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Make Me Feel Something

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Alec sighed into his closet. He was hopeless. No way would he be able to dazzle The High Warlock of Brooklyn. 

"Simon, what am I going to wear?" Alec yelled, hoping Simon could lend a hand. Alec knew Simon was just as hopeless as him, but for some reason, Alec figured Simon would probably know what to wear to this interview. Simon did interview a lot of people, although none of them were near as popular as Magnus Bane. 

And, of course, Simon had to get the flu, making it to where Alec had to fill in for him. This, this is love, Alec thought as he sifted through his clothes one again. 

"You summoned?" Simon asked with his hoarse voice, a fluffy blanket wrapped around him in an embrace. Simon's nose was red and runny, his eyes sporting the same shade of red. 

Alec glanced at Simon, a frown etched into his face. "I'm absolutely hopeless. How could you make me do this? I'm bound to make a fool of myself for the schools paper."

Simon rolled his eyes. "You'll do fine, Alec. Let me help you find something to wear, okay?"

"But you're sick." Alec was secretly hoping Simon would wave away his concern and help anyways. 

Simon shrugged, his slight shoulders raising beneath the big blanket. "And you're hopeless. Come on, let your good friend help you."

"You can say best friend, you know," Alec replied, turning his gaze back to his closet. Almost everything in Alec's closet was black or brown- the sweaters used to be black, but faded over time- and all of them had holes. Alec wasn't big on shopping. 

"I know," Simon said, before joining Alec, and helping him search for a sweater.

"I don't know anything about him," Alec said. 

Simon shrugged. "I don't either. That's the point of the interview, Alec."

Alec scoffed. "That can't be the only reason for the interview."

"No, you're right. But it's the biggest reason for the interview. Now shut up and search."

"I have been searching! You're the one who's been binge watching Stranger Things, even though I specifically said not to."

Simon pouted, turning to look at Alec. His brown hair was hanging in lank, brown strips, and his face looked odd without his glasses on. That can't be good for his eyes, Alec thought for a moment. 

"You watch to slow," Simon complained. 

"Or maybe you watch to fast," Alec shot back.

"No, I don't."

Alec sighed. "Where are your glasses."

Simon looked back at the closet. "I didn't see the point in wearing them if I was going to constantly have to take them off to wipe my eyes."

"But you're going to get a headache."

"Only if I try to watch stuff without them. Don't worry, mom. Here, try this on."

Alec sighed, but grabbed the navy blue sweater from Simon's hand anyways.



The drive from West Warwick, Rhode Island to New York was almost three hours long. Alec was given permission to borrow his brothers truck, because Simon and Alec's van was the color of a rotten banana, black spots and all, and Alec knew that it would look unprofessional in the presence of one Magnus Bane. Even in the parking lot of Magnus' building, MB Enterprises, the van would stand out. 

Alec opened the windows, despite the truck's fabulous air conditioner, instead wanting to feel the wind whipping through his hair. 

Alec was nervous. He didn't do social things. Alec preferred to stay in with Simon, who would watch whatever on tv, and then would talk over the tv, annoying the shit out of Alec, but also making Alec feel good about not having any other friends- aside from his two siblings, of course.

Alec turned on the radio, letting the terrible music fill his ears and flow out of the window, before becoming silent against the hard wind. Alec sang with the music, but would never admit that to anyone. 

The drive seemed to fly by, the only interruptions when Alec had to stop at a light, or change the station. 

As Alec parked, he realized shit, this is happening. He was about to have to interview one of the wealthiest men in America. Him. Alexander Gideon Lightwood, a literature student. A literature student with no social class at all. 

Alec was screwed. 


"Hello, I'm here to interview Mr. Bane," Alec said to the woman at the front desk. 

She had dark, chestnut hair, and sharp gray eyes. Alec thought that she was pretty, but Alec wasn't into girls. He'd always been attracted to guys- Jace in particular- and Alec could see a beautiful woman, but it didn't make his stomach turn into a bunch of butterflies or anything. 

"Simon Lewis?" She asked, her eyes running Alec up and down. 

Alec flushed and felt as if she was judging him. "Actually, Simon's sick, so I'm filling in for him. Is that okay?"

The woman shrugged. "I don't know. But you're pretty, so I don't think Mr. Bane will mind."

Alec got even redder, and looked down at his shoes. "I'm really not. Wait, why does it matter if I'm pretty?"

She smiled. "Mr. Bane likes pretty little things. You should see his art collection."

