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To Protect

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Magnus can feel his heart stop. Alec's arm around him instinctively pulling him closer, as if Alec wants to protect him from Sebastian. Which he most likely does. Magnus is glad that they've found the person who drugged him but he wants to know why and how. Sebastian must  have people helping him, after all he gives Magnus this demonic vice, and he's just staring at a picture.

But who would help him? Raphael and Luke would have said something, at least to the Shadowhunters. Warlocks would've come to him, and Magnus is sure that no Shadowhunter will ever work with him, and will reports him to their superiors. That only leaves the Seelies. But why would any of them work with this guy? Then again it may not be the Seelies. There are still rogue Werewolves, Vampires, and Warlocks.

There are new Werewolves and Vampires being made everyday, everyday there are young children finding their Warlock marks and able to use magic. So who would do it? There are countless people if they're rogue and it also makes it harder if Seelies, who don't like to do anything unless they can use it as an advantage, are the ones helping out.

"Alec, there is something that your father and I need to tell you, Izzy, and Jace in private." Maryse looks down, a grave look on her face. "I will meet you three in the office." She turns on her heel and starts walking away. With only glancing at each other, Jace and Izzy silently get up and walk behind their mother.

As the three leave the room Magnus can feel Alec's hesitation. Not that Magnus is surprised, he saw the way that some of the other Shadowhunters looked at him when he and Alec were passing through the halls, after all he's about five months along right now and his scent  is starting to affect people who aren't him or Alec. He even felt when Alec pulled him closer as if to stick his claim and tell them that Magnus is his.

"Will you be okay while I go with them?" Alec asks looking him in the eyes.

"Of course." Magnus can feel his phone vibrate in his pocket. "Besides that might be a client as we speak. I have business to do as do you."

"All right. Just let me know where you're at."

"Feeling possessive today, are you?" Magnus teases.

"I was thinking that if we both get done early we can go grab lunch."

"That sounds good."

As Alec walks away Magnus pulls out his phone and sees that he has a message in his voice mailbox. It's his client from the other day that could not make their meeting and had to reschedule. Calling back Magnus and his client agree to meet in Washington Square Park, a park that Magnus always likes visiting when he can.

The weather is nice out so Magnus decides to walk to the park instead of taking a portal. As he walks the hallways of the Institute to go outside Magnus notices how more Shadowhunters are staring at him more than earlier. They're just staring at me now, because Alexander isn't with me. Magnus thinks. Just as he's close to the front doors he runs into a Shadowhunter. Stumbling back a little Magnus looks up and sees that the person he bumped into is Raj.

Magnus has never really liked Raj al that much. Even before Magnus and Alexander mated and conceived, before Magnus got mad at Alexander for avoiding him for four months every damn time Magnus came to the Institute for wards or whatever reason they needed him for, Magnus would see how much the Shadowhunter would talk about Alexander or would look at the office door longingly as if he wanted Alexander to call him in for. . . . something. That something most likely being sex and Alexander biting him and conceiving a child with him.

Magnus hated it. It almost made him want to tell Raj that he's Alexander's mate and the parent of his child. Almost. Izzy reminding him that Alec should hear firsthand about their child than by some secondhand source ringing in Magnus' ears.

Now he's here. Standing near the front doors of the abandoned church that the Clave is using for their New York Institute with the Shadowhunter he least likes. Of course he remembers walking past Raj earlier when Alexander had his arm around Magnus.

"Bane, I hear you stole our Institute Head." Raj's voice is calm, underlined with venom.

"It's not really stealing," Magnus snarls back, "when his parents are the temporary Heads while he's recovering from a demon wound, making sure I'm all right and have a very good replacement while I'm out on leave, and his mother telling him to stay with me to make sure that no one starts to attack me and my unborn child."

Raj sneers at that. "Right. Because out of all of the Warlocks in New York who ever conceived a child chose you; someone who probably has a very low demon for a father or one of the worst. Either way whoever gave you your child most likely walked away because of it or they just didn't want you or the kid."

