one that's weird. 

I want to be friends, Kirishima said. 

I don't have friends, his soulmate replied. That was sad. Kirishima couldn't imagine not having friends. 

That doesn't mean you can't make some

Of course I can. I don't want any. I'm fine by myself. 

I don't think that's true.

It is! So leave me alone. Go find someone nice to talk to. The handwriting was getting even sloppier as the conversation continued. 

Does that mean you think I'm nice? Kirishima joked. 

Instead of the insult Kirishima was expecting he got the word, Yes. Something was definitely wrong with his soulmate, he decided. 

But, I thought I was annoying, Kirishima wrote

Annoyingly nice. The pen trailed off at the end drawing a line across his arm. 

A different, steadier hand wrote on his soulmate's arm a couple minutes later. First a long string of 'hahaha's, then, He's sick. Just fell asleep. I'm taking a picture of this. That confirmed that his soulmate was a boy. Kirishima had assumed as much, based on the handwriting and content, but hadn't had actual confirmation. 

Thanks for letting me know, Kirishima wrote, to who assumed was a family member. 

He's right, the person wrote back. You're way too nice for him. His soulmate hadn't actually said that in so many words, but Kirishima supposed it was implied. 

That's my decision, isn't it? Kirishima countered. He got no reply to that, but hadn't been expecting one. Kirishima went to the sink to wash the words off - if his soulmate was sick he might not remember this and that might be for the best. He stopped before putting his arm under the water, seeing the line, I'm taking a picture. The mystery family member might have the right idea. He took a picture before washing it off. Proof of the first compliment his soulmate had given him. In the following years Kirishima would look at that photo and feel happiness as well as a determination to befriend his soulmate. (In the future, sometime after Bakugou finally admitted he didn't hate Kirishima and discovered the photo's existence, he would continually try and get Kirishima to delete the photo. He would never succeed).

"You should give me your phone number," Kirishima said in the present. 

"No fucking way," Bakugou rejected. 

"I wouldn't write on you as much," Kirishima enticed. 

Silence for a moment while Bakugou thought it over, then, "Fine. But I'm blocking you if you text too much." 

"Thanks!" Kirishima cheered and programed the number into his phone. 

To: Bakugou
Hi! I'm Kirishima! 

Bakugou took out his phone, then turned to glare at him. "I know who you are," he snapped. 

"Now you have my number," Kirishima said. 

"Didn't ask for it," Bakugou retorted. He stormed off and Kirishima stopped following, as their paths diverged at this point. He wasn't above following Bakugou around, but following him home would be a bit much. He settled for sending him another message instead. 

To: Bakugou
See you tomorrow! 

Todoroki learned one big lesson in his first couple days at UA. Midoriya was reckless (this he already knew) and now had a power that damaged him to use (this he hadn't). Midoriya hadn't told him in great detail about what happened in the entrance exam, and Todoroki was pretty sure he knew why now. It bothered Todoroki a lot. More than just Midoriya getting hurt, which was already terrible, Todoroki couldn't do anything to help. He couldn't protect Midoriya from himself and he couldn't help Midoriya learn to control it either. Todoroki was stuck watching helplessly as Midoriya broke himself and he already hated it. 

Midoriya had broken his arm fighting Bakugou in the battle test and now Todoroki was waiting outside the nurse's office for Midoriya to emerge. He finally did, face downcast. It was obvious the moment he noticed Todoroki by the way he jumped. "Shouto!" he exclaimed. Todoroki wasn't sure why he was surprised. This exact event had occurred just yesterday. Except then it had only been a finger.

"Are you alright?" Todoroki asked. Judging from the sling, he wasn't. 

"I'm fine," Midoriya assured with a big smile. "Sorry to worry you." He laughed sheepishly. 

"I guess in our line of work I'll have to get used to it," Todoroki sighed. They headed back to their class, Midoriya fidgeting nervously. 

"How did your fight go?" Midoriya asked. 

"I won," Todoroki replied. He hadn't been thinking about it at the time, distracted with worry for Midoriya. Even distracted it hadn't been hard. No one else in their class had gone through Endeavor's... training. 

"Congratulations," Midoriya said. Midoriya beamed at him and Todoroki smiled back. His smile was so much smaller than Midoriya's, felt so unnatural, but he was working on it. It always made Midoriya grin even wider, which was worth any discomfort Todoroki felt. 

They made it back to the classroom and Uraraka greeted them. "Deku! Are you okay?" 

"Yeah, I'm fine now," Midoriya said. 

"You were pretty cool," Kaminari remarked. 

"Yeah! Way to take Bakugou down!" Ashido agreed. "He had it coming."

"Where is Kacchan?" Midoriya asked, looking around and not finding him. 