Alec felt anger pang in his chest. "I'm not a painting to be looked at. I'm a person. And I'm here to interview Mr. Bane, not to be looked at like I'm a piece of art in a museum."

Her lips parted in surprise, before she hid her reaction. "Just a moment. Your name, sir?"

Alec cleared his throat. He felt a little guilty for his outburst. But only a little. "Alec Lightwood."

She nodded, and picked up the phone. "Hello? Yes, Ragnor, this is Tessa. Magnus' one o'clock is here. Okay, thank you." 

Tessa looked at Alec, setting the phone back in its receiver. "Ragnor will be down to get you in a moment."

Alec nodded, and turned to go sit down before he thought better of it. "I'm sorry for getting upset."

Tessa smiled. "It's okay, Mr. Lightwood. I'm sorry for suggesting that you're only good for your looks. Please, sit down and make yourself comfortable."

Alec turned to go sit, placing his questions in his lap, and setting the recorder on top of the questions. Alec noticed that his hands were trembling slightly, and he balled them into fists, pushing them into his thighs. He was a grown man, and he would act as such. 

Alec took time to actually look at the building. Everything was glass, making it to where Alec could see the street of New York perfectly. It was teeming with life, people walking hand in hand down the sidewalks, cars and taxis filling up the street. Alec watched as two girls stopped in front of the building and shared a small kiss, before giggling and walk off hand in hand. 

"Not from here?" 

Tessa's voice snapped Alec back to reality, and he looked at her from his seat. 

"Is it that obvious?" He asked with a small chuckle. 

Tessa shrugged. "Only because I know a few people who aren't from here."

Alec glanced back outside, before turning his attention back on Tessa. "I'm from Rhode Island. It's crazy there, but not near as bad as it is here. But, I better get used to it."

"How come?"

Alec smiled at Tessa. "I'm gonna move here when I finish school this year."

Tessa nodded. "Ah. Are you going to have a roommate? The places are really expensive here."

"Yes. My best friend. Simon Lewis, actually. Him and I are moving here. And then when my two siblings finish their school, they're coming here as well."

"Mr. Lightwood?" 

Alec looked up, and a man was standing beside the front desk, leaning casually against it. The man- Ragnor, Alec guessed- had hair that was nearly white, but had a few streaks of black in it. He was dressed in a regular tuxedo, a black blazer, black slacks, black tie, and a white shirt. Alec looked down at his own navy blue sweater- with no holes- and felt underdressed. 

"That's me," Alec said, standing up, holding the questions and recorder tightly in his hand. Alec checked to make sure he had the pen clipped onto the portfolio with the questions, before he walked over to Ragnor. 

"Just this way," Ragnor said, spinning around. Ragnor's voice held a thick British accent, and Alec decided that he liked it. 

Alec glanced at Tessa, who was giving him an encouraging smile, before following Ragnor onto an elevator. 

When the doors closed, Ragnor pushed the button for the 21st floor- there was 50- before turning to Alec. Rangor's eyes were a vivid green, and Alec blinked heavily, before looking again to make sure he wasn't seeing things. 

"Mr. Lightwood, I want you to know that Mr. Bane likes to be called Magnus. And, he also doesn't like it when people waste his time. Magnus is a busy man, and he has a lot of meetings to attend."

Alec nodded. "Okay. I can do fast."

Ragnor squinted his eye dubiously. "Was that sarcasm? You American's are so tiring."

Alec shook his head. "Not sarcasm. I will not take up Mr. Ba- Magnus' time."

"Good. Magnus likes efficiency. Please don't blabber on and on either."

Good thing Simon's not here. "I feel like I'm going have trouble getting one word out," Alec said, and then shut his mouth when he realized that he just told Ragnor that. 

But, thankfully, Ragnor just laughed. "I bet you're nervous. Don't be. Magnus is a good man, and he won't throw you out. And believe me, I doubt you'll be the first person to come in here and not be able to say something in his presence."

Alec nodded. "I wouldn't be surprised. He's very popular."

The doors dinged open, and Ragnor whirled around. Ragnor began walking, and Alec followed, at a much more subdued pace. 

"Mr. Lightwood, make sure he knows that you are not Mr. Lewis. I think he will be quite happy with the news."

Alec laughed. "I bet. Simon was probably heckling him into oblivion."

Ragnor nodded, but shushed Alec, knocking on a thick, opaque glass door. The overall aesthetic of the building was beautiful, all glass with silvers and whites. 

"Come in," a voice said from the other side of the door. 