Magnus knows that Raj is baiting him, trying to get a rise out of him. Magnus is tempted to take the bait and tell Raj that the father of his child is also his mate and that the person is Alexander, because he wants to see the look on Raj's damn face when he finds out that the person he wants if the other parents of Magnus' child and his mate. Because sometimes imagining it just isn't enough.

"Actually, the father has recently returned and wants to be with me, his mate, and our child."

Raj sneers. "I pity the person who mated you and decided to stick around."

Magnus' temptation is growing. "Well, my mate is a good man. Better than you." Magnus then walks past him, their shoulders brushing together, as Magnus walks out the front doors.

Outside Magnus takes a deep breath of the fresh air. The scent of the plants and surrounding food joints helps Magnus calm down from his anger with his argument with Raj. There is just something about that Shadowhunter that rubs Magnus the wrong way, and it's not because Raj wants Alexander to be his.

Looking around at all of the food place Magnus wonders where he and Alexander can go for lunch. They may have found the person who drugged him, but that doesn't mean Sebastian doesn't have people working with him. If someone at Taki's is working with him, what are the chances that he has others working with him as well?

Plus Cat doesn't want him and Alec to eat out, but what else can they do? Magnus and Alexander both have busy days ahead of them and going back to the loft or coming back to the Institute for a lunch that's homemade doesn't seem very logical if they're going to keep up with the day ahead of them.

Snapping out of his day dream Magnus starts walking away from the Institute and his way to the park.

Magnus is sitting on a park bench near the fountain in the center of it, the archway a few feet away from the pregnant man. Magnus watches all of the parents with their children, all of the young teenagers flipping coins into the fountain, some even proposing to their significant others.

When Magnus was younger he wished for what everyone does: true love. Every relationship he's been in he always hoped that each one would be the one for him. No such luck. Imasu left him when Magnus refused to give him immortality, Richard cheated on him claiming that Magnus had been neglecting him (which is the worst excuse Magnus ever heard), and Camille cheated on him too, saying that she and Magnus will always find their way back to each other, so what was a little dalliance with mortals who will just die in the long run?

Magnus didn't agree with her. For some reason, even now after four hundred years of life, he still believes that there is at least one person for everyone. When he and Camille broke it off he closed himself off, not wanting to be hurt again. Then Alexander came in and ruined everything. Even now Magnus has realized that he has forgiven the Shadowhunter for what he's done, though not completely.

"Mr. Bane," out of his thoughts Magnus looks up to see a fellow Warlock. This man has curly black-hair, coco skin, blazing blue eyes, in a open and flashy green shirt, dark blue pants, and cowboy boots.

"Mr. Devereaux. How may I be of service today?" Magnus uses his magic to send a quick text to Alexander letting him know where he is.

The air changes, the crisp clean air turns into a crisp of something diabolical, leaves and grass burning when nothing seems wrong, the people vanishing. A devilish smile forming on his lips, soon his hair turns flat and blond, his skin becoming lighter, his blue eyes turning green, his clothes becoming something only a Shadowhunter will wear.

Sucking in a breath Magnus knows who he's looking at. Sebastian Verlac. "What do you want?"

"Surprised? I'm shocked you didn't recognize me the other day. As for what I want; I just want to send little baby Warlock down to Hell."

Summoning his magic, teeth clenched, Magnus looks him in the eyes. "You won't get my child!"

"Two for the price of one then? That seems very pleasing." The next thing Magnus knows Sebastian has a Seraph blade out, and Magnus is on the ground, barely enough magic to summon even a little tiny flame.

"Before I make you say goodbye you should know: my name is Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern, valentine's son. Now let's see how the New York Shadowhunters deal without you around as they took my father before his plan could be accomplished!"

Sebastian raises his blade, ready to bring it down and before Magnus can even react Sebastian is off of him, laying on the ground with an arrow going through him. Valentine's con smirks. "Do you really think I'm the only one after you and your kid Bane? HE wants you too, and when he comes be prepared to lose everything."

Sebastian's body goes limp. Looking at his other side Magnus sees someone coming towards him. Alexander.