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To Protect

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It's been a long and tiring day for Alec Lightwood. First his parents are back, then he has to deal with the backlash of what his Parabatai and the annoying red-head have caused because they both refuse to listen to authority (Jace has been bad, but now he has no regard for it and the short mundane thinking that going out on a mission with no okay from the Clave to do it seems to be all right). Next he gets a call from Jace claiming that needs him and his 'Virgin Shadowhunter Energy' to help Luke, a fellow Alpha and most recent leader of the New York Werewolf pack.

Alec doesn't want to go. After all he has the Institute to look after and his sister is trying to change who she is to take some of the heat off of him, which he appreciates but he doesn't want her to become a shell of who she is just to please the Clave and their parents. Then there is the fact that Magnus have known each other a bit longer before Clary showed up.

It's a few months ago when Jace and Izzy decided to go out for a night of partying. The two had decided on the club Pandemonium, a Downworlder friendly club that some of the New York Shadowhunters sometimes frequent as well either for a mission or, like the Downworld, for fun. Of course Alec, being the better-safe-than-sorry person he is, told them to pack some weapons just in case they run into demons who shouldn't be there. Izzy took her whip, Alec his bow and quiver, and they all took a seraph blade.

When they get there Izzy and Jace instantly went to the dance floor, flirting, dancing (more like grinding) with many patrons of the place, coming to the bar every so often to talk to Alec, making sure he's doing well and having a drink too. After the third or fifth time of them coming to the bar Alec looks over the crowd and when he gets to the other end of the bar he sees someone.

The person is of Asian descent, he has dark hair in spikes, dark brown-eyes lined with coal and dark eyeshadow, an open shirts that Alec cannot make the color of because of the multicolor lights that shows off his well toned chest, hundreds of necklaces around his neck and cascading down his chest, tight leather pants that looked painted on, and heels.

Everything the man is wearing, seemingly to be flirting with both men and women patrons of the bar, going off and mingling with many people that the eldest Lightwood is sure that his sister might end up dancing with him (maybe more, but Alec doesn't want to think about that). Alec has to turn his head away before he can be caught staring. What the man is doing, is acting, is everything Alec wishes to be but cannot.

For Shadowhunters they marry young, have kids young, die young. That's it. With the Clave it's always been man and woman, no two men or women live together unless they are family or Parabatai. Even so Parabatai living together is still a bit of a risk if they are opposite genders as no one wants them to fall in love. Even Shadowhunters who choose not to marry cannot adopt another Shadowhunter child unless they are with someone or it's the parents' wishes for the single Shadowhunter to have their child.

No one is allowed to be like Alec in the Clave. Gay. If anyone finds out about Alec preferring men and not women (besides his sister) then Alec can kiss  his job, being promoted to Head of the Institute, and just being a Shadowhunter in general all goodbye. There is no way that Clave official will allow a Shadowhunter who prefers the same-sex to run an Institute or give orders without double guessing if he is favoring a romantic partner by giving him missions to bust rogue Downworlders, even mundanes dabbling in the Shadow World, or keeping them safe by keeping them from doing field work.

Not only that but there is a good chance that every same-sex Parabatai duo may be given the Soul Sword and asked if they are romantically involved or have any feelings for each other.

And Alec would fail it Jace would never look at him the same again as a friend or a brother, but instead with hatred. Both Jace and his parents would disown him; and Izzy would be the only person he would have left. Not that he would mind, she's the only one he has now about keeping his sexuality a secret.

Not that Alec had come out and told her, he just went to her one day and without even saying it Izzy knew. Instead of telling him to suck it up, be Parabatai with Jace, and find some Beta or Omega woman to find to be his bride she's been his source of comfort when he can't even admit something to himself.

Alec is brought out of his thoughts when he feels someone next to him; he expects it to be Izzy in her tight pink dress, eight-inch heels that put her closer to Alec's height, or Jace in  some of his casual clothes he chose for the evening. What he doesn't expect is for the person to be the guy he had been looking at earlier.

When did he come over here? Alec thinks. Perhaps he is getting a drink for himself, or him and another person. After all who would look at Alec twice? He may be an Alpha himself but no one has ever looked at him as they do Jace or Izzy, yearning, love, lust like potential partners do, or pride like the Clave or his parents (okay, when it comes to his parents they're more lenient on Jace than Alec and Izzy; and the raven-hair man has a feeling it's because Jace is the son of their father's former Parabatai, Michael Wayland).

"Hello there," the voice is deep and Alec is most certain that the guy isn't speaking to him, that is until the guy says 'hello' again.

"U-um h-hi," Alec replies, still uncertain that the guy is actually talking to him because he wants to. Surely he is doing this as a joke for someone, or doing a dare by his friends.

"I'm Magnus, and you are?"

"A-Alec." Damn. Why is he stuttering? Normally he isn't this bad unless he's talking to someone he likes. Like when he first developed his feelings for Jace.

"Alec, hmm, is that short for anything? Alexander, perhaps?"

Alec's face goes red because he has never heard of any other boy names that could be short for Alec. "Y-yeah."

"So, if I may ask, what are you doing here, Alexander?" Hearing his full name come from the guy's----Magnus' ----lips sends a shiver down his spine. But why? Alec barely knows the guy and doesn't plan on sleeping with him, plus there is a good chance that this man is also an Alpha. And no two Alpha's have ever been in a romantic relationship before.

"M-my brother a-and sister w-wanted to c-come here."

After that the two fall into a small conversation before Magnus has to excuse himself to the bathroom, at which point Izzy comes over. "I think it's time that we leave." She says.

"Aren't you having fun? And where's Jace?" Izzy points over her shoulder and Alec sees Jace dancing with two Seelie girls. Alec slams his hand against his face. Jace has been known to cause trouble, and trouble with Seelies never ends well.

"Plus," Izzy adds, holding her stomach. "I think I might have eaten or drank the wrong thing."

With that Alec goes over to Jace and politely  excuses himself and his blonde Parabatai by saying that they have to leave as soon as possible as some demons, given minor ones, have come out for a night of fun. Jace complains and asks why it can't just be Alec and Izzy to take care of it, which Alec replies with the fact that Izzy is sick and needs to be dropped off at the Institute before they can go and take care of the demons.

After that day Alec has only seen glimpses of Magnus when going out. He hasn't had the courage to go up to Magnus and apologize for standing him up that night. (Did he stand Magnus up?) That his sister got sick and his drunk brother was dancing with Seelies and his brother is known for trouble.

That is until Clary Fray (Fairchild? Morgenstern?) came into the picture. In order to find some information on where her mother, who's been kidnapped by her ex-husband, might be. Of course Hodge told them not to undermine Magnus' Hinduism or greed and pulled out a ruby necklace that Manus once gave Camille Belcourt, Head of the New York Vampire clan.

After that they went to Pandemonium  for a trade in which Alec killed a Circle member before he could kill Magnus; after that it became a blur. Next thing Alec knows they're outside, tracking Magnus, at his lair where they split up and Alec injured another Circle member as Magnus killed him. Then he summoned a greater demon and before it even got to Alec Jace's people were taken out of him: Izzy and Max. Their sister and younger brother.

Alec had been hurt to see that he hadn't come out of Jace. Jace, upset claiming that Alec should have come out too, broke the circle and the demon nearly sucked him in, but not before taking memories out of Alec of Jace; he could feel two more being pulled but the demon was gone.

Now Alec is being asked to go back to Magnus. To help heal someone. Before he can even think of what he's doing, Alec grabs his jacket and is out the door.