Ragnor pushed the door open, and promptly walked away, not sparing Alec a glance or reassurance, and leaving Alec to make his way into the room alone. Alec sighed quietly, and walked into the room, not knowing whether or not to shut the door behind him. Alec decided to leave it open, and walked into the room. 

Alec, being the observant man that he was, didn't see the step up into the room, and fell sprawled on the floor. The recorder and portfolio went skidding away, right along with Alec's dignity. 

"Shit," Alec said quietly, putting his palms on the floor to push himself up. 

"I'm sorry, I always forget to warn people of the step."

Alec looked up, the voice closer than Alec expected it to be. 

All Alec saw were squeaky clean black dress shoes, and black slacks. 

"It's fine," Alec said, pushing himself onto his knees. 

Alec looked up, and felt himself get even redder than he already was. Magnus Bane was stunning. He had black hair- in which there were dark red streaks- and piercing gold-green eyes. His skin was dark gold, and smooth, his features Asian. There was gold glitter dusted on his cheekbones, which sparkled and shone in the bright lights. Magnus' shirt was a dark red button up- the same color as his hair- and it defined his broad shoulders and strong arms. It was tucked into his black slacks, a black leather belt at his waist, and was covered by a black blazer. The first few buttons of the shirt were unbuttoned, showing off even more golden skin and a few black and silver necklaces. 

"Let me help you up," Magnus offered, putting out a ring laden hand. 

Alec gulped, and grabbed Magnus' hand, pushing himself up standing. Magnus' hand was warm, but his rings were cold, and the combination sent shivers down Alec's spine.

Magnus was taller than Alec- who was already freakishly tall at six foot- but only by a couple inches. Close up, Alec could see the dark green rings on the outside of Magnus' eyes, and the gold in the middle. 

"Thank you," Alec said, his voice a little breathless- which Alec blamed on his fall, not the fact that Magnus Bane was the most beautiful man Alec had ever seen. 

Magnus nodded, and dropped Alec's hand. "Come. We can begin."

Alec reached down to grab the portfolio and recorder, before realizing the pen that he had was gone. Damn it. Alec was supposed to make small notes about Magnus- his personality, just some stuff that Alec noticed- and supposedly, that was supposed to help Simon write the paper. 

Magnus gestured for Alec to sit in a padded white chair, a glass table sitting in front of him, while Magnus took the seat across from him. There were dark red pencils in the middle of the table with the word 'BANE' printed on them. They were all sharpened to a point. 

"Need a pencil?" Magnus asked. 

Alec bit his lip, and looked down at his hands. Alec knew that his cheeks must've been bright red. "Yeah. The pen I had flew somewhere when I fell."

Alec was too scared to look up, but when a pencil appeared in his line of sight, he looked up at Magnus. 

Magnus smiled. "You're not the first person to fall, and you won't be the last. So, Mr. Lewis-"

"Actually, Simon- Mr. Lewis, I mean, is not here. I'm Alec Lightwood, I'm filling in for Simon."

Magnus reached out a hand. "Magnus Bane."

Alec shook his hand. Obviously. "Nice to meet you."

"I"m sure that Ragnor has already scared you beyond belief, but please, you can call me Magnus. Don't worry about being nervous. I know me telling you not to be nervous isn't going to help, so please, by all means, be nervous."

Alec smiled. "Well, I'm doing good so far then."

Magnus chuckled. "Good to know. Need anything else?"

Alec opened his mouth to answer, but thought about it for a moment. "Actually I'm supposed to record this, so I'm just gonna turn that on."

Magnus nodded. "Go for it."

Alec looked down at the recorder, and pushed the turn on button. A red light indicated it was recording. Alec opened the question portfolio. 

"So, Magnus, why do you go by the High Warlock of Brooklyn?"

Magnus smiled. "If you didn't know, warlocks can preform magic. My friends all though that I had some sort of magic powers, being so good at what I do. So, when I started up my business, the nickname stuck."

Alec wrote down that Magnus actually had friends, and wasn't an ass like most billionaires. "Great. So, you're from Indonesia. Any particular reason you moved to America?"

Magnus' face darkened for a moment, before he neutralized his reaction. "I don't feel comfortable speaking about that. I will tell you that I was adopted when I moved to America, but that is a matter of public record."

Alec opened his mouth to say something, but just nodded. He wrote down that Magnus was sensitive about his past. "Okay. I'm sorry about intruding. So, this says- oh, you're bisexual?"

Magnus smiled, his face transforming. The smile looked only a little bit forced, and mostly amused. "I am."

