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To Protect

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When Magnus wakes up he shoves his face in to the pillow not wanting to get up. Stretching out his hand he expects to find someone else in his bed but all it is, is cold. As if the other person hasn't been there for a while, or at all. Perhaps last night was a dream, a dream induced by his heat. Perhaps Alexander was a gentleman who put Magnus to bed before leaving.

With a mysteriously sore body Magnus gets out of bed, goes to the kitchen to start a pot of coffee before returning to his room to shower. The warm water of the shower feels nice against his skin, helping him forget about his soreness. Turning the water off, Magnus dries off and goes to his vanity.

As he puts on his make-up Magnus notices a dark mar. It's on his pulse point; Maybe it's a hickey? Perhaps Alexander and I got a little heated in kissing before he left? Magnus thinks. Until he sees the teeth marks. A mating bite. Mating bite, sore body, images of last night flashing through his head. . . .

Their lips meeting, clothes flying to the floor, Alec's knot growing inside him and Alec biting down as he had cum inside. Not only did Alec give him a mating bite, marking him as his mate, but they knotted too. Knotting an Omega during a heat is a huge risk as the Omega has a chance of getting pregnant.

Pregnant. There is a good chance that he may be carrying Alec's child right now. Shaking his head Magnus pushes the thought out of his mind, after all he has a job to do, and worrying about the possibility of carrying a child is not going to help that.


Over the next few weeks Magnus has been feeling weird. he throws up in the morning since nothing seems to stay down, he's nauseous, hungry all the time. He has a friend, Catarina Loss, a fellow Warlock and nurse, check him out. As she uses her magic to check his vitals her eyes widen in shock.

"Cat, what is it?" He asks, voice filled with worry.

"Magnus, have you been mated and/or knotted recently?" She asks, surprise evident in her voice. The day he discovered his mating bite, he hasn't let anyone see it, or know for that matter.

"Why, what's wrong?"

"You're pregnant."

Pregnant. He's pregnant. With Alec's child. He's going to have a half-Shadowhunter half-Warlock child. This can't be happening.

"Magnus, are you all right? You're looking a bit pale."

"Fine." His voice is shaky.

"Well do you know who the other parent is?" Magnus nods. "Good. I hope you plan on telling the mother or father soon." With that she opens a portal to leave, not before congratulating Magnus, then she's gone; back to the hospital where she works.

Hours later and her words are going on in a loop in his head: I hope you plan on telling the mother or father soon.

Right. Telling the other parent. How is he supposed to tell Alec Lightwood that he's going to be a father when they haven't seen each other close to a month? The only contact Magnus even has to Alec is through his siblings, Isabelle and Jace, Biscuit and her friend Simon.

Looking down at his stomach Magnus marvels at the fact that he'll be giving birth in nine months. Then he thinks back to the night of conception, waking up the following morning with no one else beside him.

Maybe Catarina is right, he should tell Alec about their child.

Four months have passed since Magnus has seen Alec and he is very angry with him. If Alec woke up that morning not talking to Magnus, or at least leaving him a note, and avoiding the Warlock, how can Magnus expect him to be there for their child?

Out of the people constantly around Alec, only Izzy knows. Simon and Clary are still adjusting to the Shadow World, Simon more so since he's a newly turned Vampire, and Jace can't know in case he ends up telling Alec, as Izzy and Cat remind him: Alec should hear it from Magnus and not second hand.

But that the issue. How can he tell Alec when they don't see each other? Especially with Valentine running around wanting to wipe out the entire Downworld and Alec's promotion to being Head of the Institute, something he hears from Izzy.

He thanks Raziel every day that Izzy has been a good friend during this. She hasn't told her brother (only telling him to look up when pregnant Omegas and Betas start showing), she's been to some appointments, not all, and has been getting him things that he needs; food, clothes, etc. For her he has never been more grateful.


It's a warm day when he receives it. A fire message from Maryse asking (more like ordering) him to come to the Institute to reinforce the wards. Magnus sighs, he knew this day would come eventually, he just hoped it would have come later. Now he has to go. He's the best Warlock in all of New York, plus he's the one who made them in the first place.

Snapping his fingers Magnus is no longer in lounging clothes but in his proper attire for work, make-up perfectly done, before opening a portal to the Institute and walking through.

Entering the Institute Magnus looks around and sees a good chunk of Shadowhunters in the Ops room, many looking at the monitors for any signs of intruding Downworlders, Circle members, or any demons lurking anywhere in New York.

"Magnus," he hears, turning around he sees Izzy in a dark shirt, pants, heeled boots, and a leather jacket. Her whip disguised as a snake bracelet resting on her wrist and forearm. "What are you doing here?"

