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Who Killed Bella Swan?

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The house was quiet. 

The stereo had long since been switched off and the loud chatter of voices was silenced, the only noises worth noting were coming from the tiny pixie like girl sobbing into her husband’s chest in the corner of the room and the impatient tapping that the blonde haired beauty was doing as she sat beside her mate. 

No one said a word. 

They all just stared down at the lifeless body that lay in the center of the room. 

The girls once rosy cheeks were pale and colorless as her skin got colder with every passing second. Brown eyes had dulled and stared blankly at the ceiling as her arms and legs lay sprawled out around her just as her hair did around her head.

She had no marks on her, no cuts or bruises, not a single drop of blood stained her clothes or porcelain skin. The only sign that the girl had an unnatural death was the way her neck had visibly twisted and bent in a way that couldn't possibly be normal.

Yes, Bella Swan is dead. 

Oh cry little children.

The poor sweet innocent little lamb was so viciously slaughtered right there in the home of her one true love and on the night of her engagement party no less.

Oh the horror, the despair! She was so loved; this precious, precious soul was loved and adored by all. How could something so horrific happen to such a perfectly innocent saint?

I'll tell you how. 

Someone killed the bitch, that's how.

One of the twelve people standing in that room at that very moment.

"Can't we just throw her in a ditch somewhere and be done with it." Rosalie growled in annoyance and the entire room simultaneously flinched and Alice broke out into a new set of sobs.

"Rosalie." Esme hissed and the blonde just rolled her eyes.

"What? She doesn't have any marks on her. It's not like anyone will ever trace her back here."

Carlisle sighed, "Rosalie that isn't the point."

"Then what is the point?"

"The point is that someone in this very room murdered Bella. We can't just get rid of her body and move on."

"Why not?"

"Because it wouldn't be right." The doctor said as he wrapped his hand around that of his wife's, "We need to find out what happened and who killed Isabella."

"Why, it's not like whoever did it wasn't doing us all a favor." The blonde mumbled out and yet no one in the room said a single word against the girl, because they all knew it was true. Every single vampire and shape shifter in that very room, with the exception of Esme and Carlisle, had more than enough reason to kill Bella Swan but only one of them actually did it.

"She deserved it anyway. Useless little witch." Rosalie sneered as she folded her arms across her chest and Jacob growled from his seat on another couch while Edward glared at her from his spot beside the wall as he hissed.

"Rosalie that's enough."

Now I know what you're thinking.

Oh you can't trick me with the whole Rosalie hates Bella so she has to be the killer thing. It's definitely not Rosalie. It's gotta be the last person you would think of... Oh my gosh, it's Esme, isn't it? It's totally Esme, mystery solved 

But how can you be so sure?

As I said before, every single figure standing in the living room at that exact moment had a motive for killing the human. Every single one of them had a reason as to why they would need Bella Swan to unceremoniously pull a permanent Houdini.

Yes, even Alice.

As the pixie stood there sobbing into his chest Jasper could feel sadness coming from his mate but even more than that, he could feel a deep sense of relief with just the slightest hint of satisfaction not just coming from Alice but from the other figures in the room as well.

Yep even Edward and Jacob.

Especially, Edward and Jacob.

But of course the empath didn’t say a word. Just dutifully stood there with his arms wrapped around his wife in comfort, which wasn’t too difficult since he was more than just a little relieved at Bella’s passing as well.

They all had a reason to want her dead; it literally could have been any of them.

And what are these reasons you ask?

Well to explain that we’ll have to start from the beginning, with Rosalie and Emmett.

Because you see Rosalie and her mate Emmett have more than enough reason and plenty of opportunity to want to kill Bella.

It happened earlier, in Carlisle's office just a few hours before Bella and Edward's engagement party was set to start 

You see in the months after Victoria's newborn army attack, the Cullens had found themselves in a sort of peace with the wolves after their victory over the new born army and its cunning redheaded leader.

Don't get me wrong, there was still some tension between the vampires and shape shifters. I mean, it's not like they were all suddenly holding hands and singing khum bah yah before roasting marshmallows around a fire.

There weren't any more vampires coming to town threatening Bella's life, the Cullens continued to live by the rules that the treaty had set, leaving the Volturi as the only concern that any of them had to worry about since Bella still needed to be turned in order to appease the frightening coven.

Things were calm, peaceful.