Alec flushed; either because he'd asked the wrong question, or because Magnus looked beautiful when he smiled- straight white teeth- and his eyes seemed to shine. "That was not the question, I just didn't know that. The real question is: has you being bisexual affected your sales in any way?"

"Yes. In some areas for the better. I have done many things in helping the LGBTQ+ community get more rights. That does well, but it also doesn't because some people are homophobic, and take offense to that."

Alec nodded. "Yes, I can see how that might happen." Alec wrote down that Magnus fought for what he believed in, despite the consequences. 

"Some people buy from me because I am bisexual, though, even if it has nothing to do with the community. People like that I'm out and proud, and they think that I deserve their money."

"But you're not out for the money, are you?" Alec wasn't asking to be rude. He knew Magnus wasn't doing it for the money. It was written plainly on his face how proud he was. 

Magnus shook his head. "I am not, Alexander."

Alec stopped writing for a moment. "How'd you know my name is Alexander?"

"I didn't, but now I do. It was just a guess."

Alec went back to writing. "A good guess. So, a few more questions."

Magnus nodded. "Go for it."

"You're investing in funds for feeding the poor. Do you have a reason for that?"

"First off, people shouldn't ever have to go through being hungry. No one should. Second off, it's personal for me."

Alec looked at Magnus. "You know, I have a feeling you're not like most businessmen."

Magnus smiled. "And why do you say that?"

"I've not met most businessmen, but I have a feeling they wouldn't do things because of the good of their heart. They'd do it to get more money. You seem set on doing something because it's right."

Magnus nodded. "I don't think that there's enough right in the world."

Alec looked back down at his paper. "I agree. Do you have any hobbies of any sort, Magnus?"

Magnus smirked, and his gaze became hot, so Alec looked up into his eyes. They were intense, and Alec felt a blush spread onto his cheeks. "I'm into riding."

"Like horses?"

Magnus seemed to be holding in a laugh. His eyes were dancing with amusement. "Yes. Horses."

"Anything else?"

Magnus nodded. "I like to run, actually."

Alec's face pulled in disgust for a moment. "I hate running."

"But how do you stay in shape?"

Alec shrugged. "I don't know."

"I know of some things that'll give you a workout, and you won't even have to run. You will definitely get sweaty though."

Alec squinted his right eye dubiously. "I feel like you're taunting me."

"Giving you ideas."

"You haven't told me what you're talking about, so how am I getting any ideas?"

Magnus smirked. He put his hand over the recorder, effectively blocking out his response on it. "I'm talking about sex, Alexander."

Alec's face flamed, and he opened his mouth to reply, but closed it quickly. He opened it again. "That's- I'm, good, actually."

"No sex?"

Alec felt his face get impossibly warmer. "No. No sex."

Magnus shrugged, and pulled his hand off of the recorder. "Okay. Anything else."

Alec did actually have a few more questions, but his reactions to Magnus were scaring himself. Why was his stomach in knots? Why were his hands trembling slightly? "No. All done."

Magnus didn't seem to believe him, but nodded all the same. "I'll walk you out."


As Magnus walked Alec to the elevator, Alec noticed that rain started up outside, soaking the streets. Damn. No open windows for me.

"Are you from New York?" Magnus asked conversationally. Magnus pushed the button to go down. 

Alec shook his head. "No. I live in Rhode Island."

Magnus made a noise of surprise. "That far away?"

"Yeah. Simon really needed this interview. Although I have no clue as to why."

"Because I'm giving a speech at your schools graduation ceremony," Magnus replied. 

The elevator dinged open, and Alec glided in. Magnus did not follow. Magnus did, however, hold the door open. 

"That's good," Alec said. 

Magnus smiled. "It is. Goodbye, Alexander."

Magnus removed his hand, and as the doors closed, Alec looked into Magnus' eyes. "Goodbye, Magnus."

When the doors closed, Alec breathed a sigh of relief, and pushed the button for the 1st floor. Alec fell back against the wall of the elevator, holding the portfolio to his chest. 

That was when Alec realized he'd forgotten the recorder. 

"Damn it!" Alec swore loudly. He refused to go back up, though. Alec watched the number change slowly, and let his breathing slow down. 

Magnus Bane was fucking stunning, and Alec was fucking weak against Magnus' charms. 

The doors opened, and Alec quickly left the elevator, only stopping for a moment to tuck the portfolio beneath his sweater and wave goodbye to Tessa, before he was beneath the downpour outside. 

The rain was falling in heavy drops, soaking Alec's hair within seconds. Alec let the rain run down his face like tears for a moment, before he was running over to Jace's truck to get the hell out of New York.