"Your mother asked me to come reinforce the wards." Izzy nods at his answer. "Is Alec. . . .?"

"Yes, Alec's here. He's in his office doing some sort of paper work." She then glances around making sure no one's listening before leaning in and whispering "Are you going to tell him? About your child?"

"Soon," he reassures.

"He deserves to know Magnus, even if you're still angry with him for walking out and doing a one-night stand, you shouldn't keep him from his child. It won't be fair to either of them."

"Don't worry. I'll tell him."

Satisfied with his answer Izzy leaves to go off to either train or go on a mission as Magnus tends to the wards. Opening a small portal to overlook the Institute and the wards. Doing the wards takes some time so he starts with the front, then the back, ending with everything else.

By the time he's done he feels someone staring at him. Turning around he sees Alec standing outside his office door, staring at someone, staring at him. But why? Why is Alec staring at him? And seeing Alec for the first time in months, all the anger he's felt before from the day after they mated, the day Magnus found out he's carrying their child, Alec avoiding him, all comes back in one major rush.

Keeping his voice calm and void of emotions before speaking. "Is there something I can help you with, Shadowhunter?" the last word leaving an acidic taste in his mouth.

"C-can we talk?" He stutters out. Even after all this time Alec still stutters. Magnus is torn between smirking at him for it or not.

"Why and where?" Magnus asks, his voice so cold that Magnus can see the shiver it gives Alec.

The younger man takes his wrist and leads Magnus to his office. Alec shuts the door, leaning against it with his hands behind his back. "Why didn't you tell me you were pregnant?" Alec seems just as surprised by his words as Magnus is.

Now it's Magnus' turn for a realization. Someone told Alec, maybe Izzy, but she couldn't've, she said she would keep it a secret because Alec shouldn't hear second hand. Keeping a steeled expression, the Warlock says:

"Why does it matter? It's not like you're the father anyway."

Alec flinches. Good. Magnus feels a small thing of joy start in the pit of his stomach knowing that Alec can feel a little bit of pain. (Not that Magnus is particularly happy about feeling happy by causing Alec pain.)

"That's it though: I know I'm the father." Magnus raises a skeptical eyebrow. "When I saw you I felt this pull and if I'm wrong and my Alpha senses are all wrong then I'm the father."

A pull? Really? Alec could be covering for the person who told him for all Magnus knows. "Even so, why do you want to bother now?"

"I get." Alec's voice and face are pleading. "I left months ago without saying anything, not even writing a note, but you shouldn't have kept the fact that I'm going to be a dad away from me." Alec takes a deep breath. "When----when I walked away from you I didn't know I was walking away from my child too. I understand that it may take some time for me to gain your trust, but please, please, let me be there for the rest of the doctor's appointments, let me be there to witness the birth of my child. Just let me be there for my child over all."

Magnus looks him over, looking for any sign of dishonesty from this pleading, begging Shadowhunter, any sign that Alec will walk away if Magnus chooses to let him in in their child's life. That's the thing, isn't it? Izzy is right, it won't be fair to his and Alec's child if the child doesn't know both parents.

"Fine." he says after a few minutes. "I'll let you be a part of our child's life, only because our child deserves to know both parents. Do not mistake this for me forgiving you," because who can forgive a one-night stand who left them pregnant and the other person has been avoiding the pregnant one? "One false move and you are out of our child's life, understood?"

Alec is quick to respond with a nod, body relaxing. "Yes, thank you. So, uh, do you know the sex of our child? Boy? Girl?"

Magnus shakes his head. He has tried but Cat says he isn't far enough along to find out at his last appointment three weeks ago, but Magnus has a sneaking suspicion it's because she knows that Magnus had not told Alec.

"My next appointment is in two weeks, if you want to go it'll be at my loft and I'll find out then."

With that Alec moves away from the door. Magnus makes his way towards it, when he feels Alec grab his arm. He looks at the messy black hair, pale skin, and hazel eyes that enamored him months ago. He raises an eyebrow, wondering what Alec want now.

"Just so you know, I wasn't lying, when we-uh-mated." He says mated like a question, as if unsure they're mates. "I do like your eyes. Your real eyes."

Magnus rolls his eyes. He's heard that before, but they always tell Magnus to glamour his eyes, even at home so no one would notice them. But Magnus knows that it's because they didn't like his eyes, and Alec, whom he once thought was different, is most likely going to be the same.

"As I've said, Alec," pain shows in Alec's eyes when Magnus calls him by his nickname and not his full name. "Be careful on what you say or do." Magnus warns again, letting the threat that Alec may not see his child hang in the air.