So calm and peaceful that some of the wolves found themselves somewhat at ease in the Cullens presence and no longer found any danger in lingering around the Cullens side of the treaty line. The Cullens themselves weren't as comfortable of course, since they had more to lose if they stepped over the border but they weren't as hostile as they had been before.

Which is how Rosalie and Emmett one day ran into one of the shape shifters when he was wandering around the forest on his own during a patrol.

It was odd finding one of the pack wandering so far away from the others and yet at the same time it was the perfect opportunity for the two to mess with the shifter for a few minutes. 

Emmett was bored and Rosalie saw nothing wrong with shaking up a bit of trouble since all of this peaceful truce shit was starting to get on her nerves. She didn't like any of the wolves anyway so why not have a little fun?

Things did not however go the way they'd planned, as two hours of scaring the living daylights out of the wolf and teasing him for a while left the vampires more fascinated with him than anything else.

Embry Call.

For a wolf he was surprisingly shy and... Sweet?

The constant blushing, stuttered sentences and the way he could never keep eye contact with them for too long without fumbling were more than enough to keep Emmett and Rosalie entertained for hours and although neither vampire would admit it at the time, they found the shifter to be incredibly attractive. All of this including the burning warmth that radiated beneath the shape shifter’s skin is what led to the incident just outside of Carlisle's office door. 

The wolf had been sick for days, his mother took him to the hospital so he could be examined despite the boy's protests at being taken to Forks memorial instead of being treated at the reservations clinic where they were more aware of his special... Abilities. Luckily the doctor that examined him was well aware of his abilities and promised to help him as discreetly as humanly possible and would notify the reservation if it was anything that they needed to be concerned about without his mother finding out about his shape shifting powers.

Of course after Carlisle did a thorough examination and did a few sample tests, he realized that although alerting the reservation to Embry's odd condition would probably be the best option, he decided to go a different route.

Which is why Embry, Emmett and Rosalie were sitting in Carlisle's office staring at the blonde doctor with wide eyes while the shifter had paled completely and his jaw had fallen open in a gape.

Carlisle raked a hand through his hair and stared at Embry with a look that seemed to be a mixture of shock, confusion and complete wonder.

"I have no idea how this could have happened. It makes no sense whatsoever, this should be completely impossible and yet here we are." Carlisle said and Embry shut his mouth before blinking repeatedly as he spoke.

"I... I... I... I-"

"He's pregnant?" Emmett finally breathed as Rosalie's head snapped over to the shifter, "But that-how did-"

"I'm sure you all know exactly how it happened, rest assured I won't ask the exact mechanics of who did what." Carlisle said as he narrowed his eyes at the three. He'd nearly fainted when he asked Embry if he had sexual intercourse with anyone and the boy shyly admitted that he had been with Rosalie and Emmett of all people.

If any of his children had been involved Carlisle would have guessed it to be Alice or maybe Jasper, after all those two have been getting increasingly attached to the Clearwater wolves. Emmett and Rosalie were a possibility he never even once considered.

"The real question here is why it happened." Carlisle raked a hand through his hair once again, "In all my years, I've never even seen anything close to this kind of an... Anomaly."

"Anomaly?" Embry asked a he placed a hand over his stomach the color was slowly starting to return to his cheeks and he was breathing a little more with each passing second. "Is there something wrong with it?"

"Well, no. From what I can tell you have a perfectly healthy baby growing inside of you, growing quite fast actually. What's abnormal is the fact that you're male and Rosalie and Emmett... Well they are still technically human, but that doesn't change the fact that you shouldn't be able to get pregnant. It's supposed to be impossible."

Rosalie stayed silent as Emmett kept a hand locked tight around hers and the shifter on the other side of the room swallowed hard. The doctor looked from the vampires to the wolf trying to find a way to choose his next words carefully, there's no telling how any of them will react to what he has to say next.

"You do have options, as to what to do next. There's no telling how the tribal council will react to this kind of news, that's why I thought that Rosalie and Emmett should be here when I told you."

Rosalie tore her eyes away from Embry at that and they narrowed down at Carlisle as she spoke, "What do you mean options?"

Carlisle took a deep unnecessary breath as he looked at the shifter, "You could choose to keep the child until term. However I'm sure that I don't have to tell you that it will be a difficult experience. We have no idea how this pregnancy could affect you, not only because you are male but since the baby is half vampire, there's no telling how any of this will go. Plus you'll have to consider your family, the pack and the tribe. This pregnancy could make things very difficult for you, if they choose not to accept it."

