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To Protect

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Re-entering his room Magnus strips out of his clothes from the previous day. He's glad that his child it okay but he can't help but have doubts about who drugged him. He doesn't want to accuse Alec, but who else could it be? Alec picked the restaurant (though he offered to change it), Alec had been nervous the entire evening (of course it could've been because Alec still isn't comfortable with who he is and has----possibly----never been on a date with another man). There are so many contradictions if Alec is the one who drugged him.

Plus Alec made him breakfast, none of his other past relationships have ever done that. And what are the chances that Alec would run the risk of harming their child?

Shaking his head Magnus goes to his closet picking out an outfit, a Victorian one. The same one he wore the night that he summoned the memory demon and Jace broke the damn circle. Done getting dressed Magnus decides on some rings to wear, surprised to find some of his rings from yesterday missing from their spots.

Where are they?

Magnus is about to go out and ask Alec where the Shadowhunter placed his jewelry from the previous day when he spots them on the bedside table on the right side of the bed. Alec must have removed them the night before.

Going back to the living room Magnus sees Alec is sitting on a couch with a book open. "What are you doing?" Magnus inquires.



"Yeah. Mating research."

Is Alec really that uneducated when it some to being mates? Then again when they met Alec seemed more of the business before pleasure and most likely hasn't courted or been courted himself. (Something he finds laughable since Alec seems to be one of----if not the most----beautiful Nephilim of his generation, maybe the entire race.)

"Okay." Magnus' voice is distant as if he doesn't really care about Alec doing research, which he doesn't. "Well, I'm going out. I don't know what time I'll be back. Don't worry too much if I'm not back until midnight or later.

The look in Alec's eyes as Magnus opens a portal to leave, tells the Warlock that if he isn't back by a reasonable time then the Alpha will worry, may even come looking for the Omega himself. With no other words to be spoken Magnus goes through the portal to his destination.


Magnus steps on to the grass near the entrance to the Seelie Court. His first job of the day is to help some Seelie with something, then go and help some members of Luke's pack with a dispute, help some of Raphael's clan members, then help some fellow Warlocks.

The trees ripple and Meliorn, the Seelie Queen's bets knight and most fierce warrior, comes out. "Magnus, it's good to see you again."

"I could say the same. Why have I been asked to come here?"

"The Queen needs your help in tracking Camille."

"What has she done now?"

"The Queen won't say; not even to me."

"As much as I would love to help with Camille's capture, I'm afraid she also has multiple charges from the Clave. They'll want her before even your Queen, and I'm not even sure if the Clave will let her live either."

"I thought I'd ask, thank you for coming, even if you can't do anything."

"Not an issue, my friend."

Meliorn opens a portal back to the Seelie realm as Magnus goes to help out Luke's pack. Turns out Luke's and Raphael's situations are one in the same, a Wolf and Vampire need healing after they tried to stop another Wolf and Vampire from fighting.

So he moves up his appointments with the Warlocks.

The first one is a young one, very young, somewhere between Clary's and Alec's ages young. He has lightly tan skin, flat blond-hair, striking green-eyes, wearing tattered brown shirt, black jacket, jeans, and some boots. For some reason looking at his clothes reminds Magnus of Alec, and the older Warlock wonders what Alec is doing at the moment and how far along he has come in his research about mates.

"What can I do for you?" Magnus asks.

"I need a location spell to find someone."

"I need to know who you're locating first, or do you have something I can track with?"

The younger Warlock shakes his head. "I don't know a name nor do I have anything to track with. I'm looking for my father. All I know is that he always met my mother in any park in New York or surrounding states."

"Do you know what he looks like?"

The younger one shakes his head again. "All I know is that his skin is a dark color, my mother's never specific, but I do have his green eyes. That's all I know for certain. Please, you have to help! You're the High Warlock meaning you can do more than any of the Warlocks here!"

While that is true, Magnus has his own fair shares of tracking down demon fathers and it has never ended well. Shaking his head Magnus tells the young man, "I've tracked down demons who have fathered before, it never goes well. I recommend that you leave your search for him behind, forget about looking for him, and try to live a life without knowing him."

"Are you certain that is best?"


