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To Protect

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When Alec wakes up he stretches and picks up the book he had been studying the previous day about mating. After last night, Alec wonders if Magnus has forgiven him. Not that it helps, while he likes the thought of Magnus forgiving him, getting to a friendly and civil point in their relationship for the sake of their child, Alec hasn't forgiven himself.

It may be ridiculous but Alec is still mad at himself for not facing Magnus sooner, if he had then maybe he and Magnus wouldn't be here, Magnus beyond furious, trying his hardest to be civil around his mate.

Mate. That's still a crazy concept for Alec to accept. Magnus and him. From what Alec recalls from the only time he and Magnus were intimate, it must have been then. Alec doesn't really remember marking Magnus as his mate, but he doesn't mind. After all he has always wanted the other parent of his child to be his mate.

"Are you still doing research?" a sleepy voice wonders.

Looking up Alec sees Magnus standing in the doorway in a white T-shirt and dark-blue silk pajama bottoms. "Yes, I didn't find out what I needed yesterday."

"What are you looking for?" Magnus comes over and stands by him.

"Just trying to see if two mate can feel each other with one of them baring a mating bite or not."

Magnus raises an eyebrow. "I can assure you both people must bear a mating bite for both to feel each other, my friends Tessa and Will both had mating bites and felt each other; before it was just Will and he could only feel Tessa. Why are you even looking it up?"

"The night the Shax got me, I----"

"Knelt to the ground as if you were in pain. Simon told me."

Closing the book the Shadowhunter shakes his head. "I was in pain. Were you in any pain?"

Magnus shakes his head, causing something in Alec to deflate. Alec mutters a "great" wondering why he fell in pain when neither Magnus or Jace were in any.

Magnus places a hand on his shoulder. "Stop worrying about it for now, let's have breakfast and not think about any mating stuff for the morning."

"Okay, what would you like?"

"Waffles. Normally when I'm in the mood for waffles I'll conjure up a mean Belgian waffle, but I'm assuming Cat will not be happy if she finds out I've been conjuring food when she said no more take-out."

"I don't know about Belgian waffles, but I can make some pretty good regular ones."

They head into the kitchen, Alec getting the ingredients and waffle maker out, Magnus sitting at the island in the center. As Alec is cracking the eggs to put into the dry mixture he hears Magnus ask, "have you found who's  drugged me?"

Alec shakes his head in reply. "My mom, Izzy, Jace, Clary, and Simon are working on that. Unfortunately they will not give me any information on any leads or people who they're looking at. Is something wrong?"

"No Shadowhunter has ever called Downworlders people before."

"First off: that's assuming a Downworlder drugged you. Second: Downworlders are people. I don't care what Clave officials say, every Downworlder is a person, most are part human. Maybe even more human than us Shadowhunters and Mundanes put together."

Alec briefly stops what he's doing and places his hand on Magnus' cheek. "You should continue breakfast," his mate says. "We don't need our child starving."

With a smile Alec turns around and continues making breakfast; glad that he's starting to find a good footing with Magnus.

It's been a week since Magnus has been drugged and Cat came and did an emergency check-up on him and their child. Currently Alec and Magnus are in the living room with Cat, Magnus laying down on the couch, shirt rolled up so Cat can do an ultrasound.

"Well, the good news is that your child is in perfect health." Cat says when she's done looking at the child, a magic screen in the air so Alec and Magnus can see their baby. "Would you like to know the gender?" Both parents nod yes. "It's a boy!"

"A-a b-boy? We're having a son?" Magnus exclaims happily, tears brimming his eyes. Alec intertwines their hands, giving a light squeeze.

Then something dawns on Alec. "You said the good news, what's the bad news?"

Cat looks down, sighing. "My magic is sensing a great deal of stress coming from the two of you; whatever you two are upset about please get it out now, otherwise it will start to affect your baby and it can result in a miscarriage."

"How high are our chances on the miscarriage?" Magnus wonders.

"Sixty to eighty percent of losing your child, if you two don't talk about whatever it is that's bothering you. I'll see you two in a few weeks." Opening a portal Cat leaves for her home.

Alec looks at Magnus. "What?" inquires Magnus.

"I know you're still angry with me."

"I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Really? So you've forgiven me for walking out after we had sex and conceived a child and us getting mated? For not even leaving a note? For avoiding you for four months? For nearly dying and leaving you as the only biological parent to our child?"

Alec knows that he's getting Magnus worked up, but he sees no other way. If he can get Magnus worked up enough that he actually talks (or shouts, whatever), he'll do it. It seems to work if the angry look on Magnus' face is any indication.

"Do you want to know the truth? Yes, I was angry. I was angry that you walked out making me feel like you only used me because of the heat. I was angry when you were avoiding me for four months making me think that you no longer wanted anything to do with me, like I was something that can be tossed aside! I was most angry when you wanted to be in our child's life then you went out on a hunt and got injured to the point that you were asleep for an entire day and could have died!"

Alec's bones tense and untense during Magnus' rant, which he deserves. He has done a lot of things lately and has screwed up on how trying to deal with them, even when he tries to fix the situation.

"What about you? You must be angry about some things." Magnus states.

"I'm not angry."

Magnus raises an eyebrow. "So you were fine when you assumed that I had a mate that wasn't you? When you assumed that I had picked a name for our son?"

"What do you want me to say? Yes, I was hurt when I thought you mated with someone else and I couldn't do anything about it. Yes, I was hurt when I assumed you had picked a name for our son, but you told me that I have to be careful in what I say or do otherwise I'll kiss my----out son,----goodbye!"

The air is suddenly thick with tension. The two men staring at each other, daring the other to make the first move or say the first word. Neither gets the chance as Alec's phone goes off. His Mom.

"Hello?" he answers the phone.

"Alec, I need you and Magnus to come to the Institute quickly."

"Is something happening?" If something is happening, Jace must not be involved since Alec cannot feel any sort of excitement coming from his brother.

"We found the person who drugged Magnus."

Alec's breath hitches. "What?"

"Just get Magnus and come quickly."

"All right, see you soon." Hanging up Alec looks at Magnus. "That was my Mom, they found the person who drugged you."

Magnus' eyebrows go up and his eyes widen in surprise. "What?"

"That's all I know. She wants us at the Institute as soon as possible."

Snapping his fingers Magnus' clothes change out of his pajamas into a dark colored sweater, black jacket, multiple necklaces and rings, black pants with a belt that has spikes, and black shoes, his make-up perfectly done. Alec's clothes change into a long-sleeve grey shirt, black pants and shoes.

"Let's not keep your mother waiting."

At the Institute Alec keeps an arm around Magnus' shoulders. He isn't a possessive person per se, but when someone starts getting around five months pregnant the hormones of the pregnancy starts to become very noticeable to everyone else who isn't one of the expecting parents, and he doesn't want any of the other Shadowhunters to start eyeing Magnus like he's a piece of meat.

As they make their way to the Ops Center Alec sees some of his fellow Shadowhunters look at Magnus, which prompts Alec to pull Magnus closer to him. A deep growl set in his throat.

In the Ops Center Alec spots his mother and siblings at the usual briefing table. "It's good to see you two." Maryse says with a smile.

"Yeah, it is." Izzy and Jace agree.

"You said you found the person who drugged me?" Magnus says.

Alec sees his Mom nod her head. Turning on a monitor a young man with fair skin, green eyes, and blond-hair appears on the screen. "This is Sebastian Verlac. He's the one who drugged Magnus.