"What's the other option?" Emmett asked although he already had a sneaking suspicion of what it was. The larger vampire cast a weary glance towards his wife since he knew that she had her suspicions as well if the way she'd clenched her hand around his was anything to go by.

Carlisle made sure to keep his eyes on Embry as he spoke, this should be his decision not theirs.

"You're still in the early stages of your pregnancy, you still have the option to abort." Rosalie took a sharp intake of breath and tensed tremendously, Carlisle shot a glance her way. Giving her a look that clearly said "this isn't your choice, don't interfere"

The blonde remained silent while Embry's eyes went wide and took in a deep breath.

"What do you want to do?"

The shifter looked away from the doctor’s gaze, but didn't look at the vampires either. He knows how much Rosalie's always wanted a child and how Emmett's wanted nothing more than to give his mate her wish, but being what they were that wasn't possible. He knew what they would want; they'd want him to keep it. 

But is that what he wants?

He's sixteen years old for fucks sakes, he doesn't know anything about raising a child. He's still in school, he doesn't have any money. How's he supposed to take care of it? What will his mother say?

She doesn't even know that he's a shape shifter, how's he supposed to tell her about this?

"Hey mom. Guess what, I'm pregnant with a half vampire half wolf hybrid baby! Isn't that awesome? "

That would not go down well.

Not to mention that he's pretty much terrified about what the pack would say and the tribe. What if he was exiled or worse what if Sam attacked him?

And what about him?

Pregnancy isn't exactly the most natural thing in the world for a guy, what if something went wrong?

What if he got sick and he died carrying the baby or even worse what if something went wrong and he lost the baby, Embry's sure he wouldn't be able to deal with carrying an actual child inside of him for who knows how long and then losing it.

But then again, is he O.K with just getting rid of it right now?

Embry looked down at his stomach and stared for the longest time. There's a living creature in there, is he O.K with just getting rid of it? Just, pulling the plug on someone he'd never get to meet? One day this thing inside of him could have arms and legs and teeth.

They would breath and move and eventually talk.

What color would their hair be?

Black most likely, but somehow Embry just knew, no matter how impossible it may seem, that their hair would be blonde. With Rosalie and Emmett as parents he/she would be the most insufferably spoiled brat in the history of spoiled brats.

Embry almost gave a snort at that.

He doesn’t love Rosalie and Emmett, what happened between them a week ago was just... I don’t know, things happening. He likes them though, likes them a whole lot. They're both assholes but Embry kind of likes that about them. Plus Rosalie has a beautiful heart, when she let you see it and Emmett is one of the warmest people he's ever met.

So, it wouldn't be so bad carrying their kid would it?

But then again, technically it isn't even a real child yet. It's just a bunch of cells.

So there is no kid to speak of yet, but there would be in a few months.

Did he want to have a kid, yeah sure he wouldn't mind having a family someday, but it's so early right now.

What does he do?

If he does get an abortion, all of this ends right now. He goes back to the reservation and pretends like nothing happened. He'd never go near Rosalie and Emmett again or any of the other Cullens for that matter and his mother would never have to know a thing.

Quick and simple, but if he kept it...

Embry let out a deep sigh as he put his hand over his stomach and shut his eyes. As strange as it seems he can totally see himself with a kid, brown eyes, blonde hair with Emmett’s dimples around Rosalie's cheeky grin.

He'd have his own family, a strange family that drives him insane sometimes but a family nonetheless.

Two fathers and one mother, God, the poor kid would go crazy within a week. But, it's still a family. One different from the one he had with his mother.

Better even.

Embry spread his fingers out over his belly and couldn't help but smile, it wasn't breathing and moving yet. But soon it would be, is he really willing to get rid of I before it's even gotten the chance?

The shifter opened his eyes and quietly said, "I want to keep it."

Rosalie let out a deep breath and Emmett sighed when the blonde suddenly shot off her seat and wrapped her arms around Embry's neck.

"Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you." Rosalie's voice started to crack and she let out what sounded like a sob against the shifters neck when he wrapped his arms around her. "You're welcome."

"I promise you won't have to worry about anything. We'll take care of everything." The girl gave one more squeeze before pulling back with a blinding smile on her face as she leaned forward and gave him a quick kiss making the shifter smile with a dark blush on his face. "We'll move you into the house and... God. We'll have to get a nursery ready. I could probably get Alice to help me. We'll need clothes and food and... school! Shit you'll have to transfer to Forks or maybe homeschool, Jasper could tutor you and-"

"Rosalie slow down." Carlisle said with a chuckle while Emmett sank deeper into his chair and stared up at the ceiling.