The young man still pays Magnus for his service with no actual service being done (unless you count some good advice). As the young man leaves Magnus' phones goes off. Pulling it out it's a text from his next client saying Can we reschedule for another day? Something came up and I cannot make today.

Replying with a quick response, agreeing to a reschedule and telling the Warlock to call soon for a reschedule, Magnus looks around the park. Seeing couples, siblings, parents with children, the Warlock realizes that the sun is mostly set and the night sky will soon envelope all of New York.

Making a portal for his loft Magnus wonders if Alec's day has been any form of productive.

Entering his loft Magnus notes that every light is off, except for a dim one coming from the living room. In the sitting room Magnus finds the Shadowhunter sitting on the couch, hunched over a book, face down, soft snores coming from the younger man.

Walking over Magnus gently shakes Alec to wake him up. Barely even a moment later Alec stirs, a groan escaping his lips. "What, what's going on?" He looks over at Magnus. "Magnus? What time is it?"

"Barely even nine-thirty." Magnus tells him. "Did you find anything on what you were looking for in your mating research?"

"Sort of." Alec sits up, fingers lacing together as he pulls them over his head and stretches his back. "I found some of the stuff that's pretty much common sense, even how some. . . things during sex can help get an Omega or Bets pregnant." A scarlet blush comes over Alec's neck and face.

Something that Magnus wishes he could hate,----after all they've mated so why is Alec still blushy about the whole thing?----yet he finds it endearing. He blames the pregnancy hormones.

"I can, uh, make a late dinner, if you'd like." Alec offers.

"You know how to make something other than eggs and toast?" Magnus teases.

Alec nods, rubbing the back of his neck. "Yeah. Izzy tries to cook and when she first started we all thought she would get better, now we try to keep her out of the kitchen as much as possible."

"She can't be that bad."

"She once made pancakes burnt and dry at the same time, she thought that mixing frosted flakes and eggs would be a good idea, she once mixed coffee, chocolate milk, coco powder, eggs, sugar, and flour to try and make a cake. It's not funny! She gave nearly everyone in the Institute food poisoning and we were all out of commission for nearly a month! The demons sure had fun during that time."

Magnus quiets his giggles. "I think I remember that, some of my friends and I had to take demons out. I always wondered what happened to you Shadowhunter around that time; I just assumed that the Clave had a recall in Idris."

"Nope. It was all Izzy's doing."

"Well, get in the kitchen and show me that you aren't as bad as your sister."

As Alec gets up from the couch Magnus pounders on his feelings. He's still a little angry with the Shadowhunter, just not as much. He hasn't exactly forgiven Alec, either. Magnus' feelings for the father of his child are complicated.

Magnus watches Alec from the couch as the Shadowhunter prepares dinner. Alec puts on a pot of water to boil it, putting rice in, taking out some vegetables from the fridge----bell peppers, mushrooms, carrots, broccoli,----and starts cutting them up to put them in the rice. He even makes a couple of sunny-side-up eggs for them, that he places on top of the rice.

Alec comes back with two bowls full of the rice, veggies, and eggs. Alec hands him his bowl, Magnus thanks him, taking the fork to his mouth. If Izzy is a bad cook how much better can Alec be? Better, much better, apparently. The rice mixed the multiple vegetables and an egg on top is one of the best things Magnus has ever tasted. And that's saying something.

When they finish Alec takes their bowls back to the kitchen, cleaning them, before sitting back down on the couch. "You should get to bed." Alec says, his voice rugged with tiredness.

"What about you?"

"What about me?"

"You can always sleep in my guest room."

Alec shakes his head. "No, on the couch is fine. Go. I'll be fine."

Not saying another word Magnus gets up to go to his bedroom; stopping in the corridor for a brief moment (something telling him to) and he looks back at Alec. The younger man lays down, arm under his head, Magnus wants to offer Alec to come to bed with him, but what message will that send? Magnus hasn't forgiven him and he doesn't want Alec to think that he has either.

Shaking his head Magnus goes back to his room, flipping his light switch on Magnus peels himself out of his clothes and into his pajamas. Crawling under the covers the Warlock snaps his fingers, turning his light off, leaving him with his thoughts.