"He left and Kirishima went after him," Kaminari replied. 

"Maybe I should go talk to him," Midoriya worried. 

"Don't bother - Kirishima's got it," Kaminari said. Midoriya still seemed worried, but he made no move for the door. Todoroki was glad. Encounters with Bakugou were bad for Midoriya. 

"I feel sorry for Kirishima," Yaoyorozu said. "Having a soulmate that violent must be difficult."

"Kirishima doesn't seem to mind," Sero pointed out.

"Kirishima's a nice guy, but I'm sure even he can only take so much of Bakugou," Kaminari said. 

"Forget them for a bit, what's up with you two?" Ashido gestured between Todoroki and Midoriya. "You seem to know each other."

"They are soulmates," Iida informed. Todoroki didn't mind the class knowing, but he hoped Iida wouldn't just tell that to anyone who asked. If Endeavor found out things would be... bad. Especially now that Midoriya was All Might's protégé. Actually, and even worse, Endeavor might be happy about the connection if he thought Todoroki could use it to defeat Midoriya and All Might. Just the thought of doing something like that to Midoriya made him feel sick. It would definitely be best for Endeavor to never find out. 

"Seriously?" Sero said, looking between them. "I don't see it."

"What does that mean?" Todoroki asked coldly. He supposed Midoriya’s was a friendly, smiling presence while Todoroki's was cold and scarred. They didn't really go together, did they? 

"Don't be rude," Ashido scolded, punching Sero in the shoulder. 

"I think they go well together," Yaoyorozu said. 

"Yeah, it's nice to see soulmates who don't want to kill each other," Ashido said. "Bakugou was starting to ruin it for me."

"Jirou and I are soulmates too," Kaminari informed. He held out a hand and she high fived him. 

"You two? You're... together?" Yaoyorozu asked, surprised. 

"Nah. I'm not into guys," Jirou said. 

"But if she was, she would totally be into me," Kaminari insisted. 

"No way. He's too dumb," Jirou remarked. "He's asked me answers before during the test."

"Did you go to the same school?" Ashido wondered. 


"She's way smarter than me and I was holding a pen! Of course I asked for help!" Kaminari protested. 

"That is cheating and disparages the whole arrangement of soulmates," Iida chided. 

"It's fine," Jirou assured. "I had someone write 'I'm a cheater' on my forehead to get him caught."

"I was betrayed," Kaminari despaired. 

Iida gave Jirou an approving nod. "You made the right decision. Society runs on trust."

"I just wanted him to get in trouble," Jirou replied. Todoroki had never encountered platonic soulmates before, had barely encountered any romantic soulmates either (he didn't count Bakugou and Kirishima in either category). It was interesting to watch their dynamic. 

"So mean," Kaminari sighed. "But still way better than Bakugou." 

"They've been gone for a while now," Uraraka worried. 

"They left," Asui said. "I could see them from here, ribbit." She pointed to the window. 

"He didn't blow up Kirishima, did he?" Kaminari asked. 

"Not that I saw," Asui replied. 

"It is getting late," Iida realized. "We should all head home. We don't want to be late getting home."

Personally, Todoroki would love to get home late, but it was better for his health that he didn't. One day he'd be able to get away from Endeavor for good. But today, was not that day. 

Kirishima arrived at home still in a good mood. "Welcome home Eijirou," his mom said. She was sitting at the table with her soulmate, a woman called Makoto who was at their house so often Kirishima thought of her as a second mother. She had no family of her own - she was aromantic, asexual, and uninterested, so she was mostly part of theirs. Kirishima's dad's soulmate, a man named Ryuji, used to come over all the time too, and still came by pretty often, but he'd gotten married the year before and was expecting a child so his visits had lessened. 

"Hey Mom, Makoto," Kirishima greeted. 

"Was your soulmate any nicer today?" Makoto asked. 

"He gave me his phone number!" Kirishima announced. He showed off the log, which was still just the two messages he had sent. 

"Congratulations!" his mom said. 

"Are you sure he gave you his real number?" Makoto asked. "That's just two messages from you."

"He checked the first message when I was with him," Kirishima replied. 

"You know not all soulmates work out, right?" Makoto warned. 

"I know, you've told me that several times," Kirishima said. 

"It's something you should keep in mind. I don't want you to be hurt if he won't be friends with you," she explained. Kirishima had decided he wanted to be friends with Bakugou from the very first conversation they'd had all those years ago. It was too late to try hardening himself against him. 

"It'll work out," Kirishima replied. 

"I'm sure it will," his mother agreed. "You should invite him over!"

Kirishima laughed. "I will... eventually." When he was at least reasonably certain Bakugou wouldn't blow anything in his house up.