"Well shit. I'm going to be a father." Emmett said as his face twisted in confusion, "I don't even remember coming inside of-"

"Again, I really don't need the exact mechanics of who did what." Carlisle said cutting into Emmett’s moment of nostalgia as he rubbed his temples while Rosalie just smiled as she stood behind Embry's chair and carded a hand through the shifters hair. "We do however have to discuss what we'll do about the pack, before any moving arrangements can be made. Embry, you'll have to tell them. I don't know what to expect from this pregnancy but I do know that you won't be able to phase until it's over. You'll put the baby at too much risk if you do."

Shit, he didn't think about that.

"Why do they have to know?" Rosalie asked with a shrug. "Why can't Embry just stay here now pretend like he ran away?"

"Because he has a life outside of you and Emmett, Rosalie. You need to consider his family and not just yourselves."

"We could just leave Forks all together." Emmett supplied as he and Rosalie shared a look, "In case things go bad."

"Sam would come looking for me." Embry sighed as he stroked his stomach, "No one just leaves the pack. If I try to run away he'll know something’s up."

"We need time to decide what to do, for now, this information does not leave this room. Only God knows what the tribe would do if they found out too soon." Carlisle said as he leaned back in his seat. "After Bella and Edward's engagement party tonight, we'll sit down and discuss this as a family. Decide on the best route to go on from here. Alright?"

Embry gave a nod just as Emmett stood up and walked around to his left side and gave the shifter a soft lingering kiss on the cheek earning another blush when Rosalie practically started bouncing on her feet as she beamed.

"But he's still moving in right?"

"We'll need to consult with the council first, Rosalie."

The blonde rolled her eyes, "I meant after that."

Carlisle gave a tired sigh when a soft thump was caught by every heightened ear in the room. Rosalie moved in a flash and darted out of the room where she ran into a shell shocked Bella staring at her with wide eyes.

Rosalie glared, "What are you doing out here?"

"I-I was..." Bella trailed off as her eyes moved to the open door just behind the blonde and she breathed. "It can't be true..."

"Nosy little-" The blonde's eyes widened for the briefest of moments until she got her features back under control while her voice dropped, "What did you hear?"

"It's impossible. If it is true then it's an abomination, a freak!"

Rosalie's eyes widened at that, ”What the hell did you just say?”

“The council would never allow something so… Horrible to happen.” Bella said softly more to herself than anyone else and the blonde’s glare turned deadly, “And exactly who’s going to tell them?”

And almost like she just noticed the vampire’s presence Bella took a step back and Rosalie could see her start to turn and run so she moved to stop her only to be stopped short when her arm was grabbed and she was forced to stay still.

“Let me go!” Rosalie screamed as she kept trying to pull free of Emmett’s grasp, “If that little bitch thinks she’s going to ruin this for us-“

“I know, I know but you need to calm down.” Emmett said pulling his mate back against his chest as he pressed a kiss on the top of her head and Rosalie stopped struggling but that didn’t mean that she was any calmer than she was before, “Edward’s in the house right now. Even if you tried you wouldn’t get within two feet of her just calm down.”

Rosalie’s hands clenched tight, “But-“

“Sam and the other wolves are patrolling the border remember. No one other than the pack’s getting in or out until tomorrow morning. We still have time to talk to her.” Emmett said calmly and Rosalie took a deep breath as she spoke, “What if she doesn’t listen?”

“Then we’ll do what we need to do.” The larger vampire looked back into the office to find Embry staring back at them in concern while Carlisle stood with his hand on the shifter’s shoulder in an effort to keep him calm. Rosalie looked back as well and took another deep breath before she went back into the room and took Embry’s face into her hands.

“She wouldn’t, would she-“

“Don’t worry everything’s fine.” The blonde said as she pressed a kiss on the shifter’s forehead and brushed a hand through his hair making the shifter shut his eyes and sigh at the cold contact, “Like I said before, we’ll take care of everything.”

Yeah, it could’ve been Rosalie or Emmett, Embry or maybe even Carlisle.

Alice let out another sob and Jasper cooed in her ear in an attempt to get her calm, although he couldn’t help but disapprove of Alice’s hysterics.

She really isn’t as upset as she seems.