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Winter Days

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It was a cold winter morning, frost was visible on the windows. Yuuichiro, Mikaela, and the others were staying in an abandoned house while a snow storm passed on their was to Sanguinem to rescue Guren and Mirai, Kimizuki's little sister. Mika and Yuu were sharing a room for both lack of space in the household, and because Yuuichiro mindlessly suggested they do so without the consideration of what the others, particularly Shinoa, would presume.

It must've been around six in the morning. The storm still hadn't passed. Mika had already awoken and no one else seemed to be awake. He was hungry for blood. It must've been a solid week since the last time he drank any of Yuuichiro's blood, despite him offering at least twenty times a day.

Yuu had his fingers intertwined with Mika's. Mika would get up and attempt to find some alternative source of blood, but for fear of waking Yuu he chose against it.

Yuu-chan... Wake up already...

He thought to himself. He didn't want to suck his blood in his sleep, what a terrible way to wake up that would be. Mika sat up, looking down at Yuu. No, his Yuu-chan. Shinoa, Kimizuki, Yoichiand Mitsuba didn't care about Yuu the way he did. They might've grown on him, but he still wasn't convinced, nor did he believe he ever would be.

He leaned down on top Yuu and began to softly kiss the area surrounding the healing fang marks he'd left on him seven days prior. He worked his way down, unbuttoning Yuuichiro's shirts as he left kisses down his abdomen.

"Ngh.. M-Mika.. W-What're you doing...?" he moaned, blushing, avoiding Mika's eyes.

Mika sat up, trying to stand up, "Y-Yuu-chan! I was... er.."

"You need to drink," Yuu said grabbing his arm with one hand and pulling him closer with the other.

Mika couldn't stop himself, he bit into Yuu's neck while Yuu wrapped one arm around his back and the other in his blonde hair.

"M-Mika..." He was flushed, deliriously holding him tighter.

Mika stopped, "Yuu-chan, I'm okay now."

"Are you sure?" he asked, moving one hand to cup Mika's face, not loosening the grip on Mika's back.

"Positive, Yuu-chan."

Mika tried to remove himself from Yuu, but Yuu wouldn't let him.

"Yuu-chan.. What're y—" he blushed harder as he was cut off. Yuuichiro had pressed his lips against his. He couldn't stop. He was too arroused.

"ah.. Y-Yuu-chan..." Mika panted giving into temptation, removing Yuuichiro's shirt he priory unbuttoned while Yuu took off Mika's shirt and unbuttoned his pants.

Yuuichiro flipped them, so now he was on top instead of Mika. He pinned him. Grabbing both of his wrists.

"Wow Yuu-chan... So you think you're the dominant one.." Mika smirked as Yuuichiro kissed him again. This time

letting Mika's tongue enter his mouth. Their tongues fought for dominance. Yuuichiro could taste his own blood in Mika's mouth, but he didn't care. Neither of them could tell if this was Yuu or the demon at this point.

"I love you Mika.." Yuuichiro breathed, withdrawing for the kiss, licking his ear and proceeding down to his neck, leaving hickeys under his chin and along his collarbone, while Mika bit back moans, occasionally letting one out.

"Y-Yuu-c-chan... P-Please... S-Stop.." Mika moaned.

"M-Mika! I-I'm so sorry! I-I never asked you if this was okay! I d-don't know why I... er.."

"Yu-chan.. I-It's not that.." Mika muttered as he tried to put his clothes back on, blushing beyond belief.

"It's just.. Someone was watching us.." Mika looked away.

"I-It was Shinoa! I know it! Last night she said, ' Don't you get any ideas with Mika-san, I'll be watching! ' I didn't think she was serious!!" Yuuichiro yelled.

As if on cue, Shinoa strolled into the room, "Hi boys! How did you sleep last night! Did you even sleep at all? I forgot to mention, these walls are paper thin! We could hear poor Mika-san's moans all the way down in the kitchen! I couldn't help but want to get a glimpse of you two in action for myself! If Mika-san hadn't noticed, you would've been giving him a blowout by now!"

"W-wHat?! WHat are you talking about!!? Plus.. It's the other way around!!"

"S-Shut up Yuu-chan!!" Mika cringed.

"Anyways, you two can continue! Feel free to lock the door! I've seen enough visuals! I'll still be able to hear it after all!!" She smiled and waltzed out of the bedroom.

"I-I'm... r-really sorry.. M-Mika..."

"Y-Yuu-chan.. I-It's o-okay.."

"So.. Shall we continue?"