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To Protect

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Alec walks through the Institute doors, it's quiet. Not surprising as everyone is asleep, nix a few who are still awake. He makes it back to his without being noticed, or asked questions. When his head hits his pillow falls asleep in an instant.

The next morning Alec presses his palms to his eyes; being a Shadowhunter has made it to the point where Alec is an early riser, even if he doesn't get to sleep until one in the morning. "Alec, are you awake?" His sister asks on the other side of his door.

"Yeah." He groans looking at his clock: 8:25 A.M. it reads. Shit. He's late for work.

Without even asking if it's all right to come in, Izzy enters his room as Alec jumps out of bed trying to get a clean pair of pants and a fresh shirt that doesn't have any huge holes or has been tarnished by demons.

"How do you feel?" she asks.

"Fine." His heart is pounding in his chest. Heads of Institutes are never late for work. Never. In fact, to keep up with work from the Clave Alec gets up earlier than usual so he can finish more work since he's the youngest Head ever; most Shadowhunter Institute leaders don't get to be them until they're in their mid-thirties, he's still in his twenties. That is an accomplishment within itself.

"Really? You've been asleep for over a day."

"What?" His heart has a brief stop. He's supposed to have a date with Magnus on Saturday, if he's been asleep for over a day there is a very good chance that it's Sunday right now and he missed his date with Magnus. Magnus is going to be furious with him than he already is. "What day is it?"

"Saturday." Izzy stares at him, giving him a quizzical look. "Why? Do you have something planned?"

"I have a date with Magnus." Alec doesn't think about what he's saying as he just looks for a shirt now.

"What did you just say?"

"I asked what it is and you answered with Saturday."

"No. I mean you, Magnus, date. What is going on?"

Alec stops what he's doing and stares at her. Did he really tell her that he has a date with Magnus, the father of his unborn child?

The older sibling takes a deep breath before saying anything else. "Yes. We have a date. Tonight. So I'd really rather do a quick training session before I start my work day----that I'm already behind on."

"Actually," his sister's voice is unusually happy. "You're under strict doctor's orders to do no strenuous activity until that wound you have is healed. And that means no training."

Alec groans. He hasn't been on many missions lately and training has been the only thing that keeps his skills sharp. Now he can't even do that? By the time he gets back to training Jace, Clary, and Simon will probably be able to kick his ass and Simon doesn't even train as a Shadowhunter.

"Doesn't matter. I can catch up on the work I missed yesterday."

"Alec." The change in Izzy's voice has Alec look at her, after putting on a shirt. "You were hurt. Mom and Dad understand that. They want you to take some time off to recover. Until then they'll be splitting the duties of the Head of the Institute."

This is a first. All his life Alec has never thought of himself as good enough for his parents until he was going to marry Lydia. They never expressed to him that they're okay with a child who likes the same-sex, they never even came to help him before. In the past Alec has always dealt with the burnt end of the stick when Jace and Izzy did something stupid (albeit because he took it at first to try and cover for them, and that hasn't seemed to stop as they got older).

"What time is your date with Magnus?"

"Seven. We're going out for dinner."

"Good. That gives us enough time for me to pick something out for you and fill you in on what happened yesterday as you get cleaned up and I help  change your bandages."

Without another word Izzy pushes him to the bathroom. She makes him take a bath, a bath! He's over six feet and not a child! The fault to this is that if Izzy sets her mind to something, she does it and there is no stopping her.

As he steps into the warm water and sits down, Izzy taking off his plaster and helping him in because of the gash. She brings in a stool to sit on, filling him in from the moment he passed out to the present. Magnus is the one the one that healed him, his parents were very worried about him----a fact he finds surprising,----and took over quickly. His mother dealing with all the reports Idris related and his father the work hunting related. Everyone has been taking turns coming and talking to him, asking him to wake up, along with changing his gauze and checking for any sign of infection.

His parents have been the most visitors, bringing his little brother, Max, with them for half an hour at least before Jace or Izzy would come in and take him out. According to Izzy their parents always have tears in their eyes, keeping a strong front in front of everyone else.

"What are you thinking about wearing? And do not tell me it's going to be any of your usual dark clothes with little tiny holes in them that anyone can barely see. Even Dad changes clothes more than you." Izzy remarks as she leaves the bathroom and goes to the closet.

"That's all I have." Says Alec, wrapping a towel around his waist; following his sister.

Without even looking at him, Alec can tell that his sister is rolling her eyes. "You need to 'wow' him, Big Brother."

"I am not going to try and 'wow' Magnus. We're only going out to get to know each other for the sake of our child."

"And that's all you want? A platonic relationship with Magnus? You're perfectly fine with a third person help parent your child?"

"It doesn't matter what I want. If Magnus is happy with the person he's with then I am not going to interfere. Magnus and his mate obviously mated because they can see they're relationship lasting for years, years I may not even last. I am not going to fight another Alpha or Beta for a chance for Magnus, for something that I'm not even sure will last."

"That's exactly why you need to 'wow' him." Izzy's voice is calm as she pulls out a denim shirt out of his closet. Examining it before shoving it against his chest. "You need to show Magnus what he's missing by being mated to someone else and not you."

"You believe that? That we should actually be mated, not just because we knotted and expecting a child?"

"I do."

As Izzy looks at him, Alec sees a little sadness in them. With all of the people Izzy has been with, she has always wanted it to become more. Even is she won't admit it Alec knows that his sister wants the fairy tale life; she finds the person she's meant to be with, have her own children and just live happily ever after.

As a Shadowhunter, that is nothing except an empty dream. The Clave could not care less about Shadowhunters having mates. To them their Alpha's knot Betas and Omegas, have kids for a new generation, that's it. To them being mates is just something that makes a Shadowhunter vulnerable. Their enemies, like Valentine, can take the fact that two people are mated and use it against them.

Sighing in defeat Alec takes the shirt. "Fine. I'll wear it." Especially since no courtship is going to be happening between Magnus and I soon. Smirking in triumph Izzy leaves his clothes alone as she goes back to help Alec put on new gauze.

It's an hour before his date and Alec is walking around the Institute, making sure everything is still running efficiently as it has been since he's taken over. To his surprise his parents have been keeping it the same way he runs it instead of returning it to the way they had it.

His Dad is in the office and his Mom is in the Ops center, sending a small group of Shadowhunters on a hunt. "Alec," she says. A smile on her face, relief flooding her features. She braces him in a hug. "I'm so glad to see that you're all right." She then takes in his appearance. "What is happening that you're dressed up for?"

"I'm----I'm going out, with Magnus Bane."

"Oh?" His mother raises an eyebrow. "What for?"

"He's pregnant, and we've decided that we should talk to see who will be a good replacement when he takes his leave."

His mother nods. "That's good. No one should be working when they have children, especially during a war."

Alec is surprised by his mother's response. "Really?" he inquires.

"Really." She reaches out and runs her thumb across his cheek. "When your father and I were in the Circle, I got pregnant with you. We knew of Valentine's experiments and we didn't want to run the possibility of him experimenting on you; so when the Circle was coming to an end, it was our love for you----and any future children----to turn against the Circle and live in a sort of exile."

Alec can't believe what he's hearing. His parents left the Circle for him. They didn't want Valentine to experiment on him.

He's sure that he might have a heart attack soon with all of the surprises he's been getting recently. As he turns to leave his mother calls out to him, telling him that what he's doing for Magnus is a good thing. Alec can only hope that she is right.